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Food / Re: Apart From Rice, Beans, Swallow & Indomie/Spaghetti, Whatelse Do You Eat? by Baamm(m): 3:35pm On Sep 22
Apart from rice, beans, swallow and indomie/spaghetti, whatelse do you eat?
cassava, beans and dodo, agbado and corn
Family / Re: Is It A Crime To Admit That Your Spouse Is Older Than You? (my Story) by Baamm(m): 7:48pm On Aug 30
I will go straight to the point and make this brief. Recall this thread https://www.nairaland.com/6990203/should-marry
On March this year I got a job as ICT officer in a firm which made me move to Lagos ,we are super excited about this development and everything working out fine (No relationship is perfect, understanding kept us going)

I served in a university, towards completion of my service year, I accomodated a guy who got to know about us
One day we were in a arguement of dating or marrying someone older than you.
I stood my ground that I can marry irrespective of age, provided it is what I want
The guy came to conclusion that it seems my spouse is older than me, we laughed over it (That ends it)

Secondly my friend Davidson that live in the same compound who is done with his studies, working while waiting on NYSC.
I told him about my woman , how I love her and ready to settle down as soon as things go as planned for me (he have seen her visited once but they never met)
He asked me if she work, I told him

While discussing with my woman last night , I was assuring her how much I love her irrespective of anything then I pointed out the two above incidence
To my greatest surprise she became angry eith me
In her words
a) She detest dating underage, how she found herself in this mess she can't tell

b) I should go ahead and tell my mum and elder brother (they just talk via phone) and even all my friends

c) I make her look desperate, that she is loosing interest already

d) I insulted her and she can't trust me again

a) I promised her that no one will know of the age difference even if they know she is older

b) I never mentioned her age to these people or the age gap

My crime is that I admitted that she is older and I am proud and love her wholeheartedly

I don't see this working out again
I feel so belittled
lols… wait till ur family know.


Fashion / Re: National Assembly Proposes To Criminalise Cross-Dressing In Nigeria by Baamm(m): 6:39pm On Aug 04

be like say pa don book olosho wey be man for Oga at the top ���
Politics / Re: Portable Mocks APC, Tinubu After Oyetola’s Loss After Being Paid. Sings & Dances by Baamm(m): 5:57pm On Jul 17
The Zazzu Zeh crooner Portable was filmed singing and dancing mockingly at APC, who after paying him to entertain at their governorship rally, ended up losing to PDP.


these nigha is so unprofessional and think he is sleek. Quick to burn bridges over little change.
Romance / Re: What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Fallen Out Of Your Pocket/Bag? by Baamm(m): 9:28pm On Jul 04
Do you have a story of the most embarrassing thing that fell out of your pocket/bag? grin

I remembered some time ago when I went to get some groceries at the mall. I forgot I bought groundnut earlier before I got to the mall. I kept it in my pocket and went ahead to get my stuff. After picking the items I needed. I went straight to the cashier's desk and joined the queue. If you see the hot chicks that were behind me, even the cashier wasn’t left out in this contest of beauty. Omo, I was already thinking after paying for my groceries I’ll wait a little bit and make advances on any of them.

It got to my turn to pay. The cashier calculated my items and told me the price of what I bought. She asked me if I was paying with cash or a card.
I told her cash preferably. My right hand reached for my pocket. The moment I dipped my hand in, I withdrew the money and the groundnut escaped from the side and fell on the floor. The cellophane got burst and the groundnut sprawled in different directions.
I was just looking at the #50 groundnut littering the place I stood. The girls at my back saw the groundnut come out of my pocket and couldn't help but giggle. The cashier was just looking at me in a puzzled way as she extend her hand to receive the money for what I bought.
What got me embarrassed was when one lady who was struggling her way to the front queue said, “How fine boy go shook groundnut for pocket dey chop am like small pikin?”
I couldn't say anything, that day I wished everything could come to an end quickly because my ego has been dealt with and the motivation to approach turned zero.
I had to hurry and take my stuff out before they finish me with their hypocritical look. grin grin

