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Properties / Re: Are You A Property Investor? Here Is An Investment Opportunity With Good Profit by CofOLandOfPeace(m): 3:36pm

Talk to us today. Call us on the phone line in our signature or simply click to chat us directly....
Properties / Re: Call Us For Ur Granite(directly From The Quarry),sharpsand & Sandfilling by fendorf(m): 3:36pm
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by Fadareak: 3:35pm
Alright then, Since you have the informed Answers go and Apply to RMIT from a Private University


You should only answer when you are sure. Don't dash people's hopes with uninformed answers.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: INEC Begins Dino Melaye’s Recall Process by nNEOo(m): 3:35pm
Dino in trouble from different fronts, he must fall.


the african story. . . . .
Properties / Re: Your Dream Home Awaits You At Brenthills Estate. Maitama Ext., @ #34M Per Plot by CeciliaLazarus2(f): 3:35pm
Free from government acquisition +2348135666986
Politics / Re: BREAKING: INEC Begins Dino Melaye’s Recall Process by calaway: 3:35pm
this guy should be recalled....kogi should vote another senator adhoc....

Buhari is a tyrant......first framing and arresting dino and now organizing a recall.....if other NASS members allow this injustice moulded in the abuse of power fly...tomorrow it will be their turn.

when it was igbos getting killed the middle belt joined the mob and so justice and humanity died and was buried. now it is the middle belt being daily killed and sadly there is no justice or humanity to intervene.

below is one of many truthful reasons buhari had Dino arrested and wants him out.

Romance / Big Question For WOMEN ONLY (photo) by TeamLeader(m): 3:35pm
Do women ever sit back and think damn I'm hurting him?

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of England by Skimpledawg(m): 3:35pm
Elrony Abeg leave Chelseafan1 my Gee, body just dey pepper am since last night cheesy
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Champions Of England by dopeJemi: 3:35pm

Lol, same way Sanchez, Martial, Herrera, Depay, Di Maria, Pogba are all frauds.

That's the 'Truff' too.

Deal with it.

Sanchez has won the Champions League and also scored in a final, Martial posts better numbers than Hazard in the last 3 years, despite the latter coming to the league before him, Herrera is barely a starter. Depay in his worst season for Man Utd never scored 4 goals, Di Maria is another Champions League finalist and winner, Pogba, a Champions League finalist, 2015 world best 11

Hazard is nothing but a fraud, That's nothing but the Truff
Celebrities / "May Death Visit You And Your Unborn Generations” — Tonto Dikeh Fights Dirty by Mashido(m): 3:35pm
It was all out War Yesterday between Tonto Dikeh and a fan on Instagram that trolled her not to be too comfortable with life.

It all Started when An Instagram account, dedicated to sharing pictures of Nigerian celebrities kids and their parents, shared a picture of Tonto’s son, Andre and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, captioning the photo: “The former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo and his grand child… 100% cute..”

Tonto Dikeh Responded by Saying; “Excuse me, that’s my son and that’s not his grandfather in any way. Baba is a great man and has been wonderful to me and my son , but Unfortunately we have no blood relationship with Baba.”

Hell was let loose when a Fan said; “Even women who are yet to make use of their womb”… so deep, too far, Hmm. U have easily forgotten there’s something called death.. Don’t be so sure and comfortable with life. It turns around.. *Grabs popcorn @tontolet..

Continue reading here: http://nigerianslifestyle.blogspot.com.ng/2018/03/may-death-visit-you-and-your-unborn.html

Properties / Re: Don't Miss This Promo On Affordable Lands With Right Documentation by CofOLandOfPeace(m): 3:35pm

