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Religion / Re: Explaining Some Christian Misconceptions About Islam by Rilwayne001: 6:16pm

Trust you to like al taquiya threads. tongue

Mr monkey, you know its the other way round tongue
Meanwhile, when are you goibg to school truthman2012 and parisbookaddict on how Jesus is not god? I can't wait to see that day hehehe grin
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Being Slut Shamed On Nairaland. by AngelAhnie(f): 6:16pm
plz help me tell her.

I don't have the energy to exchange typos with that minor. she should desist from defaming me, I won't find it funny next time... nwenne! help me explain to her
You are not King, I'm not telling her anything. This shouldn't bother u
Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by Gargoylesmiles(m): 6:16pm
its the "sudo"app that I failed to install now I have it working except my dam n password which I can't remember not to worry though as I would soon do a clean upgrade

Ok bro, happy to help any time. Cheers
Romance / Re: Oversabi Vs Intelligence by vizkiz: 6:16pm
An intelligent man will never brag about his intelligence. He will rather act dumb and learn from others wink
Politics / Re: RE: Adaure4ever, One Of The Sins Of Rochas Okorocha by 2sexynet: 6:16pm

sure bro. I am. I really do not like the Igbos handle issues on nairaland. In the eyes of outsiders, it is clear that there is much division. You don't see Niger Deltans make so much noise, they act when they should.

You and I know that Niger Deltans know where Tompolo is, but no one is speaking. They are buying time, however long it will take, till Buhari leaves office. I can bet my last dime, Buhari won't see that dude, no matter how much he tries.

Why? His people are SERIOUSLY behind him and any mistake to take his life will mean hell for the entire country.

Nnamdi Kanu is incarcerated today is the fault of too many noise makers on here and elsewhere. I remember vividly it was on nairaland someone challenge that why doesn't Nnamdi come into Nigeria but sit his azz in the UK. One fool quickly, out of studity and pride, quickly replied saying Nnamdi was in the country few months prior to that day and he also posted pictures and I think another posted videos of Nnamdi addressing crowds in Aba.

He boasted as usual that if the Nigerian government were not afraid, why didn't they arrest him when he came into the country.

The idiot does not know if it was an SSS that asked that question, considering this is faceless forum.

Few months after that thread and post, what he heard is that Nnamdi has been arrested.

Do you see Niger Deltans doing same for Tompolo? NO! They are smarter than that to keep things under wrasp. No noise, no rants but ACTION!
Crime / Re: Indonesia To Execute 5 Nigerians By Firing Squad On July 29, 2016 by bareal(m): 6:16pm
aAre they the only one facing the hardship?

I tire oh! A group belonging to a tribe that can kill even their mama because of pieces of paper called money.
Romance / Re: Is It Appropriate For A Lady To Show Her Body Like This? by MzDesire(f): 6:16pm

Thats nice,.... you wana talk?
Properties / Re: Acres Of Land Suitable For Poultry Or Fish Pound In Ibadan*For Sale*with pics by FIRDAUS3(m): 6:16pm
Good evening
Politics / Re: RE: Adaure4ever, One Of The Sins Of Rochas Okorocha by rapistomenka: 6:16pm
You should be ashamed of yourself for wishing her such. The other day a bastard said she will be barren just because she holds an opposing view.

If Igbos on here keep spewing such nonsense, it's a shame.

And to reply you chimp, your daughters and sisters will inherit that curse and same for their offsprings.

As much as I do not like the current spate of attack meted at Adaure4ever, I can't deny the fact it's what we igbos are known. We speak our minds fearlessly even if it means attacking our very own. Igbos do not treat traitors with kid's glove.

But let me ask: Are we tending in the direction of tagging Ada an outcast, traitor just because she holds an opposing view? That girl is one person I understand to speak with high degree of objectivity and logically. She is on one's side, not sentimental and it takes someone who really care about the existence of humanity to take such position.

Save your self those epistles...

Only a traitor will opine an obvious black is white just to curry useless praise/favor from outsiders at the detriment of his people.

So tell me why such a person should not be treated accordingly undecided
Celebrities / Re: "Make You And Aunty Toke Kuku Marry Na": Fan Tells Jaywon As He Poses With Toke by Tynasparks(f): 6:16pm
Una don start
Car Talk / Re: Auto Reviews by CarXus: 6:16pm
Politics / Re: Eko Atlantic City On The Rise by babyfaceafrica(m): 6:16pm

No. Not feasible or economically sensible from a return-on-investment (ROI) point of view. A very rich politician can advertise his Banana Island property for 10 billion Naira and wait for it to sell for that price for years. Developers, because they often take loan to finance their projects, need to get their capital and ROI (return on investment) in much sooner to stay afloat. 20 billion Naira is over 4 million pounds sterling. You cannot sell an apartment, however prestigious, for that amount in Nigeria, a third word Country, because most residential buyers will be priced out at that price bracket. Meanwhile investors will be unwilling to commit when, for example, the same amount could get them a portfolio of 5-10 properties in London, New York, Paris et al.

