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Politics / Re: Why Do You Think Chibok Girls Is A Scam? by Marvel1206(m): 12:14pm

I doubt if you are a project manager. You'd know what you said is too simplistic.

Secondly, thank God GEJ also equipped the military. Besides Buhari himself said, they prosecuted the civil war without taking loan to buy military equipment and the Nigeria military he knows, had all the equipment to defeat boko haram. That's paraphrasing buhari.

Who knows you may not agree with buhari on that abi?

That should tell you that equipment was not the issue but sabotage.

Besides the mutiny I know happen when a team of soldiers were ambushed and many killed when their commander insisted they should wait before returning to base and the next team failed to take over. They returned in anger and shot at the GOC.

Some of us who asked some of our people who know what was happening are aware of the truth devoid of media twist and embellishments aim absolutely at GEJ.

Okay the military grand troops no longer use AK47? or they now put on a different clothing? Maybe we should stick with Lai Mohammed, that GEJ never bought any equipment of the Guns he bought Crack in their barrel as he said that other time.

We can all hold on to our perspective and let God be the judge. GEJ is out. He wasn't going to be there for ever. He wasn't the best neither is Buhari the best. We can suppress the truth. We can ignore important questions of why all these? We can shout down anyone with "corruption" it's okay but let's live it to God.

Like I said, this thread is not to convince your made up mind. So let's just let it be.

bro, don't get me wrong.. You think am a Zombie or an advocate of Buhari?

I was only stating the obvious

GEJ failed in that aspect and i give it to PMB.. But aside that PMB is below average in other areas.

We are good are we not?

My Made up mind? According to me, Chibok is not a scam but it was used by the opposition to undermine GEJ which made many folks think it was a scam. Truth be told, he really ddn't do well.
I personally like GEJ but that does not mean i should feign oblivious to the truth
Romance / Re: The Different Ages Of Unmarried Ladies And The Way They See Romance. by fpeter(f): 12:14pm
At 18, I didn't have any worries in the world
Graduated at 23 and wasn't bothered about being serious
At 26, I felt my older ones had something wrong with them hence they weren't getting married
30...Naim i realise say i should have married the dudes from 6yrs back... cry cry cry...I started praying
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by forgiveness: 12:14pm

I used to have is not property

He still get am as long as he is Chelsea's 3rd striker.

Very soon he will be given the chance to prove himself and hopefully he makes use of it.

My fear is once he plays for Chelsea, he is gone hence we invite him before it is too late. grin
Romance / Re: What Do Women Really Want In Their Men by Papikush: 12:14pm
Two things, money and dick.
Romance / Re: He Earns 5,000 Monthly And He's Asking My Hands In Marriage by smilinseun(m): 12:14pm
What if he is just trying to test your friend?
What if he actually owns a multi million naira company?
Seems your friend wants to marry because of money, na shiloh she go dey last last.. angry
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by sebod(m): 12:14pm

grin grin grin grin Go and sit down my friend.
As if you knew I was sitting down tongue
What Sergio B played after Abidal was erroneously sent off that day still hurts you till date grin
Celebrities / Re: Islamic Scholar Asks Rahama Sadau To Turn Down Invitation To Hollywood by LenThorneheart: 12:14pm
LenThoneheart, you're an effing filth. You're not worth to speak to me.


Judging by your grammar i think you're right.

PS if you understood english you'd understand the article stated kano was deporting said beggars out of kano to other states. But i guess you're too stuupid to understand the simplest forms of english. bloody uphill gardener
Business / Re: Palm Kernet Nut Supply by shiftmarket(m): 12:14pm
Where are you located?
yeah i do
Education / Re: Grades For Sex: Nekede Polytechnic Student Begs Lecturer For Help by dEastActivist: 12:14pm
Lol! She has joined bad gang..

Another bill should be made to punish girls that ask for good grades in exchange for sex from innocent lecturers as have already down for the bad lecturers who solicit sex for good grades..

Make everything equalize
Religion / Re: I Am A Muslim But I Love Jesus — Emir Sanusi by damosky12(m): 12:14pm
how can u tell its false and how sure are you that Jesus died on the Cross.The Bible was scribed like a human like you o.Can I ask U is Jesus ur God or the son of God.dont tell me both pls

Thai is the hight OS spiritual ignorance.. .

