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Romance / Re: Answer The Romance Question Of The Person Above You by Evakinqz(m): 12:49am
i would break the Guinness book of record for kissing... i could kiss allday depend on the lips and person

next poster whats your favorite part of the body of the opposite sex

Have yur heart been broken before
Politics / Re: Okonjo-Iweala And Ikemba Celebrate 37th Wedding Anniversary by therealchase(m): 12:49am
Ladies of nowadays should take note, thats how things are done and not by changing men every year. enough said.!!!!
Lmao tell them!!
Business / Re: A Profitable Business You Can Start With 15,000 Naira by mandelex: 12:49am
Pls I need the information for all,how much is it going to cost? This my mailadress, bamtexdalex@ yahoo.com
Politics / Re: Governor Obiano Of Anambra Lied About $5 Million Vegetable Exports by aresa: 12:49am

See this clown every body knows I'm from Asaba, delta.

Yoloba and stupidity are like 5 and 6

Koburu ikeshukuemeka from warri.....Abeg show us the $5 million export documents and facts.. grin
Romance / Re: Never Trust A Nairalander Completely - He'd Be Your Doom! by vanquay69(m): 12:49am

Ah, we have A weyrey here...Well apologies will be made in due course and never really hid my pics.

Really wondering what's there to hate in you...Delusions...Delusions...Delusions
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dragnet Nbc Aptitude Test, Tips, And Past Questions by Ernestblack(m): 12:49am
my mail chinedunest@gmail.com pls i need the dragnet questions too.... kindly send
Properties / Re: Introducing Solynta Pay As You Go Solar Power Package by Mortipher: 12:48am
Introducing SOLYNTA'S PAY AS YOU GO PACKAGE; Nigeria's permanent and very affordable solution to power failure. With fuel scarcity becoming more common and higher petrol costs the need for an affordable and constant power supply is greater than ever.
Solar Power is the solution!!!

Contact us today for your free energy assessment so that we can determine the size of Solar Power System you need (see attached pictures for guide to payment plans)

Please carefully go through the attached pictures (scanned brochure) for all the information you need.
For more information on how to get your solar power system installed contact Kelechi on 0814 957 1894. Whatsapp; 0806 720 5844.

Don't Miss Out!!!
Fashion / Pasjel Anti-stretch Mark Cream For Just 8k! by keitharina(f): 12:48am
Have you been struggling with stretch marks? You saw those ugly lines on your body after childbirth and want to get rid of them, or you have them naturally as a result of weight gain or loss, then get pasjel anti stretch mark cream for eight
thousand naira. This cream work wonders. You can surf the internet for testimonies about this cream. Our services include free delivery to anywhere
in lagos, including payment on delivery. This offer is limited, hurry now and get yours. Contact: 08183092722, bbm pin: 265A8209

You no fit see am anywhere for dis price ooo!!
Politics / Re: Profile Of Justice Okon Abang Of Abuja High Court by id911(m): 12:48am
Think with your brain before you type next time, Who brought Sheriff to PDP and made him Chairman? Is it not the same PDP Governors (Fayose and Wike) to be precise trying to use him to spite some member and APC. They latter wanna dump him when he has invested in the party if na you will you allow your image to be rubbish like that? Just Yesterday Metuh, Oladipupo supported Sheriff to stop PDP convention. Are they APC member? or is it not the same Metuh you guys are supporting with your last blood just few month ago?


When you are quoting, know the type of people you quote and your response to them!I have nothing to do with either APC or PDP, my statement was about Justice Abang’s many controversial jugdements and the need for him to leave these politicians to their fate and pronounce a fair judgment. My village and his are a working distance so i’m concern about him in the future bro
Business / Re: A Profitable Business You Can Start With 15,000 Naira by mandelex: 12:48am
Pls I need the information for all,how much is it going to cost?
Romance / Re: Answer The Romance Question Of The Person Above You by rafeelly(m): 12:47am


For how long can you kiss?
i would break the Guinness book of record for kissing... i could kiss allday depend on the lips and person

next poster whats your favorite part of the body of the opposite sex
Romance / Re: When A Guy Pulls Away From You, What Do You Do? by faruz: 12:47am
Area mama, na wetin u see open thread ontop[right][/right] be diz abi .....
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N24,000 Per Week // Courier Riders WANTED!! by Sirmuel1(m): 12:47am

Is it all cars that can be used as cab?? For someone using car like EOD, can it be used for dat?

