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Technology Market / Online Lost And Found Matching Platform by youngies(m): 11:36am On Sep 08
I learned an obscure word recently: all-overish. It describes a vague feeling of unease, somewhere between well and unwell. It’s a beautiful word for a middle feeling on its way to panic, and recently I had felt a bit all-overish.

I had a scheduled business meeting in Lagos on Saturday May 29, 2021. It has taken me about 4 months to get hold of that client and have him agree to that meeting. As the date of the meeting was drawing closer, I worked hard to make sure my pitch document was top draw. I crossed-checked my numbers, re-verified my supporting documents. Everything was almost ready, then my birthday happened.

My birthday was on Friday the 28 of May. As usual and as expected, I had my friends come over to celebrate with me. My wife in anticipation of the numerous visitors we may likely entertain that day, put up her A-game and was dishing out whatever we requested. However, boys will always be boys, they wanted to hangout, real hanging-out.

I joined one of them in his car and we moved to a ‘garden’ in town. Meanwhile, I took an envelope containing the work I will be presenting the next day in Lagos. My intention was to use the opportunity of the hangout to do the final tweaking of my presentation. In retrospect, it was stupid!

To cut the long story short, I didn’t realize that I have lost my documents until around 1.00am when I started packing for my journey - first flight out of Abuja to Lagos. I didn’t just lose my work documents that night, I also lost my wallet that contained mostly my identifications. I could not be sure if I probably misplaced my items at the ‘garden’, or in the taxi that took me home.

I managed and kept my appointment in Lagos the next day, but wasn’t as confident as I ought to be because of the trauma of the previous night. I spent a lot of time and money starting the process of recovery of some of my IDs.

Surprisingly, I got a call 6 days later from my mechanic who told me that he found my documents and identifications. It happened that I forgot my things in a taxi that fateful night and the driver of the taxi and I coincidentally use the same mechanic. Lucky!

The driver narrated that he discovered the forgotten things in his car the following morning and didn’t know how to reach the owner. He had come to fix his car and was just telling our mechanic in passing about somethings a passenger forgot in his vehicle some days ago.

Apparently, out of curiosity, our mechanic decided to have a look at the missing things and recognized my name in one of the IDs. That was how I got my stuffs back.

Now, this unfortunate incident got me thinking about what people often go through. It became clear to me that Nigerians needs a central place that is easily accessible to members of the public where they can report their lost, misplaced or missing items. It is often an all-overish, the sense of loss we feel after losing a property and the dilemma some often face when they discover someone’s lost item without knowing how to reach them.

So, together with my team we came up with FindMissingThings.com – an intelligent online lost and found matching platform that uses complex algorithm to automatically match a reported lost item with the person who reported to have found the item.

It is easy to use – Register – Report your lost or found item and let our system do the matching and user notification!

Findmissingthings.com – giving users another opportunity to find, discover or locate their otherwise lost properties.

It is never lost, until you search on our platform!

So, dear friends, whenever you lost an item or found someone’s missing item, don’t forget to upload it on FindMissingThings.com.

Please like our Facebook page, follow us Twitter @FindMissingThings

Visit https://findmissingthings.com
Career / Re: What Skill Can I Learn With N20,000 by youngies(m): 6:50pm On Jul 28
This virtual training program is coming up next week. It has been subsidized by a benevolent sponsor.

You can avail yourself of the opportunity.

Enroll now at https://derasoft.com.ng

Web Market / 6-week Digital Skills Immersive Training For Youths by youngies(m): 11:02am On Jul 21, 2020
Derasoft Consulting is partnering with The Whistler Communications Limited to organise a six online entrepreneurial, creative and problem-solving bootcamp, dubbed #CodeCamp for Youths.

According to a statement issued on Friday by the organisers, #CodeCamp isn’t just about coding, but also about equipping young people with belief, ability and necessary leadership skills to be ahead of the pack in the future economy.

It says though the Coronavirus lockdown has accelerated the shift towards digitally-focused careers, it has long been recognised as important that youths must start to understand the technology they will use in their work and daily lives.

The statement says imparting digital skills is much more than teaching specific coding languages, adding that logical thinking and meta-skills such as mind-mapping and goal-setting developed during digital education, prepare young people to take their place in society as knowledgeable individuals instead of passive consumers.

"Building young people’s digital skills is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have.

"There’s still a lot of uncertainties out there, but one thing is for sure: digital skills are critical to help inspire and train the next generation of leaders, as well as to equip young people of today with the tools for a more tech-forward future. We believe passionately in the value of keeping our young people coding, for today, and the future, " it adds.

The statement gives more information on the immersive training as follows;

CodeCamp will cover the following lessons:
1. Fundamentals of IT Leadership
a. Working in a team
b. Goal setting
c. Empathy
2. Full Stack Web development
a. Server setup
b. HTML and CSS
c. PHP
e. Bootstrap
f. MySQl

Duration: The first in the series will commence will commence on Monday August 10th, 2020.

Registration is limited for only 25 participants. Apply today! Whatapp +234 (803) 700 1365 for enquiries

Fee: N25,000 per participant ( Derasoft Nigeria Ltd | Zenith Bank: 1017405846)

Nairaland / General / Re: Things You Should Do Before You Die by youngies(m): 7:00pm On Apr 30, 2019

How do you expect a healthy, vibrant 45yr old man with a happy family like Fabian's above to now disclose to his loving wife that he has a wife and two children outside and not only that, several plots of land, apartment buildings and other properties all over the place, millions of naira in his bank account with the bank details well known to her? It would simply be better to just pick up a pistol and blow your own brains out.

How would this �?
Did you marry your friend and wife or an armed robber? �
Nairaland / General / Things You Should Do Before You Die by youngies(m): 3:34pm On Apr 30, 2019
I had friend; we’ll call him Fabian.

Fabian was a middle-aged, cool and responsible guy. He was financially comfortable for he had various business ventures going. We usually hang out together because we are good friends and belonged to the same sports club. Fabian was a complete family man. His love for his wife and children was immense. At a point, my wife uses him as a reference point on how we men should take care of them. Then one day, unexpectedly tragedy struck!

I was chilling one Saturday morning after some exercises when the call came, from his driver.

“Hello sir, e be like say oga Fabian don die,” his driver announced over the phone.

“Which Fabian?” I queried, as fear griped me

“Oga Fabian, your friend sir, he was in an accident,” he responded.

Still on the phone, I grabbed my car keys and started racing down to the hospital he was describing to me. Few hours later, I confirmed that indeed that my good friend whom I just had some workout sessions with few hours ago was gone. It was shocking as it was devastating! We had a herculean task deciding how to break the sad news to his wife, when we eventually did, she passed out.

It was during his burial preparations that it became glaring that though Fabian and his wife were ‘close,’ she knew little about him and he made little provision for his day of reckoning. First she had to rely on us friends for the hospital and mortuary bills because she didn’t know his ATM PIN. Secondly, when I suggested she do a mobile transfer from his account to hers so she can at least to take care of some of the home expenses, she didn’t know his mobile phone password, let alone bank mobile app token/PIN. So in a matter of few weeks after his passing, Fabian’s family became cash strapped for a man who had several tens of millions in the bank.

We crowd-funded and gave him a good burial. But it wasn’t long, I noticed that my late friend’s wife has gone into serious depression not just because she lost her husband, but because she could no longer cater for her four young children. I later learned that banks frustrated her efforts to recover her husband’s funds, she was almost giving up hope when an insider in the bank took pity on her and gave her some insider information that made her have a breakthrough. Again, it wasn’t long after this ordeal, his husband’s kinsmen came calling to throw her out and share his estate. We fought alongside her a fight that could have been avoided if Fabian did proper things while he was alive.

