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Car Talk / How To Differentiate A Genuine Custom Car Paper From Faked Custom Paper by ziccoit: 7:30am On Oct 19, 2013
Hi car-talkers. A friend got delivery of a 1998 toyota Camry XLE a month ago from Cotonou for 750k! I told him the custom papers handed over with the car might not be genuine going by the car's landing cost. He insisted how the dealer has told him the vehicle was with genuine paper. I spoke with another friend who is a custom officer. He asked us to scan the document to him. Lo and behold, the paper was arrangee type cheesy not genuine.
Here are my questions:
1. How can one identifies a faked custom paper by mere looking at it.

2. Is it possible to make genuine a car with faked paper and how.
Politics / Re: Cash Crunch: Capital Projects On Hold In States, Oyel Money Don Stop by ziccoit: 6:40am On Oct 18, 2013
Mr GEJ is stockpiling fund to seek his reelection in 2015. How else can one explain this cash starvation in the midst of plenty? Okonjo Iwaela is really doing a poor job. I've said it in the past that the woman's seemly sterling performance in the past was as a result of OBJ being a competent leader. When the head is rotten the rest of the body would definitely nowhere to be found.

BTW, Osun state is lying here. Majority of her workers are yet to be paid September salary as at today. I don't know what the commissioner stands to gain by telling lies.
Autos / Re: Clean And Sharp Golf3..-1999 by ziccoit: 4:56pm On Oct 16, 2013
1999 model golf 3? Lol cheesy
Health / Re: Surgery Done With a 'rechargeable lamp' In Nigeria... by ziccoit: 4:30pm On Oct 16, 2013
This is an everyday occurrence in a Nigerian hospital so, stop being an alarmist. If there is anything; give a big thump up to the doctors who keep on working and getting results despite the deplorable health facilities in Nigerian hospitals. Why do you think those goats travel abroad for ordinary medical check up?
Foreign Affairs / Re: (25 Photos) Politicians Who Look Like Cartoon Characters by ziccoit: 7:52pm On Oct 13, 2013
Last and I don't care if it is the least;

Foreign Affairs / Re: (25 Photos) Politicians Who Look Like Cartoon Characters by ziccoit: 7:51pm On Oct 13, 2013

Foreign Affairs / Re: (25 Photos) Politicians Who Look Like Cartoon Characters by ziccoit: 7:49pm On Oct 13, 2013

Foreign Affairs / Re: (25 Photos) Politicians Who Look Like Cartoon Characters by ziccoit: 7:43pm On Oct 13, 2013
Let me help you.

NYSC / Re: 17 ‘Fake’ Corpers Arrested At Kubwa In Abuja by ziccoit: 7:15pm On Oct 13, 2013
Products of failed system. How about the seemly genuined ones that paid their way out of University to secure the certificate they are carrying about? Which ICPC would arrest and investigate those?


Car Talk / Re: Is It Advisable To Sell Working Car To Buy An Engine To Faulty Car? by ziccoit: 1:39am On Oct 13, 2013
That mechanic of yours want to make you carless and kind of your life miserable. Because those are going to be the case if you follow his crooked way of reasoning. Please don't allow him. Fix your maxima as it is.
Car Talk / Re: Check The Authenticity Of Your Plate Number by ziccoit: 10:03pm On Oct 11, 2013
www is public enough now.
Sports / Re: Nigeria's 263-man Delegation To Land In Ethiopia On Saturday by ziccoit: 2:44pm On Oct 11, 2013
Amadu said 263 persons, including 23 players, coaches, NFF and National Sports Commission officials as well as members . . . . . . . . . . . .

263! When fg claimed the nation is bankrupt. It's either these people don't listen to what people are saying or they don't give a damn.
Politics / Re: National Assembly Plans Prayer To Avert Plane Crashes, Terrorism by ziccoit: 11:49am On Oct 11, 2013
Mad men and women. The country needs prayer, there is no doubt about that. One thing is you saying a prayer another thing is God answering your prayer.
How is God going to answer these people's prayers when they are deeply enmeshed and rooted in crimes and vices?
They are the kings of corruption to the detriment of common masses.
They are so corrupt that corruption is even afraid of what they are capable of doing with it.
They are the epitome of bad and irresponsible leadership.
These people are the master of deceits and lies.
I can go on and on.

Ask them. How much have they allocated for this jamboree when ordinary Nigerians are subsisting on mere 18k/month minimum wage which may not even be regularly paid.

How is God going to answer these idiots prayer.

