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Politics / Re: National Conference: Nigerians Want Referendum by Largas: 3:10pm
I hope the National conference serves the interest of the common man.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Halliburton Entry Level Recruitment 2014 by c12112: 3:10pm
Lemme put my voice here as one who works with Halliburton and who passed through this same process last year: There is no past question- so don't bother yourself. I'ld rather you channelled all your energies at preparing for the test along this line: Word problem mathematics like the ones you did in secondary school if it's going to be like last year's. All you need is speed and skills at making sense out of information you are given per question. What is basically expected of you is to be able to bring up simple mathematical equations from wordy questions. You'll have 25 questions to answer in 20mins- so speed is of the essence. You'll also be confronted with questions that would test your patience, just make sure you read them to the end as they aren't as difficult as they would seem. Do not panic. You can do it- I did it (25 questions all answered in 17mins. I know pple who finished earlier than this sef) and a whole lot of other guys did it. Yours won't be different. Just take time to prepare well- the time is more than enough and master playing with your calculator well. It's going to be a good companion that day, trust me.
Halliburton recruits massively- give it to them. Just pass the test, the interview are usually a walkover as they really aren't out to fail you as long as you have scaled the test. If you don't get selected, it would only be based on space constraint, nothing more.
On a final note- and perhaps the most important note for those who believe- LEAVE IT ALL FOR GOD; HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME.
See you guys at Halliburton- that's if I'm still there when you guys resume. We still dey find job too o. lol
Politics / Re: Power Supply Hits 4105MW As Generation Continues Recovery by Obiagelli(f): 3:10pm

Electricity generation drops to 1,714MW

Thursday, 17 April 2014 17:09
Written by Roseline Okere

Electricity• Dagogo-Jack lists options for improved power supply

NIGERIA'S electricity generation has dropped to 1,714.89 Megawatts Hour/Hour (MWH/H) as at yesterday, compared with 3,563 generated in December last year, according to the current generation report by the Presidential Taskforce on Power.

The country’s electricity generation was put at between 3,463.40MW 2,500MW as at March.

Also, the total energy sent out as at April 13, stands at 1,667.16

Megawatts Hour/Hour (MWH/H), while peak generation was 3,359.90

Megawatts (MW) and peak demand forecast 12,800.00 MW.

This is far less than the highest peak generated electricity, which was 4,517.6 MW on December 23, 2012.

The current drop in electricity generation may not be unconnected to electricity bottleneck such as the prolongation of Interim Rules Period (IRP).

The Chairman of Presidential Taskforce on Power, Beks Dagogo-Jack, said recently that there was every indication that the IRP designated to terminate on March 1, 2014 or “such other time as the commission may designate” shall not occur on the said date.

According to him, the prolonged Interim Rules Order (IRO) and continued delay in the declaration of Transitional Electricity Market Stage (TEM) could encourage the power Distribution Companies (Discos) to engage in avoidable sharp practices especially those with “favourable” minimum monthly invoice settlement conditions.

He explained that the Discos may be collecting a lot more and yet short-changing the market ...a situation which could seriously threaten service delivery sustenance owing to mounting unpaid upstream liabilities which can cause a serious decline in gas and generation availability in a matter of months, such that sustaining even 3000MW on the grid could become a herculean task under these conditions.

He said that deliverable milestones contained in the very bold and ambitious Nigeria Power Sector Reform Roadmap launched had been achieved except two, which are the declaration by the Minister of Power of the TEM that would kick-start a fully contracted and rules-governed electricity market wherein the sanctity of contracts shall be full to protect market liquidity, and incentivise increased investment and a well incentivised and liberalised domestic gas market expected to be delivered by the pending Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

Dagogo-Jack hinted that conscious of the risks associated with handing over the companies for privatised company operation without TEM or a substitute, the Presidential Task Force on Power made repeated representations to the Ministry of Power, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) leading eventually to an acceptance by NERC to develop and institute a set of interim rules to conduct the market in the pre-TEM phase. Such would be done until the declaration of TEM with a commitment that the IRP shall not be in operation for more than three months.

Dagogo-Jack noted that unfortunately the IRO issued by NERC in December 2013 appears to have some significant sources of concern which are capable of impacting very negatively with the sustainability of the market especially as it appears the IRP would stretch much longer than the three months originally committed to by NERC.

