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Celebrities / Re: Toyin Aimakhu Tells Instablog9ja Not To Link Her To Seun Egbegbe (PHOTOS) by Emeskhalifa(m): 1:31pm
eyyaaa coz d other wan no sabi obodo oyibo English abi?

check my sigi for cheap data
Politics / Re: A Nation, Her People, Her Herdsmen, And Her Press. by luvinhubby(m): 1:31pm
Anybody with half-a-brain knows this 'Fulani Herdsmen' debacle is a politically motivated script!
Only "quarter-brains" whose hearts have been corroded with HATE and whose ears love LIES, especially those people from 'THAT PART' of the country believe false/unverified tales from compromised news outlets like the untrusworthy and insidious VANGUARD angry

GET IT NOW!, there is no group of 'Fulani Herdsmen' looking for people to kill; what you have is a politically sponsored and motivated group of terrorists looking to dictate the political destiny of our country. KAPISH!

God Bless The President.
God Bless Nigeria...AMEN

For your theory to hold, you need to point out an alternative suspected culprits in all the massacres associated with Fulani herdsmen, starting from Zamfara to Kaduna to Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Kogi, Ondo, Ogun & Enugu states.

Secondly, did Fulani herdsmen killings start today?

Moreover, the Fulanis have not denied killings, they've only justified it as repraisals.
Celebrities / Re: Teebillz Neglects Vivian Oputa's Child With Him by haul: 1:31pm
my dear it's God o. I have some cousins who took so long to settle down, not totally their fault though, so growing up I made up my mind not to tow that path and God 'picked the call', If not God, what can I do alone

Well good knowing you, this ladies need to set their priorities sha.
Romance / Re: Lady Displays Handbag Her Sugar Daddy Bought For Her by QueenEKAMMA: 1:31pm

That exactly is the irony of life my dear.....

some of the bad guys end up making it in life than the so called good guys...

The so called dullards in secondary school are now driving jeeps while the extremely smart ones are no where near them...

The ones with first class in Uni are lecturers and collecting stipends while the ones with 2.1 and even 2.2 are collecting millions....

Those ones that have done abortion almost 5 times are married and even given birth while the ones that had sex just once before they got married, no abortion are either still single or married and no child yet....

i can go on and on...... life is a big mystery.

NB: i am in no way justifying bad deeds grin grin grin

Celebrities / Re: Toyin Aimakhu Tells Instablog9ja Not To Link Her To Seun Egbegbe (PHOTOS) by kolaish: 1:31pm
The truth remains that Seun is your ex. Please Toyin!, Toyin!!, Toyin!!! how many times did I call you? Learn to take life as it is. Wishing you Good Luck in your future relationship or should I say sojour with men.
Business / Re: MERRYBET Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by Ikechukwu183: 1:31pm
Crazy pick grin grin grin grin

Clearly breathing the fresh air of CAST.

why don't you respect ur fucking sef and go look for something else to do with ur miserable life.
Casted to the land of no return.
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc Batch A 2016 Stream 2 Corp Members by giftiebrown(m): 1:31pm
Taaa!!! Dapada!! Garri bii ti boooo Me no dey for dat Davido song oo, na designer and ferarri guyzz me dey roll with...lol
hahaha!!! hardiodun! osinachi!
Religion / Re: From Pastor To Atheist: Why I Will NEVER Be A Christian Again. by Image123(m): 1:31pm

Malaria, headache, pains of different categories etc. And at a time I believed a dumb kid regained ability to speak after I and a brother prayed for him.
But I know better now.
Yes my case is not new. Who talked about it being new? Everyday people are gradually realizing that god takes glory for things he did not do while actually he has never done anything. Seen many cases of people who are still christian but now know only their effort matters and they should not expect anything from god.

Good, just wanted to confirm that you indeed recall that the supernatural(not natural) is real. Malaria kills millions of peple in africa every year, so it's profitable and good to hear an atheist affirm that these can be cured using supernatural means.
Like i've already said, you painted the picture like you case is a discovery and eye opener. That christians are christians because they have not asked questions or began to think. Good to hear/read you say that is not true. People have always asked questions and thought since time immemorial. Many people have being convinced to different sides to the divide based on reasoning too. It is not only atheistic convewrsions that employ reasoning. Paul reasoned with people several times, some were converted, some were not. People make choices based on reasoning and logic, some make their choices and decisions based on emotion. That is the way life is. It is not the exclusive preserve of atheism. i have seen many cases of people who are still christian and know that their efforts could never have gotten them to where they were today. Christianity does not say that efforts don't matter, actually faith without efforts is dead.
Sports / Re: Football Rollover(king) by toch1997: 1:31pm
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]following back to back
Investment / Re: Emirates Vacation Club Dupes Nigerians by aliyuabbaashiru(m): 1:31pm
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu stays at 7 or 9 (not sure) bourdillon road...... if u know what I mean.........
Travel / Re: Thread for South Korea prospective students by acadollar(m): 1:31pm

Oga go and read from page one on this thread. Who is not busy that will be searching for you y u go about doing you work. This thread is not for that, u must work and let peopl benefits from u as u benefits from others. Thanks.
Thank you sir
Investment / Re: Follow These 6 Simple Steps And You'll Never Be Broke Again by donkilidon(m): 1:31pm

Anyway, diff strokes for diff folks. U know some people will still be spending without any means for replenishing d money spent.

