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Celebrities / Munachi Abii Flaunts Her Parents! (PICS) by Edreamz(m): 1:23pm
The 29 year old ex beauty queen showed off her Dad and Mother on social media. She looks like a mix of both.

Celebrities / Re: Ex Bbnaija House Mates Show Casin Their Styl At The Cross River @50 Celebration by Mrop(m): 1:23pm
n ice dress
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by helovesme(f): 1:23pm
Please mama in the house, I have a question that has been bothering me for a while.
How long should someone dispose a baby bottle to buy another one whether bpa free or not?
Cc , helovesme, and all other experienced mom

Except a bottle is damaged or the markings on it (to indicate ml or oz) has erased, there is no reason to dispose a bottle.

Bottles have been passed on from one baby to another and I have seen cases where a mum that's done with child bearing gives out her used bottles to a mother in need.

This is why it is important to invest in quality and genuine bottles right from the very first baby a woman has. On the long run, it's very economical.
Politics / Re: Between June 12 And May 30th by vantage001: 1:23pm

Did Radio Kudirat called on Yorubas to kill Igbo and Hausa/Fulani?
The difference between radio kudirat and your radio hate is like night and day.
Nnamdi Kanu is a genocidal maniac in the making, just two years ago he was campaigning for a united Nigeria. Something pushed him over and we are yet to find out what.
Give me an example of any yoruba that IPOB has killed during their many protests.

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Travel / Re: Flight Fare by Asolukah: 1:23pm
Please i need cheap flight cost from Lagos - istanbul or abuja - istabul.
Politics / Re: Fayose Dines Wit Tinubu,Rochas,Amosun & Other APC Members At Lagos @50 Gala Nite by MICHEALADEX(m): 1:23pm
The more reason the west needs to align with the east...

Lagos would be de-mystified in event the country splits... obviously lagos would loose its popularity and value.

Population would reduce drastically... thereby, tax would go to the utmost low, IGR would reduce drastically also as other regions(countries) would seek self independence.
Development would go to the lowest as population has dropped and rents have crashed making it a less viable business.
The remaining populace would move to cheaper towns and cities as the tax generation would be too stringent for the remaining populace.

The springing industry in ogun state would go moribond as no buying populace.

south east (to many businesses with no buying power)
North.. (unneccessary population would bring about extreme poverty)

just the south south might survive but the area would be war torn.

Lets make Nigeria work, lets Restructure in a way everyone benefits and regions open up whatever they have to struggle to sustain rather than taking from A and spliting between ABCD.. it would only make BCD lazy.

Ode, it's even then IGR will increase...you will even be made to pay for your fore father's evaded tax or you move to your Ugu nation. Only our Visa alone to fetch us money and how about airlines, all your transportation companies will now understand that it's no longer business as usual, ladipo, oyingbo, alaba, West minister and trade go hear am.

Well my point is don't think you're doing us a favor by remaining in Nigeria cos even when you think your are productive, remember you can't consume it's yourself and that's why we have China begging the world with cheap good today so wise up man
Romance / Re: Some Baby Fathers Are Toxic by Oyindidi(f): 1:23pm
People tongue lash baby mamas for being drama queens and wanting to ruin their baby fathers current relationship. But, I put it to you that baby fathers are equally toxic.
I believe most nairalanders have read a post of how I broke up with my first love/baby father.
But those that haven't come across it, I will summarize it....
I was 15+ and he was 17+,when we were dating, a couple of months I'd clock sweet sixteen. We had sex, after much coaxing. He refused to use a condom as I insisted, promised not to cum in me but intentionally did it. I missed a period, got so depressed as the world came crashing at my feet but the news of the pregnancy seemed to make him happy.To make matters worse he made several attempts to harm me if I dared abort his child. His family had strong leg, and my parents feared that if I aborted the child his family will jail us...
In my moment of depression, he called for us to hang out. I lied I was not around so I could think things through and somehow he suspected I was lying. On finding me in my house he was furious. I tried begging him to forgive me for my lie. I sent messages and then he said"dont call or text me until I tell you to do so" .That was the last, NEVER heard from him till about 3.5 years later when he commented on my picture on facebook but I was too hurt to reply. I don't know how he got info about me, that he came to my school and apologised for abandoning me. He asked for us to give our love another try but I declined. After months of begging and I made it clear to him that I couldn't forgive him, he gave up.

