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Romance / Re: OMG, How I Flirted With My Fellow Guy Thinking He Was A Girl... by CaraJewel(f): 10:57am
not necessary just do as i said thanks
i should do as u said...wat did u say i should do
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill Family Of Six In Lagos by enigma2007(m): 10:57am
But why will some set of people turn this to a tribal issue

May God punish any tribal bigot on this thread.

Celebrities / Re: Kanu Nwankwo & AY Take A Walk On The Street To Support Kanu Heart Foundation(pho by McBrooklyn(m): 10:57am
The first pic ...the man in the middle tho'... sad

Na bweast I dey see so

You too like breast tongue cheesy
Romance / Why Do Men Sleep After Sex? by SexyRat: 10:57am
I really want to know why we fall asleep after sex while the ladies will just get up and walk away as if nothing happen

Autos / Reg Clean 2008 Toyota Rav4 For Sale @ #1.8m by olaolulazio(m): 10:57am
Wanna put my 2008 Toyota Rave4 up for sale.
Everything is working perfectly.
Asking price is 1.8million.
Location is coustain.
Interested buyer should call 08022096454 for inspection.
Family / Re: Man Celebrates His Wife's Birthday With A Billboard In Lagos (photos) by Alegirl: 10:57am
Romance / Re: When Should A Girl Start Getting Desperate For Marriage. by Ifakiland(m): 10:57am
why do u say dat. dont decieve people pls. no girl will be hapi wen not married and all dia friend marry on saturday. am not even hapi dat am not married but I take it im a guy. girls shd do everything possible cos guys hate too mature ladies. we feel she has sex a lot and wont trust her. earlier d better
U talk like a fool. A gal shuld marry early, so she shuld go and marry herself abi? Y u no go marry...be consoling urself dat ure a guy dere....oponu!
Phones / Re: Mtn 4g Is Better Than Ntel 4g With Evidence. I Got 5.7mb/s With Mtn by kvngjesse(m): 10:57am
Check this - MTN 4G
Name of ur phn please?
Politics / Re: Tinubu,atiku & Peter Obi At An Event In Lagos,atiku Speaks On Restructuring(pics by Dejiih001(m): 10:57am
Restructuring indeed!

Religion / Re: Why God Is A Half-baked Philosophy by JackBizzle: 10:57am
Somebody is high again

I'm not high like you who would enter a thread and post a meaningless conjecture
Celebrities / Did Tristan Thompson Rip Out Khloe Kardashians Hair During Passionate Night? by onomesandra: 10:57am
Khloe Kardashian usually has her hair looking GREAT – but yesterday it looked off. In the back of her head, her weave appeared to have dislodged. Many are suggesting that in a moment of passion, her new boyfriend Tristan Thompson may have unintentionally ripped out her weave!!!

Khloe started dating Tristan, a Canadian native who now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association, for about two months. Tristan is only 25, so he’s seven years Khloe’s junior. Which means he’s got A lot of stamina.
continue reading to see morfe pic at: http://onomenews.blogspot.com.ng/2016/09/khloe-kardashian-appears-to-be-having.html

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Family / Re: Man Celebrates His Wife's Birthday With A Billboard In Lagos (photos) by metallisc: 10:57am
[quote author=skarlett post=49792984]To what end? undecided[/quote

to the end of the billboard! grin grin grin
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill Family Of Six In Lagos by highwaist: 10:57am
I pray it happens to you too very soon.
Don't waste time on revenge. The people who hurt you will eventually face their own karma.
Jobs/Vacancies / Make An Extra Money by Sunity08(m): 10:57am
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The Opportunity Is Only For Those In Nigeria
Nairaland / General / How To Erase All Data From Samsung Permanently by ghyjrdfgg: 10:57am
Ready for the newest Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S7 Edge or Samsung Note 7/Note 8 phone? Glyde makes it easy and hassle-free to sell your old phone so you can buy a new one. Read on to learn how to wipe/delete/erase all your personal data like contacts, videos, photos, text messages, apps, calendar, notes, music, bookmarks, from your Samsung Galaxy Permanently so it’s ready to sell.

How can i delete all data from samsung galaxy phone permanently?

