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Health / Re: Nigeria To Receive Favipiravir Ebola Drug From Japan by Babyboy1986: 2:57pm
Ok ooo, I hope e works wella.
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Wore 'Lace Bra' & Skirt To NEA Awards (Picture) by gistmelove(m): 2:57pm
her wahala
my own wahala na to import original stone coated roofing tile
call me now on : 08085310359

NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by sodiqyinka(m): 2:57pm
noordean: badt guy, is dat some1's moniker or two pple?

...jst watchin frm a dstance bt nw dat d e-war don stop,am bk.

myLOVE wen out since mornin bt nt bk yet,d rain must av delayed her.she ll soon b here sha.

pls e don do o!
oga how far now? Sent d number to you on BBM yesterday. Hope u get am?
Education / Re: UNIBEN 2014/2015 Admission Guide Thread by Tessy10(f): 2:57pm
@3coins...Seems like i go a problem wit quotin..
Am great 2...which course were u given?
Education / Re: UNIBEN 2014/2015 Admission Guide Thread by Oveyobaba: 2:57pm
chimhigher: Me iyaf done ma own nd mi iS Free
my friend said he did his own correction at waec headquarters yaba lagos in less than a week dunno if this is tru?
Romance / Re: What Does The Opposite Sex Does In Your Presence Dat Irritates You? by chimerase2(m): 2:57pm
mtcheew: peeing by the roadside
mtcheew undecided
Education / Re: The Polytechnic, Ibadan 2014/2015 Admission Processes For Prelim, ND And HND by adevincent: 2:57pm
adevincent: wts ur 2go username or whatsapp numbr,make we chat
bt am even tinkin of change of course sha,bt av nt conclude
Health / Re: Expect More Ebola Virus Cases In Nigeria – FG by Lilimax(f): 2:57pm
kennygee: This is not good news. sad
Therefore believe God's report smiley.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Advice Needed ASAP by gentlekaycy: 2:57pm
my dear don't do the mistake of rejecting this offer. Guys that work there don't live om thier salary. The incentive will b times 10 of d salary. u will thank me when you start
Health / Re: Expect More Ebola Virus Cases In Nigeria – FG by handysuzy(f): 2:57pm
Olorun mi, oju re da. Wa she anu fun wa.
Education / In Your Own View, What Is Man's Greatest Invention? by Drniyi4u(m): 2:57pm
Hi nairalanders, I heard this topic in a class yesterday, just wanna share it with ya.
It's on man's greatest invention
Various answers generated are:

Yea, wat could world possibly look like if there is no electricity. Kudos to the scientist, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and scientists alike on electricity.

To me, I think computer is man's greatest invention. It cuts across almost every aspects of human endeavours, and guessing what future will look like, COMPUTER is indeed one of the greatest, if not the greatest.

Hmm, how will u feel walking around nakedly DAMN! Although early men were believed to have worn leaves organized in patterns.

Waoh! Books have been in existence for centuries now, but what did world look like before then? Documenting on stones, bones, walls etc! Book is also one of the man's greatest invention.

What is the usefulness of books if there's nothing to write on it?
Numbers and Digits are also among the greatest invention on man. Sets of numbers of numbers and digits that are the same among large number of people are very useful in their day to day activities. They are also very useful in business.

Fellow Nairalanders, in your own view, WHAT IS THE MAN'S GREATEST INVENTION?
Programming / Voguepay Payment Gateway Extension Module For Boxbilling by johnkalu01: 2:57pm
I need a VoguePay extension for Boxbilling.

I've got a payment gateway merchant account at Then I have BOXBILLING, an open-source billing software already installed on my website.
Any payment gateway that must work with this boxbilling needs to be installed as an extension file, just like others too. But VoguePay is not preinstalled as others such as Paypal.
For some info, see:
VoguePay, meanwhile, has instructions on this at:

Your work is to use instructions at both ends to develop a php class extension file that will call the VoguePay payment gateway from the boxbilling software when a user orders for any of our products.

Contact me immediately if you are interested.

Politics / Re: (pics)boko Haram Back In Full Force Retake Bama, Target Maiduguri by Afroconnect: 2:57pm
Lots of boko haram boys and servants now on nairaland-Seun you should be aware that propanganda plays a big role in war...this is our war,its not just a story. Our lives as Nigerians is being thrown into jeorpardy cos all these new further boosts the morale of boko animals and they are all fake.

