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Phones / Re: MTN Customer Care Thread by hameeenata: 3:08pm
Hello Jide. My Credit Getting Deducted Everyday Pls Help Stop The Deduction. My No Are 08167002724 And 08039715902
Events / Re: Another Rescued Prostitute Weds In Omega Power Church In Rivers (Photos) by Anusiemgood(m): 3:08pm
Those of you judging her should examine ur lives and repent.
go and sit down..u no get talk
Technology Market / Re: Cctv Installations With Pictures...IKOYI INSTALLATION PIX ADDED by twinskenny(m): 3:08pm
Hello us today
Romance / Re: Hello Nairaland. Finally I Am Live Here! by sexymoma(f): 3:08pm
abeg i wan ask, na u dey produce the cream cos i nor understand
we all know u didn't get rich through that wan say na politicians dey lick ya ass, so nor come here dey form rich enterpreneur
if truly your are the okuneye idris olanrenwaju ooo den i must confess i don't envy you at all
bros i give that ya decaying skin few years time... wos wos wobi, even when i looked at ya pics i been dey ask myself say shey this guy nor dey see say im skin don dey rotten ni... the thing wey dey pain me pass for ya matter be say naijas dem dey make u relevant. nd u nor even reach
Celebrities / Re: See The New Hairdo Tekno Is Rocking by Ekeeyhandsome(m): 3:08pm
Lubbish...but then it's none of my business..

Meanwhile some mofos will go do this same style thinking it's dope...

But then again.. it's none of my business

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Politics / Re: Do Not Turn Shiites Into Another Boko Haram : Borno Elders Warn Buhari by Blue3k(m): 3:08pm
What ever it becomes just keep it there in the north.

I think you forgot it's your tax dollars that going to fix it. Let them get common sense. I doubt they will since these states don't like peace. After the issue is said and done they'll want another redevelopment package.
Agriculture / Re: Whatsapp Group For Agric Products (sales&purchase) Within And Outside Nigeria by jayyjayy1(m): 3:08pm
Abdullah, Ibadan, 08069045033
Celebrities / Re: See The New Hairdo Tekno Is Rocking by 9jayes: 3:08pm
which one be this again
Man u wingback
Technology Market / Re: new 2TB & 3TB external hdd fully LOADED™ with exciting contents **DAILY UPDATE** by ceejay80s(m): 3:08pm
more added
Politics / Re: "Woman & Her Child In Detention For Protesting In Support Of Nnamdi Kanu". PICS by AlPeter: 3:08pm

Look at them frustrated lying hypocrites and blood-suckers with another round of fabricated lies and concoctions thinking they can attempt to distort history and blackmail Igbos into staying put with them in this expired union. Little wonder you bile-filled, hating creatures ensured that the teaching of history was removed from schools to afford you backstabbers the luxury of twisting history to suit your evil narratives.

All you do is sit behind the keyboard to fabricate wicked lies and falsehood against Igbos who are in no way related to you greedy, wicked treasury looters cum murderous parasites. You ruminate and regurgitate bile - a figment of your evil imaginations and wishes against Igbos.
You vomit trash out of your vile and bile-filled hatred for anything pertaining to Igbos - your eternal nemesis.

A disgruntled, headless fowl, whose treacherous elites supported the non-implementation of the Aburi Accord in 1967, and did not hesitate to collude with their Northern masters to almost annihilate their supposed Anioma brothers in the fratricidal war of 1967-70.

Asaba Oct 7, 1967 Massacre by Murtala,  Awolowo and their Urhobo Cohorts:

After all rants, lies and history distortions done, the summary of the whole matter remains: Igbos are more than ever before determined to have a separate existence from greedy, treasury looters cum murderous backst*bbers.

Concoctions of lies and falsehood by unsecured and rattled tribes cannot deter Igbos from abandoning you lots with your Fulani masters in OduaArewanistan republic. Igbos are not interested in sharing a country with deluded, lying bigots.

Many Igbos have stated categorically and without any equivocation that they have virtually nothing in common with anything Edoid or Yoruboid yet you leeches troop online to vomit your frustrations.

It's the height of insanity to still need someone who doesn't want you.

It's quite hilarious the shameless manners you lots drag Igbos into your discussions, both online and offline to make yourselves feel good. It still cannot prevent the inevitable - you spending the rest of your miserable lives with your Fulani masters.

You really have got no business with someone who doesn't want to be with you!

And to leave the strange diseases, squalor, abject poverty and illiteracy bedevilling your various juju-infested enclaves to carry another's matter on your heads is simply the evidence of frustrations.

It's quite clear that you lots understand that your evil game is up and so you're desperately in search of any straw of baseless theory to hold onto. The days when you used lies and propaganda to have your way in the polity is gone. The serpent head is severely bruised and that's why you lots are desperately struggling for life to continue your treachery.

