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Politics / Re: Tinubu Begins Distribution Of Rice To Kano Residents (Photo) by Bashir75: 1:41pm On Apr 12
Even Okorocha is a greedy and selfish man like Tinubu. Okorocha is too Corrupt like him. Both can have my vote.

I know you Northerners can never vote for good candidates . You people case is irredeemable!
Your elites have used poverty, illiteracy and Islam to enslave, control and use your people.

[b]For your ignorance ipobian mind, I am a Yoruba from Lagos. As a proud Yorubaman, my ancestors own the land and labored for the Yorubaland your people adopted today. Your Igbo ancestors and your Igbo people have been slaving and dining with Hausa/Fulani since independence and for 16 locust years of PDP. Now that you know my origin, could you relocate from Lagos/SW to the Yeast where education and illiteracy is high and abundance Christianity and prosperity is flowing like milk and honey? Omolasan, your parents cannot go back home to Igboland, Lagos sheltered them and give them tranquility.

During that era, my people did not take arms or formed terro group like Biafra IPOBS. During the six years of GEJ Government, you would never hear anything like SW IS MARGINALISED. During this era, SS was number 1, NW number 2, NC number 3, NW number 4. NC number 5, SE number 6, SE number 7. Secretary to Government of the Federation was SE, Chief of Staff was SS. During the six years of GEJ Government, you would never hear anything like SW IS MARGINALISED. Minsters of Finance and the Economy, Works, Petroleum, Aviation, and other JUICY ministries were either SE or SS.

SW got only Minister of State for FCT, Minister of state for defence, Minister for Police affairs....etc. Yoruba people did not take arms. SW didn't form a terrorist organisation like IPOBs, they formed a political alliance, unprecedented in Africa's history that eventually uprooted PDP frm d surface of AsoRock. I urge anyone who lost out in the 2015&2019 elections to stop ranting&accept d will of Democracy. Ayekooto

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Begins Distribution Of Rice To Kano Residents (Photo) by Bashir75: 12:44pm On Apr 12
Hahahahaha ha, Awon Chicago moneybag ati Lagos treasury grin

I can sight Arrewa wife clutching on to her share of the Chicago drug money with joy cheesy

This Ipobian cannot imagined what hit him with Tinubu playing his card. What did you gained from slaving for Fulani for 16 locust years of PDP and why are you so frustrated about a Yorubaman simply playing his cards democratically. Tell your Ipobian leaders to start their own. Few months ago, your former Imo state governor Okorocha was turbaned in the North and donated millions to them, you eyes have catarrh and you never see Arewa then. Bunch of imbeciles.


Politics / Re: Saraki: PDP Must Win North-central Zone If It Wants To Return To Power In 2023 by Bashir75: 8:11am On Apr 12
Saraki my hero. Chai...its been long I heard from this man.

With this your declaration, you have shown that corruption and cheating is in your DNA. No reliable father can give you her daughter and No good conscience partner can do business with you because of your circle. A wise man said: show me your friends and I will know truly who you’re.

Work on yourself and repair your mindset.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Calls Dolapo Osinbajo ‘Wife Of The President’ (Video) by Bashir75: 11:02am On Apr 09
Chicago druggie. I don't expect much.

On the other hand, it might be an unintended prophecy. Let's watch and see what happens.

IPOB is the East, the East is IPOB.

Viva Biafra!

The Yorubas don’t need a war to end the Biafrauds/Ipobians because they’re dead already on Yoruba issues. More than 65% of their live’s earnings is in our domain and they don’t have homeland to go to. Ago loma de edie gbehin gbehin.
Politics / Re: Ndigbo Need Not Beg To Clinch 2023 Presidency, Says Ohanaeze Youth Wing by Bashir75: 8:56am On Apr 07
If Igbos get 2023 till 8 years ask yourself How old will Tinubu be by then?

His real age oh not his football age because going by football age Tinubu is in the same age group as Wike, Amaechi and co. While people like David Mark, Ken Nnamani, senator Akume and co. senior Tinubu going by Tinubu's football age

You now see that Tinubu will not accept because he would have left us by then to join his ancestors even Buhari will not last till 8 years time just watch


But all the comments above me it's uncalled for na.. the hate for the Igbos is just too much and very unnecessary in my opinion.
I understand their short comings especially in the abroad and also their politicians but there are nicer ways to present these things.

