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Nairaland / General / Re: 5 Reasons Not To Judge People by AriDsexy(f): 11:15pm
Preciousone4ril: we were all born to judge. Tis second nature. No one can keep a clean mind. Dats why u hv opinionz
That is not in doubt sir,sure u heard some guys here saying when they judge,they just do it in their head,not to bring d next person down....and really,u shouldn't judge me,if u don't know me.Just my thought.
Forum Games / Re: Nairaland(forum Games) Hookup And Relaxation Center(reloaded) by Jbluv55(m): 11:15pm
Boss. Wow! Thanks.

Let the choppings begin! grin
Welcome sir!!!

*guides him to a seat in the VIP lounge*

Happy Birthday sire smiley. What shall we serve you?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Cool Link Interview. by polymathic(m): 11:14pm

Its funny how everyone screams run for your life without even verifying some job postings. Amazing.
Tis so funny bro, if u dnt know about the company then u google or just shut up. Instead, tis run for ur life... It baffles me tho
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by dre11(m): 11:14pm

Loll cheesy

U surprised ni

Goodnight guys
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by kelvic1(m): 11:14pm
jdula: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our two GREAT guys here
May this day mark the begining of endless

Amen. Thanks bro.smiley

That pix looks funny
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Meet New Cool People And Just Make Friends by shegxi(m): 11:14pm
E no go happen
Na coded tins cheesy
talk wey we no wan make papa hear, na im go settle am last last.
Politics / Re: U.S. Wants Ihejirika’s Sudden ‘Billions’ Probed by MeAboki(m): 11:14pm
Uteghe: Corruption and the GEJ pestilential government is like Siamese twins conjoined in the head. Corruption is the dextrose and life blood of Jonathan's govt. If you pay Jona and his awkward ministers 40 billion monthly without opportunity to steal extra 10 million,they will become sick and even die. The most annoying reality is the near absentmindedness of this man who has destroyed CAN,bastardised SSS,compromised the military,set north and south against each other, while implementing a loot and let's loots political philosophy.
Ihejirika is just the symptom,the disease is GEJ!!!

The most sensible post so far.

BTW, Ihejirika may not have looted the most among the generals, however, his own represents the worst of the lot, because of manner in which it was done; imagine being directly responsible for sending your own men to their early graves, not to mention many more civilian lives lost due to his personal greed for blood money - how is he still able to sleep at night?

What is equally appalling is the senseless posts by some Igbos (trying to defend their kinsman) suggesting that the Americans might have been biased in there latest allegations as if they give a damn whether he (Ihejirika) is Igbo or not. SMH.
Phones / Re: Amazing THL L969 5-inch Android 4.4 Smartphone Review by Jacide: 11:14pm
snika: Much review. Such phone. Wow

Technology Market / Noorani Magic Ring Sangoma And Traditional Healer +27785561683 by drkiwedde: 11:14pm
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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by coogar: 11:14pm
im yet to understand why undecided undecided undecided

in the last 18 months, rooney's shots don't travel further than 2 yards. they all get blocked cos he's too daft - he makes it too obvious he wants to shoot & the markers just throw a leg or their backs to block his shot.
Family / Re: A Thread For "Everything Polygamy"! by freecocoa(f): 11:14pm

Well, there could be so many reasons that may make a man inclined to monogamy, reluctantly consider polygamy.

I personally would like my children to have a simplified relationship with a single father and mother not with the step-mum appendage.

However, if in an extreme situation the woman I choose as a wife and hope to build this solid home with seems unwilling or totally incapable of making life easy for me and by circumstance, I meet someone who is totally amazing and incredibly mature to make my life meaningful, it might be a consideration. I hate divorce as well.

I also wonder if it is responsible in situations of war where many good women may be left widowed if it makes sense for the few men available to say they will be absolutely monogamous. What is likely to happen is one man to several concubines in such a society. I would not do concubines in such a scenario and might carefully consider If any widow is what the honour of being a second wife. If you provide for a woman and her kids and she is going to be relating with you frequently, it might be more honourable to make it formal rather than put yourself in an untenable position with all parties involved including the children.

If for any reason I find myself in a position to want a good woman away from my wife, it must not be as a concubine.

My future wife has a great part to play, if she completes me, I would gladly not think of another wife, I love a simple life.

