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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Speaks On Her Pregnancy: My Greatest Dream Has Finally Been Realised by Deltatoto: 7:55am
Who still think this way in this 21st century?
u dey crase?that u are morally bankrupt does not make the rest of us like u
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Announces The Arrival Of A Brand New Church Aircraft by FriendofGod: 7:55am
Jesus was rich, Non in the early church lacked ANYTHING so invariably they were rich!
When Jesus was killed, a disciple of his called Joseph of Arimathea, a Rich man went to collect his body(He must be a man of influence to demand for Jesus' body from the rulers).
Please get things right and don't let yourself suffer because of wrong interpretation of scriptures

My brother, you need the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

As far as His sojourn on earth was, Jesus was never rich. He depended entirely on charity and the moneybag was in the care of Judas Iscariot. He did not even concern Himself with the bag.

As for the Early Church, they lacked nothing in the sense that they had their basic needs met. Having your basic needs met does not mean you are rich. What are basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. If you have these things and are contended, then, you are lacking not.

As for the rich man of Arimathea, you might want to read more about him.
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Danjuma, The Policeman Who Ordered The Shooting Of 6 Igbo Traders In APO by ikennaf1(m): 7:55am

Everyone knows you'll do that.

Everyone also knows there is no tribe more bigoted than the Igbos in Nigeria. I blame those guys trying to reason with you lot, I presume they have no idea how much hate n bigotry as eaten into your society.

Nawao here we go again. Another one can't make just one single comment without showing his hatred for Igbos. it's now Igbo society. oooh chim o.

Like I said to the other guy... it's your hate, your life, your sorrow. Have a great day.
Crime / Re: Worker Knocks Off Indian Boss’ 7 Teeth Over Unpaid Salary (Photo) by package7(m): 7:55am
I need this guy twitter handle....the lad will be useful come 2019

Some politicians need to be knock out from their constituents to police custody grin
Education / What Is The Landmass Of Nigeria's Public Universities by Jetjacky(m): 7:55am
Following this post:
Combined with my need for information. Let's set the record straight. Those that know the landmass of their favorite federal university should please post them in the comment section.
I am working on article regarding the landmass of our public uni. Of Una want make mistake no day, now is the time to say it out.
So far, I have the landmass of the five universities in the linked post: Ahmadu, Federal abeokuta, Abuja uni, Ilorin, and Obafemi. I need that of UNIBEN, UNIPORT, FUTO, UI, AND MORE.

Please admins and mods, help this post in whatever way you can to see that this fact becomes public knowledge. A great nation like Nigeria, I have been looking for the landmass of its public universities for several days now, including on Wikipedia. Imagine.

Thank you me guys!!
Celebrities / Re: Fani Kayode And Wife Expecting Triplets, Peep Her Stunning Maternity Photos by blogdara: 7:55am
Religion / Re: Why Russia Is Afraid Of Jehovah’s Witnesses by Riofidelio: 7:55am

Complete idiot. So why is there no peace in Somalia for over 30yrs?

Didn’t Jesus declare peace?
What about northern Nigeria?

Well let's reason together. Isaiah 1:18 Jesus' command "don't carry weapons!" is ONLY for those who accept Him as their repurchaser or Lord so why did Jesus give such an order in a world that's full of vicious and heartless murderers? It's because God's judgment is coming upon those who are wicked and a true believer need not to join them out of fear or bid to protect himself.Psalm 37:7-11 compared to Matthew 10:28 If everyone today agreed to drop all weapons as ordered by Jesus, what else do you think could lead to killings? So it's because most people still believes in weapons that the world is not having that peace today! Matthew 26:52 Sorry we're no part of them! John 17:16
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by chanx: 7:55am
Need a projector, quote me

Do you have any particular brand, model or lumens in mind?

