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Celebrities / Re: Skolopad Lies On The Red Carpet At SAMA 23 (Photos) by nwakaibeya1: 10:18pm
Secret societies ? occult world??& hidden nations & evil marine Kingdoms?? Dominate all over and pretend to be good>before spiritually ignorant people >Why do humanbeigns claim to know GOD &Jesus Christ& still belong to Evil marine, occult hidden world for power,wealth &protection especially & even the so called pastors & prophets even as & when we have told humanbeings that we HAVE the UNBELIEVABLE POWER,the LIGHT, the MANTLE to help them & the night belong to us they refuse to embrace us to take the light,mantle&power that be & be genuinely empowered even when those of them who have eyes have peep us & see that it's true&all the LIGHT which we HAVE to share & truly empower humanbeigns without Suffering them as is the norm which they reluctantly enjoy, but ours is ,no sacrifice,no fasting & no night vigil at all#As we authorize why not investigate this our truth & revelation &unbelievable miracle as we declared & behold we say No man on earth rises to the top of any career without belonging to the evil hidden nations & Evil marine world &we are highly capable to prove it beyond reasonable doubt to whosoever hence we HAVE come with UNBELIEVABLE SPIRITUAL power & light & mantle from HEAVEN to HELP & empower &protect those who need real JesusChrist UNBELIEVABLE power to excell & be above all Evil & remember we said we are able to prove the UNBELIEVABLE power beyond reasonable doubt #kingdom of JesusChrist has comeback to the earth #INVESTIGATE our truth& revelation if you can because time has come for humanbeigns to know the hot truth & hidden secrets of this world. Authority has indeed comeback to the earth & who believed the carpenter Jesuschrist when he came before &as usual we don't expect many to believe us because where real Jesuschrist is many people don't go there at all >forget the pretense of humanbeigns all over the place much as we advice you to do something about us & not to complain if you are capable to test us &see if it's true # Behold whoever test & see that it's true & hide our truth must perish. Mathew 13,13-14

Politics / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Fact Don't Lie) by fanficgirl(f): 10:18pm

Kk. Have also seen some excerpts featuring Kenyan tourism. think they have a more advanced tourism sector than Nigeria buh economically i think Nigeria is ahead of them.
It's not hard to have a better tourism than Nigeria. Nigeria doesn't seem to care about beauty undecided
Celebrities / Re: Skolopad Lies On The Red Carpet At SAMA 23 (Photos) by prettyjo(f): 10:17pm
see name skolo pad undecided
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of England by dopeJemi: 10:17pm

Hazard is an attacking midfielder, haba, oh u think bcus Conte plays him left wing, he is a winger. D first time he ever played forward was for Mou,... so how exactly is he supposed to be on dat list. Eh??
It's like sayin Oscar is a striker cus he use to score goals

hazard is an attacking midfielder?


this is Chelsea's formation right? where does hazard play in this formation?
Family / Re: Question To Catholic Igbo Men by Thoniameek(f): 10:17pm
Babe relax.. I am Igbo and catholic and I don't even intend marrying an Igbo girl in the first place...

You're one in hundred. So, I can't relax o
Sports / Re: i don talk too much .. 1.2 odds and more .. for those that hate loosing come in. by PrinceBYC: 10:17pm
Thanx Chiboy, you are such a blessing and inspiration to humanity.
Education / Secret Of Academic Successes In Anambra State by scribe2000(m): 10:17pm
This philanthropic gesture is one of the reasons why Anambra State might remain dominant in Education for many years to come.

Awesome support from public-spirited individuals in the State (championed by the OCI Foundation: www.ocifoundationng.org).

Sit back, relax and watch this 30-minute video to see for yourself.

Properties / Re: Nigerian Landlord Found Prepaid Meters In A Village in Ghana (Video) by Heavance(m): 10:17pm
Just confirmed it and its 6million difference which i believe must had been halved if not covered with the rate at which people troop into the state daily
My brodaaaaaa, it is not near o.
The last census conducted in Nigeria puts Lagos as below 10 million, while that of Ghana is above 27 million. All we keep doing in Lagos remains estimate estimate estimate, there is a difference between fact o. Even if people troop in Lagos, it can't be up to half of the difference, some countries are not up to 3 million for you to understand how population is.
This is not money o, it is population, as long as Nigeria has not conducted another census, the population of the last one will always be used, and no where in the world will you have more than 100% of your last population figure in less than 12years. So that figure they keep claiming on TVC is mere speculation
Politics / Re: Amaechi Shock Crowd,Shun VIP Lounge Of Airport,Shares Ordinary Lounge Wit Others by zoba88: 10:17pm

Family / Re: Question To Catholic Igbo Men by dingbang(m): 10:17pm
Although sometimes the reason why this is so is because you ladies are not willing to worship with the catholic man in his church when you both have gotten married..