He noted that a key implication of the non-declaration of TEM was the necessary suspension of all the industry agreements and contracts between the trading parties. “The main effect of this during the IRP is that the market participants (gas suppliers , Gencos , TCN , Discos , MO , NBET ) have no enforceable and fully risk-allocated contractual basis for extracting performance from one another.”

MW IN 2013’
Category: Business Published on Tuesday, 07 January
2014 05:01 Written by Hamisu Muhammad and Simon
Echewofun Sunday Hits: 867
Electricity generation dropped by about 954 mega
watts last year, records from the Power Ministry have
The records show that on December 30, 2013, Nigeria
generated 3,563 mega watts as compared to 4,517 mega
watts in December 2012. This represented a drop in
generation of 954 mw.
European Soccer / Re: Real Madrid Vs Bayern Munich: UCL Semi-Final (1 - 0) On 23rd April 2014 by incredible-one(m): 3:09pm
stop being a sadist...its not who plays that matters, its who won....if possession is all that matters , barca wud b d greatest club in d world...but there's a reason why they ar nt here anymore despite having a bigger possesion....and in d 2nd half madrid didnt really defend like they did in the ist half,,,,their system workd 4 them and the won so stop talking trash.....if they lost then ur comment wud have made sense.
it z now that u know football is all about winning abi,after sniffing chelsea
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by beevann: 3:09pm
Swit Ayi: Guday moms in the house. My son would be 6month in two weeks time but he is already showing much interest in eating as he cries and drags food with us whenever he see us eating. Should I start him on solid now? And if yes,what kinds of food do I start with. I ve no idea because am a FTM embarassed

My son is 6months plus and showed the same interest,he eat bits of anything food I eat but his main meal is bosom milk and cereals.i give bananas and mackerel fish too(mashed).Let the boy eat,all my kids are always eager to eat real food at that age,so I give them. Always remember to give water, so he won't get constipated. You can also give noodles without the seasoning,add crayfish or your stew to spice it instead.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Charms Plc Interview by Rawdeal(f): 3:09pm
sholaw: Omo no grin oh! The questions were mostly hardware networking and printer questions. I had 40% which is fail. 50% is the pass mark.

pele. Y did you now show us your teeth. 100 questions...mehn, sent from hell
Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military On Africa? by PatriotZAR: 3:09pm

If they were unable to perfom any succesfull offensives against us in the whole war... why would they be able to take Namibia?

Also, they would have had UNITA in their rear while fighting a conventional war in Namibia.

And we had Nukes.

It was a no brainer.

You're mistaken. They had many successful operations numerous times in the 70s/80s. Quifangodo among others come to mind.

The high command was considering using nukes but Botha intervened against it so using tactical nukes was out of the picture from then on. And for the mere fact that nukes were being considered as a possible use against the Cuban advance shows that we were at a great disadvantage.

I think UNITA to the east without 32Battalion support, they would have been eventually overwhelmed by the FAPLA force supported by air bombings.
Nairaland / General / Re: SEUN... Why 5yrs Ban? by Trendy247: 3:09pm
Seun: You seem to be repentant, so I am hereby authorizing the moderator to please reduce the length of your ban from Sexuality to 1 month.
i don serve over 2months already o
Nairaland / General / Re: 6 Amazing Psychology Facts. by grandstar(m): 3:09pm

Someone explain this....

Several years ago I once offered a girl a gift (5 alive) ans she refused it. Her uncle told me hwe mum advised her never to accept gifts from men.

What does this tell you about her?
Politics / Re: Picture : Kirikiri Maximum Prison Wall Collapses, Prisoner Escape Averted by mad nigerian(m): 3:09pm
Senator James: In the book of mad Nigerian 24:1-14

Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Taofiq129(m): 3:09pm
Ifyx: 5% possible... dey'll jez dash d candidate bcm,chm or anyorda
hmmm...alryt tnks man
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by obayaya(m): 3:09pm
mz mariah: You are fine o babe. me likey.

Obayaya how you see her na? let's port oo tongue

Port go where?

Ah mprex!!!

that babe go well o

but I been send am pm last year.. grin

she no reply grin

on #Team Miracy# we stand cheesy
Travel / Re: Random Pictures Of America Taken by me by Phema: 3:09pm
yelowpp: kiss Phema, I saw that thing, congrats.
O ga eru na isi and amuo ya na udo na aha jisos, amen!

