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Re: The Tenth Generation by wizb: 7:54pm On Jan 01, 2013
Pls don't close the thread. I'm really enjoying the story. I have been refreshing the page since saturday hoping for an update. I wanted to comment but I thought you we're eon break. Pls finish the story. Thanks
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 7:57pm On Jan 01, 2013
Oluwafunmilayo95: No....don't close the thread oh..
I want to see the end of this story... sad

the end of the story? wow, all the replies have not indicated to me that readers are feeling or relating with the characters in the story. no critique, no body want to tell me what he or she feels about a certain character, just like the info i got in cyber lover.

I have gone more than half way in the story and my dear readers just read and say, "more power to ur pen' etc.

its not fair and encouraging. but its a learning process on its own and it only indicates that something is not just right about this story. But i wish someone will hell me by telling me what is not right - it is boring? are the chapters connecting? are the parts connecting? what do u think about certain characters? who do u think is out of place or who should b more energectic.

pls readers try and inform me. its not just about wanting to see the end of the story, that does not really help me.

Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 8:39pm On Jan 01, 2013
wizb: Pls don't close the thread. I'm really enjoying the story. I have been refreshing the page since saturday hoping for an update. I wanted to comment but I thought you we're eon break. Pls finish the story. Thanks

k, will post more updates, bt that will b tomorrow
Re: The Tenth Generation by IZUKWU(m): 8:56pm On Jan 01, 2013
Am waiting
Re: The Tenth Generation by Nobody: 9:31pm On Jan 01, 2013
I dnt beg a writer 2 finish his or her story, but i lyk encouraging d writer so he can finish it,but y i didnt say anything abt d characters is dt d character are perfect in my own way.but since av not yet seen rodgers (alaogbaja) our hands as tied. So give us more pls,am begging now.
Re: The Tenth Generation by avicky(f): 10:03pm On Jan 01, 2013
Happy New Year Frank.
Patiently waiting for more.
Re: The Tenth Generation by wizb: 10:34am On Jan 02, 2013

k, will post more updates, bt that will b tomorrow

Thank you.
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 11:54pm On Jan 02, 2013
All Saints Orphanage was beginning to get over crowded with children. The crowd was beginning to irritate Rogers. He
hated all the children, in fact he hated everybody. All he really wanted to do was to take his time and annihilate them
all one by one.

What was happening to the world, he thought, why are parents suddenly becoming very incapable of taking care of their
own kids? Maybe they were dying at child birth. He wondered what was killing them, which was why he was born into the
world; to kill people. To do what he loved doing most. Whatever was killing them out there should wait for him to get
out of this cage so that he can give it a helping hand.

Rogers had been very patient for the past nineteen years, going through much effort not to allow himself to get out of
control and tear people apart. It had not been easy for him, it had been very stressful, watching those humans walk
carelessly around him and not stretch out his hands and pull them apart. But he had waited patiently, observing and
learning. He had continued to dream about his bead, which was his life, and now the time was almost at hand when he
would have to go out and search for it.

He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the bead so that he could freely fulfill the purpose of his birth. He had waited
for nineteen years and he was glad that he would have to systematically kill his victims as he indulges in the task of
searching for the bead. He had already laid out his plans.

He must be careful; he must take his time not to do anything that would spoil his chance of reaching the bead. He didn’t
really know much about the world out there, there was still a lot to learn.

One thing that made him very glad was the fact he was still alive; that signified that the bead had not yet been
destroyed. it probably was somewhere safe; maybe Mark might had given it to his son, thinking that he had carried out
his father’s instruction rightly. He visualized the bead on Mark’s son’s neck and saw himself twisting and pulling of
his neck and taking his precious bead.

There was also a possibility that the bead had been misplaced and it was somewhere nobody could find it. But it would be
very stupid of him to bank his life and his fun on such assumptions. Whatever the case may be, he must look for the
bead; he must get hold of the bead.

At nineteen, Rogers looked much smaller than his mates. He was very mischievous with a wicked grin that never seemed to
leave his face. He was slim and fast with an unimaginable strength. His had big mischievous eyes and a long nose. He was
also very light skinned. His strength was amazing and his heart was evil, exceptionally evil. The only emotion Rogers
knew how to express was anger and rage. He didn’t know fear, joy or pain. Of course how would he know joy when he had
lived nineteen years as a human without killing a soul! How could he know joy when he didn’t have his bead?

Over the years Rogers had learnt that he had a lot of limitations as a human and having a different personality would
make him outstanding and attract much attention to him. Being a god in a human body wasn’t easy. He had to blend in,
despite being very different. He also learnt that people were more complex and the world had undergone total
transformation. The present complexity of the world was something he had not anticipated. He had also not anticipated
being born outside the family circle and dumped in this hell called orphanage.

Despite all his efforts to blend in, Rogers couldn’t help but notice that people where generally uncomfortable around
him and as a result he was a loner; they just didn’t want to associate themselves with him. He didn’t really care, it
wasn’t what he was here for; he was here to take over the world and rule it, he was here to make people suffer, he was
here to destroy.

For the past nineteen years, all he had thought about was the bead and how he was going to get it. His fantasies of the
cries of pain coming from his victims as he would reap them apart and swim in their blood was always cut short by the
knowledge that he didn’t have the bead.

He must have the bead.

It was the sign of the covenant, it had protected him when he was yet unborn, he had made it a part of him in other for
the covenant to be fulfilled. Therefore he must have it and protect it otherwise he will be destroyed. Bloody Mark, he
was supposed to hand it over to him just as his father had handed it to him so that he would guide and protect it
forever. It has his life in it. Without it, he was capable of dying, no matter his strength.

He must be systematic and careful in his search for it especially when he starts killing. He had already decided to
start with Mrs. Okon, but first he must get important information from her.

Rogers had been very careful not to raise any suspicion that could lead to people investigating him. He wasn’t sure of
what they might find out but he wasn’t taking any chances either. It hadn’t been easy. The desire to kill had been very
difficult to suppress. He had to wake up every morning hoping that he would not be overtaken by this desire. The humans
on the other hand had not made it easy for him. They were simply annoying and the fact that they didn’t know he was a
god made it worst. He just couldn’t bear being treated like an ordinary human.

One thing Rogers hated so much was learning. Not that he wouldn’t want to know more about the world, so as to know the
right thing to do when he eventually gets out, the fact was that the act of learning demanded that he humbled himself
and listened to humans like they were an authority to him. He couldn’t bring himself to be their subject or make himself
inferior so as to learn. Hence Rogers wasn’t very smart in things concerning the world and he didn’t care. He was
stronger than they were and so could coerce them to whatever he wanted them to do, even against their will. He didn’t
need their science lectures or art lectures or any of those stupid vocational trainings. He had more serious issues at

Rogers’ quick temper was what brought him here in the first place after he had angrily killed his mother. It had almost
betrayed him when he was eight years old.

A naughty boy called Peter who was about three years older than him had asked Rogers to fetch him a bucket of water and
Rogers refused. Peter was much bigger than Rogers and so he had furiously hit Rogers on the head with the table tennis
bat he was holding; an action he lived to regret.

Out of reflex or anger Rogers could not tell; he caught the hand that hit him while it was still in the air and twisted
it with a little effort. He wanted to pull it out of its joint but was quick to control his temper.

Peter heard the sound of his bone as it cracked. He gave out a loud scream, which attracted the attention of the orphanage officials. They rushed into the room and met Peter rolling in pains on the floor before Rogers; there was an
evil look on his face. Everybody felt the heat of anger that fumed from him. He didn’t even look scared.

Peter held onto his hands with his left hand as he continued to cry in pains. The arm was obviously broken. The event
became the topic of the week. It was a mystery how someone could inflict such an injury on another without the use of a

He was lucky that his action didn’t give them any reason to investigate him. This was probably because it was found out
that Peter had tried to bully him and he resisted, but he knew it raised their curiosity. He continued to cautioned him
self not to over react until the right time.

He noticed the way Mrs. Okon stared at him with so much inquisitiveness after the incident. This made his hatred for her
increase the more that he felt like pouncing on her and chewing off her eyes. He actually attempted to murder her the
next day but was glad that he was able to control the burning desire in him.

Her life was saved.

But this time around nothing will rescue her from his wrought. The time had come for him to do what he loved doing and
he couldn’t wait to hear and see her scream and beg and die.

