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Properties / 60,000sq meters of Land For Sale At Amazing Location by yjay(f): 10:41am On Nov 05, 2018
60,000sq meters of land for sale with registered title at a prime
location close to VGC
Can be used as commercial/residential
Accessible through northwest filling station
Asking price is N2 billion(slightly negotiable)
For further information, please call Mayowa on 08034059521
Serious Buyers ONLY!!!
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by yjay(f): 9:05pm On Sep 30, 2018
can someone please advice on previous post thanks.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by yjay(f): 1:52pm On Sep 26, 2018
hi everyone
i really need your advice. i stumbled on this link regarding uk visa last week after i had applied and i pretty much had an inkling that i would be refused after reading spme of the post here.
i visited the VI OFFICE and submitted my supporting documents on the 6th sept 2018 and i received a mail to pick up today 26th sept 2018 and i was refused.
i had no idea about cover letter so i did not include that.
I applied for a 6 months visitors visa.
Brief history about me;
I work for an electronic mutluinational and have been working there for 5 years. i earn a salary of 246,000.
this i stated in the form and also provided evidence with my payslips.
Documents attached
1) letter from employer
2) 6 months payslip
3) 3 bank statements which includes salary account and savings account
4) passport page of hubby(married)
5) evidence of 3m federal govt bond and letter from the bank
6) evidence of 4m money market fund and a letter showing that money can be accessed within 48 hours
7) letter and passport page of my sister. shes a British citizen
cool letter of employment from my sister
9)utility bill showing her address
10) marriage certificate
11) change of name document
12) tax card
13) drivers license ( i included this cos i wanted to.show my current address)
14) letter from one of the banks also showing that i operate both naira and dorm account.
i am pretty bumed cos i applied in july 2009 and i was rejected based on lack of funds. and now that it seems i am financially independent i still get rejected.
However i can see where the confusion might be as i get deposits from time to time when i purchase electronics for custimers which.is usually done throigh my gt account which was the focus in the rejection letter.
There was no mention of my salary account even though i transfer to another account once i receive my salary
Regarding transactions done with my gtbank i ddnt want to focus on that as i felt it would be weird.
Perhaps i should not have included it.
i really need advice here. i have absolutely no desire to live in the uk. do you suggest i reapply or just forget about it. my sister says i have to reapply as she says there is no basis for rejection even though i tried explaining the "cover letter" to her but she says its not part of the requirements. i waited 9 years to reapply so im a bit upset but then again!
@justwise anyone with advice for me. i am also open to answer questions.
i have alao attached a part of the refusal letter.
thank you.

Jobs/Vacancies / Secretary Required by yjay(f): 4:31pm On Jan 25, 2018
A Top Real Estate firm in Lagos requires the services of a Secretary.
Must be female between 25 - 30years.
OND/HND, Must be computer literate, proactive and must possess leadership qualities.
Flexible working hours:
Location - Victoria Island
Salary is competitive within the industry.
Interested applicants should call Mayowa on 08034059521/ Deola on 08037214397.

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Properties / Re: Need A Property(bungalow) by yjay(f): 5:02pm On Dec 04, 2011
Really? Well I guess the buyer might be willing to bend depending on how he feels abt the property, do u ve any available in those areas?
Properties / Need A Property(bungalow) by yjay(f): 8:17am On Dec 04, 2011
A bungalow is needed to be bought around ajao estate area/isolo, others areas could be considered, buyer is not interested in areas like ikorodu,ayobo, iyana ipaja price range is 10million - 11million depends if buyer likes the property,only sellers with genuine interest shld pls call 08023529434, 08064668203, 08056314285

Many thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Female Marketer Needed! by yjay(f): 11:30am On Mar 07, 2011
Looking for a student preferably in unilag or lasu btw 18-25 who's interested in marketing fashion accessories and jewelries as a part time job to make extra money, salary is attractive and includes some incentives so if ure interested or know anyone who is pls call 08023529434 or 07039169887 for further details.
Politics / Re: Lagos Lawmakers Vote N348m For Cars, Each Member Gets N8.7 Million by yjay(f): 12:38am On Nov 29, 2010
last time i checked doctors were still on strike, cry cry cry cry cry cry
Fashion / Re: Product Reviews: Stop Wasting Money! Beauty Products That Actually Work by yjay(f): 10:10pm On Nov 04, 2010

