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Politics / Re: Twitter User Chydee's Prophecy Coming To Fruition? See Tweets by ziccoit: 8:40am On Mar 29, 2016
Change doesn't come easy. Every great nations of the world have experienced the hard transition period Nigerians are passing through now.
Foreign Affairs / Re: White House Shut Down Over Shooting by ziccoit: 8:58pm On Mar 28, 2016
America is too free a country. Human being definitely needs a measure of control to make him/her behaves normally. Imagine a country where everyone has right to carry gun. If you have a right to carry gun, you must also have right to use such gun at will. Rights to everything possible including right to right is probably going to destroy that country.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Buhari Refused To Sign 2016 Budget by ziccoit: 5:21pm On Mar 28, 2016

Still learning at over 70? grin

Yes, it's only the dead that stops learning. Learning period is between the cradle and the grave.

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Politics / Re: Stop Giving 13% Oil Derivation To Governors, Ndigbo Group Tells FG by ziccoit: 2:02pm On Mar 28, 2016
Government needs to amend the constitution to include a commission that would be empowered to handle how that 13% is deployed to oil producing communities not the state. EFCC, ICPC, world bank and IMF should be engaged to play a supervisory role.

Enough of governors embezzling the money meant for oil producing communities in the name of oil producing states which is quite different.

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Politics / Re: Today March 28, It's Exactly A Year We Voted For Buhari, Do You Regret? by ziccoit: 11:17am On Mar 28, 2016
Never will I regret my choice. I voted him. And am standing by him. You don't expect him to clean the mess pdp did for 16 in 9 months. Its impossible it's not done anywhere In D world

If GEJ, the Mr Hero had won the last presidential election for the 2nd term, nothing would have been left of economy with the level of corruption that would have been allowed to go on unchecked; BH would have spread down to the South with above 75% of Nigeria under terrorist control; he and NOI would have started selling Nigerians to slave trade to make more money available for stealing; GEJ would have sold everything Nigeria; coup de tat would have been staged and either GEJ killed or arrested and kept in jail; Nigeria would have been thrown into unending crises; we might have had a civil war on our hands by now.

So, voting Buhari was the best decision the brilliant among Nigerians made. That golden decision has saved my country from irrecoverable destruction and total collapse.

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Politics / Re: Unemployment:Why Are Zarah And Yusuf Buhari Not Applying For YESGRANT? by ziccoit: 9:59am On Mar 28, 2016
If they had applied you people would have maligned the president for using his seat to favour his immediate family members. So, they are not poor so don't need it.

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Politics / Re: My Problem With Buhari, By Gov. Fayose by ziccoit: 6:44pm On Mar 27, 2016
The problem you have with Buhari or the problem Buhari has with you? I love FG they have been......ctrl ignore this rogue and that seems to be painful.
Politics / Re: Late Joshua Ocholi’s Dream That Was So Cut Short by ziccoit: 7:34pm On Mar 26, 2016
Everyone will die with pregnancy of a kind of dream. The only way out of "perfect rest in peace" is to live a life of God not of that whom we think is "God".
Politics / Re: Buhari Encourages Sale Of Pvcs by ziccoit: 7:33am On Mar 26, 2016
Ok. Op, have you sold yours? Go and do if you haven't.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Economic Retreat Mere Jamboree, Waste Of N250m Public Fund – Fayose by ziccoit: 7:29am On Mar 26, 2016
Dindinrin n din robo governor. You are not to blame but those who thought you had learnt your lesson and voted you again. Fayose-the most useless stup1d 1diot ever walketh the surface of the earth.
Politics / Re: 2019: Give Us Another Chance, PDP Begs Nigerians by ziccoit: 8:47pm On Mar 25, 2016
PDP don eat am finish now. Did they leave anything behind dey won go back chop for 2019?


Politics / Re: Has Anyone Ever Seen PMB Without A Cap During Official Function? by ziccoit: 8:31pm On Mar 25, 2016

Sore loser IPOB (ibo 5%)! Chai, these little 5% kids never fail to display their true hatred for anything Buhari, APC of the rest of Nigeria! There's a photo of Buhari wearing a suit, playing with his grandson and of course not wearing a hat, the hateful IPOBs cannot and will not see that. If he wants to hide anything regarding his hair, he would have done it during that same campaign. After being elected, there is a photo of him in Saudi Arabia praying wearing a piece of white cloth wrapped around him and with no hat, posted most likely by his photographer or official media aide, Ibos cannot see that. See how hatred causes people to lose all common sense?

