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Celebrities / Re: Bassey Shows His 6 Packs On Beat F.M & Ladies Go Gaga (Photos) by ahizih(m): 10:06am
To be honest I dnt find guys with six pack sexy at all
Which guys do you find sexy?
Phones / Re: How To Hide Porn On Your Phone Without Any App by CLIQBOY(m): 10:06am
Just create a file named .nomedia in the folder the Video, Music or Picture you want to hide is located..
That's all grin
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Poses With Saraki In His Academic Gown by TheEvilPriest(m): 10:06am
Cc: Myn-d44.
What is this one crying? cry

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Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Shares Picture Of His Twin Daughters by okonji11: 10:06am
this is cute
Autos / Re: Tin-can Cleared 2011 Mercedes Benz E350 4matic by gidis1stson(m): 10:06am
#sharp #sharp
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore: "Nigerians, Don't Cry For Me If I Die", Nigerians React by DCTrendy(m): 10:06am
Most kids here are too quick to haul insult on Sowore not knowing his comrade antecedents long before they were born back then in Unilag. I increasingly became afraid for his life in recent days considering how powerful his opponents are yet he sounds and looks undisturbed considering his consequent actions. Many of us attacking him can't even stand a common local government councilor yet we castigate a man not afraid of taking on even the most feared dictator in the history of Nigeria, Abacha. FOI, Sowore has nothing to lose, even if Nigeria implodes today, he's got a US visa and can conveniently leave the country. We should be grateful to him rather than sound like an ungrateful and spoilt child. Imagine someone who almost everyone in the government is afraid of and constantly prays never to be on his radar (go and ask Andy Uba how afraid he is since yesterday's glimpse into his 'PhD). Many don't know that Sowore death is a loss to them as a Nigerian. If not for people like him, impunity and corruption would have been more brazenly done. Please Sowore don't die for Nigeria cos she's not worth it. The so called Nigerians would be the first to insult you for 'stupidly' putting your life on the line for them.
Though Dino can be said to have graduated based on the VC report but the inconsistencies in his studentship is worth revealing especially the possibility of gaining admission into the so called 'almighty' ABU with three credits. Even if Sahara reporter is wrong about it, we all now know that Dino has a very questionable academic record. Ask Harvard and LSE if you're in doubt.

We wouldn't have known the following safe for Omoyele SR

Just negodu the comments of subsequent posters, you'll see many commenting through the prism of tribalism, sentiments and ignorance completely devoid of good logic or fact.
To many who only find their voice behind social media and faceless forum like this and you can't mention one thing in the magnitude of the aforementioned that you've done for Nigeria, I'll advise you to shut up.

NB: Don't quote to insult me as I won't dignify you with a response

Everyone here may be an idiot, but am grateful i found a sane mind.
Thank you very much.

As for the indomine generation kids here, just remember this guy faced Abacha and survived. So your fraudulent senators re learners.

As for Sowore, u re not going to die yet.
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by RaggedyAnn(f): 10:06am
You discerned a lot about Marvis. She is a tomboy yes, but I feel she is hardened too much for a woman,finds it easy to hurt people and doesn't even care that she does.

I think you're absolutely right.
Family / Re: Should I Be Worried? Advice. Just Remarried My Old Sch Mate. I Told Him How Badl by Chiebunigom: 10:06am
Please run as fast as your legs could carry you. With all the evidences you have of his treatment to his ex-wife and even 'his own children', what makes you think he would treat you and your children better especially when the chips are down?
Nnem please be wise and guided, all that glitters is not gold!
Romance / Re: She Has Been Begging To Be My Girlfriend by Indomixx: 10:06am
[quo.te author=Nelgenius4me post=55058153]OP, there is no need beating about the bush ,you can call the girl and state the obvious .I bet you it wouldn't be without a fight. Do not date a lady out of pity. [/quote] ya bro.... Thanks
Celebrities / Re: Clarion Chukwura Rocks Shorts, Goes On A Fishing Day Fun With David Boyd by Ishilove: 10:06am
I hope this marriage lasts because many times too much media attention jinxes new marriages
Nairaland / General / 8 Things Everyone Who Watched Tales By Moonlight Will Remember by segunednut: 10:06am
Watching ‘Tales by moonlight’ on NTA was a Sunday night ritual for many Nigerian kids in the 90s.
‘Tales by moonlight‘ brought the ancient tradition of storytelling at sunset to television. The stories were told by an elder who has children sitting at her feet and many Nigerian children were transported into a world of folktales and the animal kingdom.

