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Romance / Re: How 2 Spot A Hoe by KingCheezyPuff(f): 11:04am

And it shouldn't bother you...he only have credance to what you've writtten lipsrsealed
no muavcii and bbm pin did lipsrsealed
but I'm not bothered by anything but the fact they gave sexist hypocrites something 2 agree with
Big Sigh!!! undecided
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by Dondave11(m): 11:04am

It's better you don't interfere in matters that do not concern you cos i feel i'm entitled to my opinions whereas i can't remember quoting you or what warrant you calling my question a stupid one?
Btw if you open your eyes well, you will see the flaws of this competition.
Boss.. d dude is a f*cktard..

Pardon his ignorance..
Religion / Re: Overcoming The Fear Of Hell FIRE: A Response To Atheists And Their Likes by honourhim: 11:04am

That makes them material. A spirit having a fleshly tongue. Lolzzzz , And if you are so sure provide proof from your bible where it ever say spirit have tongue !

Tongue remains a Body part!

This is not the issue. You are dodging my question. Here is it again-
Can one pronounce words well without the tongue?
How come the spirit pronounce words clearly since they dont have tongue? Kindly explain to me.

I have told you that your spirit is same as you but not physical or mortal. You just want to be going round and confusing yourself.
Politics / Re: Karo Illo And Wife On A Power Bike In Delta For State Event - See Photos by Mega72(m): 11:04am
Do u know that with N10,000naira you can become a millonier wetin few months..you want to HOW?..call or whatsapp me on 09096179992..G-CirCle.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by orney: 11:04am

Vitex balances hormones and its not for Fibroid, read about the alligator pepper/ginger therapy used for shrinking fibroids.... you can try clean point as well though it shrinks fibroids of 2-3cm....you might as well read about fibro defence.....

meanwhile, i did a scan this month and the doctor said am fine, no pcos and that he saw small fibroids which has already shrinked of which i was not aware of or did anything specially to shrink it except use clean point like twice a month and i assumed that could be what shrunk it....meanwhile i told him i use to have pcos and he doubted me and said he would like to see my medical history....lol.....with patience and knowledge we can overcome a lot of things.
. Thank you very much ma,God bless you ma...where and how much can i get the cleanpoint,i am in lagos mainland,also,which days of the cycle can i take it since u said like twice in a month.thank u ma
Phones / Re: My Mum Called Me And MTN Deducted My Credit :- "Receiver Pays" by oviexcels: 11:04am
why do u think they have customer care line ? pls i call even my bank when i realize anything which is not clear to me, don't sit and play the victim when you have not even called customer service to know why they charged you for receiving call
Romance / Re: Happy Birthday To Me by sinaj(f): 11:04am
tnx sweetie, its holding at east gate hotel at orji owerri imo state. smiley
lemme go nd put on my trekking shoes grin

I will b there tongue
Literature / Re: DESPITE ALL ODDS (it's All About Politics) by johnwizey: 11:04am
Business / Re: Notice To All Importers Processing Form M by Lancier(m): 11:04am
TGIF Nairalanders!

We are available on Weekends also to take up your insurance briefs.

For enquiries, please call LANRE on 08933054437, Email: lancier224@yahoo.com and BB Pin: 2bd85fdb.

We are at your service.

Contact us now.
Religion / Re: The Four Types Of Fear I Faced on my journey To Atheism by Immorttal(m): 11:04am

Lol. You are welcome to have a taste.
then you must discard the meat. I love and respect animals.I propose they should be allowed to enjoy their very short life.
You can waybill the meatless version.Lol
Politics / Private Tutor In Eti-osa And Lagos Mainland by Myedujob: 11:04am
Prepclass is an academic solutions provider offering a customized learning program for each and every student. We have learning programs to fit any family's needs and preferences - whether it's in-home tutoring or online test prep.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Private Tutor in Eti-Osa and Lagos Mainland