No man wants a house of division.. Can two people come together if they don't agree?

So please don't blame them... If you say you love him enough then you attend his church
Family / Of Nigerian Women In Violent & Abusive Marriages by madukovich: 10:17pm
In recent times, we have been inundated with a flurry of news items, setting formal as well as social media ablaze over the issue of domestic violence, involving the married Nigerian woman as victims in a largely disproportionate number of cases. I have put it like this, so as not to sound indifferent to the very few cases involving married men in Nigeria. I also recognize that it can be tantamount to insulting the direness of the situation of the women enduring abusive relationships, when each time a new case of wife battering comes up, men rush to remind us of cases where men also suffer abuse at the hands of their spouses. I intend with this blog post, to join my voice to those seeking an end to any form of spousal abuse (physical, emotional or otherwise), either in the name of domestic violence, wife battering, or any other nomenclature by which actions and inactions, directed at the mistreatments of women, go by these days. It is my hope that we begin to see prosecutions of such cases, with culprits not just spending a few hours at police stations but actually doing time in prison for the crime of battery against spouses.

I am not a Nigerian when it comes to citing hypothetical situations, I am not that religious bigot who for fear that by mentioning a thing unpleasant, it might come to pass in their lives, hence desist from even considering their reaction to hypothetical situations, and that's why so far in my short life, I've managed to weather tragedies stoically in my life, because I believe that like life, poo HAPPENS, regardless of whether or not, I talk about such adversities or not. So when recently, a friend asked what I would do, should I find a man on top of my wife, in my matrimonial bed, I responded that I'm sure, so very sure that I won't lay my hands on her. Therefore I maintain my stand that there should be no reason at all, hypothetical or real that should make any man raise his hands on a woman. Indeed, the only time men should fight their fellow man, or women their fellow women, should be in sport, and for a lot of money for that matter, I'm an avid lover and follower of boxing, never the rubbish that wrestling has becoming under WWE, and would love a matching of even female versus a male contender if such could ever be contemplated as possibility in sports, and the partakers get paid for it, but never as a result of bickering between a man and his wife.

Nigerian women go through a lot already, living in a patriarchal society, that's judgmental of their every move, even just a little above infancy, when the joy surrounding their birth blows over, and that's talking about the very few societies where there's less anguish over the inability of a couple to procreate a male child. Society then goes on to demand chastity of them through their teenage and adolescent years, without even as much as expecting the same of their sons. Some hypocritical fathers and husbands, do to and with some other people's daughters and wives, what they'd kill another man they find doing same to their daughters and wives, because a so called "virtuous" woman is supposed to possess certain characters and so on and so forth, while for the Nigerian man, the words "virtuous" and "men" cannot be used in the same sentence, except you're adding something in the negative right before the virtuous. I know that in many churches, the only sin that counts is that of fornication and adultery, and the emphasis is always on the female, even Zamfara States' Governor Yari alluded to it, when he said that the Cerebrospinal Meningitis ravaging his state is as a result of divine punishment because of sexual immorality in the state, only to be accused weeks later of building a hotel in Lagos, one of Nigeria's SIN cities.

But away from that digression, I'm saying the Nigerian woman goes through a lot, the same society that wants her chaste by limiting association with men, will put pressure on her to marry, she becomes desperate, and by hook and crook, by all means possible, she marries this godfearing man (from the lot of men, some of whom would like to have a taste of what they'd have to settle with for so called rest of their lives), that's a wolf in sheep's clothing, and sooner had they settled down to consummating the marriage, that cracks begin to appear. Mostly because of the haste with which most of these marriages are contracted, or simply just in overlooking telltale signs of the beastly side to the man, because she has this short window to marry so as to fully optimize her fertility before the well runs dry, all those are ignored while dating or courting the man. In fact that period prophesied in scripture where women will beg to be wed to a man, even if just so she could bear his name has come upon us, especially in Nigeria. Some of the bride prices paid by grooms today are from the savings from the bride (many of whom are better educated, earn more, more enlightened than their husbands, but compelled by society and accompanying low self esteem that eventually sets in, to settle for less in their choice of a life partner), amongst other expenses that go into organizing a society wedding Naija-style.

