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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by Roland17(m): 6:17pm
Clearly offside, very disappointing call from the lines man
Autos / Re: Toyoya Sequoia 03 Dvd Sharpest Used...1.25m by jaxxy(m): 6:17pm
Romance / Re: Should A Woman Have A Side Guy In Case Of Disappointment By Her Main Man? by Dlionsheart: 6:17pm
The potency and vividness of all marriages to survived its 10th anniversary (at least), depend largely on the foundation of the relationship. Judge what will be the outcome of a relationship that starts on the foundation of 'Side chicks/guys'

Romance / Re: Why Cant Women Be Straight Forward by Sunlady306(f): 6:17pm
Gals dis, gals dat. I tire o.
Autos / Re: Hot Deal!!! 2008 Honda CRV With 41k Miles by shamecurls: 6:17pm
Special Weekend Deal

Hot deal!!!

Call in
Mr. Ibraheem_08099152201 and Mr. OWA_07064019314
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by jimmy4x(m): 6:17pm
Oh! my fvckig God, its a pity we lost Lukaku, see pass!!!!
Technology Market / Re: PRE ORDER 2.0 - CHEAPEST PRE-ORDER DEALS EVER FROM CHINA. by Inkredible(m): 6:17pm
luvlyoracle: If en waste ur data,no vex oo
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Islam for Muslims / Re: Contradictions In The Bible by malvisguy212: 6:17pm
5. Was Ahaziah 22 (2 Kings
8:26) or 42 (2 Chronicles 22:2)
when he began to rule over
Jerusalem? (Category: copyist error)
Because we are dealing with
accounts which were written
thousands of years ago, we
would not expect to have the
originals in our possession today, as they would have disintegrated
long ago. We are therefore
dependent on the copies taken
from copies of those originals,
which were in turn continually
copied out over a period of centuries. Those who did the
copying were prone to making
two types of scribal errors. One
concerned the spelling of proper
names, and the other had to do
with numbers. The two examples of numerical
discrepancy here have to do with
a decade in the number given.
Ahaziah is said to have been 22
in 2 Kings 8:26; while in 2
Chronicles 22:2 Ahaziah is said to have been 42. Fortunately there
is enough additional information
in the Biblical text to show that
the correct number is 22. Earlier
in 2 Kings 8:17 the author
mentions that Ahaziah's father Joram ben Ahab was 32 when he
became King, and he died eight
years later, at the age of 40.
Therefore Ahaziah could not
have been 42 at the time of his
father's death at age 40! Such scribal errors do not change
Jewish or Christian beliefs in the
least. In such a case, another
portion of scripture often
corrects the mistake (2 Kings
8:26 in this instance). We must also remember that the scribes
who were responsible for the
copies were meticulously honest
in handling Biblical texts. They
delivered them as they received
them, without changing even obvious mistakes, which are few
(Refer to the next question for a
more in-depth presentation on
how scribes could misconstrue
numbers within manuscripts) (Archer 1982:206 and Light of
Life II 1992:201) 6. Was Jehoiachin 18 years old
(2 Kings 24:cool or 8 years old (2
Chronicles 36:9) when he
became king of Jerusalem? (Category: copyist error)
Once again there is enough
information in the context of
these two passages to tell us
that 8 is wrong and 18 right. The
age of 8 is unusually young to assume governmental
leadership. However, there are
certain commentators who
contend that this can be entirely
possible. They maintain that
when Jehoiachin was eight years old, his father made him co-
regent, so that he could be
trained in the responsibilities of
leading a kingdom. Jehoiachin
then became officially a king at
the age of eighteen, upon his father's death.
A more likely scenario, however,
