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Romance / Re: Why Would A Gal In Serious Relationship Care To Dress Seductively When Her Man I by kennywiz: 8:48pm
The real question now is: Why does she like wearing it?

Donno, The in-thing may be, u knw campus life - freedom.
Politics / Re: FG Introduces Automated Payment Of Salaries, Allowances by bigtt76(f): 8:48pm
What about those illegally employed by CBN? Have they been removed? angry
Nairaland / General / Re: PHOTO: This Is The Tallest Man In Lagos by Temmytea70(m): 8:48pm
not long but longer

Not longer but a longitude
Business / Re: CBN Adopts Flexible Exchange Rate Policy by rallymento(m): 8:48pm
It baffles me when I see people act lukewarm.

The same group of people that said Sai Baba are now shouting crucify him.

Support the government you voted into power na! Stand by them. Pray for them,

shebi some people gave their life savings to support their campaign. ...

Don't get me wrong fella my philosophy reads " you either live for something or die for nothing"

Oburu na ina eri awo, rie nke gbara agba. So that if you are called a frog eater you will boldly agree that you eat frog.

You don't eat dog meat abi? But u will use your teeth to cut the meat for your yard people..

Politics / Re: President Buhari Finally Comments About The Current State Of Nigeria by kcy(m): 8:48pm
Breaking news
Business / Re: We don't just build LPG plants; We build profitable LPG businesses! by ncolumella(m): 8:48pm
Phones / Re: MTN Customer Care Thread by jmichlins(m): 8:48pm
Sincere apologies. May I know if the issue is a general issue in your area or if it is just specific to your mobile number to aid further investigation.
it's been a general issue with this area for years. Just the H+ signal
Crime / Re: African Prostitutes & Their Customers Humiliated In Russia, Forced To Walk Unclad by Twizzy30(m): 8:48pm

.......because only our brothers from the north have the oil wells found in the south, not so
Y did u quote me. Are they ur sisters?
Nairaland / General / Re: PHOTO: This Is The Tallest Man In Lagos by sinto5(m): 8:48pm
not long but longer

Not long, nor longer, but longest
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pre Employment Medical Test by kweenroyalty(f): 8:48pm
Calm Down..and keep praying, big companies multinationals e.t.c take 3 weeks to a month to contact you after medical test, next thing will be a testimony for you my dear. Just calm down and prepare yourself for the job..claim it cos it's yours.

Thanks alot and God bless you
Religion / Re: The Absurdity Of Atheism by podosci(m): 8:48pm
God intervened after close to 200,000 Japanease have already been killed with the nuclear bomb? God didnt intervene in the creation of Gun powder that has killed countless more people the the atomic bomb.
Please all theis noise about man making use of already created oxygen.... One Question
Who created God?
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by Eminya(f): 8:48pm
@ Zaynie you made me laff so hard that Josh stopped playing and was starring at me. Oya o, pls give her the tree o grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Upload Your Boring Saturday Picture by Youngpo413: 8:48pm
Kudos to that guy who said "When a woman has beauty with no brains,her pussay suffers more." sad
lol , typical..
Phones / Re: Airtel Unlimited Night Plans: Download Up To 6GB In 2hrs by RomeoMarvis(m): 8:48pm
STALE... have been flexing it since late january
Education / Re: 2015/2016 OAU Aspirant Thread. by jakesund(m): 8:48pm


signed :JAKE
Dept of dramatic arts..
Politics / Re: Obiano Signs MOU With Graffil Group For Integrated Terminal And Park In Onitsha by freeze001(f): 8:48pm
Please we don't need this here. Go and sort out whatever issue you have with your governor or state, not here. Why can't you people allow us to be for once! Just leave us alone. Thank you.


My dear, it's one Igbo land, onye a ghala nwanne is our solidarity anthem so if a part is suffering and our brother cries out, it is expected that you show some love while driving home the need to apply whatever solution u may render.
Are u now asking the ears to go because the eyes can now see? It's our collective heritage at the end of the day as far as Igboland in its entirety is concerned.

1 Like

Politics / Re: Programmes To Mark Wike's 100 Days In Office (photo) by riczy: 8:48pm
y applaud dem for doing their normal civic duty?
Nairaland / General / Re: PHOTO: This Is The Tallest Man In Lagos by nonyceezy(m): 8:48pm
I think av seen this guy at eclipse lounge akoka.
Politics / Re: Buhari Shuns Lagos Visit, But Hosts Ogun Governor At The Villa by sholatour(m): 8:48pm
A pity our president spends days abroad but could not honor a 2 day visit to Lagos... due to ''scheduling difficulties''
Charity begins at home Mr. president....
Politics / Re: FG Introduces Automated Payment Of Salaries, Allowances by jlinkd78: 8:48pm
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members House by LogoDWhiz(m): 8:48pm

Do not be scared for us Sir. We are not even scared for ourselves, we just want it quick even if its our money piling up

I believe we are 1 regardless of what way nysc want to divide us..

