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Agriculture / Re: Whatsapp Group For Snail Farmers And Buyers by greenhope(m): 5:58am
Add me 08020394888
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Trump's History Of Black Hate by thedarksider: 5:57am
He hates ground nodders more and i love him for that. Life is not all about blacks. Let him win first. cool

trump will not win..the promise was giving to eve..this is the end times...you see!...
Properties / Re: Oceanwood Courts For Sale - New Investment by ShoProperties(m): 5:57am
It’s not sexy. It’s not even remotely interesting. But budgeting is the only way to ensure you’re able to balance your income and expenses. It allows you to see where you’ve been spending your money and helps you to plan for bigger expenses down the line.
Crime / Re: Keke Driver Trying To Charm A Lady In Akwa Ibom Caught - PICS by Akayceen(m): 5:57am
dats serves him
Foreign Affairs / Re: 5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Win by ValerianSteel: 5:57am
You are absolutely right. No need answering fools that don't know diddly square about America .
If these morons know history well,they'll understand Trump is a reincarnation of the likes of Goldwater who lost badly on a landslide victory for Johnson(Zohri,you might wanna Google that).Goes to show there was no room for people like that 50years ago,there's absolutely none for them this year.We will prove at the polls that Love trumps Hate.
Properties / Re: Please Don't Miss This Wonderful Opportunities - Real Estate -jejeproperty by ShoProperties(m): 5:56am
It’s not sexy. It’s not even remotely interesting. But budgeting is the only way to ensure you’re able to balance your income and expenses. It allows you to see where you’ve been spending your money and helps you to plan for bigger expenses down the line.
Programming / Re: A Programmer Needs Advice On Which Country To Travel To by CodeHouse: 5:56am

I still dont get your point

Even dhtml confuse sha, dat guy don troll you
Investment / Re: Make Your Home An Island In The Sun by ShoProperties(m): 5:56am
It’s not sexy. It’s not even remotely interesting. But budgeting is the only way to ensure you’re able to balance your income and expenses. It allows you to see where you’ve been spending your money and helps you to plan for bigger expenses down the line.
Phones / Re: Youtube Might Be Transformed Into A Full Pledged Social Media Platform Soon by charix(m): 5:56am
Wow. More reason one needs a powerful system nowadays. Most default system configurations find processing video above 1080p a grueling task.
I wonder why all internet sites are pushing for people to become more active online when the more activity and discussions we create online the more introverted we become in real life?
Properties / Re: If you have the opportunity to Invest, You better do it now- Happy home by ShoProperties(m): 5:56am
Don’t be left behind: it is important you go where the world is going. 13% annual population growth rate of the area surpasses other major locations across Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Salesboy Hires Armed Robbers To Attack Boss (photo) by Horlufemi(m): 5:55am

In case you don't get it, people first of all belong to their tribe and all things being equal, maybe 9ja a distant second.

It is a fact people like to ignore in this country. The harder the economy & life gets, the less people will feel attached to 9ja.

Even OBJ said 9ja has never been this divided since Biafra war.

The fearful thing to me is the fragmentation of the youths.
Even if the country was to break up in 6 nations, I cannot see the current elite suddenly disappearing into oblivion. Rather, they will become the new ruling elite of the new nations. And the youths will find new things to be divided about too.

Finally, someone with sense.

Divide the youths, and rule them. Make them weak make them hate each other along ethnic and religious lines
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Lounge - Hillary Clinton vs Trump vs Gary Johnson! by stanech: 5:55am
Why d media is biased u asked?
Here is why....

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Job Did You Dream To Do As A Child? by youngberry001(m): 5:55am
To be a military man and that's wat i'm today.....Alhamdulillahi!!

