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Health / Re: DNA Paternity Testing Coming To Lekki In October by anaton(m): 11:08am On Sep 26, 2021
Does it really matter who fathered the child? undecided what matters most is who's raising the child and that's the legal father

So who is the legal father if not the one that fathered the child?? grin


Literature / Re: Which Books Can I Read that Will Positively Influence My Life? by anaton(m): 9:38pm On Jun 09, 2021
The Bible!
Business / Re: IRON & STEEL SALES/SUPPLY, FABRICATIONS @ BEST PRICES by anaton(m): 7:06am On Dec 05, 2020

It depends on a lot of things like;
The size /capacity of the tank
The height of the tank stand
The weather condition where the tank will be constructed.

Thanks. I think I will go for concrete tank stand because of cost.

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Business / Re: IRON & STEEL SALES/SUPPLY, FABRICATIONS @ BEST PRICES by anaton(m): 7:04pm On Dec 02, 2020

Please which is better for water tank stand?

Galvanized pipe
H Beam
Iron pipe
Politics / Re: Dr. Maduka Storms Grand Reception Of Nwobu, Anambra PDP Chairman In Awka by anaton(m): 8:09pm On Nov 16, 2020
see their pot bellies! thieves lots! dem don loot all naija money inside their belly

FEM! Shut up my friend.
Politics / Re: Kashamu Begging Adebutu Kessignton ‘Baba Ijebu’ From Sick Bed (Leaked Video) by anaton(m): 8:51am On Aug 20, 2020

And who told you that God forgives him?
Who told you that Heaven is for die minutes repentants?
Who told you that God will behold the eyes of the sinners?
Stop deceiving yourself even the so called New Generation Christians might not make heaven
your impact is not felt here on Earth so what CROWN will you be giving in Heaven?
Stop dreaming and start ''begging'' for the holy spirit to dwell in you so that' Mr.flesh' will die and maybe then you can have access to heaven.

God doesn't play lotto and won't play you like one. His business is a strict one and its either you leave or TAKE

What about the thief that hung with Jesus Christ? Didn't Jesus Christ promise him that he will be in paradise?


Properties / Re: Landlord And Tenant Who Is Responsible For This Maintenance by anaton(m): 7:56pm On Apr 30, 2020
Please next time put viewers discretion.
Religion / Re: Father Charles Okeke-Odogwu Found Dead In His Car In Anambra (Photos) by anaton(m): 6:30pm On Mar 26, 2020
since he was selling the general public the idea of paradise (every sunday) , let him rejoice as he is about to meet his "maker".

I'm sorry but you are not well.
Travel / Re: Cost Of Living In Australia: 5 Things You Must Know As An International Student by anaton(m): 11:12am On Mar 14, 2020
What about the strange and exotic animals??
Politics / Re: 22-Year-Old Ojukwu And His Aunty, Winifred, On His Return From Oxford In 1955 by anaton(m): 10:00am On Mar 06, 2020
Ojukwu, The Coward Secessionist-

Dimka Odumegwu Ojukwu of Biafra-Biafaa or Bia-Kpara, Ogoni version! With due respect to reasonable Igbos and the public. It isn't proper to rejoice over anyone's death. I'm also not doing so, rather pointing to the man Ojukwu. I hope readers would understand my truth that can be found through history and can't be disproved otherwise.

Ojukwu, who was good in his own right couldn't stand Ken Saro-Wiwa and his truth about Ogoni-saving our people from Biafra and Ojukwu's madness and greed (popularly known as Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, 1967-1970), was the number one coward.

Ojukwu sold Biafra due to his greed for oil and disrespect for Ogonis and other minorities of today's Niger delta. Biafra was mostly harshed due to the presence of Ogoni/Niger delta oil. If it succeeded Ogonis, who were already enslaved by Igbos in Ogoni land will be registered slaves today. Saro-Wiwa saw this and fought against it. Thus his crime at the hands of Ojukwu and other Biafran praise-singers who then sought Saro-Wiwa's head.

