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Education / Re: UNIBEN Suspends 2016 Post-UTME Screening Exercise by Gpopsicle(m): 5:46pm
mehn!!!!I have a friend in my compound who just traveled today to Benin kos of d post utme examination.

Anyways, dey have apologized for inconveniences dey may have caused.
Celebrities / Re: Kate Henshaw Warns Akpororo To Stop Using Her For Publicity by lifezone247(m): 5:46pm
i know say dis rubbish go reach fp
I just tire undecided
Romance / Re: How To Become NO Girl's PET by VaginaTerrorist(m): 5:46pm
After I watched closely, Discovered those BIG boys dont spend kobo to Bang Pusssy. So I left next money that came untouched. With all the bashes I got. Na so I cover my ears. Whenever Mr. Dick needs hole, I would strole to mama D's beer palor to drink 2Bottles of Trophy and pepper soup. There after proceed to Ashawo joint, sit in their bar Order for 1bottle of Trophy which is usually 71% more expensive than Mama D's Place. I would watch various gals then later make choice. Then it use to be between #500-1k per short time.

----->Many months came by & my school results, health, swag, bank acc bal improved. You know I wasn't eating fine althrough the past chasing & wasting money!

Ashawo is always professional, Neat always cautious of her health safety thereby ensuring your health is safe too with no emotional Terrorism, or unwarranted Terifying stress usually attached to the regular female folks.
Crime / Re: Robbers Trying To Rob A Lawyer In Warri Caught - See Pictures by jesusjewel1(f): 5:46pm
They will always blame the DEVIL

They won't remember that it was a function of GREED,LAZINESS and BAD COMPANY that they keep

Dear Mr DEVIL,
Take heart for all the BLAMES they put on you even when you are innocent.. grin

Concerned human grin
what's with the face and the brick seen at every comment you give??
what does it mean?
Romance / Re: Ladies! How Do You Feel/React When A Dude Refuses To Sleep With You? by Qualer: 5:46pm

No, thank God it didn't.

I've told this story here before. Anyway, we were at a house warming party thrown by my cousin's friend. I was part of the crowd that was seated in the lounge area & next to me was the guy. He was friends with the husband of the lady we were visiting. I don't even remember how we started having a conversation but we did & maybe I even flirted with him or whatever grin I don't remember everything because it happened so long ago but at one point he started buying drinks. I'm not much of a drinker so I didn't drink alcohol that night, only soda. I stood up to go to the toilet & next thing I know, he was behind me. He wouldn't let me out of his sight for one moment. When I came out they were playing this other song I can't remember now & he said, "that's my jam!" & went to dance at the make-shift dancefloor. The weird thing is he was gyrating to the beat & staring right straight at me. Probably to show me what I'd be getting that night, a loose waist grin LMAO.

Shìt hit the fan when he heard we were leaving. He went absolutely crazy & told me I wasn't going to leave shocked Huh? That's when he started dragging me & at one point he had me over his shoulder. LMAO. I was so scared! Luckily other people got involved, including his friend ( the guy of the house) & we were able to leave without "gettin some" grin That's how it ended.

Celebrities / Re: Nigeria's Number 1 Male Barbie Doll, Okuneye Idris, Shares New Photos by Eesha: 5:46pm
Thank God for my life... Can't say much
My dear that makes 2 of us.
Business / Re: How TO Spot Over 1.5 In (VFL) Virtual Football League by dannyokec: 5:46pm

THE WEBSITE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin ;D2 grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Followers lets have some fun grin

@Otitokoroleti I went through your profile

You opened a thread warning the owner and founder of nairaland (seun )

Lots of childish post like how you used a condm which shows your level of thinking

What made giggled me was your signature on buhari

My advice
Its obvious the economy is bad but if you think you will definitely grow rich
Work on your self and stop insulting innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs you can throw insults as much as you want I wont reply back

And before I attend to my desk
If you're so good in forex or sports betting while dont you create a website for it warning seun or whoever wont add any value to you

I have friend his known as sandile sheez young south Africa millionaire he loved forex so much to the extent he sacrificed his school fees opened a website and today his history

I chased my passion as well and today you can see realnaps gradually ranking on some many rank site from google to alexa to more

