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Education / Re: Pathetic State Of Schools In Akwa Ibom (pics) by AwkaFinest: 10:31am On Jan 17
E dom run?

Kinematics come and see one of the bushmen
Politics / Re: Journalist Jailed in Akwa ibom since December for exposing Udom by AwkaFinest: 8:38am On Jan 15
Poor guy. Its a crime to say the truth in that state. Once you expose the government you get locked up. This is not new, it has been like this since the Akpabio government, then they ever murder.

This guy is lucky his was arrest.
Education / Re: Pathetic State Of Schools In Akwa Ibom (pics) by AwkaFinest: 8:35am On Jan 15

You sound very dumb!

I'm from Nung udoe, Ibesikpo Asutan.

Stop spewing nonsense please.

I'm not a liar like you.
I attended IBESCO and was a senior prefect during my set Just incase you want to lie more.

Busted. Akilou the nairaland neophyte with a nairaland moniker of just 72hrs thinks he can fool all.

Thank you for speaking the truth.
Education / Re: Pathetic State Of Schools In Akwa Ibom (pics) by AwkaFinest: 8:33am On Jan 15

God bless u. U spoke my mind

Education / Re: Pathetic State Of Schools In Akwa Ibom (pics) by AwkaFinest: 8:31pm On Jan 14
The political jobbers that keep recycling threads about mediocre projects by Udom will never come near this thread.

NkanAkpanika and co

Your attention is needed here. Come and redeem your messiah.

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest 45-year-old Dad For Raping Daughter, 13, In Ogun by AwkaFinest: 7:46pm On Jan 05
No no no its a new year, I resist the urge of shouting afonjaaaaaaaaaaa

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Azikiwe Road In Port Harcourt January 2021: Photos & Video by AwkaFinest: 7:26pm On Jan 04
Your camera must be made in 1990s

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Politics / Re: Adesina, Elumelu, Awosika Congratulate News Central TV On Official Launch by AwkaFinest: 10:18am On Jan 01
Lagos is still the economic and cultural nerve center of Nigeria, capital city or not.

Yeah this is more like it.
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:54pm On Dec 29, 2020

I say, that brand of kaikai wey u dey drink, I need am.

Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:49pm On Dec 29, 2020

Igbos are slaves to ijaw? grin That kaikai wey una dey drink, I go need am make I see how e dey taste cheesy

Read your history you no go gree. Ijaws were the ones selling us from the hinterland. Its sad, but its the truth.
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:48pm On Dec 29, 2020

Them Don come again

Anyway, I don't want to delve in PH now

See mumu. I know its only the Ikwerre parts of PH you know.
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:47pm On Dec 29, 2020

OK divide the country make all man answer his papa name. Best solution grin

Even if they divide the country ijaws will never sit back and allow you grab their land

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Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:41pm On Dec 29, 2020

Ijaw matter? I no get time for craze people. Me and them no get matter. I dey live anywhere wey I like.

Abi the matter dey vex you?

Yes oo. I'm angry that ndi igbo are never contempted with what we have.
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:40pm On Dec 29, 2020

Anybody is free to live anywhere.

Or are Ijaws claiming PH too

Port Harvourt South who has it?

Thats if at all you know where southern ph is

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Politics / Re: BRACED: South South Leaders Launch New Security Outfit by AwkaFinest: 10:36pm On Dec 29, 2020
Nyesomghosa Wikevie reacting to Nnamdi kanus security outfit.. Where were they all along?

So Amotekun is now ipob security outfit?

IPhone miscreant....
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Links Opobo Kingdom By Road, After 150 Years by AwkaFinest: 10:32pm On Dec 29, 2020

My own be say na Port Harcourt I dey. If u wan bring pictures I go just enter bundu Waterside go snap shanties and posts on NL. So keep your madness within yourself before I show u water side pictures

So you can't even live in our potopoto Republic. No wonder una wan die put for Ijaw matter.
Business / Re: Mile Market: Largest Market In Port Harcourt: Photos & Video by AwkaFinest: 10:26pm On Dec 29, 2020
What happened to the new market besides this, when is Wike opening that one?
Politics / Re: Ijaw Side Of The Biafra-nigeria Conflict-must WATCH!!! by AwkaFinest: 4:24pm On Dec 28, 2020

LMFAOOOOO bros no vex I mean no disrespect to the Ijaw nation (even though I can't help myself), but are these all the achievements the Ijaw nation can boast of? even my local government in Imo state can best all these accolades you mentioned and even more talk less of the whole Igbo nation... it's even an insult to be dragging achievements with mere Ijaws, una mate na maybe Kanuri or Fulani people.

Ndi igbo shame no dey catch una? Igbo of over 30m in population is comparing itself to Ijaws of 10m. It is a wah.....
Crime / Re: 85-Year-Old Man Rapes And Impregnates 12-Year-Old Girl In Osun by AwkaFinest: 4:17pm On Dec 28, 2020
Na their way. SW and pedophilia are like 5&6

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Politics / Re: Andrea Ekeng Inyang: Governor Ayade's Car Christmas Gift To His Aide (Photos) by AwkaFinest: 6:25pm On Dec 26, 2020
How is a fairly used 2013 Hyundai Elantra a brand new car biko nu?

I weak!


Culture / Re: Olu Of Warri, Ikenwoli Godfrey Has Died Of COVID-19 Disease - Sahara Reporters by AwkaFinest: 9:54am On Dec 22, 2020
Why is his name sounding somehow: Ikenwoli. Anyways the next king should come from Ijaw. Itsekhiri can't have it all the time. Ijaw should strongly consider pushing for the stool.

