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Politics / Re: Yoruba Groups Support Biafra, Asks FG To Release Kanu by VickJames(m): 10:20pm On Dec 11, 2015
see banning o
Politics / Re: NNDC To Begin Oil, Gas Exploration In North-east In 2016 by VickJames(m): 9:45pm On Dec 11, 2015
have you seen the company exploring oil in the north?

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin


the our oil story will take a new turn and it will surprise everyone now.

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Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by VickJames(m): 9:03pm On Dec 11, 2015
You have broken the rule 6 of Nairaland: 6. Don't post adverts or affiliate links outside the
areas where adverts are explicitly allowed. Seun lekwa onye na emebi iwu gi.


make he no vex oh

i am not a rule breaker bros
Politics / Re: Maitama Sule, Kwande, Ikedife To Meet Pro-biafran Agitators by VickJames(m): 10:57am On Dec 10, 2015
Politics / Re: 2019 Igbo Presidency-we Are Not Interested-ipob by VickJames(m): 9:58am On Dec 10, 2015
I just laugh at the way people think in this country.

if this secession doesnt happen, and we still remain as one in this country, we will all sit down and see where every developmental stride will go.

Everyone should just mark this day, you will see the direction of all developmental project in this country and it will shock all of you.

atleast, the three money spending development announced by this administration has gone to that same direction. lets see how the rest will go.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Mp-infrastructure Aptitude Test by VickJames(m): 7:56am On Dec 10, 2015

Same thing happened to me. Mtn blocked ma line that day but I went to the head office on Monday and I was told ma name is on the list. I did ma medical same day

So Go to the head office at lekki

really, I will go too to check my name too.

God help me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Mp-infrastructure Aptitude Test by VickJames(m): 7:56pm On Dec 09, 2015
I applied for the lagos interview and I dont know if I got a call from them because that particular day, I was out of service.

I dont know how i can connect to know if i was called or not.
Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by VickJames(m): 7:22pm On Dec 09, 2015
who will be the first person to usher this thread to its 500th page?

I am anticipating!

we have done so much now!


Politics / Re: Gov Willie Obiano's Legacy Projects In Awka photos by VickJames(m): 8:09pm On Dec 08, 2015

To ba je be.. iwo naa fi Ibadan to mo wan wa naw? cheesy Abi? Emi ti fi ibadan ti emi mo won gbogbo ara Anambra, awon naa de ti fi Ibadan ti won mo won gbogbo aiye, oya.. Iwo naa contribute tie naw, abi? Ko si wahala. No shaking.

iwo no mo pe mi o le ma fi fone mi ma snap gbogbo nonsense yen.

arale ni wa. amo nkan ton sele ni gboro.

kosi wahala, ka ma tan arawa lo na.

abi, ki la le se?
Politics / Re: Gov Willie Obiano's Legacy Projects In Awka photos by VickJames(m): 7:45pm On Dec 08, 2015

Like seriously, are you this stewpi.d? I added the 'Ibadan birdseye' for EMPHASIS, duh!? How else would the average person have been able to place the location if I hadn't done that? Obviously you're shocked at the vastness of Ibadan as a city. Since you insist it's Lagos then pray tell where in Lagos? Dude, I'm seriously not in the mood to funk up this thread coz a part of me does acknowledge Obiano's strides, but nigga don't test me. Stay the fvck off my mention from hereon. For the last time. Thanx.

omo aye!

ma paro ni be.

k'on se ibadan tan mo niyen

fi eleyele, sango, oju-irin fi ran wa.

Amo gboro to wan ni ibadan.

sugbon o gbagbe pe kon se ibadan nikan ni Oyo.

arale niwa.
Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by VickJames(m): 11:15am On Dec 08, 2015
Yea!..... You also have plenty in Umunya!. It is like 'hot Potatoes' now in Anambra State concerning Land acquisition & Estate development!. (Pix) A House in Awkusu!

Good one, I was thinking of places close to the capital and let me be close to the commercial hub.

when the time comes, we will discuss better

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Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by VickJames(m): 10:03am On Dec 08, 2015
[quote author=investnow2013 post=40799141]You need to invest in Lands arround Oba near the Stream & not far from Oba International Market!. It goes for 700 to 1 Million a plot!. You can as well buy in Nkwelle in arround Catholic Charismatic Estate!. Anambra is a huge market now! (Pix)Merchants of Life School Oba[/quot

Nwanna, dont say. are you serious or you are pulling my legs.

please I will need to buy land where developmental strides are coming into. I am planning a full-time return back home and do business there.

still saving up some funds tho.

