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Car Talk / Re: 10 Of The Most Expensive Limousines In The World by lozairio(m): 10:00pm
7. Maybach Landaulet: $1.4 million
Maybach was Mercedes-Benz’s luxury limousine production
company until it was ended in 2013. Though their limos were
considered more luxurious than Bentleys or Rolls Royces, their
high price tags and lack of name recognition caused them to be
unable to sell as many models as their competitors. The
Landaulet was based on the style of limousines that made
Maybach one of the most popular luxury car brands in the
1920s. It used a 62S 612 horsepower bi-turbo V12 engine. The
car was famous for its retractable hard roof that allowed for its
passengers to soak in the sun if desired. It was fitted with white
leather with gold-flecked granite inlays and although not a
“stretch” limousine, it still cost about $1.4 million.

Sports / Re: Who Is Nigeria Greatest Number 9 ? by Malawian(m): 10:00pm
I'll give it to Julius Aghawonder.
how did we even forget that guy? there was a time this guy held the nation's hopes. i think it was jealousy that ruined it for aghahowa.

who remembers "na only you sabi score goals?" grin grin grin
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by GHKWAME1: 10:00pm

Pray tell, for how long was your first moniker banned grin

E be like na for life oh... dis mods are crazy
I think they will not give me a ban because we have used alternative dispute resolution to quash our differences.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Fans thread - Galacticos of Europe (10 times UCL Conquerors) by ortopazz(m): 10:00pm
on THE overall I was angry At the end of the game, because it's not every day u get a chance look the devil in THE eye and walk unscathed! ( barca here don't even fit d bill)

yea yea we were the better side, but let's Imagine if Barcelona were the better side tonight we all know history would have chalked off n new ones scribbled,! I mean with all the chances we had?? we couldn't erase that 5 0 shame and put ourselves on top for real! don't get me wrong but at a time most MADRISATAS were angry where I watched, cos bagay would have been ruthless!

against Liverpool we reduced our killing edge, dunno if we were respecting them or wat buh it wasn't cool n today again? na wa o!

barca is dead n almost gone, d blattergruntnas s should pray till dis year finish we shouldn't catch dem else e go bad!

congrts to all
Religion / Re: A Devout Muslim’s Powerful Journey To Christ: An Interview With Nabeel Qureshi by Rilwayne001: 10:00pm

When did you turn (f) ?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Union Bank Graduate Recruitment 2014-Let's Meet Here by Wealthyone(f): 10:00pm

htt// I hope that helps. Make sure you attach your CV

Badt boi cheesy cheesy grin I was wondering how tru dis is till I saw 'itstoolate'.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cameroon: AWC Final (2 - 0) On 25th October 2014 by Kyase(m): 10:00pm
oshoala and me now

Sowi ooo I dash u.
Education / Re: Delta State University, Abraka 2014/2015 Admissions by Valenciaomene: 10:00pm
Baba plz add me on de group chat too 08128604163 tnx
which course were u admitted into
Autos / Re: Toks 2004 Model Mazda Manual Gear Diesle Engine Forsale.........900k by bjmotors14: 10:00pm
factory fitted ac
SERIOUS BUYERS SHOULD CALL BJ ON 08035909985,08091251650

TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by orirebaby(f): 9:59pm
we'd say we paid our hard-earned money for it, so Bleep them.

I tire o
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by olumuyiolaoluwa: 9:59pm
SMALL PEPPER OOOOOOOO cheesy Esther back home to roaring reception.
Esther landed at Entebbe International Airport Thursday evening at around 7:30 pm and was welcomed by cheering crowds comprising of her parents, friends, scribes and a team from MultiChoice, Uganda.

She later headed to a function at Rosemary Courts in Entebbe where she shared her challenges and experiences from the Big Brother house with journalists including ChimpCorp, Michael
Nteza. She said that the two week stay was such a big Gift for a person from a humble background like her getting the golden chance to represent Uganda internationally.

“During my stay in the house, I had no strategy since I wanted to live my life so that everybody in the house and outside could know who I really am,” Esther said. Esther added that her stay in the house was cool and that she met very many interesting people with some becoming very close friends citing an example of Tayo, the Nigerian representative who ended up becoming her half-brother of sorts in the house.

