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Politics / Re: US Electoral System Does Not Meet Democratic Standards - Russia by tundess: 5:31pm On Jan 07
Making America Great Again
Even a faux democracy like Putin's circus can now lob bombs at US democracy under this administration.
How the mighty have fallen......
Imo, the best thing Trump can do is pardon Assange, Manning and Snowden to restore his tattered reputation as a "patriot" as opposed to a divider-in-chief. The same people the right excoriated as "traitors" for years grin

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Romance / Re: Bae Lewis Claims She Dated Dangote In 2019 And He Broke Her Heart by tundess: 3:54pm On Jan 01
She has Yvonne's look (not the actress)
If you know you know.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's Administration Is "Irresponsible" - Joe Biden by tundess: 10:18pm On Dec 29, 2020
looooooool u mean dat socialist dat was d first person to drop out of d primaries?.... Den u don't knw American politics... Let me tell u, a socialist can't bcom d President of America.... Dats why Bernie Sanders lost, Kamala Harris lost and Elizabeth Warren lost....d democrats had to drag Biden in connivance wit d main stream media into d race to stand a chance of winning d American heartland and d South.....Mehn hu are dis political novice coming to debate with me, el magnificò

Francois Hollande, Jeremy Corbyn and Podemos are "socialist". Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders et al are NOT socialists cheesy cheesy

Anyway, whatever crumb of comfort in these dark days would do I suppose. I felt the same way in Jan 2017 cheesy cheesy

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Politics / Re: Sagay: Allow Nigerians To Carry Arms To Defend Themselves by tundess: 7:12pm On Dec 29, 2020
Sagay is admitting Buhari has failed. Danjuma prescribed same prior and was pilloried.
Buhari has Failed on the single most emotive issue he campaigned against Jonathan with; Security.
A General has failed in his core speciality.
What other failures are there that have been concealed from us, the general public ? We know he has failed on the economy. That is glaring and tangible.
Sagay has played the part of confusionist in this admin well, particularly wrt to legal issues, doing legal gymnastics to disguise distortions of precedent by Malami.
But, he's still there, collecting Lucre and now making pronouncements for the sake of "prosperity".
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's Administration Is "Irresponsible" - Joe Biden by tundess: 6:50pm On Dec 29, 2020
Trump is the best thing that has happened to the United States in recent history.
He brought more peace to the middle East.
Trump was ousted from white house because he does not belong to the deep state, he did not make any war in the middle East ( War is big business).
Did you know Trump was nominated for Nobel prize twice?

Biden has dementia that man can't even remember his own name, hw is he going to govern United States well( he going to be controlled by the deep state).
Do you know biden son (Hunter biden is currently under probe for corrupt practices)

This makes sense only if you believe a country of 6 million should dictate the foreign policy choices of a nation of 340 million when dealing with a region of the world to which 2 billion people subscribe to the religion.
Israel IS THE DEEPEST state you can belong to. Also, what to make of Trump's own boast that his administration has ordered $2 trillion of new military equipment and weapons systems ? This is at odds with your attempt to characterise him as some "peacemaker". The ME peace you give him credit for is predicated on containing Iran, a foreign policy objective of the GCC nations led by the autocratic Saudi Arabia. If there is one thing you should know about Iran is their resilience since 1979.
And what was his tantrum towards NATO really about ? Weapons purchases and Germany's decision to seek energy supplies from Russia.
He didn't start any wars but accelerated the nuclear programs of North Korea AND Iran, thereby limiting US strategic options. His belligerence against both nations have flopped.
Corporate Tax breaks and historic Wall Street highs benefit who if not the 1% ?
You've just come on here and regurgitated FauxNews points that even they have abandoned. Jimmy Carter didn't start any wars either and yet is widely derided by conservatives as a weakling. Now, not starting wars is seen as some badge of honour by the same critics of Carter.
The greatest gift Trump gave to the world was exposing American coercion across a broad range of policies and making the rest of the world understand that whether Malawi or Norway, your interests must always come first.