Puppets usually enacted the stories, and the children got to sing along too. The most important part of these folktales were the rich moral lessons.

1. Rushing to get a good spot in front of the television on Sunday night.

2. The joy of hearing the Tales by moonlight soundtrack.

3. And being jealous of the kids who got to sit at Aunty Nkem’s feet.

Read more things Tales by Moonlight fans can remember here >> http://omgvoice.com/lifestyle/tales-moonlight-remember/?geoip&country=NG

Car Talk / Re: 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Gets a Facelift by bofow(m): 10:06am
Why would you compare Benz and Innoson?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: PZ Cussons 2017 Graduate Trainee Scheme by corpershun: 10:06am
If you were called for AC, Sales and Marketing is today, Finance tomorrow and Engineering on Friday. There is a mix up on the AC dates.

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Phones / Samsung Launches Galaxy S8 Today by henrycharly70(m): 10:06am
After weeks of rumors, speculation, and leaks, Samsung Electronics will roll out the the make or break Galaxy S8 smartphone. Samsung has a lot riding on the new smartphone after the embarrassing and costly demise of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has a lot riding on the success of the Galaxy S8 after facing a costly and embarrassing blow last year due to dangerous flaws in its Galaxy Note 7. That device was supposed to be a big hit for Samsung, but after the smartphone’s battery starting catching fire, Samsung was forced to launch a massive recall. The replacement phones had the same issue, which resulted in Samsung killing the device altogether. It’s also suffering from a bribery scandal that has resulted in executives including Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee being arrested. If the Galaxy S8 is able to avoid any missteps, it may be enough to improve its reputation and regain trust among consumers, which is something Samsung badly needs.
Continue reading
Crime / Re: "Herdsmen Are Raping Our Wives & Children" - Anambra Communities Lament by Silasconelius(m): 10:06am
I always wonder why IPOB/Flatinos call Yorubas cowards. Anytime Hausa Fulani comes up with a fight in the SW we stand toe to toe, eye to eye and chase them back but such cannot be said of the SE, Fulani herdsmen rampage Enugu,Ebonyi and Anambra raping women and their men running away.
wich is unfair
Politics / Re: Why I Paid Herdsman N10m – Ortom by Balkan(m): 10:06am
Ortom is a complete Orangutan. A chimp
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by 1bkaye(f): 10:06am

why am I coming off as controlling

I'm not trying to, honestly embarassed embarassed
I'm not
alright I will stop with my idealist ideas,
I will come back to reality,

Lool no no you're not controlling, I can understand where you're coming from, it's just that not everyone will heed the whole mutual respect thing so it's unrealistic to think everyone will stop because no one can control what the other person does smiley
Romance / Re: "I Think I Am A Lesbian, I Need Help Please! " by kingBally(m): 10:06am
It actually is,freedom of sexual orientation which sadly majority of hypocritical Nigerians don't understand..
story......... if we should all go the way the society wants and not The Natural way God made it..... ahh i don't think there will be anything call human race ....... sex that its not between a man n wife bros even devil no be gay but humans are just been clouded by the so called human rights..... goan fight human rights for the less privilege fr education n not did trash of sex my foot
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by SGANIVA: 10:06am
beautiful building ,Your work is neat.which part of awgu is this ?I will need a land near presentation secondary school, You have any idea this place price.

I will look it up there, I will be in Awgu today. Starting a new project there http://www.nairaland.com/3710601/new-6-bedroom-duplex-construction
Romance / Re: "Nigerian Lady Dumps Her Fiance After Helping Her Arrive America" by AlphaStyles(m): 10:06am
so that guy was just the ticket to the state's .i fear Nigerian Girl's no wonder boys dy run from them
Religion / The Virgin Mary - Question For Christians by adepeter26(m): 10:06am
We all sabi Virgin Mary wella for Bible.

we all knew how she got pregnant via the holy spirit and conceived Jesus. Most defend and believe in this holy spirit like kilode.
Majority of Christians also go as far as shouting "THE POWER OF GOD IS GREAT", "THE POWERFUL GOD" etc....

