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Autos / Re: 2003 Mazda6 For Sale N550k Last by awetaiye2015: 11:26pm On Oct 05, 2020
The last 550k .The owner said a.c. requires gas but I will prefer to say it doesn't work. Only serious buyer should call 08062593234

I love your transparency.
Politics / Re: Even If Obaseki Wins This Election ... APC Will Use Imo State Formula (Opinion) by awetaiye2015: 1:34pm On Sep 20, 2020
Even if Obaseki wins today .... Which we are seeing .... That he is winning ...

APC will use supreme Court to remove him .... Mark this date.

Add your own thoughts ...

If it's true that Edo is not Lagos, then Edo can never be Imo State.
Edo has a great history. Edo is not just a state like other states, just as the Oba of Benin is not just like every other Obas. Edo people have a strong will and oneness.


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Politics / Re: Official Results Of Edo Governorship Election 2020 As Announced By INEC by awetaiye2015: 1:28pm On Sep 20, 2020
Like play, like play Ize-Iyamu don dey contest for guvnor since Independence oh...He’s always aligned himself with the wrongest partnerships! well he’ll come back next elections to compete with General Shuaibu grin grin

You’ve got to admire his resiliene.

The guy is the Ogboru of Delta State. Lol
Crime / Re: Lady Sexually Harrases A Male Onions Seller From The North, Records It (Video) by awetaiye2015: 9:55am On Sep 20, 2020
If only this aboki could get a good lawyer to sue this lady for sexual harassment and defamation of character (post this video online). He can make millions on her head. After then, she will learn her lesson in the hard way.
Politics / Re: Mary Beth Leonard Denies Purported List Of Nigerians Banned From The US by awetaiye2015: 8:47am On Sep 17, 2020
Na this country we dey. It won't be difficult to know those affected. Any top political personnel that fails to travel to US for more than 2 months is definitely on the list. because they can't do without leaving Nigeria for more than one month even if them no get anything to go do there. They like to waste our taxes on traveling abroad just to go have fun with wh*res abroad.
Politics / Re: Edo Election: PDP Mega Rally In Benin City (Photos) by awetaiye2015: 8:48pm On Sep 15, 2020
Edo people need umbrella for this raining season ooo. Broom no go fit protect u in raining days ooo. All the same, vote wisely, peacefully, and fairly.
Good luck to PDP, APC and others.
Politics / Re: Whistleblower, George Uboh Accuses Obaseki Of 'Monumental Fraud' by awetaiye2015: 2:21pm On Sep 15, 2020
Most people are supporting Obaseki due to ignorance.

He's not only fighting with Oshiomhole but, also with whoever isn't with him(Obaseki).

I'm sure he's happy that his lies are selling really fast, thesame way Buhari's lies topped the political market charts in 2015..

I pray Edo people don't lament soon...

The devil u know is better than the angel u don't know.
That was how they voted for bubu thinking he is the angel. How market today.
Abeg leave Edo people with the devil they are use to. The pastor is not better. Else, his wife who is a suppose woman of God will not mock her fellow woman (Mrs obaseki) by calling her a barren woman all in the name of election.
That alone shows how desperate they are. And desperate people are worst than the devil.
Everyone has the right to vote his or her choice. Let everyone vote as he/she is lead my brother.

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Family / Re: A Friend Is Cancelling His Wedding... by awetaiye2015: 12:16pm On Jul 04, 2020
A friend is calling off his wedding plans because he thinks his girlfriend lacks integrity. They have known for about 3years and he has not complained about her to me or any one.

Problem started when he got a call from the bank pleading with him to tell his girlfriend to reverse/return the excess amount credited to her account when she visited the bank to make a deposit into her account. He called his account officer to investigate the issue. The account officer confirmed that she got excess of what she wanted to deposit and she has moved all the funds to another bank.

She used the guy as her next of kin that was how they could contact him. He called his babe who denied initially but reluctantly agreed when he divulged that the bank contacted him. Dude became angry and paused all wedding plans.

The lady s begging and has cried her eyes out...what do you think? can you compromise integrity...?

I got permission to write about this here incase you think xyz and my friend is a Nairalander!

