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Politics / Re: Ndume: Men Should Marry More Than One Wife by ziccoit: 5:22pm On Mar 08

what iz diz one sayin

Diz one was saying because they are senators doesn't mean they shouldn't crack jokes like every other persons.
Politics / Re: Ndume: Men Should Marry More Than One Wife by ziccoit: 4:39pm On Mar 08
So they should kill themselves because of economy hardship.
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-bruce Comes For Buhari In New Facebook Post by ziccoit: 3:38pm On Mar 08
Mr Bruce, here is my question;

Can you name a country in the world where it's the responsibility of government to help the citizens look for forex to pursue a foreign expedition when such could be easily sourced locally?

Common sense is not actually common.
Politics / Re: APC Member Buried Alive In Rivers State by ziccoit: 9:03am On Mar 08
Who is charge of that state? Wike or wetin be his name should call his thugs to order, a repraisal attack is going to be deadly and serious if the needful is not done on time.

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Politics / Re: #elrufaidestroyskaduna Trending On Twitter by ziccoit: 8:05am On Mar 08
Got this from someone.
Don't know how true it is

* In Kaduna you cannot preach without license
* Every preacher will have to go and get ONLY one year
license (renewable every year). That is, you must always
preach without an expired license or you risk 2 years
* If you invite any external preacher (i.e. preacher outside
kaduna state), such a person must be licensed for the
duration of his/her stay and the body issuing the license has
the right to reject external preacher they feel is not qualify
to preach in Kaduna state.
* Every preacher who want to be licensed will appear before
a screening committee. If he/she scales through, he/she will
only be given licensed for one year.
* The law criminalizes the use of CDS, Flash Drive and other
communication gadgets except in religious building or inside
your house.
* That means, you will be arrested for listening to preaching
or religious music inside your cars or in any open place
except in your house or religious building.
* If you preach without license, you are guilty of offense
punishable with 2 years imprisonment or a fine of 200,000.
You can’t use microphone in your church after 8pm you are
guilty of offense punishable with 2 years’ imprisonment or a
fine of 200,000.
* Since all preaching must be done within a building, it
means public evangelism will be criminalized. Those who
preach early morning, known by some as morning cry and
preaching inside bus if arrested will be fined N200,000.
* This could also means, people will not be allowed to go
out for evangelism on streets or move with vehicles with
address systems to advertise their programs.

Allowing those who know nothing about what they are saying to brainwash people was what to led to the birth of Boko Haram through one Yusuf. Don't make it as if it is an attack only on Christians, Muslims are even going to be worse hit by these wonderful laws.
I support this 100%


Politics / Re: Why DSS Arrested Ekiti Lawmakers by ziccoit: 7:05am On Mar 08
U no wan some pieces of our national akara be that

That pieces of national akara is actually pieces of poison.
Politics / Re: Why DSS Arrested Ekiti Lawmakers by ziccoit: 7:05pm On Mar 07
lolzzzz... So you wont do politics at all.

God forbid bad thing.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Court Okays Shielding Of Witnesses In Kanu’s Trial by ziccoit: 4:27pm On Mar 07
You've got to have a very big balls to fight a state and succeed, except if such a state is being led by a balless id1ot. PMB is even gentle.

Obj, I hail o.


Politics / Re: Gov.wike Declares Genocide On Apc Members In Rivers State by ziccoit: 3:26pm On Mar 07
The houseflies are now eating the man with a sore, nobody talks by the time the man decides to eat the houseflies people would now start shouting.

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Politics / Re: "I Can Turn Nigeria Around In 4 Months" : Goodluck Jonathan by ziccoit: 1:39pm On Mar 07
GEJ was a failure and everyone, except few of his people, knew that as a fact. But, it is criminal to ascribe to him what he hasn't said or done. So, I don't believe this fake news.

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Travel / Re: Ahmet Ali-Çelikten, The First Black Pilot In History Was From Nigeria by ziccoit: 1:25pm On Mar 07
"borno(now in nigeria)"
before where e dey??

When was Nigeria borne? Just a couple of years ago.
Politics / Re: Court Remands Badeh In Prison As EFCC Accuse Him Of Spending N878m On A Shopping by ziccoit: 11:54am On Mar 07
To steal money is one thing, dipping hands into blood money is going overboard.

