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Politics / Re: Ranches Won't Work, Fulani's Are The Least Capable Cattle Rearers In Africa. by Ofodirinwa: 2:56am
Crime / Photos: Thieves Set 12-year-old Boy On Fire So He Won’t Recognize Them by Jaytextoons: 2:56am

A 12-year-old boy, identified simply as Ojonugwa was reportedly set on fire by thieves in Kogi state to prevent him from identifying them as those responsible for the theft of a mobile phone.

The young boy was said to have known the identity of the thieves who stole a phone in Ogugu, Olamaboro LGA in Kogi state, so the criminals abducted him and took him on their motorcycle to a location where they asked him to lie down and close his eyes.


According to multiple reports online, He did and they poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

The thieves fled the scene immediately but fortunately for the young boy, he was able to drag himself into a drum of water, effectively quenching the fire.


He was treated at a hospital for his burns.
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Are Burning Kikan Village In Numan Adamawa Presently by GavelSlam: 2:56am
Be wary of news you read online.

Can the OP claim he's in the vicinity of the incident ?
Religion / Re: Islam And Women's Rights: Equal Yet Different by tartar9(m): 2:56am

Would you allow your wife to marry 3 other husbands and beat you when you disobey her in exchange for letting you wear hidden jewellery?
If that's the command of God,why not?
Do you think we have a say in this matter

The 'benefits' that Islam offers to women are trivial things that are also beneficial to men. The benefits it offers to men are important things.
Do you say bearing all the financial burdens or going to war are trivial

99% of the prohibitions present in Islam applies to both genders.I presume you'd also say God wants to oppress humans with those injuctions undecided;we can equally as well say that God's proscription of hard drugs is to make us gloomy.You just cant go about assuming whatever intents that suits you.If we do so then we can assume a million and one of such intents,oppression being just one of them.
We must look at it all within the grander scheme of things.The primary reason behind any injunction from God is clear and simple.It is the reason why we all were created in the first place-to worship Him.


Which makes the woman completely dependent on her husband and incapable of leaving him when he beats her and marries other women.
I never said a woman cant earn hers.
Autos / Re: Toks Toyota Corolla 2009 by jomorodo(m): 2:56am
Celebrities / Top 10 Movies That Will Dominate 2018 By Kingston Dome. by KingstonDome: 2:56am
So many movies will dominate the screens this year. I am pretty sure that you have been anticipating so many movies and can't wait for them to get released.

Kingston Dome has selected the top 10 movies that will rock 2018.

Below is the "blockbustered" list:

1. Black Panther
Release Date: February 9, 2018.
Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Michael Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira

This is the most anticipated movie of 2018. Everyone wants to watch Marvel's Black Panther. Black Panther made his debut in the big screens last year in Captain America: Civil War. Chadwick Boseman returns again this year again as Marvel's African Superhero, Black Panther. This surely one movie to watch out for.

2. Avengers: Infinity War
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Cast: Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Patt

All of Marvel Superheroes come together and join forces. Thanos arrives to claim the six Infinity Stones. The Avengers must stop him. The movie is really star studded and one to watch out for.

3. Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Release Date: 26th January, 2018 (Nigeria)
Cast: Dylan O'Brien Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Katherine Emmanuel

The third Maze Runner is finally coming out this year. This is coming after delays due to an on-set injury Dylan O'Brien had.This is one great movie as both the first and second parts were hits.

4. Tomb Raider
Release Date: March 16, 2018
Cast: Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu, Hannah John- Kamen

Tomb Raider makes it to the list as No. 4. Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft here. Lara Croft is 21 and the movie is set seven years after father's death. She is determined to find out the cause of her father's death and she embarks on a perilous journey to her late adventurous father's last destination which is a fabled tomb on an island off the coast of Japan. Here, she earns herself the name, Tomb Raider.

5. Deadpool 2
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin

Ryan Reynolds is back in this sequel to the 2016 hit. Deadpool 2 is filled up with both action and comedy. Save the date and hit the cinemas as Deadpool 2 will surely make your day.

6. Ocean 8
Release Date: 8 June, 2018
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Care Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna

This is the all- female take on the popular and classical Ocean's heat franchise. Rihanna's fans are really excited about this movie as the American singer would be starring in the movie. Watch out for Ocean 8 this year.

7. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Release Date: June 22, 2018
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom returns as the sequel to the hit movie, Jurassic World. Again, some few selected unlucky individuals are sent to an island, full if dinosaurs. This time, they are to save the dinosaurs from going extinct once again as an active volcano threatens their existence.

8. Johnny English 3:
Release Date: September 20, 2018
Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Miller

Are you a fan of Mr. Bean? Rowan Atkinson returns in the third installment of British action comedy film, Johnny English. Johnny English which is directed by David Kerr is one movie to watch out for.

10. Rampage
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" stars in this movie which was directed by the director of "San Andreas". Dwayne Johnson is up against a gaint gorilla, wolf and crocodile.

That is our top 10 list of movies to watch out for in 2018. We hope you enjoyed it.

Please do note that the air or release dates used above is for the US except otherwise stated.

What is your most anticipated movie of the the year?


Cc: Lalasticlala Fynestboi

Travel / Re: UK Spouse Visa/Appeal Process-part2 by Lexusgs430: 2:55am
the first employment is 6months £1400 monthly while ( the second is 12months £11500 in total agency staff the p60) will show much the agency paid for the year From feb 2017 to feb 2018 so in excess but income meets the financial requirements can we use it .thanks

Make sure other documentations are in tip top shape...,
Romance / Re: Hmmm: 5 Nigerian Celebrity Divorcees Who Are Winning! by beautydutch(f): 2:55am
against all odds, these women pulled through.
may we all marry our true partner
TV/Movies / Re: Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy - Teller (episode 138) by DAMIDEZ12(m): 2:55am
New episode

Video: Mark Angel Comedy – Am A Cooker (Episode 143)



Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Share Nude Photos Of His Ass To Show He Doesn't Wear Pads by emmayodata(m): 2:55am
picture of your sleepy dick with the ass or adontbiliv.
Religion / Re: Atheism Is A Religion by budaatum: 2:55am

Again I say we are talking about God and not unicorns. (stop trying to shift my gaze).

The comment does not go both ways for an atheist. It goes in a one way fashion. He says one does not need sensory perception to prove the existence of anything YET is demanding for objective evidence for the existence of God. Such a self refuting statement!

Since that was their stand then it's sheer hypocricy and deception to demand for objective evidence in the light of that declaration.

It's shameful to say the least. They shot themselves in the head with their own gun and realizing this are now trying to derail the thread by engaging in idle banter with each other while throwing ad hominems around. grin

Been there, done that! Their game is up! cheesy
Hmm. No, that's not what's being said, quite. And the issue here is your insertion of the word "proof".

There's a line I used to pull about the million pounds I have convinced myself is in my bank account with which I plan to buy a spanking brand new red Ferrari. The proof of the money is whether I can complete the purchase.

An objective existence of a thing implies an existence irregardless of a subjects opinion. A tree fell in the forest whether anyone is there to see it fall, or even see it has fallen. The trick in this specific scenario is that it goes without saying that in a forest somewhere in the world, a tree will fall. A similar statement would be that in the time it takes you to read what I have written in this specific post you would have taken, at the very least, a couple of breaths. It just goes without saying that you would have breathed at least twice or you would never post on Nairaland again. And one does not have to witness you breathing to know you did, and any argument in opposition to that fact would deserve ridicule. It is an objective fact that validates itself.

The argument for God does not go the same way and any attempt to apply it to gods opens you up to the unicorn response. Basically, things don't exist, or not exist just because someone says they exist or don't. They exist regardless of an observer. Their existence or lack of thereof, is not subject to the observer

Let me go a step further. The fact that I personally, and therefore, subjectively categorically state that I have a million pounds in my bank account, or that gods, and unicorns, do not exist, does not in itself mean they do or do not exist. However, when it comes to proving whether they exist or not, the evidence for their existence is slim, at the very least. And I repeat, for the upteenth time, if ones subjective assertion of the existence of a thing were true just because it were asserted, then I would have to be a pig feed scammer, as some people asserted you were in a recent thread! I say again, I refuse to accept that without some evidence which, when you asked for, they refused to provide!
Technology Market / Re: Electronics Shelf Still For Sale @ 5k by blowjanet: 2:54am
I will contact you tomorrow

Isolo in Lagos
Crime / Re: TERROR IN KABUL: Several Feared Dead As Four Gunmen Storm Luxury Intercontinenta by taiyesoul(m): 2:54am
Terrorism everywhere.World peace-how realistic?
Business / Re: Blank T-shirts (round Neck) And Branded Tees by mrAMG: 2:54am
Price and location please?