Quite true brother......
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Celebrates Her 37th Birthday Today by Pavore9: 1:31pm
I read that Lagos story yesterday too. I strongly belive that any woman who refuses to marry is mannerless, highly indesciple and is liekely to regret at her later years. Those woman should not go secretrily and buy chieldren because a time will definetely come when such worman will cry and as at that time it may be too late. No matter how rich one is, a woman without children arising from over happiness and so refuses to marry will regrete later.

I beg to disagree on "I strongly belive that any woman who refuses to marry is mannerless, highly indesciple and is liekely to regret at her later years" because l work with a lot of Reverend Sisters and that has formed my contrary opinion.

A woman who wants a child without marriage in today's world has an option to go for artificial insemination after buying the sperm of her choice from the sperm bank or may choose to go the natural way but regards the man involved only as a sperm donor with no intention of having him playing any role in the child's life.

Personally l do not advocate intentionally going into single parenthood because a responsible father and a responsible mother plays a very vital role in the proper development of a child..

Choosing to be single and responsible is not a crime before God just as marriage is not the answer to life's problems.
Celebrities / Re: Girls Latest Abortion Scamming Trick [PICS] by vizkiz: 1:31pm
lol nobody..... Dont u love watching foolish guys suffer?

If you have a responsible boyfriend, you will not type this shiit. undecided
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc Batch A 2016 Stream 2 Corp Members by ray4000(m): 1:31pm

lolz, the gods have been consulted,
elder fraiser is to provide the two beautiful ladies, he has 500 wives and 250 concubines, he would give us the two ladies from his 500 wives, for the sacrifice..
The sacrifice would be performed in two market days, anybody that refuses to come for the sacrifice, thunder with small lightning may strike that person.
We would also need 500,000 to buy rice and beans which we would send to the gods up in the sky by either aircraft or witchcraft, anyone is allowed, as far as it will deliver the message.

the gods have spoken
The gods continues that elder fraiser should also bring along two female fly and 100,000 for maggi with pepper to be send along through either the craft
Technology Market / Re: Iphone 5s For Sale by ozor1: 1:31pm
45k for locked 5s ? 12k
not i cloud sorry
Webmasters / Advert Your Services To Over 40k Nigerians Today For Just 6k! by samuelzion(m): 1:31pm
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Travel / Re: Dangote Trailer In Accident At Stadium Bridge Surulere Lagos (graphic Pics) by nonstan(m): 1:31pm
1: Ram or Ran?

2: No casualty was recorded but accident viticms were taken to the hospital.
..... ... Pls define "casualty"

The rammed into is correct..not sure of the latter
Webmasters / Re: Bloggers Whatsapp Group ! by Edroom: 1:31pm
Sports / The Biggest Soccer Event In Europe (euro2016); Soccer Stars To Watch Out For! by euro2016punters: 1:31pm
Dear Soccer Fans & Punters,

The month of June/July 2016 promise to be an exciting one for soccer fans and punters as France will be hosting other Europe Nations in the biggest soccer fiesta of the continent, EURO2016.

24 Europe nations will play it out among themselves to decide which nation is Supreme when it comes to senior Soccer in Europe.

We all know that Europe has the best soccer leagues in the world. This is where the best and finest football stars ply there trade. As Euro2016 begins, soccer fans and punters will watch out for their favourite football stars and teams to thrill them. without this soccer stars in Euro2016, the game is not complete.

Soccer stars to watch out for in EURO2016. You can add yours.

37 More Days To Go.
Phones / Re: Has Anyone Tried This Surprise Deal From MTN? by MrImole(m): 1:31pm
where is the screenshot...
Maybe you acquired MTN Android Smartphone ...Be Careful though.

