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Family / Re: How A Man Embarrassed His Wife In My Presence Today by lagosrd: 5:45am

Sopanna scata ur dirty mouth dia. Imagine this bornfool o. Oya I don quote you, go and hug transformer.

I pity any woman who will marry you becos you will just use your bad character to destroy her self esteem.

Animal wanting to be treated like human being. Were olaju mr okurobo.
NYSC / Re: NYSC A16 Stream11 Akwa Ibom Candidate! by achi429: 5:44am
pls add this no, to whatzap group 08166262604
Romance / Re: Guys, 8 Habits In A Lady That Shows She Will Be Sleeping Around In Marriage by Zedoo(m): 5:44am
[quote author=Vinshu post=44851811][/quote]

Well the post talked about "traits"...."traits"....."traits"..... I fail to see why you took this personal..... But defensive mechanism shows the exact opposite of what you wrote might be happening. Not an accusation...but you should have posted a comment from a 3rd person view...that way it won't sound like you are being a little "over" sensitive to the topic.... Blessings to your marriage. Godbless
Properties / Re: Brand New 4 Bedrooms Duplex With Bq To Let At Ogudu Gra: 08032222501 by Puvproperties(m): 5:44am

All the rooms ensuite
2 leaving rooms
Ample parking space
Maximum security
Interlocking compound
Pop Ceiling
Fitted kitchen
All the rooms with wardrobes
Serene environment etc

Price:3m per annum
Call or WhatsApp: 08032222501
Phones / Re: Help Please If You Have Two Or More Phones by Deejacy2(f): 5:44am
Please...help She can't afford a phone right now, how can she find a job with no browsing phone...
Romance / Re: Can You Get Married To Any Of These Muscular Ladies?(photo) by youngberry001(m): 5:43am
are u a 2bn soldier?
no 2trn soldier undecided
Romance / Re: When You Are No Longer In Love With Someone, Which of these Do You Do? by Alfred200825(m): 5:43am
Am currently in this kind of situation and I don't know what to do. Am so confused
Properties / Re: Things You Should Know Before Buying That Casement Windows by HsLBroker(m): 5:43am
Current price

2 x 2 @ N250 per rate

2 x 3 @ N350 per rate

2 x 4 @ N450 per rate

2 x 6 @ N650 per rate

3 x 4 @ N650 per rate

1 x 12 @ N1600 per rate

Call 08182481552, 08088574969 or email lifelightproperties@gmail.com
Politics / Re: Buhari's One Year In Office Rating Compared With CGPA by chriskosherbal(m): 5:43am
Hmmmm CGPA
Pets / Re: Harambe- Cincinnati Zoo Shot Gorilla To Save Child Who Slipped Into Its Habitat by SuperSupremo(m): 5:43am
nice move

but in Europe they gonna charge the shooter for their stupidity
Celebrities / Http://gronkaffenorwaysite.com/nu-youth-anti-aging/ by Analisblanken: 5:42am
Some women are awesome at applying makeup and know the exact look they want to achieve, if an individual might be one guys

ladies , nor want to hold to turn to a makeup artist; Nu Youth Anti Aging a person are do very makeup. Makesure to practice

different looks and colors and see which befits you. You might some makeup look ideas online possibly in bridal books. The