There are more embarrassing experiences I had but I would like to hear from the house of NL what embarrassing thing has fell out of their pocket/bag wink

went for a seminar in Ibadan on my way back we got stopped by police at a checkpoint and they started searching bags. One dipped his hand inside the smaller pocket of the bag I was carrying and pulled out packet of condoms. Dude paused and look at me then pulled out my official ID card. Last last we no long thing he tore it into two and we exchanged laugh but I no go forget the look of my co passengers sha


Family / Re: My Girlfriend Wants Us To Wear Same Attire To Her Niece traditional marriage by Baamm(m): 12:07pm On Jun 21
Hello all
My girlfriend wants me to wear same native attire to her niece wedding on Friday. I thought she was joking when she suggested it last week, because I don't even plan on going due to my busy schedule. But to my surprise she's just came to my house with some yards of the material she bought with her money.

Though I appreciate her good gestures, but I don't think it's right.. We are not married. What will her people say when dey see me with her like that because her father, mother, brothers and sisters will be there, not talking about her extended families.

I had to confide with a friend and he told me blantly that it is a set up, I should abort. That he had witness a similar case in a party when a guy was behaving as if he had paid his girlfriend bride price...what happened was the guy didn't leave the way he came. I won't want that to happen to me but before I decide I like to hear from you all.

relationship is 3months
I don't know her family house, talkless to know who born her.. not yet ready to.
if you like her listen to your friend and refund the Aso ebi money to her. She is probably under pressure or wants to show u off. No be every time
Politics / Re: A Stingy Man Will Never Become The President Of Nigeria - Fr Mbaka blasts Obi by Baamm(m): 9:40am On Jun 16


My ministry nearly collapse because of Peter Obi's stinginess - Fr. Mbaka blasts Peter Obi again.

Says Peter Obi will never be President. the fear of Peter sapa obi is the beginning of wisdom…. Everything about that man rings SAPA. Vote at your pocket risk


[b]Audio as recorded by BBC news [/b]Igbo:https://www.facebook.com/1385243528221504/posts/5273617942717357/?app=fbl
Politics / Re: Labour Party Exco Meeting In Kano (Photos) by Baamm(m): 8:14pm On Jun 14

This is Labour Party chapter of Kano after it's meeting on 13/6/2022.


sapa Dey fight this ones

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Family / Re: My Wife Still Asks Her Ex For Money by Baamm(m): 12:11pm On Jun 10
I married my wife in Kaduna two years ago. During those period we were dating, we were very much apart due to distance. She stayed in Kaduna while I worked in Lagos.

During few times of my personal meeting before our wedding, I noticed huge communication between her and this man. I called her attention to it but she just waived it aside saying they are just friends as Ex (stuff). She joined me up in Lagos after the marriage but the communication between them still continued.

This is a woman I have sacrificed so much for in my life by providing her basics need with the children even though not huge like that. She told me the Ex is a Doctor and they have nice experience together while dating back then. I have adviced even begged her to stop this communication as it it very hurtful and insulting to my personality but she won't stop. Instead she secretly calls and requests money from this guy in almost different occasions.

At a point in time in the past when she went to Kaduna to get her transfer from work place to Lagos, she still visit the guy even as she is heavily pregnant that time. I was able to get the idea through her bank account statement when the same guy send her money for what business I don't understand. It is almost 2 years of our marriage now, I am starting to regret why I marry her initially even as I noticed much difference between us; she is from Southern Kaduna while am from Ibadan.

I wish I have married my tribe whom I can easily understand. Just yesterday night I see another 4k alert from the same guy to my wife. I am really pained though I have not confront her. See guys, I have 2 boys, twin, I take care of them, buy food and all.

Though my work is not going fine but I try my best to make her happy but it seems she is not built for me. I don't really know what is going on again in my life as I am heartbroken.

