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Politics / Re: The Origin Of Yoruba And Igbo Rivalry by 7lives: 5:49pm On Jul 05
I will never understand why Zik would want to rule Yoruba in their own land. Maybe the Yoruba of that time were too cool, he must have taken their calmness for foolishness.

I thought the concept of regionalism the British handed to them was based on each region governing itself, why would Zik wants to re - colonize my ancestors in their own region? That man get liver no be small o!

I gave this history, as an assignment to a relative who's been posting nonsense on his Facebook page.
He's been hiding from me ever since.
Only the truth can set us free.
Politics / Re: 2023: Kwankwaso May Not Go Far. His Words Are Indecorous & Too Divisive by 7lives: 8:06am On Jul 04

He's not delusional, he knows very well he can't win the election. He can't win even the North with the people he's competing against, all he wants to do is take away some votes from the PDP. I just hope he won't drop his ambition to support PDP or APC.

Can you keep a secret?
Rabiu Musa Kwakwanso is BATIFIED.
Know this and know peace.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Actors Campaign For Tinubu Presidency (Video) by 7lives: 7:47am On Jul 04
If Tinubu wins and anything goes wrong, please locate this actors and deal with them, I don't understand why we place tribalism and ethnicity over the growth and we'll being of our Country?

Meanwhile Peter Obi is the most qualified for this job.

Locate and deal with who?.
O ma dabi eedi fun yin ni.
Ordinary governorship election in Anambra, Tinubu went to campaign for Chris Ngige, we saw how bad he was treated in Anambra.
Y'all sat your sorry ass in Lagos to bark out orders like " Yoruba actors have no right to campaign for Tinubu ".
When campaign starts, we go return the favour you Igbos did us in Anambra in 2011, throughout SW.
Mariwo le si ri, e si ma ri eegun.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Actors Campaign For Tinubu Presidency (Video) by 7lives: 7:31am On Jul 04
They are all mad. They should all be careful so that thier career don't go with useless campaign for one nuisance that's a thief and his health is unstable. Do you know the number of thier association that have died as a result of poor health system in the country. Wicked set of people [color=#990000][/color]

Wetin go happen to their careers? Una too dey over value unaself.
Politics / Re: BREAKING - 100 Million Nigerian Muslims Vow They Will Never Vote For Peter Obi by 7lives: 4:59pm On Jun 30
They wouldn't vote for him, regardless.

You self think am na, wetin Obi a Christian, go do with inconsequential 100 million votes of perpetual head slammers?.


Politics / Re: The Ethnic War Tinubu Supporters Are Trying So Hard To Ignite by 7lives: 7:19pm On Jun 29
grin grin grin God bless nairaland, everything I need to campaign for Tinubu are here on nairaland.
Which ethnic nonsense are you wailing about?.
You people have been attacking Tinubu since 2011 mind you.
You left your rotten erosion ravaged region, to downplay the achievements of Tinubu and the other ACN governors, this nonsense has been going on since 2011.
How many of your rotten SE states can match the worst of the SW states in terms of developments?.
Campaign never start, e shi ma sare Kaba kaba.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Actors Campaign For Tinubu Presidency (Video) by 7lives: 6:38pm On Jun 29

Where were you and your likes when Psquare and others were canvassing for Obi. Is that not a tribal politics. If not what it is? Must we follow Igbos in their thinking? Why do biafools want us to accept and vote for their candidates ands not ours? Is that not crazy?

In their warped mind they want to help us, the way Ojuiku tried to liberate Yorubas in the past, as if we can't see road by ourselves.
Crazy people, they came here to find food but ila won ti fe ma ga ju onire lo.
Their obsession with Yorubas and Yorubaland, will eventually be their greatest undoing.

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Politics / Re: 10,000 Pdp Members Decamped To Apc In Osun State (pic) by 7lives: 9:06am On Jun 29

I wonder why u you will even mention Peter Obi or Labour Party, you should understand that they are Noise maker, who God has use to bless Asiwaju, by helping APC to take over South East instead PDP. We should be happy with them. U don't know what God has use labour party to do for APC.

They will win in South East. Jagaban will share the South south with Them, then middle belt is for jagaban. Then lastly, Jagaban will win Kano jigawa and other northern APC States.


Pure unadulterated mathematics.


