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Investment / Re: NM: The Best And Reasonable Investment. Nairaland Support Service by OfficialNM: 7:00pm
. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

-- Vidal Sassoon
Crime / Re: Police And Militants Battle In Igando, Lagos (Photos) by monex(m): 7:00pm
All these militants from the SS and SE again. Na wa ooo.

Wont somebody brand them already as some religion's terrorist?

Ofcos they wont. undecided

how do you come to conclusion they are SS/SE when they are most likely not. Your tribal and religious hate will always show itself.
Crime / Re: Man Burnt In Okigwe For Stealing Motorcycle by jackmartial(m): 7:00pm
for ordinary okada eay him thief....chai deriz God o okigwe pple
Events / Re: Rent cooling fan, Coolant,cooling van and icing chest for Your Event by lammygloooooooo(m): 7:00pm
Autos / Re: Very Clean Tokunbo 2010 Camry XLE Going For Cheap by laptopsale(m): 7:00pm

Pls get your facts right. This is XLE albeit 4 cylinders. Don't let me also go into basics.

Thank you bro, God will bless you.
I just hate arguing with people who thinks they know it all, once again thank you Sir for being honest.
He might think that all xLE come with V6 engine.

This car goes for between 2.9m and 3.1m but I have decided to give it away at this price yet he still wants to condemn a car he hasn't seen or touch.
I leave him with God.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 2 by glokayjy: 7:00pm

On the note was a reason
Something like 214b

Tell us that and we may be able to say more.

@worry359 thank you, the reason is a section 214b.
Politics / Re: Abuja-kaduna Speed Rail : Separating Facts From Fiction & Lies From The Truth by flamingREED(m): 7:00pm
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:

Fear God and keep His commandments.

For this is the whole duty of man_
Properties / Re: Off-topic Thread - To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Constructions by mufutau55(m): 7:00pm

Hahaha... what's the story behind this? I know someone called your 2 br apartment a chicken coop, but I missed the padlock part.

Please read back the pages for all the brouhaha.... but please do not comment about it on this thread... it's a dead issue now.

Hajji M.
Celebrities / Re: Koffi Olomide Arrested And Jailed By Congolese Police Department by fireforfire: 7:00pm


Lol....u for add "rabata" make e complete. B cos na wetin fit d guy
Education / Re: University Of Maiduguri, (UNIMAID) 2016/2017 Aspirants. by DANO1011(m): 7:00pm
I think it's just details of your documents that is needed... jamb results and olevels
alright, thank you Very much!
Computers / Re: US Used Gaming HP Elitebook 8460p, Fast Intel Core-i5 2.6ghz & Dedctd Graphics!! by drexel39(m): 7:00pm

Will u do counter balance hp pro book 4530s? If not how much is your last price?
hw much wil u sale ur probook and what's the configuration,sned me ur. Digits so we could chat
Religion / Re: Immortality And Science. What Are Your Views Atheists And Scientists? by Billyonaire: 7:00pm
what's your religious belief? if non what's your take on an existence of a deity and an afterlife?

In a nutshell, these words should lend credence to my understanding of the cosmos; "We do not have a Soul, we are soul, we have a body." We are located in space, yes we are. Earth, Mars, other planets, moon and other satellites, sun and other stars, milky-way and other galaxies, blackholes, dark matter and other objects, so we are just objects in timespace. The our physical body, is just space suit we need to survive on earth. Our earth life experience is just a moment in the life of soul. When the space suit body, meant for Earth withers away we get back to space as soul, which we are.

Now, deity is a big name, a big word. We could actually be calling our fellow soul beings as deity simply because they do not have a physical space suit, so I try not to use the word deity much, because soul without body could actually be jealous of not experiencing sex, driving, jumping and drinking as we do in the physical space suit.