I concede the average apartment will be beyond the reach of most Nigerians but this is similar worldwide whereby prestigious development , like the Palms in Dubai, tend to be targeted at wealthy buyers or investors who can source credit.
nice analysis,but am sure the price will still be very high for a rich man...if you are rich,go to lekki or banana island....any apartment in atlantic city will be astronomous..not that it is bad,but when will an average guy like you and I own house in these type of place?...and please pay a price you think they will sell a 4 bedroom apartment in lagos atlantic city?..thanks
Technology Market / Re: Get Affordable Mtn Data ; 1gb @ ₦600 by S4SOLOMON4(m): 6:16pm
Pls after your transaction with us, kindly drop your testimonies here.
Business / Re: How Nigerian Banks Are Making Nigerians POOR. by mikolo80: 6:16pm
Op your topic is misleading...

You could have written

"How Technology is making people poor"

My sister "flash" me in the middle of the night, I didn't have much credit, Do I have to call iya sikiru to send me Airtime at that time? no.. I simply dial Sterling Bank Recharge code *822*Amount# and my account was credited, when I call her she was crying, she need data to finish her term paper which to her will be submitted in the morning, I simply dial *822*Amount*Her No# (Sterling Bank third party recharge) and she was credited, that solve the problem.. Gbam grin

Take a careful look at banks these days, you don't meet much paying tellers, they will advise you, sire pls use the ATM, owing to these, banks don't employ more hands for this purpose because ATM (Technology is doing the work)

I could remember when I was in school when water biz came out, you only need waterproof, refrigerator and water to start the biz, but when rich men saw that they can bring in Machine for purification and packaging (Technology), that the beginning of Pure Water Business which led to wiping out of the poor ones who started the biz.

Take for example our old women in market who sell salts in markets, Dangote came with his purification machine (Technology) to purify and sell salts, everyone now buy Dangote Ionized salt..

what about Local Cyber cafe (I remember sleeping severally at cafe in the name of Night browsing) these days Telecom Network operators give cheap data on your set, (Technology redefined) I dont need to visit cafe,(I use my laptop) I don't even need a modem(Another huge loss to modem manufacturing coy) I use hotspot on my phone..

OP you don't say banks but Technology is making people poor and also making life convenient... grin

BTW we want to embrace Solar Energy grin

that's a warning to PHCN workers
nope it's poor people making themselves poor
Autos / Re: Urgent ...i Need A Clean Niger Used Camry 2005 At A Good Price by biazarre(m): 6:15pm
u care for 1999
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Aketi Picks Ondo APC Governorship Nomination Form (photo) by fakati(m): 6:15pm
[quote author=ApenaEde post=47942138]I lov Yorubas , very very sophisticated political culture, highly tolerant & civilized. Yoruba and politics of no-bitterness . The only region wt real political leaders and heavy - weight. No region can boast of d likes of OBJ and D Indomitable JAGABAN of Africa. Unlike our friends from ........d land of gullies who only cry of marginalization & our southern lazy bones whose profession is oil bunkering, and vandalism. Yoruba I hail thee(Yes o)
Politics / Re: Protest Against Rivers Judiciary Ongoing In Port-Harcourt.PICS by Tokety7: 6:15pm

Unfortunate souls like you abounds everywhere. Telling lies and pushing stupid narrative because of hate for somewhere

Pathetic soul, u still avnt highlighted any lie. Are u born on lies?
Travel / Re: The New Abuja-Kaduna Train/Railway Station: See The Beauty And Comfort (video) by oglalasioux(m): 6:15pm
Very good if we'll not reduce it to a dump site within a short time. The sure thing is to allow the private sector full participation.
Education / Re: Download Latest Project Topics And Materials For FREE! by storm00(m): 6:15pm
Romance / Which Do You Prefer? by Okwori12(m): 6:15pm
There is this argument between my friends as regard ladies who do markup and those who don't. One said that Ladies who don't do makeup looks naturally beautiful.