Celebrities / Re: This Lagos Big Girl With Massive Ukwu Will Make Your D!ck Stand (photos) by SmartChoices: 5:54am
That is not a Nigerian.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by capricornian(m): 5:54am

grin mou used like 2 secs to celebrate but still thought of securing the goal..I love that man

That's one of the things I like about him. Always calculating.... his street -wise approach. I will choose him over Pep any day
Politics / Re: Biafran Technology And Inventions At Display In Umuahia by GMBuhari: 5:54am
They refined it into an unknown technology ?? grin grin grin

Are you from LieinStan continent ?

It wasn't a grenade launcher per se, but the Biafrran military re-engineered the ogbunike into an unknown technology that they refused to disclose till this day. It was done in such a way that the damage will ignite a chain reaction and evidently catastrophic. Yes the guy you replied is right in the casualty, though I think it was more. It was the most deadly military loss ever encountered by the Nigerian military. I mean thousands of Nigerian military personnel and hundreds of armoured vehicles entering Abagana in a convoy in excess of 50km stretch were incinerated, and most died instantly. How Muritila Mohammad and his crew escaped, remains a mystery. This attack was led by Hannibal of Biafrra General Joe Achuzia in an operation code-named HEROSHIMA.

The video is on youtube...here is direct excerpt of the event.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by Gaily04(f): 5:54am
Praise the Lord with me mamas!!! Had my prince today at 8.05am via VD, weighing 3.6kg with a little tear. God made it easier than my first smiley. BS coming later.

Safe delivery to other August mamas yet to offload, our God is on the throne!!!

Congrats dear. May God bless your LO.
Romance / Re: A deeper look into the act of masturbation. by Toks2008(m): 5:53am

The kind of stuff guys come up with just to justify their inability to sustain a good relationship with the opposite s'e'x is not only childish but utterly hysteria.

Any act you engage in and you don't want anyone to see you while doing it, then it becomes a sin. That's common sense!

When you fornicate and it involves another seeing you does that make it sinless? oh I guess now you don't want a third person to see you.

Common sense.
Religion / Re: Was Adolf Hitler A Christian by SmartChoices: 5:53am
This man was a 'cool leader' that he never shut down a christian church and claimed that his actions during World War II were fully consistent with Biblical teaching & Commandment.For many of us,we may have read or heard about him,but lets consider briefly who this man was in his time.
Who is Adolf Hitler?
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20,1989.He was the Leader of the Nazi Party became chancellor of Germany in 1933.He was described as a ruthless tyrant,bloody dictator whose desire for the blood of his enemies was unquenchable.
At the mention of this man's name,every Jews trembles.He was said to have slaughtered 6 million Jews and 12 million other "devalued" people.He deliberately launched one of the most bloody,terrible wars mankind has ever faced.
**to be continued**
You deserve a lengthy ban.
Celebrities / Re: Munachi puts her HOT body on display, New Pics!!!!!! MEN ONLY by Palmwinetapper: 5:53am

This's my biggest pet-peeve about the average nairalander; they assume because they're broke every other individual on this forum is facing the same situation.

If you want to see how much I've in the bank send a PM. I'd change you and all your friends' lifestyles.
I am a model and former mbgn. I can buy your whole generation so pipe down over there. Do you not see the way I dress alone? My closet costs more than your life.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by LordEmperoris1(m): 5:53am
nice one bro

i came to to hear thrash from my barca brothers ..

Serve me more thrash please
Phones / Re: Google Wallet Now Automatically Transfers To Your Bank Account by Muafrika2: 5:53am
source: http://arewatech.ml/google-wallet-now-automatically-transfers-bank-account/

Google connected directly to bank account? Sounds like an opportunity for fraudsters.
Politics / Re: Avengers Wants Soyinka, Kalu, Others In Dialogue With FG by DrRasheed(m): 5:53am
So often how yoruba starting to be trusted by igbo avengers... There is still hope for Nigeria
Politics / Before Taking That Panadol, Think Of This by ariesbull: 5:52am
Parsees (A sect in India) used to take their Dead & lay them to rest @ huge ‘Wind Towers’ (round structures that Look like Giant Water reservoirs, but open to the air)…The Parsees never buried their dead, nor burned them. They leave them to the Birds of Prey (Vultures) to be eaten thus completing the Life Cycle.

