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Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by ziccoit: 7:36pm On Sep 18, 2013

Killing me softly..killing me softly!!! whata machine!! Black is beauty..looks like my MB c180 in black beauty. This car330ci goes for how much?

Your car is well maintained. Is that the recent pics?
Politics / Re: Nigerians Encourage Corruption – President Jonathan by ziccoit: 9:32am On Sep 18, 2013
This guy needs to go and borrow some monkey balls since he doesn't have one.

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Car Talk / Re: What Car Speed Can You Comfortably Maintain? by ziccoit: 7:29am On Sep 18, 2013

You are very correct. On a normal day my speed limit is always maintained at 120km/h.
The snap shot of that speed I was doing was taken by a friend in the car while I was trying to evade car robbers who couldn't keep up with the speed.

Hun Hun.
You want us to believe your friend was busying taking snapshots of your car's instrument panel under such a dangerous condition? While being pursued by car robbers that might even end up killing him. I think that should be the last thing on his mind. If he would take some snapshots at all, that would be the robbers' not speedometer.

In summary, I smelt concentrated lies.


Politics / Re: FG Plans To Ban Importation Of Vehicles by ziccoit: 6:57pm On Sep 17, 2013
Mr clueless is at it again. Patronising locally made cars which are going to be very expensive. What is going to become of those who don't have access to steal public money like himself? How are they going to afford cars averaging 3million naira?
How does he want people to do this upon 18thousand naira minimum wage. He is a joker without any favourable policy for the poor and downtrodden. Shame on the government for the riches and priveledge few in our society.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:12am On Sep 17, 2013
@Au.hanson and smartchoice.

I was browsing this morning. I selected W202 benz and click Cruise Control to fine tune my search result of 130. Alas! That reduced to two. I was then wondering whether W202 (esp I4 engines) come standard with speedtronic/ cruise control.

Since you guys drive W202 I4 machines, do you have yours come standard with cruise control?

@Trac and Hanson, bury the hatchet pls.
Car Talk / Re: A Nigerian Road Without Learner's Sign You Can Imagine What Will Happen. by ziccoit: 2:20am On Sep 17, 2013
i don't think i can use the learner sign even if i am a learner.

What! You need to expatiate on this bro.
Car Talk / Re: What Car Speed Can You Comfortably Maintain? by ziccoit: 7:52pm On Sep 16, 2013

You see.....

. . . . . .your life cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Mohammed Abacha Decamps To PDP by ziccoit: 5:19pm On Sep 16, 2013
This is where the guy belongs right from day one. The den of world class criminals.

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Politics / Re: Saatah Nubari: Nigerians Need To Shut Up And Be Patient With Jonathan by ziccoit: 8:11am On Sep 16, 2013
What do you expect from Satan if not to support his crony.
Car Talk / Re: Why Do German And American Cars Have Low Resale Values? by ziccoit: 4:14am On Sep 16, 2013
Drivers don't drive toyota

Words on the marble.
Car Talk / Re: My Experience With A Passat 2.0... this whole thing happens the year 2008 by ziccoit: 9:10pm On Sep 15, 2013
Anyone that reads your post and doesn't laugh should have an heart made of stone. grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by ziccoit: 6:07pm On Sep 15, 2013
0lumide: I'll say this. I can feed my self with 250 naira per day in Nigeria. that is $1.50 That poo can't feed an insect in UK, Canada or US or any European country sef.

So why the comparison?

I opened a small time business in NY after school. I had access to some native fishermen who supply sea food to me at a very low cost. I was running this business and making some bucks until some Jewish mobsters bullied me into selling my business. I still get 10% but that's peanuts compared to what I get when i was managing my own business. The native fishermen stopped supplying to the mega company because they said it's against their native laws to desecrate their waters to earn money. Hence why they were only supplying small timers like me. The Jewish community is buying up majority of small businesses in NYC and the world will call that what? Just a hint of what's going on over there.

I came back to Nigeria feeling broken for two months. After two months, I found another trade that pays way better. I calculated my expenses in US (I'm still a bachelor) and Nigeria, I figured apart from the everyday hassle Nigeria has because of lack of infrastructures, Nigeria is way more affordable and enjoyable than the US.

Even though we have bad government, the people are making it work for themselves very well.

My friend Obinna in the US is also planning on removing his ties with the US, he was born and raised there. Used to be scared of Nigeria until I showed him how well Nigerians are doing as fresh graduates with ideas not job seekers. US is a nation where government decides national interest and the government is tooo damn powerful even to Americans. Nigerians going to the US, unless you can't get loan to start up in Nigeria, you can go there to hustle for a year or two, your main goal should be establishing in Nigeria.

No Nigerian born of woman can come and tell me to sell him or her my source of livelihood in my Lasgidi. We go die there!!!!!!!!!!! Use all your government might in 9ja, I will get support from Oba of Lagos as a sure boi and even get my area bois to disturb you. grin grin grin Just kidding but seriously no one in 9ja wants to forcefully buy businesses.

