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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Job And Japa To The UK by ucham: 4:57pm On May 24
Hello Folks,

I need una inputs, I tried scanning through nairaland threads and I am getting more of technicalities and rules lol. I need real experiences. As everybody around me dey japa so I decided to give it a thought. I work with a fintech company and net a little over =N=600k monthly. I am considering relocating to either UK,Germany,New Zealand, Australia or Canada. I am married with four kids. They said study route is the best .

A few of my colleagues that travelled just dey dull my ginger. My Oga who nets over 750k, we spoke today and he is considering a security man job, and claims net pay is over 2M monthly. Biko I cannot come and kill myself.

My friend, we spoke this evening and he responded oboy make I no lie you, na shit i dey pack for here, the good news is they say it will always get better with time. What if person no come eventually become citizen, is it a must you go become citizen.

I don talk to over 10 persons today and they all saying everything is though. Me I don't like stress, where me and wify go dey overwork just dey pay bills. Ofcourse I no get strength for menial jobs, make one oyibo use me take dey shine lol....

I no get any exceptional skill, I be sales man ooo.

Would you advise I still gamble and go with family abi make I hold my job oooo.

Please, I would welcome suggestions and advise.

Thanks Guys

To answer this question, you must answer this first. Why do you want to japa?

1.) Is it for economic reasons?
2.) Are you leaving ahead of time incase a war does break out? Which it almost certainly can considering how volatile the polity is.
3.) Are you leaving to experience human dignity and a better living condition for yourself, your wife and especially your children?

For someone who earns 600k in Nigeria, I would infer and say I don't think you are leaving for economic reasons. True, it may be partly the reason, but that is not the primary reason.

Having said that, that leaves us with question 2 & 3. I'll stake a limb here and also infer that you have considered that Nigeria's volatility may devolve into war and now would be the best time to move your family out before it becomes too late. It's an open secret that Nigeria is a failed state and promises very little for our children so getting them out of this sinking titanic while we still have the means may be a factor in why you want to japa.

Finally, you may have considered what it feels like living like a human with basic amenities that afford you dignity.

If the economy is not your biggest reason for leaving, then you may need to look beyond the temporary menial jobs you may have to do when you get there. The system abroad works. You wouldn't do a menial job forever. You would have escaped from a war prone country to one approximating stability. Your children would have a real shot at life. Emergency health crisis, the scare of kidnapping for being well-off, would no longer steal your sleep.

Make your decision without emotions. Don't allow anyone sway you either way.

My 2cents

Edit: don't ever sell yourself short. Youbjave the greatest skill you will ever need to survive. Especially if you are of an entrepreneurial bent. You know how to sell. Forget STEM skills. The ability to sell is the most important skill that will never be obsolete. You can survive with that skill anywhere.
Career / Re: How My Upholsterer Lost 15 Million Naira Contract Because Of Attitude by ucham: 1:15pm On Apr 05
The Zazu crooner portable, which attitude e get? Abegi make no man threaten another man. No man hold the key to another man's destiny.
Cow wey no get tail na God dey pursue fly for am.
Piss no get hand, e no get leg, yet e dey dig ground.

Ogbeni make the landlord go sidon. After all we never hear the carpenter own side of the story. The work of 15m no be favor. Na paid labour. If e easy make the landlord do am. Person wey no get self esteem go allow all these so called "big men" ride them all in the name of 'favour'.

Make the carpenter hold e skill, make the landlord hold e contract. Hunger no go kill the carpenter with him skill.
Politics / Re: Onitsha River Port Concessioned To Universal Eligion Consortium (Photos) by ucham: 10:56am On Feb 03
The land of the rising sun is shining. This is good news for Ala Igbo. As an Abịa Indigene I am happy that the first born of ndị Igbo Anambra is getting it right. When Anambra gets it right, the whole Igbo nation gets it right. Like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would say, anagha emetaya na anya ukwu. Who God has blessed, no man can curse. God has blessed Anambra to be the first born.

Igbo Amaka.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Blasts Indians Over Maltreatment Of Blacks by ucham: 8:29pm On Apr 19, 2021
When Nnamdi Kanu tells you that there is something wrong with the black man you insult him. Can you see how stupiid a black person is? All the points the guy made is valid. Yet they were calling security for him. These people treat Africans worse than Animals in their country, yet here we are trying to protect their own people in our country.

