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Politics / Re: I Didn’t Reconcile With Fayose- Aluko by ziccoit: 6:30am On Apr 06, 2016
He thought he went to beg secretly but didn't realise that Fayose called the press for evidence..when Fayose called him his boy why didn't he protest on tv

Did you read the post at all? Go back and read the post, then modify your comment.

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Politics / Re: “Gausiyya” Emerges In Markafi, Kaduna - El-Rufai by ziccoit: 6:23am On Apr 06, 2016
Ride on the intelligent governor. Any religion entrepreneur who can't operate under the law should relocate. We all know why those pastorenuers are kicking. They don't want their lies regulated. No Islamic body has kicked against this bill. Why oh why the Christian body especially the heavily commercialized ones? I wonder who has hiding agendas!

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Politics / Re: Epic Response Of Ben Bruce Abt Our Educational System On Twitter..see Photo by ziccoit: 8:43am On Apr 05, 2016
Students ride cars and they can not do without their cars. In fact it is a crime in Nigeria to be a student with a car at least. I rode Ferrari while schooling too.
Politics / Re: El-rufai To Suleiman: Mention The Day I Will Die by ziccoit: 5:06am On Apr 03, 2016
A clergy man should know better. What happened here is what my people would call "an old age doesn't always translate to wisdom", that's for Apostle Suleiman. In some Islamic countries such as Sauidi Arabia, you can not just wake up one day from wrong side of your bed and start passing opinion about an Islamic law and rule. There is a laid down procedure whereby every knotty knots are subjected to processing and tests according to what Hadith and Quran say before it's pushed out for public consumption. That's why there is harmony in those countries. That's an Islamic country! I assume similar thing is obtainable in Rome too.

That kaduna bill should be replicated in all states of federation. Enough of hate speech from supposed MOG and Imams. Call people to your side with wisdom not by passing aspersions to other people's faiths.

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Crime / Re: KAI Officials Apprehend Boys Urinating On 3rd Mainland Bridge In Lagos (photos) by ziccoit: 6:45am On Apr 02, 2016

perhaps the government should create "mobile toilets"gringrin
no fuel, no electricity and you're talking of toilets.. toilet ko, ile-igbe ni!

if he couldn't hold till he gets to a bush or something, then he might be a potential rapist.. he prolly has strong konji too!

soon people will blame rape cases on government for not creating brothels and employing 'oloshos'gringrin

I don't usually reply to post like this but I thought may be I should do to let you know some things you might be missing.

EKITI was recently declared as state where people deafecate mostly in the open in Nigeria with some states such as Osun closely trailing behind. A look at those states would definitely reveal a common pattern- lack of public toilets. These are the states with low IGR and they never thought provision of such facilities is a way of boosting the IGR!

We don't really appreciate the extent to which that could contribute to the health of the nation because people's habits that lead to their poor state of health always kill them silently. In a saner society, within 10mins of your radius at every point in time; you should be able to locate some public toilets! It's a project for LG which could be carried out under PPP arrangement.

Some people stayed outside their home, for a larger part of the day, almost everyday because of the nature of their businesses or works. Are you telling me those people would have to hold urine and faeces till they get back to their homes.

I only pray you don't find yourself in a situation where if you don't urinate or deafecate within the next min, you would have to soil your body. The urgency might be the reason that pushed the guy to do the next most sensible thing.

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Crime / Re: KAI Officials Apprehend Boys Urinating On 3rd Mainland Bridge In Lagos (photos) by ziccoit: 11:57pm On Apr 01, 2016

So he urinate there cos na he toilet ba? Are there no bushes around if it was urgent? Or better still the government should build toilet close to the bridge.

Don't get me wrong. Faeces and urine are estreemly difficult to hold up when they really want to come out grin . Women usually say the urge to deafecate or void urine could be likened to bearing down during labour.


Crime / Re: KAI Officials Apprehend Boys Urinating On 3rd Mainland Bridge In Lagos (photos) by ziccoit: 10:19pm On Apr 01, 2016
nice one, we Nigerian behave like animalz

Let me ask, could it be possible for this urinator (guy) to reach a public toilet within 10mins of his radius? If no, government should be blamed. If yes, the man deserved to be punished.

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Crime / Re: Man Steals Wine From Ikeja Supermarket (photo) by ziccoit: 10:40am On Apr 01, 2016
Ordinary two bottles of wine for 300,000k! Human blood not as expensive. In fact that could get you 40pints of fresh human blood.

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Politics / Re: Buhari And Tinubu Fall Out With Amechi; Amechi Threatens To Expose The President by ziccoit: 5:51am On Apr 01, 2016
Why should I do April fool when I'm not a fool?