It’s quite foolish to put up an ad without stating starting price and location. Save yourself the stress of having to receive useless WhatsApp messages of people asking for price only for them to realize that they can’t afford it.
Travel / Re: UK Spouse Visa/Appeal Process-part2 by Lexusgs430: 2:54am
the first employment is 6months £1400 monthly while ( the second is 12months £11500 in total agency staff the p60) will show much the agency paid for the year From feb 2017 to feb 2018 so in excess but income meets the financial requirements can we use it .thanks

Sure..... You already done your calculations right......
Family / Re: Is My Sexual Preference Unholy? by prince13: 2:54am
Woman,you are not only a lesbian but you are also into serious sin,dont try to define or defend it and this may be more reason why you may not win the figth with your husband,your hands must be clean and then God will show you mercy and figth for you.
I will start from the beginning so that i will be better understood, soo sorry if it is too long

I and my husband met in one of our ICAN classes so we hit it off immediately, became friends, dated then got married. It was blissful, we had our kids, to me life was perfect till one day he changed.

He started picking fights on irrelevant things, wouldnt talk to me for days, i thought it was just a phase until one day he didnt come back home, after so much calls to family members, friends collegues at work, we found out he left the country with another woman, this was 4 years ago, we later found out he paid for the house rent for two years and he vowed never to have anything to do with me and my kids anymore.

Even after pleadings from family members he still refused so i moved on, believing that one day he would come back to me because i believe his actions was not normal, he asked for divorce, i refused cos my bible is against it (luke 16:18). Since then God has been soo good to me, i've moved into my own home(a working mom) and God has been taking care of my kids for me.

Now 2 years ago, i met this lady who was serving(nysc), i see her as my younger sister so we talk alot, so she knows all about me, she helps me at home, with my kids and all.

One day we were talking about sex generally, so she said she can satisfy my urge, i was shocked, i dont want to go into details but that was how it started.

Mind you i do not insert anything into my "VJ", what she does is the normal licking and sucking till i "CUM" she's in a serious relationship with a man so i do not do same act to her and she doesnt ask for anything in return(from a wealthy home).I dont see myself as a lesbian since i dont indulge in it moreso i still love my husband.

I agreed to it because it's safer than having sex and contacting std in the process, i am human, i have needs and i dont want to commit adultery cos i'm still married and i believe my husband would come back to me, i feel no guilt whatsoever for this act.

Reason why i brought this here is to know your views about this act, i want to have diff. opinions from matured minds so no insults please, thank you.

Mods please help take this to FP
Romance / Re: Man Stylishly Asks His Crush For Nudes, And Its Epic!! by makydebbie(f): 2:54am
This guy will make a good writer.

Life is hard oo, see epistle all for nudes that she may decide not to send. grin
Crime / Re: How We Extract Bank Details From Stolen Phones To Withdraw Money —suspects by Icecomrade: 2:54am

Having access to your sim card charges everything. Some of banks ussd banking only require last 4 digit of your bvn or ATM card to initiate a transfer as long as its the registered sim with the bank

ou should know that there is a difference between initiate transfer and completing a transfer.

If the last 4 digits of your bvn and the phone number registered on your account is all you need to transfer.

Please close your account with that bank and open an account with another bank. They dont know what they are doing.

Trust me no bank will be this loose.
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Are Burning Kikan Village In Numan Adamawa Presently by Nowenuse: 2:53am
Crime / Re: How We Extract Bank Details From Stolen Phones To Withdraw Money —suspects by Icecomrade: 2:53am

You can do that by USSD

USSD would require pin. Some bank would also require token code.
Family / Re: Clearance Sales!!!! by enoqueen: 2:53am
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 12 by chewbacca: 2:53am

Can't find this
The game has just finished, Murray and Chan won the tie-break after being down 0-3
Politics / Re: Igbo And Ijaw, It Is Time To Leave The Shithole by Nonaira1: 2:52am
As long as some of my Igbo brother refuse to assume the Big Brother role and take the bull by the horn, igbo will remain exactly as the Yoruba want it, held back.

Ijaws are family whether the devil likes it or not.

There's no doubt in my mind You're ijaw.

Dude igbo have NOTHING in common with ijaw.
Nada, zilch, nothing.

