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Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by babapupa: 6:39pm On Jun 13, 2013


You forgot to give the title or link of the thread Musiwa is spamming/derailing


Thanks for that and also for the prompt response...
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by babapupa: 6:27pm On Jun 13, 2013
2 issues...

1. Please release Eko and Eko ileee/Spambot attacks..

2. I complained about Musiwa destroying and derailing the thread below and his posts was deleted, but his still messing up the thread with the same pictures and posts. Is it possible to just ban him from that particular thread and if it is, please do.

Politics / Re: Which City In Nigeria Is The Most Cosmopolitan? by babapupa: 3:40pm On May 06, 2013
BarryX: Baba! A Fact is the Truth or the actual existence of something, as opposed to supposition of something; Reality; Let us not get sentimental about this , Lagos is cosmopolitan no doubt but from the prevailing definition and analysis so far reeled out. Abuja walloped Lagos maybe by a hat-trick or something. Abuja it is then and let us not forget to post this link whenever there's a project or an intellectual argument about Nigerian Most Cosmopolitan city because Nairalanders have done more justice to the topic than most Foreign journal or website could ever do .

1. Fact is what I've produced as independent qualifications of Lagos as the most cosmopolitan city in Nigeria, supposition and baseless sentiments is what you and others are peddling...

2. Also, the world encyclopedia and the Abuja food website qualifying Lagos as the most cosmopolitan city in Nigeria are not my sentiments or something that I made up, you on the other hand have nothing but ordinary opinion without any qualifying references to back up your utterances.

3. Your prevailing analysis is nothing but NL mombojombo analysis and I'll go with documented facts and global reference like the world encyclopedia a million times before paying you NL bootlegged analysts any attention..

On top of the 2 independent references I provided, here is another one....

Lagos provides a classical case for studying migrants and the consequences of internal migration. It is the most cosmopolitan city in West Africa with an estimated population of over 10 million persons inhabiting the metropolis alone (not the whole of Lagos State). Lagos is a melting pot and mini-Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by babapupa: 3:39pm On May 06, 2013
Spam bot attack (eko ilee)

Please re activate account...
Politics / Re: EFCC To Quiz El-rufai Over Misappropriation Of Funds- 247nigerianewsupdate by babapupa: 3:27pm On Mar 18, 2013
The Witch hunting of el rufai don begin . Vindictive mofos..
Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha's Pardon: Bill Gates Cancels Trip To Nigeria by babapupa: 2:12pm On Mar 18, 2013
This ret/arded Aso rock clown is dangerously pushing us to the. edge of abyss. The man is just too too worthless and insane. He needs a one way boat ride back to the creeks for good. They prob should lock him up in a zoo or somethng.
Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha: US May Shelve Planned Obama Visit by babapupa: 3:55am On Mar 18, 2013
^^^^^^ illiterates..
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 3:33pm On Mar 16, 2013
Did you bother to check that the chambers is patnership btw him and his friend who is a legal tenant at the address. Do you also think your media interrogation is the right tool for finding out who is a legal tenant in a place? Park well my guy, there is no case and no fraud either.

He said he used his friends address and not his own address.

No need for him to use or say used his friends address if hes employed at that address or a legal tenant at that address, but he did because he's no a legal tenant there.

Learn how to read and comprehend. When you feel out official government forms and they ask for your address, you use your own official and legal address, not other peoples address. Using other peoples address is fraud and pure intent to comment fraud, its deception, its called lies.

Obviously, he wasn't oblivious about his shady actions when he took that job, furthermore the application form he used was not an official government application form, it was computer generated so this scam was facilitated by corrupt/PDP INEC officials else this should have raised a red flag and stop right away. They don't even let lawyers or agents file applications so its still a misery why they allowed this man to file applications with bogus info. Obviously a collaboration between INEC and these fraudulent characters.

Why the needless arguments anyways? The facts are out there, we have clear and direct linkage between the fraudulent filings and the characters involved and also the same characters at the fake APC scammers sending emails back n forth with Official PDP email addresses.

You people really need to find other sane issues to defend and not this scam and fraud because only fraudulent and criminally minded people defend and make excuses for such.
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 2:17am On Mar 16, 2013
manmade: Nobody is" stealing" anybody's name here , remember that equity aids the diligent and not the indolent . If a party choose to be a noise maker and the other one is an action doer . Pls what wrong has the latter done?