Dumb Nigerians how can u be quoting bbc news when we are right here in the country.
Stop all dis ill you are doing to your homeland-i guess u clowns don't knw.
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by Yungmilio2(m): 2:57pm

How u take won this MATCH ooo.... cos nah 0:2 for HT and 1:0 for full time.... i.e. 2/1
Fulltime score is
One for home team and two for away team
He won
If it was to be halves then 2/1 won
But it was halftime n fulltime
Away team won halftimen fulltime
Health / Re: Dog Meat Kills Five In Cross River by macklef(m): 2:57pm

Please tell me, what other carnivorous animal do humans commonly eat?
Dear, i am not a vetinary census officer. You are only depending on what u have read/seen. People eat the Darnest things.
Besides, how many carnivorous animals do you know walk the streets that humans do not eat? The rest are preety wild/in thick bushes.all the same. Ask urself, why are carnivores not always consumed by humans?
It might be dangerous to eat some carnivore, but so far, i have not seen anyone who has suffered from eating dog meat.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: F U Yobe Calling by martinz1: 2:57pm
Health / Re: Expect More Ebola Virus Cases In Nigeria – FG by safarigirl(f): 2:57pm
This title is misleading. He didn't say expect more, he said "We are more likely to see more cases before we see the end of it"

This title makes it seem like he said half of Nigeria will be wiped out before we see the end of Ebola
Literature / Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 2:57pm
Jane drove the girls home,they could not stop discussing about the wedding,Jane's make up was soiled already,she was tired from the running around and trying to be a homely host to the few invited friends.

Even the girls looked tired,Hannah got down packing up her blue satin gown as she opened the gate for her sister to drive in.
''You girls should get the cooler's and empty crate from the car before coming in.''Jane said as she walked in leaving the girls to pack.

It had been so stressful,from the registry to the small reception party,The Smiths were present,a few of her mother's family and Kenneth's people.Finally Biola was led to her new home.

Pulling down the zip of her dress,she peeled off her heels and made for the shower,a warm bath and a pillow was all that mattered.

A text flew into Adetoun phone,Hannah read the text aloud,it was an address.
''Have you made up your mind about going?''she asked applying a cleanser to her face with a cottonwool.

''Yes'' Adetoun answered from the bathroom.

''Do you want me to tag along?''

''That won't be neccessary,i can take care of myself girl.''

Adetoun walked into the room,with a white towel tied across her bosom.she began to apply her a sweet scenting body lotion.

''I still doubt Mitchell's sincerity,its not entirelly a good idea,you going over there.''Hannah voiced her doubt,which was a replica of Toun's fear.

''I'll be fine,let me get dressed,its almost five pm.''

''I trust your instincts,but be careful dear.''Hannah said not wanting to sound jealous or something.

''I will.''Adetoun answered,opening her wardrobe to select a dress.''I still want to stop by the supermart to get him a present.''

''Okay,i'm off to my room,i want to catch some sleep.''Hannah said getting up,her dress and shoe were in her hands with her purse too.

''Good luck babe.''

It was a quarter to six,and she was nearing her destination,she manouvered the car to the other lane,from the description,his place was just ten minutes away.All things being equal she would be there by six.

Adetoun found the brown gate,which was the exact description he gave her.she parked Jane's car in front of the compound and stepped down from the car.

She knocked on the gate,but there was no answer,she pushed the gate gently and it opened,she stepped into the wide well trimmed compound,there were beautiful flowers planted by the walk way,but all was silent.

Mitchell had said there was a party by six,but the surrounding that stood before her was the exact opposite,quiet and cool.Her fear had mounted by now.Her instincts which had never failed her,told her to leave but a stronger will held her and she moved on,taking steady steps as she moved closer to the front door.

She wanted to turn and leave,but she felt her hand moving up,raised to rasp the door.
Her heart beat faster than usual,she held her breath as she knocked the door,her knock echoing in the distance as she made to knock a second time.
Adetoun knocked the door,a second time,luckily this time,someone answered.And no mistaking the voice,it was definitely Mitchell.

She let out a pent up breath,the door opened right in her face.
''Hey pretty,you're here right on time too.''Mitchell picked her right hand,lifting them up,he brought his lips to kiss them.Adetoun blushed happily,she was loving this attention each way.

Opening the door wider,Toun stepped in and followed behind Mitchell who led the way,her steps echoing all the way.
''Where's the party?'' She asked.

''Ssshhhhh''He quietened her,moving on.Toun followed obediently.

The house was spacious with stae of the art decor,opening each door leading her up the stairs.He stopped in the middle of a large room,which looked like a sitting room.

Mitchell offered her a seat,before dashing off into the oposite room,which seemed to be the kitchen.

On the glass table stood a magnificent cake with bottles of wine.Toun took in the atmosphere,it was cool enough and so she relaxed.
Mitchell soon appeared with a glass of cold water,
''I knew you would come.''he said offering her the water,which she accepted thankfully.

Toun smiled,''You haven't answered my question?''she said dropping the glass by the stool.

''Here's the party,just you and i''Mitchell grinned seductively,there was a low rumble in her stomach,which she decided to ignore,she wondered if he was doing that on purpose.

''I can't believe that.''Toun said placing her hands across her crossed legs.

''Well,here we are.''he said unfolding his hands,''I think thats for me.''he pointed at the present she was holding.

''Oh yes,Happy Birthday Mitchell'' she said handing him the present with a beautiful smile on her face.

''Thanks.''Mitchell said taking the gift from her.''I think i should get a hug.''

