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Investment / Easy And Sure Way To Make 50k - 150k Monthly From Recharge Pin Business by jonesjeffery13: 10:27am
Have you been trying to start your own profitable Recharge Card Business In Nigeria without reasonable success?

If yes, I'm glad to tell today that you've come to the lasting solution to what you've been looking for all these days but make sure that you read this my update to its last word.

Without wasting much of your time, let's get into the main business of today. You must note that Recharge card business is billions of naira business which is a game of number.
You have made the right decision getting to this page today and all I will tell you is to ensure that you pay full attention to all what you will learn on this page in order to make and live the kind of life you have ever dreamt of.

You will agree that GSM user's base is almost 100 millions and is still growing. Despite this million making potentials in the telecommunication-GSM industry, "some people" are still not making a living with it.With the right information on how to start this business sold everywhere in manuals, CD, softwares or VCD packages, I have noticed that a lot of people are still not investing in this business. What are the reasons? There are three reasons I have researched on this:

1. People habitually read, rather than make use of it, dump and start to tell stories.
2. Those who would have started but could not afford the start up capital-#400,000
3.Those who however, started discovered they could not make the money.

The bases of this eye-opening information are for the third category above-"those who however started but could not make the money". Rather than "return on investments" they can't ever get the "return of their investments". The universal truth is still remains that business is a game of numbers. The more the number of people in your targeted market the possibility of making it big. Pause!!!Let me talk to our newbie, those who are reading the information for the first time or getting it in details like this for the first time, you are welcome to my blog. This introductory is for you.Ever before now, these cards were being printed abroad and imported to this country by GSM service providers-MTN,AIRTEL,ETISALAT and GLOBACOM. However, it was stopped by the government by making it compulsory for all GSM service providers to print their prepaid calling cards here in Nigeria. This, therefore, opened another investment opportunities for Nigerians-Agents, Distributors, Retailers And The Consumers.


There are three options in the production of telephone (GSM) recharge cards, namely: dealership, sub-dealership and small scale recharge card printing.

....Mega GSM recharge Cards Dealership: This is a dealership/agency arrangement between the investor and the service providers. It is the most lucrative and rewarding but requires large amount of start up capital- N5,000,000.00

....Sub-Dealership/Distributorship: This is an arrangement that can be attached to those who are distributors depending on the dealer. It is for those who may not have the financial requirements to be direct agents to the network service provider. With a minimum of N1,000,000.00 start up capital you can be a sub-dealer.

....Small Scale Recharge (Recharge Card Printing): This is the one you can start with #100,000 and make mega profit.
There are two ways you can start printing recharge vouchers on small scale depending on the company you sign up with;
1.You can start printing through the internet
2.You can start printing with the voucher printing machine from a franchise company.

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty. Printing of recharge card can be done in two different ways listed below:
1. With software, computer, printer and Internet connection. 2. Without software, computer, printer, Internet connection or electricity.


What you need to start this business are:
1. A desktop or laptop computers.
2. Internet access.
3. Printing software.
4. Printer.
5. Recharge PINs.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a computer of your own you can use the cyber café.However, if you don’t want to use a cyber café you must ensure that you use a particular system for it on which you install the printing software that will enable you to print out the recharge PINs.

1. Get your computer connected to the Internet or simply use a cyber café.
2. Register with a company (I will give you this later).
3. Download their software and install it on your computer.
4. Order for recharge PINs through their website and pay the required amount into their
bank account.
5. Send them your payment details, e.g., name, email address, desired network, teller
number and the amount paid.
6. They will send you encrypted PINs (these PINs can only be read or interpreted by
the company’s software).
7. Use the software on your computer to print out these PINs.

Did you get that right? If yes, you will agree with me that you still need to know


but make sure that you read this post to last page on how to get the full info compiled in a step by step ebook/guide along with dealers and distributors in your state or any state(s) you want all to go to for training and purchase E-PIN or Printed Recharge Card Cheaply to be sold for profit for you for almost nothing but let us continue to the newbie's info before I unleash how you will be able to have access to them:

Here are reasons those who started could not make the money which are faulty marketing strategies and leadership skill which I want you to take good note of.Marketing is the "Livewire" of any thriving business. It is not enough to have the money to invest and printing enough vouchers. You can print #100,000.00 worth of vouchers now and still be broke.
What is the point? You must get your marketing and leadership skill right.Leadership is all about influence and managing relationship with your customers while marketing is about attracting potentials customers.


