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Romance / Re: Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 9:31pm On Jun 08, 2023
Rather than making assumptions or passing judgment, it's generally more productive to focus on open-mindedness, understanding, and treating others with kindness. People's sexual experiences and choices are personal, and it's not our place to label or categorize them.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone shares information about their sexual history, it's up to you how to respond. Instead of labeling them, you could choose to engage in a non-judgmental conversation, seek mutual understanding, or simply move on to other topics if you're not comfortable discussing it.

It's worth emphasizing that people's past actions do not define their worth or value as individuals. It's important to approach others with an open mind and recognize that everyone has unique experiences and perspectives.

Okay ChatGPT


Romance / Re: Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 9:25pm On Jun 04, 2023
It is not appropriate or fair to label someone as "promiscuous" based solely on a conversation or interaction with them.

I am not interested in what is "Appropriate or fair."
I am interested in what is pragmatic.

If I interact with a female who tells me she has slept with 10 guys in the last month, can I label her as promiscuous from the conversation?

Or would you prefer that I do not "judge" her by calling her promiscuous despite what she tells me?


Promiscuity is a subjective term that can carry negative connotations and is not a valid basis for judging someone's character.
I'm sorry, I'm not interested.
Maybe you can preach this to guys who don't mind that the girl they want to commit to has slept with 20 men in the past?

Or guys who don't care that they want to commit exclusively to girls who have a schedule of sleeping with a different guy each week?

Romance / Re: Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 9:19pm On Jun 04, 2023
Leg chains.

Waist beads


Always online

She have plenty male friends.

She's into make wares- home delivery

She's a bank marketer/ insurance

She's bleaching/ tonig her skin

She's a single mom

Plenty plenty signs o

Open ya eyes o my guy

You hit all the signs.

I wonder why most of them like tattoos beneath their collar bone.
Romance / Re: Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 9:18pm On Jun 04, 2023
1. The woman is a born Machiavellian. She can camouflage to protect or defend herself in the least forceful way.

2. Only a few people are skilled in understanding body language and can peep into the nature and character of a person by merely looking at them; making judgments through physique and appearance, looking at their faces and eyes.

3. To avoid wrong judgment when it comes to a skilled manipulative woman, you can know if she's promiscuous by elongating your communication with her.

During the discourse, don't act as a saint. Even if you're an angel, pretend to be like the average demon person who doesn't give a fvck about morals and values.

This makes her feel relaxed. She will find you comfortable and trustworthy, and open her well of dark secrets for you to see.
Make sure you throw jokes, smile, and laugh during the discourse. It eases tension. With good rapport, you'll get to know her better.

4. There are others you can predict their character from their mode of dressing, hair color, tattoos, multiple piercings, and spoken words.

However, judgment from this angle has more to do with cultural trends and what's acceptable by society. Notwithstanding, many ladies are guilty on this side of judgment.

5. The best way to discern with higher accuracy is the long form of communication and close contact.


Awesome. Thank you for your contribution.

I like what you highlighted in point number 3. Acting like a saint makes them drop their guard around you. It's a common tactic that most guys wey sabi use.

Concerning point number 2, are there body language tells that you've observed are common to promiscuous girls?
Romance / Re: Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 9:14pm On Jun 04, 2023
Generally speaking, If a young woman is not a virgin and has never been married, then your default assumption is that she is promiscuous. This may not be true twenty years ago. I'm referring to it now. Today. 21st century.

If for example a promiscuous woman has profiled you as husband material, and started forming a good girl for you, then time will expose her if you sheathe your sword and observe.

By sheathing your sword, I mean that you should come off as someone that is completely naive in the game. If they smell your naivety, then they become emboldened and drop the nail, hammer and cross you'll crucify her with

Generally speaking, Promiscuous ladies have one thing in common, and it's their "expertise" when dealing with men. Like a specialist, you can always feel the vibe of their over-experience behavior in every interaction.

You'll notice lots of inconsistencies in her words on topics relating to sex since she is trying to maintain her good-girl image. Sexual topics don't shy her and she has a point in sexual matters that can be defended like it's her thesis.

Depending on how she perceives you, she may reveal how she likes her deek long, her favorite position to be hammered, and what a guy can do to disappoint her sexually.

