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Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 3:01am On Dec 11, 2013
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 2:59am On Dec 11, 2013

Pls ziccoit, do u know a good benz mechanic.....

Your car yet to be fixed? Sorry about that. Where are you staying, Lagos?

@Smartchoice, pls come to our brother aid here. I guessed you directed a Nairalander to a MB specialist in Lagos not too long ago.

Btw, how have you gone with getting the car fixed? Hope you have not allowed them to damage the car more?
Car Talk / Re: Choice Of A Comprehensive Auto Diagnostic Tool! by ziccoit: 8:12pm On Dec 08, 2013
smartchoice: Please Cartalk enthusiasts I need advice on getting an auto diagnostic machine which is comprehensive i.e. covers vast varieties of vehicles in details. On my survey I came across the[i] Launch X431 GX3, MB Star C3 Pro and the Launch X431 Master[/i]. But my focus is on Mercedes I forgo the MB Star in favour of the Launch tool?

All contributions and suggestions are welcome.

The ones you selected are very expensive. They run into thousand of dollars to purchase if I'm not mistaking. Maintenance is even the problem which include software upgrade etc. Getting them may not be economically viable except if you run an autoMechanic workshops. An hand held tester/scanner that would be cheaper and all encompassing could be a better alternative to a proffesional diagonistic machine.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Do We Call This Head? (photo) by ziccoit: 6:37am On Dec 08, 2013
@Op, why are you making mockery of an innocent man? I believe you didn't seek his approval before you took the picture and posted it online for people to feast on. This is not doing justice to the man for something he could not control. Do the honorable by removing the man's picture from your post.

@Generalj, how does this qualify as hydrocephalus? Is that the only cause of big head?
Car Talk / Re: Comments/complaints/suggestions by ziccoit: 5:18pm On Dec 05, 2013
@Ikenna, why don't we have a dedicated thread for Aftermarket car radio installation and car stereo upgrade on cartalk? I am of opinion that DIY should not be only about mechanical but should be extended to car audio system too. Kindly let us consider this and make it a reality.
Politics / Re: 'Let’s Go Our Separate Ways, Form Separate Countries’ - Dokubo-Asari by ziccoit: 1:25pm On Dec 05, 2013
The moment you start eating on corruption, your thoughts become so muddled up that logical thinking become an alien to the brain.

Asari, go return what you acquire from corruption, come here again to discuss this matter. If your view remains unchanged, despite that; Nigeria can go her separate parts.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:58pm On Dec 04, 2013
halohs: Hello Good pple,

I have an issue with my Benz ML 430 (1999/2000) and my mechanic has been battling with it without coming up with a solution.

The problem has to do with the gear. Here is how it started. I was driving and after about 20 mins, i came to a stop due to traffic with the gear still in Drive. When it came time to accelerate, the car didnt was as if the gear was in Neutral. This continued for sometime. Then i put the engine off. After about 5 mins, i started the car, put the gear in Drive and it moved. The problem comes up when the car comes to a stop and when i stop and allow the engine to cool off a bit, it moves again.

Has anybody experienced this or does someone have any idea what the cause of the problem is?

Responses will be well appreciated.

PS: This is a nice and enlightening thread....keep it up.


The car enters a limp home mode, gets out of this when the engine is put off and the car moves normally when restarted. This tells us the problem may not be a major problem. The limp home mode, in this case, is protecting the car against a certain major damage which may not be related to the gearbox. Pls, ask your mechanic to scan the car as the first step towards arriving at solution. Don't allow him to touch anything until the car is scanned.
Car Talk / Re: My Truck Impounded Today because Of Tinted Permit by ziccoit: 8:53pm On Dec 02, 2013
If you can afford the cost, please go with a lawyer. Thank you for stand tall against corruption.
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 12:21pm On Dec 02, 2013
smartchoice: After installation temprature quite high because (I suspect) the mechanic did not adequately bleed the coolant system resulting in trapped bubbles. Movement is sharp cos I also just replaced the back suspension system in its entirety.

