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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: AWC Final (2 - 0) On 25th October 2014 by decasey(m): 10:05pm

It's 24.

BTW, Trinidad and Tobago could make history as the first Caribbean team to qualify for a senior Women's WC. But they have to beat Mexico tomorrow, or beat Ecuador in the inter-continental playoff.
Bros abeg na which country carry 3th position?
Culture / Re: 15 Historic Figures Who Did Extremely Weird To Horrible Things by enoqueen: 10:05pm
U expect me to be opening all this link.
Romance / Re: Why Is It That Wowo Girls In Naija Are So Full Of Themselves? by pasqal09: 10:05pm
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by dre11(m): 10:05pm
i know. The moments and the fun. But its reassuring seeing a win that way. I wish thats how super eagles match were.. I wont miss the nxt one. By january my team wud have 5germans cheesy

Them tell u say kediral dey come
Make una dey winne una self there

Super eaglesshockedshocked what.. .. U just downgrade the Spanish liga with that ur analogy
Education / Re: 10 Most Marketable Courses In Nigeria by benromeo39(m): 10:05pm
Elect/elect or nothing. cool
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by mcfarlin(m): 10:05pm

Alves cannot add anything new even as back up to Rafael at United. Phil Jones and his gorilla style and co are on the same level with Alves right now at right back. No be by tatoo and beard.

my point is if you cannot get any improvements there is no need to add anything else.
Alves was all over the place today. Useless Marcelo was bypassing him at will. Is this the right back up for Rafael?
Real would maul anybody but you forget that they have conceded 4 to Osasuna (?) and lost two la liga games so far. They are not the same side without Alonso or Khedira. As for the clean sheet, how wont you keep clean sheet against Rayo Vallevano Elche and co? How come they didnt keep the same clean sheet vs PSG in the champions league if they were thst good defensively? The way Pique played today was a disgrace to top-flight defending. Even Evans is better than him

Walahi! Na thunder go fire woodward if he signs anyone of those two waste products named pique and dani alves!

Did u see what pique did today?

Even paddy mcnair won't do something that silly
Sports / Re: Azizat Oshoala The New Face Of Nigerian Female Football. by Vig86: 10:05pm
Congrats to her..

She is on her period..
I am thinking of another period already
Phones / Re: Top 10 Difference Between Infinix Zero And Injoo Is2 by gonaij: 10:05pm

dnt have my innjoo i knw its plastic cos its on their specifications so no scam nt like infinix dat claimed 2 b corning gorila glass
what is gorilla glass if I may ask? glass that don't breaks? or glass that don't scratch? or glass that don't get scratched easily?. search google and reply me
Romance / Re: Guys How Do You Feel?? by TheCongo(m): 10:05pm
Guys please how do you feel when you follow a lady and she did not follow back? please let me hear your different views so I can follow back those guys following me

I have been on Nairaland for almost 5 years and today you are the 2nd person that I have decided to follow. I wouldn't be offended at all if you don't follow me back. I am just interested in becoming your bodyguard smiley
Music Business / Great Offer!! Let's Introduce U To Any Record Label Of Your Choice!! by bobnell808: 10:05pm
If u gat all it takes to stand strong in the music industry! If gat the real lyrics, flow, attitude and vibes,u gat all it takes to take over the street! We can introduce you to any Label of your choice white our Links and management connection! Contact us 08137174370 or bbm 2B5D8281

Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by Cheriepet: 10:05pm
Was even thinking the thing would have improved since they sold it to the business people like them Tell me something. .... If u did leave north today, what would u miss

Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by honeyad(m): 10:05pm
Una weldone o... Abeg wetin una dey do here grin
Also for those who love to play psp games.
Download the latest psp emulator from here.
And is the site for u to download al ur favourite psp games
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Does Nairaland Have Such A Bad Reputation Offline? by Truckpusher(m): 10:05pm
If I say out what I have on my mind about this thread. undecided
Politics / Finally, South Africa Returns $15 Million Arms Deal To Nigeria by abila122: 10:05pm
SOUTH African Ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Louis Mnguni, said on Friday that Nigeria has received the $15 million seized by the South African authorities in connection with two arms deals.