is that this is yet another case of
scribal error, evidenced
commonly with numbers. It may
be helpful to interject here that there were three known ways of
writing numbers in Hebrew. The
earliest, a series of notations
used by the Jewish settlers in the
5th century BC Elephantine Papyri
(described in more detail below) was followed by a system
whereby alphabetical letters
were used for numbers. A further
system was introduced whereby
the spelling out of the numbers
in full was prescribed by the guild of so-perim. Fortunately we
have a large file of documents in
papyrus from these three sources
to which we can refer.
As with many of these numerical
discrepancies, it is the decade number that varies. It is
instructive to observe that the
number notations used by the
Jewish settlers in the 5th century
BC Elephantine Papyri, during the
time of Ezra and Nehemiah, from which this passage comes,
evidences the earlier form of
numerical notation. This
consisted of a horizontal stroke
ending in a downward hook at
its right end to represent the numbers in tens (thus two
horizontal strokes one above the
other would be 20). Vertical
strokes were used to represent
anything less than ten. Thus
eight would be /III IIII, but eighteen would be /III IIII with
the addition of a horizontal line
and downward hook above it.
Similarly twenty-two would be /I
followed by two horizontal
hooks, and forty-two would be /I followed by two sets of
horizontal hooks (please forgive
the deficiencies of my computer;
it is not the scholar Dr. Archer is).
If, then, the primary manuscript
from which a copy was being carried out was blurred or
smudged, one or more of the
decadal notations could be
missed by the copyist. It is far
less likely that the copyist would
have mistakenly seen an extra ten stroke that was not present
in his original then that he would
have failed to observe one that
had been smudged.
In the New International Version
(NIV) of the Bible, the corrections have been included in
the texts. However, for clarity,
footnotes at the bottom of the
page mention that earlier
Hebrew MSS include the scribal
error, while the Septuagint MSS and Syriac as well as one Hebrew
MSS include the correct numerals.
It only makes sense to correct
the numerals once the scribal
error has been noted. This,
however, in no way negates the authenticity nor the authority of
the scriptures which we have.
Confirmation of this type of
copyist error is found in various
pagan writers as well. For
example in the Behistun rock inscription set up by Darius 1, we
find that number 38 gives the
figure for the slain of the army of
Frada as 55,243, with 6,572
prisoners, according to the
Babylonian column. Copies of this inscription found in Babylon
itself, records the number of
prisoners as 6,973. However in
the Aramaic translation of this
inscription discovered at the
Elephantine in Egypt, the number of prisoners was only 6,972.
Similarly in number 31 of the
same inscription, the Babylonian
column gives 2,045 as the
number of slain in the rebellious
army of Frawartish, along with 1,558 prisoners, whereas the
Aramaic copy has over 1,575 as
the prisoner count.
(Archer 1982:206-207, 214-215,
222, 230; Nehls pg.17-18; Light
of Life II 1992:204-205) 7. Did king Jehoiachin rule over
Jerusalem for three months (2
Kings 24:cool, or for three months
and ten days (2 Chronicles 36:9)
? (Category: misunderstood the
author's intent)
Here again, as we found in
challenge number 2 and 4, the
author of the Chronicles has been
more specific with his numbering, whereas the author
of Kings is simply rounding off
the number of months, assuming
that the additional ten days is
not significant enough to
mention. 8. Did the chief of the mighty