Toun embraced him,muttering a happy birthday to him.Mitchell held her longer than necessary kissing her neck before letting her go.Toun was shy but loved the attention she was receiving.Ever since she left home,she hadn't enjoyed this kind of attention apart from Jacob,the picture of Kelvin flashed in her mind.

Mitchell cut the cake with the help of Toun,eating and laughing as they sat.he filled their wine glasses and they drank.he removed her shawl exposing her arms and neck,from that moment,he couldn't take his eyes off her.

It didn't take long,before they ended in his bedroom,kissing and touching.Toun's body wanted what was happening but her mind detested it.Mitchell hands had become a second skin.

As if snapping out out of a trance,she pryed his hands off her body.
''I can't do this.'' she whispered.

''We will.''he breathed heavily,''I've got a condom.'' he said gropping for one in his drawers.

''Mitchell,i can't do this,please stop.''

He seemed to be holding his patience as he kept his calm trying to remove her cloth.In a split seconds,Toun gave him a double slap,which seemed to spill his rage.

In one smooth brush,he pinned her to the bed,tearing off the material she was wearing.
''I'm going to fvck you to death.''he screamed in anger.''I'll teach you never to slap a man for the rest of your life,your bastard.'' he said dealing her with blows,Toun was loosing her strength,as she was no match for him.

She bit his hands,and that further angered him,he pushed her harder wanting to have his way with her.

''Bravo'' someone clapped.

Toun and Mitchell looked up at the same time,to see a lady in her early twenties wearing a pink top on a skin leggins.she had her face well made up,she looked stunned at the two tangled body on the bed.

In one quick dash,she was out of the room.
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by STENON(f): 2:57pm

that's what we are.....@emboldened
and we always be no matter what happenswink
Hehehehehehe!!......Feeling so shy as he was making the above statemnt..........
Ow ar you spending ur day?
Health / Re: Expect More Ebola Virus Cases In Nigeria – FG by jnrbayano(m): 2:57pm
lilprinze: j

Health / Re: Expect More Ebola Virus Cases In Nigeria – FG by NewsBliss: 2:57pm
god save us o
Autos / Re: ((choose And Buy)) 2units Of (reg) 08/09 Honda Accord..>>>Click N See by iBossService: 2:56pm
Education / Re: Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2014/2015 Admission Session by seth002(m): 2:56pm
Admission! Admission!! Admission!!!
Crown polytechnic is offering admission for the 2014/2015 academic session without jamb.

Crownpolytechnic is a private polytechnic that has been running for many years. Its situated at Odo, Ado-Ekiti Ekiti state.

Those that wrote jamb and had a very low score and also did not apply crownpolytechnic can purchase the admission scratch card and apply online. for those that did not write this year jamb can also apply.

For more Details about the admission and the school you can call me on 07032749477 or bbm at 29127aad
Phones / Re: A nairalander's review of the Infinix zero by tecno4life(m): 2:56pm
Romance / Re: The Agony Of A Nigerian Fat Girl by Romanciella(f): 2:56pm
safarigirl: Mtcheww. I suppose I should also write an epistle on 'The Pains Of A Nigerian Skinny Girl'

I don't know what part of Naija that girl is, but where I am, nobody is lining up to toast me, neither do I find shopping fun. The best size in Nigeria is someone
between Genevieve and Toolz. If you don't fall among that, your middle name is sorry.

[/b] I still have to slim fit 90% of my clothes and it's far easier to get slimmer
than it is to get fat
in Nigeria, so warrisit?

@guilty of bolded...... embarassed embarassed embarassed
Family / Re: My Wife Got Fat, Now I Don't Like Her by Sagamite(m): 2:56pm
Godmystrength: the only part with question mark is the question i asked you.
The other parts are my opinion and that was why i separated them from the question i directed to you. What else do you want? Please leave me alone.

Now we can conclude they are not doing you that badly in your village. So your "opinion" was to strawman me?
Celebrities / Re: Kanu Nwankwo And Wife Share A Lovely Picture Together by SpaceGoat: 2:56pm
shocked * i smell new crush*
Romance / Re: The Agony Of A Nigerian Fat Girl by handysuzy(f): 2:56pm
caseless: they should learn to accept who they are and , not wanting to be wat d society wants them to be. Who does not like how fat ppl look should change their look if he/she can. Or the fat gals can watch their diet and head to the gym straight to help themselves.
Btw, are u size 18?

I have a profile picture.
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Wore 'Lace Bra' & Skirt To NEA Awards (Picture) by Chillisauce: 2:56pm
She looks really good.

The lace outfit looks good on her.

Orobo gals, no try this outfit abeg before you cause wahala
Education / Re: A.B.U Zaria 2014/2015 Admission Thread by mojisawlarh(f): 2:56pm
SayyediAliyu: GUYS I HEARD THE LIST HAS BEEN RELEASE Ooo...plz is it 2ru??
Autos / Re: Doro Mega Super Car O!>>> 2011 Toyota Highlander AWD...[registered+23k Mileage] by iBossService: 2:56pm

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