Why would Buhari, an already accomplished man at 73 be ashamed of a balding hair when men who are only 30 years or less, some not even married or dating are already bald or balding almost completely? Some of these have no jobs nor accomplished anything yet but they are bald! Kanu is a 40+ year old man, he is a washed-up failure in prison and would most likely be convicted of treason and executed, never achieving anything in his life but he is BALD! Why do Ibos have this much hatred for anyone? What is the use of GEJs hair that could not help him from losing an election or being such an "ineffectual Buffon" of a president who failed practically and left shamefully? Ibos can wail till they are blue in the face but I don't see how any part of Nigeria will ever trust them as dog catcher never mind being president!!

God bless you.

PDP sore losers= TAN= IPOB.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt AFCON Qualifier: 1 - 1 On 25th March 2016 by ziccoit: 7:07pm On Mar 25, 2016
When is return leg coming up?

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Politics / Re: "Full List Of 2016 Budgets For Nigeria States And Allocated Revenue " by ziccoit: 6:03pm On Mar 25, 2016

Ondo state an oil producing state owes 3 months salary.

Bayelsa, another oil producing state just got bailed out

Kogi is a mess

Imo is *sighs*

Yet Osun which collects "6 million" in federal allocation started paying salaries for January on monday meaning they owe just 2 months unlike 7-8 months some months ago and yet their federal allocation has not been increased.

I think we need to look at Osun beyong its allocation and ask how the government there has cut down the salary owed workers in yhe face of dwindling finances because in that amswer we will find out how Osun intends to finance a budget of 150 billion

Of course this message will be lost

Osun is owning 5.5mths salary. He paid half of July to January leaving 3.5mths arrears, adding February and March will give you 5.5mths. Aregbesola will not know what has befell him until very close to the expiration of his term. If he continues like this, he will be owning 1yr+6mths salary by 2018.

Meanwhile, NLC has publicly told him that they did not enter into half salary agreement with Aregbe that he has to pay the arrears as well as stop paying workers half salary. You know our emperors, Aregbesola didn't respond to the labour threat. I know NLC is buying its time, by the time they strike Aregbe, all eyes will see it.

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Politics / Re: Rivers State Information Commissioner Sizes Up APC On Channels TV. by ziccoit: 11:37am On Mar 25, 2016
What I could deduce from watching this interview and many others is that APC have a very weak intellectual base.

What makes a party/organisation is the calibre of people it can attract/assemble.

These shallow individuals fronting for APC are among the reasons the party is faring so poorly in governance.

Hehehehehehe, when I see comments like this, it is either the commenter is a kid or suffering from paucity of knowledge.

Do you think it's a small job to dislodge a ruling party from government and even relegate it to a regional party? Such a feat requires best brains and tacticians which APC is actually blessed with. If you don't know, PDP is presently in disarray every- and anywhere it stands as opposition. The party can't find it voice again since opposition is largely more of application of what you have in your head and less of what your muscle and power can achieve. That's is not surprising, PDP is known to be more of militancy and less of brain which is required in handling and working in opposition. That's why I think PDP still needs a lot to learn codedly from APC on art and act of opposition.
Politics / Re: Rivers, Nigeria’s Most Deadly State – Buhari by ziccoit: 7:27am On Mar 25, 2016
Hehehehe, some people "would rather died than committing suicide" upon my president's comment.
Politics / Re: Shocker..Kwara Christions Organise Prayers For Saraki.photo Proof by ziccoit: 5:30am On Mar 25, 2016
Some people above me are already denying the origin and most importantly the religion of those involved in this show of shame. Let me tell you, religion houses especially the churches are the safe haven for the looters in this country. Your pastors and general overseers who are flying private jet all around and riding big cars, are able to afford this kind of affluent living through donations from corrupt politicians.

They have chop "dodo", you shouldn't expect them to say "ododo"
Politics / Re: CCT Trial: Why Saraki Cannot Be Allowed To Go Like Tinubu – Justice Umar by ziccoit: 5:11am On Mar 25, 2016
If there is anything like justice in this country then Tinubu should be picked up and properly tried, the CCT haven acknowledged and accepted that it erred in its judgement. Otherwise anything done to Saraki while Tinubu walks free will amount to injustice and will show the judge as one just reading out a judgement handed to him by APC leaders.

Court doesn't look for criminals. It only heard the criminal case brought before it. The case against Tinubu has to be represented by by an individual etc through a lawyer before CCT can take action.