Aaaawwwww, dalu nwanyi oma. kiss

Egwu na tum nwantiti, mana Chineke nadindu. Ihencha gaga nkeoma. IJN.
Travel / Re: Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program-timelines Here by pickabeau1: 3:09pm
ferdimako: haha May 1 starts another....bumper harvest.

Na true.. smiley
Entertainment / Photo Of The Day by Barselonia(m): 3:09pm
This what People practise nowadays....any statement like this,you hear People saying,pictures or I don't believe...

Politics / Re: Tinubu Advocates Rig And Roast In Ekiti,osun Elections by Rad1cal: 3:09pm

You are a dunce, did that thread give us any insight about the identity of the fool named Gurnam. embarassed
Fashion / Re: FASHIONISTA RELOADED! Super Deal, Trendy Genuine Leather Female Wrist Watches by 2sexxy(m): 3:09pm
Anewdawn: yes I'm here oo. Sorry for d silence. Can it be over d weekend cos I'm usually not around on week days except in late evenings and night.
Okay. No problem. I just wanted to be sure you still want it. Please note that, as you may have known, it's because of the distance that's why it's like that. At least you are aware of it and how much it would cost to and fro.

Thanks for understanding.

Missindepent, I will include your own in the package with that of anewdawn.
Jokes Etc / Re: The Comment Without Any Likes Win by MichealsSophia2(f): 3:09pm
Comot dia cheesy No be maybe oo, see mosquito net for your that side ooo grin grin
lolz where mosquito no dey for Nigeria? cheesy
Autos / Re: Very Lovely Toks 1999 Leather Camry Le@ 920k by geop70: 3:09pm
750k cash
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Chi9: 3:08pm
I meant sore bosom.....pardon me
Ethnic/Racial Politics / Re: Biafra Odua Arewa: Which Of These Is A Likely First World Nation And Why by kingingkinging: 3:08pm

^^^You see why the Yoruba elite of the time made a mistake in not seizing the window of opportunity presented in 1967 to break free from this 'mere geographical expression'? With the Hausa/Fulani having enough on their plate facing Biafra, NdiYoruba could have declared Oduduwa Republic and given everyone 24 hours to either leave or pledge allegiance to the new country!

I understand your point my brother but using the Biafra approach wouldn't have been a good method.

Nigeria came into being by mere round table discussion and series of letter not by shedding of innocent people's blood why that when we wanted a disintegration from ourselves.

It should have been via a referendum or a sovereign conference not by killing our brothers from other regions.

The long and short is every region would have developed more than this.
Autos / Re: Registered 2011 Toyota Highlander Bought Brand New @ 5.3m by AUTOCRATIC: 3:08pm
Still available for sale
Religion / Re: What Is The Punishment For Not Being Pagan? by Gombs(m): 3:08pm

Christianity is not a religion? shocked
But you do worship a custodial three-faced skydaddy, don't you?

Mods, he is derailing...answer the op (which u r not qualified to, cos u r an atheist) or, just shut it
Travel / Re: DV 2014 Winners Meet Here by ukemeglitter: 3:08pm
Good day everyone!!!

Am really sorry for being away for some days now from the house and am very happy for the rapid growth of a wonderful forum like this as it hits 400 pages.

Just want to share a little bit of my Medical experience.

I traveled from PH to Lagos on Monday, then on Tuesday I found my way to V.I cos I wanted to do my medical at Q-Life. On that Tuesday morning there was little showers of rain when I dropped, I had to wait a while for the rain to subside and fortunately I there was GTB close to where I was waiting so I had to cross over to GTB to wait and as well withdraw some cash cos I didn't want to go with cash from PH.