I mean if you don't like them and you don't want them then allow them to go.

If you don't want them to go then allow them to contest for any and every position.

To me In all honesty as a non Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulani person. I find the Igbos amongst those groups I listed most friendly, most welcoming, more open to new ideas, more illustrious, more adventurous, more risk takers which can also be a bad thing but in daily lives the Igbos are most compassionate in my own opinion as against the Hausa/Fulani who have their minds or hearts in their back especially in the military, when driving, when punishing, when doing almost anything at all.

The Igbos will go straight to the point and tell you how it is the Fulani's and others will not they'll just keep winding you, wasting your time, giving you hope when inside their mind they have done what they want to do. Just look at Bubu if you like talk, shout, protest etc bubu will not send he will keep doing what he is doing an even more just like the shouts against him appointing only his people, or the shout against him keeping his service chiefs when he finally removed them he made them ambassadors people who were supposed to be under investigations for their complacency, loss of weapons, misuse of funds, mistreatment of civilians and disappearance of some soldiers.

From these comments it is clear that this has become a case of my criminal is my criminal you know that all the years you've been trying Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba leaders nothing absolutely nothing improved for the better so the only reason you have refused to try Igbos is purely out of hate in your hearts and childish sentiments

This is totally uncalled for.

Either let them go their own way or you allow them to chance to succeed

It is devilish of you to force them to stay only to punish them to be wicked towards them. I notice how your president is too quick to call attack on a police officer Terrorism but not kidnappings, shootings, Banditry, Fulani herdsmen are not called terrorists by the same president or as the cabal likes to say "PRESIDENCY".

I Will support an Igbo president as long as it is not the criminal politicians we already know as established criminals like orji uzo Kali.
We can support that short man that said instead of buying 2 bullet proof cars he used the money to buy cars for judges and civil servants.


Politics / Re: 'I Don't Believe In One Nigeria', Says Tinubu (throwback) by Bashir75: 1:40pm On Apr 04
Tinubu is a two faced thief!

The earlier we understand this, the better for our sanity.

LIke Nnamdi Azikwe, your Biafra warlord who led your tribe into war, ran away and left million of ipobians died during Biafra war.
Politics / Re: Wike Launches C4I Security Outfit To Tackle Insecurity, ESN (Photos) by Bashir75: 12:32am On Apr 04
Omo, e really dey hot for ESN from every angle now o. Dem alone dey fight herdsmen, dey fight army, and now Wike's C4I wan join the fight. ESN is really getting a bad wrap o. Wike really mean ibo people. No be small thing.

If Ipobians/ESN continue to wish us evil in SW, we will relaunch and beam our security targets on them and filter them out. They are cancerous and early termination is essential.

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Politics / Re: South-East: Police Disappear From Roads, Go To Work In Mufti by Bashir75: 12:19am On Apr 04
Before 2025, there will be a civil war in Nigeria.

If you know you can't fight, find way leave Nigeria because Fulani people have already prepared for war and have invited all Fulani militants from all African countries to help them conquer Nigeria. Buhari prepared the grounds for them the moment he became President in 2015 by appointing mostly Hausa-Fulanis to all key security positions in Nigeria without respecting federal character. Igbos screamed and screamed, but Yorubas shut them up saying it's because Goodluck lost election, now see the outcome. Southern Nigerians, prepare for war, its coming closer. Fulani militants have encycled the entire Southern and Middle-Belt Nigerian forests

We should begin to build borders in SW between us and others, including our hating southern neighbor. Also, prepare ground for deportation of Non-Yorubas. Don’t tell me you can speak Yoruba and I was born here because the IYLTS test will include family lineage and others too difficult tests to passed. We will separate the wheat from the chaff.[color=#770077][/color]
Politics / Re: Osinbajo, Obasanjo, Jonathan, Atiku, Daniel, Fayose, Others Mourn Odumakin by Bashir75: 12:07am On Apr 04
Yinka Odumakin will be greatly missed... A fearless and outspoken leader who will never come out like one desperate cocaine lover to say that Yoruba's and Fulani's are "ONE"

You've given me more strength to continue tormenting the bullion van traitor and I will forever remain grateful.

