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Business / Re: A4 Paper Business by gboyetade: 8:36am

kelechiodo: Thanks everyone, I have contacted the agent and have finished the discussion with him. Email has been sent to all those that contacted me concerning the business for analysis and suggestions. Thanks
Politics / Re: The Real Pictures Of Imo Under Okorocha Where he borrowed 200 Billion by Ngwakwe: 8:35am
Chinolization: Ngwakwe tell me that those pictures were taken in Chad republic! cool

You project your thread as current infrastructural situation, an update instead of the past you wish to dwell.

I will change the topic of this thread to what you have made it instead of what was intended and expected or may even send it to recycle bin.
Tech Market / 2 Weeks Used Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 by olalekanba: 8:35am
I have 2 weeks used Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082 for sale

price 35k

comes with case and all accessories.

contact -
Nairaland / General / Re: «««mikey And Friends Chat Lounge»»» by sweetestguy(m): 8:35am
Abu Mikey:

Good Morning sir.

hw far na, wetin de sup
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by FrancisTony(m): 8:35am
Mynd_44, hope you're rooting for teamSLEEK.

We don't want teamBIGNOSE

TEAMpomo lips

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Business / Re: Football (+) Betting Season 8 >>A.G.E<< by chimajii: 8:35am

Chimajii help me beg Abimloaded.......what I do for him....he gif me anoda red apple..I af die....dis pick CASTED!!!....

I'm back bitchES!!!

My man...chai.....d tin my eye take see........i no fit talk.....did u play it? #Nolies........U're definitely back!!!
Food / Re: Learn How To Make Peanut Sauce With Chicken by chiogoezubem(f): 8:35am
Well done.
Education / Re: 2014 Jamb result Out! Come in to check your Result by teebarbie(f): 8:35am
Pls can u help me check dis too: 45224576HF and 45198611HJ
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by Gentlemimi2: 8:35am
teeo: Mynd_44
See dem....trying to get attention of mod. Whooosai that wan no be guarantee oo. Notin for u.

say NO to #Team chonkorization#
Travel / Re: Welcome To Onitsha Inner-City by B2 mario(m): 8:35am
Tablet Man: B2 mario,
Why do u derail this thread? What is ur problem with chino?
You are the person that started this nonsense but everybody will now blame chino for it.

Go to onitsha and get more pix, we will be waiting for your pix next week.
yes i am doing it because that's what chino normally do to abia, imo and enugu threads. so if i keep quiet that means i am a coward.
Nairaland / General / Re: New Method Robbers Use To Rob Unwary Individuals by emma2002(m): 8:35am
bouncealong: So happy for you bro..... Only God knows how he drugged u, you didn't receive anything directly from him.

It's not unlikely that the pure water seller might be an accomplice working together with his other colleagues in the bus. This is to totally convince the victim...

We can't over estimate seeking divine protection on daily basis as these evildoers keep devising new tricks.
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by homesteady(m): 8:35am
#team sleekz!

we must rig this contest

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Autos / Re: Clear Ur Roro And Containerized Job At Any Of The Lagos Port by oliverjiad(m): 8:35am
Buy am ship am and we clear it for u wink
Family / Re: I Am The Head Of This Family Therefore Be Submissive. by skillet(m): 8:35am
seankola: First n foremost, the institution of marriage is not such that we can just debate on concerning what is wrong or right. Circumstances of existing marriages are too diverse for even this forum to debate. Nevertheless, marriage is only made possible by God. Being unequally yoked with an unbeliever is the first flaw marriages encounter as partners engage in premarital sex even before starting a real relationship. Therefore, if they end up in marriage, then the disaster already started!!!

