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Romance / Re: Stupid But Sensitive Question by Nedfed: 11:25am
Are u under 15?

u need to go borrow sense

cos u are not matured

wen u borrow sense,,,then come back and create a topic

Must you open everything ode.

Crime / Re: Lady Caught Stealing Cosmetics From A Superstore In Lagos (Photo) by moses93(m): 11:25am
how is she gonna go away with those things in the first place? is she gonna hide them in her t0t0? am sure her t0t0 must be wide enough to contain those stuffs.
Career / Simple Experiment On Your Website Or Blog - It Is Call SITE SPEED TEST by guyums: 11:25am
What is site Speed? It is the time a visitor has to wait until your page is completely loaded. Imagine you are at the bank, airport or Mama Mulika's joint to order to for Amala & 'Bokoto', only for you to be kept in waiting like forever. Even incredibly patient people will get bored or angry that it’s taking longer than expected!

Web Speed Importance...

1) It has an impact on your user experience. A bad UX can cause visitors to just close your website & therefore can cost you a loss of revenue.

2) Note that page speed is one of 200 signals Google uses to determine rank. A slow page load is penalized by Google and has an impact on your ranking, both on mobile & desktop devices

3) Site Speed determines how a site gain or lose organic traffic.

Contact 07034711141
Celebrities / Re: Jim Iyke Goes Gucci Shopping In Paris by nikkypearl(f): 11:25am

You and other kids who was fortunate to purchase a discount bar of soap you call phone will come to the internet and insult people you got no clue about.

@seun pls take control of this your forum because it's making no sense recently. If it's not tribal jargons, it will be kids who still live in their mother basement, insulting their ancestors.
no mind d hungry fellow..he couldn't even comprehend just d few lines i typed there. grin
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Freiden(m): 11:25am
$100 Amazon gift card available with cash receipt

$100 PayPal available**** F n F

$19BTC available. SOLD TO rozayx5

Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY 2017 Admission. by Alacrity12: 11:25am

Please use a new profile with a new email address and a phone number different from the one used for UTME. You can your WhatsApp number for more info
pls dis is my number.. u can hi me. 08168982407
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-kayode Slams Okoroacha - You Are A Monkey, Selling Out Igbos by ProWalker: 11:25am
This FFK get no joy
Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by Yoijasy: 11:25am
Oga presido come back abeg
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by Onyiridike(f): 11:25am
you're missing something. I didn't steal from anyone, rather , I gave someone out of the little I have. I didn't steal to give anyone, I studied.

Have you ever seen anyone caught copying from the person next to him who has been withdrawn? Or the giver suffering the same fate?

Where you from? So allowing people to copy from you during examination is a noble idea?

What is your definition of exam malpractice?

My dear, you will be withdrawn instantly if you are caught delibrately allowing others to copy from you.
Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by MrBONE2(m): 11:24am
Enough to cover up KiVuKi Land 10years Budgetgrin

Politics / Re: Why Fayose Is Not Among Governors Visiting Buhari - Presidency by Reeberry: 11:24am

Yes Mr Mumu there is no term like "worse case" and as regards my use of the preposition "in" over "on" in this situation is 100 percent correct because on is a preposition only used to define proximity and not an" at rest" destination , thats why you "sign in" to Nairaland and not "Sign On" to Nairaland . Now get your 60 IQ and unlettered ass of my mention because our brains no be mate mumu.
Ogbeni shut and stop saying nonsense. You were wrong, accept it.
Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe Is Partly Nigerian by elegantslayer(f): 11:24am

Or Mbadigwe.
They will start drawing all sort of permutations about how his palmwine tapper grandfather from Arndizuogu impregnated the village Ashewo that was his mum before she finally got a chance to travel to Cameroon and eventually, Europe.

