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Re: Fish Farming Business by dennylove(m): 8:38am On Jan 29, 2007
black eye peas, says is a MONKEY BUSINESS,but,YORUBA say is ELEJA BUSINESS cheesy grin wink smiley
Re: Fish Farming Business by nikynike(f): 1:25pm On Jan 30, 2007
Was into it but got discouraged when l dicovered that the big ones swallowed the small sized ones.l could only harvest the few big ones. l spent alot of cash in developing the pond and purchasing thier feeds alone cost a lot of cash cos the higher the grow in size the more quantity of feed they consume.So friends be careful about the business its profitable but difficult to maintain.
Re: Fish Farming Business by peace2all(m): 2:39pm On Jan 30, 2007
@nikynike you are right. It's all about planning.Good planning before You start. Also
keep some extra cash. You must not forget to have an extra pond for selection.You must do
constant selection of the fish. The big ones has to me moved to the extra pond.
Re: Fish Farming Business by nikynike(f): 2:58pm On Jan 30, 2007
@peace2all,You have experience about it. U must have two ponds to separate the big from the small ones. if not, u end up loosing big amount of cash and time.
Re: Fish Farming Business by Vas: 2:28pm On Jan 31, 2007
hello, beelyjay45,

Your post was very informative. cau u tell me how many catfish u can conveniently breed on a plot of land.
Re: Fish Farming Business by peace2all(m): 2:38pm On Jan 31, 2007
@Vas. A plot of land can take three ponds +1 .The 1 exra is for selection.
You can stock each pond with about 3 thousand fish.Depending on the size of the pond
and what you also can afford. So a plot of land will give you aproximately 9000 fish.

Good luck
Re: Fish Farming Business by moleepaiko(m): 4:30pm On Feb 05, 2007
Hi guys,

I am so impressed by the richness of the contributions of those who have one experience or the other to share, not failing to also applaud the eagerness of willing subscribers which goes to show that this discussion thread is a viable one.

Actually, I wanted to be quick to caution those who are lured by the presumpsion that "fish farming is an easy way to make money pronto!" that they need to be watch it. The statement is as true as it is also false based on so many reasons.

I am not a pessimist, but I do know that one needs to unnderstand the nitty-grities of every business preposition one intends to invest in. If you understand the basics, there is no gain saying that your success will be more assured as compared to jumping into it as a novice aznd "putting all your eggs in one basket"

What is my point? Yea, sure. I have a 3-points guide for you.

1. First, I will advice those who want to go into fish farming to learn all the theories there are to learn, from as many tutors/workshops and practising fish farmers as posible. When you are sure that u have heard from the experts as much as posible, You can then proceed to the second stage.

2. Secondly, convince yourself about which practicing fish-farmer you believe you can trust as your mentor, who posibly should live near you and who can spare time to supervise yours. Pay him if need be, because the more he knows he stands to gain something from you, the more he is willing to help. Then you can begin by investing a little into the bussiness. You can start from the very minimum, the size you can confortably manage, which you are even prepared to loose entirely. This you will manage with supervision from your mentor, learning all practicals and seeing how it contrasts with what is in the theory.

3. Finally, having havested the first batch which was supervised, you could manage another batch partially supervised and then another, then another untill u aare sure you can do it on your own. Once convinced, my brother, you can go full throtle into big time investment, because by this time I can confortably call u an EXPERT ISH FARMER (Dont mind if it is small-scale, medium scale or large-scale).

You may wonder why I am saying all these. Yes, I say it because I am a PhD research student of Aquaculture nutrition. I am into research to develop a local alternative feedstuff for tilapia and catfish which is cheaper than what is currently in the market but also as efficient, if not more efficient, so I have all the theoritical/practical information regarding raising/managing farm-grown catfish/tilapia. It is on record that most fish farmers who lost out of the trade did because of poor know-how/orientation at the begining of the trade. This is quite surprising because, like some one rightly pointed out FARM-RAISED FISH is a lucrative business!

Properly learnt, I don't think many youth in Nigeria have business complaining about unemployment because currently, the demand for fish in urban areas of Nigeria can only be met about 20%!

