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Webmasters / Re: Help O by yawatide(f): 5:36pm On Dec 04, 2013
Webmasters / Re: Service Of CSS Experts Are Urgently Needed. by yawatide(f): 11:08am On Dec 04, 2013
The customer is not always right, at least not in our business. What you are saying is that if the customer wants red font on a black background because that is what they want, you will still do it, right? I beg to differ. If a medical doctor says you need 3 tablets of fansidar and you say you actually need 2, you think say doctor go gree? Or is it because we are "common designer" and many of us are willing to charge 15K per job?

We are not code monkeys. We are consultants and professionals. You don't just take the first thing the customer says and run with it. If it doesn't make sense, you tell them why in your professional opinion something is wrong and offer alternatives. If you feel that strongly about it, be willing to walk away from the job. Money isn't everything. Integrity, reputation and your name are. If you don't feel that strongly about it, make sure you charge extra for it, due to the extra time involved (in this case). Again, if you can't come to terms, respectfully walk away. I bet you will get more respect that way and chances are that if the client can't find another person, they will come back to you asking you to implement it your way.

I think it is high time we let clients know that we are professionals and not people willing to do anything for 15K
Webmasters / Designing A Website For 2014 by yawatide(f): 2:40pm On Dec 03, 2013

It’s been about five years since the last redesign of my website, Hitched. A lot has changed since then, most particularly the rise of mobile. While we made sure our website was mobile compatible all those years ago, it wasn’t (and still isn’t) optimized for smaller screens. Needless to say, we’re working pretty hard to correct this as quickly as possible.

As we have been working to give our website a fresh coat of paint, I’ve come across some current design trends that we may or may not implement, but wanted to share with you.

Continuous Scrolling. This is a design element that Forbes already implements. As you scroll down the page you are automatically taken to the next story without clicking. Since you continuously scroll, this changes other elements of the design. For example, when you get to the second article, unless you also add floating navigation and other elements, you lose the all-important “top fold.”

Larger Fonts. While we haven’t done a major redesign in years, a few months ago we quietly increased the font size on our article pages. Next year, I expect the font will get even bigger. One major reason for this is the improved screen resolution and greater screen sizes of the computers and other devices now used; which makes the standard font sizes of yesteryear seem puny.

Responsive Mobile Design. I mentioned earlier how mobile is effecting all web design. Walker Sands, a public relations firm found that mobile devices account for 28% of total website traffic in Q3 2013, up 67% from the same time last year. Our numbers show that mobile now makes up nearly 60% of the total traffic on Hitched. This trend has been going up for years and will continue to do so in 2014. The way to design for this in the past was to create a mobile-specific website, but now websites have the ability to be more responsive and to adjust accordingly to the device and screen. This means publishers don’t need to maintain two completely different sites and can instead focus on just one that responds appropriately.

Flat Design. It seems mobile really is driving everything. Since Apple AAPL -0.91% released iOS 7 with a complete flat design overhaul, the flat esthetic has quickly creeped into desktop and website design (to be fair, Windows went flat first). For example, we use the social sharing site AddThis and earlier in the month they updated their sharing buttons to a new flat design. It seems the flat design offers more than just a new look, it also boosts performance. AddThis mentions that the new buttons are 40% smaller in size than their previous glossy ones. This actually makes a lot of sense considering a flat design eliminates all the gradients and shadowing that can quickly eat up precious kilobytes.

Parallax Scrolling. The first time I saw Parallax Scrolling used on a website was in 2012 on the New York Times feature story, “Snow Fall.” Since then, other websites have been using the technique and it seems that in 2014 it will be a standard design feature. If you’re not familiar, Parallax Scrolling presents the webpage as multiple layers whereas the background layer scrolls at a different speed than the foreground layer (in fact the background layer may not move at all). Other techniques can also be used in conjunction, such as animation to offer some truly unique and dynamic effects. We recently posted our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide and included a new stylus called Pencil from FiftyThree. I mention this because their product site very effectively uses this technique to breakdown and explain the Pencil. It is my hope that this and the other design trends help to serve as inspiration with your next redesign.
Webmasters / Re: Service Of CSS Experts Are Urgently Needed. by yawatide(f): 10:49am On Dec 03, 2013
1) Sometimes it is worth spending a little more money to make money
2) $60 might seem like a huge investment now but that could easily triple when you consider the time spent to customize the one file. Always look at and consider time spent as well. Time is money. Spending another $60 to buy a top quality theme or even paying a developer more than that to develop something good might end up being the cheapest alternative in the long run. Just my humble opinion
Webmasters / Re: My Review Of State Websites! by yawatide(f): 10:46am On Dec 03, 2013
Nice analysis. Let's now offer solutions. Perhaps the ideal website could be coded and presented as evidence of what it would look like...
Webmasters / Re: Most Embarrassing Moment In Front Of A Potential Client! by yawatide(f): 4:44am On Dec 02, 2013
1) It is inexcusable for a web designer or web developer in this day and age to not have a working website, even if it is 1 page
2) It is even more inexcusable for anyone to hand someone a card with inaccurate information knowing that such info could be verified

