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Nairaland / General / Re: 35 Interesting Facts You Don't Know by ziccoit: 2:32am On Sep 03, 2013
About "Money isn't made out of paper it is made out of cotton wool" is not true for Nigerian money which is made out of polythene bag.


Politics / Re: 22 Senators Back Baraje-led PDP Faction by ziccoit: 2:20am On Sep 03, 2013
PapaBrowne: Is it any surprise that all the names are from a single region in the country? Is it it evident already that it is the same born to rule mentality that is driving their decisions. Only Amaechi and his 2 senators are non northerners.

The same people who intensified Boko Haram just to make live to their promise of making the country ungovernable. Now Boko Haram is literally over and they are beginning to show face one by one.

Just one word: As they gathered together in 2011, so shall they gather again in 2015. A sthey were beaten in a landslide in 2011, so shall they be shattered again in 2015

Most of you people are liers. Why don't you try and face the fact as it is? Have you forgotten how this started? Let me remind you? It was started in 1999 when an agreement was reached in PDP to start rotating power between the South and the North so that there would be peace. In 2007, Ya'adua kicked started the North's turn in fulfillment of the agreement. His 'premature' exit paved way for Mr GEJ to complete what he started with his boss. He was expected to leave so that the North would come onboard only to turn around acted as if there was noting at stake. He purportedly reached another fresh agreement with the Northern governors again to rule for a single term only. Now that he knows power is sweat, he wants to take the Northern leaders for another ride, despite the lackluster performance , and cajole them into running for second term.
Now, how can you blame them for asking Mr GEJ to honour yet another agreement he reached with the Nothern governors 2yrs ago?


Car Talk / Re: Driving Road Worthy Cars On Nigerian Unworthy Roads by ziccoit: 7:18am On Sep 01, 2013
It is obvious Govt is not ready to proffer solutions to myriads of problems facing her citizens. The ones that even want to help her are subjected to some administrative bottlenecks. Now, what is the way forward?
Politics / Re: Why We Broke Away - PDP Faction by ziccoit: 5:31am On Sep 01, 2013
PDP is a party that needs to die so that Nigerians would be liberated.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Fani-kayode To Bianca Ojukwu - I Did Not Lie by ziccoit: 5:04pm On Aug 30, 2013
May be they should be allowed to start off again where they left some years back. This is in the spirit of fairness and transparency.


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:44am On Aug 30, 2013
ziccoit: How much is 19998/99 mercedes benz W202 C200 5SP automatic gearbox sold in the market and what is going to be the total cost of gear replacement? Is the gear freely available in the market?

Kindly respond to this query. Thanks.
Religion / Re: 92-Yr-Old Stops Her Attacker By Preaching To Him by ziccoit: 6:43pm On Aug 29, 2013
Ma y people have used this same method and got killed while many have survived. The question is, why should this turn into a church thing?

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Health / Re: Health Workers Call Off Strike by ziccoit: 1:02pm On Aug 28, 2013
Babalegba: Barbarian doctors in a barbaric society, showing almost complete disregard for the well-being of patients.

Welcome back from the cave. Now that you are inside the civilization, kindly ask for who is a Doctor and who is on strike.
Politics / Re: APC Considers Zoning Vice Presidency To S’east by ziccoit: 1:44am On Aug 28, 2013
Tall dream.

Car Talk / Re: Nigerian Man Built A Car That Runs Both On Land And Sea (aqua-car) by ziccoit: 1:26am On Aug 28, 2013
Car Talk / Re: Views On Nissan Primera P11-144 by ziccoit: 1:16am On Aug 28, 2013
austin4real: Hi peepz in the house, i wanna know more abt this vehicle highlighted above. Purchased one a few weeks ago, and took it to the mechanic for servicing and i gotta admit, the review the mech gave me abt the vehicle wuz quite scary... he told me the vehicle always ends up having brain box issues, he advised me to change the radiator from single to double cell, and he also told me to remove the thermostat and stuff like dat. wanna know if anyone has more knowledge abt this vehicle..

It is laughable when an ordinary roadside mechanics is proving to know better than the group of engineers that build a car. He should have joined them if he knew better. Don't ever listen to the destroyer. He is only asking you to destroy your car by changing its factory specs. I want to even advise you not to patronize him henceforth. Take your destiny into your own hand by grabbing your car's owner manual and digest all the available information and follow them by hearth. Join an online community and start equipping yourself with necessary info. Preventative maintenance is the key.

