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Politics / MINIMUM WAGE: Oshiomhole Disowns Govs, Backs Workers by ziccoit: 5:55am On Nov 21, 2015
You must pay, he tells his colleagues
Says democracy can’t be run at govs’ comfort
Wabba, Ajaero factions unite to fight workers’ course
Reduce your pay by 50%, Ango Abdullahi tells govs


GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, yesterday, disagreed with other governors of the country on the ability of the states to pay the N18,000 minimum wage, saying they must pay.

Recalling that the minimum wage was agreed between the Federal Government and the organised labour by the previous administration, Oshiomhole told the governors and other elected political office holders that democracy cannot be run at their comfort and convenience

Oshiomhole spoke as the leader of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Prof Ango Abdullahi, blasted governors for claiming that they are broke and can no longer pay workers the minimum wage and as factional presidents of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrades Ayuba Wabba and Joe Ajaero,yesterday, attended the first Central Working Committee ,CWC, meeting organised by labour veterans and stakeholders to resolve the crisis that brought division among labour leaders after its election about six months ago.

Democracy can’t be run at govs, others’ comfort
Speaking at the meeting held at the Labour House, Abuja, Governor Oshiomhole said nobody would question the wisdom behind the payment of minimum wage to workers in the country as it was not imposed on the government, rather it was a product of agreement between government and labour.

His words: “I am a labour man, I have been clear with my colleagues in seeking to find solution to the problem we face. We have to be holistic, we cannot at one hand question the wisdom behind the national minimum wage. I joined the NLC to protest to the National Assembly when they were going to amend the constitution to make the minimum wage a concurrent issue.

“I said workers have a stake in this democracy. They are the ones who could afford to march the streets and they march the streets for democracy. Democracy doesn’t have to run at the comfort or convenience of governors, ministers, and presidents.

“I believe that the issue in the economy hasn’t got to do with minimum wage. I have always also reminded my colleagues that the minimum wage was not imposed, it was negotiated and state governments agreed to it, the president signed it not under duress, there was no strike to compel the then president to sign it, he signed it voluntarily.

“I believe when you look at the minimum wage, as it is today at N18,000, it is less than 100 dollars. I think it is now about eighty dollars. Now, divide eighty dollars by 31 days, you will be getting about two point something dollars.

“Now we cannot argue that workers in Nigeria formal sector should not earn more than two dollars a day, I cannot subscribe to that because the heart of governance is the welfare of the people.”

Economic challenges not enough to reduce workers’ pay
Noting that there were some economic challenges confronting the country, he said it was not enough for governors to start to tamper with an agreement the organised labour entered with government.

“Let me also say that I acknowledge that there are huge issues with the economy, there are huge issues about management capacity and I have been loud about the massive abuse and the looting of our common patrimony. My only complain is that the NLC voice was not loud when it matters, when the looting was going on, there was what I can call a criminal silence by the NLC. When the CBN governor raised the alarm, the NLC would have risen as a partner and I have always warned that the consequences of what the big people would do, will always fall on the small people.

“It is NLC business to interrogate every policy that will have immediate or long time consequences. What we have now is the medium term consequences of the massive looting and the gross mismanagement of our economy at the time when the oil peaked at $108, now at under $50, we are suffering a huge drop of 50 percent of national revenue and with a huge debt profile.

“So, on the one hand, you are looking for huge resources to settle debts incurred even in the midst of plenty and having to grapple with basic needs at the moment when oil prices have crashed. For me even if you abolish wages, it will not automatically translate to solutions.”

Wabba, Ajaero speak, vow to ask for pay raise

Also speaking after the CWC meeting, Comrade Wabba rejected the governors position, saying: ”We reject in its entirety, Nigerian workers will not take it lightly. We are not the problem, rather we are the solution. The problem is that they have not been able to reduce the cost of governance. They should go and reduce their security votes. Let them also cut down on the number of their entourages. They must also be accountable to the citizens that voted them into power. We are going to resist any attempt to tamper with the payment under any guise.

“Let them also note that the N18,000 was not allocated, it was negotiated through a tripartite process and it is a product of law that is even due for review. We are going to champion the review.