Learn from your mistakes and sin no more.

Good luck!


Webmasters / Re: Service Of CSS Experts Are Urgently Needed. by yawatide(f): 1:32am On Dec 02, 2013
Considering this is WP, IMHO, it makes sense to work within the WP framework. Sure, you can directly manipulate the style.css but as someone has mentioned (and I am in no way a WP expert), if the current theme is updated in the future and you grab that, you lose all the work you have done.

The best approach here, IMHO, is to go with a new theme, be it a theme you purchase or download for free, or a theme that a developer does for you. Worse case, they clone what you have now and rework the CSS to give you what you want but again, tis best, IMHO, to work from a new theme.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Help!!! Html Table Not Working On Moble Operamini by yawatide(f): 1:28am On Dec 02, 2013
In addition to what Gerald has said...and if it doesn't work, if you are still interested in screenshots, I believe your mobile device can capture a screenshot, which you in turn upload to this thread
Webmasters / Re: Script To Detect Attacks And Send A Response by yawatide(f): 1:23pm On Dec 01, 2013
I once overheard someone a long time ago saying that after they got hacked, they hired someone to detect such attacks and send a worm to the attackers end. He then had that counter-hack write a report to him so that he knew what was going on. According to him, it only took a short while before the hackers stopped.

Short answer:
yes it can be done. You just have to find the right person/people to do it

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Please Review My Website by yawatide(f): 1:20pm On Dec 01, 2013
There are people called venture capitalists and angel investors who are better versed at judging successful business ideas than we are. I suggest you show it to them. For instance, fairly recently, there was a VCAfrica event that just rounded up in Kenya and a Nigerian was there that showcased his product called RAMP. If it makes sense to them, they will fund you and you make it from there.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: I Want To Start My Own Pinterest. Is It A Good Idea? by yawatide(f): 1:16pm On Dec 01, 2013
Considering how popular pinerest is, what would you be offering extra to make current pinterest followers to use your app, as opposed to pinterest?

If you can answer the above with a convincing business answer, then you are on your way to making it. Otherwise, consider your exercise as a test of your coding skills and nothing more.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Service Of CSS Experts Are Urgently Needed. by yawatide(f): 1:14pm On Dec 01, 2013
To those who intend to take on the job:
Note that this is a WP site and so you will need more than the style.css, index.html and images. You will probably need FTP access to the account hosting the site, including admin access to the WP back end.

good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Pls Help Me With Search Engine Uptimization Codes, I Need To Integrate It by yawatide(f): 1:12pm On Dec 01, 2013
You don't need any specific "codes" per se. Just make sure that, among others, you have good content, you use semantic HTML, your images have ALT tags and your meta tags for KEYWORDS, TITLE and DESCRIPTION are populated with rich content. Then give it a month or 2, check the rankings for your site and keep refining till you get to the top

Good luck!

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Webmasters / Re: Help!!! Html Table Not Working On Moble Operamini by yawatide(f): 1:10pm On Dec 01, 2013
1) Screenshot please
2) If all you are worried about is disabled border, it could be because you have "border=0" in the table tag and each browser display that differently
3) What is your desired effect?
4) If your concern is #2 above, consider taking out the border attribute and doing everything in CSS for consistency

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Help Me Fix Diz Problem Webmasta's by yawatide(f): 1:04pm On Dec 01, 2013
1) What do you mean by, "Distorted"? A screenshot would help
2) If you are using a responsive template, then on a mobile device, the navigation would be hidden, until you tap the nav icon
3) side note: Since people are used to tapping (as opposed to sliding) on mobile devices, you should consider this building navigations

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Why A Sudden Drop In Traffic All Of A Sudden? by yawatide(f): 10:32am On Nov 29, 2013
When you say you have tried everything, what exactly does that mean?