most popular bridal makeup look is the "natural" look,


Car Talk / Wht About This 6.1 Hemi? by c767314922: 5:42am
my customers have a 02 durango slt+ with a 4.7 magnum engine and could my customers swap the 4.7 engine with a 6.1 hemi engine from the 09 grand Cherokee? were could my customers find the engine online and for how much
Agriculture / Re: Cassava Investment Plan For Absentee Farmers by mikolo80: 5:42am
Can you manage the farm for me? Can you help us get a farm manager? Please advise me on crops I can go into, do you know where I can sell my farm harvest? What security measures can you guarantee on your farmlands? These are few of the numerous concerns of potential farmers that approach us daily via calls and mails and it is not an ordinary concern to us but also a situation that must be salvage.
We have a reputation of being a credible farmland seller in Nigeria and not just that, we are farmers ourselves. However, multiple request for managing 10 acres, 15acres some even 30acres and more for individuals is becoming overwhelming considering the fact that we also have our personal projects. So we felt instead of discouraging a lot of people because we wish to concentrate on our own project, we can find a way of incorporating them into ours. Instead of going through the rigors of managing many small farms, we can merge all interests (i.e. aspirations and resources) together and manage a bigger joint farming venture.
We are not trying to trade with people’ resources as we are also fully involved in any project we propose on this platform.
1. As it stands now, the demand for cassava is not about to drop because even multinationals are being forced to source for their raw materials locally. Check from the local price of the most common cassava product, garri and also several cassava derivatives like starch, ethanol etc.
2. With the current economic crisis, the government is unrepentantly obsessed with boosting the nations export market.
3. Cassava poses little threat when it come to the risk factors in crop farming as compare to other crops
4. It is extremely easy to manage compare to crops like maize, vegetables etc.
5. Cassava has diverse industrial usage hence, the demand for it is unimaginable. The industrial usage include cassava chips widely used in making animal feeds, extraction of starch, ethanol, cassava flour which is being encouraged for bread manufacturers etc,
6. It has a very comfortable range of rate of returns(ROR) ranging from minimum of 18% to as high as 80%
[/b]Considering the above reasons and by some pressing demands from some agric-business enthusiast, we are offering anyone that have ever wanted to give up on farming a chance to be part of our cassava project.
PROJECT DURATION: The project will last for THREE PLANTING SEASONS (review will done after then to decide if to continue or not.) Also, the calendar year will start from the day of planting and planting period is 12months.
NOTE: Any cost stated is for the first planting season.
Interested farmers/investors will buy slots in the 150 hectares available and the minimum obtainable is 1hectare
Investors who took part from the first year will also have a chance of increasing their slots if they desire after the first year.
FINANCIAL PLAN: Is contained in our prepared investors’ guide (drop your mails to get a copy.)
GROUND BREAKING: We are kicking off the land preparation on 20th of June 2016, so more detailed enquiries, registration and making commitment starts tomorrow, 12th of May and ends by 15th of July.
[/b]1. Profit margin is guaranteed no matter the initial set up cost. For instance in the first year, the cost of buying a slot of 1hectare (2 and half acres) is 169,100 and the minimum yield on a cassava hectare is 20tons. The average cost of a ton of cassava is about 15,000(though the present cost in our area varies between 20,000 and 25,000naira). Therefore a hectare of cassava is capable of returning minimum of 130,900 as profit.
2. Cost of investment will drop drastically by up to 40% while the potential profits stands on the rising side. This means that after the first year, initial cost of clearing and buying stems would have been eliminated. For instance, 169,100 for a hectare will drop to about 101,100 naira while the profit still soar high
3. Stress of management is taken away. This is because we are taking care of that.
4. Every budget level is accommodated (1 hectares above).
5. Reliable management and security guaranteed.
what took you so long.? hope you're planning to turn into plc and sell shares on stock market cos 169 k is not easy for everyone to raise. but 169 thousand ppl can easily invest 1,1 naira[email][/email]
Romance / Re: Reason Why Some Girls Find It Hard To Break Up(photo) by sage50: 5:42am
Dick, money and fear of being single/lonely. D majors reasons some gals will neva leave. If a guy fucks a gal good. Makes her cum or and sucks her well. Even when dey break up and d new guy no sabi fuk She will always come bk for some dik
Family / Re: Women Are Asking My Husband Out On Whatsapp. How Do I Handle This? by echodrum(m): 5:42am
Saddenedsoul, you have to get concrete evidence before confronting him.

After getting evidence (if any), you have to decide what to do with it. What if after confronting him and he continues or he becomes more discrete? So, be wise on how you handle the situation.
you ended up not answering her questions. I wonder why you have 25 likes??
Properties / Re: Building Iron Rod For Sale: 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12mm, 10mm Per tonne by HsLBroker(m): 5:42am
Nairaland / General / Re: Should Buhari Resign? by henrygale(m): 5:42am
I have never heard of any African public office holder resigning,even when resigning will save their life!
So,forget it bro,they will keep padding him up if actually he is sick,till it happens.
I just pray he gets well.
Properties / Re: Building Iron Rod For Sale: 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12mm, 10mm Per tonne by HsLBroker(m): 5:42am
Politics / Re: Army Arrests Suspected Members Of Niger Delta Avengers by SuperSupremo(m): 5:41am
Good news

Nation wreckers betraying their country for sheer idiocy
Education / Re: NDDC 2016 Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship Application Commences by ifeanyimoses: 5:41am
[quote author=baresi22 post=46088518]