Method to erase data from samsung galaxy phone:

Samsung Data Eraser is a powerful erasing tool designed for Android Samsung users. It writes a random of digits to existing data to make it unrecoverable. It has enough ability to permanently wipe all your Smasung phone data and settings without recovered even using the most professional data recovery tool. In other words, it can thoroughly remove the phone's data to protect your privacy.

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Steps to Erase all data from Samsung Galaxy permanently:

Step 1. Make Your Phone Recognized
Step 2. Enter the Erased Mode
Step 3. Wipe All Your Phone Data
Step 4. Restore Your Phone to Factory Settings

More steps details:

Permanently Erase All Data from Samsung Galaxy

How to Securely Erase All Data on Android Phone or Tablet
TV/Movies / Re: Hollywood Actors Then, And Now (photos) by joseph1832(m): 10:57am

Im yet to see The King & I again but I love the songs too.. did u also hate it?
How can I hate what I haven't watched? grin
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by TheGoodJoe(m): 10:57am

You're indicting yourself. With these images you posted. Vargas and Alexis in this formation are starting as strikers. Stop grasping at straws when you loose an argument.
You guys claimed Sanchez is not the number 1 striker for Chile, I posted formation charts where Sanchez was played as a lone forward in a 5-4-1 formation, if he wasnt their main striker, he won't be starting up top as a lone forward. Eduardo Vargas would have been leading the lines in such formation.

All these arguments are just geared to delude gullible folks that Iheanacho is better than Sanchez as a striker.
There are some arguments you just confine to your room and don't bring it to the public grin

The questionable argument comes from you. You know Sanchez natural role is not as a top striker. He can play as a striker but it is not his natural role. I said this from day one but you chose to keep arguing a blatant fact.
Celebrities / Re: Checkout E-money's Son's Instagram Handle by notoriousbabe: 10:57am
Papa why you no get money before and after you borned me na? cry cry cry
Politics / Re: Tinubu,atiku & Peter Obi At An Event In Lagos,atiku Speaks On Restructuring(pics by Mimidiva(f): 10:57am
This Atiku sef, see him head, just like my grandmother's grinding stone
Family / Re: Man Celebrates His Wife's Birthday With A Billboard In Lagos (photos) by Ebiakpo33(m): 10:57am
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill Family Of Six In Lagos by enigma2007(m): 10:57am
Sometimes, I wonder how the judgment day will be. ....some people sin fit cover hell

Politics / Re: See What Liberian Man Posted Abt Buhari Daughter That Has Got People Talking(pix by herbie27(f): 10:57am
" say your connection with Boko haram". cheesy cheesy lol.

This one is lying for Africa. grin
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill Family Of Six In Lagos by passyhansome(m): 10:57am
But why will some set of people turn this to a tribal issue

May God punish any tribal bigot on this thread.

Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by Mickael2(m): 10:57am

Who will replace Walcott and where will Iheanacho plays?

You weren't even paying attention, Nacho will play as the recognized striker while Sanchez moves into Walcott's position

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Politics / Re: Again, SSS Fails To Produce Dasuki In Court by uzokasi1964: 10:57am
I have the feeling that Dasuki himself is utterly ashamed to stand trial as the evidence against him seems overwhelming.
You're funny, please where is the evidence?,did you even read the passage because if you did, you will see that Efcc and Co. are deploying delay tactics
Romance / Re: This is the type of woman every man loves to marry. by janellemonae: 10:57am

The problem starts when we begin to rationalize and try to see reasons why submission from a woman should be hinged on the condition that the man loves the woman.

When you submit to your husband, he will only find himself loving you more and more.
You need to listen to what bieberklaus & xiadnat are actually saying. Ur not getting it. It seems ur clouded by whatever u went through with ur wife & ur not seeing ur own wrong in ur breakup.

The fact is "love ur wife as Christ loves d church" is also unconditional. Just like submission. It's not dependent on what u or ur wife don't do.The church is Christs body, just like d husband & wife are one flesh. You need to go bk & check d definition of love. It's not self serving, it doesn't take record of wrongs. What u call "tolerance" by dt poster describing her dad is actually "love". How many times do we wrong God & he forgives us. The Holy Spirit never gives up on us. Love has nothing to do wt d flesh or how we feel in a situation. It's simply a command u chose to follow. And it's d ultimate command.

