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Romance / Re: Happy Birthday Tymax by 3cycle: 5:10pm
Hehehe, thanks for the cake... Even though it's ..." One kind" grin

Babe, today is my birthday. So I will not tackle anybody back. But tomorrow! Hehe! Tomorrow, I will be a Lion in the Jungle. grin grin grin
That means I can say anything I want to say today and then avoid you tomao... Wow grin
Politics / Re: Kaduna State Governor Yero Rejects CAN Award. by Musty4: 5:10pm
Suljosh: Oritse'JET'for spot on.
honestly speaking, we didnt trust this group CAN because the must be involved in northerners blood shed. They are criminals.
Politics / Re: 2015: Obasanjo Unhappy With Lamido’s Endorsement Of Jonathan by nigerianvenom(m): 5:10pm
berem: and how did Obasanjo become an APC navigator?

if he wasnt their navigator,why did buhar and tinubu went to him kneeling and begging him to "show them the way"?
is it not a navigator that can show u the direction to ur destination?

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Romance / Re: New Guy On Here. Show Some Love by Agybabe(f): 5:10pm

Know that his is a forum and not a meet-up zone!

Politics / Re: Shekau "Alive And Well"- Ahmed Salkida by cirmuell(m): 5:10pm

Defence headquarters has not made any comment.

Ask Cameroonians who claimed they killed him
you dey answer that guy? Mtcheew!
TV/Movies / Re: Who's Ur Funniest Character In GAME OF THRONES... by justmag(m): 5:10pm
Tyrion! hands down....and the hound!
Politics / Re: U.S. Wants Ihejirika’s Sudden ‘Billions’ Probed by desgiezd(m): 5:10pm
bishopoliver: Igbo Kwenu !!! grin

grin na the only thing they sabi be that grin

We should discuss this issue on its own merit and not narrow it down to tribal bashing, please!
Politics / Re: Can You Do This??? Was Dumbfounded On Seeing Him Doing It(pix) by 100Cents: 5:10pm
Don't still get you... Are you saying its more or less

I had a picture for it.

See below..

Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Take Advantage Of Little Girls After Spending Money On Them? by Afrok(m): 5:10pm
Op in as much as Ur post makes sense to me, forget that line Coz " any girl that wants money to be spent on her (#5 or above) is no longer a LITTLE GIRL wink" Little girls are always satisfied with what mom, dad or anybody that's trustworthy gives to them without looking for more money from guys.

She wants to enjoy, she's ready for actions Coz to every action, there is equal and opposite reaction which means she could've reacted right there in front of her meat pie coca cola but she didn'tundecided. Bottom-line is, she only get what she's looking for. I stand to be corrected.
Career / Re: White Woman Wanting To Move To Nigeria!!! by thrizzle: 5:10pm
optimumprimus: which of the follwing is not true : dirty enviornment,poor esthetics, dirty stinking, ignorant people with bad body odour,poor hygiene,poor diet , loud noises ,religous bigots and hyprocrites, beggars and parasites,Bottom kissers ,etc.
the people are a victim of their dirty environment. their mentality is warped ,perhaps from the hot excrutiating sun frying their pea brains .
they make jokes about everything. they have no empathy or courtesy. it's common to find dead bodies on the road side in Nigeria ,and no one would care.

they pray to a white bearded man up in the sky to rescue them from their mysery. they believe that the follwing things in the picture below can only be found in paradise or heaven, thats is why they are so religous in hope of enjoying these things heaven. these are basics that people in the developed world enjoy.
you sound pained... I feel like a Nigerian molested you.. did you get trolled? a problem shared is a problem solved.. what's the matter bro
Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Take Advantage Of Little Girls After Spending Money On Them? by philantoxx(m): 5:10pm
OP..its very cheap in minding ones bizness oo
Music/Radio / New Music: Jessie J Ft. 2 Chainz – Burnin’ Up by ZAGAXK(m): 5:10pm
Autos / Re: N1.250M TODAY:TOKS 2005 Honda Accord CALL:07055402728,08126575138:PIN :7a00277c by onasautos: 5:10pm
Politics / Re: 2015: Obasanjo Unhappy With Lamido’s Endorsement Of Jonathan by nigerianvenom(m): 5:10pm
berem: and how did Obasanjo become an APC navigator?

if he wasnt their navigator,why did buhar and tinubu went to him kneeling and begging him to "show them the way"?