Ask her how long a man should last, or what constitutes good sex. This question is something a woman that is still sexually pure will not be able to answer and even if she does, her points will be shaky. But a promiscuous girl has answers.

Interaction with her will appear well-doctored, lacks originality, and spontaneity, filled with games and an open-ended route to escape being held accountable in case you detect a lie.

If lying comes naturally to her, then the chance is very high that she is promiscuous. Men lie to create a good image of themselves, while women lie to fake a good image.

Also, expect lots of questions concerning your sexual prowess, and to know your opinion of what you think about promiscuous women. Because she wants to know which color, length, and thickness of nail you'll hammer her with if you find out about her lifestyle.

Also, watch her close friends. If they are promiscuous, then she is promiscuous. Also, observe where she catches fun. If her idea of fun is clubbing constantly, and thirst trapping via revealing clothes, then also a hint.

If she is also secretive with her phone with passwords everywhere, that's also a hint. Promiscuity is like drugs, you have to be banged steady. So her phone will be more secure than the white house in the US.

Although many are smart. They will delete any clue during visits, or come with a different phone, so the phone password thingy might be stale. You can't catch some through that method.

But one thing that will never fail you is patience. Just wait, and observe. An unrighteous person trying to appear righteous will nail themselves with time. Time is something humans can't fight against, and exposes everyone and everything.

Also, see if she has a very high taste, and compare if her income can afford it. If she dresses flashy with expensive gadgets, while she obviously doesn't work or/and comes from a wealthy home, then her honeypot was the payment.

Lemme stop here. This should help.

Thank you for doing justice to this.

I love the point you made about time. I always liken it to a football game: No team can keep 100% possession for 90 mins. Possession in this case, is the facade of purity or innocence the promiscuous girls keep up.


Romance / Guys Wey Sabi Come Talk: How Can You Tell That A Lady Is Promiscuous? by WackyJ1(m): 5:46am On May 26, 2023
On Twitter a few days ago, I saw a thread where a few guys claimed that it is so easy to know a promiscuous girl just from her looks and from interacting with her.

One of the guys said, "I laugh when people say you cannot tell that a girl bleeps different guys or is into hook-up business. There are always signs."

I wondered what these signs were myself.

I didn't want to start asking each of the guys individually on the thread, so I decided to come and ask here in the largest collection of Guys wey sabi.

What are the signs you see that immediately tell you that a lady is promiscuous or runs or hook-up?

I believe there are a ton of naive young men on this forum who would benefit from learning this information to know what to look out for in the future.

PS. Girls who want to comment against profiling or bring up exceptions to invalidate the men's contributions here should not bother to comment.

Pansophist, your insights will also be appreciated.


Politics / Re: Which Candidate Will Benefit From Buhari’s Naira Policy? - Farooq Kperogi by WackyJ1(m): 8:07pm On Mar 06, 2023
I wonder what Farooq will say now that his analysis has been proven by time to be rubbish.
Romance / Re: 6 Reasons Men Should Not Cheat That Have Nothing To Do With Love. by WackyJ1(m): 4:12pm On Feb 24, 2023

A misogynist is on the lose. Chain him before he bites the mods.

You have no proof I am a misogynist.

However, you signature clearly points you as a misandrist.

So calling me a misogynist is simply you infantile attempt to call me the opposite of what I called you.

Very on brand for a misandrist.
Romance / Re: 6 Reasons Men Should Not Cheat That Have Nothing To Do With Love. by WackyJ1(m): 3:18pm On Feb 24, 2023
Men should not cheat but should give the impression that lots of women want him if not his wife will play games with him

You've got a point.

However, first of all, I don't believe a man should marry a woman that he believes will play games with him if he doesn't keep up certain pretences.

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Romance / Re: 6 Reasons Men Should Not Cheat That Have Nothing To Do With Love. by WackyJ1(m): 3:17pm On Feb 24, 2023
Tell men they die daily after cheating

A misandrist has entered the room.
Romance / 6 Reasons Men Should Not Cheat That Have Nothing To Do With Love. by WackyJ1(m): 6:22pm On Feb 23, 2023
I am of the believe that Love and commitment are weak reasons for dissuading men from cheating.

If I stayed loyal in marriage it wouldn’t be because of Love.

I don’t even believe Integrity and all that is enough to keep a man loyal.

Fear in my opinion is a more potent reason.