Death is not a strange phenomenon; it is part of the duality of nature. It is certain and inevitable, but its potency rests in its unpredictability. Only death know when death will come. Fact! Why then does death catch us unprepared, though we are aware that it will surely visit irrespective of time?

Here is the thing, we need to make more effort in making arrangements for how we want things to be after we are gone to avoid unnecessary squabbles and shoddy representation of facts. Why not make things be done on your own terms by taking care of the following business?

Will and Testament:
Don’t get upset and accuse me of wishing you death. Making a Will actually forces you to think about your own mortality. Making a Will is not only about planning for your death, but it is also about ensuring that your loved ones are adequately protected. It is, in fact, one of the most critical things that you can do for your loved ones. Talk to a lawyer today, so that your loved have nothing to argue with your village people tomorrow.

Financial Disclosure:
Many may not like to hear this, but it is either you make your spouse a signatory to your account(s) or disclose to her/him how to access your funds in case of your death or incapacitation. Failure to provide you spouse/partner with direct access to your funds will leave your children or dependents impoverished even though you have money in the bank. Unfortunately, Nigerian banks are notorious at making the process of accessing funds left behind by a deceased spouse very tedious and almost impossible even when you have all the documentations right. Don’t let bankers steal from you and deprive your family of needed funds when you are no longer on the scene.

Medical Disclosure:
It is a known fact that our society is saturated in grand superstition. Most deaths are not ‘ordinary’, someone somewhere must have caused it. This makes women mostly targets of opprobrium upon their husband’s death. Save your wife this inane actions by disclosing to your extended family members of any life-threatening disease you may be suffering from before it kills you so that no one will accuse your wife of killing you.

Past/Extra Relationship Disclosure:
As a man, do you have a love child outside of your current relationship? Did you at any time believe you may have fathered a child with someone in the past? Better for you to share the details with your spouse now that you are alive and deal with the consequences than leaving it till after your demise. It may completely tear your family apart and erase the good memory about you.

Full Disclosure of Properties:
Hiding your properties from your spouse for whatever reason is a foolish idea. It is either you die and leave the properties for your children or family members or you hide it from them and allow strangers and vandals to decimate your toil with utter disregard, it is your choice.

Your Profile:
No one can tell your story better than you. Don’t wait for folks who don’t have all the information to write about you. Take your time and write the story of your life. Write it with all the details, colours and embellishments that you would want your life’s story to have. Select the picture you would like to be used for brochure cover and other pictures you would want to be part of your story. Update it as life progresses.

Burial Rites:
Biko, specify in clear terms how you wish to be buried so that your corpse won’t be subjected to an avoidable indignity. We have seen instances where Christians and cult groups were dragging the corpse of a dead man. If you wouldn’t like to be swayed from side to side like jangle over by pallbearers, kindly state so. If you would want to be buried the same day no matter the circumstance, kindly share it with your family members. Heck, you can even make other arrangements like choosing your burial clothes, site, hymns, and even bible readings and who should read them.

Making these decisions now doesn’t mean that you are wishing death on yourself as some superstitious folks would want you to believe, it simply mean that you are in tune with your mortality and the inevitability of it. These information and plans should always be updated as life progresses. Don’t allow folks you rarely know be the one to make decisions on your behalf, put matters in your own hand now so that even from the great beyond you can still be in charge.

In this life, something is always at stake.

Politics / CONFIRMED: Buhari Will Not Attend Live Presidential Debate With Atiku by youngies(m): 4:41pm On Jan 08, 2019
Barring a last-minute change of mind, THE WHISTLER can authoritatively report that President Muhammadu Buhari will not take part in the presidential debate slated for January 19, 2019 by the Nigeria Election Debate Group.

The debates series, which started on December 14, 2018 with vice presidential candidates, is broadcast live by all member stations of the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON), organizers of the event.

John Momoh, Chairman of BON, had said the Presidential debates was slated for January 19th and would focus on the nation’s economy, electricity, job creation, health care, education and security, among others.

Although Buhari, who is the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is yet to make any formal announcement of his decision on the debate, sources close to the Presidency disclosed to THE WHISTLER that Buhari would not attend the live debate.

The sources did not give any reasons for the President’s decision but hinted that his handlers may have reached the decision not to put him on any live telecast so close to the election.

According to them, if there are negative fallouts from the debates, there may not be enough time to “write the wrongs”.

The president’s handlers are said to favour a recorded interview that gives the president the opportunity to speak on all issues and also insulate him from any off-the-cuff gaffe that may come with a live telecast.

“This is campaign season and any little mistake , the opposition will capitalize,” stated a top campaign official of the ruling party.

Politics / Re: Buhari Will Be The Best President Nigeria Has Had Post 1999. by youngies(m): 12:40pm On Jan 24, 2018
There should be no reputation left in Gbawe in this regard, the least he can do now get is damage control.

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Politics / How Malami, Dambazau Plotted Maina’s Reinstatement (EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS) by youngies(m): 4:50pm On Oct 23, 2017
As reactions continue to trail the sudden emergence of former Pension Reform Task Team chairman, Abdulrasheed Maina, as Director, Human Resources, at the Ministry of Interior, more revelations have come to light how the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami SAN and Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, plotted the reinstatement of Maina back to service.

This is coming on the heels of the Head of Service disowning him, stating that they remain unaware of his reinstatement.

A highly placed source at the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation, who asked not to be named, told THE WHISTLER on Monday, that the Office was unaware of the reinstatement of Maina back to the Service.

“The Head of Service did not convey this directive, rather she sought audience with Mr. President and gave him a full brief on this matter with supporting documentation. “She is at a loss to know why the haste for Maina’s recall/resumption when no such approval has been conveyed to him by my office. There is a lot of foul play going on. A lot of very prominent people are interested in his recall and playing all sorts of games to push the wrong doing onto my boss’s head. They have failed”, the source stated.

The Ministry of Interior on Friday had distanced itself from Maina’s reinstatement and deployment putting the blame at the doorsteps of the Office of the Head of Service and Federal Civil Service Commission.

The statement read that Maina “was posted few days ago to the Ministry of Interior by the Office of the Head of Service on an Acting capacity to fill a vacancy created following the retirement of the Director heading the Human Resources Department in the Ministry”.

But a letter with Ref No. 4029.82/Vol.III/179 exclusively obtained by THE WHISTLER, showed that Malami SAN and Dambazau actually pulled the strings for his recall from sack.

Maina was actually recalled on September 18, 20127 as a Deputy Director, Administration, by the Federal Civil Service Commission acting on the advice of the Ministry of Justice initiated by the Ministry of Interior.

The letter signed by Mustapha Sulaiman for the chairman of the commission said; “The FCSC at its meeting held on Wednesday, 16th August, 2017 considered the letter from the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice and the recommendation of the Senior Staff Committee (SSC) of the Ministry of Interior on the disciplinary case against Alhaji Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina, Deputy Director (Administration), Salary Grade Level 16. The FCSC, thereafter, approved the reinstatement of the Officer into the Service with effect from 21st February, 2013 (being date he was earlier dismissed from service). The FCSC also approved for the Officer to sit for the next promotion examination to the Post of Director (Administration) SGL. 17.

“I am therefore to convey the approval of the FCSC for the reinstatement into the Service of Alhaji Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina, Deputy Director (Administration) SGL 16.”

Read More:

Politics / Pep Guardiola Leads Catalans To Secede From Spain In October Referendum by youngies(m): 6:25pm On Jun 27, 2017
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola led tens of thousands of demonstrators at a rally in the city in support of the bid for the Catalonia independence referendum. The revered former manager of Barcelona's football club told the gathered crowd he would be voting for independence on October 1 'even if the Spanish state doesn't want it'.

