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Celebrities / Re: MC Papi Calls Out Kano Government Over Poor Infrastructures by Agent8706(m): 12:47pm On Nov 07
When all the money he was supposed to use to develope the state has been converted to dollars and stashed in an agbada..smh!

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Celebrities / Re: Nengi To Ozo: “I Don’t Like This Kind Of Love, I Knew It Was Fake All Along" by Agent8706(m): 12:23pm On Oct 28
EndSARS haven't even died down fully and you guys want to start suffocating us with BBN news again? I thought this phase we just went through wiped out every senselessness in us but alas! With this same mentality I wouldn't be surprised if we still vote in another bunch of this evil men we call leaders worse than this present lot.

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Politics / Re: NDDC: Birds, Flowers Listed On Annual Report, Scholarships Sections Of Website by Agent8706(m): 2:01pm On Jul 23
How much does it cost to hire someone to manage that website for heck's sake? Millions, if not billions, was probably budgeted for that website. But as usual, it ended up in the belly of corruption.

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Autos / Re: """""" How To Clear Imported Cars In Nigeria """""" by Agent8706(m): 8:06pm On Jul 20
Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information op. I think this should be moved to front page. Can the mods please move this to front page so others can read and benefit? @lalasticala

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Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 11:46pm On Jun 06

This is what I found about malaria:

Malaria is found in more than 100 countries, mainly in tropical regions of the world, including:
large areas of Africa and Asia.
Central and South America.
Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
parts of the Middle East.
some Pacific islands.

The reason why fatality rate to Covid-19 is low in Africa remains a subject line for intense research and study. That it is because our system is already attuned to malaria medications or antimalarial drugs cannot easily be swallowed on face value. That we live in tropical clime, while that cannot be dismissed, it does not tell the whole story.
There must be something unique outside those postulations. Yes, malaria is foreign to Europe, but not those climes listed above. That Brazil which shares almost the same climate with Nigeria and also familiar with malaria has such unimaginable level of fatality to Covid-19 is really cause for concern and study.
Is Ghana too far away from Nigeria? How about Qatar, UAE, Singapore? These, while tallying astonishing figures of confirmed cases of Covid-19, have very low death tolls. But not so Egypt, Algeria and now SA. Why?
I read somewhere that majority of infected ones in Nigeria are within the safe age bracket of 20-50years. Could that have explained our unique ability to fight off this virus even without resort to government intervention? I say this because I am of the class that believe that this virus has infected more persons than are reported by NCDC due to their limited capacity to handle the cases. My belief is not unfounded as there are widespread reports of persons who have fought off this virus while relying on established efficacious medications obtained from informal sources.
I wish the goverment can do a targeted probe into this observation as this might be a strength that can be harnessed going forward.

Very intelligent and we'll informed postulations there I must confess.

I strongly believe that the numbers of registered cases and the number of those who have survived it and came out clean are under populated by the NCDC. But one thing you can be sure of is the number of those who have recovered will be shockingly high. Many would have contracted it and recovered from it without even knowing
Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 11:39pm On Jun 06

I'm telling you my brother!

Exactly what some of us have been saying, but some people choose not to understand.
Covid 19 is simply Malaria elder brother. Nothing more.

Exactly. We will fight this and we will win

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Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 7:18pm On Jun 06

U are right , even in Dubai then before this Coronavirus stuff , if u have maleria they will deport u immediately or if the see maleria drugs with u it's very big offense , there's a name they call maleria , they put it higher than HIV .
Nigeria dey discharge patients , yet no cure yet , covid is just contactable high fever

I'm telling you. If only our leaders can come clean, I am sure we would have made a name defeating Covid-19 the same way we did with Ebola
Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 6:08pm On Jun 06

I thought as much.

It's just speculations!

If world bodies like WHO makes such a donation, I believe they will have to announce it somewhere, or don't you think so?

There may be and there may be not. But I still believe not every donation will get to the ears of the media
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Training In Senegal With British Army (video) by Agent8706(m): 6:02pm On Jun 06

Corruption have spoil everything, now our army is no different from boys scout

grin grin grin Funny but that's the sad truth
Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 6:01pm On Jun 06

Okay, I see...

But are you absolutely sure they actually received any grants from those bodies?

I guess we wouldn't know that since I don't work in the government house. It's just a speculation
Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 5:11pm On Jun 06

I totally agree with you.

But the only thing that keeps baffling me is the question on how our so called "leaders" are benefitting from the COVID19 SCAMdemic?

Care to explain, please?

You know in Nigeria we take advantage of every situation to help ourselves even at the detriment of others.

How will our leaders recieve Covid-19 grants from WHO and other NGOs to be pocketed as with other aids if we they don't make sure Covid-19 is propagated in the country and announced to the world?


Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Training In Senegal With British Army (video) by Agent8706(m): 5:06pm On Jun 06
Where are the days our Army was known as one of the best, if not even the best in Africa. When our soldiers were shipped to Liberia and other countries for ECOMOG peace keeping mission.

Boko Haram would not even be able to rare it's ugly head not to mention surviving a while in those era.

Oh how the mighty has fallen due to corruption. To a point that people who came to us for training then are now the ones we are running to for training.

That stanza in the national anthem "the labours of our heros past shall never be in vain" comes to mind....

We seriously need a good leader come 2023 dear God.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Training In Senegal With British Army (video) by Agent8706(m): 5:00pm On Jun 06
Health / Re: Sokoto Discharges All 101 COVID-19 Patients by Agent8706(m): 4:48pm On Jun 06
I've always said this to people who care to listen. Covid-19 is nothing but glorified and over hyped version of the normal flu and fever most of us in this region are used to.

I remember sometime last year when a man from Greece came to visit my boss and he was lodged in a hotel in Abuja. The white man became adventurous and damned every warning not to go out. He loves strolling out in the evenings to enjoy the scenery of Abuja.

Two weeks after he return to Greece he caught fever, thanks to mosquitoes here. Now the news is, because they had no fever in their country, they had no drugs for it. The man was hospitalized and shifted from one hospital to another as they used him for experiment. You won't believe my boss had to ship some malaria drugs from here for his treatment and within a week he was back to his feet.

When Covid-19 came, I quickly understood that if this had started in Africa where we are used to it, and already have drugs we use for malaria, it wouldn't have been glorified the way the whites did it.

The good part is our leaders know the cure and that we can deal with it, but because of greed they want to keep Covid-19 alive in Nigeria, no wonder they forced it on Kogi by every means.

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Business / Re: How To Make Regular Income Offering HOT Digital Marketing Services On Fiverr by Agent8706(m): 9:00pm On Jun 01

Thanks for the prompt response, brother. I sincerely appreciate.

But, immediately after making that post, i went on Youtube in search of a possible solution, and i stumbled on this tutorial www. youtube.com/watch?v=omWkr7KM4dg (remove the space in the link)

I downloaded the compressed file (containing the VMF ver. 1.1 and the Activator file) from the descriptoion, then i followed the steps and it worked.

Thanks bro

cheesy cheesy
Business / Re: How To Make Regular Income Offering HOT Digital Marketing Services On Fiverr by Agent8706(m): 5:49pm On Jun 01

Hi sir,

Thanks for this expose here. I appreciate.

However, i am having serious troubles with step 6. After editing the host file, when i try to save, it keeps telling me i need administrator permission to save in the .../etc folder, and i keep getting directed to save the host file in Documents folder. Besides, the only available file format is .txt which is different from the other formats of the other files in the .../etc folder. I have tried the process on my 2 laptops, same issue.

So, i decided to go along with saving in the Documents folder and copying into into the .../etc folder, meaning there are now two hosts file in my .../etc folder. Please see attached picture.

Having done that, i went on with the other steps, which were seamless, unfortunately, my Videomakerfx is still locked.

Please what doyou advise i do, sir? I have sent you a PM though

CC: Chukabiz

Simply save the host file as a txt file as it is giving you. Save it some where else like in your my documents folder.

Then click folder options (when any folder is open, it is somewhere around the top right of the folder) and click the show file extension name check box. This will show the file extension of all files on your system.

The host file should now appear as host.txt, rename the file to host by deleting the 'txt' at the end and then save.

Copy your new host file to the host file folder and replace the previous one in the folder.

You should be good to go
Education / Re: Afe Babalola: How FG Can Reopen Schools, Universities Within Four Weeks by Agent8706(m): 9:03am On May 12
When you have a nation where the leaders are without foresight, the people suffer severe backwardness. Such is the case of our country. See developed countries going on with their academic life with ease, using technology to fill in the gaps. Here we have the technology (at least to an extent), we have the money, we have the brains, but a lot of bad luck in the form of corrupt leaders with brains made up of nothing but fermented pap! Naija matter weak person cry cry cry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: SA Parliament Zoom Meeting Hacked With Porn Images, Racial Abuse by Agent8706(m): 2:58pm On May 07
SA always ahead
With negativity right?


