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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by B2mario(m): 4:59pm On Feb 18

Owerri is a slum , look at the condition of the substandard non functioning Owerri flyover. Even Ekwulobia has a better looking flyover than Owerri. Imo state is a cursed failed state

your 2nd picture is not IMO state.
Education / Re: How Private School Owners In Nigeria Deprive Their Teachers Of Rest by B2mario(m): 7:36pm On Aug 29, 2023
With peanut salary

God punish private schools in Nigeria and government needs to do something about this.


Culture / Re: Meet The 3rd Tribe Larger Than Igbos in Nigeria.. by B2mario(m): 8:58pm On May 24, 2023

I am telling you the simple truth oga. Ijaw is bigger than all the tribes in Africa.

Ijaws that are hardly seen outside their land is bigger than Igbo that is seen in all part of the world. Ijaw people are very funny. Let them keep joking and dreaming and keep on claiming other people's land and population. I've said it time without number that even Ibibio is far larger than ijaw because you can see an Ibibio man anywhere you go even if it's in a small number.

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Travel / Re: This Is The Beautiful Kaduna City (pictures) by B2mario(m): 8:43pm On May 24, 2023
Not much beautiful other than edited photos. Owerri is a million times finer and better than what I'm seeing here.
indeed Owerri is most beautiful than Kaduna in general terms. But Zaria road Kaduna is more organised and Kaduna is bigger than Owerri.
Politics / Re: Ondo state is more populated than imo ,zamfara,katsina On Satellite Pictures by B2mario(m): 8:22pm On Apr 03, 2023
Yoruba people get time ooo. Just created a forum to start unnecessary argument.
Culture / Re: Is Pidgin English From Portuguese? by B2mario(m): 10:11pm On Feb 07, 2023
Are you OK

Oga or madam go and do the research and don't ask me childish question. I am not a small child and I did my research and study up to 10years before coming up with that you considered a chap. What's your academic qualification or are you just being beclouded with sentiment and ignorance?

Do your study and criticise my work with fact not considering what you read as an object of childish display.

What I wrote there, is there no relationship between the two languages and the comparison of the two languages not in order?
Pls tell me the origin of:
1. Una ----- people
2. E don tee ----- it's been long
3. Nna men ----- men
4. E dey ----- it is
5. Oyibo ----- fair person.
Travel / Re: Is Owerri The Most Beautiful City In Nigeria Apart From Lagos & Abuja? by B2mario(m): 4:43pm On Jan 29, 2023
You and your audio friends are liars from the gate of hell Oga .. I repeat Uyo is now light years ahead of the dirty dusty smelling town both in residential building and in all ramifications . we dey talk of two cities , you dey bring tribe (igbos) come in , you get sense atall..

Oga, leave this thing you are saying here. In terms of roads and flyovers I can tell you that Uyo is better than Owerri but in terms of structures and general beauty, Owerri is far ahead of Uyo. You and I know that Uyo is scanty with good structures and it's not well planned while Owerri is well planned and fully built up.

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Culture / Re: Is Pidgin English From Portuguese? by B2mario(m): 8:34pm On Jan 14, 2023
Nigerian and some part of Cameroun spoken pidgin English is 70% coined from Igbo language mainly the Igbo dialects in Niger delta. Example using pure Igbo, Aba anglicized Igbo and pidgin English.
English: it is there
Igbo: O di ebe ahu
Aba anglicised Igbo: O di there
Pidgin: e dey there

English: what is inside?
Igbo: gini di n'ime ya?
Aba anglicised Igbo: gini di inside?
Pidgin: wetin dey inside?

English: I am fine
Igbo: a dim mma
Aba anglicised Igbo: a dim OK
Pidgin: I dey OK

English: where are you going?
Igbo: ebe ka I na aga?
Aba ngwa Igbo: ebe ka I di ga?
Pidgin: where you dey go?

