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Celebrities / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu Needs Hot Slap, She Should Have Kept Supertv CEO Usifo Ataga by VickypediaPHC: 11:52pm On Jun 26
What is this one saying?
Politics / Re: El-rufai Shows Off His Dancing Skills by VickypediaPHC: 10:13am On Jun 21
He should have fun, while civil servants, their families die of hunger, fear of bandits, and citizens are either kidnapped or killed by herdsmen or bandits.
What I don't know is the offense Kaduna civil servants committed against El-rufai. You paid salaries without complaint for 6 years, but suddenly realized salary payment wasn't sustainable anymore and needs to sack workers? I'm not so surprised though, he has a terrible human rights record.

We have survived 6 years of failed leadership, 2 more years to go. We will survive it, God & Nigeria are bigger than all our failed & visionless leaders.
My worry is why Nigerian youths couldn't form a Political party after the #EndSARS protest. Gather membership and fundings within and outside Nigeria ahead of 2023. This old generation of failed leaders isn't ready to quit the corridors of power. APC & PDP are colossal failures. But sadly enough, they are Nigerians only option ahead of 2023.
Politics / A Question For Nigerian Youths by VickypediaPHC: 2:59pm On Jun 10
Everyone seems to complain about bad leadership and governance in Nigeria. Assuming we continue as an entity called Nigeria beyond 2023, what do you think about these questions.
In a nation with 70% of its youth below the age of 30 years, what is the way forward?

1. More than 300 days after #EndSars protest against police brutality & bad leadership, what progress or impact has it made?

2. If presented with APC & PDP in 2023, can we change the narrative? Or do we go with the tested but failed options available?

3. According to UN 2019 statistics, over 81m Nigerians living in absolute poverty with miserable literacy rates and high unemployment rates, do you think we can choose the right set of leaders in this country under such conditions without vote-buying?

4. Should we continue to allow leaders above the age of 60 years (A failed generation) who constitute less than 5% of Nigeria's population to continue to mislead us?

5. How long will Nigeria continue with failed leadership? Are we saying nothing can be done?

God bless every hardworking, fearless & Godly Nigeria youths.

Jobs/Vacancies / Nigerian Private Sector: 10 Things you must know by VickypediaPHC: 10:22am On Jun 09
It has become imperative to discuss some happenings in the Nigerian workspace, especially in the private sector, that constitute the bulk of the labor force in Nigeria. Why most Nigerian private sector has clearly shown its unfavorable dynamics to Nigerians, we won't overlook how it has supported and sustained most families regardless of their poor remunerations. If you are working in a private organization or company, you must be mindful of the points below;

1. Nigerian private sector jobs must never be your long-term goal, but rather an opportunity to garner experience and plan for the future.

2. There is no job security in the most private sector. Apply for other better opportunities elsewhere regardless of your job satisfaction, comfort, and structure. This will help you avoid CAREER SHOCKS.

3. If you must be paid handsomely, you must show results for the huge pay. You must be extremely good at what you do to warrant good pay and multiply the value of your pay in monetary terms to your employer.

4. If you can't take shi*t, insults, unprofessional conduct from a superior, please avoid the Nigerian private sector. A lot are very toxic. Consider entrepreneurship or government jobs.

5. Most people, not all though, that work for private organizations have NOTHING to should after years of hard work and service for their organizations.

6. Don't believe you are too important or irreplaceable. Anybody can be sacked, fired, and replaced. In an event of death, the company or organization will move on.

7. Improve yourself on the job. Get certifications, postgraduate degrees if you can, and ensure you improve and enhance yourself as much as possible. Prepare for growth and to match up with current trends in your industry.

8. While salary is the biggest motivation for most employees, money should not necessarily be your highest priority. Go for growth, career fulfillment, job satisfaction, and jobs that offer you spare time to recuperate to avoid poor mental health and stress, while it allows you to spend time with your family.

9. At the early stage of your career, you tend to work more and earn less, as you progress, you tend to be paid your real worth or value on the job at the mid career level. Then as an expert or highly skilled professional, you tend to work less and earn more. This doesn't apply in all cases though.

10. If possible, everyone needs to have experience in the private sector in Nigeria. They challenge you, they teach you the good bad, and the ugly, they make you stronger, they shape you to experience the difficult side of the labor market. Whether it turns out to be good or bad, appreciate the experience. You tend to see both sides of the coin and become a better Man-manager in the future.

I hope this is informative and is helpful to someone.

