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Politics / Re: Are Nairalanders That Frustrated? Why Are They This Insultive? by stall: 1:52am
d_iceman: Bad upbringing. A well brought up child doesn't exhibit such behavior when all grown up, even if he's hidden behind a computer screen. We must try to make sure our kids are raised well to bring about change in our society.
Music/Radio / Re: Exclusive ~ Burna Boy Ft. D'banj - Won Da Mo [official Video] by pinkshell(f): 1:51am
Its great pleasure to mk life tuff for men.

bastien: chai, u just like iron that can't be bend wit d hands grin I give up sweetie cry
Entertainment / Re: Beyonce Named The Most Influential Person By Time Magazine… by octaves: 1:51am
Probably true. Ever since she came out. Her popularity doesn't seem to wane. And I don't think there is another celeb whose name is bandied around like hers. But she doesn't look d best in that pix (my opinion)
Properties / Re: Building Iron Rod For Sale: 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12mm, 10mm Per tonne by H$LBroker(m): 1:51am
Education / Re: Animals You Won't Believe Are Real! by Antell95(m): 1:51am
The Narwhal

The Narwhal is a toothed whale found in the Arctic, however we think it resembles a cross species between a whale and a unicorn! Imagine spotting one of these mythical-looking creatures . . . We wouldn't want to come in contact with that extremely large horn though, so perhaps this species is best observed from afar.

Entertainment / Re: Beyonce Named The Most Influential Person By Time Magazine… by octaves: 1:50am
Probably true. Ever since she came out. Her popularity doesn't seem to wane. And I don't think there is another celeb whose name is bandied around like hers
Culture / Re: Why Are We Making The Same Mistakes Our Parents Made? by tevinsolt: 1:50am
rickkid: Caucasians have Neanderthal DNA (up to 4% of their DNA). Africans are homo sapiens 100%. Again, you might not like the implications of this but the truth can't please everyone. Blame nature, don't blame me.

yeah a dormant trait, dude I am a biology major so don't even go there. anthropological research has shown that when the wave that moved out of Africa left they came in contact with Neanderthals (another humanoid specie that left Africa way earlier), and the reasonable conclusion is, it is either the Neanderthals were not able to compete with us or they interbred with them and which now know is true(evident in their DNA). genetic mapping of the human Genome has shown that the human contain mostly junk DNA about 80 percent.
and that bull u wrote about physical difference, for someone who brought up neanderthal genes, should know more aboutabout environmental adaption.
Romance / Re: Is It Normal For Someone At 30 To Have Wet Dreams? by Yoruba_Jesus: 1:50am
Completely normal. Don't stress about it
Health / What Exercise Are Safe For Pregnant Women? by nwarosa: 1:50am
I hear yoga is good too but I have no clue how that works
Culture / Re: How Could Diaspora Blacks Help Develop Africa? by nigeriadiaspora: 1:49am

i said that becuase whirte people came in to your country and took over.
maybe i dont know all of the facts but you people calling black americans animals is like looking in the mirror. you are the reason we have noe culture you people did nothing to help. instead of uniting we are animals all of s all black people be it west indian, afircan and american...ALL!!!!!!!!!! a bunch of animals whoa are IGNMORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WAKE UP! stop the stooppidity PLEASE!!!!! i beg of you please stop.
we suffer the same. how are you any different from me. you people were stripped of culture as well. t is very sad . i wish i could return my my ancestral homeland and live there and have my culture mabybe that sounds stuoid but that is really how i feel. i dont care what you people call me. akata ...... realistically you people are probably feeling bad there was nothing that you people could do to stop white people. futhermore. maybe i sound stoopid but i dont people have suffered and we have struggled and we have triumphed in the face of adversity....considering what you people call is heinous....its horrible what baout accpeting us and loving us and teaching us.....and clelebtrating culture instead of bringing each other down.

Are you a troll? To be fair, I have never met a Black person from over here that writes jibberish like the above. I hope you are not just being silly because I was honest.

1. I told you culturally what African Americans were considered. I can't help what my parents, and their parents, and their parents told them. They are wild animals - by the definition, of course I dont view them as that, but that's how Nigerians view AAs.

2. We are different culturally.

3. You should consider the family dynamics of our culture. I am a woman. I live in a patriarch family (in the western sense of the word) - I can't change what he views you guys as. I cant change what my extended family views you guys as. Those viewpoints are deeply ingrained. I can disagree, but how can one person change them?

4. We don't believe we need to teach you anything except African ways - dismissing your own culture. Africans in America are considered processed, even though any sane person would know that you had to create your own culture, you are in essence being blamed for being stolen. That's the only simplistic way to describe it. Do I agree? No. I am just saying what I have observed to be the source of conflict and disappointment when African Americans try to talk Pan Africanism. An example would be this: African American suggests design plans for Nigeria, and a member of my family said that she was not the diaspora that he was referring to. I did tell my family member that he was wrong. But I cant change their views.