I have very good ones you can choose from.
Food / Re: Place Order For Your L-LYSINE, DL-METHIONINE, FISHMEAL At Best Prices by Favouragro(m): 7:55am
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we supply in tons
call 07039853154 (whatsapp) to place order
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Speaks On Her Pregnancy: My Greatest Dream Has Finally Been Realised by lookingfly: 7:55am

Your Greatest Dream Of Getting Pregnant Outside Marriage Against God's rule Abi

Your Dream Of Sucking in Semen without Assurance

Now I Know, Money Does Not Come With Sense...

Somebody Said "The Era Of Bastards is Taking Over Our Time"

Breaking The Rules Is The Lastest Trend... SMH.


I Used To Call You Ikeja. Didnt Notice The Last "I" all This While
you're not a lady clocking 40-45yrs and not married, that's y you have the mouth to be saying this.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Speaks On Her Pregnancy: My Greatest Dream Has Finally Been Realised by iSpread: 7:55am
I don't understand, I never heard she was married... what about the husband.
Religion / Re: PENTECOST : The Power And Unifying Force Of The Spirit. by Igbaba2(m): 7:55am

"This feast m arks the definitive end of the Easter Season."
Op, please kindly explain this part that took out of your write up. Was it in the Bible or just commissioned by your own self so as to sound deep? Your biblical reference will suffice.
There are different seasons in Christendom; Advent season, Easter season etc, all these seasons have their peculiar starting dates and ending. However, since Ash-Wednesday marks the beginning of Lenten season and Easter day marks the beginning of resurrection of Jesus Christ(Easter-tide), so Pentecost which is basically commorated to ursher in the holy spirit just like that of Apostles of old. so pentecost marks the end of Easter celebrations in the Church.
Autos / Re: 2015 Highlander tokunbo @10.5m,2008 Highlander @4.3 in inadan by bigdeals: 7:55am
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by ComradeTY(m): 7:55am
Good morning guys,

Please I just want to find out about the process for SAQA and the admission process in university of Johannesburg.

Thanks guys
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Speaks On Her Pregnancy: My Greatest Dream Has Finally Been Realised by swiz123(m): 7:55am
Who still think this way in this 21st century?
Kindly tell us your greatest dream
Romance / Re: Best Studio Room Apartment (room Self Contained) In Mainland, Yaba Lagos by maggystan: 7:55am
Parking at apartments is a breeze, covered parking garage or parking lot that is connected to apartments. Being a controlled-access parking lot, it has many advantages including protecting your vehicle from these harsh winter months and the added security it brings.
Celebrities / Re: More Photos Of Bobrisky’s Marriage Introduction by ednut1(m): 7:54am
So homosexuality is not 14years in Prison again?? ABI the boo is a supreme Court judge that is above the law?.?

I really don't understand Nigeria

u honestly believe this crap The guy sells bleaching creams publicity leads to more awareness and sales for him. How come the boo is not wearing native. All na for show
Business / Re: Register Your Business With CAC Today Within 5 Days by Adisao: 7:54am
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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Ready For His Marriage Introduction, Shows Off His Boo by Jime1me: 7:54am

Pets / Big Bone Caucasian Mountain Puppies For Sale. Both Sex Available by doxarised(m): 7:54am
A male and female left. Be the lucky one to pick them up.
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Politics / Re: Saraki Vs IGP: No Appointment For Senate Delegation To Buhari by Christoskurion: 7:54am
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Speaks On Her Pregnancy: My Greatest Dream Has Finally Been Realised by anyimontana(m): 7:54am
Why do I have a feeling that she's probably married lol.
Romance / Re: 22 Signs You Are Falling In Love by DemonMonkey7(m): 7:54am
mhen it'll take more for me, to just fall Abi slip into love....
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Weekly Photo Challenge by Efostick(m): 7:54am
smiley Been a while.

Romance / Re: I Wish I Had HIV/AIDS by FzanyAjibs(m): 7:54am
what kind of man am I

Right now, I lack masculine qualities to qualify me as a man. I have no strength to work. I couldn't even put on the generator for my neighbour. People see me as a weakling without knowing what I'm passing through. I'm unkempt at the moment. Brushing or bathing is herculean to me..