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Politics / Re: List Of The Most Corrupt Countries In The World According To T.I by boix(m): 5:10pm
Am amazed whenever the most corrupt countries are mentioned Nigeria is never there that means those country have nothing good to write about. This my Nigeria wey I dey see so!
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by satope1: 5:10pm
Luvlyfal: ."laughn" toor moti'gbo
Order delivered. Please confirm receipt.
Autos / Re: 2005 Acura Mdx(reverse Camera+navigation):07055402728,08126575138. PIN :7a00277c by onasautos: 5:10pm
still have it
Family / Re: A Thread For "Everything Polygamy"! by tbaba1234: 5:09pm
tbaba12345: Studying for a PhD in engineering at Cambridge, she might not seem like a prime candidate to enter into a polygamous marriage.

But that is what Nabilah Phillips did, dropping out of university to become the second woman married to businessman Hasan Phillips who has since acquired a third wife.

Yesterday it emerged that Mrs Phillips, from North London, is among thousands of Muslim women entering into such relationships which are illegal in the UK but allowed under sharia law which permits men to have four wives.

A new television documentary, The Men with Many Wives, exposes the rise in these unions – of which there are believed to be as many as 20,000 in Britain – and the dating agency, Muslim Marriage Event, responsible for setting many of them up.

Having already been through a divorce Mrs Phillips, 35, originally from Malaysia, signed up to a similar matrimony service specifically looking for a married man.

She told the programme: ‘I was looking for someone who had been married or was already in a marriage.

‘I was married before and having gone through one divorce, you kind of know what you want in marriage, so I wanted someone who already knows how to be a husband.

‘I really enjoy being in a polygamous relationship. We are not silly people who are forced into this type of relationship.’

Through the service she signed up to she met 32-year-old Mr Phillips – also divorced but re-married to City worker Sakinah, 33, – and decided to abandon her studies to become his second wife.

The wives occasionally meet when Mr Phillips, who as well as being a businessman also works for a charity aiming to spread the word of Islam, organises family outings.

Nabilah Phillips said: ‘If any problem happens between co-wives it’s usually his fault. Praising somebody too much. “Why don’t you be more like her, she’s this, she’s that”. If he didn’t say that, we would all be happy.’

She has two children with Mr Phillips, who has six in total, and helps to run his import-export business. But abandoning her high-flying academic career was not her only change after she married. She also began wearing the Muslim veil, the niqab.

She told Radio Times: ‘I wanted to wear one before I got married – being married to Hasan has given me the opportunity to wear one and be steady at it. The only prejudice I have met so far has been from other Muslims.’

During filming Mr Phillips, who converted to Islam from Christianity when he was 16, marries a third woman, Somalia-born Anub, 41.

He did not invite his other two wives to the small ceremony, held at the local mosque, saying: ‘I don’t think it would be right to invite them. Even though they are accepting of polygamy, you don’t want to really rub it in their faces, “Look, I’m getting married”, and expect them to be happy and have a party about it.’

Each wife lives in a separate house in London and Mr Phillips spends three nights in each home before moving on to the next.

Read more:
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Autos / Re: Lagos Cleared 2007 Honda Accord:(leather & Navigation):07055402728,08126575138 by onasautos: 5:09pm
still got it
Phones / Re: Etisalat Now Back With Free Browsing.... Screenshots Speak by gustav25: 5:09pm
come the last poster .....this is official and can't be blocked or stopped by etisalat ......have been using it for close to 3 months or more now so nothing to fear.its no loophole
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong For A Guy To Be Calm And Romantic? by NinoBrown888(m): 5:09pm
Aah, No need of you getting hard'

Am sure Your 'johnny' is hard enough for your supposed gurlfrnd or wifey ...