If d man & d woman both follow d principles of love & submission, there would be no divorce.
Webmasters / Re: Has The Google Adsense Program Been Fair To You? Share Your Payment Experience by timidapsin(m): 10:57am
@amagunnerfan.... Thanks for ur prompt response. About d SEO, I don't really have any idea. The person that was suppose to teach me was just using d avenue to make me from me before I finally break up his link. That's is d state of tins with me for now, and that's why I wanted to started from d beginning. Thanks and God Bless
I can help
Nairaland / General / Privatisation Against The Constitution-part 1 Reflections By Late Prof Sam Aluko by IROHINOodua: 10:57am
This piece by the late Erudite Professor of Economics, Prof Sam Aluko was first published in the year 2000
SAM ALUKO (Posted by Irohinoodua)

The economic philosophy of the present Federal Government is hinged on the market: “that government has no business in business”. Therefore, all the existing government projects, plants, enterprises, refineries and shareholdings in industries, trade, banking, finance and agriculture must be privatised and sold, so that government, particularly the Federal Government, can concentrate on governance, forgetting that a government that cannot run an industry successfully cannot govern efficiently. So, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) has been very active, since the present regime came on board on May 29, 1999, in selling off enterprises, including houses and other landed properties owned by the Government. Such a philosophy violates the Nigerian Constitution not only by abandoning the control of the major sectors of the Nigerian economy but also by offering Nigeria for sale to domestic and foreign private interests and concerns.
1999 Constitution and the Privatisation Fun
(i) Chapter 1, Part 1, Article 3, of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria provides that, if other law is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail, and that law shall to the extent of the inconsistency be void.
(iii) Article 16(1) of Chapter II provides that, “The state shall, within the context of the ideals and objectives for which provisions are made in this Constitution”
16 (1) (a) “harness the resources of the nation and promote national prosperity and an efficient, a dynamic and self-reliant economy”
(b) “control the national economy in such a manner as to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on the basis of social justice and equality of status and opportunity”.
(c) “without prejudice to its right to operate or participate in areas of the economy, other than the major sectors of the economy, the state shall manage and operate the major sectors of the economy”.
(d) “without prejudice to the right of any person to participate in areas of the economy within the major sectors of the economy, the state shall protect the right of every citizen to engage in any economic activities outside the major sectors of the economy”.
16(2) The State shall direct its policy towards ensuring;
16(a) “the promotion of a planned and balanced economic development”. There is no planned economic development today of 4-year, 5-year – 10-year or 25-year Development Plan, as was the case between 1946 and 1985. Planning the economy of Nigeria ceased when the Babangida Regime introduced the IMF-World Bank imposed Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) in 1986. Economic planlessness has been more greatly emphasised, since 1999, in deregulation, privatisation, down-sizing of the public service and reform agenda of the Obasanjo regime. The present regime seeks to ensure the continuation of planlessness on the nation through a succeeding surrogate regime by getting the PDP be re-elected at all costs in the general elections of April 14 and April 21, 2007.
Article 16(b) of the 1999 Constitution provides also: that, “the material resources of the nation are harnessed and distributed as best as possible to serve the common good”, while Article 16(c) provides that, “the economic system is not operated in such a manner as to permit the concentration of wealth or the means of production and exchange in the hands of a few individuals or of a group”.
The on-going privatisation of public enterprises and their sale to a few privileged Nigerians and foreigners are violations of these noble and unambiguous provisions of the 1999 Constitution. The destruction of the houses of Nigerians in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and the sale of the Federal Government houses, nationwide, in which many civil servants, parliamentarians and other Nigerian citizens live, without providing the affected citizens with alternative accommodation is also a violation of the provision of Article 16, Section 2(d) of Nigeria’s Constitution, which provides that, “suitable and adequate shelter shall be provided for all citizens of Nigeria”. Also, the reversal of the pension benefits of public servants and the deduction from their monthly wages for pensions, in place of the earlier non-contributory pensions; the non-payment of pensions and gratuities, as and when due; the retrenchment and retirement of public servants; the non-creation of employment opportunities and the non-payment of unemployment benefits to those forced into unemployment, are violations of the same Article 16, Section 2(d) of the Constitution, which further provides that, “suitable and adequate food, reasonable national minimum living wage, old age care and pensions and unemployment benefits, sick benefits, and welfare of the disabled shall be provided for all citizens of Nigeria. The enforcement of contributory pension scheme on public servants already in the public service, in the name of pension reform, is a violation of Article 173 of the Constitution, which protects the existing pension rights of public servants