Sleep well Oga Yinks, till will meet.

Why not just send your condolence and move. As Yoruba, we are proud of all our siblings regardless of our political disagreement. We can choose our allies and we don’t depend on Ipobians/Ibos to choose who we align with. Igbo are not in consideration when we choose who we align with in Yorubaland. Be careful what you say, because only GOD knows tomorrow.
Politics / Re: Odumakin, Buhari’s Former Spokesman, Who Made Life A Living Hell For Bola Tinubu by Bashir75: 11:59pm On Apr 03
Politics / Re: Unemployment: What Tinubu’s Recommendation Tells Us About Him - Oke Umurhohwo by Bashir75: 7:39am On Mar 31



No single Yoruba expects Nyanmirin Ipobians to have any good things to say about Tinubu and the Yorubas. They want Nigeria handed to them asa gift. Why the so called DEVELOPERS cannot contest fairly baffles me, why throwing muds when you can proffer your own alternative solutions.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Groups Support Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency by Bashir75: 9:57pm On Mar 29
who told you that my situation is not good. My friend I have a lot of properties in Onitsha, Asaba and Awka. And my business is still running fine in Lagos. And am currently residing in South Africa with my family since 1998. What am saying is Tinubu can naver be my president NEVER.

Is that ALL YOU HAVE Really, you’re Joker and work Harder.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Groups Support Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency by Bashir75: 6:07am On Mar 29
Then what is your business if i decide to die?

Just go to the mental home instead of telling your mom about dying. Your being alive is much better for your family and it comes with hopes that tomorrow God will shine fix your situations for good.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Groups Support Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency by Bashir75: 7:09pm On Mar 28
You can't live for ever

Why are you being stupid? Who lives forever? I want to live to the fullest happily in harmony with my soul, body and GOD
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Nigeria’s Democracy Not Complete Without Tinubu by Bashir75: 5:59pm On Mar 28
Hand wan touch Tinubu... Jagaban enter road for politics
So if hand touch am make dem say Na winch hunting
EFCC chairman don talk say he go step down if dem no gree am do his work.. we all know as e Dey go

Apc government Na Tinubu government wonder why he Dey campaign against his government for 2021 wen election Na 2023

No worries Dey coming months go funny die..

Anyway we must encourage him to contest apc primaries first..

Jagaban of yorubaland.. grin

He has right to do what he likes as a private citizen. Tell your dad to start campaigning too. Ipobian Werey
Politics / Re: Lagos, Akwa Ibom Rivers To Spend More Than 15 Other States Combined In 2021 by Bashir75: 5:57pm On Mar 28
70% of All the money Lagos State is spending is directly going into Thiefnubus bedroom in his residence at Bourdilion. Little wonder Lagos has nothing to show but plenty Agberos on the streets and roads in every nook and cranny of the state.

What’s happening in the land of the Biafrauds. Ebonyi and Abia budgets combined is not equal to Alimosho LGA grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Groups Support Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency by Bashir75: 4:22pm On Mar 28
I rather die than allow Tinubu to be my president... Naver

Please, don’t tell your mom that she’s going to be a widow. Don’t be negative and hopeless. God gives power not humans. You get what you wished yourself anyway.

I’m going to be a billionaire with or without Tinubu as president and my life is going to be fabulous by God’s grace.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: We Must Be Careful About Reducing Cost Of Governance by Bashir75: 9:08am On Mar 28
[quote author=joinpreneur post=100272804]

I know the Ipobian terrorists will jump on this thread and propaganda from Channels TV. Channel TV is a PDP media arm since 1999. Below is the actually speech of Tinubu in Kano.

]How Nigeria can overcome insecurity, unemployment, other challenges – Tinubu

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has outlined solutions to unemployment, insecurity, and other issues bedevilling the current administration.

Speaking at the opening of the 2021 annual Arewa House Lectures, which he chaired on Saturday in Kaduna, Mr Tinubu called on the Federal Government to invest massively in job creation.

The lecture was on “Reduction of the Cost of Governance for Inclusive Growth and Youth Development in Northern Nigeria in a Post- COVID-19 era”.