Chino our ihiala cow, see how you just displayed crass ignorance

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Travel / Re: 8-Lane Highway Linking Port-Harcourt & Obigbo (Pictures & Video) by AwkaFinest: 6:29pm On Dec 19, 2020

Federal Government of Nigeria
That is part of East-West Road

That is not part of east-west road sir.
Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by AwkaFinest: 4:49pm On Dec 13, 2020
For those that says Ekpeye is not Igboid, the ogba of ogbaland is HRM, Chukwumelem Nnam Obi 11.

I don't need a soothsayer to interpret those names to me. Igbos have several dialects doesn't mean the nation doesn't exist.

Ekpeye is an Igboid language. That doesn't mean Ekpeye is igbo. Also take note that Ogba is not Ekpeye.

The English language we are typing with is a Germanic language, this doesn't mean English is German.

My igbo brothers make we get sense small naa

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Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by AwkaFinest: 4:45pm On Dec 13, 2020

The guy said that Obigbo was part of Rivers state when it was created by Gowon in 1967. He does not even know that Obigbo was in the East central state until 1976 when Murtala Mohammed split the East Central state into Imo and Anambra state. Obigbo was then in Imo state but a boundary adjustment done later that year put Obigbo in Rivers state and it was renamed Oyigbo

They dont teach history so a lot people dont know much. Thats why Wike doesnt know the history of his own state. He kept shouting that people were renaming the place to Obigbo not knowing thats its always been the ancestral name of the place. Wike does not even know that Obigbo indigenes are Asa/Ndoki people who are ethnic Igbos. He carried on making a fool of him self that Rivers state has been hosting Igbos without knowing that the Etches of Etche LGA, Egbema's of Egbema Ndoni LGA and Asa/Ndoki of Obigbo are all indigenous ethnic Igbos of Rivers state.

Stop writing nonsense. Oyigbo was never in east Central state. Liars!
Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by AwkaFinest: 12:47pm On Dec 13, 2020

And where was Obigbo before Rivers was created in 1967? What province was it in?

Its not a matter of what province or Eastern region. When the Eastern region was divided into East Central state, Rivers state and South East state in 1967 where was oyigbo placed? Clearly Rivers.

Your thief elders from Imo agitated for a state called Imo which was created in 1976. Your elders were not satisfied, they wanted lands from Rivers to be added to their new state. NBC had to come into the picture to solve the matter.

Ask yourself was it only Eastern region that was split? No. Midwestern region was also splited, western region and other regions were splited as well, but its only the igbos we see cry everyday online.

There is no place like obigbo in Rivers state and there has never been. Rivers has 23 LGAs and one is called oyigbo lga.

Kiss the truth.

IMO state created out of Afikpo, Oguta, Nkwerre, Mbano, Mbaise, Bende, Arochukwu, Umuahia, Okigwe, Orlu, Oru, Mbaitoli/Ikeduri, Etiti, Ohafia, Northern Ngwa, Owerri, Aba and Ukwa.

Never a time was Oyigbo in Imo State.

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Politics / Re: WIKE SHOT Himself(own Goal) by AwkaFinest: 11:10am On Dec 13, 2020

Thats to show you how much people twist simple simple history. A place has been known as Obigbo for hundreds of years. It is carved into Rivers state in 1976 and called 'Oyigbo' and they say that has always been its name.

Lies from the east. Oyigbo has always been Rivers right from when Rivers was created in 1967. In 1976 when Imo was created thieves from the then imo wanted to annex oyigbo into their new state. But the NBC came to settle the matter with a clearly defined boundary between Rivers and the new state of Imo.

Land grabber kiss the truth.

Similar thing is happening among the Igbos and later we will say their land was stolen. When confab was talking about Orashi state I see deluded nincompoops from the east calling places in Imo whereas the orshi in question is the orashi area in Rivers and Bayelsa.

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Politics / Re: A Ban On Everything South South. by AwkaFinest: 8:35am On Dec 12, 2020

God bless you for making that statement. Someone will wake up from anywhere in Nigeria to say his opinion, the next thing idiots will start attacking Igbos.

If it's a minority saying this, then he should tell us and give us reasons why they want to merge with Igbos, then if he is Igbo, then he should also tell us where he is from in Igboland and why he wants to merge Igbos with minorities.

IPOB and their ridiculous maps has given minorities fake impression of importance which needs to be disabused.

Oga majority i hail ooo... ndi 5%
Health / Re: One Of The Strangest Boy In Africa by AwkaFinest: 9:27pm On Dec 09, 2020
wow! You are right. The first and last time I heard this microcepaly was during the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil around 2016.

We learn everyday.
Politics / Re: Wike's Reign As A Governor Will End But The Igbos Will Still Be Here. by AwkaFinest: 5:29pm On Nov 29, 2020
That is if they didn't continue their stupidity in Rivers State, the next governor may show y
them more shege than wike

Ipoo do not understand. I'm glad a riverine man or Ogoni man will be next governor. Ipoo will see true shege


Politics / Re: Why I Hate Nnamdi Kanu by AwkaFinest: 2:32pm On Nov 29, 2020
Nladi kanu the dilector of biafla, I rov u grin angry grin grin
Politics / Re: Wike's Reign As A Governor Will End But The Igbos Will Still Be Here. by AwkaFinest: 12:25pm On Nov 29, 2020
Wailing wailers... Wike is indeed a nightmare to all ipoo

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Travel / Re: How Garrison Flyover Solved Perennial Traffic Logjam In Port Harcourt (Pix Video by AwkaFinest: 9:29pm On Nov 26, 2020

Every little thing they start calling Lalasticala. An oil rich state builds ordinary flyover and it's supposed to be news worthy of front page.


Jealousy people, if na their state them go make noise

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