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Religion / Re: Will Women Pastors End Up In Hell? by splashybone(m): 1:01am
See how everybody is agitating, saying whatever they feel like some have resorted to name calling saying the writer of that book is an Supremist, some are of the opinion that because he is a jew that is why he wrote things like this.We dont use emotions in understanding the scriptures not because what the Bible said is not favourable to you,you try to adjust it so that everything will gel.When the book of 2Tim 3:16 said All Scriptures is by the INSPIRATION of God...it means everything written in the scriptures was done not by the writers but came directly from God[although some Paul said that some of the things he wrote was not God that said it that it is him giving those commands but God allowed such words of his to be penned down reason because paul's thought or line of reason is in line with HIS]
Now regarding the point Paul raised, Paul said in 1Tim 2:12 that women ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TEACH OR TO EXERCISE AUTHORITY OVER A MAN. The question that begs asking is this:TEACH WHERE----in the Church.It is not as if the scriptures forbids women to teach God's word to people NO if it does the account of Matt 28:19,20 will not be making sense because it applies to both men and women.Paul also shades a little light as to what he had in mind when giving that instruction further he said...OR TO EXERCISE AUTHORITY OVER A MAN...FOR ADAM WAS FORM FIRST...ALSO,ADAM WAS NOT DECEIVED, BUT THE WOMAN WAS THOROUGHLY DECEIVED AND CAME TO BE A TRANSGRESSOR.This also reminds me of the Principle of headship in 1Corin 11:3 the head of Christ is God, the head of the church is Christ and the head of the woman is the man.
So in the christian congregation, women are not Permitted to teach there but are free to preach and teach outside the church
Let the one who has ear hear what the spirit have to say
Investment / Trending News - Popular Actress Mercy Johnson - Is Supporting A Donation Group by Ortagency: 1:01am
Just as she wrote on her Official FB Page.

Good Evening Nigerians!
I sincerely know how hard it might be for many at this kind of time.
most especially those in Nigeria.

Am funding a #Donation #Platform organised by some Beautiful #Nigerian #Youths
to assist each other. As this might be the only way i can assist as many as possible.
So i #invite you all in #Nigeria to join now! #hook dem up as i will be joining you #soon #live.

Phones / 5 Whatsapp Features You Most Likely Did Not Know About by Gsmbasics: 1:01am
In case you are a new or perhaps a seasoned WhatsApp consumer certainly there are features that you might possibly not see coming.

These are unknown features that you will find helpful. Below is a list that you can relate to.

Formatting Message Text-- If in case you haven't observed, you can instantly format your message content by utilising some emphasis on it for instance, bold, strikethrough, as well as italicised.

Getting Message Information-- You can now verify if your text message was truly read or perhaps delivered to the receiver. Swiping to the left of the text should do the trick using iOS phones. On the other hand, a simple long-press of a specific text and clicking on the info symbol ⓘ listed below the display screen can address this issue for Android people.

Muting a Chat-- This feature is basically helpful when you are going to a meeting or heading to the cinemas. The mute function of WhatsApp will set your application to silent mode. It would help you deal with a chat group or perhaps a nosey friend not seeing how busy you are.

Hiding Last Seen Status-- You can have 3 choices to allow Everyone, No-one or perhaps all users from your contact list to view the Last Seen time of a specific message that you have earlier read. Just go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

Turning off Read Receipts-- It is possible to turn off read receipts from WhatsApp, preventing other people from seeing that you have actually read the text message. You can possibly do this by heading to Settings > Account > Privacy, after that, you will have to uncheck the box beside Read Receipts.

You can regularly enable or disable other messaging capabilities from WhatsApp to your very own advantage.

TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by homesteady(m): 1:01am
Which kind bed is this? It would not be comfortable at all, that's why all of them want to sleep downstairs.
Science/Technology / Re: Fantasy/fiction World No Rules, Anything Goes by Blakjewelry(m): 1:00am

And do you think man can ever be mentally mature? Greed has poisoned men soul. We no longer feel for each other. I don't see that changing in the nearest future.
I believe it is a gradually process, we will get their some day. Most of the bad part people exhibit are innate, they are there to protect you. Our ancestors depends on most of these behavior for survival, in fact without those attributes, I don't think the early man would have survived, but it is time to do away with most of them
Jokes Etc / Wise Ones Only,whats The Difference Between Fool And Full. by Donsamie(m): 1:00am
Pls hw can u explain the two FOOL and FULL
Education / Re: ASUU Bans UNILORIN From Academic And Non-Academic Activities by Akjwyzepal(m): 1:00am
Glorified secondary school. Producing half baked graduates. Very tribalistic school, only filled with Muslim and indegenes. The worst federal university so far in terms of admission process. The school website has been hacked times without number. Imagine them they use joomla web installer. Very poor school I pity the potential half baked undergraduate and graduates of this glorious secondary school.
Romance / Re: Lady Narrates How Man Was Using His Joystick To Rub Her In A Commercial Bus by Freiden(m): 1:00am
Ewww thats really bad. Ladies have suffered sha embarassed series of harassment every now and then. Some men are really shameless though, one old man wanted to try such with me had to warn him amidst insults from me and he bowed his head in shame very embarrassed. Thats why i hate commercial buses in Nigeria.

You should get yourself a private jet, or relocate to Syria....

Education / Re: Nigerian Defence Academy Admission Processes..........68-69RC by humblesteve(m): 1:00am
don't say what you Don't know, not more than 21 by Oct means he should not be 22yrs or above by oct
You're right. They are really confusing people here.

Someone who turned 21 this month is very much Good to go because he's still 21 and not 22.
Family / Re: Help, My Wife Wants To Kill Me! by sisisioge: 1:00am
until u shock her with a resounding beating, she won't stop beating u . continue to tell yourself u are a pastor and a weak man until u find your two ears in her pot of egusi soup one day. nwokem, cut off that weakness of a thing and go learn karate and do d needful.

Right! I once heard a story of a guy that had to learn karate cos of his wife too. She's actually a regular sized woman whom he enrolled to learn karate before they got married. She needed it then to defend herself because of a guy on her case that became violence towards her. Anyways, she used to beat him up after they got married until he went to learn too. Trust me, you don't wanna be their neighbor dude, but they both eventually sort the issue grin
Travel / Re: Career In Dubai.. by ezyk: 1:00am
I applied for jobs in Dubai thru dubizzle.com.....This is what I got guys Good Afternoon,

Please e-mail your CV immediately for review at: Maria@TheDubaiJobs.com

Kind regards,

Staffing Executive
Did u use ure Nigerian mobile phone number during registration?
Politics / [photo]bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump During Inauguration by unclebobo: 12:59am
Bill Clinton apparently failed to keep his roving eye under control and was caught by Hillary. The former US president was accused of checking out Ivanka Trump during her father's inauguration ceremony.The hilarious footage, released on YouTube, purportedly shows Clinton looking in the opposite direction of what was happening on stage, and being more interested in staring at Donald Trump's stunning daughter, who was dressed in a chic white trouser suit. Although exactly where Clinton was looking isn't known for certain and some social media users were quick to defend him, saying: "How ridiculous could be looking at anything!!!"Bill Clinton is seen nodding and biting down on his lip as Hillary catches him in the act. She cannot help but show her irritation by glaring at him.The video shows him appearing sheepish about something, as he quickly looks backat his wife like a kid caught red-handed.She is then seen taking a deep breath before turning her attention back to the official proceedings.Jay Warner tweeted: "Bill gets caught checking out Ivanka Trump… never changeBill, never change."Dr Chan Challis added: "If you find Bill at the bottom of Potomac tomorrow, we'll know why. #Respect".Twitter user, named Poliphilosophy, said:"Bill Clinton ain't nothing but a hound dog."It was no doubt a double blow to the former US secretary of state, who was already disappointed at losing the White House to Trump.One YouTube user sarcastically commented about the Clintons that "It wasa fitting ending… It really is."The moment Hillary reportedly catches Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump,No one willever forget Bill Clinton's biggest indiscretion – his 18-month affair with White House intern Monika Lewinsky – that almost brought his presidency to an end.Despite lying under oath about having sexual relationship with Lewinsky, he was later forced to admit it to the world's press.Clinton continued, however, to serve the remainder of his office until 20 January 2001, after being acquitted of charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, following his impeachment trial.Ivanka Trump, who looked stunning in a glittery peach ball gown during the inaugural ball last night, and paid an integral part in her father's presidential campaign, once described her father as"colour blind and gender neutral".The 35-year-old who is Trump's eldest daughter and is a wife, mother and entrepreneur in her own right, said she influenced his five children to have a"strong ethical compass"."He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges and how to strive for excellence in all that we do," she said. "He taught us that there's nothing that we cannot accomplish if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic."