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Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 11:55pm On Jan 02, 2013
When Emeka woke up he was surprised that he had actually been dreaming all the while. It had been so real that even in
his sober state he could still see the horror in the beast’s eyes. His heart continued to beat so loud that he prayed
that the sound wouldn’t wake his sleeping wife up from her slumber. His effort to control his heart beat was fruitless;
he still felt the presence of the monster that was after his son in his dream. For a moment, he asked himself if his son
was actually safe in his room, but then he assured himself that there was no need getting hysterical about a dream.

Only that this night’s occurrence had been more real and disturbing than the first time he had it. This was the second
time that Emeka was having this dream, both similar in nature about Ikenna being in great danger of an unknown creature;
a mean looking monster, it was desperately trying to hurt the boy by all means. He couldn’t comprehend what this was
all about. Why had the dream surfaced again? Should he neglect it?

He looked at his wife; she was sleeping like a drugged baby. He decided not wake her up and continued to ponder on the
dream. Does this dream have any significance? If so, what was the significance? Was his son in danger of any sort? He
felt more uncomfortable about the dream because of Ikenna’s continuous stubbornness. He couldn’t connect the dream to
any event that had been happening in his life lately

He was just very concerned for Ikenna’s safety.

What should he do to save the stubborn ignorant young man? Somehow he strongly believed that the sudden re-emergence of
the dream was not in vain, therefore something must be done about it. Unfortunately, he didn’t know anybody who had any
supernatural power that would enable him interpreted this dream for him, neither had he ever thought that dreams were
some sort of coded massage from the future or past.

He didn’t have to ponder for long before sleep took over his consciousness.

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Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 11:58pm On Jan 02, 2013
The next morning, Emeka told Adaku about the experience he had the previous night.

“That is strange.” Adaku said, thoughtfully. It was a Monday morning and they were all preparing for work. Adaku, who
was an accountant, was recently made the Manager of Trust Bank in Owerri, this had never in any way stopped her from
being the caring and sensitive mother and wife she was. Right now she was so concerned about this dream that was all
about her son being in danger; she couldn’t help but worry. “Do you think we should do anything about it?” she asked.
She really didn’t know what to make out of the dream.

“Yes, I would really love that, but where do we start?” Dike lamented.

“I wish I knew someone who could help us interpret this dream…why does it have to occur twice, I just can’t help nursing
the feeling that we are being warned.” she suggested.

“Warned by whom?” Emeka asked.

“I don’t know… nature, God, it’s just a warning.”

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you about the dream, now you are getting all worked up.”

“I am just worried about our son, he could be in danger.” She said helplessly.

“Its ok, nothing will happen to him. Remember, this could just be a dream.” He tried to console her.

Adaku found herself feeling more worried than ever. She was sure that something was wrong, although she couldn’t tell
what it was. But her instincts were causing her emotions to be in tension.

Ikenna wasn’t her only child. Ifeoma was Ikenna’s younger sister and only sister. She was still in secondary school.
Right now she was preparing for her Senior School Leaving Certificate Exam and Emeka had insisted that she stay in the
boarding house, claiming that it would provide a better opportunity for her to prepare very well without being disturbed.

“I think we should alert Ikenna on the situation at hand. I mean, we should tell him about the dream. That way we can
advice him to be more careful by shunning violence.” Adaku suggested.

Emeka saw it as a nice idea and accepted. “Where is he?” he asked as he looked towards Ikenna’s room.

“He is in his room preparing for school.”

Emeka headed straight for his son’s room. Before he walked out of the room, she said, “When last did you speak to Mark?”

Emeka was surprised at the question. “I haven’t heard from him for more than eight months now. Why?”

“I don’t know… emm…’

“Don’t tell me that you think the dream has got something to do with the folk tale that The Saviours told me a long time

ago?” Emeka became totally disappointed in The Saviours when Marks son was born and he turned out to be a perfect son
even without the bead. Mark was transferred from Owerri to Orlu eight years ago where he became the principal of
Government Secondary School Orlu. Before he left, Emeka had continued to observe the family, but saw nothing strange and
after a while he came into conclusion that the story by The Saviours was a folk tale. He was greatly disappointed.
Somehow, he had wanted a piece of action. Mark was living well as a principal and according to their last phone
conversation; his son was very bright and making very good grades in school.

“It’s just that he is the only one whom a can relate a monster with, I mean… given the strange tale by The Saviours.”
She said.

Emeka laughed lightly, “You still think Mark’s son could turn out to be a monster? You saw the boy…did he look like a
monster or a god to you?”

“I am just giving it a thought because of the dream, that’s all. It’s just a hunch.”

“It’s high time we leave Mark and his family alone for good. I have to go talk to Ikenna before he leaves for school.”
With that, Emeka quickly left the room for Ikenna’s room. They were going to have a father- son chat once again this
morning. Emeka hoped that the boy would take him more seriously this time around.

Ikenna was surprised at his father’s early morning visit. He hoped that everything was okay. “Good morning dad” he
quickly greeted the older man.

“Good morning,” Emeka answered more cheerfully as he admired him. The cheerfulness in his voice allowed Ikenna to relax
a little bit. “You are already dressed for school”

Ikenna wasn’t sure if this was a question but he answered all the same. “Yes dad, I have an early lecture today.” Ikenna
was studying architecture and was doing well in school despite his rough life style.

“I will like to talk to you before you leave for school.”

“I hope all is well dad?” He patiently asked.

Emeka told him all about his dream. Emeka went further to reveal to Ikenna his fears, “We are worried at the fact that
I have had the same dream twice, it could be a warning for us to put pressure on you to quit your violent life style and
be more careful and cautious with your life.

Ikenna immediately felt that his father was using another technique to make him lead a more cautious life. He almost
laughed at the old man’s tricks, why did he think telling him about his dreams will be more effective than all his past
method of flogging and scolding? Who does his father wants him to believe was warning him and pressurizing him by using
a dream?

Emeka knew, from the look on the boy’s face, that he was thinking that the dream was a joke, but he continued to plead.
“I am not asking you to believe me; all I need from you is for you to be more careful with the way you live from now on.
Just be more careful for my sake, even if you think that this is all a joke.”

Ikenna felt a rush of excitement as he thought of the possibility of a monster hunting for him, it was like the movies.
He felt it would be fun fighting with it; he was actually getting bored with people.

“All I ask from you is to promise me to be careful.”

“No problem dad, I will be careful… I promise.” He wondered what his father was up to.

All Emeka could do was just to hope and pray within him that the boy would keep to his word this time around. He left
the room feeling his mission was half successful.

Ikenna who was already dressed up for school, squatted down and took from under his bed a medium sized machete. He
looked at it as he thought of all his father had just told him. If it was true that there could be a monster out there
waiting for him, then he needed some sort of protection, the machete was still part of being careful as he had promised
his dad. Besides, apart from the monster, one never might be able to tell what his numerous enemies might be planning
for him. He put it in his school bag and left for school.


Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 12:08am On Jan 03, 2013

Mrs. Okon was already retired but not tired. At the age of sixty two, she still looked healthy and energetic, and age
seems to have no effect on her love and concern for kids.

The recent increase in the number of children in the orphanage was really giving her so much concern; it was like
parents are beginning to consider the orphanage as the best place to bring up a child. But she was still relentless in
her effort to make sure that they were in good condition while they seek refuge in the orphanage.

That was why, even though she had retired four years ago, she still made it a point of duty to visit the orphanage at
least two times a week making sure that the welfare of the children was the major priority of the staff. The staff loved
her and still regarded her with the same respect they had for her when she was the matron. In fact it was rumored that
the orphanage would not run effectively without Mrs. Okon’s intervention. The present Matron, Mrs. Okoye didn’t deny
this fact. She regarded Mrs. Okon with high esteem and never seized to show appreciation to her for all her never ending
efforts to ensure that all was well in the orphanage.

The staff was hardly aware that Mrs. Okon had actually retired. She was the orphanage’s philanthropist and through her
effort and advocating, the orphanage had witnessed a larger amount of donation from organizations and individuals who
were also concerned about the welfare of the kids. These donations went a long way in helping the orphanage officials
take care of the needs of the growing number of children.