Fast forward, he wants custody of my son(he will soon clock 11years). I have made it clear to him that aside spending holidays with him,he will not have custody of my kid. Once beaten, twice shy, the only time I allowed my kid to spend his holiday with him was some years back. What did I reap? He converted my son to Islam!(my ex is a Muslim), a traumatic experience I am yet to get over.
He wants my kid and even threatened getting a lawyer. His reasons being that I don't have a stable job and thus financial security for his son is not secured. I am a businesswoman, I do get contracts like once or twice a year. But the money I get from this few contracts can sustain me for over five years(not exaggerating). Besides if he feels there is no financial security our kid, he should continue sending support money as he had been doing over the time.
He has since been competing with me to win my son's love. If I buy him something, he would buy him a bigger stuff. For His ten years birthday, I went to school to deliver his cake and party parks only for me to find out he had thrown an elaborate party for him already .
We both agreed that he would call my kid twice a week and through me(he calls my line and I hand the phone over to my son to talk to him) but somehow he got my son number and calls him like thrice a day. I seized my boy phone, and he bought a bigger one for him.
I am frustrated! He coaxed my son to start answering his name and not my father's name which my son does now.
He has painted me black severally,lied to my son that I left him for another man that was why we broke up(which is a bloody lie.... He was the one that left because I lied).

I initiated a meeting with him in which I inquired why he had to lie. I also asked him why he wants to take my joy away from me-my son. He asked if we could get married, I didn't even allow him open the ring box before telling him never to bring up the topic of us getting back together talk more marriage. He has been begging for almost a year plus but I shunned him,reasons being that he left me hurt when I needed him and he is of different religion from mine. I still have a space for him in my heart but he hurt me alot. And besides I don't trust his proposal, it could be that he wants marriage because that will make him have 24/7 access to his son.
He recently threatened to tell my son that I wanted him aborted until he and his family threatened to deal with me if I tampered with his unborn child-this one weak me! My son may hate me for life and go meet his father if he finds out that his father desperately wanted him alive while I wanted to abort him.

He recently sent money to me to book a flight for my boy so he could fly over to the country where he is based so he could give him a nice children day treat,but I ate the money and told him he should fly over to naija to give him a Children's Day treat.

I am frustrated! Plus, all this wars we have concerning my boy is traumatizing my boy.
PS: baby fathers are toxic, my advice to youngstars is to zip up. Avoid sex before marriage to avoid the palaver of baby fathers or baby mama's. If I had proper guidance my life wouldn't be truncated like this... I love my boy alot but I wish he was born in wedlock .
Wow! Just wow! Why did you allow him to set his eyes on your son? If I were in your shoes, he won't set his eyes on my son. You've got a lot to do at this point. Start telling your son how you were abandoned by his dad and his family.

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Religion / Re: Your Opinion: Do You Think King Pharoah Will Go To Hell? by abels(m): 1:23pm
If pharoah will not go to hell, then judas too
Sports / Re: i don talk too much .. 1.2 odds and more .. for those that hate loosing come in. by chibboy: 1:23pm

Romance / Re: In What Ways Do Ladies Test Their Man And Why by KennyID17(m): 1:23pm

Haha do guys test girls too ?

Of course, goes both ways Mai dia cheesy wink
Travel / Re: 5 Things Not To Do To A Lagos Taxi Driver by LalaLushness: 1:22pm

U sef, ikeja to isolo #1500, when no b Uber grin cheesy grin cheesy
Aguda to aguda #3000 naira next time I use my naija voice
Imagine we got half way there driver said too many pot hole I should get down ....need up paying #5000 less than 1 mile
Politics / Re: Biafra Agitation Is A Face Saving Movement by Guestlander: 1:22pm

In all your vituperation, you still have not provided proof that radio biafra threatened your people.
IPOB has not been violent. Or are you just looking for any means to discredit a cause more legitimate than your very nation, Nigeria?

And you are yet to provide evidence Yoruba hunted down your people. I am amazed at some of you and the type of lies you put out here.
I grew up with Igbos in my house even despite all the rubbish most of you write about Yorubas online, I will still protect any of them like I would protect my own brothers.
A lot of you are just frustrated folks who come online to vent your frustrations.
Politics / Re: Nat Turner: Igbo-american Warrior And Freedom Fighter "In August 21, 1831-pics by NIGHTMAREOO7: 1:22pm
Nice one!.
Education / Re: 2017 JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Thread by chukwukapromise(m): 1:22pm
when will the form ended pls
No official statement has been released, but it will not be more than 2weeks
Properties / Re: Half Plots Of Land @ Majek by beehorla: 1:22pm
Happy Sunday!!!
Celebrities / Re: P-square Peter Okoye Dance's Unclad With Thousands Of Beautiful Ladies(photo+vid by Mrop(m): 1:22pm
biggest boi
Politics / Re: Biafran Secessionist Movement Grows Stronger In Nigeria - VOA by Agumbankembu: 1:22pm
Why is it that this people don't get it, no one is gonna give you Biafra, you take it willy billy.