As the poster above me has said, the algorithm changes without notice. There are also other reasons (you don't update regularly, you are not featuring original content, etc etc)
Webmasters / Re: Best Tag In This Case ? by yawatide(f): 1:56pm On Nov 26, 2013

In XHTML, it would be <br />...<br> if using HTML 5. Of course, this is if you are the type to validate your code after development. It's all about the DOCTYPE that you use. If you don't validate your code, <br> should be just fine.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Sun Newspaper Website Is Down!! [picture] by yawatide(f): 9:54pm On Nov 25, 2013
Interesting. Still works for me. Maybe they have it on multiple servers and the one for my locale is up while yours isn't.

Keep trying. When Sun Newspaper Online wants to be good, they are good. I have been visiting consistently (even on days they are offline) since 2007.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Help Me Web Lords! by yawatide(f): 9:52pm On Nov 25, 2013
You will need more than html and css. If I were you, I would probably invest the $150 and purchase a license for JomSocial which is a plug in for Joomla. Very intuitive and has a low learning curve.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Sun Newspaper Website Is Down!! [picture] by yawatide(f): 12:14pm On Nov 25, 2013
As at the time of this post, it is coming up for me in my locale. Try again.
Webmasters / Re: Help Webmaster. by yawatide(f): 12:13pm On Nov 25, 2013
PHP is popular and easier to set up...and is open source. I'd start with it.

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: Help Webmaster by yawatide(f): 3:23pm On Nov 24, 2013
If you a visual person, make YouTube your friend.
Webmasters / Re: Webmasters Please Help Me by yawatide(f): 3:23pm On Nov 24, 2013
Could it also be that since the site was coded using frontpage that the host doesn't come with frontpage extensions? In other words, could it be that the account is linux-based?

Just something to think about. Might not be the case, but hey, you never know. When I hear frontpage and cpanel put in the same sentence, that immediately jumps out to me.
Webmasters / Re: Is Getting An I.p Adress The Same As Opening A Website??? by yawatide(f): 8:59am On Nov 22, 2013
No. I can get an IP address for my printer connected to my office network. Therefore, again, the answer to your question is no.
Webmasters / Re: Frontpage Opt-in Form... by yawatide(f): 3:30pm On Nov 18, 2013
With your text editor and web server...
Webmasters / Re: Frontpage Opt-in Form... by yawatide(f): 7:31am On Nov 18, 2013
I believe OP Is referring to the ability, via a form, to collect info from website visitors...akin to a "sign up for our newsletter" form. If this is the case:

Easy, cheesy way:
1) Create a regular form, with all the fields you want to have
2) Send the results via email to the desired email address

"Hard" but preferred way:
1) Create a database to capture the fields you want
2) Create your form
3) On submit, write the results to a database

Good luck!
Webmasters / Re: What Do Have To Say About This Site? by yawatide(f): 1:22pm On Nov 04, 2013
Hmm, given the name, make i log on to am make una use that as portal to hack into my lappie? Mba, biko nu tongue
Webmasters / Re: Help On Javascript. by yawatide(f): 9:58am On Nov 02, 2013
1) IMHO, it probably makes sense to do this on the backend. For instance, what if javascript is turned off? Either way, the logic is the same:
a) Get the year, using the language's date library. Or just hardcode the year in mind (say 2020)
b) Store the year in a variable
c) Run your (for) loop like so:
for(i=0 (this could also be hardcoded to a particular number, say 1917); i <= (your year variable...could also have been hardcoded); i++) {
print i;

2) Looks like you want to use PHP's fopen(), or whatever function here
Webmasters / Re: . by yawatide(f): 5:04pm On Oct 29, 2013
Actually, I was willing to offer 1K. I would have said free but I realize that we all have to be paid for our efforts cool

15K? Geez!! angry
Webmasters / Re: Youtube-like Video Player For A Website by yawatide(f): 11:12pm On Oct 25, 2013
Displaying is fine but what about hosting? Video files are generally very large. Does he have his own dedicated server. or some CDN? If not, I would find a way to convince him to stick to youtube or vimeo. I mean, why do the suffering when someone else is willing to do it for you wink
Webmasters / Re: Form Update by yawatide(f): 11:10pm On Oct 25, 2013
Webmasters / Re: Updating Form by yawatide(f): 11:10pm On Oct 25, 2013
Your request doesn't make sense to me. What exactly are you asking for? Reply with a specific example.

Your response doesn't necessarily mean that I may be able to help you. All am saying is I need to know more to determine if I can help you at all tongue

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