1. Cheating increases your likelihood of contracting STDs.
This one is self-explanatory.

2. The man is putting himself in danger of falling under the influence of Juju like Kanyamatta.
Under the influence of Juju, the man will abandon his family to move in the lady or chase his family from his home to move the lady in.

What was supposed to be a side thing takes over his life.

3. The cheating man might sleep with a bad luck female and he starts experiencing misfortune from every corner.
He starts losing money, his business might even collapse and his family suffers as a result.

4. Cheating takes money that would have been invested in other places.
The money to take her out, book a hotel room, give her gifts all run into hundreds of thousands and even millions if counted over the course of a year. Money he could have spent in investments or on his family to increase their quality of life.

5. Cheating takes the man’s attention and wastes his time.
The man has to spend time toasting the side chick, calling her, getting her gifts, taking her out, fantasizing about her.
All the time and attention lost in catering to one or multiple side chics is time and attention he cannot give to his wife, his children, and his business.
It will cost him important moments.

6. The girl the man is cheating with might not be human.
Atheists and materialist Christians will not understand this one. But those who get it will get it.
Christians who are spiritual will know that there are certain people you see that are not human. They are agents sent with an assignment. When a man sleeps with one of these non-humans, he is essentially finished.

Do you have any more?

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Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 1:40pm On Feb 22, 2023
If my friend told me that he would replace me a night before his wedding, first thing the next morning, I'm travelling back to my base.

And that's what I did.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 10:20am On Feb 22, 2023

Don't let your ego cloud your judgment!

A man tells you not to address his wife by her first name, why is that a big deal? Why are you making it a big deal ??

J see no wrong in that.

What happened to treating people how you like to be treated??

If you told your friend something you didn't like and he kept doing it because he used to change your diapers when you were younger or bla bla bla..

Would you be happy??

What about when the same friend tells you that if he could, he would replace you as his best man the night before his wedding after you've spent money travelling to the state.


Because you rented your own hotel room.

I'll do better, I'm ready to come to your place.
Pick 10 of your trusted elders, let me tell them my story and see if they agree with you.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 11:00pm On Feb 21, 2023

You knew all along that the dude was a simp and you still choose to hangout with him? Even after all our teachings here on why you must never make a SIMP your friend?

Dude, you're lucky you brought this here to seek help on time, else that guy and his werey wife would have planned and beat you up.

Ogbeni Your friend is clearly a simp man. And you must discard him off completely else you too will start simping like him.

I'm done with him

And I can never SIMP.

I've already done my time.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 9:03pm On Feb 21, 2023

Read my previous comment Bros, dey don see you finish na why Dem dey treat you anyhow.

Dude you have a pussy ass SIMP man as a friend and you seriously need to cut him off after collecting your money. Else you'll continue receiving insult on a steady.

Who's the stupid girl that they can't call her name? Even queen Elizabeth Dem dey call her, her name, Buhari's Wife Dem dey call her Aisha, who then is she that they can't mention her name? Bros your friend is plain stupid and a complete simp man who will do anything possible to fight for a woman.

In your write up talked about how you helped him to typed his ex project. Can you imagine the stupidity? Oga your friend is a simp and he's obviously trying to make you one. Cut him off completely to retain your value and respect

You're right.

He's a SIMP.

The relationship is already over.

When I think back to what the guy told me about his relationship with the girl, I remember so many other simp incidents.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 9:01pm On Feb 21, 2023

Is ur friend kind of paying for your needs in this wedding?

The way he sounded na like one big one talking to someone that's not in his level

I can call my wife's name,my brothers' wives names as long as .1, they are not way older than me, my friend's wife own,I can call her by her name, or our wife or madam etc

Now whereby I dey come there come chop and frequent visit, see finish go enter na den someone go dey tell me to put aunty or tell me what to call her....


This same friend got upset that I rented my own hotel room when I travelled to the state he was holding his wedding.

I have only been to his house once.

He was owing me far more money than he has ever spent on me.

I am far older than the girl.

I simply called her by her birth name and referred to my own woman with the same name.

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Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:58pm On Feb 21, 2023

B4 I vex for you, collect that money. Send him SMS on how you need that cash.

I don collect am

No vex Sir
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:56pm On Feb 21, 2023

Lol 🤣, your yeye dey boom sha. Is that how they find love these days? His story interested me because I couldn't see what he did wrong.