Want to share a few tips with you that will guarantee you at least #200,000 a month.
Do you know that all the phone boot operators buy vouchers from accredited printers?
Design a small form to design names, phone numbers, address e.t.c go out in every street, meters away from your residence depending on how far you can. Explain to any operator you meet that you want to business with them.
Also give them any benefit you think of. Give the form to the person to fill and find out how much voucher can the person buy in a day or week. As you take your leave, make sure you leave your contact with the person.
Go round. There are many of them around, be friendly with them and even offer to give them credit facility.Don't be afraid, business is all about risk taking.

...Once you have collected as many contacts lets say at least 50 boot operators or even those who sell at home or at their shops. Build a database of the contact on anything, computer, notebook e.t.c.
....Obtain bulk SMS credits from any reseller to enable you send SMS cheaply
With this, you can start building relationship with them. This is where your leadership skill comes into play.

Let me share a secret with you. In this part of the world where people have lost the sense of the community, individual relationship has become paramount. So people appreciate personal relationship. Always text greetings and other things you think can speak to their emotions to them. Always send information about stock of vouchers.
If you have 50 people who can sell at least 50 vouchers of 100 each a day, i.e 50*50=#2500 2500*100=250,000
you can calculate the profit yourself. That is just one day from fifty people. What about 100, 200, or 300 people. Don't say it is not possible it is. Calculate it in a month.

....Another thing you should do is this; do you know that people that buy recharge card traveled miles, or even ride on okada to buy from dealer?
If only some one could bring it down to them when they need it? This is their wish. People like ease and convenience thing. Rather than wait for them to come to you just start taking the vouchers to them. Encourage them to always pre-inform you when they are running out of stock. They will enjoy it.
....Try to give some credit facilities. Have you ever bought vouchers on wholesale? Those sellers don't give a dame. In fact they put strong gate or bar in front of you because you could also be an armed robber. They don't have relationship with customers “JUST PAY AND COLLECT YOUR CARDS" that is their philosophy.

I will give you the contact of one of the best recharge pins dealer for free. I have personally been buying from them since March, 2015. The name of the company is PRUDENCE NIGERIA LIMITED. Their contact is 08120552913. I dont need to collect money from you before giving you a reliable dealer that can help you grow your business. Other people sell these information but i dont. You will also get a free printing software from the company. So dont pay anybody for the printing software. Some people go around selling the software alone for 10k and above. But you can get it from the company i mention above for free. I make about 50k - 92k a month. You can make more than that if you put in more time than me because i have other businesses i run.

Thank me later but don't forget to share your testimony and help others when you start making it.
Sports / Re: Strange But True: Some Football Facts by Nutrition1: 10:27am
Cristiano Ronaldo loves charity.

Hate him, love him for his cocky persona but he is by far the most charitable sports personality.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2015 Batch B by chukki2014: 10:27am
UPDATE on schools that has uploaded names of PCM !

SALEM University Lokoja,
check ur name and confirm!

What about University of Lagos?
Phones / Re: New Group Now Open For Any Type Of Data And Cheat by Dumas32(m): 10:27am
Politics / Re: Please Help! My Bank(gtbank) Is Tempting Me The 2nd Time by luvinhubby(m): 10:27am

You are not alone ...

Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State

Governor Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State allegedly pocketed over N15 Million erroneously credited to his Access Bank account in 2007 and has refused to pay back after the bank has made repeated efforts to recover the money.

