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Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election - A More Objective Prediction Of The Outcome by ziccoit: 8:51pm On Dec 24, 2014

Buhari was an outsider to Nigerian politics in 2011 and key members of the political class and military who organised the return to civil rule after Abacus were too scared of him. It takes a royal screw up by Jonathan to create this ripe condition for the general's return
Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election - A More Objective Prediction Of The Outcome by ziccoit: 5:29pm On Dec 24, 2014
SS/SE may not have a free day of rigging like 2011 where Buhari, I could call independent candidate , was mercilessly rigged out. This is a new era. The guy is now contesting under a party with structure so you people should expect a different outcome.

12million against 22million with massive rigging both South and North was commendable. PDP is loosing sleep because they know the red card is about to be drawn out.


Politics / Re: 2015 Presidential Election - A More Objective Prediction Of The Outcome by ziccoit: 5:21pm On Dec 24, 2014
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E.O.D: N450,000
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Bull dog: N300,000.
Baby boy: N350,000.
Hala: N300,000
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CR-V: N750,000
Pilot: N800,000
Odyessy: N500,000
Crosstour: N955,000
Frontier: N700,000
Discussion continue: N550,000 etc.

When will you start working like a man and stop scamming people?


Politics / Re: I Will Destroy Yorubaland If Jonathan Is Not Re-elected - Asari Dokubo by ziccoit: 4:56pm On Dec 24, 2014
Politics / Re: Muhammadu Buhari Takes His First Selfie In Lagos Today -PHOTO by ziccoit: 12:54pm On Dec 24, 2014
still won't make him emerge president come 2015

Jonathan till buhari accepts Jesus as his personal lord and saviour

Emergence of GEJ as the president of this nation has actually helped to expose his people to be crudely religious intolerant, ethnically divisive more than the North they have been accusing of the same since. Nigeria has not been this divided ethinically and religiously until they have their kinman and son on the seat. The same people in the other day were seen vehemently kicking against Catholic/Catholic ticket.

Pls, you can destroy your place to all I care, don't bring your rubbish to SW o. We here live happily with our Neighbours irrespective of their tribe, ethinicity and religion.


Politics / Re: House-to-House Campaign Organization Dumps Jonathan, Adopts Buhari by ziccoit: 7:00am On Dec 24, 2014
A lot of people are still learners when it comes to Nigerian politics. I seriously pity una. When the Oduahs of this world did neighbour to neighbour u guys think it was achieved through a news conference?

Make una keep dreaming. Days back PDP realised over 20 billion in donations, today Buhari announced some tens of millions. Very funny. He deceived himself that he can get the presidency by appearing as the underdog with no money to spend. He needs to live another 20 years for that to happen in Nigeria at least with regards to the presidential elections.
Some other time he's borrowing money to buy nomination forms. What a clown!

For those of you who are so dreamy to be aware, the worst result for Jonathan in next year's elections is a no elections. Trust me, that will be the best result for Jonathan personally.

Meanwhile you guys can keep dreaming. It's harmless and probably tickles your fancies. Sweet dreams!

PDP spent a lot in Osun election and still lost. That is the reason they go to court. 54M naira contributed by suffering downtroddens compare to 21b donated by the thieves and corrupt pdp agents. You want to compare millions of people in 54M GMB donators and very few arm looters in 21b PDP?


Politics / Re: APC Replies ​PDP ​over “jackboot” Comment Against Buhari by ziccoit: 6:31pm On Dec 23, 2014
I've said it that you know your time has come by the time you are getting things right.
APC is doing wonderfully well nowadays. APC handlers are handling PDP the way a responsible father would handle his children.


Politics / Re: REVEALED! Most Northern PDP Leaders Behind Buhari's Presidential Bid, Says APC by ziccoit: 6:24pm On Dec 23, 2014
If jonathan loses the election which is not going to happen, but if the northerners think that the SS will just wait around and allow them to decide how our oil money is being shared by ganging up against GEJ, They are just joking.