Pls @ Ralph Waldo Emerson can I get ur contact or can u Chart ME @ 07061611069. Really nid to chart with you b4 my exams. Thanks in anticipation.
Properties / Re: Calculating The Numbers Of Blocks You Need For Your Fence by HsLBroker(m): 5:41am
[quote author=HsLBroker post=45795043][/quote]
Politics / Re: Ijaw People Must Produce Avengers, tompolo - Army by OrlandoOwoh(m): 5:41am
Go and tell Shehu of Borno to Produce Shekau and all the Boko boys. When you are done then come back here and repeat same thing. Single shame you people don't
The people of Borno formed civilian JTF to fish out Boko Haram members, Ijaw people should do the same to fish out NDAs.
Properties / Re: Hardwood For House Roofing 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6, 1x12, 3x4 call 08182481552 by HsLBroker(m): 5:41am
Current price

2 x 2 @ N250 per rate

2 x 3 @ N350 per rate

2 x 4 @ N450 per rate

2 x 6 @ N650 per rate

3 x 4 @ N650 per rate

1 x 12 @ N1500 per rate
Romance / Re: [Trick] How To Read Love & Romance Novels Without Paying A Single Kobo by KingCheezyPuff(f): 5:41am
Sounds like fun but, I don't like romantic novels.

Makes you all Emoo and jelly. though I've r'ed Harlequine series a couple of times. they're good .
Don't read that trash
...you need ta read comic books
Politics / Re: One Chance Goverment by chriskosherbal(m): 5:40am
There is a better future for this nation by the grace of God.
Webmasters / Re: ###Click To Get 100% 1yr Plan Free Domain And Hosting And Develop It Yourself. by webhelpline: 5:40am
Happy Democracy Day!!! Our freebies is still fresh and available for all.... It's real and reliable... Keep submitting requested details and have your website running in less than 48hrs. Do not fail to visit your email after 6hrs of submission. All information and details about your newly set up website will be forwarded there. You are also likely to be text if probably your domain is not available to be claimed by you, do not ignore our sms.

For those who have submitted earlier, kindly visit your email or respond to the text sent to you.

For more enquiry, we are open to calls and give you proper direction....... Call now and experience unique and respected customer service (08051343914 or 07067190222).

WebHelpLine helps with no limitation!!!
Politics / Re: Army Arrests Suspected Members Of Niger Delta Avengers by Mynd44: 5:40am
Islam for Muslims / Re: Solah Behind An Innovator by lexiconkabir(m): 5:40am

Apart from the underlined,

I once saw a video on YouTube by a shia scholar claiming that the first 5verses of suratul hujurat called Umar and Abu Bakr (radi Allahu 'anhumã) Kafirs! This he did without putting the Qur'an in it's proper context, now here is your brother trying to distort the original meanings of the Qur'an by ignoring the context, so i concluded by mathematical induction grin that you shi'as ignore the Context on which the noble verses of the Qur'an were being revealed, i may be wrong, i may be right.

I agreed with you in totality. Besides my brother up there has not given us the authenticity of the above narration. Until he prove that, the narration by default is weak.

Then you should've asked him for it since(as it seems) it's alien to you, if i hadnt objected, innocent brothers will take that interpretation as fact.
Phones / Re: BUYER BEWARE Tecno Marketers Using Multiple Profiles To Publicize Products by khalhokage(m): 5:40am
OP edit your posts, add one more line spacing between each paragraphs to make it easier to read.

As for the topic, I agree wholeheartedly, there are novices looking to buy devices on Nairaland and they're going to pick devices based on misinformation because of these characters.
Crime / Re: See What A Nigerian Homosexual Posted On Facebook by kabman: 5:40am
This fools should be searched for and hanged immediately.
Phones / Re: My Experience Using Tecno L8 + Few Specs by MrDroid: 5:40am
No doubt the l8 is indeed a great phone with good battery life, but the 1gb ram messed it up for me.


Tecno L8 has 2 GB RAM version now, so you can go ahead and buy it, if the battery truly impresses you.
Properties / Hello Ladies And Gentlemen, Please I Nead Your Help. by dave4dim: 5:40am
Am planning to start a house project in portharcurt,but i dont have an idea as the amount it may cost.the house is two story building, ground
foor will have [1] 2 bedroom flat and [2] 1bedroom flat making it 3 flat for ground floor. the same with first and second floor, making it 9 flat in total

please will appreciate it if anyone can help me, in giving me an idea the amount of: stone, rod or iron, sand, block

plank, latrate, nails, cement and price of labour from foundation to the rooffing level.

many thanks

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