Around 10 years ago, it was noticed that the Birds are dying off. Not many of them were left to consume the dead bodies (which started rotting away)…So, the Parsees had to change this mode of dealing with their dead.. BUT, they wanted to know why a Custom that survived for hundreds of years, had to be suspended?!!
They did Autopsies on Dead Birds (they were dying in huge numbers)..What was the Culprit PARACETAMOL (PANADOL)…!! People started consuming pain-killers a decade ago, Panadol STAYS in the Liver for a Long Time…It ultimately accumulated in the Birds’ systems & they could not cope with it!
Interesting to know…
My husband was working in a hospital as an IT engineer, as the hospital is planning to set up a database of its patients and he knows some of the doctors quite well. The doctors used to tell him that whenever they have a headache, they are not willing to take PANADOL / PARACETAMOL.
In fact, they will turn Herbal Medicine or find other alternatives. This is because Panadol is toxic to the body, and it harms the liver. According to the doctor: Panadol will remain in the body for at least 5 years…..!!
And according to the doctor, there was an air-hostess who consumed lots of Panadol as she needed to stand all the time and work under lots of pressure. She’s now in her early 30’s, and she is undergoing kidney cleaning (DIALYSIS) every month.
Whenever we have a headache, that’s because it is due to the electron / Ion imbalance in the brain. Some alternative solution to cope with headache is to Drink lots of water.
Another method will be to submerge your feet in a basin of warm water so that it brings the blood pressure down from your throbbing head.
As Panadol is a pain killer, the more Panadol you take, the lesser would be your threshold for pain (your endurance level for pain). We all will fall ill as we age.https://etimesafrica.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/before-you-take-that-panadolread-this/#more-1111
Travel / From Onitsha To Obigbo by madukovich: 5:52am
After that crazy incidence at the park in Onitsha the last time I had to travel to Rivers State from there (http://madukovich.blogspot.com.ng/2015/12/naija-tour-9.html?m=1), I totally avoided "clone" parks where unknown intrastate busses hustled unsuspecting passengers who then may spend hours on end before the journey started all in a bid to have the bus filled. Once I alighted from the bus that had brought me from Oye-Agu in the Anambra hinterland to Onitsha, I hailed down a moped taxi which took me directly to the Rivers State Transport Company, RSTC park. I also discovered that rather than blanketly boarding a bus to Port Harcourt, I could go directly to any of the towns I intend to travel to, and not approach same from Port Harcourt, as I used to in previous journeys but last, where I elected to alight before getting to PH, to find my way to Obigbo where I would usually spend the night at a hotel I frequent before business the next day in the city.

For the second time in journeys within eight months I took a seat in front of an interstate bus, between the driver and the other passenger who had the window, against my penchant for avoiding such seats for those at the back, where I figure there should be less chances of debilitating injuries, even death in the event of an accident. That seat in front prior to my arrival at the park, was occupied by a restless female, who said she was feeling somehow about traveling with the bus (though I feel she may not have liked her companion who apart from not looking handsome, was reading some church book), but later decided to make do with one of the seats at the back, as she couldn't find anyone to sell her ticket to. I did want to leave Onitsha as soon as possible, and couldn't be bothered by the vain premonition of an uncouth ingénue, besides I haven't been nudged by any form of unusualness to demand that I botch traveling in the bus, though I'd rather be far from that woman, as much as I could, for which the seat she vacated in front became the next best option.