He said the government must urgently think outside of the box in finding solutions to the challenges posed by unemployment.

According to him, the frustration and despair among the youth were largely caused by chronic poverty and breakdown in social institutions.

“Building vital infrastructure such as irrigation and water catchment systems will help agriculture, arrest desertification and provide jobs.

“Another readily available area primed for investment is the agro-allied industry which, for the northern region is particularly advantageous,” he said.

Mr Tinubu added that government must implement a national industrial policy to encourage key industries to begin to employ the country’s growing population.

Herders/Farmers crisis
On the herder/farmer dispute, the former Lagos State Governor said the government “must appreciate that martial security measures alone will not suffice”.

Problems that are essentially of an economic origin must also have an economic solution.

“Enhanced security may be the necessary first step, but it cannot be the only step.

“We cannot resolve this problem by holding on to one-dimensional answers. We must all be dispassionate in our search for solutions.

“These challenges are multi-faceted and so the solutions must be.

“The issue of insecurity, unemployment and extremism has many things to do with governance, over time. We must tackle our deep and widespread poverty.

“If we limit government’s role under the erroneous assumption that government spending is intrinsically unproductive, then we tether ourselves to failure.”

‘Small government advocates’
He also cautioned those advocating for “small government”, advising them to learn from history.

“We would do well to more critically study how other populous nations such as the UK, U.S., Germany and China charted their course during their formative years.

“You will see that they did not adhere to small government or the purportedly free market. “Government engaged in massive spending on infrastructure and education while also engaging in policies that protected industrial development and key aspects of the agricultural sector. “Only when they matured and held advantages over other nations, did the UK and US begin to champion free markets and small government.

“We would do well to understand this history and learn what it means for our own pursuit of development,” Mr Tinubu added.

He also cautioned against the assumption that government spending was unproductive.

“The development of any populous nation has always been dependent on the ability of government to allocate sufficient funds to projects and programs that create and encourage enduring growth and employment.

“We must reject that mode of thinking that assumes government expenditure is inherently unproductive as well as harmful to the overall economy.

“It is not the fact that government expenditure is intrinsically wrong any more than one can say all private sector activity is economically positive.

“Government can be wasteful or it can be the key component to growth just as a private sector business can function profitably or spend itself into bankruptcy.

“The issue is not whether government is spending money or not. The real issue is the economic utility and quality of the expenditure,” the Asiwaju said.

‘Fiscal wisdom’
Mr Tinubu suggested fiscal wisdom in running the nation’s economy, which he noted was weak due to the efforts of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Fiscal wisdom but not necessarily austerity is required for an economy like ours in a time like this, to ensure equitable wealth redistribution and meaningful use of resources.

“The years have shown that the private sector is much too weak to spur the growth we need.

“If the private sector could manage this feat, it would have already done so. Where the private sector is too weak or unable, the government must fill the void.

“This means government must not be afraid to embark on an activist fiscal policy to create jobs, build infrastructure and develop our industrial sector as well as continue to improve agriculture.

“This means government must spend money on those things that bring the requisite economic returns for the nation,” he said.

Mr Tinubu advised states and local governments “to shape their budgets to suit their revenues, as federal government spends more to create more jobs for the youth”.

This, he said was to eradicate restiveness and sundry criminality among the youth.

On the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, Mr Tinubu advised the government to provide more stimulus packages to revive the fledgeling economy.

“In the midst of our local challenges came the COVID-19 pandemic, with its debilitating impact on the global and domestic economies.

“Nigeria, like many other countries, has not been spared the impact of the pandemic.

“Commendably, however, President Muhammadu Buhari has been carefully steering the country through the pandemic such that the negative impact on us and the economy has not been as harsh as it might have been.

“The economy’s relapse into recession has ended, but we must admit the economy remains weak with too much unemployment and resources left idle,” he added.

He said nations that recovered most quickly from the 2009 economic crisis and now from COVID-19 “were those that engaged most in government stimulus spending”. (NAN)

[/b][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font][/b][color=#550000][/color][/b]
Politics / Re: Aba North/South By-Election: Explosion In Aba Disrupts Voting by Bashir75: 2:15pm On Mar 27


See crazy Biafran republicans bombing their cities for By-election . The same people who are protesting elections in Lagos.