Such wedding should be called off ASAP. it is obvious who she is. Her hubby's finance is not save. She lacks integrity.
Na this type dey steal for outside, then bring problem to her husband.
I was credited in excess last week but I left the money in my account. After two days, in the night, the money was debited to the last kobo. I hate people that takes undue advantage. They won't think of the person that made that mistake that his or her job is at stake.

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Travel / Re: Is It Safe To Visit Nigeria During This Pandemic? by awetaiye2015: 10:50pm On Jul 03, 2020
I had planned to visit Nigeria and other countries from the US this summer on a short vacation, maybe for a few weeks or so, but the pandemic struck! Europe is out of the question for now, but somehow Nigeria is still on my mind. Just pondering. What do you guys think?

It is not Nigeria u should be worried about but where u are coming from. COVID-19 in Nigeria is real but the figures are over hyped. It's better u remain where u are till this whole thing dies down. I even read on chrome news that there is a new version of corona virus from Europe that has entered U.S. it doesn't come with much suffering but kills faster. This is not time for traveling for fun.
Stay safe bro..
Phones / Re: Neat LG V30 At A Give Away Pice by awetaiye2015: 7:10am On Jul 01, 2020
Neat LG V30, no fault with an impressive battery power usage, device superbly fast.
4GB ram
64GB storage
Android 9 pie
location: Delta, asaba
price: 40k
call or whatapp: 08104792075, 0905 615 7750

How many Sims?
Can you do 30k? I'm in abraka
Forum Games / Re: Solve This If You Can by awetaiye2015: 7:28pm On Jun 24, 2020
Who can solve this? It's not as easy as you think.


It's interesting how people are getting varying answers. I will post a summary of all the different answers posted by nairalander here:

Answer is 15.
Phones / Re: I Need A Nokia 808 Symbian Phone by awetaiye2015: 7:10pm On Jun 15, 2020
Nokia 808 is symbian-powered device manufactured by the original Nokia company in 2012. It spots a 48MP camera and runs on Symbian Belle OS.
Although it has now been discontinued, I believe there are still products lying around someplace.
Only place I've found it is on Ebay, but it's too pricy.
I want the feel and touch of Symbian again and I'd like to own it as a souvenir as I've always been a big fan of Nokia Symbian device.
So if you know somewhere I can get one, do say.

Check AliExpress. Even the old Nokia 3310 is there and most Sony Ericson phones and other brands. Last time I searched for Java and symbian phones there, it reminded me of the good old days..
Politics / Re: APC Panel Disqualifies Obaseki From APC Primary Election In Edo State by awetaiye2015: 4:02pm On Jun 12, 2020


Nigeria is a joke. The same result and documents he use take rule for 4 years under APC, na now the result no clear.
Power is transient....
Business / Re: Innoson Wins Sierra Leone Oil Blocks Alongside Cluff Energy by awetaiye2015: 8:10pm On Jun 07, 2020
Politics / Re: Gov. Ugwuanyi Inspects Great Infrastructural Rebirth In IMT By His Govt (Pics) by awetaiye2015: 10:39am On Jun 03, 2020

Romance / Re: 3 Weeks To Wedding & I'm Confused! Please Advise Me by awetaiye2015: 2:27pm On May 26, 2020
I could be happy now but the next minute, she changes mood all of a sudden. We dated for over year after someone match make us but this mood swing things continued overtime so sometimes I get confused even as i really tried managing the pressure. She's a nice girl, takes good care of me, buys clothes, cooks, always wants me to look good but the problem is the rate which she switches mood easily.

Financially, we are both average earner but I think she earns better pay than me.

For instance, recently we got a new apartment - 2bedroom flat but whenever I say something she doesn't like or she doesn't want to hear, she just reacts like why would I say such a thing. All the while we were dating, we never stayed with each other as we stayed in our parents house. Fast forward* most times, as the man, after switching mood, I try to pacify her by petting and apologising but she doesn't just want to listen.

Just today, we were playing with each other on the bed, touching each other (not sensitive part) and she wanted me to kiss her. So I told her jokingly that "but you know this is not biblical" as an advocate of no sex until after marriage. I have never had sex with her either. The next thing she said, "why are you talking like this" she stood up, went straight to the sitting room and slept there. I went to meet her there to pacify her again but she wouldn't listen.