Meanwhile, Ojukwu ran away from his people at a critical moment into exile. Millions of innocent Igbos (Ogonis and other minorities also died in numbers at home and Igbo camps) killed while he ran away.

No wonder seasoned Igbos, including late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe refused to support Ojukwu and his Biafran insanity!

Though Ojukwu returned from Ivory Coast under Shehu Shagari or so. He couldn't have the opportunity to fight to revive Biafra again. This was contrary to the saying: he who fight and run away lives to fight another day.

Saro-Wiwa stood by his people to the end. He's a global hero while Ojukwu is the Igbo coward!

As mentioned inter alia, death is an inevitable end, so not proper to rejoice over the death of others. I'm not rejoicing over Ojukwu's death. Ojukwu's death, however, can't come without the truth about him, unlike the lies he told abroad about Saro-Wiwa and Ogonis. I hope readers may understand.

Because Ojukwu was cheap, greedy, yet with one of the best education but knew nothing to do with it, he's bribed by the Federal government of Nigeria (under Sanni Abacha), sponsored abroad to justify the world's environmental and human rights hero's (Saro-Wiwa) unjust hanging.

The coward in Ojukwu couldn't get away with that trash! He's bathed in rotten eggs; a high profile disgrace given in the West, when he went to London justifying Saro-Wiwa's unjust death of Nov. 10, 1995.

Today, Ojukwu is left to the Igbos of his kind and some Nigerians such as Goodluck Jonathan, who love violence and has already said, according to Sahara Reporters' Nov. 26 report, "Ojukwu's place in Nigerian history is assured."

Anyone still unsure that Jonathan and his Nigerian cabal hate Saro-Wiwa and Ogoni? How shameful to see a country love and honor violence and trash nonviolence and intellectual discussions, arguments for rights (as with Saro-Wiwa and Ogonis) and freedoms to the cutters!

That is the Nigeria run by the so-called majority ethnic groups for you. We can see Boko Haram like Ojukwu's Biafra, in action, supported also by Jonathan and his Hausa counterparts. We can see Jonathan sit and look confused, not sure of what to do with Boko (like he paid off Niger delta militants whose agitation was just, if not their greed and unintellectual approach) begging for help from America.

Finally, is Jonathan, one of the Ojukwu-Biafran violent praise-singer confused about the peaceful Ogonis, their just agitation for political, social and economic justice, ruined environment? No! He and the Federal government is hardened, waiting for a period when news may come that all Ogonis are extinct due to environmental degradation and government, $hell's inaction and stupidity. Shame on Nigeria, because Ogoni, which is older than Nigeria will live to shame the Ojukwus and its Nigerian oppressors!


Politics / Re: Justice Mary Odili In Supreme Court Panel Reviewing Bayelsa Election Judgement by anaton(m): 7:27am On Feb 27, 2020
Watch how Igbo MUSLIMs will cry more than the the Bayelsa PDP, when the Supreme Court finally reverse the previous judgement. grin grin

How far?
I just say make I greet you. Abeg Supreme Court don reverse the previous judgement?
Nairaland / General / Re: The Snake I Killed In My Compound (Pictured) by anaton(m): 7:20am On Feb 27, 2020
Oh my God, what have you done? This is a rare specie of vine snake..most of them are harmless to human.. sad

So how would we know the ones that are venomous??
Culture / Re: A Brief Profile Of The Igbo People Of Jamaica by anaton(m): 2:59pm On Feb 16, 2020

If you wish to gain patronage do well to stay away from divisive and controversial topics such as this.

My 2 kobo!

Him no get sense.

You want me to patronize you,so that you will have money to buy data to post hate speech against Ndiigbo. No Way!


