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Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by treasuregr8(f): 1:07am
Is any one given germAn here pls identify
Romance / Re: Singles Crib>>>{married People Stay Away!!} by naijaboiy(m): 1:07am

grin am tired please..
cant imagine the analysing of my butt over the internet.

LoL...I don't know if i'll get tired as long as that pic is still there

Politics / Re: Who Can Show Us The Credentials Of GEJ by APContherun: 1:07am
It's a very simple thing to do. To satisfy your curiosity all you need do is check the schools Jonathan claims to have attended to get copies of his project and thesis. I believe they will still be available somewhere in the departments most possibly the library.
I think these inquiries about Jonathan's credentials are getting boring already. Jonathan says he attended schools in Nigeria and the school hasn't come out to deny he was ever their student, so if in doubt do the needful don't be a lazy boy (no insult meant).
Family / How Would You Set Your Special Prayer Altar For A Cheating Spouse? by ResourcePower: 1:06am
I have discovered that our personal prayer altar is as important as what we say in prayer if we must score with every prayer we make. More particularly so when we pray for our straying spouses.

If you’ve been praying for your misbehaving spouse without much to show for your efforts, it may be necessary to examine how you set your prayer platform.

There is a place to stand and an attitude to hold to make your prayer a quick success. God, to whom all prayer is addressed, is a God of order who has specified the rules of the prayer that would get His attention and intervention.

Prayer altar is not a podium or pulpit but a place, time and attitude for personal intercessory prayer that need quick answers.

See a suggestion on how to go about it HERE.
Family / Re: How The West Corrodes Our Morality by carefreewannabe(f): 1:06am

I rest my case.

I just want you to know that many if not most people in the West would be quite shocked if someone dressed like the person in the second picture and went to public places like this. They would agree with you that it is rather distasteful.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by Kennycyphers(m): 1:06am
So we are printing Call Up Letters in(not later than) 2days.

Those that didnt pay will get theirs from Wednesday(3days).

Hitting camp in 9days.

Good morning n happy new week to y'all.

Thanks Boss.... Cheers
Religion / Re: How A Church Building Mirraculously Moved Backward by samflexxy(m): 1:06am
Steupid op See d way u cm allow unbelievers dey talk rubbish
Education / Re: 10 Most Marketable Courses In Nigeria by efedua(m): 1:05am
Why do people think medicine is the highest paid? They are only highest paid in the phase of NYSC and sometimes entry level, fields like mechanical,petroleum and electrical engineering,accounting and finance(ACCA,ICAN), I.T gazumps the average doctors monthly wage BY MILES with just a little time and few promotions. I happen to know an accounting top shot earning about 4million a month minus commission from the thief thief they usually do,my uncle is a engineer with aero contractors,saw his payslip which says 3.6mill a month. Most I.T guys are paid like oil what's the fuss about medicine and surgery(they rarely even have time for their lives and family plus all the blood,yuck).Only the medical consultants are paid like those guys above,to become a consultant in the medical field one must have amassed maybe a PhD or be on the job for about 18-25 yrs(who has that time). The good thing about medicine is they rarely job hunt like the rest fields but I continue to say the lecturers and doctors are not well paid in Nigeria in the long term especially when compared to other professional fields both in Nigeria and abroad.( words of experience). From my own observations the best courses that are marketable in our country(if you do the right things o,because getting jobs depends on your ownself too) are: (1) Medicine and surgery,radiography,nursing (2) mech,electrical,marine, aeronautics engineering ( petroleum is too streamlined) (3) Accountancy (Get ACCA,ICAN,ICMA or even CIB to back up or you're on your own) (4) Geophysics/physics (some oil companies take these guys as alternatives to petroleum engineering because they are more seasoned and diversified for the job) (5) Transport management (6) pharmacy (7) Language ; mandarin/ spanish ( hot cake right now). (cool I.T,computer engineering not science ( growing stronger in Nigeria everyday) (9) education (B.ed teachers who package and develops themselves well are earning well,a secondary school beside my house pays her teachers 200k basic) (10) Brewery (mad hot cake but I don't think Nigerian universities offer the course, mad pay too). Summary; would have also included law but in this country law is for the rich.ADVICE; if you are from an average or poor background with no connections or you know you can't at least come out with a 2.1 from law school, please don't read'll probably end up selling affidavits of 500 naira and hustling for peanut cases in the premises of courts of law, be warned. Thanks.
the list is not by pay, if it was industrial chemistry would have been 1st on the list and law 10th
Business / Re: MTN Cheap Data by aemmey: 1:05am
Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by cjrane: 1:05am
Bringing Sanity to Anambra was my greatest achievement - Peter Obi
Family / Re: Ephesians 5:22: Wives, Submit To Your Husbands As To The Lord by zboyd: 1:05am
I didn't read that your epistle but i know that, in that particular passage, precisely verse 25, there's also an important message for husbands too, it says...."husbands, love your wives as your own body just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it".
If you love your wife, you won't treat her like a glorified housemaid, for example, you both come back from work around the same time, you lie down on the sofa watching TV while she's both cooking and taking care of the kids, yet you complaining why your food is served late, yet in the night, you still expect her to do some bedmatic acrobatic exercise for you.
If you love your wife, you won't cheat on her, with excuse such as "she's no longer as sexy as she was when you met her", even after popping out 2, 3 or even 4 kids for you,
If you love your wife, you won't turn her to a punching bag, claiming she's too stubborn, she need to be taught a hard lesson.
If you love your wife, you won't abuse her emotionally and psychologically.
If you love your wife, you won't treat her like a trash, you would rather treat her the way you will treat yourself.
If you love your wife, you would appreciate her and treat her the way you want her to treat you, and also treating her the way you will treat yourself, knowing fully well that she's your better half.

