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Phones / Re: Mtn Stops Xtracool As Directed By Ncc by ziccoit: 7:28pm On Mar 17
its a good reason! We also need to place ban on internet,dstv and so many others!

Those things you mentioned came at a cost which could not be affordable to majority of students. Remember, xralcool is free and we are talking of abuse of free thing here!
Politics / Re: Donald Triump Campaign Against Nigeria by ziccoit: 10:47am On Mar 17

You just exposed yourself as daft as trump, who started the wars in the middle east?? Gop's George w Bush. Please where are the empirical facts to all the jargons you just spewed from your rectum. America made Iran great by killing saddam, like wtf. With American several economic bans on Iran and numerous trade ban to ease them of the nuclear prospecting ambitions. Anyway I know it's below you brain power, you can Google military contract outsourcing, war reconstruction effect to and false flags the war in Iraq. Isis killing international crude oil prices Wow!!! I need to dumb it down to come to your level, international oil prices are down not because of Isis my niggar again you can Google fracking and altantic oil drilling for more knowledge. I live in Germany, and the immigration shiit is blown out of proportion by right wing extremists like frau apfel, Marie le pen and the ukip thugs. Obamacare is hogwash!!!! Wow.. you dumber than a wood mate. America is the only industrialized nations without an encompassing health care system and you call obamacare hogwash.. 83 euros cover all my medical expenses every month, and it's compulsory for all German residence and ditto for UK and all Scandinavian countries while Canada have a comprehensive free health system. Your last point is useless as a used menstrual pad, you can also Google falling down the lines to understand that phenomenon. You don't even understand what's happening in Yemen and sharia, again you can Google sunni and Shia islam struggle to help your Kilimanjaro sized ignorance.

Guy, u get tongue grin
Politics / Re: Gunmen Behead Ukeoma In Emohua, Rivers And Abduct Another by ziccoit: 10:42am On Mar 17
This is the handwork of APC. I swear. They are afraid of election and want state of emergency by all means.

Hehehe. so, APC killing its own members. What a reasoning.

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Phones / Re: Mtn Stops Xtracool As Directed By Ncc by ziccoit: 10:40am On Mar 17
u hhate the package but u failed to state any good reason why! So which package do u now suggest?

Students failing exam is not a good reason for you? Read my comment again, bros!
Politics / Ganduje: We’re Ready To Fight Buhari’s Enemies by ziccoit: 8:06am On Mar 17
Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said yesterday that his administration would no longer tolerate anybody or group of persons who wanted to undermine the integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The governor, who reacted to political development in the state, said his administration believed in the change agenda of the President and would resist any attempt to ridicule him.

He spoke when he inspected a feeder road built at Zango-Bela in Nassarawa Local Government, barely one week after his predecessor, Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, paid him a controversial condolence visit on the death of his mother, Hajiya Fatima.

Ganduje said his administration is in a war with anyone claiming Kano indigeneship but fighting Buhari behind the scene.

According to him, his administration was ready to confront anyone who dared to challenge Buhari on Kano soil.

He said his administration did not believe in brandishing weapons to achieve its goals, adding that the only way to win the goodwill of the people was by treading the path of diplomacy.


Politics / Kaduna Govt. Says Preaching Bill Necessary To Curb Religious Extremism by ziccoit: 7:46am On Mar 17
Kaduna Govt. says Preaching Bill necessary to curb religious extremism

The Kaduna State Government today explained that the Religious Preaching Bill aims to protect the state from religious extremism and hate speech. Architect Barnabas Yusuf Bala, the Deputy Governor of the state, told a delegation of the Kaduna State CAN that the government has a duty to ensure that religious violence no longer threatens the state. He said that the Kaduna State Government is always committed to ensuring that religion can be practiced in a safe and secure climate.

“We swore to uphold the Constitution which recognizes the freedom of religion and thought as fundamental rights. The same Constitution obliges us to ensure the safe exercise of these rights by legislating in the interest of public safety, public order, public morality or public health, and for the purpose of protecting the rights and freedom of other persons.

