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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: AWC Final: On October 25 At 7pm by pembisco(m): 12:05pm
Let this match end and edit that topic, though I feel Cameroun will come victorious.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Union Assurance Plc by davide470(m): 12:05pm
Bros.. Instead of creating multiple threads and overwhelming the servers, why don't you just re-post in the same thread??
Sports / NFF Crisis Deepens As SSS Block Amaju Pinnick At Airport by Aelusive: 12:05pm
NFF President Amaju Pinnick has been denied the opportunity of traveling to Windhoek, Namibia for the finals of the Africa Women Championships, has - See more at:
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by dmcdad: 12:05pm
direct Me Biko Plus What Are You Doing Here By 1am Bros Na NL Una Dy Do Meeting Ni? grin tongue
Bros... Na serious matter we get today and until we solve that matter, today will ever remain busy and even until tomorrow, and the next, and so on... Probably till the week runs out.
Religion / Re: New Movie About The Rapture by Ajibam(f): 12:05pm
You're welcome sis, don't forget to share with ur friends...
Am a guy!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Invitation For Computer-based Test At MTN Maritime House by Treasurebase: 12:05pm
It won't be fair on humanity if I don't write something on this thread. As much as I appreciate the internet, I want to give my utmost appreciation to everyone who had contributed one way or the other on this thread. Truth is, this thread in particular has been a major guide for me even when I didn't understand how it was going and while waiting for the Cnssl/MTN training to get to my turn
Religion / Re: The Midas Touch- A Balanced Approach To Biblical Prosperity - Kenneth Hagin by trustman: 12:05pm
Here's an earlier post that needs Gombs'
Second look:


Hagin said:

"Making a New Testament application of Old Testament technicalities violates every principle of Bible interpretation, especially when there isn't a single New Testament usage of the word "firstfruits" in the context in which it is being preached by some ministers. 

The concept of firstfruits is not used in the New Testament in reference to financial giving. There is not even the vaguest hint of it by any New Testament writer in reference to money or the support of ministers."

The commonsense understanding of what Hagin said is simply this: Hagin does not advocate the demand for or the paying of 'Firstfruits'. 
However since your church believes in it strongly you are finding it hard to wriggle out of it. 
You have good 'comprehension' don't you?
Then explain these portions to us. 
Romance / Re: MY FRIEND HAS STRANGE INTIMATE DESIRES( Readers Discretion Is Advised) by Grace2love(m): 12:04pm
This issue is not a joking matter. firstly, let that young man give his life to Jesus and pray aggressively for deliverance.
Seriously, he is possessed by demons for him to think in such manner. Advice his parents to take for deliverance immediately.

Secondly, let him stop watching such horrific and terrible videos. some films are demonic inspired and they always have bad influence on the viewers.

lastly, let him watch his friends and separate himself from those that usually discuss sex and Indecency. The more he hear they talking about immorality, the more he crave for intimate desires.
Business / Re: Do It Yourself Importation Guide Free - Season 2 by zerray(f): 12:04pm
i order for my good on aliexpress on tuesday,i got a mail it was shipped yesterday but yet to get a tracking number pls do i need to be worried
Computers / Re: Pls Save My Desk Top!!! by abdulaz: 12:04pm
Power off your laptop completely by holding down the power button for five seconds. Put it on again, before the screen displays quickly press down the f8 key at the top row of your laptop keyboard, it will display a page with many options, use the up and down navigation keys on your keyboard to select REPAIR MY COMPUTER. Click on it by striking the enter key. It will restore your computer to the earlier date when it worked perfectly before it developed boot error.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by eramate(m): 12:04pm

zicky (2*)
oyeludef (3*)
navistar (2*)
jacob05 (2*)
anugod (2*)
Enangson (humble self)
sodiqyinka (2*)