Talk to us today. Call us on the phone line in our signature or simply click to chat us directly...
Literature / Re: Jewel From The Ghetto: New Novel Release!!! by rukidanty: 3:35pm
d story is so interesting o.. can't wait for the next update with my Heineken
Romance / Re: My Experience With A Slayqueen And What I Did by aro1(m): 3:35pm
I decided to narrate my own experience with a slay queen after a thread was created about how a slay queen with UK location took to her heels after she was spotted fetching water in the village .
I met this slayqueen at a friend’s party.had some fun,took her out and all but this slay queen eats only rice whenever we’re out so I asked why and she replied that rice and noodles are her best food,so which other food again do you eat I asked and I received the first shock when she replied that she only eat rice and noodles I was like you mean you’ve never ate any other food and she said yes...lol then I know I’m in for a long thing.
So there was a day that I was sick and I had to break one of the brothers rules which states that“never invite a slay queen to your home” because once they see an apartment where they can be taking pictures and videos for Snapchat and turning head like slowpoke while putting out the tongue without saying a word then my brother relationship don start be that. So I called her to come and help me cook and maybe do some cleaning.
After slay queen came I asked what she’ll be cooking for me and she said rice, no problem since it’s her best food then she should be very good at preparing it so I’m ready to eat the best rice ever. I put on the generator for madam slay queen so she can blend some pepper but thank God I was there as madam just put all the pepper in the blender at once without a drop of water! I had to help her and she told me her blender at works like that but what do I know? This is the blender I can afford,so I went inside the living room only for ms slayqueen to come asking for matches to light gas stove!, I had to teach her how to light it that it doesn’t need matches,I want to stay with her there but she was feeling uneasy and embarrassed so I went in again.my mind wasn’t at rest so I went back to the kitchen only to meet some burnt offering she called plantain,I knew it was because the gas was burning too high so I had to teach her how to control it, and for the rice it has become so soft with plenty of water still on it then I know I’m in for a long thing!. And when she’s about making stew she first fried locust beans!,then the pepper and she put almost everything she found in the kitchen from curry to thyme,fried rice seasoning,jollof rice seasoning and spice and she was about adding green pea when I got to the kitchen.
She served the food and it turned out to be the worst rice I’ll ever see or eat. I manage to eat little and she couldn’t eat it as well or perhaps she was forming.
I packed the both her plates and mine,went to the kitchen to wash it all, I put the remaining rice in the pot inside a container and place it somewhere she wouldn’t see it because I’ll never let it waste though the stew was a no no, when she came into the kitchen and found everything clean she was visibly embarrassed and asked what I did to it,told her to never mind!. She asked if I won’t allow her into the bedroom? I said sure and she asked me to join her, she threw herself at me but I only fingered because I knew what she was up to.
Most of these slay queens that’s all they have to offer with their fake lives..lest I forget after fingering and I went to the bathroom to cleanse my hands, on coming back she asked if her thing is smelling which I didn’t reply and she told me it’s micotin that she used that she has toilet disease!.I almost fainted! Told her I need to go out, arranged for her to be picked up to the nearest bus stop and gave her transport fare that won’t leave her with more than 200 naira change.
That’s my experience with a slayqueen,I’ll like guys to always share theirs too.
bro,i fil ur plight,hws ur health nw? nd pls does a lady avin toilet disease means shes aving STD ?
Autos / Re: First Body 2007 Bank-type Corolla by The7th(m): 3:35pm
Clean fabric interior DVD with Reverse camera Factory chilling ac Sound Engine and gear. Manual Transmission Whatsapp/ Call ( 08030513786).
Phones / How Is Your Phone/life Balance? by Kalapizim(m): 3:35pm
You’re sprawled on the couch, binging on the latest season of your favorite show, then your ringing phone brings you back to reality. Then it rings again. And again. Whatsapp status, BBM! or Email notification.
There’s only one reason why you’d be getting this many chats or emails at 9:30 p.m. – something has come up at work. You put down your plate of noodles and pick up the phone.
We live in a new age; do you own your phone or does your phone owns you? It’s hard to tell for many of us. while phones have enriched our lives, they have also encroached on them.We believe it’s all the balance. Being engaged in life through your phone and without it.