“This is not a new law. It has existed since 1984, with amendments in 1987 and 1996. The military governments which created the law were responding to outbreaks of religious violence such as Maitatsine in 1983; the riots after the Kafanchan incidence of 1987.

“This is the first time that the legislation is passing through a democratic process, with all the transparency that the public hearing and other legislative processes of the House of Assembly entails. Proposing this amendment is a deliberate decision by the government to subject the law to a democratic process, rather than just enforce the provisions of the edict as passed since 1984.

“Kaduna State has a history of Religious/Sectarian Crisis and what this Bill seeks to do is not anything new but to learn from painful experience, and discourage the use of religion for violence and division. The Bill, by virtue of Section 45(1) of the 1999 Constitution, is in order and does not offend the provisions of the constitution. The provisions of the Bill are in tandem with the Constitution.

“There is nothing in the Bill that suggests any effort to abolish, stop or derogate on the freedom of religion and religious beliefs. It merely seeks to ensure that religious preaching and activities in the State are conducted in ways that do not threaten public order, public safety, and to protect the rights and freedom of other persons.”

The 12-person CAN delegation was led by the state chairman, Bishop George Dodo. He expressed appreciation for the meeting and assured the government that CAN is preparing its position for submission to the House of Assembly and the state executive.


Samuel Aruwan

Special Assistant to the Governor (Media and Publicity)

16 March 2016

Phones / Re: Mtn Stops Xtracool As Directed By Ncc by ziccoit: 6:39am On Mar 17
I hate that xralcool of a thing. Many students have failed exams by staying up all night making calls instead of studying hard. Let MTN and other introduce a better package that would not deep hole in your pocket any time of the day.

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Politics / Re: Donald Triump Campaign Against Nigeria by ziccoit: 6:36am On Mar 17
There is a single reason I would pray this stup1d 1diot becomes the next American president. So that Americans can learn how stupid they have been and China can become the world power. Enough of America ruining the world.


Politics / Re: N3.2 Trillion: Augf’s Audit Report Erroneous, Says NNPC by ziccoit: 7:34pm On Mar 16
This guy is only trying to exonerate the new management of NNPC of wrong doing or financial misappropriation. Nothing here says what the AuGF said was not true.
Politics / Re: I Emailed A U.S Senator, Dianne Feinstein & Here Was Her Epic Reply (see Photos) by ziccoit: 7:06pm On Mar 16

I see no reason this constitutes hacking. Its considered fair use in the Name of Research. I hate when people have no idea of the Law but tries to form brilliant online. What is hacking? What is impersonation? Do you have any idea what they mean? Just shut it!!! angry angry angry

Mr Political 1diot, zip code was included as a prerequisite for a reason. In case you don't know, zip code inclusion means you've got to be a US citizen to access the information or contribute. Meanwhile, in case you need to steal for a research purpose which I found absurd; do you need to brag about that online? Hacking? Impersonation? Arrghhhh, I am humbled by superior knowledge! Teacher, please teach me.
Politics / Re: NDDC MD Delivers N7bn To Amaechi For Rivers Rerun On Saturday by ziccoit: 2:42pm On Mar 16
No wonder some people think there is a need for social media Bill.
Politics / Re: I Emailed A U.S Senator, Dianne Feinstein & Here Was Her Epic Reply (see Photos) by ziccoit: 7:50am On Mar 16
one small sense you don't have!! take it as one making findings or researching, he was asked to input a zip code he searched for the appropriate zipcode and put it in.

Mr sense sir. If I may ask sir. Did the zip code he enter reflected where he is residing? Is that not a stealing and act of hacking? Someone like you would definitely join people to lynch a person that stole phone but hailed Dasuki and co that stole billions. You even thought stealing zip code was never a crime. Mr sense, where is your sense?
Politics / Re: I Emailed A U.S Senator, Dianne Feinstein & Here Was Her Epic Reply (see Photos) by ziccoit: 7:16am On Mar 16
bros i think u are very correct. he should have left behind the wrong thing he did to get that reply. well i think he has learn something afterall most of us are here to learn abi?

