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Sports / Re: Slavery- Ogenyi Onazi Signs New Contract Worth €700k Per Year At Lazio by WoodcrestMayor: 11:12am
Though itz low,it. Shuld be noted dat italian league teams don't pay much to their players.
The last time I checked,Vidal was on 60-somtin thousand per week.
Errybody knws dat a player of Vidal's calibre won't take less than 150k in the English premier league.
Autos / Re: 2008 Registered Nissan Altima With Thumb Start@ #1.250k by AUTOCRATIC: 11:12am
For sale
Celebrities / Re: Guys!!! Who Would You Hit? Maheeda, Chidinma, Mocheddah Or Yemi Alade? by assfreak(m): 11:12am
icebebe: eh eh hit wit pako

I'd want chidinma fr ma broda,reason is dere are both virgins,dnt wnt all dis bad gals to spoil ma babybroda mbok,so I knw chidinma is d rite one 4 him. Tnks

How you take know sey your brother na virgin? Stay dere dey deceive urself. E go be like film trick when he give person belle.
Properties / Why Synagogue Building Could Not Stand? ––military Expert by franzis(m): 11:12am
When I sent the video of the collapsed Synagogue building to a friend of mine who is a military expert, he replied with this report.
Unexplained collapse of a newly built multi-story building at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations In Nigeria. Remarks based on the known data of the case:
Before the collapse of the building, it was recorded that at least four times, there was a crossing of a military airplane. It appears to be a Hercules C-130, which is a military aircraft, not civil.
What was a fighter plane doing midday over a residential area many times (at least 4 times that the camera shows) and, most especially, over the building that collapsed under strange circumstances?
The flight routes of these military aircrafts are scheduled by the appropriate military service and are recorded in the service radars. Therefore, it should be investigated:

(a) The planned flight route of the aircraft that day (12.09.2014), on the basis of the official records of the service and whether it was planned to pass so many times above the particular residential area.

(b) Why and for what purpose is the transit of a military aircraft that hour and even for many times over TB Joshua's building?

It seems completely inexplicable, useless and, therefore, entirely suspect. This is the crossing of a military aircraft on the particular residential area, which is a peaceful Christian area and shows no indication of an outbreak of terrorism, nor has ever attracted the state's interest as a terrorist area.
These types of aircrafts (C-130), which usually fly at low altitudes, because of their design, are capable of carrying a heavy military load of several tonnes and, in particular, heavy armored tanks.
So, they can easily carry:
Sophisticated war machinery, equipped with mechanisms for production of powerful electromagnetic waves, powerful ultrasounds and infrared waves, with the ability to focus on specific targets (buildings, factories, etc...).
They are also capable of causing strong vibrations in buildings, equivalent to bombing, without being perceived by the human eye or with human ears. The focus of the beam on specific targets like buildings, factories, etc…, can cause instability in the balance of the building, resulting in the collapse of the building, either directly or at a later time.
Nobody knows exactly what cargo or equipment (machinery, etc...) was contained within the contents of this aircraft, which no one could see from the outside without entering the interior of the aircraft.
In this case, it is a newly built building.Because it is a newly constructed buiding, it is impossible to suddenly collapse on its own without a strong external interference that would upset the stability of the building, taking into account the fact that on that day, there was no natural earthquake nor a heavy rainfall that could affect the statics of the building or the land on which the building rests. This, both common sense and Engineering Science, requires us to accept.
The only remaining plausible explanation of the sudden collapse of the new building is the intervention of powerful forces, invisible to the human eye, caused by modern (obviously) war machines equipped with mechanisms for producing extremely powerful beams of electromagnetic waves and very strong ultrasonic and infrared waves, equivalent to bombardment, which apparently caused the collapse of the new building.
Finally, the date of the collapse of the building (September 12) refers by definition to a similar collapse of the multi-storey buildings (World Trade Center) which was a symbol of the United States on September 11, in the USA, by Muslim extremists.
It is therefore a logical connection of a similar terrorist event at the symbol of Christianity in Nigeria, which is The Synagogue Church of All Nations, led by Prophet T.B. Joshua