Before reading your comment:
Come home and I bet you can not live on 2500 Naira per day. Except if you drop from planet pluto and you don't get family to feed.

After reading:
Are you still "boboing" us that u are living on N250?


Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by ziccoit: 4:16pm On Sep 15, 2013
Your per hour work in Nigeria worths more than $10 yet you get $0.6!

With $10/hr in America you can rent a good house, eat good food and have access to every good things of life within a reasonable limit. Are these apply in Nigeria?

Thinking that @OP is totally wrong is being stupidly patriotic.

Nigerians certainly deserve the hardships they are subjected to by their rulers.


Politics / Re: USA Minimum Wage Vs Nigeria Minimum Wage. by ziccoit: 4:15pm On Sep 15, 2013
Your per hour work in Nigeria worths more than $10 yet you get $0.6!

With $10/hr in America you can rent a good house, eat good food and have access to every good things of life within a reasonable limit. Are these apply in Nigeria?

Thinking that @OP is totally wrong is being stupidly patriotic.

Nigerians certainly deserve the hardships they are subjected to by their rulers.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 10:51pm On Sep 13, 2013

Sorry my dear, i have been so busy for a while now, at the same time enjoying my new found love with my smooth riding second baby, benz c180 revamp , i just stumble here this night to see this wonderful thread gone this far. Anyways, it looks like Zim Drill has said it all

Welcome Mr au.hanson. We missed you. Waiting you bring for the boys now? grin

Now that you are enjoying your benz, don't forget this;


You are welcome my dear; thats exciting news, infact you've spore me to share my own testimony with you too though i was waiting to have 3 successive readings before i could come up with these, probably opening another thread for it-but let me let the cat out. However,If you remember my mpg posting and observations overtime now at one of the threads by Sienna, you would notice that i have not been so much impress by my mpg in Port Harcourt city, but that has changed stupendously now for the better.

I now achieve 20mpg in that city, its something you can hardly do with a 4 cylinder overhere (remember i use to do 13mpg, then 14mpg then 16mpg) though i could achieve 23 mpg in Calabar City. I did a some work in the performance of this old lady(w202 Benz c180) and have return it back to factory new performance/mpg; and now i can hardly stay at home at weekends and free hrs because it now drives like a good 6 cylinder machine.It's fun to always drive this ride; the lethargy underperformance of a BenzC180/BMW318 gone; even with an ac loaded over 99 percent of the time, i could almost stop and continue swiftly with gear 3 without having to downshift to gear 1 unlike before; no more strand of hesitation and underpowerlessness at hold ups etc

Boy! i've got to give this a new thread for my brothers out there to help turnout their old cars(especially Benzc180/beemer318 to new at performance/mpg dont need a new ride because of these factors, because your old car can still perform like new if not better than. See you in my new thread coming soon, let me just tidy up up some very busy schedule over here. Cheers!!
Politics / Re: Why Is Nigerian Police Not Closing The Illegal Jonah Jang NGF Office? by ziccoit: 4:03pm On Sep 13, 2013
Because it is equipped with air-condition with a compressor filled with FRESH AIR.
Politics / Re: CAN Gives Kwara 7-day Ultimatum To Redress Discrimination Against Christians by ziccoit: 3:42am On Sep 13, 2013
...really religion shldnt be a parameter for appointments but having said this,it is imperative to state that muslims,especially south-west muslims are always quick to argue that their people dont put religion in whatever they do!but they systematically relegate their christian brothers to the backyard in all political affairs,they critize fellow yorubas who are men of God eg TB joshua,Oyedepo,Adeboye etc at every slightest misunderstanding while always supporting and praising their muslim folks,you hardly hear them critisize yoruba sheiks,Imams or Alfas...Yoruba christians shld wake up from their slumber and see the hand-writing on the wall!There is a grand design by the political muslim class to subjugate them,watch how they muslims have dominated every aspect of the yoruba society while they the christians keep following them sheepishly under the guise of progressives.Look at lagos state,i dare a yoruba christian to vie for the governorship position or are they less intelligent,'self-deception is the worst form of deception',shine your eyes!!!APC are now gradually bringing out political actors for the next governorship election and i can tell you that almost all are muslims or are they christians in that region dumbooos without political ambition,thanks to Tinubu and his evil cohorts...christians must face reality or keep on fooling around...muslims are encouraged through their teachings to dominate their environment and must nt allow infidels(christians,atheists,Jews etc)to govern them even if life will be better under such government!so who is deceiving who?

Because churches are business centers where people go to buy and sell at exorbitant prices. They also seen more aligned with corrupt government officials who are stealing us dry.

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Car Talk / Re: Golf 3 Manual by ziccoit: 8:26pm On Sep 12, 2013

To you it may be funny. The guy wants to buy a car and needs some advise all u can do is to discourage him. There are some cars dat actually have electrical probs.