I feel you, bros.
Politics / Re: I Emailed A U.S Senator, Dianne Feinstein & Here Was Her Epic Reply (see Photos) by ziccoit: 5:03am On Mar 16
You illegally obtained information by impersonating a US citizen and came online to boast about the crime you committed. What do you think a US citizen reading this would say about you? You should have kept your findings to yourself. Nigerians soiling the image of Nigeria since time immemorial.


Politics / Re: Urgent Help: Teachers In Delta State Signs Undertaken Under Durex. by ziccoit: 4:52am On Mar 16

Are you a teacher in the state? If so, shame on you.

Your heavy blunders indicate the kind of knowledge you will pass across to your students.

Imagine someone who calls himself a teacher spelling duress as durex

Imagine a so-called teacher spelling arrears as areas!

You must be a product of political appointment.

If I want to write jamb and I ask you to teach me use of English, only God knows what I will score. Yet, you call yourself a teacher.

And when the government decides to do aptitude test for teachers, it is peeps like you that will shout the loudest against such move, since you know you will perform poorly in such test.

You should be glad you even got the job.

You shouldn't be asked to buy computer; rather, you should be asked to go back to your village or back to secondary school.

Bros, that was too harsh. You were able to point out only two lexical errors committed by this guy while I can point out more grammatical errors abound in yours. Those lexical errors could be as a result of autocorrect.
Politics / Re: Urgent Help: Teachers In Delta State Signs Undertaken Under Durex. by ziccoit: 4:47am On Mar 16
You ought not to be a teacher judging by your use of vocabulary and spelling of words.

The only help you need is a sack letter.

It's only in this part of the world that our best brains migrate enmass to engineering, banking, businesses etc. The society that values its future and development makes a teaching profession the most lucrative job you can find around. They make sure teaching is appealing and attractive to their best brains. They even make sure majority of these first class materials are retained comfortably in building their society via teaching.
So, bros, your assertion is as a result of failed society that has no regard for the development and future.
Politics / Re: Buhari "Almost Moved To Tears"After Seeing How Trillions Of Naira Were Embezzled by ziccoit: 6:44pm On Mar 15
I don't even know what to say here. I'm speechless.


Politics / Re: Kokori, N-delta APC Leaders Stoking My Row With EFCC —tompolo by ziccoit: 10:28am On Mar 15
This statement is just like Tompolo begging PMB led FG. Shikena.
Education / Re: Kaduna Pupils Desert Schools After Eating Free Meals by ziccoit: 9:42am On Mar 15
Home should be the focus of the government if they really want to keep these children in school. Since the primary aim of feeding them is to keep them in school which is now failing, government should review the program and make it "home focused". What do I mean? Calculate what it takes to feed a child in a month. Tell the parents to make sure their wards and children come and sit at school. Ask the parents to come forward for their children feeding expenses at the end of each month if they sit at school. Don't give the parents of those who sit out of school.

Employ computer analysts to tie various children to their parent to avoid multiple parentage and claims.

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Politics / Re: Gani Adams Dragged Before Efcc Over Financial Malpractice-national Mirror by ziccoit: 9:12am On Mar 15

Nor be only TOOK, na TOOKING. By their English, ye shall know them. Bloody Illiterates!

His assertion was unfortunate and wrong but, his grammar was correct.


Politics / Re: Gani Adams Dragged Before Efcc Over Financial Malpractice-national Mirror by ziccoit: 9:11am On Mar 15
That is the difference when compared with my other brothers.

South westerners will never defend a thief and a rogue.

Cos corruption is not tribal.

He should be investigated.

I can predict his excuse line.

"Buhari wanted him to support him and because he said no they are witch hunting him" grin grin

Yes, you are right. We Yorubas don't support criminals and criminalities.

