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Business To Business / Re: UK Used LCD,LED TV Of All Sizes For Sale by oriyomi56: 11:49pm On Sep 21
New market,not yet tested
For retailers you're welcome

Phones / Re: My Review Of Youtube Go by taurus21: 11:49pm On Sep 21
Op did you try to stream live video on this app? I'm guessing you skipped that part ...tried it and it failed.
Webmasters / Re: Best Web Designers In Nigeria: List Of Top 5 Web Developers In Every State by Chima2503: 11:49pm On Sep 21
Vallatest Technologies is Leading Now! And their billing is very friendly. Visit www.vallatest.com or google vallatest for full details by google.
Their head office is in Opebi Ikeja, Lagos.
Call and find out for yourself 07088169633

Politics / Re: Which Region Is Not Marginalized In Nigeria by ankpaa: 11:49pm On Sep 21
Agreed, there is marginalization everywhere but that of the Igbo is state sponsored and well orchestrated.

WHY IGBOS ARE ANGRY WITH NIGERIA By Collins Onuegbu My friends who are not from the East of Nigeria where Igbos come from often ask me why there is so much anger in the East and among Igbos. Some wonder why, despite the famed Igbo” wealth’ and enterprise all over Nigeria, the people still complain that Nigeria is unfair to them. Some insinuate that the anger comes from the loss of the 2015 election by Jonathan who the Igbos heavily backed.

And why is it that the current generation of Igbos are so angry as to contemplate carrying arms against the country? With lots are following Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB with his secessionist message. Those not following may despise his antics and rhetoric but are sympathetic to his underlying message? And what is that message? That Igbos don’t feel wanted in Nigeria. That decades of official marginalization and discrimination should be stopped or they would be ready to take their chances in a new nation.

First, for those who think this is all about Jonathan and Buhari. It is not. Igbos were disappointed that Jonathan did not win. But those whose candidates lose elections lick their wounds. It is allowed. It happens when your candidate loses election. Why did the Igbos invest so much emotions in Jonathan, a non-Igbo Ijaw? It was more because of the fear of their experience in the past 50 years. Nigeria has placed an embargo on any Igbo man becoming Nigerian president. Jonathan was the next best thing. Other parts of Nigeria have supported their sons to the presidency. Some have bombed Nigeria into submission to get their son to Aso Rock. Igbos have little capacity to blackmail Nigeria to the presidency. They chose Jonathan as their “Igbo” . But that’s not to say that they are angry enough because he lost to contemplate going to war on his behalf. Jonathan was not really the model of a President you would go to war for. And his Ijaw people have accepted his loss. So?

Igbo anger has been building up in Nigeria since I was a kid in the 70s. As kids, we made choices in our school years based on the narrative of the Igbo place in Nigeria. We knew of the glass ceiling against Igbos before we were out of puberty. After the civil war, despite the “No winner, no vanquished” program, Nigeria placed glass ceilings and no-go areas for Igbos. The war reconstruction program was observed more in the breach. There was the “abandoned” property program that was introduced to drive a wedge between components of the former South-East Nigeria. While the country was too embarrassed to put the discrimination program down in an official gazette, it was there for anyone who cared to look. It was evident in the Igbo police officer who stayed in one position while less qualifies juniors progressed to become his bosses. It was evident when no Igbo qualified to become the Inspector General of Police, or leader any division in the armed forces. It was there when ‘ sensitive” or ‘lucrative “ positions were shared in Nigeria and Igbos were conspicuously absent. It was there when Igbos were only fit enough to be made Minister of Information until Obasanjo came to power. And even recently, it was there when Buhari appointed 47 people to man the critical roles in his government and no one from the South east was there. Any time there is a federal appointment in Nigeria, its usually the east that shouts. It was there from Buhari first term to his second term and anyone in-between.

The Igbo elite called it marginalization. Other Nigerians countered by saying no part of Nigeria was getting enough. Marginalization was universal. But they forgot something. The Igbo cry of marginalization was official policy. It was expected. It was programmed. And occasionally, key government officials let it slip that Igbos should not complain. After all, they fought a war with Nigeria. Talk about No Victor, No Vanquished. There was a Victor alright. And they were reminded of that at every turn. Every appointment. Every national project. Nigeria was only pretending. Igbos were licking their wounds and complaining and the rest of Nigeria was too busy to notice.

