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Politics / Re: Customs Didn’t Cause Rice Buyers’ Deaths At Lagos Office – Spokesperson by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:57am On Feb 26
Tinubu's bad omen

I said what I said

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Politics / Re: Tension In Rivers As APC And Fubara Lock Horns Again Over Tinubu’s Resolutions by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:29am On Feb 26
Fubara has been checkmated with all them resolutions by Wike's federal might

He should enjoy this four years, cos no way he's returning as a governor

Wike is a fvcking bully
Politics / Re: Tension In Rivers As APC And Fubara Lock Horns Again Over Tinubu’s Resolutions by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:28am On Feb 26
Fubara has been checkmated with all them resolutions by Wike's federal might
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Zimbabwe: 2026 World Cup Qualifier (1 - 1) On 19th November 2023. by AFvckingAlpha(m): 2:42pm On Nov 19, 2023
If we don’t get maximum points in this game it would be difficult to finish top of the group. Cos S/A would win in Rwanda. It’s unbelievable how low Nigeria 🇳🇬 has hit.

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Romance / Re: MTN Nigeria Responds To "Debt Clearance" On Users Line by AFvckingAlpha(m): 2:34pm On Nov 11, 2023
MTN should take they L in peace. I borrowed 3k again and I'm dropping the sim card anyways. They can suck my dick!
Family / Re: This Whatsapp Status Was Posted By Someone's Wife. Should I Tell Her Husband? by AFvckingAlpha(m): 3:24pm On Nov 10, 2023
Don't be a fvcking rat.
Romance / Re: What Investment Can I Do With 200k At The Moment? by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:48am On Nov 09, 2023

a friend introduced me to it last week and honestly I had made and withdrawn approximately half of my investment. I joined F3. Even if it turn out as ponzi as you said, in 2 weeks time, all my investment of 97.5K is out of the system, it worth trying out.

It ain’t worth trying, nobody’s a baby here. And don’t be promoting shitty pj’s here, you could just be misleading and innocent person on here.

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Romance / Re: What Investment Can I Do With 200k At The Moment? by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:01am On Nov 09, 2023
join FCB F3 level with 97, 500 be making 3750 daily, that's 112, 500 monthly.
You will have simple tasks to perform every day as their employee.
I had made several withdrawals. click the link below to join:

Who are FCB : https://fcb09.com/xml/index.html

Sign Up: https://fcb09.com/xml/index.html#/login

use the referral code: 5916764 when creating your account
holla on

Ponzi schemes are shiiit.
Romance / Re: What Investment Can I Do With 200k At The Moment? by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:01am On Nov 09, 2023
Buy BTC with it
Wait till February -march next year then cash out your money.

When you do.
Send me 5% for the advice

The bull run, I feel you, but with $200 how much you think say he go worth and that’s if BTC pump well
Romance / Re: What Investment Can I Do With 200k At The Moment? by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:59am On Nov 09, 2023
$200, that’s cool. Go and farm retroactive airdrops e.g Zksync etc Or you can try out spot trading but $200 is not so much of a capital and you need strong signals. NFT’s are pumping as well or you can degen.

Good thing you know bet will handle you, the 200k won’t last 2 months even if you’re careful with the betting cos you’d always be chasing losses.

Or better still keep your 200k, take your time and Learn forex and start trading, there are free groups you can learn. Your $200 can be your base capital.

Or You can add some little change and buy a good laptop and learn a tech skill, basically any high income skill.

You must be ready to work like you’d suffer and I don’t literally mean suffering or else you’d just be going round circles.

Those are the legit ways I can think of unless you want to go into fraud, 200k is a good start for tools if you have a good smartphone. Just find one good update and work tirelessly.

I said what I said

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Romance / Re: Her Body Size Discourages Me by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:56am On Oct 30, 2023
I have a friend, she is kind, she is very caring, emphasis on caring
Honestly, I feel like the heart is the most important thing in a human being, and I see her as someone who possesses a big heart
although she is very young by age
she has been the one doing the toasting for a while now and I am kinda going with the flow.

