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Politics / Re: INEC Rules Will Knock Buhari Out by modskiller(m): 3:25am
GEJ will win, he has 15 states presently above 25%, he needs just nine states to win irrespective of the total votes. The remaining states are Bayelsa, Rivers, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Ebonyi, Adamawa,Taraba, these are states Gej is sure of winning with at least 80%:20%, 15+12=27 states above 25% votes cast. Niger, Gombe, Lagos, 50:50. Then Bauchi, Borno, Yobe, Zamfara Buhari is sure of wining, 80%:20%. 13+7= 20, it's not up to 24 minimum states of 2/3. That is my analysis, so hopefully gej will be declared the winner.
singing "AVICII - Wake Me UP" I'll wake you up when it's all over, when you're wiser and you're older, all this time you were finding the election result, you didn't know you were lost. Pls no offense bro.
Webmasters / Re: Welcome To Nairaland Bloggers Family. by inifabian93: 3:25am
Business / Re: Gtbank MD, Segun Agbaje, Withers As The Bank Groans Under Huge Debt Portfolio by GboyegaD(m): 3:23am
How the mighty are fallen. I used to think the banking crisis of 2009 should have taught all banks lessons about non performing loans however, I can not blame them alone, I also put a part of the blame on the Nigerian economy as it has crippled so many good businesses.
Politics / Re: Different Photos Of How GOODLUCK And BUHARI Are Reacting To Inec Results by modskiller(m): 3:22am
Only God knows the reaction on PEJ's chubby face right now.
Politics / Re: The Remaining States That Will Decide The Winner Of The Presidential Election by zingobaby: 3:22am
Once u failed to work u will be voted out
Politics / Re: How Goodluck Will Win. Fear Not Gejites by nairalife2013(m): 3:22am

I hope so, I Fvcking hope so...
I couldn't help but smile at yur stealthmode grievance. Al iz wela!
Romance / Re: What Is So Special About Igbo Girls?? by chiefdoctor: 3:21am

It is not any widespread issue, you can believe whatever you want to believe about your own people. I am surprised how strangers/outsiders will claim to know our culture and tradition more than us.
There is never a place in Anambra that a family would give a list of 350k then request 1million naira as "dowry".
Do you even know that it's compulsory the bride's family returns the dowry should there be a divorce thereby making families demand/accept what they can pay back without stress.

Read the fawking article

Better go and revolt against your wicked elders for the sake of you and your sisters.
See how that poor girl was forced to marry a rich old illiterate she doesn't love.
From the very same Anambra that you haven't made us hear word about since.
Politics / Re: Presidential, National Assembly Elections Vicious – Soyinka by ayoolanr: 3:21am
After all he is the same person that said he wasn't going to contest for this year's election and what did he do?
As a matter of fact he is not only a clueless and unintelligent person, he lacks integrity!!!!
Politics / Re: For GEJ To Win, States From Cameroun Have To Be Annexed To Nigeria - Keyamo by Jaypea98: 3:21am
Mr Festus how markate
Phones / Re: Exclusive Look At Thr Features Of Tecno Boom J7 by patricbensen(m): 3:21am
it seems to be better than other tecno gadgets such as F5
Politics / Re: Goodluck And PDP Supporters Only by tboneybone(m): 3:20am

Jonathan will be declared winner soon. let
those apc kids be making noise for now. their
eyes will soon clear. we pdp fans don't make
noise cos we know what will happen.

That's if you think your plot to rig would be successful, US and UK have eyes on ur evil plans
Politics / Re: This Is Why I Think My Igbo Brothers Are Silly by Bamoha(m): 3:20am
wtf is wrong with being fathered by a hausa?
Jokes Etc / Re: Election Anxiety As Nigerians Are Forced To Become Mathematician (picture) by Holla911(m): 3:20am

You are right and if you consider the below, GEJ will win through I am for GMB. The margins for Lagos is just about 160 K while Adamawa is about 120k to APC advantage. We need to be careful here because INEC has yet to declare manipulated results in other SS and SE states. For instance Delta state result is still not released by INEC at the state. If you knotice that SW and North results were being released as announced, results in SS and SE were delayed largely till today so that PDP could get them manipulated after they would have got results from the North. From information available PDP will post the following results in SS and SE and they will make GEJ lead and win.