#if I can do it so can you

#quit the hating and start the working

Politics / Re: Payroll Has Gone Down By 6.6bn Naira – Adeosun by Boring: 5:46pm
they should better put the money to good use o..not later we go hear say money don get leg waka...
Romance / Re: I Cant Just Stand The Insult.here If I Contest For Mr Nairaland by Teempakguy(m): 5:46pm
Teempakguy shocked
Oh come on. grin grin

As you recall, I gave you similar test during your time. cheesy
Romance / Re: Four Rap Lines To Woo Your Crush On Nairaland (play Play Crush Sha) by popesam1(m): 5:46pm
She's got my heart beating real fast embarassed

I ain't no rapper but I ve got to say it straight from my heart cool

On Nairaland, na only one lady be my CRUSH,

Don't wana say her name,Because if I tell HER how I feel, SHE will say--" Smello, dat na WASH"

I know its mimzy
Jobs/Vacancies / Experienced Truck Drivers Needed Urgently by bomolu: 5:46pm
A pure water factory in Surulere needs the services of experienced drivers to supply and sell their products to customers. Salary very attractive.
Interested persons should reside at Surulere or its environs.
Should posses an original Drivers license
Should have a good knowledge about pure water sales.
Experienced drivers from other water factories have added advantage. Please Call Manager on 08134455888 or visit 16 Badaru Street, off Adegoke, Surulere.
Romance / Re: Four Rap Lines To Woo Your Crush On Nairaland (play Play Crush Sha) by obiorathesubtle: 5:46pm
°Uhn Uhn, vicstar is just a clown!!! grin purely for funing is that!
grin iono.. But he don't look like he clowning tho..
Religion / Re: NOAH: This Information Will Make Smart People Throw Their Bibles Away! by HardMirror(m): 5:46pm



And yet Jesus says Just calling a fellow human Fool will land the caller in hell. grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by dopeJemi: 5:46pm

Not trynna drag us back, but will y'all call this racism?

I think this helps prove my point

Forum Games / Re: Solve This Puzzle by RaggedyAnn(f): 5:46pm
Wat about this;

Three closed boxes have either white marbles, black
marbles or both, and they are labeled white, black and
both. However, all three boxes are mislabeled. You may
reach into one of the boxes and pull out only one marble.

Which box should you remove a marble from to determine
the contents of all three boxes?

Cc: 3rdlegxxx, naturalwaves, amicable24..... U guys r wlcm

On the condition that they are ALL mislabeled. Take a marble out of the box that says "both". If it's white, it must be all white marbles; if it's black then it must be all black marbles. Take the black/white label off one of the two remaining boxes and switch for the one that says "both". Now switch the labels of the two remaining boxes and that should be it.
Romance / Re: Four Rap Lines To Woo Your Crush On Nairaland (play Play Crush Sha) by UyiIredia(m): 5:46pm

Why Evils.. cheesy

To my NL crush:::
No be sinaj be your crush. Abi u don get another one.
Food / Re: GOV. IKPEAZU Introduces Free School Meal Initiative. by divinehand2003(m): 5:46pm
How come he is introducing it now that he is about to be driven from office?
Hypocrisy at the highest level!!!
Romance / Re: Biggest Mistake A Human Being Can Ever Make by tee59(f): 5:46pm
The biggest mistake is sitting at d back of someone in public transport that delivers farts every two minutes! angry idiot man
Another mistake is quoting me stvpidly angry
Can u
The biggest mistake is sitting at d back of someone in public transport that delivers farts every two minutes! angry idiot man
Another mistake is quoting me stvpidly angry
Can u see ur life? Where is your common sense? I 4got u left it in dat bush. ODE.
Phones / Re: Best Games To Download For Your Android Device by Collinz2(m): 5:46pm

This is sheer badluck

What is the data cap?

What is the speed?

Does it disconnect frequently?

Are there any qualms when trying to subscribe?

Does it take time to connect after subscription?

How is it compared to MTN's BBLI?

Data cap - 6gb.

Speed - tested it on playstore pretty fast but i havent got the real speed from browser.

It does not disconnect.

I have problem subscribing using the ussd code (geting invalid mgs) so i tried the sms option and it worked.

It connects pretty fast with eti unlike mtn.

Well comparing it with mtn i'd say they are the same.