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Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by VickJames(m): 9:06am On Dec 08, 2015

I do not have anything against Obiano but I'm talking about reality on ground. I do not live in Anambra but was home for 2 weeks and within those 2 weeks, I moved around, interacted with people and sought opinions.

Many people see him as nepotic, they say he is concentrating projects in his zone, some say he is a drunkard (these may not be true but public opinion matters).

While home, I picked a plot of land at the GRA and a few plots in Isuaniocha.

Mr man dont buy all the lands in the state o.

i need to buy another land before next year runs out. grin
Politics / Re: Landlocked Biafra Will Be An Economic Hell On Earth. by VickJames(m): 6:00pm On Dec 07, 2015

You are pathetic and a bloody illiterate, after naming some tribe and ethnicities that make up ss which igbo tribe is third in population u still went on to lump all the tribes and call it one. I had expected u to name ur tribe in the so called ss, don't u know ur tribe do u belong to all the aforementioned tribe?.

By the way, 3 out of 5 se state has oil in abundance but we ain't lazy as u guys to keep yelling our oyel like demented cows. Our brain and ingenuity is what makes us outstanding in this hopeless zoo. Do u think we are called Japan of Africa and the Germans of Africa because of a near to useless black fusil?.

NT. The real population of igbo tribe is greater than all ss put together..go figure.

I swear that girl or boy must really need much reading and education to be able to argue in a public forum like this.


Politics / Re: Calling Niger Deltans "Ignorant And Helpless" Is The Height Of Cluelessness by VickJames(m): 11:38am On Dec 07, 2015
nyc one bro,tank u for speaking the bitter truth.
This is the problem i hv wit those in the ss,instead they join biafra nd make tins easy fkr themselves nd they're there dying in silence,they're all bunch of dullards.
nyc write up bro.

trying to reason with them has shown that they dont like to think in the positive direction. I have issues making sense to them, it is like they need other people need to start talking to them and let them reason.
Politics / Re: Calling Niger Deltans "Ignorant And Helpless" Is The Height Of Cluelessness by VickJames(m): 9:23pm On Dec 06, 2015

Guy, I DON'T care about who own the OML. I want Resource Control that will benefit SS communities. Can't you get it?

Now, how is the fight for resource control coming up?

any news yet?

stop saying wishful things and fight for the things that can be given to you.


Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 9:04pm On Dec 06, 2015

I ask again! is it about the govt or its people? which one.

lemme play with you small wink
which state is the poorest state in Nigeria?
osun right? wink

please play outside,

matured men here
Politics / Re: Calling Niger Deltans "Ignorant And Helpless" Is The Height Of Cluelessness by VickJames(m): 9:03pm On Dec 06, 2015

OML only benefit the holders and their families. We want resource control that will benefit everyone in the region NOT OML.

Do you know the number of people who have shares under this OML, the number of people who enjoy from this license?

do you know how many people they pay salaries from this OML?

the truth is that, you just want to downplay the importance of this OML and make look as if it is nothing.

check the cabals in this country, most of them are from the north and southwest. so when do you think these people will release their hands from this funds.

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Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 8:58pm On Dec 06, 2015

There is something in the psychological makeup of Igbos that makes them always go looking for trouble. In the calmest of circumstances they will always do something that would annoy those around them, create conflict and then live in conflict; they seem to enjoy living in conflicts.

As it were, they seem to have death wish and do things that would make those around them to attack them, and or kill them hence gratify their death wish (thanatos).

Consider their relationship with their neighbors. Invariably they would say or do something that even a child knows would irritate those neighbors and do it as if they do not know that such actions irritate people. Consider Obi Nwankanma’s concocted historiography. The man is apparently writing a history of Igbos (as gleaned from the snippets of it that he posts on the Internet). Invariably, he would make claims to the effect that Igbos stimulated what their neighbors did or he would make Igbos have credit for what other Nigerian tribes did. And he would make these self-serving bogus claims as if they are true. He is, of course, lying but presents his lies as if they are substantiated truths! The man writes history as propaganda!