Good luck guys as your interests in my research area grows, I will pop in from time to time to see how I can respond to other queries of yours as the arise, but meanwhile, don't cut corners! Peace!
Re: Fish Farming Business by slide: 11:27am On Feb 12, 2007
i'm kind of having interest in these farm business,how do go about it please?
i'm based in kaduna and have constant water supply and enough space behind my flat,approximately how much do i need for a small fish farm?
Re: Fish Farming Business by peace2all(m): 11:51am On Feb 12, 2007
@slide. It depends on how large/small you want to start.
I think with you constant water supply, you can comfortably start a
medium farm with about 200.000 (two hundred thousand naira)
Re: Fish Farming Business by freelance(m): 3:15pm On Feb 15, 2007
Hi,all nairaland fish farmers that produce fingerlings can now get SureStar brineshrimp eggs-Artemia cysts.it is a new product in the Nigerian market that seeks to add value to the quality of fish produced while ensuring maximum returns for all farmers.I  am quite sure a trial will convince you.
The prelaunch price is just N3800.It is sure a sign of good things to come for catfish farmers.
Good deals available for distributors and farmers outside Lagos.
If you are interested,please contact Dre on 080 5557 3639, 080-2386 3964,Tosin-080 2386 3940.
Re: Fish Farming Business by freelance(m): 4:44am On Feb 17, 2007
Hi,all nairaland fish farmers that produce fingerlings can now get SureStar brineshrimp eggs-Artemia cysts.

it is a new product in the Nigerian market that seeks to add value to the quality of fish produced while ensuring maximum returns for all farmers. I am quite sure a trial will convince you.

The prelaunch price is just N3800.It is sure a sign of good things to come for catfish farmers.

Good deals available for distributors and farmers outside Lagos.

If you are interested, please contact send a mail to [email]freelance911@gmail.com[/email]

Hurry while offer lasts.

Re: Fish Farming Business by iwayeye(m): 12:29pm On Feb 23, 2007
Rasque,it unfortunate you have not read my post on great opportunity,anyway get in touch with on 08034398271 or email iwayeye@yahoo.com.

I work with Farm Affairs & Concepts, Inc
Olu-Kayode Avenue,Alagbaka GRA Akure. We assist and consult for people like who wants to invest in Agricultural industry/Sector.
Re: Fish Farming Business by mado(f): 3:22am On Feb 25, 2007
mado smileyMy next question is: have thought of CRA-FISH farming yet? There seems to be a great demand for these too.
mado smiley
Re: Fish Farming Business by drtk: 2:16pm On Feb 26, 2007
i have a 3 plot of land in ikorodo. if anyone is intrested for his fish farm, you can call me for discussion but i am not selling the lands. my number is 0806 068 6727.
Re: Fish Farming Business by ThisDumebi: 12:01am On Feb 27, 2007
go to Consecrated Farms at Usi Ekiti for juvenile,fingerling,and table size catfish.
Re: Fish Farming Business by preoil(f): 2:45pm On Feb 28, 2007
Can any 1 tell me how to do this business in a tank? I heard it is cheaper and boosts  yield especially when you have water readily available.
But if you live in river state, then Ellah lakes Obrikom, near omoku or man o war training center at aluu is a place to visit. The only thing is that they have earthen ponds.
Meanwhile, if anyone is looking for a land to do this business. I am ready to partner with him/her. I have 4 plots of land near omoku in River State. Call me on 08036668794 or hit me at precious_shadow2001@yahoo.com
Re: Fish Farming Business by moseni: 1:42am On Mar 01, 2007
hi my fellow farmers,the fish farming business is quite a profitable venture, about two years now.I produce frys,fingerlings and juveniles forsale at affordable prices.and aslo sale grow out.u can can reach me on

08037213008 or 018763004
Re: Fish Farming Business by chioms(f): 12:55pm On Mar 01, 2007
how far people, any 1 in Ph who want to teach me 1 on 1?
Re: Fish Farming Business by benb(m): 8:19pm On Mar 05, 2007
i am impressed by the number of people intersested in fishfarming.
pls b4 rushing into this biz pls take note of these points.

1.Make sure u have an adequate supply of water.{fish is 70% water].
Water amount depends on system used.

2.Ensure u buy the right breed.I said in an earlier post that i started with
250 fish but what i did not say was i bought the wrong kind.i lost cos they did not grow.

3.When u want to construct your pond pls get a professional,my 1st pond

4.Fish is feeding if u can't feed pls don't stock.

5.If u rush into this biz u will rush out with your tail btw your legs.Buy a maual and have a conultant to guide you{their price vary from 10,000-100,000 naira for 6 months}.pls ensure he has a  farm.