Until husbands start to love their wives accordingly, they should forget about their wives' submissiveness, afterall, action and reaction are equal and opposite.


Politics / Chibuzor Amaechi And The APC by SeunEatsGARRI: 1:04am

In as much as I respect Gov Rotimi Amaechi as an astute politician who knows his onions, I am bewildered at the level of contempt and disregard these APC big wigs have slammed on his personality in full public glare.

Imagine if someone you fight tooth and nail for, someone you betray your brother to protect his interest, someone you displease yourself to please him; that person does not even know your name! How would you feel about that person?

Posterity will not forgive these APC people if they are only using Gov Amaechi to protect their own interest without having any reasonable plans for him.

Time will tell.

APC people this is not a time to defend the blunder but a time to pause and ponder and have a rethink on where your loyalty lies.

APC PH rally will always be a wonder!

#SeunEatsGARRI writes from Garriland.
Car Talk / Re: 10 Of The Most Expensive Limousines In The World by laykhorn(m): 1:04am
I hope when they meet other cars on the way, who ever owns this 'road mansions' would just snap and say

'Get that trap in my boot'
Useless lifestyle
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedure? by Shakom12(f): 1:04am
Pls I need Accomodation in Houston and am also using Dr Fagbohun, any info I will appreciate.
Autos / Re: Chocolate Brown Toks 2008/9 Lexus Rx350. Pretty Rare by Ideagatesauto: 1:04am
Celebrities / Re: The 5 Wicked Truth About Wizkid's "AYO" Album by pornstar(m): 1:04am
my lil bro bought d song and was playing it while I was having my nap jeje.nahin d cry of wizkid dey enter my hard I was like wtf is DAT cry all about.I thought dbanj dkm was bad but earing did I was like dbanj I give platinum in 2 dayz ;Dmy lil bro bought d song and was playing it while I was having my nap jeje.nahin d cry of wizkid dey enter my hard I was like wtf is DAT cry all about.I thought dbanj dkm was bad but earing did I was like dbanj I give platinum in 2 dayz
Literature / Re: The Nilotic Lover (The story of an untold silence)... by PicanRoxy7: 1:04am

