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Politics / Re: Senator Saraki 'emerges' Senate President While APC Senators Were Meeting by ziccoit: 11:43am On Jun 09
I think by bypassing the normal protocol, Senator Saraki is extremely power hungry and should be seen as a PDP mole in APC.
Politics / Re: Inauguration of 8th National Assembly postponed - Vanguard by ziccoit: 9:14am On Jun 09
I hope this is not true. Whoever behind this doesn't definitely mean well for this nation. Where is the independency of 2nd arm of government? Who has the power to stall the inauguration? The only person I know is the president himself who has stated repeatedly not to interfere in the affairs of other arm of government. I think the news is false until otherwise proved.

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Politics / Re: "Buhari Is Not The Leader Of The APC, We Have Many Leaders - Lai Mohammed by ziccoit: 8:49am On Jun 09
Liar, he didn't say that. What he said was that he is not the only leader of the party. Tha the party has many leaders. Remember Lai Muhammed is from Kwara state the same state Bukola is from so why he has not been openly canvassing for him?


Politics / Re: Rivers Assembly Declares Local Govt Poll Illegal by ziccoit: 6:06am On Jun 09
When has house of assembly become a court of law? They should have allowed a competent court of jurisdiction made such a pronouncement.


Politics / Re: APC Crisis: Governors Call Emergency Meeting As Osinbajo Meets Reps-elect by ziccoit: 6:45pm On Jun 08
Now I respect APC more. Both Saraki and Yakubu Dogara were members of PDP before they finally decamped to APC. I want to insinuate that APC is weary of conceding number 3 and 4 positions to people whose loyalty to the party they are not sure.

Gbajabiamila and Lawan have been in opposition for long, may be that is why they are favourably disposed to.
Politics / Re: Finally Amaechi Joins Buhari At G-7 Summit In Germany - See Photo by ziccoit: 6:32pm On Jun 08
.op i guess you saw tinubu with buhari in Germany also?If buhari decides to go with just fashola and fayemi to Germany, what's the big deal about that? If amaechi had followed buhari to Germany, it will be the same PDP supporters that will be first to run to the internet,to accuse amaechi of being an errand boy to a northerner.You guys should let amaechi be,he has paid his dues for the people of rivers and his name cannot be easily forgotten in d political history of Nigeria.

My man, political history of Nigeria can not be written without a prominent space accorded to the general of common sense revolution. History will always remember him for good unlike Orubebe.
Politics / Re: List Of Salaries Of Public Office Holders In Nigeria (president To Commissioners by ziccoit: 5:58pm On Jun 08
@op, tell us the allowances attach to the salary of each of the political office holders and let's talk afterwards.
Politics / Re: PMB Seats Gallantly Besides Obama In The G7 Summit. by ziccoit: 3:51pm On Jun 08
And one character here claimed PMB was not at the meeting. @ikengawo, come and see how your lies have been busted.

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Religion / Re: Unpaid Salaries: Winners’ Chapel Rallies Food Aid For Osun Workers by ziccoit: 3:47pm On Jun 08
I think laws should be enacted to criminalize and attach penalty to inability or failure to pay workers salary. While failure to pay should attract a severe penalty and inability to pay must be addressed in such a way that workers should be adequately compensated for the periods they have gone hungry. When an employer of labour both in public and private sector knows he would not go scot free for failure to meet welfare obligation to his working force, he would certainly priorities their welfare.

Economy is bad but a lot of governors pay salary when they feel like when the going was good. Some of them believe wage bills do not leave enough for developmental project so they renegade on that aspect. Whereas, that doesn't stop them and their cronies from deeping their ugly hands into public fund.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Not At G7 Meeting - Real Pictures/video From The Event Yesterday by ziccoit: 12:17pm On Jun 08
@Ikengawo, since you are there and a Nigerian no problem.
Nairaland / General / Re: Barcanista:- A Piece Of Advice. by ziccoit: 12:08pm On Jun 08
Thank you for the hypocritical and unsolicited piece of advice. You should be more concerned with getting your views heard and less concerned about mine. Rightly, I am an aspiring mainstream politician that seeks to build and maintain relationship with both foes and friends alike. I have never been ashamed to apologise when I did wrong and to maintain my stance whenever I'm convinced that I'm on the right path. In fact, some of my friends and brothers on this forum were people I connected with even when in APC. Is it Firefire? Is it Truckpusher? Is it Dearpreye? Or Is it Mogidi. Is it SeverusSnape, Scantee or Whynotthetruth? Is it Agabai23 or is it Bayswater? What about Tomakint that despite our taunts and banters we never rosort to enemity? I know the importance of relationship and I strive to maintain it! At the same time, I have reputation to protect because "barcanista" is a brand and I WILL NoT sit down to see it destroyed.

