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Programming / Re: Nairaland Programmers That Share Language And City In Common by worldbest(m): 3:59pm On Jul 17
Location: Lagos
Relevant Languages: PHP, Scala & Javascript
Frameworks: CakePHP, Play Framework, Akka and Node.js
Database: MySQL, MongoDB and Redis
IDE: Intellj, Webstorm and PHPStorm.
Girlfriends: Tonto Dike and Tiwa Savage
Computers / Cost Of Hard Drive For HP Pavillion Dv6 by worldbest(m): 8:45pm On Jul 04
Does anyone know the cost of a hard drive for HP Pavillion DV6? And where can I get it?
Programming / Re: Your Favorite Java IDE? by worldbest(m): 2:33pm On Dec 17, 2013

wat dyu know yes-man. Your confidence is in ur conformity.
Ide's are restrctve and bloated to me. I dont call my source code folder src for one , while my work is in progress, i keep a prject diary, logic notes, and other notes while working. I keep a test folder and make test summaries. Tweakg an ide to suite my wrk flow wud b too much wrk so bye bye bloatware.

I'm sure your project diary, logic notes etc involve the creation of a number of files (except there is something I don't know) which you can do in a regular IDE. Some IDEs have test libraries/plugins already integrated and I know most Jetbrain IDE allow you specify alternative folders as source directories. So..? Anyways, Its not wrong to not use an IDE, so ride on...abi your RAM low? cheesy

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Programming / Re: Your Favorite Java IDE? by worldbest(m): 6:22am On Dec 17, 2013
IntelliJ with the Darcula theme
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 11:54pm On Dec 06, 2013

If u still can't use it,then use UNITY

No, Not a good choice. Use Unity
Programming / Re: [programming Levels] What Type Of Programmer Are You? by worldbest(m): 2:17pm On Dec 03, 2013
Hardcore. Yesterday I build calculator
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 7:40pm On Nov 22, 2013
jjk24: Check out d goatie model have bein working on (he geht beard o#no textures!!.. ) cheesy

Obviously, It's not OK.
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 12:54pm On Nov 21, 2013
if u still don't get my prev post... watch "amazing world of gum ball" on cartoon network

u'l understand where m coming from

You are spot on. Cartoon-like characters in realistic environment would be awkward. By the way, that cartoon happens to be my favorite on CN smiley
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 11:05am On Nov 01, 2013
Using a custom game engine (especially one with no GUI) when the overall knowledge of game development on this thread is still basic is a wrong idea. Top game studios use already recognized engines like Unreal and Unity not because they can't develop theirs but because its cheaper and convenient.

If @dueal decides to ditch this project, y'all are screwed. Use an engine everyone (those here and those that would come in the future) can relate with.
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 8:23pm On Oct 26, 2013

lol. First and foremost, its the goat's dream. Secondly, they are fighting for justice not to kill humans(see it as an allegory like animal farm). Thirdly, its supposed to be funny. The humans in the game can be made to seem evil. For example, animal farm. Finally, if a part of the story seems weird, it can always be changed.

Okay then. Ride on! smiley
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 7:53pm On Oct 26, 2013
I was loving the 'Goat Story' but I don't think I would like to play a game where a goat kills humans and tries to save his pregnant mate. I think these goat theme has no historical backing. It has nothing people can relate with (except for the fact that we eat goats). I'm sure you don't want your 'Next Gen' game coming out of Nigeria to be about goats revolting. If you wanna invest 3 years of your time, then I believe the sango, amadioha etc story should be picked. You don't have do go into much details. For example, You could have a plot where 'Sango's sends you (the player) to different villages to help them solve their challenges (bush babies, madam kiokio etc). Those villages are the levels. If you are able to complete just a playable level, release the game to the public, get funding if possible and then improve the story and build more levels. Start simple. Avoid bloated stories. Shikena smiley
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 3:22am On Oct 26, 2013
Lol. You go fear "reference image".
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 2:36pm On Oct 25, 2013
Since the goat story is loved by all, I suggest we begin work on the story and game play. There's no need wasting time on the gow-like story.
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 2:25pm On Oct 25, 2013
dueal: first draft for d mercenary goat.

This is awesome. Cool sketch
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 10:03pm On Oct 23, 2013
Jivi: Here is a new game story idea. I think it can be improved upon. However, let me know what you think. We can mix in Nigerian elements
into the game like language etc.

Goat’s Revolt
Goats have been oppressed by men for years. They have been slaughtered for food.
General Goaty, the protagonist will take this injustice no more. Goats have a life too. On Xmas eve. the goats led by General Goaty assisted by the Big-Eyed Goat, General OverSeer went on riot against man. They form an alliance with other Xmas – eatable animals such as Cow, Chicken, Turkey etc. Together, they go offensive against man fighting for their fundamental Animal Rights. They acquired all sorts of machine guns and assault rifles and waged a war on man.
Eventually, after several dangerous mission which almost led to the end of the world. They defeated man and they celebrated their victory.
As they were celebrating, General Goaty woke up from his dreams in the abattoir and next thing he knows, a knife goes for his neck.
In other words, the entire Game is General Goaty’s dream on Xmas eve.