Prologue of Life:
As you browse through life, learn to live on the consistent side of circumstances and never be tossed into eruption of guilt. - Pican Roxy – Of the guarded lone…

The whole life is accompanied by much grieve and pain which will unveil you on the long run, opening you to the sweet and bright side of life, everyone must pass through this, it is a dark night before a bright sunny day, many things will happen in those hours of darkness and this is what life entails…
That there is an hour of darkness characterized by the hours of silence… - Pican Roxy – Seasons of the midnight…
Love cannot endure indifference it needs to be wanted, it like a lamp, it needs to burn on the oil of another’s heart or it flames burns out and this is my story…

Towards a way of Life:
The Nilotic lover the story of an untold silence, a deep and time unveiling life mystery of a young man who found his life-long love and desire somewhere in the middle of the River Nile…

Honor the ocean of love…

Read it your way:
Early that morning, mom woke me, since my alarm clock failed to wake me, it got out of charge I suppose, mom blew my name like a whistle, not waiting for a second hearing I flew out of bed off to the washroom, washed myself, the smell of the Irish spring soap which I used that morning was mind soothing and skin cooling, after washing, I dragged myself to my room, I dressed and put everything in place making me ready for the day.
The community bus SAE14H will be around by 7:15am which of course will wait for no one, I quickly flipped through my timetable and selected the needed books from the pile of notes littering my reading table in order not to miss the bus…

Love is all about living one’s life…

The right side of Life:
I hail from the Carnot Lavender district of Bangui of the Central Africa Republic, but I was born in the sub-urban of the Western Sahara in Dakar the capital city of Senegal, I attended the Elementary low and middle school of our local district and later attended Central high College in the cadastral zone of Bangui, I write to narrate my true life story back then in Central high college where I had my SAT and 1st degree, the scenery of my life, the full story of how I fell in love with a girl (Wendolene) who in-turn shared nothing of what my feelings were and much later of how another (Meganne) fell deeper in love with me and loved everything about me, who readily gave everything and anything just for me to make her a part of my congenial world…
At inception, the matter looked simple but much later I found out that, it was far from simple but highly complicated, I tried to let go of the whole thing but could not because the mindset is not easy to erase or to change you know, many things must happen before that may be achieved, I suffered much emotional distresses things went ill with me as my heart went to a place where I could not bring it back, I wish I could spread my wings and fly away into the atmosphere of unstained silence…

Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were and who they will be…

Trouble in Plate River:
I had narrowly escaped death about two months earlier, over a crucial matter that happened in our neighborhood, when one gang star fired a Walther PPK 9mm auto revolver, at someone in my opposite direction when I was walking back home from the library, which caused a great arsenic uproar in the neighborhood that day, the day was characterized by much chaotic distress, it was chance and fate that landed me safely at home and it took like 4 days before my heartbeat could return to normal, thinking what would have happened if I was the one who was shot dead at that point, it could have been anyone or if a stray bullet had hit me.
Although I was not in any way involved, but such thing will bring about more watchfulness and carefulness, ever since I meddled in no one’s affairs I kept my head low and was stealth in my way, I began the life of private reserve and migrated to the careful side of life…
I decided to see no one and wanted no one to see me and this was how I kept on with life.
Before going too far, Pican Roxy is my name and I live here in Plate River the down town of Arizona of the CAR republic, Central Africa…

Love is a hard work and hard work sometimes hurt…

Light of things:

