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Politics / Re: US: Release Only Certificate To Atiku; Block CSU From Revealing Gender-Tinubu by Yoighaman(m): 5:01pm
Truly, you cannot keep defending Tinubu without sounding stupid at some point.

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Politics / Re: My Ex-classmate ‘languishing’ As General Manager In Nigerian Mediocre Bank: VP by Yoighaman(m): 9:36am

I just love Shetima's blunt disposition

Best Graduating student of Economics in Prestigious University of Ibadan Citadel of learning......

After 30 years of Graduation

Ended up becoming Deputy Branch Manager at a new generation bank like Polaris bank

30 years after graduation that he should be planing retirement he is a Deputy Manager

His total salary may not be up to 200,000 to 500,000 a month

He made this submission at University of Ibadan to remind student the intricacies of life

IF you know say e no go better for your papa this morning qoute me to say trash

You idiots stay your lane and don't qoute me if Ogun no go perish your families, keep your useless mob mentality and keyboard war to your unproductive self



DGM means Deputy General Manager.........not Deputy Branch Manager

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sicilian Mafia: Matteo Denaro Dies At 61 by Yoighaman(m): 9:18am

That sickness was what really gave him away. His closest boys search for medical help online for him was tracked and monitored over a period to discover that he was likely down with cancer and the male patients visiting the clinics that offer that service monitored until he was arrested in the clinic.

He was already dying from the cancer and had in absentia been convicted of murder of especially the 12- year old boy son of a top Don who squealed on them all to the prosecutors (a film had been produced for the crime of the boy murder and dissolving the body in acid), his rival and 3-month old pregnant girlfriend so he really never faced the justice system to answer for all the multiple serious crimes alleged against him.

He would have been replaced in the hierarchy and his body may likely be released to them codedly.

The police made life so so difficult for him for the 30 years that he never had time, never married (unprecedented for a Boss of all Bosses) , he never had peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the wealth which the state may take over to compensate any or all of his alleged victims. For years, he kept changing locations,names, jobs and even lived underground! In all, his weakness remained georgeously beautiful tall blonde girls. Significant part of his wealth came from the wealth of his late Dad who was also a Don. He was the 4th of his late father's children.

At 61, he died sick, unhappy, lonely and stripped of his wealth, freedom and dignity. Ha!his pitiable sight when he was arrested showed how life itself can be vanity.

Those Italian police guys really made his life a living misery till the end and he did acknowledge them for their brilliant and patriotic job. Crime never pays. Check my signature for free stuffs!

You take special interest in drug lords. No wonder........


Celebrities / Re: Olamide Cheated On His Wife With A Presenter, Maria - Temmie by Yoighaman(m): 5:16pm On Sep 18

See who de call peson annoying? Kettle calling pot black.
Apart from her amorous behaviour, that girl get sense pass you by far.

This one enter cheesy
Crime / Re: I Was Raped 400 Times By My Coach - Angelique Cauchy by Yoighaman(m): 4:18pm On Sep 16
"She described how he had manipulated her so much that she started to voluntarily visit his room at night.

'The evenings after, it seems crazy, but I went there on my own, and I took those 13 steps that separated me from his room,' she explained."

You started going to his room at night all by yourself, yet he raped you undecided...this gender sha.
Politics / Re: Wike Not Just FCT Minister, But My Adviser – Tinubu by Yoighaman(m): 8:13am On Sep 15
“I am the Captain and Chief Salesman of the country....."

Nice, but getting involved with narcotics for whatever reason is contradictory and bad publicity for the country.
Family / Re: DNA Centre Sheds Light On Child Paternity Fraud In Nigeria by Yoighaman(m): 11:01am On Sep 14
Fantastic analysis.

Brilliant advert by the testing lab (Smart DNA).
Crime / Re: EFCC Sets Up 97.3fm Radio Station In Abuja by Yoighaman(m): 8:16pm On Sep 13
97.3fm nor be Classic fm? Why not find another frequency?
Politics / Re: US Court To Hear Atiku’s Fresh Suit Against Chicago State University On Tinubu by Yoighaman(m): 1:27pm On Sep 11
Atiku seems to know something we don't know; I don't think he is fiercely pursuing this without being sure of what he is chasing.


Sports / Re: Name The Football Club. (picture) by Yoighaman(m): 1:07pm On Sep 11

As in eh, dem go do you strong thing....Turkey and Belgium sef follow join.....
Politics / Re: President Biden Takes Selfie With Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala At G20 Summit (Photos) by Yoighaman(m): 6:19pm On Sep 10
Who wants to take a selfie with an alleged dru**ie?

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Celebrities / Re: Moyo Lawal Leaked Sex Tape: Actress Reacts by Yoighaman(m): 9:12pm On Sep 09
Prostitute everywhere

You meant Brostitute?

Was she the only one involved in the act?