Once in, most of these women have to deal with the infidelity of their husbands, or be careful, very, very careful should they decide to go that route, for the stigma that society attaches to women who do that. Some women have lost their lives after they were caught in the act, others also for reprimanding their husband for philandering. Other issues revolving around respect for the man is also at the heart of the abuse women suffer at the hands of their husbands, especially when the man feels that he must have his way with HIS woman each time he gets a HARD-ON (and it doesn't matter if that happens every fifteen minutes), worse still when there's delay in conception, or she has only female children, or more females than males, or even only males, or for no just cause at all. And our media is filled with stories of wife battery, on YouTube videos are there for evidence, that are never used in any Nigerian court to lock up any of the erring male perpetrators. Meanwhile those are just videos from cities like Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world where there's at least some conversation about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, but beyond are the many of such cases, not caught on tape that's the reality of many a Nigerian women in their homes, with no one to tell their stories. These women are not white, or fair skinned like Mercy Aigbe whose body cannot hide scars or a black eye. At work they are reclusive, and at home always indoors. They suffer alone.

They can't even leave their homes, family or marriage, again because the same society that forced them into the marriage in the first place, frowns at divorce. So you'll see a once beautiful woman reduced to a shadow of her former self, and she'd be afraid to confide in you, she's young yet walks like she has arthritis, always sickly because of the internal injuries, and feigns happiness when amongst colleagues and friends. If you don't see a broken tooth, you'd see teeth with cracks, and of course be ready for the wildest of excuses for that, should you attempt to find answers to their situation. Because even if women survive these beatings, including following the death of their abusive spouses, the scars remain and may affect future relationships with the opposite sex, hence why I'm not surprised at the experiences of the majority of the women that constitutes membership of the feminism train in Nigeria today. I've always been of the view that abusive relationships and marriages should rank top of the reasons for a woman to quit a marriage and a relationship. Bleep that overrated insult on you called marriage if you find yourself in such a situation, if you die while "managing" it, even your closest relatives, including your children at some point will remember you only on the anniversary of your death, before they soon move on with their lives. In a place like Nigeria, you wouldn't even make the statistics, since record keeping here is bunkum. Please Nne, overlook my rant and do the needful. Mazel Tov.


OF NIGERIAN WOMEN IN VIOLENT & ABUSIVE MARRIAGES | https://madukovich.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/of-nigerian-women-in-violent-abusive-marriages/

Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by Phi001(m): 10:17pm
Soccer / Switzerland / Challenge League
1 27.05.17 18:00 FC Wohlen - FC Wil 1900 (Both teams to score) Yes Yes 2:1 (0:0) 1.50

Soccer / Germany / DFB Pokal
2 27.05.17 19:00 Eintracht Frankfurt - Borussia Dortmund (Corners (Odd / Even) ) Even Odd 1:2 (1:1) 1.85

Soccer / Switzerland / Super League
3 28.05.17 15:00 Grasshoppers Zurich - FC Basel (Both teams to score) Yes ?-? 1.35

Soccer / Spain / Copa del Rey
4 27.05.17 20:30 FC Barcelona - CD Alaves (Under/Over 8.5 corners) Over Over ?-? 1.50

Soccer / Italy / Serie A
5 27.05.17 17:00 Atalanta Bergamasca - AC Chievo Verona (Under/Over 10.5 corners) Over Over 1:0 (0:0) 1.55
6 28.05.17 14:00 Cagliari Calcio - AC Milan (Both teams to score) Yes ?-? 1.30
7 28.05.17 17:00 AS Roma - Genoa FC (Under/Over 10.5 corners) Over ?-? 1.45
8 28.05.17 19:45 Turin FC - US Sassuolo (Both teams to score) Yes ?-? 1.30
9 28.05.17 19:45 AC Fiorentina - Pescara Calcio (Under/Over 9.5 corners) Over ?-? 1.45
10 28.05.17 19:45 FC Crotone - Lazio Roma (Under/Over 8.5 corners) Over ?-? 1.55

Soccer / England / FA Cup
11 27.05.17 17:30 Arsenal FC - Chelsea FC (Both teams to score) Yes Yes 2:1 (1:0) 1.60

Soccer / France / Coupe de France
12 27.05.17 20:00 SCO Angers - Paris Saint Germain (Corners (Odd / Even) ) Odd Odd 0:1 (0:0) 1.85

I believe the remaining six will click.
You can add your games to make up...
Technology Market / Re: Tecno W3 Sold by Binaluv(m): 10:17pm
I need the contact of who has helped me out of this embarrassment,may God reward that soul abundantly, pls I need his contact to tank Him
Religion / Re: Christians Can Your Pastor Die For Your Sake by frank317: 10:17pm