In order to protect the economy from being operated against the collective interest of Nigerians, by a dominant minority, Section 4 of Article 16 of the Constitution provides that, “ the major sectors of the economy, to be managed by the State, shall be construed as reference to such economic activities as may, from time to time BE DECLARED BY A RESOLUTION OF EACH HOUSE OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY TO BE MANAGED AND OPERATED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE FEDERATION, and until a resolution to the contrary is made by the National Assembly, Economic ACTIVITIES BEING OPERATED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE FEDERATION ON THE DATE IMMEDIATELY PRECEEDING THE DAY WHEN THIS SECTION COMES INTO FORCE, WHETHER DIRECTLY OR THROUGH THE AGENCIES OF A STATUTORY OR OTHER CORPORATION OR COMPANY, SHALL BE DEEMED TO BE THE MAJOR SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY”.
It is obvious that the on-going privatisation of the enterprises of government also violates this provision, since neither or both of the Houses of the Nigerian National Assembly have acted in consonance with this section, inspite of the BPE Act No. 4, enacted by the National Assembly in 2002. Nigerians should continue to shout that the on-going privatisation policy of the Federal Government is a violation of all the relevant provisions of the 1999 Constitution, with respect to the management and control of the Nigerian Economy.
In order to ensure that not only the National Assembly but also the States Houses of Assembly and the Local Government Councils participate in the planning and in the control of the nation’s economy, Article 7(3) of the 1999 Constitution (on Local Government system) provides that, “ it shall be the duty of a Local Government Council within the State to participate in economic planning and development of the area, and to this end an economic planning board shall be established by a Law enacted by the House of Assembly of the State”. No Local Government Council in Nigeria, since 1999, to my knowledge, has established a Planning Board or has participated in economic planning of its State! Also, no State House of Assembly has enacted any law for that purpose. On the other hand, all that we are fed with daily by the reformist Federal Government is that government has no role in the economy and that rather than plan, it is the market and the private enterprises that should plan and develop the Nigerian economy and grow it to become one of the largest 20 economies in the world by 2020!
The disregard of the Nigerian Constitution is not only with respect to the physical economy but also with respect to the education sphere. Article 18 of the Constitution provides for the Educational Objectives of the country. In this regard, Article 18, Section 3, provides that, Government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy and to this end, Government shall, as and when practicable, provide:
(a) free compulsory and universal primary education
(b) free secondary education
(c) free university education
(d) free adult literacy programme
Instead of working towards making education free at all levels, the Federal government plans to privatise all its hitherto owned, financed and managed Federal Government Unity Secondary Schools under a dubious public-private partnership (PPP) administration through which it seeks to reduce the Federal Government financial and administrative commitments to the Unity Secondary School. Instead, government should be grant-aiding the existing privately owned primary and secondary schools, so as to reduce their costs to the youths of Nigeria. Furthermore, the Federal government and the National Universities Commission (NUC) continue to license private universities, including those owned by the President, the Vice President and the leading members of the government and their business partners. These private universities will charge, and are charging, exorbitant fees, thus making education at the university level, as in the primary and in the secondary school levels, less and less free and more and more expensive so as to make education available to a decreasing percentage of the Nigerian population. The Public Private Partnership proposal of the Federal Ministry of Education is thus not only a violation of the provisions of Article 18(3) of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution but also a disservice to the present and the future youth of Nigeria.
Chapter IV, Articles 33-43 of the 1999 Constitution, provide for the Fundamental Rights of Nigerians, that is, the:
(i) Right to life (33)
(ii) Right to dignity of the human person (34)
(iii) Right to personal liberty (35)
(iv) Right to fair fearing (36)
(v) Right to private and family life (37)
