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Forum Games / Re: ~<<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~ by texanomaly(f): 2:03am
Then along came a woman. grin
Politics / Re: Just Before We Lose Our Heads... by dustmalik: 2:02am

To buttress your points, the partial subsidy removal that eventually took place, were the promised palliatives provided?
The SURE-P program, as has been revealed just last week that the employee figure was inflated from 12k to 35k, is another evidence of the scam.
The buses that were promised, where are they today? The refineries, where are they?
Bottom line:
1. I believe there was no true subsidy in the first instance. What we had was an imaginary subsidy.
2. If there truly was subsidy, GEJ could have handled the removal in a more responsible manner than just announcing through the radio, on January 1st 2012, that subsidy was removed. No where in the whole world will such action go unchallenged. He needed to have discussed it with major stakeholders the need to remove subsidy. Ibb, Abach and even OBJ removed some subsidy and we witnessed how they handled it.
3. Nigerians, by rejecting the subsidy, were able to reduce/limit their loss had we allowed full subsidy removal.
4. Now that majority of Nigerians believe we have a more trust-worthy president in Buhari, they will accept a subsidy removal (if there was any) provided they know what they'd get in returns in predetermined dates.
I'm really tired of all these name saving for Jonathan. He failed, nothing short of failure can truly paint a picture of his performance.

This is the real story:

In 2012 January 1st, Jonathan announced an end to the petrol subsidy. NLC reacted and mobilized the masses who were taken by surprise. (This was not a party issue).

The NLC replied the government, "Fight The corruption in the sector first, you will have nothing to subsidize"... Jonathan never did this.

What are the corruption in the oil sector imports? There are thousands, but I'll name just a few outstanding ones:

1. Importers bring in petrol into the country and inflate the figures. Let's say an importer brought in 1 vessel, he brings a claim for 20 vessels, he is paid subsidy for the 20 vessels, no inspection to see if these vessels entered the shores of Nigeria, Nothing. They are just paid. This is crazy! No serious government will tolerate this, but Jonathan choose to ignore it

2. Importers bring in vessels into the country. After getting paid for subsidy, they divert these products to neighboring countries where the petrol sells higher, and they make double profits while we experience scarcity. It is noteworthy that these people do not fly these products into neighboring countries, they drive them, passing immigration and customs at our borders. Isn't this crazy? This is how people will be using our borders to import arms and illegal dangerous weapons, do we have a government, really? This was no problem for Jonathan.

3. NNPC imports products and intentionally delay these products from being offloaded for months so as to incur demurrage and share the proceeds with the vessel owners, they were indicted severally for these

4. Even with all these fraud and impunity by these oil marketers, many of them still get import waivers that cost Nigeria $20 billion dollars in revenue as pointed out by NOI in 2014.

Lots other crimes, this is just a teaser...

So what was Our apprehension?
NLC and Nigerians generally believed that unless you fight corruption in the sector, if you remove subsidy, these cabals will gang up and hoard these products so they become expensive again, what will the president do? If he could not fight corruption in the first place, how could he control impunity by the same greedy marketers?

This rubbish of leniency and kid gloves on sensitive matters such as embezzlement, fraud, impunity and corruption will end with President Jonathan's government. Nigerians deserve better. These cabals know we have a toothless president but they are yet to see the reward for their sabotage

Ps: I think Ifeanyi Uba is only being sensible and smart, they probably have got wind of the hurricane that will sweep them away in the coming weeks and it only makes sense to sacrifice and stay in business. These country hijackers haven't seen anything yet
With these two intelligent posts, this thread should have been closed. The Tanoids have nothing to say, as usual.
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Scammers Blackmailed Nigeria For $1 Billion Payout - BBC by wadetaw202: 2:02am
GEJ purpose left us in this bad condition simply becasue he has not less than 3days to vacate the seat for CHANGE

You are very wrong. About 2 to 3: years ago, this same gej told you we must remove subsidy. But you and your fake change crooners stood against him. Now, you can all see the result of your decision. If the subsidy had been removed as gej proposed, you and I wouldn't be in this situation. Stop being biased for once and try to be objective.

