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Celebrities / Re: 25 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Dame Patience Jonathan by danbrowndmf(m): 8:37am
I know your type, u like something and yet u criticize it, stop bring jealous
for the fact say ha like u knw mean say ur name good.cnt u see hear it ur self "AFRICANAPPLE" na primary school girls der name na.
Health / Re: Pls Help Am Having Weak erec*tion on bed by toaspromo(m): 8:37am
boil three big onions squeez out the water add equal qty of original honey take two spoon day and night
or eat plenty of banana
Politics / Re: Watch Apc Rivers Unity Rally On Channels Tv Live. by CyberWolf: 8:37am
where is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?
Buhari and his supporters don't know what will befall him..Tinubu has completed his deal with GEJ to secure SW he so much labored for.. grin grin grin...Just try and get an insider to see the clear picture..
Nairaland / General / Re: FG To Ban Commercial Motorcycles Nationwide by Temptee101(m): 8:37am
This development is good and will enable our youths to think for a more lucrative ventures. There are many businesses to venture into rather than Okada.
God!! sometimes i wonder what manner of people i share same country with. You think those into okada business went into it wholeheartedly? its as a result of poverty and incessant increase in unemployment. If govt should provide jobs and capital today, i bet you okada business wil die a natural death. If GEJ tries it, he should equally bid 2015 farewell
Religion / Re: Many Churches Are Still Following The Law Of Moses. by Ukutsgp(m): 8:37am
many christians don't study their bible nowadays. their pastors study it for them now.
Career / Re: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Students And Interns. At Home Or Abroad, Let's Meet Here. by Samgreguc(m): 8:36am
Good to be here....Pharmacy hmmm one can deny dat dis course is one of d most challenging and stressful course in d world.
Itz interesting and intriguing tho nd I Love it!!!
Pharmacy all the way.
yea Pharmacy all d way
Politics / Re: S&P Downgrades Ghana Cedi To "Junk" Status by barcanista(m): 8:36am
When I posited that the "mago mago" currency revaluation that ghana did few years ago will hunt their economy, some of them think I was hating. We are now seeing the result.
Junk Currency
Junk economy
Fashion / Re: Flossy Shoes!!! Flossy Shoes!! by Yinkade(m): 8:36am
The flossy sunset would be a good match with tropical pieces. Match your flossy sunset with with a tropical shirt and cap

Autos / Re: 2007 Subaru Forester,5speed, Manual,awd @ It's Best,low Miles by Ammy200: 8:36am
For free,I no want.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by ChristineC: 8:36am
Man u fans let's make a deal- we beat u guys just by 3goals and in return u beat or draw city at the etihad,its a deal u can't lose by 3goals at home to us is an honour,and to derail ur city rivals title challenge is also cool......what do u say?? Pls think abt it fast,u av until 4pm to reply,mou ,hazard and costa ar waiting for ur replý........ur reply determines if hazard and costa start or nt....
how can a man sound this terrible with analysis? even if this is banter, you still have enough grounds to cover cheesy cheesy cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Picture Of When Linda Ikeji Skin Tite Troser Tear On Public. by mydex93(f): 8:36am
@op ... What is a Goat In ur language....
IKEREGBE or ikeegbe
Technology Market / Re: Used Samsung Galaxy Note 2 For Sale (white)or swap and add cash for Note3 by Kovic08(m): 8:36am

Yes swap plus cash for a note3
i dont have note three but i have Motorola droid RAZR but i can add reasonable amount to it
Rap Battles / Re: The Nairaland Rap Battle Section Audio Cypher Planning Thread by Limerick: 8:36am
Ojoawo and all, I'm very dissapointed in us, I mean including me!

I mean, how can we dump this special project for some funny reasons?? Huh?
I just had report from a reliable source, that Darkrebel is pulling out from this cypher. . . Something he was drooling on at the earlier stage! Wtf!! . . . Sometimes I don't blame us(The newbies) tho, cos this is what you get when vets like Ibime, ThaBlaqbonez and co keep taking things like this for granted, you just wanna make Nairaland look un-entertaining and full with boredom!!!