Mrs. Okoye and Mrs. Okon walked hand in hand in running the institution. It was like the two of them shared the same
office since Mrs. Okoye allowed her to use her office whenever she came around. Mrs. Okon never missed to come around
every Wednesday and Thursday, and if she was not seen going around chatting with the kids, she was in the present
matron’s office (which was her former office) with Mrs. Okoye cross checking the financial progress of the institution.

One person who had continued to give her cause for concern was Rogers. He had continued to remain arcane, reminding her
of something hideous which was beyond her explanation.

She was really, really scared of him and she was worried of what was going to be done to him in the orphanage. He was
getting quite older and didn’t seem to be accepted by other people. He was very stubborn and all efforts in trying to
train him in a vocation of his choice had proven abortive. His stubbornness had never allowed him to learn despite the
fact that he seemed smart and bright. He just didn’t like taking instruction from people and was always having problems
with his instructors. They didn’t like him either and were always eager to do away with him. He didn’t care. He was
obviously not afraid of anybody and was very quick to anger.

What does he want? The young man always looked like he had some plans that he felt was more important than the vocation
training that was given to matured kids in the orphanage.

He was satanic and evil, she was sure of this assumption; she didn’t have to wait for him to prove that, just the sight
of him chilled her with an impression of inhuman malevolence. And she knew very well that he didn’t belong to the
orphanage, not with these innocent and harmless kids, he belonged somewhere far away; beyond the reach of humans, maybe
hell or somewhere worst than hell. But even with these feelings inside her, she still didn’t understand why nothing had
been done to do away with him. Yes, his presence in the orphanage had been something of concern to her, but she had been
very helpless about doing anything about it.

It was fear.

Fear of what he might do to her, fear of what his reaction might be. She was even afraid of seeing him and thought it
was better to just avoid him and not let their parts cross. She was more worried about him than anybody in the
orphanage. She was very worried because of the impression he elicited from her whenever she saw him. She was even more
worried because of the experience she had with him a long time ago, when he was only eight years old. An experience that
could never be erased from her memory no matter how hard time and nature and God work to make her forget him. She was
sure she would remember it, even if she suffered from Alzheimer disease or amnesia.

It was after Rogers had mysteriously broken Peter’s arm. How he had done that had remained mystery to her and other All
Saint’s officials. Peter’s sharp cry of pain had attracted their attention and they had witnessed what Rogers had done
to him with his bare hands!

It was the first time he had done anything that would attract such attention, his life style would attract attention

anyway, but the look on his face on that faithful and fearful day had left everybody with a strange eerie feeling
especially when they remembered his face.

It was the face of the devil.

Peter must have really provoked him.

She had been very curious and had wanted to take some disciplinary action on Rogers. She believed that he should have
alerted the authorities about Peter’s threat instead of taking matters into his hands by breaking the boys arm. But what
happened the next day had made her relent in her plans. And she learnt that day that the fear of him was the beginning
of wisdom.

On that morning, a day after Peter’s arm had been broken by Rogers, she had just had a brief meeting with some of the
staffs. They had intensively discussed what they should do about Rogers. By the time the meeting had ended they all
decided that he will be further observed while investigation on what actually happen between him and Peter will be going
on. And after that, the appropriate disciplinary action must follow. After the meeting, she went straight to her office
to take care of some other matters that concerned the children. As she sat alone on her office chair, behind her large
wooden table, she suddenly noticed the handle of the door gently and silently turned down. Curiosity didn’t allow her to
immediately ask who it was that was opening her door that way without knocking. Then the door began to open slowly, a
creepy feeling overtook her emotions, then fear was in control. The room was suddenly quiet and cold, there was
something about the odd way the door opened.

“Who is that?” she asked, trying to sound confident.

There was no need for the person to answer. She saw that it was the mysterious and mischievous Rogers! He stood by the
half opened door and continued to stare at her balefully. He did not say a word. He did not move further into the room.
He just stood there with the look on his face penetrating deep into her allowing strong tidal waves of tension to run
through her. She didn’t just feel fear; she saw it. It was everywhere in the room, it was Rogers.

He stood there for about thirty seconds, but to Mrs. Okon it was like a decade. Time stopped moving; he held it in his

palms and all she did was sit on her seat and stare back at him. She didn’t know what to think, at that moment her brain
cells were replaced by thousands of spider web like thread that seized the flow of blood to other parts of her body.

He left as silently as he had entered, releasing time from his palms. For Mrs. Okon, the day was over. She couldn’t get
her mind to think any longer; neither could she concentrate on her work. She told nobody of her experience; she didn’t
want to scare away her workers. But she definitely stayed away from him.

She was very positive that he had come to harm her. But something had made him change his mind. What had he come to
observe? There were so many questions in her mind, but she could find no answers to them. She stayed away from him,
allowing him to live his arcane life style without interfering, for her life sake.

Now he was nineteen years. His presence in the orphanage still remained something of concern to her and other staffs.
How can they do away with him? For his sake she would have stopped coming to the orphanage, but her concern for other
kids wouldn’t let her do that.

It was another Wednesday morning and she was relaxing in Mrs. Okoye’s office; she had just arrived the orphanage and was
waiting for Mrs. Okoye to finish with a young couple who were interested in adopting a baby from the orphanage. They
were with the matron in the common room while Mrs. Okon waited in the office.

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Re: The Tenth Generation by Nobody: 1:01pm On Jan 03, 2013
Franko u 4 much,nice work,but how will dike knw dt mark don born pikin 4 outside,d war don start o.
Re: The Tenth Generation by Nobody: 1:02pm On Jan 03, 2013
Franko u 4 much,nice work,but how will dike knw dt mark don born pikin 4 outside,d war don start o. And R.I.P. 2 mrs okon at d age of 62 she don try.
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 2:08pm On Jan 03, 2013
Damex333: Franko u 4 much,nice work,but how will dike knw dt mark don born pikin 4 outside,d war don start o. And R.I.P. 2 mrs okon at d age of 62 she don try.

mnnn, stay with me and i will definately try not to dissapoint you. please do not hesitate to feel me in on areas in the story that you think should be reconstructed, but if u feel i am doing good so far, then just cary go in reading.
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 2:49pm On Jan 03, 2013
Rogers was already aware that Mrs. Okon was within the orphanage premises. He had already seen her drive into the orphanage compound in her small Mitsubishi Gallant. From his room he could feel the normal excitement in the air that usually followed the arrival of the former matron.

He had been waiting for her. Today, this Wednesday morning marked the day he would set himself free. He would do that by killing the former matron of the institution, thereby leaving them something to remember about him. It was necessary that he took Mrs. Okon’s life because he would have to first of all coerce her into revealing to her important
information that would help him in the search for his black bead, he wouldn’t like her telling people what he was really up to, thereby allowing them to know more about him. He had learnt that these humans were much more intelligent than they used to be a hundred years ago; they could even get the bead before him!

He would reap her apart and watch her blood flow. This thought made him to smile excitedly as a flood of pleasure rushed through him. He was sure that today was going to be the happiest day since he was born. He knew that the killing of his mother would never be compared to what he was going to do today. He was going to be very careful for he wasn’t very familiar with the outside world. The little education he had had was not enough to lead him. In fact it had made him realize how complicated the outside world was going to be for him.

But no matter how complicated the world was or had become, he must surely get his bead. And he will not hesitate to kill while he involved himself in this task.

He opened the door of his room and walked out; he will never come back into the room again. He walked straight into the matron’s office, hoping that he would meet the two ladies there; it will be fun having a little fun with both of them.

Rogers was unaware of the attention that he was attracting, he didn’t care either. He was walking like someone who has an agenda. His movement was swift and silent as he wafted through the passage straight into the matron’s office.

He opened the door without knocking, entered and quickly closed the door behind him. He didn’t bother to lock it.

Mrs. Okon saw him and became immediately alarmed. She impulsively stood up as she felt her heart drum so fast and loud as if trying to find its way out of her chest. They way he had briskly entered the office had gotten her whole system alarmed and she knew that there was trouble ahead. She looked at his face and the memory of what happened eleven years ago came rushing into her. He was back, she thought, to finish what he had started years ago. She didn’t know what to do; confusion and curiosity took over her emotions.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time” he said, feeling a little disappointed that she was alone.

