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Politics / Re: How Newpapers Headlines On Monday 30th March Will Look Like by ziccoit: 1:18pm On Mar 25
1. "INEC declares Buhari President-Elect with 26.4 million votes! PDP rejects result" - VANGUARD!

2. "Buhari declared winner!". "This is the worst election in Nigeria's history" (Olisa Metuh) - PUNCH!

3. "APC in a historic victory!". "Godswill Akpabio flee to Ghana, begs for forgiveness". - PM NEWS!

4. "This is the most rigged election in the world, Jega must be arrested and imprisoned immediately. We are heading to court" (Ruben Abati) -

5. "South-south boils as INEC declares Buhari winner, Militants threatened war." - NIGERIAN TRIBUNE!

6. "APC wins Aso Rock, 70 Senate seats and 65% House of Reps. We are studying the results" (Mimiko) - SUN NEWSPAPER!

7. "Militants Protests Buhari's Victory, Demands Cancellation Of Polls In 21 States" - TRIUMPH NEWSPAPER!

8. "How Jega Rigged The Polls In Favour Of Buhari" - Premium time

9. "Obama, Cameroon, Hollande, Ban Ki Moon, World Leaders Congratulate Buhari" - THE NATION!

10. "I Will Finish All The Gambaris In Niger Delta Before May 29" (Asari Dokubo) -SAHARAREPORTERS !

11. "Jega Rigged For The Opposition, We Will Obtain A Court Order And Arrest Him" (SSS spokeswoman, Marylin Ogar) - LEADERSHIP!

12. "It Can Never Be Possible, It Is Either Jonathan Or No Nigeria" (Ayo Fayose) - DAILY TRUST

13. "Senate President, David Mark In A Secret Meeting With The Military To Stop May, 29 Handing Over To Buhari" - THISDAY NEWSPAPER

14. "No President That Has His People At Heart Will Hand Over Power To Someone Who Doesn't Care About The Masses" (Doyin Okupe) - NTA NEWS

15. "Nigeria Will Be Better Without Jonathan" (United Nation) - NEW YORK TIMES.
You kill it!
Politics / Re: Mbaka Slammed As Pope Francis Endorses GEJ by ziccoit: 1:07pm On Mar 25
Am a catholiican
No sane catholican will vote for apc
Sai jonathan!

What is driven you? Religion sentiment I strongly believe. Were you not the same people that said you would not vote a party for presenting an Anglican/Anglican ticket instead of Catholic/Anglican one? Catholicism is popular in SS and SE of Nigeria and we all know those region are lockdown for GEJ. It really doesn't matter if you all vote your brother. SW is the PDP burial ground, the region is lockdown for Buhari/APC nothing any mortal can do about that.
Politics / Re: Pictures : See What They Teach In President Jonathan Almajiri Schools by ziccoit: 12:59pm On Mar 25
$300million world bank counterpart fund project, hope GEJ told you this too. Some people will not know what has befallen them until it is too late.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Eligibility Suit Suffers Setback, Adjourned To April 22 by ziccoit: 12:51pm On Mar 25

They know he is guilty and want to avoid great bloodshed before the election. They are trying to take the most intelligent route which would avoid the most bloodshed.

They know Jonathan is going to win this election. So there is no need to ban Buhari before losing, because he will then incite violence and scream rigging.

After GEJ defeats Buhari, then the threat of violence will die down. That is when the court will rule against Buhari and he will finally be finished.

It is the smartest and best way to handle such a polarized situation.

APC fans should be scared. This is not a victory for them this is a heavy defeat. There is no way they would postpone again if they were giving out an not guilty verdict to Buhari....

In term of PCV collected:
1. SE + SS < NW
2. NE almost = NC
3. SW= ?
PDP= SE + SS + 45%NC + 40%SW
APC= NW + NE + 55%NC + 60%SW.
SW=?= PDP Burial ground. grin grin .