Wishing you an happy motoring.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 1:13pm On Aug 27, 2013

You are welcome my dear; thats exciting news, infact you've spore me to share my own testimony with you too though i was waiting to have 3 successive readings before i could come up with these, probably opening another thread for it-but let me let the cat out. However,If you remember my mpg posting and observations overtime now at one of the threads by Sienna, you would notice that i have not been so much impress by my mpg in Port Harcourt city, but that has changed stupendously now for the better.

I now achieve 20mpg in that city, its something you can hardly do with a 4 cylinder overhere (remember i use to do 13mpg, then 14mpg then 16mpg) though i could achieve 23 mpg in Calabar City. I did a some work in the performance of this old lady(w202 Benz c180) and have return it back to factory new performance/mpg; and now i can hardly stay at home at weekends and free hrs because it now drives like a good 6 cylinder machine.It's fun to always drive this ride; the lethargy underperformance of a BenzC180/BMW318 gone; even with an ac loaded over 99 percent of the time, i could almost stop and continue swiftly with gear 3 without having to downshift to gear 1 unlike before; no more strand of hesitation and underpowerlessness at hold ups etc

Boy! i've got to give this a new thread for my brothers out there to help turnout their old cars(especially Benzc180/beemer318 to new at performance/mpg dont need a new ride because of these factors, because your old car can still perform like new if not better than. See you in my new thread coming soon, let me just tidy up up some very busy schedule over here. Cheers!!

I can't wait to read up the proposed thread.
Autos / Re: Toks Lexus Es300 For Sale by ziccoit: 10:37am On Aug 27, 2013
Car Talk / Re: Wow! Cheap Cars Check This Out by ziccoit: 1:16pm On Aug 26, 2013
@OP must be an illiterate . That he/she thinks she can dupe people via this means is laughable and shows how silly this op is.
Celebrities / Re: Mike Tyson Is A Vicious Alcoholic On The Verge Of Dying by ziccoit: 7:50pm On Aug 25, 2013
kennygee: Brother needs Jesus badly.

He understands who is Jesus far better than you do.
Car Talk / Re: High Speed Or Low Speed; Which Is Fuel Consuming ? by ziccoit: 2:36pm On Aug 25, 2013
Ikenna351: It depends. Will explain with manual transmission.

My SV D9 stick has 5-speed tranny. On gears 1, 2 & 3, the fuel consumption increases as rev or acceleration increases from 1k rpm to red zone. Though, the lower the rpm, the less the consumption.

Then, on the 4th & 5th gears, the fuel consumption increases when the rpm is below 2,500 and engine is not on idle. The fuel consumes becomes less on those gears when you rev and maintain 2,5k - 3k rpm. At this rpm, my SV gets 7 - 8 L/100 km or 39+ mpg . The speed at that rpm will be between 80 - 120 km/h. If I accelerate and maintain 1k or 2k rpm on the 4th and 5th gears, the fuel conumption will increase from 10 - 13 L/100km. I will also get the same 10 -13 L/100km or more if i rev above 3k rpm, depending on how heavy footed i want to be. If i don't want to speed more than 80km/h, i don't use the 5th gear. The 4th gear gives better mpg when doing between 80 -100km/h.


This guy is good. Come, how do you take note of all these? Your car would even be scare of you self. You don understand am wela.
Politics / Re: Where Are The Three(3) Refineries Promised By GEJ? by ziccoit: 1:36am On Aug 25, 2013
This was posted in 2011 on Nairaland to remind Mr GEJ of his myriad of promises while cajoling and on his bended knees begging Nigerians for votes. How may of these has he accomplished?

b0dnel: Mr President,

It is with shock and utter disbelief I received the news that you have so far won 25 per cent in 28 states plus Federal Capital Territory. According to the 1999 constitution, a winner needs the majority of votes and at least 25 per cent of votes in 24 states of the 36 states of the federation. So far you have won 25 per cent in 28 states, leaving your closest rival, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the Congress for Progressive Change with victories in only 12 states. I know you and your cronies will be celeberating and popping the proverbial champagne now but here is a word of caution from perhaps one of your worse critics.

Allow me to explain that the presidential victory of April 16th was a victory for yourself and not necessarily for the PDP, which you are a part and parcel of. This should reveal without any equivocation that the elections were not driven by issues, but sentiments about personalities, religion and ethnicity. It is my opinion that as a nation we should grow our democracy to achieve a situation whereby persons win elections on the basis of merit and actual performance not sentiments, and certainly not with the aid of financial inducements, blackmail and violence.
I will not bore you with all the expectations Nigerians (the ones who voted for you, anyway) have-I believe you know all of these and intend to meet all of them.

