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Politics / Re: Violence Breaks Out At APC Headquarters In Abuja by zushab: 6:01pm
sincerely I feel the way APC is handling this issues shows clearly that they do not have what it takes to govern this nation..their action smell of lack of blueprint.God save Nigeria from APC.

Click like if you feel violence is the norm in APC.

We should understand that this is a tribal issue, its not APC, what you should knw is dat those Igala pple want to take the Ebiras out of the state, for what reason will same pple ruling d state for more dan 16yrs and when it is now there time they (Igalas) want to deny the right of the Ebiras. The thing is not even same tribe ruling, it is now same family, MOST AUDU'S SON BE PART OF IT?
Politics / Re: "Blame Northern-Nigeria Muslim Elites For Boko Haram" - Bishop Matthew Kukah by MightySparrow: 6:01pm
The doctrine o AL Taqqya (Holy lies) holds in Islam. Muslims find it confinement to deceive for any selfish reason to have their way. Even Mohammad (SAW) lied to his followers that he went to heaven whereas he passed the night with Umm Hani.

In the word of Bob Marley, '.....you can fool some of the people. some of the time not all the people all the time'
WE are waiting and watching for the time the Boko Haram will swallow the north other parts of Nigeria will be forced to defend their territories then we will know' There was a Country'
Religion / Re: Absence From Court: TB Joshua Speaks After Failing To Be At The Court by justicejay(m): 6:01pm
Education / Lagos Foreign Scholarship *is There Any Beneficiary Lately* by LAfricana(m): 6:01pm
Would like to know if there's been any beneficiary of the Lagos State Foreign Scholarship lately. Ones had a family friend apply two yrs back. But wasnt granted cos her course of study isnt engineering or medicine inclined.

Lets share info's here. Do you know anyone who's a beneficiary and what are the procedures

NB: Foreign Scholarship, not Local scholarship
Technology Market / Re: Buy Ur /laptop Screen/dvd/ Processor /motherboard/memmory/and Other Accessories by ericdry: 6:01pm
Don’t keep this great offers all to yourself get word across to friends, work colleagues and relatives so that they can enjoy great deals from LiteImpactTech
Family / Re: How Can Mr President Help Him? by scampy(m): 6:01pm
His father should try to link him with Mr President through phone since his dad cannot do wahala of going to Aso Rock due to his age.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Orders Probe Of Maritime Academy Over N18bn Remittances by Gee15: 6:01pm
God bless you ameachi ,that probe is very important ,how can a maritime academy not have GMDSS installed,ARPA RADAR installed and other simulators ,sir I support the probe .if you visit the school Ghana maritime university is not as big a oron yet they have things installed,sir it is better for a mariner to head that school so that the school can met up with the world standard ,seafarers are sad about the school,can't boast of any simulator yet we have master mariners sitting at home ,who should be heading the maritime academy ,sir I urge you to appoint a master mariner to head that school so that Nigeria maritime academy can meet the world standard.I hope this gets to you sir .Seun any help.
Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Marry A Lady That Has Tattoo On Any Part Of Her Body?? by boynigeria(m): 6:01pm
lots of tattoos.....so HOT
Islam for Muslims / Re: Is Walimot Tul Quran Compulsory ? by enieme(f): 6:01pm
I guess that's just the way you see things. Just be happy. I am sure they aren't singing Pasuma or Janet Jackson. I can't defend a particular group. I believe they are singing Qasida Burda or Naat. If you aren't comfortable with them just move on. Simple
Yeah, No p.
Properties / Bankersonlyng by Anthonydre: 6:00pm
http://www.bankersonlyng.com is a social network website specially designed for bankers in Nigeria to boost sociability and marketability. This is attained by the customized platform which aids individual bankers to see every other banker in the industry irrespective of their bank, department or location. Hence, a Customer Service Officer in First bank, Lagos can connect with all CSO, Treasury, Internal Control..etc in GTB, UBA, Diamond.. etc in all the states in Nigeria. Friends can be searched by names or using these three criteria of Bank, Department or Location, and can also be invited via e-mail or SMS free of charge. Posts can be uploaded to the general view (in which everybody gets to see), or uploaded to friends only, or filtered using the Bank, Department and location criteria. Events can be created and invitations sent using any of the three methods mentioned earlier. The website also includes free chat services and boosts easy navigation and fast loading. Kindly register at http://www.bankersonlyng.com and check your email box for an authentication message. Help us to serve you better, your feedback is most welcomed. Thank you.