A man need never affirm supremacy over his wife, the wife should simply receive such instructions from God. Secondly, a man/woman must never put their trust in their partners but unto God. For the bible says that being married is good also, staying single (by resolve) is even better because being married is a distraction to serving God. Yet we should ask ourselves, How many of us are virgins at the point of marriage? How many of us haven't been yoked spiritually (through sex) with an unbeliever? A believer will never have sex before marriage right

But once u choose to be married, do so not to burn with canal desires. Yet, since marriages of our time aren't made. By virgins, we are all bound by our marital vows and must forgive our partners when they do wrong and ask for forgiveness. Read 1 Cor 7 for more spiritual feeds.

brother, the bible never said that. please don't add to the bible. the reason the bible said we can stay single is not because marriage distracts us from God. the bible never asked us to remain virgins till marriage. what commandment is that? and who told you a believer will never ask for sex before marriage? what does marriage mean to you? the feast? the church ceremony? the native ceremony? note that in the first place Jesus performed a miracle it was not called a marriage but a wedding feast. a feast is not a marriage. a marriage starts from the heart. and so does divorce.
Jokes Etc / Re: Akpor Go Finish You Today by mrkjoe: 8:35am
i've read this post @
Travel / Re: QATAR And UAE General Visa Enquiries by hugochris: 8:35am
ogakpatakpata: .

True talk, the description he gave about the job is terrible, that is modern day slave employment, so many people are trapped in that kind of offer, they may not talk about it here openly,but, they are in it, do you know majority of the house-keeping workers that cleans the metro earns about 1000AED/month, l have spoken to so many of them, majority happens to be from the Phillipines and few from other countries,but, l think their accommodation will be better than what we saw posted here yesterday.

Moreover, the point is the labour market is saturated, hence, most big time organisations out-source their recruitment to agencies who in turn capitalize on the desperation of job seekers to offer ridiculous benefits, again, considering the time frame to look for job which is between 1 to 3months depending on the visa category, some job seekers have no choice but, to accept those silly offers to remain in the country, like l said yesterday, that kind of accommodation is peculiar to where you have a large army of immigrants from Pakistan/Bangladeshi/Indians and Sri-lanka's,but, for any job that pays you more or operated/managed by westerners, it is absolutely impossible to see such.......

Lastly, Dubai health inspectors visits accommodations across the UAE for inspection,for instance whenever they visit my organisation accommodation, my CEO directs me to go and attend to them, l will leave the office and go to junior staff accommodation, after they inspect, they give me a yellow card, they documents whatever needs to be fixed or upgraded, and so far we have always scored excellently, partly due to the kind of Management team we have which are mostly Europeans....but, for some other companies that do not comply to health/safety standards as per UAE law are sanctioned heavily......they don't joke with either you clean up or you pay the fine to the government...

Oyea....I told one Naija guy the other time,that there are places in this UAE,and style of accommodation available,like bed space arrangement,I don't think such settings will be called jand,

Insha Allah,Arab money d Koko here
Education / BREAKING NEWS;ASUP Strike Called Off by adexmuhyi(m): 8:35am
After 240 days of inactivity, polytechnic students across the country are expected to return to their classrooms as the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) suspends its strike today.
The ASUP Chairman, Dr. Chibuzor Asumogba, told Vanguard in a phone interview that the decision was made by the National Executive Committee of the Union as a result of the intervention of the Joint committee of the Senate and House of Representative on Education.
He said the union gave the government representatives one month to accede to their demands and release the white paper on the visitation panel to federal polytechnics.
The ASUP Chairman however, called on all lecturers to go back to work. “All lecturers are to resume work at their various institutions today”, He said.
Source: /2013/07/asup-suspends-strike/
Food / Re: Beans Lovers, Share Your Recipe. by Odunharry(m): 8:35am
Jarus: Beans is my favourite everday food (staple).

In the university, the bulk of my foodstuff is beans (just feww cups of rice and sack of beans cheesy).

It was about the only food I could cook.

Today, 8 years after graduating, I'm still a beans person.

Before closing from work, I tell my wife to prepare beans for me with oil spread over.

I prefer mixed(cooked together with oil etc), but sometimes I go for beans and stew separately prepared.

I can take it solo, but most times (especially in the house), I do it with bread, or sometimes soak garri with it.