grin grin
Autos / Re: Buy Cars from Cotonou without stress and your car(s) will be delivered 48 hours by katz: 10:27am
Good morning Tadeus, how much will it cost to land 06/07 toyota matrix xrs with awd to lagos?
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kaffy4bill(f): 10:27am
Lioha, u r sighted.
@ stadora, pls ansa questions asked so we know wia to step in. We r waiting for u sis
Pls talk to us, we won't judge u. We r one big family and here to help each oda.
One love alwaz
Food / Re: Man Finds Dead Rat In Grilled Full Chicken He Purchased...(pics) by FRANKOXY(m): 10:27am
the rat ran into it to take refuge & they unknowingly roasted it. where did you buy it?
Celebrities / Re: ‘chinco’ People Seen Pushing Their Car In Abeokuta Today (photos) by nairalandist: 10:27am
Some Asian men seen pushing their car at Lalubu
road, Oke Ilewo in Abeokuta, Ogun state at
12.05pm Yesterday. Instead of helping, Naija
people were taking photos…lol…

so they're not human beings...?
Politics / Re: Agitations For Biafra Heightens, Eastern Leaders React - Hallmark News by 9jacrip: 10:27am
guy you just made my day

I'm glad I did.
Many Yoruba like myself feel the same way and we are beginning to find it repulsive.
Business / Re: Naira Needs Devaluation - Segun Agbaje, GTBank CEO by haibe(m): 10:27am
This poo is extremely painful, but they are probably right. sad

was just wondering why you decided to use "shiit" knowing fully well it won't appear that way.. lol
Romance / Re: 5 Charming Romancelanders With Beautiful Lips by ThatVaselineGuy: 10:27am
Vickybee av deactive, yet op is stii call ha undecided
Family / Re: Urgent! 3-year Old Boy Declared Missing In Lagos [photo] by Missmossy(f): 10:27am
Eyah, I hope he is found soon, God be with me.
Education / Re: Ahmadu Bello University: Here We Come. 2015/16 by fflamingo(m): 10:27am
My average is not up to 180. My course is Statistics. Any hope or does that mean I'm out?

Please someone should acquaint me with their criteria, let me know my stand, if all hope is lost I will go ahead and hang myself, because if I don't see my name on that list, they are chances that I might go mad.
your present problem shouldn't supersede your future ambition. I think you should/may focus more on polytechnic education and apply for jamb this year. Aboveall, there is nothing your maker can't do. Be optimist, because the beginning doesn't justify the end.
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Put On Blast For Eating Eba With Super Long, Artificial Nails by lekjons(m): 10:27am
not ma biz!
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Left Me For Another Guy by icedbeatz(m): 10:27am

Mah Niggur....

you know how it is....

bad man has gotta protect his territory.
hahahahaha goddamn you were so blunt wuth the nigga, can't cut him some slacks hmmmmmmmmmm. op yeah it happens to all of us ok now man the fk up and find another sweeter girl to help u forget about her but ensure u dont go after another girl with all these blue feelings and stuff. Don't be a pusssssy and a lesson any real nigga have learned is to
2. EXPECT A GIRL TO DO HER WORST (that will be absolve any shock that might come up like you're are having now)
3. ENSURE YOUR GIRL KNOWS IF SHE FKS UP U HAVE OTHER OPTIONS (this kinda regulates their madness)
4........... maybe later
Properties / Re: Newly Built 4 Bedroom Detached House For Sale @ Chevy View Estate Chevron by Shollydriv(m): 10:27am
Still on
Phones / Re: New Group Now Open For Any Type Of Data And Cheat by Dopenigga: 10:27am
Politics / Re: Gay Man Stone To Death In Kaduna: Graphic Photo by Change2015(m): 10:27am
Lies! I wonder what the OP is trying to achieve.

That photo was lifted from this website regarding fornication.


Like you, I too wonder what options is trying to achieve. Nairaland truly has all sorts with close to zero quality control.
Food / Beware Of Chinese Restaurants by Sanmel(f): 10:27am
Wonders shall never cease..

Politics / Re: Buhari's Appointments; Our Position--- CPS To Barcanista by CyberWolf: 10:27am