You call a man's wife by her name and the man chooses to be a jackass about it, forgetting all the times you were there for him and you came through when he needed you.

The Iast sentence of my post which you quoted was directed at another user (ferhyntola) and not the original poster.

I forgot to mention how the Wife has called me her padi.

I've interacted with her several times, but now just after traditional wedding, I cannot call her by her first name again?


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:53pm On Feb 21, 2023
Personally I wouldn’t call my friend’s wife by her name, it’s just the normal Naija concept. I would rather call her madam, or oga wife, in my dialect “Nwunye oga” in proudly Igbo and we don’t call our friends wives by their names. We just accord them some respect not withstanding the age difference. If she done born u can call her mama Peter or whatsoever name their child bears. Na so we see am for my region ooo

You're the first Igbo guy I am seeing say this.

I'll understand if it is Yoruba.

So, let me ask you, will you stop calling your female friends by their first name when they get married?

If your friend of 5 years gets married to a lady, and you call her by her first name, does it warrant the guy warning you in such a manner.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:49pm On Feb 21, 2023

Wow was it that easy and simple? I am happy for you. 1,000 naira is not a big deal so long as you recovered more than that.

So, is this friendship over for good or is there hope for a reconciliation? Well done for requesting your money and getting it back, the fact that he gave it back without drama indicates he is not a terrible person either

No the friendship is dead.

He might have returned the money because of his pride. He didn't want someone to keep holding him because of money.

Regardless of his actions, the friendship is over.

If I start listing things about our past friendship that should have stopped him from going that far, then you will understand why the friendship cannot continue.


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:47pm On Feb 21, 2023


It is clear where the problem is now. Your pride would not let you admit you did something wrong nor let you understand people's boundaries.

Your friend is better off without you.

You seem to have the same mental capacity as the Poco girl.

You've made inferences about my character based on my response to a troll and not the others to similar respectful people.

It shows your sense of poor judgement and thus your contributions are meaningless.


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:42pm On Feb 21, 2023
wait till you're married and they call your wife by her name. This is Africa not America

I am a Nigerian in Africa, and you can call my wife by her first name if you knew me before I met my wife.


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Phones / Re: MTN Increases Data Transfer Limit From 1GB To 2GB, Adds More Menu Options by WackyJ1(m): 8:40pm On Feb 21, 2023
Glo and Airtel that have been sleeping all this while will also copy MTN

Nobody is giving MTN a good run for her money

Glo and Airtel only follow the lead of MTN

They don't stand a chance.

No other network matches the internet speed of MTN

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Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 3:19am On Feb 21, 2023

Have you at least recovered the money he owes you or are you forfeiting it as bad debt?

I honestly don't think you did anything wrong by calling his wife her given name. I think as a people we are unnecessarily stuck up on titles and recognition in this part of the world.

I don't mind if a 4 year old calls me Klass without aunty sef. Klass is my name, titles and wanting recognition only reinforces, seniority, authority and barriers to easy relations with others.

I have collected the money.

I sent him a text and he refunded the money minus 1,000 naira. I decided to leave that one for him.


Phones / MTN Increases Data Transfer Limit From 1GB To 2GB, Adds More Menu Options by WackyJ1(m): 3:19am On Feb 21, 2023
I noticed that two days ago, MTN Increased the Data transfer Limit from 1GB Max a day to 2GB.

They also added more menu options yesterday, so you can now transfer the maximum limit of 2GB at a go rather than 4 times of 500 MB.

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Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 3:56pm On Feb 15, 2023

You're welcome. This whole drama with your friend just gets interesting and entertaining with each post you make. I read where you said everything was fine until that text but I seriously doubt it.

Did you attend their wedding? Did you play your role as best man or was it on the wedding eve things started to go south, with the hotel room incident?

Anyway bear in mind that public embarrassment will not work on a shameless, jaguda, person who has no qualms with owing money or a bad reputation of themselves. I am speaking in general terms and not specifically referring to your friend to say he is that sort of person.

I think you guys will be fine or not! There's a possibility he will make reconciliation moves down the line when he needs money or he realizes he overreacted about the name thing and was out of line in other ways.

The text incident happened 8 days before the Friday before the wedding.

I still traveled to the state for the wedding despite other male friends telling me not to do it.