We didn't waste much time at the park waiting for passengers, much of the time spent there was of people approaching the driver to ask for his help way-billing their goods, which filled much of the boot compared to passengers' luggage. Just as we were about to go, Miss Restless begged to quickly go outside the gate to buy food to the ire of some passengers, though I wasn't in the least perturbed as I always think delays while traveling bear a good and protective omen in contrast to a foreboding. It was however a great relief when she eventually turned up and the driver put us in motion out of Anambra State onto the Onitsha-Owerri Road. Unfortunately, his car-phone charger was the pin mouth type that can't be used to charge my android phone, which meant that I couldn't charge my phone that had been down for upwards of twelve hours since the power had been out while I was in the village for more than twenty-four hours. The discovery that the Enugu Distribution Company, EDC which supplies power to much of the southeast of Nigeria is owned by Chief Emeka Offor saddened me a great deal, as I could easily envisage that that regions electricity woes will only worsen, while the people will be made to pay through their noses for power they won't see. I still had power in my Nokia 5360 simple mobile phone, which meant I could be reached via calls by acquaintances who had that number, but I'd been offline since my android phone went off, a situation that leaves me quite uneasy, making me wonder what life used to be like before social media, though I doubt that my case has become as bad as those South Korean kids I saw on a BBC documentary who suffered from social media addiction and were placed in rehab exhibiting different states of withdrawal.

I was glad to find that a considerable portion of the Onitsha-Owerri road, especially the part including Anambra, and some kilometers into Imo State had been finished. The last time I used it, eight months ago, the presence of the trucks and heavy-duty vehicles parked along the stretches of road made it impossible to guess how much of the work had been done. The stretch of the road from Imo, where the road now becomes Owerri-Aba-Port Harcourt road still had some non-motorable parts, and the absence of construction vehicles and paraphernalia meant that for now, not much will be done on that road. The driver didn't make me regret sitting in front, because though he couldn't help my Android phones' situation, he compensated heavily for that with music, and not just any music but with reggae music, the old school variety for that matter. He had the songs on an MP3 player, from the late South African reggae artiste, Lucky Dube (the only non-Jamaican reggae artiste that could've easily passed as one), to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Nigerian greats like Ras Kimono (whose lyrics for "Under Pressure" I heard clearly this time around, seeing that I was but a boy at the time it debuted on the Nigerian reggae scene, and couldn't make much out of what he was saying), Orits Wiliki, Majek Fashek, Evi Edna Ogholi, The Mandators, even Ivorian Alpha Blondy came up once a while, with his characteristic clangy voice, and others that memory fails me to recount now. Other passengers bopped their head to the sound, even sang along when the chorus came up. I sang all the songs, within me, allowing only my innards to do the dancing. The rain on the outside provided the perfect scenery for a lively chat amongst the passengers behind us, led by an old man who wondered what happened to the reggae genre in Nigeria, as well as wondering why music has suddenly gone to the dogs, lacking in substance and life changing (for the positive) content.

Our joy was routinely assaulted by men of the Nigerian police, and at one point "customs" officials, who flagged us down almost at every point where they had checkpoints, on sighting the stack of goods in the boot. Twice, we had to disembark so the goods could be searched and linked to their papers (while some of us passengers exploited the opportunity to take a leak), though the true intention was so that the policemen could be tipped, before we could be let off to be on our way. Interestingly, other buses that had goods like ours, at least of a particular bus company was always allowed to pass at the various checkpoints. Another passenger who also made this observation, claimed that this was so because the management of the bus company in question must've "rojered" (bribed) the police bosses overseeing that route, to ensure that the movement of their buses is unhindered, even if they were hauling nukes from point A to B. I counted the number of checkpoints from Onitsha till we arrived Port Harcourt to be about eleven, and except for one spot, the driver paid at least a hundred naira each (sometimes more, especially where passengers had to disembark) at all the checkpoints we encountered.