The mission is to defeat men.
The language is pidgin English with interpretation for other languages.
The game is first person shooter and/or third person shooter.
the goats can walk on two legs (It does not have to be realistic)
What do you think?

LOL, I like this story. But still think the Sango,Amadiorha etc is better.
Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by worldbest(m): 3:00pm On Oct 20, 2013
I suggest you forget the idea of using a proprietary engine for now. Just use Unity
Webmasters / Re: A Social Networking Site By A Nigerian. Review And Support!!! by worldbest(m): 3:48am On Oct 17, 2013
If you want people to take you seriously as a founder/CEO of your social network, you would have to write in proper English. A friendly advice.

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Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 10:01am On Oct 13, 2013
Elvisten10: thats more like you. Welcome back, good bye to the b***t.

Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 8:17am On Oct 13, 2013
I might have taken things too personal and by so doing ignored some of phenom's points. Let's just let OP continue with his work. Its a new day. Super Eagles must win smiley
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 8:12am On Oct 13, 2013
Dude! Learn how to type in human readable language.!

Exactly my thought. But I get his point (I think)

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Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 3:42pm On Oct 12, 2013
Elvisten10: i just dey observe am.

Make una dey observe me dey go nah
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 3:40pm On Oct 12, 2013

and what d heck are u sayin.
Its people like you that leads people astray, first of all u were saying that OP could do it, get it done and prove to hater that a goal is a goal no matter how outrageous they might sound. Now u re saying that OP could pick himself off when he fails right, and they he can always learn on the job...
Why must you confuse people like that, u are trying to protect the integrity of the OP, we understand but u shouldn't lead him astray while doing that.
@OP, if u read between the post of ur biggest fan, u might want to label him an hater but i wouldn't do that if i were u.

According to what @PhenomenonVFX's said earlier, i think that u re just trying to impress but you do not need that to prove anything to urself or to anybody.
Lets even say that you have completed the engine, i doubt it that you have the money to make it commercial, i even thought that it would go outside of the shores of because you don't seems to have the money ($100k for a pretty mini startup).

I personally ain't waiting for u to fail because as a matter of fact u can't, u have too much vibe, too much of energy and commitment that wouldn't let that happen but its really a long shot with the kind of goal that you have in front of it especially when its for the wrong reason.

This is just what i think and anybody that think otherwise could eat ma poo or taste assorted blood for desert.

God bless OP, PhenomenonVFX's, CodeEater, Javanian, Me, myself and I.

Just see this one. How am I leading him astray? So you want me to tell him he cant do it. I do not know if he would be able to complete it (I have made this clear) but no one should discourage him. Someone says he wants to take a shot at game engine development and you guys are here telling him he hasn't got the knowledge to do so because he didn't sound technical in his initial post. Many of you here cannot reason for yourselves.

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Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 1:39pm On Oct 12, 2013
Well, @PhenomenonVFX's reply was exhausting. Its nice that you wrote all that to prove how 'intelligent" and "experienced" you are to question and mock the OPs knowledge. Just so you know I do not care about your CV. I might be ignorant but I would never question someone's knowledge just to make them feel incapable. I'd rather encourage them and let them decide if they want to continue their project or instead go acquire knowledge before commencing.

However, I haven't said he was hating on the OP. But I am against anyone who questions the OPs knowledge just to mock him. If you won't join him, then just observe.

Along the line he (@csharpjava) will find out what and what he needs to learn, put the project on hold, learn those things and move forward. Do you think he isn't reading relevant resources as he progresses? Its nobodies business if he decides to start the project and learn as he proceeds. There can be many version of this project. This is his project, you can give suggestions but don't tell him to stop because he doesn't understand how images are represented in memory.

There is absolutely nothing wrong if a programmer burns out trying to build the impossible. At least, he gets to acquire new knowledge even if he fails.

Do not be discouraged. Don't be scared to fail. Failure is good. Continue with your project and when you find that you can't proceed, stop and do some research and start again. Find resources and read them as you proceed. They might see what you are doing as crap, that is because most know nothing about the low level aspects of graphic framework (directx etc) which I think you are interested in.

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Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 9:52am On Oct 12, 2013
When someone is trying to do something you think is "impossible", you should try to encourage that person and provide help in any way you can. Dont tell that person how you think they can't do it. If someone creates a post and says he wants to develop and OS, some shallow and lazy minded people here would begin to castigate that person instead of helping. This is how to reply to a post where someone wants to do the "irrelevant" or "impossible".

Moderator, stop hiding my post...I ki**ll you!
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 8:51am On Oct 12, 2013

When you created that animation of yours and posted on NL what were you actually looking to achieve? Whether you admit it or not, you wanted to impress people (I was impressed) and also get constructive criticism. So there is nothing wrong with coding to "impress" people as far as you have the time. Motivation to learn can come in any form.

You keep talking about the OP getting appropriate knowledge before he ventures into something as difficult as this. But I think you are dead wrong, he is not trying to sell the end product so he can definitely learn as he codes. You will never know how truly difficult it is to convert theory to codes till you attempt to do it so I think the OP is on point no matter how naive he sounds.