“Let us also put them on notice, if attempt is made to reduce, review or do anything outside the legal minimum of N18,000, which cannot even take us home, we are going to resist it. Nigerian workers will be mobilise to resist.”

On his part, Ajaero, who also said that efforts had gone far to resolve the crisis in the union, also noted that the organised labour would not allow the governors to toil with the welfare of workers.

He said that NLC would ensure that the governors comply with the agreement entered into with government even as he acknowledged that with more efforts in the process of resolving the crisis in NLC, they will be able to consummate their discussion.

Apologise to workers, reduce your pay by 50%, Ango Abdullahi tells govs
Backing the workers, Prof Ango Abdullahi asked any of the governors who cannot pay the minimum wage to resign and pave the way for those who can do so in the interest of Nigerian workers.

In a chat with Saturday Vanguard, yesterday, Prof Abdullahi described the governors’ claim as irresponsible, insensitive, embarrassing and unacceptable to Nigerians given the huge amount they and their retinue of aides pocket monthly.

The former Ahmadu Bello University Vice Chancellor noted with displeasure that governors, who were taking billions of Naira monthly under the guise of security votes, which they don’t account for, could wickedly refuse to pay their workers a worthless minimum wage of N18,000 monthly.

He said any governor who does not resign but continues to stay in office while claiming inability to pay the minimum wage should not be taken seriously by the Nigerian workers.

“If certain political appointees of the governors take home at N1 million monthly, how can the same governors not be able to pay as little as N18,000 to each worker who works daily for the state?” he asked.

Abdullahi, who was Obasanjo’s Special Adviser on Food Security, asked the 36 governors to reduce their earnings by 50 percent so as to leave more money available for their states.


Celebrities / Re: Shan George Acquires New G-wagon [photo] by ziccoit: 10:21pm On Nov 20, 2015
Congratulations! Hope she can handle that machine" mecedise benz products are made for Intelligent people"
Politics / Re: Why Pro-saraki Senators Should Forfeit Their Pay, By Femi Falana by ziccoit: 6:25am On Nov 20, 2015

Bros please Saraki is not facing trial for diversion of public funds and properties!! His case at the CCT bothers on alleged failure to declare certain properties of his and declaring properties he was yet to acquire!!!(Not the word ALLEGED) No one is accusing Saraki of taking a pin from anywhere!!!

You are just downplaying the gravity of Saraki case at cct. It goes beyond that. He too knowns when the sources of fund he used to acquire those properties are made open he may be eventually sentence on corruption and embezzlement of public fund. Go and read the 13 count charges again. The highlights are as follow:

1. False declaration of asset by making anticipatory declaration for asset yet to be acquired.

2. Acquisition of about N500M property above his income and loan capability which he wrongly claimed to have acquired from proceeds of rice and sugar commodities.

3-9 &13. Refusal to declare asset acquired while in government at either the beginning or end of his tenure (1st and 2nd term)

10-12:- Operation of foreign accounts while in government.


Politics / Re: Why Pro-saraki Senators Should Forfeit Their Pay, By Femi Falana by ziccoit: 6:01am On Nov 20, 2015
Why is this femi not the new attorney general of the federation? Now I know. He is a propaganda lawyer who believes in prosecuting cases on the pages of newspapers in order to blackmail judges and deceive gullible nigerians. Most cases at the CCT are civil cases and rarely criminal that is why the punishment is usually not jail time but lost of office or ban from holding office. They don't become criminal cases simply because a danladi/femi falana say so. So the law you are referring to applies to criminal cases and not civil cases. Who determines whether a case at CCT is criminal or Not? Definitely not femi falana so you can keep deceiving your apc family till they finally make you their chief propaganda lawyer

What is more criminal than diverting the public funds and properties for personal use while millions of Nigerian are going without food, qualitative education and health service? Saraki case is a criminal case not a civil one. Civil cases include fighting over land ownership, chieftaincy titles etc without criminal coloration. What is civil about allegation of corruption?