Taking credit for what other tribes did diminish those tribes self-respect; they feel attacked and angry at him and by generalization at all Igbos. Thus, the man’s private behavior has negative public consequences for most Igbos, for other Nigerians who feel insulted by him (in a country where folks indulge in stereotyping behaviors, by all Igbos) attack any Igbo in sight.

And this misguided man is not the only one doing what he does; many Igbos do it. Consider their unreasoning response to Frederick Lugard and his British cohorts. Britons created what is now called Nigeria in 1914. Igbos who hitherto did not have a nation were for the first time placed under one administrative unit hence given a sense of being one people. But instead of being grateful to Lugard for hastening their sense of oneness some foolish Igbos call Nigeria Lugard’s cage; that is to say that they feel caged in a place they would rather not be in.

They flock to other parts of that Lugard’s cage to seek employment! The Yorubas allowed them to come to Lagos, a Yoruba city. Now many of them live at Lagos. Instead of expressing gratitude to their Yoruba hosts some of them now claim that Lagos is an Igbo city! Imagine that cheek!

Yorubas could feel insulted by squatters claiming ownership of their land and attack and kill a few of them and the rest of them would carry their loads on their sorry heads and march to the East. They would not even have the courage to stand and fight to death. When the going gets tough they always run to their tribal enclave.

These people routinely insult Hausas and Hausas, not being as patient as Yorubas are, often pick up their machetes and start slashing at any Igbo in sight.

These people literally ask other people to attack them and when attacked they turn around and see themselves as victims. Alas, the rest of the world does not come to their rescue!

The white man could care less if Africans murdered other Africans, if in doubt see the Sudan, Somalia and East Congo where Africans, as we speak, are butchering each other and the International community give them all the opportunity they need to get rid of themselves from the face of this earth (and leave the damn continent for animals so that white men come on wild life safaris in it).

If other Nigerians start murdering Igbos no African Union or United Nations would come to their rescue and even if they did they would send African soldiers, who are likely to be Muslims and hence participate in killing Igbos some more!

These people are not aware of the real world they live in and talk as if they are invulnerable supermen when in fact they are the most vulnerable group of Nigerians (other Nigerians hate their arrogance and could easily gang up on them and do away with them).

So why do Igbos do these crazy things when they could have peaceful relationship with their neighbors? Why do they go looking for trouble (as Fela Kuti said, trouble de sleep” iyanga” de look for am)?

Fela recognized that pride (iyanga)causes interpersonal troubles; Igbos are” inordinately proud” [/b]and out of their pride insult other folks and those folks also being “normally proud” human beings (all human beings feel proud, in degrees; the neurotic, aka narcissistic and or paranoid personality feels inordinately proud)feel degraded and attack them.

Fela was an insightful musician, not trained psychologist. There is a more psychological process at work in these people’s apparent irrational behavior. They do what they do because of their inordinate sense of inferiority.

Feeling totally inferior and wanting to seem fictionally superior to other persons they make claims that would seem to make them seem superior to other people. Those absurd claims naturally make those they belittle angry, and those attack them.


I am saying that Igbos go looking for trouble because of their sense of inferiority and paranoid level of compensatory superiority (according to Alfred Adler, all human beings feel inferior and compensate with some superiority feeling and quest for power over their world, but the neurotic over does it).


It is as if these people have a death wish and must attack other people so as to generate other people’s counter attacks on them, and when attacked they feel persecuted hence feel alive. The pathological ego feels alive when persecuted!

The paranoid person feels alive when he feels attacked and is defensive; if not feeling attacked and persecuted and defensive he does not feel like he is alive!

The paranoid person has not yet learned that a person can feel even more alive by loving himself and those around him. If you want to truly feel alive do what loves other people and what serves people’s interests.

The alternative to Christian agape love for all people is the paranoid attacks on people that generate counter attack for him and he gets attacked and in defending his self feels falsely alive.

For the longest time I could not quite understand this oddity in many Igbos behavior. Finally, I understood it. They engage in their apparent self-defeating behaviors because of mental disorder. They suffer mass delusion disorder (follies adieu, aka group paranoia).

The deluded person takes his private interpretation of reality as reality. He wants to seem superior and powerful, which he is not; he imagines that he is superior and powerful; believes what is not true as true hence is deluded.

The mentally ill person is not operating in the real world; he is living in his personal world, his fantasy world where he is all powerful and invincible.