“Tayo is one person that we shared everything including his relationships issues but we didn’t go far.” She then thanked MultiChoice staff for giving her the chance,
something that has made her famous remarking that she is expected to sign advertising contracts with big companies.

“I have a lot of things that I am going to participate in after Big
Brother. I am going to start with rapping, appearing in adverts and acting in a number of movies. I have several invitations from both Nigeria and South Africa to act so I have a bright future,” Esther asserted.

Esther further called upon Ugandans to continue supporting fellow countrymen and women in the house saying that without viewer’s support, housemates can’t really go far.

Esther was overwhelmed by all the love and support she received from across Africa and thanked everyone for everything and is "exteremely touched and humbled." She also has a special message to Zambia: "A very happy independence day, Zambia."
Extract 4m BB SITE

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Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl On Nairaland 2014-macklef Version :-D by PussySlayer: 9:59pm
PussySlaying na. cheesy cheesy grin grin grin

(In Phyno voice) Iyei! Your talent ni

wait oh, wetin you talk say na your talent?

Enligten me abeg
Romance / Re: Could This Be True Luv? by andyanders: 9:59pm
Op, you go school at all? What kind of grammar is this?
Religion / Re: Who Is Your Favorite Bible Character And Why? by chibwike(m): 9:59pm
my fav bible character is job
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by thandii1: 9:59pm
So many posts cracking me up at once cheesy cheesy .
Family / Re: How The West Corrodes Our Morality by 5minsmadness: 9:59pm

what is mapouka dance?
The famous cote d'ivore sex dance and the origin of the now popular 'twerking'.

Mapouka (also macouka) is a traditional dance from the Dabou area of southeast Côte d'Ivoire that originated with the Aizi, Alladian and Avikam people.[1] It is also known as "la danse du fessier" or "the dance of the behind".

The dance is mostly performed by women,[2] shaking their rear end side to side, facing away from their audience, often while bent over.

In the 1980s, artists of the Ivory Coast tried without much success to popularize it. One of the most well known groups is Tueuses de Mapouka. In 1998, the government of Côte d'Ivoire prohibited its performance in public.[3] Following the prohibition, the dance enjoyed very fast-growing global following, especially in the sub-Saharan countries and western nations with large Francophone communities

colonisation & christianity had africans convinced that half-nüdity is immoral. as years rolled by, even the western folks are abandoning christianity & are sticking to their fundamental human rights.

to be fair to our women, the climate in africa does not favour full-clothing. visit anywhere remotely close to the tropical climate we have in africa & every chic is bikini-clad. how then are our ladies immoral? what is even immoral? if you see a woman in bikini by the pool-side or lekki beach, would you say she's immoral?

why is it any different if you see her dressed like that on the street? if you can control yourself on the beach, where's that same self-control on the street? really, everyone needs to change their orientation.

If , according to you, everyone needs to change their orientation then you are indirectly saying everyone sees it as abnormal.

There is appropriate dressing for every occasion. I wear swimming trunks when I go to the pool and nobody bats an eye. I won't because of that wear swimming trunks to work on a Monday or to travel to Lagos in a bus for that matter. What that lady was wearing was wrong, period, no matter how hot the weather was or is and the only reason she wore it without fear is because she was being 'modern' as far as I'm concerned. It was a disgusting thing for a 30something year old lady who should have had the wisdom to know better to wear.

Even when the weather is hot there are light cotton materials that are very airy and decent to wear. Also exposing your skin to direct sunlight can lead to sunburn and skin cancers especially if you are white. So saying the weather is hot or whatever is a moot point.

maybe you are living in the wrong century.
maybe I am.
Computers / Re: Neat American Used Corei5 HP Elitebook Laptop @n60k by DECOtech(m): 9:59pm
Op, why not drop your contact?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Barcelona: El Clasico (3 - 1) On 25th October 2014 by kobonaire(m): 9:59pm
HOLY poo!!!!!!!!! Barca u are a disgrace to d universe.....MADRID FOR LIFE!!!!!!! Benzema u are mouthed......iniesta u are DICK!!!!!
Chei, see as you de abuse these players anyhow ...
Politics / Re: Yes,Tinubu's Teeth Is Yellow(see Picture) by idumuose(m): 9:59pm
Eating kola is not a crime and it's common among the aged....leave tinubu alon
Do kolanuts change the colour of teeth?
Politics / Re: S&P Downgrades Ghana Cedi To "Junk" Status by Abbey2sam(m): 9:59pm
who cares
Romance / Re: Do I Have The Right To Collect My Phone Gift Back From My Ex? by ChiSun27(m): 9:59pm
[quote author=itstpia1 post=27453513][/quote]