I browsed through your 300+ posts to see how vast your knowledge of programming is but I was very disappointed. You are in no position to question someone's ability to venture into a difficult terrain based on their knowledge because I can deduce that you are not better than the OP (programming wise). You love to argue, that is why you do more religious (whose god is better) posting than even the python (which is the only language you seem know..its not a bad thing at all) or animation (which is cool) you know.

I suggest you let the OP be. He is not out to impress you. No doubt, you know how graphics works but you just know the theory. Since you are this knowledgeable, I think you should begin to contribute to Blender (which is what you use) since you know Python.

Its very hypocritical for a graphics/animation artist to attack another person who he thinks is starting a project to impress people because that's is what you do. Especially if you aren't a professional. So yeah, you can pass for an hypocrite (moderator I didn't insult him).
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 7:00am On Oct 10, 2013
jjk24: I can 0nly laff my guy u nt hlpin dis guy e fit learn yes !! Buh in d hard way ni he will s00n realize dah all his bein learnin is jst a bit 0f wah he nids buh I dnt wanna talk 2much 4 here since na u b d smart 1 we r d pessimist wh0 want his dwnfall !! Dey enc0urage am g0 .

So he should just sit down and do nothing because the task pass him power. If I am not helping then what am I supposed to do? How can you guys help him? You have nothing to offer, no ideas, no references or resources just negativity. One of your Nairaland ITK god says something with sweet grammar and then his clowns follow. I personally don't think he or a bunch of guys online can develop something like Unity or UDK but they can definitely build a functioning game engine. A lot of single developers built their own engines with DirectX or OpenGL at the time when UDK or Unity was not available to small developers. If you limit yourself, don't do so to others.
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 5:22pm On Oct 09, 2013
A lot of guys are waiting for this guy's project to fail so they can say 'I told you so'.

@OP keep doing what you are doing. You will learn a lot from this project. Whether you succeed or fail, your level of understanding of 3D and graphics in general will surpass most of the block heads discouraging you. Instead of encouraging him, they want to pull him down. Typical Nigerian character. Lazy people. All they know how to do with programming is to seek clients that will pay them N25k to build 5 page websites.
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 8:28pm On Oct 07, 2013
If you really want to write a game engine, why waste time working with just standard classes of C# or Java. I suggest you just start working with DirectX or OpenGL. Unless you want to learn the low level workings of those frameworks
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 5:15pm On Oct 05, 2013

If I should open my mouth and lay a course on u and ur generation unborn, not even t.b j would be able to erase it....






M not saying it's impossible, m just saying the likely hood of success is low...

I mean u r trying to create another 3D max here, have u been able to master the available 3d engines?.. am not saying am a pro, m not saying I even know how to create a 3d image but to pull of something like that u'l need more than just an idea n advanced programmers... OK let's say u do succeed n create a cool app, ask your self do u really think people would leave d likes of Maya,3d max,blender and unity that have been tested and trusted to come and use an app made by a group of geeky Nigerians?

I think not....

Look,am just saying, it might end being a waste of time...

Fine, I accept, u r gud innovator but just don't over dream...

And as 4 the foolish fool that insulted me 4 no reason, u r lucky am in a gud mood today.. u 4 carry curse follow body go house

Stop shouting. You are not making sense. I am more inclined to accept PhenomenonVFX arguments, but yours? You are just hating. You can try to insult me, that is if you know where to begin.
Programming / Re: 3D Animation Programming Join The Team by worldbest(m): 3:23pm On Oct 05, 2013
I don't know image manipulation and this binary crap...I don't know a lot in physics even though am working on it...I don't know how to make a game...

Am the kinda guy that likes to think the unimaginable, I like creating ideas that can be either just brilliant or sound outrageously silly,seriously u need to see the kinda stuff I can come up with...but when I saw this,. I Took a sec to imagine wat it'l be like,doz brief 10seconds felt good,but den I came back to reality...

My guy,this is NOT impossible... but its not GOING TO HAPPEN...

ok fine, u know ur way around a computer, understand how the thing really works,great 4 u,I envy that Cuz I don't have dat installed in my brain, but

Oga just shut up already. The dude thought about something you think is impossible and has made attempts to bring it to life. Of all the unimaginable stuffs you think of, which one have you attempted? If you are able to convince yourself that a project will not succeed in just ten seconds then you might never become a creator or an inventor of something unique. Because you are mentally lazy. You lack the ability to focus and rethink a single idea till you know how to go about making it happen. Your head is everywhere thinking of multiple ideas and not doing anything. So shut up.

To everyone who is discouraging the OP, who the hell are you to question the OPs knowledge? IMO, if you have not done anything noteworthy, you have no moral right to bash someones knowledge and capability to develop something. Even if you have, screw you.

OP, you should pay no attention to this people, if no one joins you, take it up yourself. You may not succeed but you will always learn new things. I gained most of my knowledge from taking up "impossible" projects that I never completed.

Shameless people. The other guy talking about bitstream and hex. The bottom line till remains. All images are just 0s and 1s at the lowest of levels regardless of how they are put together.


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