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Politics / Re: Nationwide Blackout Looms As PHCN Workers Begin Strike On October 2nd by ziccoit: 4:09pm On Oct 01, 2013
kambah: PHCN workers should even thank GOD some of them were paid. They should asked NITEL staff, after all Nigerians are tired of u guyz despite the epilepsy of electricity and no guarantee from coming investors. PHCN nd its workers must go. Imagine an illiterate who just got opportune to join disconnection and reconnections team of PHCN build 3bedroom flat, a car, and looking at graduates as nothing. ill-gotten money. CHANGE is the solution!!! KAMBA.

What is this one saying? No wonder your leaders have been tramping on your rights for the past 53yrs. A fool at 53 is a fool from the womb.
Car Talk / Re: Please! My Camry 1998 Ac, Help! by ziccoit: 2:24pm On Oct 01, 2013
winzy: am sorry, whats rule 11? pls

11. Don't create distracting posts
e.g. posts in giant fonts or ALL
CAPS or with silly gifs.
Politics / Re: Petrol Price Crashes Below N97 In Abuja Filling Stations by ziccoit: 6:33pm On Sep 29, 2013
billante: This goes to show that deregulation does not necessary means high fuel price!
This is the time to do away with fuel subsidy and use the money for our infrastructure needs....almost a trillion naira will be available.....imagine how much that will do to nigerian roads, airports, railway,universities, hospitals, etc and dis is per year.....

Wrong! Imagine how many private jets that would buy in the hand of our leaders looters.
Education / Re: NANS Elects Senate President; Imposes Life Ban On Deputy Senate President by ziccoit: 1:43pm On Sep 29, 2013
misdemeanor and an act capable of
tarnishing the image and integrity of
the revered association.

What integrity has NANS? Wonder shall never end.
Car Talk / Re: Sachi Motorsport Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro Sport, Family Cruiser, V8 Content! by ziccoit: 7:03am On Sep 29, 2013
When would Nigeria be blessed with brilliant AutoMechanics who could be easily accessed everywhere in the country and would be able to handle these kinds of ride? I don't get money to purchase these kind of ride now even if I had I wouldn't want to for fear of being destroyed by my cars-don't--need-thermostat AutoDestroyers. grin

Note- You need to view this thread on PC or Pad to appreciate the car. I used phone earlier but now using pad I'm wao.
Car Talk / Re: Sachi Motorsport Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro Sport, Family Cruiser, V8 Content! by ziccoit: 3:20am On Sep 29, 2013
@Siena, this gorgeous ride must only be available with autotranny?

If that holds; can you say some people are working to face out manual tranny?

Are you planning to put the stick or you don't want to bother?

Autos / Re: TOKUNBO Mercedez Benz C Class 1997/98 Auto Drive by ziccoit: 6:19pm On Sep 26, 2013
Looks like 97 C230
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 8:44am On Sep 26, 2013
Eyop: Well thank God that you were not so desperate about the propose transaction from the onset all because of the cheap price. According to your message you stated that your friend mentioned that the car was 2003 C180 sent from the USA which from that time you would have already concluded your facts because there's no C180 trim in the USA may be in Europe.

Also the seller can get a buyer for that ride for #1million or more if it has a clear title and very clean because like i mentioned in my previous post that someone i know bought that same year in Togo for #1,150,000. Except the seller's own isn't clean then you can say that because even in Cotonou i doubt if you can get a very clean one (Customs duty inclusive) for that #750k.

Yes. 2003 180K gave it away then I was rationalizing it perhaps the man could have got it to Nigeria accross Europe.

I'm afraid what I saw in those pics couldn't be a clean title o.

I am not surprised a clean title facelift W202 can go as high as you stated. W202 is believed as the last engineered MB. So many people are after the model.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 6:54am On Sep 26, 2013
It wld be easy for the house to help u if u cld post some pictures.

Thank you all. Honestly I doubted the possibility of getting W203 180k at the stated price (1M). It was a friend of mine (female) who called me that her friend whose uncle is in US send a c-class 180 2003 model and she has negotiated the price on my behalf. I was like oh! 1M clean title 2003 180k for 1Milla!

Three things were on my mind;

1. May be there was a kind of mixed up and misinformation about the car's year and model

2. The car has some serious mechanical and electrical issues or it was not clean tile afterall

3. It is a stolen vehicle

I got the guy's number and we spoke at length. He insisted I travelled down to his place for inspection but I declined insisting that I need to have some pictures before committing my time and resource to traveling. Lo and behold, I got the pics yesterday and the supposed 2003 mercedes benz c180 kompressor was actually a 1997/98 mercedes benz c230T. I was furious but not disappointed since I was actually cautious and on guild right from the onset.
I simply tell the guy that if he gets to sell it more than 750k he needs to give praises to God that nobody would buy that for 1milla. He was just looking at me like a fowl. cheesy

So that is my story.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 5:45am On Sep 26, 2013
Fuel consumption data across the cars and wannabe. tongue
So what the hype cheesy

C280 also representing.