Note:- if these goats really need the help of Almighty God; they don't need any pastor or Imam which they have corrupt. They need to beg the common men, who are raining curses on them daily, to help them seeking the face of God. Else, this is just playing to the gallery and exercise in futility.
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry (tiny Light) Leather Tokunbo @ 1.05m by ziccoit: 9:28am On Oct 11, 2013

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Never Ignore by ziccoit: 2:17pm On Oct 10, 2013
@Op your topic is misleading. In fact, it doesn't go with the message. It should have read "Symptoms that should never be ignored during pregnancy"

Symptoms during pregnancy ≠ pregnancy symptoms.

The message above is about symptoms during pregnancy not pregnancy symptoms.


Culture / Re: Between The Yorubas,hausa And Igbos Who Is More Intelligence by ziccoit: 11:26am On Oct 09, 2013
Odionpete: the first part of ur analyses seems to b very impressive buh d concluding part wasn‘t realy good do not take it too personal just make ur contribution n avoid using abusive words thanks

Are you not intelligent? Yes you are. Drumming contrary into your ear multiple of times could not change that fact.
I'm just catching my fun like ever other person here. So I'm sorry if you were slighted by my comment.
Culture / Re: Between The Yorubas,hausa And Igbos Who Is More Intelligence by ziccoit: 4:27am On Oct 09, 2013
@OP, every individual is intelligent no matter how small. That is why it is graded on a scale and called IQ. Where you belong depends on and ultimately defined by your genetic makeup. What you are asking can only be done on average. It can never be clear cut. That you want to group define what should have been individualized is showing a low level of IQ and smacks of ignorant.

BTW, where are you from? You are not a good representative anyway.
Politics / Re: Tambuwal Under Pressure To Resign; As APC Reps Withdraw Support by ziccoit: 9:20pm On Oct 08, 2013
His speakership position was an error of political miscalculation. So, ploys to bring him down is not going to be surprising and unexpected. The only thing I know is that Mr GEJ is making more enemies by so doing within his party which is going to be a welcomed development for the masses.
Enough of bad leadership.


Politics / Re: Eid-el-Kabir: Wamakko Orders Payment Of October Salaries by ziccoit: 8:53pm On Oct 08, 2013
This is a good development. I am happy for the people and civil servants in Sokoto. You can collect the salary and save it away if you think the gesture is too early. You need to come to Osun State where workers are yet to be paid September Salary and majority or all are not going to be paid until after the festival going by the recent happenings in the state where workers don't get paid until 20th of the following month. This is killing the people's joy.
Well done Gov Wamako for being there for your people.


Politics / Re: Comparing Legacies - Obasanjo Vs Goodluck Jonathan by ziccoit: 1:53pm On Oct 08, 2013
udokpuenyi: How many high profiled politicians were assassinated during OBJ autocratic rule and how many have died since Yaradua/Goodluck administration.

Yes Jonathan may not be all round good but never never compare him with OBJ bloodtasty rule.

Where are you from? You must be a Ghanian to have stated this. How do the lives of high profile politicians worth more than the lives of masses. In fact the contrary could be argued and proved to be correct.
Do you know how may lives have been cut short in this government?

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Politics / Re: Comparing Legacies - Obasanjo Vs Goodluck Jonathan by ziccoit: 1:43pm On Oct 08, 2013
Some Nigerians are funny. You people are listing how the same obj was this and that. What was GEJ doing when OBJ was soaked in all the real and assumed vices? He was there too in his clover enjoying the loots from the cover of Bayelsa state. The way some are presenting GEJ is as if he is a new man from another planet. The same way he was wrongly presented to the gullible and unsuspecting Nigerians to be fresh air, GEJ but not PDP, departure from the past etc.
All of them are rubbish fellows including GEJ and OBJ. They are all evils. You people need to stop deceiving yourselves and unsuspecting minds, GEJ and his father, OBJ, are one and the same bad leaders.
Car Talk / Re: Ban On Importation Of Tokunbo Cars: What You Should Know by ziccoit: 5:52am On Oct 08, 2013
oluboyo04: i'm stil surprized nigerians are protesting against the reduction or facing out of tokunbo cars in nigera, after its becoming almost imposible to move freely on the street due to fleets of rickety cars being packed everywhere.holdup is now everywhere in nigeria, people dying in hundreds everyday through accidents, our roads are deplorable not because govts are not trying their best, but if the road is repaired today, one tokunbo car will breakdown there tomorow and spoil it again. many families have two or three tokunbo cars, causing congestion. why not own one but correct car. lets change our thinking, development does not come on the plata of gold.

Who bought this boy data plan? cheesy

Let me explain and you must listen well;

Cars don't breakdown because they are used/Tokunbo. They breakdown due to one problem or the other which is majorly due to owners' poor handling of the beautiful engineering. A new car of 1hr old can breakdown when something goes wrong. Your car can run daily for 30yrs if you are good at taking care of the machine.