Family / Re: Losing Post-delivery Belly Fat? by beeevan: 11:12am
Kanwulia you are beautiful woman wink.
Technology Market / Re: All HTc's, BB,& Tablet & M7 Amaze & IPad & iPhone by Dwightrules: 11:12am
Dwightrules: .
Politics / The US Just Started Bombing Syria. This Syrian Man Is Live-tweeting The Strikes by Philtrik(m): 11:12am
The US is now launching its first-ever air strikes in Syria against the terrorist group ISIS, the Pentagon announced at about 9:30 pm EST, revealing that the US military is "using a mix of fighter, bomber, and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles" along with the air forces of Middle Eastern allies.
But the news was actually broken 30 minutes earlier by a Syrian Twitter user in the city of Raqqa, where ISIS has its headquarters, who heard the strikes and speculated — correctly, it turned out — that this was the beginning of the American air campaign. The Twitter user, named Abdulkader Hariri, posted that "massive" explosions had rocked ISIS headquarters, and that the skies were full of war planes and drones. Here are his tweets, which are chilling to read:
Breaking: Huge explosions shook the city in what might be the beginning of US airstrikes on ISIS HQs in Raqqa— Abdulkader Hariri (@3bdUlkaed6r) September 23, 2014
The airstrikes 5/6 concentrated near the 'governorate building' ISIS's main HQ. Meanwhile, sounds of warplanes can be heard clearly— Abdulkader Hariri (@3bdUlkaed6r) September 23, 2014
The sky is full drones over Raqqa now— Abdulkader Hariri (@3bdUlkaed6r) September 23, 2014
Reports of similar airstrikes on Tabga town and brigade 93 in Ein Essa.— Abdulkader Hariri (@3bdUlkaed6r) September 23, 2014
The air strikes are a major escalation for the United States against ISIS, which has effectively erased much of the border between Iraq, where the US has been bombing it for weeks, and Syria, where Obama has been more reticent to intervene. Here also is an eerie video, quickly posted by the Syrian activist news agency Step, that purports to show those first strikes over Raqqa.
These tweets and videos, posted by Syrian activists bearing witness to American strikes in their backyards, are only going to get more common as the US air campaign accelerates.
The US is bombing Syria to destroy ISIS.
Romance / Re: Nairaland December Get Togther....(fun All The Way)watch Out by MrTeymee(m): 11:12am
Benin-city hmmm merit12 can I join ur planning comittegrin Ah happen to be in benin atm....
Religion / Re: does The Jehovah Witness Still Forbids Blood Transfusion In This Century? by Ukutsgp(m): 11:12am
Boomark: Acts 15:29
You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from intimate immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Farewell.

To abstain from blood would mean and include not having anything to do with blood and TOUCHING of blood. But we (JWs inclusive) kill and touch the animals we kill. So abstinence from blood here is pointing at, "do not eat blood."

Eating blood is not the same as transfusing blood. Two different things. One disintegrates blood and pass some of its components as waste, the other preserves it. Of course we must obey Jehovah's commandment to pour out the blood of the animal we kill and not eat it. This does not speak of blood transfusion.

Since we know that we all have the same Spirit (life) ie one spirit, a matching blood from another person would be like the same blood i have. Transfusion from the blood of a living person (not dead body) would mean CONTINUITY of the same life in another.

With this in mind, there still remain the abstinence from blood as Jehovah commanded.

Well done Ukutsgp.
tanks. many people want to persecute me for speaking d truth.
Celebrities / Re: One Celebrity Has Already Cracked His Iphone 6. by vosquare: 11:12am
Funny dude..... grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Miley Cyrus Might Go To Jail For Her Raunchy Routines [see Photo] by polymathic(m): 11:12am
Where's d photo sire?
Forum Games / Re: Eight-letter Word Game: Start A New Word With The Last Letter Of Previous Word by justicesky24(m): 11:11am
Autos / Re: Extremely Clean 2007 Jeep Cherokee With Leather Interior And Formica by lomaxbien(m): 11:11am
Politics / Re: FG To Take Over Expansion Of Lagos-badagry Road by biodunid: 11:11am
This is sabotage! Now that the rail line is about to cross the lagoon and the whole world can see how wonderful the project is PDP wakes up to overturn the milk basin. Where was PDP in the last five years of securing right of way, paying compensation and spending almost $1b? How long will it take PDP to agree a regional effort with ECOWAS states struggling currently with Ebola and Ghana whose economy is suffering a meltdown? Can we expect completion of this project even by 2020 if PDP's leprous fingers are laid on it? BRF should head to the Federal High Court pronto before this campaign gimmick causes Lagos real harm. Eko o ni baje o!
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by mercylicious: 11:11am
make i check d result.
when is d qualificatn date?
Food / Re: Have You Ever Got A Bone Stuck In Your Throat? How Did You Remove It? by kellysam(m): 11:11am
Buy #20 Northerner bread and squeeze it into ur mouth, then swallow without chewing it. its a very fast way of pushing it down.... have tried it and it worked for me!!!
Autos / Re: Super Clean And Fresh 2010 Honda Accord For Sale by lomaxbien(m): 11:11am
Education / The Polytechnic Ibadan Cutoff Mark And Admission Score Is Out by BishopManuel(m): 11:11am
This is to inform d general public dat d cut off mark and admission score for the polytechnic ibadan as been posted on dia website