Nevertheless, I intend to remind you of all the myriad of promises you made during your political campaign throughout the country. In my generosity, I have listed them for you here.

1. You Promised to rule for only one term (reference
As a man of your words or rather as you want to make us believe, PLEASE stick to this plan and pledge.
I sincerly hope we will not have political jobbers, groups like Youths Earnestly Ask for Jona, Dbanj, Lagbaja, Sunny Ade all singing for your second term bid? I sincerly hope also, you will not come out and openly deny you didnt make such promise or statements as you did about the zoning saga.

2. You promised a consitutional role for Traditional Rulers!!! I am short of words but Nigerians are waiting

3. On March 17th 2011, in Dutse the Jigawa statte capital, you promised:"If I win the election, within my four years in office, I will establish domestic airports in all the states without airports, WE ARE WAITING.

4. In Nasarawa, at the flagoff of your campaign you promised at least a university in every state including building specialist almajiri schools to shore up education in the North so as to eradicate illiteracy. The Almajiris are waiting o!

5. On February 8th in Ibadan, the day you called some people "rascals", you promised to create jobs and improve the power sector. The OYO people and indeed all Nigerians are waiting!!!

6. On Feb 9th, you were in Bauchi and you promised to intensify oil and gas exploration in the North-East as part of efforts to harness resources for economic development. Also you pledged to boost agriculture, power and water supply for wealth creation and revenue generation. Then you assured that projects such as the Mambilla hydro-electricity, Jada irrigation project and Kafin Zaki dam in Taraba, Adamawa and Bauchi would be pursued to boost agriculture and industrial development. Then you promised that your administration would establish two universities in the region. The NORTH EAST PEOPLE ARE WAITING,

9. You landed in Portharcourt on Feb 12 where you made alot of promises, maybe to woo your Niger Delta people. Be that as it may, you announced that the NNPC, in partnership with the private sector, would establish a petrochemical plant in the Niger Delta (you didnt state where exactly). You promised the plant will create job opportunities for the Niger Delta youths. Then you went ahead to promise the implementation of Local Content Law and Petroleum Industry Bill. In case you cant remember when you made all these, cast your mind back to the stampede that claimed some lives (where your wife called them martyrs).

10. In Kaduna- You promised massive transformation of the agricultural sector through construction of large dams and distribution of one million metric tonnes of fertilisers for the 2011 farming season (The rains are here already, so fulfil your promises o)
You also pledged to establish Almajiri model schools to address the challenges of the Almajiris.

11. In Benue-You promised to revolutionise agriculture and establish industries in the country through a five-year plan (We need that Plan now so we can keep track, the five years have started counting already)

You also promised to complete the irrigation project in Otukpo. Then you promised that the second Niger Bridge and the Benue Bridge projects will be worked on in the next four years. I think its better to start now so by April 2015, we trust you would have completed it.

12. February 17th, you were in Plateau where you made shocked the entire country with amazing promises. First of all, you pledged to refocus on the solid mineral development of the state and make it one of the key revenue sources in Nigeria. The Plateau people are banking on you.
Mr President, You promised to build more dams and complete ongoing ones, so as to boost agricultural growth.

In addtion you promised to complete the Vom-Manchok-Jos road to boost economic links between Plateau and Kaduna states. Yoy left the state and the Plateau people have been happy ever since and now that you have won, they are waiting

13. Mr President on Feb 21, you were in Kogi. You promised among other things promised that the dredging of the River Niger and Lokoja-Abuja road dualisation would be completed very soon. THE KOGI PEOPLE AND INDEED NIGERIANS ARE HOPING AND WAITING

14. In Kwara State on Feb22, you pledged that the irrigation project in Shonga would be completed soon to boost the commercial farming activities of the New Nigeria Farmers in the area. Mr president, remember you also said the Jebba-Mokwa road and Jebba bridge would be given adequate attention to ease transportation in the area. Kwarians are waiting!

15. On February 24, Mr. President, you pledged to rehabilitate ALL ailing industries in Aba. I believe all Abians are hoping on you to provide the enabling environment to do their businesses, you must keep your promises,

16. Mr.President, on Feb 25th in Anamabra you said there is a plan to build a power station in the state, assuring that within the next four years your administration would construct and rehabilitate ALL federal roads leading to Anambra as well as the South East. You equally to provide potable water to the densely populated Onitsha and Nnewi cities and tackle erosion in the South-East. To tell you the truth, Mr. President, Anambrians are banking on you!