If the gang up against GEJ succeeds the creeks will boil again and nigerian economy will be brought to its knees. The Peace in the creeks is not because of Amnesty but because of jonathan(whom the SS believe is their son, weather he does good or not, Afterall all the leaders from the north and obasanjo from the SW didnt do better, but were allowed to serve their time).
if he is denied his 8yrs like the SW had and the north has had 38yrs, the SS will boil to over flow!

The Moderates in the North Knows this, so thats why they will support GEJ for his second term and there after power will shift to the north as equity demands, failure to achieve this balance will lead to dire consequences.

A pot on fire will boil before its content starts boiling. A sparrow that call the rain would be soaked by the same rain water.
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan To Acquire New Private Jet by ziccoit: 6:14pm On Dec 23, 2014
Austerity measure indeed.
Politics / Re: Fashola Taking A Selfie In One Of The Apc's Rally by ziccoit: 11:33am On Dec 23, 2014
You may argue that FaceTime/front lens too is ok for that purpose but I would rather used more powerful back lens. Which means the man might be reading a message or checking who call in or taking someone's else pic. Unless You want to tell us you can see 360" around the governor.
Politics / Join Rotimi Amaechi Now Live On Channels Tv by ziccoit: 7:40am On Dec 23, 2014
Rotimi Amaechi live on Channels tv
Politics / Re: Jonathan To Contest Against Semi-literate Candidate - PDP by ziccoit: 5:49am On Dec 23, 2014
Another "issue based" campaign from pdp camp. These guys are scared of what could become of pdp next year


Politics / Re: Do You Know That GEJ Has Been Attending Organisation Of Islamic Country Meeting by ziccoit: 5:38pm On Dec 22, 2014
GEJ understands the meaning of interest free loan. A situation where 20b dollar would not metamorphosised to 100b dollar in a couple of years.

No government would pull Nigeria out of that organization. Doing that is like committing a great finicial error which would do this country no good.

Meanwhile, IBB (not GMB as erroneously thought) put Nigeria there.


Health / Re: Good News From Bill Gates About The Reduction Of Polio In Nigeria by ziccoit: 10:15am On Dec 22, 2014

I do, but your problem is you think Polio=Ebola. Use Wikipedia.

WHO considered a single case of paralytic polio to be epidemic. There is a reason for this verdict. That was why I asked you to read your book.
Health / Re: Good News From Bill Gates About The Reduction Of Polio In Nigeria by ziccoit: 8:39am On Dec 22, 2014

It's either you don't what polio is, the meaning of epidemic or both.

You know your problem? U think Malaria=Polio. Go read your book bros.
Health / Re: Good News From Bill Gates About The Reduction Of Polio In Nigeria by ziccoit: 6:57am On Dec 22, 2014

6 cases of polio is an epidemic?! Are you high?

A single case not even 6 is epidemic.
Health / Re: Good News From Bill Gates About The Reduction Of Polio In Nigeria by ziccoit: 5:03am On Dec 22, 2014

6 cases may not be good but it is surely BETTER than finding 50 cases. Is it not

50 armed atomic bombs vs 6 armed atomic bombs.


Are you OK?

I don't expect you to understand the gravity of having 6 cases of polio especially when huge amount of fund has been purportedly committed into fighting it.

Do you know part of our problems? We are lazy, docile, never complain citizens always comfortable with what we get even when it is obviously rubbish.

So, I'm ok. Check yourself bros.
Health / Re: Good News From Bill Gates About The Reduction Of Polio In Nigeria by ziccoit: 10:57pm On Dec 21, 2014
You want to know what happened to where you are spending your money. Bill Gate has been heavily funding polio eradication program in Nigeria and some other countries.

Let me tell you, a single recorded case of polio in a country is a big issue and it means epidemic. So, finding 6 cases is actually not good.


Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by ziccoit: 6:48pm On Dec 21, 2014
Soyinka’s Alleged Swipe at Buhari

Prof. Wole Soyinka’s recently advertised opinion on Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer, is that Nigerians are best advised to stick with the incumbent President and re-elect him next year.