A creator, can not exist in its creation. So, Is there a creator 'in' the universes (mutliverse)? I think NO, but its there a creator outside of its creation, definitely yes not not in form of human. The cosmic energy is a creative energy beyond the form we can understand with the human mind, we as souls are sparks of that which we try to define as God. With the bangs we spread out into outerspace and take forms in order to experience our creation and return back with the experience at death to source. We must drop everything and death and return, only with memory back to source, and come back here, a blank hardrive and gather as much knowledge as possible and go back again and again while building the planets, making these planets gorgeous and teaming with life.
Romance / Re: Halfricanadian Enter Here by KingCheezyPuff(f): 6:59pm
Same reason i'll smack ya ass if you don't stop calling me 'big head'.
Wait!!! ? Who are you!? undecided
Don't remember saying that 2/or about you.
Politics / Re: Buhari Commissions Abuja-Kaduna Railway (Photos) by SuSeSo2(m): 6:59pm
Big Credits Must Be Given To The Person That Completed This Rain Project because It Can Not Be Put Into Use If PMB Didn't Complete It. Kudos To You PMB For A Job Well Done, I Also Give Kudos To Obasanjo That Initiated The Project, Kudos To Late President Yaradua, And GEJ That Did His Own Parts Too Even Though His People Embezzled Some Of The Money They Could Have Used To Complete The Rain.
Celebrities / Re: Before And After BREAST Implants! Munachi Abii by Tynasparks(f): 6:59pm
your comeback was weak
e pain am
Politics / Re: Rochas Okorocha's Alleged Corruption Charge From 15 Years Ago by chachanga(m): 6:59pm
They all have their secrets and pasts.
Romance / Re: Mr. NAIRALAND Contest 2016 - CAMPAIGN THREAD by KangaIye: 6:59pm
Good Evening,
Family / Re: Was He Right To Have Done This? by Ranchhoddas(m): 6:59pm

Unfortunately, I can't be your target, even if you had insulted me, everyone who knows me on this forum know that I'll never dignify you with any response.

This is what we're saying, why can't you pass across your opinion without being insultive

Why do you believe that every problem should be solved with violence

This is the problem with most of us Nigerians, we don't believe in decorum.

Instead of that man disgracing himself publicly like that, why didn't he let the wife be aware of her atrocities while in the USA

If the man is not a beast, why will he wait to get to a lawless country before physically abusing the woman

If he didn't have any skeleton I. his cupboard, why was he afraid of the USA policemen

From all indications, it's obvious you possess the same traits with the man described here, because you didn't insult me for fear of being banned.

My advice..... turn a new leaf.

Hypocrite. Did you not insult the man?
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Free To Air Satellite Tv General Thread by baggiosne: 6:59pm
House pls, what is the implication of removing the lnb cover cap?
it boost ur signal quality
Literature / Re: The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow by emalek86(m): 6:59pm

Lol..Wetin carry u come here?
haba who nor like amebo
Crime / Re: Man Burnt In Okigwe For Stealing Motorcycle by kaen1317: 6:59pm
Look at that wonderful physique. Instead of playing football and praying to God so ur star can shine u decide to put ur talent into use in the area of motorbike stealing. As the say"99 days for the thief and 1 day for the owner". The owner's day has come
Romance / Re: Man Dress Totally Like A Girl' Be Careful! She Is A Man (photos) by teemonk(m): 6:59pm
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is 90K Small For A Msc Graduate? by einsteino(m): 6:59pm
Dream on
. Graduates with minimal experience get administration roles in Canada( I am talking whites oh so not even race matter your graduate sisters and brother go dance tay for church if them get am) Phd are driving cabs all over the place. Na the employer send you go school. He /She needs a job done why take you when you constitute additional often significant training cost.

Take it and show them what you got and you got no problems after that. A lot of fresh/young graduates have bad work ethics and an unjustified sense of entitlement.

There is no such thing as wrong feeling of entitlement. A labourer deserves his wage, why do we have labour laws? Why does canada have minimum wages that are qualification based?

my friend. No employer is father Christmas, they wont offer you employment if you are going to be useless. For the mere fact they offered him the job, then they should be able to pay him well. If they want an experienced applicant, then they should by all means get one and pay the person a wage that befits his qualifications and experience. Anything else is a means to get cheap labour by lying to the person that they are doing him a favour.