5. We were colonized. You were enslaved. There is a difference believe it or not. I think that AAs believe that we had it just as bad, we didnt. Unfortunately, a lot of the elite that rules the country were colonialist administrators and reaped a bit of power. It would take all night for me to go over this point. So, your collective enslavement produced a different culture - a yearning for a utopia. Our collective colonialism just created bigger divides that we already had. We were never collective in the first place. You see Africa as Black. We see Africa according to the ethnic group or tribe that we belong in. Because you have no tribe, many believe you dont belong and you are uncivilized. Even though you were civilized by your standards in the states.

6. I think that you should stop focusing on all of Africa and select the areas that are akin to your way of thinking. And I am being as candid as possible. For example if Patrice Lumumba was alive today I would say go there, or T. Sankara, go there. None of those leaders exist - their culture (the way that you thought and Malcolm X (I presume)) died with them. There are only two places or three that actually have the culture of Pan Africanism to your tastes on the continent and it's not Nigeria. The Islanders have the same sort of fight and their culture still fights. We didnt have that sort of pan africanism growing in our soil, not like that, nothing took root. We have religion and so forth growing in our soil and thats what takes root. Go where it is less friction, take the easiest path to start.
Education / Re: Animals You Won't Believe Are Real! by Antell95(m): 1:49am
The Panda Ant

Ants can be pretty annoying, but add some fur and panda print, and you've got yourself an adorable insect! But did you know that, despite the name, this is actually a species of wasp, not ant? Crazy! Found in Chile, the wingless females resemble large, hairy ants - hence the name. These insects might look cute, but they've got one nasty sting.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military On Africa? by agaugust: 1:48am

I responded to this argument, but you deliberately dodged it.

You cannot at that distance. The planes 'were' going to act as the main thrust fore the counter-offensive.

SAAF already had clearance to fly Gripens across Zimbabwe, Congo DRC and Zambia, the ONLY 3 countries they need to cross, and they already crossed over and had Gripen jets in Zambia ready. RSA border to CAR Bangui is a short 5 hour flight for a Tucano that has 6.5 hrs endurance.

SAAF did not need any over-flight clearance any more because they had it already granted and used, what they needed was courage to fight a long war with rebels, and the right type of aircraft for COIN, not a Gripen, rather a Tucano.

South Africa has weapons without courage and lacks common sense in military weapons procurement policy and combat deployment.

All the excuses they make about Seleka issue are mere lies and excuses. Nigeria wont take that type of humiliation from anybody without fighting back in full force and saving the civilians in that troubled fellow black nation.

Jobs/Vacancies / Recruitment @ The Institute Of Business Advisers Of Nigeria by yomomen: 1:48am
Recruitment! Recruitment! Recruitment!

Apply for A consulting member: @ IBA. For all those looking for a dream work of being a consultant. Oya Forward Match go Institute Of Business Advisers Of Nigeria @ 56, Liberty Stadium Road, Middle Floor, Oke Ado Ibadan Oyo State. On 26th of dis month @ 12pm. To book a place. Text ur name, sex, age and qualification to: 08038467353.
Family / Re: The Top 10 Complaints From Unhappy Husbands by Yoruba_Jesus: 1:47am

Are you obj's daughter ?, ur profile pics shut down my iPad, now am on this boring lappy(no por.n intended)

Jeez was that meant to be funny. You are drier than a nuns Fanny
Romance / Re: Are There Guys In Mid-20s Who Are Still Virgins? by Emmalaw10(m): 1:47am
Op! Are you gay? Do you want male virgins for sacrifice? What's your sole aim of asking?

Cos I maybe one... Even if in dream!
European Soccer / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by dayokanu(m): 1:47am
^^ Actually the rumours are that Tito Villanova is dead

Dont know how true
Politics / Re: Nigerian Runs For California Governorship Elections by manny4life(m): 1:47am
Great stride and honestly nothing is impossible with the right resource, however, his rhetoric is the usual campaign promises... I wish him good luck, indeed he is representing Nigerians well.
Family / Re: My Quarrel With My Wife; Did I Overreact? by skllz(f): 1:47am
deal_ordea: You starve a woman attention and affection it will make it easier for her to doubt your love for her even if you tell her I love you daily!!

valid point.

it's in situations like that where emotional promiscuity is excusable - but it's never excusable to cheat.
Romance / Re: WOW; Imagine What She Demanded!!! by ebamma(m): 1:47am
she told u to make love to her abi, na to carry pen and paper draw some things tell am say that is how to make love nah, atleast she no been talk say phuck me now
Car Talk / Re: Which Good Car Can He Buy For 1 Million Naira? by Enifloxy: 1:46am
Honda baby boi is a cool car likewise d toyota camry, but d disadvantage if d baby boi is smtin else having go do wit d ball joint, ur front tire might pull off at any tym, which makes d camry better. U can get a very good camry for 900k. U can also consider d toyota rav 4, very strong and easy to maintain too, d first generation
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 6 by oluwalonim: 1:46am
tony4244: Online route is the fastest. Applied tuesday did biometrics Thursday. Medicals should come soonest by Gods grace.