I shrugged off from the house straight to the waiting bus by the side of the subway, this was my second month in Central high college, as I entered into the bus, looking ahead of me on the 4th row by the left, I saw something, a non-artificial material, a fairy made from the raw material called beauty that gem was all over it, she appealed to my spirit, my heart accepted her, everything about her pleased my inner being, I almost stood still before grabbing a sit on the bus, I sat on 5th row which was directly behind her, instantly the engine in my heart began to work, what happened to me, something sparked in me from that very moment that I saw her…
The engine of the new 4.5 twin cam of the Nissan Urvan 40 passengers bus swung into action, the bus which was given by the county’s deputy Marshall not long before then, the driver was an old fella with a violet panama cap on his oval shape head, he drove the bus like chairman of slow poison group, those who never drive fast, we could say or do nothing, all that was important was for me was getting safely to school.
Back to the ocean of beauty sitting in front of me, it was like something was just created in me, I saw myself in her, I heard there is no such thing as love at first sight, then I told myself that the saying was as correct as pure error mixed with coarse lies, instantly I began to understand the language of love and I was looking at love in the front of me, I hardly feel impulse of emotions but for her I did, momentum of impulse, the innocent lady sat in front of me, unaware of the what was going on in my heart or anyone else, why would she care about that, as long as it wasn’t her classroom or lecture hall, she has nothing to lose.

Love at first sight is said to be the only truth.

Choosing the careful side from the past:
I instantly remembered my promise of keeping my head low and to meddle with no one, and to see no one and for no one to see me either, I tried to forget her and at that instance, I took her thought away from my mind and that was the end of the matter at that time…

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities…

What the day said:
When we arrived at the college I got off the bus quickly, heading straight for my new classroom, (because I switched department earlier), I intentionally did this in order not to know which direction the lady hunting my emotion will go, and this made me steps ahead, at least for that day I saved myself from having a worrisome day, so I thought, I got to the class exchanged pleasantries with those already there and we all settled down.
That morning I noticed that everyone was serious trying to do the assignment to be submitted the same morning before the lecturer comes in, this same assignment has been given more than a week earlier, I decided to take no cognizance of them, I said to myself, unserious students which is what they were, this is not the first or second time, they were fond of doing that, I have noticed this in them, within the short moment of my arrival in that department, while they were doing that, I opened my bag and brought out the note for the first lecture, which was PHY 177 Strength of material…

20 minutes later, Prof. (Mrs) Lucan walked in, a topaz colored woman, so very brilliant she is, in the field of physics and she is well known all over the college as the physicist of distinction, she is known best for her profound analysis in Mechanics, Heat and Atomic physics, though she taught the other aspects too, but she earns the cap of respect when it comes to those fields, very polite in nature, looking at her face you may easily guess that she will be in her early 50’s so I think and the class began for that day…

You simply love because you cannot help it…

It should have ended that day:
Our lecture room has two entrance, one in the front and the other at the back like most lecture room, usually I love sitting somewhere a little further than the middle of the class, after the first 3-4 rows.
After the Physics lecture, 2 other lecturers came and we rested for some little while, unknown to me that since morning when I entered into the class, that I have not turned my eyes backward to see what may be going on with the people behind me, then someone from behind called my name Pican, looking back to see who it was, again I saw her at the back of the class, the same lady, there she was, I instantly forgot who called me, I could not help but to keep on staring at her, it was actually Olsen that called me who was just 2 rows away on my immediate right.
After a brief while I responded to Olsen he actually wanted me to give him the formula to calculate the pivotal strength of Fir wood, which I quickly wrote for him.
I sat back as at other times, thinking about her, what may happen next I seems not to know and I left it there still that time.

