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Foreign Affairs / Re: Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe Resigns After 37 Years by ivolt: 6:38pm

I rest my case. Cancel ke? Don't say this outside o.

It is called currency redenomination and decimalization, it is
a practice well-known by economists and finance people but
to laymen, it looks like magic.
Family / Re: Sell Almost Anything Faster With Jiji Ng by minasota(f): 6:38pm
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Romance / Re: Please I Need A Girlfriend by Neimar: 6:38pm
ur fada da mad

gerrat...brat grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe Resigns After 37 Years by Sapiosexuality(m): 6:38pm

He didn't win and stay in power democratically for 37 years. Each election was not won fair and square and he didn't not rule democratically.

Sacking his V.P. and selecting his wife to take over was not democratic.

You reap what you sow...what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. He who live by the sword died by same and it's all good by me.
But is it right to abuse the law because a person abused the law? Can we even lay claim to a law in such scenario? And who or what determines the limit of such lawlessness?
Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by nugadel(m): 6:38pm
Last for today, #1500 Airtime:

There are two dogs sitting on a porch - one dog is fat and one is thin. The little dog is the son of the fat dog, but the fat dog is not the father of the thin dog. Which dog is the Mother?

The fat dog
Romance / Re: I Am Scared Of Marriage by carlcar2012(f): 6:38pm
it means that their marriage life is nothing to write home about
...had it been that your parents have a good exemplary married life,,you wouldn't have opened a thread like this..

all the same,,goodluck to whatever decision you take.

You have a point
Foreign Affairs / Re: Robert Mugabe Has Finally Resigned As President Of Zimbabwe!! Full STORY ! by theLegion(m): 6:38pm
Celebrities / Re: Adesua Etomi Vs Ehi Ogbebor: Who Rocked The Edo Traditional Attire Better? PICS by pweetiedee(f): 6:38pm
Adesua is hotter, she looks prim and fine oga Banky u try

As in ehn...
if to say banky na my brother or uncle, I'll visit him everyday just to see Adesuas face.
she is soon beautiful
Celebrities / Re: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's Agbada: Ugo Monye's Instagram Followers Skyrockets by makydebbie(f): 6:38pm
That picture though.. grin grin grin
grin grin
Politics / Re: Tragic : How Nigeria Gave Up West Africa. by casualobserver1: 6:38pm

Perhaps it's true. My military contribution to this site ends now.

It is a tragedy that SSBN has also been faced with the discouraging lack of stretegic thinking that bedevils this country at all levels and has done what many before him have- thrown in the towel.

The simple fact is that Nigeria- if it were under the control of people with strategic vision would act as an engine of grown for all of ECOWAS and would have it's troops stationed in every single ECOWAS country to repel the vicious French.

We have the money, we have the capability, we have the technology to do it. But due to the myopic nature of our leadership, we are lagging behind. Our government fails to leverage our diaspora's knowledge into a truly resilient local defence industry, and we fail to fight for our brothers who are under the vicious yoke of the French.

Yet another Patriot has fallen on Nairaland and like we see in the forest when an Iroko falls, only grass grows in it's place.

Seun, please take note. Your forum is sliding and the seriousness of the contributions has declined significantly. If one looks at the front page these days we see all manner of irrelevant and unimportant posts.

This strategy might drive short term increases in clicks and views, but at a strategic level it will hobble the growth of Nairaland. Nairaland can be a place where those with specialized knowledge of key topics and those with interest in those topics meet and exchange information and ideas.

If we look at Reddit there are areas of the site for more laid back conversation and areas for serious talk. Someone like SSBN filled a niche here and in all honesty has reached a stage where he should have his own section of the site where he can moderate (even if to a limited extent) in order to keep the quality of his own area up to standard.

If that were the case, the asinine statements that demoralized this Patriot would never seen the light of day and Nairaland would be better for it.

Anyone that has been following SSBN would know that this is someone that thinks about the strategic challenges facing Nigeria from our quisling neighbors. They would understand that people like this are in short supply and they need to have an area to speak up where other like minds can form around them and let healthy discussion take place on these topics.