Cause of engine suspicion is that the wrong grades of engine has been used for an extended period of time prior to my ownership. Hence the car started smoking after a period of time.(months)

Got the engine for 40k without the compressor, installation 9k and transportation 7k from Apapa to Ekiti. Oil 8k Total quartz 9000 10w 40

Behr thermostat for the new engine unfortunate came with a broken waste pipe so I had switch to the old one. do you need one?

Quite an adventure. Hope the temperature is now good. Yes o. I need Behr thermostat including the automatic A/C heater control unit compatible with W202 1997 C230. I will be happy if you can be of help. Though, Au.Hanson has offered to help with the AC control unit but, it seems his hands are full now. So, I wouldn't mind if you could be of help. My mail is (ziccoit at gmail dot com). Thanks chief.
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 12:19pm On Dec 02, 2013
double posts.
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 8:22am On Dec 02, 2013
How is the car after installation? Considering the fact these engines can go as far as you want it, what do you think could have led to the engine failure? How much is the engine and how much did you spend altogether on installation?

Btw, can you "throw" me the Behr (see through telescopic eyes) thermostat in your old engine if it is still working fine?

You don enter am today. See how I dey bombard you with series of questions. Lol.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 5:31am On Dec 02, 2013
@Au.hanson, I am waiting on you concerning 1997 C230 automatic AC heater control unit. Please, help me look out for this as I'm on the verge of ordering via ebay which is going to be costlier than what I can have here.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 9:27pm On Nov 28, 2013
@Trace, I will look into the issue of constantly spinning radiator fan and failed thermostat. About the possibility of radiator fan electric being tampered with, I guess white people too have joined their Nigerian counterparts in the bussiness of wire bypass. Because, this vehicle has never being worked on in Africa.
Politics / Re: Presidency Reaches Out To Amaechi, Nyako, Others by ziccoit: 3:46pm On Nov 28, 2013
There is singular problem here, and one known solution is Mr GEJ. They guy, with the help of OBJ, has entered into a complex game with Northern political Juggernauts-those that matter, not the Tukos and the likes.
Now, back to the point. The problem is 2015 and the only solution is for Mr GEJ to forget about it and allow the OBJ and the likes to continue the political games, the nitty-gritty of which Mr GEJ doesn't know.
Autos / Re: What Are The Advantages Of Buying Used Cars? by ziccoit: 3:34pm On Nov 28, 2013


It depends on what types of new cars and used cars we are talking about. We have cars and we have motors cheesy

Yes we have cars and we have machines.
Car Talk / Re: LIST OF GOOD AUTO WORKSHOPS IN NIGERIA by ziccoit: 11:42am On Nov 28, 2013
Hi All, Please someone is giving me a Nigerian used 2000 Toyota corolla for 500K. It has a V6 engine, the car is well pimped and works very well. But i am thinking the price should be less. Also i am hesitating because is a V6. Please your advice. Thanks.

Toyota has never made a corolla with V6 engine. So, beware or get your information right.
Btw, wrong thread.
Politics / Re: PDP Expels Baraje, Oyinlola, Jaja by ziccoit: 9:35pm On Nov 27, 2013
Where is Ebora of owu? The baba Iyabo himself. What is the role of obj in this saga. JEG missed the road the moment he started throwing dirty punches at obj. Obj that singlehandedly destroyed ever potent political dynasty of Northern empire would not blink an eye to force GEJ on his knees.


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 8:14am On Nov 27, 2013

Failed thermostat!

The answer has been thoroughly answered [earlier-on] in this thread.

In addition to what the thread reflects on your issue: check your tensioner. If it's weak, use a lower thermostat (that is 85degC). The service can be deferred for a few years (if it's not critical). I don't recommend this approach but it's best than service job improperly done.

@Trace, welcome back to the house. You said sometimes ago that the only reason you visit NL is because of mb thread. So, where were you all this time?