Go to the South-East today. Since the 70s and the oil boom. Nigeria has invested in commercial industries across the country. None has been sited in the South east. None. Refineries, Steel Plants, Cement Firms. Any Industry. The South East was systematically de-industrialized. Even when it was the best location for any industry, there was always a reason why it should not be sited there. What this means was that any Igbo man that wanted to work in a commercial federal establishment had to leave the east. Add this to the indigenization policy of the early 70s that pushed the Igbos out of private companies. It meant that international companies also avoided expansion into the south east. The Nigerian Breweries, the Dunlop and other such firms sited their plants outside the East and only set up distribution centers to sell in the region. This is one of the main reasons the exodus of Igbos from the zone accelerated after the war and continues to this day despite the hostility they face in certain parts of Nigeria. And why most became traders and commercial business men. Because access to organized work either in the government, government commercial institutions and even commercial institutions were limited.

The only industrial enterprise in the east are built by easterners; Nnewi, Aba, Onitsha. These are Igbo indigenous industrial cities.

This has been the practice since the end of the war.

In addition to this, the Federal Government has systematically made it difficult for Easterners to do commercial business even in the East. The Federal Roads in the East are some of the worst in Nigeria. The Eastern Sea ports have been made ineffective. It was a war to get the Enugu Airport upgraded to an International Airport. The former Finance Minister shed tears on the day the first International Flight landed in Enugu. Yes, Okonjo Iwealla cried! Recently, it was only the South East that was conspicuously missing in the New Railway Plan of the Federal Government. Nigeria has 6 regions. And one was missing in a national railway plan. Incidentally, Igbos who reside here are the most itinerant in the country and would benefit most from a national transport plan. Even our President changed the plan to include his village but a zone of the country was not included.

When you go to the east, despite the lack of federal presence, the presence of police all over the east tells a story. They mount road blocks and make it difficult to have commercial activity. Recently, Customs has joined. And lastly the army. It is an occupied territory. They extort money. They intimate. They recently have started killing.

Nigeria has made the east unlivable. Purposely. Carefully.

I am often in conversations where people accuse the east of being clannish. That while we are welcome in all parts of Nigeria, outsiders cannot come to the East. My question is: why would you come to the east? To do what? There is no business to do in the east. Nigeria has ensured that. Why would someone from the South West of Nigeria go to the East to invest? No one would prevent you. But it hardly makes commercial sense. Nigeria has ensured that. Those from the North are there in droves. Igbos love to celebrate with cows. And the cattlemen go there to sell their cattle. No one molests them. In my village and most villages in the East, they live unmolested. But those are the only people who can find commercial reason to be there!

So those who wonder why Igbos are angry, wonder no more. While most would not dare carry arms against Nigeria, don’t under estimate the level of disconnection and anger especially among the younger generation. Nigeria is made of nations that came together to form a country. No nation will like to be in perpetual servitude. That Nnamdi Kanu’s supporters starred down army tanks with sticks is a sign that the next generation will be ready to fight bare hands if necessary to stop Nigeria treating the Igbo nation as second-class citizens. There will be fiercer and angrier Kanus in our immediate future if Nigeria does not officially stop the “vanquished “program against the Igbos who fought the civil war. You cannot preach unity and indivisibility of the country on TV and all your actions point at discriminating against the components of the country. It is as dangerous as it is foolhardy. Let those who preach unity walk the talk and stop open discrimination of their countrymen. History has shown that you cannot decree peace. You cannot decree unity. You cannot force any group to belong to a country by force, it may work for a time. But never sustainable.

Nigeria has a lot to look forward to as a united country. It also has enough for the regions and nations that make up the country. Our diversity is a blessing. Our failure to reach our potential is caused mostly by the internal contradictions and the inability to build a fair country that can bring out the best out of her component regions. Those who shout most about loving Nigeria today are mostly those its current unfair structure favor. But Nigeria will continue being as strong as its weakest link. And the weak links are all there to see. The East is one of the weakest links. Until it stops being a weak link, Nigeria cannot truly make progress.