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Celebrities / Re: Moyo Lawal Leaked Sex Tape: Actress Reacts by Yoighaman(m): 9:11pm On Sep 09

Romance / Re: Amarachi Amusi: I’m Richer Than Most Of The Men Seeking To Marry Me, Skit Maker by Yoighaman(m): 7:34pm On Sep 08
But, if the roles were reversed and a man wants to marry, he looks for attributes of a wife and mother in a woman. If she is financially successful, it's a bonus for him.

Empower a man: you empower a great number of people.
Empower a woman: she begins to feel she doesn't need anybody again.

Don't complain about the game. Just learn the rules. 😎

Wow, I love your quote: "Don't complain about the game. Just learn the rules"

It will stick with me for life, thanks for teaching me something new and inspiring.

One love.


Career / Re: Please Advise Me On Which Certification To Get by Yoighaman(m): 7:21pm On Sep 08

Please pursue and get your ICAN certification as a Chartered Accountant. People will respect you and your foray into politics later on in life will be rewarding because people will see you as a serious person, even if you are not.

Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers etc. are respected people in the society and they usually have an edge when they go into politics, so also are Chartered Accountants, you will always be seen as a professional, even if you be thief.

Best wishes.
Celebrities / Re: Drake Shows Off His Bra Collection by Yoighaman(m): 7:18pm On Sep 07
In this life eh, just get money, but in a legit way....I can imagine how many guys are begging to date many of these ladies throwing their bras at Drake...

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Tribunal Dismisses Atiku’s Dual Citizenship, Drug Conviction Allegations by Yoighaman(m): 7:26am On Sep 07
Many sons name in your region has already been associated with drugs, and they are guilty and serving jail sentences in various Asian countries 😂😂😂😂

To you, everyone is Igbo, no wonder tribe cannot make you type anything sensible or think reasonably, other than supporting a drug lord. Ode, oponu, omo ale...now those words in Igbo means you are a very wise and brilliant person.
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Tribunal Dismisses Atiku’s Dual Citizenship, Drug Conviction Allegations by Yoighaman(m): 7:24am On Sep 07

If your son ever amounts to 1% of the so called druggie's net worth, make I know wetin cause am grin grin grin

Just take a look at your reasoning, to you it is all about money and net worth, no morals, no value. I just pity your children, if it is OK for them to be associated with drugs and crime, all in the name of net worth and money, that's your business, but my own children will never be associated with drugs by God's grace and they will be successful in life too. Amen.
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Tribunal Dismisses Atiku’s Dual Citizenship, Drug Conviction Allegations by Yoighaman(m): 8:35pm On Sep 06
May my son's name never be associated with Drugs, whether guilty or not. Amen.


Politics / Re: Inexperienced Boy Owns Private Jet Under Buhari – Sanusi by Yoighaman(m): 7:09pm On Sep 04
There is nothing you people will say to make tinubu innocent of buharis administration. He supported him twice. He knew he was not fit, yet he supported him not once but twice.

Because of his selfish ambition....very irritating.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Flood Atiku's Tweet On Tinubu's Educational Abracadabra by Yoighaman(m): 4:51pm On Aug 27
Not that I'm support of Atiku__man is desperate, vindictive, and petty but I wonder what Tinubu a first class graduate is afraid of.
Tinubu should display his records and put an end to this madness once and for all.
Tinubu should tender the first class degree, it might motivate others to work harder since their president is a first class graduate cheesy

Tinubu is not a first class degree holder; where did you get this false narrative from? Where on any of the certificates he has produced states that he got a first class?


Career / Re: Ezenwa: Meet 30-Year-Old Nigerian Who Has Employed Over 3000 In His Company by Yoighaman(m): 5:57pm On Aug 25
Another Obiwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi angry


Business / Re: I Became Chairman Of UBA, Transcorp Without Wealthy Parents – Tony Elumelu by Yoighaman(m): 7:27pm On Aug 21

Femi used his father's name to build his own connection else his male siblings would be rich like him. His father's tenure as gov was very short. Moreover his father wasn't the favourite, it's because two heavy weights were fighting each other thereby paved way for Otedola sr.

That person you responded to, is definitely a kid. Nairaland is full of them. Instead of asking questions before posting, they just post waaaaah....
NYSC / Re: Corps Member Recreates Photo Of Her Mom Taken During NYSC Program 32 Years Ago by Yoighaman(m): 6:45pm On Aug 21
Nice, but Momsie nor put nose ring nah...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger: ECOWAS Delegation Meets Ousted Bazoum by Yoighaman(m): 6:40pm On Aug 21


This is unintelligent.

OK o....I hear you, if you refuse to understand what goes on behind the scenes.

If Tinubu never mentioned that he was the one that convinced Buhari to recontest, that he'd support him by merging the SW votes to his regular Northern voters, would anyone have know what transpired? Tinubu's outburst exposed it.

These people can pursue personal agenda at the expense of millions of people.