Please note that I have not and can never beat or abuse her cos I'm a Christian.

I'm just tired. She's really getting on my nerves. Our wedding is 3 weeks time but I dont just know what to do. People, friends and family are already aware of the impending marriage but I'm afraid that if a lady can switch mood like this, who knows what will happen tommorrow. I cant sleep in peace...

Please advice. This is happening right now.

Many things can cause mood swing. One of the things I've learnt from my own experience is lack of sex. I was never an advocate of "no sex before marriage", so I dated girls while in school. I had this girlfriend among others, that if it's been a while we made love, she gets mood swing. Not until she opened up to me that if she stays away from sex for a long time, she always get this mood swing and act funny, and gets angry unnecessarily. So wat I do is wen I notice that she is about to act strange because we've not had sex for a while, I do the needful and before u know it, she can even give me her life, and u see her happy and doing things well.

I'm not saying u should break ur vow bro but if her case is as a result of what I experienced, then after marriage, u should be able to resolve it. But u need to put it into prayers should it be spiritual. The general solution is to look for what makes her happy and give her wat she wants. She might want to adventure sex with u who knows and knowing that u are not that type for sex outside marriage, it hurts her. Try talk to her to be patient but don't make it look like u are saying that sex is her problem.
Less I forget, don't get too close to her in a sexual way so as not to turn her on while u know that u won't satisfy her urge. Keep ur distance. She no be fire wood. Depending on libido but there are ladies who can not stay close to a man without completing the movie. Their urge is so high that just by seeing that part of ur body that they love so much, they can even atempt to rape u or hit u with something if u deny them the complete act.
Politics / Re: Buhari: We Don’t Have Any Money To Import Food, Farmers Should Start Producing by awetaiye2015: 11:36am On May 25, 2020


So that your Fulani brothers will go and kill them in thier farms.
Technology Market / Re: ... by awetaiye2015: 9:58pm On May 22, 2020
Free shipping this week

I have MacBook pro 2011. Can I add money to it and swap with this?
Politics / Re: COVID-19: FG Appeals To Traders, Transporters Not To Hike Prices by awetaiye2015: 11:25am On May 22, 2020

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/05/covid-19-fg-appeals-to-traders-transporters-not-to-hike-prices/

They should lead by example by cutting down their allowances.
U are appealing to the masses not to hike prices of commodities and transportation, yet u can't stop Reps from acquiring new cars, u can't cut down the allowances of the senators.
To make this work, all Federal and state executives should cut down their allowances by 70% but retain their normal salary, by then this will make sense.
We are tired of DO AS I SAY BUT DON'T DO AS I DO.

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Crime / Re: Delta Human Parts Dealers, Child Traffickers, Gunrunners Arrested by awetaiye2015: 2:23pm On May 14, 2020
Health / Re: A Doctor, Two Others Die Of Coronavirus Disease In Lagos by awetaiye2015: 1:11pm On May 12, 2020
you show ignorance and beating your chest at same time... I know of 2 doctors that were part of the first 5 cases in Akwa Ibom...keep on fooling yourself... You think there are no ethical approach to these things

It's ok. Since u know two deaths, u are next then. I don't know of any and I won't.
Politics / Re: PDP To Buhari, APC: “You Have Betrayed Almajirai After Using Them To Get Power” by awetaiye2015: 12:36pm On May 12, 2020


If PDP was in power, same way would APC have looked for any opportunity to discredit the ruling party.

APC and PDP are same people but different lable/name. Both APC and PDP should be wiped out, they are same people switching parties. Let us vote for a fresh party with young and vision oriented men. APC and PDP are full of old, lifeless men that have used up their times on Earth. unfortunately, it's we the youth that will still betray us because of #1000 to steal ballot boxes and to assassinate an opposition. That is why we are still where we are.
Not until we do wat Ghana did, we will remain here.
Romance / Re: She Is A Muslim, I Am A Christian. Should I Forfeit The Relationship? by awetaiye2015: 5:56pm On May 09, 2020
There is this lady I have been dating now for almost eleven years (11) she was my first love, we started dating while I was still in my final stage of secondary school, things were moving smoothly, as we are both new in the game of love.