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Politics / Re: Bury Your Presidential Ambition - Ohanaeze Chieftain Urges Tinubu and Atiku by Bashir75: 1:04pm On Mar 27


These Ipobians are frustrated beings and they don’t know who they’re. One time they’re Biafra, another time they’re Jewish. Sometimes they’re PDP and another time, they’re APGA OR APC. They can be nationalists today, tomorrow they’re secessionists. When they’re happy they’re developers but when their moods change, they’re victims of civil wars. They said they’re more democratic than democrats but will not allow competition for elective positions. They said they’re republicans with no allegiance to any leaders but seek to get elected by suppressing other candidates who desire to contest elective positions with them. They said: they’re developers but their region is in tatters. They said: they’re Biafra and believe in the dreams of Biafra but Biafra indigenous land are under developed, poor and crying for help. They said: typically Igbo are businessmen and travelers but I have never seen committed travelers who abandon their homes and homeland.

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Politics / Re: Ganduje’s Colloquium And The Race To 2023 by Shettima Mai Ungwa by Bashir75: 12:52pm On Mar 27
*Ganduje’s Colloquium And The Race To 2023 by Shettima Mai Ungwa*

It is no longer news that my dear friend Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is playing host to my brother from the west, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for his yearly Colloquium where the master politician gathers intellectuals and politicians to discuss on contemporary political and social issues, while proffering solutions where necessary.

Asiwaju means well when he hosts these events yearly. But he is a man with methods. He does not just come out dancing, except he has gathered the drummers and informed them the rhythm they must play.

This year’s Colloquium would not be different from the many others the South West’s leader has hosted. But it would have a significant touch of the master planner’s road to achieving his presidential ambition for 2023.

The most significant reason that this colloquium would be the most political, if I may use that word, is that it is being hosted in the seat of the North’s machinery for churning out votes—Kano State. And to embellish this fact, is the fact that the host, my friend, Dr. Ganduje, has been given promises, and he has made his too.

Kano State gave President Buhari over 77% of the votes cast in the last election. A whooping 1.4 Million votes. This is the equivalent of the total of votes from three to four South Eastern States. All handed to Mai Gaskiya. Asiwaju knows that to fulfil his 2023 ambition, he must earn the love of the North, and their votes, too.

His choice of Kano is not perchance. It is a calculated selection. But there are many other reasons that Kano has become the darling of the West’s master planner.

*The Dollar Connection*

Dr. Ganduje owes a lot to Asiwaju. His life in fact is owed to Asiwaju.

When the embarrassing video of Ganduje showing off his babariga stashed with dollars from an alleged bribe he was seen collecting, the man’s career was in the mud. He became a pariah at once. He was the symbol of stark naked corruption. Ganduje, notorious for his AIKI! AIKI! AIKI! did not make any appearance on this matter, and kept mum for weeks.

His re-election at the primaries was only a few months away. The party was worried about the perception crisis this ugly scenery was going to give to the party. There were one or two alternatives being propped up here and there, and Ganduje’s life and career were about to be cut off.

Then came Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Asiwaju was quick to rally those he could and sent gifts to those he could not. He is reported to have provided the needed funds that Ganduje’s pockets could not provide, and paid off the media, the noisy politicians and their social media warriors.

Ganduje made it to the primaries, pumped Asiwaju’s dollars into the delegates stomach’s and moved to round two, where he got stuck at with a re-run.

He tactically manoeuvred the system and emerged the winner of the elections. But that was not the end for Ganduje.

*Asiwaju Comes Through Again!*

With a very suspicious win, Ganduje was in the court rooms defending his Asiwaju-earned electoral victory. This was too much a burden for him. My friend did not have enough friends to pull an Wike-Odili-card that would ensure a smooth ride in the courts.

Then again, Dr Ganduje turned to the West. Our brother Asiwaju came through again. 

During the 2019 Colloquium, he showered Asiwaju praises from heaven to earth. Called him all sort of sweet names, that a man wooing a woman would use. 

Asiwaju deserved it, he had literally made Ganduje all that he was!

