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Career / Re: Challenges Of Being A Male Nurse. by ziccoit: 8:10am On Nov 17, 2014
It is never a challenge in Nigeria but a leverage to make money. Why? Majority of patients address any well dressed male figure in hospital as a Doctor and all female figure as a Nurse. The "sharp" ones among the male Nurses even make money more than doctor hiding under the assumed position giving to them by the patients.
Gaming / Ios Fifa 15 Friend Challenge by ziccoit: 8:01am On Nov 17, 2014
Hi, the lovers of iOS FIFA 15 UT game. I started playing this great game on mobile platform right from fifa 13 and it has always been a fun. The withered Fifa 15 edition is also great exept the offline and manager modes have been removed which do not really affect me since I don't use them. The crap and letdown about ios Fifa 15 is that you can only challenge your Facebook friends alone unlike in 13 and 14 where you could choose and add your friend. It seems none of my Facebook friends plays this great game on ios.

If you are a lover of fifa 15 ios platform and interested in friend challenge kindly drop your email here.

Mine is {omowaleit (at)}

Here is the screen shot of my team! A team to beat I heard you say

Politics / Re: How Come People From North And South West Are Not Threatening To Leave Nigeria? by ziccoit: 6:33pm On Nov 12, 2014
Have you ever wondered why it is the muslim in the north, this is because the typical hausa-fulani muslim does not believe that a non-muslim(Infidel) can't rule over them and that's why the whole APC presidential Aspirants are Hausa-Fulani, but the truth be told whether they like it or not the north will never develop untill the leaders in the north change their feudal lords culture of Usman Dan fodio ara

Obj(A Christian) enjoyed support he didn't find among his kinsmen when your assumed "the-typical-hausa-fulani-muslim-does-not-believe-that-a-non-muslim-can-rule-over-them" people voted him enmass twice against their brother and blood- Muhammed Buhari(A Muslim). Your argument is reek of hatred against imaginary enemies. Stop all this bigotry.


Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Declaration To Hold In Six World Cities by ziccoit: 3:51pm On Nov 10, 2014
Two things will happen in 2015: it is either GEJ remains as the President or we divide Nigeria.
Pls, quote after the election.

Who is going to decide the divisiblity of Nigeria? You? I pray GEJ be voted out of office next year so that you can see nada is going to happen. It is annoying some people think Nigeria is their father's property.


Politics / Re: The Helicopters That Evacuated CDS Badeh’s Family From Mubi: A Lesson For All Ni by ziccoit: 3:22pm On Nov 07, 2014
Who will bring them to justice for injustice they have committed and still commiting against the humanity? Nobody but the God the only Just Judge of the universe. I felt warm tears misting my eyes as I was reading through this write up. God is alive, His judgement may seem slow but it will definitely lands upon the Nigerian rulers and they are going to be served in full.
Celebrities / Re: Pictures Of Ay's New Home Designed By His Wife by ziccoit: 1:32pm On Nov 04, 2014

I don't like it.
Its like a Casino. undecided


Omo, see gobe. He be like say you have been gambling since 1914.
Politics / Re: Defection: PDP Demands Tambuwal's Resignation by ziccoit: 2:07am On Oct 29, 2014
Even if Tambuwal is not impeachable due to numbers, how can he have the courage to carry on as Speaker? Are we in a strange land with strange democracy? Does he need anybody to tell him to step down as Speaker, if not for anything, for the interest of peace and for posterity?

Do you really know for sure where the loyalty of majority of house members lies?
Politics / Re: Defection: PDP Demands Tambuwal's Resignation by ziccoit: 2:04am On Oct 29, 2014

You are actually a political neophyte.

1. PDP does not have the votes to remove Tambuwal. Infact, for PDP to remove him, it needs the help of APC and for APC to remove him, it needs the help of PDP. Tambuwal's position is more secured than anything.

2.Being a smart politician, he adjourned the house for almost a month. That means this political noise will have die down by the time the house reconvenes. My attitude is after a week of deliberations in December, the house will adjourn for the year and to allow members participate in primary elections. In addition, there will be more defections and counter-defections as we approach 2015 and as members fight to secure return ticket to the House.

3. How did OBJ sack Atiku? Atiku served his term as Vice president until May 29, 2007. A better argument would be: OBJ rendered his office redundant. However, the office of a speaker can't be rendered redundant; and no important legislative agenda can be pushed without getting the speaker on board. Just the same way David Mark refused to announce Saraki's (and some senators) defection to APC, the speaker can equally sit on any bill coming from the executive. This scenario is obviously different from what's obtainable in case of a vice president whose input is not needed to actualize anything.
Politics / Re: Nigeria At Risk Over Falling Oil Price : FG by ziccoit: 7:45am On Oct 27, 2014
Nigeria would not be at risk if Jona, down to the ward councillor, could desist from stealing our commonwealth.