I want to find out which product can i use for under eye wrinkles

sophy like madmax said u cld try any retinol product from brand names such as neutrogena, roc etc wat retinol does is basically exfoliates the skin to reveal fresh dewy skin & builds up collagen which we loose as we get older, it takes care of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness etc, u cld also buy retin A cream in its purest form, u can get that here in Nigeria, ITS A MUST FOR ANYONE PAST 30.
Properties / Re: Can Your Landlord Eject You Without A Written Notice? by yjay(f): 10:49pm On Nov 03, 2010

I feel bad whenever i hear issues like these.your landlord is ignorant of the law.Please go ahead with the court stuff as the case will drag on for the next 5yrs.The so-called landlord will come begging that i can assure u, Pls enjoy your free rent while it last!!!!!

very true, happened in front of my house, the case has been in court for over 3yrs now & the guy hasnt paid rent since then, yeah ure rite club12 definitely a case of beaten more than he can chew
Health / Re: Acne Help! | Dermatologist Needed! by yjay(f): 8:33am On Oct 29, 2010
they ve branches all over depending on where u are but u shld go to their head office at saka tinubu, victoria island u cant miss it its quite popular.
Health / Re: Acne Help! | Dermatologist Needed! by yjay(f): 12:37am On Oct 29, 2010
@poster, u can also go to medplus and talk to them abt ur acne, they ve this prescription that they give to acne sufferers, i think 1000mg vit c & zinc, something like that & i hear they ve had good results from pple who ve used it
Celebrities / Re: Big Brother Africa Fallout: Munya Gets Richer Than Uti: Munya 300,000 Usd Richer! by yjay(f): 12:23am On Oct 29, 2010

Uti was the best entertainer in the house n he deserved to win. Even if munya gets more money after the show. It will always be in the records that uti won. Note that there were even some other people in the house who deserved to win moore than munya eg Mwisho.

certainly not!!!!

@poster, happy for munya
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe (Actress) - Being A Second Wife Was Never My Dream, But . . . by yjay(f): 12:14am On Oct 29, 2010

she should have waited for a single man lipsrsealed

maybe none was forthcoming & she decided to pitch her tent with the one available, quite a number of the yoruba actresses marry men who are already married though, its not new but im sure it sucks to be the "other" woman at the receiving end!!!
Celebrities / Re: Halle Berry Vs Toni Braxton Who's Beautiful? by yjay(f): 12:05am On Oct 29, 2010
i dont think theres anything average abt halle, both good to look at african american women in theirs 40s but halle does it for me just by an inch though wink
Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic Is Absolutely Fabulous by yjay(f): 2:28am On Oct 27, 2010
@poster, yes shes a fabulous dressser, love the dress but i think she looks terrible in this picture!
Fashion / Re: Daily Beauty Rotuine by yjay(f): 2:05am On Oct 27, 2010
hmm ok my daily beauty routine, i wld say it has evolved over the years but in the past mths i ve stuck with this:

morning: velocity facial cleanser(face), use olay soap daily(with mandarin oil), great smell by the way for the body, once im out of the shower i use neutrogena pore refining toner or clinique clarifying lotion 3, then apply olay regnerist serum(face and neck) olay complete defense spf 30 for my face, neck, chest & arms then olay body quench moisturizer with shea butter & vit e & b3, yeah im kinda in an olay phase rite now, thats it for morning

nite routine: take a shower, skip the sunscreen, i just started using retin a for my face and neck and for my body i use a booster fluid takes care of any form of uneven discolouration, u ll just love your skin great great stuff!!!!!!!!!!! i also take a cup of green tea & go to bed grin

plus i exfoliate with st ives fresh skin every saturday & try to pick 2 other days during the week as well, thats it for me wink
Fashion / Re: Too Much Cosmectics And Cream And Makeovers Makes One Old And Ugly by yjay(f): 1:40am On Oct 27, 2010
hi angel, i think the reason behind that cld be the fact that nike oshinowo is slimmer, agatha has put on weight making her face look chubby hence the more youthful appearance it has, i read somewhere that fat pple age slower and i think i kinda agree cos if u take a close look at pple with a lil more meat on them, u hardly notice fine lines and wrinkles, i think nike looks good though for someone in her 40s.
Fashion / Re: Product Reviews: Stop Wasting Money! Beauty Products That Actually Work by yjay(f): 1:43am On Oct 09, 2010

WOW! am really impressed! am new to nairaland, after reading most of your comments i wished i had joined earlier, God bless u ladies for all these tips and reviews, i have lots of issues,

the most pressing of them all is that i have stretch marks, very difficult ones! and my inner thighs are dark! what do i use? please help me fast! will be meeting "HIM" in 3 months time for the first time, u know what i mean, pls, something not too expensive but if its worth it then i ll save up to get one. thanks all and God bless!

