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Politics / Re: APC Members Hold Walk For Tinubu And Other APC Candidates In Kwara State by uchennaq(m): 5:55am
Una never see anything, most of you will soon go back to your villages if APC party wins, because definitely Tinubu will not rule, same old cabal that destroyed this country. I DONT PITY UNA
Politics / Re: Tinubu Supporters Visit Old Woman who Swept The Road At Kogi Rally Yesterday by uchennaq(m): 5:50am
Very unfortunate that the people destroying this country are old people, if you observe the picture, you will notice that most are elderly people who don't know anything. The same way idiots like them where induced for money to vote that BAT during primary. Nonsense
Politics / Re: Kogi Central Organises March For Bola Tinubu (Video, Pictures) by uchennaq(m): 2:02pm On Oct 03
Na old video ooo grin grin grin grin

Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Putin’s Newly Mobilized Army Of Aged And Unfit Men Being Sent To Fight by uchennaq(m): 3:04pm On Sep 29
These are retired soldiers with families, nothing bad about it. They have to defend their country against NATO intruders. If you know you know. So if Nigeria is a working country and it turns out you have to defend it, will you shy away to do so even though you know death is involve. Fight against people trying to oppress your kind. But current I don't see myself defending Nigeria for corrupt politicians to loot the Nigerian treasure for them and there families.

After all the useless comedian zelensky is forcing the younger Ukrainian generation to die for his selfish interest. The comedian is also destroying the economy of Europeans. UK, Germany, France is bleeding current. The world is bleeding due to one man. Lol

Me as the commander of these troops, soldiers I know you're grumbling within you why you're here, I know you are not happy to be here but it's who you're, you are a soldier that has swear an oath to defend your country. You have to defend your motherland against barberrians, scavengers who will kill, rape your wife and kids, steal your natural resource, destroy your cultural heritage. You have to defend your generation against such evil men, stand for what is right, die for your country. Keep your head up because you will be remembered as a hero who stood up for your country when it matters the most. You're not fighting for the President rather you're fighting to uphold justice and rule of law against injustice of NATO to invade your brothers in Ukraine. Have no mercy for the enemy of these country, your motherland Russia. Defend it with your last blood.

Please before you quote me go and make more research about the war in Ukraine, these war has been going for nothing less than 5years ago. Russia intervened due to continues killing of Russian citizens in Ukraine territory. Russia is trying to liberate there people from the evil eyes of NATO.

Most people has been brainwashed by the western propaganda, the other day Putin was complaining how the westerners are only shifting Ukraine flour to other European countries at normal cheap rates without putting Africans and Asians into consideration. These criminals must be brought to justice. Lol na them make bread to costs for here. They are using us to fund the war in Ukraine stylishly. Bastards

Sick people everywhere and lies. Which killings? The same way China wants to invade Taiwan. See Russia has no excuse to invade Ukraine, they did it last time and removed a democratically elected president because he aligned himself with the west and they tried it again. See if there is any iota of truth in what you're saying, Russia will never be sanctioned by the west and Turkey would have supported them. Go and read more on Putin so that you will find out that you're dealing with a psychopath.

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Food / Re: How Many Days Can 10k Take You On Food? by uchennaq(m): 2:30pm On Sep 29
It depends on your spending habit.

Someone (spendthrift) will spend it within days.

It will take another person for 2 weeks or more

You're not serious, how can 10k take you for two weeks or more. Even if you are eating 500naira food morning and another 500naira evening. Oga na your type dey starve and come turn to skeleton. Your stinginess dey too much, no go die ooo


Politics / Re: Supporters Eat “Agbado” At City Boy Movement Concert In Abuja (Pictures) by uchennaq(m): 7:49am On Sep 29
Politics / Re: ISWAP Kidnaps Policeman, 7 Civilian JTF, Hunters In Borno by uchennaq(m): 7:37pm On Sep 24
The Nigerian military needs as a matter of urgency incorporate military drones in their arsenal.
Politics / Re: Ayu is Very corrupt, he Collected N1bn from a PDP Presidential Aspirant - Wike by uchennaq(m): 3:50pm On Sep 23
Wike vs Atiku/Ayu

Obi vs fake certificate

When God choose you, all the jericho wall of your enemies shall fall without even drawing a sword.

Can we now all agree that Tinubu is finally here. Maybe we should just tell INEC we dont want an election anymore. We already have a winner.

