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Romance / Re: Please Nairalanders!! What Should I Do To Make This Girl Love Me?? by Afrok(m): 8:52am
If only I can get half of what op is smoking, I would've being a president by now undecided. Too much of everything they say is not good, op learn to yield to instructions (it's not safe for people below the age of 18).
Autos / Re: 2014 Toyota Camry XLE by Loidee(m): 8:52am
still available
Phones / Re: Blackberry 10 Devices Home: Z10, Q10 Etc by cruz22(m): 8:52am
lolz...I av lotz of qiestions 2day ooo

guyz I nid a browser or download manager wit reasumable download.....
Education / Re: The Polytechnic, Ibadan 2014/2015 Admission Processes For Prelim, ND And HND by segzybobo(m): 8:52am
Room hv come wht enquires oo,plz i hv may june waec result wht me(print out)that contain my name e.g AKINWANDE TOPE and Nov/dec waec result (print out)that contain my name e.g AKINWANDE TOPE ANU.plz anytn to do abt dat ??.alxo can i get anoda state of origin nd birth certificate ??alxo how can i get d original result i said above?? Alxo am thinkin of doin affidavit for the waec result concerni the name on it. Ur reply is highly welcome.dnt let ur frnd get high b.p!!jaymate nd others need a cliq frm u

I have already answer ut question b4 maybe you didn't follow.

1. no need doing affidavit for waec poly will accept it as far ur surname and first-name is the same so you have noting to worry about and it you still feel like doing the affidavit you can no problem.
2. You can do affidavit for brt certificate if you don't have one.. most of my friends back then went for affidavit cus the stress in getting a new one is much.
3. the state of origin thing is not a big issue cus the won't even as from you wen doing youe clearance. it's only in ur departmental and faculty registration that they are going to require you to bring it. so just go to your town and get it. you can call or watapp me on 07062369438 for more info.
Education / Re: Senate Set To Abolish Degree/hnd Dichotomy by sheddo619(m): 8:52am
Am an ND student Currently doing my SIWES at a Construction company,I was greatly dismay when our supervisor ask a 400l student of a nigerian institution the mix ratio of concrete without being given the answer ,again he was given a tape to read a certain measurement which he was still not able to read, seriously speaking there are courses that are best done in the polythecnic sector.
Nairaland / General / Re: 14 Year Old Student Suspended From School Over Selling Sex To Male Students by Mayydayy(m): 8:52am
oh dear!!
Politics / Re: 5000 PDP Members Including 7 House Of Assembly Members Dump PDP For APC In Kogi by lekzyn(m): 8:52am
Politics / Re: 2015 Elections:buhari Vs Jonathan by Blurr(m): 8:52am
Overthrow ? Hahahahha I dont blame the OP, Buhari is a known coup plotter. But No, he is not lettered enough to lead the present day Nigeria. This is not 1985.
haha gringringringrin..yu ar bleeping ryt..but, many Nigerians are so in love wth change in d extent dat dey may vote for shekahu if he contest in 2015
Romance / Re: How Do You React To An Accidental Kiss by shokky24(f): 8:52am
Will u flip him over like kim nana did to leeyoon sung in city hunter or continue kissing like iris
Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa and World over via EBAY n AMAZON .(free Shiping) by stechi(m): 8:52am

send the payment details so that his gtb account can be blocked but it cant stop him coz he will just open another one. the best way is tracking him down.
Am sure he is reading this