thanks bro... twas just like a real life issue whereby u just av to keep watch n struggle for almost everything... it also remind me of OAU - great ife struggle... as part of the school anthem... sport n struggle it a fun
Politics / Re: Gov Amaechi APC Rally In Rivers Live On STV And Channels TV... See Crowd! by BigBizzy(m): 12:04pm
make them pay rivers state teachers na
Celebrities / Re: [PHOTOS] Angelic Kim Kardiashian In White by Harmthe(m): 12:04pm
op nd kim, i tink dere is something secret.
Politics / Re: Election 2015: If Buhari Is Easy To Defeat, Why Presidency Fears by Amanwulu1(m): 12:04pm
wrong!!! It is d apc dat want d gentle Jonah to back out bc he is their nightmare. Pdp discovered dis n made him their concensus candidate. Btw stp bordering urself on nl feb 14 will decide if ur old messiah scaled thro' d primary. Dis is d tomorow they told us about and I need support to b ur president. I'm 38 now.
Phones / Re: New Release Tecno H6 - The Spec And Price Will "Wow" You by parrotibaba(m): 12:04pm
Yesterday, I actually went out 2 get Gioneer P4, on getting 2 a shop in ikeja, I saw d spec of dis H6, I hav 2 change my mind and go 4 it. Gioneer is TFT display y dis H6 is IPS. Also 4.4 kitkat and d 8mp camera and 2mp front camera. Both of dem are 4.5 inch. Seriously, they really tried on dis phone and d display is brilliant wit d IPS display.
dude give us detailed review n pics attached n dos d physical home key function very well?
Literature / Re: THE UNKNOWN: The Mega-hit Series by waslek(m): 12:04pm
Nice update t.dan.nick u are dan
Politics / Re: Who Is Your Presidential Candidate And Why? by richeso: 12:04pm
Fashola is good to Go.
Romance / Re: Who Do I Marry????? by dre11(m): 12:04pm
After tasting their honey pot.......

The Op is looking for a valid reason to dump one or even both if he do have a cogent and tangible reasons to do that

Ways of humans u can't understand and he used the word love to hoodwinked both ladies cool
Family / Re: Facebook And Apple To Freeze Eggs For Their Female Employees by kandiikane(m): 12:04pm

bush woman!
if you dunno the meaning of the word, kindly ask me & i will help you.
Don't embarrass yourself. Do your research.
Business / Re: What It Is Really Like Being A Merchant On Konga by franzis(m): 12:04pm
The experience has been great but not perfect and room for improvement,m y account managers respond to my issues within the shortest possible time or if you have any issue you can send to, but one major confusing issue is the payout system, was told payouts are made after the 7 days return policy has expired and it takes about 2-3 days for the money to reflect in bank aCcount, but I find out have even 2 weeks one is still expecting payout
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by ochon: 12:04pm

@Onchon you used to be like this last year BBA The Chase... I wonder what happend to you!

I am just sayyyying.

Nothing happened to me bro, I'm still the same. I'm not giving much analysis because I'm not watching this season, thank God BTW.

I'm not biased, maybe a bit biased because I'm a human.

See, I don't hate you, but right from last year, you've only had hateful comments about Nigerian reps. I ignored you last year, but couldn't this year. Check through out my posts, I've NEVER dissed Nhlanhla or Samantha your reps, I don't even talk much this year. Even when they called Nhlanhla a foodie, I didn't tackle Nhlanhla. I've not had any harsh thing to say about your reps. I'm not that kind of guy. But you on the other hand, have posted the vilest of words about Lilian and Tayo this year. Why are you so hateful about our reps? I've never seen your say a NICE word about Nigerian reps. But on this thread, Nhlanhla and Samantha have had their fair share of praises too. Tayo has been criticised more than anyone by me. When he goes over the tops, I point it out. I try to be balanced in my judgements.

LaBellaMafiaZA, 14, and Onegai (I hope I got her moniker's spelling right) are SAns, and I've never had a fracas with them (as a matter of fact, me and Labella talked too outside NL and I respect her a lot), because I understand constructive criticisms when I see one. But how come I've had several altercations with you? It's simple - your HATE for my country is grating my nerves. You can criticise Tayo all you want, but be constructive about it. I'm not your enemy, I'm your friend, and I'm still me. That said, if I've gone over tops with my diss at you, I apologise, your hate for my country peeves me, that's all.