Graphics/Video Market / Re: Film/video Editors by Agent8706(m): 10:23pm On Apr 26
Adobe premiere pro 2019. Script writing, directing, producing and editing.
How do I connect with you so we can share ideas. I am into video editing too and I write scripts mostly for commercial promos
Politics / Re: Lagos State Denies Relaxing Lockdown For Easter Celebrations by Agent8706(m): 9:18am On Apr 10

Staying home with hunger. What has your government provided to support the majority staying home... How many people have you fed during this period

Why do nairalanders think because this is a faceless forum they can run their mouths anyhow? What concerns you with how many people I have fed? So I should carry a trumpet and start blowing it around announcing my good deeds? If you are hungry oga spit it out and let's rescue you too!

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Denies Relaxing Lockdown For Easter Celebrations by Agent8706(m): 7:51am On Apr 10
If this is true then it's a welcomed development. I know it's going to be difficult, yes, but this Convid-19 needs to be given the respect it deserves. We all need to attack it with all the arsenal we'll got and the first line of attack is to stay and work from home for as long as is necessary to fight this.

Let's all celebrate our Easters indoors watching the passion of Christ than risk escalating matters abeg! We will defeat this Convid-19 come what may.

Happy Good Friday everyone.

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Begins Door-to-door Search by Agent8706(m): 7:27pm On Apr 09

When they sow so little in Education, what do they expect to get if not an ignorant multitude of people?
No one reaps what he did not sow.

Truth is the ignorance level long maintained deep down in our society does not support the swift level of understanding they are looking to reap.
The people cant accept lock down, because majority of the people can only eat what they make in a day, and can only make what they eat in a day.
And to them, many a time, a caring govt simply does not exist in the first place that they could take the people's survival so seriously.
It's a dilemma of some sort.

I concure with you. May we not be overwhelmed by this diseases in Nigeria if not....
Health / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Begins Door-to-door Search by Agent8706(m): 7:25pm On Apr 09

when I said here that we go still fight this virus reach December this year, or probably slide into next year sef. no be curse be this, it is the truth given the nature of the virus.

and we are still joking with it in this country.


Seriously. The same negligence the US and UK citizens portrayed is what we are portraying now. The repercussions is what they are facing now. Whoever thought a whole US can be overwhelmed ever with their sophisticated and we'll organized system

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Begins Door-to-door Search by Agent8706(m): 6:27pm On Apr 09
Call me a prophet of doom, but the sad reality is that the way I am seeing things, we Nigerians don't know (or choose to ignore) what Corona can do. Imagine movement everywhere during this lockdown, putting our lives at risk as if we have 9 lives. May our case not be like the Americans and Italians where Convid-19 is feasting on souls like the end is here!

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Health / Re: Osun Records Six New Coronavirus Cases by Agent8706(m): 7:01pm On Apr 02
Come this time next year, Corona Disease will join the ranks of bird flu, Lassa fever, Ebola and so on...now is its time to shine but nothing last forever

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Professor Otegbayo Jesse Tests Positive by Agent8706(m): 10:46am On Mar 29
One thing I wish we all are sensitized about is that testing positive to Convid-19 is not testing positive to death. The survival rate is high. The rate at which people panic a lot can even cause some their untimely death even before they get infected with the virus

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Graphics/Video Market / Re: Film/video Editors by Agent8706(m): 6:35pm On Feb 19
What software do you use mainly for your video editing and do you shoot or just mainly edit?
Politics / Re: Okada Ban: Ajao Estate Residents Protest Exclusion by Agent8706(m): 7:26pm On Jan 30
Did I read this news well? Isn't it a good thing that they still have the privilege of still using this service seeing that okada and Keke is a necessity in such areas?

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Politics / Re: Femi Gbajabiamila Arrives National Assembly "Speaker Contestant" by Agent8706(m): 11:13am On Jun 11, 2019
This is past 11am and no show yet? The last time this happen a speaker emerged before me and my colleaques could even sit properly in front of the tv to enjoy the show! grin grin grin

Something tells me this 9th assembly won't be as interesting as the just concluded.

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Politics / Re: People's Reactions As Buhari Receives His WAEC Certificate (Memes) by Agent8706(m): 2:03pm On Nov 03, 2018
grin grin
Romance / Re: Fine Boy Sexually Harassed By A Lady, Feels Depressed by Agent8706(m): 9:01am On Aug 14, 2018
So should we now fry our balls or what?

If she had taken the n***a home and had given him more than a hug will he be here seeking this attention?

Make I go arrange for my PVC abeg! Someone needs to return to Duara next year!

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Politics / Re: Sack Magu Now – Wike Charges Osinbajo by Agent8706(m): 7:13am On Aug 10, 2018
Ghana Magu Must Go! Next is the Daura President! May 29th is not far again!

PS: I wrote D.ullard, Nairaland bot changed it to President. Even Nairaland bot too has finally agreed our president is a d.ullard! grin grin


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