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Politics / Re: Fani-kayode, Falae, Udenwa, Nenadi, Onwuliri In N3.145billion Fraud by ziccoit: 5:48am On Mar 15
FFK has been evading justice a long time ago. No court in the land has been able to convict him under the previous governments. This time around, he has no hidden place, the long arm of law and Justice is going to grab him.

Reading some repugnant comments above made me wonder whether we don't have robots already programmed to support this criminals on this forum. Imagine a handful of people dipped their hands into monies belonging to all of us thereby mortgaged your future and making your life miserable yet you still come here to support those criminals. That didn't hard up except those supporters are programmed robots that are not capable of sensible reasoning.

Meanwhile, dey don finish this country.

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Crime / Re: Suspects Snatch Bag Containing Fufu, Stew- The Punch by ziccoit: 8:30am On Mar 14
Be sure they would receive treatments far more than those that might eventually be received by Dasuki, Olosa Methu and co.
Politics / Re: Southerners Erroneously Think The North Is Dependent On The South - Ben Bruce by ziccoit: 7:58am On Mar 14

from the above post i read he said SOUTH and NEVER mentioned only ss and se.....sw is still part of south so why are we isolating the south west....just my observation

Principle of generalization in order not to make the culprits feel bad. This principle is used a lot to scold and remonstrate an offender in a gathering of people.


Politics / Re: Southerners Erroneously Think The North Is Dependent On The South - Ben Bruce by ziccoit: 6:31am On Mar 14
IPOB touts and wailer will kill this man today.

Lol, they are already here.

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Politics / Re: Southerners Erroneously Think The North Is Dependent On The South - Ben Bruce by ziccoit: 6:17am On Mar 14
Only the blind individual who is suffering from chronic paucity of knowledge would carry such a stupid notion about a group of people especially the Notherners. I don't know why Mr Ben didn't call a spade a spade and put it that some SSners and SEners should receive a proper education and stop the chronic hatred they have for the Northerners.
Majority of what's being said about Northerners are borne out of nothing but hatred for those people.

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Politics / Re: Crises In Jos, Police Station Burnt - Photos by ziccoit: 10:20pm On Mar 13
To make this nation work, remove northern nigeria and islam then we will progress ask someone else

If Islam is your headache, be rest assured that you are going to die from that headache because no Islam no life worthy of living. Quote me anywhere.

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Politics / Re: The Way Accident People Were Moved 2 Mortuary(pics) by ziccoit: 10:16pm On Mar 13
People died everyday and some are moved like this. So, what's is the big deal. What would be shameful for a corpse is to meet his God in anger secondary to what he did or failed to do while alive.
Politics / Re: Mediatakeout by ziccoit: 5:41pm On Mar 13
But, a 23yrs old Nigerian boy married to a 75yrs old Oyinbo arugbo makes a lot of sense. Hypocrisy and syup1d1ty at highest level.
Business / Re: DOLLAR SCARCITY:manufacturers turn to local raw materials. by ziccoit: 5:26pm On Mar 13
So these people knew about local sources of raw materials yet engaged in importations.

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Politics / Re: Corruption: BUHARI gives EFCC Go Ahead to Probe JONATHAN by ziccoit: 8:15am On Mar 13
NA what?? please let them find tompolo if they are active and strong...

Who is hiding? A criminal or NA? A tompolo or NA? Let the criminal come out of his hiding place and walk the street like NA and lets see who own the street. Why people support criminals and criminalities is far beyond me.
Politics / Re: Corruption: BUHARI gives EFCC Go Ahead to Probe JONATHAN by ziccoit: 9:35pm On Mar 12
Remember the difference between you and Jonathan in 2015 election was just mere 3 million which u rigged in your North.So Jonathan still have 12million fans against your 15million.We are watching.

When I see something like this, I just laugh at the people's deliberate ignorant at the serious rigging against APC in the last election.
APC got- NE, NC, NW and SW with about 40% turn out

PDP got SS and SE with over 90% turnout.

Bros who are the riggers if not my people from SS and SE that had unprecedented turnout that deserve Guinness award.


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