photo at http://sportfaaji.blogspot.in/2017/01/photobill-clinton-caught-checking-out.html
Properties / Re: Property prices in Lagos Nigeria is constantly rising Why ? by ShoProperties(m): 12:59am
Real Estate is a profitable business in Lagos Nigeria. You can make real money in real estate but you have to be smart, well inform and with a bit of luck.
Property values appreciate fast, Property prices in Lagos Nigeria is constantly rising. Ask anyone who could have bought a plot of land in Lekki Phase 1 15-20 years ago and failed to purchase. They will tell you it was a missed opportunity. For example a land bought in ikota for 3.5 million naira about four years ago, is now worth over 12 million naira. Another typical example is a land bought at sangotedo (off lekki epe express way) for 750 thousand naira in 2004 is now valued at over 5 million naira. It not just in Lagos states that properties appreciates fast, other states are appreciating as well.
You don’t have to be wealthy to invest in Real Estate. In some states, the cost for a plot of land is not as expensive as in lagos, Abuja and the other major states capital. Example in ogun state etc.
You have be know when to invest. Timing is absolutely key and location.
It is not just land only, rents prices are also constantly increasing in Lagos. Lagos is the centre of commerce, more and more business are sprouting up. The more businesses means better standard of living, which means more people ready to buy and rent properties.
Lagos Nigeria is constantly expanding, this means that property you’re buying that appear to be in the suburb, may soon become a property in a commercial neighborhood. The means your property value will rapidly appreciate in value faster than you imagined.
It has been proven time and time again. If you invest in real estate and invest right. Your investment will take care of of itself and in a few short years you might be laughing to the bank.


If you decide to buy a Land or a House.
1. Ensure you do due diligence – at Lands Registry office
2. Get a lawyer to investigate the real owner of the land/house
3. Ensure no litigation on the property
5. Property is not subject of any Government acquisition.
6. Property is not under short leases, easements, licenses, road or right of way and more

With 700k you can get a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki And See How Fast it will Appreciate

For available properties you can invest on contact to get Videos and pics

Call or whatsapp 08124579981 or 08027493735
Properties / Re: Understanding The Meaning Of Plots, Acres & Hectares In Figures Check In Here by ShoProperties(m): 12:59am
Very nice Op
Religion / Re: Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers? by redsun(m): 12:59am
It depends on what you are praying for. If you are praying to pass exams without studying, he's never gonna answer that. And if you are also praying to be a millionaire without thinking and working hard like a millionaire, he's never gonna answer that too.

Answered prayers are manifestations of dreams,dogged determinations, hopes and drives.
Politics / Re: Baba Buhari Have A Message For Us by ShoProperties(m): 12:59am
what's Is really wrong with the ear ?
Y not treat ya ear at home
Politics / Re: Video Of The Nigerian Security Forces Shooting Unarmed Biafrans In Portharcourt by pchukwudi: 12:59am
You know, yesterday I saw a headline on how a teenage german girl slashed the throat of a german female police officer because she (the teenage) felt frustrated for not being able to join ISIS.