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Politics / Constitution Amendment: S-court Urges Jonathan, NASS To Settle Out Of Court by Amaudeogu(m): 2:02am
ABUJA— The Supreme Court, yesterday, urged President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Assembly to seek an amicable settlement of the controversy surrounding the proposed amendments to the 1999 constitution.

A seven-man panel of justices of the apex court, led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, gave the two parties 24 hours to explore an out-of-court resolution of the matter.

In a short ruling, yesterday, the CJN adjourned the matter till tomorrow to entertain arguments on whether or not the apex court should vacate the order that directed the NASS to maintain status-quo on the issue.


At the resumed sitting on the matter, yesterday, Mr Bayo Ojo, SAN, who represented the Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, applied to amend the originating process to reflect President Jonathan as the plaintiff in the case.

His application was opposed by counsel to the NASS, Chief Adegboyega Awomolo, SAN, who prayed the apex court to strike out the substantive suit and allow the federal lawmakers to proceed with overriding President Jonathan’s veto against the passage of the Fourth Alteration Bill for the amendment of the 1999 Constitution .

Awomolo contended that the suit was incurably defective ab-initio, and therefore, ought to be dismissed by the apex court.

Affidavit evidence could not be amended

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court panel noted that the AGF had earlier filed an affidavit in support of the suit, stressing that affidavit evidence could not be amended as prayed.

The CJN specifically noted that the AGF failed to cite all the 36 states of the federation that participated in the constitution amendment process as relevant parties to the suit.

While refusing to vacate the status-quo order, the CJN-led panel advised the warring parties to go back and amicably reconcile their differences.

The CJN had in a ruling he delivered on May 7 ordered the lawmakers to maintain status quo till June 18, saying: “No step should be taken with regard to the subject matter of the suit by either the respondent or the plaintiff.”

Besides, the apex court directed the AGF who filed the suit on behalf of President Jonathan, to prepare to address it that day on the import of the provisions of section 232 of the 1999 constitution to the suit.

The CJN noted that going by the aforementioned section, only the President himself, and not the AGF, has the locus-standi to invoke the original jurisdiction of the apex court against the NASS.

He further observed that it was not only the NASS that was involved in the constitution amendment process, saying the 36 States of the federation, having participated in the exercise, ought to have been joined as necessary parties to the suit.

According to the CJN, section 232(1) of the constitution conferred the Supreme Court with the original jurisdiction over any dispute between the NASS and the President, not the AGF.

However, counsel to the AGF, Chief Ojo, SAN, had insisted before the court that the suit was properly instituted.

NASS prays court to dismiss originating summons

Meantime, members of the outgoing NASS are praying the apex court to discharge the interlocutory orders of injunction that restrained them from amending the constitution.

The NASS in their application, also prayed the court to dismiss the originating summons filed by the Attorney General of the Federation on April 22, on the ground that it is incompetent, fundamentally and incurably defective and thereby robs the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction.

According to them, “there is no known or reasonable cause of action disclosed in the originating summons to ground jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

“The originating summons filed by the plaintiff is an improper and or reckless invocation of the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.”

Their lawyer, Awomolo, further argued that the AGF was not competent to invoke the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under the Supreme Court (additional jurisdiction) Act.

While urging the court to hear the application, Awomolo said that the NASS was inaugurated on June 6, 2011, for a term of four years always the lifespan due to expire on June 6, 2015.

They prayed the court to expeditiously hear and determine the matter before June 6 so as obviate the situation where the matter becomes a mere academic exercise.

“It is in the interest of justice and the good people of Nigeria that this suit be given expeditious hearing and determination”, they added.

Jonathan had through the AGF, urged the Supreme court to nullify all the proposed amendments to the 1999 constitution.

In his originating summons, he prayed the court to declare as unconstitutional, the amendments as proposed by the lawmakers.

FG urged the court to set aside sections 3, 4, 12, 14, 21, 23, 36, 39, 40, 43 and 44 of the Fourth Alteration Act, 2015, purportedly passed by the Defendant (NASS).

It contended that the said Fourth Alteration Act 2015, was not passed with the mandatory requirement of four-fifths majority of members of the Defendant (National Assembly), and the mandatory due processes provided for under the relevant sections of the extant Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, as amended.