Pls tony4244, what documents did u upload in your online application.?

Was the SOA, proof of landed property... Part of it?

Expecting ur response asap!!!
Travel / Re: Random Pictures Of America Taken by me by dayokanu(m): 1:46am
CFCfan: Guess what? A Nigerian is running for Governor of California cool

Akinyemi Agibidi
Education / Re: Share You Jamb Score And Get Proffesional Advice From Nairalanders. by thechemist: 1:45am
my brother scored 246 in jamb and applied for mbbs @ ABU Zaria pls wht are his chances.................honest answers pls
Education / Re: Animals You Won't Believe Are Real! by Antell95(m): 1:45am
The Pacu Fish

Thankfully, it's not everyday that you see a fish with human-like teeth in its mouth. So what exactly is this fish then? Called the Pacu Fish, this species is native to South America and they are closely related to the piranha - no surprises there! Nicknamed the "ball cutter" for obvious reasons, this is one fish we definitely would not want to encounter whilst having a fun day out at the beach...

Politics / Re: My Suggestions On How Best To Comb Sambisa Forest by matify: 1:45am
A lot of actions and counter-actions have been deployed by our gallant operatives to nip this scourge in the bud but the share size of sambisa is stretching man and equipment to their limits. The seige on sambisa is yielding result as evidenced by the near starvation in their camps which sometimes necessitate their daring move to size grains from locals. These boko boys to my mind have intels amongst the locals who inform them of military manouvre and locations to avoid save for when. They are fully prepared to cause mayhem. These sources also divulge unguarded schools, unmanned roads and soft targets to attacks. In as much as the locals may be used for intel, our security agencies should be wary of moles of BH within her ranks. This like the maitasine encounter of the 1980's will pass but my fear is if lessons will ever be learned after this altercation is over.
Family / Re: My Quarrel With My Wife; Did I Overreact? by skllz(f): 1:44am
You definitely overreacted. Why call her names, especially after the fact? And then drag her in-laws/parents into it and tell them to take her back?
Disgusting and shameful that you would treat her like property to be returned, and with the same mouth you say you love her. Smdh.

And it's interesting that all or majority of the calls were from him to her... that should comfort you, somewhat.

Though, I must say, something about the way your wife would nonchalantly divulge information about her chats with this guy; something about the way you tell the story makes me feel like she is trying to make you jealous.

Are you affectionate with your wife, Odidire?
Romance / Re: How Long Do "No Sex" Relationships Last? by Emmalaw10(m): 1:44am
Ok.. But I used to think it doesn't last that long..
Culture / Re: How Many Nigerians Do You Think There Are Of Us In The US By Now? by Anthrophile(m): 1:44am
So many that they earn the name Nigerian Americans. I once came across a white guy who came all the way from US to learn Yoruba lang. in UI. I have the strange feeling that he works for the government and his coming was not for fun but to uncode wire taps and the likes as a translator for his govt. If Nigerian population is not that considerable in US, that won't have happened . They must have sent someone for Igbo lang. especially too.

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Celebrities / B-red, Special Ed & Others Show Of Of Dollars In Strip Joint by bbkool09: 1:43am
This Guys are going bunker, the money is making them go crazy, someone please stop them, you need to see the pictures here:
Entertainment / Re: Lupita Nyong'o Of Kenya Named World's Most Beautiful Person by 2buff(m): 1:43am
Hollywood likes to raise people high so they can smash them down harder later.
What she needs to do through all this is "keep her head" so it doesn't work.

As to the "Most beautiful", I hope she herself knows its just hollywoodesque bullshit...aka keeping her head.

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Education / 2014/2015 FUTA PDS/ASPIRANT Thread by pimppimp(m): 1:43am
Hi peeps, this is a thread for all aspirant that want to get info about THE FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOLGY AKURE. This thread is also opened to people that needs help and advises about their current jamb result in-line with how possible are their chances of Admission.This thread promises to be friendly and accomodating only if you allow me to serve you in my own little way. Pls PDS student of FUTA that also has issues about the current release of their result are free to share their score 4 advices and progress against the second semester. Thank's ur humble Futarian _pimp.

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