It was like a loud whisper; soft and smooth, the voice of the devil, she thought, like she had heard the devil talk before. But it was a very strange sound, it sounded ancient and far away. It penetrated through her and made her weak and helpless. He looked very excited and impish.

His movement was swift and silent; she could hardly tell how he appeared in front of her desk in a twinkle of an eye.
Before she could back away from him, he had already grabbed her neck with his right hand. Slowly and effortlessly he began to lift her up. His strength was very disproportionate with his size
“Where is my file?” He asked, making it obvious that he was a man of little words.

“Rogers” she grunted. Her lung was choked up because of his grip.

“Where is my file?” he repeated.

“Rogers” she forcefully repeated.

“Stop calling me that name and tell me where my file is”

She was running out of breath. Perhaps all he wanted was his file and then he would let her go. She quickly pointed to the cabinet that was filled with files by her left hand side.

“Locate it” he commanded, as he lowered her to the floor, released his grip and allowed her to search for the file that contained information about him. He stood at her back as he watched her scurrilously search for the file.

Her hands were so shaky that she scattered the files as she searched for his file. She found it within a minute and gave it to him, hoping that he would just take it and leave her alone.

But Rogers didn’t have the intention of leaving her alone. It was time for fun.

With the file in his left hand, he quickly gripped her on the neck once again and lifted her up once more. “Give me Dr. Victor’s address.” He was sure that Dr. Victor was more likely to give him more reliable information that will help in his search than Dr Chuks, because he was the one who had given anti-natal care to Juliet when she was heavy with him.

“Number 5 silver street.” She hurriedly said, wishing that he would release his grip for she was really running out of breath.

There was a sudden wicked grin on his face. “I have never liked you, I guess you know that. I don’t know why but I guess that is my nature to dislike nice people like you. I will teach you never to call me Rogers.”

With so much speed and force, he smashed the back of her head on the wall behind her repeatedly causing nauseating sight of blood on the wall. Her brain also splattered along side with the blood. He was thrilled by the sight before him.

The fun had started.

A feeling of gratification overwhelmed him. The feeling of ecstasy he felt made him glad he was alive.

She was dead.

He laid her on the office table and stared at the lifeless body. He wanted to pull out her heart and go ahead to dissect the body, but the thought of staining himself all over with her blood and attracting attention to himself when he gets out of the orphanage made him hesitate. Beside he was anxious to get hold of his bead, especially now that his search had begun.

He quickly ran his hand through her pocket, took out her wallet and quickly put it into his pocket without going through it. Then he cleaned up his blood stained hands on her cloths, picked up his file and left the office.

The sudden knowledge that he had actually begun his hunt gave him pleasure. Sooner he will be with the bead and he will have nothing to fear.

There were people outside the office as he came out. He didn’t bother to look at their faces. He didn’t want any reason to feel like attacking them. The best way for him to resist this temptation was to leave without giving them any attention.

They were all staring at him, wondering what he had gone inside the office to do. Then they saw the file on his hand. What was he doing with that file, they were curious to know, yet nobody dared ask him any question, not with the blood shot look on his face. It was obvious that something terrible had happened in there. They waited for him to leave before going in to confirm their fears.

Without looking back, Rogers briskly walked out of the orphanage building and headed straight to the exit gate. He was only few feet from the gate when he heard the sudden sound of excitement behind him. There were screams and shouts and cries coming from different people at the time resulting to a cacophonous sound which made no sense to him. He smiled, as he remembered the old times when through the request of his worshipper he would make the people of Duruji village scream and cry in fear after he had acted on such requests.

He continued to walk, there was no need lingering, there was much to do.

There were just two security guards when Rogers reached the gate. Their duty was to watch the gate and make sure inmates of the orphanage do not leave the premises without permission.

The bigger of the two guards stepped up to stop him from walking out of the gate. He was a dark huge man who had, over the years, instigated fear on the inmates. The children dared not go towards the gate because they were terrified on the mean looking guard.

Rogers didn’t slow down. He was quick to see a thin short stick lying carelessly on the floor right before him. Swiftly, Rogers picked it up and stabbed the huge guard on his chest.

The guard was really taken by surprise. He didn’t expect such a move from the smallish orphan. He felt the sharp pain on his chest and tried to defend himself by fighting back.

But Rogers was both too strong and quick for him. He had already dropped the file on his left hand and grasp the big man’s neck with it while he stabbed him once again on his chest and then on his stomach. The guard, still shocked at what was happening to him, punched Rogers, but Rogers didn’t seem to feel anything. His fingers dug into the big man’s neck as he continued to struggle for life in his hand, in no time the guard slumped to the floor as he weakly continued to struggle for life.

Rogers released his grip and looked up towards the second guard. The guard who was also surprised at what had just happened to his partner was already on his heels. Rogers watched him run towards the orphanage compound and then walked though the gate, outside the orphanage.

He was free.


Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 3:00pm On Jan 03, 2013
Inspector James Goodwill was in his office that Wednesday morning reminiscing on how God had been good to him by making him a successful policeman. Owerri could be described as a crimeless city and he had taken the glory. He had been able to solve about eighty percent of crimes in the city since he was transferred to Owerri two years ago. His ability to apply his intelligence and take accurate steps that would lead to the discovery of hidden truths never seized to amaze his fellow cops and other citizens who were informed of what was happening in the crime world.

He was intelligent; there was no doubt about it. And his popularity was far spreading across the borders of Owerri. His senses were as sharp as a dog’s sense of smell; all he needed was to be present in a crime scene, and the rest of the puzzle was solved. He could form a wide range of ideas from the smallest amount of information he gets from crime scene.

Therefore he was regarded with high esteem by his bosses, other top ranking policemen and his colleagues in the force.

He loved his job, particularly the excitation it gave him whenever he was in the field, and the way it allowed him to task his brain thereby acquiring more and more knowledge of the world around him.

Being a cop was something he had craved for even as a kid. The idea of being responsible for curbing down crime thrilled him. Watching movies where cops were heroes had elicited the desire in him to become one and he never relented in working hard to achieve his dreams.

Now here he was, unstoppably climbing the ladder that would lead to the peak of his dreams.

As he sat in his office, he allowed his mind to go through his achievements as a cop, they were tremendous. He was alone in the office with less work to do. Actually his body needed some form of excitement at the moment; that was what keeps him going. That was what energized and made him the cop he really was. Owerri was getting bored for him.

Then his phone rang. It was Officer Bill.

“Sir, your presence is urgently needed at All Saints Orphanage.”

The sound off the voice alone told James that something very serious had happened. “Tell me the problem, Bill”

“There’s been a murder, the former Chief Matron Sir”

“I will be there immediately” he spoke into the phone without further inquiry. He instantly dropped the phone and left his office for the crime scene.

As he drove in his 505 Peugeot, he ruminated on what Bill had just told him. Why would somebody kill Mrs. Okon? She was well respected and loved in Owerri because of her dedication to the service of humanity and caring for the orphans. Now somebody had killed her, it probably was an accident.

He drove into the big gate of the orphanage and the numerous cops in the scene looked towards his direction as if the solution to their problem had arrived.

It was easy for him to detect the excitement that was in the air, there were a large number of people in the compound, and they all looked confused and worried.

Officer Bill and Ted walked over to his car, and stood by the side as he opened his door and came out.

Inspector James was a twenty nine years old 5 foot, 3 inches tall man, with thick body structure that fitted so well in his uniform. His concentrated and intelligent eyes with a soft, kind facial expression makes people describe him as friendly even at first sight. There was also an air of authority that made his presence very peculiar. He was happily married with a daughter that adored him a lot.

“Fill me in.” he said as they led him towards the scene.

“Mrs. Okon’s body was found in her office table shortly after nineteen years old orphan named Rogers left her office. The boy also attacked and killed one of the guards who tried to stop him at the gate. We were alerted immediately after the discovery.” Bill explained. They were almost entering the building. “I promise you sir, it is a disgusting sight.”

“Any knowledge of the boy’s where about?” James asked.

“No sir. He was said to have walked out of the compound immediately after he killed the guard.”

They walked into the office.

“Oh my God” Inspector James exclaimed. “This is crazy.” The body was well laid on the table and the mess on the wall was nauseating. He could see fragments of her brain.