Phones / Re: Is This The End Of MTN SME Data Share Subscription Business? by binbass(m): 9:59pm
750MB @#1000
1G @#1300
PHONE :08039399299
BBM : 7AC38794
Politics / Chibok Girls To Return On Monday by vivalavida(m): 9:59pm
Despite the breach in the cease fire a g r e ement between the dreaded Boko Haram sect and Federal Government, self-acclaimed Secre­tary General of Boko Haram, Mallam Dan­ladi Ahmadu, has af­firmed that the group’s cease fire agreement with the Federal Gov­ernment is very much on course.
Ahmadu was alleged to have said that the final meeting between the group and Federal Government to finally seal the cease­fire agreement has been scheduled for Monday in Ndjamena, Chad and to be supervised by the Chadian leader, Idris Derby.
Mallam Ahmadu, who reportedly spoke in the Hausa service of the Voice of America (VOA) yes­terday, affirmed that the Chibok schoolgirls would surely be released on Monday to the Chadian President, Idriss Derby for onward presentation to the Nigerian government.
He further stated that an enlarged meeting of the group has been fixed for the weekend to prepare grounds for the Monday meeting with the Federal Government.
Ahmadu also report­edly disclosed to VOA that the group and the Federal Government are in close consultations over ar­rangements for the Mon­day meeting in Chad.
On the latest kidnap of over 40 women and girls in the border villages be­tween Adamawa and Bor­no states, Ahmadu main­tained that as far as the Boko Haram is concerned, it is not aware of the latest kidnap and attacks.
He added that in as much as the group is investigat­ing the latest kidnap and attacks to determine the in­volvement of its members, he revealed that many anti-social groups have in­filtrated the Boko Haram.
“Political thugs, armed robbers, kidnappers, hired assassins and other anti social groups now parade as members of the sect. All things being equal if the cease fire agreement is sealed all the groups would fizzle out.”
Romance / Re: Most Beautiful Girl On Nairaland 2014-macklef Version :-D by ireneony(f): 9:59pm
op what u don't know is some girls are photogenic. I know of two girls am close to, one is very pretty in reality while on pictures is she just OK, the other girl is just OK in reality but beautiful on pictures. I don't take u topic seriously, the title would ve been most cute girl on nairaland. if you say this girl is the most beautiful girl on nairaland then u must be high on crack
Autos / Re: A NIGERIAN USED 2003 Model Toyota Camy For Sale...... by bjmotors14: 9:59pm
[quote author=bjmotors14 post=26337095]Fribrik Intiro
automatic gear
factory fitted ac
SERIOUS BUYERS SHOULD CALL BJ ON 08035909985,08091251650,08023891617.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by daveP(m): 9:59pm

U missed

That's the best word I could use to describe the match
i know. The moments and the fun. But its reassuring seeing a win that way. I wish thats how super eagles match were.. I wont miss the nxt one. By january my team wud have 5germans cheesy
Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by tabletman1: 9:59pm
Am not telling you that Obi is the alpha and omega but so far so good Obi still remain the best we have, believe it or dont.
Anambra before Obi and Anambra after Obi is different kettle of fish, am telling you what i know but am not forcing you to believe it.
During Jim Nwobodo school enrollment in the old Anambra dropped abyssmally while in Imo it quadrupled, in Kano Abubakar Rimi it was in steady rise.
Anambra before Obi was instrike for 9months, yes Ngige paid it but Obi inherited a disorganized system in Anambra that started from military to Mbadinuju down to Ngige and PDpigs, Obi fought for us for 4 good years, a kid born 4years ago must have been useful at home by now.
Obi used the first for yes to fight, if you like believe it, if you like let your hatred for the guy blind you from remembering all his fights and battles, his records speak for him.
Since Obi took in Anambra its been Anambra making the national headline for good reasons, either wining the best or emerging the top in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to World Bank to IMF to MOF to CBN.
Before Obi became governor i knew how Anambra was leading in male school dropout but today after Imo its Anambra that is leading in JAMB and WAEC enrollment and in the whole country.
Since Obi took the mantle of leadership our schools have been changed from hideouts for criminals and indian hemp smokers to where Kids use computers and have lock up laboratories to learn.
Obi could be a failure to you but in the general eyes of Ndi Anambra we love him, we know how our state used to be a subject of mockery for either kidnapping a governor, burning a govt house or kids staying 9months at home.
Did you know that during Obi bank robbery never happend in Anambra State.