hey dorammy, i think for both ur requests, u shld go to a spa, u did say if its worth it, u ll save up for it rite? the reason y i advice u to do that is cos u get visible results if u go to a trained esthetician, they wld probably recommend peels or microdebrasion, u know something a lil more aggressive that u wont get in OTC products. wat do u think?
Food / Re: Gala by yjay(f): 12:04am On Oct 08, 2010

Dont worry, God will gimme my hearty desire soon . . . . .

i ll say a big amen to that for u wink
Health / Re: She Cannot Use Sanitary Pads! by yjay(f): 2:01am On Sep 27, 2010

which one is customised rag.

lol, i so would like to know too tpiah, so chimco wld u pls do us the honours?
Fashion / Re: Please Recommend Any Skin Lightening Soap And Cream. by yjay(f): 1:45am On Sep 27, 2010

I've looked this cream up and found out more about it, and it's quite expensive but seems really good, does it actually lighten your skin though?

nope it doesnt lighten the skin, its just a good moisturiser, nothing u cant get out of regular drugstore moisturisers though, my opinion

@poster, go to a good spa most of them ve brightening creams they prescribe to clients, might be slightly expensive but at least u wont need to worry abt ving ur skin damaged,
Fashion / Re: Product Reviews: Stop Wasting Money! Beauty Products That Actually Work by yjay(f): 1:14am On Sep 27, 2010
@ayob, casabella is a beauty store at the palms, its relatively new plus they seem to ve some products that u wldnt ordinarily find in nigeria which is a PLUS PLUS, u cant miss it, its like a shop away from health plus which they also own by the way, hmm, hope the description helps.

then abt the dark underarms, i personally shave at night cos i feel it gives my skin time to breathe,heal etc before applying deodorants/perspirants in the morning, also every time i shave i exfoliate and moisturise with shea butter, even if u get bumps from shaving with watever method u decide to use, be rest assured that once u ve applied the shea butter, the bumps are gone by morning that shld keep your underarms looking nice. if after a few weeks, u arent pleased with the results which i doubt u can use a lightening agent to bleach the area and use a cream containing niacinamide to maintain results, cream containing loads of that(OLAY QUENCH) ayo o ma san owo ooooooo, gosh  wink
Celebrities / Re: Joseph Yobo Wife`s Old & New Look by yjay(f): 1:11am On Sep 25, 2010
looking at her pics, i honestly doubt if shes had any botox, i do think she looks different cos of the baby weight, gaining a lot of weight definitely changes ones looks which is wat i think we are looking at here but she does look a lil overbleached i must say
Health / Re: Bathing With Hot Water by yjay(f): 12:53am On Sep 25, 2010
@poster, i personally think its not advisable especially if its too hot like someone suggested lukewarm is preferable & i think it cld cause wrinkly of the skin since hot water does strip the skin of moisture which leads to dryness which cld lead to wrinkles, on days when im really cold i definitely mix with a lil hot water but i certainly dont make a habit of it,
Food / Re: Gala by yjay(f): 12:38am On Sep 25, 2010
@fhemmy, cant believe u still havent gotten ur gala after all ur effort grin grin grin o ma shay o, u shld ve taken my offer u wld ve had ur fill by now, now u know why they say make hay while the sun shines tongue
Fashion / Re: Product Reviews: Stop Wasting Money! Beauty Products That Actually Work by yjay(f): 12:27am On Sep 25, 2010
anytime, wink
Fashion / Re: Product Reviews: Stop Wasting Money! Beauty Products That Actually Work by yjay(f): 11:27pm On Sep 23, 2010
4 real? was actually tinking if i kud lay my hands on d neutrogena visibly even wit SPF 30, twud be nice to combine wit d regenerist but as it is, no chance of that i guess. wont mind returning to Olay quench since its easier to get but hw to get d regenerist is d issue now. do u ve any idea how to get it in naija? maybe shoprite or somwia dt dont cost the 8000 previously posted hia, Lawd ve mercy! a friend even recomended fair and white bar soap (the brown one) which she assures me does nothing more dan exfoliate. i dunno but wud just stick to village fresh 4 now anywayz. tnx though.

u can get the regenerist serum at the palms(casabella) and its for 3900.trust me once u start u ll get hooked on it, and u can use your neutrogena spf 30 on it since the serum doesnt ve any spf protection

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