Nigeria income(at whatever oil price)-stealing = Eldorado for Nigerians.
Therefore, Stealing= Nigeria income - Eldorado = Distress.
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Sacks Delta Lawmaker, Orders Salary Refund by ziccoit: 12:01pm On Oct 25, 2014
Salary Refund? that's weird.

I am of the opinion that the supreme court justices in this case have allowed their emotions to override their sense of law. I quite understand that they are very displeased with Inec's blatant complicity in denying the petitioner his right but they awarded 650,000 naira cost against both Inec and the respondent in this case. The salary refund is like double killing.

The salary that the man was paid was for basically for the services/functions that he rendered as a member of the state house of assembly. Now can the supreme court also order that all comments, arguments that the man proffered on the floor of the house be erased? Can they order that all the bills and motions that the man might have introduced be wiped off the record.

Oyinlola as governor of Osun state had spent almost the four years of his second term before the court declared Aregbesola as the rightfully elected governor. Imagine the court now giving an order that he should return all the salaries he earned for the three years he illegally occupied the seat. To justify that, you have to find a way of also reversing all the projects he did in those three years because he was paid for functioning as the governor.

To me, this seems like another Amaechi kinda judgment. The supreme court might be setting a dangerous precedent.

Have you ever heard about deterrent in crime cases?
Health / Re: Health Workers Begin Indefinite Strike Today by ziccoit: 12:27am On Oct 17, 2014
I am not arguing about their service because all of them are money oriented, also majority of them have poor quality service delivery especially in terms of efficiency because majority of the workers are quacks and therefore there is no room for efficiency and competition. Any private hospital that have professional nurses, pharmacist, etc will do better than a govt. own hospital but in Nigeria we have a very very very few of them like 1%.

Correct. This would forever be elusive until poverty level is reduced. People get what they pay for.
Health / Re: Health Workers Begin Indefinite Strike Today by ziccoit: 6:48pm On Oct 16, 2014
You suppose to post; Go to a private hospital in Nigeria. If really you that is sending one on an errand have been to one, you will find out that the only professional there is the Dr, also most of them are sole proprietors, they employ cheap labour which include: quack nurses, quack pharmacist, quack....So therefore the Dr may end up doing everything and it might lead to burn-out to the expense of the patient. That is one of the reason I personally can't go to a private when sick unless govt. owned hospitals is closed. There is no division of labour there because we have only one professional.

We have been abused by the bastardized system created by the very people majority of youths are defending everyday for whatever reason best known to them. Everything is wrong about Nigeria health system. Private hospitals are many folds more efficient and service delivery oriented compare to moribund political tool government hospitals.

Had Patrick Sawyer was taken to a public hospital when he arrived Nigeria, Ebola would have become 10 per 1kobo.


Health / Re: Health Workers Begin Indefinite Strike Today by ziccoit: 3:32pm On Oct 16, 2014

See this mumu, do you think that hospital can function with only doctors? Can they work alone? Other workers can still work without doctors but doctors can never work without other workers. Who will do the test? Who will give a patient the require first aid? Who will give out drugs and other medications even for surgery?

Go to private hospitals, study the system operating there and come back here to edit your comment.


Health / Re: Health Workers Begin Indefinite Strike Today by ziccoit: 8:47am On Oct 16, 2014
Ok, health workers not Doctors. Important work can still go on in our hospitals.


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 5:35pm On Oct 07, 2014

Number not on whatsapp

Issue has been resolved, readd me:- 08179670170
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 3:27pm On Oct 06, 2014
Add me too:- 08179670170
Olumide, honestly Nigerians are in the right world but a wrong country.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by ziccoit: 1:14pm On Sep 16, 2014

Okay,so I decided to "buy it now" 1a.m last night. After pressing the confirm payment button, I got 'your account has been limited' info in my PayPal.
Stating I have to help confirm my identity. Below were the requirements to confirm. In which I've done all,but 2 are still pending.

Chief, what is the "credit card statement". How did you get yours?
Gaming / Re: IT'S OFFICIAL Nigeria Not Included In Fifa 15 by ziccoit: 12:43am On Sep 15, 2014
May be NFF asked for what EA couldn't afford.
Gaming / Gaming Laptop Needed by ziccoit: 1:21pm On Sep 14, 2014
I'm in urgent need of a gaming monster. I'm considering laptops solely for portability because I'm always on the move. In fact I'm typing this from my office. So, I go to work everyday. I've consulted google and read a lot of review on makers such as Alienware, gigabyte, Asus ROG, MSI etc. But, I'm so confused.

These are my wants and the budget is 220k-260k:

1. Portability ( this is why I'm considering 15inch against 17inch, unless the professionals here would tell me 17inch is also portable)

2. Nvida gtx 860-880

3. Ram of 8-16gb


I'm waiting on you dear gamers for your recommendations.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by ziccoit: 7:54am On Sep 14, 2014
Dandy1: Okay,so ebay finally removed the limit on my account yesterday.I have ordered two different items today that are expected to be delivered latest 9th September.I am shipping directly through sellers to Nigeria,no third party couriers. Wish me well.