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Crime / Re: Otunla Blessing: UNIABUJA Graduate Raped And Killed (Graphic Pictures) by VickypediaPHC: 7:58pm On May 22
The continuous killing of females in Nigeria, goes to show that the Govt is not doing enough to help the female gender. There should be stiffer sanctions and laws. Parents, religious organizations, female CSO, NGOs, Governors wives and others must create awareness and end this evil. We can't make progress as a nation, killing our females and making them endangered species.
Our females are an integral part of our development as a Nation.
Enough is Enough!!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / An Ugly Experience With A HR Officer In Abuja by VickypediaPHC: 1:48pm On May 05
The precarious situation of job opportunities in Nigeria has made many Human Resource Personnels, downgrade, demean and continuously discredit Nigerian graduates. A lot of HR officers were once job seekers before they were given an opportunity but they turn out to see themselves as demi-gods over time.
HR Officer's attitude towards job seekers portrays their organization's corporate image but most of them fail to draw the line and conduct themselves in a manner worthy of such positions. Some job-seekers are terrible though but they still deserve some respect.
Here is a friend's experience who applied for a top position in an organization that is in the Health Sector but was invited for the post of an administrative assistant even though he has an M.Sc in Health Economics and is doing a high-paying job at present. The HR officer even ended the call on my friend when he called for clarifications. My friend almost petitioned the HR officer to his organization for disrespect & lack of professionalism but decided not to do so after the HR guy apologized.
I chose not to reveal the organization and HR officers identity for certain reasons. This is a screen shot of their conversation and it happened in FCT Abuja

Nairalanders, What's your take on this?
Lala, please move to front page so others can learn.

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Politics / Re: Bandits Attack Military Camp In Zazzaga, Niger State. Set Vehicles On Fire by VickypediaPHC: 1:45pm On Apr 21
They are advancing gradually. Bandits are getting stronger and taking the battle to Soldiers. I pray they don't turn Nigeria to another Chad.
Yet we have a retired Army General as a President.


Politics / Re: Why Ganduje Barred Me From Preaching – Abduljabbar by VickypediaPHC: 6:58pm On Feb 04
Business / Re: LAPO Founder, Dr Ehigiamusoe Advocates TIET Business Model In Entrepreneurship by VickypediaPHC: 3:09am On Feb 03
LAPO: Loan sharks

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Health / Re: Bill Gates Wonders Why Numbers Of Cases, Deaths Are Not High In Africa by VickypediaPHC: 12:44pm On Dec 27, 2020
LoL. Man proposes, God disposes
Celebrities / Re: I'm Married - Etinosa Idemudia Replies Victoria Inayama by VickypediaPHC: 12:38pm On Dec 27, 2020
Politics / Re: General Ali Commends Yahaya Bello For Brutally Fighting Crime In Nigeria by VickypediaPHC: 11:10am On Dec 27, 2020
Most Nigerian youths are too forgetful and shallow minded. Gov. Yahaya Bello, who was known to have been one of the worst governor's in Nigeria in welfare of civil servants in Kogi, terrible in basic infrastructure, bad in handling of Governance in Kogi & publicly purchasing Presidential form in 2019 for the Buhari we are suffering today. He has suddenly become a presidential candidate overnight?
What are his achievements as Governor of Kogi state?
The sorry state of an average Nigeria youth is why we are where we are today.
They have suddenly forgotten the #EndSARS struggle. We have tested both APC & PDP, all have failed Nigerians. Youths within the ages of 15-45 years, make up 71 % of our population.
We care make a difference but not with our present crop of leaders.

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Music/Radio / Re: Uganda Government Drops Charges And Releases Omah Lay, Tems And Their Managers by VickypediaPHC: 2:55pm On Dec 15, 2020
Nairaland / General / Re: Actress Grace Ama Warns Teachers After Anthony Joshua Earned N29billion by VickypediaPHC: 12:58pm On Dec 14, 2020
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Umahi Can Run For President by VickypediaPHC: 1:51pm On Dec 11, 2020
We Lack Purposefully leadership as a Nation. When i remember Atiku, Tinubu, Yahaya Bello and their likes wants to contest for President in 2023, then i realize we are far from Development as a Nation.
Buhari's remaining 3 years + 8 years of another recycled President, that is to say 11 years of terrible leadership looming?

Stop wasting your prayers on Nigeria, pray for yourself and loved ones, our leaders don't know God.
Before Nigeria will develop as a Nation with this current crop of visionless leaders, as a Christian, Rapture must have taken place.

I have given up on present day Nigeria!