Guy, stop misleading people.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Sends Judge On Retirement For Misconduct by ziccoit: 3:00am On Nov 19, 2015
PMB promised he would build institutions and allow them to function. Sheu Garba was asked by a channel tv presenter on fuel scarcity, the man said he would advise the question was directed to NNPC that institution of government should be allowed to work.

Where am I going? NJC is an institution of government which was created , vested with enormous power and responsibilities among which is strengthen the structures and integrity of the rule of law; preserving and improving justice. Now that a judge has been found guilty and recommended for dismissal from service by NJC the rest now lie with the president and his person whether he would allow the impunity to continue or not. We have so accustomed to abuse of power and process for so long that majority find it difficult to recognize right things in our system. Right is seen as being wrong and vice vasa.

On the last note, majority of comments here where the commenters attacked the step took by the president were borne out of nothing but hatred for the occupier of seat of president. They know what is right and how things should go but will never give credit to the man for job well done.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Reacts To Yola Bombing On Twitter (snapshots) by ziccoit: 1:02pm On Nov 18, 2015
"Hand-in-hand, we will rid our land off terrorism" - Buhari.

Funny! He suddenly wants us to work hand in hand to rid off terrorism... What did he do to help under GEJ's Gov't?

What did GEJ do to help himself in 5yrs abate last minutes when defeat was imminent? PMB, by God grace is going to win this war at record time.

Defeat hangover syndrome.
Autos / Re: Ford Nigeria Unveils The First FordRanger To Come Out Of Nigeria Plant by ziccoit: 12:24pm On Nov 18, 2015

How many Nigerians are graduates of:

- Technical and
- Vocational schools

How many
What %?

My man. Ford is a company that already has technical sheet and data for its production lines. What the company would need to do to manufacture in Nigeria is to import that technology and start developing human power resources. Very easy.

Meanwhile, before GEJ left the government there was a policy in which import waiver was placed on vehicle assembly parts and materials compare to imported finished products. Fords is only taking advantage of that loophole in our system by taking parts and materials down to Nigeria for assemblage. Oyinbo taking advantage of Africans since time immemorial.
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan Regime Signed TSA Agreement With 1% Fee - Minister by ziccoit: 12:12pm On Nov 18, 2015
Yes, the previous administration signed the agreement and that administration is implicated in this case but this present government that implemented the TSA without review equally has questions to answer.

GEJ tenure employed some people in DSS which was later disregarded by this same administration. There have been probes upon probes , reviews upon reviews on some actions and inactions of past administration including the current Col Dasuki arm purchase; so the question is: What stopped PMB to review this TSA as he has been probing and reviewing others before going ahead to implement. PMB administration is implicated too.

It is, however, interesting to know that report has it that PMB didnt need to review anything, what he has done was he directed CBN to stop Remita from deducting from TSA. This is what I called responsible and responsive leadership.

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Autos / Re: Ford Nigeria Unveils The First FordRanger To Come Out Of Nigeria Plant by ziccoit: 12:02pm On Nov 18, 2015
Assembly. I am not impressed. Manufacturing, ok. QED.
Politics / Re: ‘you Have No Power To Summon Me’-lamorde Tells Senate by ziccoit: 10:30am On Nov 18, 2015
The guy surely has skeleton in his cupboard, in fact in his entire house. Why running away from probe if you have nothing to hide.
Politics / Re: SaharaReporter: How Saraki N'tnal Assembly Secretly Opposed Treasury Single Acct by ziccoit: 10:06am On Nov 18, 2015
TSA policy is a big heavy sledgehammer on the back of corrupt leaders. No more free money.
Politics / TSA: AGF Disowns Remita by ziccoit: 7:31am On Nov 18, 2015
The Accountant-General of the Federation (AGF), Alhaji Ahmed Idris, has distanced his office from the use of Remita software, owned by SystemSpecs, for the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy. This is even as the Senate on Tuesday said it would not bow to any form of intimidation on its resolve to probe the alleged fraud of N25 billion in the management of the Treasury Single Account (TSA). The Senate had last week accused SystemSpec/Remita of ripping off the Federal Government to the tune of a whopping N25 billion just by using its software to transfer Federal Government’s funds from financial institutions into a single treasury account (TSA).