According to an online news medium, The Cable, Mnguni also reacted to the building collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos and its effect on the relationship between the two countries, saying they had come a long way and the collapse could only make them closer and stronger.

“South Africa’s relations with Nigeria comes a long way, so, now, this will actually make us much closer, to see how we can close some of these gaps that result in such accidents,” Mnguni said.

The ambassador added that the seizure of the funds by the South African government was in no way related to the Synagogue incident.

“South Africa’s relations with Nigeria is priceless, it cannot be sold for $15 million. These are two separate incidents and, of course, the issue of the money has already been sorted out. Nigeria has been given the money,” Mnguni added.
On September 5, South African authorities seized $9.3 million cash belonging to the Nigerian government before seizing another $5.7 million about one month later, claiming both funds were to be used for illegal purchase of arms.

Source: eReporter
Politics / Re: N2.8M Missing, 53 Suitcases Saga: BUHARI Clears The Air! by egift(m): 10:05pm
Egift, please tell us what N7,791.0 million in 1977 means in US dollars.

Tell us how it amounts to $14b and stop being smart by half. By the way where is the Document you claimed to have. (Abi na me be your Private Investigator?)

The way these PDP agents lie with audacity even the Devil go fear grin
Car Talk / Re: Pictures: Presidency Officials Now Use Innoson Suv's by Arnoldo(m): 10:05pm
so you wanna tell me jonathan is not packing his own money too abi? When 20billion dollar is missing. But at least the governors wer shaking under obasanjo. People were been prosecuted and most of them were PDP members(almost all the PDP governors). But under jonathan, if you join PDP and support jonathan u can embezzle trillions and you will even get a national award, no wonder he said stealing is not corruption. The most corrupt president nigeria ever had.
those prosecuted under obj are peeps he felt were growing too big....and might be a threat to him........adisa died with his position in Nigeria ....his death was not investigated among many assassination... stop sounding like Jonathan is d most corrupt.....corruption is as old as Nigeria itself
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by orirebaby(f): 10:05pm
orire cocktails,chops n clothings

Lucremoy d signature man...yu r sighted bro smiley
TV/Movies / Re: Gulder Ultimate Search 11 Thread by LogoDWhiz(m): 10:05pm
New GUS episode

Looking at who will be the last girl standing btw Evi and Samantha
Religion / Re: Should Child Dedication Be Abolished Since It Is Found In The Law Of Moses? by Bidam: 10:05pm
Did you see house dedication and car dedication mentioned in the OP? Why are you creating a mischief here?
Child dedication, house dedication, car dedication, wife/marriage dedication, job dedication, business/company dedication etc including their Oga tithe, all na false doctrines. The problem is those dat came b4 us did not know what they were involved in, they were/are so ignorant they are puting on d ropes/dressing prescribed for d levitical priests. Bidam, wetin you dey see chop for Judaism? You are not a Jew, na only houseboy to split wood dem fit manage you. Stand fast in Christ liberty.
And the liberty in Christ is that no one is forcing you to dedicated your child, just like no one is forcing you NOT TO EAT PORK. You have no case here.

Your argument will be tenable if the OP insist people MUST do it so far i don't see the practice as highly legalistic neither is any church imposing it on believers so what is all these claims about judaism Some folks no dey read their bible well sha..SMH!
Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by tolugar: 10:05pm
Good day guy,
Pls my laptop keyboard if typing numbers at the right side of the key instead of laters

As in later U, J M all to the right.

Pls how can I fix this
Romance / Re: Should I Unfollow All Of Them Guys Following Me?? by MizMyColi(f): 10:04pm
Seconded @TheCongo Sir.
Phones / Re: How To Use The GLO BIS On Android (MTK Devices) by valmunich(m): 10:04pm
Ok boss. I'll do that but another thing i just noticed again is the text i received after i used the imei no and put my sim. It says Welcome! Your motorola C139 cannot receive anysetting. Please visit our website ..... Bla bla bla. The phone is tecno S9. I no understand again
It's the normal stuff

I don't come visit this thread always and sometimes I don't get the mentions , the reason for the late replies