Is fish farming lucrative well i don't know i only made 100,000 naira selling juveniles feb. 2007.Someone call my lawyer i need to [color=#990000][/color]sue the man that sold me this package.
Re: Fish Farming Business by benb(m): 9:13pm On Mar 09, 2007
hi, like i said am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of
young men and women now interested in dis biz.{my friends thought i was crazy}
Before you venture in though pls be clear on which part you
want to join in.
1.Fingerlings/juvenile production
2.grow out
3.Sales of feed
4.Pond construction e.t.c
Its actually wider than it seems,there's a place for every one.

am based in lagos

Mr Ben   08023221215
Re: Fish Farming Business by babaruks: 3:05pm On Mar 12, 2007
hi shadex, please give me more details of starting up fish farming. Also how do i acquire a cold room
Re: Fish Farming Business by beelyjay45(m): 8:14am On Mar 13, 2007
Hi Rasque if u are really serious about investing in fish farming call me on this number 08052250566 the name is Adegboyega Adenugba.
Re: Fish Farming Business by nextday: 3:47am On Apr 07, 2007
Good day.I have so much interest in Fish farming business,but I have some unanswered questions about the buiz:

1. I dont have a land of my own.

2. where you think is the best location/geographical area to establish the buiz in south west?

3. What is the average cost of such location including renting or buying a plot of land .

4. what quantity of juveniles will a plot of land house and at what cost inclusing contruction and logistic?

5. In what proportion of space can I start 1000 juveniles.

6. How much does it cost to feed a single juvenile to market size?

7.What is their price/kg and of how old?

Plz,I will be very grateful to have answers to these questions above.
Re: Fish Farming Business by nextday: 4:58am On Apr 07, 2007
Hello house,
Good day all.Anyone with good pratical fish farming experience,who owes a farm him/herself needed to put me through in investing in the buiz.
Re: Fish Farming Business by TaxMan(m): 12:55pm On Apr 13, 2007

hi, like i said am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of
young men and women now interested in this biz.{my friends thought i was crazy}
Before you venture in though please be clear on which part you
want to join in.
1.Fingerlings/juvenile production
2.grow out
3.Sales of feed
4.Pond construction e.t.c
Its actually wider than it seems,there's a place for every one.

am based in lagos
@ Benb
I'm happy you're based in Lagos and will e-mail you shortly, I would like to visit your fish-farm for a practical look at what it really entails to run a fish farm.

I have also noticed that a lot of people keep referring to ones geographical location as a major success determinant, I really don't understand what that has to do with anything - I would like to locate my farm on the Lekki- Ajah Axis and have start wondering if this is a good location for me to thrive.

Mr Ben 08023221215
Re: Fish Farming Business by enthusiast: 1:38am On Apr 30, 2007
i have been resisting joining nairaland, but could not resist doing so in the end. There are some rather interesting threads pertaining to catfish farming. Let me start of by saying a big thank you to those that have made meaningful contributions to this forum.
I am new to the business and just got through purchasing 7 plots of land for catfish farming. I am growing-out my farm or business and am thankful for some of the posts on here. I have a few earthen ponds right now and am hoping to max out at 25 ponds or so. feeding is as mentioned before perhaps the most expensive part of Catfish farming, but like everything in life keep at it and you can only be as big as you dream.

I am sure there are challenges ahead but my team and i are ready. We have tapped into other peoples knowledge and also been to 1 or 2 seminars. There are however a lot of consultants out there, if you talk to someone and what you hear makes sense, then go for it, that combined with your drive should be enough to see you through to the end.

I am looking for a farm to buy (if the price is right). Here is what i'm looking for: 1 farm with farm house or some kind of storage facility, you must own the land and possess c of o documentation. Access to water supply(borehole, well or overhead tanks), farm should preferrably be fenced off with a gate already in place. 3 mil is probably the highest i'm willing to go and my time frame for purchase is 6 months to 12 months(if you have a farm to sell and it is 3.1mil "Please do not respond" ! If you have one for sale right now for this price range (200k to 3mil) and might be available within the time frame i mentioned, then please "respond"wink

Re: Fish Farming Business by Larufa(m): 4:54pm On May 06, 2007
For those that are already in fish farming, I have floating feeds for sale.

Some of the advantages of floating feeds are:

1. Less water pollution issues
2. Ease of  observing, monitoring fish growth and their response during feed.
3. Less feeding cost and feed waste
4. Feeds Optimization.

And from the Lab. analysis of the feeds sample, the follow is the percentage composition of the feeds::
1. Crude Protein  --44%
2. Fat    ---  7%
3. Fiber --- 2.1%
4. Energy --- 3430Kcal/kg
5. Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) -- 1: 1.3

Frequently ask questions  (FAQ):

1. Floatability - What % and how long?

A: Between 85 to 95 % floatability and it floats for upward of two Hours.