“Why would anybody want to do this to her?” he asked, thinking more of Mrs. Okon’s activities when she was alive. He didn’t see any reason why anyone would want to hurt her.

“We don’t know sir.” Ted said.

“The officials said that the suspect had always remained an enigma since he was brought here nineteen years ago.” Bill further explained.

Inspector James had never seen anything like this since he joined the police force. He stared in surprise, and almost threw up. “Was he a big fellow?” he asked as he imagined the strength of the operator of this hideous act. He instantly thought that the boy must have been abused in the orphanage. Such things happen.

“No sir. In fact he was said to be a very smallish fellow.” Bill answered. He looked towards the door as it opened. “The homicide crew is here” he announced. James and his boys left while they allowed the crew to conduct their investigation.
“A smallish fellow? Why couldn’t the guards stop him? Was there a mention of a weapon?” James asked as they walked out of the bloody office.

“The second guard who escaped said the boy was fast and strong. He witnessed how his partner was murdered and said his partner who was obviously far bigger than the kid wasn’t given the chance to fight back. He said the boy was a complete psycho.” Bill said.

Mrs. Okoye was badly shaken, so James thought it was best to give her some time before interrogating her.

Ten minutes later the leader of the Homicide squad was speaking to Inspector James. “There was no weapon involved. Her head was smashed several times on the wall, and we can attribute that as the cause of her death for now until an autopsy is carried out. He must be a very strong fellow; the damage was like the hand work of a machine. There was no evidence of rape for now. The files were touched; we believe he made her give him his file before killing her. The big guard was stabbed twice on his chest and stomach with a stick. There are signs of the suspect’s finger marks on his neck. The guard choked as well as bled to death.”

James thanked him and felt an urgent need to talk to the matron. He didn’t hesitate. He asked that there should be a careful search for Rogers’ file, and sent for the matron. He was glad that she was willing to speak despite her condition.

“Can you please describe to me what happened this morning?

Mrs. Okoye explained to him how the day had gone, ending her explanation with the discovery of Mrs. Okon’s body.
“Can you tell me all you know about Rogers?”

“He was a very mischievous and strange boy, right from birth. He was anti-social and always got into trouble with the authorities here because of his continued stubbornness. He was also quick to anger and so everybody avoided him.” Tears were rushing out of her eyes as she spoke.

But the inspector pressed on, “Did he bully other kids? Or did you ever suspect him to be a murderer?” The inspector asked.

“No, but everybody avoided him. Once he had broken a boys hand with his bare hands, that was the only time it was recorded the he got physical, it was learnt that the boy had try to bully him.

He had refused to learn from vocational trainers and refused to respect his elders. He wouldn’t also allow himself to be punished either. According to the former Matron, everything about him had continued to remain a mystery; it was obvious that she was very, very scared of him. He was also known to be strong and fast.” She answered as she cleaned up a stream of tears from her face with her wet handkerchief

“That means he was a troublesome kid.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“You could say that, but we only felt this from a distance since we were almost sure that he could hurt us if we pressure him into doing anything he wouldn’t want to do.”

Inspector James was already making a note. “Is there any other thing that you think I should know? I mean, something that would help in our investigation.

“No, that is all I can remember for now.

“Who brought him here?”

She described to him the much she knew about the circumstance surrounding his birth. “It was all in the file and I learnt a lot from the deceased. Unfortunately Dr. Chuks passed on four years ago. But you can hear from Dr. Victor, he even knows better.” She concluded.

I want to have Dr. Victor’s address and a picture of Rogers with a recent description of him.

In no time, she gave him all that he wanted.

“Thank you …. Mrs. Okoye for your help, if need be, I will contact you again. I am sorry for the loss. I promise you that we will do our best to get Mrs. Okon’s killer.” He went outside where the press was already waiting for him. He gave them Rogers’s description with little information. After briefing the press, James went toward the gate where the guard’s body was being carried away. The scene was also bloody, “Can I speak with the other guard who escaped?”
The guard was brought forward. Like Mrs. Okoye, he was also shaken.

“Why didn’t try to help your partner when the boy attacked him? Why did you choose to run?” James asked.

“I have never seen such a fast fellow in my life. He was also very strong that my partner as big as he is couldn’t stand him. The boy was so mean and devilish. From what I saw, he would have obviously killed us both without any qualms. I had to run for my life” The guard said.

“Ok, tell me what you saw,” James asked.

The guard explained how his partner was murdered.

Inspector James thanked him and told his men to control the environment. He knew the action he had craved for had begun. He must make sure he makes the right move in other to catch the psycho.
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That same Wednesday morning Sean was thinking about Jennifer. He was not happy with the latest development in his relationship with her. He had never suspected or thought that she could be courageous enough to call off the relationship on such a short notice. Further, he had never believed that he would be this hurt if she calls off the relationship, maybe that was why he had taken her for granted all these while.

He had ceased to be in his right senses since the day she had asked him to give her a break. He had never realized that he loved her this much until now.

What gave her the courage to ask for a break? All the while that he had been flirting with numerous girls in the campus, and taking the relationship for granted she had been the one begging him to stop hurting her. And now all of a sudden, without much ado, she called off the relationship. Maybe there was another boy in her life and she was just using her studies as a cover up. Perhaps there was a new guy whom she felt loved her better. How could she do this to him? How could she have been cheating on her all these while?

He wanted to blame himself, because of the way he had behaved towards her in the past, but his pride couldn’t let him. He had never expected her to react this way.

Sean was brought up in an extremely rich home. He was trained to believe that money can buy all things; you don’t need to be polite or beg to get what you want when the money was there. He knew he wouldn’t afford to beg anybody for anything. Resulting to violence was always his last option. It was obvious that girls admired him, his handsome looks and wealthy state was, he thought, all anyone could ask for.

He had lavished Jennifer with money at the beginning of the relationship. And he had always believed that she was the one in love with him and wouldn’t want to lose him to the lots of girls who were out there waiting to devour him with their love.

But, with her latest reaction, he had found out that she had been tolerating him all these while. In fact he had just realized that he was the one in love with her. She was all he desired in a woman; strong, beautiful and caring. How could he have taken all these for granted. He will never see her give him that beautiful affectionate smile of hers.

He felt sad.

How would he live without her? What will people say? He had constantly bragged to his friends on how he was in total control of the beautiful angel they knew as his girlfriend, and how he could do whatever he wanted to do and still make her come begging.

He hadn’t realized that he was really proud of her; he loved her.

They were always jealous of him, wondering how he could be in so much control of that beautiful angel.

No! He must not let her go. He must get her back no matter what it takes, even if it meant threatening her life. And God save that guy who was giving her the courage to do what she was doing.

If he can’t have her, then nobody will.

But first he would apologize and beg no matter how demeaning that was. The easiest way to do it was to go through Susie, her best friend. Then if this does not work, he must go for plan B. there had never been any need for him to let Jennifer know that he could be violent. She actually thought that he wouldn’t hurt a baby, but right now he would be left with no option if she does not reconsider her decision about leaving him.

He picked up his cell phoned and dialed Susie’s number.

“Hello” she answered.

“Hi Susie, it’s me Sean…. are you with Jennifer?”

“No, I just left her about fifteen minutes ago. She should be in the library.” Susie answered, noticing the lack of confidence in his voice.

“Susie, I don’t know what has gotten into your friend’s head. She had continued to act strangely towards me. Please, I need you to continue to talk to her for me. She means a lot to me and I can’t afford to lose her. You are the only one who can help me talk to her.” he pleaded.

This wasn’t the first time Sean had asked her to talk to Jennifer; it wasn’t even the tenth time. But this time around Susie was sure that nothing could be done to get Jennifer back to her mischievous boyfriend. Jennifer was undergoing a sort of change in her life and it was obvious that Sean would not fit into this new life of Jenny’s.

“Sean, I will try my best, but I am not promising you anything.” There was silence from the other end, then she added, “But I think it will be better if you talk to her once again. Both of you might come up with something.” She really didn’t want to carry the burden.

“I will do that, but will like you to talk to her first, then I will arrange a meeting with her.”
“Alright, I will see her later in the evening.”

“Thank you very much.” He said and “Bye.”

Tomorrow will be the best day to talk to her. He hoped Susie would talk sense into her, that way, it will be easier for him to convince her, especially with his charms.