As a follow up, President Jonathan equally wrote separate letters to the Senate President, David Mark and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, asking them to halt moves by members of the National Assembly to go ahead with the constitution amendment process.

I n the letter which was served on them by the AGF, President Jonathan urged them to restrain other federal legislators from tampering with the 1999 constitution, as issues regarding its proposed amendments, are already before the Supreme Court.

More so, the AGF told the apex court that; “Hon. Samson Osagie, Minority Whip of the House of Representative, said to the whole world at a Press Conference purposely called on the issue in this suit that despite any case filed against the said Act (which actually is a Bill); the National Assembly would go ahead to pass it into law. “

The AGF contended that the balance of convenience tilts in favour of resolution of the legal grey areas concerning the proposed constitution amendment, before any further step could be taken on the Bill.

He maintained that the NASS was determined to proceed with passing the constitution by overriding the veto of same by President Jonathan, despite the fundamental nature of the issues raised against the proposed alterations to the constitution.

More so, Adoke argued that it would be in the interest of the whole Nigerian polity that the issues in the substantive suit are resolved one way or the other by the court before the National Assembly could proceed further on the proposed alterations to the constitution.

In an affidavit deposed to by one Theophilus Okwute, a lawyer in the chambers of Chief Bayo Ojo, SAN and Co , which was attached to the application, he averred before the apex court thus; “That I listened to Hon. Samson Osagie, the Minority Whip of the House of Representative on the NTA 9 O’clock News on 24/04/2015 when he said that the National Assembly would go ahead to pass the (Fourth Alteration) Act (Bill) 2015 into law despite any Court action because no order had been made against the National Assembly to restrain it from doing so.

“That by that very disposition of the said Hon. Samson Osagie who spoke to the press as a Principal Officer of the Defendant/Respondent, it is clear that the Defendant/Respondent is determined to proceed to pass the Fourth Alteration Act (sic) into Law despite the pendency of the substantive suit herein.

“That fundamental questions were raised by the Plaintiff/Applicant on the proposed alterations to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Fourth Alteration Act, 2015 which is in issue in this suit.

“That it will be in the larger interest of Nigeria that those issues be resolved before the Defendant/Respondent takes any further step in giving effect to the proposed alterations to the Constitution.

“That with the utterances of Hon. Samson Osagie at the Press Conference earlier alluded to in this affidavit, it is clear that the Defendant is determined to ignore the proceeding before this Honourable Court on the proposed alteration and proceed to give effect to the alterations to the Constitution.”

“That the Defendant/Respondent will not lose anything or suffer any prejudice if this application is granted.

“That the balance of convenience tilts in favour of granting this application. That the whole Nigerian legal system shall be put into confusion if the Defendant/Respondent proceeds to give effect to the Fourth Alteration Act (Bill) 2015 and this suit succeeds such that the Constitution remain unaltered, meaning that the Act is void and or no effect.

“That the Constitution is the basic law of Nigeria and should only be amended following due process. That it will be in the interest of justice to grant this application”, he stated.

- See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/05/constitution-amendment-s-court-urges-jonathan-nass-to-settle-out-of-court/#sthash.MTVnpe7S.dpuf
Politics / Re: Eko Atlantic City Update (business District Included) by micktoxin(m): 2:02am
Another building already going up in Eko Atlantic.
Marina District

Credit: oga_Naija from Sky scraper city
Phones / Help! My Asphalt 8 Shows Black Screen After Update by ArchFreelancer(m): 2:02am
Is there any solution to this my predicament? I don't want my 1.5Gb to go to waste!
Immediately after I finished updating the game, the roads are more black and I can't even see the cars.i use Infinix zero. Thanks
Forum Games / Re: Six Letter Word Game: Start New Words With Last Letter by texanomaly(f): 2:02am
Romance / Re: He Was Angry With His Brother Because Of His Fiancee's Unwashed Plates by Sophyrocks: 2:01am

Who said Nigeria sent you to school? Comprehension problem again. I said women and including yourself should be stopped sending to school. The school exposure is giving you folks hard feelings to want to stand 50/50 with men. Wtf! If you didnt go to school, how would you know internet, nairaland, megabyte etc exist let alone knowing how to use them? Of course, women are precious gifts (to handle domestic works and birth children) and the said educational exposure is telling you folks otherwise.