*The Promise of a Vice President*

Asiwaju is a taunter. He throws a promise here and there to his friends and makes them happy. If you think I am lying ask Rotimi Amaechi. In 2015, under the bunkers of the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Asiwaju promised that if Amaechi could rally all the Governors to support Buhari in the primaries, he would give him the slot for the Vice Presidential candidate.

Ganduje has been offered this same promise. It is not surprising that Ganduje is mobilising all resources available to deliver Asiwaju in 2023.

He is heard to have promised to finance Asiwaju’s campaign for the 2023 elections.

Now he is setting the campaign mood for his benefactor.

*The Emirs Are Gathered*

On Monday the 29th of March 2021, Dr. Ganduje would gather a host of Northern bigwigs and kingmakers to come and pay homage to the man he is sponsoring for President.

Among these wide range of Northern elites would be several Emirs. They would come and bless Asiwaju’s 2023 ambition with their presence and their sweet words.

Ganuje’s Colloquium for Asiwaju Tinubu indeed tells the story of the Common Bond between the two, more than it is of Nigeria.

Shettima Mai Ungwa is a political activist, commentator and lives in Kano State

All these Ipobians hiding under the cloak of Fulani names Shettima and Ipobian terrorist becoming political activist all of a sudden are getting mad. They simply cannot fathom power play which is normal world over for democracy. Tinubu has inalienable right to contest for any elective positions in the party he labored for its creation, with his chosen strategy and winning formula, and the same apply to any Igbo presidential candidates.

Why should the Igbo get preferences over major owner of the party they called Fulani party in 2015 and made every efforts to scuttle its creation. It’s shameless for Igbo people who fought the newly created APC to stand still while they’re in power (PDP) till 2015 to attempt to hijack the party from the creators and contest for presidency under the APC. Even when they’re been accommodated and the insinuation of allowing them to contest against other Southern candidates, they still believe no one should contest against them in APC. I mean, not under PDP but APC, the party they hated with passion.
Politics / Re: Oluwo Of Iwo Dares Sunday Igboho, Holds Rally In Solidarity For One Nigeria by Bashir75: 12:03am On Mar 23
Yoruba Mus.lims are not only problem of Yorubas, but southern Nigeria as a whole

Show me a Yoruba muslim supporting Oduduwa and I will show you a pregnant virgin

Progressive Yorubas Ronu !

This up here is why the majority of Yorubas hate Igbos and their lack decorum. Na Yorubas make you parents poor, cause your father impotency and elected the Igbo leaders devouring your Igboland and future. While I acknowledged the national problems we are bedeviled in Nigeria since independence, these problems were are caused by Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo leaders.

The perpetrators of these problems like the status-quo as long as it benefits them. Stronger, powerful and prosperous Nigeria is possible and desirable but it takes all of us to get it. Factional/regional warlords is suicidal just like Libya, Iraq and Somalia. They’re worst than the corrupt elected leaders we currently have.

Lastly, the Ibos for decades have effortlessly making efforts to cause divisions and enmity between peaceful Yorubas but they failed everytime. Their forefathers main goal is to see us, the Yorubas go thru Biafra debacle and our region in tatters. We are the only region in Nigeria that accommodated them like brethren, there is less Ibos in South-South (their close neighbor with similar affinity) than South-West but they never prospered there until they reach Lagos/SW.

We are not cowards like Ojukwu who ran away after he brought chaos on his people or Nnamdi Kanu, who did the same. We are meticulous to assess our situation to know when to declare war. I wished these miscreants Ibos should have declare war during Jonathan administration when Ibos are in positions of power since 1999-2015. However, they’re making us believe that they’re not represented in power. Hypocrisy of the Black Jewish.

If Ibos want war, let them go. Stop your stupidity of the South and we are not same people. Declare your war and fight alone because we are geographically separated and the fastest thriving region in Africa. We are the Yorubas not Nnamdi.
Crime / Re: Lagos Police Arrest Gay, Rapist With Nude Pictures, Videos Of Victim by Bashir75: 4:02pm On Mar 19
Gay is becoming a norm in Biafra

Biafra/Ipobians have found new jobs in their desire new country.

