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Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Floods: 42 People Dead (Photos, Video) by ALLFATHER14: 1:50am On Jul 16, 2021
Shithole Europe and America. Nigeria is better than Europe but the average Nigerian have gone through decades of intense brainwashing which makes him to see himself as less human. America and Europe are jungles and third world shitholes

Your dealer no dey disappoint. This your weed too dope abeg.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Borrow To Feed As Food Prices Soar Amid Stagnated Income by ALLFATHER14: 1:22pm On Jul 13, 2021
When my My grandma was alive she lived below $1 a day but she never went to bed hungry because she grew her own product... Back then if you dash her money she go dash the money to her lil grandkids she had no use for it. Following the white man's definition of poverty (one who lives on less than $1 a day), you'd conclude that my grandma was poor, but in reality she was wealthy.

What a sheit and rubbish comparison. Your grandma lived under Buhari economy abi!!??. Did your grandma pay transport to work!!?? Did your grandma buy data!!?? Did your grandma have to buy fuel!!?? Did your grandma have a car!!?? Did your grandma have a certificate to get a job to have steady income!!?? Did your grandma go through the hell interpreneurs go through under this regime!!??

Before you blame the white man for the failures of this rubbish government remember that Rwanda are doing just fine after years of war and the white man themselves are better. All these brainless Buhari apologists sef.


Politics / Re: Naval Headquarters: "Sectional" Navy Supplementary List Is Fake by ALLFATHER14: 9:28am On Jul 13, 2021

Go back and read the statement again and read No.2.....

When you finish reading number 2 kindly visit the website to check if applications are open before you come here and defend rubbish, Akpa
Sports / Re: Italy vs England: Euro 2020 Final (3 - 2) On Penalties On 11th July 2021 by ALLFATHER14: 11:21pm On Jul 11, 2021
Chiesa has been robbed of player of the tournament
Celebrities / Re: I Am Ashamed Of You - Comedienne Princess Blasts Iya Rainbow by ALLFATHER14: 7:46am On Jul 02, 2021
Based on the comments wey dey before my own e go dey okay to conclude say Nigerians no get shame again. Dem start dey blame the victim instead of the rapist. God go judge una. Evil and shameless generation

I just weak


Celebrities / Re: I Am Ashamed Of You - Comedienne Princess Blasts Iya Rainbow by ALLFATHER14: 7:45am On Jul 02, 2021

The person who fell has been blamed, career wrecked, and jailed...It's about time she shuts up, especially since the accusation PRINCESS stated against him turned out to be false_ and she didn't even apologise or retract her claims...

The video too was false right!!??

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Celebrities / Re: I Am Ashamed Of You - Comedienne Princess Blasts Iya Rainbow by ALLFATHER14: 7:44am On Jul 02, 2021

Princess, chill a little. Not everyone has their way even when absolutely right. Ask genuine #EndSARS protesters.

If Nigerians could really have their way now, Mr. President would be ousted.

There's a thin line between anger and disrespect; being right and being wrong.

Retreat and re-strategize.

Disrespect!!?? For a paedophile!!?? Person wey them suppose hang you say them dey disrespect am. I don see things for this Naira land sha


Celebrities / Re: I Am Ashamed Of You - Comedienne Princess Blasts Iya Rainbow by ALLFATHER14: 7:40am On Jul 02, 2021
person wey baba ijesha rape no go Bleep again for this life?

She's just a child ó. Omó
Sports / Re: Jadon Sancho Joins Manchester United For €90 Million by ALLFATHER14: 7:48am On Jul 01, 2021

Go ask Kai Havertz,Timo Weiner,Naby Keita and even Jurgen Klop who came from the bundesliga.
Players in German league are as good if not even better than the players in English league.
KDV we are all singing his praises today found his mojo after leaving Chelsea for Werder Bremen.

Jürgen Klopp who!!?? Klopp that won the Premier League and Champions League flopped!!?? LMAO guy keep watching table tennis abeg, leave football to people wey dey watch am


Foreign Affairs / Re: RUSSIA Has Vowed To SINK British Warships The Next They Sail Too Close To Crimea by ALLFATHER14: 8:27pm On Jun 24, 2021

Every country does Bragg..

When e cast na then person go Sabi who strong..

The US as at today still has what the world fears!

That thing that US has, China will soon have it

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Foreign Affairs / Re: RUSSIA Has Vowed To SINK British Warships The Next They Sail Too Close To Crimea by ALLFATHER14: 8:26pm On Jun 24, 2021
Russia under Putin is heading for self destruction.

If they sink a British ship , the UK and NATO will retaliate.

That would trigger a nuclear show off. And Russia will be vaporized out of the earth forever .

Putin better watch it .