Carles Puigdemont, leader of Catalonia's regional government, defied Madrid on Friday by setting a date for a binding vote even though the referendum has been ruled illegal by Spain's Constitutional Court.

According to DailyMail UK, Guardiola said: 'We will vote, even if the Spanish state doesn't want it,' Guardiola told the crowd speaking in Catalan, Spanish and English. 'There is no other way -the only possible response is to vote,' he added.

As Puigdemont looked on, Guardiola also spoke calling for the international community's support against 'the abuses of an authoritarian state'. While Barcelona authorities estimated the turnout at around 30,000 people, a separatist source put the figure at 47,000. 'I think independence is the only solution,' Ramon Fon, a retired 67-year-old at the rally, said.
'I want the referendum as a first step, and if the majority shares my opinion, then to win independence,' he said with the starred flag of Catalonia draped across his shoulders.
The latest regional government poll found that 73 percent of Catalans were in favour of holding a referendum similar to the one held by Scotland in 2014 - though that one had the approval of the British government.

But the same poll found that 48.5 percent of respondents opposed independence, with 44.3 percent in favour.
In 2014, Catalonia held a non-binding vote in which more than 80 percent of those who cast a ballot chose independence, though just 2.3 million out of 6.3 million eligible voters took part.

Catalonia, a wealthy region of 7.5 million people in northeast Spain, is fiercely proud of its language and customs, and has long demanded greater autonomy from Madrid. Puigdemont said Friday that people will be asked to vote on the question: 'Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state in the form of a republic?' If a majority votes 'yes,' the region's pro-independence government has said it will immediately start proceedings to separate from Spain
But the Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has vowed to be just as tough this time around as it was in the 2014 vote called by Catalonia's regional president at the time, Arturo Mas, despite it being outlawed by the Constitutional Court. Mas was later put on trial and banned from holding office for two years.

In February, the Constitutional Court ruled against the latest planned referendum and warned Catalan leaders they would face repercussions if they continued with their project. Spain has a variety of measures available to halt Catalonia's vote, including suspending Puigdemont for disobedience and even taking control of the regional government.

In a bid to circumvent such action, the regional government has drafted a law seeking to extract Catalonia from Spain's legal system. It is expected to present the bill in the next few weeks to the regional parliament, where pro-independence lawmakers have an absolute majority. But this too will probably be suspended by the Constitutional Court.

The proposal for the wealthy region to become a breakaway republic sets the stage for months of confrontation with the central government which says such a vote is illegal and must not take place.
Previous secessionist challenges in Catalonia, a populous wealthy region whose capital is Barcelona and which has its own language, were blocked by Spain's conservative government and the Constitutional Court.

'The question will be: 'Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic',' Carles Puigdemont, president of the government of Catalonia, said. He said attempts to agree a date and the wording of the question with the Madrid government, which is vehemently opposed to allowing Catalonia to split from Spain, failed and left him with no other choice than moving unilaterally.

'We have always made very diverse offers and all of them have been rejected without any exception,' Puigdemont said. Pro-independence campaigners staged a symbolic ballot, organised by volunteers rather than government officials to get around court restrictions, in 2014, months after Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Some two million people voted in favour of secession in that non-binding ballot, though turnaround was relatively low.

It is not clear how far the legal wrangling may go this time as the Catalan regional government has said it would throw all its weight behind the vote. Under Article 155 of Spain's constitution, Madrid has the power to intervene directly in the running of Catalonia's regional government, forcing it to drop the vote.

This could involve sending in the police or suspending the regional government's authority to rule. This is widely seen as a last resort move, however, and many analysts believe the clash will instead culminate in regional elections in Catalonia.

Source: https://thewhistler.ng/story/pep-guardiola-leads-tens-of-thousands-of-catalans-to-secede-from-spain-in-october-referendum


Politics / Re: It Is A Display Of Insanity And Inhumanity To Wish Death To The President by youngies(m): 1:46pm On Jan 27, 2017
Buhari and Death Wishers

By Emmanuel Ogbeche

Since the rumoured death of President Muhammadu Buhari in London from a yet-to-be determined source, Nigerians have been further divided – the death wishers and those repudiating them.

Ordinarily, I won’t indulge myself in the enterprise of looking at the unwarranted situation if not for the godly intervention of Pastor Tunde Bakare, Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, and the army of those who have used the opportunity to advance their Cathedral of Hypocrisy and announce their religiosity.

The controversial pastor was quoted to have said: “For everyone wishing for the death of President Muhammad Buhari, the President will attend his/her funeral.”

Wow! This is supposed to be a man of God joining the league of death wishers of a fellow human.

Now, because the average Nigerian is given to visceral reasoning, the social media has become a crusade of sanctimonious preachments of how it is ungodly to wish the death of another human.

To be candid, as a citizen I do not know what I feel for the president. I do not wish him death, neither do I wish him life, because that is the prerogative of the Divine. As a Christian it is my ecclesiastical endeavor to pray for his good, and hope that my prayers are answered.
For some of those who profess to be Christians, and have taken the battle cry against those who have voiced their elation at the passing of the president, it is sheer grandstanding. Some of these very persons continually pray for their enemies to die. Are those enemies not in human form, or are merely some spirits that your vivid imagination conjures?

Does the Bible not command you to pray for all men, even to wish that the Lord will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies?
It is trite to say that most Nigerians see President Buhari as their enemy. What would you tell the IPOB member who has seen his kith and kin, his comrade in the Biafran dream mowed down for no other reason than the fact that he has a right to agitate that the president is dead and he would not rejoice?

How can you convince the people of Southern Kaduna, Agatu, Shi’ites whose kindred have been killed senselessly and legion of others who have become economic destitute not to habour the ‘vile’ wish of the president’s death?

I remember with clarity the day Mallam Nasir el-Rufa’I embarked on the demolition of illegal structures in the Federal Capital Territory at Accra Street. One of the first structures pulled down was a Church. The church members refused to salvage any of their property despite entreaties for them to do so. All the while, they were at a corner hurling down heavenly asteroids and bombs on the minister to die and all those who were carrying out the demolition.

Why have I told this story? There are some matters that are not debatable if we are a people given to rigorous thought. Unfortunately, we are more enamoured of our religious piety without the corresponding moral fibre to engender a more progressive and humane society.
Who says wishing the president death is any less sin than engaging in sexual immorality; fornication, adultery and ignoring the poor and homeless? Some people wish their “enemies” a fate far terrible than death in their hearts.

Besides, Nigeria’s recent history compels such falsehood when you couch the president’s true state of health in some nebulous statement. Now that we know that the president is alive and making phone calls and watching Channels TV, can we hold him to his promise of ending medical tourism? Can we demand of him to see the world class specialists we have in our country? Can we demand more openness, tolerance and accountability of him?

Enough of the false moral monuments.


Politics / NJC Sacks 3 Judges, Okon Abang, Others Next In Line by youngies(m): 9:18am On Oct 01, 2016
The National Judicial Council has sacked three Nigerian judges in the aftermath of the 78th meeting of the council which held on Thursday September 29.
Judges Ladan Tsamiya of Illorin division Court of Appeal, I. A. Umezulike of Enugu state and Kabiru Auta of Kano State Federal High Court, were on Friday, September 30, sacked for offences bothering on fraud and gross misconduct.

Recall an earlier report by THE WHISTLER, where Chief Justice of Nigeria and chairman of the NJC, Mahmud Mohammed, noted that all judges involved in giving conflicting rulings in various suits that caused the leadership crisis within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would be adequately sanctioned.

Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja, and other judges may be next in line to be relieved of their jobs as justices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the NJC for the different roles they played in the crisis that rocked the leadership of the PDP.