Issues concerning golf 3 have been discussed several times on this forum. What the guy needs is to just search for "golf 3 reliability" using NL search field and you will learn a lot about the car.
Car Talk / Re: Golf 3 Manual by ziccoit: 4:21pm On Sep 11, 2013

Of course it does. While we're on the subject, the brakes fail, the engines are prone to catching fire, the automatic transmissions explode at highway speeds, the manual gearboxes seize up at highway speeds, the central locking malfunctions, and can lock you in, the steering wheel has been known to come off.

Please, don't buy one.

Politics / Re: Breaking News: President Jonathan Sacks Nine Ministers by ziccoit: 3:57pm On Sep 11, 2013
Every system has a destructive element inherent in it, GEJ is the destructive element of PDP.
Car Talk / Re: What Kind Of Car Is Good For A First Time Buyer? by ziccoit: 6:36pm On Sep 10, 2013
^^^^^ buyers beware.
Politics / Re: Without PDP There Would Be No Democracy In Nigeria Says President Jonathan by ziccoit: 4:01pm On Sep 10, 2013
How did Mr president bag his PhD? Who supervised his thesis? No wonder he has been having one problem or the other from his first day in office. No brain angry
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 1:48am On Sep 10, 2013
Gee2728: the last time it was my coolant that I changed. But if its the ATF ur asking about its mercedes brand. It comes in a container similar as posted below. My car its a 2000 model with 5sp.

Thanks Gee. I couldn't get to read the label though. How did you source that? Locally or ordered in abroad?

Where is Mr au.hanson?
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 3:54pm On Sep 09, 2013
Gee2728: Removed my drivers side tire this morning and I found this piece on this floor. I found were it fit above but have no idea what it does. Pls does any 1 in the house has any idea what it is.??

@Gee2728, I read your comment where you mentioned how you change your AT fluid sometimes ago. Which type of ATF did you use? What year is your w202? Is it 5sp or 4sp?
Car Talk / Re: New Tactics Of Robbers At Okada/ehkiadolor Road by ziccoit: 4:43am On Sep 09, 2013
Thank God they didn't wreck an expensive damage on your car while you were calling your mechanics. I wish that we had robust security operatives these people should be cooling off in jail by now instead of constituting a menace to the society.
Politics / Re: Breaking News:obj, IBB, Anenih Prepare 5-point Plan For Jonathan Over PDP Crisis by ziccoit: 4:47pm On Sep 08, 2013
luvola: I as a strategist , i will advice president jonathan to be vary of these a strategist,am of the view that baraje's group want to use the president now and dump him when it is apprpriate.. the exclusion of 2015 agenda was remove.. Mr president watch your back, these people does not want you to contest for 2015 election.

Nonsense. Why GEJ would be prevented from contesting in 2015? Must he only contest under PDP? Last time I check, there are over 40 political parties in Nigeria. Let him move to APGA, AC, NCP etc if PDP rejects him. Has he exhausted his goodlucks and ' I have no shoe' nonsenses.
Religion / Re: Why Are Women More Active Than Men In Church? by ziccoit: 4:28pm On Sep 08, 2013
smartchoice: same reason women get conned more than men in the church....spiritual\s.exual bath... cool cool cool cool

True talk. Badt guy,
Religion / Re: Adventist Church Appeals To FG To Stop Conducting Elections On Saturday by ziccoit: 1:42pm On Sep 08, 2013
Like Friday shouldn't be a working day.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Ex Militants Back GEJ For Second Term, Say Oil Theft Must Continue by ziccoit: 9:47am On Sep 07, 2013
Ex militants the SS & SE Boko harams are criminals like their counterparts in the North. The government must declare a state of security emergency and clamp them down now. Who are they to dictate for the rest of Nigerians. Bunch of unserious bingos.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:24am On Sep 06, 2013

If you don't mind me asking: why do you want to replace it? Your best choice is overhauling it. The peace of mind is there and you are certain of the intensity of effectiveness.

@Trac, nothing. I just want to have the knowledge.
Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by ziccoit: 7:09am On Sep 06, 2013
Such antifreeze should be nowhere near an MB.

All MB's (at least my generation and a few others before it) use hybrid based antifreeze. Total Coolant is useless and WILL damage the water pump bearings. I addition to that, it doesn't do the job well under extreme conditions. Mercedes Benz's coolant packs a lot of "punches." Expensive though! There is an alternative and approved also by Mercedes. Valvoline Zerex G05! Apparently, it is the same as the formulation for MB's cooling fluid. This is because Valvoline formulated the MB fluid. MB fitted water pumps should go-near two decades of use. This will only be achieved using the correct fluid specification. The bearings will get overstressed with the conventional antifreeze installation. Water-pump "job" is expensive and can only be done one way; the right way. Omitted precautions and cut-corners will require repeat-service(s) till it's done right.

What if Valvoline ZerexG05 and MB coolant are not available? What are the other ways out?

Welcome back to NL.
Politics / Re: ASUU Vows To Continue Strike Despite The Release Of 130 Billion By The Fed Govt. by ziccoit: 2:33am On Sep 06, 2013
I'm very sure multiple of what these people are asking for is in the private pocket of our various politicians who are looting us every seconds.
Let PEJ alone declares what she has stolen and the ASUU strike is over.

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