We arrived Owerri, more than an hour after leaving Onitsha, and I found that it had remained devoid of the presence of being a capital city under construction that I was familiar with a few years back. This was the same situation I met on ground eight months back when I passed through, and the governor (Owelle Rochas Okorocha) had become even further demystified, to become one of the worst in the country for not only owing worker's salary for months on end, but for showing no willingness at all to salvage the situation, rather fiddling with a plan to reduce the work day week to three, so the workers can go irk a living elsewhere for the other two days, just so he can pay a pittance for the three days the workers spend at work. All these, while making no attempt to reduce the number of his political appointees, many of whom are relatives and/or in-laws or funding foreign trips (such as the one from which he returned a few days back, following rumors that he'd gone to India for treatment after he was slapped by a ghost), in the name of luring foreign investors to the state or to visit with his wife the family of his daughter who had been delivered of a baby in a hospital abroad, because the hospitals in his state had become nothing but "mere consulting clinics without drugs" (a la then Brigadier Sani Abacha coup speech, when President Shehu Shagari was toppled, and General Muhammadu Buhari installed as military Head Of State in 1983).

The only thing you get to see around the state capital, Owerri are hotels, so much so that on one particular road along the Owerri-Aba-Port Harcourt road the hotels are lined up one after the other, as if the government passed an edict that all hotels in the state must be located there. I can only imagine that the number of the hotels there beside each other will mean a fairly competitive price, as well as great services as they move to impress and keep customers. The presence of the hotels dotting Owerri may be aesthetically pleasing but the societal impact may not necessarily be that pleasing, knowing the kind of things that go on in those rooms between government officials and contractors, and business men and women on the one hand, and female students and other vulnerable females in our society, who for the hardships a clueless government bequeaths, consider an option in merchandizing their body to keep body and soul together.

I have come to conclude that the only light in the southeast is Anambra State. Enugu State is largely academic and civil service and not much in terms of economic advancement, though been former capital of old Anambra State, and long been exposed even as far back as the colonial era, it has managed to maintain the infrastructure it inherited from its glory days, coupled with its past as Nigeria's coal hub. Ebonyi State is the most useless of all, though mainly because it is the most disadvantaged of the lot, plus the tragedy of governors without foresight (the only achievement of the present one been the procurement of hummer jeeps for all the members of the states' rubberstamp legislators). Ebonyi State, is so sad that there are still larger swaths of areas within it, where there's no GSM signal, such that the inhabitants of such places can only call when they come to town or the state capital, Abakiliki. Ebonyi people are even looked upon with derision by their Igbo brothers, making me wonder if they won't be made fetchers of water and hewers of wood should the agitation for a separate country for the Igbo, BIAFRA materialize tomorrow. Abia State has a market hub, in Ariaria International Market, Aba but the state has been plagued with non-performing governors, who find it difficult to separate their states' purse from their own, running the state like personal fiefdom, since the return to civil rule in 1999. Anambra has market hubs in Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi. The commercial capital, Onitsha is even more popular than the administrative, Awka. Automobile industries in Nnewi and Agriculture appears to have been given its pride of place by the present Obiano administration, not just by having a rice and vegetable farm, and now exporting same, but providing a conducive environment for entrepreneur sons of the soil, like Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis Motors the enabling environment to set up a rice farm at Anaku. Unfortunately, for political reasons Anambra is yet to benefit from the 30% derivation that accrues to oil producing states, even though it has crude oil basins, while Lagos (in southwest Nigeria) was swiftly elevated to the position even before the first barrel of crude was tapped.

We had become accustomed to the good, the bad and the ugly of what the journey was throwing at us, when all of a sudden, the old man pleaded to the driver to stop, so that he could ".... go and poo!" The driver promised to oblige him, once we get to the nearest petrol filling station, as the path we were traveling then wasn't a safe enough stretch to stop. Eventually, the driver stopped, but not at a filling station, but at a mechanic's workshop which he claimed his brother owns, and pointed out a bush path behind the workshop where the old man could go do his thing. Another opportunity provided itself for passengers to stretch their legs or go take a leak. I heard the passengers who had seats besides the old man, saying they weren't surprised that his gut was messed up, going by the variety and combination he'd ingested, and the gracious bouts of farts he'd visited upon them while the journey lasted. When the old man returned, justifying his inalienable right to be allowed to go heed the call of nature, he was largely ignored by fellow passengers. At that time, all we wanted was to just be at our various destinations.