Politics / Re: Kano 2 Million Solidarity Walk For Tinubu Committee List by 7lives: 8:39am On Jun 29
So Tinubu still de mumu him sef for the north!
He should come let tell him the secret,
He can never come first 3 in Kano,
But let them take all they want from him
He can only get 5000 votes from Kano,

I go bookmark this page.
Tinubu will win Kano effortlessly.
Political analysis is for cold blooded heartless people.
Politics / Re: Kano 2 Million Solidarity Walk For Tinubu Committee List by 7lives: 4:46pm On Jun 26

My gladness, is that you know Peter Obi and he's enough threat to your candidate. Peter Obi will win, and you will be happy at the end because Nigeria will change for the better.

Erin Keke o l'abule baba Suwe.
Rada rada.

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Politics / Re: Akintoye: Northern Govs’ Interest In Tinubu Not Genuine, May Ditch Him For Atiku by 7lives: 2:06pm On Jun 26
Enough of all these cheap talks about Tinubu being ditched for Atiku. It is annoying!

You guys must be very unintelligent to think Northern Elites don't know that not allowing power shift to the South is the biggest threat to the existence of Nigeria.

Northerners are the biggest beneficiaries of One Nigeria and will do everything to keep Nigeria together.

Tinubu is the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Know this and know peace.

Simple as ABC.
The North needs Tinubu more than he needs them.
He is their saving grace, imagine Odua nation running amork alongside Biafran agitation.
The North that is bedeviled with terrorism and crime won't want to carry hunch back join K-leg.
Politics / Re: What are the implications of Tinubu not having Primary & Secondary school Cert? by 7lives: 8:59pm On Jun 25

Nothing really. He meets qualification to contact which is primary 6 as he submitted his Bsc which is an over qualofication, nowhere in the constitution is her mandated to send other certificates.

Stop replying them, they are afraid of him, they know their candidate can't beat him.
Ordinary canoe running against a warship.
They must collect.
Politics / Re: What are the implications of Tinubu not having Primary & Secondary school Cert? by 7lives: 8:56pm On Jun 25
Can you tell me the countries that have retirement age for their politicians?

As in mumu too much for this country.
In democracy there is no age barrier.
Politics / Re: Why Igbo Attacking Tinubu Not Atiku? by 7lives: 7:51pm On Jun 25

Igbo and Yoruba are not one, igbo are using propaganda to bring Yoruba down and you claimed those mumu are one with Yoruba

in case you dont know, I was left with no choice if not I would have want my people to go back to regionalism where our resources potentials will take care of our development and not this politicking

we need an experience person that can push money out to the economy for a good ROI not one mumu that hoard money to get political praise hence leave it for unknown damager, look at Anambra pocket, Soludo met empty account and you dummy are praising PO

his investment haven't stop his people from pushing drugs, selling babies and harvesting organs, of what use is the useless investment that's being argue and debunk?

Yoruba and Igbos MUST work together as if he get power to enforce it.
Next na to make us vote their candidate at gun point.
Yoruba ti gba igbakugba ju haba
Politics / Re: Why Igbo Attacking Tinubu Not Atiku? by 7lives: 7:38pm On Jun 25
Basically, the answer is 2015.

Igbos backed GEJ and expected that Tinubu would back GEJ as he did in 2011. But Tinubu was angry about being charged to the CCB in the intervening period...plus other agreements were not kept....so at the end, he backed Buhari, Buhari won, and Igbos have blamed Yorubas since...(despite the Yoruba vote for GEJ being near 50% in some places...in the end, the election was lost in the Middle Belt..with 3-4 middle belt states going for APC)

Honestly the anger and bitterness over 2015 is one thing that has so poisioned relations in the South, that at the end, we lost a golden chance to bring in a Southerner in 2023 as a result.

It started in 2011.
When campaign start the whole world will know the truth.
Politics / Re: Why Igbo Attacking Tinubu Not Atiku? by 7lives: 7:28pm On Jun 25

Have been on this platform since, I only read and go, until of recent I see those igbo boiz insulting Yoruba anyhow, are first I feel it's just small beef with 2 tribes, until I realized it's not just starting, this has been in their mind, they keep poison the mind of their sibblings and their relation. Then I begin asking them both online and offline, what's this man offense. No single person fit give a reasonable response.

Later I keep searching online, if ASIWAJU has ever participate in any election in the east, then I still search has ASIWAJU ever participate anything that concerning south east. I keep asking myself why why why, till today, I still don't know why o.

Their next reply is insult insult insult

Na nairaland open my eye, I became Batified since 2011.
The only problem they have against Tinubu is their inability to destroy him.
BAT is way too smart for bunch of numbskulls.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Inspects Campaign Office In Abuja by 7lives: 9:31pm On Jun 24
we go continue to insult you and tinubu can never be tye president! Na ogun and tanker go dey kill all your family and generations unborn!