Instead, look where we are now. Ethiopia's military continues to grow while the Chadians are making strategic purchases in order to neutralize our military. Nigeria continues to be demystified and our disgrace continues.

It is indeed a shame.

SSBN, you will be missed. I wish I knew another forum where maybe you could air your views but the only one I know is Reddit which doesn't have too many Nigerians.

I wish you the best. One day, people like you will be celebrated.
Technology Market / Re: Unlocked Mifi For Sale by eknudohs: 6:38pm
Serious buyer should call me
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by JamesReacher(m): 6:38pm
damn. I swear I saw the game, I was only interested in 150 odds and above games. Too bad, all the big odds I played don catch fire.

The odds is nothing, 147 - 58 = 89 to go.
Thunder only struck once. He can't pull another surprise.
He has 15 Odd before monitoring spirit
Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by barbiecue(f): 6:38pm
The fat dog
Literature / Re: VAMPIRE ROMANCE (legend Of The Wicked Witch) by Skidoolina(m): 6:38pm
# Vampire_romance
# episode_12

Emma and Charlotte were sad after Henry finished explaining to them how the monster chased him.
" but i dont understand oo, what was Peggy doing in the school that night" Emma asked
" nobody knew she was supposed to be in her hostel" Henry said.
"something is fishy, how did that monster knew Peggy is going to be in the school at that time" Charlotte Said.
None of them talk, they dont know the answer to the question.
Suddenly, charlotte phone rang and she excuse herself telling them she has to go meet somebody, leaving both Henry and Emma alone.
Henry looked at Emma for some minute before breaking the silence that engulf them.
" after Peggy died i thought i will never fall for another person, that was why i left school then" Henry said. Emma smiled and look deep into Henry's eyes, she is trying to read henry's mind but she couldnt.
" so you mean to say since that time, you havent fallen for another person" Emma asked.
"no i havent fallen for another person around 1992 but we broke up because our way isnt the same" Henry said.
" how did you mean" Emma asked.
" dont worry, i need to go right now, see you later" Henry said and left the place.
* * * *
charlotte was rushing towards the vice-chancelor office although she is not going to the V.C office, as she is about to pass the V.C office, mrs Joanne came out of the Office, and she saw charlotte.
"good, i am about looking for you" Mrs Joanne said
"what for ma " Charlotte asked
" i have this strange feeling within me, so i have to tell you to tell Emma that before she go to Mrs Judith house tomorrow, she must make sure the totem necklace is on her neck" Mrs Joanne told Charlotte.
"but is that possible ma, she doesnt know where the necklace is" Charlotte said.
" the totem necklace was buried by me inside the forest, if you crossed the Lover's den River, there is a bg pole that looked like a tree with no leaves, the necklace is buried underneath the pole" Mrs joanne told Charlotte who set off immediately in search of Emma.
* * * *
She was listening to Mrs Joanne when she is telling Charlotte where the Totem necklace was kept, she was listening with her vampire sense, the necklace was kept in the same place where she buried Mary and Kelvin, she smile, She was going to get Emma also, She was going to lay ambush for her. She smile and ran away with vampire speed.
* * * *
Charlotte find Emma where she left her, the only difference is that Henry is not with her.
"hey baby girl, you are still here, where is Henry" Charlotte asked Emma
" he already left, you know you cant expect Vampires to stick around did you" Emma said.
Charlotte then took her time to tell Emma everything Mrs Joanne explained to her. After listening to her friend, Emma stand up immediately and told Charlotte she must See Mrs Joanne because there is something she didnt understand, then Charlotte told her that the last time she talked with Mrs Joanne, she is going home, without wasting time, emma began to ran towards Mrs Joanne house.
* * * *
mrs Joanne reached her house safely, since she live alone she was the only one at home,her two daughter stay in london while her husband is dead.
she was about to UnCloth so as to go and shower when she saw something in the mirror in front of her, as she is about to turn an unknown force carried her to the ceiling with her facing down. At first mrs Joanne didnt see the person that did the magic, few moment later she saw the person, it was the witch,JODA.
* * * *
Emma was running beside the express road, as fast as her leg can carry her which wasnt fast enough, she was too occupied in her thought of reaching mrs Joanne house on time that she did see a danfo bus that has lost control until it is too late, when she saw the bus, she cant do anything and the driver of the bus is also confused, as the bus is about to collide with Emma, somebody lift Emma from the ground with the speed of flash and carried her to safety thereby making the Bus crashed to a pole.
When Emma looked at the Person , it was Henry.
Phones / Re: J7 Pro 2017 by hugoboss70(m): 6:38pm
Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by victemige(m): 6:38pm

The fat dog is the mother of the thin dog.