Even at work, beans is still the food I order for most times. smiley
ur head is there sir....
Gud beans with soft thick agege bread
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by spacestar: 8:34am
Romanciella: lol

yh dats ryt... cheesy

Girl u should try and model. See as ur neck long like giraffe..

You try small o grin

Team Lanicky...
Politics / Re: The Real Pictures Of Imo Under Okorocha Where he borrowed 200 Billion by Beremole(f): 8:34am
Chinolization: Does it matter if I download the pictures just like you did?

Just like I did what? Smh

You're better off ignored!

Politics / Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan Blame Insecurity On Parents by jjay1783: 8:34am
There is a saying that says "A country that can not provide for the poor can not protect the rich" but Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan in his Easter message yesterday blame parents for the insecurities facing the nation Nigeria.

The video here

This is now a blaming games right Isn't this the time for all hand to be on deck? Should the citizens continue blaming the government and government the people? or we all should fight the battle with the will power it end it once and for all?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Wrongly Convicted 74-year-old Woman Freed After 32 Years In Prison by cap28: 8:34am
terrible, anyway thank God she can spend whats left of her life with her family. undecided
Nairaland / General / Re: «««mikey And Friends Chat Lounge»»» by vosquare(m): 8:34am
barcanista: lipsrsealed
wetn do ur mowt?
Travel / Re: Random Pictures Of America Taken by me by darniell(m): 8:34am
I rep Brooklyn
Education / Re: Check Your Jamb Result Here!!! by ngbede1984: 8:34am
osemu8 pls' help check dis one 4 me. Reg numba; 46318801HE. Tnx.
Politics / Re: National Confab In The News: April 15, 2014 by alysiaarmstrong: 8:34am
Couldn't bounce and additionally I needed to we should alright what's going this room are so sure to tumble off the rails with us I'm bad with the a rocket launcher now so don't know I'll quit emulating night alright itself I got to evaluate the impact span other in light of the fact that that is an exceptionally condemning at this time against Nitric Max Muscle yes married so for by Tom's there's nothing on the grounds that you're the magnet so we don't generally need to stress over here's a great case love low I sincerely I'm not certain for to help they're not challenge I was a heartbreaking hop here great I can just get one recreations have natural dangers a work for and against you a like, for example, the beasts likewise couldn't go on the flame terrific am dismal dam incredibly like this diversion I don't know whether this fellow provides for me barrio we get scissors discover everything and head blankets cost into equal parts that's.
Travel / Re: Random Pictures Of America Taken by me by seedord247(m): 8:34am
on Bourbon streeet grin
Politics / Re: The Real Pictures Of Imo Under Okorocha Where he borrowed 200 Billion by Chinolization: 8:34am
Delete and ban me for saying what I saw? Are those pictures not from Imo state, Owerre precisely? How can you want freedom of speech but on the other hand you are suppressing it?