#Be Who You are.
#Be Original.
Romance / Re: *being A Virgin Till Marriage Who Is It Most Difficult For:guys Or Ladies* by Danhumprey: 5:09pm
Sorry o
Were you in your right mind when you typed this
Fashion / Let Handle Your Event Professionaly by soundproof: 5:09pm
Come, let's Make your new Event, as bright as sun, as colorful as rainbow, as lovely as flowers, as happy as birds. Trust me, with us handling your events... You're gonna Enjoy your event to its full extent!...... Contact us via 08023741844, 07033558028 or 08170065111

Career / Re: ICAN November Diet 2014 (new Syllabus) by holyfather(m): 5:09pm

I apologise for the delay. I will try to be as brief and concise as possible. The ACA certification program is designed in a way that people from diverse disciplines with different certificates(O'level inclusive) can do it. Your qualification determines the stage where you begin your journey. There are three stages in the new ICAN syllabus- Knowledge level(5 papers), Application/Skills level(6 papers) and Professional level(5 papers). Based on your qualification, you will be only granted exemption in Quantitative techniques in Business(A1) in the Knowledge level. Then you will write every other paper in each stage. You must pass every paper in each stage inorder to progress to the subsequent stage. For more info you can visit to download the new syllabus. You can also add me on bbm-26211650 or email

thanks a bunch,bro.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Else Got This Message From Idisco? by noskeybaba: 5:09pm
mcshegs: Guy me sef see dose gurlz buh aint got d tym den to rilly look dem well coz I did my test today. Was among d three pple dat wrote test after u pple finished with ur essay. Hop u did well shaa. All d best man!!!

My bro I tried my best o. Make we just hope for the best. From the looks of the interview, the company is a serious one and could be a very good place to work. I was talking with that guy that gave you guys test, I told him the process is too long, he said I should relax that if I get the job that the pay will compensate for everything.
Politics / Re: Just In: Gov. Obiano Wins Again; Defeats Ngige And Nwoye At Supreme Court by writersmoney: 5:09pm
That means the judiciary is getting stronger, unlike cases that stays more than 3 years for it to be finally decided.
Business / Re: Made-in-aba Shoe Daily Export Hits 1m Pairs by ISpiksDaTroof: 5:09pm

I used to have so much respect for your views on NL. I thought you were an objective foreigner/US citizen giving Nigerians the other prespective till I looked more closely and observed your morbid hatred for anything Igbo...

Such crass waste of native intelligence!
Very sad indeed. Shame on you!
Well, contrary to your accusations I do not hate Ibos. For what? Sure, out of all the groups in Nigeria, when it comes to monetary transactions I wouldn't trust them farther than I could throw them, but that doesn't mean I hate them.

Before PDP agents attacked NL and wiped off most of our old posts--- like you can attest to--- I usually came on here in neutrality. But, your ibo brothers would not let me be. Constantly attacking whatever views they deemed unpopular. Tell me, who boasts, chests beats, and constantly antagonizes others on here more than your kin? I state facts as I see them and if my constant saying things like " Ibos are as religiously and ethnically intolerant like the Hausas they love to condemn" or "Nigerians should call the bluff of the Ibos and vote out this criminal govt" is what makes you think I hate yall, then, hey....

But rest assured, I don't. Yall just need to do some character searching and stop irritating others so much with your attitude.
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by SpcAgtOko: 5:09pm
neighy: #ADNAN.... Thats my 1st name... {and dont ask me if its a nick name... Cause people bin asking me alot if its a nick]

shocked shocked shocked Are you?!?!? shocked shocked shocked shocked
Education / Re: A.B.U Zaria 2014/2015 Admission Thread by khadysaggs(f): 5:09pm
Tnx my jamb score180 while pume244
Bboyabdul: congratulation hadiza for gaining admission in to the great university of my city ,my state kano.what is your jamb and putme score?
Technology Market / Re: BEST FOR LESS...1GB RAM/2GB RAM PHONES & TABS...JIAYU,XIAOMI,ELEPHONE,THL,CUBE by Doubletee13(m): 5:09pm

I just effected payment for 2pcs Jiayu G4s instead of what we discussed before...Please confirm. Thanks.

Ma'am tyconcepts, in respect to the quoted are we on? I dey ginger!!!

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