Its your culture and way of life that is not attractive to other Nigerians, try and change but i guess that will not be possible because its a natural thing. Igbo are highly materialistic, for most part not contented with what they have , always trying to outsmart other tribes as exemplified in the first military coup and in other business situations like manufacturing fake drugs and things like that.No Unity, your ranks can be easily broken if money is thrown at you guys. You are calling other people cowards , who is coward here , you are one of the major tribes out of over 300 and yet you cant compete.Crying, causing trouble and tension all over.
Celebrities / Wizkid Don Enter Guinness Book Of Records 2018 by NewsinPidgin(f): 11:49pm On Sep 21
Wizkid na 27-year-old Nigerian singer, him follow kon be songwriter. D real name wey him papa and mama give am na Ayodeji Balogun, but everybody know am as Wizkid as na him stage name be dat and dey don already put am for next year edition of Guinness book of records.

Dis record come so unto d hand wey him get for Drake ogbonge single, One Dance. D single bin tight and e break record.


Source: http://newsinpidgin.ng/%e2%80%8bwizkid-don-enter-guinness-book-of-records-2018/

Politics / Re: Flood Displaces Residents In Owerri After 12-Hour Rain (Photos) by Marvidris(f): 11:49pm On Sep 21
There are no drainages except the few ones on the major roads n they are too narrow to drain these amountof water. poor waste management also brought this upon them. wastes are thrown on the roads, even in d rain
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by aAK1(m): 11:48pm On Sep 21
still buying btc @ good rate. 08106698900
Politics / Re: Members Of Neoo Black Movement (Black Axxe) Visit PDP Executive In Delta. Photos by Bobonowell: 11:48pm On Sep 21

just the way I doubt if I can sleep this night after viewing your profile.can I ask u for a favor
But ur brother or bf or cousin might be one of dem.
Talk less Nd stay strong
Politics / Re: See Wat IGP Idris Did 4 Wife & Kids Of Policeman Killed In Ariaria Station(pics) by HeGeMon(m): 11:48pm On Sep 21
Can u listen to yourself My friend tell kanu to come out & be a man, tell him buhari has travelled, he can come out now

let me correct some facts, on the night ariaria police station was burnt, the military guys (around aba) where busy shooting at imaginary enemies. Rumours began to circulate that the gunshots where as a result of fulani/hausa attack. The peeps around that axis flocked to the station and asked the ariaria policemen to look into the issue -the policemen said they won't act unless the got orders from above. The peeps got annoyed and decided to overwhelm the police station to get arms to defend themselves . ipob had nothing to do with it (unless the started the rumours-which I doubt).
Family / Re: Four Fascinating Twin Stories by Ashley86400: 11:48pm On Sep 21
I read about those silent twins a while ago. They deserve their own thread. They are Creepy

I know. I tried to keep it as short as possible for the sake of the thread.
I wouldn't go as far as say creepy. I would say they were extremely mysterious. They had a love-hate relationship with each other because they knew they they we're holding each other back. The whole self isolation and secret language started off as a game and a to isolate themselves from the bullying world around them. But before they knew it, they were drawn in and it was hard to separate themselves from each other and establish their own identity.
Nairaland / General / Re: The World Richest Woman Liliane Bettencourt Dies At The Age Of 94 by PurestBoy(m): 11:48pm On Sep 21
Funny thing is that her children and grands may not care about her wealth let alone fighting themselves like its done here
Jobs/Vacancies / The Honest Way Of Making Money by janelee: 11:48pm On Sep 21
if u want to make extra cash legitimately without any investment. contact on whatsapp 09025079380
Romance / Re: I Drove Her Jealous..now I Want To Correct It.any Advice? by Sabrina18(f): 11:48pm On Sep 21

grin I like you.
That's good to know cool.