Location: Lagos

Job Description
We are seeking to recruit tutors in the following categories:

Teachers at this level of education need to be very efficient as it forms the basis of a child educational foundations, this is where most children learn how to read and write also other cognitive activities required of them as a person, Tutors in this category should be females and must be familiar with the follow subjects, Numeracy, Literacy, Diction, Phonics, Nelsons Handwriting etc.
Also it is a key stage in the British Curriculum.
Lower Primary:

This is another interesting level of education, mostly children at this age can recognize words and numbers, most of them can also read and write without any supervision, but they require constant training at the point.
Tutors dealing with this level of education must observe caution at all times, Gender preference is really not a case here, and Tutor should be familiar with English, Mathematics, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning etc.
Upper Primary:

Most pupils at this level understand the need for education, they are willing to learn, and some might be visual learners, audio learners or kinaesthetic learners you just need to find out where your tutee falls to teach as to that regard.
This stage also forms the basis for entry into the secondary education so avid grooming is required.
Tutors must be familiar with all primary subjects.
Junior Secondary:

At this level, tutors need to be firm and smart.
They include varieties and ranges of subjects from Sciences to Commercials to Arts which is a strong base as to what the tutee studies at the tertiary level of education.
Tutors must be familiar with English Language, Mathematics, Business Studies, Basic Technology, Basic Sciences, etc.
Senior Secondary:
This Level of Education is divided in three different parts:

Sciences- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Information Technology, Agricultural Science
Commercial - Financial Accounting, Commerce, Economics, Geography, Shorthand
Arts- Fine arts, Music, Government, History, English Literature, Religious Studies, Languages
Tutors at this level should be able to teach subjects from SS1-SS3.
No Gender Preferences.
Special Needs:

At this level we require tutors who are professionally trained to handle students with special needs.
They include students with: Autism, Down syndrome, Dyslexia, Learning Difference, Processing Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder etc.
Exam Specific
For Examinations like

Tutors must have had prior experiences teaching someone at that particular level and making sure the tutee was a success at the examination.
Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should register on: http://www.myedujob.com/job/private-tutor-676
Romance / Re: See the new punishment for rape (pics) by MzLarem(f): 11:04am
See as my body vibrate as I see d picture.

Did you just say Cruel??...And rape is what? nice,i guess.. They so deserve it and more.
Politics / Re: Ondo APC Governorship Aspirants Woo Delegates With N300k, N500k Each - Punch by NoGawking: 11:04am
But wait ooo...how are this delegates been appointed. Cos ill like to be one ooo.
See as money just dey drop for person head...vote for an aspirant,collect 300k...CHAI!!!

If you con sharp join

Collect frm all of dem

Datz means bye bye to poverty
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mugabe Calls For The Arrest Of Zimbabwean Olympic Team by Codes151(m): 11:04am
wtf , USD$15billion disappeared in mugabe cabinet , that was money from minerals, no body traced back that 15billion. now he mourns about that small Olympics reward! he must be brother of Satan. idiot xxmn
naija own u no Sabi! Now u know 15billion miss for anothe person country!!! Dey talk am boldly like say u know it all.. smh
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="follow"

Crime / Re: Enugu Woman's Stomach Was Hacked By Fulani Herdsmen (Graphic Pics) by IceDude(m): 11:04am

If you don't save a dead person, at least a little respect. In Nigeria, we lack respect for the dead that's why even fallen Nigerian soldiers are thrown into any car trunk without even a body bag!