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Crime / Re: Sunday Adakole Ada Who Killed Two Youths In Otukpo Says He Was Warming The Air by tundess: 12:45pm On Dec 28, 2020
Are civil defence personnel allowed beards ? Or has his beard grown that quickly after a few days in captivity ?
Politics / Re: General Ali Commends Yahaya Bello For Brutally Fighting Crime In Nigeria by tundess: 10:32pm On Dec 27, 2020
The General prostituted the credibility of his uniform for a few kobo.
Yahaya Bello has zero credibility on any matter with Nigerians. His principal achievements are his infamy in governance, election thuggery the likes of which Kogites have never seen and the celebration of building his personal homes in Abuja. Whatever tables exist for statistics at the state level, Kogi regularly occupies the bottom third during his tenure.
The man is a pimple on the consciousness of Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Reps Drop Buhari Invitation, Apologise To Presidency by tundess: 9:27am On Dec 27, 2020
Some ppl were #occupyNass and #bbog -ing to foist this buffoon and his cronyism on the nation.
All this hue and cry about insecurity has achieved exactly nothing.
Service chiefs are still there; rural North is bandit country; BH alive, experienced, splintered; army demoralised and poorly led; govt is more invested in propaganda than fact etc
Oby told you the reason Buhari can never appear; He has dementia. He cannot participate in a Q n A session bc he can't remember what you asked 5 mins prior nor how he answered 5 mins later. We are in a marionette presidency. Lawan and Femi occupy lofty offices but are political lightweights whom serve their benefactors.
So nothing will change.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin's New Secret £200million Palace In 'Billionaire's Village' by tundess: 2:47pm On Dec 18, 2020
Can this guy retire ? To whom will he entrust Russia's future ?
The Tsar, Lenin, Stalin, Krushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Gorbachev- all leaders with succession problems. Only Yeltsin has managed it with success.
Putin will face a similar challenge. As someone once wrote, "he (Putin) has constructed a bomb only he knows how to defuse".......
His personal wealth rivals the gulf potentates combined. MBS is a small boy compared.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Electoral College Confirms Joe Biden As Next US President by tundess: 1:31am On Dec 15, 2020
Someone above wrote about battle for "soul of the world".

Ask Roy M Cohn. He knew a sulphurous soul when he saw one.

He was Don Jnr's biggest hype man in the 1980s. Even got Jnr's sister appointed a federal prosecutor with Reagan. Tried to hype him to negotiate disarmament with the Gorbachev regime during that time too. And got laughed out the office by real conservatives like Reagan.
Btw, Cohn was a screaming gay and a coke fiend who died of AIDS.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Condemns Attack On Katsina School, Orders Army, Police To Act by tundess: 5:52pm On Dec 12, 2020
Act ?
Like the past IGP acted when asked to deploy to Makurdi in the height of the Fulani herdsmen invasion of Benue ?
Or act like how Burutai acted after Chad humiliated Nigeria by liquidating BH frm Chadian territory ?
Prof. Zulum recently said Buhari was an improvement frm past times on security issues. Either the prof was lying or was intoxicated when he uttered such arrant nonsense.
Health / Re: Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Data Stolen In Europe by tundess: 5:43pm On Dec 10, 2020
Fancy Bear or Anonymous or some St. Petersburg troll farm network will "publish an exclusive" of the stolen cache showing that one of the side effects is that the vaccine causes you to become a paedophile, especially seeing as Clinton, Bush and Obama have vowed to take the vaccine on tv cheesy
Chinese steal data for commercial gain ; Russia hacks data to undermine western institutions and society. And we now know there are enough gullible ppl out there that mutter about "deep state" and vast conspiracies to believe every Kremlin claim.
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Reacts To Juventus' 3-0 Victory Against Barcelona by tundess: 8:18pm On Dec 09, 2020
Juventus will not win the CL.
Did CR7 tweet when Barca trashed them when he was at Real ?
Local champion. cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Azealia Banks Slams TSR Owner, Angela Nwandu: Asks Her To Focus On Nigeria by tundess: 11:16am On Dec 09, 2020
Hatred everywhere. Has she cared to find out her original ancestry? Or she is just "African American"

If you go to moorinformation and see the comments frm AAs on how newly "immigrant" Africans allegedly look down on them (AAs) and the general agreement that Africa is a s######e undeserving of their recognition in their struggle and that pan-africanism is a myth, you'd be shocked.