check @gtbank twitter account dis morning and see complaints I have continuously been making about him.
Romance / Re: Beauty Of Nairaland Ladies.. by mistahteepex(m): 8:52am
Lol, Taiwo !
hello ma'am, I think u've got the wrong person here! Abi do I look like Taiwo? wink
Technology Market / Re: Enter And Start Bidding!!!!!! by RomanticPastor(m): 8:52am
#200 last bidder
Literature / Re: Braided Path--a Vampire Tale... by Chiidi(m): 8:52am
Wow wow wow.... Hosan... I'm impressed... Oya ride on.... I don book this space... Meanwhile... The title get as e be... Bt nothing do u... I dey folo u bumper to bomber...
Politics / WHY Nigeria Will Always Have War by mauriceju2(m): 8:52am
The north does not have economic power and intellectual power, it is the south and west that has economic power and intellectual power, All that the north has is political power, the power to make, change and influence the rules(laws) it was given to them by the British , they are not ready to give up this political power because that is all they have and they are ready to do everything and anything to take it back , they think that if they don’t get it back that they will become slaves since that is all they have, for intellectual power, their gods don’t like western education, for economic power, their vegetables cannot produce a reasonable economic power in this our age, if only the north will allow all their children instead of only the children of the rich to go to school this power stuff will be balance and there will be peace in Nigeria, all region want political power but the north want it a lone, guys what is the solution?
Politics / Re: Igbo Man As Indigene Of Lagos, Yorubaman Sokoto Indigene, Fulani Enugu Indigene by nduchucks: 8:52am
You can buy land you can build a life anywhere you want to in this country but being born in a particular locality dosent make you an indigine of that place.

Being that you are a law abiding citizen, you'd abide by the law which will make people born in a place, indigenes of that place.
Events / Re: Happy Birthday To Me... by decode55(m): 8:52am
Happy Birthday Amokeme!!!!!

God bless you
smiley smiley

Sports / Re: Nigeria Is Not A Serious Football Country - Keshi by ekundayoalo(m): 8:52am
that you no get sense and don't quote me ever again in ur miserable life!! angry
Big Fool! Imagine how u're vomiting rubbish out of that your dirty mouth. Blind Nigerian, they'll never see or say a good thing about you, they're always negative. Bad belle people
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairalands Most Influencial Personalities by obayaya(m): 8:51am

My Dear

Ifu go num.

Ka'anyi ne pushu go du


Oluwa is always involved
kiss kiss kiss

Container Chukwudi a landigo cheesy

Ife Adigo mma

Good morning

Obayaya, woman wrapper, how far? grin

Ochon, the Woman Brassiere..

I dey o...

wetin mega?
Foreign Affairs / Photos: Ghana Bamboo Bikes Gain Worldwide Attention by GH1957: 8:51am
Bamboo does not get much respect in Ghana. Farmers see it as a nuisance to be cleared from their land. Construction workers use it to prop up buildings under construction. But Kwabena Danso thinks bamboo is worth more than that. His company,Booomers International, has been making bicycle frames out of bamboo, sending them from the Ashanti Region village of Appah to Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and elsewhere.Bamboo "has so many opportunities for the country. Like, as we want to go into other products, it’s a great opportunity for us revise and then get the people to know that there’s great advantage to bamboo," Danso says.Danso says he hires young men from nearby villages and puts them to work, sanding, gluing and binding his bamboo frames. His company churns out about 50 of the frames per month, using locally produced bamboo for the frames and cassava flour mixed with epoxy as one of the glues. Bicycle frames are commonly made out of carbon fiber, steel or aluminum. Besides being a successful social enterprise, Danso says Booomers also serves as a source of livelihood for young men like foreman Abdul Razak. Without this job, Razak says he would still be living at home with his parents."If there is this company it is not there, I don’t know where I’d be by now," Razak says.Danso has sold only a few of his frames within Ghana. One of his customers, Walter Kudzodzi,purchased a bike earlier this year. Kudzodzi says his solid-wood frame rarely escapes notice when he goes forrides around his neighborhood."For example, on Saturday, I rode about five kilometers around my neighborhood and everywhere I went, people were just looking at me," Kudzodzi says. "Once and a while you hear the exclamation, ‘Hey, it’s made out of bamboo, hey, that’s the bamboo bicycle,’ ... and anytime I stopped to take a breather, people come close to me and say, ‘Wow, we heard about this, but this is the first time we’ve seen it. Is it functional? Does it work?' Isay yeah, try it," Kudzodzi says. With his shop overwhelmed with orders, Danso says Booomers is poisedfor expansion. He says he hopes to get more of his frames on the streets, not just the roads of foreign countries, but on those in Ghana as well.

Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Shares Throwback Pic Of When He Used To Play For Muma Gee by neighy(m): 8:51am

tnks neighy.. Just felt like joining the madness at-least for once..
by d way HBD manh... how we gona party na... U gat errytin planned? Or i can give u a helping hand...I JEX AV 2 CALL MY BOSS[JBLUV55]
Autos / Re: Car Tyre Pump by AutosBay: 8:51am
Available for free delivery call 08029815618
Politics / Re: APC Governors Confront President Jonathan Over Cash Crisis by Arch1: 8:51am
Na by force for FG to fund una? Go and look for money elsewhere.
Yes it is by force for the FG to fund them because of the system of government we practise.

We need regional autonomy and devolution of power from the central government
Religion / Re: Coming Mark Of The Beast 666 And CBN by malvisguy212: 8:51am
absolutely non sense
you are thinking rubbish, false imagination which do not correlate with the book of revelation at all and what 666 truly represent in the Bible.
on top of your ignorance you put yourself in fear, and you attempt to put other innocent Nigerian christians to share your fear,making their minds focus on this rubbish so that they will remain in perpetual fear, and unproductive in their general lives.
just know that fear is torment, and it is devilish
repent and desist from it
bible say"the wicked flee when no man pursue him"

when you have faith in God,nothing i repeat NOTHING WILL SCARED YOU.
Technology Market / Re: Usa Used Minty Clean Lenovo 8gb 620gb by tim26will: 8:51am
contact me on 08036143061
whatsapp: 08036143061
Try to get stolen one.
Autos / Re: A Nigerian Used 2003 Model Acura Mdx For Sale...... by pappysk(m): 8:51am
automatic gear
factory fitted ac
SERIOUS BUYERS SHOULD CALL BJ ON 08035909985,08091251650
Technology Market / Re: How To Start Importing Cheap Uk Phones Laptops Jewellery,from Uk,usa By Yourself by arinze571: 8:51am
Ok take anoder look above
Original men's wrist watch been sold for $4.74 which is
about N700 when converted to Nigeria courrency. This
same watch of the same standard are sold for N2000
in Nigeria market.
Its not a must for you to start this business with
N10,000, You can start with a more resonable amount if
you have above N10,000, you can still do this business .
depending on your financial ability. But the more money
you invest, the more quantity of goods you buy and the
more profit you make.

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Politics / Re: FG Approves N165bn For Construction Of Section 5 Of East-west Road - by ono(m): 8:51am

Eleme is where it has issues in Rivers state

Yes. The Eleme section is where I'm interested in. I live at Rumuokwurushi. And I have folks who go to work at the Petrochemical Plant and Refinery.

Why is that section of the road in a state of disrepair and also a death trap?

And if the Eleme/Rumuokwurushi axis of the road is yet to be completed, why leapfrog and jump all the way to Odukpani/Oron/Calabar to kick off another phase of work?

I appreciate GEJ's effort on the E/W road project. But he should please make sure that a thorough job is done on that road. I have been writing about that road since I came on Nairaland in 2005. And for the part of the road that passed the front of my house to remain in a state of disrepair and not motorable is unfair o!
Family / Re: Why I Abandoned My Children In A Boarding School For 8 Years-father by theLORDreigns: 8:51am
Very irresponsible father.
Seriously though, I won't be surprised if that man is a nairalander. Sheet happens!

Are nairalanders supposed to be the epitome of responsibility?
Romance / Re: Man Slits Girlfriend’s Throat &had Sex With Her While She Bled To Death by uchihahinata: 8:51am
Holy poo! That guy deserves to be locked in the prison of askaban angry
TV/Movies / Re: Reps Move To End Dstv Monopoly by stanisbaratheon: 8:51am
This is only good news if they have a better alternative.

Like HiTV abi? They were more more arrogant brand during their short EPL reigns. And picture quality was not to far from that of LTV 8


I pay N13,450 per month. That's paying about One Million Naira (N1,000,000) to watch TV for only 6 years. That's the price of 1 plot of land in some outskirt of Lagos. Chai. I cant wait or the success of this move.

To be on the conservative side, let's say they have 1,000,000 premium subscribers. If my math has not failed me, that's N1,000,000,000,000 (someone should help me write this in words) for 6 years.

one thousand billion grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Noah13(m): 8:51am

till then stop stop making noise, i don't even remember the last time you lifted the EPL undecided
Alright bro

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