Maybe the man is even in Lagos most times self. Many things are just running through my mind.
the foundation of ur relationship is faulty yet u didn’t just build on it….besides it sound like u haven’t put ur foot down yet in ur relationship.
Politics / Re: Presidency Keeps Watch On El-Rufai As Plot To Scuttle APC Convention Thickens by Baamm(m): 4:02pm On Mar 20

the governors want a fellow governor to take over from buhari rather than Tinubu. If PDP plays there cards right they can win the disgruntled governors support. And they should not make the mistake of giving the ticket to atiku.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Invasion: Scores Protest In Spain Over Soaring Cost Of Food, Light, Fuel by Baamm(m): 1:01pm On Mar 20

the funny thing is all these will end if EU denies Ukraine membership to be part of nato but the evil intentions they have is what is causing this hardship on citizens. Russia has every right to fight for it security

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Council Of Europe Expels Russia From Human Rights Body by Baamm(m): 2:09pm On Mar 17

Russia don open everybody eye to those western hypocrite… Ukraine should have maintained a neutral stance but out of greed and stubbornness. They have been reduced to a 3rd world country
Foreign Affairs / Re: ICJ Orders Russia To Immediately Suspend Invasion Of Ukraine by Baamm(m): 7:04pm On Mar 16
The UN's top court has ordered Russia to immediately suspend its invasion of Ukraine.

International Court of Justice @ the Hague

Zelensky hails Judgement as Russia & Chinese Judges vote against suspension of invasion same court that was threatened by USA when they wanted to investigate there atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Ogun go fire those that Gave the silly judgement

Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Ukraine's President)
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Musa Kazaure: I Deserve To Be Jailed Over How I Served Nigeria by Baamm(m): 5:22am On Mar 11
A former minister of works, Ambassador Ibrahim Musa Kazaure, has listed himself among those who ought to be jailed over the manner in which...

foolish people. They come back to there senses after leaving power

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Car Talk / Re: Nigerian VIO Officer Cries For Help As Driver Fights For His Car Key (video) by Baamm(m): 12:59pm On Mar 10


Here is video of a motorist dragging and pushing a Vehicle Inspection Officer in other to get his key back while the officer cries for help but unfortunately, no help was found.
the driver gentle sha …. By the time the bio collect two hot slap body go don calm. Untop the hardship wey Dey now one useless person wan block his source of livelihood
Politics / Re: NNPC To Nigerians: Avoid Panic Buying, We Have 1.7bn Litres Of Petrol In Stock by Baamm(m): 5:35pm On Mar 04
Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin Accused Of Taking Muscle-Boosting Steroids (Photos) by Baamm(m): 9:36pm On Mar 03

wow I didn’t see this same accusation when Obama decided to invade Libya and Syria
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Suspends Sale Of Rocket Engines To US: "Let Them Fly On Brooms" by Baamm(m): 7:35pm On Mar 03

these people think Russia went on the offensive without calculating all the sanctions….Ukraine will be ruined completely in a month

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Aftermath Of Russian Air Strikes In Ukraine’s Kharkiv (Graphic Photos) by Baamm(m): 2:45pm On Feb 24
Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/gallery/2022/2/24/photos-aftermath-of-russian-air-strikes-in-ukraines-kharkiv
wish the media will show us same graphic photo. When they were bombing Libya, Iraq and Syria
Politics / Re: PMB Calls For Weighty Sanction For Unconstitutional Leadership Changes In Africa by Baamm(m): 5:01pm On Feb 21

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Brussels, Belgium called on European leaders as partners in promoting democracy and good governance to lend their weight behind measures put in place by the African Union to stem the tide of unconstitutional leadership changes, rearing its head again on the continent.

In his contribution to the roundtable discussion on Peace, Security and Governance at the ongoing 6th EU-AU Summit, President Buhari equally stressed the need to nip the root causes of extremism, conflicts and tensions in Africa at inception.

“Africa has continued to witness different waves of violent extremism, community- based conflicts and inter-ethnic tensions, notably in rural areas. For many decades, our continent has been deprived of political stability and socio-economic development due to terrorism and violent extremism.

“More worrisome is the current state of democracy on the continent, which has become a great source of concern to many of us, with increasing cases of unconstitutional change of governments across the continent, particularly in West Africa. This is in addition to the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

“The African Union has often responded to these challenges through its different structures, such as the African Peace and Security Architecture and the African Governance Architecture.