For argument sake, let me drop down to your dubious level. How trustworthy are you as a political party if the very first act of yours as a political party is this scam and charade over name? The name APC in Nigeria is not a secrete, we all know APC belongs to the merger party so why pick their name for any reason? What's your point or what are you trying to prove apart from the fact that you lack common decency and curtsey, that you are mischievous, that you lack prudence and your judgment as a political party sucks and should be questioned.

It only educate the public about the kind of dubious,disrespectful and mischievous people you have within your party and you should never be trusted with any votes.


Politics / Alamieyeseigha: Disappointed US Warns Nigeria On Aid by babapupa: 2:03am On Mar 16, 2013
Alamieyeseigha: Disappointed US warns Nigeria on aid

The United States on Friday condemned Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s pardon of former governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, his predecessor in Bayelsa state, who was convicted for money laundering in 2007, after admitting massive embezzlement of state funds.

The US spokesman chorused Nigerian critics of the move, describing it as a “setback” in the fight against corruption.

And State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Washington had warned the Nigerian government that it could have implications for US aid.
Obama: US deeply worried about the pardon

Obama: US deeply worried about the pardon

“The United States government was deeply disappointed over the recent pardons of corrupt officials by the Nigerian government,” Nuland said.

Asked about whether US aid to Nigeria could be at threat, she replied: “We have made clear to the Nigerians that this puts a question mark on the kinds of work that we’ve been trying to do with them.

“We’re continuing to look at what’s appropriate.”

In 2011, the US Agency for International Development spent some $230 million on aid programs in Nigeria, the bulk of which went towards supporting health programs and in particular preventing and treating HIV/AIDS.

Jonathan, who had served under Alamieyeseigha as Bayelsa’s deputy governor, pardoned him and seven others earlier this week, meaning the disgraced official could now run again for office.

Before his detention in Nigeria, Alamieyeseigha was arrested in Britain in 2005 on charges of laundering more than $3 million. But he fled back to Nigeria while on bail. He was re-arrested in Nigeria and detained for months, before he was convicted for money laundering.

Nigeria is seen by the world as one of the most graft-ridden nations, where powerful leaders implicated in massive corruption scandals often evade severe punishment

Celebrities / Re: Larry Koldsweat Prefers To Be A Yoruba In Another Life by babapupa: 1:35am On Mar 16, 2013
Honesty is the best policy....


Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 1:30am On Mar 16, 2013

Exposed: PDP ‘Hatchet Man’ behind rival APC registration

Mr. Ikenga had also attempted to force the extension of the tenure of former chairman of INEC, Maurice Iwu, at a time Nigerians were unanimous in their call for the professor’s sack from the electoral body.

Mr. Ikenga had on April 2, 2010 led three ‘pro-democracy groups’ to the National Assembly to stage a rally seeking for tenure extension for Mr. Iwu.

The three groups, the Alliance for Defence of Democracy, National Youth Coalition for Progressive Transformation and the Northern Patriotic Forum went to the Assembly to request for extension for Mr. Iwu “to enable him to conduct the 2011 general elections”.

“Electoral process can only be consolidated where there is continuity in leadership,” Mr. Ikenga said in his address at the rally.

He argued that section 157 of the 1999 Constitution made provision for the re-appointment of the INEC chairman, “so why are people crying even when the chairman has two months to go,” he said.

ugo Chinyere Ikenga

The rent- a-crowd

One common feature Mr. Ikenga is known for is his ability to easily mobilise a crowd for a protest in the Nigerian capital.

People who know and have worked with the lawyer in the past allege that he is available to the highest bidder as a hatchet man; and sometimes goes to satellite towns in the Nigerian capital to rent the crowd he uses for his protests.

This time around, however, he’s moved beyond public protests to sponsoring what could turn to a be a major political upheaval in Nigeria; as the All Progressives Congress have insisted that they would not change name to accommodate the African Peoples Congress.

Ikenga does not like to be disturbed

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Ikenga to confirm if he was behind the registration of the African Peoples Congress, he declined comment.

“Why is everybody calling me about this thing? Today is my girlfriend’s birthday and these calls from journalists is pissing her off,” he said before he cut off the line.

The PDP would also not respond to the reason one of its members sponsored the formation of a rival party or if he had the backing of the party to carry out the action.

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, did not answer or return calls made to his phone.

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Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 1:06am On Mar 16, 2013
with Dr Halliru bello. Former PDP national chairman and minister of defense

Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 1:03am On Mar 16, 2013

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere Micheal leading a PDP rally.

Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 12:25am On Mar 16, 2013
I totally agreed with your first three lines of thought, but there is no legal implication to what he has done, Moral implication yes, but there is nothing unlawful between what he did and what his client wants to do too. Morality has no legal framework anywhere in the world, just personal conscience.

Was the address and phone number of the political party he was representing on INEC'S official application documents? Is he a legal tenant at the address he used on behalf of this bogus political party? Was there a known party HQ anywhere in Abuja and the 26 states as required by INEC at the point of registration?

Explains why his friends, his oga, his own law office and the folks at the law office he used as a front are running away from him and his scam, explains why he's now on his own high and dry with no fake APC representative lending support or giving him cover. Explains why he's naming names and exposing the scam for what it is..

This scam stinks like shitttt..
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 12:12am On Mar 16, 2013

With this retar/ded and baseless assertion, there is absolutely no reason to pay you any attention or take you and your likes seriously.
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 10:37pm On Mar 15, 2013

Oh you expect me to believe the lawyer came out willingly to say he was used and he regrets

Is this the new line that the people you mentioned forced this young man to express regrets regarding his actions?

I know people like you and the crooked folks involved have no conscience and it's hard for you to see the difference between right and wrong, but some folks have conscience especially this young lawyer hence displaying his conscience and concern to well meaning Nigerians including stating the details of the shameful act, the folks involved and even how much he was paid and methods of payment.

It's obvious that there is more to come because this young man is worried about the legal implications of his actions.
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 10:18pm On Mar 15, 2013

The above is a ranting from an imbecilic airhead. When did registering a political party become fraudulent? Instead of you to heap your basement and idiotic frustrations on the crooks who went to Borno for grandstanding and neglected the business of the day, you foolishly channeled your anger on a young man who served his clients.

Trolls don't make sense so no point wasting my time on you.

Share your rubbish with your type...
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 9:57pm On Mar 15, 2013

sorry no name was stolen, i wonder why we nigerians deviate from the facts on ground , The case is simple and clear INEC will not and can not recognise a political party until it is duly registered ,The buhari/tinubu led APC is not legally registered as a political party and as such can not lay claims to ownership of the name APC.....abi bros did you expect INEC to register the party on behalf of the BUHARI/TINUBU led APC ? even if the controversial Registerd APC was PDP masterminded is that the problem of INEC ? BUHARI/TINUBU shud wake up from this paid story publish here and face reality they were simply outsmart !!!!

Crookedness, 419, lies and deception is your National character so as the average corrupt Nigerian that you are and sounds like, this your comment is very typical and this is what we get from your type and the people ruining this country. That odious crowd is obviously your kind of crowd.

The young lawyer is expressing his regrets for obvious reasons. It's very obvious to him that he is a pawn and was used to facilitate this sad and shameful act that many Nigerians are not only tired and sick of, but also trying to move away from.

A young and impressionable young man got corrupted, used and dumped by the same clowns destroying this country. I really feel sorry for this young man and the terrible position they put him in.

I say all the time, you so called leaders of tomorrow think and do things like the same corrupt leaders of yesterday and today which is even worse because it signals a doomed future for Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 9:42pm On Mar 15, 2013
mediainspired: I seriously dont know why ppl dont bother to check d source of a report, in correlation to d contents of d story to determine d objectivity &veracity of d news & then decide whether to take it serious or not. For example, this 'news' report is by THE NATION, Tinubu's PR proganda paper & their green ACN tales, reporting a PDP story. Go figure, ppl.

You mean The Nation put words in his mouth and forced him to go on National TV to express his regrets regarding his shady and dishonest practice?

Is it by force for some of you not to use your common sense?

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Politics / Fashola Flags Off First 24–hour Primary Health Care Facility. pics.. by babapupa: 9:25pm On Mar 15, 2013
Fashola Flags Off First 24–Hour Primary Health Care Flagship Facility
…Urges patience from the public, courteous, efficient service from staff

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Thursday formally flagged off the Iga Idunganran Primary Health Care Centre in Central Lagos as the first 24-hour comprehensive basic health care facility, urging members of the public to always be patient with care givers who work under a lot of pressure while also imploring the health officials to do their work courteously and efficiently.

The Governor who spoke at the formal handover ceremony which attracted several dignitaries including the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu I noted that citizens who work at the Primary Health Centre should always remember that they got the job in order to serve the people who pay taxes, urging them to do it with courtesy and efficiency.