Share your phone life balance with us.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy:You Need Job In A Real Estate Firm&You Can Work On Target +2348027390046 by CofOLandOfPeace(m): 3:35pm

If Interested or have someone that could be interested, call us on the phone line in our signature or simply click to chat us directly.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by edimolu2: 3:35pm
postmann aka errandboy

how market na? how many kpekus u don suck today?grin

40 year old man wey dey get erection for another man, gâylord oshigrin

shameless baboongrin
Phones / Re: *****Official Infinix 24hrs Support ***** by Odunayaw(m): 3:35pm
Nigeria city: Bida address: Opp Oando Filling Station, Esson Junction Bida, Nigeria phone: +2348025590088 email: service@carlcare.com
Thanks, but this is quite a distance away
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by haleemwale(m): 3:35pm
The importance of knowing exactly when you ovulate cannot be overemphasized. your chances of getting pregnant increases.many people are not pregnant today simply because they do not know exactly when they ovulate and so miss that narrow window. most people guess not knowing that the time of your ovulation depends on the length of your menstrual cycle, the duration of ovulation and travel of the egg down the fallopian tube lasting less than 48 hours.
With L.H ovulation test strips, guessing will be eradicated, the test strips will show you when you are the most fertile.Lets stop shooting blank
Number of strips in one package ~ 20
L.H ovulation test strips ~ (18)
Pregnancy test strip ~ (2)
Price ~#2,000
Pay on delivery available in lagos only
Delivery fee applies
call: 09033905607

Politics / Re: Saraki And Senators Stormed Hospital To See Dino Melaye (Photos). by dadavivo: 3:35pm

Impeach who? You want to end Nigeria? They would only do gra gra
Nigeria should better end 2moro
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Citibank Nigeria Limited Job Vacancy - Apply Now by Naijabash(m): 3:35pm
Politics / Re: National Assemby Summons IG Of Police Over Dino Melaye by keneck1: 3:35pm
Nigeria is gradually sliding into a state of anarchy. A motion of impeachment should be move asap. The 8th senate needs to rise up to dfend our democracy and stop the impunity being perpetrated by the executive.
impeachment because of the music video senator i just dey laugh you
Romance / Re: Honey Suleman And Jack Pemba Sex Video Leak In Uganda by DIYhackers: 3:35pm
See guys asking for video like their life depend on it
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 12 by Ganjafama: 3:35pm
Guy let's work on Europa Tomorrow
Marseille Vs salzbrug

I see many goals in that match
Safest tip is GG or over 2.5
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Ali Daudu In Benue, Kill 4, Injure Others (Graphic Photo) by ufuosman(m): 3:35pm
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: United Bank For Africa Plc (UBA) Teller Job Recruitment -apply Here by Naijabash(m): 3:35pm
Politics / Re: 8,000 Whistle Blowers Recorded In One Year – Presidential Panel by bejeria101(m): 3:35pm
Lie kee you dia! Mumu
Politics / Re: SARS Stops Senate Delegation From Seeing Dino Melaye At Hospital by godofuck231: 3:35pm
The Nigerian Police has successfully stopped the federal Republic of Nigeria from accessing a sitting senator, arrested detained or condemned, the Senate has the power to inquire what his condition is, the attorney general of the federation should be summoned too.
Romance / Re: Honey Suleman And Jack Pemba Sex Video Leak In Uganda by itzjwizzy(m): 3:35pm

Yaaaz i saw it grin

Soon i be sleeping too..getting late down here..I will catch u on the other side wink

I dunno what fakeagents or faketaxi sha..Are they porn sites too? lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Yeah.. They should be.. . Heard if it but haven't checked yet. What time is it over there? Let's holla in the other room. wink grin
Romance / Re: Why I Don't Bother Toasting Girls With Big Yance And Big Breast by Lalas247(f): 3:35pm


Thanks sis,you like em?
yes I want one .. for gym and stuff
looks really cute
Religion / Re: Deeper Life Bible Church Auditorium In Lagos (Pictures) by Ebenezerk2: 3:35pm
Go and tell your political leaders to create jobs, not a church responsibility

Imagine a factory of this size employing thousands of persons...
Crime / Re: Man Pays 50k For Tearing Lady’s Pant And Bra Over Sex by ShyCypher(m): 3:35pm
Nawao. Someone cannot practice BDSM again the mgbeke will tag it "rape".

What's there to rip all her undies off, slap her around like a cheap LovePeddler, spit on her, drag her by her hair to the bathroom, pee on her face, make her hold d cistern while you ram her brains out while spankin' her buttcheeks silly & yellin' profanities at her?

Was the pant worth it? How much is pant biko?

This is why I despise mgbekes. Very borin' in bed. All they can do is lie down like a log of wood and spread legs.


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