Yes. the more customers you attract depends on the quality/beauty of the car.
Location matters a lot anyway.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Mp-infrastructure Aptitude Test by Randy91(m): 12:47am

Thanks...took the test and scored 40 of 70 (57%). This 70% cut-off na wa ooo

pls give detailed analysis of d verbal and maths
I.e,is d verbal comprehension/fill in d gap/synonyms/antonyms....
maths,,wat topic did bring questions out

is d user interface navigation friendly I.e..after leaving a question, can I go back to d unanswered questions.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dragnet Nbc Aptitude Test, Tips, And Past Questions by donGotze(m): 12:47am
Dragnet nbc is currently calling for aptitude test for their recent openings namely http://www.nairaland.com/1974325/nigeria-bottling-company-calling-engineers
The exam will last for 2hrs 30 min and will consists of dragnet typical questions namely numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive or absract reasoning (pattern series) consisting of 15-25 questions each and lasting within 20-35 minutes each. The remaining 1hr will be technical related ie technical based specific accessment and will probably consists of 50 questions. Here for the engineers/technicians the questions will be electrical and mechanical related such as plant maintenance, electric motors, motor starters, instrumentation, control, plc etc
The secrete of dragnet exams lies on your speed and accuracy and this is achieved through constant practice
1) Often go for simpler question first and latter return for the more difficult ones (I bet you some candidate can spend as much as 10mins for a 15 question, 20mins numerical reasoning question)
2) Skip any question you are not sure of as dragnet employs negative marking
3) Numerical question are usually seen by candidate as the most difficult (candidate always sigh after finishing a numerical test). This is usually due to lack of understanding of the presented data or graph. So you have to come down and get to understand the presented data or graph as you will need it to answer 2 or more questions. Constant practice and self confidence during the exam is the key to overcoming this.
4) Inductive or abstract reasoning is usually seen as the easiest on face value but I bet you it is the trickiest questions especially if you have no grasp on the fundamental principle. Try and grasp the fundamental principle which normally come with practice for you to have an easy and assured ride
5) verbal reasoning can be very boring at times as some passages can have as much as 100-150 words just for you to read and answer 2-3 question (you may even spend as much as 10mins trying to understated a paragraph when you may have just 25mins for this part of the exam!) .at this stage you don’t need to proof read like you did in WAEC(then you have enough time). Since you have very limited time it is advisable to read and understand the questions first (you can learn this habit) then flip through the passage as fast as possible(you need not understand the whole passage you don’t have that time) and get to the area that answers your question slow down and try to understand that area in addition to other related areas that will facilitate the fidelity of your answer.
6) Another tip on verbal reasoning is don’t give an answer base on your previous knowledge or you discretion ie what you feel would logically go. Always give your answers based on the content and logic on the passage. If it is something you cannot say base on the passage stick to ‘cannot say’. If it is true based on the content of the passage stick to ‘true’ even if it violates some fundamental principles.
7) Lastly , accuracy and speed or speedaccuracy is the most important asset you would need in this exam. Unfortunately these two variables are inversely coupled mathematical functions. The faster you try to get the less accurate you become and vise versa. The only way you can get both is through constant practice and adopting some working smart strategy such as the tips above.
I assure you a 40% score in dragnet exam will scale you through to the second stage because it is an exam that can blow an average uninformed candidate off balance

Note: you have to adhere to all dragnet stated instructions as they are very organized. Come to the exam center with only your print out and ID only as your handset or any other thing you may come with will not be allowed in
For those who still need a comprehensive dragnet past question you can drop your mail here

My email is aningod@gmail.com, I need it urgently bro...Thanks

Travel / Re: Welcome A White Fellow To Nairaland.. by Johnlenoxx: 12:47am

by the way, who are you supporting??

lets take it from there
?..well..I ain't no racist,is trump a mad man? Yes,is trump telling the truth?yes.with the shootings and terrorist attacks all over the world?..hell yeah.we need to keep some religious fanatics in check..I'm with Donald on this..
Properties / Re: The Making Of 4-units Duplex In Iyana-Iba Lagos by fash78(m): 12:47am
Tiling work and soakaway work almost completed. Kitchen cabinets and closet work.loading.

Recent look of the tile work for the building external walls.