“Through enhanced collaboration with our development partners, especially the European Union, we can identify areas of cooperation for quick and substantive results.

“As leaders and policy makers, it is important for our partnership to place priority on tackling the root causes of conflicts in Africa, as well as taking measures in safeguarding peace and security, if we are to achieve the African Union Agenda 2063.

“We also call for stronger support from the European Union in the condemnation and imposition of weighty sanctions on countries that engage in unconstitutional change of governments, as well as manipulation of constitutions in favor of extension of term limits,” he said.

The Nigerian leader added that it was imperative to ensure that election processes in Africa have outcomes that truly reflect the wishes of the electorate, as to go contrary to these is courting instability.

According to him, “we have a responsibility to reduce conflicts that stem from lack of good governance, unaccountability, corruption and social exclusion.
“Free, fair, credible and transparent elections remain crucial elements in ensuring peace and security, and promoting constitutional order, democracy and inclusive governance on the continent.

“It is therefore imperative for our partnership to also focus on strengthening election processes in Africa and prevent interference to influence the process and outcomes of elections."

President Buhari also called for the concretization and transformation of promises of cooperation made by the European leaders to actions.

“I wish to underscore the need to convert our pledges on political cooperation in the area of peace, security and conflict prevention into concrete initiatives such as joint field missions, shared understanding and analysis on crisis situations, as well as joint early action and swift implementation of agreed positions.

“The movement and operation of terrorists and violent extremist groups along the Sahel could better be addressed through an improved Continental Early Warning Mechanism. Consequently, we believe there is a clear need to strengthen our cooperation on security with the European Union, particularly through improved intelligence sharing and acquisition of military equipment and hardware.

“We invite the EU to upscale its support for the G5 Sahel and the Multinational Joint Taskforce in the Lake Chad Region as we strive to further degrade the Boko-Haram insurgents and their Islamic State in the West Africa Province counterparts. Africa also looks up to Europe for enhanced support in the area of combating Illicit financial flows and terrorism funding that aid the activities of terrorists and violent extremist groups.”

He called for all hands to be on deck to ensure that Africa’s Blue Economy Agenda for development is realized.

According to him, “I must emphasize the importance of expanding regional and international cooperation on ocean governance, on the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing as well as on maritime security, including piracy, illicit trafficking and other maritime crimes and threats as reflected in the 2050 Africa Integrated Maritime Strategy.”

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media & Publicity)
February 18, 2022
begging those same European that sponsor coup to sanction there stooge.
Family / Re: Update On My Husband Leaving Us by Baamm(m): 9:25am On Feb 11
Biko toks2008 and baby123 make una leave my page even though I love baby123 grin

Link to the first https://www.nairaland.com/6971181/husband-left-us

This week have been crazy, I took alot of advice from this page and was minding my business, I called him on Saturday to come pick the kids because I deserve rest, he said he would prefer coming to the house to see them, he came I cooked and we all ate around 5 he picked up some clothes and left.

He kept calling to talk about things in general and I was responding fine. My kids got sick on Sunday (night fever) and I spent all night tepid sponging and administering drugs.

On Sunday night, he went out with his infamous friend when I called him around 10 he was still out (something he hardly do) when he got back he called and we got talking one thing led to another and I still asked him about the text message and the girl as usual he kept on hammering on how he doesn't owe me any explanation. I told him that if he doesn't give me an explanation I would have to call the girl directly, he cut the call and I actually called her.

When I asked her where she went with my husband the lady told me that my husband saw that she was interested in tech event and took her there on that Saturday, he actually went to pick her up (lol).

I asked her how did she know everything about his business and why would she want to work for him for free, she said my husband normally come to his friends office and when he is not around he do strike up conversation with her and tell her all about his business and she was interested in growing it (lol).