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Politics / Re: CCB Denies Report Of Missing Tinubu’s Case File by Bashir75: 1:22pm On Mar 10
They must provide Tinubu's case file by fire by force. Tinubu the El Chapo of Nigeria is a bullion van thief who looted and is still looting the south west. That he escaped from Chicago doesn't mean he will escape this time around. Opolo eyed Bobo Chicago must be jailed

This Ipobian terrorist have self-declared unrest in life and family because of Tinubu. As long as this man is alive and happy, your soul will be tormented just Bode George. Because, he’s not going anywhere if you know.

If you get a life and make it, you will never be here having sleepless days and nights for a man on a mission.
Politics / Re: Buhari, Osinbajo Took Malaria Injections - Pastor Giwa Claims by Bashir75: 11:26pm On Mar 07
COVID-19 vaccine: Buhari, Osinbajo took malaria injections – Pastor Giwa claims


I swear these pastor clowns in Nigeria need serious psychiatric eval and treatment.

Sad that people go to church to listen to these clowns.

grin grin

What has come over Nigerians? Why are we so dishonest and lying even on the pulpits? We can criticize our leaders without making a fool of ourselves under the name of GOD. The pastors are not different from Naira Marley and Yahoo Boys. OH GOD, HEAL OUR NATION AND RAISE CITIZENS WITH VALUES OF HONESTY AND LOYALTY.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu: Ambode Left Agege-Pen Cinema Bridge At 20% Completion by Bashir75: 8:06pm On Mar 06


Why are Igbos/IPOBs always looking to acrimony between the Yoruba leaders about the development of the SW/Lagos to the detriment of their region. They seem to have agreed about the perdition of their leaders/region and their only hope is SW/Lagos.

They are on Twitter, Facebook and here on Nairaland and all about the SW/Lagos. Even with all the monthly allocations they get in Igboland that are stolen by their corrupt leaders pasts and presents. They have given up and their future are been devour and stolen by their tribesmen but Alas they talked about Tinubu, Lagos, Ambode, Sanwolu and Osinbajo and SW as if their destiny and cords are tied to this blessed region.

I fear that if Nigeria divides and deportation begins again unless they have Visa, they will be crying again like the post Biafra civil war and how they rebuild with $5.
Politics / Re: For Southerners Only: Why Can't The South Unite And Move Out Of Nigeria? by Bashir75: 12:54pm On Feb 23

Just see and hear what a human being is saying!!!!!

Because my kind of human being applies his brain not emotions. Why are you not bold enough to have your Biafraland you desire yearned. Why must my people, my destiny, my land and my heritage be tied to your destiny. Go n use your jewish brains to make your land sustainable for your tribesmen.

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Politics / Re: For Southerners Only: Why Can't The South Unite And Move Out Of Nigeria? by Bashir75: 9:10pm On Feb 21
what are u all arguing about ? If we must have a southern Nigeria then it has to be in a federation unit system in that every state will be independent and pay tax to the federal govt ..It could be like the United Kingdom, where every state or region will have to manage thier own affairs independently, then pay tax to the federal govt ..We could run a parliamentary system of govt instead of the presidential system .We must all look at the positive side over the negative things that devide us.But before we become a nation, there must be a road map by our intelligent mind across the south on how to build a new southern Nigeria that is devoid of ethic& religious prejudice that that is presently destroying Nigeria .
Measures must place to reduce these evil factors . Finally, a referendum clause must be included in our constitution to provide freedom for any ethnic national that want out of the union in the future . By doing that ,it will mean that every ethnic group is part of southern Nigeria without duress .
We need to a way out if this hell we call a large country .
I would rather live in a smaller secured south Nigeria than in an unsecured bigger Nigeria where nepotism and ethics hatred strive .

My brother, I will love to live peacefully too. Note this your point "Nigeria than in an unsecured bigger Nigeria where nepotism and ethics hatred strive” Very correct, Nepotism and Ethnic hatred is why we cannot live with the Igbo. Go and learn history and study your environment. How many Igbo businesses have hired Yorubas? Go to Ojuelegba, Iba, Festac, Alaba and wherever they have businesses, they will rather bring their new brothers from village than hiring Yorubas. This is still on our land in SW not Igboland.