men of David lift up his spear
and killed 800 men (2 Samuel
23:cool or only 300 men (1
Chronicles 11:11)? (Category:misunderstood the
historical context or
misunderstood the author's
It is quite possible that both
authors may have described two different incidents, though by
the same man, or one author
may have only mentioned in part
what the other author mentions
in full.
(Light of Life II 1992:187) 9. Did David bring the Ark of
the Covenant to Jerusalem after
defeating the Philistines (2
Samuel 5 and 6), or before (1
Chronicles chapters 13 and 14)? (Category: didn't read the entire
This is not really a problem.
Shabbir Ally should have
continued reading on further to 1
Chronicles 15, as he would then have seen that David brought the
Ark after defeating the
Philistines. The reason for this is
that the Israelites moved the Ark
of the covenant twice. The first
time, they moved it from Baal, prior to the defeat of the
Philistines, as we see in 2
Samuel 5 and 6 and in 1
Chronicles 15. Once the prophet
Samuel narrates David's victory
over the Philistines, he tells us about both times when the Ark
was moved. However in 1
Chronicles, the order is as
follows: the Ark was first moved
from baal; then David defeated
the Philistines; and finally, the Ark was moved from the House
of Obed-Edom.
Therefore the two accounts are
not contradictory at all. What we
have here is simply one prophet
choosing to give us the complete history of the Ark at once (rather
than referring to it later) and
another presenting the history in
a different way. In both cases
the timing of events is the same.
The same could be said of the Qur'an. In Sura 2 we are
introduced to the fall of Adam,
then God's mercy is shown to the
Israelites, followed by Pharaoh's
drowning, followed by Moses and
the Golden calf, followed by the Israelites complaint about food
and water, and then we are
introduced to the account of the
golden calf again. Following this,
we read about Moses and Jesus,
then we read about Moses and the golden calf, and then about
Solomon and Abraham. If one
wants to talk about chronology,
what does Moses have to do with
Jesus, or Solomon with
Abraham? Chronologically the sura should have begun with
Adam's fall, then moved to Cain
and Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Lot,
Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Joseph,
the sons of Israel and Moses, in
that order. If such a blatant chronological mix-up can be
found in this sura of the Qur'an,
then Shabbir would do well to
explain it before criticizing what
they deem to be an error in the
Programming / Re: Programming (java) Vs CCNA; Which Should I Do Before My Nov NYSC by bonerVee(m): 6:17pm
Tnx yall. U're al 2 kind. So happy 2 use ds rum. I went 2 afrihub awka n requestes 4 java bt they hav only ccna 2 run ds summer in 2mths. Bt i wud av prefrd java doe. Proud of my GURUs here.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by mukina2: 6:17pm
offside goal angry angry angry angry
Politics / Re: The True Parasite | NUMBERS DO NOT LIE by atlwireles: 6:17pm
Interestingly rubber is responsible for almost 50% of the non oil export earnings. Add the cocoa from the SS and Pawn and shrimps from the SS. We can easily say the SS is responsible for more than 50% of the non oil export earnings . We don try for this Nigeria. angry angry angry angry
Education / Re: Oau Postgraduate Harmattan Semester Form Sale Is Out by drmark: 6:17pm
Alongeo: Pls house,,can we pay the fee with our credit card(ATM)
U can use a GTBank Debit card
Education / Re: My Convocation Pictures @ 19th Lagos State University convocation ceremony by gistmelove(m): 6:17pm
lyfe: Congrats, another phase of life commences after the ceremony. Btw,are you from Osun State?