Now my question to the Devoted Christian Guys and Men on NL and worldwide is:

Many people believe what has been written in the bible.

- Will you believe the holy spirit impregnated her
knowing fully well that God is still the same god yesterday, today and forever. God is still alive, performing miracles, signs and wonders.?
- Will you question the holy spirit since things of the spiritual cannot be understood by mere physical intervention?

And to the Devoted Christian Ladies and Women on NL, Can you just become pregnant via the intervention of the Holy Spirit without any sexual intercourse with a male counterpart

Cc felixomor, 4evergod, enshy, kingebukasblog, Junia, Tosyne2much, Doctoralien, engineerboat
Cc Hahn, obinna58, jonbellion, frank317, kevoh, akintom, Seun, hopefulLandlord, ScepticalPyrrho
Politics / Re: This NYSC Picture Evidence Is Not Credible Enough. by metallisc(m): 10:06am

I guess u were/are trying to make sense ba? He was accused of not graduating? He should simply have called a press conference, displayed his statement of results and explain he is just about to apply for his certificate! Dazzol!

Not posting inaccurate pictures of a visit to camp in "99, or dragging a whole VC to come and defend d result of an individual to d senate! The school should also have released a prompt statement on his graduation status, and explain why his name cant be found on its alumni site!

U dont go dancing shamelessly, doing ntoor, releasing misleading info or even wearing an academic gown, meant for pple who have reached d pinnacle of academic acheivements!

Autos / Re: Tin-can Cleared 2006 Lexus Rx330 Sport Edition . by gidis1stson(m): 10:06am
Sweet booty

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free ICT & Management Courses (e-center) by kaykay22: 10:06am
what about people in port harcourt?
Ur Class will be online sir. It our traditional way. Chat or call me
Autos / Re: Buy And Travel Toyota Solara Sports Type 2001/2002 For Sale by zinaunreal(m): 10:06am
Politics / Re: Senate Suspends Confirmation Of 27 INEC RECs Over Magu's Leadership of EFCC by prof12(m): 10:06am

No ! dlondonbadboy's brain does not need any resetting at least not with the points he raised.

Have you asked yourself what would be our collective gain as a country if we succeed in ridiculing our parliament ? (I want to assume you are patriotic citizen)


For the purpose of this discussion Mr. prof12, stop focusing on the individuals in our senate presently (i know it is tempting but not entirely impossible) rather, see same as Our apex Law making body and as such superior to one and all.

I hope it is not too much to ask ?

My man the Senate and the senators have succeeded in ridiculing itself long ago.
Must we allow such to continue?

Why is it that any issue that is for the benefit of the masses but against one them is always rejected by them and remember we voted and sent them to the Senate to serve us we are not to serve them.

Finally, the moment you disrespect and go against the opinion of who ever gives you opportunity to serve him or her,that is the first step of self ridiculing and that is exactly what the Senate has succeeded in doing to itself.
Autos / Re: 2012 Model Infiniti QX56 Full Option Used by hubcruz: 10:05am
Romance / Re: "Nigerian Lady Dumps Her Fiance After Helping Her Arrive America" by hAlexandro: 10:05am
Chai!!! Bros take heart something better is coming your way
Autos / Re: 2008 Model Benz GL450 4matic Toks Selling Cheap. by hubcruz: 10:05am
Autos / Re: 2010 Toyota Corolla Le Thumb Start Engine Toks by hubcruz: 10:05am
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija 2017: Live Thread by Sweetestrose(f): 10:05am
two housemates will go this week....from the balls in the wall you can depict that...

four was there before TTT and three was there before Bassey left...now it's remaining two..

I guess no one thought of this before...
Yeah, I noticed that too.
The containers on the wall where ex housemates pictures are kept. 2 is yet to be occupied and next week is final.
I guess that's the twist, 3up for eviction, 2 evicted, 1 saved, that's if today's twist favour one housemate not to still be up for eviction.

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