Flatinos that claim Eri in the Bible came to Igboland to intermarry with forest Bantus.
They can claim for Africa...lol. Deluded folks.
my dear no be small thing o,am an IBO girl but I fear my pple wen I hear of Eri story.....am still in shock till naw

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Politics / Re: Ex-biafran Commander, Ogbonnaya Oji, Is Dead by Nwakaumu(m): 11:24am

While ignoring your incoherrent and ill mannered ranting, I will clarify just one point from my previous post.

Biafra of 1967 was a smaller country with fewer population compared to its contemporary Nigeria. This is what was referred to as minority.

The English word, Minority, is only a description of numbers and not denigration of a people. We Edo's have borne this tag for ages and it doesn't remove from who we are and what we have achieved in history.
From which credible census did you draw your conclusion.
Religion / Re: Why Christianity Is The Only Religion For Me: A Logical Treatise On Religion by SmartyPants: 11:24am

1) Now you acknowledge that "science and logic offer no explanation". In your first post, you tried to pass the lack of explanation off as some kind of logical operand, so this is a welcome improvement.

2) You speak as though the boundary of human ignorance is stagnant, and your argument seems to be that ignorance should therefore be termed "god". To claim there's a point beyond which human understanding cannot go is hasty and presumptuous. Even if such a point exists, how do you know that the source of life is this point? What makes you believe science cannot decipher the source of life?

3) Like religion, there are several other hypotheses that attempt to proffer an explanation for the things that lie beyond scientific epistemology. There is also simple admission of ignorance. Richard Feynman is reputed to have said: “Some people say, How can you live without knowing? ...I always live without knowing. That is easy. How you get to know is what I want to know.” So what I want to know is how, of all these possibilities, you get to give religion this much preponderance. So no, the question isn't yet whether or not we accept the terms of religion, it is why rule out the other competing hypotheses as well as the easiest and most honest position; admission of ignorance?

You seem to be making the argument that intelligence begets intelligence. If this is the case, your use of "supreme" as a qualifying superlative is merely a thought terminating device, not a logical deduction. In this kind of construct, a supreme creator can never exist because their intelligence will have to be explained by the existence of another intelligence ad infinitum. Conversely, if a supreme creator can exist by inference, without needing to have been created by another intelligence, so too can intelligent life. Your arbitrary rule aside, you have not even explained why there must only be one supreme creator. Why can't many interdependent creators exist? A wristwatch is equally an intricate device, yet we don't have supreme creators for wristwatches. There was the creator that conceived the design, the creator that made batteries, the creator that made the teeth gears, the creator that made the straps, the screen, etc. Either ways, even if intelligence necessitates deliberate creation as you've claimed, your appeal to a "supreme" creator is still a presumptuous contrivance.

As far as we know, life is composed of inanimate objects, so it is you who has to explain why inanimate objects cannot produce life!

Your belief in the supremacy of a deliberate, single god has many layers of presumptions which I have unraveled! Also, that your conclusion leads you to believe in god's supremacy is also now circular, since you have already defined god as the supreme creator.

Re 1 & 2, I may not have stated all the premises of my various arguments clearly, but one of them is my belief that logic never fails. But it would fail when it comes to the question of where the source of life came from unless there is something we are not considering in the proper logical light - Logic would lead us to believe that (a) Life must have started from something and (b) There could not possibly have been an infinite stream of sources of life So given these two conditions, there is a third logical conclusion: there is one original source, from whom or from which everything began, whose source is in Himself. I say, this is God. Why God?

A second premise for my arguments would be the fact that whatever is created must retain some clues as to the nature of the creator. An auxillary premise to this would be the belief then that inferences about the creator would be best sourced from the highest form of intelligence He created. Therefore if we want to learn about God using logic, we would want to observe the most intelligent being He created, and make inferences about Him. I therefore infer that God must be intelligent since He could create intelligent beings. I also infer that He must be supreme since He alone has no known source.

But what if inanimate things could do that too?