Don't cry yet, wait till after the election.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Inspects Campaign Office In Abuja by 7lives: 9:16pm On Jun 24
I admire his zeal to succeed the incumbent
But this man has nothing to offer to Nigerians, he just feel like he has helped a lots of people in their political career so it’s his turn
But he can’t be compensated with a country of over 200million people

Let the 200 million people decide.
Politics / Re: Wike’s Romance With APC, LP Raises Dust In PDP by 7lives: 8:42am On Jun 24

APC doesn't need Wike to bring votes to the APC, all he needs to do is just take votes away from the PDP in the SS to LB.
APC still wins.

You sabi the game.

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Politics / Re: Wike’s Romance With APC, LP Raises Dust In PDP by 7lives: 8:40am On Jun 24


Yoruba people... I slapped one of you here in Bini yesterday and the imp.ran crying... See Tinubu will never rule this nation take it or leave it

Your tribe will never ever enter Aso rock again. HE Gov Obaseki doesn't support failures go and check history whoever the Bini people support will be victorious.

We are very Obidient take it or leave it

But Tinubu already won the election na
No be by mouth nor by slap, the more you look, the less you'll see.


Politics / Re: Wike’s Romance With APC, LP Raises Dust In PDP by 7lives: 8:35am On Jun 24
They said I talk too much, let them leave me alone so that I will not talk too much.

If PDP win 2023 election let me bath naked. Wike will NEVER use his money, influence or anything to actively work for the victory of PDP in this election.

The best he will do is to sit down and look, he was really wronged for someone who kept the party alive to be so easily thrown away both as President and VP

The man has every right to feel wronged and to do as he pleases from here hence forth I do not think he will leave the party. But some of his men have left the party but are still loyal to him so I won’t be surprised if he too leaves but I doubt he will leave.

I also do not think it will be impossible for someone else like APC or LP to convince him to work for them, the fact that he is entertaining them says something.

The Wike of before would have Not entertained APC or Lp men even Buhari invite at Aso villa he didn’t use to honor because he didn’t want PDP to think his loyalty was in doubt

PDP messed up by losing Rivers + Bayelsa + edo votes as well as all the other states Wike was influencing their elections and voting patterns even at the expense of well established politicians like Dino Melaye let’s see if Votes from Adamawa and small sections of Delta will be enough for PDP to win 2023.

Wike will sink PDP

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Politics / Re: Opinion - Why Is Peter Obi Living In The Southwest? by 7lives: 8:29am On Jun 24
by nature even an Dum will no that igbos are migrant by nature and don't confirm themselves in one place, Igbo move and settle anywhere they fin comfort for business, is it a sin? Based on the trend my post was strictly on Lagos... The fact that you see Igbo every where should tell even an idiot that igbos are more Nigerian than any other tribe.

Igbos are Nigerians or Biafrans?.
My koboko is already in the gym keeping fit for the task ahead.
When the campaign start, I will unleash my personal mayhem on the enemies, masquerading as Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Opinion - Why Is Peter Obi Living In The Southwest? by 7lives: 8:19am On Jun 24
People like the above OP are truly a testament in embarrassment. Lagos was capital of Nigeria for over 70 years before the capital was moved to Abuja

But some fools think Lagos became what it is as a result of Tinubu's 8 year rule?

How can people be this foolish?

Shameless post of the year.
Every northerner that have ruled Nigeria are all back in their states of Origin.
Gowon is in plateau, IBB and Abdulsalam are living in Minna.
Even Obasanjo as a military ruler returned to Ota in Ogun state.
Obj rules Nigeria from Abuja and still returned to Ota, even Buhari will soon return to Daura.
How many former northern governors are living in South West?
Wetin dey pursue you people from una homeland?.
The worst thing is you people will open your mouth and call your hosts fools.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Vs Obi's Leadership Credentials, Political Party Apart by 7lives: 8:01am On Jun 24

I hope you have curse repeller? because this people will curse shege comot ur body

grin grin grin the guy should have try Obi vs Atiku.
Imagine comparing a speed boat with a warship.
If dem curse am, he deserves it.
Crime / Re: Lagos Police Arrests Forgers Of Vehicle Registration Documents by 7lives: 7:45am On Jun 24
. Rubbish don't go out and look for ways to better your life. 90% of your success depends on you. 10% depends on the govt. Stop irritating us with PO this, PO that. I bet you with this your lazy attitude, even if PO becomes president, you'll still remain poor. Besides it will be easier for Tinubu to put a thread in a needle than for PO to win the General election in today's Nigeria

Politics / Re: Lagos Ranked Second Worst Liveable City In The World by 7lives: 7:34am On Jun 24

This is hell on earth, this is your own daily reality far far away from Lagos.