The sadist part of it all is that even if you understand the dynamics of what is going on in the deluded person’s head and tell him about it he does not get it and continues doing what he does that gives him certain results and continues to get the same results while expecting different results.

[b]Igbos insult other people, make them angry; they get attacked and or killed. They do not want to be attacked and killed; that is, they want different results but they keep doing what generates the old results and get it. This is the definition of mental disorder: doing the same thing while expecting different results. An alcoholic keeps drinking but does not expect to damage his liver and health; poor soul; as long as he is addicted to his drug of choice he must be slowly damaging his liver, brains and killing himself even though he wishes to be healthy and live.

I know that these people are not going to change for part of mental disorder is not to see what is obvious to the normal person. The normal person, as if instinctively, recognizes that if you insult folks that they would be angry at you and that some of them would attack you, but these bizarre folks keep attacking others (by insulting them) and not expecting them to counter attack them in self-defense.

They do not know what they are doing and one is wasting one’s time trying to get them to recognize the obvious.

I suppose this is my mission: to keep stating the obvious until those who wear blinders finally remove their veil and see it; remove the mask over their eyes and see reality as it is. I will never give up on them after all they are my people, and attacks on them, even if self-brought, are attack on me (when folks begin attacking or killing Igbos they will attack or kill me, too). The sins of fathers are visited on their children’s heads. Therefore, I must keep trying to help them smell the coffee and roses.

boring article
Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 8:57pm On Dec 06, 2015

American too is in debt of course wink and China too. does that mean your Almighty alaibo is better than them? (not that they are not in debt though). grin


America doesnt owe its people salary and China doesnt have only 55million naira in circulation.

please, go and pay your civil servants please.
Politics / Re: Calling Niger Deltans "Ignorant And Helpless" Is The Height Of Cluelessness by VickJames(m): 8:53pm On Dec 06, 2015

[size=14pt]Things are already getting better

go to Akwa ibom

no Infrastructure back in 1998, but now leading the whole Niger Delta including south east in infrastructure...


Leave Uyo and go to Oron villages and see what poverty is saying to the people.

I have a soft spot for the akwa ibomites, i dont want to argue about the people, please bring other states please.


Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 8:51pm On Dec 06, 2015

Story for the gods. You are a typical Yee.b.oman, who thinks out of his anus. The moment I busted your sorry a$$ you decided to shift the goal post. You and your kinsmen are nothing but a hypocritical lot. Who gives a flying funk about your erosion-ravaged Anambra? Anambrans (and to a lesser extent Abia) are renowned iliterate traders, compared to their Education-oriented/seeking Imo and Agric-leaning Ebonyi counterparts. Without a doubt, Anambrans account for the bulk of gala hawkers and traders daily invading the SW as economic migrants, upon all your noise. Until you show me an Osun native migrating to the SE as an economic hustler/migrant, please just STFU. I know for a fact that a portion of the next batch of Igbo traders heading towards Osogbo will be from your overhyped Anambra. Yinmu.
as poor as osun state is, the igbo man you insult will still make millions there and buy your land there.

like the man who came to ilara mokin as just a trader and he has bought a land chunk of land there and doing thesame business which your people are now lazy to do "cocoa".

igbos do not wait for baba ijebu to make money, they use the poor and lazy yorubas to make their monies.

tell the chinese that they should stay in china and not travel around the world to make more money
Politics / Re: Calling Niger Deltans "Ignorant And Helpless" Is The Height Of Cluelessness by VickJames(m): 8:48pm On Dec 06, 2015

see the rubbish this one is saying.....

we cbattled for resource control, they refused to give us anything before, but now we have NDDC and Derivation which we expect to rise in the coming future..

or what else is resource control to you?

The truth is that if things will get better, you will start seeing it now.

please, tell yourself the truth. when will you have the license to any oil well in your region?


Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 8:45pm On Dec 06, 2015

Is it about the govt of the states or about the people in the state. bcoz you confusing yourself. :i

are you changing it?

read what you wrote the other time.
Politics / Re: Reasons Why The Yoruba’s And Hausa's Are Very Happy Being Nigerians by VickJames(m): 8:44pm On Dec 06, 2015


Can you compare the amount collected by these states to that collected by Ogun, Osun, Ondo and Oyo states.

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