The NJC announced sack of the 3 judges in a statement signed by Acting Director of Information of the commission, Soji Oye, on Friday.


The National Judicial Council, under the Chairmanship of the Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Mahmud Mohammed, GCON, at its 78th meeting which was held on 29th September, 2016 recommended compulsory retirement from office of Hon. Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya, Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Ilorin Division, Hon. Justice I. A. Umezulike, OFR, Chief Judge, Enugu State and the dismissal from service of Hon. Justice Kabiru M. Auta of the High Court of Justice, Kano state with immediate effect.

In the case of Hon. Justice Kabiru M. Auta, he is to be handed over to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 1, Kano, for prosecution.

Hon. Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya of the Court of Appeal was recommended for compulsory retirement from Office to President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, pursuant to the ‘Findings’ by the Council in the petition written by Nnamdi Iro Oji against him and Hon. Justices Husseini Muktar, F. O. Akinbami and J. Y. Tukur, all Justices of Court of Appeal who sat on Election Appeal Panel in the Owerri Division of the Court during the 2015 General Elections. The Petition contains the following allegations, among others.

Corruption, malice and vindictiveness; and giving perverse and conflicting decisions on the same issue in similar matters in Appeal CA/OW/EPT/SN/50/2015: Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex Vs Hon. Mao Onuabunwa & Anor;

CA/OW/EPT/SN/47/2015; Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu & Anor Vs Hon. Mao Ohuabunwa & Ors; and CA/OW/EPT/HR/61/2015: Nnamdi Iro Oji Vs Nkole Uko Ndukwe & 16 Ors.

During deliberations, Council found as follows:-

That there was evidence that the Petitioner met with Hon. Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya thrice, in his residence in Sokoto, Gwarinpa, Abuja and Owerri where on each occasion, he demanded from him the sum of N200,000.000 (Two Hundred Million Naira) to influence the Court of Appeal Panel in Owerri or risk losing the case;

That the allegations of giving two conflicting judgements on the same matter was not true as the two judgements were in respect of two different appeals: one was in respect of House of Representative Seat, a Federal Constituency, while the other was in respect of a Senate Seat which covered one third of the state.

That there was no allegation and no evidence that the Petitioner ever met or discussed with Hon. Justices Husseini Mukhtar (JCA), F. O. Akinbami (JCA) and J. Y. Tukur(JCA) in respect of the appeal before them.

In the Light of the foregoing that Hon. Justices Husseini Mukhtar (JCA), F. O. Akinbami(JCA) and J. Y. Tukur (JCA), were exonerated.

Hon. Justice I. A. Umezulike, OFR, Chief Judge, Enugu state was recommended to the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, for compulsory retirement sequel to the findings by the Council on the following allegations levelled against him by Barrister Peter Eze.

That the Hon. Chief Judge failed to deliver Judgement in Suit No E/13/2008: Ajogwu V Nigerian Bottling Company Limited in which final Addresses were adopted on 23rd October, 2014. The judgement was however delivered on 9th March, 2015, about 126 days after addresses were adopted, contrary to constitutional provisions that judgement should be delivered within a period of 90 days.

That Hon. Justice Umezulike, OFR, in Suit No E/159M/2014, Ezeuko Vs Probate Registrar, High Court of Enugu State and 3 Ors ordered the arrest of Mr. Peter Eze by police and be brought before his Court after the matter was amicably resolved and judgement entered on terms of Settlement.

That the Hon. Chief Judge in a speech delivered by him to the Eastern Bar Forum on Friday 4th March, 2016, openly made uncomplimentary remarks containing vulgar language against the Petitioner, contrary to Rule 1.3 of the National Judicial Council Revised Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers.

That at the time of the book launch of the Hon. Chief Judge, donation of N10 million was made by Prince Arthur Eze during the pendency of the two cases in His Lordship’s Court, both of which Prince Arthur Eze has vested interest.

That there have been many instances of abuse of Judicial powers, by the Chief Judge, particularly against the two defendants in Suits Nos. E/6/2013 and E/88/2016. The Chief Judge clung to these two suits to remain in his court, despite all genuine efforts made by the defendants to get the suits transferred to another court.

That the Chief Judge sitting at a vantage position of Senior Judicial Officer and Head of Court for that matter, should not have allowed his emotions to dictate his judicial functions to the detriment of the defendants in both suits.

In the case of Hon. Justice Kabiru Auta of the High Court of Justice, Kano State, he was recommended to the Kano State Governor, Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, for dismissal and be handed over to the police for prosecution following the findings of the Council on the allegations levelled against him by Alhaji Kabiru Yakassai as follows:-

That the Petitioner paid the sum of N125, 000.000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty-five Million Naira) into an account approved by the Hon. Judge.

The Petitioner also made cash payment of N72,000,000.00 (Seventy-five Million Naira) to Hon. Justice Auta in several instalments through his Personal Assistant, Abdullahi Bello, ostensibly for the purpose of assisting a former Chief Justice of Nigeria who had just been appointed to secure accommodation and for the Petitioner to be in turn rewarded by the award of some contracts by the said Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria.

That Hon. Justice Auta facilitated telephone communications in his house between the Petitioner and purportedly the former Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria on the other end.

That Hon. Justice Auta facilitated meetings between the Petitioner and a lady who introduced herself as the purported Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria in a Prado Jeep, escorted by armed Police Officer in a hotel in Kaduna.

That after the Petitioner suspected foul play and reported the matter to the police, Hon. Justice Auta agreed to pay the Petitioner the sum of N95, 000.000.00 (Ninety-five Million Naira) as part of his claim while Abubakar Mahdi was to pay the sum of N125, 000.000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty-five Million Naira) to the petitioner.

That pursuant to the agreement, Hon. Justice Auta made a part payment of $11, 000.00 (Eleven Thousand U. S. Dollars) and N16,000.000.00 (Sixteen Million Naira) cash to the Petitioner and undertook to pay the balance before the commencement of the Fact Finding Committee set up by the National Judicial Council to investigate the allegations.

That Hon. Justice Kabiru Auta admitted accepting to pay the money as agreed in AIG’s Office in Kano according to him “having suffered humiliation, and incarceration and had nowhere to go for help and in order to protect my image and the image of the judiciary”. He however, said that the settlement was for him to pay N35 million and not N95 million and that to that effect, he paid N20 million so far including the $11,000.00; and

That Hon. Justice Kabiru stated in his evidence, that the purpose of the petitioner visiting his house at times was that as a friend, he used to seek favours for his people who had matters before him, a conduct that is in itself self-indicting and a serious abuse of Judicial Oath.

The above allegations against the three Judicial Officers constitute misconduct contrary to Section 292 (1) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended and Rules 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 3.2, 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 8.4a, 13.1, 15.2 of the 2016 Revised Code of Conduct for Judicial Officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the National Judicial Council, in the exercise of its disciplinary powers under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, has suspended Hon. Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya, Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal, Ilorin Division, Hon. Justice I. A. Umezulike, OFR, Chief Judge of Enugu State and Hon. Justice Kabiru Auta of Kano State High Court from Office with immediate effect, pending the approval of the recommendations of the Council for their compulsory retirement and dismissal respectively, from office by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR; Governor Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State and Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, OFR, of Kano State, respectively.

Source: https://thewhistler.ng/story/njc-sacks-3-judges-okon-abang-others-next-in-line
Politics / Re: Adanna Ohakim Breast-Feeding Her Son In A Restaurant by youngies(m): 8:26am On May 25, 2016
Public Breastfeeding, Why Not?

