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Crime / Re: Damian Okoligwe Chinemere Who Killed Girlfriend In Rivers Is A Content Creator by Worriedwife: 11:22am On Oct 27, 2023
Wait oo!

Did his complexion suddenly change the moment he was nabbed.

That is his real complexion. He was using filters for his content videos

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Family / Re: Single Parenting: My Success Story by Worriedwife: 6:29pm On Oct 22, 2023
Soon as I saw this thread, I knew it's a woman.

Na them go wan turn motivational speakers on top single motherism, and aslo try to glamourize it as a successful lifestyle.

Didn't bother reading. There is no gain in being a single mother.

They just keep racking up body counts and getting emotionally damaged more and more.

You didn't bother to read and your mouth runs very fast. If you read the post,you would see she didn't glamorize it or say there is gain. You talk too much


Family / Re: She Retaliated After Her Husband Cheated, She Is Now Suicidal by Worriedwife: 10:42pm On Sep 17, 2023
You seem to have many of this situations to create a topic every week.

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Health / Re: Some People Talk Carelessly. by Worriedwife: 7:03am On Sep 09, 2023

1. The birth-pang of natural birth is symbolic.
It normally should change a woman forever. It's a NDE that should make one put life and legacy in perspective.
It's difficult not to care for such a child when you know the cost of delivering them.

2. Nigerians don't appreciate CS. In Nigeria CS is also a NDE as soke doctors cab easily botch the process carelessly. Of course there's the cost implications.
However where it is painless, some mothers don't get that sense of essence of child-birth that instils a sense of purpose, legacy and responsibility into a woman.

I hope this helps.

CS is not painless

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Foreign Affairs / Re: India Changes Name To Bharat? G20 invitation Fuels Rumours by Worriedwife: 9:13pm On Sep 05, 2023
They should ask nepa

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Family / Re: Whose Name Should I Put On Papers Of The Car I Intend Buying For My Married Sis? by Worriedwife: 10:07pm On Aug 23, 2023
Is your sister an illegal immigrant that it ain't safe to have her as the sole owner of a car you claim you wish to gift her? If she weren't married, would you look for a male relative to put as owner of the car for the safety side of what? I am trying to understand clearly why you claim the gift is for your sister but you feel you need to drag the mention of her husband into it. undecided

2. You are the funny human in this scenario. undecided

Tnk you Kobo


Family / Re: Whose Name Should I Put On Papers Of The Car I Intend Buying For My Married Sis? by Worriedwife: 9:57pm On Aug 23, 2023
Her husband's brother would not ask this question if he wanted to buy a car for his brother. You are doing too much or you just want nlders to argue.

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Family / Re: Married And Engaged Couples: How Did He Propose? by Worriedwife: 3:48pm On Aug 12, 2023
Note. 73% of men who are married didn't propose to their wives. It's the wife who wanted the marriage.

So get your head out of lalaland and face the music

Allow married people answer

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Celebrities / Re: Lizzy Anjorin: Lere Paimo, Mr Latin, Kolawole Ajeyemi,Femi Adebayo Slept With Me by Worriedwife: 10:25am On Aug 12, 2023
You can't shame the shameless

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Romance / Re: In Defense Of Polygamy, And How It Benefits Women The Most by Worriedwife: 4:46pm On Aug 08, 2023

Nope, polygamy should not and can not be for poor men.

Anyways, no woman will agree to be the second wife of a poor man, so no point discussing that, it is not gonna happen. It is like banning a cow from flying when in reality, it can't actually fly. grin

There are poor men with two wives. You think life ends in the city.

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Family / Re: Husbands: Is It Risky To Marry A Woman Above Age 25 If You Want Kids? by Worriedwife: 10:04pm On Jul 18, 2023
That was what obtained during their time. Most girls married at that age.

She has been able to train ALL her children upto university level and I don't mean just anyhow kind of training o rather she trained professionals comprising of two doctors, three engineers and my humble self a Pharmacist. And as a matter of fact, she's still very healthy and enjoying the fruits of her labour right now. Same cannot be said of your own mother who probably married in her 30s.

At least my dad didn't leave my mother to train ALL her kids alone after impregnating her at 15.
Family / Re: Husbands: Is It Risky To Marry A Woman Above Age 25 If You Want Kids? by Worriedwife: 6:58pm On Jul 18, 2023

You'd be surprised his mom has learnt a lot. She has learnt to manage a home, raise responsible children. dont shame women for making responsible choices.

Up till 1960, most people died before age of 40. It wasn't unusual to be a grandfather at the age of 35-40.

People didn't die at 40. They lived longer. No difference between his father and those randy alhajis in northern nigeria.

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Family / Re: Husbands: Is It Risky To Marry A Woman Above Age 25 If You Want Kids? by Worriedwife: 3:13pm On Jul 18, 2023
This is not true! My mom got married at 15. By 30 she was already done with childbearing and if you see her today with my eldest sister, you'll think they're sisters.

Nature endowed women with everything they need to bear children and raise a family early enough. Mental maturity is relative. The fact that you're not matured even at 30 doesn't mean there aren't 18yo girls who're matured enough to raise a family.

Your dad is a paedophile. Sleeping and impregnating a 15 yrz old girl. Apart from looking like sisters with her daughter, what else has your mum achieved?

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Family / Re: Can You Be A Full-time Housewife? by Worriedwife: 7:40pm On Jul 16, 2023
Yes I can. I am a fulltime housewife. It is not easy taking care of twin boys under 1 and an older boy.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Worriedwife: 2:54pm On Jul 12, 2023

Lol, I had no idea? cheesy
okay, here's the report from my survey.
We learn everyday yeah, Pls post where you have it at 70k - 75k and I will gladly review my price.
Name - Hisense 5kg Twin Tub Washine machine
Brand - WSJA551

Plz review your price, same brand and capacity. Though a different model.