Since you are lamenting so much about females going to school, then you should not send your daughters to school. How about that? Lets start with you. For you to say this means your parents wasted money on your sisters, in case you have any. If a mother is not fully educated she wont get a good job to cater for her kids and help financially. You cant demand for women not to go to school yet you want the benefits of civilisation. Not possible. Its too late to lament. Once you go for civilisation, there is no turning back. If we truly are to stick to our old ways then we shuldnt be on nairaland and using electronic gadgets and you also shouldnt be educated but should be in the farm. so choose one.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2014 by edoyad(m): 2:01am
I expect the year on our thread title will be amended to 2015 by weekend cool
Politics / Re: What You Never Knew About Femi Fani Kayode(ffk); This Will Shock U by Zoharariel(m): 2:01am
CC: Cramjones

June 18 is just around the corner, and I just can't wait for this braggart to be sentenced to 22years in prison, not just because of his EFCC case, but because he attempted To Molest our collective intelligence on NL.

Truth be told; I envy the bastard for the number of Bianfran Kitty-Cats he has invaded & still invading, while spreading his gospel of unity & one nation grin

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Autos / Re: Free Honda And Acura Radio Codes-2000-2010 Models=====no longer feasible====bye by Celia125: 2:01am
I need the radio code for my 2004 acura tl.
The serial number is u1210 l9098

Email: hernandezcelia125@yahoo.com
Romance / Re: He Was Angry With His Brother Because Of His Fiancee's Unwashed Plates by khia(f): 2:01am

Who said Nigeria sent you to school? Comprehension problem again. I said women and including yourself should be stopped sending to school. The school exposure is giving you folks hard feelings to want to stand 50/50 with men. Wtf! If you didnt go to school, how would you know internet, nairaland, megabyte etc exist let alone knowing how to use them? Of course, women are precious gifts (to handle domestic works and birth children) and the said educational exposure is telling you folks otherwise.

I wasn't taught common sense in school but in my home.
My parents taught me that I could be whatever I wanted to be in this world, along with my brothers and sisters.
My sisters and I were taught to cook and clean and so were my brothers.
We were taught to be self sufficient, to take care of ourselves because our parents didn't want us to totaly rely on a mate because people will mistreat you when they know that you are depended on them financially or domestically.

I love and want a man in my life but I can take care of myself financially.
Celebrities / Re: Munachi Abii The Most Successful Mbgn. by Palmwinetapper: 2:00am

so on point
Get off my post. Munachi hater!
Travel / Re: Illegal Immigrants Will Have Their Wages Ceased. - David Cameron. by ferdimako(m): 2:00am
is there any country in the west that doesn't have any illegal immigrant among them? They should learn how to be tolerance.
PEJ comes to mind...but they want to be an exception.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Unstable Femi Fani-kayode - Cramjones by chamboy(m): 2:00am
Romance / Re: Why You Should Not Blame Guys Dumping Ladies After Getting Under Their Skirts by coolbibz: 1:59am

Don't forget having likely parted way with their money too, leave them lol

What amount of money would make up for a guy sleeping with you & dumping you almost immediately? Like he dumps you & you say to yourself "I sha chop him money"?

I'm weak.
Politics / Re: Don’t Abort Pregnancies Of B’haram’s Rape Victims – Bishops by bewla(m): 1:59am
Imagine a world wifout I s l a m
Imagine a world wifout muhamMAD
Imagine a world wifout alllah
Imagine a world wifout apc

u must b a mistake to your parent y cant u just contribute to the topic and not b religious or political mofo like u are
Business / Re: Solar Power As A Solution To The Power Crisis by Barcholder: 1:59am

This price, masses?

Please ehn dont ever go into politics i beg you with the name of whatever it is you worship

I won't dignify your comment with a response.
Religion / Re: Was Hitler A Christian? by Ubenedictus(m): 1:59am

If one can repent without it does that mean we can do without sacrament of penance?

hehehe, this is like asking, can one do without the eucharist. You should ask Jesus that question, he is the one who gave the power to forgive sin to the apostles you can go and ask him if we can do without what he has given.