The Senate further alleged that the said sum of N25 billion accrued to Remita after it charged 1 per cent of all the monies that passed through it which amounted to N2.5 trillion. In an interview with the Daily Times in his office in Abuja, the AGF said he never signed any contract with Remita, adding “officially, I don’t know Remita. Who engaged them?” He stated that if actually his office was aware of the deal, ‘’why is it that the National Assembly did not invite me but CBN?”

Also reacting to the TSA commission scandal on Tuesday, the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed insisted that the funds that have accrued to the Treasury Single Account remain intact and challenged anyone who has any fact and figure to the contrary to make such information public. In a statement issued in Abuja, Mohammed reiterated the fact that less than N2 trillion has accrued to the TSA, hence the one per cent charges on the amount could not have been N25 billion.

He said “For the sake of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora who have been following the TSA debate, we hereby restate the facts: The TSA deal was initiated by the immediate past administration but only enjoyed a new lease of life under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari because of his sterling leadership qualities of accountability, transparency, uprightness and respect for the rule of law. “Any agreement on the TSA charges was reached long before the present administration assumed office. “Even if the agreement on the charges is one per cent, it could not have amounted to N25 billion because the total amount of money that has accrued to the TSA is less than 2 trillion Naira. “Even if one per cent was agreed as charges, whatever accrues therefrom was meant to be shared among the CBN, Systemspecs (the owner of the Remita software) and the commercial banks, hence no single company could have collected 25 billion Naira as charges. “As at the time the controversy over the TSA broke, the total amount of money in the TSA was less than 800 billion Naira. “The TSA has neither been enveloped in any fraud nor has any money from the account been diverted.”

Meanwhile, the Senate on Tuesday while insisting that it would not be intimidated on its resolve to probe alleged N25 billion fraud in the management of the TSA said it has a constitutional duty to institute probe into activities of government considered suspicious most especially on issues bothering on financial impropriety. The Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, said this when reacting to a motion moved by Senator Dino Melaye (APC-Kogi West) who called the attention of the plenary to a newspaper article, which he said, was published to blackmail the Senate on TSA. Saraki said: “No amount of either blackmail or intimidation will stop us from doing the work we have to do”. “We have a responsibility here to ensure that there are no leakages in government funds and if there are, we will call the attention of the public and do whatever it takes to salvage the situation; it is our responsibility. “The fact about the TSA will come out and everybody will have opportunity before the committee to state the fact, the facts will speak for themselves.’’

Melaye while moving his motion said the article written by a Managing Director of a national daily (not Daily Times) was intended to rubbish the Senate’s attempt to probe the allegation of a rip-off by an agent appointed to manage the transfer of monies from Commercial Banks into the coffer of the Central Bank on the TSA initiative.

Politics / Re: REVEALED: How Much Buhari’s Ministers Will Earn Yearly. by ziccoit: 6:46am On Nov 18, 2015
Source b4 I comment.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Accountant General Signed TSA Agreement With REMITA, Not Jonathan by ziccoit: 2:40am On Nov 18, 2015
Back and forth like pendulum motion. This is a different version of earlier report where former CBN governor under GEJ was said to have entered into the agreement with remita. Until this news is reported by reputable news media I keep my finger cross.
Politics / Re: Presidential Air Fleet Expenditure 2015 - Presidency by ziccoit: 1:28am On Nov 18, 2015
Responsible and responsive leadership.