Now the only issue I have is her body size, she is a really fat person
I am not good at body shaming people, because I wouldn't want anyone to do the same to me, but sincerely I don't think I can keep up with her body size.

My reason for bringing this here is that, I feel like I am losing something really precious and valuable all because I am more focused on the outward appearance, secondly I feel like there won't be any intimacy between us even if we start dating because I am not sexually attracted to her.

I am scared that I would look back and regret, but I think I would rather let her go than to hurt her in the future

Please your advices are needed

You’re not good at something, psyche!

Ni66a you just body shamed her, tell it to her face, hurt her feelings, tell her to go drop some pounds.

If you like her, you will tell her!

I said what I said my ni66a

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NYSC / Re: Which Course Can Some Study In Masters Program After Studty Bsc Zoology by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:52am On Oct 30, 2023
Think outside the box my nigga!

Learn a high income skill like coding or forex and don’t go and waste your money on some MSc.

Yeah I said what I said
Romance / Re: See This 200$ Amazon Gift Card I Received from a US Client by AFvckingAlpha(m): 11:43am On Oct 24, 2023
I checked online and I saw 750n/$ so it’s still not bad

I will buy your Amazon.com cards for 500/$. You can send them in batches. Lemme know if you don’t get better rate, 750/$ for e-gift cards is not feasible I won’t lie so be careful who you trade with

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Romance / Re: See This 200$ Amazon Gift Card I Received from a US Client by AFvckingAlpha(m): 11:38am On Oct 24, 2023
Rates are not as high as 750/$ for e-gift cards. I’ll give you 500/$. Lemme know if you’re good for it.
Romance / Re: Apologize To A Part Of Your Body You've Overused. by AFvckingAlpha(m): 6:00pm On Oct 16, 2023
My lungs, my liver and my prick but I still wan knack, I wan knack!
Romance / Re: Nairaland Deleted My Topic! This Is Unfair.. All I Wanted Was Help And Advice by AFvckingAlpha(m): 12:40pm On Oct 14, 2023
Omo, why Platoo go fall my hand like this?
I no believe say you go fit do this kind thing. No le le, hand go touch you soon

Platoo fall your hand keh, see this one.

You and Platoo Abi wetin una dey call am, una mind no go touch ground.
Romance / Re: I Sucked A Girl Pusey Now I’m Having Stomach Pain’s Please Help by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:53pm On Oct 13, 2023
Someone please help me I gave my ex head today I’m now experiencing stomach pains all over please what should I do?

What else did you eat aside the coochie, OP?

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Romance / Re: I Sucked A Girl Pusey Now I’m Having Stomach Pain’s Please Help by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:52pm On Oct 13, 2023
Only simps do that disgusting shiiiiiiit lipsrsealed

Shut the fvck up boy, you don’t know shii

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Romance / Re: Non-virgins Don’t Deserve Bride Price by AFvckingAlpha(m): 5:58pm On Oct 08, 2023
Yo lemme grab my loud as I see how this drama ensues.

Yo one lady is taking y’all men on, damn!

Y’all men need to do better, cos she’s clearly savage that all of ya!

Y’all be recycling lines and she be tearing y’all with very spicy and sharp words.

I said what I said my nigga

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija All Stars: My Love For Ceec Is Unmatched – Kiddwaya by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:29pm On Sep 27, 2023
That man weird as fvck son!

This weird guy with his weird father that has a Vesace fetish
It's only normal to return the favor.

I'm not a fan of BBN, but ain't no All stars without Erica.

She's the definition of drama, maybe Tacha comes close, noteworthy mention is Cee-C

The rest they just there.

And how did Erica brother zoned Kidd, that shit scary as fvck.

I said what I said my ni66a
Romance / Re: Please I Need Your Advice On This by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:26pm On Sep 27, 2023
Get a hold of yourself boy, don't be doing shit you gonna regret and what's non-blood related cousin, wtf does that mean grin

I know how this shit ends trust me, so you need to dead that shit boy. Its gonna be a mess!

And how old are you lots, y'all sound like kids that just hit they 20's.

non-blood related cousins una.