Nobody likes missing Prof. Kim’s lecture for any reason. The classroom was packed to the rafters, dead silence as Prof. Kim makes an exposé on “Ubiquitous Government.” Then a baby coughed, another cough, followed by intermittent bouts of cries, heads with malevolent eyes turned towards Tricia demanding without speaking that she take her baby out of the lecture hall.

She grabbed her baby who was by then seriously wailing, walked half way thro…ugh the hall, then stopped suddenly and made a U-turn to her seat. As about 30 something starring pair of eyes followed her to her seat, she stunned them by whipping out her breast in a swift and started breastfeeding her baby. Amusingly, her baby stopped crying and was scratching her head and raising her tiny legs as she feeds.

Meanwhile as the lecture continued, a lady brought Tricia a handkerchief to cover the exposed part of her boobs. She tried it and soon realized that the fabric was also covering her baby’s head too. She politely declined the offer.

The debate of whether mothers should breastfeed their young ones in public has been an ongoing one and I am seriously bemused by it. The primary function of the breast is to feed children. The fact that we have over-sexualized the female breast is just terrible. I say female specifically because male breasts are not privy to this same treatment in our society.

Could it be that it is because the breasts are inherently erogenous? But so is the neck, ear lobes, inner thighs and even toes, breasts are not sex organs that we should weigh mothers down with unnecessary pressures.

I am not by any means promoting indecency, but since I don’t eat with a blanket covering my food or my head, neither should a baby be subjected to such simply because some folks feel that their perverted sensibilities are violated by the feeding of a hungry baby in a totally normal way.

Read more: http://hardballz.com.ng/public-breastfeeding-why-not/
Politics / 347 Corpses Plus 55 Shallow Graves, By Olusegun Adeniyi by youngies(m): 5:20pm On Apr 22, 2016
After reading several rave reviews, I decided to watch the movie, “Eye in the Sky” which essentially centres around the ethical dilemma of the use of drones in modern warfare. Released last September, it features a British military officer (played by Helen Mirren) who, in the process of commanding a joint (British and American) operation to capture some Al-Shabaab terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya, discovered that not only did they have explosives, the insurgents were also preparing two suicide bombers for a fresh attack.

While that changes the dynamics of the operation, the officer would need authorization to equally change the objective so she could kill the terrorists by drone, especially when a British citizen was among them. Meanwhile, an American Reaper Drone controlled from an Air Force Base in Nevada had been providing aerial surveillance on the Nairobi building with the proceedings in the house monitored.

Eventually, the British commander secured the authorization to attack the building but just as the pilots were ready to strike, they ran into another dilemma, this time a moral one: an innocent nine-year old girl had entered the kill zone. The pilots could see the girl selling bread outside the targeted building and were almost certain she would end up as collateral damage if they released the missile. All attempts to use the spy on ground to buy the entire loaves of bread on her counter so she could leave the vicinity failed at about the time the battery of the surveillance video ran flat; and with it, the image from the scene.

Linked by phones and video screens, top politicians and military commanders debated the drone operation that could take the life of an innocent girl against the prospect of multiple deaths that would also occur if the suicide bombers were allowed to leave the premises to carry out their plan. The interesting arguments and counter-arguments that followed provided the essence of the movie, as each layer of political authority tried to avoid responsibility, essentially because of the fear that if things went wrong and the collateral damage became enormous, they could be held accountable by the people.

At the end, the real lesson became obvious for me: it was not that the British and the American politicians cared more about innocent lives but rather that they knew they would be held accountable by their publics if such lives were lost on their watch. The critical issue here is that a society where public officials do not feel that they can be held accountable for the life of a citizen, or any life at all, is also one where impunity would reign. The pertinent question therefore is: if the lives of Nigerians (who have evidently been overpowered by those expected to serve them) don’t matter, how can their money matter?

When on 12th December last year members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, otherwise called Shiites, had a violent clash with a detachment of the Nigerian Army accompanying the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General T.Y. Buratai in Zaria, the exact number of fatalities was left to speculations. Even at that, most people believed that the figure of a hundred being touted was mere propaganda. That was until last week when the Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Mallam Balarabe Lawal, said 347 corpses were given mass burial in a single grave on the night of 14th December 2015. According to Lawal, 191 of the corpses were recovered from the Army Depot in Zaria and another batch of 156 corpses from the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH).

As disturbing as that disclosure would seem, it was the testimony of the Director-General of Interfaith, Muhammad Namadi Musa, that was actually more chilling: “On December 13, 2015, I received a phone call from the SSG to come to the Government House after which I was directed to go to Zaria to find out the number of corpses and how they would be buried. I moved in company of the State Commissioner of Police straight to ABUTH, Zaria to ascertain the number of corpses. There we counted 156 corpses. At the Nigerian Depot, the SSG directed me to meet with one Major Ogundare regarding the corpses there. After introducing myself, he refused to let me know the number; but later on, the SSG told me the number. He also confirmed the number while they were being buried; as he counted them one after the other as they were laid in one grave. We left the Nigerian Army Depot with three heavy-duty trucks and 60 young officers who escorted us to assist in offloading the corpses. From ABUTH, Zaria, five small trucks carried the corpses. Most corpses were covered with black materials and they included women and children.”

While we can leave the details of this gory incident for now, we can at least all agree on one thing: 347 lives are yet to be accounted for. That could only happen because some people knew they would not have to explain how such a large number of Nigerians died in questionable circumstances under their watch. It is only in our country that such a thing would happen without as much as a whimper from the people. Okay, I know: Why should it bother us; after all, they are Shiites?!

In our country today, it is very convenient to label people and with that discount their humanity and value. They are Fulani herdsmen. They are Agatus. They are Yorubas. They are Igbos. They are Christians. They are Muslims. They are settlers. Even the authorities have bought into that dangerous typecasting and segregation as can be glimpsed from the second issue: A statement credited to the Directorate of State Security (DSS) on five Hausa-Fulani herdsmen abducted in Abia State who “were suspected to have been killed by their abductors (IPOB) and buried in shallow graves, amidst 50 other shallow graves of unidentified persons.”

Here, let us assume that the DSS authorities were actually investigating the killing of five herdsmen (as distinct from Nigerians!) but then stumbled on their shallow graves along with 50 other shallow graves. That shock-find ordinarily should change the nature and context of the investigation: From five Nigerians who could not be accounted for, the number had increased to 55. But the DSS leadership could not be bothered about those other 50 “unknown” Nigerians who also met their untimely death in the hands of some criminals. Yet, as I stated earlier, in a society where lives don’t matter, it is sheer waste of time to expect accountability in the management of public resources.

In his latest Note titled “Who should get foreign aid”, Mr. Bill Gates (no introduction needed) wrote that “Nigeria has a higher average income than Vietnam, Pakistan, or Ghana. But compared with people in those countries, Nigerians die younger, are less likely to be literate and are more likely to die before age 5 or in childbirth.” That is what happens in a society where leaders place little or no premium on the lives of the ordinary citizens.

One measure of the countries we like to call ‘developed’ is that they also happen to have a higher sense of fellow feeling. One American life or one British life in danger anywhere on the globe is cause enough to commit troops to ensure they are extracted or saved. But here, our citizens are mere statistics while those in authority hardly care about the loss of innocent lives except such victims are their tribesmen whose death they can use to serve some political end.

Before I continue, I need to stress that this cynical approach to lives is not limited to this administration. It was the same disposition that led to the Odi killings in Bayelsa State and Zaki Biam massacre in Benue State under President Olusegun Obasanjo; the extra-judicial execution of Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Yusuf and some of his lieutenants under the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and the manner in which President Goodluck Jonathan practically looked the other way while innocent children, including the Chibok girls, were being taken away by Boko Haram insurgents.