You will see that in these states PDP were having voters turn-out of more than 70% of PVC collected while the trend in SW and North states is about 50% turn-out to PVC collected.
Bayelsa - PDP 421, 000 (80% of PVC collected), APC 4500
Delta - PDP got 1.7 m (85% of PVC collected),APC 35,000
Ebonyi - PDP got 400,000, APC - 8,500
C River - PDP got 521,000 APC - 21000

They are trying to falsify result in Bauchi where d Gov has declared curfew and INEC has refused to announce the remaining result since last nite and also in Taraba. At the end of the day GEJ will get about 3 m votes if you deduct Rivers votes. It means that GEJ will now be leading by about 1m + which tally with what FFK was predicting. Up till now Delta state result has not been announced. They are delaying it just like they for Rivers and A/Ibom to use it as a swing state. PDP and GEJ just want to cause trouble in the country.

The only thing that can save the day for GMB is for INEC to cancel elections in A/Ibom, Delta and Rivers and conduct another one with new security and INEC officers with a proviso that any polling booth that do not allow journalist coverage and announce result at the booth will be cancelled.
mr man stop spamming on this thread plz, your view has been considered and your message passed.. If you continue your trend you will be duly dealt with..thank you for your coperation. I will like to use this beautiful oppurtunity to welcome every Nigerian on this platform and at large into a new era of positive change and transformation into a better and beneficial economy for all. Thank you.
Business / Re: Gtbank MD, Segun Agbaje, Withers As The Bank Groans Under Huge Debt Portfolio by AmaechiLinus(m): 3:20am
forget about this pls! Pray for GEJ to win his seat back
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 2 by dumdum001(f): 3:20am
[quote author=remzy2015 post=32188696][/quote]

About not seeing a doctor before delivery... I've never heard of that before, you definitely need to see your doctor to access you. Please go to the guys at front desk of the women's centre. They will assign you a doctor, or you get to choose if it's not a busy day.
Technology Market / Re: Black Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In PH, Black, Like New! by bigx(m): 3:20am
Politics / Re: The Remaining States That Will Decide The Winner Of The Presidential Election by hedges007(m): 3:19am
Nairaland / General / Re: Is This A Man Or A Woman? by EbolaParasite: 3:19am
Na as dem take pronounce am you take write am. More power to you
Politics / Re: Bauchi And Yobe State Just Announced Their Result by modskiller(m): 3:18am
@temitemi @mogidi @ozoigbondu @Mugumugu @Muguliciousmugu @Firefire @Morefire @Ceo4eva how market. As for @Ceo4ever I guess the guy don guy rent shop wey him go dey use as studio cos being Jonah's photographer, na him market spoil for pass.
Science/Technology / Buick Regal Ignition Module Disorders Often Lead To Engine Flameout by obd2express(f): 3:18am
1.The car situation:
Mileage over 226,000 km of the Buick Regal sedan. The car in normal driving, frequent stalling phenomenon, often stall during idling.
2.Failure Analysis:
After each turn off, start the engine again, are relatively smooth.
A. Start the engine diagnostic tool dedicated connection, check the various data in the idle state, the data from the diagnostic tool to observe a variety of data and maintenance manual provided basically the same, and no fault codes. After about 10min later, really turn off, start the engine remains smooth start again.
B. In the hydraulic test ports at the fuel pressure gauge connected, start the engine, the fuel pressure is around 280kPa. After closing the engine oil pressure remained unchanged, when a failure occurs, the oil pressure has not fluctuate, indicating almost no fuel system problems.
C. Because after every start stalled relatively smooth, so check the ignition coil respectively, power lines, spark plugs, is also normal.
The car's fault analysis may be part of the engine electronic control. After the crankshaft position sensor signal is lost, the vehicle can not be started, signal interruption, the vehicle can still be re-started again, the interrupt signal unplug and re-start the engine and found no fault in the operation of nearly one hour in the process, can be seen in the failure signal. Detection ICM (Ignition Control Module) and PCM (powertrain control module) between the signal line, were not found in open or short circuit, replaced troubleshooting ICM.
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS ; Delta State REC Arrested. by OAM4J: 3:18am

As dem dey change Delta, Hope say dem know say eraser sef dey for Borno, Zamfara, Kebbi, Sokoto

No problem na, if PDP fit bring 1.9m from delta, like 3m go just show face from Bornu. Make we come start to debate am.#GodpunishDevil.