This is all trending frm the FBA (foundational black american) designation started by Tariqlite to distinguish frm African-American bc of the superior attitude taken by immigrants towards their kin folk.

It's a sad reflection as much on AA society in the US that these kinds of attacks on Africa are occurring as much as black Africa has failed.
Angela Nwandu publishes about celebrity beef. She was born and bred in LA. The entire youth culture (her target audience) revolves around frivolities abt who is dating who and materialism. Her writing about Nigeria will not sell. Ms. Banks has an axe to grind. And that grind chimes with increasing numbers of AA ppls experiences with newly immigrant african peoples. The disillusionment is two way.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump's Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive For Coronavirus by tundess: 2:22pm On Dec 07, 2020
Disinfectant or shine a light in the lungs.
It is what it is.
It'll be gone by Easter. When it gets warm. Xi told me.
Politics / Re: Rufai Hanga: President Buhari Afraid Of Coup by tundess: 2:19pm On Dec 07, 2020
To summarise......" And nothing will happen..."
#getridofNASS or #rubberstampthieves or #jumbosalarythieves
Politics / Re: Fayemi: Service Chiefs Want To Retire But Buhari Hasn’t Give Them Directives by tundess: 9:44am On Dec 07, 2020
Fayemi sez as President he would ask these retiring failures to name their successors.
In other words he will choose their protégés to continue failing.
Does Fayemi have a mind of his own ? Or is everything to him abt media image and "progressive" positioning ?
A completely gutless ditherer.
He'll be as bad as PMB, just spks better.
Politics / Re: Governor Darius Ishaku Playing Golf (photos) by tundess: 10:54pm On Dec 06, 2020
Top 2 in worst gov league table.
And that swing has perhaps 5 degrees of rotation.
Spent abt 3 months in Abuja governing by proxy on "sick leave".
Wants to overturn state consensus of rotation for the governorship. On his whim ( selection for concealment of looting ).
Even a disabled Suntai (RIP) has more capability than this village hut "architect".
Politics / Re: Buratai: Spiritual Warfare Prevented Deaths At Lekki Toll Plaza by tundess: 10:07pm On Dec 05, 2020
grin grin grin
Comedy night @ DHQ, headlined by "Sar-manjor Burutai" as a General.
-Free entry for babes.
-Bring your own bottle.
-Colorado tolerated, perhaps necessary.

How did this man pass promotion exams ? Spiritually ?
Politics / Re: Inside Niger Delta Creeks Where The Youths Are Raking In Millions by tundess: 5:38pm On Dec 05, 2020
Self fulfilling prophesy.
Polluted waters and land bc of prior systematic unethical practices by oil majors slowly eroded all employment opportunities driving youths to engage in illegal refining which in turn increases pollution which in turn leads more to engage in the illicit trade of artisanal refining which leads to greater pollution.
Exhibit A of the leadership failure of FGN over 5 decades and counting.
This area will not recover it's natural ecosystem for a century or more. The question is whether Nigeria as a country will survive that long.
Politics / Re: Buratai: Terrorism May Persist For Another 20 Years In Nigeria by tundess: 1:06am On Dec 04, 2020
Chief of Army Staff version of "transmission, I mean transmission, commission, I mean.....transmission."

Watch his interview with Sakur on Hardtalk. You will know this man is incapable even of writing this admission of failure. Yet is very loquacious when it comes to addressing unarmed marching Shi'ites or #endsars protesters.