Imagine Mikuz tryna fold up King's tourney for nothing sake!! Knowing fully well that many anticipate that tourney, even on FB, peeps keep asking me when it's coming up; and I told them november. . . But wholla!! Somebody just destroyed it!!!!!!

Mtcheeew!!! Ibime and co, y'all don't know you're role models here abi? You don't know you are example for others; imagine you've been tagged and mentioned here by ojoawo severally, but you just ignored him. . . What message are you sending? Are you not telling us this shii is nonsense indirectly?? undecided

Now everybody wanna do like you, cos Ibime ain't on the cypher, then it must be rubbish!!! Yes! That's what they be thinking. . . You don't know?

I asked Blaq, and he gave me some funny and quite silly excuse. . . . Smh

Y'all better buckle up, get ready to dance to your own beats!! Cos when this dome starts going down the drain, I will just jejely go be a Facebook textcee or better still focus on Audios!!!

Why I've not recorded my verse yet is because the producer lost a parent, and his not active for now, he postponed my section, when he comes back I'm hitting the booth real quick!!!

Ojoawo, what about Boogey and co, are they still in? undecided

Andyblaze, I would like you to be on this cypher, go record a 16, we need NL rappers on this. . . Cos we ain't got enough. Thanks
forget ibime, nobody knows him - once we've got blaq n boogey on this# then its a viral shiii. Moreso Ojoawo, pls lets make use of the first beat na, I swear, i dey feel that beat die. I wuld have recorded my verse cz when my prod asked me why i havent done so, i said the beat was changed and I neva write for the new one. Except u want make i do pidgin rap grin
Autos / Re: A Mint Clean Registered 2008 Camry Le For N1.380m by willirose: 8:36am
Politics / Re: Defection: Tambuwal Lobbies Reps Against Impeachment by edgyslim(m): 8:36am
tambuwal is not a lost,rather a good ridence to heavy rubish.

If you say so bro, if you say so.
Romance / Re: She Says She Cant Leave Me Cos I Disvirgined Her by adonbilivit: 8:36am
guy u funi o! Paint ke?
Romance / Re: Ask A Retired Womanizer Any Question On Love, Sex & Marriage. by Aksonman: 8:36am
op, my bf works in a bank so we hardly spend enough reasonable time only after work in the nyt. At first i didnt complain but its getting to much as in even during weekends he doesnt spend time with me except after 6-7pm or thereabout. Av confromted him about it and he told me it because of his job situation and he's always usually tired on saturdays due to exhaustion from working too hard on weekdays. Then he now told me to come over to his place although as soon as he enters its zex we keep having as if thats the only reason his with me. Although throughout the day he sends me some nice text message that he missed me and so on. i love him so much whereby i cant let go of him but im feeling used for his zexual satisfaction as if im a booty call for him. Sometimes he will come and pick me up from school to his place but ryt now im been staying with him for 2 weeks. Im feeling worthless and useless. In 2 hrs time i will get up and prepare for church while he'll sleep till i return to meet him or he might not even be around. I dont know if this relationship is heading anywhere or if i should just dumb him and move on.

Thread don close, better u send op an email,,,at ur own risk o! grin
Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS : Whoooooa !!! Kim Kardashian’s Hips Have Never Looked So Wide! by luvlyqueen(f): 8:36am

nice shot
FYI I ain't got no sisters
in real life yu ain't got no assets
be real bae....I'm sure yu use fake butt pads
hehehe nna take it easy
Romance / Re: Please Did I Do Any Bad? by chigoizie7(m): 8:35am
Bros,better go nd get an apartment for urself, sooner than later they will do all those 5months complaints with just word, which is packout,imagine, u live in their house nd still fuuckz dere dota for free, bros u get mind oooh. Abeg, the sooner the beTter
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by Ganjafama: 8:35am

I think you should concentrate on just 2 game with value, that will give 2 ODDS, when it becomes a matter of accumulating more than 3 for JUST 2 ODDS, it becomes risky (just like the rest here), I believe you are betting with discipline that's why you limit your self to JUST 2 ODDS. but you throw discipline out when you start to accumulate many games for JUST 2 ODDS (going for higher odds will be worth the risk in this case).
All am saying is avoid too much combo.
I made some greens with your picks yesterday.
Well done, and keep up the good work.


hey hey KISS is
# nohomo
very good advise.