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Agriculture / Re: Yam Cultivation From Seedlings To Planting And Harvesting by Gadgetmobil(m): 11:48pm On Sep 21
Romance / Re: My First Time Experience With A Runs Babe by KingShayDee(m): 11:47pm On Sep 21

Bone all that talk. Runs girl na runs girl. If u like give her job of 20mill a day she go just increase her runs level to 50mill per night
grin grin grin grin
Health / Re: Head Of Baby Born In Jos Continues Swells Continuously Due To Medical Condition by Liftedhands: 11:47pm On Sep 21
Looking at the other picture of her back it's obvious the mom didn't take folic acid in her early stage of pregnancy cos the baby is also suffering from neural tube defect . cry
Crime / Don't Use Your Mother For Ritual_Warri OAP Michael Effiong Warns Yahoo Boys by Tonytins: 11:47pm On Sep 21
Some years ago when internet scam started it was really easy to convince a foreigner (maga) to pay but nowadays it is difficult and this has led many alleged internet scammers to use diabolical means just to make it.
Some can even use their family member just to get Wealth.
Popular Warri-based Radio presenter, Michael Effiong aka Funnymouth of Kpoko Fm gives serious warning to internet scammers not to use family members for rituals.
Even though some people have criticized him for just mentioning family members and not anybody, he still insist that family bond is tighter than any other bond.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Don't use your Mother for ritual_OAP Michael Effiong warns yahoo yahoo boys by Orodje(m): 11:47pm On Sep 21
There's huge difference between gee and ritual, people dont see you when you grind but the moment you made it they start saying trash
The hustle is real cool

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Celebrities / Re: Photo Of Chimamanda Adichie's Husband Is All Shades Of Handsome by Michealforever: 11:47pm On Sep 21
Make una fear God ooo.

Na this one be " all shades of Handsome oo?

Well yellow skin na handsome by Nigerian Standards.

He is okay , but nothing spectacular. Ooo
Travel / Re: Scarcity Of International Passport Booklets At The Nigeria Immigration (Photo) by obidevine(m): 11:47pm On Sep 21
Where is d below contact office?

Passport office Ikoyi, Lagos
Religion / Re: The Obvious Consequences Of RAPE- Lawful, Or Unlawful. by ScienceWatch: 11:47pm On Sep 21

ScienceWatch could easily be a ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST-IN-TRAINING.

This Assignment could be his SCHOLARSHIP Application into JESUIT SCHOOL.

That is a THEORY, but it fits the facts. He has, however, attempted to provoke the Enmity of JESUS DOMINION INTERNATIONAL, with his lies against their Pastor/Prophet, TIMOTHY OMOTOSO in SCOAN'S NAME.

He has also attempted to provoke the Enmity of THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, by calling them a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION- knowing that they ave a track-record of destroying foes by legal means. This is in fact an official DIRECTIVE of the Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

[See: INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS, by L. Ron Hubbard.] For this reason, it is ridiculouus to call SCIENTOLOGY a "CRIMINAL" Organisation: it is the OPPOSITE- which is WORSE.

They have Billionaire Resources at their disposal.

However, creating a fight between SCOAN and THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY will not work, because they WANT Blacks to think badly of SCIENTOLOGY. They do not want Africans to gain L. Ron Hubbard's Wisdom; in our hands, we would surpass the Oyinbos.
What utter rubbish is this, pastor Bronchitis ?
Have you forgotten that you posted a long list of Criminal Scientology's crimes?
Have you forgotten what your masters own son said about L.Ron Hubbard the sex-orgy driven founder of Criminal Scientology?

Who can forget that your master L.Ron Hubbard was found guilty and sentenced to 4 years in prison ?
Would you prefer that we forget that your master is a coward that escaped prison by escaping to another country and remained a wanted criminal till his death ?
What do you think of you master's escape, while he left his loving wife to rot in prison alone ? The founder of Criminal Scientology is a coward !!!

What kind of father was your master ? He would invite his own son to join in the sex-orgies on the church - alter with up to five innocent young church girls at a time. He would spray his corrosive sperm all over the holy church - alter while screaming Lucifer !! Lucifer !!
Lucifer !! Lucifer !! ..............
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by imperiouxx: 11:47pm On Sep 21

Huh If this is what you call paid dues to a country I will have to differ on that...it looks more like unpaid slavery and torture for a country.