Nairaland / General / Re: Peter Obi, Abaribe, Nwagbara, Umeh, Attend Nnamdi Kanu's Parents Burial by anaton(m): 2:02pm On Feb 14, 2020
Ndi Odogwu!
Crime / Re: 34 Sex Workers Arrested In Jigawa by anaton(m): 11:17am On Feb 13, 2020
[quote author=darfay post=86590105]Who dey sleep with jigawa sex workers? No b jigawa almajiri Muslims? Abi ashewo dey fork hereself ni? Why the hypocrisy

Someone remind me the capital of Pakistan again [/quote

Islamabad cry grin
Nairaland / General / Re: NIGERIA VOTE : After Buhari Who Should Be Next by anaton(m): 4:26pm On Feb 06, 2020
Me! kiss grin
Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Nnamdi Anyaechie, National Assembly Commission Nominee by anaton(m): 7:35am On Feb 06, 2020

Ode for life. Calabar people are very extreme respectful and wisdomful in all they do and say.


You must not write in English.You can write in pigin.This your english na cut and join.
Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Nnamdi Anyaechie, National Assembly Commission Nominee by anaton(m): 8:39pm On Feb 05, 2020
Igbo's love money, we agreed. Hausa love cow, accepted. Calabar love sex, no wahala. Yoruba loves what please?

Their Fulani masters!

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Travel / Re: Ikeja Under Bridge After Okada And Keke Ban (Photos) by anaton(m): 11:10am On Feb 02, 2020
These keke people were a total and complete Nuisance. They constituted a whole lot of mess in Lagos.

Does Okada ride in Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, Berlin or New York?

Even, is Okada in Onitsha? Why would Okada be allowed in Ikeja the seat of government?

For those saying crime rate will increase, thats unless Lagos state government is clueless and stuppid. Sanwo Olu is smart though as far as I know and a very hardworking governor. You can deny this if you want... But the heavy volume of work going on Lagos roads speaks for itself.

Obiano the drunkard (My state Governor Onye Onwu Nkwu) banned Okada in Anambra. Did heavens fall? Rochas even went to the extent of banning keke in the entire state. Did crime rate increase? Was okada not banned in Nnewi even with the rate of billionaire Okada importers from that axis? Did anybody die?

What most of you don't know is that Nigeriens, Chadians, Sudanese, Malians and Somalians took over South West without anybody knowing! It was gradual, crude and definite.... But they were almost succeeding before I believe Sanwo Olu stepped in. At a time, I was asking myself if there is no regulatory body managing these people in Lagos anymore.

They virtually took over Lagos with there stuppid, crazy and mannerless style of driving. They felt like Lords of the city and if you try to caution them, they will bow there heads in foolishness to thank you. But in there hearts, they were calling you Mumu after scratching your car.

What is Keke doing in Victoria Island the financial and industrial hub of Lagos? Who even brought this useless and worthless contraption called Keke to Nigeria? India that manufactures these nonsense made moves to regulate them.

Google Indian roads and see how organized keke driving is. But in Lagos, its madness! They will keep on creating multiple lanes that cause traffic, scratching peoples car with no mercy, hitting pedestrians with reckless abandon while using there Okada and useless keke to rob at night!

I ask again, is Lagos no longer a city? Why is there no Okada in Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, Berlin, Stuttgart, Dubai, Osaka, Chicago or New York?

Sanwo Olu if you are reading this, its not much about making these laws. Its about enacting and enforcing these laws! Enforce the ban and see sanity return to Lagos! But do make available more organized and well tailored Public system of transportation and movement! If Eastern Governors banned Keke and Okada and heavens did not fall, NOTHING DO YOU.


For those quoting me and saying "Why am I working and investing in Lagos and why not the East"... My answer is very simple.

Lagos gave my life some meaning that our five hopeless Eastern Governors never gave me. Infact, Sanwo Olus government has been so good to Mainland Lagos where I do busines. Why would I hate him? Why bite fingers that is trying to give my life a meaning? Infact, more of Gods blessings and protection on him as I believe he is taking Lagos to its original plan which in my opinion, AMBODE ABANDONED.