In your own opinion, which do you prefer? Ladies on markup or those without Markup?
Romance / Re: Are There Still Girls Like This Around??? by queencalipso(f): 6:15pm

Remain silent cool

Answer her question? angry
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Vacancies At Ensure Insurance Plc - 2 Positions by Hiploko(m): 6:15pm
All these commission based jobs sef undecided
Romance / Re: How To Avoid Being Slut Shamed On Nairaland. by LordScent(m): 6:15pm

grin. No fear, Scent na my bloody twinnie. Give him a chance wink

Ori e nwabe 200%
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hillary Clinton Is Democratic Presidential Nominee by Lucasbalo(m): 6:15pm
The american state is indeed superior to all, see as people carry their matter for head when them house dey on fire.
Thank you. Their country is a mess and they are worried about America .
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 4 by bait: 6:15pm
Calm down sir/ma. I wasn't speaking to you

Lol! So sorry for the mix up....
Autos / Re: 2005 Toyota Highlander Limited Edition 3rd Seat by onasnatural(m): 6:15pm
Crime / Re: Yoruba And Hausa Clash In Ijora Badia, Lagos: 3 Killed, Customs Officer Injured by UGONNAM: 6:15pm

But some Yoruba dudes have taken up arms to avenge their kinsman, Ojo's death in the hands of an alleged Hausa guy na. So what else so you want? Mind you I am not in any way supporting brute force approach on this o. But you are clearly being hypocritical in your assessment and it is due to nothing other than your tribalized position and ethnic leaning. Believe me, that is the least of your problems.

Maybe some scrutiny will give you a lil' bit of insight.

The injured Customs officer (glad he didn't caput) will most likely be a non-Yoruba, more likely Hausa extraction but it does not rule out the fact that he could be a South Easterner who almost got killed - that could have been your kinsman, and you're all smiles, heh?

Akiolu and some other Yorùbá elders should have encouraged further bloodshed, as I could infer from your position. Now if he ever makes such mistake, your likes will be the first to cry blue murder. And last I remember, you cheered Fáyòsé on when he declared literarily reprisal war on some herdsmen marauders. Oh I forgot he is anti-FG and your "role model" for the same reason, so forgive me.

Akiolu made a gaffe with his "lagoon declaration" and while he may have made it from a brief moment of unguarded emotion, his rather "Trump-ish" approach was not spared by notable and well meaning Yorubas, I inclusive (although I enjoyed the hearty jokes made out of that Akiolu declaration o grin). Mind you, such stance by the Yoruba intelligestsia against him was also not to indulge the excesses of Igbos that warranted such outburst from Akiolu in the first instance, rather such stance was a result of rule of law, freedom of association, freedom of existence and, please note this, moderation which are vital background elements of developed societies worldwide today. Note that similar issue of unwarranted territorialism almost got entrenched in Akure, Ondo state few months after when an attempt was made at installing a supreme Eze Nd'igbo in a Yoruba town with a reigning Oba. I mean, who does that?! Such brazenly preposterous act was rightly condemned by all and sundry, many reasonable Igbos inclusive.

Also from my knowledge, Igbos are not always linked to violent crimes committed in Lagos, Hausas, most rightly are. Hence it is only natural for the reaction to be a direct, opposite and equal one - violence. Akiolu's was mere rethorics, and rightly so as a reaction to the events that spurred it.

Lastly, I see the average Yoruba reacting equally to crimes or injustices against anyone irrespective of ethnic extraction, or even religious affiliation. "Badoo" the serial rapist and murderer brought down by Yorubas in Lagos is one example. One of his victims that was the last straw was not even Nigerian, but Ghanaian. An Igbo woman had once being his victim. And did you know he was Yoruba? Yeah, he was. What would you have alleged if he turned out to be Igbo and indeed committed those acts? I bet readers will have to live with your diatribes for weeks on end, maybe never ending. Ever heard of Colonel Fajuyi and Aguiyi Ironsi? Examples abound.

Summarily, my epistle: In everything we do, let us put humanity first before ethnicity, race, tongue, political party or religion, even kith and kin. Things will be better with that arrangement.

Did you actually did summary in school?
Please learn how to always make your points clear with few sentences.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy For Computer Operator / Secretary by obidevine(m): 6:15pm

I have sent my CV, I hope to hear from them.
Call the number shown as well.
Travel / Re: The New Abuja-Kaduna Train/Railway Station: See The Beauty And Comfort (video) by slap1(m): 6:15pm
God bless the starter and the finishers of the project. Amen!

1 Like

Romance / Re: Oversabi Vs Intelligence by SweetieConstie(f): 6:15pm

Walks out of thread!

Car Talk / Re: Facts About Cars by CarXus: 6:15pm
The Honda CR-V originally came with a picnic table.

Because Honda really knows how to pile on those must-have features.

Education / Re: Nasarawa Poly Shut As Students Protest Death Of Colleague by godunia(m): 6:15pm
Deaf Governor, deaf President, God help us

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