LWKMD grin
Religion / Re: Radical Muslims Kill Over 100 Muslims At Mosques In Sanaa, ..what Else Is New? by RoyPCain: 3:18am
the freaky ifeann finally came out of the closet. i thought she was a nun from you know where.

the slimy mouthed robert spencer whose grandfather was ran out of turkey is your mentor with your 'evil statement'.
it is a miracle if it even shows signs of functioning after death.

that is better than being dead'er' than a door knob which was the condition of many you elevate undeservingly.

1 Like

Business / Re: Gtbank MD, Segun Agbaje, Withers As The Bank Groans Under Huge Debt Portfolio by axeman10(m): 3:18am
Terrible article...no facts and figures. Yeah, could be true that GTB has huge chunk of non performance loans, but which bank in Nigeria is not affected with the dwindling crash in crude oil prices and subsequent devaluation of naira.

I expect the writer to give more than one example of the high profile debtors rather than someone who cannot defend himself - late Arisekola.

The writer and his editor need 'flogging'.
Family / Re: Is It Right For A Married Woman To Be Dressing In Front Of Her Younger Brother? by AmaechiLinus(m): 3:18am
let us pray 4 GEJ's win n leave dis useless post
Education / Re: The Obafemi Awolowo University Admission Thread For 2014/2015 Academic Session. by icelord(m): 3:17am
studin wat course
sociology and anthropology
Technology Market / Re: Pre-order Ur Goods From Usa via EBAY ,AMAZON n CRAIGSLIT.(free Shiping) by mikkyangel(m): 3:17am
Oga T, Otito..

abeg make una helep me check proberbly how much to repair this phone..

Business / Re: Gtbank MD, Segun Agbaje, Withers As The Bank Groans Under Huge Debt Portfolio by bimbor(m): 3:17am
Original Post has been removed...Mod please do the needful and remove this topic from Front page!

This is a sensitive material capable of misleading the public.
Business / Re: Gtbank MD, Segun Agbaje, Withers As The Bank Groans Under Huge Debt Portfolio by bennieboom(m): 3:16am
This article smirks of crude maliciousness, unverified hogwash. No evidence to prove any of these allegations plucked from the air. Now Let me address the issues. 1. I believe in Corporate Nigeria GTBANK still remains a positive point of reference 2. The biggest banks in the world Have NPLs and this article has not proven it to b as high 50% as reported matter of fact its under 5% 3. If the author is truly knowledgeable he'd understand a provision was taken on d said Bad loan as reported by the Bank in its Half year report 2014 4. Issue Of staff leaving is 2 ways GTBank staff Along side Access are probably the most poached Bankers In Nigeria, on the other hand Segun Agbaje has managerial Issues I'm fully convinced pple r leaving because of such issues not on d safety of d bank 5. GTBank alongside Zenith and FBN are probably the only banks in the country with Revenue streams strong enough to absorb huge writedowns frm NPLs.
Its necessary to stop this scaremongering and demarketing. Come forward if you have valid Evidence.
Politics / Re: Breaking!!!! Jonathan Wins In Bayelsa by modskiller(m): 3:16am
Am I the only one not seeing @temitemi @ozoigbondu @mogidi @berem and co. Oops my bad, I heard they're now helping oga Jonah pack his stuffs

Technology Market / Re: PRE ORDER 2.0 - CHEAPEST PRE-ORDER TABLET/PHONE DEALS EVER FROM CHINA. by Thespecialone(m): 3:15am

The buyer will bite off my ear tomorrow. Please price n expected date of delivery pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
biko we need your ears oh! cheesy
Politics / Re: The South Failed Jonathan by Alexpissu(m): 3:15am

Meanwhile I have authoritative confirmation from INEC that social media voting will be included in the 2019 election. Until then, it seems congratulations to Pa Buhari are in order.

I would appreciate them working on Electronic Voting System . Also, they should create an avenue for "Nigerians" in diaspora to exercise their civil rights voting . How long do we keep going backwards with this crap of ballot papers it creates hitches .

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