Politics / Re: PDP Threaten Nigerians Against Rejecting Jonathan On Saturday by ziccoit: 7:26am On Mar 25
GMB is possibly going to win this election by 4million+ votes. Quote me after the election.
Politics / Re: Buhari Planning To Build Prisons —patience Jonathan by ziccoit: 7:03am On Mar 25
What is the problem of this wife of corrupt goat with prison nowadays? Is she simply telling Nigerians GEJ is truly so corrupt that Abacha would be turning in grave for having his record smashed by a bloody civillian? In a sane clime where people reason out of ethinically and religiously influenced box; GEJ defeat, which is however certain, is going to be so unprecedented that he will be struggling to have 20% of total vote cast courtesy of ungraded and unguarded utterances of his wife.
Politics / Re: #### From The South East, I Have Finally Decided Today! by ziccoit: 11:41pm On Mar 24

But today in the evning as I was discussing with a Mallam that came to repair my shoe, guess what this man told me? That Allah has decreed that Buhari will win. He said that Jonathan won the 2011 elections because the Nothern people sinned against Allah and that Allah said in the Qur'an that anytime they sin, foreigners will rule them! I was like the Fucckk? He said that this was what has been preached to them all these while in their mosques sad sad sad.
The one that annoyed me most was that he told me that the Northerners don't need any education in order to hold any political post because they have a divine mandate to rule the world

@op, to start with, can you vow with everything that God has done in your life that the emboldened actually took place and was not a conjecture in order to cast aspersions on the person of GMB and hatred for a group of people-Hausas. I put it to you that the story you narrated here didnt happen. Assuming it did, that you came here to open it implied you believed in that idiotic pronouncements. That you believed in it cast a big doubt on your integrity as a person!

Why are we this callous? What is really our problem? GEJ is a monumental failure in the history of this country, this is a simple fact. Your support for him is immaterial. GEJ may go on and win the next election that doesn't remove the fact that he is a bad product to sit on that seat. Mind you, GEJ is going nowhere without the support of those Hausas you are castigating here. He is a goner without their votes.

Support whoever you want on reasonable ground not by telling lies against innocent people for fake political gain.

I rest my case.
Politics / Re: While Tinubu Starved Us, Jonathan Gave Us Billion Naira Pipeline Contracts by ziccoit: 11:14pm On Mar 24
Tinubu starved you? How is Tinubu starving you? When has he become your baba? This is what we are saying. GEJ is empowering thugs and miscreants instead of ensuring enabling business environment for all to thrive. Imagine those who are supposed to be rotten in prison having sayings on how my country is run. I can't wait for March 28. GEJ must go!

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Politics / Re: I’ll Make Naira Equal In Value To Dollar, Says Buhari by ziccoit: 5:31am On Mar 24
Equal in value does not necessarily mean unit for unit. IMO, N80-100/$1 is equal in value if we compare economy growth of Nigeria vs USA.
Politics / Re: Guru Maharaji Reveals Winner Of Presidential Election by ziccoit: 9:29pm On Mar 23
If by chance Buhari wins this election, extremely hard times lies ahead for this country. 

Definitely, the creeks will go haywire again, Buhari will send the troops to the creeks and together they will set the oil facilities ablaze.

While these persists, the oil producing companies will simply withdraw their personnel from the volatile region and all foreign investment will seize in all sectors.And even if the troops kill 90% of the militants, it will take just one militant, a dynamite and just one location along the multi- kilometre trunklines to continue to wreck havoc. 

Fast forward to 2019, if we remain one country and without a civil war,, we will be an economic wreck with no allocations and salaries, no capital projects, no hope with dollar exchanging for 400 naira and we are worse off than we were in 2015.

Cos the truth is that without crude proceeds for now, Nigeria is finished. 

And then, we'll be screaming another 'Change' because we would have learnt a bitter lesson in the hands of the Fulanis, Tinubu and Saraki.And then we will ask.... Why were we this silly?

And before you quote me, make sure you outline in clear terms how you or Buhari will avert this obvious calamity staring us in the face

Only last week, they creek boys seem to have resumed activities by kidnapping at Yoho facility operated by Exxonmobil and have shut in 80KBD already. Are we ready for this for the next 4 years?