That should tell Nigerians how useless was the last government. The government that has respect for nothing but their personal interests.
Politics / Re: FX Crisis: My Children Study Abroad Because I Can Afford It – Buhari by ziccoit: 9:24am On Mar 07
I learnt 40% of forex demand on education goes to primary school education! Nigerians and their useless craving for anything foreign.
Politics / Re: Saraki Bribes Judicial Reporters Ahead Of Corruption Trial - Sahara Reporters by ziccoit: 9:07am On Mar 07
Corruption is been run by well organized syndicate in this country. That's why it's very difficult to nail those who have ruined this nation. There is possibility that other interests, apart from the media, that have anything to do with this case would've been approached in the like manner.

PMB has a huge job on his hand if he must clean this country of rots.

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Politics / Re: Fans Bash MTN For # Istandwithbuhari by ziccoit: 7:59am On Mar 07

Your head no correct
Wen ur president is more interested in travelling
No project on ground since 9months
Padded budget
No power
Food stuffs prices skyrocketin on d daily
Even water is double price now
Who wants to stand with a dullar.d if not a zombie

The happenings today are as a result of what was done or left undone yesterday. Everythingyou mentioned above are happening because one Mr Ineffectual Buffon was once a president of this country.

PMB needs to travel to improve our already battered image. Even Morroco called the bluff of GEJ govt while, pathetically, mr Furtonato didn't aware.

Budgets has been padded for a long time but only came to light under PMB because he is unlike others who would grease the hands of legislooters to ensure free passage.

5K megawatt was the record highest in the history of this country and that did not happen under GEJ but PMB.
Politics / Re: Why DSS Arrested Ekiti Lawmakers by ziccoit: 7:02am On Mar 07
Lies, lies, lies everywhere. I hate politicians for their unbridled lies.

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Politics / Re: Fans Bash MTN For # Istandwithbuhari by ziccoit: 6:57am On Mar 07
Haters go and die.
IStandWithPMB my man.
Sai Baba Bubu

Your head dey there. When a fraction from a section of the country refuse to grow ball and let go on pains of defeat, how is that the Nigeria problem?


Politics / Re: James Ocholi's Son Last Instagram Post Before His Death(photo) by ziccoit: 6:23am On Mar 07
The long arm of death is going to catch up with each and everyone of us when it's least expected. The funny thing about death is you are going to be held accountable for the minutest of the sins. So, stop hating on NL, stop writing lies, stop denigrating your fellow beings, stop ethnic bigotry, stop abusing people, the list is inexhaustible.

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Politics / Re: Fayose To Buhari: I Can’t Be Intimidated By One Million Armed Men Of DSS by ziccoit: 7:52pm On Mar 06
Gbam! A governor should be free from federal Janggus.If DSS cannot be neutral from politics then Mr governor, you have the full power to throw them away from Ekiti State.

God bless Nigeria.

Fayose that was installed by the same DSS and army now vomiting rubbish. Let him try any form of nonsense with the DSS of today then he would know immunity clause has its limit.
Politics / Re: Fayose To Buhari: I Can’t Be Intimidated By One Million Armed Men Of DSS by ziccoit: 7:49pm On Mar 06
What a useless man. His situation is rendered pathetic when his handful supporters are from regions far away from where he is a governor. Yoruba people don't condone rubbish and indiscipline which Fayose is upholding.
Education / Re: "Three Friends & Their Careers": A Graduate Wrote This As A Book For Children by ziccoit: 7:23pm On Mar 06
A leader of tomorrow mentoring another group of leaders of tomorrow.
Politics / Re: The Car Crash That Killed James Ocholi (Photos) by ziccoit: 6:23pm On Mar 06
This life is useless.


Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Blasts Buhari,APC:Ur Change Is Change 4rm GEJ,Nt In Lives Of Nigerians by ziccoit: 2:41pm On Mar 06

Some Jambyts are not supposed to be allowed in this forum honestly.

In 1999 when PDP took over, price of crude was $15.24 and our foreign reserve was $5b. Yes PDP should have saved more than they did. But on a second thought, assuming we had up to $100b as reserve, then why and what will Buhari bring in as CHANGE that aided his "election". His election was packaged because he promised the gullible ones he will bring in sanity by killing corruption and not killing Nigerians before corruption.