However, part of the narrative constructed by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign to oust President Jonathan was that his administration was playing politics with the death and killing of Nigerians. While it can be argued that Jonathan and his team provided ample materials for such narrative, the Buhari administration does not appear to have shown any inclination to do things differently. If anything, they have doubled down on a longstanding tradition of trifling with Nigerian lives.

For instance, the president was quick to condole with the French and Belgian governments when they those countries recently suffered mass casualty incidents. Yet his silence in respect of the Zaria tragedy and the vexatious matter of 55 bodies and the curious SSS statement are both deafening and frightening. The idea that 347 Nigerians can be buried in a mass grave with no word of solace from our president beggars belief.

On behalf of the administration, it is argued that there is a judicial commission of inquiry set up by the Kaduna State Government and that it should be given the space to finish its work. There are two critical problems here. One, while it is heartening to see the Army testify before a judicial commission of inquiry, the fact remains that ultimately, the military high command will take directive only from their C-in-C. Two, events in Zaria engage the direct responsibility of the President. He can’t outsource how it is dealt with.

The Army (in respect of the 347 bodies) and the DSS (in respect of the 55) are directly under the command and control of the president. Therefore, it is difficult for the administration to escape an inference that the actions of these institutions have his explicit or implicit nod. The only person who can debunk this inference is President Buhari himself. Body language would be a good place to start. But his actions would speak even louder.

At a time of national distress occasioned not only by security challenge but also by a worsening economic situation, the people need to see their president demonstrate that Nigerian lives in fact do matter to him. That is the beginning of accountability, without which any government programme, including the much-touted war against corruption, would be futile and meaningless.

Source: https://thewhistler.ng/story/347-corpses-plus-55-shallow-graves-by-olusegun-adeniyi

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Politics / Dalung Attended In 2016 A Football Match Of Idps Of Gongola State Yesterday by youngies(m): 12:12pm On Apr 07, 2016
The Honourable Minister of Sports and Youth Development Barrister Solomon Dalung yesterday attended a football match to mark the United Nations International Day of Sports for Peace and Development. To further celebrate the event, he posted several photos on his Facebook wall.

It is not clear if the Minister does not know that Gongola state stopped existing since 27 August 1991 or if the IDP football team is actually called IDPs of Gongola State.

Gongola State was a former administrative division of Nigeria. It was created on 3 February 1976 from Adamawa and Sardauna Provinces of North-Eastern State, together with the Wukari Division of the then Benue-Plateau State; it existed until 27 August 1991, when it was divided into two states - Adamawa and Taraba.

It will be recalled that Dalung was once quoted as saying: "I admit that I am a novice. But I also know that there are internal wrangling in the Federation" He made this statement in trying to respond to jibes over his poor knowledge of Nigeria Sport and whether he was qualified to head the ministry.

"I attended a football match between Internally Displaced Persons IDPs of Gongola State and footballers from the Diplomatic Community yesterday to mark the United Nations International Day of Sports for Peace and Development. The Diplomatic community included the Embassies of Argentina, Egypt, Venezuela, Italy, Germany, Turkey etc. Volunteers including the NIGERIA Red Cross, UNAIDS, UNICEF and the LIKEMINDS PROJECT donated food, stationery, clothing and other basic items to the IDPs. There was free HIV testing for all who came while I was also presented with an award for my contribution to Sports development."

Source: https://thewhistler.ng/story/dalung-attended-in-2016-a-football-match-of-idps-of-gongola-state-yesterday

Politics / Ekiti Lawmaker, Akanni Reportedly Dead In DSS Custody by youngies(m): 4:52pm On Mar 17, 2016
It was reported on Thursday that Honourable Afolabi Akanni has died under the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS).

This information was disclosed by Lawmakers of the Ekiti State House of Assembly after an emergency press conference held in the State on Thursday March 17, 2016.

The concerned Lawmakers demanded that the Department of State Services produce Akanni dead or alive, as it is believed that the honourable has died under the custody of the DSS.

Recall that the Hon. Akanni, who represents Efon Constituency of the South Western State, was abducted by the DSS on the order of President Buhari on Friday 4th March 2016. He has been detained and held in DSS custody till date, despite the order of a court directing his release.

It was also reported that since his abduction two weeks ago, Akanni has being denied access to speak or see family members, doctors and even his lawyers.

The resolve which was made available to this medium on Thursday and signed by the Commissioner for Information, Youths and Sports Development, Hon. Lanre Ogunsuyi, reads: “Information reaching us indicates that one of the abducted members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon. Afolabi Akanni has died in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS).

“It will be recalled that the honourable member has been unlawfully incarcerated in DSS custody since March 4, 2016. A court order directing his release since March 11, 2016 was ignored by the DSS.

“Significantly, since his illegal detention, he has been held incommunicado without access to his family members, doctors and lawyers.

“We call on the DSS to immediately clarify the situation as to the status (dead or alive) of Hon Afolabi Akanni, representing Efon Constituency by producing him physically for all Nigerians, particularly his immediate family to see.

“While we are waiting for the DSS, we urge every resident of Ekiti State, particularly the people of his immediate Constituency in Efon to remain calm.”

Source: http://www.thewhistler.ng/story/ekiti-lawmaker-akanni-reportedly-dead-in-dss-custody
Politics / Amaechi Loses His Temper On A LoveFM Presenter Who Exposed His Hipocrisy by youngies(m): 7:51pm On Mar 14, 2016
The Minister of Transport, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is known for his more than stellar reputation to stir controversies and spill vitriols is on the news again, yet for another wrong reason.

The Minister who is in Rivers State ahead of the rerun elections scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 19, 2016, had a complete meltdown, nearly lost his mind and walked off mid-broadcast during an interview at Love FM in the River’s State capital of Port-Harcourt.

Amaechi had said “I think Wike should resign because he has failed Rivers state. The insecurity in the state is alarming.”

Responding, the presenter said “Very interesting, Hon. Minister that you are calling for the resignation of Governor Wike. Would you also call for the resignation of President Buhari, since we all know that the security situation in the country has only got worse since he assumed office?”

The question posed by the presenter appears to have ridiculed Mr. Amaechi’s argument that Gov. Wike should resign, as it seemed to have either struck a chord or exposed Amaechi hypocritical dispositions on matters concerning his Governor and the President.

Shocked by the boldness of the presenter, Amaechi, lashed back at her for asking such a question, describing the question as “stupid”.

He defended the All Progressive Congress (APC)-led government, by alleging that the security situation in the country has not gone worse, adding that he was on the platform to discuss Rivers state and nothing more.

“If you don’t have any other question to ask me, I get out of here. What kind of stupid question is that? Who told you that the security situation has gone worse in Nigeria? I am here to discuss Rivers state,” he said.

The presenter quickly responded by stating that it was only a simple question.

She said, “…. you just called for the resignation of…”

Before she was done speaking, Amaechi interjected her saying, “Just shut up …..”

The horrified presenter later apologized to listeners for the minister’s crude behavior.

Mr. Amaechi seemed to be having excruciating political moment since the Supreme court affirmed the election of political arch-rival, Barr. Nyesom Wike as Governor of River’s State.

The former Rivers Governor has been going from one media house to the other throwing tantrums and making provocative remarks about Gov. Nyesom Wike and his associates, turning himself into an object of derision.

Mr. Amaechi’s remarkable ignorance about national affairs always gets him into trouble. And every time he tries to reassure, he digs the hole deeper.

Reacting, a public affairs commentator, Mr. Jeff Ossai said: “Amaechi is a very bitter man, and this is the very brand of bitterness that has led many politician into the abyss.”

Another commentator who spoke to THE WHISTLER Mr. Emeka Omuorah wondered why Buhari with all his goodwill before the election, trusted a man like Amaechi with a cabinet position, he said: “Why, at a moment when Nigeria desperately needs it’s best hands, would Buhari recruit the clowns?”