I take these issues seriously and do everything possible as a single man not to make a mistake in considering women as potentially my wife. Before, I give a woman a second thought at all as someone I should study, she must have passed several mental tests in my head.

Is this not what I basically said? That something has to be missing to make a man want another wife, your own go worse if you ever take another wife sef, the 1st one would most likely be ignored because, according to your post, she no longer fits what you had in mind(assuming you ever take a 2nd wife that is).

Now to the widowed women, are there no widowers? Or even single men who would be willing to marry these women? Just as men die, so do women.

The best thing is to make sure you marry someone who completes you, had as it might be for you to accept, it's best to get divorced, if you are no longer satisfied/happy with your partner, there's no point in keeping her and marrying someone else when she only reminds you of how unfulfilled you were with her.

People should either take it or leave it, polygamy is just plain selfishness on the part of the man.
Business / Re: Made-in-aba Shoe Daily Export Hits 1m Pairs by Kachisbarbie(f): 11:14pm
Paroman: shey you never suppose sleep by this time small Mrs? undecided long time no talk though grin

don't you know mothers/wives don't sleep well? would soon know. I'm fine, thought of you just now,I just couldn't mention your name on that thread, b4 you swear for me...hahahaha.
Autos / Re: Honda Accord 04 EOD, 4 Plugs, 1st body, Fabric, AC, Alloy, CD @750K by fembukin: 11:14pm
Romance / Re: 20 Romantic Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend by yetunsbay: 11:14pm
wait o can a guy b selectv of this questns and ask his girl
Romance / Re: How To Know If A Guy Loves U With His Words by ericessien24(m): 11:14pm
temigracie: If a guy tells you he likes you....Believe him...He is not lieing.....

Guys of nowadays play alot with 'I love you'....They simply say it to uncover those treasures....

With my own little understanding, I strongly believe that likeness develop to love....If a guy walk up to me and just declare his love to me just like that....I dont usually believe easily....

But if he told me he likes me.....Then later confess his love...I believe....

In summary, there is a big difference btw love and like.....Like is more like a stepping stone to love....
good one there

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Music/Radio / Re: Which Naija Artists That Never Worked With Each Other You Want To See In A Song? by Ziggyzito(m): 11:14pm
[quote author=Jinyjagz]I want a collaboration between:
jessejagz and reminisce

banky w and d banj

m.i nd mode9,jst d two on a track

iyanya nd mc galaxy

Cynthia Morgan nd patoranking

and finally

adol nd korede bello..u cn add urs[/quote lagos party remix. Banky W & EjaNla ]
Politics / Re: Nigerian Extra-judicial Killing: No Justice For El Zak-zaky by JonBee1: 11:14pm
Which report do you reference for points above. Hope they are not mere conjectures from the rumour mills?
I would appreciate a if you can share the report. Citation please
Romance / Re: Re: Thread For Girls That Don't Ave A Boy Friend by Ishsoph(m): 11:14pm
Mondisweets: This thread has more woman wrappers than single ladies cheesy

Bless you sister mondi. wink

Sprays holy water here in a bid to sanitize the thread for the children of God. cheesy
Politics / Re: U.S. Wants Ihejirika’s Sudden ‘Billions’ Probed by Jesusloveyou: 11:14pm
kettykin: Ihejirika, abacha, babangida, obasanjo, danjuma, tinubu should be probed and the guilty should be executed. But saying Ihejirika only should be probed is hypocritical jealous and wicked victimisation. If America claims it does not have evidence on others then they should also wait till they find their evidence.
what kind of foolishness.did u share from d cash.which other evidence did u stil want,that they give him money to buy equipment,he steal it,why would they ask him d money they gave him.if US give ibb,obj money,they would have ask them to provide d money.because gej is so corrupt that is why he can't probe ibb,obj etc.for our common wealth.
Education / Re: What Is The Opposite Of SORRY???.. by G12(m): 11:14pm
Sorry - Thanks
Religion / Re: How To Become An Atheist by OLAADEGBU(m): 11:14pm

I wish any of you wannabe "atheists" are courageous enough to answer the questions your professors couldn't in this videoclip.