My reason for being scared is different from what you might be imagining..

Hope you are good?
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by Oluwalogbon(m): 8:47pm

Pls hw long have u been buyn stuffs on dealsmachine? they have very bad feedback score and there customer care is o....

Please how much is GTBank charging dollar now or any other banks please urgent
Properties / Roles Of A Project Manager by orcc(m): 8:47pm
The responsibility of project manager to make sure that the customer is satisfied and the work scope is completed in a quality manner, using budget, and on time. The Project Manager has primary responsibility for providing leadership in planning, organizing and controlling the work effort to accomplish the project objectives. In other words, the project manager provides the leadership to project team to accomplish the project objective. The project manager coordinates the activities of various team members to ensure that they perform the right tasks at the proper time, as a cohesive group.

The different roles of a project manager are as follows:

Cognitive functions
Self management functions
Motivational and personal development functions
Customer awareness functions
Organizational savvy functions

First, the project manager clearly defines the project objectives and reaches agreement with the customer on this objective. The manager then communicate this objective to the project team in such a manner as to create a vision of what will constitute successful accomplishment of the objective. The project manager spearheads development of a plan to achieve the project objectives. By involving the project team in developing this plan, the project manager ensures more comprehensive plan than he or she could develop alone. Furthermore, such participation gains the commitment of the team to achieve the plan. The project manager reviews the plan with the customer to gain endorsement and then sets up the project management information system-either manual or computerized-for comparing actual progress to plan progress. It’s important that this system be explained to the project team so that the team can use it properly to manage the project.

Organizing involves securing the appropriate resources to perform the work. First, the project must decide which tasks should be done in-house and which tasks should be done by subcontractors or consultants. For tasks that will be carried out in-house, the project manager gains a commitment from the specific people who will work on the project. For tasks that will be performed by subcontractors, the project manager clearly defines the work scope and deliverables and negotiates a contract with each subcontractor. The project manager also assigns responsibility and delegates’ authority to specific individuals or subcontractors for the various tasks, with the understanding that they will be accountable for the accomplishment of their tasks within the assigned budget and schedule. For large projects involving many individuals, the project manager may designate leaders for specific group of tasks. Finally, and most important, the task of organizing involves creating an environment in which the individuals are highly motivated to work together as a project team.

To control the project, the project manager implements a management information system designed to track actual progress and compare it with planned progress. Such a system helps the manager distinguish between busy-ness and accomplishments. Project team members monitor the progress of their assigned tasks and regularly provide data on progress, schedule and cost. These data are supplemented by regular project review meetings. If actual progress falls behind planned progress or unexpected events occur the project manager takes immediate action. He or she obtains input and advice from team members regarding appropriate corrective actions and how to replan those parts of the project. It’s important that problems and even potential problems, be identified early and action taken. The project manager cannot take a “let’s wait and see how things works out” approach- things never works out on their own. He or she must intervene and be proactive, resolving problems before they become worse.

Project manager fosters development of a common mission and vision to the team members. He should clearly define roles, responsibilities and performance expectations for all his team members. He uses leadership style appropriately to situation or stage of team development. He should be able to foster collaboration among team members. He should provide clear direction and priorities to his team members. He should be efficient enough to remove obstacles that hamper team progress, readiness or effectiveness. He should promote team participation in problem solving and decision making as appropriate. He should pass credit on to team, and promotes their positive visibility to upper management. He should appreciate, promote and leverage the diversity within the team.

The Project Manager should be able to communicate effectively with all levels inside and outside of the organizations. He should be able to negotiate fairly and effectively with the customers/subcontractors. He should be able to bring conflicts into the open and manages it collaboratively and productively with the help of other team members. He should be able to able to influence without relying on coercive power or threats. He should be able to convey ideas and information clearly and concisely, both in writing and orally to all the team members.

Cognitive functions
The project manager should identify the problem and gathers information systematically and seeks input from several sources. He should then consider a broad range of issues or factors while solving these problems. For this he collects the appropriate quantity of data for the situation and discusses it with all the team members before making a decision. He then draws accurate conclusions from quantitative data and makes decisions in an unbiased, objective manner using an appropriate process. For this process of decision making he understands the concept of risk versus return and makes decision accordingly.