It is a shame that some people chose to blackmail which left me with the option of defending myself. I have never tried to blackmail ANYONE(not even accusers) and truct me I have no apology to offer anyone that I defended myself against.

Please, I never asked you whether my e-life is important or not, allow me to it. It's non of your business. I can't be in a group where blackmail is seen as a weapon to whip critics to size. I'm proudly PDP and will continue to be! Take your advice to your friends that are blackmailing ppl.

This should do

Advice unsolicited, you are very right but being hypocritical is incorrect.

See, there is a saying that a 20yrs old pounded yam can still feel very hot. One may chose to deny an oral report but what you put down in writing has a way of hunting you for life.

Doyin Okupe, Olisha Methu and co become majorly so hated through what they wrote on social media in their attempt at doing what they were being paid for- GEJ image making. There are so many intelligent business, political, industrial icons on this forum. They hardly comment or do so occasionally.

Have you ever thought it out that your NL popularity only happened to be a product of circumstance. You came in and started beating the drum to the music people wanted to dance and they were dancing. Your PMB image making efforts was what served as springboard that catapult you to wherever you think you are today. There is nothing in Barcanista as a Monica. What is important is you don't allow your self-adoration negatively impact on your real person.

Well, it is your call deal with it.


Nairaland / General / Barcanista:- A Piece Of Advice. by ziccoit: 11:30am On Jun 08
I have been on social media for some times now and I'm yet to see anyone who arrogates importance to virtual online popularity as you. You are aspiring politician as far as I know. If my assertion is true; you need to watch it before you, by your own hand, destroy yourself. You attach so much importance to yourself, whatever you say or anyone says about you that I'm begining to think you may need to seek a psychiatrist evaluation( I didn't say that to slight or mock you pls).

It is very difficult and uncommonly too, to see somebody doing what you are doing here without a hidden agenda or impetus from powerfuls. That is never a problem in as much as you are comfortable with it. But, you shouldn't destroy yourself in effort to edifying some prople's image. if truly you are doing all these for free without any form of inducement or gain from any quater and in patriotism to your country; I expect you to be more careful so that you don't create more foes than you can handle. A good aspiring politician should be friend to all and enemy to none.

Personally, I don't care where you chose to repose your confidence and loyalty. I only had problem with explanation you gave for changing gear to now opposition PDP. I believed there was more than meeting an ordinary eyes.

You don't need to prove anything to anybody in as much as you know what you are doing and strongly believe in your convictions. Showing the screenshot of probably an innocent blabbing between you and a NLder was childish and shouldn't have happened. The subject in question may eventually become you greatest tool towards achieving you political ambition in the future. I felt over 90% of what the guy said in that conversation was just bragging. The true killer or destroyer doesn't allert his victim.

You need to start taking things cool. Be as active as you want on NL but reduce the way you comment on every rubbish posted on NL.

This is just a candid advice from your fellow Forumite.


Politics / Re: N’assembly Leadership: APC Peace Moves Flop by ziccoit: 7:52am On Jun 07
I laugh when some people think APC is now going the way of PDP. Disagreement is an important element of a working democracy. People should be allowed the opportunity of showing their grievances. What bothers me in this seneario is why must APC conduct a primary? Is the party has intelligent report that pDP is going to present a candidate against the party earlier announcement?
Politics / Re: Amaechi Counters Wike’s Looting Claim, Releases Government House Photos by ziccoit: 1:23am On Jun 06
There are some stories I don't read and if at all I do it would just to while away the time. One of those stories is stu.pid insinuation by a criminal cum governor insinuating his predecessor vandalized the government house.

Ha ha ha, it is only branded fool that would believe such a super story. How much are those 'things' that would be so expensive and out of his reach that he would have to recurse to stealing in order to acquire them? Superlative super story.

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Anti-corruption War Takes Off by ziccoit: 1:18am On Jun 06
Good, a corrupt civil servant is easier to trace and nab than a corrupt politician.

