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Agriculture / Re: HOT Selling Rice Destoner / Destoning Machines For Sale by arisoft: 3:29am
I am in need of rice destoner... pls send me mail of ur specifications on arinzeomenwab@yahoo.com. I will like to see different capacities if possible. Thank u
Properties / Re: Plot Of Land For Sell At Coal Camp,enugu State by o42austino(m): 3:29am
still Available
Education / Re: Some Facts We Probably Don't Know About Snakes. by abuayman(m): 3:29am
Explorer, e don do. Go sleep abi Iyawo no go complain?

Explorer kenan. BABA OF ALL THREADS

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: First Bank Invite by ayubaazonto: 3:29am
I got it as well
Properties / Re: Plot Of Land For Sell At Coal Camp Enugu by o42austino(m): 3:28am
still Available
Romance / How To Start A Conversation With A Girl The Easy Way by lordcity: 3:28am
Millions of men today aren’t sure how to start a conversation with a girl. This hinders a lot of people’s chances of getting anywhere, including a date. If you can’t start a conversation and keep her talking, you are not going to get very far. If you want to learn how to make sure that you get a phone number, and then get someone to go out with you, it’s important that you leverage a few things first. The following will help you gain a little confidence over all.

Take Note of What She Has On

The first thing you need to figure out when you are looking at how to start a conversation with a girl is simple, look at what she is wearing. You need to take note of what she has on because you’re going to open things up first. You’ll find that you will be able to go up to her and give her a compliment. Compliments what she has on, and then step forward from there. Ask about how she’s doing, and then give her something flattering. Then immediately ask her out, and if she’s receptive you’ll keep the conversation going. Even if it’s a little awkward at first glance.

The Rejection Element

In the discovery of how to start a conversation with a girl, you are going to find that you may get shot down. If you in fact get shut down, don’t panic. Rejection is normal. If she’s not interested, just walk away. You will find other women out there. Just remember, don’t look sad, and don’t look as though you’re taking it too hard. You need to calmly shrug, and just say thank you, then walk away.

Ask An Open Ended Question

One of the best things that you can do in the process of learning how to start a conversation with a girl is to ask a question. Ask an open ended question, or perhaps ask where something in particular is. Chances are they will talk to you with a few notes, and after that, you can possibly lean in and ask them to show you. They may be busy. But at least you now have an opening, in which you can ask for their phone number. Something like “can I get your number in case I get lost”, can work. The key is to get them talking, and then keep it going. Figuring out how to start a conversation with a girl is not tough, it just takes a little bit of confidence.

Continue Reading Here

Crime / Re: Thief With Juju Beaten To A Pulp In Onitsha And Burnt Alive (Graphic Pics) by eromspete(m): 3:28am
Juju on tha BEAT
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Updated-New Job Vacancies by peterpeteru: 3:28am
ok....I've not been contacted

Thanks. Pray u hear frm dem soonest.
Properties / Re: Plot Of Land For Sale @ Kwara, Off Meniru Street, Agbani Road, Awk, Enugu by o42austino(m): 3:28am
still Available
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by humblesteve(m): 3:28am

You better forget about glo 4G, very few devices support that band.
Okay, thanks
Properties / Re: Plots Of Land For Sell @ P&T Estate, Enugu State by o42austino(m): 3:28am
still Available
Education / Re: Some Facts We Probably Don't Know About Snakes. by Explorers(m): 3:28am
53. Because snakes shed their skin, they are often symbols of rebirth, transformation, and healing.

Crime / Re: Kidnapped Dangote’s Senior Strategist Murdered, Body Dumped In Gutter by PRETTYMOMMA: 3:28am
OMG!!! I cannot believe this! I knew him a long time ago,so when I saw this story on FP, my mind refused to believe it. I still had to double check my contact list, while praying that it was another Mr. Bello.

May his kind soul rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord. Amen!
Properties / Re: Land For Sell At Ziks Avenue Enugu by o42austino(m): 3:27am
still available
Crime / Re: Commercial Sex Workers Begging Men To Have Sex With Them For A Plate Of Cornmeal by ishowdotgmail(m): 3:27am
Recession is not only here...

My people shey una see
Religion / Re: Dreaming About Alcohol by proevan(m): 3:26am
This thread has reminded of my dream. I went for an HIV test and the result came out negative. What does it mean? Cc: Proevan, Guidotti.

Something bad was to happen to you; the enemY orchestrated it so, this made you to even be in a terrible state. But God has turned that evil for good. It is God's deliverance.