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Autos / Re: Like a boss #Porsche Carrera 911 #Head turner by BALLERON(m): 8:35am
Sweet car for sale
Business / Re: Football Betting Season 8...AGE!!! by Buddyy(m): 8:35am

See dis yeye boy neva happy oh cos na so i start with 4 points last yr still no qualify.
lol..@donbrowser, lost ur numba man! hit me up, we gats yarn.
Education / Re: What Were The Crazy Things You Did As A Fresher In The University .. by Rapzino(m): 8:35am
I just concluded my registration on Friday, hmm lemme stay tune and learn o.
Health / Re: New Outbreak Of Lassa Fever In Oyo State by ATOB: 8:35am


I remember you from yesterday.
I trust your night was fine. Hope you are preparing for church?
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedure? by IyawoToBe(f): 8:35am
@spicengo send me a PM or drop your email addy here, I will forward an excel sheet to u with info of 4 houston hospitals I gathered on this thread.

hi genomi. Kindly forward to Gracias
Celebrities / Biography Of Phyno by fingard02k(m): 8:35am

FULL NAMES: Azuibike Chibuzo Nelson


DATE OF BIRTH: 9th October, 1986




FAMILY DETAILS: 4th out of 5 children

PETS: None


HOME TOWN: Awka, Anambra State




INFLUENCES: M.I, Illbliss, Naeto C, Mr. Raw

FAVORITE COLORS: Black, Black, Black


WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO: Produce, I also sing

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: My life, Studio, Laptop

ADVICE TO BEGINNERS: Stay focused and put God first

MESSAGE TO FANS: We don't die, We multiply

TWITTER HANDLE: @phynofino

Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Dexterax(m): 8:35am

@all, this was d guy dt gave me my first mil from nse via nascon after unity bank wanted to send me to the village.

Mercy, be thankful you're still human. A few SMNites are reaping the rewards of trading with these zombies.
Technology Market / Re: <<<<<<<<<Nokia Lumia 1520 Used for 5 weeks only>>>>>>>>>> by Durchmann(m): 8:35am
Still available
Romance / Re: Help Can A Guy Be Handsome And Not Sex Appealing Or Sex Appealing And Otherwise by adepiero: 8:35am

If he were poor he would;
1) Be wearing rags
2) Be hustling
3) In line with no 2 will not have time to be a bad boy unless maybe a robber
As for his age you really think because he is ugly then he must be old? SMH undecided

1. Take yourself as an example. are you rich? NO! yet you don't wear rags. when did being poor surmount to wearing rags? or the word you were looking for is wretched!

2. He could be a hustler if he was poor but then who told you every hustler is poor? or every poor guy hustles! **musicians are not poor, yet they hustle**

3. who says he won't have time to be a bad boy? av you forgotten what your pastor said "An idle mind is the devils workshop" and mind you, robbery is also a form of hustle only that its negative.

Last bullet, don't forget that Balotelli is an African and then an Italian! if your are a football lover like me then you ought to know that Africans and Italians are good liars when it comes to age declaration.
Phones / Re: Mtn Free 3gb by kombats: 8:35am
Autos / Re: 2002 Acura RL. Asking N1.25 by USAutoBuy(m): 8:34am
Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by OdenigboAroli(m): 8:34am
[quote author=VAQAXY post=27459222]Freeglobe is from Uga while tabletmann is from Osumenyi according to the intelligence we have gathered so far. They are two different people that are related to me dearly.. cool

Only Chino believes Foolishglobe is an
Odenigbo sees further than the ordinary eyes...Lol

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