The entire world stands to benefit from a crisis in the Niger delta. Its not a coincidence that USA who abandoned us at the height of bokoharam is busy shouting for change in govt . Crises in the ND will reduce supply of crude to the Oil market and that would drive up the price of crude for producing countries.... But at Nigeria's expense.

Nigerians.... Be Warned!!!

A child that wants to deny his mother nap will surely not going to sleep too.
Politics / Re: Guru Maharaji Reveals Winner Of Presidential Election by ziccoit: 9:24pm On Mar 23

Bros you be mumu oh..so na for ur ouse u take dey knw evrytin wey dey happen for d naija??..you no get right to judge anybdy weda gud or bad...nd mind you prophesies can always be changed..OLODO!!!

Unfortunately for you, I don't abuse people so you are picking on wrong subject! I'm not gullible. My sense of reasoning based on pure intellectual prowess tells me guru's and his likes prophecies are fake even when they come to pass that doesn't remove the fact that they are fake!
Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election Result: An Objective View by ziccoit: 7:33pm On Mar 23

70/30 is to small.. Consider the suitation on Ground, many people will surely join the ruling party in the state for their personal gain... But on the national level jonathan have many foot soldiers in those state... Remember that he lost in osun in 2011, he won't want that to happen again!!!

Foot soldiers may not be a strong factor in this year election like in the past due to the introduction of smart card readers. What the foot soldiers usually do in the past is to form an election rigging syndicate that ensures seamless rigging which may not be potent in this year. This is why PDP is jittery and busy attacking INEC on its resolve to use card reader!
Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election Result: An Objective View by ziccoit: 7:27pm On Mar 23

I won't agree with you on that.... Nobody seem to knw Osinbajo before Tinubu decide to bring him out for vice president.. Also must as it sound Osinbajo wheel no politial power in SW(my Opinion) duo... So betrayal will surely come!!!.. Does parties are going to give apc a run for their money... In oyo state. APC is getting weaker on a daily basis!!!

Let me say this. Osinbajo candidacy wouldn't have been a threat to PDP; if GEJ had stayed on the side of the people who voted him, after was sworn in as the president in 2011. GEJ derailment is a political point for the person of PYO. Before PYO became GMB running mate, the talk from SW was anything but GEJ to the extent some people from SW were rooting for Oshiomole or Amaechi as GMB running mate. Now PYO, the son of the soil is now GMB running mate. What do you think is going to happen? PDP won all SW state except in Osun in 2011 because of the trust reposed in the person of GEJ. You remember the saying then was "vote GEJ not PDP". That would tell you they knew PDP had no credibility. Osinbajo is a strong factor in winning the votes of christian populace from SW. He is the reason most of SW christians are voting APC apart from GEJ lack luster performance.
Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election Result: An Objective View by ziccoit: 6:53pm On Mar 23

Yoruba cote for who dey want... I like that.. OPC has nothing to offer... I agree.. But remember that Labour, accord, SPD and other mushroom party plegde the PDP.. That will also do something in the election!!!
My brother as far as SW is concerned, GEJ should forget it. The permutation before GMB/PYO ticket came up for SW was anything but GEJ led PDP. Throwing PYO in GMB APCs equation made the situation worse for PDP in the region. You people seem not to appreciate the situation on ground. Forget all this endorsement here and there. Those parties are in existence today in SW factor of personalities behind them. Remove those people the parties would just go into limbo.

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Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election Result: An Objective View by ziccoit: 6:41pm On Mar 23
u talking like a southeasterners... let tell u one truth about lagos.. Just knw dis fact, Yorubas are more than any other ethnic in lagos dnt be deceived by what JK n PDP is saying..... APC would floor 60% .