Source: http://www.thewhistler.ng/story/amaechi-loses-his-temper-lashes-out-at-presenter-who-exposed-his-hypocrisy-on-live-radio

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Politics / Ene Ofugara Writes To Festus Keyamo For Not Supporting Ese Oruru by youngies(m): 11:54am On Mar 02, 2016
Senior bros Degwor,

I am writing this to you as 2019 approaches so that you can immediately understand what actions many of us Urhobos wil...l take as regards your candidacy for any political position.

You called me once that you were running for governor. Paul Akpor Abu facilitated the call. I am also aware you are close to my family the Smart Ofugara Hetty Smart-Ofugara etc. That ordinarily would have made me your loyal boy immediately.

However, I wish to state a few things you may have missed in the class where CANDIDACY and REPRESENTATION OF THE URHOBOS AND DELTANS was taught. Mowoe, Salubi and other great Urhobos offered the class. For the Itsekiris, Okotie Eboh and Rewane taught it. For Yorubas, Awolowo was a professor. I see you totally missed the class or flunked it.

The main gist of the lecture is, the major take away is " If you know you want to represent your people as their leader, if you know you will not speak on their behalf, SHUT UP". This is a cardinal rule for anyone wishing to represent his people.

I am surprised that a lawyer of your reputation and knowledge (EFCC bungled cases aside) a small me is the one teaching you representation in a legal system that understands and or is based on GAME THEORY. What this means is, you stand on one side and see that that side gets all the justice it can. Obviously, you may have stood on the side of the Hausa-Fulani, thinking this an APC vs PDP matter instead of "my Urhobo brother's daughter has been taken away from him to a place he cannot even access her. How can I reunite him and his daughter How can I lead? How can I be of help? How can I use my vast knowledge to settle this thing amicably? You Keyamo never thought in this line.

No seriously bros Keyamo, so for a minute you did not think this man is your constituency and deserves your help to get his daughter back? So you did not think to use your influence and closeness to APC hierarchy to call Sansi and say "boss, this thing is embarrassing you. Let the girl go". As a politician, you did not reason that this was a time to shine, where you are the one at the police station bringing the girl out and reuniting her with her father. Do you know the photo opportunity and the mileage that would have been for your political career?

What did you do instead bros, you talked like someone with zero political ambition, or like a hired Sanusi and Yinusa's lawyer. You said that a man whose minor was taken to a diffrent region, state, culture and religion, one that will forever divorce the man and his daughter, you said he should marry off the daughter by getting together with the parents of the abductor and MARRY HER OFF.

You see a big weight like the Emir of Kano fighting little Mr Oruru and you take the side of Emir Sanusi to kick your Urhobo brother as he lay supine on the floor, begging for his minor...his daughter. You as a potential representative of his tribe, you step on his brocus instead by saying that taking his daughter away to live in Kano with the Emir is "pranks".

Obiageli Ezekwesili, Ben Murray Bruce and so many others not Urhobo are screaming for justice for little Mr Oruru, but you Keyamo kick him in the gonads.

I am sure Sanusi and Buhari are clapping for you. well done

As for me Ena Ofugara, I can never trust you to represent Urhobos in my life ever ever ever again. If a man can lose his daughter to the Emir of Kano and you consider such loss of a minor "PRANKS" and you advise that the man should marry the girl off, bros, for what it is worth I WILL NEVER SUPPORT YOU AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF MY PEOPLE. I and those I can influence will never ever ever ever support you in this life or the next. This betrayal is just too much to bear. If you cannot stand with an Urhobo man in a case so clear, when will you ever stand with one?

Bros, I no put water for mouth talk am. Me and anyone close to me will never support you. I rather go bring Kano man as Urhobo representative cos na the same end result e go be.

Not Yours very very sincerely,

Source: http://thewhistler.ng/story/ene-ofugara-writes-open-letter-to-festus-keyamo-for-not-supporting-ese-oruru

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Politics / Re: Buhari Orders MDAs To Run Treasury Single Account by youngies(m): 10:10am On Aug 10, 2015
As good as this directive may sound, there is a flip side to it, which may cause some hiccups in the system.

FG should be aware that some of the projects generating these revenue for them today where NOT funded by them. These projects were entirely a PPP arrangement were the private sector funded the provision of these government services, for instance the international passport.

Once the private sector that funds these services could not get their money on time due to the bureaucratic bottleneck that the TSA directive will pose, there may be a downtime in the services they provide. Case in point: there is already scarcity of passport booklets in the country.

The directives may need fine-tuning.
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Ex-cso Hospitalised, Discharged by youngies(m): 2:14pm On Jul 21, 2015
That awkward moment when
Your friends want you dead
Your enemies want you alive
All for political gains
#GordonObua undecided

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Politics / Ogbeni Rauf Over Skill In Osun by youngies(m): 2:57pm On Jun 22, 2015
“I want to achieve for my people in four years things that would have ordinarily taken twenty years, I am in a hurry.” This statement kept re-echoing in my head long after the meeting my team had with Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the executive governor of State of Osun in November 2014.

Ogbeni spoke so passionately about his vision for his people, about OyesTech and Opon Imo, about Osun being the state with the fastest growing IGR; he narrated to us how the state may not be relying on federal allocation in few years to come, to cap it up he told us how he was able to conquer the PDP rigging machine. As we wait to conclude our meeting that evening, I noticed that people from various parts of the state continued to throng his office in felicitation. I began to believe in his vision until the helicopter landed in the compound that evening to take him to another location for a meeting I presumed.

How Aregbesola managed/mismanaged Osun’s economy that has turned the state to something equivalent to an orphanage home or an IDP camp is not what I am interested in here. I will leave that to academic researchers to fathom. I am interested in the about to be created additional 39 local council administrative areas. I understand that the state assembly has already passed a law to create these LCDAs emanating from a referendum carried out in the state.

At a time when some states are cutting down the number of MDAs and personnel in order to save cost, the State of Osun which is currently relying on handouts from free spirited individuals and organizations to survive, shouldn’t be creating more cost centers for the state. 39 additional LCDAs mean additional bureaucrats and their aides, offices and pecks of office, whereas the state is owing workers for 7 months now and still counting.

There is a time for everything, this is certainly not the time for politics in Osun, not a time for rush of blood in the head nor a time for over-reaching one’s capability. It is a time for introspection, a time for pragmatism, a time to swallow one’s pride for the good of state.

Ogbeni, I know you are smart, confident and intelligent, but your current realities do not support any ‘bragado’. If you couldn’t manage 30 LGAs effectively with dwindling fortunes, how do you intend to manage 69?

Sebi you know say, monkey smart, monkey smart, na because say tree near each other.

Family / Re: I Need Help! Its About Life And Death by youngies(m): 5:35pm On May 29, 2015

It's not her place to call the police, no matter how wayward parents maybe it's not the children's place to get them in trouble. What she can do is to try and talk sense into her mother, she's old enough now to be able to influence her mother, what you are asking her to do is called relationship suicide and once its done there's no going back. She mentioned it's not the first time this has happened and yet they resolved it, I refuse to believe involving the police is the best course of action! Unless we all want to deceive ourselves and act like this issue is rare in the Nigerian society, we should all know by now that you can't help someone that does not want to help his or herself, let the woman come to her senses!

What is it about this archaic "culture" that one cannot report an abusive and violent parent to the police?

When has the roles and duties of the police changed from maintaining law and order in the society?

Your police-phobia attitude in this case is not only backward thinking, it actually feeds the high rate of preventable crimes that we experience in our society.

A very attempt or act of violent crime should be reported to the police or other security agencies.