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Politics / Re: Dino Malaye Writes About Obama In A Church by ziccoit: 8:59pm On Mar 31, 2016

Front 'row' brother,...'row'!
Don't mention.

Thanks, poo happens.

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Politics / Re: Dino Malaye Writes About Obama In A Church by ziccoit: 7:07pm On Mar 31, 2016
Who are those scrambling for front row in public events if not the ruling classes and influentials? The question to Dino is, what has he learnt?

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Politics / Re: President Buhari On Nuclear Energy by ziccoit: 12:05pm On Mar 31, 2016
My take. A community that hosts nuclear plant would definitely not touch such plant with 1billion km long rod not to talk of "destroying" it just to get back at the government for whatever nonsense reason such as; our son or adopted son has been booted out of power, Tompolo is our mentor cum ATM etc.

They quite know such a community would be wiped out of existence in no time. I think apart from hydro, nuclear is another best source of electricity generation. Thermal has been proved to be easily employed by the terrorists in Niger Deltans to get back at the government. Let's station a power plant in Anambra forest and see if those terorists would not behave. Heheheh.
Politics / Re: CCT Trial: Saraki Hires Foreign Investigators, Forensic Experts, Others by ziccoit: 6:11am On Mar 31, 2016
If tinubu is a saint, saraki shd be a saint too pls. Thank you

Let's assume your postulations are right, whose future is being mortgaged here? Saraki's , Tinubu's or yours? The way you people defend these corrupt politicians make me wonder whether you guys directly benefit from the loots? Hell, no, the support is simply borne out of ignorant, political and religion sentiments including ethnic bigotry.


Politics / Re: "Chibok Girls Not Missing" - Fayose by ziccoit: 5:22am On Mar 31, 2016
Every deductive and non-deductive reasoning point to the fact that those little defenseless girls are missing yet one "governor" who's supposed to know better says they are not. This was the same reasoning that led to delay in rescue those girls within 24hrs of the incidence. No wonder GEJ fell like a pack of card, if this silly governor was among those who were advising him.

Nigerians, can you see how a supposed governor thinks? I think we need to focus on these useless emperors.
Politics / Re: This Did Not Happen In Edo State. See How They Lied Against Gov Oshiomhole. PICS by ziccoit: 5:03pm On Mar 30, 2016
Who is the master of propaganda?

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Sports / Re: Egypt Vs Nigeria AFCON Qualifier: 1 - 0 on 29th March 2016 by ziccoit: 7:39pm On Mar 29, 2016
Sorry, Egypt is a better side only patriotism in me prays Nigeria wins this match.


Politics / Re: Twitter User Chydee's Prophecy Coming To Fruition? See Tweets by ziccoit: 8:40am On Mar 29, 2016
Change doesn't come easy. Every great nations of the world have experienced the hard transition period Nigerians are passing through now.
Foreign Affairs / Re: White House Shut Down Over Shooting by ziccoit: 8:58pm On Mar 28, 2016
America is too free a country. Human being definitely needs a measure of control to make him/her behaves normally. Imagine a country where everyone has right to carry gun. If you have a right to carry gun, you must also have right to use such gun at will. Rights to everything possible including right to right is probably going to destroy that country.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Buhari Refused To Sign 2016 Budget by ziccoit: 5:21pm On Mar 28, 2016

Still learning at over 70? grin

Yes, it's only the dead that stops learning. Learning period is between the cradle and the grave.

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Politics / Re: Stop Giving 13% Oil Derivation To Governors, Ndigbo Group Tells FG by ziccoit: 2:02pm On Mar 28, 2016
Government needs to amend the constitution to include a commission that would be empowered to handle how that 13% is deployed to oil producing communities not the state. EFCC, ICPC, world bank and IMF should be engaged to play a supervisory role.

Enough of governors embezzling the money meant for oil producing communities in the name of oil producing states which is quite different.

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Politics / Re: Today March 28, It's Exactly A Year We Voted For Buhari, Do You Regret? by ziccoit: 11:17am On Mar 28, 2016
Never will I regret my choice. I voted him. And am standing by him. You don't expect him to clean the mess pdp did for 16 in 9 months. Its impossible it's not done anywhere In D world

If GEJ, the Mr Hero had won the last presidential election for the 2nd term, nothing would have been left of economy with the level of corruption that would have been allowed to go on unchecked; BH would have spread down to the South with above 75% of Nigeria under terrorist control; he and NOI would have started selling Nigerians to slave trade to make more money available for stealing; GEJ would have sold everything Nigeria; coup de tat would have been staged and either GEJ killed or arrested and kept in jail; Nigeria would have been thrown into unending crises; we might have had a civil war on our hands by now.