English: it's been long
Igbo: Otego aka
Aba Igbo: Otee laka
Pidgin: I don tee

English: men
Igbo: nnaa
Aba anglicised Igbo: nna men
Pidgin: nna men

English: you people
Igbo: unu
Aba anglicised Igbo: unu
Pidgin: una

English: I am coming
Igbo: anam abia
Aba ngwa Igbo: a dim ibia
Pidgin: I dey come

English: what is your name?
Igbo: kee ihe/gini bu aha gi?
Aba ngwa Igbo: o bu gini bu aha gi?
Pidgin: wetin be your name?

English: who's there?
Igbo: onye no ebe ahu?
Aba ngwa Igbo: onye di ebe ahu?
Pidgin: who dey there?

English: greed
Igbo: anya ukwu (eye = anya, ukwu = big)
Aba ngwa Igbo: anya ukwu
Pidgin: big eye

English: --------
Igbo: akpiri ogologo (akpiri = throat, ogologo= longer)
Aba ngwa Igbo: akpiri ogologo
Pidgin: longer throat

English: what is it/that?
Igbo: O bu gini?
Aba ngwa Igbo: O bu gini/ gini bu Ihe ahu?
Pidgin: wetin be that?

English: boss/rich man
Igbo: Oganaya (short form: oga)
Aba ngwa Igbo: oga
Pidgin: oga

English: servant
Igbo: odibo (short form: boi)
Aba anglicised Igbo: boyi or boyi-boyi
Pidgin: boyi-boyi

English: he is serving
Igbo: o na emee odibo or o na agba odibo
Aba ngwa Igbo: o di imee boyi
Pidgin: e dey do boyi-boyi

English: I don't do it
Igbo: muwa anaghi eme ya
Aba ngwa Igbo: muwa adi imee ya
Pidgin: me, I no dey do am (y'am)

English: I don't know him
Igbo: amaghim ya
Aba ngwa Igbo: amam ya
Pidgin: I no know y'am (am)

English: what is happening?
Igbo: o gini na eme?
Aba ngwa Igbo: o gini di ime?
Pidgin: wetin dey happen?

English: he is going to Lagos
Igbo: o na aga Lagos
Aba ngwa Igbo: o di iga Lagos
Pidgin: e dey go Lagos

English: the water is on
Igbo: mmiri na agba (agba = run or rush)
Igbo ngwa Igbo: mmiri di igba
Pidgin: the water dey rush.

English: I am
Igbo: a bum
Aba ngwa Igbo: a bum
Pidgin: I be

English: it is (as in, it is my friend)
Igbo: o bu
Aba ngwa Igbo: o bu
Pidgin: e be

English: it is (as in, it is there)
Igbo: o di
Aba ngwa Igbo: o di
Pidgin: e dey

English: stay quiet
Igbo: no di jim or wayo
Igbo ngwa Igbo: no di Jim
Pidgin: dey jim (Niger delta pidgin) etc.

English: she is pregnant
Igbo: o di ime
Aba ngwa Igbo: o di ime
Pidgin: e dey pregnant/get belle
Politics / Re: Mr Jollof: Tinubu Doesn't Need South-East And South-South Votes To Win by B2mario(m): 6:10pm On Jul 28, 2022
Instagtam celebrity Mr Jollof Says Tinubu does not need South East and South South Votes to Win the 2023 elections. According to him, Tinubu holds the regions he needs very strongly and it is not the best interest of South East and South South to align with the winning team.


Then he is going nowhere. Obi wins.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by B2mario(m): 5:52pm On May 07, 2022
pls this 17 oil which state was collecting the revenue or controlling it before

Rivers state was collecting the revenue before. The community like Akri is in Imo state but the oil wells were ceded to Rivers state by the federal government for a reason best known to them. Later, federal government decided to reallocate them back to Imo state and Rivers state under Wike went to court to reclaim them.

The supreme court used 1967 and 1976, the old Owerri and Rivers province to give it judgment meaning that Obigbo and Omuma should equally be returned to Abia state.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 8:29pm On May 06, 2022

Igbo is the poorest tribe in Nigeria....
No single ibo son worth 1 billions dollars...
Just mention 7 multinationals company own by ibo son....