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Nairaland / General / Population Law: An Urgent Policy Need In Nigeria by VickypediaPHC: 1:54pm On Nov 30, 2020
At present, with recent realities around the World and Nigeria, there is an urgent need for a POPULATION LAW in Nigeria. Here are four (4) key reasons why:

1. High level of Insecurity: Considering the level of insecurity in Nigeria at present, there is an urgent need to formulate laws and restrictions on the number of children per woman. Insecurity in the North and South of Nigeria is occasioned by mainly successful as a result of high population, but highly idle, unemployed and uneducated. It is directly related to insecurity, particularly for an unproductive and poorly engaged youths.

2. Poverty: Nigeria according to world poverty index, is considered as the world poverty capital since 2016. It again shows how imperative it has become to check the number of children per woman in each families. The Nigerian economy at this level cannot cater for all Nigerians because of poor leadership and corruption. Poverty again is directly related to high population rate, as families must be held accountable for their children's well-being and ensure people give birth to children based on their capacity to train this children to reduced dependency on government and it's resources.

3. High infant Mortality rate: According to WHO, since 2019, Nigeria have the highest number of infant mortality rate for children below the age of 5 years in the world. This bring up another argument on the need to check our population explosion as we have poor access to health care facilities in Nigeria. The Covid-19 pandemic have shown our healthcare system are insufficient and understaffed.

4. Economic reality: Research have shown that no Developed Nation in the world today have a population growth rate of more than 1% including China. Nigeria, with a population growth rate of 2.6% and a negatively economic growth rate as a result of economic recession, it is clear our present population growth rate is no longer sustainable if we must attain development. Nigeria is project to be the third most populated country in the world by 2050 behind India & China. Are we sincerely ready for such population explosion?

Note: We are not ignorant of our rich human capital as a Nation or the strides China and Brazil have made using their high population, but these countries had Purposefully and Quality Leadership which Nigeria lacks at present. India and China both have a population growth rate of 1% or less. Hence there is a need to reducing our current population to meet modern economic realities. This again should be a short-term measure by the government.

Constructive comments and criticisms will be highly appreciated.

Investment / Re: Breaking: Shell Losses, As Supreme Court Dismisses N17bn Ogoni Judgment Review by VickypediaPHC: 2:41pm On Nov 27, 2020
Politics / Re: HISBAH Board Bans "Black Friday" In Kano, Writes 96.9 Cool FM Radio Station by VickypediaPHC: 7:16am On Nov 27, 2020
Turkey, UAE & Saudi Arabia that are majorly muslim nations are relaxing some of their Islamic laws to embrace development and be on par with modern realities, while ours are thinking of baseless issues.
Hisbah should be more interested in insecurity, reducing poverty, drug abuse, gender inequality, rape, almagiri system that is raving the North and not just BEER & Black Friday.
Honestly, Nigeria cannot develop without Education, the right kind of Education.

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Education / Re: Polytechnic Offa SUG: The Cult Awards In Circulation Are Fake by VickypediaPHC: 9:45am On Nov 26, 2020
I knew it was character assassination. No right think student union will do such. Those who claim they gave them the award should come up and defend their claims.


Politics / Re: 2023: Nigerians Should Vote Us Out If They’re Not Satisfied – Lawan by VickypediaPHC: 2:58pm On Nov 20, 2020
Autos / Re: Tok 2008 Hyundai Elantra Sold Sold by VickypediaPHC: 10:05am On Oct 30, 2020
Would you sell for 1.6m?
Religion / Re: Marginalisation, Cries For Restructuring Cannot Be Suppressed, Anglican Diocese by VickypediaPHC: 7:33am On Oct 30, 2020
Travel / Re: Sweden, France Or Turkey Which Is Better For Migrants. by VickypediaPHC: 11:31pm On Oct 25, 2020
Considering the stability of their economy, language, study & job opportunities, fewer population & security, Sweden is better than France & Turkey.
France isn't bad too but Sweden is better

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Politics / Re: Anambra Holds Memorial To Honour Victims Of Police Brutality by VickypediaPHC: 10:24am On Oct 22, 2020
Politics / Re: Check Out Gov. Uzodimma Police Reform In Imo State by VickypediaPHC: 7:22pm On Oct 19, 2020
Eye service
Politics / Re: Ebonyi Assembly Gives PDP 7 Days To Zone 2023 Presidential Ticket To South East by VickypediaPHC: 7:17pm On Oct 19, 2020
Does that change our collective problems as a Nation?
Discussing the politics of a country that might not exist even before 2023 with the way things are going.
Politicians are selfish & self-centered. Our crop of leaders here in Nigeria & Africa deserve to be beaten to pulp.
This is just another reason to defect & give Ebonyi state to APC.
Nigerian youths within the age of 15-45 years constitute 71% percent of our population.
It's time for us to take over, our fathers generation have failed us.