She got very uncomfortable and started talking about how she is a minister in her church (I actually bursted out laughing at this point), she said a whole lot of things contradicting everything my husband told me, he was even talking with her since he left the house.
two babies letting there ego clash
Politics / Re: APC, Buhari Seek Court Dismissal Of Appeal To Swear-In Atiku by Baamm(m): 6:03pm On Feb 09

would be an interesting outcome if the court grant the prayer pere
Travel / Re: Re: Why Are Nigerians So Desperate To Leave This Country? by Baamm(m): 1:22pm On Feb 05
So I came across this thread on FP and thought I write about myself a little.


Just a brief timeline about my life hurdles. Not so much of a good writer, I don't talk too much. I am an introvert. So pardon my flaws. I know for sure that most persons go through a lot worse than this.

Like you I have always frowned against those leaving the country in droves. I felt like they were doing the country a de-service for not staying back to fix it together. But I was wrong all along.

Over the years as time went by after my SSCE, I was out on the street looking to make ends meet. I did a couple of menial jobs to survive. I was a sales boy in a little chemist for a couple of months but the pay was too little and so I left.

Then got another job in a fast-food restaurant as a waiter, worked round the clock for just eight thousand naira salary a month. In some months I got paid less or nothing due to shortages(those who have worked in these places know this). I was relieved of my job by the new Manager because I complained he added more task for me to do aside being waiter, I also controlled traffic within the premises, I drained out water from the soak away everyday after close of work all for just 8k a month. I was jobless for a couple months again.

Then I got another job in a club and the salary was eight thousand Naira a month. The CEO made us report to work 2pm everyday and closes 3-4am sometimes and we had no off days. He maltreated us real bad. I could remember vivid how he slapped me when he found me in the kitchen, and he wouldn't let me explain why I was taking a quick break was because I had blisters on both feet from walking around and attending to too many customers. I was completely worn out. He later relieved me of my job because of this. I became jobless again.

Then I found another job with a construction company (CCECC). Purely manual labour, here I was paid five hundred and sixty Naira a day which excluded Sundays... I resumed 7am and closed 5pm everyday. I couldn't keep up with the workload so I had to quit after 2 weeks. I was jobless again for a couple of months.

Found another job with a cleaning company. They were contracted to clean up the teaching hospital. So we were employed, we were paired 3 per units. In mine was a block in it had about 15 offices or more I think, that we had to clean up every single day. There were days too we did industrial cleaning in a newly opened block. Resumed 6am and closed 6pm everyday. Salary was just ten thousand Naira a month. Transportation alone to and fro was six thousand Naira a month. Leaving me with four thousand Naira as take home. There were also days I survived on just biscuits and water or saturated garri with groundnuts(Sipping garri). I was looking so unkempt, defeated, a walking skeleton. While on this job I got a call from a friend's Mom that her organization(State government) was looking for a cleaner.

I applied within and I got the job, so I left the other cleaning job. My salary on this new job was ten thousand Naira a month. Here, there were months I got owed for. Sometimes I was owed for 3 to 4 months without salary, the salary payment wasn't regular as the organization relied on impress to pay me. So I don't get paid when impress don't come in. I was later converted to an office boy after my Boss found out that I was good with computers/gadgets generally. Even though I never had one myself. I ran errands, did their computer jobs, managed the internet facility etc. My salary was doubled(20k) afterwards. But I still got owed even worst this time around for months. It wasn't funny at all. It affected my education because I needed money to pay my fees even though the salaries wasn't enough to pay a semester's fee and buy course materials. Feeding well/transportation was a big issue. There were days I had walk down to the office.

It got even worse after the APC government took over power, impress stopped coming in for months. I was owed 2 years, I kept writing letters asking for my money, it hasn't been paid to me up until this very moment. My colleagues were really helpful during this period, they helped out financially the little way they could. I was jobless again.