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Oh I love this story ride on frank I actually prefer this to the cyber lover
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Yepa,dt bloody alaogbaja don dey do im work as im wan do am,who go stop am. I wish i can stop him. Franko just tell d tale as u av it in ur head.
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Kudos to you franks,am feeling every bit of this strong,its really making lotta sense grin. Chai rogers scatter town oooo,I hope emeka and the savior gets to be the bead before he does,if not OH BOI lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
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ha ha thanks guys, i am lovin ur comments. glad u guys are feeling the story. i will definitely send update tomorrow, thanks and gudnite
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Well done Frank.

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ha ha thanks guys, i am lovin ur comments. glad u guys are feeling the story. i will definitely send update tomorrow, thanks and gudnite
that was jan 03,now jan 06 don come and no update yet.
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Damex333: that was jan 03,now jan 06 don come and no update yet.

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The house that represented number 5 Silver Street was among the first eight most beautiful houses on the street. Silver Street was a well planned street that accommodated the fairly rich men in the Owerri.

Dr. Victor’s house was a four roomed bungalow with a moderately large compound. The walls that surrounded the compound was a very short one, with thick burglary bars used to complete the wall to a normal size, thereby allowing observer to see much of what the inside was like from outside.

The house was owned by Dr. Victor. He had acquired it after he had left St. Magdalene hospital to set up his own private clinic in the heart of Owerri. He made much more income as a private operator.

Dr. Victor was not staying with his family; he lost his wife six years ago to diabetes. She had struggled with the illness for eight years and all the doctor’s effort to save her was not fruitful. His two daughters were already married and his only son was an accountant in Portharcort.

Since Dr. Victor could not occupy the house all alone, he asked his assistant in his clinic to stay with him which he gladly obliged.

Dr. George was a much younger Doctor who was very punctilious and intelligent. In the house was also a house keeper who took care of Dr. Victor’s chores. His name was Steve.

Steve was employed by Dr. Victor six months after the death of his wife. The widower’s children insisted that he must have a house help who would help him with cooking and laundry. He was a twenty three years young man who was agile and always eager to please his master. He was like a friend to the doctor; he could engage Dr. Victor into a long meaningful discussion. He was so intelligent that Dr. Victor finds it hard to believe that he wasn’t educated.

Around ten thirty that Wednesday morning, Steve was alone at home. He was expecting Dr. Victor to be home between one and two pm for his lunch. He was yet to start cooking for he had to finish up other house chores before cooking. Steve was sure that he would be through with everything before his master comes home.

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While Steve was busy with his house Chores, Rogers stood outside the gate and watched the building, he was in the right place. The number of the house was boldly written on the pillar that held the gate.

It had not been very difficult for him to locate the house. He had thought his mission would be impossible immediately he found himself outside the orphanage, because of the complexity of the new world. He was so confused and was surprised to find out that he felt that it was obvious to everybody that looked at him that he was very different. This was something he had never given a second thought while he was at the orphanage.

He kept on walking straight; first of all to get as far away from the orphanage as possible, he wanted to avoid any scene that he could help avoiding. Not that it would stop him from going any where he wanted to, but the complexity around him had really called for caution.

Luckily he saw a young man walking towards him and decided to ask him for direction.

“Excuse me, please,” he said, amused at his own courtesy. “How can I get to number 5 Silver Street?”

The young stopped, already looking eager to help the smallish fellow in a sort of uniform. “If you are new in town, then I suggest you chatter a taxi. Although that will be more expensive, but you are sure to get to your destination that way.”

“Please, where can I get a taxi?” Rogers asked trying to look confused helpless.

Now the question surprised the Good Samaritan. What kind of person would not know how to board a taxi? He thought to himself. Something about Rogers made him feel uncomfortable; he wondered how Rogers managed to get here. “Just stand here and wave any car coming, especially ones painted yellow with a white stripe across it. Then you can bargain with the driver.” He looked up and an oncoming old looking Honda Bluebird that was painted the color he had just described.
“Oh here comes one. Taxi!” he called out.

The car instantly stopped in front of them. The look on Rogers face made the young man realize that he didn’t know what next to do. So he decided to assist him further. He moved closer as he signified to Rogers to come closer. After speaking with the driver for a few seconds, he asked Roger to get into the car, assuring him that the driver will get him to his destination. Rogers thanked him as the driver drove off.

“Your money is three hundred naira.” The driver said, carelessly.

“No problem, just get me there.” He hoped there was enough money in the wallet he collected from Mr. Okon’s pocket for the driver’s sake. If not, the driver will have to choose between a twisted neck or driving off with nothing.

While the car moved towards his destination, Rogers took the time to open the file he had with him and read through it. It was mostly concerned with the circumstances surrounding his birth and his behavior while he was in the orphanage. He wandered what they intended to do with all the information they were gathering about him. There was nothing else in the file that was new or important to him, no address and nothing important about his grand parents. He angrily dropped the file carelessly on the seat.

He looked out of the window. Wow, he exclaimed in his mind. The world had really undergone a lot of changes. He was really glad that he would participate in it in his human form. He didn’t understand how there are a lots if cars in the street. There was never anything like this in his time, years ago. How do they work and what causes them to move? He had seen a lot of cars in the orphanage, but they had never seized to astonish him. There were a lot of beautiful buildings everywhere and population of people seemed to have multiplied. He enjoyed as the car drove past all people and object, it was like they were flying. When he gets the bead, he will relax and enjoy the whole show.

Maybe he will introduce some of his old method. Yes, he will get a chief priest that he will educate the people about him. Then he will make men seek his help. It will be fun to help men kill their fellow humans, and then he will also have his own special fun. Through him man will slay man and man will be slayed. He will make himself great! He will once again be the great Alaogbaga, the great god of destruction.

“That is number 5 over there, and this is Silver Street. Can I have my money?” The taxi driver carelessly announced, jolting him out of his rumination. He was stretching out his hand backwards for his money without bothering to look back.
“Where is it?” Rogers asked as he got hold of himself.

“Over there, are you blind? The taxi driver said irritably.

Rogers noted the drivers tone. A flush of anger came over him and he felt like pulling the driver’s arms off and twisting his neck instantly. But he controlled his temper and looked towards the direction the driver had indicated.
He brought out the wallet and regretfully paid the taxi driver. There was more than one thousand naira in the wallet; he felt lucky, stuffed the wallet back and got out of the car, leaving the file behind him.

As he stared at the house, he hoped that Dr. Victor would be at home. But on a second thought he wondered if it was possible to see a doctor at home at this time of the day. What if the doctor was now so old and didn’t work as a doctor any more? He prayed that the answer to the last question in his mind would be yes.

He got to the iron bared gate and pushed it forward. It opened. He entered and walked straight to the bungalow that stood in the compound like a giant well decorated rock.

He tried pushing the door like he had pushed the gate but found out that it was locked. Maybe nobody was at home, he thought. He would have to break it and check out the house, and then he would wait. He hoped that he wasn’t with the wrong address.

Leaning back, he violently kicked the door and it broke open, the lock was no match for his strong legs.

“Who is that?” Steve’s sharp voice brought the house to life. He regretted saying those words, it had come out reflexively. He only wished he could take them back. Who could that be? Who would be breaking into somebody’s house at this time of the day? He stopped what he was doing in the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen wall behind the door. Maybe it was a day time burglar and now he had stupidly announced his presence to the intruder. Was he armed? Was it just one person or was it a group of robbers? He could hear the sound of his heart beat.

“Hello, Dr. Victor” Rogers called out as he walked silently towards the direction he heard the voice. “Where are you...? Is that Dr. Victor? I am looking for Dr. Victor.” He tried to sound friendly and polite.

This wasn’t a burglar, Steve thought, somebody wanted to see Dr. Victor. But why should he break down the door? Why didn’t he just knock? What should he do? Should he continue hiding or just come out and see who it was?

“Please can somebody answer me? Rogers soft but loud voice made Steve feel his heart leap. The voice was coming closer.
Maybe he should just answer. The intruder would see him all the same.

“Who are you…..what do you want? His voice betrayed his fear.

Rogers already knew where the voice was coming from. He was sure it wasn’t the doctor’s voice; this voice was much younger than what Dr. Victor’s voice should sound like. He walked swiftly and silently towards the sound.

Steve immediately came out of his hiding place and was faced with a small mischievous looking fellow.