Something tells me that this is Joe Yorubakwe's handle/moniker.
Crime / Re: Married Man Dies On Top Of Single Mother During Sex Romp In Delta Hotel by anaton(m): 12:46pm On Jan 19, 2020
Died in active service... His manhood lives on.
He died on top single mom matter.
But wait, what will he tell his creator

That he exited thesame way he came into this world.
Health / Re: Godwin Maduka Covers ATTENTION Magazine January 2020 by anaton(m): 8:30pm On Jan 16, 2020
I knew even before opening the thread that AlexReports was on the beat. You are doing well AlexReports.. May God Grant you more grace and grant us too with connections and favor. Amen

Beat or heat?? grin

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Education / Re: UNIBEN Cancels Students' Symposium Aimed At Discussing ‘Revolution’ by anaton(m): 4:55pm On Oct 01, 2019
Before nko wetin you dey expect ? Do you want to insight the students ? And make most of them end up like Sowore

No be only insight na outsight too. cry
Education / Re: JAMB Releases Matriculation List. How Undergraduates Can Check Names by anaton(m): 4:53pm On Oct 01, 2019

cry grin
Travel / Re: Roadside Hawkers: My Experience From Lagos To East. by anaton(m): 8:55am On Sep 28, 2019
Omo,..that dental powder na bomb. Used it after severally filling a difficult spot in my teeth without success..the result was perfect.. That thing suppose dey sell for 5k!

So you bin get eze ure??

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Frodd Wins Ultimate Veto Power, Heads To Finals by anaton(m): 8:27pm On Sep 22, 2019
Pls which part of awka enjoys more electricity supply? I want to make decision

Sports / Re: Who Is The Greatest Football Manager Of All Time? by anaton(m): 11:37pm On Sep 19, 2019
Jose Mourinho

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Properties / Re: Building Collapses In UNIZIK, Awka, Anambra State (Photos) by anaton(m): 8:16am On Sep 18, 2019
we are happy that the building is still under construction. all these current landlords who build olden days sized kitchen as living room and expect to make their money back in 2 years. these new landlords built pens and poultries for humans to live. I pray all substandard building like this collapse before completion. no one needs to die

T.B Joshua did not appear before court when his grave caved in and innocent faithfuls died. people are still blinded. are you all not aware that T.B Joshua and Adeboye are not in agreement? do they serve the God that advised his servants to be in agreement? no! they serve a god of disagreement. they both call Jesus but they do not see each other. and to top it all, adeboye claims to be a humble man but he cannot make the first move to mend his ways with T.b JOshua. and adeboye is old and going to grave. do not deceive yourself thinking that adeboye will smell heaven. he will rot in the grave there for his deceitful ways and his love for money and mundane things.

I pity some muslims who have not taken time to research through the origin of their faiths. Islam is only 1400 years old. islam is the only religion that took off with sword and dagger. a religion that came to be by bloodshed. and yet they are still hungry for more. muslims have been indoctrinated to see the blood and heads of the people referred to as unbelievers as infidels.

muslims calls a convert a revert. to revert means to return to the former. islam is only 1400 years, so how can one revert to something that he never was? they claim that Jesus was not a muslim and he will return to become a muslim. so the word revert is an illusion. just as the religion is.

islams calls people who do not believe in islam infidels. a fidel is someone who is faithful. many of the people mohammed killed are older than islam itself. how can you be a fidel to something that never existed in your lifetime until you were killed. mohammed just killed people for nothing.
how can someone be an infidel to a religion that is an offshoot of the religion that you have been a part of. some jews were killed. their religion had been for thousands of years before mohammed was born. suddenly they became infidel. to what?

jesus came with sign and powerful work. he came with humility and the word of God. he converted many as a result of his works and teachings. his apostles were not related to his family. they came from other communities. mohammed did not convert a single soul with signs or teaching. even pagans refuted his teachings as absolutely fake. they saw through the line. that is why he took up the sword. ganged up his kinsmen (not converts or strangers) and began to slaughter humans created in the image of God. while Jesus asked people to drop the sword.