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Literature / Re: Nairaland Literature Awards Of The Year. by Divepen(m): 12:04pm
I will do the numbering
Technology Market / Re: 100% Original LG G2 Replacement Touchscreen by Rhaspody: 12:04pm
do you have lg g3 lcd plus digitizer or only the diigitizee
TV/Movies / Watch Mlb Series And Nfl 2014 by tabamoleny: 12:04pm
Watch mlb series and nfl 2014

If you watched either of the aboriginal two amateur of the World Series, you ability accept asked yourself, “Who is that guy sitting abaft home bowl cutting a ablaze orange Miami Marlins jacket?” If you didn’t, we’ll let it slide, admitting we’d advance paying a little added absorption to the things that actually amount in life.

To acknowledgment the question, his name is Laurence Leavy, bigger accepted as “Marlins Man.” He’s a 58-year-old Miami advocate who actually loves getting allotment of the game, appropriately his accommodation to appear caper contest to which he has no affecting ties. The ablaze orange Marlins accessory is allotment of his shtick. “I anticipate it’s great,” P.J. Loyello, carnality admiral of communications and broadcasting for the Miami Marlins, told the Miami Herald. “He’s one of our loyal season-ticket holders. He’s actually simple to aces out with that jersey. It’s fun to aces him out.

mlb world series 2014 live streaming
mlb world series 2014 live streaming
giants vs royals 2014 live streaming
giants vs royals 2014 live streaming
Nairaland / General / Re: New Study Reveals That Gossiping About Other People Boosts Self Esteem by mperoakeem(m): 12:03pm
y i go agree...
Religion / Re: I Will Die Very Soon. by Ajibam(f): 12:03pm
exactly. now let me tell you how all this will end. because so many 'christians' think heaven is in the skies. this is how this will all end. there will be two worlds established on earth. those who chose to shun evil even when they have the option to do evil have proven to God that they would rather live in a world with no evil at all. they crave a new world with no evil. this is what they are proving by their actions now. they hate evil. these people will all be gathered and seperated from the rest of the world. the Lord will establish their own country / commune on earth away from everyone else and will fill the place with most of the wealth of the world as reward. now all these people will be perfected meaning they will be programmed to where they can never sin again. so everyone who makes it into this commune called heaven will have the inability to sin. so there will be no sin at all in this commune. and this is what these people wanted by their actions when they had the ability to sin but shunned it. this is HEAVEN on earth. everybody else ? will continue as before with the ability to sin. those are the two worlds that would be established. and those with the ability to sin will not be able to enter into the commune of those with the inability to sin.
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: President Jonathan Rocks Blue Suite & Hat In Jerusalem (photo) by Hordunlarmy(m): 12:03pm
Y dis man no dey ever 5n 4 suit
Politics / Re: The 5 Most Developed Countries In Africa Are by GyimahRSA: 12:03pm
I am out to the STADIUM TO WATCH RUGBY FINAL I will be back on Monday at my office to DISH U MORE HISTORY.

Note: I on Naaigayria skipped out BIAFRA WAR that started after British colonisers left u monkeys. tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Jbluv55(m): 12:03pm

grin cool
We know you are good in this type of course...

*good morning.. Just coming back frm morning exercise..... Pls two glass of Chapman...

*****breathing like a defender wey see Di Maria comin his way... grin

*serves him*

Who is the 2nd glass for o grin
Politics / Re: Abomination!!!!!!! Ikechukwu Arrested For Defiling His 3 Daughters by Lordlexyy: 12:03pm
It has nothing to do with only Igbo, it cut across many tribes.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by StarBoard: 12:03pm

hehehe you are a learner.

Politics / Re: Buhari 2015: A Case Of Retrogression And Going Back To Our Vomit. by chamboy(m): 12:03pm
my friend listen straight "we have lots of young people who can get this thing right". I see no reason why I should subscribe to government of a former head of states who spent most of his tenure executing people against him. I cannot have a 73years old former head of states who never contribute anything substantial while the great nations of the world have their leaders less than 60.
so u stick to clulessness bah, am sure u don't know what corruption n indiscipline has caused this nation

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