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Politics / Re: 7 Recent Points The Army Has Scored Boko Haram That Wil Make You Feel Proud(pics by ziccoit: 1:19pm On Nov 17, 2015
The army is winning the war.
Politics / Re: How To React To people Accusing you Of Using the French Flag As Profile Picture by ziccoit: 6:32am On Nov 17, 2015
Those western worlds are egocentrically parochial against other worlds most especially the Africa. For a long time I have been listening to BBC news there has never been an occasion a positive news is carried about Nigeria. There was a time BBC reported a fake news that scores of people have died of Cholera in a town which is a stone throw from where I lived then. 5 minutes on ground investigations then revealed there was nothing like that, only 3 people were hospitalized and were even doing well.
Politics / Re: Fayose To FG: Tell Nigerians Owners Of REMITA by ziccoit: 3:03pm On Nov 16, 2015
There is always numerous evidence to prove you collect money for the government, where the problem arises is whether the same money collected is properly remitted to the government cover and how it's spent. With TSA, the money you claim to have been collected for the government would have to be properly remitted nilly willy. There would be no more cool money in one strange account, unknown to the public, that the state governors and president could use at will without appropriation. Corrupt elements among the leaders would now be easy to trace. How money is spent is now going to be more open as the fingers would be pointed at the person at the helm of affairs.

Fayose only trying hard to have reasons not to implement the policy in his state for fear of being more transparent and open in spending. TSA is like opening the Yansh of government finance to the public which the corrupt leaders don't like. I hope there is a law CBN could use to force the policy on all states of federation. Corruption at all level must be reduced to the minimum.

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NYSC / Re: The Romantic Proposal At NYSC Camp By Two Lovely People by ziccoit: 8:32am On Nov 16, 2015
The guy wear even has an inscription "HUSBAND Material". I pray he lives up to and beyond the girl's expectations.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Likely To Take Over As Buhari Commits Perjury Over Certificate Scandal by ziccoit: 11:52pm On Nov 15, 2015
This can never happen. Because Osinbanjo is backed by a race of COWARDS and SPINELESS WASPS. Unlike the brave Igbo race, who took to the street to protest the abuse of the constitution by the Yaradua cabal, if such a situation repeats itself, expect the wife of the President to take up the position of President, and the cowardly Yoruba tribe to follow blindly.

Chief Aremu Obasanjo Baba Iyabo, Ebora of Owu-a Yoruba, singlehandedly made GEJ the president. When GEJ was washing utensils in Turae Kitchen, it was a group of Yorubas, led by Pastor Tunde Bakare and Prof Wole Soyinka, that took bold steps toward ensuring GEJ returned to his rightful place. The only time Yorubas didn't support him and you Ibos did was the time he lost an election. Even the goodluck in his names didn't rescue him.

I don't do tribal nonsense but I need to put record straight.

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Politics / Re: Treasury Single Account Is A Fraud, Says Fayose by ziccoit: 7:21pm On Nov 15, 2015

CBN Governor has the power to do whatever pleases him. No court can stop this policy.

Fayose is only giving his supporters something to masturbate with. Fayose has no choice but to bow to CBN unless he wants Ekiti allocation to be seized.

Correct guy. I learnt CBN just seized one state September allocation when the governor was unable to give account of how Salary bailout fund was spent. That was in variant with my earlier belief that FG has no such power.

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Family / Re: When Your Child Is Quiet For 5 Minutes (hillarious Pictures) by ziccoit: 4:24pm On Nov 15, 2015
Don't be scared of marriage. Children are lovely.


Politics / Re: Photos: Buhari Visits IDP Camp In Yola, Says Boko Haram Will Soon End by ziccoit: 5:30pm On Nov 13, 2015
The feeling I am having nowadays with PMB in government, is just like when you are inside the back seat of a car (preferably Benz product) relaxing with AC fully blasting when you understand your driver is very competent, ultimate professional and expert at the back of the wheel. You may even want to sleep with both eyes closed knowing that your driver would not allow anything to go wrong even when you are not watching.

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Politics / Re: How Dino Melaye Misled The Senate On TSA, Remita by ziccoit: 5:04pm On Nov 13, 2015

Guy, please read the OP' post again. It clearly answers most of your questions. I have reproduced part of it again, below. NIBSS did not score highly in the technical evaluation.

Ok, let me call it a day here until more revelations, if any, crop up on this matter.

Have a nice day.
Politics / Re: How Dino Melaye Misled The Senate On TSA, Remita by ziccoit: 4:38pm On Nov 13, 2015

Guy, please understand how the system works. Who is this unnamed CBN Official that is spewing forth inanities? shocked The payment platforms that CBN has used over the years, have been beset by various problems.

