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Politics / Re: Where Are The Palliatives 2.0 by pat077: 11:06am
In d zanga.
Phones / Re: $$$All Blackberry (BB) Problems post Here for Solutions### by tyspicy: 11:06am
tyspicy: Pls help!!!!my curve 2 doesn't make or receive calls.d number keys aint working on d dialing screen neither does d green n red button but it still powers on and off and alpha-numeric keys still works in d txting field. Wen am being called,it rings on d caller side but it doesn't enter my fone neither do I see a missed call. I can only txt n receive txts buh wen I try callin frm phone book,d fone hangs. It pops messages(uncaught exception) on ma screen every 5-10mins which I wld press 'ok' to make it go away. I still ping n surf well. Pls wat can I do
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Any Vacancy For Music Teachers In Private Schools Or Organisations? by shiftmarket(m): 11:05am
Hmmmm, if you are in Lekki/ Ajah region, there is a school along Agungi called starbright that I noticed a signboard requesting for a music teacher. You may want to give it a try.
Directions. (incase u are interested and dont know the place and I don't check the tread again)
Depending on where you are coming from along lekki ajah express, drop at Agungi b/stop. take a bike into agungi street towards ajiron stop at starbright school.
Politics / Re: Abuja Bomb Blast: Miracle Baby Found Alive Among Several Dead Victims(Pic) by Broken TV: 11:05am
Asiwaju9ja: The Mama's Mother's Instinct came to play As God ensured that the baby took minimal impact from the blast although her mother was not so lucky.
The mother's Instinct being that She acted as a shield for the Baby. And God perfected it. IT IS A CASE OF DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD.

please the baby's mother did not die, she is one of the survivors that are been treated at the hospital, the fact is she was separated from the mother in the hospital, I saw that on NTA news yesterday, and the mother was even interviewed.
Jokes Etc / Re: The Comment Without Any Likes Win by Bantino: 11:05am
Bantino: May God bless those who will like this post and surprise them with a turn around/net breaking miracle..

Click like if you want to pertake in God's blessings..

Goodnight to y'all

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Religion / Re: UK Man Preached Against Homosexuality And He Was Sent Straight To Jail. by Akpobaro(m): 11:05am

You are a pathetic black man. You base your miserable life on a Jewish story book. Who is the fool here huh?
i can see that you are a wizard, agent of satan. that evil spirit inside you, is deceiving you. u are a ABNORMAL HUMAN.
Politics / Re: Mass Abduction Of Secondary School Girls At Nigeria School - BBC Report by arewa queen: 11:05am
ojimbo: Just say NO TO HAUSAS and our problem is solved

Lool! This is an ethnic0 you can never terminate. If you don't us please feel free to divide the country.

I am for division. Mind you a troubled nation c0an only give birth to more troubled nations
Properties / Re: Properties To Let In Ibadan: Bodija,Ikolaba,Akobo,Bashroun,Iwo Road Etc*Pics* by Rassco(m): 11:05am
3bedroom en suite @ Alakia
Culture / Re: Does Old Age Really Show Wisdom by prettyboi1989(m): 11:05am
Nope old age has nufn 2 do wif wisdom, sme young folks may be wiser dan sme old folks.
Tech Market / Re: Laptop Screen Replacement At Reduced Price by neupert(m): 11:05am
Phones / Re: Where To Download Opera And 2go For Blackberry Q5 by cupid4ig(m): 11:05am
Helloww guys I av 2go on my fone before bt wana upgrade it so I'd 2 delete it... D new one I downloaded isn't opening @all if I click on it it's nt gonna open. Sum1 should help a fellow here thanks thanks
delete and download again
NYSC / Re: Prospective Batch B 2014 NYSC House by luvlycute(f): 11:05am
@ Erectus, never you support that name.

Erectus: lmaooo!! Yup i support d motion.. BATMAN!!
European Soccer / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Purist(m): 11:05am

how are you sure of that?
the 2 awards don't always agree - all those dodgy awards messi took even when sneijder & ronaldo had better football years might have gone against messi in the fifa player awards.

Okay, but by your logic at least, Messi has also won 5 (4 FIFA wpoty awards + 1 ballon d'or). So how's de lima better? cheesy
Politics / Re: Anambra State – My Eyes Have Seen Wonders. by Policewoman(f): 11:05am

Ibo people should treat their inferiority complex that is making them shamelessly claiming other folks. This foolish okoro goat goes about making inciting comments with northern ID.