17. In Ebonyi state, you promised to dualise the Enugu-Abakaliki federal highway in addition to establishing a secretariat for ALL Federal government's agencies and parastatals in Ebonyi. Mr. president, The people of Ebonyi has never had it so good since the creation of their state. Now, you have promised them the good life. Please keeep to your words!

18. In Niger state, you promised the more power generation. Perhaps the most important aspect of your promises is that your government would map out a five-year strategic plan for road projects. (Please we are waiting for the Plan NOW!!!!)

19. On Feb 27, you were in Asaba, the Delta state capital, which happens to be my state. On that fateful sunday, you revealed that “The NNPC is developing a new programme that will absorb about 5,000 youths, ”, Mr. President, Deltans are delighted at this REVELATIONS. While that number is a far cry from the number of unemployed youths in the state, at all at all na winch (as we say in Warri), so Deltans are waiting.

20. On March 2nd, you were in Ondo where you pronmised that roads and other basic infrastructure across the states will be developed in four years. In addition you also promised the exploitation of the vast bitumen deposits in the state for national economic development and employment generation. The Ondo people are waiting. Your Four years have started already. You must start now.

21. On the same day, March 2nd, your campaigbn train was in Ekiti state. While there, you promised that more than N50 billion federal intervention projects were ongoing in the state. You can be rest assured that the Fayemi and indeed the entire Ekiti kete are waiting for you.

22. On March 9th, in Sokoto, you promised to rehabilitate the abandoned Shagari irrigation project as well as reviving the nation’s rail system and fight the menace of desertification in the country. Sokoto people have sufffered for too long. This is your time to redeem your pledge, Mr President. The clock is ticking!!!

23.The date was March 12th 2011 and you were in Ogun state.
Remember, the day you rode to Abeokuta through rail?

Yes, That was the day you promised an improved power supply before the end of the year through the Integrated Power Project (IPP) initiative.

You also pledged to build more refineries, encourage downstream activities, resuscitate rail transportation and create jobs. In case you have forgotten, that was the day that Gbenga Daniel (your South West campaign coordinator was booed by the Ogun people).

24.On March 14th, your campaign trained moved to Kebbi where you promised to establish a federal university next year (2012). You also promised to create jobs through science and technology, tackle environmental challenges and boost health care delivery.

25.Katsina, was your port of call on March 15 where you promised to enhance the living standard of Nigerians through implementation of people-oriented programmes that would provide citizens the necessary opportunities to realise their potentials.

In my opinion, this was just mere rhetorics as you did not make any concrete promises. or did you have the premonition, you will lose in Katsina? I might just be right.

26.In Kano, you pledged to resuscitate the nation’s power sector and encourage the development of small and medium scale enterprises in the country while ensuring justice, equity and fair play in the polity.

Mr.President, Space will not allow me to list the deluge of promises in Lagos, Osun, Borno, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Imo, Taraba, Jigawa, Edo, Bayelsa and Zamfara states. If you can accomplish all your promises in the next four years, then you will go down memory lane as the best President ever. Im all honesty, I wish you GoodLuck!!!

Time will tell!!!
Politics / Re: Prophet To Fashola: Re-open Yaba Railway Market Or Lose Your Children by ziccoit: 4:26pm On Aug 24, 2013
Using Christianity to break law and commit crimes. Anyway, I'm not surprised, this has become order of the day. Thieves.
Politics / Re: 93,000 Ghost Voters Uncovered In Anambra by ziccoit: 10:44am On Aug 24, 2013
Option A4 is the only solution to Nigeria corrupt electoral environment.
Politics / Re: Civil Defence Officers Arrested For Stealing Fuel by ziccoit: 10:41am On Aug 24, 2013
Promhize: Hmm, good. Saboteurs.
GEJ, till 2019.
GEJ abeg do like Obasanjo for these silly lecturers, NO WORK NO PAY. Be "wicked" for once, even fashola sacked those silly doctors when they dared go on strike.

All these one that they are forming is because they are still receiving pay. How many of them can go three months without pay, then won finish their savings be dat.

