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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 8:52pm On Aug 06
Few of us have had no issues with Lufthansa. Just make sure you have your covid test for boarding.

Please how many hours to departure for Lufthansa I mean for covid test?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 4:30pm On Aug 02
Dates are getting further away, I will suggest you pay a new fee if your program is starting soon, that's what I did and I was able to get a date

Okay thank you. We just received a mail to reschedule.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 2:20pm On Aug 02

send an email to support-nigeria@ustraveldocs.com support@ustraveldocs.com ConsularAbuja@state.gov address it to the first email and put the other 2 in copy stating your case professionally. and pray to God for a quick and favorable response.

Thank you but we did this immediately but yet to get response. Should we buy another one? Just scared about the possibility of getting a date in August.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 1:17pm On Aug 02
Good afternoon everyone, please what advice would you give to someone whose visa appointment was cancelled twice. First on the 16th and 28th. Despite sending mails to the embassy. Should the person get pay for another one or hold on? Also resumption is this fall and has funding.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 7:11pm On Jul 29
Guys, please I’d like to have anyone interested to join me in prayers for God to turn around the heart of the U.S Consulate in this country to favour us, especially Fall students desperately awaiting dates.

Let's Pray, men ought always to pray and not fair. We need divine intervention. God will help us.

Listen to " Mystery of Divine Intervention" by Apostle Joshua Selman.

When do you intend to pray?

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 7:45am On Jul 29
Good day everyone , it's a great day to be alive.
Congrats to everyone whose visa has been granted.
To those waiting, I know God will come through for you let's just keep faith alive. All our heart desires shall be granted; all things work together for our good.

Please, which airline is best to travel with to Detroit that will be hitch- free especially with Covid protocols?

Thanks as I await kind responses.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 2:53pm On Jul 15
Hello everyone, I am still on awe of God and yet to write my transcript. Thanks to everyone that has contributed immensely to this page. I am grateful and to those not yet given I pray God grant all your heart desires. I have been low-key following this thread but today visa approved with the shortest transcript.

To anyone not yet given don't take away the God factor. This is also my first attempt and no funding.

Transcript loading... God is good!!!!

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by AirstarKane(f): 7:52pm On Jul 01
This is exactly how my interview happened on 25th June

Visa Approved✅
Emergency appointment
Location: Abuja
VO: White man

School: Illinois institute of technology

Program: Masters in Advanced Manufacturing, Automation and Control systems

COA: $49888
Funding: $11000

Deficit covered with Mpower Loan and Personal Savings.

I forgot to sign my i20. I have to sign it in front of the VO�

The two persons before me were denied.

VO: Hi, Good morning, how are you?

Me: I'm fine and you?

VO: Cool, pass me the documents.

Me: I gave him only my passport.

VO: (He smiled) I mean pass me those documents you are with.

Me: Oh! I wasn't aware of that, sorry. I then passed my DS160 and i20

VO: I see you are going for Manufacturing Engineering.

Me: No! I'm going for Advanced Manufacturing with a specialization in Automation and Control Systems.

VO: Looked at his computer to confirm what I filled in DS160 and nodded.

VO: What is your highest qualification?

Me: Bachelors of Engineering, I studied Mechanical Engineering, I graduated in the year Bleep.

VO: Looked at his computer again and nodded

VO: What have you been doing since then?

Me: I've been working in the Oil and Gas Industry.

VO: I can see you worked as a Non-- (I didn't allow him to finish, I completed the sentence for him)

Me: Yes! I previously worked as a Non-destructive Testing Engineer

VO: He looked at his computer again and nodded. He now picked up my i20

VO: I see you have a Loan ( I didn't wait for him to finish, I had to complete the sentence for him)

Me: Sure, I secured a fully approved education loan from Mpower Finance. It will be paid directly to my school upon arrival.

VO: How much is the Loan

Me: $35000

VO: Great! He Nodded! Your family will give you $4000

Me: Sure, my aunt Mrs xxxx will be supporting me with $4000, I will also be supplementing it with my personal savings.

VO: He looked at his computer again and confirmed my aunt's name on my DS160, kept on nodding

VO: What does she do?

Me: She is a real estate investor. She buys and sells lands. She also develops them into estates.

VO: I can see you are genuine! (We both smiled). I will be keeping your passport. He gave me a white paper

He was telling me bout COVID 19 restrictions and Port of entry, I didn't hear anyother thing. I kept on saying. Okay!!. When he was done talking, I told him Thank you!, Bye and have a nice day.