Our study of science indicates that things can only bring forth of their own kind. Birds do not reproduce plants, nor vice versa. Different forms of life cannot create another. It is therefore illogical to suggest that intelligent life could have come from inanimate sources.

But then if an intelligent creator could exist of Himself, then perhaps the intelligent beings on earth are the creator?

If that were so, we would be to explain where we came from and how we came to be. Since we have no idea of this at all, this idea does not hold true. It also leaves unaccounted for, explanations about the origin of the birds, trees, seas and other planets. Supposing the intelligent life one earth exists of itself, what about the unintelligent life? A single intelligent source makes more sense as an explanation for all creation. What about the completely inanimate life? However, we all admit that we do not have much knowledge about the true source of life, and therefore we have to assume that all things are possible with this source of life.

How about just admitting you do not know?

That's not good enough. Once you can accept the strong possibility of their being God, then you must ask what are the potential consequences of not following His dictates?

What about other religions?

That's where my four pronged argument comes in:

1. Does the religion show God's relationship with man from the beginning of time?
2. Was the main proponent of the religion completely faultless, and a time-relevant example?
3. Does the religion offer a connection with God that goes beyond rules of good conduct?
4. How strong is the testimony of its earliest witnesses?

By process of elimination, you will find that only Christianity genuinely ticks all four boxes.
Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by kagari: 11:24am
Its a pity
Autos / Full Options Naija Used 2005 RX330.. 3.2 by bonjelevel(m): 11:24am
Very clean ride, always garage.. in excellent condition, interior and exterior in very good shape, engine and gear in perfect condition.
Call BJ on 08183867944 or 08027609998

Politics / Re: Can We Break Loose From Kwara? by FriendNG: 11:24am
dumb FriendNG will say niger delta is seperate from igbo but middle belt must go with arewa

are wa ko

a se eke ni

Look at how you shame yourself.

I have never argued that SS and SE are not part of southern Nigeria.

I have never argued that Kwara is not North Central.
Crime / Re: Calabar Cultist Who Killed Young Man Nabbed At A Bank In Akwa Ibom. Photos by hostine316(m): 11:24am
Wasted future
Romance / Re: DEAR BROKE GUYS! by WebSurfer(m): 11:24am
And na Person marry this one put am for house oh

#Liability grin
I swear... what a liability ..

Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by Nma27(f): 11:24am
I'll glad honour an appointment if given in this administration without blinking... Its all about d mulla
Travel / Re: 5 Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected by Tobilastik(m): 11:24am
Properties / Re: The Difference Between A Real Estate Consultant And Agent by mazinoweb(m): 11:24am
If you’ve ever bought a home or commercial property, you’ve worked with a real estate agent. Even if you haven’t, you probably have a pretty solid understanding of what a real estate agent does; they represent you during the process of buying or selling a property, from the early stages through the closing date.

A real estate consultant cannot replace an agent in the buying or selling process, but they can be a valuable asset to you during the purchasing process. They can provide market studies, investment analysis, portfolio valuations, and more—all of which can provide valuable insight before you take the financial plunge into real estate. Many real estate licensees can call themselves “consultants,” but a true real estate consultant differentiates themselves through the following:

Offering an Unbiased Approach
When you work with a real estate agent, you have to keep in mind that they work on commission. Most agents are working towards the potential commission they could earn from any given sale. Real estate consultants work on an hourly or flat fee basis, which allows them to make honest recommendations that are free from bias. Because time is money for both consultant and client, the last thing the consultant wants to do it waste time on an unpromising prospect, which saves both of you money in the long run.

Thorough Evaluation of Your Situation
A real estate agent has one objective: to help their client buy or sell a property. However, a real estate consultant’s objectives can vary greatly depending on your specific situation. For example, you may hire a real estate consultant for an unbiased expert opinion on whether or not a real estate investment is a sound financial decision.

Your consultant will carefully review all the information pertinent to your purchase, as well as your financial portfolio, and make a sound recommendation based on that information.