2. Abscence of crumbs. I have used some local floating feeds b/4 which I had to abandon b/cos of the high level of crumbs. Imagine 2kg of crumbs in 15 kg bag of feeds! What is the level of your feeds'crumbs?

A: The level of crumb is less than 1% since the feed is processed using an extruder machine.

3. Expiry: What is the best before date from date of manufacture?

A: The expiration is 3 months after manufacturing.

4. What is the feeds Formulation?

A: The feed contains Maize, 72% Fish Meal, Soya, GNC, Fish premix, Vit C, Salt and Calcium Diphosphate

5. Pricing - What is your distributor's price per kg? What is your recommended retail price per kg? What is the minimum quantity for a distributor?

A: It is 185 Naira per Kg and the feed could be sold for 200 Naira per Kg. We do not have a minimum quantity for distributor, however the customers will be responsible for the cost of transportation.

6. Distribution - Do you have transport facility to be supplying the feeds to us in Lagos?

A: We could arrange transportation for customers.

7. Payment terms. Cash and carry or credit? What is the credit period?

A: Currently we prefer cash and carry pending the time when we could have establish a business relationship

For more information email peakagro@yahoo.com or call 08055124963
Re: Fish Farming Business by enthusiast: 12:17am On May 07, 2007
Hello Peakagro,

where in Ibadan are you located ? How far are you from Sagamu ? If i sign a 1-2 year contract with you to supply me with floating feed (means you supply my farm with feed as needed on dedicated days or months in the year as stipulated in the contract) what are the chances that i get a discount on each bag of feed ? I need a flexible arrangement, but a rock solid price.

Let me know what you think.
Re: Fish Farming Business by laplace(m): 12:25am On May 07, 2007
I talked to someone on the project of fish farming in Nigeria in April and I discovered that one needs about 200K to start a medium scale fish farm. You need to provide a suitable site, security, and make the site accessible. You have a ready market for catfish in Nigeria. You might need to go to fish farms near the site you choose to use eventually to get useful and relevan information from operators of such farms. You may also consider locating your fish farm in an agric settlement whre procuring land is a lot easier.

I wish you the best, pal.
Re: Fish Farming Business by enthusiast: 12:39am On May 07, 2007

I think 200k is too little, but then again i guess the idea is to start from somewhere.
And what exactly do you mean when you say "to start" ? Has location, water access, electrcity been taken into consideration ? Is that all factored into the 200k ? what are you looking to achieve, what is your reason for going into this venture ? I think if you want to successfully get this done, you want to have another 200k in reserves just in case.

Re: Fish Farming Business by Felixv: 5:57pm On Jun 28, 2007
hello All,
I have been researching this fish farming business for the past year and eventhough it is lucrative it is also very delicate.
you need to attend a couple of seminars,talk to good consultants, get the right land,decide on the right type of pond.
You also need some case,200k is certainly not enough,but again there is this guy who started in his bedroom.with a lot less
but i guess in those days people were not quite enlightened,you cant just sell fingerlings or juveniles without the potential
customer not wanting to know how your bred them.

stories like these certainly make for good movies, am not sure how true it is,but nothing is impossible.
as for me i have decided to deal with the big guns, or rather the gurus,

check out


these guys and many others offer consultancy services,and they also sell feeds,
my problem now is deciding which pond type to start with,WRS,EARTHEN,CONCRETE,

thanks folks, would keep you all updated on my progress.

Re: Fish Farming Business by RoughCut(m): 1:13pm On Jun 30, 2007
Fish processing venture

I have read a lot about fish farming et al and one thing that keeps jumping at me  is that what happens to the fish that is being produced. I dont believe that all the fish we are producing in nigeria are being consumed at surce so how about processing facilities that transform the fish we produce into something more attractive for exporters and secondary consumers alike. I mean things like fish-oil,fish cake, food additives.Fish is very rich protein the by-products are so much attractive to other industrial sectors especially pharmaceuticals and food processing.

From my little research a lot of our primary produce are being wasted because we dont have adequate storage and processing facilities for wha we produce fish inclusive. So i'm interested in fish processing technology and i would like some to brain storm with some others are thinking along this direction dont mind starting another tread. I need to invest cash and i think if we do our homewrok properly this is potentially a lucrative venture. There is a lot of money to be made in the agri-business space

You will not believe that there a lot of engineering fabrication  outfits in nigeria that are equal to this task so sourcing the equipments should not be much of a headache.

So let the contributions and discussions commence after whch will come up with something that would allow us to  put forward a busines plan at least and then see how far we can push this.

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