VO: you too

No Document was asked


1) Know your DS160 and make sure you filled the DS160 by yourself without error.

2)Know your funding.

3) If possible, get relevant work experience

Be Confident and see this as a discussion not just question and answer.

Congratulations man! We are in the process too soon to share the good news.
Can you help out with the loan application process. Thanks.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 29th May 2021 by AirstarKane(f): 10:09pm On May 29
Like a case of losing a battle to win a war
Congrats to my darling Chelsea and fellow Chelsea fans here..
When Chelsea lost the FA Cup, I was disappointed but i guessed you saved the best for the last!!

Good game Man City and very good EPL season …. sorry but you met your match in this UCL final. The London Blue force knocked out the whole of Madrid and so we were READY for you!

The funny thing is that there are some Man U guys here crying bitter tears here … let me see if I can organize some ice cream for them

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TV/Movies / Re: I Hate ZEE WORLD WITH PASSION by AirstarKane(f): 2:33pm On Apr 18
Bro I feel your pain. grin
The dramatic sound effects, unnecessary zooming and random breeze blowing their hair makes it more annoying.
You got it aswear. The fact that something is suppose to happen e.g law of gravity, you end up watching unrealistic stunts. I no even dey watch TV talk more of it irks me.
Sports / Re: Pregnant Aminat Idrees Wins Taekwando Gold Medal (Photos) by AirstarKane(f): 12:01pm On Apr 06
It's you people that can't lift a leg that does spew rubbish. Do am if e easy nonsense!
Very good of her.

Why she no go win?

Every one will try not to beat her big head up because she's pregnant. We no even know whether na one of the judges get the piqin, who go like make him side chick lose? angry
Women and coro coro sense be like 5 and 6. angry

First to comment. grin

My village people must be sad with this superb victory of mine. angry
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Free 3d Logo (graphics) And Animation Training by AirstarKane(f): 11:54am On Mar 24
Good day , please I am interested in learning the 3D logo especially this one. Thank you.
08033001429 is my number

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Was Tricked, Now I Can't Sleep. by AirstarKane(f): 4:38pm On Feb 20
I am really sorry about it. The act of betrayal is very painful especially for a close one. However, I can only proffer what worked for me and hopefully it does to you too.
First, pray to God to let go and forgive. It's a hard prayer but with it comes peace.
Secondly, act as of nothing happened ,If your friend greets you respond as if nothing happened. Be grateful you know the type of friend he is.
Try to gain wisdom from what has happened and move on after all many doors will still be opened . As long as God is still on the throne. Watch God fight for you as in you will be begging him on behalf of your friend. Just let go and let God. Tell it all to God and Have a great day.


Science/Technology / Re: China fires up its 'artificial sun' for the first time (Pics) by AirstarKane(f): 12:33pm On Dec 19, 2020
My dear country is still struggling to produce pencils
What have you done for your country? Speak good about it not all the time comparison. What have you even done to people around you?

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Nairaland / General / Re: Ghastly Motor Accident In Nsukka Yesterday Morning (Photos) by AirstarKane(f): 8:31am On Dec 19, 2020

thank you God for destroying the man's car and giving the child a traumatic experience. thank you for also causing chaos and disrupting economic activities and endangering lives and property of the individuals involved in this accident.

may your name be praised forever. you have manifested your power.

Mortals are liable and responsible for what they do. Now the Almighty God in his infinite mercies decides to step in to help man and this is all you can say.
Will you hold him accountable for the machines mortals create and goes faulty?
Will you hold him accountable for some individuals that decide to drink and drive?
Will you also hold him accountable for people who decide not to read or follow traffic signs?
In all things, give thanks. God is always good! but you humans create things you end up not being able to solve and he steps in to show his awesomeness. That's my God.
I know, in your minute sense, the guy should be dead but the same God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.
#Be grateful


Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari Celebrates Her 26th Birthday by AirstarKane(f): 8:24am On Dec 19, 2020
Happy birthday to her. Enjoy the new age with wisdom.
Politics / Re: APC Governors Swoop On Jonathan Ahead Of 2023 Elections by AirstarKane(f): 7:50am On Nov 21, 2020
GEJ pls go for it. Let 2027 take care of itself!
For those arguing otherwise, GEJ will galvanise the country and have time to re-energise confab 2014 report.
What are you spewing? Can't you see the hand writing that its a decoy. Jeez
Celebrities / Re: Omah Lay: 'This Time Last Year, I Didn't Know People Would Ever Hear My Songs' by AirstarKane(f): 6:50pm On Nov 20, 2020
The change that can happen to man's life takes just a switch. Time and chance only if we can be patient. On this life, anything can happen. This year is not yet over for me I must sign out 2020 with a BANG!