That is what is being done, u dont beg for freedom, u take it thru various means, this stage is the sensitization stage, it is going well and majority are getting the message.

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Education / I Need Advice From Professional Chemical Engineers Working In The Oil Industry by hulkmandaza: 1:22pm
I am a 300 lvl student of chem eng, and I would like to know from workers in the oil industry how to improve my Cv while in school. I need advice on things to do and how to get a job when I graduate, also on how to get an IT placement in a big company.
PS. I have learnt advanced excel, MATLAB, aspen hysys and am currently on a First Class. however any useful advice will be appreciated. THANKS
Celebrities / Re: Davido's 2nd Babymama, Amanda, Throws Shade At The Singer And His 'hoes', Sophia by Meelaw(m): 1:22pm
Religion / Re: Methuselah: Do You Believe His Story Of 969 Years? by Muafrika2: 1:22pm
Trees live longer. I wonder what would happen if that gene was isolated and used to create Genetically modified humans undecided
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by EMriss(m): 1:22pm
Bros u cover ur games with blood of wat?
FC Luzern - FC Vaduz

Bryne FK - Vindbjart

Cerro Porteno - Club Sportivo Luqueno_

Nacional Montevideo - River Plate Montevideo

Bangkok Glass FC - Nakhon Ratchasima FC

Total Odd : 5.29
Booking Number:3XWK6R6
Good luck!
FC Luzern - FC Vaduz

Bryne FK - Vindbjart

Cerro Porteno - Club Sportivo Luqueno_

Nacional Montevideo - River Plate Montevideo

Bangkok Glass FC - Nakhon Ratchasima FC

Total Odd : 5.29
Booking Number:3XWK6R6
Good luck!
Education / Re: 2017 JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Thread by blueskies(f): 1:22pm
[quote author=chukwukapromise post=56954902] 236 For pharmacy?!?....Pls here chances is nothing to write home about!....Tel her to change course to d one her mark can afford![/quote
But I thought they wil stil add her waec results n give cutoff point based on her general aggregate score. Pls wats d cutoff mark for pharmacy for unilag
Romance / Re: My Virgin-girlfriend Lost It A Night Before THE Night. by rychard(m): 1:22pm
Super story... The tactics is old and outdated... That's why when u meet babe wey u wan smash, no begin talk about virtues and all, cos them go claim virgin, but in the end, just delay u and waste ur time... If them like u and want continue the thing, cos them no say one day. They wud have to give in, that's when they bring the rape issue , especially when they think you are the naive type (u seem like one). The rape matter is just to draw your sympathy and make them become the victim... Na lies, big big ones... I'll advise that you tell her it's okay, smash the nonsense and find your way ...

And just to be clear, that babe have been bleeping someone all the while u were both fooling around... She just feeling guilty and wants to compensate u with sex.. Bro smash now and move on
Travel / Re: 5 Things Not To Do To A Lagos Taxi Driver by glowryhaa(f): 1:22pm
cry I always give incomplete address thank God they hvnt beaten me
Politics / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Fact Don't Lie) by genieluv(f): 1:22pm

Kenya realized its handicapp early, it opted for the alternative means to earn foreign cash. 80% of its land unfertile, no valuable mineral deposits like Nigeria, Ghana or Tanzania. It had to resort to cashcrop production, tourism and other service industries and manufacturing.

hooo ΔΔ your country did well ΔΔ
Oil is like a curse, believe me. Look at all the oil producing countries of the world and see that they are largely mono-economic.

Buh since the recession, Nigerian govnmt have seriously started to work on economic diversification. In a few years from now, you won't believe how powerful our agricultural and industrial sectors would be.
Technology Market / Re: Double Cell HP DV6000, DV6500 Battery For Sale by manucho: 1:22pm
Celebrities / Re: Us Court Forbids Burna Boy From Performing In Us, Canada by Mrop(m): 1:22pm
Nawa oo

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