I relocated to Abuja, stayed with an Aunt with the hope that I'll find a good job after my IT. I needed to have a connection to do my IT in an organization where IT students are paid for which I didn't have any, submitted several IT application letters at NNPC, CAC and many more. Never got called up. The one guy that wanted to help out, wanted something in return($ex with my Aunt). Luckily, she spoke with one of her friends about me who knew someone in one of these organizations and that was how I did my IT and was paid 10k/month for 6months. I was loved by everyone at my unit, I learn fast, I am proficient and a problem solver(pardon me I no dey brag). I was in the ICT unit(I am a computer geek - self-taught). I discovered something while I was with the organization, too many incompetent hands, little or no experience on the job yet with huge salaries as take home. They kept reassuring me that I was going to be employed because my expertise was needed but for where them no send me oh rather they employed their own over competence.

Abeg make I stop here jare. E too plenty to type out before my thumbs go get six packs.

While in my trying phase, my brother paid my admission fee, 3 of colleagues(2 of them are late now) also paid my school fees on different occasions(may their souls rest in peace). My girlfriend too paid my fees a couple of times.

I've been through a lot in life and wouldn't want my kids to suffer too. And Naija isn't where I want to raise a family. The tribalism, hate and religious sentiments is too much, every region prefers an incompetent leader over a competent leader from another region and the cycle continues. Naija is going to self- implode further in few more years from now. Providing basic amenities is now a rocket science in this country, insecurities, unemployment, people are dying on a daily. How much is a life a common Nigerian worth?

I can't come and kee mysef.

I have my passport handy hopefully I'll abandon this Naija before this year runs out for God1000 to help me fix am... tongue
Honestly Nigeria is easy to live in but there is no dignity of labor coupled with the high insecurity in the country


Politics / Re: Buba Marwa Buries His Wife, Zainab In Imo (Photos) by Baamm(m): 5:57pm On Feb 01

you will be surprised by the number of high profile northerners married to Igbo women. It only politics and religion that cause division in this country. Hardly anyone I know that has been to the eastern part of the country to serve or hold one agency/political post from the north that won’t want to marry south eastern women.

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Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by Baamm(m): 4:40pm On Jan 22

And what happens to the divorced sister now on the side?
And when the man gets fed up again and gets his eyes in a third sister,he again call it quits and ask for another divorce until he fks every woman in the family, ain't that perfect?!
have told you the guideline for such circumstance in Islam. The divorced sister can equally remarry. The only thing that can stop it is if the parent of the girl does not give the husband permission to marry the younger sister. And to give you a better insight if he divorce the elder sister and change his mind to re-marry her. She has to marry another man then get divorced from him before he can marry the elder sister again.
Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by Baamm(m): 10:16am On Jan 22
[quote author=DabuIIIT post=109587349][/quote] Am a Muslim and my religion allows it. It is only forbidden while he is still married to the sister. Once the divorce is finalized. It is permissible and legal to marry her.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin To Encircle Europe With Massive War Games Alongside China & Iran (Pix,Vid) by Baamm(m): 10:10am On Jan 22


USA has military base in almost all Over the world. Now they plan to deploy a nuclear defense system in Ukraine which is practically the door step of Russia. They have every right to do the same. USA has been policing the world like it there birth right. Invading sovereign nation at will using corrupt media propaganda. I fully support whatever military program Russia and China are deploying against this aggression from Usa and it Allies

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Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by Baamm(m): 10:05am On Jan 22
Please I need only matured minds on this.
It's a serious matter.

My elder sister and her husband were married for 5 years and separated November last year but not divorced yet, though the families have been trying to reconcile them to come back together but my sister's husband has been adamant about it.

I noticed that ever since his separation from my sister he started visiting my place and now it has become frequent. I allowed it because I see him as a brother but now I am starting to really enjoy his company. He has been helping me out with stuffs and still maintains his kindness towards my parents.

He proposed marriage to me yesterday and I have been confused. I will be 30 by February 2nd.
Should I accept his proposal?
of course it is permissible as long as the divorce with your sister is finalized. Meanwhile prepare yourself for badbelle that will attack you for snatching your sister’s husband and she might also hate you. All in all sha it is legal and permissible
Politics / Re: Atiku Support Group Meeting In London (Pictures) by Baamm(m): 5:47pm On Jan 17
The pictures were shared by Paul Ibe (Alhaji Atiku Abubakar's media adviser).