How does a sinner get converted in the first place?

you can answer this by yourself. To be converted the first thing is a "mover", something that moves the heart, this is usually the holyspirit using the word of God, the sinner is then convicted of sin and convinced of the need for rigteousness, he is "cut in the heart" and desires to change his ways, this is usually called repentance, he then believes in the word of God and he responds to this word by following the demands of Christ first is baptism.

This is the first instance of conversion, the conversion experience actually most times last for a life time.

What kind of sins do you call grievous or grave that only the church priests can forgive? How is the repair to damage carried out, is it by punishing oneself?

i never said there are any sins ONLY a church priest can forgive, it is you who say that.

Punishing yourself for the sake of punishing yourself does not repair anything. The act the priests prescribes are usually practical, e.g if you went about speading calumny against your brother a good repair will be to go back and tell of the goodness of you brother. The repair for a particular vice is usually the opposite virtue and prayer.
Nairaland / General / Re: See What Fuel Scarcity And No Light Has Turned My Apartment Into (photo) by notoriousbabe: 1:59am
Oga...if ur sense of humour is dead....kindly swerve.
no mind the guy
Religion / Re: How To Conquer Barrenness/ Poverty Spiritually & Physically by blessedbeads(f): 1:59am
@janutra I am so happy for u ,it is the lord doing and it is marvelous in our sight. The joy of the lord make rich and it add no sorrow. Ma jus relax and be speaking what u want to to ur baby. And for evry others mothers to be soon pls connect to this wonderful gift frm God.....God is not wicked
Romance / Re: Why You Should Not Blame Guys Dumping Ladies After Getting Under Their Skirts by MRBrownJ: 1:59am
a simple reason would be that.... getting under that lady's skirt was the only reason why this gal was approached , and therefore when the aim has been achieved, there is no need for that gal any longer (especially if the sex was lame)
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 7 by darkola: 1:58am
Hello everyone. I am new on this platform and I salute the quality of info that is being shared.
I was admitted into Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Spring 2015 (Safety Science MS) but was denied in December 2014 based on section 24b mostly like because I used my uncle as sponsor. I have deferred the admission and my dad will sponsor me this time. I would like to know if the basis for the initial denial will be revisited by the VO when i go in june for my interview. Thanks
Romance / Re: Guys Share Your Experience The First Time You Fccck An Ashewo/olosho by obontami: 1:58am
That's 6 years ago and I was 19, with no experience of sex at all. Painful part is that most of my peers then wud brag of how the fvcked bitches and came on their bosoms, manipulated Kitty-cats till the girls greased their hands with the whitish juice.
I was a shy guy then. I cudn't talk or say hi to a gal without sweating, but still, I was overwhelmed with the anxiety of fvcking a biatch so I cud brag in public with my mates. I lived in Costain then and I wud go as far as ijora 7up to buy mojo films to watch when my parents had gone out.
To cut the story short, one Ibo boy called Chima told me he didn't have time for gals, that he'd rather spent money fvcking oloshos than keep a gf. He then introduced me to one notorious place in Aj they call 'Good Evening Street'. Na real ashi joint be dat, from youngi to milfs...just pick ur choice. So I went with him and a rather lanky but pretty gal approached me and said 'fine boy, come make we go fvck na. I go do u well'. Chima nodded at me to go, while another big mama (prolly his customer) grabbed him to her room. The fee was just 300 naira, so I paid willingly, and babe moved her panties to one corner and said 'oya, fvck make u release. No waste my time.' I noticed she suddenly became hostile after collecting my money. I was so foolish I spent nearly 3 minutes trying to locate her pvssy. I kept stabbing my hot throbbing dick here n there. She got angry and yelled ' who be dis _idiot? Abi u never fvck before?' then she grabbed my dick and shoved it in. Ebenezer Obey!! I felt the warmth of pvssy for the first time in my life! The feeling was so strange to me, yet extremely ero.tic. I started jerking convulsively I didn't even know when I came. In fact, I didn't know that the dick go limp after expulsion. The biatch pushed me aside and tossed me some tissue paper, then left, leaving her door open.
So na ashi deflower me and the thing didn't even last two minutes. Subsequently, I learned their way. That particular gal fell in love with me when I told her she was first. I noticed she shed a little tears at hearing my confession. She said I reminded her of her own first experience too. Afterwards, she stopped accepting money from me, but unfortunately she went back to her state after a big quarrel with a woman she called her "madam"

wow that's so touching

I'm sure by now I must have been a pusssy guru

abi ??