“What do you want…? Why did you have to break into the door?” He had never seen him before. His eyes stared devilishly into his and Steve instantly knew that the imp had something mischievous up his sleeves. He shivered all over and felt his pants get wet.

“I want to see Dr. Victor.” Rogers said as he reached out his hands to grab him.

“He is not at home…he is not back from the clinic….ch…check him at the hospital.” Steve moved back as he moved and tried to avoid the hands that wanted to grab him. The air was stuffy with danger. The stranger was already too close. As he tried to run faster away from Rogers, he slipped and fell as Rogers grabbed him by the waist and lifted him up. How could such a smallish fellow have such strength to lift him up with so little effort? He thought.

Rogers squeezed him so tight that he felt and heard his bones make a cracking sound. He cried out in pain and was more than grateful as Rogers loosened his grip. The stranger’s bones were as hard as steel.

“Now, we are going to take it easy. I am going to ask you a few questions and any question that goes unanswered will cost you one of your bones.” Rogers said into his ears. Rogers was standing behind him with his arms wrapped around his waist.

He was in real pain; he nodded quickly in response to the psychopaths words. He was ready to answer any question just to save his life.

“Now tell me, where is Dr. Victor?”

“I told you before; he is at his work place in his clinic.”

“When will he be back?”

“I don’t know”

Rogers squeezed him harder and one of his rib bones made a sound. “Answer me!!”

“Any time from Now, he should come home for his lunch.” Steve had never known such pain in his life. He wondered what he had done wrong to deserve such treatment. “Please, don’t do this to me. Pleeease don’t kill me, plee….”

Rogers threw him violently on the wall nearby and Steve crashed with so much force that he lost consciousness immediately. Rogers was about to grab him and do some real injustice to his body when he heard the sound of a vehicle driving into the compound. He stopped, maybe it was Dr. Victor. He waited.

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Dr. Victor drove into his compound. He was surprised to find his gate opened, but instantly forgot about it. There was a more disturbing issue at hand.

The murder of Mrs. Okon.

The news had weakened and depressed him, at the moment his whole emotions were devastated. He knew that his stay at the hospital would be useless so he decided to head straight home and think about the deceased. For now he wasn’t strong and focused enough to go to the orphanage, he would go there later in the day. He knew that he would be expected to be there any moment from now but they would have to wait.

How could he go there and face them? He was the main person behind sending Rogers to the orphanage. The weight of guilt that was on him was too much for him to bear.

But what had the good old woman done to him that he had decided to murder her? Mrs. Okoye had told him on the phone that Rogers had smashed her head several times on the wall and also stabbed one of the guards to death with a stick. That was gruesome and wicked. What kind of human being was he?

Dr. Victor was aware of Rogers’ ill mannered behavior at the orphanage while he was growing. Whenever he went visiting the orphanage, Mrs. Okon would complain of his refusal to respect authority. And he had always wondered why such a young lad could have no single fear and respect for his elders. The boy had never seized to make him feel creepy whenever he beheld him.

The more he thought about the news the more depressed he felt. Mrs. Okon didn’t deserve to die that way; murdered by the child she had saved from this harsh world and taken complete responsibility of.

He wondered were the boy had run to. What had gone wrong between her and the former matron? Has a psychopath been let loose? He felt his brain want to shatter as questions continued to flow in.

He knew Steve would be surprised to see him come home earlier than before. Steve would be thinking that hunger had brought him home so early. But right now food was the last thing on his mind. The sad news about Mrs. Okon’s demise had made him lost his apatite.

He parked his car in his compound at his normal parking position and hurried to the building. What had Steve done to the door? He wondered, as he saw the broken lock. Maybe the lock developed a problem, but why didn’t he call the carpenter? Someone had forcefully opened the door and had left the door in a very, very bad condition.

He pushed the door inward and called “Steve!” the house was as quiet as the cemetery. Steve would normally make himself visible once the sound of his car announces his presence.

Someone was sitting on his sofa.

“Welcome home Dr. Victor” Rogers said.

Victor became immediately alarmed. He didn’t know what to make out of the stranger welcoming him. Where was Steve? He thought as he began to connect the stranger with the broken door.

Rogers did not stand up from his seat. He continued to speak. “It’s been a long time doctor; I have been looking forward to seeing you again. That is why I decided to wait all day for you.” The sound of his voice reminded Victor of the silent tempting voice of the devil when it tries to convince him to commit sin.

Why had Rogers come to his home, he thought, just as he recognized who the stranger was? He was only about four feet into the room. He pretended he didn’t recognize who Rogers and asked, “Who are you?”

“You don’t want to know who I am. Well, I am the little boy whom you delivered into this world nineteen years ago.” The doctor continued to stare in fear, but Rogers continued. “Can’t you remember the baby you disliked the moment you set your eyes on him? The boy everyone rejected even his grand parents, the little evil looking infant that was sent to the orphanage at the tender age of six months.”

Dr. Victor was wondering what Rogers wanted in his home just after murdering Mrs. Okon. The boy was a killer, what does he want? “Please don’t hurt me, Rogers, we took care of you when…”

“Don’t bloody call me that name.” There was anger written all over Rogers’ face. He instantly stood up and walked towards the doctor who was already paralyzed with fear. His old legs were shaking and they definitely would not help him out run the mean kid. “You disrespect me by calling me Rogers and make me sound like some bloody human. I am from the ancient times; before the birth of your ancestors. Since the beginning of evil; I have been around, helping humans in times of need, drinking their sacrifice of blood. How dare you call me that name like some kind of weak, choiceless human?” he was already standing in front of Dr. Victor, for he moved as he spoke.

Dr. Victor was suffering from a mixed feeling of fright and confusion. He didn’t understand what the psycho was talking about. It made no sense to him. He shivered with fright, now sure that he was going to wet on his pants. This psycho, this lunatic had just murdered somebody this morning and has found his way into his home. Probably he had also murdered Steve. He was probably going to kill him also if he doesn’t play his cards right. Perhaps, Mrs. Okon must have provoked him somehow and that has resulted in her death. He must therefore be very careful and handle him with caution.

He remained silent, fear written all over his face. He stared back directly into the deep impish eyes.

“I just want to get information from you. All you have to do is answer me.” Rogers said. His temper was suddenly under control.

Maybe this was why he had murdered the matron, Victor thought. She probably must have refused to answer his questions. He was now sure that he wouldn’t be killed. He will simply answer his entire questions and the lunatic will spare his life. “Why did you kill her?” The doctor found himself inquiring.

Rogers was surprised, how did the doctor know that he had killed Mrs. Okon? He wasn’t at the orphanage this morning.

“You already know that?” he asked with a surprised smile on his lips. The thought of Mrs. Okon’s dead body made him feel a rush of pleasure. “I killed her because I have always wanted to kill her. I simply love killing people, it is my passion, and it is my hobby.”

Now this was insane. This psycho killed Mr. Okon for the pleasure of it. He suddenly realized that there might be no escape for him.

“You were there when I was born. I am looking for my father. Perhaps you can give me information that can lead me to him.” Rogers said.

“I don’t know where he is.”

“Answer me!” he pushed the old man violently causing him to reel backwards towards his dinning table.

He forcefully crashed by the side of the dining table with his back; he felt pain rush through his brains then back to his hip bone and spinal cord. The boy had so much energy in him. While on the floor, he spoke in a painful voice. “I swear I never saw your father. He never showed up. The only person I had contact with then was Amaka, your mother’s friend and your grand parents.”

“Where is Amaka?” Rogers asked as he drew closer.

“I really don’t know.” Dr. Victor never saw Amaka again after Juliet’s burial. He only heard that she got married and left Owerri with her husband. “She didn’t show up again after your mother’s burial.” He didn’t understand why this information was so important to the kid, he looked very angry.

Rogers was evidently angry and mad. What was he going to do? This seemed like a dead end. He was nothing without his bead. No he must get his bead, without it his life was at stake. He lifted the old man from the floor holding him with his two hands under his armpits. “Tell me how I can locate my father,” he whispered loudly.

“I don’t know, but your grand parents might know where Amaka is, she became a friend with your grand mother after your mother’s death.” Dr. Victor was hoping that Rogers would change his mind about hurting him further because of his current suggestion.

“Where is she, where is the old woman?”