Mail me if you have any further problem
Autos / Re: Neatly Used 407 by cityhood: 10:04pm
Fabric seat
Alloy rim
Good and sound ew10 engine
Automanual gear
2008 model

Car situated at the northern part of nigeria

Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Ihuomadinihu: 10:04pm
Please, let us stop our personal attack and project the thread positively in an intellectual manner. I conceive you guys as the scholarly type. Why not bring it to bear in promoting our uniqueness.
Here is what I would have done if I felt someone was extolling the specialness of their clan at the expense of my people or others, I will come up with a more intellectually and irrefutably valid point of my own, paint a better picture of my own far above what the other could ever muster to pen down.
At the end of the day, maliciously tainting the image of any Igbo tribe only reduces the respect for the whole.
When an outsider hears Clifford Orji, IGBO comes first and region bears no consequence in shaping their opinion, so also is the situation when they hear Chukwuemeka Soludo.
This thread is becoming boring as the attacks are becoming so routine. My intention to give my account of Anambarans have been defeated by the greater need to resolve this ongoing online mêlée.
At least,you agree that he started wrongly and ended up making a fool of himself. In his perception,every other igbo state is below Anambra because of a few irrational points he managed to throw up.
I don't think am against people extolling their respective states,but to lord it over others and feel you have more reasons to feel superior is myopic and unintellctual.
Politics / Re: Yes,Tinubu's Teeth Is Yellow(see Picture) by talktimi(m): 10:04pm

Remember they have worked together in the same party before Koro decamped to PDP
I knew that name was familiar. No wonder he had such first hand knowledge of jagaban's teeth complexion
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Jbluv55(m): 10:04pm

Why not? undecided or do you have any special plans for him? cheesycheesytongue
Family / Re: How Many People Knew About The Sex Of Ur Unborn Baby? by Amuga(f): 10:04pm

Is it normal for family to inquire about d sex of an
unborn baby and is it ok to tell them?
We r nigerians afterall,lol.
My MIL wants to know, this is my first child and i really want to know
if its ok to tell.
It is not normal for them to ask. For me no one (except my husband) knew i was pregnant untill when i was 4 months pregnant. I no tell you when i get belly na d sex i go come tell u.
Religion / Re: Read This & Claim Atheism! by AgentOfAllah: 10:04pm

issues about the existence or non existence of God will eventually bother on some core questions which if couched in lay logic,common sense, would disqualify certain absurdities pushed by science and atheists.
Like, where did man come from?
How did this world come to be?
Why is there evil in the world?
Why does man die?

some questions are more fundamental than others.
The bible view is more complete and persuasive than the materialistc world view.
Wat's more is the real life corroborations of the bible (amidst fakes) tht cannot b objectively disqualified by any rational argument.
Added together, there's no case for sayg God doesnt exist.

Dude, your target is at the centre, but you keep shooting in all 360 cardinal directions. Let's focus on one thing at a time to make the conversation manageable for us both. Our focus is evolution for now. When we're done, we can talk more about god.

Your arguments about, requirg substantial education to understand evolution is a smoke screen ur usg to dismiss an argument.

I made no such argument. In fact, by trying to engage with you, I'm doing the exact opposite of dismissing your argument.

Askg me to not mention evolution, is like sayg i shud stay hush about an absurdity.
Au contraire, I'm not asking you to hush about evolution, I'm actually quite interested in what you have to say about it, which is why I'm engaging you. So please, spell out the supposed "absurdities".

An absurdity, strongly presented can bcome acceptable, but the initial reaction to it ,is usually geniune and unadulterated.from the heart. Remember how people initially reacted to instances of homosexuality?

Yes, the same way people (and especially the church) initially reacted to Galileo Galilei's heliocentric argument. Their reactions were, of course "genuine and unadulterated, from the heart"...except he was right and they were wrong!