Romance / Re: He Was Angry With His Brother Because Of His Fiancee's Unwashed Plates by TheSonOfMark(m): 1:57am

Now show me where I said a woman's role belittles women, Nancy? grin grin

Stylishly avoid my question, aren't you dyke?

You expect me to scan the previous pages to highlight more of your hogwash?cheesy

You must be high on crab-crusted tidbits of the menses of your girlfriend whom you've been giving cunnilingüs.cheesy
Business / Re: Fuel Hawkers Looking For Buyers In Abuja Today (photo) by notoriousbabe: 1:57am
I hate buying from these people... buh what other choice do I have? sad

I saw a man that bought the whole fuel from 6 hawkers, all of them shocked

see wetin fuel scarcity dey cause embarassed
see as you dey talk like say you be one of us{car owners}no be your pepper grinding machine you dey buy fuel for? grin
Health / My Mother Has Been Sick For 15 Years- Help by badblog: 1:57am
Please guys I need good advice on what to do.
My mum has been sick for 15years now. She has gone for and to many medical check-ups and series of test from different doctors and locations. They all diagnose the same thing "Maleria" with different kind of ++++'s.
she has prayed and fasted countless times in the past 15 years.

She has been to different different churches and spiritual houses and non has been able to help her out.

She has also been to the synagogue twice but yet no solution though she did meet Prophet TB Joshua on a one to one contact which I really wish she could.

All the spiritual houses and pastors that has prayed for/with her always come to the same conclusion that it's a spiritually inflected illness by my step mum. More than two pastor has seen the same person to be the curse of her problem. All because she was married into the family as a second wife. She currently has 7 children for my dad.

People find it hard to believe my mum is sick because she doesn't appear sick physical but inside of her is always burning with internal heart,sharp headache,fever,general body weakness, sleepless night and days. She goes for months without being able to sleep even with drugs still doesn't help her.

We are all confused and don't even know the options to take now cos lately it's gotten out of hand. My mum has never gone Through a week in the past 15 years without taking drugs.

We really need help and advice.

Thank you for reading and sorry for any typos or wrong grammars.
Crime / Re: Photos: LIB Couple Trekking From Warri To Bayelsa For GEJ by morgang(m): 1:56am
God... I'm short of words! could this truly be poverty or what?
Nairaland / General / My Wife Is A Conservative While I Am A Liberal: Please Help by AB99: 1:56am
Me and my wife has been together for 10 years now and of recent I notice that we quarrel more often. As a matter of fact, both of us has contemplated on divorce but it seems we are not really ready to do that for our kids sake. Please advise.

Matured minds only please.
Romance / Re: He Was Angry With His Brother Because Of His Fiancee's Unwashed Plates by chidyhels(f): 1:55am
No babe will eat and drop plate. I trust my gals on dat one tongue

The elder bro probably ate together with his bea, then took the plates himself to the kitchen. That explains why it wasnt washed and why he got angry.

And what if?
Kini big deal?
Just one plate ni.

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Politics / Re: Welcome To Ochendo Ultra Modern Market Commissioning by byrron(m): 1:55am
Welcome to Ochendo ultra modern market and trailer park, luxury buses park and mechanic garage all in Ugwunagbo, Abia state. This market has about 1000 shops fully completed with all the modern technology, a stand alone fire service, Internet connection with regular power supply. The shops are located in high rise blocks with lifts and escalators to give shoppers the ultimate shopping experience.

Traders who just got shops in this market were thankful to Ochendo for giving then the best shopping and market facilities in Nigeria.

Story culled from http://amazingviewpoints.blogspot.com/?m=1

I don laff tire!
This market is just too big grin grin

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