Self management functions
The project manager should be able to maintain focus and control when faced with ambiguity and uncertainty and should be able to show consistency among principles, values and behavior. He should be resilient and tenacious in the face of pressure, opposition, constraints, or adversity. Being the head of the project he should manage implementations effectively and should recognize as someone “who gets things done.” He should continuously seek feedbacks from the team members and modify his behavior accordingly. He should take keen interest in learning and self development opportunities.

Motivational and personal development functions
Project manager should consider individual skills, values and interest of all his team members when assigning or delegating tasks to them. He should allow team members an appropriate amount of freedom to do the job. He should accurately access individual strength and development needs of his team members to complete the work effectively. He should continuously offer opportunities for personal and professional growth to his team members. He should arrange for training program and continuously seeks support to his team member when needed. He should pass credit on to the individuals and promote their positive visibility to upper management. He should give timely, specific and constructive feedback to all his team members.

Customer awareness functions
Project manager should be able to anticipate customer’s needs effectively and proactively strives to satisfy them. He should be able to accurately translate the customer’s verbalized wants into what they actually needs. He should be able to understand customers and their business and actively build and maintain strong customer relationships. He should understand customer’s issues, concerns and queries and try to resolve them effectively. He should actively strive to exceed customer expectations.

Organizational savvy functions
Project manager should involve the right people at the right time for a particular job. Understands, accepts and properly uses power and influence in relationships. He should build and leverage formal and informal networks to get things done. He should know the mission, structure and functions of the organizations and others. He should understand profitability and general management philosophy. He balances interests and needs of team/project with those of the broader organization.

Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by OBAGADAFFI: 8:47pm

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) monetary policy committee (MPC) says the recession of the Nigerian economy is “imminent”, maintaining status quo on the monetary policy rates.

Speaking on the state of the economy, Godwin Emefiele, the central bank governor, said: “The conditions that led to the contractions in the first quarter of 2016 were still largely unresolved. The recession which was signalled in July 2015, now appears imminent.”
Politics / Re: Current Price Of Items In Buhari's Administration (pic) by weyabblog: 8:47pm
FUEL: Old price 86 naira , and new price 145 naira

Politics / Re: Fayose Stops To Buy Bread And Beans Along The Road by Realist2: 8:47pm
LOL, stomach infrastructure.

Bad belle, e easy ?,no Buharis can try this, even though they claim to have taken loan to pick their nomination form.

Humility to the core , ride on Fayose.
Romance / Re: South African Man Claims To Have Slept With Over 100 Of His Twitter Followers by DarkTroll: 8:47pm
So by your reasoning or the lack thereof, American companies like Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, Nike, Ford etc around the world because Americans are poverty ridden and can't provide a market for their companies? gringrin for all your screams of literacy you do not understand basic economics
My monkey-chanting, baboon-bellowing, butt-scratching Zulu primate.

All south African companies in Nigeria are on economic asylum voyage.

S.A isn't America.

You bleck Zulu chimps destroyed all the white Angloductch companies with bbe and official theft.

They had to run out or sell out.

The best thing that ever happened to Zulus was Nigerians.

Mind you, the idea of rulership and entrepreneurial skill is still rocket science to Zulus. Caveman!!!
Politics / Re: First Imo State Flyover 100% Ready by Jodesky(m): 8:47pm
you mean the flyover that was built with 6 inches hand mold block? okorocha and his family should test it first.

Are you this daft?

Whoever paid your school fees should go and ask for full refund. Its a complete waste.

You need to have your medulla refurbished if this same flyover is what u called 6in block.
Politics / Re: FG Introduces Automated Payment Of Salaries, Allowances by IMO22(m): 8:47pm
I hope feasibility study is done b4 implementation of some policies? Just saying
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ja’afaru As Comptroller-general Of Prisons by DedeNkem: 8:47pm
President of the north, by the north and for the north!
Buhari you're a terrible as*shole!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Man Killed By His Lover’s Boyfriend In Cameroon (Pix by MrOreo(m): 8:47pm
So they eat indomie noodles in cameroun?? Just look @ how they wasted it, look @ how they stained the carpet too..... meanwhile that dead dude is not worth mentioning, he died a heroic death grin
Romance / Re: Player Or Good Guy???help! by BiafraBushBoy(m): 8:47pm
Hi everyone..I been dating this guy for only 2 weeks.He is Nigerian igbo.We went out like 7 times for drink...he kissed me on our 3.date..When we meet we talk but not that i can talk.to him for 24 h...He wil fallow me.back to my home...even on bad weather...He introduced me.to his friend as his gf...But i have big problem.coz he only chat with me and he doesnt call me as in call...N when he chats he wil just ask how r u how was ur day etc...When we see he will kiss me before ending of our date and not have feeling to do it imidiatelly...What does he want from me??only SEX or something more..?

Please, how can I get to Albania from Oshodi in Lagos??

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