Cheers, jagaban.
Incoming 16th president of Nigeria
I believe it will happen only in your pathetic village. Foolish animal. Just look at the person they want to impose on us.


Politics / Re: UNGA 77: Nigeria Hijacked By Cabal-backed Terrorists – Groups Reply Buhari by uchennaq(m): 8:36pm On Sep 22
The communique issued by the spokesperson Dr. Ibrahim Yusuf said the North and Middle-Belt has been captured via state-sponsored terrorism, while the South has been encircled by government-backed terrorists whose sole mission is land-grabbing.

These are the pertinent issues Mr President was supposed to have discussed @ the UNGA to solicit the world’s help in overcoming these challenges but no he won't because it is a state sponsored problems.

Instead, Mr President was telling the world that "Nigeria has had many unsavoury experiences with hate speech and divisive disinformation. Increasingly, we also see that many countries face the same challenge. Clearly, data also know no borders."

This is not a hate speech. They are writing exactly what is happening in some parts of Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Tinubu's Certificates Emerges As Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Obi's Own by uchennaq(m): 5:48pm On Sep 22
Tinubu's Certificates Emerges As Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Peter Obi's Own (Photos)

Mumu OP, did you go to the university? My certificate from Unical has no stamp or seal.

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Politics / Re: Mutiu Olagunju: Bola Tinubu's Achievement May Take Him To Aso Rock In 2023 by uchennaq(m): 2:30pm On Sep 22

He will be the president of your village.
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: “Lagos Is Clearly Going Peter Obi’s Way” – Jack Obinyan by uchennaq(m): 9:53am On Sep 22

Posting nonsense. 3 more lies to go, what are the lies, you did not say and fellow foolish people like you are liking and sharing. Same way foolish Oshomole lied about Bakassi and they were clapping for him. undecided
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Caught On Camera On Live News After Being Tracked By The FBI (Video) by uchennaq(m): 1:17pm On Sep 20
Yahoo boy shocked after been caught on camera on live news after been tracked by the FBI.

Happy viewing!


Fake grin grin
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Caught On Camera On Live News After Being Tracked By The FBI (Video) by uchennaq(m): 1:13pm On Sep 20
Yahoo boy shocked after been caught on camera on live news after been tracked by the FBI.

Happy viewing!

Nice video work. You try.. grin grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Does Not Know What Is Green Energy- Atiku Mocks LP Candidate by uchennaq(m): 6:13pm On Sep 17
Imagine this common criminal and looter

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Wolves Vs Manchester City (0 - 3) On 17th September 2022 by uchennaq(m): 1:21pm On Sep 17
Crime / Ukraine Russia War Graphic by uchennaq(m): 1:19pm On Sep 17
Career / Re: Angry UBA Customer Grills Bank Staff Over Fraudulent Transactions In His Account by uchennaq(m): 6:37pm On Sep 14
Make they no sha touch my last 2k
Else they'll see worse

Nawa ooo
Politics / Re: Which States Will Give Tinubu Bloc Votes? by uchennaq(m): 3:35pm On Sep 14

No they are not... The youth that left politics for Bbnaija and EPL are the problem

In UK and US youths don't joke with politics.. they are online discussing politics exchanging serious conversation

Funny, which youths left because of BBnaija and EPL. Oga from what I saw, the people that are marching for Tinubu are bunch of paid blokes. Just look at their belle... No youth will vote for Tinubu and mark my word, he will not win in Lagos.

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Politics / Re: Which States Will Give Tinubu Bloc Votes? by uchennaq(m): 3:28pm On Sep 14

Obi won't get 10% of the votes in Lagos. Mark this page.

Mr Mugu, so you never hear say over 1.5 newly registered voters in lagos na Igbo people...

I will see how Tinubu will win because here in Lagos people are not saying any good thing about him. So after you collect heavy taxes from people that built that homes with their money and toll gate and end SARS, you still want people to vote for you. Ok

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Politics / Re: Which States Will Give Tinubu Bloc Votes? by uchennaq(m): 3:26pm On Sep 14

Ondo can never vote Atiku or Obi over their son Tinubu

A real Ondo man don't joke when it comes to loyalty to their people

SouthWestAgenda 2023 SWAGA23 is pulling more and more big wigs in Ondo

Below is a picture from Akure Ondo State... Tinubu was not even present and campaign has not started