Let us start with RTGS which was installed by a foreign company. To use that platform, CBN surcharges every commercial bank a large sum annually, to cover the cost of the backhaul and other equipments used to keep that platform, operational. Yet, it is very slow and breaks down frequently, and you have to call their offices every few hours each time it starts to drag. Each time this happens, the banks start to panic and call the CBN offices repeatedly, because there is a penalty for late submission of returns. There are even limitations as to what you can do on that platform. It is not even available to banks' branches in some local govt areas.

Don't forget that it was because of the inadequacy of their existing platforms, that CBN undertook the search for a new platform that was far more effective. A number of companies bidded for it, and after due diligence and checks, CBN chose Remitta. Even NIBSS the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System which is jointly owned by the existing commercial banks and CBN, could not offer the service at the agreed fee. It did not score highly also in the technical evaluation of its existing platform.

In fact, let me stop here.... I have even given away too many secrets.

Throw more light @bolded.

Did NIBSS offer to provide the same service at higher fee?

Who didn't score highly in tech evaluation? Remitta?
Politics / Re: How Dino Melaye Misled The Senate On TSA, Remita by ziccoit: 3:48pm On Nov 13, 2015

“Going forward, it is our intention to review the contract on the software, because the CBN has its own software for e-Payments and e-Collections,” a CBN official, who did not want to be named, said.

The post above is from another thread related to the issue of discuss and that is where the problem is. If the CBN has the resources to handle the project; why contracted it out at the expense of the state? There are lots of wastage in this country. Projects are awarded just to create avenue for some people to "eat" from the system.

In one of the SW states, the governor bypassed the workers who are employed and statutorily empowered to pay the workers salary by contracting out salary payment to a company. The company now deducts N50million Naira as processing fees each time worker salary is paid. This is the same state which has been finding it so difficult to pay the workers and owning them months in arrears.

I am definitely tired of this system. Corruption has been legitimatized as if it is actually part of Nigeria constitution.
Politics / Re: Protagonists Of Biafra Not Invited To UN Or AU Meetings —uwazurike by ziccoit: 2:14pm On Nov 13, 2015
Politics / Protagonists Of Biafra Not Invited To UN Or AU Meetings —uwazurike by ziccoit: 2:10pm On Nov 13, 2015
By Chidi

On July 22, 2015.

OWERRI—The leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, said that neither the United Nations nor the African Union, has invited the protagonists of Biafra to any of their meetings.

Chief Uwazuruike, who debunked the rumour making the rounds in Igboland while fielding questions from newsmen in Owerri, also revealed that the two bodies said they only invite member nations.

“I sent the Bill of Rights to the United Nations in 1999, when I started the struggle. Up till now, the United Nations, UN, and African Union, AU, have not invited Biafra as erroneously peddled by interest groups”, Uwazuruike said.

The MASSOB leader advised Ndigbo to stop begging for survival in the Nigerian project, stressing that the Igbo fought the bitter war in self defence, when the decimation of their numbers reached alarming proportion.

“Events have continued to show that Ndigbo are not wanted in Nigeria. Igbo should desist from being selfish and sycophants. We should think of the way forward for Ndigbo before personal interests”, Chief Uwazurike pleaded.

Answering a question, the MASSOB leader said that the actualization of Biafra was certain, pointing out that revolutions take time but never fails.


Biafra: UN invites group to June meeting

By Our Reporter on May 11, 2015 COVER
■ We’ll request recognition, says Dozie


Supreme Council of the Elders of In­digenous People of Biafra has re­ceived an invitation from the United Nations (UN) to attend one of its meetings in New York in June, the first invitation to such a meeting since the Biafran pressure group came into existence.

Deputy Chairman of the or­ganisation, Dr. Dozie Ikedife, disclosed this to Daily Sun in Nnewi at the weekend. He said a delegation of the pro- Biafrans would be leaving Nigeria for the June meeting as soon as the group raised lo­gistics for the trip.

Asked what request the group would make at the UN, he said: “We have no other request than the recognition of Biafra, recognition that we exist, recognition that we have the right to be given the oppor­tunity for self-determination, that the Indigenous People of Biafra have the right for self-determination, which Nigeria should allow to take place.”