2Timothy 3:16 NLT:All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.
Politics / Re: Obiano Tries To Kiss His Wife In Public - Photos by justmenoni: 12:14pm
Crime / Re: Help!! My 16 Year Old Brother Has Been Initiated Into A Cult!!! by Icemany: 12:14pm
I am more concerned with the little unseen issue here...

Most young kids contract HIV by sharing sharp instruments or mixing of blood during initiation rites,
So you need to find out really what went down.

relocate him to the east if he is igbo...overthere the alaye mentality is left for bus conductors and drivers.
Make sure he doesnt miss his waec oh.
So after failing woefully,small shame go catch am.
but let him take it in a new center.

After im don fail him exams....his orientation will definitely change.
If he is not igbo,relocate him to abuja and repeat all the procedures.
Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by twinskenny(m): 12:13pm
I had this done for 100k

wow bargain
Romance / Re: What Do Women Really Want In Their Men by TrapQueen77(f): 12:13pm

Now tatz a total package but I doubt if there's still a man out there having all these type of qualities tongue
Romance / Re: The Different Ages Of Unmarried Ladies And The Way They See Romance. by Realhommie(m): 12:13pm
24-29 dey my neck now. Plz how can I run? She is very nice but I'm not financially stable to build a family now
C'mon, you do not need to run unless you're not a good guy...

That you ain't financially stable for now doesn't mean you won't be tomorrow, all you need do is make her understand and if she really likes you she'll stay. Besides you said she's very nice, you know good girls are hard to come by these days.

So dude ain't nothing to worry about, just be honest in ur dealings.

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Celebrities / Re: A Message To Gay Lords Who Floods Nairaland by charix(m): 12:13pm
My proof lies everywhere?
I hope this is an honest mistake. "Your proof lies(is present) where?" means "where is your proof?" not "your proof lies(false) everywhere"

Lemme ask you the same question, where is your proof that gay men where left to tend to babies in traditional African society.
I thank you for this question because it made me search google for proof of a concept touched on from a reliable source. The sources I'd post would touch on this to a minor extent. It's funny, the religious books we hold strongly aided the destruction of our pre-colonial historic litersture thereby limiting my research sources.

And which African society are we talking about?
Every pre-colonial African society shared one thing in common: warfare. Tribes which deal in warfare find ways to make use of every member. The list of African countries listed include Nigeria although not touched into fully due to lack of historical resources.

Like I said, homosexual men were never accepted
After colonialists discouraged acts of homosexuality common to Africans they termed 'unnatural'. We're propagating the white man's old day ideal and sticking to it.

I believe eunuch's were, never homosexuals.
A whole different subject which would require a new thread and different sources. Stick to the topic and from now on we'd site using sources -- no longer opinions.

And you should know, not all men were hunters, some where farmers, fishermen etc.
If it involved long hours away from tribe settlements we can as well term it hunting. Farmlands weren't located in the immediate settlement and neither were rivers; the men had to move from point A to B.

I repeat, there was never an African society were all the men in a village were hunters.
Right to an extent because warriors were not soldiers. However most times of the day the settlements were left without the protection of men.

And who brought up the matter?
Illiterate politicians looking for ways to distract the masses. Seeing gay rights were receiving acceptance in developed countries raised their dicatorial heads against progress amongst their own citizens.

And who told you Nigerians are distracted by the quest to homosexuals to be accepted.
With the many vocal arguments against acceptance of homosexuals by mostly illiterate citizens this is fairly obvious.

If there is any thing that distract Nigerians more than any thing else, is poverty and religion, not homosexuality like you said.
Which is the reason we follow the daily happenings in the political scene and pastors feed fat off ignorance.

Now, my little research has shown homosexuality was very common in pre-colonial Africa. All attempts to narrow the viewpoint to Nigeris were futile due to lack of pre-colonial records on the subject. I've come to realize something so prevalent in multiple African nations have shown we are not so different and if anything colonization worsened interaction between ourselves (countries) than bettered it.