Have you got delivery of your items? If yes, are you satisfy with the items? I'm asking because I'm about to place order on eBay for a laptop.

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Gaming / Re: The Best Gaming Laptop by ziccoit: 2:04am On Sep 12, 2014
This was what actually brought me here. I love fifa games and the upcoming one sounds interesting only that it bends on digging hole in my pocket in order to get a good laptop that can execute the game.

Politics / Re: “where Is Gwoza Sef?” GEJ Asks At Meeting With Emir by ziccoit: 7:14am On Sep 04, 2014
This was actually unfortunate if it was true. What the president did is akin to a husband asking his wife the name of one of their children. The man might have even forgot he is the president of Nigeria and where the country is. It is an act of irresponsibility of highest order.
Politics / Re: Abiye Sekibo Killed Harry Marshall... Australian by ziccoit: 7:36pm On Sep 02, 2014
4. Finally, it is a FACT that many of you downplaying Mr. Davis accusations, will NEVER do so if only names like Atiku, Ciroma, Buhari, IBB, OBJ were the ones mentioned. You will be up in arms blasting insults from all cylinders.

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Politics / Re: Name One Thing Nigeria Can Be Proud Of by ziccoit: 11:04pm On Aug 31, 2014
if the saudi arabians can be proud of the tomb of mohammed, founder of a religion that now torture the world.

This is one of the reasons why Internet is a whole load of garbage and gibberish with just a little streak of useable material when you consider the whole volume of knowledge it purportedly harbors. You can think with your anus and put the rubbish on www.

Dude, from A-Z of what you put above is outright misinformation.
Politics / Re: Niger East Senatorial By-election Results by ziccoit: 7:38pm On Aug 31, 2014
hansad: Intoxication for power shall first send you yonder. Go find work. Become productive for your village. What do you or evcen your domain contribte to Nigeria's coffers?

Wrong candidate pal. I have kissed this kind of stuff goodbye a long time ago.
Politics / Re: Niger East Senatorial By-election Results by ziccoit: 11:50pm On Aug 30, 2014
hansad: You people sef, continue with your belief that you are fooling children in Nigeria. All the APC plot of power must return to north 2015 is about Nigeria becoming an Islamic state. Or perhaps you are living in denial of reality. Give the far north Aso Rock in 2015, in the next 50 years, no other group in Nigeria shall preside over Nigeria. Mark this in your diary. By the way, have we not passed that route before, where one far-northerner passed apex political power to the other for nearly 30 years? Worse is that they never used the power advantage to improve the lot of the masses in the far north. A lot of far-north masses instead groomed to become religious extremists.

Seun, pls make provision for e-gun. grin


Career / Re: Oyo State Government. Jerks Up Workers’ Salaries by ziccoit: 7:51am On Aug 29, 2014
Jaideyone: see what Ekiti people have caused grin ajimobi has done very well in Ibadan but the workers like my aunty have vowed to vote him out like fayemi because he has refused to share the money.

a situation where people put stomach infrastructure above visible change is not good for our democracy


Competition brings the best out of a system. This is the more reason I want PDP to fall like a pack of card in next year presidential election.
Car Talk / Re: Unbelievable: Bluetooth Device Will Help Motorist To Avoid Traffic Congestion by ziccoit: 9:19pm On Aug 22, 2014
How many states in Nigeria can boast of good network of road? When you are stock you are stock forever on a road that lacks interlinking and feeders, except you want your car to grow wings and fly like a bird.
Politics / Re: What I Saw In Umuahia, Abia State Last Week (picture) by ziccoit: 8:43am On Aug 21, 2014
IdeeEsperanza: Has he been really sent by God to Abuja to deliver Abia central whereas he can't stay in Abia and deliver the state?

See how people are making mockery of God all in the name of political sycophancy. I don't think a muslim can come up with such a blasphemous picture.

God is not an author of confusion!!!

Tried this kind poo in the west or north you might just kiss your political career goodbye.
TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Movie "30 Days in Atlanta” Gets 10 Nominations In U.S. by ziccoit: 4:59pm On Aug 20, 2014
yorke1: That's good to hear. Good things are just happening in this current administration of Presdent Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerian Movie industry has been reaping from GEJ administration since 2010. kudos to Nollywood, Kudos to GEJ. Ride on GEJ till 2019.

This is one of the reasons why I hate politicians. Ok, can you kindly claim EBOLA, BOKOHARAM, MONUMENTAL CORRUPTION ETC as part of this government achievements?

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Politics / Re: Bye Bye Ribadu, We Wish You Luck — APC by ziccoit: 9:27pm On Aug 17, 2014
Zakkyoz: I don't need a prophet to tell me to stop e-war because of Nigeria politicians.

I resigned a long time ago. I only comment when it is extremely important. We the masses are at the receiving end. The beautiful ones are not yet born. Nigeria is a jungle populated by. . .


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