One thing you must bear in mind is that your 1966 charms of propaganda and lies against Igbos is no longer working. Your once poisonous fangs has lost its potency.

You desparately want Igbos and Easterners to remain in this fraudulent union so that they can help you lazy leeches wade off Dan Fodio's descendants whenever they recommence their jihad.

You lots are not that concerned about the ethnic cleansing going on in your backyard and the hate messages being preached in the mosques coupled with the unconscionable, cold-hearted waste of human lives and reckless destruction of means of livelihoods in the North.

That you leeches and backstabbers rarely stand for anything good in life should not be an excuse for you lots to come in the public to rant endlessly on the mere mention of Biafra or Kanu.

You shouldn't expect the Igbo Nation to follow your foolish ways of delusion. 

Igbos are not interested in sharing a country with you and all you ever stand for in life and hereafter. It's time you get this fact stuck in your medulla oblongata to avoid our crossing path. Igbos are not your mates as to warrant a nonentity from an inconsequential clan incessantly pointing leprosy-infested fingers on the Igbo Nation. Channel your negative energies towards consolidating OduaArewanistan republic and concentrate on the business of the Urhobos, Yorubas and Hausa-Fulanis who colluded to loot and ruin the fortunes of this fraudulent union.




"...I was an assistant publicity secretary of the party, so I know all the happenings – the action of Tony Enahoro, the boycott by northern members of house reps, the riot that followed the plan to turn Nigeria to confederation, and those who protested.”
- Alhaji Tanko Yakassai
Chairman of the Northern Elders Council, NEC


"The late first President of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, played a unifying role during the civil war, despite hailing from the secessionist side."

- FORMER Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (Retd)

"1. the emergence of NCNC/NPC alliance to form the national government was not a planned or preconceived one it was as a factor of the parliamentary system of govt then in practice in Nigeria because NPC doesn't have the overriding majority in parliament to form govt alone winning 134 out of 312 seats & NCNC won 89.
2. SL Akintola's faction was actually the one that formed alliance with Northern Peoples Congress NPC to form Nigeria National Alliance NCNC. thus the shady way the prime minister Tafawa Balewa handled the Western Region crisis jailing pa Awolowo. Actually Zik formed Alliance with Awolowo not with the North. its your kinsman Chief Akintola that started the ass licking to score a cheap point against Awo
3.From 1962-Civil war1967 It was the Yoruba in alliance with the North and even when Awo came out of jail what he repaid the Zik alliance before the war was to suggest starvation as a strategy for winning the war.

Q: Awolowo was accused of being behind the
blocking of food supply to the easterners which
really affected the civilian populace, what is your
view on this?
A: Well he is the only one who has the view on it. I
don’t have any view.
Q: Critics have been arguing about whether or not
what he did was right…
A: Is any thing right in war?
Q: People who were in charge of Biafran
propaganda said oh, the federal side took the
advice of Awolowo and stopped food to the East….
A: Awolowo said, hunger, is the legitimate
instrument of war so what else do you want to
say? You want to be feeding your enemy so that he
can fight you? Anything you have, you use it.
Properties / Re: Dstv/ Free to Air Satellite tv Stations/ Multi-dwelling Unit Installation by twinskenny(m): 3:08pm
Family / Re: Wanted Good Woman For Wife by maysimsimple(m): 3:08pm
OP , u didn't say y she left . a woman won't just pack out for no reason . look at all da women u r following on it profile n ur siggy . look at u already flirting wiv women in here . did u cheat on her ? did u have time for her ? anything else ? must be a reason y she left . since u haven't dealt wiv dis reason u should stay away from another relationship for now
Nice questions u asked. Will answer ur questions one after the other. She left because I was broke, just following all the women on here bcoz I believe I never got the chance to study women temperament b4 n I need to see ur reasoning ways now. I have learnt one or 2 things on here. I never cheated on her. While even courting I never double dated. I respect every women young or old. Always make sure she is comfortable, Iost myself in d process o! Doing that. Their is no crime in flirting dear. Don't hesitate to ask me more questions if u have..
Events / Re: Another Rescued Prostitute Weds In Omega Power Church In Rivers (Photos) by Anusiemgood(m): 3:08pm
Those of you judging her should examine ur lives and repent.
vo and sit down..u no get talk
Celebrities / Re: Gee Jay, The Lady That Remixed P'square's "Bank Alert" Song (Photos) by browniecay(m): 3:08pm

Ose, this one wey you drop two comments for the girl, shey make we find her number for you ni ? grin