Autos / Re: Direct Tokumbo Cars At A Cheaper Price: 2000 - 2014 Model Cars. Toyota, Honda, by ziccoit: 6:59am On Sep 25, 2013
How much can you land the following in Lagos?

1) 2001/02 mercedes benz c180

2) 2003 mercedes Benz C180k
Politics / Re: Welcome To America, Pres. Jonathan By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo by ziccoit: 6:37am On Sep 25, 2013
Mr GEJ is not at all a surprise to those who could see beyond ethnic and religion boundaries. He is only vindicating this group of right thinking Nigerians. He is the weapon installed by those who are hell bent in destroying what remain of Nigeria at all cost beyond irreparable level. Who is GEJ when we are talking of people of sound mind with astute leadership qualities? A failure from the very first seconds. I'm only waiting on what 2015 will bring and I believe it is not going to be Mr Clueless.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Snake Found On A Plane In Australia, Passengers Stranded by ziccoit: 11:24pm On Sep 23, 2013
emmanuelson20: Australia's Agriculture Department said the snake, a species that grows to an average length of 1.2 metres (4ft), had been euthanised "as exotic reptiles of this kind can harbour pests and diseases not present in Australia".

This is a country with working system. I wonder what would have been the response from our side; if it had been us.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 6:18pm On Sep 23, 2013
aikerism: winkTook my baby to the mechanic villa in Apo Abj... No be small something. Most of my lights where missing (deflector, reverse, one high beam and one fog bulb) even installed new trafficators in front, but after all these replacements, after I got home the light came back on the dash. Hmmmmm cnt seem to find any oda faulty bulb for now... lipsrsealed

I changed the front passenger side shock(cos I have been driving with a knocking sound since 23 August when I visited Abia State, fuel filter, put MB stock plugs, and since I noticed shortage in the water level every other day I investigated n saw a faulty. Water pump which was changed as well... cool

New brake pads were installed and I went ahead to get the Oil. (Mobil) 1 0W-40!


Good for your ride!

BTW, kindly let us in on the cost of the various parts you purchased. This will go a long way in changing the wrongful impression that "all MB are expensive to maintain compare to japies" school of thoughts.

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 6:09pm On Sep 23, 2013
There is an offer of 2003 Mercedes Benz C180k automatic transmission clean in and out.

What do you think of the ride?

Do you think this is a wonderful offer for 1M?

I have requested for the VIN number, only I don't think whether that will yield much since the car is probably from Europe.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 3:43am On Sep 23, 2013

Hello Ziccoit, 5 gear auto box at the after market for these cars cost 50k here in PH, but i believe it should be cheaper in Lagos and Onitsha etc

Thanks chief.

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Car Talk / Re: Why Do Nigerians Avoid Diesel Cars When Buying A Vehicle? by ziccoit: 7:57pm On Sep 21, 2013

Dude, go and revise your primary school arithmetic notebooks.
If 1L of diesel will cover the same distant under the same condition as 3L of Petrol; and your 1L of diesel costs 170/L while Petrol costs 92/L . Which is more economical at the end?
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 2:21pm On Sep 21, 2013
Smart choice, I always marvel how you respond so fast to messages even while sent for the first time , do you use a kind of responder that notifies you?

Let me see.

Smartchoice loves his C-class so much that he sleeps on this thread in order not to miss any available information. grin

Cartalk is one of the reasons I visit NL nowadays and MB thread is one of the reasons I visit Cartalk section. cool
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 2:16pm On Sep 21, 2013
@au.hanson, pls kindly help me get the market price of auto gearbox of the following:

1998 w202 C200 and C230 (not kompressor) both 5SP box.

I'm kind of forcing it on you since nobody bothered to attend to my query of such in recent pasts. grin

Thanks bros.
Politics / Re: Internet, Phone Tapping Law Gets Senate Nod by ziccoit: 2:10am On Sep 20, 2013
fr3do: I support the bill
hope they also probe corrupt politicians with it.

You support a bill just like that when you don't know what contain therein? Have you read a copy of the bill? Nigerians are jokers.
Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by ziccoit: 7:36pm On Sep 18, 2013

Killing me softly..killing me softly!!! whata machine!! Black is beauty..looks like my MB c180 in black beauty. This car330ci goes for how much?

Your car is well maintained. Is that the recent pics?
Politics / Re: Nigerians Encourage Corruption – President Jonathan by ziccoit: 9:32am On Sep 18, 2013
This guy needs to go and borrow some monkey balls since he doesn't have one.