Did you observe the people that were marching. Old men. They are the problem we have in this country..
Politics / Re: Nigerians React To A Picture Of Adamu Dragging Tinubu By The Hand by uchennaq(m): 3:24pm On Sep 14
There is no Nigeria. There is no Southern Nigeria. We are Yoruba Ibo Ijaw Ikwere Isiko etc and so Southern Unity is forever an illussion. Besides Ibos hate Yoruba too much because of envy. Yoruba has sea and culture and Ibos are green with envy turned to hate.
If you kick Igbos out of Lagos, are you sure you won't die of hunger and poverty? grin

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Politics / Re: Nigerians React To A Picture Of Adamu Dragging Tinubu By The Hand by uchennaq(m): 3:18pm On Sep 14

I don born pikin. Useless pikin


Politics / Re: 2023: Atiku Proposes $10bn Economic Stimulus Fund For MSMEs, Unfolds Blueprint by uchennaq(m): 12:55pm On Sep 14
Weapon smuggler... We don see Atiku finish..
Politics / Re: Atiku Reveals How To Tackle Insecurity, Ailing Economy by uchennaq(m): 12:52pm On Sep 14
But this man is responsible for importing arms from Turkey that has maimed and killed so many Nigerians. Nawa ooo
Politics / Re: Lagos Is A Poor, Miserable & Dirty Place - Sowore Blasts Tinubu (Photos) by uchennaq(m): 12:50pm On Sep 13

U have no shame to compare Lagos with those places. The flood that happens in USA happens as a result of extreme climatic conditions and not because of a minor rainfall. If your Lagos can not withstand a minor rainfall then what happens if a tsunami hits the city.

I can see the agbado your urchin lord gave u has blocked your brain.

grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Lagos Is A Poor, Miserable & Dirty Place - Sowore Blasts Tinubu (Photos) by uchennaq(m): 12:47pm On Sep 13
A lot of idiots here blaming natural disaster for Lagos flood. This is how they brainwash gullible Nigerians. USA flood is caused by natural disaster like cyclone and typhone, not after 1hr of rainfall. Lagos flood is caused by poor drainage system. Covering of drainages with illegal structures while the government pretends as if they are not seeing, just like how a structure collapsed and no one is held accountable. So who is fooling who?
Politics / Re: Lagos Is A Poor, Miserable & Dirty Place - Sowore Blasts Tinubu (Photos) by uchennaq(m): 12:36pm On Sep 13
The truth is that Tinubu really destroyed Lagos but thank God for Fashola and Ambode for salvaging the little they can. Lagos is still a big mess.

You deserve an award. Gbam


Politics / Re: Oyo State Governor Makinde Welcomes Peter Obi With Smiles (2021 Throwback Photo) by uchennaq(m): 12:33pm On Sep 13
Why is Peter Obi avoiding the north?

Peter obi will soon visit the north.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Ifeanyi Ubah's Convoy In Anambra (Graphic Pictures) by uchennaq(m): 6:42am On Sep 12
I have the video....It happened at Enugwu Ukwu.

Really disgusting...

Ibos killing ibos...How are the mighty fallen
What is the meaning of Igbos killing Igbos? You should know this has to do with politics.
Education / Re: A Photo Of A 9-Year-Old Saudi Boy Carrying 3 School Bags On His Back Goes Viral by uchennaq(m): 7:02pm On Sep 11
A 9-year-old Saudi boy has become an internet sensation after a photo of him carrying three bags on his back, went viral on social media.

Mishaal Al Shahrani was seen carrying the bags of his sisters, Sarah and Noura along with his own bag while they were returning home from school. Their father, who was captivated by the scene, snapped a photo and shared it on the family WhatsApp group and then on social media.

Commenting on the photo, the governor, and the director of education of 'Khamis Mushayt'— a state in Saudi Arabia, praised the boy and gave him an award.

Meanwhile, a Saudi football club invited Mishaal Al Shahrani and his two sisters as a Chief Guest.

Indeed, family is everything.

Unlike Taliban government that don't value women education. This is a sign of good morale from Saudi Arabia towards educating women.

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Politics / Re: Activist Aisha Yesufu Launches “Do More For Obi Challenge” by uchennaq(m): 6:55pm On Sep 11
Easy for her to say from the abroad, what exactly has she done for the cause? We are taking the movement offline, the real voters are in the streets not on Twitter blowing grammars, the real voters don't speak the queens English
Go and sit down.

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