It was the presence of bad roads that reminded us that we had crossed into Rivers State. Fortunately, the rain had eased into droplets as the vehicle groaned it's way through one ditch to the other till the driver was able to make his way out of the bad main road, into an off-the-road settlement with an unpaved road far better than the Trunk A. We were however held up on that alternative road just as we careered into it, as it appeared that a VIP was also using the road at the time, obviously avoiding the Trunk A just like we had done. I wondered whether the person of interest in one of the tinted glasses convoy of SUVs felt any shame having to use that road, seeing that if indeed it was the governor that was passing by, it was partly (if not wholly) his responsibility to ensure that that federal road was repaired to bring succor to road users in that axis. I quickly waved off my anger at the many failed governments in Nigeria with Majek Fashek's crooning in the background, in which he was asking the Holy Spirit to take over the world.


- http://www.nigerianmasterweb.com

FROM ONITSHA TO OBIGBO | https://madukovich.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/from-onitsha-to-obigbo/

Politics / Re: Avengers Wants Soyinka, Kalu, Others In Dialogue With FG by mrvitalis(m): 5:52am
Yes dialogue should be done to determine how to move the region forward

But no part of the negotiation should include giving the avengers money in any form.. . No giving of amnesty in anyway just a presidential pardon... no financial gift in anyway..

A group that has the cash to school in eastern Europe and by guns and dynamites should have no problem esterblishing business for themselves

Now do this ans the true reason of avenging will come out... I also feel FG should have a video recording of the meetings
Politics / Re: Avengers Wants Soyinka, Kalu, Others In Dialogue With FG by madridguy(m): 5:52am
Thank you avengers for the seize fire. I used to say it, there is no winner in war. Together we move our country forward.

For the past 2 weeks now, I have been having constant power supply, I say Nagode Niger Delta Elders.

This is WIN WIN for both FG and the good people of the Niger Delta.

Happy Sunday to you all.
Romance / Re: What's your favorite picture quote of the month by kelval(m): 5:52am
i dont reside in lag maybe you saw me on plasma TV...
you contend for mtn project fame?..

and pm? not my thing
and now the forming, ba?
Properties / Re: Plan now and rest in the future-happyfamily-happybusiness-happyhome jejeproperty by ShoProperties(m): 5:52am
Properties / Re: GET Lands for #4M(10% discount) at the Biggest Mall in AFRICA,,NOVARE LEKKI MALL by ShoProperties(m): 5:51am
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by ddbluv: 5:51am

This very necessary info given the exchange rate which is even still climbing up up ...... its not smiling at all . How long from start to finish did the process take you ?...thanks

Also this letter from school.... i no sure if every school go gree write it. Is it optional and do u think a student can still apply if d school no gree write it ?

Its the normal process for filing for OPT... it takes 90 days and you can must have completed 1 academic year. So you can file 3 mths b4 you complete 1 academic yr i.e. If you enter Aug, you can file around Feb ahead of Mid May so it will commence when u finish exam.
School must write for you, you have to explain to them very well. Mine knew about it but did not know the process, we both read it together and reasoned the best approach to get it.
You have to plan ahead in this country. You apply for PhD now against next yr fall. Everything in this country na planning and it takes time. It is for those who get DRIVE, as far as your not paying for it, I suggest you apply for anything in this country that is free
Religion / Re: Adeboye Fixes Abandoned Road In Osun State (Photos) by chuose: 5:51am
Adeboye's eArmy, una dey make us laugh. grin

We all don sabi say Adeboye na 419 pastor!

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