This is where barbarity is the norm

This is where you get slaughtered even for leaving your house.

Do you see this kind of hell where they slaughter people, drive around town with the bodies and the barbaric community clap and rejoice?

That place is heaven on earth, that was their mega city.
Politics / Re: Jubril Gawat: Different States Come To Lagos To Understudy Working Systems by 7lives: 10:08am On Jun 23

U repeated same thing I said na apart from few places u added.
Moreover, population of those living in slumpy areas are far far higher than those living at d places u mentioned

Of course people who can't afford to pay for a good place will live in slums.
LASG didn't creat slums did they?, Nigerians live in abandoned projects, subway station, public toilets and all in the US, doesn't mean the US government didn't make provisions for accomodations. there are no freebies anywhere, let those living in slums pay and move Into a better place.
Politics / Re: Jubril Gawat: Different States Come To Lagos To Understudy Working Systems by 7lives: 9:55am On Jun 23

Awolowo created ilupeju industrial estate ,with ilupeju estate ,just walking distance,so that you can work and live near your factory.ogba Ikeja industrial estate ,oshodi isolo industrial estate etc

You get time dey shalaye.

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Politics / Re: Jubril Gawat: Different States Come To Lagos To Understudy Working Systems by 7lives: 9:47am On Jun 23

It is true that Lagos benefited from being the federal capital but Lagos island was the capital of Nigeria not the rest of Lagos state. The rest of Lagos, i.e Apapa, ilupeju, Ikeja, Surulere, Badagry, epe, were under the western region and were developed by Awolowo. All those industrial estates in Apapa, ilupeju, isolo, Ikorodu, Oregun etc were developed by Awo. Ikeja for example was a bush until the mid ‘60s, that’s why the army barracks is located there, it was at that time on the outskirts of what was the the federal capital. In fact the name Ikeja does not exist in history. It is an acronym for Ikorodu and Epe joint administration. IK E JA

Guy you fall my hand, always resist the urge to shalaye to these awon a ti oko wa ba Ile je.
The way dey gather in Lagos now is the way dey populate Ibadan, the capital of western Nigeria pre independence.
They were so obsessed with Yorubaland, that their grand father Azikiwe even wanted to become the premier of the western region.
They see every good place as a vehicle and they must be the driver.
They have been attacking Tinubu since 2011, all because they could not get PDP into power in Lagos.
Unfortunately for them Tinubu is a man who can see far into the future, they are already beaten, ologbon lo ma ye.
Ewure won kan fi ese hale ni, se won fe na olowo wan pa ni?.
They can't stop him, BAT will win this one, power will return to the North after 8 years and SS will have the presidential Ticket.
Awon ordinary speed boat competing with a warship, dem go collect.


Politics / Re: I Won't Vote For Peter Obi Again by 7lives: 9:00am On Jun 23

You are not ok, this is not about tribe is a about good governance , stop discouraging people becos of 5k they gave u... Use ur head and stop posting rubbish, am from Edo, I will vote for obi, ur country is bleeding n u r still doing trubalism, buy sense abeg

Yeye dey smell.
Politics / Re: What I Observed About Tinubu Supporters by 7lives: 10:22pm On Jun 22
B :Dentizil:
One day you guys will explain what Tinubu did to you...

cheesy cheesy grin grin Why would Yoruba want to listen to their explanation?, we already knew it's envy.
As Tinubu matter dey pepper dem, na so dem go dey cry, won ma ke ku ni.
Owun to sonu l'owo wan, ko se fi epe wa.
They already have k-leg, we go add hunch back, add more salt to their wounded ego.
Last last dem go commit mass suicide, awon eleregbe, a fi igo lo aso.
Politics / Re: Why Do Peter Obi Supporters Avoid Comparing His Achievements With That Of Tinubu by 7lives: 11:44am On Jun 22

This is the real reason they all hate him. It is about taking over Lagos and they see Tinubu as their biggest obstacle. That is the only reason why they all hate him. I just pity the young Yoruba youths forming woke and supporting this failed Pitobi project. Una go hear am if Obi win!

It is the reason they labeled Awo a tribalist.
Even Ojuiku tried to capture Lagos, covetousness is in their DNA.
People of evil forest are never contented with what God has given them.
Did they not collect wotowoto for Ore?, dem go collect again in 2023.
As it is in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.


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