(vi) Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion (38)
(vii) Right to freedom of expression and the press (39)
(viii) Right to peaceful assembly and association (40)
(ix) Right to freedom of movement (41)
(x) Right to freedom from discrimination (42)
(xi) Right to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria (43)
All of these rights have not been adequately promoted and protected by the Nigerian government since 1999. Innocent Nigerians have been killed in their own homes, on the roads, in assemblies, and in their work places more than at any other peaceful and democratic time in our nation’s history. Nigerians have been denied their rights of peaceful assembly. Economic, Financial and legal agencies of Government have been used to harass innocent Nigerians on discriminatory bases and for not belonging to the ruling political parties or to the section of the ruling political parties that is a crony of the government. Properties acquired in other parts of Nigeria by Nigerians had been destroyed by government agencies, under the nebulous pretence that they violated plans made many years ago, but which were unknown to Nigerians. Fair hearings had been denied to public officers who had been arbitrarily retrenched, retired or dismissed. Politicians, including parliamentarians and governors, had been removed unjustly or impeached unconstitutionally because they refused to kow-tow to the whims and caprices of the ruling elite. Press barons had been killed or their premises burnt because they held and expressed opinions different from those of the ruling elite. Nigerians have been persecuted and are being persecuted and their freedom restricted. They have been threatened with arrest and detention because they did not, and do not, become a puppet of the ruling elite. Towns and villages had been bombed and razed to the ground, because their leaders expressed opinions different from those running the government. Because of the unconstitutional behaviour and the neglect of the government to cater for the welfare of Nigerians, the nation has become seized by miscreants who have constituted themselves as dangers on our highways, in our own homes, to our banks and even to our foreign visitors, workers and investors who are frequently held as hostages. The non-respect for the Constitution of Nigeria has become the regular behaviour of the ruling elite. These should not continue to be so in a democratic Nigeria, governed under the provisions of the 1999 Constitution.
The majority of Nigerians supported the emergence of President Olusegun Obasanjo and the PDP into the governance of Nigeria in 1999, partly because of the assumed nationalistic stance and achievements of General Obasanjo, as the Military Head of State during 1976-79. His 1976-79 regime championed the freedom from colonialism of many African countries, particularly of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, etc, with money, men and materials. Nigeria became the haven for freedom fighters in Africa. The 1976-79 regime nationalised the British Petroleum Company (BP) and renamed it. African Petroleum Company (AP). It nationalised land by passing the Land Use Decree. It passed the Indigenisation Decree by which Nigerians became the managers of not only the commanding heights of the nation’s economy but also it provided Nigerians with the wherewithal to manage and promote small and medium enterprises. It established the Bank of Commerce and Industries (BOI), and the Nigerian industrial Development Bank (NIDB). The Regime initiated legislation for the establishment of more Commercial and Merchant Banks, which later regimes imitated to increase the number of banks from 21 in 1979 to 90 in 1999. The regime championed the establishment of the second Port Harcourt Refinery; the Kaduna Refinery and the Warri Refinery, which led to the increase in the number of refineries from one in 1976 to four by 1983. Through these measures and the planning processes emanating from them, the Nigerian economy grew at an annual average of 7% during the 1970s until the early 1980s.
Politics / Re: "Release Nnamdi Kanu - Soludo To Buhari by lordyugo(m): 10:56am

Why not ask papa what website he downloads his gay videos from

looooool really see u as a comic relief,oya tata say sumtn childish n funny again
Celebrities / Re: Imagine If These 20 Nigerian Actors Lived In Your Neighbourhood by engrjacuzzi: 10:56am
what of Desmond Elliott, the tantalizer advert, Ramsey nouha, and saint obi??

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Celebrities / Re: Kanu Nwankwo & AY Take A Walk On The Street To Support Kanu Heart Foundation(pho by Ekeke1(m): 10:56am
On my bed supporting.
Politics / Iwobi Is A Mixture Of Okocha And Edgar Davids-ozil by eventsms(m): 10:56am
The midfielder has hailed his team-mate and urged him to keep up his performance to improve his game Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has hailed team-mate Alex Iwobi as a mixture of ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha and Edgar Davids. The Nigeria international has cemented his place in Arsene Wenger’s squad thanks to his impressive showings, most notably winning the man of the match award in the ... READ MORE http://www.reportaroundyou.com/ozil-iwobi-is-a-mixture-of-okocha-and-edgar-davids/

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