The average black man is doomed


Politics / Re: Bayelsa Gives Miyetti Allah, Others 14-day Ultimatum To Vacate Yenagoa by ucham: 11:37am On Mar 30, 2021
Fire on the mountain. The nation sits on molten magma
Politics / Re: Ibarapa: Herdsmen Mount "No Cross-Zone" On Farmlands In Oyo by ucham: 11:38am On Feb 02, 2021

I am in Warri Delta state now which taken over are you talking about.
The takeover is in your bush settlements. I think it's better you people tell them to live in your cities and towns, to pay tax like everyone else. If not tomorrow they would Rename the bush and tell you people they have been there for 250 years.
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Clashes: Akeredolu, Afenifere Criticizes Sharia Council Over Ranching by ucham: 1:51pm On Feb 01, 2021
Our problem is the ipod miscreants.

We Omoluabis are sophisticated and know how to play politics. We don't put our eggs in one basket. We are not like yeasterners. Fulani is not our problem. Fulani people don't do drugs and they are peaceful people. It is this yeasterners that are trying to cause tension between us.

Come 2023 the Fulanis would give us power and then we would laugh this yeasterners.

Up Omoluabis.
Nairaland / General / Re: Share Your Most Embarrassing Moments In 2020 by ucham: 2:12pm On Dec 29, 2020
A female doctor was part of the team of doctors that did surgery on me... she was the one who draped and shaved my preeq me in the surgery room before surgery started...inshorrt she saww my preeq all through the surgery.....And she was the one assigned for post surgical follow up... chai..and na one small gal...very embarrassing grin
This one off me. cheesy
Romance / Re: Who Can Help Me With Accommodation ? by ucham: 9:51pm On Dec 23, 2020
Health / Re: Heart Attacks And Hemorrhagic Strokes: Do Nigerians Survive These Attacks? by ucham: 6:27pm On Dec 09, 2020
@BENARI This post is very timely and is a wake-up call for me. For too long I have put off learning CPR, not because I do not know how important it is, far from that. But because I really have not taken the time to deeply meditate on it's importance in the event of an emergency. I guess you could say as humans we simply do not like to anticipate tragedy.

Thanks for this frank reminder to this truth we most often shelve.

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Politics / Re: Why FG Exempted Dangote, BUA From Border Closure Policy by ucham: 4:59pm On Nov 10, 2020
Yorubas and "Our Oyel" South-South hope you are seeing your real enemies? What Igbo people have seen since time immemorial is what many of you are waking up to now.

Put your hatred for the Igbos aside and ask yourself who really your enemies are? Ask yourself is IPOB justified in fighting for their own nation? Yes IPOB's means of going about it may not be perfect, but at least can we all agree that the south needs to break from the North?

Let me shock you. Fulani people have occupied the army, airforce, police, custom, civil defense, and all Defense apparatus as the heads of all these bodies. Also they have occupied INEC, Census body, Federal Character Commission and all government ministries and parastatals. Do you think they will just hand it over to the south in 2023 in peace? If you think so, then think again. They are preparing for war and eternal subjugation of the South. Even if the South miraculously wins the election, the North would not accept it.

Zamfara found gold and are keeping it for themselves while remitting peanut to the FG. Niger Delta only gets 13% of it's own oil, while Hausa Fulani alhajis and retired Military Generals living in Kaduna and Kano own over 90% of the Oil wells in the Niger Delta.

Southern Nigeria should join voices to call for a disintegration of this country. The south and Middle Belt can live as one, while the North should stay on their own. If not, we'll just be running round circles.

The Endsars protest organized by southern Nigerian youths shocked the world because of how organized and efficient it was. Use of funds was transparent. Every Kobo donated was well spent and accounted for. That is what you get when Educated southern Nigerian youths are in leadership positions. Yet with all the brain power of southern Nigeria youths and our exploits in the diaspora, we come back home to be ruled by Ab.okis. people who got into leadership positions by quota system and nepotism. People who have the most out school children in the world (13 million). Almajiri everywhere. Yet we allow them to rule. Imagine allowing an almajiri from Chad and Niger decide who leads the country all in the name of allowing them to vote. They breed like rabbits in a deliberate attempt to outbreed the South. Imagine a professor of law Osibanjo being a vice to an illiterate like Buhari.