I read the article from A to Z nowhere prof mentioned Nigerians are better off reelecting the incumbent president. The statement is just the opinion of thisday newspaper.
Politics / Re: PEOPLE DONATING 5 BILLION , 4 BILLION IN PDP FUND RAISING DINNER by ziccoit: 2:17am On Dec 21, 2014
If you don't want Buhari/Osinbajo ticket pls sit at home on election day don't vote PDP. The party is evil. How can one sleep peacefully with this kind rubbish weighing on ones mind?


Politics / Re: Doyin Okupe Embarrasses GEJ On Twitter by ziccoit: 7:27pm On Dec 19, 2014


If you understood how God love unity and strongly discourage divisiveness you would not invoke His name in your evil prayer.

Btw, what are you people being thought in the church nowadays?


Celebrities / Re: Photo: Chief Tony Anenih & His Young Wife by ziccoit: 12:05am On Dec 19, 2014
Money speaketh loudest than wisdom and reasoning nowadays.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: APC Appoints Rivers Governor, Amaechi, Presidential Campaign Director by ziccoit: 3:46pm On Dec 18, 2014
When your time has come, what you first notice is that you keep on getting things right. Certainly, this is the APC time.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo’s Emergence: The Drama, The Intrigues by ziccoit: 3:25pm On Dec 18, 2014
Osinbajo choice as a VP is another political masterstroke coming from APC. I don't know why I'm so comfortable with it.


Politics / Re: We Say No To Catholic -Catholic Ticket In Enugu State...... by ziccoit: 3:14pm On Dec 18, 2014
Can you see what we have brought upon ourselves. It is no more the difference in religion but the sect within a religion. Where did we for God sake get it wrong?


Politics / Re: Fashola Presents Lagos State Development Plan (2012-2025) To Ambode. PICS by ziccoit: 7:48am On Dec 18, 2014
The man is highly resourceful, well rounded and intellectually endowed. I'm yet to see him dry out of ideas when analyzing issues. He is as full of ideas as sieve full of holes.


Politics / Re: Buhari’s Belated Choice Of Running Mate, The Height Of Incompetence - PDP by ziccoit: 8:42pm On Dec 17, 2014
Panic attack has truly gripped the rank and file of PDP. The statement is laden with fears and apprehensions.

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Politics / Re: General Buhari Shares A First Shot With Prof.osinbajo His Running Mate. by ziccoit: 5:23pm On Dec 17, 2014
A lot of people are funny sha,
Mr President utilizes his position and lobbies for Dieziani to become OPEC President,
Jona also utilized his influence and made Dieziani President of Gas Exporters Association worldwide...

Just the other day, e remain small for Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to become World Bank President

And u really think this same jona will fold his arms and watch 2 rats displace him as President?

With all the Federal Might and the powers of Incumbency?

With control over the Army, Navy, Airforce SSS, Police Immigration, Civil Defence..

Burhari go hear am.

Power of incumbency is strong and ever potent. It is as well useless if apply under nonconducive environment. Most Nigerians are angry at GEJ. He is not that sellable like 2011. Using the so called power of incumbency would just worsen the situation. If election is conducted today, GEJ is as good as gone.


Politics / Re: Buhari Calls Pastor Adeboye To Seek His Blessing Before Announcing Osinbajo by ziccoit: 3:52pm On Dec 17, 2014
When your time has come you just find out you have been getting everything right. This is APC and Buhari time. A seconds of hesitation, you would just be left behind.


Politics / Re: Singer Daniel Wilson Shades Governor Rotimi Amaechi by ziccoit: 3:28pm On Dec 17, 2014
“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.”
― Lily Tomlin

It is only in this country people vilify you for standing for the truth.

If Amaechi had been chosen by APC; these same people would not stop calling for his head.

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Politics / Re: Christian Association Of Nigeria Political Agenda That Must Not Fly by ziccoit: 1:44pm On Dec 17, 2014

Bettathing abi whating u call ur name. Stop all this lies. Osun state was governed for the first time and the only by a Xstian elected gov. Bisi Akande was a Muslim before Oyinlola a Xtian defeated him. Aregberascal took over from Oyin. So out of the last 3 govs, Muslim had 2, Xtian had 1.

What happened to your comprehension? Go back and read the guys comment and this time very slowly probably with a dictionary then come back here to edit your comment.

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