0:37 (Ray Comfort) You're an atheist?
0:38 I am definitely an atheist, yes.
0:39 (Ray Comfort) Why are you an atheist?
0:41 Why am I an atheist? Because there is no God.
0:43 Atheism assumes that you can disprove the existence of a God.
0:49 Agnostic is a more correct term, but I'm an atheist.

To be continued...
Travel / Re: The World's Most Powerful Passports. by Chinom(m): 11:13pm
It's not about collecting the foreign passports, but about your attitude towards the country. I can name hundreds of Nigeria that have British and American passports but have lived in Nigeria most of their lives. Some have been in Nigeria since childhood.

I can name just 4 famous people you should know. Femi Kuti, Yeni Kuti, Charley boy and Lady Diana. These people, like me, see these passports as just a way to move around easily. Not as a ticket to be marooned in the Australian outback.

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Family / Re: The Family Section Fun Room!! by EfemenaXY: 11:13pm

Something telleth me say yusuffffffffff don come out of your body before. Confess and be free from bondage grin


Jenny, forgive my curiosity, but I've just gotta ask you this:

Have you ever released one if 'em "yusuffffs" in a lift with people in it? grin
Education / Re: Unilag Post Graduate Masters 2014/2015 Past Question And Answers Download Here by BryDario(f): 11:13pm
Please can someone help with msc management past question.
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry 2007 Hybrid, Leather Seat, V4, Keyless Entry, Thumb Start @2.1m by fembukin: 11:13pm
Education / Re: Agbami 2014 Has Started Awarding by ammexco: 11:13pm
av u open ur account?
Literature / Re: The Paradox Of Abel (The Sequel) by LarrySun(m): 11:13pm
Toeyean1507: . Lol, my partner in conversation don make our boss vex. Sowi sir, we go carry our bargain go anoda thread. *smiles
Pardon me if I'm in the way of love :X wink
Politics / Re: U.S. Wants Ihejirika’s Sudden ‘Billions’ Probed by HOTARIO: 11:13pm
[quote author=BlackTechnology]

Shut up

Why haven't the US freeze the accounts of OBJ IBB Danjunma etc

Is it because Ihejirika is Igbo and GEJ is Ijaw that is why US is talking

My opinion is

If this info is true, it means GEJ's govt has refused being US puppet which has angered the US

Imagine after refusing AFRICOM, increasing trade with China and refusing Gay law, do you think US will be happy.

Seriously, a person can think like this despite being educated? One day someone like you may find yourself in a position of authority (by luck) and this my friend is a sad indication of what to expect. Damn!
Music/Radio / Let's Share Our Review Of Asa Latest Album 'bed Of Stone' by Drfash(m): 11:13pm
Hello nls, jst want us to share our own view of the latest album by asa here is a list of the tracks contained in the album
Dead Again
Satan Be Gone
Moving On
How Did Love Find Me
New Year
The One That Never Comes
Sometimes I Wonder
Shine Your Lights
my favourites are eyo and situation what are ur opinions
Politics / Re: Azeez Ashake Shot Dead In Isale-Eko by bossmini84(m): 11:13pm
I can confidently say the yourba christians would neva vote buhari its only in osun that buhari wld get a landslide victory ekiti and ondo wld be for GEJ lagos and ogun wld be shared.
Romance / Re: On Nigerian Women And (lack Of) Future Ambition by sheniqua: 11:13pm

Nigerian men are no sissies so I dont buy the clap trap that nigerian men will run, never, it doesnt happen except for Nitwits anyways! what do you need mofos for?
Nigerian men in Europe can marry anything for something so why will they run from successful women at home? it doesnt add up.
The truth is this; we know how they got to the top, the day i reviewed the employment criteria of some organization i got to understand, the young girls are mere girl friends to the bigger boss, they still expect Nigerian men to marry them in such condition? oh! please.
They lie to their friends that men are running from their success but the truth is; we know how they got there.

Come to legal departments in big corporations where contracts are signed and see how the so called ''successful'' women become 'successful'.

Thank you
Who doesn't know ?
With the SE,xual abuse and harassment that go unpunished in nigerian schools and workplaces,if I were a man I would be scared to let my wife work.Little girls going to school are not even safe in a place like Nigeria .
Every other lecturer would demand to chop you before you can pass their course
Even to get NYSC posting,dem go want make you comot cloth
Job interview same thing

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