He said in December 2014, the organisation sent a del­egation to Nairobi, Kenya at the invitation of the African Union (AU) to attend its Eco­nomic, Social and Cultural Council meeting.

Ikedife insisted that the group would continue to pur­sue its right for self-determi­nation without breaching any municipal or international law.

“The only setback, which can discourage us, is lack of money to finance the project. You know dissemination of information is not cheap. We have a radio station called Voice of Biafra. We also have difficulty in financing it be­cause we think the people we are fighting for will appreciate the effort, but they have not bought into the idea of sup­porting the movement,” he said.

He assured that the suit for self-determination filed by one of the arms of of the organisation, Billie Human Rights Initiative, against the Federal Government at the Federal High Court, Owerri, would soon continue now that judiciary workers had called off their strike


Note:- It seems the handlers of Biafra struggle do not agree on a lot of issues as related to their supposed agitations. Each individual knows what he wants in Biafra. The only people in the deepest of the darkness are the gullible youths protesting under the scorching sun on empty stomach. Definitely, somebody is spinning lies here.

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Politics / Re: Military Repels Boko Haram Attack On Gwoza by ziccoit: 2:02pm On Nov 13, 2015
Kudos to the gallant soldiers. The military seems to be closing up on those miscreants nowadays as their activity has greatly reduced.
Business / Re: Real Owners Of REMITA- System Specs Company by ziccoit: 12:57pm On Nov 13, 2015
What exactly is the problem with this commission on TSA? We are talking of a system that is taking in a liability of 2.5trillion naira and all that we are after is just 25billion naira. I don't blame Nigerians, it's those pirates at the Computer Village Ikeja that I blame. They made it impossible for us to buy genuine softwares. That is why it is increasingly difficult to have a fully Nigeria made software that will be of global standard. What is their crime in charging 1% for crying out loud? Can't we look at it from the other angle that if anything happens to the 2.5trillion these guys would have been indebted to that tune? So how much is 25billion compare to 2.5trillion.

There should be a limit to the way we play politics sometimes.

It is confirmed that CBN has the same software, solution and system with the competent people paid by taxpayers to handle it yet the job was contracted out just to stuff the pocket of individual few. What you said only hold water if CBN didn't have the capacity to handle such.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Sliding Into Dictatorship, PDP Raises Alarm by ziccoit: 11:10am On Nov 13, 2015
Dictatorship is when 16 is greater than 19.

Dictatorship is when police invaded Rivers State government house to stop a sitting Governor gaining entrance.

Dictatorship is when 6 members wanted to impeach a Governor.

Dictatorship is when SSS invaded and ransacked APC computer data base office in Lagos.

Dictatorship is when all key APC members were arrested and detained prior to governorship elections in Edo, Anambra, Ekiti, Osun etc.

Dictatorship is when Niger Delta Militants were awarded with contracts to supply military Hard Wares without the knowledge of Defense Ministry.

Dictatorship is when Adamawa State had 4 Governors in 4 consecutive months due to impunity.

Dictatorship is when DSS blocked Tinibu's house for 5 days.

Dictatorship is when police sealed National Assembly complex to stop speaker and his men from sitting.

Dictatorship is when judiciary was fully compromised where PDP as high bidders given upper hand in every verdict.

Dictatorship is when Borno Airport was closed to stop Governor from flying but allows Ali Modu Sheriff to fly freely.

Dictatorship is when Sanusi Lamido was sacked because he exposed criminals.

Dictatorship is when Governors private jets were impounded deliberately as perceived enemies of presidency etc.........

Jonathan and PDP are not even ashamed of themselves by calling some people Dictators? What a senile people!
Thumb up.

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Politics / Re: Central Bank Recovers N8.6bn From Owner Of Remita, Systemspecs by ziccoit: 5:39am On Nov 13, 2015

“Going forward, it is our intention to review the contract on the software, because the CBN has its own software for e-Payments and e-Collections,” a CBN official, who did not want to be named, said.

Why must Sanusi contract out what CBN could have handled? He has some explanations to make here.

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