Correct grin

Your Mobile Number and Network?
Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by VERTEX1: 6:38pm
Fat dog
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by crazypencils20: 6:38pm

My guy. We all have our different "measures" for players, particularly those we regard as stars. Calling me "short-sighted" is just straight up disrespectful. All I gave is my own opinion on one player. You don't have to buy it; and you darn sure don't have any right to insult me too. Wen e no be like sey u follow for FIFA committee wen dey rank players!

I'm sorry that you feel disrespected, I was only giving my opinion on your opinion. tongue
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 3 by knwuna: 6:38pm

Your agent is leading you down the chambers of hell.

Run away from that suggestion. Run, as fast as your legs can carry you.
If you don’t have the necessary money, please make sure you do.
Besides, you practically want to sell your assists etc for uk school fees?
What kind of course do you want to study? And what is the profitability of that course?
Or your current employer in Nigeria has promised to begin paying you 1,000,000 naira per month after you return with a UK degree?
The truth is that my wife is a British citizen and she pregnant too.. She needs me to help her..she can't bring me in bcoz the work she does earns her £17,800 per year against the UK £18,600 requirement ..so we taught I should come through school.. She can't work extra shift right now to makeup bcoz of her condition ..Wat will be your advice
Webmasters / Re: I Will Design A Professional Blog For You For #2,500 ONLY (wordpress) by Yinxjay: 6:38pm
Am interested...... Jimmyyinx@gmail.com
Music/Radio / Re: Bisola - "Luchia" (Audio) by Mexbeejayx: 6:38pm

Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by sexybbstar(f): 6:38pm
Mtn 08166554021 tnks
Cc: Victemige
Politics / Re: Nosakhare Ogbemudia & Ekan Egonmwan's Pre-Wedding Photos by aquila123(m): 6:37pm
is dat not my babe?

Romance / Re: Am Too Handsome Please Help PHOTOS by ProsperOkec: 6:37pm
I cute
You beef
You vex
You die

Jesus Jesus
Phones / Re: Oukitel K6000 Plus by emergency2: 6:37pm
Pls who has the touch screen for sale
Romance / Re: Solve Riddle And Get #500 Airtime by Durhleepee: 6:37pm
Last for today, #1500 Airtime:

There are two dogs sitting on a porch - one dog is fat and one is thin. The little dog is the son of the fat dog, but the fat dog is not the father of the thin dog. Which dog is the Mother?

The fat dog sad
Celebrities / Re: Adesua Etomi Vs Ehi Ogbebor: Who Rocked The Edo Traditional Attire Better? PICS by Frankygeo: 6:37pm

7. Happy Mood
100 dollar note? really?
Politics / Re: Adeyemi Edun, Daniel Ford Helped Diezani Alison-Madueke Buy Properties In London by sapele914(m): 6:37pm

yes! like ur buhari
I believe you meant to say like Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves?

Romance / Re: I Am Scared Of Marriage by KreativGenius: 6:37pm
Help guys, just found out that I am scared of commitment, everyone in my family is already married and d are all looking at me like WTF is holding you, although d did not say it out only my dad.
The thing is I do not like the idea and philosophy behind marriage.

I need help guys.

Lala, seun

We all have fears. I started hustling since 19 years of age, became highly independent, it forced me to become selfish in many ways.Latley, i just had to think, men you've gotta give this independence sh*t up dude. So you need to identify what causes your own fears and nip it in the bud
Celebrities / Banky W And Adesuwa Etomi Flies Out To Cape Town by Highsense: 6:37pm

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