Clear Determination of Objectives
Your real estate consultant, with your input, should be able to help you determine your primary and secondary objectives to be obtained. Unlike buying or selling, which has only one outcome, consulting is based on the assumption that every consumer has their unique objectives. The consultant’s job is to determine the best approach to achieve your objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.

For instance, if your objective is to retire in ten years, your consultant would advise you differently than if you have thirty years to achieve your retirement goals. A real estate agent will sell you a house because you want to buy one. A consultant will ask why you want to buy the house, and help you asses whether it’s a wise decision based on your level of financial stability and risk aversion.

Real estate consultants can give you valuable insight on the value of an intended purchase, as well as the value and stability of the local housing market. A real estate consultant can give you a more complete picture to base your decisions upon than a real estate agent alone.


I trust you guys for real estate biz @Havillaplus
Politics / Re: FG To Complete Abandoned River Ports Projects In 2019 – Amaechi by Qmerit(m): 11:24am
don't get too excited just yet. D man said d ports will b completed in 2019 just like d refineries they initially promised will start working immediately has now been shifted to 2019. d question has work started on those sites 4u 2b confident of what d man said?remember this is APC

My bros I honestly understand your point!
Like the report said abandoned for 10 good yrs! Was it APC who abandoned them for 10yrs? If 2019 comes and they re not completed I will curse them too....
Crime / Re: Calabar Cultist Who Killed Young Man Nabbed At A Bank In Akwa Ibom. Photos by jideu: 11:24am
Shuooo evil vices they will notbhear
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by omoeko001(m): 11:24am
Booking Number:56TDFRP
26/07/2017 08:03:48
Code 2043 Date 26/07/2017 19:45
Event Nice - Ajax Amsterdam
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Over
Code 8360 Date 26/07/2017 19:45
Event Celtic - Rosenborg BK
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 1
Code 8361 Date 26/07/2017 18:00
Event Hapoel Beer Sheva - Ludogorets Razgrad
Live/Prematch Normale Selection Yes - Away Score
Code 1083 Date 26/07/2017 12:30
Event Albirex Niigata FC - Balestier Central
Live/Prematch Normale Selection 1

All is well
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Department Of Petroleum Resources - 2016 Graduate Trainee &experienced Hire Job by otukpoyam(m): 11:24am
Funny enough, d countries we hope Naija will be like got to where they are by being stingy. Japan guards it technology, USA is stingy with its advancements, same with Germany, France, India etc. These countries sell deir technology for billions of dollars. U don't see USA dashing Russia technology. Imagine a top ranking worker joining Samsung after leaving Apple, d worker may be forced to sign a non-disclosure as part of d clues contract. (lawyers in d house can elucidate) A company can force a leaving worker to sign a non-compete as part of settlement. So being 'reasonably stingy ' does not make u wicked. It's to create a level playing ground. Wetin concern me sef. Again, area of concentration and clues would have been enough, but carry on Santa clauses here
Religion / Re: Prophet Uebert Angel Buys Can-Am For Himself by banmee(m): 11:24am
And how is this different from Oyedepo, chris and the likes?
Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by magoo10: 11:24am
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by gidieberry(m): 11:24am

My own conclusion is Xiaomi cameral will stand against any phone cameral becus it uses samsung or sony sensor which we all know are very good.

So i will prefer if we are comparing samsung or sony device with same camera spec them d comparism will be worth it.

D question is if Tecno or iphone use same camera sensor will it hav same quality?
uhmmm.... can i make a comment
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by lightdream: 11:24am

Thank you
Webmasters / I Am In Need Of Fresh Google Voice Numbers by etchiep(m): 11:24am
i am in need of Fresh Google Voice Number for Verification.i need 10 In total for the now. Zip codes of my choice let me know in the comment
Politics / Re: Visits To Buhari In London Cost N50 Million - The Guardian by mastermistress: 11:24am

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