Is there any bonus/gift/promo for MTN Android smartphone because I'm using one?
Celebrities / Re: Girls Latest Abortion Scamming Trick [PICS] by juhan(f): 1:31pm
undecided how anyone in his normal sense like that,and person go marry this one they happy sey en don marry wife.mtcheeeew
Jobs/Vacancies / 6 Vacant Positions At Noor Takaful Plc by adiblesmarket(f): 1:31pm
Autos / Re: 2008 Toyota Sienna 4months Used by theo07: 1:31pm
How much
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by sebod(m): 1:31pm

Enrique is angry with him,He got injured before the Atletico Madrid 2nd leg match in an absurd way.
That's bad! He needs to brace himself up for the challenge next season. I want to see him confine Alves to the bench.
Travel / Re: Dangote Trailer In Accident At Stadium Bridge Surulere Lagos (graphic Pics) by 400billionman: 1:31pm
Fulani herdsmen again ?
Business / Re: Daily PMS,DPK,AGO @ Depot Price. by Johnrake69: 1:31pm
Please add me 08070681240
Sports / Re: Sport Betting: Leave The Village Now by shalomm: 1:31pm
If there is any way you can be of a help to me to make this my project a succes, i wud be very happy.
What i need for this my project to be a success is just 13odds for the whole of next week.

i'm in. I pray God bless our hustle
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by zaynie(f): 1:30pm
@ Creamyzone,
Her puffy eyes would have most likely gone without Ampiclox.....its an antibiotics ( for infections)and has zero effect on teething o.
-Watch the kids your kids play with to prevent re-infection.

I really dont know what to prescribe but I do know there is a very effective tincture that these herbal traders sell. You apply on the affected site.
For the hospital phobia, try to register her at a good clinic at least. She needs to have a medical record.

Quick story:
I have a 3years+ 10 months old son. When he was a year plus he was finding it difficult to swallow and had temp, ppl around us said it was sorw throat but I took him to the hospital anyways. Turned out it was a throat infection. Antibiotics were prescribed and we went home.
A couple of months later, he had mouth sores. Went to the hospital, it was an infection, we got antibiotics.
A few months down the line, his mouth was smelling really bad, off to the hospital, it was tonsilitis. Then the Dr picked up a heart murmur. The tonsilitis was treated, Dr said he should be on VitC to boost his immune system and we also improved on his dental hygiene ( talk about brushing 2ce daily, rinsing his mouth after eating). He referred us to a Paed Cardiologist and included all medical history.
Fastforward to an active 3 years old, the heart murmur has been thoroughly examined, he will most likely outgrow it but we need to be careful so the heart doesnt get an infection, so another round of antibiotics was prescribed to be taken for 6 months at a stretch.
You know why the Dr was worried about an infection? My son had an history of infection in his upper extremities and has a high risk of developing endocarditis, which we dont want.
Imagine if we never went to an hospital.
Ordinary Vit C saved my son from recurrent infections.
Tonsilitis helped us discover he had a heart murmur, so we can at least monitor him properly.

Your daughter might need her own dermatologist cos she might be easily susceptible to fungal infections ( which would be higher if she is on antibacterials and steroids that strip off the skin layers).

Goodluck and welldone.
Politics / Re: 83 Cows And 20 Fulanis Killed In Reprisal Attacks by DedeNkem: 1:30pm
This is what happens when people fight back.
Do I feel bad for the dead fulani in this revenge attack? NO.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by feddy27: 1:30pm
Present ma@ feddy27.

Great, how are doing dear?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by SegunWamiri: 1:30pm
Hello house,,please this is my financial breakdown, im about to submit my application for trv next week...Please i need your input and analyses guys..

duration of program......2year diploma..
tuition per year/books and supplies..............................................................6300CAD......N999,676.11
CIC recommended funds for
living expenses/year.................................................................................10,000CAD.. .N1,586,808.93.
School's recommended budget for tuition/living expenses/accommodation..........18,000CAD....N2,856,000Million..
i.e 6300CAD 4tuition plus 11700CAD 4living expenses making 18,000CAD,,1700CAD above cic's 10,000CAD recommended amount..

Sponsor..Dad, retiree..
Bank Statement Balance...................................................................... N4.075Million.
Asset valuation report from an estate valuer of 6 land assets........................N47M..also stated liquid cash of 2.9M available., making a total 49.9M
Affdavit of support AND letter of sponsorship stating that 18,000CAD which is approx N2.9M will be set aside yearly from one of his personal accounst i.e, the one with the 4.075M balance for my tuition and living expenses.....

I also have two younger half brothers that i'm including in my family form, they both attend an expensive boarding school...thinking of stating that they are on scholarship oooo...

I am also submitting my 6months payslips,study leave letter,introduction letter from company...not submitting my bank statement cos theres no reasonable money in it at the moment.

Wht do u guys think?I am good to go?? i dont want to hear insuficient funds from any VO oooo...


@dessy: Although dad has assets worth about 50m but the readily available fund of 2.9 from 4.075m is quite tricky plus he is a retiree.

Oya! House abeg more contributions

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