Politics / Story That Touches The Heart - That Certificate....that Special Nigerian by youngies(m): 2:41pm On Jan 22, 2015
You could tell that he was dispirited. The sparkle in his eyes had since receded and in its place stood this doleful smudge. The light of his innocence had been brutally quenched. He had been forced to grow up very quickly, too quickly.

One mark!
Just one!

Everyone agreed that he worked hard. He knew he couldn't have worked harder. But hard work was not enough penance for the sin of his birth. Had he been born to Yobe, Zamfara or even Katsina State parents, he would have never crossed paths with his woes. But his first cries were heard by a woman from Anambra State, a crime too grave to be atoned for by hard work in Nigeria. No, not when you desired to attend one of our prestigious Unity Schools.

Ogonna scored 138. His friends from other parts of Nigeria scored far less than half his score, yet they celebrated. They didn't have to read hard. In fact, those of them from Yobe State only needed to answer two questions right.

When I read of Olisa Agbakoba's land- mark victory in the courts recently, I called Ogonna immediately. I didn't think he would have heard about it. The news had failed to trend as much as I had expected. The courts had ruled against the ridiculous and discriminatory States-Of -Origin based cut- off marks for Unity Schools.

"Ogo, it's over," I said.
There was a brief moment of awkward silence. I waited for him to ask what was over but he didn't.
"Olisa Agbakoba has ..."
"I know Aunty."
"You know?"
"I read about it this morning Aunty."

I ended the call thinking how late that ruling by a Lagos State High Court had come for a child like Ogonna; how the knowledge that it would not happen to anyone else had failed to lift the web of bitterness that entangled his young mind.

While the fray over Gen Buhari's certificate raged, I managed to stay out of it. I figured that politicians were just out to distract us from the main issues. I was almost indifferent until that press statement by the military two days ago. That made my hair stand on its end. I was suddenly alert! And horrified!

I kept thinking of Ogonna and praying that he manages to miss the story. The knowledge that the Nigerian Army admitted a Nigerian based on a promissory recommendation from a School Principal should be too much for him. The realization that it has taken decades for this elite body to notice that the certificate that was to bestow credence on the Principal's assurances never came is sure to crush his spirit further. It's just too incredible!

This so-called Federal Character system that enshrines mediocrity must stop! If there is any purpose that this embarrassing certificate squabble has served, it would be that it has once more put our mediocrity-fabricating Federal Character to the fore.....to be killed finally.

Before now, the sound of 'perpetual injunction' left a sour taste in my mouth. It started after a certain former Governor of River's State managed to secure one. It barred any investigations into his person or his actions as Governor. Not any more, thanks to Olisa Agbakoba's brand of 'Perpetual Injunction'.

This one leaves a soothing balm on bruised psyches like Ogonna's........and mine.

- Nneka Aroh
Politics / Re: The Many Lies Of Buhari And APC Supporters by youngies(m): 2:29pm On Nov 06, 2014
Interesting thread.

As a guest most times, I always enjoy reading from Barcanista.
The way he articulates and marshals his points to defend his positions for APC/GMB.

I believed him, well....almost

Until out of nowhere came Datolee
With a mission to destroy
All their years of 'hard work'
Repeatedly crafted lies and half truths

All vapourised before their very eyes
It is a Sobering Day for team APC/GMB

But it is Liberation Day for the rest of us
For Truth has been laid bare
Though some have eyes, but can't see

I chose Truth today over Lies, not GEJ nor GMB

21 Likes 3 Shares

Sports / Nigeria Football Federation, NFF – We Can’t Fire Them? by youngies(m): 10:58am On Aug 21, 2014
I once had a friend Sule, who became a smoker at age 15. His father adored him not because he smokes, but because he was the only son. Sule’s father was often never around to witness what a misfit that Sule had become.

Sule’s mother tried her best to raise his son to be a responsible boy, her efforts was been hindered by the tacit support and endorsements that Sule enjoys from his father who by the way lives and works in another country.

She knew that things had gotten out of hand when Sule at age 17 impregnated a girl who was then aged 15. Sule’s mom tried several things including withdrawing Sule from his school so that he can be cut off from the bad influences of his peers at school. She even at a point engaged the services of spiritualist to help deliver his son from ‘demonic bondage’.

But each of her efforts was met with lack of support from her husband, instead he accused her of being over-bearing on the young man. He reminded his wife that Sule was a grown man and warned her to quit meddling in his son’s affairs.

One late evening, Sule’s father got a distressed call from home – his only achievement in life, his country home has been completely razed down by fire. The fire was caused by a flaming cigarette butt. He lost everything in the fire, including Sule who was asphyxiated.

When I learnt of the fire incident at the Nigeria Football Federation (Glass House) yesterday, the first thought that came to my mind was the cost of our not being able to stand up to FIFA as a sovereign nation that pays the salaries of the jokers working at the Glass House.

For those who have been too busy following the tragic drama at the Glass House, NFF President, Mr. Aminu Maigari was first removed from office by a court of law in Jos immediately after the World Cup for alleged corrupt practices part of which resulted in our players refusing to train unless their monies were paid in Brazil. Afterwards Maigari rushed to FIFA; expectedly FIFA slammed and banned Nigeria for government interference in football matters.

Maigairi was back in office, but the reprieve was short lived as he was impeached by the NFF executive committee, who accused him of grand larceny, he then was reported to have purportedly threw in his resignation. Mr. Mike Umeh then stepped in as interim NFF president, but with a motive to become the next NFF president.

Cutting long story short, on August 15, FIFA reinstated Maigari and two others with specific instructions that they must be part of the forthcoming NFF elections on August 26. The result was the burning down of the NFF office yesterday.


Between Aminu Maigari and Mike Umeh, one of them knows something about the arson that was committed at the Glass House yesterday. It was a targeted inferno that was said to have started around 9.15am at the office of the Chief Accountant and later spread to the Accountant’s office, Secretary General’s office and then IT department, burning files and computers.

Maigari has the motive to cover up his mess, no documents, no proof – little wonder why he described the fire incident as an “Act of God.”

Umeh on his part also has a motive – he has been disqualified from contesting in the forthcoming August 26th elections. He probably participated in the alleged sleaze as he was the Vice President under Maigari. His may also be a case of "if I can’t have it, no one else can."

The irony is that even if a case is established against any of these blokes, government can’t fire them without FIFA baring its fangs. At this rate, when NFF finally moves its secretariat to its permanent site at the Abuja National Stadium, be very sure that one day we will wake up one morning and find that edifice in ruins and we can’t even lift a finger against them, if we do, FIFA will ban us!

They can #FireUs but we can’t #FireThem

Read more from the blogger: http://hardballz.com.ng
Family / Re: Prostate Cancer & Matters Arising - A Must Read! by youngies(m): 10:55am On Jul 04, 2014
certain parts of a man shud be left to men alone shocked
He knows d drill.

As a woman, you should also care for that 'equipment' you love to play with most wink
Family / Re: Prostate Cancer & Matters Arising - A Must Read! by youngies(m): 10:54am On Jul 04, 2014
pweetyface: Guys should pls go for check up wen dey are 40, its dealy nd stressful. I just lost my dad to dis cancer on tuesday.
Even after surgery, it still kills, he had his surgery last year....early detection is d only hope cry

I sympathize with you on your loss, it is painful. sad

Early detection is key, but a lot of folks out there may not be aware.
Family / Re: Prostate Cancer & Matters Arising - A Must Read! by youngies(m): 7:52am On Jul 03, 2014
tnks bro.
but they wont come and learn now,
Later they will blame witches for the illnesses

Lol....the knowledge is not just for the guys, even you bebe can help educate your man wink

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