“It’s been a long time since I saw here. The address I have is the one they gave me at the time of your birth, you can start from there.”

“Give it to me”

“I wrote it down somewhere.” He looked towards his small library, very close to his dining, “somewhere there.” He pointed towards the direction. Dr. Victor did not write down the address anywhere, he couldn’t actually remember if the address was number seven or eleven. He would have to choose from one of the numbers in his mind, he wondered what would happen if Rogers goes there and discoveres it was a wrong number. He was terrified of him and won’t like the idea of provoking him. He chose to give him number seven even though he wasn’t sure.

Rogers dropped him and he pretended to be searching through his books. He looked up and said “It is number seven Old Klent Street.

Rogers felt better, this is not a dead end after all, and the gladness in his heart reminded him of blood and death. He was okay with the information, there is nothing more to ask from the old man. He would have to celebrate his little success by killing the old man. He looked towards the dinning table and saw a pack of cutlery that was neatly arranged on the table. It gave him an idea of fun. With so much ease, he picked up the old man and laid him brutally on the table. Using his left hand to hold the doctor firm to the table, he picked up the sets of table knives with his right hand and began to systematically design the old man. He started by piercing one into his forehead and continued with the rest of the body.

When the knives were finished, he looked at the lifeless body of the doctor and felt satisfied with the mess on the table. Steve was the last person on his mind.

Steve had already come back to consciousness and over heard all the discussion Rogers had with his master, but he quickly lost consciousness out of the shock of his awareness that his master was being murdered. He was not able to with stand the cries of pain from the old man.

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Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 6:44pm On Jan 06, 2013
The scene in at the orphanage could not be erased out of inspector James’s mind. He could not remember if he had seen anything like that through out his service as a policeman. He wondered what sort of human being Rogers was and why he acted that way.

Where could he be now? What was he up to?

He was very worried and uncomfortable with the knowledge that a psychopath was let loose in the streets of Owerri. Anybody could be a victim. But what was so important in the file that he had to locate it first before leaving the orphanage?

He had already instructed police officers to continue to search for anybody with his description, even though he wasn’t very positive about the outcome of such search, since they did not have a particular spot to look for.

Officer Ted and Bill had already gone to the hospital to interview the doctor. They were sure that he would be at his clinic; Mrs. Okoye had informed them that she had informed him of the sad news and she said that she had confirmed that he was in his clinic. The two officers had gone immediately after clearing the mess at the orphanage. Inspector James was sure that nothing positive would come out of the interview also. He was sure that the secret behind Rogers’s outrageous behavior lay in the orphanage.

But all the same, he hoped that the doctor might give them something helpful, maybe more about the circumstance surrounding his birth. He had already decided that he would leave no stone unturned in the investigation.

He was sitting in his office ruminating when the land line telephone on his table rang.

“Hello” he answered as he instantly picked it up.

“Sir,” it was Ted. “You have to come over to Dr. Victor’s house right away. He had been brutally murdered on his dinning table.”

“Touch nothing, I am on my way.” He dropped the phone and quickly left the office, he felt sick, today was turning out to be a bad day, and he was getting more action than he wished for.
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 6:50pm On Jan 06, 2013
The taxi driver who dropped Rogers noticed that his next passenger shifted something before sitting down on the back seat of his car. He looked back and saw the file on the seat. It was the same file his previous passenger held before he entered his car. Now he has forgotten it. He wasn’t surprised; the passenger looked confused, asking stupid questions.

What was he thinking? Probably there was some important information on the file. How would he locate the stranger and give his file back to him.

Luckily he had taken note of the place where he dropped off the man. Number 5 Silver Street. He decided that he would go back there immediately after he drops off the passenger in his car right now and locate the stranger or drop it with the occupants of the building.

He asked the passenger at his back to pass the file to him. It wasn’t heavy, but he was sure that there was important information in it. He dropped it on his dashboard and drove away.
Re: The Tenth Generation by frank317: 6:52pm On Jan 06, 2013

Inspector James couldn’t believe his eyes. He now believed what Mrs. Okoye and other orphanage staffs had said about the boy- he was strange and abnormal. It was very obvious that Mrs. Okon, the guard and Dr. Victor had been murdered by the same person. There were similarities between both cases.

What was he up to? A pattern was already forming. He had killed two people from his past. Two people who knew him at birth. Why? What was he trying to hide? Or what was he looking for? Had they known something about him that he felt must be kept secret? Different questions went through his mind as he looked at the body. There were eleven knives on the whole, used to design the doctor’s body. The sight was sickening and it downed on James that the case was going to be nothing like he had ever experienced. He must think fast.

He was now thinking on a different line. Perhaps the killings have nothing to do with what happened in the orphanage. He was already blaming himself for wrongful thinking. He must concentrate to get into the mind of the psycho.

They had already sent for the homicide squad. The whole environment was beginning to get crowdy. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate in this kind of environment. He needed to finish with whatever he was doing here and go somewhere he could reason very well.

James was not happy. He was already feeling guilty; he would have guessed that the doctor will be the next person Rogers would visit. Now he must not make that same mistake twice.

Then he remembered the file.

What could likely be in that file that made Rogers think it was useful to him? Who else must have witnessed what took place when he was born? This was a line in the investigation he must follow. But it didn’t make any sense to him. Maybe he was angry that he was taken to the orphanage and was getting at everybody who had a hand in ensuring that he stayed at the orphanage. He wondered what type of psychological disorder the boy was going through.

Ted was right beside him as perplexed as ever.

“How is the other victim doing?” James asked him. He meant Steve.

“He is still unconscious; the ambulance is taking him to the hospital Ted replied.

“I hope we don’t loose him, he might have heard something” Inspector James said. “I wish I cold tell what his next move is going to be.”

“I wonder who or what he is. I wonder what he wants, why is he killing people like this?” Ted wondered out loudly.

The homicide squad came and were immediately allowed into the sitting room. Dr. Victor’s lifeless body lay on his dinning table on his own pool of blood. The sight was sickening and horrific. It was evident that whoever did this was really, really abnormal.

Inspector James went outside, allowing the crew to do their job. There was a man standing on the gate. A taxi was parked beside him; it was obviously his. He was holding a file and seemed to need attention. He was boldly trying to get himself into the compound.

Inspector James walked towards him, the attention of other policemen was on the just arrived homicide crew.
“Yes, can I help you? James asked.

“I dropped a smallish young man here about an hour ago. I just found out that he forgot this file in my car. I guessed he will still be here, or the occupant of the house might know his were about. It might be something important.”
James became immediately alarmed. This could be a break to this investigation. He became excited internally. “Can you describe this fellow?”

The driver briefly described Rogers.

It was him.

“As you can see, I am a police officer and the man you seek is wanted for the murder of the occupant of this house. In fact he was just through with killing two people before you picked him up. Therefore I will like you to take your time and remember all he did or said at the time you picked him up, I want to hear everything that you can remember.” James said as he collected the file.

The obviously astonished driver told the Inspector all he could remember. Inspector James thanked him and quickly alerted Ted, together they scanned through the file.

In the file was information concerning the birth of Rogers and why he was brought to the orphanage. It explained how he lost his mother at birth and how his grand parents which were his only relations couldn’t take care of him. His father was unknown and very little was mentioned about a girl named Amaka. Then the rest was about his strange behavior in the orphanage. There was no address written on it.

James was disappointed. There was no mind triggering information in the file. No wonder Rogers left the file in the car.
But by now James was sure that either Amaka or his grandparents were going to be his next victim. He must have gotten something from the doctor. The girl who took care of Juliet when she was rejected should know something. But where was she? How could she be located?

He was sure that the pattern he felt was coming together. Rogers was, for reason he couldn’t yet explain, killing people who know something about his birth. What should he do now?

“I want you to inform Bill that he mustn’t take his eyes off the unconscious victim.” Bill was already with Steve at St. Magdalene hospital. “Further, I want you to go to the hospital; that was where Rogers was born; there must be a file that could tell us more. The officials must help you search for it; I know we will get some old addresses there. We can at least start from there. We must hurry, before he makes his next move.”

“Yes sir.” Ted answered and left.

Inspector James had already made a call to Dr. George, informing him about the murder. While Ted left the scene, the inspector waited for the doctor, he would have to interview him.

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