Igbo people have long awoken. Until other southerners put their hatred for Igbos aside and smell the coffee right in front of them, we'll all keep suffering. Let's join forces and demand for a disintegration of this contraption. I would have said a restructure, but the North won't agree to a restructure because a restructure will leave them empty handed and force them to compete. Something they aren't capable of.


Phones / Re: Who Knows What Could Have Made 9mobile Data This Cheap by ucham: 8:35am On Nov 10, 2020

MTN wey de give 20gb for 3500
How you dey buy am?
Phones / Re: Who Knows What Could Have Made 9mobile Data This Cheap by ucham: 6:02am On Nov 10, 2020
This is not cheap nah. I get a month 20GB for 3500 from MTN, and 30GB for 5000.
Please how do you buy 30gb for 5k? What's the code, and will it work on an MTN 4G sim?
Phones / Re: Who Knows What Could Have Made 9mobile Data This Cheap by ucham: 6:01am On Nov 10, 2020
Honestly we need cheaper data in this country
Foreign Affairs / Re: Esther Agbaje, Oye Owolewa, Nnamdi Chukwuocha Win In U.S 2020 Elections by ucham: 10:32pm On Nov 04, 2020
Southern Nigeria Amaka. The north is the bane of this nation. Southerners let's remove these parasites from power forever.


Romance / Re: The Reality Of Ladies Raping Guys(My Experience) by ucham: 2:04pm On Nov 01, 2020

I was around nine wen my dad's friends son was around 16/17 used to do things to me n make me touch him n told me it was a game n I knew it was wrong but couldn't tell my dad cos he was a drunk n used to beat us kids n mum and I was terrified cos the boy told me dad would go mad at me n I knew he was right. It went on around a year n one day he tried actually penetrating me n I was fighting him off and my little brother saw n ran got dad and my dad drag me by my hair n beat me real bad n blamed me. The boy only had to go to church n talk to the pastor bout it n after a few months he was allowed to babysit me again n still touched me n tried making me touch him. Eventually we moved away.
Over the years in my childhood a few of my dad's friends have put their hand dwn my pants or stuck their tounge in my ear n things like that n I was to afraid to tell dad.
My mum's brother was a drunk n tried putting his thing in my mouth wen I was around six n I was sleeping n woke up n lucky my dad got up to go to the toilet n scared him n he sneaked out. I only told my mum about this around four years ago. I've never told anyone else ever. N now that I grew up I can't stand the thought of dating anyone older than me at all it'd make me feel dirty n I just couldn't even think of it.

Ppl don't realise how it can affect you.

Reading this made me puke in my mouth.

Sorry for what you abuse you suffered. Please seek therapy if it is possible. And if there is any agency that handles prosecution of child sexual abuse, report your case to them. I want to believe they can help to prosecute those bastards.

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Romance / Re: First Two Weeks In A New Relationship...share Your Experience by ucham: 5:31pm On Oct 31, 2020

I for date you
unfortunately,i hate guys a lot now

Errrrm . Na to appease you remain.

How many cow we go kill for you na?

On a serious note though, a better guy is on the way for you. It may be that guy you responded sef. Many people have the kind of experience you underwent and even worse, and come out not learning anything from it. You though, seem to have learnt from it. So trust me, you have nothing to fear again. Your good guy is on the way.
Romance / Re: First Two Weeks In A New Relationship...share Your Experience by ucham: 5:24pm On Oct 31, 2020
We were just friends and he insisted he wanted more . I agreed but noticed teething issues
1. He lives far from me, and since I go to see him,it's expensive for me..I use Uber and don't know how to ask him for transport
2. He dosent call all d time, I have talked about this but he refuses to change
3. He is not a strong Christian..everytime I invite him to church, he will say No..am getting frustrated as I cannot imagine dating someone who is interested in growing his spiritual life
4. He does not seem ready to settle down ..am not a kid so that scares me and I don't want to push.. he is secretive so I don't want to say it's finances that is stopping it

Apart from that, he is wonderful, sweet and so cute kiss

Errrrm. If he's a good guy and he loves you, I don't think the things you mentioned are too bad.

1) as for Transport for visiting him, when you need assistance tell him you need assistance. Communication is key. Infact how he reacts to your telling him will help you know him better. However, know that he is not obligated to give you TP at all times. Just have a balanced view, and also make sacrifices as you've obviously been making already.