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Celebrities / Re: Ada Ameh's Daughter Is Dead! Actress Loses Only Child by AirstarKane(f): 7:33am On Oct 22, 2020
Thank you very much. I am better today at least I have been able to talk hopefully I'd eat something. I just read about a young graphics designer that was killed again. Each time I decide to shut down and not read the moment I come online it's full of sad tales
Thank you sha.I just feel sad because it could have been anyone.

Hello Airstarkane, i don't know who you are, where you from or where you are based, but for a few of us who know this country Nigeria and it's history very well, we were not really surprised at what happened yesterday.
A few of us could see some of these things happening as far back as February, March when COVID-19 came into the country. It is very likely that more is yet to come.
Maybe there really is a spiritual angle to all of this, the Almighty and the Universe in it's unparalleled wisdom knows best.

-- Greaterfuture1/Greaterfuture
Celebrities / Re: Ada Ameh's Daughter Is Dead! Actress Loses Only Child by AirstarKane(f): 3:34pm On Oct 21, 2020
Sorry for the loss.. As I lay in my bed still in doubt that reality happened yesterday, Please tell me yesterday didn't happen in 2020. To the dead, how's it over there? I hope you're smiling. To everyone that has lost a loved one, sorry. I really not sure I am coherent sha.
Rip to the dead.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Terrorists Intercept 10 Vehicles, Kidnap Travelers In Borno by AirstarKane(f): 5:57pm On Oct 20, 2020
...and the cycle continues. The rot in the system is so much that it will take a collective or perhaps restructuring to fix it.

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Crime / Re: Edo People Defy Obaseki's 24-Hour Curfew. Chase Police Officers Away by AirstarKane(f): 3:27pm On Oct 20, 2020
I have picked the sense you wanted me to identify with Buhari. It didn't take long before you unveil yourself. No comment! Enjoy the rice.

I have no political affiliation but it's sheer propaganda to claim that average Nigerians, not even the poor, can't afford a meal. It's completely false...

Food is not even the problem in Nigeria, it's lack of infrastructure and corruption. Rice production started unde Buhari and we're gradually attaining self sufficiency instead of importation. If we have the fear of God, we'd say the truth.

Also nobody said fighting for human lives is equal to war but how do you justify the crime rate surging as a result of the protest? I am a young man who has been harassed by the police several times, but common sense mustn't be ignored. Now we need to calm down is all I'm saying.
Crime / Re: Edo People Defy Obaseki's 24-Hour Curfew. Chase Police Officers Away by AirstarKane(f): 2:51pm On Oct 20, 2020
When did data become quated with human needs? The fact that I can afford it doesn't mean others can. I really have a lot to say but then I'd keep quiet because it's not worth it exchanging words. I hope you're not part of the people in government because apparently you sound like one. How did asking for value of human life turn to war? I don't get your point o plus saying its sentiment. So you mean the lives wasted was all about sentiment and we continue funding their lifestyle while students are out of school, we can't boast of a good health care, prices of food item is extremely high and you think protesting is all about sentiment. Since that you've been treading softly what have you gained?

You can't afford a meal, but u can buy data... Please forget about sentiments. Even the celebs protesting are now being robbed. Let's face the fact, the protest is getting violent and it won't pay anyone cos that's not the original idea.

Ideals are peaceful, history is violent: when you understand that wars always begin with an ideal and end up with violence, you will tread softly.
Crime / Re: Edo People Defy Obaseki's 24-Hour Curfew. Chase Police Officers Away by AirstarKane(f): 1:43pm On Oct 20, 2020
Unemployment, insecurity and food scarcity you say. Is that one new? I hope you are aware that the average Nigerian can't afford meal anymore. So what's your point?
Edo people have ruined this protest already. Now Lagos has followed suit by burning Orile Police Station...

Thugs have joined protesters and we don't know who is who anymore... Masses have started suffering now, not the government, so it no longer makes sense. It's better to stop now and see what the government wants to implement, at least they listened.

