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Politics / Re: Former President Jonathan’s Salary Revealed by guardian09(m): 10:22pm
For presiding over the affairs of Nigeria as its president in the last three years, you won’t believe how much President Goodluck Jonathan has pocketed as salary.

Vanguard reports that in the last three years President Goodluck Jonathan has pocketed N43.231 million as salary while he had in the last three years, paid N6.264 million as tax to the country.
The years which the president earned the salary and paid the tax, according to document from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, he released to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, were 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Vanguard also made it known that the document which was placed at the INEC office at Area 10, Abuja, showed that the president, in 2011, 2012 and 2013, received the said amount.

The document showed that the president’s salary stands at N14,410,290.48 per annum. The president also paid a total of N6,264,221.75 as tax in the years under review.
The income tax clearance certificate from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Abuja, with Ref. No: ABJ/MDA/PAYE/09690150 and dated July 2, 2014, revealed that in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, he received a total of N43,230,871.44 as salary.

While he paid N1,242,670.21 as tax in 2011, President Jonathan paid N2,510,775.77 for 2012 and for 2013.
The document tagged:“To whom it may concern”, indicated that the president’s source of income was “employment”.

The clearance which was stamped and received in the Legal Services Department of INEC on December 18 2014 reads:

This is to certify that Dr. Jonathan, Ebele Goodluck (Presidency) has paid income tax assessment for the past three years.

The details of the president’s tax payment also showed that the president did not earn any other income besides his fixed income as president of the country in that period. There were no indications of income from stocks or other businesses that the president could have had.
Meanwhile, the Code of Conduct Bureau has cleared Vice President Namadi Sambo to contest the 2015 general elections.


Webmasters / Re: How Do I Design My Blog Like Linda Ikeji's Blog With Frames >>new In Blogosphere by dre4u(m): 10:22pm

I can teach you how to it, let's chat on whatsapp or call me: 08180727817
jayboss pls I need the same help too, can I chat u pls? www.enatodare.blogspot.com
Romance / Re: The Biography Of Tosyne2much And Kingtom by tosyne2much(m): 10:22pm
Will u like to leave ur gf for if i said i am in love with u? cheesy cheesy cheesy#diddy must not see dis,i don dieee b dat grin
Rofwlkwmd hahahahaha cheesy

Oooooh yeah I would leave her if you said you are in love with me tongue
Politics / Re: Abati Reacts To Punch Story On N2tr by HzRF(m): 10:22pm
Punch is not a media house, Punch is a propaganda megaphone! It has become the stock in trade of most media houses from the Lagos-Ibadan axis to fabricate all sorts mischievious junk stories with screaming headlines just to incite and instigate mayhem. Some of these parrot houses need to be legilatively garged to save this country from choas. Freedom of speach/press is not tantamount to undiluted idiocy.
Sincerely I don't blame military for hating on freedom of speech

Just imagine they will sit down behind their laptop and start to create news Hw they lyk
Just imagine 2trillion for wetin he wan contest for world president?

Idi amin knows this before saying
"Freedom of speech is allowed but freedom after speech I can't guarantee"

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Celebrities / Re: Omg!!! 23 Year Old Struck By Lightening While self-servicing In His Bedroom by SirBlack999(m): 10:22pm
Hell or Heaven?
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by ladokuntlad(m): 10:22pm
This man ladokuntlad e don tey ooooo ,where you go cheesy

phummiegold omo barca wasuup grin
Culture / Re: 15 Of Africa's Favorite Dishes!!-cnn by onila(f): 10:22pm
7. Namibian venison, Namibia

Good venison can be sampled all over Southern Africa, but Namibians will insist that the very best gemsbok, kudu, zebra, warthog, ostrich and springbok is to be found at restaurants and game lodges across their country.

Namibian cuisine shows strong German and South African influences, with traditional German delicacies such as sausages, cured meats, sauerkraut and Eisbein rubbing shoulders with South-African style potjiekos, biltong and braaivleis.

Try your venison with traditional staples oshifima (maize porridge) or mahangu (pearl millet) and, of course, a hearty tankard or two of fine Namibian beer.

Where to taste it: Tuck into traditional German and Namibian favorites at popular Windhoek institution Joe’s Beer House, 160 Nelson Mandela Ave., Windhoek; +264 61 232 457; or Swakopmund Brauhaus, The Arcade 22, Sam Nujoma Drive, Swakopmund; +264 64 402 214
Politics / Re: Buhari Social Program: Laudable, Laughable Or Dead On Arrival? by usbcable(m): 10:22pm
Usbcable what are u doing in politics section eh? Anyway to put somethings straight to u, barcanista is nt paid by any party to post anything on this forum believe me, him is a close paddy of mine just like you, i made every attempt to make him join PDP bt the guy stood his ground well & i respect him for that, if you think he is seeking for employment then u lie big time, i am comfirm senior pdp member i know how he use to bash me and any GEJ policy he thinks is bad, i can stand for the guy, whatever he is doing or decisions he is taken is just on his own, he works for no party, lets just say he is advocator of good governance. Remember ATM must knock Madrid out on wednesday.