It is mentioned here males married gays into their harem (as I mentioned earlier) well as many instances of accepted homosexuality in different African contexts including Nigeria.
Properties / Re: Check Pics This Suitable 3 Bedroom Bungalow N10m Asking by propertypage: 12:13pm
Politics / Re: #DasukiGate: Is Obanikoro Speaking The Truth Or Seeking A Deal? by jumper524(m): 12:13pm
for fayose to continue ranting aimlessly I'm sure its for real ND not a deal
Celebrities / Re: Da Grin's 29th Posthumous Birthday Is Today by JixNation: 12:13pm

U have no idea how much I loved Dis guy! Almost beat my sister when he died coz my sister said n so what!
mehn can't tell what took this man early.
Business / Re: Start Your F.M.C.G Distribution Business With N20,000 Initial Capital by Karin001(f): 12:13pm
By November we will be adding some new products to our portfolio. Those people who are already selling the doughnuts will begin to draw significant benefits from this project because the cost of logistics will be brought seriously done while profitability will increase commenusrately. Please keep working even if it is in a mental state.

Mr. Allstrasse and I have exchanged emails and we have finally agreed to something which we hope is beneficial. I have proposed that when the interested participants who don't have the financial wherewithal to commence are ready and we are assured of their commitment, Mr. Allstrasse will transfer the value of 100,000 to the account of the producing company. According to him, he has already visited his preferred company and is on standby to provide the necessary help when the participants are ready.

Bionica is already paying for two people (perhaps non-nairalanders)who are currently selling doughnuts. He is willing to add lexaydfg to the current beneficiaries of his largess.

Please note however that this funding is a loan and not a grant. Those interested should indicate their names on the body of the thread.
Romance / Re: Am Sorry Monica, Please Come In Here by MackBrooklyn: 12:13pm
please romancelanders help me call apologise to monica cry

Give us her fûcking number so we can call her and apologize on your behalf undecided
Romance / Re: The Different Ages Of Unmarried Ladies And The Way They See Romance. by zcee: 12:13pm
All I knw be say,I go marry girl we dey simple and fresh from 21,y me go put ring for hr finger when she don reach 30 years or so,I dey crazeeeeeeeeee undecided
Education / Re: Grades For Sex: Nekede Polytechnic Student Begs Lecturer For Help by Funkyswagzz(m): 12:13pm
Now can this girl be held account for what she said... had it been its the lecturer I wonder what the turn out wud hav being
Phones / Re: MTN Customer Care Thread by JideSM: 12:13pm
My number is 07065365862 thank you

Hi lambros, kindly confirm the exact subscription you wish to deactivate i.e Value added service, Xtra Value bundle, data bundle etc. Regards
Autos / Re: Nairahelp Autos Support: Buy Your Car With 25% Of Your Budget :Support Service by NairaHelp(m): 12:13pm
Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large -- I contain multitudes.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Saro Africa Online Aptitude Test Invite by jmanity: 12:13pm
Please what do economics graduates do in saro? what dept do they work in?
Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Buhari Dancing With A Girl by hezik19: 12:13pm
Baba for the other room, pls sing with me, after the dance na other room grin
Politics / Re: Justice Ofili-ajumogobia Finally Surrenders To efcc by fitzmayowa: 12:13pm

Yisssooss!!! shocked shocked, see divine healing oooo...ICU on Tuesday and walking around on Thursday. .. The Lord is good... cheesy cheesy cheesy

All the time...cheesy grin cheesy
Phones / Re: Vlogging With A Smartphone On The Streets of Computer Village, Ikeja by Jalal(m): 12:13pm
MissTechy ur a natural keep on vlogging! Sweet smile, captivating persona, MissTechy is bae!
Romance / Re: Ready For Marriage Forum by Warhawk(m): 12:13pm
Laveda will you marry me?? ;( wink
Phones / Re: 15 Funny But True Experiences We've All Had On Whatsapp (with Pictures) by veekid(m): 12:13pm
OP is talking outta experience
Car Talk / Vw Jetta 2003 Coolant Light Blinks by switchmax8: 12:13pm

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