So I went to GTB ATM to withdraw some cash, unfortunately the ATM was not paying the cash I needed at once, I had to take it bit by bit. So I did the first withdrawal which was 15,000 and on trying the second one the ATM told me I have exceeded maximum withdrawals for the day. So guys I had no choice than to start going Q-Life with 15,000 at 11.25am. When I got to Q-Life there were so many people waiting to do their medical too I quickly to the cashier to register, when I went to the cashier, she asked me if I wanted to register for my medicals so I said yes and she asked me if have any record of immunization with me I said no, so she told me that I am to pay 31,000 for the medical. She said if I have the cash with me or I want to pay through POS, I told her that I want to use POS. I now use my ATM card on the machine and it was printing a decline message and at that point the lady told me to go and wait after I have tried like two to three times and that she will call me after 5 mins time. I had to go and sit down after 5 - 10mins the lady called me again to come and try. I went and tried and it was the same thing.

So the lady gave me access bank teller to go to ATM and withdraw and go to the counter and pay. So I left to access bank, on my mind I was thinking of how that is going to be possible after having issues with the ATM, so I got to access bank and their ATM was telling me the same thing. So guys at this point I didn't know what to do I was confused and frustrated, So I picked up my phone and I explained the situation of things to a great member of this wonderful forum and he he borrowed some money to achieve my aim and I came back to life cos I was not ready to reschedule my medical.

At exactly 1.00pm I went back to Q-Life to start my medical and when I got there, the cashier didn't want to register people again cos so many people were still seated for their medical but she registered mine cos of those issues with cash. So I finally did my medical and I was through at 4.15pm, unfortunately I was not able to identify any of the member of this Green House there and at 4.25pm I left to alagbon for the Police Report got there 5.10pm and I did for just 2k.

So guys am so happy cos I was able to do my medical and police report that same day. Glory be to God.

I want to specially thank Mr. ItyRoyal for helping me out when it seem there was no other way. I pray God to bless and enrich him and his family abundantly in Jesus Name - Amen.
Romance / Re: Six Things You Need To Know About Dating With Depression (after A Breakup) by virtuousMe: 3:08pm
Travel / Re: DV 2014 Winners Meet Here by jbflx(m): 3:08pm
Good day hse. I hv a date @ d crescent on d 24th of June for my visa
chat.I need d assistance of d 'gurus' in d hse on how I could print d
selectee notification letter from d site. It looks as if d
interview appointment letter has replaced d selectee letter on d site.
D selectee letter is one of d required docs. for d chat and I will appreciate
if I could be put through on how I could print d letter.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: KPMG Graduate Trainee 2014 by Ezeed(f): 3:08pm
^^ for sure, the one administered in chams city is computer bacse; i think the others are paper based.
Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland May 2014- CAMPAIGN THREAD by kayClt(f): 3:08pm

Oga na 4 oo




I see u bro
Business / Re: An Unknown Person Paid Money Into My Account by nnekamezor(f): 3:08pm
mrvocalprowess: pay it back,imagine if u were d person dat mistakenly paid it into sum1 else account and d person refuse paying u bak? how will u feel?
Abi ooo... Well said bro
Politics / Re: Why Rochas May Not Win 2015 Election In Imo by 1025: 3:08pm

Elections are neither won on NL or Facebook , propaganda has its limits . Let the Good people of Imo state decide where the pendulum will swing !!!

u are contradicting urself. u said elections are not won here or facebook yet u are saying Rochas out.
i said am from obowo and i have mentioned projects that are on ground. things u can see, touch march and feel. if u are genuine or politically sound, i want u to counter me on these projects i mentioned.
what is propaganda when i mentioned my local govt without the fear of my town ppl here. lies are those ones u say without proves.
the whole projects are there and they can speak for themselves. who do u want what has he done? what did his party do in their 12 years of madness? let us make points and observers will be the judge. stop saying Rochas out as if u are one small village god. who knows how many of us that will even live to see the elections?
let us say the truth and forget our personal interests. Rochas has done better than the 12 years of pdp govt in imo and his projects are speaking for him.
even if a gang up of former and retired criminals in the state sends him out, he has written his name with GOLD in the state.
Tech Market / Re: Usb Otg Cable (for phones and tablets)(Samsung galaxy tabs) For Sale by un_limited(m): 3:08pm
un_limited: i have some pieces of micro usb otg(on-the-go)cable for sale at N500 each.
the cable can be used to connect your mouse, keyboard, flash-drive, hardisk, usb gamepad etc to your phones and it works with most android phones, latest nokia phones, tablets using micro usb port etc
the one that works for Samsung galaxy tabs is now available
call/whatsapp 08068946587
pin 7B18A721 to get yours

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