APC & PDP is like a criminal that is about to be convicted, he has to chose whether to die by hanging (PDP) or to die by shooting (APC). Any which way, he has to die. No ideological differences between APC & PDP.

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Romance / Re: Guys, Have U Ever Lose The Opporunity To Bleep A Girl Who Slept At Your Place ? by VickypediaPHC: 10:51pm On Oct 10, 2020
Lazy & randy youth.


Politics / Re: Akeredolu's Wife Injured, 3 Others Killed As Governors Security Invade PU(video) by VickypediaPHC: 11:24am On Oct 10, 2020
Nigeria can NEVER attain development. Before we can, rapture would have taken place. Is this the same police that the IG said they will reform?
Always a tool in the hands of politicians, unprofessional.
I weep for Nigeria
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Strike In Delta, Whisk Away Passengers Of Fully Loaded Agofure Bus & by VickypediaPHC: 11:54pm On Oct 07, 2020
Too bad
Politics / How Nigerian Police & Military Are Increasing The Cost Of Road Transportation by VickypediaPHC: 1:49pm On Aug 21, 2020
This article have become very necessary, as the Executive arm of government especially Nigeria Police & more recently, Nigerian Military, that are meant to be law enforcement agencies, have hitherto led to increased cost of transportation on Nigerians commuters. It's is well proven that over 85% of Nigerians travel by Road, hence the hike in transportation fare should not only be attributed to mostly increase in fuel, diesel, inflation and increase in the standard of living.
Nigeria Police and the Military are also major contributors to this high cost of transportation bedeviling Nigerians on the high way, via the following ways:
1. The increase in Road block & military check point all over the country as a result of security challenges by Boko Haram, Farmers Herdsmen clashes, activities of IPOB and Niger Delta Militants have enhance the level of bribery & extortion of security agents in Nigeria.
After a chat with a bus driver in one of the states in southern Nigeria, where the driver alleged that police & solider at various locations extort monies from them per trip, hence they have to shift some of those financial burdens on their passengers by increasing fare charges, under the disguise of fuel and inflation.
2. It's has been widely believe that some security personnel's in Nigeria are aiding & conniving with criminals to unleash several crimes on Nigerians traveling by road, this have made some towns and villages a "No Go Area". Hence, transporters who en route to these presumed " No Go Areas" charge higher cost of transportation for commuters who might compulsorily go to these towns and villages for business, visits & other purposes.
3. The increasing rate of killings of bus & taxi drivers in Nigeria by Nigeria Police & military has partly contributed to the increase in cost of transportation in Nigeria.
4. Experience have shown that police and military extortion's varies from State to state in Nigeria, some could be as high as N500 while some states, police and military extort N50 and above. The state commissioners of Police & Military Generals in various divisions in all states of the federation cannot deny not having knowledge of the levels of extortion's and these illegalities there subordinates have subjected Nigerians into, that is a clear deviation from the professionalism that goes with their jobs as law enforcement agencies. This show of shame by Nigerian security agents have psychologically made Nigerians to believe that Nigerian Police and military cannot change. Hence, since they can't beat them, you might have to join them.
One might attribute this levels of corruption by security agents on poor remunerations of security personnel's, but what ever the reasons might be, does not warrant this level of wickedness on Nigerians. They (Security agents) knew they aren't well paid & catered for before swearing an oath to discharge their duties efficient and with all honesty, hence one should not attribute any excuse to this shameful act.
Nigeria Police and Defence Headquarters must do something before it gets out of hand. They must find lasting solutions to eradicate this trend by security agents if Nigeria must make progress as a Nation.

From a concerned Nigerian
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 100 Social Media Marketer NEEDED URGENTLY! You Will Be Trained. by VickypediaPHC: 4:00pm On Feb 05, 2019
Yahoo, Scammers everywhere! How will you demand someone to have 3 or more Facebook accounts and also have someone who sales Facebook accounts. I smell fraud..
grin grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Custodian Graduate Trainee Programme 2019 Aptitude Test Invite by VickypediaPHC: 8:05am On Feb 04, 2019
Am in Lagos State already for the test! I came in from Kaduna. My challenge is just an accommodation close to Yaba considering Lagos State traffic, because mine is 9am.

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