2) the call thingy. Not every guy calls frequently. I for one, don't have that habit, and my woman has complained severely about it. But I keep working on improving daily. So for me, I dont think this should be a deal breaker.

3) what do you mean strong Christian? The question should be does he have integrity, is he moral and conscientious? What is the emphasis on church attendance. Las Las millions of Nigerians are church goers, but the Nation is still as corrupt as it is. See leave that church and religion thing. I for one, I'm not religious. Abeg no because of church pursue good guy o.

4) about this one, this is critically important. Ask him what his plans for both of you are. If he's matured, he shouldn't be angry with this question. Communication should be a key ingredient of your relationship. I don't think there should be no go areas. Talk about every and any concerns you may have openly with him. So that if e go work, you go know on time. Like you said, you are no longer a kid, and time no dey. So ask him without fear his plans for both of you and then you can make your decision.

Wish you guys the best.


Politics / Re: Jos Covid-19 Palliative Warehouse Looted (Pictures and video) by ucham: 7:03am On Oct 25, 2020

You lack comprehension, read what I typed but this time slowly, don't read like your brain is paining you...if i say you are very stupiid now you will say I am insulting you.
Yes I read it slowly and carefully, and I comprehended this, that you are a bastard sent to incite people to hate Igbos. Your ultimate aim is to show seed of division in the now United South. Your plan is dead on arrival. BTW your whole generation is stupid. Omo ale.
Politics / Re: Jos Covid-19 Palliative Warehouse Looted (Pictures and video) by ucham: 9:14pm On Oct 24, 2020
A Little History class for my ignorant Igbo brothers.

The first President of Nigeria was Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (an igbo man) and the first Prime Minister was Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (a fulani man) they both served under the republican government of Nigeria between 1963 and 1966 governed by the first republican constitution.



Meanwhile, General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi (an Igbo man) was a Nigerian Army general who was the first Military Head of State of Nigeria. He seized power amidst the ensuing chaos following the 15 January 1966 military coup.


The strength of a building lies in its foundation, Nigeria's leadership was built on a weak foundation all thanks to the partnership between our igbo brothers and their fulani partner, If the Igbos are complaining today that Nigeria is a Zoo then they should be reminded that their ancestors was part of the foundation.

The Igbos have been one of the founders of this entity called Nigeria, an igbo man served with a fulani man as stated above...you begin to wonder why the hatred towards President Mohammed Buhari (a fulani man) and anyone that supports him, worst still they drag a yoruba man to it...just because you hate something or someone does not mean everybody must hate them too.

Just look at the excitement that Nigeria (the zoo) is burning under the guise of #EndSars, a legitimately peaceful protest hijacked by pretenders... Nigeria is the same zoo founded by your ancestors, you are already part of this entity called Nigeria wether you like it or not, burn it or build it, tarnish the image or glorify it, hate her or love her...you are part of Nigeria and would always be part of history.

Seek healing and stop hurting yourselves.

Your hate against Igbos would lead you to a painful death. You Hausa Fulanis are funny. You think you can divide the south by pitching Igbos against Yorubas? For all the disagreements Igbos have with Yoruba, they do not kill each other at the slightest provocation unlike you blood thirsty abokiis.

A United south is here to take over Nigeria from you incompetent Abokiis who have ruled this country for since the birth of Nigeria. The result of the North's rule is clear : corruption, illiteracy, poverty and religious extremism.

E don red for una. Even the middle belt prefers to go with us in the south because they know we are progressive.


Politics / Re: John Enenche: Lekki Shooting Videos Were Photoshopped - Army Spokesman by ucham: 11:38pm On Oct 22, 2020

My brother, did anybody die at the toll gate? Proof? Most of the pictures were either doctored or taken from other states/scenes.
The argument here is that the Military officer said the soldiers were not even at the toll gate to begin with. So do you now admit that people were shot and that they were taken to the hospital? Who shot them? Is it your father who shot them? No make me swear for you. Infact, take it, you are a bastard. You will die painfully. A video over 200,000 people watched LIVE ON Instagram, and you and pay masters are trying to gaslight people and make them doubt their memory. No worry, e go reach you. On God.
Politics / Re: John Enenche: Lekki Shooting Videos Were Photoshopped - Army Spokesman by ucham: 4:39pm On Oct 22, 2020
angry.. Enemies of Nigeria doing everything possible to destroy Nigeria, but they will always fail..

