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Re: Fish Farming Business by adfabb(m): 3:39pm On Jun 26, 2009
by this post i intends a step by step guides to catfish farming for the benefits of all.


        The male reproductive organ is then prepared. This is done by mixing of the male milt content with physiological salt solution (saline water). This is done by using scissors to incise the milt sac, squeeze the reproductive content (sperm) into already prepared saline solution, mixed gently and place aside.

The female eggs are obtained by a process called stripping. The eggs are stripped out by gently pressure the lower abdomen into a dry plastic container already prepared for the purpose. The eggs, collected are kept aside and water is not allowed to touch the content under any circumstances. The egg in milt are then  mixed together, this is done by pouring the milt solution into the egg and then gently  mixed together, after which a saline solution is used to rinsed the container containing the milt.


        Pure clean water is added to the mixture and then gently stir to make sure all the mixture are thoroughly mixed together.

        These are then spread on a spawning net. They should be evenly spread to avoid overlapping of the egg which can cause clogging and unhatched eggs.

        They are left alone for 24 hours after which the egg would have hatched out and they are seen at the corner and at the bottom of the tank.

        The net is then remove and either placed in another water/tank or they are washed away to avoid pollution.
Re: Fish Farming Business by xyzhelp: 7:25pm On Jun 26, 2009
Starting a fish farming business requires a lot of knowledge, skill and planning as the investor would have to look into a lot of variables to make the business possible. Though starting a fish farming business would require intensive study of both the actual technique in fish production as well as the expenses one has to invest for equipment, the fish farming business can prove to be a very profitable venture.
Studying to start a fish farming business

The very first thing that any prospective fish farming business owner has to do is to soak up on as much knowledge in fish culture as possible. It is highly advisable that he take some college courses or some programs that are related to fish farming. If the fish farming business owner has no experience it is good that he first try and work for an established fish farming expert to know the ins and outs in fish farming. If he has the knowledge he then has to conduct the research.
Do the research in the fish farming business

The would-be owner needs to study the conditions that surround his proposed location of the fish farm. He must take into account the source of water in the area and how much is flowing from it, what rate and the temperature of the water. He should also look into other naturally available resources around the area such as geothermal water from springs. Some fishes breed faster better in warm water than others. Also look into the conduciveness of the buildings and structures around the farm. After looking into the conditions of the environment the entrepreneur also has to look into the possible market of the fish. It is not profitable to harvest tons of fishes with no buyer. Could there be a contractor for the fishes? How about fast food chains? How far is the market for the fish and what vehicle will be used to transport the fish? After finding out the possible market conditions the owner must look into organizing the business. The owner must register it as either sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC. He must also attend to the commercial license, operating permit and other requirements that may be required by the state.

If after this survey the fish farming business still seems possible then it is time to chart the financial aspect by determining the expected and unexpected expenses of the business. How much would everything cost and what would be the sources of the funds. Through this financial analysis the entrepreneur will know in the long run how much he needs to profit for how long to pay back the overhead cost and if it is profitable to start the fish farming business.
Re: Fish Farming Business by Olayinkaoj(m): 3:52pm On Jul 18, 2009
Thanks to all that have contributed with their genuine heart of passing information and helping others. Thanks also to those that are contributing as a result of their selfish gain.

I actually intend starting a pond with concrete tank in my back yard. I am looking at 1,000 for a start and I intend making 2 or 3 small tanks of 6ft (breath) by 8ft (length) by 5 ft (deep), I intend excavating 2-3 ft so that part of the tank wld be beneath the top-soil level. Security is not a problem as long as it wld be sited within my premises. I have a reliable water suppy but the vital thing I dont have is the knowledge of constucting the ponds even though I am a civil contractor, I think I could get the knowledge from farms near me, I will also make sure I go to those who are experts too, thanks for the knowledge shared

I am based in osogbo, I studies Agric, OAU 1988-93 but we were not taught fishery, nevertheless I think its what I can do , starting from a small scale. I hope 1,000 fingerling stocking is still under small scale farming

Please, kindly help me with some other useful information as regards fish farming, thanks
Re: Fish Farming Business by Olayinkaoj(m): 4:07pm On Jul 18, 2009
The man who turned N800k to N5Mil needs not to sell fish farming info again or seeking customers to buy info if truly he makes that money,