No ibo state that can beat ibadan in terms of development....
Let's compare both with video and pictures.... Come out with your best nyamiri....

Keep on deceiving yourself. Posting pictures of Lagos and calling them Ibadan.

Apart from Lagos, every other south west city is a slum. Envy, jealousy and hatred against igbos will not allow you to accept that igbos are doing well.

I am done here.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 8:39pm On May 05, 2022

The people known for growth and development even before the inception of Nigeria and until now are the Yorubas.
Igbos have always been backward and barbaric even before they were lumped with the great Yoruba nation by Lugard.
Save for few buildings built by non Yorubas including Igbos,Yorubas own 80% of the properties in Lagos.Yorubas built the roads,markets,infrastructures etc.

70% land in SE gone to erosion.Slums take 10% and brownroofs take 10%.
With 10% remaining land in SE Igboland and your numerous brownroofs,there has never been anybody who uses Igboland and development in the same sentence.Ibadan city will always be more developed than the entire SE Igboland.

Continue deceiving yourself. Every Nigerian knows that Igbos are known for growth, development, progress, resilience, intelligence, riches, smartness, dynamism, and tolerance compared to Yorubas they know for mumurism, envy, jealousy, dirtiness, backwardness, cunning, and untrustworthiness.

Everybody wants to associate with an Igbo man including you because we are the light. You can't come to our place and go back empty stomach, you can't have problem and come to us and go back without having at least little. But most Yoruba men are stingy always looking for who to cheat and eat from his pot or pocket.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 11:03am On May 05, 2022
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:59am On May 05, 2022
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:55am On May 05, 2022
Aba remains the dirtiest place on earth . Not fit for humans to live and better suited for pigs

This is another video of Aba which captures other parts of Aba that were not captured in the earlier one.

Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:21am On May 05, 2022
Aba is half of Ibadan or even larger than the half
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:19am On May 05, 2022
Use your Google map and comfirm
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:18am On May 05, 2022
Then compare with Ibadan information using the population and land density. Aba has extended into Rivers state and to boundary between Abia and Akwa ibom.

Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:14am On May 05, 2022
So why is no igbo city or town as developed as ibadan?

Most Igbo cities are more developed and organized than ibadan. Forget about the horrific land size of Ibadan. More than 78% of Ibadan is slum with poor and archaic buildings.

And mind you Ibadan is not much larger than Aba as you people always say here that one estate in Ibadan is larger than Aba.

You always use the size of Aba south (78km2) excluding the size of the remaining 5 LGAs to compare the general size of Ibadan of 11 LGAs (3080km2).

Aba information

Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 10:02am On May 05, 2022

This is what we call development In Southwest

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has revealed that Lekki Deep Seaport which currently under construction at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state, when completed, will generate over $200 billion for the Federal Government and State Government within concession period of 45 years.

Speaking on Wednesday while on an inspection of the Port in Lagos, Mohammed said the project is a game-changer because of the impact it will have on the nation’s economy and the jobs it will create, among others.

“The investment is huge: 1.53 billion dollars on fixed assets and 800 million dollars on construction. But the aggregate impact has been put at 361 billion dollars in 45 years, which will be over 200 times the cost of building it.

“In addition, it will create 169,972 jobs and bring revenues totalling 201 billion dollars to state and federal governments through taxes, royalties and duties,” he said

The Minister explained that “the direct and induced business revenue impact is estimated at 158 billion dollars, in addition to a qualitative impact on manufacturing, trade and commercial services sector.

“Beyond that, when it begins operation in the last quarter of this year, it will make it possible for Nigeria to regain the maritime business that was lost to ports in Togo, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana

“It is also a big boost to Nigeria in its quest to take advantage of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

“A major advantage we have to leverage is transhipment with this port, Nigeria will become a transhipment hub and the revenue we are currently losing to our neighbouring countries will come here.