We don’t believe in love true love until the first attack…

The Breeze from Lorraine:
On one bright sunny day during recess, she was sitting by herself so I walked up to her, and for the first time we spoke, the interaction went well, perhaps it was too smooth being the first time ever.
She has a soft slim pink lips and a lemon color Tyndall voice which you had love to hear, the consonant harmonic tone of the voice sent me into feelings of some delight.
[Exchanging pleasantries]…
Pican: Hi, Pican here, precisely Pican Roxy, do feel free to call me Pican and she is?
Wendolene: Wendolene Welch Wellington.
Pican: Wow! That sounds more of Irish or Polish, are you from the Oceania?
Wendolene: [Teasing me] Smart you, you got it, it actually an Irish name which was originally originated from Lorraine…
Pican: So where are you from?
Wendolene: The Slopes of Calcutta.
Pican: You don’t mean that, you look more like the people of the Upper Volta basin
Wendolene: Yeah, that is what most people say, but I am actually from the slopes of Calcutta.
Pican: The slopes of Calcutta indeed, anyway it’s nice meeting you
Wendolene: Same here, the pleasure is all mine
[I smiled to that and some smooth feelings tossed calmly within me]…
Pican: How long have you been staying in Plate River?
Wendolene: In the space of 2 months now,
Pican: 2 what, How is that?
Wendolene: Actually I am a transferee student and am here to complete my SAT and 1st degree and that is why my face may not be too familiar.
Pican: I thought as much, so how come you picked a career in a field highly dominated with calculation.
Wendolene: Don’t be surprised about that, because life itself is filled with how come, to answer you, the main reason why I choose this field is because that it is what I have always wanted, I love mental challenges so much, something that will put my brain into activity and reactivity series and sequence…
Pican: You are kind of impressing, I am short of word.
Wendolene: Well you don’t need to be, that is just me.
Pican: Yeah I do agree with you, and that is actually true.
Wendolene: How about you, how long have you been here?
Pican: As long as it is may be said, I actually grew up here, my middle and high school were here, though I was born in Dakar Western Sahara, but I have had all my life here.
Wendolene: That sounds beautiful, meaning that you have 2 citizenship?
Pican: Yes something almost like that.
Wendolene: Wow that is an ample opportunity
Pican: If you say so
Wendolene: But that is what it is
Pican: Anyway thank you, so where in Plate River is your house?
Wendolene: 15 nautical meters northward the building of the Institute of loss adjusters.
Pican: That means you stay on Colipan road?
Wendolene: Exactly, block PN2D
Pican: Alright
Wendolene: What about you?
Pican: Plot 125 Olympus lane.
Wendolene: It seems like I have never heard that before, the only one Olympus I know is the mountain peak in northeast Greece I never supposed there could be another place named Olympus.
Pican: Yes, you said it well, actually Olympus is a quiet corner which many people don’t know, unlike Colipan road which is a popular Jingle in Plate River, funny enough it is not too far from Colipan but many people don’t know it, so I am not surprised you do not know it either
Wendolene: Thanks that saved me.
Pican: Most people who have been in Plate River for long does not seems to be aware of it as well.
Wendolene: One of these days, during my leisure time, I could take a stroll down to know the place
Pican: Where in Plate River do you like the most?
Wendolene: The Da-Rosella’s place on Television road.
Pican: As if I knew you were going to say that.
Wendolene: Yes because that is about the most accepted place in town.
Pican: Yes that it correct.
Wendolene: I like your liquid flow accent.
Pican: You leave me with no word, anyway thank you.
Wendolene: Maybe you don’t need to thank me.
Pican: You speak well too, in a smooth flow.
Wendolene: [Smiling in silence]…
Pican: By reason of moving forward, where would you like to practice your real life application?
Wendolene: The all that I desire is to dissipate what I know to others, I have strong affinity for lecturing
Pican: So may I call you Prof Mrs.?
Wendolene: Funny you, maybe or maybe not, time will tell…
The discussion went a little further beyond that, that afternoon, after which we returned to the class.
I think I like her so much, very much, the hair do on her that day was appealing and she was equally welcoming.

Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget…

Autos / Re: Super Neat 2010 Kia Cerrato. neatest in town by Ideagatesauto: 1:03am
Autos / Re: Limited Hot 2008/9 Toyota Highlander. Selling Fast by Ideagatesauto: 1:03am
Education / Re: Please I Need Your Advise He His About Dropping School by Elxandre: 1:03am
Exactly ismokeweed ,you on point this is just what am just trying to imply in other sentence ,elxandre is misconstrue me . It is very wrong for him to hail the guy in question for such a decision . Wooow hadizy i can feel how desperate you are to pull your bro back on course, just take it easy everything is going to be fine
You didn't get me.
I emphasized severally that it made no sense, since he he had just months left to graduation.