See what unfounded hatred has turned you into.
Politics / Re: Jarus' Exclusive Interview With Nuhu Ribadu by ziccoit: 5:40am On Aug 24, 2013
Diasporan: Respect to @jarus.One of the few I respect here on NL.Very matured in his submission and somehow apolitical in nature.
@topic How I wish I was Jarus to re-ask him a question I asked him in late 2010 at Ritz continental hotel Abuja during his campaign.Till date I didn't get the answer.Femi Falana helped him out that day by cornering my question.My question went thus "Sir can you kindly tell us how you plan getting money to contest knowing fully well that election in Nigeria is financially demanding and this is a Presidential election we are talking considering the fact that you were a cop and former public office holder.We all know what ought to be your take home pay and some might agree with me here that even including your allowances as EFCC Chairman cannot foot even a Local Govt election so kindly tell us where you plan getting your financial war chest for the battle ahead and with that as one whom we all know is transparent and corruption free how do you intend to stay clear of corrupted funds which will be likely to be brought forth for the support of your Project Ribadu?"The whole hall went into aestheric applaud.That was when Falana now used his witty finese as a legal gigipogri to twist the whole issue.I have not forgiven him for that cause that was the only opportunity I had to ask him this questions knowing fully well that the occasion was being covered by major media houses in the country.Funny enough after the whole program Chief Femi Falana cornered me at the hotel lobby and started asking me where I am from and when I told him [b]he simply told me we do have agitation running through our veins that I should keep it up.Next I said to him was sir but my question was not answered he was like we shall meet in other forum where I will be able to ask Ribadu the question face to face and not in the open like that.
Immediately he grabbed a photographer and asked that we had a shot together and also ask for my email address that he will sure keep in touch with me.From that day I loss respect for this Chief Falana.I saw him as a crafty old man that bullied me against seeking what could have been a great answer to the puzzle that could have assisted me in the future perhaps when aspiring for an elective position and ways to source for fund when I don't have enough in my financial war chest. [/b]

Femi Falana just thought you one of the laws of politics as well as fundamental human survival if and only if you want to ascend politically to position of authority- if you don't know the game, don't play.
Autos / Re: NEED Spare Parts For Your CARs and SUVs? by ziccoit: 11:26pm On Aug 23, 2013
We don't sell mercedes spare parts.
Thank You!!!
Ok. Thanx.
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 6:52pm On Aug 23, 2013
smartchoice: w202 accident seen recently

What actually caused this? The wreckage got to the A-pillar. Hope nobody died here.

Note:- Modified
Car Talk / Re: Reliability Of C180 and W202's IN GENERAL by ziccoit: 6:46pm On Aug 23, 2013
smartchoice: I have the mercedes comprehensive service manual do you want that?

@smartchoice pls forward the manual to me too. My mail is ziccoit @ Thanx.
Autos / Re: NEED Spare Parts For Your CARs and SUVs? by ziccoit: 3:17am On Aug 23, 2013
How much is 1999 Mercedes benz c200 auto transmission gearbox? It is a 5SP auto box.
Car Talk / Re: At What Mileage Would A Car Stop Moving? by ziccoit: 4:25am On Aug 20, 2013
Billyonaire: To be on the safe side, do not drive any car above 100. Once its approaching that calibration on the Odometer, sell it out.

So the guy that buys it would now turn it to shoes and start wearing it?

I always come across your comments funny/smally. How old is this guy?


Science/Technology / Re: 40 Pythons Found In Canadian Hotel by ziccoit: 7:24pm On Aug 19, 2013
Mshewwww. Okobo yin ko kin bi Omo si tosi. Canada ko Kanada ni.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:58am On Aug 19, 2013
How much is 19998/99 mercedes benz W202 C200 5SP automatic gearbox sold in the market and what is going to be the total cost of gear replacement? Is the gear freely available in the market?
Politics / Re: APGA Threatened To Declare Okorocha's Seat Vacant by ziccoit: 10:50am On Aug 17, 2013
Promhize: Hmm, see idiots and shediots. U guyz are done in Anambra state, den disqualify soludo, kai.
Keep on making empty threats, infact una don finish for east.

Lol @ see hediots and shediots.
Autos / Re: TOKS LAGOS CLEARED GTI GOLF 3 (Auto) Goin For 510k by ziccoit: 4:14pm On Aug 16, 2013
This Golf 3 is not a GTi

GTi in Golf 3 didn't come with auto and 1.8. They are all Manual trans and 2.0
Foreign Affairs / Re: Mother Of Dead Cairo Reporter Publishes Gut-wrenching Final Text Messages by ziccoit: 1:18pm On Aug 16, 2013
charybabe: there is no forgivnes after death its judgement. its disheartening to see young promisin youth die like dat. acept my sympathy mama habiba

Are you sure about this? Bring forth your reference.

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