“As you know, this project is being done in phases. Phase 1 has reached 89 per cent and will be completed in September this year,” the Minister added.

He further noted that “the facilities here are first class. We have 7 ships to shore cranes and 21 RTG cranes. No port in Nigeria currency has this. The excellent equipment is why this port can do 18,000 which is more than four times the number that can currently be handled by our other ports.

“Also, the project is self-sufficient in required electricity. It is now ready to generate up to 10 Mega Watts and tie total capacity is 16 megawatts.”

You are vindicating us with your post. Most of the projects in Igbo land is private driven mainly from Igbos while yours are federal government investments.

And stop bringing Lagos in, the comparison is between Aba and Ibadan not Aba or Enugu with Lagos. Lagos is a federal city like Abuja.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 12:28pm On May 02, 2022

We are doing Aba vs Ibadan and this dude is posting estates in Lagos and Abuja


He even claimed Yorubas built ALL the estates. So Chevron, Sunrise and others were developed by Yorubas?

Thank for the internet

And also posting pictures from Enugu because of yellow buses and taxis.

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Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 12:23pm On May 02, 2022

Well,thanks for the complement but Yorubas are not entirely superhumans now.
Nigeria and Nigerians affected the exponential growth Yorubas pioneered.

Take note of these points...

1.Yorubas are the poneers of growth and development in Nigeria and West Africa.

2.Yorubas respect their parents too dearly making them leave their legacy until their demise ...the old houses which were built by them when Igbos were living in huts.We have expanded by building in other new sites.These sites have development that cannot be seen for a long time in the SE.

3.Yorubas developed Ibadan up to an enviable state until Aguiyi Ironsi stopped it with his envy by promulgating unitary decree.

Yorubas faced Lagos and continue to develop it just as they did Ibadan then.The develoment in Lagos is done 80% by Yorubas and 20% non Yorubas.
4.Yorubas have to quickly takehold of Lagos so as not to lose political and economical power there.As they are building Lagos also are tey systematically building their indigenous region.

5.Yorubaland has more population of non Yorubas than any region making it possess more houses and infrastructures than the SE.

6.Yorubas are the builders who built most of the houses in the East.Yorubas taught you Igbos how to maintain your tiny land.

7.Igboland has scanty modern buildings compared to the SW especially Ibadan,Lagos and Ogun state.

8.This is a place in Lagos developed 95% Yorubas just as they are also developing the hinterland.

The question is....
On what basis do you think SE comes near the development of Yorubaland even excluding Lagos?

Yorubas live here 95%.
This is Ebute meta-Yaba axis.

A child has written something. 80% of development in Lagos was done by Yorubas and you still complain of Igbo economic dominance in Lagos.

Yorubas are the ones that taught igbos how to build while you can not demolish the archaic houses built by your parents and build modern ones.

Shame unto you.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 12:13pm On May 02, 2022
Ibos don't have something like dis ooo...

The south west u can't beat...
This is how most places in Aba look like.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 12:11pm On May 02, 2022
Can you name any city apart from Abuja that was built by Nigerian government?

I want to hear from you.

After war, the affected area is rebuilt by the government.

Yes, Lagos being the 1st capital of Nigeria. Pls, how old are you?
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 7:16pm On May 01, 2022
Oga you keep posting the same cluster of buildings in Aba over and over again you no dey tire? Ibadan can comfortably boast of at least 10 estates if that’s your yard stick.

Ibadan pass Aba in all ramifications, fact.

Check out this video:


I still see rubbish here compared to the ones of Aba, Umuahia, Abiriba, Imo, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Asaba.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 7:12pm On May 01, 2022

Better opportunities and the peoples are very poor.... With low purchasing power... Why are u contradicting your self ?

Keep on deceiving yourself with a concocted information. That 2020 or whatever poverty survey was not genuinely and properly conducted. For your mind, Osun and Ondo are doing better than Anambra, Imo, Abia and Enugu? And Oyo is better than Ebonyi?