"But thus says the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contends with you, and I will save your children." (Isaiah 49:25).
Family / Re: Help! My Friend Is In A Fix... by Phut(f): 3:26am
This is my first time of creating a topic on nairaland...so pardon my little flaws. a friend of mine is avin issues in her matrimonial home and her husband is insisting he will take away their little son who is just a year and three months from d mum and keep him in d village wit his mum who is down with partial stroke and his elder sis who is in her late 50s and unmarried in the village. Now my friend is insisting that she must go wit her baby and she is pregnant wit d second child whom the husband is saying he is not the father. Since my friend got married to the man, it has been from one problem to anoda. Most times he goes out without dropping food money for her and her baby and wen she complains, he will tel her to go and meet her wealthy father and if she insists on collecting d money, the next thing he does is to beat her up. Anytime she visits her parents and comes home, he will pick a fight wit her and tell her d worst her father can do is to lock him up. He calls her a prostitute and says all kind of demeaning words to her. Two months ago, she called and said she is fed up but I begged her to just tolerate. Today the husband called her and said he is fed up that they shud both part ways but he is leaving with his son and my friend is saying she will never leave her son...wot advice do I give my friend? plz ur contributions are needed urgently.
Two months ago she told you she was fed up and you asked Her to tolerate. Tolerate gini?
You, OP are the architect of your "friends" misfortune.
She remained indecisive. Well, her husband has taken the decision out of her hand. Behold the decision has now been made for her. He is now fed. I can bet that of that man kicks her out a hundred times, she is always going to go back as long as he lets her.
Why do people like wasting other people's time? You want us to run helter skelter, give you all the advice in the world - only for you to summarily, discard it in the trash?
Politics / Re: Jigawa Copies Fayose On Herdsmen Encroachment; Impounds Cattle by ishowdotgmail(m): 3:26am
Nice development... but wait Jigawa state Shey no be still still the same. People? How can they stop demselves!

I woke up this morning, with the aim of making FTC 5times today

FTC number1
Romance / Re: 7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship DO NOT Work by RoyalBlak007: 3:26am
U actually right but#7 is a benefit if yer celibate.
But that #5 though cry

.yeah 5.
though embarassed grin grin .
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Celebrates Birthday At IDP Camp In Abuja. by ddeola: 3:26am
God bless you Sis
Technology Market / Re: MTN 2gb Now 1k, Etisalat 2gb Now N1300, Airtel 1gb N600, WhatsApp:08092002503 by 1zynnvn(m): 3:26am

Tomorrow. No business by 10pm. sorry for inconveniences.
you are a funny man
Politics / Re: I Won’t Abandon A Party I Laboured With Others To Build – Tinubu by ishowdotgmail(m): 3:25am
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Walspring: 3:25am

Me too.wind cone dey blow cold

If wind blow you, Abeg punch the wind grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Wike Says He Is Niger Delta President, Calls Buhari Fellow President- APC Rivers by mosyb: 3:25am


Chai see lies from a useless party chairman, let him give us an audio clip to support his story
The guy is simply going too far, what will he gain from this senseless lies *spits*
Politics / Re: Soyinka Threatens To Exit Nigeria by ishowdotgmail(m): 3:25am
No offense sir! But I think you are the slowpoke here. I don't. Know what this man is feeling like. For if Hilary had won, I know you won't have let us here word again. Oga bury ur head in shame, and relocate to Malawi for we don't give a Bleep!

I woke up this morning with the aim of making FTC 5times today

FTC number2
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by Donlittle(m): 3:25am
Family / Coming To Live With My Nigerian Husband In Nigeria by Marriedatlast: 3:25am
Hello guys hope you can give me some good advice.

Well i met a nigerian guy in (2005) In the Uk, When i was 22. We got married 3 years later when i was 25. Two years later we went on holiday for my birthday and sadly this is where the trouble started. Altogether i have been with this man 11 years.

He wasnt allowed back home to the Uk. They said my husbands pp was fake And the nightmare began 6 years ago.

6years ago my husband landed in Nigeria and i tried to help but it just didnt work.

There and then i was ready to come to Nigeria and be with my husband i was never gonna let them win. Love is love no matter where in the world as long as we were together. But my husband said no-way . Pls help me to come to so so and so place or country i grew quite angry at these requests. As i knew my husband and i couldnt be happy in any of those places. I just wanted peace for both of us it was a very restless time.