"International actors" now is the reason for the 'untechnical victory' BH and affiliated jihadists are having a field day ?

PMB needs to be evaluated. Why ? Bc he believed all this man's assessments for so long. Or he was misled. Or both. Bc there is no way this chap should still be in a job.

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Politics / Re: 2023: We Will Bring Prominent Leaders, Youths Into PDP - Saraki by tundess: 9:12am On Dec 03, 2020
Chairman of "state capture" and political double cross has spoken.
Who assigned him this gig ? Is this the wages of (dis)loyalty to the party ?
And same Saraki will turn around and recommend himself as best placed "unity" candidate for PDP in 2023.
Crime / Re: Soldiers Rescue 39 Kidnapped Passengers On Kaduna-Zaria Highway by tundess: 4:19pm On Dec 01, 2020
If failing upwards was a person, you'd see Burutai's picture as illustration. Actually, tag all the service chiefs and NSA by that phrase.

I thought you couldn't get worse than Ihijerika but here we are.

To know how inept Burutai is, watch his HardTalk interview with Stephen Sackur.
Business / Re: Demolition: 6,000 Traders To Lose Shops At Kaduna’s Unguwan Rimi Market by tundess: 8:17am On Dec 01, 2020
Ppl on here praising Kaduna becoming Abuja.
The next 3 governors will not be able to repay all the loans this governor has incurred without massive, business- hindering taxes. Couple that with incessant insecurity.
Even maintaining these by-passes to nowhere without tolls will be a challenge.
El-Rufai has beggared future leaders of the state on the paved road of his presidential ambition.
Nice pictures though grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Arizona State Certifies Joe Biden's Win by tundess: 11:31pm On Nov 30, 2020
Some Trumpets suffering acute covidiocy will come on every Trump quoted tweet to tell us, frm Maryland Bar and Grill in Nnewi not Md, USA, that "CNN sheeple", should know that "demon-crats, Da Deep State, liberals, China and snowflake simp f'tards" "Dominion'd" their way by FRAUD to "win" the election.
I don't know why they believed using Breitbart words would make their ranting any more persuasive in our climes.

Democracy works when the actors have the stigma of shame in the electoral process to admit defeat. America's democracy was stress-tested and has emerged battered and unexceptional.

Wait till that guy in Cameroon/Uganda refuses to concede, citing Trump. It's only then we'll know how low in credibility America sank under Trump.


Politics / Re: El-Rufai: Policemen Who Should Be Fighting Bandits Carry Bags Of VIP Wives by tundess: 10:35pm On Nov 30, 2020
In August, El-Rufai said "Power should move to the South in 2023".
In November, El-Rufai said "Zoning will not solve Nigeria's economic woes".
You can check on Premium Times.
Believe this Janus on any issue at your own peril.
He positions as the wind blows, posing as progressive when it suits the public mood and metamorphosing into a fundamentalist an hour later. His autocratic tendencies don't remain submerged for long, however; like his decision, bc of expediency, to run a Muslim-Muslim guber ticket diktat ; Or his neglect of his Southern constituents in the appointment of commissioners ; Or his advocacy of Fulani shibboleth of generational revenge ; Or his umbrage at being disinvited to the NBA AGM when he has spent his entire governorship persecuting lawyers with spurious lawsuits designed to intimidate and silence criticism and ignoring court orders in his treatment of Sheikh Zak Zaky
Now he has a credibility issue like the entire political class and twists in the wind looking for a relevant subject to stay in the public eye.
His state is a prototype for the process of "somalization" of Nigeria. "Seemingly" prospering urban areas and ungoverned space of banditry, ethnic strife and lawlessness beyond.