By the way, Why are the mods allowing this goat to be roaming about untamed?
My sentiments exactly.
Politics / Re: Religious Crisis In Wukari, Taraba State? by ochon: 11:05am
Don't tell me nonsense abeg.. It was ONCE in the South?. So you acknowledge the South have stopped, but IT HAS ALWAYS been in the North and will continue that way until these cannibalistic blood sucking demons learn to live and let live. From religious, to tribal, to communal killings, name it, these murderers are the chief instigators of it.
The West and East and South-South all have people of different religious faiths, tribes and cultures, but yet you won't see this amount of atrocities and senseless killings. The West do inter-marry with different religious groups and cultures, yet they live in peace with all, bar few occasional clashes, same with the East, but when it comes down to these Northerners, hell is ALWAYS let loose. And they're the ones fighting for the togetherness of this country. To what end?. So that they can wipe out those that have different beliefs with them?. Why keep us yoked with them so that they can continually kill innocent people?.

For more than 50 years now, these group of people having been maiming and taking innocent lives and you are here yapping about me believing in God. This sloganeering of "believe in God" is the core of our problems and bane of our existence. Anything evil thing that befalls us, we'll keep praying to God. Did all the developed countries and word powers pray to God before peace came to their land, or before they reach the heights they're now?.

Quit this "believe in God" BS. We need to take matters into our own hands. Divide this country if our moronic old men in power can't put an end to these madness. Let's go our own way and suffer individually or grouply, rather than die in the hands of other groups for no reason.
Properties / Re: Home Plans For Bungalows In Nigeria? by FIRSTFOCUS: 11:05am
Please i need floor design for this house can anybody help?
Religion / Re: A Thread For Catholics by bluerange(f): 11:05am
Praise be to Jesus, Honour to Mary.
Tech Market / Re: ¤¤¤1Terabyte MEGA MOVIE External Hard Drive With Over 4000 Movies 4 Sale¤¤¤ by ceejay80s(m): 11:05am
fellowship of tHe ring
Politics / Re: I Can defeat You Even Within The PDP –kwankwaso Tells Jonathan by gpa5: 11:05am
Programming / Re: Automatic House Building Maching To Be Built In Nigeria. by Jivi: 11:05am
Pakingzzz: The machine is going to look like the picture below.
It will have a long arm that can spit concrete and place a block precisely on a spot. This long arm is going to be fed concrete and block via different sections within the arm.
The arm will have freedom of movement to rotate 180 degrees, and to slide from left to right in an axis i choose to call y axis. This arm will also be able to slide frome the top of the crane to the bottom of the crane,in an axis i choose to call the z axis. The machine itself will look like a crane with tyres that run on rails. The machine can move forward or backward in an axis i also choose to call the x axis.
By giving all these aforementioned axis to the different sections of the machine, we can have the arm to move in any direction we want. So to say. We can place a block wherever we want to. E.g left or right, front or back, up or down, with the block inclined at e.g 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees or 180 degrees.. With that and your creativity and know how, you can build different pattern and styles of houses with this machine.
Each axis is going to be controlled by one servo alone..
That makes sense.
Politics / Re: Mummy Please Don't Let Me Die! Abuja Bomb Victim Tells Mother by trendy(f): 11:05am
So Sad.
Politics / Re: Religious Crisis In Wukari, Taraba State? by skyface00(m): 11:05am
Abuja blast linked to UK White Widow
on april 16, 2014 at 9:55 am in news
By Uduma Kalu,  with Agency Report
British international terrorist, ‘White Widow,’ real name Samantha Lewthwaite, may be the mastermind behind the horrific Monday attack in Nyanya, near Abuja.
While nobody has officially claimed responsibility 48 hours after the blast, UK security sources, according to reports, fear the bombing may have been a revenge attack for the death of Lewthwaite’s mentor— al-Shabaab terror chief Makaburi, A. K. A. Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Ahmed— two weeks ago.