I have visited Nigeria to manytimes to keep up. I know that things are tough or can be tough. But i just pray that god will send a blessing to us for our courage, faith etc for keeping our vows. At least if were eating, clothed have a decent place to live and i can sit home and educate my kids that would be a huge blessing.

A couple of months back i asked for some assisstance and guidance.
But guess what today and just today my husband finally made some sense and we are going to try and plan a medium bussiness and i will come to live in Nigeria

Proberbly like a restaurant (which my husband will take care of).

Me well i will be a full house wfe taking care of my husband,children(that we will have in Jesus name) etc. I will ensure i take up some hobbies like growing food etc to lower expenses. Use tailors for nice but none expensive wear (which i usually look fabulous in anyway ). I usually stay home when holidaying in Nigeria. I did go everywhere the 1st times but i love staying home except for food shopping which i went to market and bought daily by myself. I dont like to act different i dont like to be treated different. Especially when i make the effort to be the similar like going market and yes cooking food for my husband and inlaws. (Who taught me how to cook).

I dont really ask for much now in life. Except the above (My husband, some children and a mediocre life style) Ive had everything ive had a carrer that i studied hard for wonderful supportive husband enough money to buy many glamourous things ive travelled the world done all sorts of backpacking teaching English and stuff actually. Had a nice home all disapeared one by one after what happened to my husband i gave up for a little while. But ive seen better opportunities and educational experiences since this. When one door shuts look for another and it will open.

I know my husband loves me hes suffering over there not necessariliy because of money but because his whole life was taken away. Ive never seen or heard my husband drunk till he went back to nigeria and i cant know of other things that could be affecting him as he will never say.

So guys im happy to share my story with you. Why ?because you can see from this its not many things in the west especially free and i want freedom.

What do you guys think is my little plan fesible? Could i stay in Nigeria and live happily ever after?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by Walspring: 3:25am
Good Morning my people, please I have an issue on renewal of passport. I applied for renewal on November 8, 2016 at Osogbo and till today, no booklet to renew the passport. I think is a general problem in Nigeria now.

My passport has been stamped for renewal, stamp with CHECKED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. I have booked my flight since last Month for December 5th, next week Monday. The passport will expire in April,2017.

Please, wat can I do now? Am just confuse here ooooooooo

I can help you with a insider link in Lagos (if the man never go for course) or Abuja (but calculate your cost and stress but free accommodation for you) if you are interested..
Jokes Etc / Re: Would You Eat Everything In The Plate, For N1million? by yorhmienerd(m): 3:25am
We're talking dollars here, would eat it all
Car Talk / Re: Allowing This.... To Fail, Would Cause You A Fortune by ZIMDRILL(m): 3:24am
by western world understand a catalyst converter is never repaired but replace with a new one or used one which is still able to trap the dangerous gases

your repair is a rip off!!!based on that picture that you showed us saying "ready to be inserted" advantage to you is that no one or any government law that test the emission coming out of the exhaust

whereas here UK a catalyst converter should be able to trap those gases therefore a car is tested by a computer to check if the cat is doing its job

am sure you have heard of the VW scandal of emission the car's software manages to cheat government levels of emission control "your inserts are just rubbish into cat box" though i agree that here and there you would definately help to unblock a blocked cat, which most of the time affect engines rev

so in terms of emission control your insert are just junk into the car but in terms of unblocking yes the car would get its revs back



so in general african countries are still to enforce emission testing on cars, have ever wonder why on average on your rarely see a smoking car in the western world ? its the strictness of the government laws and the enforcing laws dont to allow any car that fails emission test
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by haffikem(m): 3:24am
shout out to all my nairalanders out here doing some very great job.

i personally made a short checklist to meet those that have contributed in one way or another during my days of GRE, TOEFL and interview etc.

SO, This year i saw

@Darklight at Dayton,Ohio during the summer (but i was on transit so we didn't spend much time though). The dude is a funny guy and correct one for that matter.

@BBDD was very nice to me, even took me for a treat and shopped a cherished knicker for me. i stayed over at his place for a night of which he gave me VIP treatment.

i have two more before the year runs out : Dicapino baba (Arlington) and Raji (LA, carlifornia)

i want to also use this avenue to thanks all those sticking out there necks to assist fellow forum members. God bless you all.

All those genuinely seeking for admission with full funding (that have written GRE and TOEFL). your dream shall SURELY come to pass !

@walspring i salute !!! we go see for that side abi

seasons greeting to you ALL !!!

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