Celebrities / Don Jazzy Deceive Vic O "Now Vic O Wants To Dash Out 500K" by tundetv: 6:00pm
But I can't believe this, even Don Dorobucci of Mavin records is deceiving this wack artiste. Such a pity.

Vic O dropped his much anticipated 'Hello' cover today, and to every one's surprise, Mavin boss Don Jazzy went on social media to praise his effort.

See how Don Jazzy tacked one guy on top hin matter here and see more tweets >>>> http://www.hiplanetv.com/2015/11/don-jazzy-deceive-vic-o-now-vic-o-wants.html

Webmasters / Re: How To Start A Blog: Choosing The Right Topic/niche. by mysiwy: 6:00pm

Crime / Re: Two Women Caught With Stolen Meat. by Cutehector(m): 6:00pm
Chei.... End time meat..
Romance / Re: Top 10 Signs He Is Only Keeping You For Sex by Yewandequeen(f): 6:00pm

simple because She's also using Him to satisfy her sexual urge

Not in all cases
Every bad person has a good part.
She might be sticking around Cos of the good side grin
TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Atk01(f): 6:00pm

We just have to wait and see how the drama goes.
I agree, she should stick to CFs.
As for music,Her group (miss A) members have a problem with her and its all because JYP don over hype Suzy to the extent that they feel the group is all about her.
Exactly! If I were in Miss-A, I might feel bad too. Some idol members are more popular than others in the group, but hers is just too over much. JYP no try @all.
Education / Re: Unilorin Utme 2015/2016 Aspirants by Kaybeeeee(m): 6:00pm

I am not Hausa, there is no single hausa in the entire Gombe state. I am from Billiri also known as BR City, I am Tangale by tribe in
Gombe south, a christian dominated region. We have the highest number of proffessors and also the highest number of graduates in the entire northeast. My people are very exposed, there's no swagg that you will bring that you will not see here, 4 real!

The problem with most southerners is the presume everybody that comes from the north is Hausa but that's untrue, Hausa is just one of the 3 major languages of Nigeria, we have other languages too, Hausa is just so influential that tho it started from Katsina, it has spread to more than 10 countries. BBC hausa is as old as Nigeria itself but it has millions of listeners across Africa.

Don't always base ur judgement on the majority, seeing is believing.

Nah,i know a lot abt hausa,i knw all north ar nt hausa,i was born in kano and lived in abuja

i thought as much, most hausa dnt like book or school(to d hausa no offence),bt u even though u ar nt younger, after u finish petroleum eng in Atbu,u still follow ur passion for computer science and stil want to do PhD, kudos,and i wanna ask sometins

Y did u go for engine in d first place
Pet eng ar hot cake in nigeria,dnt u intend in working in d sector
Is there any reason u switch to computer sci

Hope am nt asking much,just curious
Webmasters / Re: Are Nigerians Eligible For A Payooner Card? by 01ghostmode: 6:00pm
Yeah Nigerian are not allowed. However, opening a Clickbank A/c in Nigeria is pretty simple. You don't need to hide your IP. Go to Clickbank and click on register, use your real name, but in the ' choose your country' type in UK. Don't use U.S cos you will asked for your tax ID. In the 'input your address' section, go to Google and type "UK ADDRESSEES" You will get lot of addresses, just choose the one you prefer. In the "input your telephone' section, simply log on to fwcall.com to get a real UK number for free, you will able to connect the number to your Nigerian number. In other word, when someone calls you outside Nigeria with that number, you will receive it on your Nigerian number. Next input your desired password, choose a nickname, and ultimately accept to their terms and conditions and click submit. Yahoo! you have just opened a Clickbank account. Anyways, after clicking on submit, you will taken to another page, answer all the questions correctly. But there's one I want you to take note of, you will asked what you plan using your account for, just click on affiliate only. Don't click on both affiliate and vendor! If you do, I promise, your account will banned the next day. Now the next thing is how to withdraw your earnings in Nigeria. Simply log on to payoneer.com and register for a U.S account, you will get a Payoneer MasterCard. It will be sent to your home address you provided while registering. Please provide your real information. Upon successful registration, you will given an account number, just go back to Clickbank and input your payment info.
Bros, when I registered for payoneer I wasn't given any account number oh. Though I've gotten my card. Hope am safe?
Romance / Re: Why Looking For A Life Partner Is Like Finding A Job by tpiadotcom: 6:00pm
You should know, right? Have to say I'm impressed.

bro, why are you stalking your fellow males.

se gay ni e ni?

just asking seems it seems you are bent on being noticed.

and, if you are not considered marriageable material hence no girlfriend talkless wife, why not up your game so someone can give you the time of day without you having to resort to scamming females in order to have someone look your way.