Politics / Re: Photos As Soldiers Clear Remnants Of Boko Haram Militants From Borno Region by ziccoit: 5:05am On Mar 25, 2016
Thank you God; thank you PMB; thank you the Nigerian Army; thank you the Patriots; thank you the doubters; and thank you those who will be sadden by this good news because of unnecessary primordial hatred.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Replies Critics, Says “I Have Three More Years” by ziccoit: 7:33pm On Mar 24, 2016
I have confidence in God that PMB administration is going to turn this country around for the best. Enough of knee jerking response and solution to myriad of problems facing us as a nation. By the time this government is through with unveiling what it has for Nigeria and Nigerians, the critics will have no choice but to prostrate in total submission for superior brain in PMB government.
Politics / Re: Less You Forget! Governor Obiano Did This In 2 Years (record Breaker) by ziccoit: 7:11pm On Mar 24, 2016
Op, it's not "less". It is "lest"

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Politics / Re: Say No To 'Women's Equality' by ziccoit: 7:08pm On Mar 24, 2016
There is no equality what I know is equity. The bill will never see the light of the day even if represented 1million times.
Politics / Re: If I Were You,i'd Be Too Ashamed To Mock Change: Oby Ezekwesili (photo) by ziccoit: 6:39pm On Mar 24, 2016
Wait a minute, Oby was a minister and DG at two different time under PDP administration. So what is she talking about?

She was not part of the Transformation "Transgression".


Politics / Re: FG Owes 16 States N580bn On Rehabilitated Roads by ziccoit: 3:19pm On Mar 24, 2016

Logical reasoning!
He constructed some federal roads. Question answered?

Which federal roads? Are you talking about Osogbo-Gbongan-Odeomu and Osogbo-IKIRUN-ilaodo that are currently rendered unmotorable? Aregbesola is a big scam, forget. He was my man until he proved himself to be useless.
Politics / Re: Magistrate Arrests Woman Who Scratched Her Car, Then Sent Her To Prison (Pic) by ziccoit: 5:31pm On Mar 23, 2016
Who will tell us the whole story pls.
Politics / Re: Osun State Civil Servants Receive January Salaries. by ziccoit: 4:31pm On Mar 23, 2016
Half of January salary, bros. Osun has been paying half salaries since July last year.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Senate Passes 2016 Budget - Premiumtimes by ziccoit: 1:35pm On Mar 23, 2016
And discipline on the part of PMB not to grease our legislators palm this time around, as it was used to be, to give the budget free right of way without scrutiny.

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Politics / Re: Buhari, African Most Incompetent, Unserious And Clueless Leader – UK Study by ziccoit: 1:27pm On Mar 23, 2016
GEJ presidency and his final boot from power due to his unprecendented failure and monumental corruption has really exposed his people and adopted relatives to be craz1ly intolerant and backward. What a stup1d set of 1diots.

PDP sore losers= TAN=IPOB


Family / Re: Meet The 26-year-old Lady Who Married A 74-year-old Nigerian Billionaire. Photos by ziccoit: 10:19am On Mar 23, 2016
Mbano is where exactly? Imo or Anambra?

I don't know. Google may help.
Family / Re: Meet The 26-year-old Lady Who Married A 74-year-old Nigerian Billionaire. Photos by ziccoit: 8:19am On Mar 23, 2016
It doesn't still answer my question. Let's even do a background check on her, and know what her social status was, before she got married.

I'll have you know that those village girls who marry poor old dudes didn't marry them on their own volition, probably they were given off like we see in the north. Lol.

Which normal thinking nigerian girl would want to marry a man 3 times her age.

Have you ever lived in village for up to 5years minimum? Small young poor girls married old poor men a lot and freely.

Meanwhile, I got this on the internet about the girl:

"Sources hinted that the father of the new bride, Chief Enwerem is a traditional ruler in the Ugiri autonomous community, in Mbano"
Family / Re: Meet The 26-year-old Lady Who Married A 74-year-old Nigerian Billionaire. Photos by ziccoit: 7:58am On Mar 23, 2016
Of course there is nothing bad in it, she's 26, he's 74. The question remains, will she have married the man if he was poor? Or struggling?

Her 'class' might not, but you've got to look at this by considering different social strata in a society. Many young poor local village girls have married poor old men the same way young enlightened city girls would marry rich old city men.

It's a class thing bros. You too get a class of people you could marry.

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