They should continue peddling fake news, and altering reality. One day, they'll meet their disastrous end..

Nigeria must be great..

My beloved brother, Nigeria is not finished, and will never.. That well-meaning Nigerians, eyewitnesses and security agencies are coming out to dispel your wicked lies doesn't, in anyway, signify the end of this great nation.

If anything, the truth has rebuilt and strengthened Nigeria. Abi as infrastructure and lives are being wasted due to the fake news, you like am? If you do, we don't.

That said, Nigeria must be great, whether its enemies like it or not.. Forward ever, backward never.

God bless Nigeria.
God bless us all.


What about those that were taken to the hospital? Those that are in the hospital now? That the governor went to see. Are they also photoshopped? undecided
Politics / Re: John Enenche: Lekki Shooting Videos Were Photoshopped - Army Spokesman by ucham: 4:36pm On Oct 22, 2020
O LORD Save Nigeria!!

Photo Shop
With all the Glaring Evidences??
This is not Good!!!
This is not Good at all From the Army!

I Weep on Behalf of my Country..
This is so Unfair from the NA to say...

Why are you weeping? Are you tired of praying already? Keep praying na. Prayer will solve Nigeria's problem. Fowl
Sports / Re: Lekki Shooting: Super Eagles May Boycott Remaining AFCON Qualifiers by ucham: 7:47pm On Oct 21, 2020
No please the Super Eagles of Nigeria should continue with their friendlies especially the South Easterners and South Southerners including Northern Players, only the South West players can choose to absent themselves from the Super Eagles Squad so they can honor those killed at Lekki toll gate yesterday .

Since some SW buharists have made it a way of life to blame other Southerners for everything that happened to them i urge other Southerners to not boycott the Super Eagles friendlies and as a matter of urgency stop protesting against SARS alongside some of these SW youths.

Edo, Rivers, Enugu, Imo, Bayelsa, Abia, Cross River, Anambra, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom and Delta state youths should stop destroying their own properties since some Tinubu loyalists have chosen to tribalise a Nigerian issue

I hate to do this but some people called for it
#I seek justice for Lekki victims
#No to destruction of properties

Don't do this now man. The South is united. Never to divided again. The youths of the south will take over this country. A political revolution is coming that would see the youths get the presidency. And then, we would do all that is needed to reform our nation.

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Politics / Re: We Are Behind The Attack On Protesters - Fulani Movement by ucham: 1:39pm On Oct 20, 2020
Funny zoogerians. When IPOB Was fighting for disintegration from these fools, you mocked him. Oya na. We dey watch

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Politics / Re: EndSARS Protesters Who Kept Vigil In Front Of CBN HQ Under Attack by ucham: 7:45am On Oct 19, 2020
Break this country now. South and middle belt would be one Nation. The North would be one Nation.
Or restructure the country back to regional governments with 100% resource control for each region.
Politics / Re: Youth Groups In Sokoto, Kebbi And Zamfara Rally Against #endsars by ucham: 11:53am On Oct 12, 2020
I really pray that the Northern youths should go for their own protest against ending SARS. We know how they can be aggressive and intense with their own protest. Father lord please grant me this one request.
Just this one.

It would then be South Vs North

I can't wait to see this Luggard Contraption fall
Politics / Re: IGP Adamu Announces Dissolution Of SARS by ucham: 2:20pm On Oct 11, 2020
Arewa youths have been put to shame and shown that true power is with the enlightened and educated majority and not the baseless political machine called Arewa youth.
Their alamijiri population has been put to shame. They can't win election online. Shame to Hausa-Fulani indeed
Politics / Re: ENDSARS: Why Is There No Protest In The South East? by ucham: 10:02am On Oct 10, 2020
May thunder strike the op for daring to incite hatred against the Igbos. Mods hope you guys can see what's going on.

Has anyone in Hausa land or the North gone out for any protest? Why must he single out the South East for ridicule.

He even admitted that there has been a 30 minutes gathering in Imo State. The question is has there been a 1 minute gathering in Kano or Kaduna?

I hope it is clear to onlookers that that the op and those like him are trying to incite hate against Igbos.

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