His silence on current burning national issues is very disturbing .
Are you sure they've not murdered him You know what this APC goons is capable of doing..He is really a nail in their asss angry angry
Politics / "The Binis Were The First Nigerians Exposed To Western Education by mcvaeey(m): 10:27am
I would ask that readers google the Name, Ohen Okun. Ohen Okun from historical records held in both Benin archives and in the annals of Portuguese history was the Olokun priest of the port town of Ughoton Benin. Oba Esigie the Great, who reigned from 1504 to 1549, sent the Ohen Okun to Portugal as the Ambassador of Benin to the Portuguese Court. While in Portugal, the Portuguese Affonso .D. Aveiro remained in Benin as the Portuguese envoy. Ohen Okun was treated with respect while in Portugal. He later returned to Benin and is described as the first known Diplomat of Nigeria origin to Europe.
Let us go further; who was the first known Nigerian graduate? As this issue has generated so much controversy, it is important that I deal with it comprehensively and provide a clear evidence to substantiate my research. Readers, again kindly google the name: Olu Atuwatse (Dom Domingo). Olu Atuwatse was the crown prince of the Bini Empire who was sent to Portugal in 1601 for advanced studies by his father, the reigning Oba. He graduated from the University of Coimbra in 1611. He is the first person to obtain a European university degree. He later married the daughter of a Portuguese noble, Dona Feirs. Their son Antonio Domingo referred to in Benin History as the Golden Skinned king, succeeded him to the throne in 1643.
Antonio Domingo, a Christian who wanted to spread Christianity throughout the Empire wrote the Pope in 1652 asking for Missionary assistance. This is the oldest letter written in Nigeria. I think this lays to rest which ethnic national produced the first educated
Nigerians. If required, I would provide other historical research to substantiate my position further. I ask my Yoruba brothers to provide the same. -" - details

Politics / Re: Delete Or Keep A Friend Like This On Facebook ? by zuchyblink(m): 10:27am
OP is a phoool!
Education / Re: Nairaland Mathematics Clinic by masperano(m): 10:27am
Yeah, I think that what the text did. Actually, I also considered that but then I had to follow the rule of independent events.

To determine the probability of event X or event Y happening, when the two events are not mutually exclusive:
1.) Find the sum of the separate probabilities.
2.) From this sum subtract the probability that both events will occur.
P(X or Y) = P(X) + P(Y)-P(X and Y)

This will give us 12/60 + 24/60 - 12/60 = 2/5

Yea after meticulously looking at it from all angles i think you are not incorrect. Could be an erratum in the book.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Caught Shedding Tears! by experimentist: 10:27am
Mumu wailer! Amaechi is a hero, God bless him.
Politics / Re: ''PDP May Soon Die'' Says Doyin Okupe by IzonOwei(m): 10:27am
PDP is suffering because of defection by its members.

All these our political parties have no ideology.
The question is, what does PDP stand for? What does APC stand for and what makes them unique?

We can't answer these questions because there is no clear ideology from both sides.

The politicians that make up the parties are only after money and their own stomachs, they go where the money is.
Since PDP is no longer in control, they are all moving away.

If they have the nation's interest at heart, I expect them to remain in their party and constitute a strong and viable opposition to the ruling party by offering criticisms to ensure that the right things are done.

you are correct my bro...no ideology..no plan..no focus..anywhere hungry belle face na so them go go....no integrity whatsoever...
Education / Re: UNIBEN 2015/2016 Admission Guide Thread by Efostick(m): 10:26am

Haha..no o. Just that there are so many factors in Benin that are funny.
Another thing is the rate of 'Burial adverts' on ITV or EBS...grin

the unpredictable weather too angry angry and lack of proper drainage systems too.....one minute the sun is blazing,the next minute it rains heavily undecided
Autos / Re: Nissan Murano 2003 Jeep Up For Sell 400k but Engine need to be replace by adewale202: 10:26am
Address is apapa ajegunle lagos and there is nothing wrong with the gear
Politics / Re: Amaechi Caught Shedding Tears! by ahaika23: 10:26am
picture not uploading. Bad governance, bad network smh
Politics / Re: Buhari's Performance As PTF Chairman - Afenifere by badnature: 10:26am
are they just realizing it? when they were shouting hurray the messiah has come.where did they keep their senses then,inside toilet? welcome to real life sophisticated mugu
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Put On Blast For Eating Eba With Super Long, Artificial Nails by Goddygee(m): 10:26am
Op wia d "blast" na? Anywhr Wetin concern dem? Her money, her nails and her fud. Abi shey dem day share stomach wit her? Abi na dia eba she chop? Some Nigerians sef eh...
Education / Re: UNIBEN 2015/2016 Admission Guide Thread by Princecalm(m): 10:26am

Its my first time cry
I don't get you, your first time of using SS or what?

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