Re: Fish Farming Business by initiate: 9:29am On Jul 20, 2009
i will like to partner with an experienced person in this business in ibadan

i will provide the premises and financing while the partner will manage the business.

the partner should have experience, expertise/market knowledge, and a good track record.

alternatively a consultant would be welcome to guide us through the teething stages.

please send your details if you will be interested. thanks
Re: Fish Farming Business by tboss2(m): 1:27pm On Aug 11, 2009
Hi all,
I'm a fish farmer and I'm wiling to share my knowledge of cat fish farming with as many who whats to know. The market is large enough for many more entance. I know some may wonder why i'm doing this, knowing that I am of help makes me glad. Just ask the question and i'll answer. You can email me: dosana8@yahoo.co.uk, chat with me or call 08033911084. Pls bear in mind that it is free and you will not have to pay me or buy any material from me.

For those who are a considering fish farming using the earthen pond (dug out pond), it may intrest you to know that just as some contributors have mentioned pests like snakes, birds, crocs etc may feed on your fries, fingerlings or fish. But if you must use this method you need to line the bottom of the pond with nets and cover the entire pond with another net. The net covering the pond will prevent the predators from entering the pond while the net on the pond floor will ensure that each time you harvest, all the fish is harvested otherwise the old stock will snack on the next stock of fingerlings introduced into the pond.

The following are some other disadvantages of the earthen pond:
1) Sorting is completely impossible
2) Development or state of the fish can not be properly monitored because the fishs will be difficult to sight
3) Number and overstocking may occur as a result of 2 above

1) The fish will feel they are in a natural environment
Re: Fish Farming Business by darellone: 4:01pm On Aug 11, 2009
I will like to partner with an experienced Fish Farmer, I have a sum of 500k to invest into fish Farming business. Kindly mail me your business plan for 6 months to me. darealabi@gmail.com.
Re: Fish Farming Business by jamace(m): 7:03pm On Aug 11, 2009
Grateful to you all for your wonderful insight into fishfarming. Hope to give it a try. cool
Re: Fish Farming Business by yinks112: 2:58pm On Aug 18, 2009
Hi there

I have good quality Clarias and hetero-clarias fingerlings and juveniles for N8 and N20 respectively. We are located in Ibadan, and can be reached on 08081046640 or 027508785.
Re: Fish Farming Business by jadefour20: 5:28pm On Aug 18, 2009
Hi All,

I believe this discussion has covered the majority of the topics concerning fish farming! I've had my fingers burnt, but never gave up! It is hard work and requires superb planning and constant supervision and great work force if you can find one! I thank God things have picked up after having huge 24 ponds, lots of nurseries and hatcheries in my farm un-used! I'm happy to give techy support if required to any one!

W have large quantity of fingerlings and Juveniles to sell presently and table size to be available shortly!

Fingerlings prices ranges between N7 to N10 depending on quantities required,
Juveniles prices ranges from N14 to N20 depending on quantity required.

We can help to mill local feed using your own formula or our own formula! Beware of those local feeds in the market with dodgy formula! These feeds can cause more damages than you would imagine! Try to be present and physically watch the milling of your own feed.

Farm manager Akin 0802 7091499
Chicago Farms in Agura, Ikorodu, Lagos.

PS: We sell eggs also

Wishing you all the best!
Re: Fish Farming Business by ITHANKGOD: 6:55pm On Aug 21, 2009
Can somebody please tell me how much it will cost to drill a borehole in Ibadan. I am considering getting one done for my fish farm in Ibadan.

Any useful information will be helpful but please all response should be on this thread.