sorry for blocking your scam hustle the other time, however there are sites where you can freely run such, must it be here?
Autos / Re: Super Clean 2005 Toyota Rav4 For Immediate Sale by megapixels: 6:00pm
Still Available.
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Man Buried In Shoe Caket In Akwa Ibom by MosakuAW(m): 6:00pm
grin Was he a cobbler?
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Man Buried In Shoe Caket In Akwa Ibom by MosakuAW(m): 6:00pm
grin Was he a cobbler?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Are Muslims Outraged At Dr. Ben Carson? - Cramjones by nobilis: 6:00pm
you are still asking this question ? Do my post say the law is useless? Did I not say christians are to learn from the old testament law? Romans 15:4
“For whatever things were WRITING
BEFORE were written for our LEARNING that we through the patience and
comfort of the Scriptures might have

So the Law of Moses wasn't abolished and isn't useless.
That is the point I've been trying to prove since.

Thanks for helping me out
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by tchiwinnie: 6:00pm
Pls mama's how did you avoid vaginal farts after you delivered your lo's? a friend told me i won't escape it, that it happens to everyone, pls is it true? Though am yet to experience it.
cc: kaffy4bill missmalachi ahnie firsttymum modath tchiwinnie and all sabi mama's
I don't think every1 experiences it. I think its more in pple whose sutures break down.
Politics / Re: Photo question: Please When Is Buhari Visiting Nigeria? by MIPNIG: 6:00pm
No sense
You mean your President has become senseless or you lack the capacity to make sense of junketing spirit of the President.
Make sense.
Jokes Etc / *SEASONAL PROMO* The AVATAR Studio | ...making Your Icon | Tattoo & Piercing by TheAVATARStudio: 6:00pm
The AVATAR Studio | ...making your iCON | Tattoo & Piercing
...celebrating great personalities

Your outlook is not "only" our concern but our highest priority on our life's mission.
We are always excited to help in (enhancing your image/making your iCON).
We are a perfectionist for beauty - our passion has evolved beyond obsession.
We believe our image tell our story - so if you feel we are like-minded let's work.

FOR A BEAUTY SESSION WITH OUR celebrity certified & multi-awarded ‪#‎beauticians‬
...Starting as low as from N5,000 (Body art/ Tattoos)
...Starting as low as from N2,000 (body piercing)

Visit us @ A2a Anola Complex (oniru) Victoria Island, Lagos.
Hotline: (+234) (0) 816-804-9758

Booking Email: info@theavatarstudio.com.ng

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @theavatarstudio

Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Are Muslims Outraged At Dr. Ben Carson? - Cramjones by kodded(m): 6:00pm
bless you my brother.
but you still haven't answered my question

1 Like

Politics / Re: What If Biafra Won In The Civil War? by SasEbhohon(m): 6:00pm
They would have been the most industrialised nation in Africa

It would have been a developed country

It would have been a visa free country to other developed nations like USA and UK

It would have been called the giant of Africa

The hausas,yorubas ,and Muslims would have been employed as security guards ,drivers etc to the intelligent Biafrans

God Bless Nigeria
God Bless Biafra

I wish
Health / Re: Anyone Ever Done A Hair Transplant At Da Vinci Clinic In Ikoyi by Gboliwe: 6:00pm
Hi peeps. Am thinking of doing a transplant at the above named clinic. I just wanna know if anyone has done a hair transplant before cos am kinda scared

Hair transplant? I have never heard of it. Please, tell me more. How is this done?
Literature / Re: Short Story: The Boy That Thought He Knew It All by OYAY(m): 6:00pm
Are gradually making sense! Come and continue.
Politics / Re: Fani Kayode React To Failed Promises Of President Buahri by kayroy5(m): 6:00pm
Mr basket mouth, u just want to make yourself relevant by all means. Someone like u who could not win his polling unit ,would come out with decayed teeth and castigate people with honor and integrity. Outdated politician.
TV/Movies / Re: "Spider Girl": Checkout This Hilarious Nollywood Poster by Jephz(m): 6:00pm
chai ... comon sense alert oo
Gaming / Most Anticipated Game Or Nah? Share Your Thought by youmour(m): 6:00pm
Tom Clancy's The Division is an upcoming open world third-person shooter role-playing video game with survival elements developed by Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections, and Ubisoft Red Storm for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was announced during Ubisoft's E3 2013 press conference, together with a seven-minute gameplay demo and is set to release on March 8, 2016.

Source: Wikipedia

Still the only reason I got a ps4.

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