In the past such stories used to baffle me, but now, Nigeria is begining to show how it all starts.

No problems. You guys should keep the mockery up.


Poor thing, life don tire you abi?
Dem go jus use you do target practice.
Phones / Re: How Can I Tell If A PC Processor Is Any Good? by jayauthentic(m): 12:58am
Yes, they could be faster but they cannot override the i series so forget about clock speed if PERFORMANCE is what you are after.

My archaic core i3 (2310m) clocked at 2.1Ghz with two cores and four threads performed far better than me friend's Intel Pentium clocked at 2.3Ghz (these new Pentium chips with HD graphics). They guy could not run so many games like PES 2016 and Hitman Absolution, etc.... These games worked smoothly on my core i3.

The i series from Intel is their flagship chip for consumers so they remain the best. Even with me ULV i series (new i series used in thinner Pcs which consumes less power than the main stream i series and therefore performs lower) with TDP of 15watts are a force to recon with.

Thank you.
Romance / Re: Drop Your Digits To Join Our Dating/relationship/sex Advice Group On Whatsapp by shegunwire: 12:58am
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by Nomfanelo99(f): 12:58am
Tbolls piercing I like
i love them
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Gptech(m): 12:58am

Make I use am but would still need more like more 80$
Wetin you one use am do? shocked
Nairaland / General / This Lady Survived An Accident On Her Way To Her Convocation. by kinngie(m): 12:58am
She is a UNN student

Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by emmayayodeji(m): 12:57am
Una no dey sleep?

Na wa ohh
Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by Svoli: 12:57am
Culture / Re: Who Is The Real Originator Of These Popular Words -igbos Or The Yorubas. by Probz: 12:57am

No not at all. We have igbo words that yorubas adopted as well. Like ugu, nna etc

We borrowed from fulanis as well

Even fulanis borrowed from Arabs etc. Just life

I've never even heard an omo Yoruba addressing a bro as 'nna.' You sure you don't mean na? As in, na be by force.
Webmasters / How To Embed Youtube Video Without Youtube Logo by PMenaha: 12:57am
With out much waste of time, let me go straight to the point. By default, embedded YouTube videos carries the YouTube logo or link. But of you would to remove the logo from the YouTube player, here’s a simple trick to do that.
Remove YouTube Logo from YouTube Video

Below is how the default YouTube embed code looks like:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-hX_rznqnM0" height="350" width="575">

Add ?modestbranding=1 to the embed code. It should look something like:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-hX_rznqnM0?modestbranding=1" height="350" width="575">

Now copy and paste the modified code to your web page. The YouTube video appears but doesn’t display the YouTube logo overlay.
Both Adobe Flash and IFRAME based embed codes compatible with HTML5 supports the “modestbranding” parameter.
The “?modestbranding=1” parameter should be put first after the VIDEO ID before any other parameter.

I hope this tip helps. Have any question? Let me know in your comments

Business / Re: How To Make Regular Income Offering HOT Digital Marketing Services On Fiverr by softboiy: 12:56am
Yea, best u stay on the safe side
yea true
Celebrities / Yemi Alade Blasts Critics Abusing Her Make Up Style by Cambells: 12:56am
Business / Re: Onitsha Mall Indemnity Notice: Look At What I Saw At Shoprite Onitsha (pics) by laudate: 12:56am
Did the notice read that only Shoprite has a store in the Mall?

Now you are digressing & really sounding stewpid....
Crime / Re: 10 True Horror Stories Of People Trapped In Caves by gqboyy(m): 12:56am
Unfortunately not all the adventurers lived to tell the tale. and this made me sad
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by Nomfanelo99(f): 12:56am

U never can tell
i know myself . Once I get irritated I can't hide it

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