Scantee ooooooo na elections bring me here jare.
never really liked the politics section because of the Tribalism and insincerity of many of the posters.

I really like barcanista. at least he has shown he is bloody damn intelligent.
as per this thread I for one dont really believe that all what APC promised will be achieved but for the sakes of Nigeria I hope they do.

Well greet him for me. We miss him in our la liga world.
Romance / Re: The Biography Of Tosyne2much And Kingtom by stephenqueen(m): 10:22pm
no b u gv him? undecided
Mumu who say make u talk for this matter, Ah call you undecided undecided undecided undecided
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny Pictures To Make You Smile Tonight! by Mathematical(f): 10:22pm
True talk.. forgiveness na design.
Politics / Re: Xenephobia Attack: How To Boycott MTN by LegatusGlaber(m): 10:22pm

What happened to porting? Last time I checked we can port, just ported to glo 3 days ago

Never really thought of it. Behold the solution I seek
Politics / Re: Buhari's Social Program: Very Possible. by Obiagelli(f): 10:22pm
This is how things work....

Nigeria Generates revenue from Oil export...

Nigeria PAY Oil companies their own share for Operational Cost (mind you Nigeria is even owing these people).

Nigeria earning in 2014 from oil is $77b ie 1.5trn

Na wa 4 you o

First of all i generously gave the oil companies 40% of crude oil sales in my calculations, so i don't understand your point.

Btw how does $77 billion = 1.5 trillion?


Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Blessedmum: 10:22pm
Please I av a question, I jst wiped now& I noticed brown discharge. Could this be implantation bleeding? am on cycle day 26 and my cycle length is btw 28&29.
Politics / Re: Diezani Alison-madueke The Most Beautiful Outgoing Minister In Nigeria by 1stgrade: 10:22pm
Sentiment apart, she's pretty
Nairaland / General / Re: List Of Top 10 Worst WWE Stars by penisilin(m): 10:22pm
Mark Henry, Fandango, R-Truth, Swagger, those guys dey vex me like craze
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Pride Of London by Keky(m): 10:22pm
Bamford got POTY in the Championship. He's a baller. Chelsea are going to ruin him though like they do with all their youngsters. Sh*t club.
Romance / Re: Are Nigerian Guys Wiser And More Knowledgable Than Nigerian Ladies. by cao(f): 10:22pm
Fine, you've gave your two to three reasons. I can give up to 25 reasons females shouldn't be a leader if needs be, but we will be deviating from the said topic whereas I'm kinda feeling down tonight. I like your points, its straightforward unlike mzchima's. But I'm still standing on the fact that women tends to be somewhat reckless during the "blood flow." You know I'm right, however Germany's leader is an old woman, also not materialistic unlike our supposed "Nigerian Girls."

Look at Alison Madueke for example! Though "smart" but she displayed it on how to embezzle funds. Please just accept the fact that males dominate the intellectual field, even doctors. Look at every fields, ranging from government parastatals to scientists, security, law, artist, banking, broadcasting, spokesmen, geniuses, technician and every careers, name the exact place dominated by females.

You're now falling into the same tried and tested trap were I've to provide evidence. Even if I provide evidence, you'll still ask for more. You're set in your ways, you were taught that this is the way it should. You can't teach an old dog new treats.

You still haven't tried to explain how the reckless males are acting emotional. One day all you guys will explain to your daughters how they can't really achieve any leadership roles because they're women. I'm forever happy that my parents never used my sex against me.
Romance / Re: Suposing A Lady Takes A Guy Out For Shopping? by justmag(m): 10:22pm
Why would that be uncomfortable? Girls take guys shopping sometimes....why kind of girls do you date??
Politics / Re: Jonathan Personally Called INEC Returning Officers To Rig And Increase His Votes by Ama80(f): 10:22pm
D way saharareporters compile and narrate their lies one who doesn't know them wud definitely be convinced beyond reasonable doubt.they drop names without minding the consequences.i stopped believing Sahara reporters whn they narrated how my pastor lfc took a second wife and how d covenant university's registrar helped her daughter to secure first result while actually they were lies.I hail Una lies.
Nairaland / General / Re: A Comment By A Former White South African Leader About The Black Race by lordprosh(m): 10:22pm
An average south african can't slap a fellow white south african but can pick a knife against a fellow black man..I don't blame dem I blame the silly kings we have in africa