2. OGUN, GUY FORGET OBJ... OBJ HAS NO political influence. Ogun ppl massively love what amosun has did in the.. one thing about ogun ppl is dey ff what elites, king, good people do any majority of this ppl are loyal to APC i give APC 80% here

3.Osun , i laugh u die.... FORGET all d news about non-payment of salary dat wont determine anything aswear, THE NAME PDP IS LIKE EBOLA EVEN WORSE THAN EBOLA TO THEM , I CAN EVEN BET 90% HERE... THIS SAME THING AFFECTS OYO PPL EVEN ONDO PPL SEF

You are correct about Osun prediction but the percentage is too optimistic. I'm on ground. APC is winning Osun despite the governor challenge. Osinbajo choice as Buhari running mate is what has broken the PDPs camel back. This is a major reason why GEJ is going to lose election in all SW states. No SW state wants to be seen as a betrayer.

The only thing that can make GMB lose this election is if the supreme being-GOD doesn't support his victory and by that election will just fail to hold or something untoward will just happen.

As it appears today, GMB doesn't have saying in his victory anymore. Even, if he decides to step down today a lot of grassroot Nigerians are going to vote him. The guy has permeated every strata of this society in such a way that every attempt at working out his loss always meet a brick wall!

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Politics / Re: Guru Maharaji Reveals Winner Of Presidential Election by ziccoit: 5:46pm On Mar 23
Imagine the kind of people supporting GEJ with fake prophecy. GEJ has truly spent a lot of dollar which might have reached guru.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Leads In All Opinion Polls Conducted Except One by ziccoit: 5:37pm On Mar 23
The defeat that will visit GEJ and PDP camp is busy doing press up. By the time it charges forward and hits the umbrella, no one will be able to recognize it again. grin
Politics / Re: APC Youth Leader Loses Palm As Explosion Rocks Benue (PHOTO) by ziccoit: 5:08pm On Mar 23
Brother that is not a theatre, more like a triage.

Where do you stay? What you have in that pic is a typical Nigeria government hospital theatre settings. Look at the door, louvres window, the person with slippers, drip stand, arm rest on operation table. The environment may look strange but I bet you that is a theatre. Triage is usually done at the site of incidence or A/E department at the best.

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Politics / Re: APC Youth Leader Loses Palm As Explosion Rocks Benue (PHOTO) by ziccoit: 4:06pm On Mar 23
Are you blaming who for leakage of the boomerang of APC evil? . I believe you're a suspect. That man should be arrested immediately.

I'm talking about showing compassion towards a fellow human and doing the right thing, you are here playing the st.upid game of PDP vs APC. Where is your sense of decency? How do you people sleep at night? This is the same way your GEJ led PDP government waited for six years before he started doing the necessaries after BH has murdered and maimed thousands of people. So, I'm a suspect for standing against wrong thing? You are a joke!

@ Seun, kindly provide e-slap button some people actually deserve to be e-slapped.

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Politics / Re: If You Are A CATHOLIC And Vote For BUHARI You Will Die After Election by ziccoit: 3:36pm On Mar 23
Everyone that survives this election is going to die after it. This is never a threat but a universal fact. While some people will die seconds after some may live up to 100 years after. So the man should go and sleep as he too is going to die one day either before or after the election.
Politics / Re: Amaechi And Rochas Fighting At APC Rally by ziccoit: 3:30pm On Mar 23
Amaechi didn't participate in the opening prayer, his eyes were wide open and his face was seriously frowning. Immediately the so called man of God finished the prayer, Amaechi grabbed the microphone and said ''can we have the general speak now'', Rochas said he should speak for some minutes first, Amaechi screamed ''no there is not time'' then a heated argument started but AIT quicky cut the audio and restored it when Rochas started speaking with all of them pretending like nothing happened

Thi is not a big deal. Friction, disagreement, agreement and compromise are bound to surface in human interactions. What determines a working system is how such situation is managed and you have told us how the program went on as if nothing happened.

I'm saying this on assumption that what you said actually happened and was the case. Which might not even be the case.

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Politics / Re: APC Youth Leader Loses Palm As Explosion Rocks Benue (PHOTO) by ziccoit: 2:39pm On Mar 23
This is obviously a theatre. I want to believe and pray whoever leak this pic online is not a doctor or any health worker. That you attend to people's health doesn't give you a right to betray confidence repose in you. This is akin to posting a pic of a woman in labour with the v.aginal smear with blood online! The i.diot that leaked this pics didn't even care to screen the man's face.