5 or 6 days after the text, the same friend who is already owing tens of thousands called me and wanted to borrow money from me.

I told him no, and still added that I had rent to pay for someone soon. He still insisted.

He said "You're the only person I get the effrontery to borrow from"

I refused ofcourse and he said "If I had offended you, I am sorry"

Now, I know that any apology that starts with "If" is a false one. But I didn't say anything. He knows what he did, you cannot be saying "If" except you do not acknowledge any offence in the first place.

On the Friday before the wedding, in the afternoon, he was still asking me for 30,000. I refused.

Around 8pm, I called him to know about the plans for breakfast the next day. That was when he discovered, I had rented my own room.

He started talking to me like I had betrayed him ... for renting my own room.

Mehn story plenty.

This guy borrowed money from me to pay for some rooms in the hotel, he paid me back two days later, (the only condition I agreed to borrow him)

On the wedding day, he told our MSc Class rep that I left angrily at his moment of need, and that he rented 17 rooms in the hotel.

The class rep knows me well and refused to believe his story. In fact, the class rep asked me for the story on the way to the wedding. I refused to tell him, I told him to go first and hear what they will say.

Mehn, the story plenty.


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 5:44am On Feb 15, 2023

No everything wasn't fine from his Side.From your side yes...One just don't come up with such warning ...

Hmmm. Looks like it
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 10:02pm On Feb 14, 2023
Also from his response it show there is a hidden grudge between you two.

Everything was fine until the chat in the screenshot.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:23pm On Feb 14, 2023

More rants! Na your type dey quick get high bp. Now I see why your friend cautioned you. You talk too much.

You're the petulant female child that thrives off of attention.

You have no logical contribution to the conversation but you feel the need to insert yourself into it.

I asked you several questions, and even added a disclaimer "Just asking for clarification", and instead of replying in way that encourages further discuss, you've decided to derail the conversation into ad hominems.

I have been polite in responding to everyone who replied this thread. I have asked others questions as well and you're the only one who has replied like a local fish seller at the market.

You lack the mental capacity, depth of thought, and emotional intelligence to deserve my further response.

You're a prime example of the kind of fungus thas infested and derailed the quality of this site.

This is my last response to you.

Anything further you say will be the babblings of someone who's entire life depends on making irrelevant comments in Nairaland.


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:14pm On Feb 14, 2023

He was your friend na, you would know best how to get it back. I have recovered money from guys who were owing me in different ways;

1. I told one I will show up at his office and create such an embarrassing scene he would be ashamed to show his face at work for weeks - and it worked, even though I don't think I had the guts to do what I threatened.

2. I told another one a true story about how my neighbour was murdered over money he owed some people and his murder was staged as a suicide. My intent was not to scare him but caution him about OPM (other people's money). In his case I was ready to forfeit the money after sharing the story, but surprisingly he paid me 24 hours later.

3. My friend got her money back from her male cousin by publicly embarrassing him at social functions and family gatherings. She would just ask to everyone's hearing, where is my 100k or when am I getting back this 100k you borrowed.

I have never taken money from anyone and not paid them back, so I think the good will I build and extend to others, comes back to me. These guys could have said do your worse and I won't be able to do anything but forfeit and move on. I always make an effort to recover, leave it to God is not my default reaction, it is a last resort.

These are very interesting suggestions. Thank you.

Seems like the threat of public embarrassment is the common denominator amongst all.
Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 8:12pm On Feb 14, 2023

This is basic English. Don’t stress me if you missed it. Once again, I can’t call my FRIEND’S SPOUSE, FRIEND’S SPOUSE!

Your chochocho is too much!

You're an insane person.

What kind of childish infantile moronic female is this.

If you do not have the mental bandwith to engage in a logical discussion or defend your points in a rational manner then leave this place and go and find your other babies to play with in the Romance section.


Family / Re: Is it Wrong to Call Your Friend's Wife by her first name? by WackyJ1(m): 7:00pm On Feb 14, 2023
Giving your suit to someone else without batting an eyelid confirms that you are not so important.. Even a difficult bride that was full of hormones on her day can not do that to her bridesmaids, camera man or cake designer..

Abi.. This is the key point here.

Whenever these kinds of things occur, I wonder, the kind of madness that has to enter a man's brain for him to do what he did.


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