So, voting Buhari was the best decision the brilliant among Nigerians made. That golden decision has saved my country from irrecoverable destruction and total collapse.

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Politics / Re: Unemployment:Why Are Zarah And Yusuf Buhari Not Applying For YESGRANT? by ziccoit: 9:59am On Mar 28, 2016
If they had applied you people would have maligned the president for using his seat to favour his immediate family members. So, they are not poor so don't need it.

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Politics / Re: My Problem With Buhari, By Gov. Fayose by ziccoit: 6:44pm On Mar 27, 2016
The problem you have with Buhari or the problem Buhari has with you? I love FG they have been......ctrl ignore this rogue and that seems to be painful.
Politics / Re: Late Joshua Ocholi’s Dream That Was So Cut Short by ziccoit: 7:34pm On Mar 26, 2016
Everyone will die with pregnancy of a kind of dream. The only way out of "perfect rest in peace" is to live a life of God not of that whom we think is "God".
Politics / Re: Buhari Encourages Sale Of Pvcs by ziccoit: 7:33am On Mar 26, 2016
Ok. Op, have you sold yours? Go and do if you haven't.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Economic Retreat Mere Jamboree, Waste Of N250m Public Fund – Fayose by ziccoit: 7:29am On Mar 26, 2016
Dindinrin n din robo governor. You are not to blame but those who thought you had learnt your lesson and voted you again. Fayose-the most useless stup1d 1diot ever walketh the surface of the earth.
Politics / Re: 2019: Give Us Another Chance, PDP Begs Nigerians by ziccoit: 8:47pm On Mar 25, 2016
PDP don eat am finish now. Did they leave anything behind dey won go back chop for 2019?


Politics / Re: Has Anyone Ever Seen PMB Without A Cap During Official Function? by ziccoit: 8:31pm On Mar 25, 2016

Sore loser IPOB (ibo 5%)! Chai, these little 5% kids never fail to display their true hatred for anything Buhari, APC of the rest of Nigeria! There's a photo of Buhari wearing a suit, playing with his grandson and of course not wearing a hat, the hateful IPOBs cannot and will not see that. If he wants to hide anything regarding his hair, he would have done it during that same campaign. After being elected, there is a photo of him in Saudi Arabia praying wearing a piece of white cloth wrapped around him and with no hat, posted most likely by his photographer or official media aide, Ibos cannot see that. See how hatred causes people to lose all common sense?

Why would Buhari, an already accomplished man at 73 be ashamed of a balding hair when men who are only 30 years or less, some not even married or dating are already bald or balding almost completely? Some of these have no jobs nor accomplished anything yet but they are bald! Kanu is a 40+ year old man, he is a washed-up failure in prison and would most likely be convicted of treason and executed, never achieving anything in his life but he is BALD! Why do Ibos have this much hatred for anyone? What is the use of GEJs hair that could not help him from losing an election or being such an "ineffectual Buffon" of a president who failed practically and left shamefully? Ibos can wail till they are blue in the face but I don't see how any part of Nigeria will ever trust them as dog catcher never mind being president!!

God bless you.

PDP sore losers= TAN= IPOB.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt AFCON Qualifier: 1 - 1 On 25th March 2016 by ziccoit: 7:07pm On Mar 25, 2016
When is return leg coming up?

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Politics / Re: "Full List Of 2016 Budgets For Nigeria States And Allocated Revenue " by ziccoit: 6:03pm On Mar 25, 2016

Ondo state an oil producing state owes 3 months salary.

Bayelsa, another oil producing state just got bailed out

Kogi is a mess

Imo is *sighs*

Yet Osun which collects "6 million" in federal allocation started paying salaries for January on monday meaning they owe just 2 months unlike 7-8 months some months ago and yet their federal allocation has not been increased.

I think we need to look at Osun beyong its allocation and ask how the government there has cut down the salary owed workers in yhe face of dwindling finances because in that amswer we will find out how Osun intends to finance a budget of 150 billion

Of course this message will be lost

Osun is owning 5.5mths salary. He paid half of July to January leaving 3.5mths arrears, adding February and March will give you 5.5mths. Aregbesola will not know what has befell him until very close to the expiration of his term. If he continues like this, he will be owning 1yr+6mths salary by 2018.

Meanwhile, NLC has publicly told him that they did not enter into half salary agreement with Aregbe that he has to pay the arrears as well as stop paying workers half salary. You know our emperors, Aregbesola didn't respond to the labour threat. I know NLC is buying its time, by the time they strike Aregbe, all eyes will see it.

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