the question is, if allah asked you to carry out the vengeance and the killings for him, what then will be his work? you then become the allah because you are the one doing the killing of bad ones. your allah then becomes jobless. think about it. what really is the work of your allah if you do the beheadings and killings for him. it shows that he is powerless.

jesus came with powerful works and signs and he did not need a kitchen knife to talk of dagger or sword.

a compelling reason to prove that the islamic allah is false is the arab-isreali war. they all came inthe name of their allah, yet a tiny country like israel defeating all the arabs. where was your allah at the time? the battle against israel was in the name of allah.

think about it. how come all muslims hate israel. most muslims have never been to israel. they have never set a foot there but they naturally have a disdain for israel. a religion that teaches you to hate can never be true. love trumps hate.

all muslims are trying to get to a christian populated country. no matter how bad their country is, no muslim is trying to go to saudi arabia, pakistan or the wealthy kuwait to seek asylum. none of them go to china. and lybians and syrians are closer to china than to christian populated countries.

if religionists know the meaning of what they call crusade today, they will not use the word again. all these people shouting crusade upandan. go an look up the history book and you will see that crusade is not for christians. we have the islamic crusades. the muslims organised the crusades to spill blood. the catholics also retaliated with their own bloody crusades. crusades actually is a bloody encounter not an all-night praise and worship. using the word in that context is an insult to God.

if islam is true, why dont they allow muslims to listen to christians doctrines and compare the two. I mean, no church disallows their faithfuls from listening to ismlamic teachings. they see through it.

if you take woman away from islam, the religion will collapse. the gain is that the men love the religion because it affords them the luxury they desire with women. not that they love allah.

the religion always encourages inequality. for the rich to give peanuts to the poor. why not allow equality? Jesus encouraged rich people to sell off their loots and give away and follow him. he says that it will be difficult for rich people to get in. let there be equality that is what the bible says. those who have much give to those not having. there should be a balance.

any rich pastor is not a product of the word of God. Jesus himself said that the riches and wealth are distractions. you received free, give free. if a pastor has the things of this life, just forget that man. he is a con man. all these dem winners, lazarus and adeboye are con artists. they are not from God. fake things who come to serve the devil

Summary please!
Politics / Re: Enough Of Fulani Domination In Ilorin – Kasumu, Afonja Union President-general by anaton(m): 2:39pm On Sep 08, 2019
Good morning to the Yoruba people of Kwara state.


Politics / Re: Why We Resisted Fayose’s Ambush On Ekiti Assembly – Ekiti Speaker by anaton(m): 7:13am On Aug 31, 2019

Civility and respect in expression unlike the Igbos that takes excitement in huliganism and terrorism everywhere to disgrace their leaders in an attempt to express their grievance against failed leadership ambushing and beating up their leaders. The height of their stupidity is to be giving order to disgrace and arrest the president of the country and the funny thing about this is that you see them on social media defending their animalistic acts.

It's holiganism! Thank me later!

Also why are the Igbos despised by almost every region in the country and yet the country do not want them to separate and have their Biafra?? It seems there is a relationship between the Igbos and the Jews.

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Career / Re: How I Got A Job Through Nairaland by anaton(m): 2:57am On Aug 06, 2019
Congrats brotherly.
I hope you have started saving for the rainy day by opening a retirement account with one of this pension companies like Leadway.
Politics / Re: PDP, APGA Battle For Soul Of Anambra by anaton(m): 7:22am On Jul 31, 2019
Our gini?
why are u speaking for the anambra people
same anambra that apc outshined pdp during the last gubernatorial election?
how would you know when you're an impostor from ebonyi?
I'm from Anambra and Peter Obiano after his tenure will hand over the government to an APC regime that will take over the state and sanitize the mess left by apga and pdp.
anambra is FULLY APC

Says an imposter from Ogbomosho

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