Agriculture / Re: Cashew-cassava: Perfect Agro-investment Package For Absentee Farmers by miredia(m): 12:47am
Crime / Re: Indonesia Executes Three Nigerians By Firing Squad by shizzleStar: 12:47am

Wow! You are devoid of any logic. Please go through this topic and your responses so far and go kill yourself after that. You are useless! Homo!
My responses are apt and precise. Empty brat! Are you out of gas?

Go vote in your party in power so they'll activate the death penalty you crave for drug heads, what you waiting for? hopeless iddiottt
Romance / Re: Answer The Romance Question Of The Person Above You by Evakinqz(m): 12:47am
5 years was my longest relationship. now my question to d nxt person; how will u react if u catch u partner Unclad wit anoda person having sex?
immediately she seize tu be ma girlfriend dat moment, buh turns tu ma sex machine....

Next poster... Wat year did yhu join Nairaland
Travel / Re: General Australian Visa Enquiries Part 2 by STAugustineOf13(m): 12:47am
https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/500- follow the link.. univeristy like UNSW do not need test of english....

They once requested it from me.
For the fact that I fall short of a score was the reason why I didn't get admitted in that particular school.
Check their site, it's 6.0 or nothing Bro.

But if someone is going for a MSc , they may overlook things becox they'll believe you after seeing your Transcripts, that you've studied wella in English language.

I don't know how far now shaa....
And if you're to use any of their representatives, you must tender IELTS.
Romance / Re: My Most Embarrassing Moment by hymanflex(m): 12:47am
I will never forget to say thank you to God for making me a guy.but op seriously I feel for you ooo....

that awkward moment when you're ready to paint the whole town in red............. grin grin grin

1 Like

Politics / Re: Governor Obiano Of Anambra Lied About $5 Million Vegetable Exports by Ikechukwu48: 12:46am

Koburu...ikeshukuemeka identiti stealing joker from delta....ndo grin

See this clown every body knows I'm from Asaba, delta.

Yoloba and stupidity are like 5 and 6

When will your sense be bigger than your ass hole??
Get sense or d1e trying...
Why this one stúpid like this na?
Politics / Re: Fayose At Orange FM: Photos And Statements Made by banmee(m): 12:46am
It is only in Nigeria or even APC led government that dissenting voice is termed attack.

We must not keep silent less we get bit worst than we have now.

It depends on who owns the voice. You can't tell me a normal person should sit and listen to anything Fayose says. This is why i always say Nigerians deserve the leaders they have. If you can envision Fayose as a leader, then you have some serious, serious issues.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2016/2017 NLNG Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship by Meemee247: 12:46am
If you don't see this, there's still hope.

Phones / Re: Best Games To Download For Your Android Device by IKON360(m): 12:46am
depends on your device.... What device do you use?
Gionee M3mini
Romance / Re: Ladies Come And Pick Your Man (photo) by nortcentrallord(m): 12:46am
"B"!!.....After a hard day ,I jus wanna be cuddled in those arms and he can't remain in his mum's house for ever,I mean one day we're gonna have a break through!
As for "A" with a face like that nightmares and sorrows of the heart are sure! How do I even take a stroll with such a man?

You got foresight. Thumbs up.
Religion / Re: Imam Finds Jesus, Loses Family, House, And Livelihood. by emis8: 12:46am
This is good news
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Entry Level/Industrial Trainee Jobs Here For Those Without Experience by Bossbabe29: 12:46am
For tbose going for the KEC interview, all the best to you guys, can't believe I dropped their interview invite due to distance. Please has anyone got verifiable info about certification edge? And are they into recruiting after their supposed training?
Cc: Eremy

Dear Candidate,

Sequel to your application for a job role in the Talent Recruitment Project of the INTERNS, you have been scheduled for a Job Profiling Session.

The Job Profiling Session is to assess your competencies across various roles so as to determine your area of best-fit.

Date: Friday, 29th July, 2016
Time: 12:00pm Prompt
Venue: #18 Esomo Close, Opposite White House Hotel, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos

Kindly respond to this mail confirming your availability which would be the only basis for admission.

Thank you.

I got this message frm certification edge. Who's with me on this one?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: People Born In June, Lets Meet Here by FuckMynd44: 12:46am
I represent june 2
My birthday mates should please quote me
June 1st.. What's app me 08060423357

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