He shouldn't be starting something

Which kind dirty yarn be this!!?? A known enemy enter their territory and you expect them not to react!!?? LMAO. And what's this rubbish you're saying about Nuclear show off!!?? Russia has the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world Baba no dey yarn cox

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Romance / Re: After Introduction, I’m Seeing Too Many Red Flags by ALLFATHER14: 7:33am On Jun 24, 2021
To be honest with you,the holy spirit has been ministering to you but you just decides not to yeild His call.. you are saved and you need to ask God for direction on whom to marry first beforr entering into any relationship at all..pls end that relationship and go back to God on your knees and seek direction from a real prophet of God for a clear direction..

So it's the guy that is not saved abi!!?? Because the saved them dey write am for face
Romance / Re: After Introduction, I’m Seeing Too Many Red Flags by ALLFATHER14: 7:28am On Jun 24, 2021
my advice is if you can change him ,go ahead with the marriage , since you are a female I believe you can do it with power of GOD,but if he is a male please quit the marriage, because a woman can change a man but a man can never change a woman
As per na him no get power of God na!!??
Politics / Re: June 12: Protesters Arrested By Police In Ojota, Lagos (Pictures) by ALLFATHER14: 9:22pm On Jun 12, 2021
What is the protest in Lagos going to do for us ? Only to increase suffering of the common man , Buhari will remain Buhari until God takes control

Remain small for God to wash hand comot Nigeria matter
Sports / Re: Denmark Vs Finland Game Suspended As Medics Confirm Eriksen Is Stable by ALLFATHER14: 9:20pm On Jun 12, 2021
Oyinbo are just too emotional.. see as dem begin dey cry embarassed

Their Captain almost died and you expect them to be shining teeth!!??
Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: Twitter Should Get Out Of Nigeria For Deleting Buhari's Tweet by ALLFATHER14: 8:33pm On Jun 03, 2021
I'm in support of this. Government can ban Twitter on Nigeria airspace.

Na only airspace we go ban them!!?? We go ban them for main road join grin
Phones / Re: Nigerians Slam NCC’s IMEI, Phone IDs Directive: We Deserve Some Privacy by ALLFATHER14: 2:28pm On May 21, 2021

Lol , the us is protecting their interests from China but has internal databases for planning and tracking.

You need the citizens info for planning/security.
Ni , public services card, nhs etc.

Nigerians are not ready for true development at all.

True development!!?? LMAO. So tracking of citizens is now true development!!?? When we have a government we can trust we'd gladly give them out data. Not these bunch of clowns.

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Phones / Re: Nigerians Slam NCC’s IMEI, Phone IDs Directive: We Deserve Some Privacy by ALLFATHER14: 2:26pm On May 21, 2021
[quote author=JesseJo post=101918853]

What privacy does your IMEI give away?

Silly us. These are people that want to go and stay in London. Where all your movement is captured and recorded on a CCTV, the length and breath of the city.

Same clowns who praise America and Canada where you cannot do anything tangible and legit with your life without submitting a Social Security number or a social insurance number.

Pls, what privacy does your IMEI reveal other than your location. And is that not what is obtainable in the West, with your social media accounts?

Just be complaining like deranged donkeys up and down.


what does CCTV cameras, SSN and SIN have to do with IMEI!!?? Those things cannot show the government your real time location. Well I don't blame you sha, your brain is probably made up of the same substance as malami..... Nothing.

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Phones / Re: Nigerians Slam NCC’s IMEI, Phone IDs Directive: We Deserve Some Privacy by ALLFATHER14: 2:20pm On May 21, 2021
Patami has good intentions,

but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. A knife can be used for cooking and for stabbing.

Today's solution is tommorows problem

Nigeria is not yet ripe for this thing. The Yahoo boys will not like this news. phone thief's will hate you.

Nigerians hate innovation, you can't eat your cake and have it. if you want security, you must sacrifice something,

Nothing goes for nothing. The FBI and CIA has become too powerful because Americans have ceded a lot of power to them

You're not well. You obviously don't know what an IMEI is or you just want to be stupid

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Air Strikes Kill 42 Palestinians, Rockets Fired From Gaza by ALLFATHER14: 10:34am On May 18, 2021
Curse of Allah upon Netanyahu Israel and their allies

Joke of the century.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Air Strikes Kill 42 Palestinians, Rockets Fired From Gaza by ALLFATHER14: 10:31am On May 18, 2021
For the sake of the children, elderly and pregnant women, Peace be still between Israel and Palestine in Jesus mighty name.

Kindly leave Jesus out of this please
Politics / Re: Israel: Christian Leaders Accuse Buhari Of Taking Sides With Palestine by ALLFATHER14: 10:23am On May 18, 2021
I am tired of this country...Everything is seen through ethno-religious lenses. What is happening in palestine is an horrific disaster

It's a war FFS, what are you expecting!!??

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Politics / Re: Israel: Christian Leaders Accuse Buhari Of Taking Sides With Palestine by ALLFATHER14: 10:12am On May 18, 2021

DUMBO, who is the bigger terrorist, Israel that seized and stole Palestinian territory and forced the Palestinians into a tiny strip of barbed wire land surrounded by Israeli forces, or the Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom and for Israel to stop building estates on Palestinian land?