Celebrities / Re: Actress Cynthia Okereke Is Dead by Worriedwife: 2:49pm On Jul 12, 2023
So sad. Is she not the same actress that was kidnapped in enugu earlier this year or was it last year? May her soul rest in peace.

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Family / Re: Can A Woman Who Hasn't Had Sex For Months Give Birth Easily? by Worriedwife: 11:34am On Jul 10, 2023
Wait, I've never given birth before and I'm not pregnant, but I'm planning on trying for another baby immediately after 4 to 6 months after giving birth when the time comes, so that I can raise my kids as twins and kill two birds with one stone.

I really wish for twins, but that's my body's decision to make.

So far a know a lot about pregnancy and labor, but I don't know all the details because some things you have to experience them first in order to know all the details.

Are you telling me that a whole fully grown healthy new born baby can pass down there without causing any injuries?

I didn't have any tear. Not all women have tears. A baby can pass without causing injuries.


Family / Re: Can A Woman Who Hasn't Had Sex For Months Give Birth Easily? by Worriedwife: 10:20am On Jul 10, 2023
Every woman that gives birth naturally gets teared up down there and they stitch her up after childbirth.

If her kitten is too small, they'd use scissors to tear her up and stitch her up afterwards... It doesn't matter whether she was having sex or not... grin grin grin

Not every woman gets tears. Some women do.

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Family / Re: Reactions To The Mother Of Six Being Paraded For Adultery: A Very Biased Take. by Worriedwife: 9:17am On Jul 09, 2023
I don't think anyone is condoning the woman for committing adultery. Adultery is a sin. The Bible itself mandates that married people should uphold faithfulness and that anything outside of this IS a sin and one that warrants divorce if the other spouse so chooses. That said, the issue with this woman's case is that she was paraded and shamed publicly, while the same thing wasn't done to the man she committed adultery with. He could've been a married man himself but irrespective of his own marital status, he too should've been made to take a public walk of shame but he was nowhere to be seen.

Were Davido, Yul, and Banky paraded and shamed publicly like this woman? Of course not! Not that anyone expected them to have experienced such; these are wealthy and successful men. Other than the verbal criticisms they received, nothing was done to these men. On the contrary, their actions were condoned by some. I read a lot of comments about Yul being able to marry as many wives as he wanted. I didn't follow Davido's or Banky's recent situation but I wouldn't be surprised if there were comments supporting the adultery that they too committed. You trying to make it seem like men are always chastised in these situations more than women, especially in a sexist and barbaric country like Nigeria, is far from the truth b/c the majority of the shame and condemnation goes towards women.

You are a sensible poster.

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Events / Re: The Moment A Bride Poured Food On Her Groom On Their Wedding Day (Video) by Worriedwife: 8:08pm On Jul 08, 2023
The guy is calm. If it is a test, then he passed. Some men would have slapped her on the spot.


Family / Re: . by Worriedwife: 10:17pm On Jul 04, 2023
It is not a bad one, but I think u should let your husband to be know of ur plans, bc he might want a wife that would support him financially.
Health / Re: Joyce Ijeoma Collapses While Breaking Guinness World Records For Longest Massage by Worriedwife: 2:26pm On Jul 04, 2023
Mayb it is her own strategy. Collapse and get noticed.

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Business / Re: Please Help, He Has Refused To Refund My Money by Worriedwife: 12:39pm On Jun 26, 2023


Business people find it hard to refund money that has entered their pockets. Keep collecting barbecue fish until ur money is complete

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Family / Re: Long Distance Marriage by Worriedwife: 11:50pm On Jun 21, 2023
It won't work. Move to join him or u look for another husband to marry in Ibadan.


Family / Re: Happy 50th Wedding Anniversay To My Parents. by Worriedwife: 9:29pm On Jun 18, 2023

You are a fucking bastard!

Birds of the same feathers flock together. That is how most of them behave on these streets. No surprises there!

Read what the untrained boy gave as a response. Their type is why I refrain from commenting here.

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Family / Re: Happy 50th Wedding Anniversay To My Parents. by Worriedwife: 9:28pm On Jun 18, 2023

Joke...?? Look at the mirror and listen to urself before trying to to form class captain

Clearly u and i dont use the same words to caution people.....i dont have to say things ur way because I am not from the gutters like you who insult pple's parent to make a point....

It is better to be quiet than open your mouth and confirm you are not wise. Gutter kid

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Religion / Re: "You May Kiss The Bride" Should Be For Only Virgins. by Worriedwife: 2:46pm On Jun 18, 2023
Well, for me,
I'm a total supporter of girls keeping their virginity until they accept the suitor.
I can't imagine that I'd had a non virgin wife.
Not to say that others aren't it, but really, it's best your wife doesn't secretly compare you with other men she's had...
It's demoralising for men, as a first principle.
I wish all fellow fathers a great Fathers day, and all marriages to have peace and accommodation.

The thread is for male and female. Keep yourself pure

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Celebrities / Re: I Pay My Taxes, LASG After Me Because I Supported Peter Obi - Iyabo Ojo by Worriedwife: 12:08pm On Jun 06, 2023
After you or before you, you like it or not you must pay your tax .
she pays her tax,, use your head

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Celebrities / Re: Zinoleesky Requested For 120k Comments On Instagram And Got It In Less Than 24hr by Worriedwife: 4:42pm On Jun 01, 2023
Who is he?

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Politics / Re: What Is Your Take On The Fuel Subsidy Removal? by Worriedwife: 11:46am On Jun 01, 2023
It is good. The problem is we do not trust the government to plough back this money into the betterment of the country. That is why we would rather have subsidy as the only thing the common man gains from Nigeria

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