"Today as we hand over the Iga- Idunganran Primary Health Care Centre, we expect to see the beginning of a very robust grassroots based healthcare service. From today, we expect to see the beginning of a health care service for basic needs like immunization, maternity service and safe deliveries from normal pregnancies".


Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 6:17pm On Mar 15, 2013
ode remo: )@king ,
lyk i said if that is world class to u, so be it.
U r as daft as that world class lagbus 1990 washing machine.

So you can not produce all your world class rubbish?

This is what you get when these self defeatists put down their own country and achievement to praise some foreign nonsense that they don't know how to spell talkless produce....
Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 5:46pm On Mar 15, 2013
berem: Seriously, i don't see this as an achievement. I just imagine tens of buses lining up to be washed on just one automated vehicle washing machine . Anyway, lagosians will see this as an achievement because most of them haven't seen such in their entire life.

If building infrastructure needed to protect and maintain public property is not an achievement, then what is an achievement in your world? Is achievement a situation where your average and incompetent leaders sit on their hands while tax payers properties decay and waste away because of your lousy maintenance culture? Is this your own sad idea of achievement?

Btw, achievement is what you set out to achieve and accomplish no matter how big or small it is. It's just pathetic that you people are used to incompetent and do nothing leaders that when you see the ones actually doing something for q change, it looks strange and unusual to you because you've been basterdized so much with incompetency and that's all you know and used to.

And since lagosians haven't seen anything like this in their life, can you show any in your area, village or anywhere in Nigeria in fact? I know you can't so stop spewing disgruntled rubbish that you can not back up.

What a sad shame.
Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 4:19pm On Mar 15, 2013

PDP: Ikenga sues Nwodo’s chairmanship endorsement

A member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere
, has taken the Party to court over the possibility of the endorsement of Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo as the Party’s National Chairman.

In a suit filed at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, Mr. Ugochinyere, is asking for an order of interlocutory injunction restraining the PDP or its agents from appointing Dr. Nwodo as the Party’s National Chairman, pending the determination of the substantive suit filed in respect of the matter.

Ikenga Ugochinyere said he was challenging Dr. Nwodo’s candidacy in court because he had not spent a minimum of eighteen months in the Party as stipulated by the Party’s Constitution.

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Professor Rufai Ahmed Alkali, denied knowledge of the suit.


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Politics / Re: Controversial APC's Lawyer Regrets Action: PDP Ugochinyere Ikenga Hired Me by babapupa: 3:22pm On Mar 15, 2013
Though the whole truth is yet to surface, but at least the scam is getting exposed all over the place.

I just don't know why nigerians are si dubious and criminally minded and even why they can not do things the right way.

Must any serious, honest and credible political party steal another party's name when their are billions of other names to chose from?


Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 5:27am On Mar 15, 2013
ode remo: my spelling is really bad.

Spend more time on that and worry less on your poor understanding of the government's obligation regarding maintenance of public infrastructures.
Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 5:22am On Mar 15, 2013
Ikengawo: I'm in he US in a town for 20,000 people and there are five car washes on my edge of town, talkless of the entire town itself.

This is a public infrastructure built to protect and maintain public property, not a private car wash to wash your beat up Toyota corolla.

This is about Lagos state and Nigeria, not the USA. Do you even have any bus washing plant in the whole of iboland?

All these ignorant illiterates sef...


Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 5:03am On Mar 15, 2013
ode remo:
oga mi at the top, pls the issue here is the wahing plant, alright.
when i here PLANT my mind raised towards first class image lyk nestle,b.m. w in germany, our long gone metal bx toyo glass in badagry, dangote cement factory in abajana etc.
u call this mechanic workshop car wash a plant, baba mi give us a brake now.
we know levels ke.

What is Lagos state's business with cement, metal and glass?

Like I said, trolls don't make sense, they just troll.
Politics / Re: The Newly Constructed LAGBUS Washing Plant. Pics. by babapupa: 4:47am On Mar 15, 2013
sultaan: The Lagos Gov opened a car wash?

bars have been set so low its ridiculous

When is the bar going to be set high? When you neglect and don't take care of multi Billion Naira investment? When the state is littered with dirty buses and you people run to NL to run your mouth about dirty buses in Lagos?

It's seems for many of you, it's not in your nature to make sense. No wonder you people lack maintenance culture ...


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