thnks so much... Nooooo

proudly lagos boy

Rep Awori
Forum Games / Re: Blue Pill Or Red Pill - Which Would You Go For {photo} by adioolayi: 6:17pm
This dialogue ensued between husband and wife with four kids after the wife administerd the Blue pill. Husband died in poverty.
Husband: How on earth will you bring me back to this poverty.
Wife: I love you and your children also love you.
Husband: you love me and you refused billions of naira to take care of yourself and my children only for you to invite me to partake in second poverty? You know do well..kill me again angry grin grin

RED PILL things
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by GeneralJ(m): 6:17pm
omg, what is happening with arsenal
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by Odunharry(m): 6:17pm
Up Gunners....buhahahahahahahahaha
Politics / Re: The True Parasite | NUMBERS DO NOT LIE by T9ksy(m): 6:17pm
Its an open secret that the ibos needs One Nigeria much more that nigeria needs the ibos
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by Roland17(m): 6:17pm
Same old same old!!!
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by adez9: 6:17pm
hakeemadeyemi: 56
wait,r u tomi on d watsapp group??
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by Havilah93(m): 6:17pm

grin grin grin grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by Chynx(m): 6:17pm
Everton rrrrraping assanal since 500BC grin cheesy grin

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Education / Re: So Many People Will Get This Wrong: What Is The Opposite Of Red? by chukslawrence(m): 6:17pm
Black- white
Red- green
Blue- orange
Yellow- violet
Jobs/Vacancies / Free Oil And Gas Aptitude Test E-book by peterirhivben: 6:16pm
This e-book is meant to prepared candidate who want to write aptitude test exam in any of the oil and gas company. Although we have listed some of the oil and gas company here, these applies to all oil and gas company.
This questions are in no way the exact questions you will see in aptitude test or do we claim to be an agent to any of the recruitment company. This questions are materials from our lectures handout we have use to teach student preparing for job aptitude test and interview over the year with much success rate. This materials is what we have combined together into an e-book to help the general public preparing for aptitude test of different natures. They includes
Programming / Re: Have Your Own Software With A Zero Price by IamGodzilla: 6:16pm
Your website is subsceptible to Sql injection attack.
*work on that.
Enter this in your browser
Work on this till it shows no errors!
And if you need my help.
Contact me, will do @ a lil token.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by SammyHoe(m): 6:16pm


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Celebrities / Controversial Actress Biodun Okeowo Says “I Kept My Virginity Till Marriage” by EReloaded(m): 6:16pm
Controversial but beautiful Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo, has revealed how she kept her virginity till her marriage with ex-husband.

Biodun Okeowo, whose marriage with her first hubby collapsed after he suspected her of warming the beds of other men said in an interview with Vanguard newspaper she kepy her body intact till her first wedding and is surprised at the spate at which people go about having indiscriminate sex.

The actress, who is also known in the industry as Tolani Oshorin disclosed that she has moved on with her life despite breaking up with the father of her two kids.

The vegetarian actress when asked what part of her body are her selling points disclosed that she values her hips and eyeballs most.

Business / Re: How To Make More Gain On Betting Site by bankyteemoney(m): 6:16pm
Let's learn to help our fellow friends. #method three Halves With Most Goals System - I really enjoy this method because it’s very easy to use even someone without much knowledge about football can successfully use it to make profit from football betting. I will give you the easiest route of using this system and tell you how to be double sure about it before placing your bets if you are going for a huge stake I simply use the odds given to the teams so know which half will have more goals. I usually go for 2nd half to have more goals with this system because that’s much easier to predict than the first half. Averagely in football, more games end with more goals in the 2nd half than the first half simply because both teams are at their best in the first half and in the second half, the game opens up a bit either because fatigue start settling in or the better team starts to get in their stride. So we use this statistics to our advantage. I love this system because the odds are always very good, usually 2.00. When the away team is given odd between 1.80 to 1.90 – To make checking for the odds given to team easily. I don’t use the betting website itself except for Nairabet which list their game on the home page (Next Hour Games) and you see the odds given. Most times, I use a different site that aggregate odds from different betting portals. You can check them out at the link below This site list all the game and their odd, you just need to go through them and see the one that fits into the recommendation. Please wait till 5 minutes to the start of the game to be sure the odd is still the same. If it is, you can place your bet on it.
Romance / Re: 22 Things Women Do That Kills Relationships by JohnieWalker(m): 6:16pm
@andromida...ur head dey dere..thanks
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Arsenal (2 - 0) - Live by mukina2: 6:16pm

2 - 0

the ref did not see that foul to the build up o angry

Car Talk / Synthetic ATF Not Just Synthetic Engine Oil by IdaraCHODB(m): 6:16pm
So many threads about synthetic engine oil, next to none about synthetic ATF.

Is anyone in the house using synthetic ATF?

Did you use dyno ATF then switched? Or have you always used synthetic ATF?

Please share your experiences and recommendations. You might just succeed in saving a (car's) life or even extending it. Who knows?
Autos / Re: Honda Civic 07 Used(bought Brand New)... 890k by jaxxy(m): 6:16pm
Jokes Etc / Funny Quotes Of The Day by classiclee: 6:16pm
Is jet a li?
Is face a book?
Is peak a milk?
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Is wiz a kid?
Is burna a boy?
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Is english a language?
Is naira a land?
Is net a naija?
Is my a dpix?
Is abbey a classiclee?
Is ebola a virus?
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Is three a crown?
Is agbo a jedi?
Is www a dot?
Is. Naija a loaded?
Is yahoo a gin?
Is pink a lady?
Is red a label?
Is lagos a state?
Is recharge a card?
Is doro a bucci?
Am tired mehn visit

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