God!! Panadol extra isn't working. I need a second shot at life. I'm useless right now to myself, my family and the society. From headache to regurgitation to high body temperature to nausea to imbalance to blurred vision etc. Hmmm....

Maybe you actually have HIV
Politics / Re: Open Letter To President Mohammadu Buhari By Timi Frank by eagleeye2: 7:54am
i'm not going to say the FG handled the economy well but at least 51% of the blame will go to the previous administration!!!

have you ever heard the saying "save for the rainy day"?

with ATH crude price of $110 per barrel Jonathan took our foreign reserve from from over 40b and left it at $21B. at the same time reasonable countries like Saudi Arabia had 500billion dollars in foreign reserve!!!

so please tell me, who should take the bulk of the blame for the recession? the man that met a depleted reserve or the man that refused to save in the midst of plenty.

cc eagleeye2

pls tell us how the FG could have avoided the recession under these conditions. no insults. just suggestions. I believe we are adults
You are still looking for who to blame. smh. I thought Goodluck, depleted the whole reserve? I didn't even know that he left $21b according to you?
And the price if oil is not $45 per barrel, please update your info.
Again, what a time to be alive.

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Business / Re: Nigeria-china Currency Swap, Commendable, But Requires Caution -NANTS by Slatemsk(m): 7:54am

I know Most of You don't know the meaning of Nigeria naira/yuan swap with China.. And why American government is desperately smoothing their relationship with Nigeria.

This is a clearer picture of the deal and it's effects on our economy and way of life.

Soon, you may be buying that techno phone you bought at N80,000 for N12, 000 .

The Central Bank of Nigeria have finally signed the currency swap deal we have been expecting for the past 2 years with the Chinese government.

The importance of this is that since almost 70% of the goods we import come from China and Asia and only about a meagre 12% come from America, why must we use Dollars to transact with China?

Thus, with the new deal, instead of using dollars at N350 to 1dollar to import those goods, we can now buy Yuan at 47 naira to 1 Yuan and import those stuffs directly. Therefore, Instead of buying these goods in dollars in China, we will now buy them in Yuan at 5 times cheaper than their dollar rates.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that China is now the highest importer of our crude. This means that our trade with them can be on Naira/Yuan basis.

This is a giant stride that our media needs to disseminate. It's a great achievement by this administration in its effort at repositioning our economy.

Of course, with d new deal, d demand for dollars will nose dive, with an attendant crash in its price.

Try to monitor exchange rate. Some of those guys who hoarded foreign currencies to make gains will off load them in order not to have heart attack over their huge loss arising from the currency swap deal with china.
Dollars and pounds will flood everywhere with no buyers, as the buyers will draw naira from their accounts in banks with presence in China.

Many NIGERIA banks will be seeking to have their representative office in China like first bank who saw to the future and already have office in China.
Inflation will go down drastically because of the price of commodities that will drop......

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Sports / Re: Fernando Torres Ends Atletico Madrid Career In Style by Rockyrascal(m): 7:54am
Wow! I love this dude

That heartbreaker agaisnt Barcelona in 2012 grin grin which marked the beginning of the end for Victor Valdez
it was a payback for what iniesta did to chelsea in 2009 UCL semi finals grin cheesy
Autos / Re: Land Rover Lr3 2006 SE Tokunbo Full Cream Leather, A/c Selling Cheap @ 3.950m by jaywyz: 7:54am
land rover lr3 06,:toks power window auto drive leather alloy wheels full ac price 3.950m contact 07055434828 ogba ikeja
Autos / Re: 2011 Toyota Highlander Tokunbo Limited In Ibadan by bigdeals: 7:54am
Autos / Re: Benin City Only LEXUSRX300 Asking 1.4million by tonididdy(m): 7:53am
Still available at a slight negotiable price

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