Go and tell them first in your house.
Ediot grin

Lol... Ok, does that stop u from being the ultimate fool in this section? A self claimed doctor with no brain... Hehehe
Celebrities / Re: Skolopad Lies On The Red Carpet At SAMA 23 (Photos) by smartty68(m): 10:17pm
Vaseline crew. I need LUBE
We're here

Crime / Re: Woman Arrested For Selling Four Of Her Five Children by AngelicBeing: 10:17pm
angry angry
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Today's Sermon - He Is Excersing His Freedom Of Worship And Assembly by Adiola(f): 10:17pm

Bantudra is the same person as IpobExposed
figured out long time ago
Music/Radio / Re: "Awka Get Boys" By Wills, A Nairalander (Audio) by NnamdiKanu(m): 10:17pm
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija: Debbie Rise Looks Unrecognizable In Make Up Photos by JamieNaija(m): 10:17pm
Just kill her.

Dangote coloured cement. Nne it's children's day not halloween.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by princeofpeace22(m): 10:17pm

Say God! shocked shocked shocked
for real cry
Religion / Re: Christians Can Your Pastor Die For Your Sake by analice107: 10:17pm

Honestly, The guy doesn't even sound like someone who has left Class 3.
Its Sad. I pray he gets sense as he grows old. At least there are atheists that show decorum when addressing people.
This one is the basest of them all

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Food / Re: Lady Feeds Hungry Residents In Lagos For Free (Photos) by mechanics(m): 10:17pm
Wow, may God bless her richly and the pocket that the money came out from will never run dry.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Shock Crowd,Shun VIP Lounge Of Airport,Shares Ordinary Lounge Wit Others by zoba88: 10:17pm

Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by xclusiveguy4(m): 10:17pm
masope owibe wink wink wink Moti gbo e o
Mio shey mo oooo

ooo to ge
Crime / Re: Please Release Me To Attend My Wedding, Arrested Oil Thief Suspect Begs by EMIOMOADEOYE: 10:17pm
Oil Thief.

If these MOFOs see oil thieves will they wait.

How can you just pick a civilian and call him an oil thief. He wasnt even in the act of steling so why call him a thief.

These guys are just looking for cheap publicity at the xpense of innocent civilians.

This civil defence guys will not stand for a second if the come in contact with a real oil thief. Dem go die pieces.
Literature / Re: Rain by Akinwale14(m): 10:17pm

C'mon don't be like me that goes straight to the end of story book to read it before starting the book. Lol. Thanks for coming, you won't be disappointed cool
Lol we are dsame be that because i like readin d end of d story be4 startin from first page because i hate stories that make me sad.

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Music/Radio / Re: Am Looking For A Broadcasting Job by kennies12(m): 10:17pm
Anybody with offers can chat my WhatsApp +23480105450310
Romance / Re: Define Your Relationship With A Fruit And Feel The Test Anytime You Eat That Fru by smardray(m): 10:17pm

Cucumber is a fûçking VEGETABLE…! undecided
praise God u added fvcking...

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Politics / Amaechi Shock Crowd,Shun VIP Lounge Of Airport,Shares Ordinary Lounge Wit Others by zoba88: 10:17pm
Amaechi's humility has made him a hero. He believes that every Nigerian has equal right to stay in the same place and eat same food. Amaechi's life style shows how much he loves the society, and his love for the poor contributed to making him who he is today. Amaechi is an enigma who rather than using his privileged position as the Minister of Transportation to use the VVIP Lounge at the Airports, still he drops the eagle and works through the crowd. In his words "I belonged to Ordinary Nigerians, there is no different between them and I." Happy birthday Sir.

cc; Lalasticlala,mynd44

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2017/05/photos-of-amaechi-using-ordinary-lounge.html

Celebrities / Re: Teacher Catches 9-year-old Girl Watching Porn by Rtopzy(f): 10:16pm
Crazy world.....his own daughter
Romance / Re: How Do I Give Up On Women Completely? by funmisticqueen(f): 10:16pm
It is very simple, even medicine can help you, you can do a simple procedure called orchidectomy. It worked for my friend who had the same issue as you, even worse off. After the operation, he met christ, he is a reverend father now.
I am trying to give up on women right now but it's so difficult. It's like a smoker trying to quit smoking. I see a girl I like I take her number and then I remember I have given up on women and then delete it. I just want to be able to do it from the start. Is there anyone who has taken such decisions and I will like to know how he went about it.
Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by chilanfarms(m): 10:16pm

please send me ur watsapp number

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