And network is kinda bad now.
Politics / Re: Saraki And Ekweremadu Tutored On Life In Prison by Progressive01(m): 5:46pm
Lmao!! They are receiving ample tutorials preparatory to surviving in their residence in the nearest future. cheesy
Religion / Re: NOAH: This Information Will Make Smart People Throw Their Bibles Away! by CAPSLOCKED: 5:46pm
I don't want to talk but am forced to talk am a religious fanatic but in d book of genesis you'll read about how the earth was void and water filled the surface of the earth,you'll read how God separated land and sea wch means that land was in 1 mass and sea was in other!ok let's fast forward to your geography for those that ever enter class you were taught that several million years ago,the earth land mass was in one mass form nothing like continents or country until the BBT concurred that is called BIG BANG THEORY!!!! That is how kangaroos ended up in australia after it occurred so it didn't jump From middle east to australia!and can you imagine wen d earth is in one mass Form an earthquake in America will affect aFrica!well try to Fix the map together you'll see that all continents Fit into africa and that's where it all happened not israel!the 1st human archaeological remains was dugged out of kenya!or Tanzania please correct me if am wrong but it's one of the two!so it's 100% possible that the world was consumed by water.
Finally the issue about animal species well funny but I hope you all know abt genetics mutation and the ability to adapt to change in other to survive. I won't emphasize much but we know that it's only Noah and his family entered the ark but today how many species of man do we have today?so asking about the number of species is totally irrelevant!
Trust me I trust the bible on this one.....



Computers / Re: Top 5 Reasons Computers Crash And Precaution by youngice(m): 5:45pm
Pls Oga Op, do all laptops need antivirus? My friend said his Lenovo G50-30 does not need antivirus, even his mac. Pls educate me on these.
Mac doesn't need antivirus because of the os
But that Lenovo.....

1 Like

Romance / Re: Should a lady cook for a man she is dating? by Ioannes(m): 5:45pm
°I think she made the excuse because she views it like option 1) a drag

Yeah. That's what I thought too, or maybe she can't cook and doesn't want him to find out.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 9 by worry359(m): 5:45pm

why do you give a damn about the guy's comment. we all know he never has any good thing in his head to say. he is always off road. abeg just ignore him.

If you have nothing of interest to add why do you open your dirty mouth to criticize me?
If you have nothing useful to add then remain silent.
Romance / Re: How Do You Cope With People Who Talk Too Much!! It's Annoying!!! by iykekelvins(m): 5:45pm
Lol, I feel your pain
Politics / Re: I Withdraw My Congratulatory Message To Obaseki And Reject Edo APC Primary by july66: 5:45pm
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Inspects Reconstruction Of Aba-Owerri Road In Abia State. PICS by nwadiuko1(m): 5:45pm

Bro chartered accountant...this is not a diick measuring exercise....whatever u hv or hv achieved is for you and your family's good....its not ma business Nwanne.

The bone of contention is what we are discussing.....kindly answer me since u r so well read that you can challenge ur chi

Is a civil servant's tax in a month calculated on a 30days make one month basis or on 22 working day basis??

Biko answer me nwadiuko the chartered accountant
I don't indulge fools so this is the last time I will answer you............can monetary transactions that relates to taxes which are not Cash based be made on a weekend or not? maybe you should as well ask your chi the silly questions since you have refused to learn!.......
Romance / Re: My Brother Called Me slowpoke Because I Was Stammering While Talking To Him by teejaypee(m): 5:45pm
are u kidding me? Am a chronic stammerer

oh! . Sorry bout that! . . .

Just try to talk less, when they ask you questions, try using gestures if possible
Forum Games / Re: Solve This Puzzle by SUGARDADDY55(m): 5:45pm
Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George.
Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person
looking at an unmarried person?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Cannot be determined

Crime / Re: Graphic Photos: Man Killed By Alleged Drunk Nigerian Police In Nsukka by Bilabong(m): 5:45pm
Police always showing up for the wrong reasons
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by lancee(m): 5:45pm
This is the type of investor brokers like. You made 2.5% profit, how much of it did they take.

Fashion / Re: Before & After Make-up Photos That Would Shock You by obiorathesubtle: 5:45pm
Wetin be her name? cheesy
cheesy we don marry sef.. My new wife.. Laveda

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