I said what I said my ni66a
Romance / Re: Four Weird Things I Find Very Attractive On A Lady. The Fourth One Is Strange. by AFvckingAlpha(m): 9:16pm On Sep 27, 2023
what's so scary about waist beads, OP is still a baby. Waist beads aren't weird, they a part of our culture, chains aren't.

The rest are probably strange cos they are copied lifestyle from the west I think.

I said what I said my ni66a

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Family / Re: A Lady Has Cried Out That She Can't Get A Man Because Of Her Nose by AFvckingAlpha(m): 2:17pm On Sep 16, 2023
Damn, her stock nose-dived

I said what I said
Politics / Re: Atiku Rejects Tribunal Judgement, Heads To Supreme Court by AFvckingAlpha(m): 5:09pm On Sep 07, 2023
The judgement yesterday was complete sham!

Seeking redress at the Supreme Court is just the normal thing to do.

The question is will justice take its course at the Supreme court, cos it looks like the whole judiciary have been compromised.

It’s sad where we at, the youths have to fight for this country.

I am ready to lay my life down, let it go down that I contributed my quota to the liberation of our dear county.

Yeah I said what I said

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Politics / Re: You Are Not An Engineer: Tinubu Aide Replies Obasanjo On Port Harcourt Refinery by AFvckingAlpha(m): 5:06pm On Sep 07, 2023
Let’s call a spade a spade

If there’s anyone that can make our refineries work, it’s definitely not Tinubu.

Man is only about Nigerians suffering.

I said what I said


Education / Re: UNIBEN Final-Year Student Drowns In Ekosodin River As Police Arrest 2 Friends by AFvckingAlpha(m): 3:57pm On Jul 02, 2023

Even though the story nor clear let the body be found and an autopsy be done.

The few times wey I don go swim for Princess Hotel, I no dey ever near the deep end.

Even people wey know how to swim dey drown talk less of novice like me.

But man ghast learn how to swim sha

I said what I said


Romance / Re: Do Girls Also Admire Boys And Be Like: I Must Eat This Guy by AFvckingAlpha(m): 6:41pm On Jun 29, 2023
True there’s been this girl I been on and off with, had couple great sex in the past though but once January this year.

So last month she texted she wanted to see me for fun only cos I be like trying to be celibate and she begged that she need the D. As an Idan that I be went up to her place hit that shit raw but didn’t plant any seed.

I just went through one drama of one girl that didn’t want to abort and this particular one be always saying imma be her baby daddy, emi nibo?

After like a week tried to initiate another rendezvous but she be like giving excuses and all. At that moment I felt used.

Then few days ago she be texting me that it’s her birthday that I should buy cake for her.

I respectfully declined that shit. I be saying to myself B*tch I ain’t your man, go tell that shit to your man.

I said what I said my ni66a


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Lady Calls Out Another Lady For Editing Her Picture To Fix In Her Head. by AFvckingAlpha(m): 6:38pm On Jun 27, 2023
Omoh this other gender and they doings.

Let them sort they shit out.

they kinda look alike ani it’s the loud that I took that’s deceiving my eyes.

Yeah I said what I said my ni66a
Travel / Re: Calabar Boat Mishap: 3 Missing Medical Students Confirmed Dead by AFvckingAlpha(m): 2:24pm On Jun 26, 2023
The longer they were declared missing, the less likely they’d be found alive.

My heart is with the family, so sorry for their losses!

Someone must held accountable for this tragedy. Someone head must roll.

Yeah I said what I said
Politics / Re: Tinubu Receives Briefing In France Ahead Of Paris Summit (Video/Photos) by AFvckingAlpha(m): 4:26pm On Jun 21, 2023
I will keep saying my shit, this drug dealer is bad news for Nigeria.

All them propaganda y'all trying to spread that he's doing well and shit, the picture will soon be clearer.

I said what I said

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Reveals Ahmed Usman Ododo As Preferred Successor by AFvckingAlpha(m): 10:21pm On Apr 13, 2023
Yahaya wants to dominate for a very long time. Yahaya is the next BAT.

Kogi people, I hope you enjoy the ride.

I said what I said

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