I could remembered, then, mtn with their free night calls, we would talk from 12am to 5:00am then, she is the daughter to the king of the town, a well known king in Lagos state, but along the line, as we progress in line, owing to my fine boy of a thing,.

You know we guys when we sense that, it seems all lady want us, due to our cute look, or academic reasons, we take the advantage to flirt, of which she so much detest a cheating guy, she caught me times without number, but still hard for both of us to let go our anyone, after my higher institution,

I relocated to Lagos to start life and keep the hustle real, but this lady was in Lagos with mom, she keep coming to my place even in Lagos, but unfortunately, we lost contact, for seven years, we couldn't reach ourselves, then i decided to relocated to another location in Lagos

But just last month, her call came, that she saw my contact on Facebook, And we try to renew the relationship, that's how we started and doing fine, she's now in her final year At Fountain University, Oshogbo,

Now the problem facing us now is, She is a Muslim, while am a Christian, her parent will never allow her to convert, while my own parent will never allow me to convert, and now we are madly in love, she try to convinced her dad, but all effort was prove abortive.

We love ourselves so much, but religion is the barrier facing us now, we are both planning to run away from the country, she promised to foot all bills for our travelling, but I told her we should try just be friend as our religion is the barrier here now.

If not for the religion issue, we plan to have our introduction this year, and get wedded next year, but religion want to truncate the whole plans,

Pls fellow nairalanders, your advice is urgently needed now, we are both confused, with no option, we can't let go of anyone, and yet we don't want our parent to turn back to us,

She keeps crying everyday, even I myself, and in the state of confused now,.


As a Christian, u know wat 2 Cor 6:14 says. Love doesn't sustain marriage. In fact, love may die in marriage if the necessary things are not there. diverse religion in marriage is a virus that kills marriage. That love u think u have for each other will die and never resurrect if u have different beliefs. My brother, leave that lady ASAP and look for the one with same believe with u. U can't afford to deny Christ for the sake of a Lady. If truly u are a Christian, u won't need much advice from here. U know wat ur teaching says and wat u should do.
Good luck.


Politics / Re: Dahiru Saleh Is Dead! Judge Who Annulled June 12 Election Dies by awetaiye2015: 11:34am On May 08, 2020
MKO right now......

Phones / Re: I Need 35-40k Android Phone by awetaiye2015: 11:33am On May 04, 2020

You really don't know what you're saying Mr man! Who does that kind of of deal? You can't pay in full except he collects money twice, if you don't want a phone that will end up at the roadside engineer's shop then go and buy new one and spare the gentleman the nonsense you're typing, the person wey dey sell am na mugu abi? Just dey yarn nonsense okoto meow skrrrrr yarn..

@chuckkingston, this one no dey ready to buy

The guy wan use this one take learn Yahoo Yahoo.. grin

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Goat, Sheep, Pawpaw Test Positive In Tanzania. President Orders Probe by awetaiye2015: 10:41am On May 04, 2020
Wise leader.
Our lifeless presido will not see this one to copy ooo.

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Politics / Re: US House Of Reps Members Oppose Plan To Return Abacha Loot by awetaiye2015: 2:24pm On May 03, 2020
The money should be shared amongst Nigerians via bvn but exclude those in both federal and state houses, members of the house of rep. Governors, ministers and commissioners.

If u agree with me, hit the LIKE.

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Politics / Re: Nasarawa Repatriates 788 Almajiris To Home States by awetaiye2015: 2:12pm On May 03, 2020
giving birth to children you can't take care should be crime
That's the Ruth. In Western countries, it is a crime. But here in the zoo, the almajiris are useful during election oooo. Even their cattle has more value than the president himself.

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Travel / Re: Dole-Kaina: The Border Town Where Nigeria, Niger And Benin Republics Meet by awetaiye2015: 3:31pm On Apr 21, 2020
Just look at the kin countries you are sharing boundaries with.. this is how herdsmen come into Nigeria to reck havock.
Health / Re: A Doctor, Two Others Die Of Coronavirus Disease In Lagos by awetaiye2015: 6:36pm On Apr 16, 2020
Audio death.
Death cases that they don't mention the names of the deceased. No pictures, nothing. They had to force the lockdown on us so that we won't mistakenly walk into those fake isolation centres to see that there are no patients.
Karry on bubu.

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