Your question on evolution and morality is barren at most . You are are sayg, evolution imputed this trait in man,how? By juxtaposition of man's genetics (since its a materialistc world view) but this defies the very nature of randomness, which shud have distributed varyg quantities of the same trait in other species!
My question is not barren at all (I don't even know what that I really want to know why you think evolution cannot account for morality. 'Morality' is a beneficial behaviour that ensures the continued survival of the homo-sapient species. Of course, other animals have been suggested to exhibit apparently moral behaviours too, the homo sapient species is unique in its ability to abstractify morality and, as a result, adopt excess moral baggage (like religion) as long as it believes there's some kind of benefit to be gained. Although, in a very interesting 1967 study, "Cultural acquisition of a specific learned response among rhesus monkeys" by G.R. Stephenson, other primates were shown to acquire excess "moral" baggage even when they didn't know why. What this proves is that morality is not a 0/1 attribute, it is actually a spectrum, with humans having the highest degree of it, and (co)incidentally, the highest capacity for destruction too, as a result.

There shud be other species rivalling and/or surpassing man in intellect. That's how randomness and chance work.
That man only has the highest and non-negligible concentration of a developed intellect destroys any argumnt for chance/accidental design but to purposeful design.
Yes, I agree that randomness/chance cannot explain man's intellect, or the diversity of life for that matter. But whence comes the presumption that evolution is a random, chance dictated process? It is far from. While mutations may occur by chance, evolution doesn't. It favours the mutations that prove beneficial to the organism, and if such a mutation doesn't prove beneficial, the organism might still keep it provided the organism has other mutations that provide net benefit. Otherwise, the organism would do away with it or die out eventually. As a result, you'll find a lot of unnecessary complexities in organisms (no intelligent designer makes things unnecessarily complex). Imagine you made a t-shirt, and sewed another t-shirt to that t-shirt for no reason. This is the sort of complexity we find in biological organisms, and this is consistent with evolution, which forces organisms to shed harmful mutations or die out (dormant mutations, e.g male nip.ples and wisdom teeth may needlessly remain).

Attributg purposeful design from chance, by injectg the element of time is hogwash. Even, scientists know this. It's only supported because of course nobody can go back in time to observe the process - to prove it. So it's a theory (a conjecture).
On a small scale, evolution is scientifcally unreplicable. E.g,
take basic life forms, suspend them in an observable medium for a long time, say 50yrs, will they morph into higher more advanced life forms? No.
Assumg, by fluke of chance they did, are u sayg, there's a law that basic life forms+time = progressive more advanced life forms?
Wat injected the element of progressiveness into the trend? Time?
Theyre only 3 states those organisms cudve sunk into:
no progress, retrogression/decay,
I hope, from my previous explanation, we can now agree that evolution is not chance/random process. For more information on this, click HERE
Another misconception you seem to have is what constitutes scientific theory. Scientific theories aren't conjectures at all. They are explanations built upon experimentally demonstrated facts. Actually, attaining the status of 'theory' in science is the highest possible scientific acknowledgement any proposition can achieve after extensive, rigorous scrutiny (e.g. electromagnetic theory which has provided us with mobile phones, internet, GPS and so on).

And contrary to your false assertion, evolution has actually been witnessed on small scale in labs here's an example. I hope you change your stance on that. It is a lot more difficult to witness it on macroscale as this takes several thousands of years to manifest.

Finally, while basic lifeforms may evolve and change their methods of adaptation, they do not always have to evolve into complex lifeforms. In fact, this hardly happens, as it does seem there are more unicellular organisms than multicelullar ones in existence. This supposition is difficult to confirm mainly because we don't have a full list of more readily observable multicelullar organisms organisms, talk less of unicellular ones.

I dont even want to talk about the assumed multiplicity from a singularity, evolution glides over.

I don't know what you mean.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by daveP(m): 10:04pm

My dear, *holds his hand* wrk is fyn bt getting stressful by d day. Aw is life wit u?
(swings her hand)eeyah! isnt it time frank helps. You dont mention him anymore. Twill be alright soon
Politics / Re: Nigeria Has Been Crowned The Sex & heavenly feeling Capital Of The World by PinkObsession(f): 10:04pm
Gbam!! grin
Imagine trophy,,,
This is the kinda award you get and refuse to take it home
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by kingphilip(m): 10:04pm

Kingphilip tnks dear
uwc ma'am

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