Hadizy is he your younger bro or older?
Politics / Re: Confused APC Chairman Does Not Know Governor Amaechi's Name - Video by gtrust: 1:03am
I thought Amaechi is not contesting for any elective post come 2015.
So, why is he organizing PortHarcourt APC Rally
Why not just do your job and walk away
Why not support your choice of successor at your successor's rally

Is this Rally a show of "popularity" and candidacy for VICE presidential candidate
People like President GEJ were in their houses and YarAdua of blessed memory sent presidential helicopter to come to Abuja you, you're here wasting River State money and APC don't even know your name
Politics / Re: APC Rally In PH (photo's) by bashydemy(m): 1:03am
some persons just went to feed their eyes.

not as if they like apc.................

those were the ones that made it look great. given apc a BIG EMPTY HOPE.
And those that went to feed there eyes will easily have a change of mind.
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Caseless: 1:03am
abeg no break my leg for me o
i wont, baiby. It's a hug.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by gunther6: 1:03am
hello everyone, hitherto i used to be one of the many faceless 'guest' that dot this page before i decided it cant hurt to say hi. #hieveryone #TEAMOAU #ECONOMICS #C14 #RESPECT #holla@urguy
Romance / Re: Singles Crib>>>{married People Stay Away!!} by Truckpusher(m): 1:03am

okay..uhmm "witness" isnt the right word.
Okay..You "saw" the whole ish, huh?
I saw nothing................besides why are you bothered?

I thought you were enjoying it - hope they won't get mad anyway? angry
Education / Re: 10 Most Marketable Courses In Nigeria by efedua(m): 1:02am
pure chemistry/industrial chemistry ontop wrong list
how many job opportunities are advertised each day for industrial chemists that you want it to be first on the list
Nairaland / General / Re: Do You Think God Will Lose His Value If Everybody Becomes Rich ? by samflexxy(m): 1:02am
Religion / Re: Should Child Dedication Be Abolished Since It Is Found In The Law Of Moses? by Goshen360(m): 1:02am

A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents, and sometimes entire families, make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways.

True, it is a ceremony under the Mosaic ONLY TO A BELIEVING PARENT WHO BELIEVES IN THE LAW OF MOSES. I believe EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THE LAW OF MOSES, BUT THEY WEREN'T WRITTEN TO ME NEITHER WAS IT WRITTEN TO ANY CHRISTIAN. These laws are shadows and shades and the REALITY....Bidam is IN CHRIST. Your error is, you are teaching the law as a MEANS TO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND ACT OF WORSHIP instead of teaching the law as a finished works of Christ....that is, teaching the law AS CHRIST THE REALITY OF THE LAW.

See how Christ dedicated us to Himself,

1 Corinthians 1:2Expanded Bible (EXB)

2 To the church of God in Corinth [ an important city in southern Greece; Paul started the church on his second missionary journey, around ad 52; Acts 18], to you who have been ·made holy [sanctified; dedicated/set apart to God] in Christ Jesus. You were called to be ·God’s holy people [ saints] with all people everywhere who pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ—·their Lord and ours [ theirs and ours]:

So guess what, If I'm dedicated to God IN CHRIST, what do you think offspring that comes out of me will be? Dedicated to the Devil? In the NT, not until you DO A CEREMONY to dedicate a child unto God BEFORE that child is dedicated. This truth is Apostolic doctrine here.
Sports / Re: Azizat Oshoala The New Face Of Nigerian Female Football. by 9jauk: 1:02am
Omo wa. ....ikorodu OGA connection

Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Caseless: 1:02am
u funny sha. seriously I don't take any if your thread seriously cos I see them as nollywood movies.

caseless pls who is her boyfriend
her husband is chief otumba olubukato aka thuley.
TV/Movies / Re: ARROW and THE FLASH fan page....... by Nomski0(f): 1:02am
Felicity Smoak on TheFlash next week!

Yes! My baby girl.......I heard she might kiss Barry in that episode. cheesy

The Flash, The Arrow, The Atom.......Felicity breaking superheros' hearts.

Can we talk about the fact that she's practically the CEO of Queen Consolidated?!

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