A phd is an academic degree not a professional one.. So it is understandable if a phd holder is unable to bag a job where professional experience is the crust. What i fault is employing that phd holder and yet chosing to pay him as though he is a bsc holder. No way. Why employ him if he isnt capable? let him be. Leave him to drive cab.. Whenever he is tired, he would go somewhere else and apply using his msc or bsc alone.

In Nigeria employers use these stories as a means to get cheap labour. If you like prove yourself, they would not agree to a reasonable upward review in the future. Reviews are usually based on the salary you started with. It is the truth. Maybe you need to come back from canada and live here for a while. We let this rubbish become a tradition here.

1 Like

Investment / Re: NM: The Best And Reasonable Investment. Nairaland Support Service by OfficialNM: 6:59pm
. "You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it."

-- Oprah Winfrey
Romance / Re: Why Nairaland People Refuse To Be My Friend. by Bluehawk(m): 6:59pm
Ok what have I done wrong ?

Ronald4lif refused to be my friend. He calls me troll, tool and so on then send me away. I told him to be my friend all the time he always refuse. Sometimes I get banned.

Boiledhead also refuse to be my friend. Always mention my name in any negative thread of his.

HateU2 refuse to be my friend too. Anywhere I see her post I shall post trash comment on that post so she can reply me with insult and she get banned

KingCheezyPuff refused to show more of her pictures for my viewing.

Even sinaj refuse to show me her pix as I requested. Mimzy too refuse to show me picture.

Who did i offend on this forum?

Can't we all be friends? undecided

My phone battery die and now I have been banned again. Bye

Seems you need real life friends. Heck.. I already have enough real friends and i dont see any point in making friends i cant meet ..nairaland is not a place for friendship..i think it exists for d gisting and other stuff..just try and enjoy the funny comments and pictures..
Religion / Re: Breaking News...islam Again In The Heart Of France. by plappville(f): 6:59pm
They have gone too far this time, they really want to provoke religious war. But it wont happen.
Aie aie. False prophet Muhammed, why did you allow satan to create this cult with you? See what the world is suffering today cry cry cry

We are not safe anywhere, muslims are in the train, in the bus, in the shopping center, in the concert hall, in clubs, in church etcetera. All this for 72 virgin promise?

They killed the 84 years old priest then shout Allah akubar before they gave up thier ghosts when the police shot at them. Islam is indeed a cancer.. cry cry
Romance / Re: Which Statement Hurts The Most In A Relationship? by Kenneth205(m): 6:58pm
I never loved you!
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by HazzanTazzan: 6:58pm
However... I got a shock this morning.
While standing beside my car on the passengers side and cleaning the car, I just thot of moving the gear from P to R...
I did it hoping its the same like my Toyota which can't be moved unless you at least put car in ignition and press the brake...
Immediately I pushed the gear, it swung into reverse and started rolling backwards while I wasn't on the driver's side to hold the brake...

While the car was rolling backwards, I had to jump thru the passengers side to the driver's side and then used the brake.

Thank God nothing was actually behind the car.....

In terms of gear, is this how easy this car can be moved or its something wrong with my gear?
Politics / Re: Abuja-kaduna Speed Rail : Separating Facts From Fiction & Lies From The Truth by bejeiodus(m): 6:58pm
Phones / Re: Infinix Hot S Official Discussion Thread (leaked Pictures X521) by ben49(m): 6:58pm
@OP who u epp with this information now?
e epp me o
Politics / Re: Anambra Has Over 1 Billion Barrels Of Oil & 30 Trillion Cubic Ft Of Gas - Obiano by repogirl(f): 6:58pm
Willy i take God beg u no leak our secret to them o we don't want another ogoni in anambra state. They will soon visit us with exploit spill and abandon by the time they leave even the rice and vegetables wey we dey export go die finish. Abeg anambra no get oil na north east get with Niger delta south east no get abeg

Na so o, before dey come dey drag 'our' Oil and One Nigiriya with una.
Romance / Re: Which Is The Worse Nigerian TV Station? by ellacute45(f): 6:58pm

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