They are related...lolz

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Agriculture / Re: Whatsapp Group For Agro Products Exporters And Intending Exporters by JAGABAN00(m): 3:08pm
Politics / Re: APC Rally For Rivers Rerun Election (Live Photos) by Oliveronline(m): 3:08pm
What a massive crow. I see APC in the bin! cheesy

Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by uppa(m): 3:08pm

WON . Baba God don green all
nice one bro

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Literature / Re: "365": A Short Story by Adesina12: 3:08pm
Catch-up wif da stowi at last
Swann you are blessed just like my club friends...Lleigh & jagugu88li
The story is full of suspense in all the characters used
Now that I am with you here, trust you will sit with my team at the club undecided
You know I can't finish my bag of popcorn with cold drinks alone
Waiting for the next chapter...well done bae

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Politics / Re: Rivers Rerun: Amaechi Storms Port-Harcourt, Takes A Stroll On The Streets by Jnrbaino4real(m): 3:08pm
Taking a stroll with security personals. If he thinks he is popular as he has says claimed let him walk alone if he will not be lynched
Properties / Re: 2016 Cctv Installation With Pictures..KAJOLA INSTALLATIONS PICTURE ADDED by twinskenny(m): 3:08pm
Call us
Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by bigj1800: 3:08pm
$1000 BTC FOR SALE @530


$1000 BTC FOR SALE @530


$1000 BTC FOR SALE @530


$1000 BTC FOR SALE @530


$1000 BTC FOR SALE @530

Literature / Re: The Italian's Baby Mother by MZmitchelle: 3:08pm
Interesting piece. Pls come and update
Celebrities / Re: EXCLSUIVE: Tiwa Savage And Teebillz Are Reportedly Back Together by airminem(f): 3:08pm
This should be honey on our tongues, But it’s might turn to ash in our mouths
Celebrities / Re: See The New Hairdo Tekno Is Rocking by Fisayomie(f): 3:08pm
Celebrities / Re: See The New Hairdo Tekno Is Rocking by 9jayes: 3:08pm
Celebrities / Re: See The New Hairdo Tekno Is Rocking by SUPOL(m): 3:08pm
What is this?

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Romance / Re: Hello Nairaland. Finally I Am Live Here! by Borbrisky: 3:08pm

Oohh okies.. I thought u are selling enhancer wink

I wanna order for my beloved one. grin
No dear.
Romance / Re: What Do Women Really Want? by Aniker(f): 3:08pm

She's my Twinnie. Lemme do the introductioncheesy. Benny meet my new friend, Aniker. You like Anika? shocked
Hahaha she is pretty, and also got style though, the name is kinda fine also.. That's why, wait wats your real gender?
Family / Re: Help!! We're At The Verge Of Being Thrown Out. by babythug(f): 3:08pm

This is the Account Number, sir.
Julius Stephen Ali.
Thanks. I Appreciate.
God Bless.

For how long will you keep this up?

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Properties / Re: Looking For A Flat To Rent In A Quiet Envinroment In Surulere- Check Here!!!! by gurusoft55: 3:08pm
OP do u av good and spacious miniflats in central surulere? Not shanties o
Politics / Re: Nine Power Plants Shut, Shiroro, Jebba Lose 245MW by mapet: 3:08pm
This is diaappointing and unacceptable on the part of ministry of power.
Besides, shortage of gas supply ( thanks but no thanks to gas pipeline explosion qs a result of the militias), the rest in quote could be largely blame on; inefficient, inconsistent and unreliable maintenance practises.

For goodness sake what happened to power back in the case of accidents or failed power structure.
Yet The DISCOs sought to have tarrif increment with little to nothing worth commending to show for.

Every ministries need quartely evaluations,appraisals and or restructure.

Who will Fashola blame now?

Can you please elaborate on this?

I think it is beyond those. I will like someone on the inside to help us with proper information. My suspicion is that these power plants are either requiring turn-around-maintenance or they are largely over/under flogged hence incessant breakdowns
Religion / Re: Intelligent Design Or No Intelligent Design? Can We Analyze This? by foladara777(m): 3:08pm

That's not referring to the Second coming but to the transfiguration which happened about a week after. About the period of the second coming, Jesus said even He doesn't know the time, have you ever read that or you don't want to?
Christians are the most dishonest people of all time... The verse says "until you have seen the son of man COME as KING" plss explain how he came as long during the transfiguration. Other verses that contain this prophecy are here:
“Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory. And then He will send forth the angels, and will gather together His elect from the four winds, from the farthest end of the earth to the farthest end of heaven. Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near. Even so, you too, when you see these things happening, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place…“ (Mark 13:26-30)
And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory. And He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.

Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.“ (Matthew 24: 25-34)
Oya, interpret these verses as transfiguration too, I dare you!!

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