The fact remains that, Buhari inherited a better Nigeria than where we are today and what PDP inherited in 1999.

Obj spent 8 YEARS not 8 MONTHS. You guys and the SINator that refused to make NTA a world class broadcasting industry want Buhari to achieve in 8 MONTHS what PDP accomplish in 16 YEARS.

Bros, who is now a jambite? If I may borrow your opening sentence.
Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Blasts Buhari,APC:Ur Change Is Change 4rm GEJ,Nt In Lives Of Nigerians by ziccoit: 2:02pm On Mar 06
This is not common sense but stup1dity. Apple for Apple, orange for orange.

Did Buhari inherit what Obasanjo handed over to Yaradua and Yar'Adua finally left for GEJ? GEJ met billion, made billion yet he squandered everything like a prodigal son. He allowed his kinsmen, friends and relatives to suck this nation dry. He met us in surplus but left us in a pool of debts. Yet one "common sense" SINator who is the part of yesterdays rots is deceiving the gullible youths on the obvious.

If mr Bruce is really sincere, let him start x-raying the 6 yrs of the past government in relation to what Nigerians are experiencing today. It's stupid1ty of highest order for him to think he can analyze today in isolation.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo's Adopted Son, Udoh Henry At His 79th Birthday In Ogun State.pics by ziccoit: 9:53am On Mar 06
U mean dat old man is just in 200l ,it is wah oo

What does age have to do with acquiring knowledge?

Have you ever heard of an advice from a noble man that we should look for knowledge from cradle to grave?


Politics / Re: Who Are Your Three Worst Governors In Nigeria? by ziccoit: 7:18am On Mar 06

The first three responses so far depicts the 3 category of likely school of thoughts you may see when answering this kind of question.

APC only


PDP only.


Romance / Re: Advert In Port-Harcourt: Do You Need A Wife Or A Husband? by ziccoit: 8:15pm On Mar 05
Ritualists beckoning. Call the number at your own peril.
Politics / Re: Read What An Influential American Organisation Is Saying About Goodluck Jonathan by ziccoit: 7:57am On Mar 05
These oyinbos are denigrating us at every opportunity. Every commonsensical steps taken by Africans look strange before them as if Africans are subhuman. Clinton handed over to Bush, who eventually handed over to Obama that's going to hand over to whoever wins the next America election, would never be a news because Oyinbos are superhuman with special brains.

GEJ did well but what he did wasn't special to be worthy of accolade except if we all want to agree that Africans are subhuman who are not capable of doing the right thing.


Car Talk / Re: Washing Automobile Mechanical Parts With Petrol; Is It Really Wrong? by ziccoit: 6:43am On Mar 05

Petrol will do it for nigeria driven car because of the toughness of mud stains. Kerosene is ok in clean road found in developed world. The designer of the course don't know that such a bad road found here could still exist. So they recommended non abrasive cleaner in kerosene

Bros, the cars were tested in toughest of the environments before those machines were rolled out of production line. Your argument about the environment doesn't hold ground.

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Car Talk / Re: Washing Automobile Mechanical Parts With Petrol; Is It Really Wrong? by ziccoit: 6:35am On Mar 05
Imagine how slow is the contributions to this wonderful topic. Had it been the topic was about Tonto and D'banj wears; the comments would have flown up to 10 pages in no time.

My take, I follow the expert recommendations and hints no matter how weird they might appear. Though, I am not an engineer but a lover of machine in top condition always. My auto technicians know I wouldn't take sh1t.

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Politics / Re: (photos) Gov Amosun Turns Traffic Warden At Lagos/ibadan Expressway by ziccoit: 9:54pm On Mar 04
Wearing black and standing in traffic is not considered good in traditional parlance though.

It signifies road accidents.

In the broad day light, bros!

Hun hun.
Politics / Re: Niger-Delta Militants Bomb Pipeline In Under Water Attack by ziccoit: 7:00pm On Mar 04
Let them continue degrading their environment thinking they are getting back at PMB, Nigeria or Nigerians. By the time the effects of those degradations set in with cancers etc I know they would start blaming the old ones among them for being witches and wizards.


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