S/N FACULTY COURSE CUT-OFF 1. FBCS Business Administration 43.75 Mass Communication 58.5 Marketing 17.5 Music Technology 25.0 Public Administration 53.5 Office Technology & Management 32.38 Purchasing & Supply 23.88 Local Government Studies 26.5 2. FENG Agric Engineering 46.38 Civil Engineering 49.88 Elect/Elect Engineering 49.5 Mechanica l Engineering 48.38 Computer Engineering 50.63 Mechatron ics 27.5 3. FES Architectu re 45.5 Building Technology 21.13 Estate Management 45.5 Art & Design 39.88 Urban & Regional Planning 26.0 Quantity Surveying 24.88 Surveying & Geoinformatics 40.38 Fashion Design & Clothing Tech. 21.25 4. FFMS Accountancy 53.63. Insurance 37.63 Banking & Finance 49.88 5. FSC Agric Technology 48.13 Computer Science 49.25 Geology 20.0 Food Science Technology 52.5 Science Laboratory Technology 55.5 Statistics 27.38l
Phones / Re: Infinix zero discussion thread! by Lordaweezy: 11:11am
cooljoe13: For those who want to join the infinix group rom on whatapp. Note dat d group is strictly for users. If u are not a user trying to join. We do verity to know if you have the device, so don't just drop your number if you don't use the device.

Kudos to our developer on whatapp group

recovery and custom roms now available for infinix zero

add asap 07066692715
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by GAZZUZZ(m): 11:11am
mokikeoj: Hello Gazzuzz

I ran a diagnostic check on my 2007 Honda accord after it started showing the check engine light and I was told the catalyst is bad. My questions are:

1) Apart from the emission of poisonous gases, is there any consequence if I don't fix it immediately?

2) Could the faulty catalyst be a symptom of something else?

Short term Consequences will be o2 and af sensors reporting wrong signals to the ecu, long term will be misfires on several cylinders caused by the wrong signal sent to the ecm by the o2 and af sensors. If you cannot aford to replace the catalyst, just instal a spacer. Spacers cost like 200 naira a piece.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by daveP(m): 11:11am

Hmm well mAyb mayb not
Technology Market / Re: Sony Xperia Z Ultra & xperia Z2 Tab new by Dwightrules: 11:11am
Dwightrules: .
Politics / Re: INEC Want To Register More Political Party by barcanista(m): 11:11am

You don't understand the dilemma

This issue has taken another tune of power tussle, thanks to our elementary Democracy.

It is now Act of National Assembly consented by the President (Law) verse Judicial pronouncement.

The electoral law actually gave this power to INEC "probably" against our constitution (Military Decree) and from what I understand, the Supreme Court may keep the ruling on this matter in the Refrigerator till another people based constitution is approved.
Your argument sir has already been taken care of by the constitution. Section 1. Clearly States that (1) This Constitution is supreme and its provisions shall have binding force on all authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Part 3 futher states that

(3) If any other law is inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail, and that other law shall to the extent of the inconsistency be void.

Hence, Section 78(7) (ii) of the 2010 Electoral Act has been rendered null and void for the fact that it contravenes Section 40 of the Constitution, which is against Section 1(3) of the 1999 Constitution(as amended)
It is not a choice of the SC or "Military and no Military" Constitution. The same constitution that grants legitimacy to the government, the court and Inec cannot be trampled. Doing this means a call to ANARCHY!!!
NYSC / Re: Lagos State NYSC Batch B 2014 (Stream I&II) by kriscamdi(m): 11:11am
ArNyy: ma dear,am job hunting too...rily tired of ds whole tng
To job hia in lag no b small tin oo, anyways, let's see hw it goes.

Vsit my blog oo n comment. D 50th comment gets a price
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Most Outstanding Ex Beauty Queens In Nigeria ( Photos ) by hugelyendowed: 11:11am
englishmart: ojukwu's wife.. La Bianca.. O what's that her sweet name ghon sef?
Politics / Re: ******** (Nairaland Election)****** by chinazaekperem2: 11:11am
i don't get the drift, will they be paid? grin
Technology Market / Re: Nokia LUMIA 1320 Brand New Sealed by Dwightrules: 11:11am
[quote author=Dwightrules][/quote].
Politics / Re: Will Jonathan Make This List by theassassin: 11:11am
only a bastard vulture takes this dimwit egift serious

maybe after thunder go scatter your mama and papa head
or when your father got killed in arm robbery your eye go clear that weather you like it or not




damned life number one citizen



onye ala
ikpu nne i
Autos / Re: 2007 Audi Q7,extremely Clean And Fresh by lomaxbien(m): 11:11am
still up for sale
Family / Re: We Met On Nairaland And Today We Are Married! by Lilimax(f): 11:11am
Aww! Congratulation!
May God bless your marriage.
Autos / Re: First Body Registered 2003 Toyota 4 Runner @#1,500,000.00 by AUTOCRATIC: 11:10am
For sale
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by passwelle: 11:10am

The one and only bruv. The o ne and o nly.


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