A senior security source told UK’s Daily Star that agents across Africa were on high alert after the assassination of Makaburi, reportedly by the UK and US funded Kenyan Anti-Terror Police Unit, ATPU, 14 days ago, adding that Lewthwaite and her associates “wanted revenge.”
The source said: “Makaburi was always believed to be at the very top of the hierarchy of terror organisation, al-Shabaab. Intelligence suggests he introduced Samantha Lewthwaite to many influential figures within the al-Shabaab network.
“He guided her on her path to Jihad. His murder was seen as yet another act of war.”
Lewthwaite, 30, is believed to be in Nigeria, Kenya or Somalia, where Islamist terror networks are closely linked, making it far easier for her to evade detection than in Europe, the paper said.
The daughter of a British Army soldier, she is already on Interpol’s most wanted list in connection with seven murders and the siege of the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, in September last year which left 67 dead and nearly 200 injured.
The paper said: “The world’s most wanted woman was reportedly caught at a checkpoint in Nigeria just six months ago, but managed to bribe her way to freedom.
“It is thought she commands enormous loyalty and power as a white convert female jihadist, having proved her worth in previous attacks.”
As both a mother and widow of a 7/7 bomber, she also provides the groups with invaluable propaganda.
The White Widow, who has been on the run since January 2012, got her grim nickname after husband Germaine Lindsay blew up a London Tube train in the 7/7 bombings in 2005.
Fifty six people were killed and more than 700 injured. Interpol has issued a rare ‘Red Notice’ for the White Widow’s arrest.
Lewthwaite, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, is believed to have widely used the alias ‘Natalie Webb’ and travelled on a forged South African passport. She is now officially being hunted by 190 countries and is one of the most wanted international fugitives in the world.
Police seized her laptop in 2011 and found details of how to build bombs and evidence she was planning multiple terrorist attacks both in Africa and the West.
She has also been linked to grenade attacks at non-Muslim places of worship in Africa and a terrorist attack on western football fans watching Euro 2012 in the Jericho bar in Mombasa.
Head of Interpol, Ronald Noble, said: “There is a global ‘tripwire’ for this fugitive. All 190 member-countries are aware of the danger posed by this woman, not just across the region but also worldwide.”

Source :
Politics / Re: Massive Turn Out At Pdp Ralley In Kano(pictures) As Jonathan Attacks Kwankwaso by arewatech(m): 11:05am
Where is the massive and where is the turnround?

Phones / Re: Where To Download Opera And 2go For Blackberry Q5 by cupid4ig(m): 11:04am
Sirmuell: This has been an issue for me as well ever since I bought my BlackBerry Q5 iv been using the native browser which zapps my data anyhow, i'll really appreciate if u give me a detailed step to download Opera mini cuz my OS is up to date as well. My email is
sorry i havent bn here . send me a mail
European Soccer / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Debroslink: 11:04am

none of them won anything of note for their respective national teams. they only did it for their clubs. they are in the same category.

ronaldo de lima won for club & country.
messi won for club & zero for country.
I disagree. Messi has Olympic medal for his country. That's the missing piece in Brazil right now.
Politics / Re: Mass Abduction Of Secondary School Girls At Nigeria School - BBC Report by Standd(f): 11:04am
So, you never know say BH is the Chief Mass Recruiter in Naija?
BH's got officers pass the mofo NA.
BH officers are motivated, determined and paid in dollar bills unlike our dumb pot-belly millitary officers.
The F.G have failed Us, it's time Nigerians should start protecting themselves.

This is sad. They pay these guys to kill and maim in the same country where graduates can't get jobs to survive.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LyndaRoyce(f): 11:04am

Hahahhahahh!!nah my main base for NL be this cheesy.

abi o Doctor beev "onye e'si bata"

i saw the "deadly" recipe you gave this young mamas here, i go soon open ya ynash very soon :p. Trust me:p
Business / Re: GOOD Newly found shipping AGENTS for CHINA IMPORTERS - Tested & Proven by Infinitikoncept(m): 11:04am
please how do i pay t/t to a seller in china and how safe is it?
Politics / Re: Religious Crisis In Wukari, Taraba State? by truesmile: 11:04am
Maybe this is why my girlfriend don't believe Jesus is real. Nope she's not Muslim either. She said Jesus is as real as Spider-Man
European Soccer / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by elampiro(m): 11:04am
Even the Copa they hosted, how many goals did he score and where did Argentina reach?

Messi -( Xavi + Iniesta)=Welbeck

Take am easy.
Nairaland / General / Thief Swallows Six Watches,lighters,spoon,fork & Nail Clippers To Hide Evidence by Barselonia(m): 11:04am
A thief swallowed six watches,cigarette
lighters,spoon,fork, a pen, & nail clippers
after burgling a house in Poland.
Dariusz Piotrowski who was caught fleeing the
scene was then taken into custody when he
started complaining of severe stomach pains.
A police surgeon was called and after an X-
ray,they were shocked to see all the items in
his stomach.
He was then operated for several hours with
all the items placed on a surgical table for
He claimed he had been able to swallow
unusual objects all his life which has aided in
his crime.

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