Same kinda statement the Oba of Lagos make
Romance / Re: .5 sure signs she is loosing interest in the relationship by ivyy(f): 10:22pm
LALASTICLALA counter thread smiley

Dearie I don't agree with this post
Politics / Re: PDP Rejects Lia Mohammed's Training Offer For Olisa Metuh by YUNGLURD(m): 10:22pm
There's one ediot above my immediate poster. Mods needs to ban her 4 life for inFesting different topics with her trash.. Keeps repeating nonsense, u no dey tire ni
Nairaland / General / Xenophobia Attacks: Operation Destroy All South Africa Business In Nigeria by berlusconib2(m): 10:22pm
Xenophobia Operation Destroy All South Africa Business in Nigeria Starting From All MTN Masts Nation Wide! Gbam!!![i][/i]
Religion / Re: My Terrible Experience In A Church Today by Dsojourner: 10:22pm
@OP...though d pastor had no right to say what he said...but I think u r foolish for walking out of d church,...what u did was an insult to God...God is the Head of the church,not the pastor.... are ther no mature ways in displaying you displeasure..note it..ur foolish action is recorded in heaven ...Jesus never thought his disciples such evil response....its best u ask God for forgiveness and apologise to ur friend....lest u suffer an eternal punishment of such sinful act....
Business / Re: MERRYBET Football(+ Other Sports) Betting Season 9 by godoluwa(m): 10:21pm
yawns. Not punting on weekends really feels great.
d truth iz dat weekend punting has only 30% winning rate. HOCKEY NKO? gudluck
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Stanbic IBTC Is Currently Recruiting by rationalmind(m): 10:21pm

I understand the flow of ur logic but hey, it doesn't wrk with bank interview. Hw did I know? Experience! Just to share a few with u. I got to d venue of the interview. A friend who did his a day earlier called and told me he received text that he wasn't successful with theirs a day earlier. My question: How has the questions he leaked to me affected his chances? That happened in 2013 during my diamondbank interview experience @ Owerri. The tin is, if u r going for a bank interview, as soon as u leave the panel, the decision to either take/ drop you has already been made. Other candidates CANNOT hamper ur chances of success with banks. I know wat I'm talking abt. As mentioned earlier, we all need 2 prepare for ours with/without clue!

But your friend might have performed woefully that he stood no chance. As an example, I once attended an interview where I woefully performed. It was obvious to me I can never be called. I can expect to receive a regret mail almost immediately and I can afford to tell as many people as possible what I was asked.

You just can't compare that to someone who probably has left the interviewers undecided with his performance. Or perhaps, someone whom the interviewers have decided to give a chance.

The moment he tells you guys the interview questions and lots of you outperform him, his next mail will be his regret mail.
Politics / Re: Abati Reacts To Punch Story On N2tr by sam1234(m): 10:21pm


Dear Uncle, the news today that President Goodluck Jonathan will hand over power to the President-elect, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on May 28, at a dinner and a vision by Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo relayed since April 2, 2015 from Chicago about possible food poisoning of Buhari if he visits Aso Rock, looks and sounds too coincidental for comfort.
Very instructive in Dr. Fayemiwo's vision was the fact that he said he saw clearly that Buhari will be invited to Aso Rock on the pretext of hand over ceremony, during which he will be killed. And because Buhari has not been sworn-in, which constitutionally was to take place on May 29th, therefore, Pro. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President-elect cannot be sworn-in to take over.
That leaves a power vacuum that will ordinarily call for interim government and Jonathan, who by now has been gathering goodwill on account of his acceptance of the election results, will be asked to fill the position.
Please Uncle, get to reach the APC hierarchy to STOP Buhari from attending the dinner. He has waited for 12 years to get to the post, 24 hours to Friday May 29th surely is not long to wait.

Let every APC faithful post this on his/her wall!
Romance / Re: Romance Section "Chat Central and Derailer's Paradise"...Welcome! by obito: 10:21pm

From her.
I am trying to. Has not been easy.
Celebrities / Re: I Have A N12m Wristwatch- Cynthia Morgan by Iyamar(f): 10:21pm
May God bless our hustle...
Romance / Re: The Biography Of Tosyne2much And Kingtom by Truckpusher(m): 10:21pm

Why now embarassed
It's a thing of choice and my choice is straightforward. tongue
Romance / Re: Seven Things More Pleasurable Than Sex by Dotwillis1(m): 10:21pm
Nothing is more pleasurable than sex
Romance / Re: Xenophobic: Letter To My Girlfriend by laidian(m): 10:21pm
This xenophobic attack is gruesome. This has really affected alot of South Africa investment in other various African countries.

They should have been punched here too.

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