Secondly, they will destroy the peaceful coexistence between the Yoruba multi religious society by playing us against each other just to get power. If you’re a Yoruba christian and don’t do their biddings , they call you fake pastors and if you’re muslim Yoruba and don’t support their desire, they call you slave of fulani. But, when they’re the one slaving with Fulani, that’s normal.

The Yoruba will do well being alone with their destiny in their hand.


Politics / Re: For Southerners Only: Why Can't The South Unite And Move Out Of Nigeria? by Bashir75: 1:58pm On Feb 20
Why can't the south unite and move out of Nigeria?

Why is it so difficult?

We can choose whatever name to call the emerging country.

Please what's your opinion on this?

It’s difficult because Yorubas and Igbo have different cultures and their orientations are different as well. I promise you, the ethnic war will start between Yorubas and Igbo. Yorubas don’t like to be controlled and dominated but Igbos desire control and domination. Yorubas are successful multi religious society where in every Yoruba family there is Christians, muslims and traditionalists without pretence. In contrast, Igbos pretend to be christians than romans that’s why they cry foul of norther religion domination. In Yorubaland, it’s not an issue because that christian/muslim wealthy leader will accommodate all faiths as long they belong to the family.

Every region in the South, doesn’t like Igbos tendency to dominate and the push back is a public knowledge even in the South-South. Yorubas like to be their own boss and the hatred of the Yorubas by Igbos have created a wound or division that a little disagreement will cause war/deportation. The Yorubas feel they have a huge advantage to be a nation of their own, their diversity, education, hospitality and proximity of the Southwest to other West African border countries, water/ Atlantic is so enticing to every Nigeria and even foreign investors. Lastly, Lagos is the Carlifonia/Texas of Southwest nation. It can only get better with Lagos that other western states can make huge revenue from Lagos alone. We have farmlands, seas, rivers, Rail system that can be extend to other states, massive natural resources, massive refinery in Lekki, over 45 million population, gold in Osun, cement in Ogun and Oyo, Bitumen and Cocoa in Ekiti and Ondo. We can feed the whole nation and West African countries. Less I forget, Education.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Ahmed Audi As NSCDC CG, Nababa Ncos CG by Bashir75: 6:01pm On Feb 18
Thank God we in down South of the South never voted for this man. I remember vividly well when Buhari was appointing just the South West people and Northerners around 2015 to 2019, the South Westerners clearly told the South South people and South East people to go and collect appointment from PDP. The South West joined the North to mock us.

Today, they are feeling the heat from all angles. I don't pity them and come 2023, we will give them the final burial to the fettered political reputation they have left. We will bury their man called Tinubu politically. Tinubu is even scared of the South South and South East people. His conscience is hunting him. He can't even visit the South South and South East. He knows he has no level down there and they are also after him just the way him and his people were after Goodluck then. He only hopes on the North. Come 2023, we will use the North to bury his fallen political career and make the South West a slave to the North finally. He who laugh last, laugh best.

Time to revenge what they did to Goodluck.

Are you this sad and unhappy wit your life? How can you think one of the few regions that can stand on its own will suffer without FG appointment. We are more progressive when we don’t have FG appointments honestly. The whole of SW progressive policies was envied by PDP before 2015 and it became template for development, especially with Fashola. If Tinubu is inconsequential why are mentioning his name because we don’t SW love him as our son and we will not trade him for your Igbo sons. If you have few friends lying to you better rethink 2023.

How many times in the history of Nigeria have you seen SS/SE wins elections without Northern support? Yoruba has never been allowed to truly appoint a candidate or elected for Presidency in Nigeria, we only join them in 2015. Just for 8 years, you want enter Konga or hug transformer. We will be here by God’s grace in 2023.

Tinubu is not the reason you family is poor and impotent, your father should have work harder to give you a better life. Stop whining and barking like a dog, get a life. You cannot bury Tinubu, he has a creator just like you and if it’s God will, he will be President. You will be shocked when APC use Osinbajo/ El-Rufai Ticket and abandon crossover Ibos. Election is about winning. Then, Buhari as a candidate and with all his clout never win elections 3 times with Ibo as vice presidents until Yoruba alliance. You’re baby, go and suck milk.

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