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Car Talk / Re: What Car Speed Can You Comfortably Maintain? by ziccoit: 7:29am On Sep 18, 2013

You are very correct. On a normal day my speed limit is always maintained at 120km/h.
The snap shot of that speed I was doing was taken by a friend in the car while I was trying to evade car robbers who couldn't keep up with the speed.

Hun Hun.
You want us to believe your friend was busying taking snapshots of your car's instrument panel under such a dangerous condition? While being pursued by car robbers that might even end up killing him. I think that should be the last thing on his mind. If he would take some snapshots at all, that would be the robbers' not speedometer.

In summary, I smelt concentrated lies.


Politics / Re: FG Plans To Ban Importation Of Vehicles by ziccoit: 6:57pm On Sep 17, 2013
Mr clueless is at it again. Patronising locally made cars which are going to be very expensive. What is going to become of those who don't have access to steal public money like himself? How are they going to afford cars averaging 3million naira?
How does he want people to do this upon 18thousand naira minimum wage. He is a joker without any favourable policy for the poor and downtrodden. Shame on the government for the riches and priveledge few in our society.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:12am On Sep 17, 2013
@Au.hanson and smartchoice.

I was browsing this morning. I selected W202 benz and click Cruise Control to fine tune my search result of 130. Alas! That reduced to two. I was then wondering whether W202 (esp I4 engines) come standard with speedtronic/ cruise control.

Since you guys drive W202 I4 machines, do you have yours come standard with cruise control?

@Trac and Hanson, bury the hatchet pls.
Car Talk / Re: A Nigerian Road Without Learner's Sign You Can Imagine What Will Happen. by ziccoit: 2:20am On Sep 17, 2013
i don't think i can use the learner sign even if i am a learner.

What! You need to expatiate on this bro.
Car Talk / Re: What Car Speed Can You Comfortably Maintain? by ziccoit: 7:52pm On Sep 16, 2013

You see.....

. . . . . .your life cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Mohammed Abacha Decamps To PDP by ziccoit: 5:19pm On Sep 16, 2013
This is where the guy belongs right from day one. The den of world class criminals.

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Politics / Re: Saatah Nubari: Nigerians Need To Shut Up And Be Patient With Jonathan by ziccoit: 8:11am On Sep 16, 2013
What do you expect from Satan if not to support his crony.
Car Talk / Re: Why Do German And American Cars Have Low Resale Values? by ziccoit: 4:14am On Sep 16, 2013
Drivers don't drive toyota

Words on the marble.
Car Talk / Re: My Experience With A Passat 2.0... this whole thing happens the year 2008 by ziccoit: 9:10pm On Sep 15, 2013
Anyone that reads your post and doesn't laugh should have an heart made of stone. grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by ziccoit: 6:07pm On Sep 15, 2013
0lumide: I'll say this. I can feed my self with 250 naira per day in Nigeria. that is $1.50 That poo can't feed an insect in UK, Canada or US or any European country sef.

So why the comparison?

I opened a small time business in NY after school. I had access to some native fishermen who supply sea food to me at a very low cost. I was running this business and making some bucks until some Jewish mobsters bullied me into selling my business. I still get 10% but that's peanuts compared to what I get when i was managing my own business. The native fishermen stopped supplying to the mega company because they said it's against their native laws to desecrate their waters to earn money. Hence why they were only supplying small timers like me. The Jewish community is buying up majority of small businesses in NYC and the world will call that what? Just a hint of what's going on over there.

I came back to Nigeria feeling broken for two months. After two months, I found another trade that pays way better. I calculated my expenses in US (I'm still a bachelor) and Nigeria, I figured apart from the everyday hassle Nigeria has because of lack of infrastructures, Nigeria is way more affordable and enjoyable than the US.

Even though we have bad government, the people are making it work for themselves very well.

My friend Obinna in the US is also planning on removing his ties with the US, he was born and raised there. Used to be scared of Nigeria until I showed him how well Nigerians are doing as fresh graduates with ideas not job seekers. US is a nation where government decides national interest and the government is tooo damn powerful even to Americans. Nigerians going to the US, unless you can't get loan to start up in Nigeria, you can go there to hustle for a year or two, your main goal should be establishing in Nigeria.

No Nigerian born of woman can come and tell me to sell him or her my source of livelihood in my Lasgidi. We go die there!!!!!!!!!!! Use all your government might in 9ja, I will get support from Oba of Lagos as a sure boi and even get my area bois to disturb you. grin grin grin Just kidding but seriously no one in 9ja wants to forcefully buy businesses.

Before reading your comment:
Come home and I bet you can not live on 2500 Naira per day. Except if you drop from planet pluto and you don't get family to feed.

After reading:
Are you still "boboing" us that u are living on N250?


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