I am telling you ECOWAS is intervening in the Niger crisis for ulterior motives. Why didn't they intervene in Mali and the other countries where there was a coup?

The west is pushing ECOWAS to go to war, they will be the one to supply the weapon to kill our brothers. They will later come and say they want to help us settle the matter.

African leaders are unintelligent, you should have actually used that term for them, rather than using it on me.... anyway, we dey here dey watch.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger: ECOWAS Delegation Meets Ousted Bazoum by Yoighaman(m): 5:38pm On Aug 20

So it's no longer Jonathan you want to blame, it's now Buhari?

Buhari is the chairman of Ecowas or he's the one leading other West African leaders shey?

Buhari's love for Niger, his country of origin is public knowledge, he would not watch his brother go down, especially when his friend is the ECOWAS Chairman, just connect the dots, sit back and enjoy your popcorn and coke.
Foreign Affairs / Re: We’ll Hand Over To A Civilian Govt Within 3 Years – Niger Coup Leader by Yoighaman(m): 11:10am On Aug 20
Hopefully they should fix their country within the time frame.

The systematic bifurcation of our resources must come to an end. Every country involved in Africa plays their part in the destruction of African land and resources. That includes the Russians, Saudis, Iranians and especially the Chinese, who pretend to do well. Nigeria is the example of where the Chinese have turned the mining fields into their personal estates. They mine the gold, lithium, etc and make the people less human.

I sincerely hope that within the time frame appointed by the Nigerien military leader, the country would have been made much more better than it presently is. Hopefully income from their resources can be used to build better infrastructure and make life better for the citizens.

Niger is not the only landlocked country in the world. Europe has sixteen landlocked countries. Switzerland which is the most notable name has one of the best economies in the world. With only limestone, sand, clay, gravel and marble as their resources, water is used to fix their hydroelectric power. They have built several dams and taxation has added to made the country one of the most beautiful and sought after in the world. Look at Luxembourg. Look also at the Vatican.

That’s the same way Rawlings made Ghana what it has become today. He swept the political class aside and build the present Ghana appropriately. Nigerians go to Ghana and have some peace of mind. If the military is truly sincere and avoid corruption, they can build and hand over a better nation to a democratically election, corruption free leader.

Well said.
Foreign Affairs / Re: We’ll Hand Over To A Civilian Govt Within 3 Years – Niger Coup Leader by Yoighaman(m): 11:00am On Aug 20
"Meanwhile, Radio France International reported that thousands of volunteers turned out in central Niamey on Saturday answering a call to register as civilian auxiliaries who could be mobilised to support the army."

Now these are the people that love their country and are ready for a change...not like some other people in a neighbouring country called....

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger: ECOWAS Delegation Meets Ousted Bazoum by Yoighaman(m): 10:54am On Aug 20
Ecowas should make him the president of one of Ecowas countries na if they so much love him.

Gang of slaves.

Na Buhari dey behind all this invasion drama on a low... Remember say Niger na him country of origin and the dullard nor hide am, so tey, he dey borrow money for Nigeria name, go dey develop Niger Republic....
Politics / Re: ECOWAS Says 'D-Day' Set For Possible Niger Intervention by Yoighaman(m): 6:57pm On Aug 19
Same way your gateman will enter your house with his bow & arrow, and tell you & your family to pack immediately?

And your neighbors will advise you, please you people should pack immediately, you know we do not want trouble in our street o?

The junta will waste the man's life for nothing, he would be the first loser.

The invasion is not about him anyway, the countries involved are trying to protect their own interest, so him being a sacrificial lamb is OK by ECOWAS and co.

Let's wait and see how it all ends.
NYSC / Re: Abosede Esther, A Prospective Corp Member From Osun Has Been Kidnapped In Abuja by Yoighaman(m): 3:04pm On Aug 19
A drug lord is in Aso villa, state capture, criminality everywhere, what else do you expect?

May God protect her and may she return home safely. Amen.


Politics / Re: ECOWAS Says 'D-Day' Set For Possible Niger Intervention by Yoighaman(m): 2:38pm On Aug 19

This is a strategic war for protection of interests, including (surprise surprise) African interests. The US, EU and Nigeria share the same interest in this (probable) war - Nigeria's 15 billion dollar tran-Sahara gas pipeline connecting Nigerian gas to the EU, which passes through Niger and Algeria into Europe, is under construction. It could triple Nigeria's annual income when completed. Russia has an opposing interest, and the military junta in Niger are Russian allies. After the recent bombing of the Russian pipeline supplying the EU with gas, a major hit on Russia's economy, it is pretty clear a Kremlin - backed junta in Niger will not let the Trans-Sahara gas pipeline to Europe happen. The EU want the pipeline to reduce dependence on Russian supplies. The other ECOWAS nations have an interest, as they wish to deter military intervention in their own countries. The 'coup contagion' as they call it. So this whole thing is far more complex than the simple popular narrative of 'ECOWAS fighting for imperialist interests'.


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