It's every man for himself. We are getting out of that shithole by ourselves. The rest can do whayever the Bleep they want. We are not ijaw's father, brother, cousin, sister, brother, whatever. We are not related to them at all. Infact being in the same country with ijaw is equivalent to being in the same country with fulani. They'll claim your land your lamds as there's. Go and ask iteskiri, bini, ibibio, and several other ethnicities.
Heck even with in igbo, Go and ask Ndoki and Asa people in rivers.

Abeg leave us alone. I support the whole leaving the shithole but definitely against doing so with ijaw
Forum Games / Re: Eye Test: How Many Tigers Can You See In This Picture? by tytunji29(m): 2:52am
I saw all : grin grin
oga we saw all me ND u
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Andela: IT Training And Job by benedictuyi(m): 2:52am
please wats the link to hook up wit andela
Education / Re: P.M.B Others Congratulate Obasanjo At Noun’s Convocation Ceremony by odiereke(m): 2:52am
Congratulations sir.
Crime / Re: Apostle Joetino Peters Odidi Attacked In Edo On Orders Of OKUMABGE (Graphic) by Jeezuzpick(m): 2:52am

most JP is JUSTICE OF PEACE. which ever it is, he's not living his title

A Justice of the Peace.

Even worse.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by NIFES(f): 2:51am

Congratulations once again ma'am.
God bless your Prince and keep him flourishing in God's name.
Crime / Re: How We Extract Bank Details From Stolen Phones To Withdraw Money —suspects by Icecomrade: 2:51am
you don't even know anything........
your sim has alot of info about you than you think....
pray and fast it doesn't get in the wrong hands...

quote author=Icecomrade post=64361629]
See how these criminals are fooling the Nigeria Police.

Nobody cannot make withdrawal by been with a persons account details or BVN.

This shows how poorly enlightened our police officers are.

Politics / Re: Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen, Others Decamp To APC In Edo by nwanwaoge(m): 2:50am
The Edo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) dealt a big blow to the camp of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state on Friday, with the decamping of major PDP heavyweights, including Member representing Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency, Honourable Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma and former gubernatorial aspirant of the PDP, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki led the party leadership to receive Hon. Agbonayinma and Hon. Iduoriyekemwen and their followers at its Mega Rally, which hosted party chieftains and members across the state, at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

Governor Obaseki, who welcomed the new members of the party, said that they have further swelled the ranks of the party to become an indomitable force in the state, adding that they would enjoy all due benefits as party members.

-Obaseki Assures of More Developments, Gives Credit to Oshiomhole.
Further in his speech, Gov. Obaseki maintained that the infrastructural development being witnessed in the state is linked to the solid foundation laid by his predecessor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

According to him, “Edo is working today, because Oshiomhole laid the foundation. Edo people have not seen anything yet. We will continue to demonstrate efforts in sustaining good governance. I am making effort to attract investors to the state as this administration is committed to building the biggest industrial park in Nigeria on our promise to facilitate job opportunities and engage 200, 000 youths, and we will achieve that before the year 2020.”

The governor assured that a modular refinery will be built in the state as part of the outcome for his recent visit to China, promising to replicate development in every local government in the state.

-Oshiomhole Urges Edo APC To Clinch Delta
On his part, Oshiomhole said that the action of the defectors to Edo APC reinforces the total clearing and cleansing of the opposition in the state, who, according to him, balkanized the state almost beyond repair.

He stressed that the APC is running on the principle of social democracy, making a case for the state chapter of the party to reclaim Delta State from the PDP, to extend the developmental strides to their brothers and sisters with whom they formed the old Bendel State.

He said, “Our aim in APC is to transfer power to the people as we have successfully taken power from the few who claimed to be godfathers and impoverished the masses.

On his charge for the state APC to advance into Delta State, he said, “Together, we will sweep whatever is left out of Edo State and Delta. Comrades, we have secured Edo State, now we must advance to Delta. In the spirit of Bendel, which was governed by the late Samuel Ogbemudia, we must carry more brooms to Asaba and sweep all the way to Warri and install an APC governor in Asaba, so that the resources of Asaba can be used for the benefit of Deltans.”

Amagba and Ugbo Road construction loading....only for those who understands.
Celebrities / Chidinma Ekile Vs Psquare Paul Okoye's Wife Anita - Who Is The Cutest? by Seanpizzy10: 2:49am
Chidinma Ekile Vs Psquare Paul Okoye's Wife Anita - Who Is The Cutest?
Watch video via

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