Nigeria can never tell you the truth. For your information, a sample size of 22,000 can not be used to determine the poverty status of a country with over 200,000,000 people. And Igbos are the richest in Africa. We may not have much billionaires but over 70% of our population are millionaires get this in your brain.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 6:58pm On May 01, 2022
Shut this your trap you called mouth about war, war, war.

Which war did you experience?

Where are the pictures of leveled anambra, enugu,imo, abia or ebonyi.

We all saw Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Did you experience what they experienced.

Can you compare any of your city to those two today.

You are wrong if you are taking it this way. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was rebuilt by the Japanese government while Igboland was left by Nigerian government for the igbos to rebuild. They even frustrated the rebuilding of the region by imposing the abandoned property and 20 pounds policies against the Igbos, by not reabsorbing the Igbos into the Nigerian civil service forcing many Igbo outside southeast to drop Igbo names. They carved out all the areas with oil and access to sea from southeast and put them in Rivers and Akwa ibom states. They failed to site signature projects in southeast, they brought up so many policies to surpress the Igbos and hinder speedy development in Igbo land. The two airports we had then was built with money contributed by individuals, the railway we have was the one built by the colonial masters for the export and transportation of coal from Enugu to Port Harcourt.

And the question you should be asking yourself if you are sincere is why the sudden closure of port Harcourt and Calabar seaports which were helping businesses in Aba and the Aba economy? Why the refusal to build seaport in Onitsha and Azumini?

All these were aimed at frustrating development in southeast and boost the ones of Lagos and the north.

But thanks to almighty God who out of his love do not allow them to succeed.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 6:26pm On May 01, 2022

That's what I keep saying

Yorubas didn't see war, the run the Nigerian economy for more 15 years during and after the war, the had everything going for them, yet they still live in dilapitated houses

That is to show that there is a repercussion for every evil.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 6:19pm On May 01, 2022
yeah Igbos are 1 billion cheesy

Travel and see
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 4:14pm On May 01, 2022

A lie repeated several times has a way of gaining a life of its own. Ibadan metropolis is about 580sqkm and only about 3 times the size of Aba metropolis in landmass. Aba is compact with a large number of high density buildings

Pls use your Google map and zoom it more and more you will definitely see that Ibadan is not larger than Aba. Aba area is densely populated and has more satellite towns and zones than Ibadan.
Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 3:58pm On May 01, 2022
According to diametric ABA is the worst place to live in Nigeria. You compared ibadan interior to the best place in Abia. It only shows how inferior you're. I don't know why you're obsessed with the yorubas. The picture below is from Abia. Mumu

Guy why are you like this. On the picture you posted I can see the popular cocoa house and you still termed it Aba.


Politics / Re: Aba Vs Ibadan Development by B2mario(m): 3:55pm On May 01, 2022
You should have bothered yourself about how many Aba you will see in one ibadan? Entire Aba is not up to one local government in Ibadan. All those tall houses in Aba, if you put them in Ibadan; you will hardly notice where they are located. Tall buildings in Aba and other south east are because of scarcity of tiny landmass.

It would have been better if it is also economically and security-wise develop to prevent people rushing down to the same Ibadan to hussle for money to build empty houses in Aba they only come to leave once in Christmas year

Empty houses in the city? Empty houses where and where and people are still looking for houses to occupy?

Stop living in delusion and stop saying what you did not confirm. Not just because you see us everywhere you go due to our large population you then assumed in your little brain that we are running away from our land. Guy, we Igbos are large in number don't be deceived because Nigerian government has been rigging our population figure. Our cities are excessively filled in their capacities.

If our cities and buildings are empty as you have presumed, ask yourself then why is it that those federal roads in southeast under reconstruction are being extended to 6-8 lane roads, and why is it that even our state governors are extending our two lane roads to 4, 6 or 8 lane roads?

They can't be doing these if actually the people are running away from the land but they are doing so in order to reduce traffic and accommodate the large population.


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