Thank you.
Re: Fish Farming Business by THESEA: 3:48pm On Aug 24, 2009
the corect website is www.fishmanagementips.blogspot.com
Re: Fish Farming Business by jessefornew(m): 5:59am On Sep 27, 2009

I'm looking for someone honest and understanding to finance fish farm business in any suitable area in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. I will be the one taking care and manage the farm. We negotiable on percentage 60%-40%.
Contact me on +2348063228187. E-mail: jessefornew@gmail.com

Akindele (Jesse).
Re: Fish Farming Business by rawe45: 2:59pm On Oct 09, 2009
I am interested in Fish farming but i no nothing about i, I MEAN NOTHING! So, i would love to acquire some knowledge before embarking on it. Anyone who's got any diea where i could go for the training should pls tell me or email me to

I am based in Akure incase there is any training going on there.
Re: Fish Farming Business by omoatere(m): 4:06pm On Oct 09, 2009
hey resque, i'm into fishfarming too but I must warn you.fish farming especially that of cat fish which is popular in nigeria now,is not a lazy man's job.you must prepare for the worst.its very hard but then lucreative.Think T-buss has said it all just follow the advice,work hard and the sky will be your limit in this biz.
Re: Fish Farming Business by suxes2005(m): 9:10pm On Oct 09, 2009
Fish farming is lucrative but my advice is that you must have enough money to feed them before you even start @ all. I had a nice start but ran out of money to feed them, now i am owing more than 80k but it is lucrative if u have d fund. Please anyone living around Berger/Akute can come and let us talk about investing in ma little farm/ 08026569391 Sheyi pear_prince@yahoo.com

Re: Fish Farming Business by distinct00: 12:54pm On Oct 12, 2009
i think young peolpe are making it real big with fish farming,but i still think one needs 100% pratical xperience before venturing into such bussness.
Re: Fish Farming Business by Ekome: 8:12pm On Oct 12, 2009
Yes you are right, you don't go into fish farming with THEORIES, but with PRACTICAL.

Re: Fish Farming Business by suxes2005(m): 10:20am On Oct 13, 2009
1 needs practical because if u are not informed, you will be deformed.

Re: Fish Farming Business by AAAfarms: 12:20pm On Oct 29, 2009
Dear Friends,

Fish farming is serious biz. all you needs are:
1) Knowledge
2) Skill
3) Money
4) Endurance

I was a full time poultry farmer but having tested fishery i assure you it is more lucrative.

Feel free for more enquries at no fee

Let build the nation together.

Alao lanrewaju 08052099333,08023067792

Re: Fish Farming Business by distinct00: 8:28am On Oct 30, 2009
if you have any free information mail me distinct_investments007@yahoo.com
Re: Fish Farming Business by opes: 12:54pm On Dec 30, 2009
pls where can i get this fish tank in western nigeria? pls check the link below for the type

Re: Fish Farming Business by ayodeji1(m): 12:30pm On Jan 01, 2010
hi all,
please i also want to go into this catfish farming as well.i have just finished construsting a small pond(two ponds actually).and il like to know what next to do before buying my fingerlings.i am also aware that one should be carefull when selecting where to buy your fingerlings from.can anyone in the house refer me to a reliable person that i can get these fingerlings from at good prices?i am based in lagos.i will also appreciate if anyone can also refer me to a good seminar in lagos.many thanks and wishing you all a happy new year.
Re: Fish Farming Business by opes: 12:39pm On Jan 01, 2010
@ ayodeji, what species of catfish are you interested in?
Re: Fish Farming Business by ayodeji1(m): 12:49pm On Jan 01, 2010
thanks for the prompt response.the truth is i dont know there are series of species for the catfish as well.im just interested in the normal catfish.i wont mind if u can shed more light on this for me.thanks.
Re: Fish Farming Business by opes: 1:27pm On Jan 01, 2010
@ ayodeji, the price of fingerlings depends on the species,i can say the common type in nigeria is African catfish or clarias gariepinus, it is a good species,ecologically pioneered and very easy to culture, prince should range from 10-15 naira,depending on the size and the weight, you can also get the price cheaper if you are buying higher quantity.
my interest is on pangasius catfish,it is the specie in high demand in europe now,
Re: Fish Farming Business by ayodeji1(m): 9:21am On Jan 02, 2010
thanks for the info.i just discovered that the pond has got two leakages as well.any useful advice from the house will be highly appreciated.
Re: Fish Farming Business by opes: 9:48am On Jan 02, 2010
@ayodeji,are u using concrete tank?u can still fill d leakage but better to place clay soil (about 6 inches) on the bottom of the tank (if concrete) and allow it to dry before filling the tank with water

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