Paul Ibe @omonlakiki

Lmao Awon weyrey. I am 100% sure they don’t have pvc. Just wanna hushpuppi baba atiku all the way from London
Crime / Re: A Friend of Mine Received A Death Threat Sms Please Help by Baamm(m): 10:00am On Jan 14
Good morning nairalanders

A friend of mine called me 4 days ago that he received a text message from a strange number the message goes thus:

"You have been hiding and running this 2022 anywhere you are we will get you and we will shoot you and also gun you down try don't forget this word this date 10th Jan 2022...You can not hide till we get you. We will show u that to get money is not easy."

Immediately he got the message about 30 minutes after he received a WhatsApp text from another strange different number a lady sending him pictures of her trying to lure him into a business and for friendship please what should he do?

This my friend is an online business man and when I asked him he said he never had a deal with anyone involving money .

Pls.what should he do

He needs advise thanks
if he has nothing to hide let him report to the DSS, police fit run am street

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Business / Re: Loan Apps: I Have Used My Hands To Bury Myself by Baamm(m): 10:53am On Jan 12
I just need someone to scold me badly, maybe it will help me get sense.

Seriously I can't just believe at my age I still do the things I do.

Right now I am in deep hole of debts from these loan apps. Can you imagine someone taking loans from more than 10 apps? Yes that someone is me.

Presently if I should add up all the loans it will be close or more than 500k. The annoying thing is this is like 3yrs now I have been struggling with these apps.

I once was able to clear all the loans but like a dog going back to it's vomit, I still went back to them (I seriously need delivarence).

Why I'm so ashamed of myself is because I didn't take these loans mostly because I don't have a good source of income but because I don't know how to save and I am very extravagantly wasteful. I loving feeling rich, I can buy beer and flex anyone those I know and those I don't.

Thought getting married will help but for where like I got worst after that.

I seriously don't know how to come out of this mess I dragged myself into. Because these loan apps will only give you 7days loan with very high interest. I have been servicing these loans throughout last year and I don't want to continue this year.

I have already spent more than 200k this month alone on interest alone because I have to borrow again to be able to pay others.

I'm owing the following apps:
1. Fastmoney 70k
2. Imoney 50k
3. Gocash 38k
4. 40k
5. Palm credit 70k and counting this is long over due.
6. Kuda 50k
7. Next credit 21k
8. Mint loan 35k
9. 9jacash 12k
10. Add money 9k
11. Ncash 9k
12. Ducredit 70k
13. Ajeloan 15k
14. Easy Naira 12k.
15. Cashsea 26k

I'm even scared to add the total but this my current reality. Virtually all are 7days loan.

I don't know how a sane human being can get to this stage, I don't want to attribute anything to anyone or some village people. This is my owing making, and I have been living with this burden for long. I was hoping to get a job that will pay me like 500k at once but none for now.

I dont even know what next to do. I have alot of other responsibilities to cater for.

I don't even have friends or relatives I can run to. I am writing this because I deserve all the insults in the whole world. I deserve to the stoned. Though I will never take my life because of this, God forbid but I can't grow with these on my neck and it's really weighing me down.

I can't remember when last I genuinely smiled or laughed.

I'm determined to find a way to over come this problem. That's why I'm here.

I know you guys will come for my head but I'm already in this shot so I will accept any insult. But please if someone can say something to help me a little I will appreciate.

I'm not breathing fine but I'm currently harvesting what I planted.

Wish I can get a counselor or therapist who can help me because I'm scared that even if I suffer and clear these I might not learn my lesson because it has happened before.

What can I do please?

just try and pay the little ones first. Contact the customer care of the huge one to buy more time and assure them u will pay the penalty before it gets more embarrassing

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Crime / Re: Man Accuses Loan App Of Announcing His Death After He Defaulted by Baamm(m): 9:43pm On Jan 11
A man has accused a loan app of announcing his obituary after he defaulted, WonderTV Media reports.

The man who shared the obituary banner on a social media group wrote;

Government needs to come up with a harsh sanction against this loan apps. He needs to sue them. Most of them are not even licensed which force them to behave like that

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