It is obvious a Aganga, GEJ etc can not ride in a 1.2-1.5M moving casket. What safety equipment do you think such a car would have installed?

Government just need to strengthen our economy and every other things would fall in place. Do you think people would be running after used cars if they could afford new ones?

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Car Talk / Re: C180 Camshaft Fault by ziccoit: 2:35pm On Oct 07, 2013
What kind of scanner did you use, OBD II or star scanner?
Politics / Re: Civil Servants; Have You Been Paid Your September Salary? by ziccoit: 12:15pm On Oct 05, 2013
Me and my colleagues never get a month salary until 16th-20th of the following month. The silly governor of that state get mouth like mad. Even now he is not going to pay us September salary for Ileya festival. Rascal is a f**ktard.
Car Talk / Re: Tariff On Imported Tokunbo Cars Raised by ziccoit: 12:06pm On Oct 04, 2013

The kind of backward reasoning displayed by the FG is mind bogging.
How many cars are produced locally?
How many people can afford a brand new car?

Certainly Mr GEJ bagged his PhD certificate through arrangy. The guy is too daft. He is reasoning like a foreigner who doesn't know what is obtainable in environment he is leading.

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Autos / Re: Mercedez Benz C220 @ #1m Lagos Cleared by ziccoit: 5:37am On Oct 03, 2013
The car is neat. 1995 model made for maybe Japanese market. Though me I think 1M is too big o. Anyway Happy sale
Politics / Re: New PDP 8-point Demand by ziccoit: 4:25pm On Oct 02, 2013

Fowl! We need resource control, simple! Anything else is story! Maintain your boundry! I think these fake PDP and APC people will eventually box themselves to a corner. Imagine a corrupt man asking for a draconian anti corruption move. Who will be swept first? cheesy

When they box themselves to a corner they would then land in their respective states to continue looting at the expenses of the masses. You would then back to square one where each politician would be richer than your state.
Man, you need strong constitution that could protect everybody. So confab not its element of discuss.
Autos / Re: C Class 180 Mercedes Benz 2000model Dark Blue N700,000 08065771529 by ziccoit: 3:40pm On Oct 02, 2013
2000 model? Hell no.
This is pre-facelift 1994-1996 model.
It gets 4sp auto gearbox not 5sp (1997-1999) or triptronic which is only available in 2000 model only.
Politics / Re: New PDP 8-point Demand by ziccoit: 3:31pm On Oct 02, 2013
Sincere 9gerian: NONSENSE! The only restructuring that makes sense is RESOURCE CONTROL. Let every state control its human and material resources and pay taxes to the centre. That will automatically remove all the attraction from the centre and the states will become the new centre of attraction. Corruption and struggle for power at the centre will automatically reduce. Healthy competition among states will return. State govts that cannot survive alone will automatically merge. In fact, most of the problems we see today will either disappear or becomes a local issue (restricted to within states). Any other talk apart from resource control is NONSENSE and playing to the gallery.

Thinking resource control alone is the only solution to our problem is like thinking ingredients without pot and fire would provide soup on your table. We need a robust constitution that will enthrone a working system whereby every individual right is protected. A system which would be automatic in function so that whoever goes foul of its dictate would be made to face the consequences. We all know what each of the states are doing with their monthly allocations from the centre. Building a good society goes beyond resource control it has to do with establishment of a workable system by the people involved which is why I believe constitution of national conference is very germane to our current situations wherein resource control among various issues will be discussed.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: E Love Palava with Temismith by ziccoit: 7:48am On Oct 02, 2013
smartchoice: Yet you bring out the Angel in me inspiring love and kindness of immeasurable depths!


Don't mind the fire vomiters here.

BTW, me I no dey if Mr Smith in temismith starts e-chasing you with e-gun, e-cutlass, e-knives, e-etc.
Autos / Re: Now 940k only for this Mercedes Benz C-class C200 1998 Model (foreign Used) by ziccoit: 6:34am On Oct 02, 2013
smartchoice: @ziccoit should not be you pricing a car under misrepresentation! The op obviously does not know the difference between a C200 and a C280 M104 inline 6cylinder engine! Is he sure this is the right car he wants to sell? and why is he posting SUSPICIOUS pictures of certain sections while misrepresenting the car as a C200 while laughing unseriously/ignorantly?

Thanks, I didn't even look closely.
Autos / Re: Now 940k only for this Mercedes Benz C-class C200 1998 Model (foreign Used) by ziccoit: 6:04am On Oct 02, 2013

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