Politics / Re: Jonathan Vs Buhari: How They Stand In 36 States, FCT - VANGUARD by ziccoit: 1:59pm On Mar 23
Buhari will make in-road in traditional GEJ's/PDP's stronghold but GEJ stand no chance in ALL pseudo APC stronghold according to vanguard. The problem of one sided and warped analysis that is the product of a Lazy journalist that wouldn't care to do little research nor follow both history and trend. APC will be shocked in the SW.

There is going to be no shock anywhere for APC in SW. Protest vote against APC in SW, if there is going to be something like that will mean people who would have voted APC would sit at home instead of going out to vote PDP/GEJ. You people don't know how much people loath the name GEJ. This is not 2011. GEJ is going to lose arms down in SW. I give in average of 35% there.
Politics / Re: BREAKING!!!: Lee Kuan Yew Is Dead!!! by ziccoit: 11:49am On Mar 23
Lee kwam yeew, the liberator of his people. History will never forget you for astitude exemplary leadership. Nigerians too are waiting for Buhari.
Politics / Re: APC Presidential Zonal Rally In Owerri - Live Update by ziccoit: 11:44am On Mar 23
My people; my palpal. My governor; my gavanor. grin


Politics / Re: Buhari Certificate Saga: Fear Grips APC As Court Orders Accelerated Hearing by ziccoit: 11:18am On Mar 23
No law in this universe can disqualify Buhari. You people don't understand something. Buhari time has come. God has ordained his candidacy so no weapon version by GEJ and PDP against him can prosper.

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Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election Prediction Result by ziccoit: 11:14am On Mar 23
Don't allow them use Soja and OPC postpone election again o.

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Politics / Re: PRESIDENTIAL POLL: Jonathan Loses Bid To Get Igbo Bloc Votes by ziccoit: 11:07am On Mar 23
Igbo supporting GEJ and PDP in 2011 was understandable but giving same 100% support this 2015 despite the glaring failures, that are even so clear that blinds could see them, is like commiting a major political sucide. Igbo turn is coming and if they don't get it right now North and West may pay them back in their own coins which is going to be painful.

Thank you IDA.
Politics / Re: Fayose Embarrassing Our Family, Says Brother by ziccoit: 11:01am On Mar 23
Nobody can convince me that Ayo Fayose is not suffering from a kind of mental illness. Not everyone you see everyday is mentally stable. That Fayose situation has not gotten to a full blown madness may be an effect of treatment. No man with stable and sound mind behaves the way Fayose is doing. My EKITI friends always tell me how they are fed up with his utterances.
Politics / Re: Presidency: ‘why The North Should Wait Till 2019′ by ziccoit: 10:04am On Mar 22
I'm fed up of all the rubbish coming out supposedly brilliant minds. Nigeria as a nation is higher than South or North. This is a project that must be handled by a qualify hand. In fairness, GEJ has been tested and found to be incompetent to handle various issues bedeviling this great nation. I am not expecting our votes to be based on south or north dichotomy. It should be about who can take us to promise land which definitely not Mr GEJ!.
Politics / Re: Why I’m Absent At Buhari’s Campaigns –atiku by ziccoit: 3:09am On Mar 21
Was he invited before he joined them to partake in APC presidential primaries? Hasn't he and others agreed to work with whoever emerged winner which happened to be Buhari? That was not right. This is never a tenable excuse bros.
Politics / Re: 10 Suits Seeking Buhari’s Disqualification To Be Decided On March 24 by ziccoit: 7:02pm On Mar 20

you will learn something new about politics next week

Keep calm and watch

Buhari does not have the capacity to play those games more than the President of Nigeria

Eventhough the President of Nigeria has been showing restraint, take it for granted at your own peril!

Nothing is going to happen. Yes, GEJ and PDP are desperate. These PDP idlots also have some judges in their pocket. In worst case sceneario, which I don't see happening, APC will push the case to Supreme Court of Appeal where they are going to remain for the next 20yrs and more.

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