Am not stop you from comparing Anambra with Akwa Ibom but you have to be rational and pragmatic in your approach and avoid being prejudicial born out of hatred.
Today we have a transport coy to call ours, a state univ teaching hospital, accredited nursing schools, best public schools, network roads that are linked from our town to another, Obi is a prudent resource manager because i didnt see any project that Obi embarked on in Anambra that is not benefiting the people, this is not about building an airport or railways to score cheap political goal when majority of your citizens have neither car nor can afford airfares like we have in Jigawa or building an intl staduim when majority of your people are looking for companies to employ them or building of intl conference center without anyone holding meeting there a Tinapa is there rusting away.

Look, loathe Obi or love him, you can as well tag me a paid agent i dont care, but i like Obi for many things and i hate him for just little things.
Obi gave us many reasons to be even more prouder

Anambra before and after obi suppose to be a different kettle of fish because Obi spent 8 solid uninterrupted years.

Ngige that spent so little even brought some certain changes.
The problem I have wikth peter obi's supporters is claiming what is rightfully natural in Anambra as peter obi's achievements.
Peter obi don't build any benefiting project but he normally tag all his projects WORLD CLASS gringrin
Read my post again and understand my stand with the fraudulent man, this has been my stand even in the first Anambra thread that was created by biafraqueen.

The so called school lab and computer lab can't even pass for a semi standard lab in Nigeria.

The case of bank robbery don't have anything to do with peter obi unless you want to add that to obi's achievement. During peter obi's tenure, when I was at otolo nnewi criminals broke the record of 1 week bank robbery along bank road at Nnewi. It was after the bank robbery came the rebirth of Avs nnewi chapter, Nnewi people are the first people to introduce Avs into the system, they even bought power bike for them because the bank robbery affect their business for a long time.
Bank robbery is not a lucrative business in the south-east if you check wella.
Before the eruption of kidnapping/kidnappers at Aba, osisikankwu and his gang started from bank robbery around the state not just Aba alone, if you go to bank road Umuahia, the military check point that was formed because of them still exist till now.

And lastly, I never compare Anambra with any particular state but I am comparing with the states I have been to.
If Ansg wants to start any project, let them start the One that is upto standard and not spreading uncompleted sub standard projects around the states.
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Jbluv55(m): 9:59pm

Nice of him,he's a good brother grin.
Please play me No woman no cry by bob marley..the mood right now deserves it.
Nice choice of music ma'am smiley.

*plays Bob Marley "No woman, No cry" for her grin*

So, how are you finding the weather?
Car Talk / Re: 10 Of The Most Expensive Limousines In The World by lozairio(m): 9:59pm
8. The Million Euro Mini: $1.35 million
The most expensive Mini Cooper in the world is pink. The
“Million Euro Mini” is owned by Princess Regina
Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan. It is fitted with a 47 inch TV
screen, 70 TFT monitors, 30 parking sensors, and 20 parking
cameras. The body is covered in over one million tiny
Swarovski crystals. Each wheel has an eight centimeter crystal
in the middle. The window films are made up of about 50 grams
of pure gold. The Mini cost about one million Euros or $1.35
million US.

Culture / Re: Were There Fair Africans (non-arabs) In Africa Before The Europeans Came? by Danrizzle: 9:59pm


Sorry, but we don"t use those terms in Africa.
And Khoi's are not a "race" of their own, they are part of the spectrum of Aftican people.

Yeah, they Have their peculiarities and uniqueness, but many African tribes could qualify as races if that was the case.
african peoples?
Sorry, but we don't use those terms in africa. Africa is regretfully flooded with different races such as; berbers, arabs, khoi, cushites, and blacks.
Romance / Re: Having A Huge Crush On A Nairalander by AgapeCharis(m): 9:59pm
Mention his name=» he sends you PM=» you exchange contact=»he invites you over to his place=» he bleeps you and dumps you afterwards
Bad boi

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