Relax your nerves and quit being emotional. What I said is not setting any standard but what's happening. I was trying to tell him we have many here who are grad students and who must have experienced worst than ASUU he's complaining about. No one holds anyone from applying to any levels. All that's required is to apply for admission and successfully obtain the visa.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Mystic1(m): 11:47pm On Sep 21
Omo...see as levante knack real sociedad 3.nil....if na Barca or real Madrid their eyes go red
How is Levante vs Real Sociedad match a worthy mention here? angry
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY 2017 Admission. by Olarewajub: 11:47pm On Sep 21
Please, has UNN started accepting transcript from DE applicants? If they have, when will the transcript submission expire?

Your transcript will be requested after you've been offered admission. How you preparing for the screening exam?
Politics / Re: Hatred On Igbos A Wasted Effort And Time For The Yoruba by konoplyanka: 11:47pm On Sep 21

Errrm..... I didn't write the article. And you obviously didn't read it. The writer who says he is Yoruba gave that statistic and that's what I quoted.

so you believed those bullshit because it appeals to your fantasies.
Family / Re: Is 500k Marriage Still Possible In This Recession by jidedavid: 11:47pm On Sep 21
Cut your coat according to your size... i dont even know why i would spend millions on wedding sef.... my own opinion na introduction, Engagement and registry.... anything more than this, or her family demanding for more?? make dem carry their pikin i no marry again be that.. and they will be damned when i already don plant seed inside her womb
Autos / Clean Toks Volkswagen Passat Just Landed by bolajijohn0: 11:46pm On Sep 21
clean toks volkswagen passat just landed,

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by imperiouxx: 11:46pm On Sep 21
And you type all those as if it is how its supposed to be undecided
The problem with you Nigerians is that you have taken the artificially-inflicted hardships in this country to be normal and even give yourselves praises for 'overcoming' it.

Pathetic. I refuse to be part of this useless education system

Even a kind of saucy undergrad undecided

As an undergrad student, what have you made out of the "useless education system" that worth transferring to U.S system?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Baker And Mixer Urgently Needed In Ikono Akwa Ibom State. by hopyroll(m): 11:46pm On Sep 21
Have worked as a baker at shop rite coco mall dugbe Ibadan Oyo state.
I can mix, cut, roll and bake.
Sweet white bread
Sweet brown braed
Wheat bread
Communion bread.
I left when I needed to attend to some personal issues and unfortunately I couldn't return back.
But akwa ibom is faraway.

I will have to know the condition of remuneration and other benefit attached to it before I can consider it.
Romance / Re: My First Time Experience With A Runs Babe by chiraqDemon(m): 11:46pm On Sep 21
This past sunday i decided to hangout so i went to an hotel with my guy and we chilled at the bar and had a couple of drinks while watching man u trash everton, later that same day about 8pm while at the pool side i saw this girl with a g-wagon ass, i called her then we talk but conji got the better of me and i asked what her bill and we negotiated and finally agreed an amount; we went to her room @ the hotel and bleeped for about an hour, she was surprised i dint cum afta so long, i told her that how have trained my body she was impressed and we laugh over it then we went back to the poolside and i decided to get to know her more, she told me about herself and family, she couldnt go to the uni cos of funds and she's the bread winner of her family both parents are dead.

I felt pity for her but deep down i felt bad about myself also cos i made a mistake.

Please i need cogent advice right now cos am comtemplating giving her a well paid job and some upkeep so she can stop been a runs babe and get a better future for herself.
Bone all that talk. Runs girl na runs girl. If u like give her job of 20mill a day she go just increase her runs level to 50mill per night
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by Chiefheywhy(m): 11:46pm On Sep 21
Make una go sleep... undecided undecided undecided undecided
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by enque(f): 11:46pm On Sep 21

Yes I really love the diaper it's not tight at all! And it's so absorbent.

About the price hike, I ordered some diapers for a friend abs if was delivered today, when I went to pick it up, I asked the guy how far and he was surprised. He told me that there was no price hike and that convenience fee was still $5. I told the guy to check again. Lol. He said he will find out what's happening. Maybe when next I'm in that area, I'll pop in and ask him how far

My colleague at work was even saying that if they didn't restrict the number per order, we cld even bulk order together and split convenience fees. Dt way we won't feel it much. But sadly we r still stuck wt Max of 3

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