I don't understand how you people sleep at night supporting gross injustice.

And now you classify all Palestinians as terrorists, including the children, women and babies being bombed by US-supplied Israeli fighter jets.

Is your God the god of the rich and powerful oppressors of weak, impoverished people?

You must be worshiping SATAN not God.

LMAO.....the way you simplified this conflict is actually very funny. There are no good guys and bad guys here. Israel are not the oppressors here they just have the upper hand. It's a war, not good guy Vs bad guy

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Politics / Re: New Nigerian Navy Ship Stops Over In Ghana. Greeted By Ghanaian Officials by ALLFATHER14: 8:27am On May 18, 2021
This should be the 10th official Nigeria Warships $7.5 billion per each...

What are the navy gonna do with it?...no war nothing...just cruise around the sea...

Why don't we get a missile instead...

We can easily lunch that into our enemies territories...

No Nigerian warShip costs $7.5 billion dollars as of now, except you were fed lies or for embezzlement sake. An almighty 045 class destroyer or the type 055 doesn't even cost that much sef talk less of the ones we have here.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Synagogue Bleacher Collapses Near Jerusalem, 2 Killed, Over 167 Injured by ALLFATHER14: 7:38am On May 17, 2021
You see why I have been saying religion na scam...

Na 2 religious country be that oo, still killing themselves because their leaders couldn't resolve their differences hence the innocent citizens mist suffer for the Egomaniac...

Why can't the leaders enter the ring and beat themselves to dead without involving the civilians?


This doesn't even make any sense.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Leicester City: FA Cup (0 - 1) On 15th May 2021 by ALLFATHER14: 6:48pm On May 15, 2021
If Chelsea equalise in this match they will win, for sure
Politics / Re: Ortom: Anyone Against Southern Governors' Resolve Has Hidden Agenda by ALLFATHER14: 1:00am On May 14, 2021
Nonsense. We've seen this script before.
The kleptomaniacs are uniting under the aegis of Southern Governors forum because their industry of robbing (Nigeria) has almost collapsed. So they are trying to perch on the new movement like they always do.
They forgot that we know that Nigeria is not a living thing. Nigeria is the Government. The Government are them, the so called Governors and Elites that robbed us all of the future of our unborn.
What we want is total dissolution followed by a thorough Revolution. The Revolution will start from Party coordinator up. Only through that will we have a new nation.
Them jumping from Nigeria to the new movement is still Nigeria in disguise

Is everything okay!!??

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Crime / Re: Hiny Umoren's Murder: CCCRN Demands Apology From David Hundeyin by ALLFATHER14: 8:48am On May 13, 2021
David Hundeyins investigation in this case was was very novice ..I hope he learns from it , this is why the seasoned investigators take time to really scrutinize data for facts and not just use carelessly put together data to reach a short sighted Assumption..He owes Kufre Effiong , the DPO, Davok Suites and this NGO and apology

Shey you dey okay sha!!?? Did you read the statement from Kufre and the Local Council Chairman!!?? Both of them were not in line, that means somebody was lying. Cell tower information does not and will never lie, that's how a functional police makes their investigation. He doesn't owe anybody anything, the culprits have not cleared their name


Phones / Re: Why Do Xiaomi Marketers Provide False Information? by ALLFATHER14: 9:38am On May 12, 2021
Cut the OP some slack, majority of you people commenting don't even use the brand of phone. I use a Redmi note 8 pro and it had a software issue for the second week. I took it back to the shop I bought it and was told I have to leave it with them for two weeks to fix. I don't have a spare good browsing phone that works so I have been managing it.

The issue is the notification banner that pops up stays longer on the screen than necessary. I have attached a screen shot so you guys understand.

Update your phone baba
Crime / Re: N2m Credit Alert Sends Ilorin Driver To Prison by ALLFATHER14: 6:12pm On Jan 22, 2021
Very useless judgement.
The guy would have been given an option.
Pay back or serve.
1. serve 2. Pay fine 3. Pay back 2m.
Which kin judgement be that? Even After the suspect pleaded guilty.
Appeal the fucking judgement

It's obvious the Accuser has connections of some sort
Politics / Re: Man & His Sister Denied Entry Into Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Over Dressing by ALLFATHER14: 10:38am On Jan 21, 2021
What's proper dressing?A lady was stopped at the gate of covenant university and denied entry because she was wearing Muslim-like dress.

who does this one want to lie for now. Baba I have an ex-Muslim friend that goes to covenant university and she wears hijab to the chapel, she's converted to Christianity now but for some funny reason still wears her hijab. Bro if you want to lie do it small small.
Politics / Re: Ondo Herdsmen Quit Notice: "You Are Wrong" - Shehu Sani Tells Akeredolu by ALLFATHER14: 12:48pm On Jan 20, 2021

Can you say Igbo should leave Lagos or Kano if he's not wrong
Did you see any set of Igbos going around bullying farmers and killing them!!??


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