Police carry VIP wives bags. Are you immune to this disease ? Why will you not take up Shehu Sani's market walk challenge, sans body guards ?
"They'll do anything for clout....."
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump: 'There's No Way Biden Got 80M votes, This Was A 100% Rigged Election' by tundess: 10:22pm On Nov 26, 2020
Snowflake blizzard incoming.
Crime / Re: Househelp Kills His Former Employer In Nasarawa (Photos) by tundess: 10:20pm On Nov 26, 2020
If what is written on the wall behind the suspect was written by Police, and is a sign of their attitude, it seems they were "encouraged" to catch this fellow.
May the Omeri family get justice.
Politics / Re: PDP Sets Up National Reconciliation Committee by tundess: 12:14pm On Nov 24, 2020
Reconciling what exactly ?
Any committee in which Saraki is appointed as a chair always ends up being manipulated by him to his advantage, either financially or politically or both.
Frm his time as Chairman NGF to Senate Presidency to directing Atiku's latest failed Presidential election committee.
What msg does the party seeking to be an alternative to this shower currently in power hope to send when they keep rewarding this navel-gazer who betrays as readily as a woman sans culottes?
He has nothing to offer.
And it appears the party has not recognised the significance of the widespread discontent that culminated in #endsars. The party has to have a root n branch reform, the like if which none of these compromised individuals could dare suggest. Eg, party financing.

We can even conclude with a high degree of confidence what a committee of 6 that has 4 Ex Govs, all of whom failed in their states but for 1 (open judgement) will arrive at. A governor frm the North should be the flag-bearer. And Saraki will contest as sure as night turns to day.

PDP have dug their own grave. They refuse to learn frm their defeats and tell the truth to themselves. Despite all the own goals APC keep doing.
Politics / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: CNN Stole My Investigation On Lekki Tollgate Shootings by tundess: 5:46pm On Nov 23, 2020
Her inconsistencies and rumor-peddling frm past reporting make her "journalism" unreliable at best and salacious and tawdry at worst.
Reputation matters when dealing with such serious issues in which the accused could face international sanction. Yellow dog reporting of the type she peddles in cannot be relied upon and, as this administration is showing, they are very adept, even for "live" events, at discrediting negative news as "fake".
Instead of her to be more professional and upping her game, she's out here "clout chasing".
Was she going to credit other media houses in unearthing the truth in her reportage ? I can bet she had no such intention.
2020. The year of the narcissist.
Politics / Re: General Taiwo: Soldiers Went To Lekki Toll Gate With Both Live And Blank Bullets by tundess: 5:23pm On Nov 22, 2020
The Australian military is in the process of charging highly trained Special Forces soldiers engaged ON OPERATIONS against Taliban insurgents with "war crimes" for the killings of 39 people who posed NO THREAT to the soldiers. The panel of inquiry determined that there were failures of command and control at the team, unit and command levels and the killings were a part of "blooding" operators with "kills".
In one incident, witnessed by an attached US marine, someone taken prisoner was topped because there was no more room in the helicopter to take them back to be interrogated at the main base.

Compare and contrast this show of shame at the #endsars judicial enquiry in Lagos. The protesters posed NO THREAT and yet we've been fed a catalogue of lies from who authorised the deployment of soldiers to whether the soldiers were even present to whether the soldiers used live rounds or blanks to the number and extent of casualties to who/where has custody of the victims to social status of the bodies held by LASG. I emphasize that Lekki was not Helmand Province, an active battle space.

Also recall that in the US, the Defense Secretary REFUSED a presidential request to DEPLOY the military onto the streets of US cities being menaced with random looting under the guise of protests.

Australia and the US ; Nations of laws.
Nigeria ; a nation of outlaws masquerading under "constituted authority".

Sports / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu To Buy Arsenal - 35% Stake To Revive The Club - UK Reports by tundess: 9:24pm On Nov 21, 2020
Sensationalist headline.
He will not be cleared by the EPL to buy such stock bc he will "bring the game into disrepute" grin
At least i hope so as a Gunners fan. Even D'gote, we don't want his kind of "investment". His would be federal govt shares.
Of all the Man U fans in Nigeria, not a single one has had the liver to be flagged as wanting to buy into the club. It's always Arsenal.
Arsene, see what you caused ? grin

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