I hands off #endsars officially cos I foresee chaos if things don't stop soon. The protest is now lacking direction and no obvious leadership...

Edit: I just saw a video of a policeman possibly beaten to death in Lagos... To those quoting me and insulting me, hope you all can keep up the same energy when things start affecting your family members. Food scarcity is looming, unemployment and insecurity may start being witnessed... Una eye go clear o!
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Resign Now!, Protesting Ondo Youths Slam Buhari by AirstarKane(f): 7:07am On Oct 20, 2020
What the hell these protesting and illiterates youths on the street want again? SARS is scrapped already, go back to your homes and leave the streets but I know you won't listen.

Police won't stop killing you as well until you all perish.
Be guided please pretend to have sense or keep quiet. I know it may be difficult but just keep shut!

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Lagos Loses N234m To Tollgates’ Closure by AirstarKane(f): 6:26pm On Oct 19, 2020
What are they using the money for? Our leaders are wicked!

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Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Daddy Freeze Slams Churches And General Overseers Over Silence by AirstarKane(f): 4:51pm On Oct 13, 2020

Only unbiased folks understand Freeeze.
Na only church dey this country. This rubbish he's doing can he try it with the muslims? One pastor already spoke which of the imams has said anything. He just thrives on the peaceful nature of the church.
Go to mosques they don't observe covid 19 procedure but if it was the church you people will open your mouth and condemn everything. Why I am surprised sef? It's the only valid religion of truth and peace so evil will oppose it.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: Protesters Block Lekki-Ajah Expressway (Video) by AirstarKane(f): 7:13am On Oct 12, 2020
It has been disbanded now pls they should not cause chaos. Let people that are going to work be allowed to do so. Me I don't like wahala at all
I don't blame you na. No member of your daily was among the 8 people killed including children that are innocent. Are you saying you intend suffering and smiling? If you don't have any good thing to say just keep shut. The fact that you have job is by luck. How many people have jobs. You don't like wahala but the country is going to ruins. Do we look like we want wahala ?
Celebrities / Re: Lady Who Says She Is Pregnant For Laycon Asks For Forgiveness (Video) by AirstarKane(f): 8:41am On Oct 04, 2020
Sometimes ,I just want to be quiet but then I just dey imagine na person born this one too. I am sorry o. Nigerian youths , we dey Bleep up. What's all these rubbish? Ahn ahn na talk be this.
# EndSarsNow!
Someone's life is at stake ooo join the force .

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Politics / Re: Atiku, Sunday Dare, Saraki, Others Call For SARS Reform by AirstarKane(f): 8:37am On Oct 04, 2020

My sister. Very correct. SARS madness ends in the South. They can never try all that nonsense in the North. I can imagine a Northern youth being shot point blank by these robbers, they'd be lynched on the spot!
But on this thread, I can even see a few Southern youth forming 'political gladiators', attacking Atiku and Saraki for voicing out on a very critical issue as this.
I have said it you this rubbish prices and killing a ehn you can't try it with Northerners. Just attack one person, you'd be faced with battalion they support their own and they are quiet because they are strategically facing governance and settling their future but we southerners are divided and distracted imagine If this discussion was about BBN . Southerners dey Bleep up and it's paininng me .
Politics / Re: Atiku, Sunday Dare, Saraki, Others Call For SARS Reform by AirstarKane(f): 6:41am On Oct 04, 2020
I’m wondering why this SARS menace is prevalence in the South. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them tormenting anyone in the North undecided undecided
Our leaders in this part of this country are traitors.
They can't try it with Northern youths those ones will burn them alive. They have guts! Have you seen them talking about BBN or the nonsense we are talking in the south here. We are being distracted while they strategically plan for their future in governance.


Politics / Re: Atiku, Sunday Dare, Saraki, Others Call For SARS Reform by AirstarKane(f): 6:35am On Oct 04, 2020
Reform abi they should scrap it completely. Nigerian youths enough of entertainment and Lets face these people trying to decimate us. It's uncalled for that you just kill people especially people in the west and south. I would say it again they can't try this with Northern youths ! Southerners wake up they're killing your children right before your very eyes. I am lending my voice because I have siblings everywhere!
We owe this government one protest just one and they'd sit up. How can my freedom be publicly infringed and declared useless? O wrong nau .
If you decide to keep quiet remember, just remember e fit be you.

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