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Politics / Re: Reasons Osinbajo Was Locked Out Of President Buhari’s Security Meeting by ziccoit: 5:30pm On Jun 05
Fake news are just flying around like bullet left, right, centre. Those guys , PMB and PYO will just be laughing at you people.
Politics / Re: Photo: Two Police Officers Fight Over Fuel by ziccoit: 4:20pm On Jun 05
Police:- law breakers saddle with responsibility of enforcing the law.
Politics / Re: See How The Nigerian Army Have Upped Their Game Against Boko Haram Bombings. Pic by ziccoit: 12:44pm On Jun 05

"The hurt Locker " I guess. That dudes job was so scary I thought he would die.

Yes, "The Hurt Locker". Thank you. I love the movie ,watch it repeatedly then.
Politics / Re: See How The Nigerian Army Have Upped Their Game Against Boko Haram Bombings. Pic by ziccoit: 9:53am On Jun 05
I can't recollect the movie I first saw this equipment being used to detonate bomb. Nice one.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Appoints Former Lagos Attorney General Ipaye As Cos by ziccoit: 1:30am On Jun 05
In production there must be a balance between the population and available resources any tilt in that balance would lead to underdevelopment. If having cos and deputy cos are impetus to making the work done as quickly as possible, I see nothing wrong in that. What if having a single cos would cause a serious clog in the wheel of progress? Not all that looks dull are bad.
Politics / Re: No N3.2bn Severance Pay For Jonathan, Others Till 2016 - PUNCH by ziccoit: 1:24am On Jun 05
No wonder the nation economy is at its lowest point. No nation can survive with this level of financial recklessness.

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Politics / Re: Senate Presidency: Buhari Goes Back On Promise, Endorses Lawan, As Crisis Deepen by ziccoit: 11:47pm On Jun 04
Pointblanknews, newspunch, breakingtimes


Nonsense upon nonsense.

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Politics / Re: Senate Presidency: Buhari Goes Back On Promise, Endorses Lawan, As Crisis Deepen by ziccoit: 11:46pm On Jun 04
I'm not surprised at all.
I only pity those who would not take the words, actions and programmes of this baba one chance with a pint of salt.
Some of us know better.
It's the ugly beginning to the expected ugly end.

I understand why some people are so sad about PMB presidency. The truth is that the hat wearing former PGEJ was tested and found to be groosly malfunctioning and totally incapable. Having him for second term in office would have spelt a serious irrecoverable doom for this country. Now that the best man of this moment in the person of PMB has gotten theere,you people don't need to support him but you've got to deal with that and painfully so. Allow us that are passionate about our country holistic development look as the events unfold.


Celebrities / Re: Alibaba Blasts Women Who Expose Boobs, Other Body Parts In Public[see PHOTOS] by ziccoit: 11:25pm On Jun 04

It is way overboard to you....doesn't necessarily mean it has to be way overboard to everybody else. What you consider indecency isnt so bad to someone else. It is very relative.

I also don't like the dressing but she has the right to dress d way she likes. To some people anything other than a deeper-life dressing is indecent. Some people believe women wearing trousers are indecent. Where do you draw a line on what is acceptable and what is not. What ascertainable mode of dressing is compatible with the 'values' you have mentioned? Who exactly defines the values in the first place? Its all very relative.

And if she should be gang raped, those assailants too have the right to ra.pe her.
Politics / Re: How Alamieyeseigha Dressed To Evade Arrest In UK In 2005. by ziccoit: 7:11am On Jun 04
Whoever pardoned this level of crime to humanity is a dunce. Yes, a very big one at that.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Korea DPR (4 - 0) U-20 World Cup On June 4th 2015 by ziccoit: 6:44am On Jun 04
Dstv no show the match. Where u guy dey watch the match now? embarassed embarassed embarassed
Politics / Re: Thugs Beat Punch Correspondent In Ekiti by ziccoit: 7:38pm On Jun 03
Now that the skewed PDP controlled FG support for Ekiti and co is gone, we are going to see how Fayose is going to survive under 2.5b monthly allocation.

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Politics / Re: More Photos Of Buhari At Niger Republic Today by ziccoit: 4:51pm On Jun 03
This is a presidential president.
Politics / Re: Children Welcome President Buhari To Niger Republic In Style (photo) by ziccoit: 4:41pm On Jun 03
The slumbering giant of Africa shall rise again.

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Politics / Re: NIMASA Pays Tompolo N1.5bn Monthly – Ex-chairman by ziccoit: 3:23pm On Jun 03
That is more than half of allocation of some states eg Osun, Ekiti etc. So, on person is collecting more than what is being allocated to half population of a state. Tompolo must go and repent before his water pass gari.

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