Nnewi1stSon: Great, so why dont you ban him and delete the damn thread?
Politics / Abia Plans Big With Int’l Centre by obinalihe: 8:34am
Abia Plans Big with Int’l Centre
Abia State Ultra-Modern International Conference Centre at
Ogurube Layout, Umuahia
Conferencing and workshops are now known to be big
money spinning events that are budgeted for in both the
public and private sectors. Conveners of these events often
seek out topflight facilities in serene secure environments
to do business. The type classy facility is ready for use in
Umuahia, Abia State, reports Bennett Oghifo
Whenever there is a big event of international stature to be
hosted in most of the nation’s cities, the first arena to
come to the minds of organisers is often a hall in a hotel,
regardless of the appropriateness of such a facility. Most
hoteliers have seen the financial gains accruing to these
events arena and are now building them as annexes to
their hotels with interesting patronage.
Regardless, some governments are beginning to face the
economic benefits of having purpose-built conference
centres of international status like that the Abia State
Government will soon open for use.
Great emphasis is placed on the importance of conference
centres such that there is an International Association of
Conference Centres (IACC), which is the global home for
IACC approved conference centres. Corporate meeting
planners, event organizers, and businesses select IACC
meeting venues for corporate training sessions, sales
meetings, board retreats, and customer special events.
Thus, the massive construction work going on in Abia State
is not misplaced as it has interesting multiplier effect on
employment as well as on personal and family incomes.
This rare vision powered by the Orji administration is a
deliberate policy to improve the socio-economic status of
Abians and of other people resident in the state.
Conference facilities in South-east...
Until the development of the International Conference
Centre in Umuahia by the Orji administration, there was no
purpose-built conference and exhibition facility in the whole
of the South-east.
The governor may have seen this economic gap and
promptly filled it with a state-of-the-art international area,
complete with modern communication equipment designed
to ease conferencing of any nature.
Cross River State has its fine-points when it comes to
international events hosting, and has the Tinapa complex
and a new ultra-modern conference centre to consolidate
this position. Regardless, Akwa Ibom has decided it can
beat this record with a well-designed and executed
conference facility.
The Abia Arena’s structure...
These structures in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States are,
no doubt, huge projects, but what the Abia State
Government is rendering is simply grand in all its
The International Conference Centre project is one of such
sturdy facilities in the new Umuahia City, located about five
or seven minutes’ drive from the city centre. The city
centre is also being upgraded into a modern community
with a master-design that would include sophisticated
malls, recreational parks, and housing estates.
The International Conference Centre, being constructed by
Chaibel Limited, has a beautiful façade, complete with a
VIP lounge, small conference rooms and major halls and a
gallery. There are also offices and a huge parking space,
said a site engineer of Chaibel Limited.
The centre’s total capacity is about 9,000. Main hall is
5,000 and the rest about 4,000 sitting capacity. This
project, which will be ready in December, will be the
second best in the country after the one in Abuja.
Stating reasons for the construction of the centre, the
Commissioner for Housing, Mr. Kingsley Mgbeahuru said: “If
you come around the South-east, there are not good places
where you can hold international conferences. So, the
governor thought that it would be a good thing to have the
edifice so that we can host big shows of international
standard, awards of international centre.”
The designer, Mr. Ohiri said there are four conference
halls, a main hall and a banquet hall. There is a basement
which has two conference halls.
The lobby leads to the main banquet hall and to other
areas, he said and that when it is completed, it would be
one of the best in the country.
The conference arrangement makes it possible for every
participant to speak from a microphone like in the Senate.
The building has advanced information technology such
that activities in the halls can be streamed live to television
stations. “So, everything here is digital, 2013 model. You
can record events and send the signal and they will be
watched live anywhere.”
Importance of Conference Centres...
According to experts at TBNetwork, the event organised by
an individual or a private company to discuss a business
topic, to exchange ideas, make contacts, or interact with
each other is known as business conference.
“It is very important to find the right venue to conduct a
business conference. These conferences are generally held
at convention centres or big hotels providing conference
facilities. You should look for the best facilities for a
successful business conference.”
They recommended that organisers should possess
facilities for business conference such as a Visual Presenter
which is an advanced version of overhead projector used
for presenting data to the attendees of the conference; a
Digital Whiteboard that captures and saves the matter
written on it; Computers for the Power Point presentation;
Slides which deliver the massages more conveniently;
Screens to show videos and slides with better clarity; and
the microphones.
Along with all these, they said a technician should also be
provided by the conference facilitator. “Before the
conference, you should check all these facilities. This will
surely help to have a fruitful business conference.
“Business conference venues should be as per your
requirements. While considering a conference hall, do not
just have a view of the beautiful brochure pictures taken
from outside. It is important to verify the internal layout of
the venue. The IT capabilities of conference venues should
also be considered. Many of the venues for conference are
not equipped with the in-house IT and audio-visual
facilities. Therefore, they should be checked for these
These experts said frequently failing audio visuals during
the speeches ruins the conference. For this reason,
independent technical teams should be provided by the
conference venues itself. While choosing conference
venues the overnight delegate should also be taken into
account. “By far the custom-made city centres and large
hotel chains are the most successful and well organised
conference venues,” they said.

Business / Re: Bankers For Baba-Ijebu (Premier-Lotto). by doflaw: 8:34am

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