About the issue of thermostat, I'm already looking for a Behr 87degC thermostat. Can the fail thermostat explain why the radiator fan kicks in and stay on right from the first minute of starting the engine?
If yes, kindly take me through the theory. I need to learn something.
Car Talk / Re: Driving A Manual/stickshift Or Automatic Transmission by ziccoit: 8:32am On Nov 26, 2013
Oh no. Do you really mean no one around 18-20yrs of age can drive stick except u?
Car Talk / Re: Interpretation Of Obdii Scan Results And Related Issues by ziccoit: 8:28am On Nov 26, 2013
Cartalk section is the major, if not the only, reason why I visit NL nowadays. The section is stuffy with stuffs and well managed compare to what obtainable in other sections. Thanks to the no-nonsense moderator-Mr Ikenna. I feel as if I'm in my sitting room whenever I enter the section. The atmosphere there is cool, devoid of heavy rain of abuses and all sorts.

About the code decipher, I'm learning. Welldone.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 6:29am On Nov 26, 2013
pafestula: automatic transmission Bro!

I believe it should be 5-SP 722.6xx transmission. Just look for the mb recommended transmission fluid. Those auto tranny boxes hate abuse o. I have similar issue when the agent poured Dextrom III into my gearbox. He thought the fluid was low. I didn't know how he arrived at that since they don't come with dipstick. May be via an eyes gauge. Lol. Yet to change mine but I don't drive the car for now until I remove the trans oil and pour the recommended mb fluid. Good transmission fluid is like blood to human which they say is life.

Suffice to tell you that the transmission works wonderfully well, very smooth, no hesitation. The moment I engage drive and lift my leg off the brake the car moves. No symptoms, nothing. Yet I believe I have to go the manufacturer ways, at least as far as transmission fluid is concerned, because they don't like abuse.

Good luck.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 4:46pm On Nov 25, 2013
pafestula: Hello house, please I need your candid opinion on this issue that has been bordering a friend.
A friend of mine just purchased 1999 A160 from Cotonou, the guy that delivered the car to him used from Cotonou changed the follow come engine oil and the gear oil to unknown gear oil, but he said the engine oil was changed to Mobil oil which he couldn't tell us the actual Mobil oil he used, based on his excuses that the car has over stayed in Cotonou before my friend purchased it...
Now my questions:- 1. What effect would this gear oil caused later?
2. What is the next step of action?
3. Then how about the availability of the spare parts for this car? because I got same type of car for my wife, which am also scared about where to be getting the spare for this car? Thanks

As for your concerns 1 and 2, just pack the car, look for the mb recommended engine and gearbox fluids, drain the systems off those unknown fluids and replace with MB recommended fluid.

I know engine oil should be mobil 1. You don't tell us the type of gear that comes with the car.

As for 3, I don't know.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 9:45am On Nov 25, 2013

I will my dear, but give me a little while to come out of the "grub". My hands are really full, just that i cant resist nairaland.

However are you really sure that that is the problem? Because what you state looks like something of a wrong thermostat temperature range. Have you taken time to actually look at your thermostat rating?

Thank u chief.

You may be right. In front of the car when the bonnet is opened, there is a sticker there that shows a thermometer with temp ranging between 60-80 degree celsius. Which means the thermostat might have been average of 75 degree Celsius. In addition to this, I check the thermostat housing, inscribed on it is WHALER and A111 203 08 75 MADE IN GERMANY. This is buttressing the fact that the WHALER thermostat installed might be of 71 degree celsius.
I started the engine, waited for like 8mins for temp to reach 78 degree celsius and I opened the hood. Upper hose of the thermostat was very hot couple with the fact that the radiator fan kicked started and stayed on as soon as I started the engine.
I read it here that when WHALER thermostat fails, it does so in opened state so that the coolant keep on flowing no matter the engine temperature making the engine run cold. Since I still able to get ave temp of 71 degree celsius I want believe the thermostat is still functioning but wrongly ranged as you said.