And who are you to know what I will say or not...i don't need such a terrible picture please.
If u dont wanna see such pictures no need opening the thread. Or didnt u see the warning "GRAPHIC PICTURES"? Or were u expecting to see the pictures of a dabbing woman?...Ah! nawa o!
Business / Re: 3000 Dock Workers Retrenched As 20 Shipping Companies Shut Operations by Itulah(m): 11:04am
When GEJ hears this news

Romance / Re: Pregnant Lady And Her Friends Posed Unclad. Is This Sexy? by Berlyn(f): 11:04am
Politics / Re: Amaechi In Fresh Trouble: by agwom(m): 11:04am
Romance / Re: A Nairalander Female Stalked me To Facebook. by anigbajumo(m): 11:03am
It's unfortunate and very true,they want to know you even with your flaunting anything,then the next day it's 'money request'.
I now run away from any nigerian lady that claims to be a student,it's 100% certain she'll ask for cash indiscriminately

Don't run away, not all of em.
Politics / Re: 16 Things Soludo Told Buhari-Led APC Government In Kaduna by Apoztl3(m): 11:03am
The man is speaking rotten grammar.
Is Buhari suppose to initiate Agricultural based Nigeria Got Tallent?
The main goal of this govt is to reverse the corruption trend in the system and it is acheiving that goal well enough. Diversification itself requires funding and we are all aware that the present govt met huge debt and recurrent bill that's backed and sustained constitutionally. If with excess money we couldn't diversify how on earth will it be possible with a debt ladden system? People should know that govts doesn't create jobs but creates enabling environment for job creators.
You can never expect less from a card carrying member of the "Zombiest" movement "
Phones / My Sad Experience With The New Airtel Smart Trybe by Dharnchuks: 11:03am
Hello Nairalanders.
Am sure most of us have heard about the new airtel smart trybe tariff that offers night bundles of 500MB and 1.5G for N25 and N50 respectively.

I decided to try it out two nights ago and wow the experience was amazing.
I did the N50 plan initially and after exhausting it I did another one so I used about 3G that night and the download speed was amazing especially considering I normally use my Gloslow SIM to browse because of the cheap data. There was nothing like data zapping which I hear of a lot, I have an app installed which monitors the amount of data my device consumes so I was sure I got what I paid for.
last night however the story was different when I subbed for the N50 plan. I had barely used up 400MB when my browsers started redirecting me to free.facebook.com. this only happens when my data is exhausted so I was surprised. I decided to buy the N25 plan to continue what I was downloading but after subscribing the same problem persisted. I switched off my network and for about 30mins and tried again, this time it started working. so I headed to download some movies but while downloading a movie, at around 200Mb it started redirecting me to free.facebook.com again. This was past 4am. After several failed attempts to browser or resume paused download I gave up.

so guys please who else is facing this sort of issue? I want to call them to complain.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch B Corps Members. by Fabulocity(f): 11:03am
My school is not lax about these kind of issues.
OK then, so it's no longer called batch C?
What I know is we always go for camp in October / November .
They don't dare move it to February next year.
Is there something I'm still missing?

1. What school are u from?
2. Is your Senate list ready?
3. The norm you are talking about here is probably going to occur this year depending on your answer from 1 & 2
4. Just pray your school submits senate list before the end of this month
5. The October/November is the new batch B.... #ThanksToTheNewAdministration
Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by AleAirHub(m): 11:03am



please how can i spot a genuine payoneer fund/seller?

Sorry for replying late....

In addition to what my bosses has contributed.

+++ Bear it in mind that e-currency transaction is a game/deal of gain or loss....
"The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch B Corps Members. by chumaster(m): 11:03am

LOL.....actually my real nickname is FweshLee buh I wanna b a ghost on NL, so my woman
Wnt ssee fweshlee asking a woman out here lol...
Couple of 16A. Corpers said their CDS co ordinator told em yesterday dah 16B will
Enter camp as soon as 15B leaves 'oct 6' ,one corp even said der cds coordinator said
Camp ll open OCt8 dah provision as bn made.....
I see it as hard to believe tho @chumaste.r @Uc.henna42
very hard.
Infact, camp can't be in Oct
Celebrities / Re: I Hate Being A Celebrity: Frank Edoho Cries Out.(photos) by MrTour: 11:03am
The fans must have bombarded him with money requests after seeing him give out millions of Naira on TV shows, little do they know he is not a millionaire grin
Investment / Re: I Have Just $50 - Home And Abroad by Modupeluv: 11:03am
Guys, I just feel MMM is overrated and everything is so baseless. Even if na lie dem go lie, make dem tell me as the 30% go take climb my money.
Religion / Re: Dirty Car Art And The Foolishness Of Atheism by winner01(m): 11:03am

Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by locodemy(m): 11:03am
I don tire to select the best stocks that will give good returns when the market comes back alive............as i dey pick, more dey come.........fcmb don join the list this morning.......let the monkey hunting journey continue........na all of us dey suffer the low prices but na who get cash now go first cover up his losses.
Music/Radio / Re: Check Out The Video I Made Voicing What I Wrote To Rihanna's Goodnight Gotham by EbenzMedia9: 11:03am

Record a song for #8000 and get free online promotion,hypes on facebook and twitter. And if you already have recorded songs you want to put online,we can help you put it on 12 sites for #8000 and you also get hypes on facebook and twitter. So hurry now before its too late. Promo ends by 31st of August,2016. For bookings and enquiries,call 07032617747.

You can also call us on 07032617747 for any of the following services;

¤ Music Promotion ( Caller tune, Radio/Tv promotion, Alaba mixtape/selection,interviews,Online promotion,hypes,etc

¤ Studio Configuration/Installation/System Formatting

¤ Purchase And Delivery Of Music Instruments/music studio equipments

¤ Song Writing

¤ Advert Placements

¤DJ Services

¤ Mixing and mastering

¤ Creation of beat or instrumental

¤DJ Jingles

¤ Photo Shot

¤ Video editing, Video shooting/Coverage

¤ Training on music production

¤ Training on any musical instrument of your choice

¤Voice Training

¤ Graphics/Art Cover

¤ Creation of artist page/business page,and all other entertainment services at very cheap and affordable prices you can't resist...We are here to render to you the best of quality service. All services are cheap and affordable. Try us and you'll be glad you did...
Properties / Re: Lawyer condemns new Lagos law legalising ‘foundation fee’ by FelixCulpa: 11:03am

Nigerians can be pathetic at times. In spite of one's so-called education, he can still reason like a primitive caveman.

I can't believe that anyone in his right senses would identity "a welcome development" in such an uncivilised, exploitative, and idiotic law.

The omo onile extortion racket is an illegality and a blatant crime. Extortion is a crime all over the world. It is the government's duty to stop illegality and arrest criminals. You cannot legalise a crime as a way to stop it under whatever guise. Don't be ridiculous. Na this kind of warped thinking dey make me tire for black people. Condemned to be backward and uncivilised forever.

As bad as it may sound, I actually share your sentiments.

The black man is just ........... I don't get it. Wherever they are it's the same. Whether in the USA, South Africa, Nigeria. The black man seems to be hardwired to be perpetually uncivilised. Perpetually a non-learner, a non-thinker, a person who cannot connect point A and point B.

It baffles me cos I am a Nigerian. But our level of stupidity is mind-boggling. How come the people drafting this so-called 'foundation fee' law couldn't ask the simple questions this great lawyer raised now.

Sometimes I'm tempted to think Nnamdi Kanu might be right after all by calling this entity a ZOO. Cos the kind of things that happen here will never cross the mind of the inhabitants of the wild.

Black man and zuzubility

Investment / Re: Earn $25 Per Hour Watching Better Than Youtube Videos (beta Testing Begins Today by ExplicitContent: 11:03am
Music/Radio / Re: Lovers Of Asa's Songs, Come In!!!!! by EmperorLee(m): 11:03am
Curiousity killed the cat...
I don't think you'll know the account.
Actually, several accounts... some deactivated, some still active
That's all I can say tongue
Bye grin

Jesus Christ shocked. Okay just tell me d first n last words of d active accounts angry

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