1. How can one explain the radiator fan that kicks in and stays on as soon as engine is started?
It runs at high speed with annoying sound (windy sound).

2. Why the radiator fan doesn't allow the temperature to go above the thermostat range before it kicks in?
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:42pm On Nov 24, 2013

Yes it is low because the engine is perfect, if it perform optimally at that level; no rough idling;picks ac well and no dragging.

But i'm not comfortable with the temperature reading , there's something wrong with the thermostat reading; you may be having a wrong temp thermostat there, the right thing should be 87 degrees centigrade. You have to check that too soon to maintain that nice engine of yours else...

Hmm. I have similar issue too. The coolant gauge always stands at 76- 80 degrees Celsius. I also noticed my radiator fan always kick in and stays on about 5-8s after I start the engine. I heard this might be related to the faulty automatic A/C heater control unit. This is what I need to replace as soon as I get one.

@au.hanson, kindly help me source for the part (automatic A/C heater control unit) in your area if you don't mind. I'll appreciate.

Thanks sir.
Car Talk / Re: What Do You Want In A Car Before Purchase? by ziccoit: 8:11pm On Nov 22, 2013
game_changer: I drive an EOD 2003 i think, V6; though it consumes more fuel but the driving pleasure is really good, i think i'll be sticking to 6 cylinder cars

You think the car you drive everyday is EOD 2003? What else do you think about the car please? I wanna know. grin grin grin

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Health / Re: African Traditional-Priest Performs Brain Surgery Without Anaesthesia! (graphic) by ziccoit: 11:24am On Nov 22, 2013
When there were no hospitals? But there were high end video equipment to record and store this charade? Tell us the herbalist was using the helpless man for experiment. Liars are liable to enter hell fire.
Car Talk / Re: Nissan Almera, Golf 3 And Nissan Micra, Which Is Most Rugged For Transport Biz by ziccoit: 5:45am On Nov 22, 2013
I see more Golf 3 on the road for the purpose you mentioned than the others. Not to mention the fact that people use it a lot as a personal car. It is rugged. Low cost of maintenance and easy to handle by mechanics not necessarily VW mechanics are added advantages.

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Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 12:18pm On Nov 21, 2013

All i can say is congrats bros , and very happy too that you have been able to sort out issues yourself(DIY).
Enjoy your performer mix with efficiency.

Chief au.hanson. You are welcomed back to the house. You're very right

This is what the owner manual says about the fuel consumption (L/100km) :

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 11:50am On Nov 21, 2013

If you in the central market area, jst ask a bike man 2 take u 2 'ore okpata'. Virtually any shop with the benz logo should have it.

Thanks chief. I am not living in Kaduna. I stay in Osogbo, Osun state. I will soon start going round the spare parts sellers in my neighbourhood to look out for the atf.

BTW, how much is a gallon (4L) of synthetic mobil 1? A mobil filling station in my area called it N8,500 flat rate.

I am going to need 6.2L here.
Car Talk / Re: Beware Of Catalyst Stealing Mechanics, Welders And Car Dealers!!!! by ziccoit: 9:07pm On Nov 20, 2013
jp philips:

your car is not a 1.8l, its either a 2.2l or 3.0 if its V6, what is causing the problem might be the rubbish they stuffed the exhaust with, a mechanic has suggested that to me in the past but i declined because the car actually saves more petrol with the CAT removed.
i really don't know why.

The guy said "European Honda Accord". Which is available in 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 I4 engines. I'm yet to see an European Honda Accord specs of 3.0 V6 engine.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Calls-Off Budget Presentation To N'Assembly For 'Security Reasons' by ziccoit: 8:21pm On Nov 19, 2013
May be he wants to harmonize how much he is spending on cooking utensils and feeding allowance this time around.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 6:27pm On Nov 19, 2013

Benz branded ATF is sold at almost every corner in kaduna. Its so easy 2 get down here. It cost 1K8 for 2 litre.

Great. Where are they sold in Kaduna? Filling stations or vehicle parts shops?

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