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Politics / Re: ECOWAS Appoints Buhari As COVID-19 Response Coordinator by bedspread: 3:10pm On Apr 23, 2020
Pmb; Response Coordinator ! I Refuse to Comment!!


Religion / Re: Italian Doctor After Covid 19 : I Was Atheist Before But Now I'm Back To God by bedspread: 4:43pm On Apr 13, 2020
Not only Him!
I have seen Nations and People Turn to GOD in these times....

Praise GOD!

There is Joy in Heaven Over One Sinner that Repents than 99 who see no need to Repent!

Technology and Development has Totally failed!
Strength of Man has totally failed!
Scientists have failed!


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Politics / Re: Did Kemi Olunloyo Lie About Buhari's Cabinet Member Who Died Of COVID-19? by bedspread: 4:41pm On Apr 13, 2020
I Think You should direct that question to Madam Kemi!
Celebrities / Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Finally Resembles His Father by bedspread: 11:10pm On Apr 12, 2020
six packs is not important here because hunger will finish u n ur pack

Health / Re: All 3.5 Million Test Kits Supplied By China Were Faulty – Government Demand Refu by bedspread: 10:56pm On Apr 12, 2020
Man's Inhumanity to Man!!
Health / Re: COVID-19: Reality Of African People In Guangzhou by bedspread: 2:09pm On Apr 12, 2020
One Fact I know is that wherever Country you find yourself,
Humble yourself ,
Avoid any Form of issues with anyone!
Avoid any fraudulent nature or Activities!
No one will look for you

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Science/Technology / Re: Zebra Gives Birth To "Zonkey" After Mating With Monkey by bedspread: 2:01pm On Apr 12, 2020
Strange things Everywhere in these Endtimes..

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Politics / Re: Community Writes Ogun Speaker Hilarious Appreciation Letter Over Covid-19 Gift by bedspread: 1:51pm On Apr 12, 2020
Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha

These 2 Major Point got me laughing carelessly

Appreciation Letter For Gifting 2 Bags Of Rice To 2,400 Houses

he suggested that we could successfully reach each of the 2400 houses in the CDC if the 2-bags of rice is shared using the tin of Rob ointment.

Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha
Hahahaha hahahahaha haHahahaha hahahaha Hahahaha


Health / Re: Boris Johnson Discharged From Hospital by bedspread: 1:49pm On Apr 12, 2020
Health / Re: Five Months On, What Scientists Now Know About The Coronavirus by bedspread: 1:48pm On Apr 12, 2020
Scientists are confused also..
Romance / Re: Opinion : Girl Friend Accused Mother In Law To Be Of Bad Cooking Habit by bedspread: 1:43pm On Apr 12, 2020
Babies Everywhere!!!!
Marriage is Not For Babies...

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Easter Celebration Around The World During Lockdown (in Pictures). by bedspread: 1:41pm On Apr 12, 2020
I was live in service! Awesome time with GOD!
Religion / Re: The Monitor Lizard I Killed For My Easter Celebration (Easter Sunday) by bedspread: 1:32pm On Apr 12, 2020
No Mercy at all at all For Animals in Nigeria !

Alligator Pepper Soup loading...

Sure FP!

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Celebrities / Re: Anonymous Reveals How Mercy Aigbe Allegedly Neglected Her Family To Poverty by bedspread: 10:19pm On Apr 11, 2020
Until I hear her side of the story, I refuse to Comment!
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Coronavirus Crisis: How Trump Is Failing Successfully by bedspread: 10:08pm On Apr 11, 2020

The coronavirus crisis: How Trump is failing successfully
The US president is mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic and getting away with it.

by Marwan Bishara

A lot of clever people have been predicting that the coronavirus pandemic will be a turning point for anything from globalisation, statehood, liberalism, economic and social systems to the environment, economic and cultural habits and even music.

But US President Donald Trump is failing to turn. In fact, he refuses to turn.

Instead, he insists on sticking to the same trajectory that helped him win the last elections, disregarding what damage it may inflict on America and Americans amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In the deepening health and socioeconomic crisis, he sees an opportunity to project himself as the indispensable leader of a vulnerable nation.

To quote a line from Aaron Sorkin's film classic, The American President: "People want leadership, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership […] They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand."

And sand is basically all it has been ever since Trump embarked on using the coronavirus crisis to dominate the national debate, rise in the polls, and make his way towards a second term.

The vibe and the virus
From the outset, Trump misled the nation about the imminent danger of a coronavirus outbreak. In February, a month into the epidemic, he was reassuring the public that there was nothing to worry about, that all was under control.

And although he now denies it, Trump is on the record repeatedly underestimating the virus's contagion, deadliness and disruption.

The question is, why? Why did he insist that the pandemic was under "tremendous control" and that the number of those infected would be brought down to zero?

Judging by his usual erratic behaviour, it is more likely he was driven by sheer ignorance and arrogance than by wise statesmanship - by his eagerness to save the stock market rather than his concern with saving lives.

Needless to say, arrogance breeds ignorance, just as ignorance breeds arrogance, and both spell danger.

As the infections grew in number, Trump decided to personally dominate the evening news with his regular prime-time press conferences, and succeeded in dictating the news agenda despite his mixed messages, mumbled utterances, falsehoods, and overall poor performance.

With an eager, anxious nation, seeking guidance and comfort from its leader, he quickly gained the upper hand, racking up high TV ratings and even claimed (falsely) that he was "number one" on Facebook.

And to the astonishment of his detractors, his own ratings also went up five points in the polls by the end of March.

In other words, Trump was being rewarded for his failure to fully understand the implications of the coronavirus outbreak and prepare the country early on to reduce the damage.

While this bump in the polls was still lower than the double-digit bumps gained by other Western leaders, which is expected in a time of crisis, it was more than sufficient to overshadow the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who by mid-March had gone into a self-imposed quarantine.

Trump did not stem the spread of the virus as hundreds of thousands became infected, but he was able to shape the news vibe.

When asked on March 16 to rate his performance on the job, Trump did not hesitate. It was a 10, he insisted. That is - 10 out of 10.

But if he was so brilliant and successful, who was then to blame for the unfolding epidemic, the ill-preparedness, the mounting fatalities, the rising unemployment and the looming economic recession?

The blamer-in-chief
As the crisis deepened, America's commander-in-chief morphed into the blamer-in-chief, projecting his failures on anyone but himself or his administration, as any self-respecting populist leader would.

The first to be blamed were those journalists sitting in front of him and the "fake news" outlets they represent. The national press conferences that were meant to inform and clarify have turned into theatres of the absurd, as a conceited president faced off with constipated journalists. Trump humiliated senior White House correspondents, criticised their questions, and questioned their motives.

He also blamed his predecessor, President Barack Obama and the "do-nothing Democrats" for the lack of protective medical gear and equipment and many governors who complained about the administration's incompetence.

Trump also went on a global blaming campaign, accusing Beijing of being responsible for the pandemic, his European allies of failing to stop the outbreak early, and more recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), of acting late and spreading wrong information.

Any suggestions that he may have gravely erred, especially by closing the White House pandemic office set up by his predecessor in 2016, were immediately deflected and disparaged.

The 'war president'
While dodging blame for the looming public health disaster in the US, Trump also sought to rally the nation behind his presidency by declaring himself a "war president".

The media had been quick to draw parallels between the pandemic and the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 or the 9/11 attacks in 2001, so the incumbent jumped at the opportunity, hoping to replicate the success of his predecessors, Franklyn D Roosevelt and George W Bush, who won, respectively, a fourth and a second term by mobilising the nation under a war flag.

If Trump is to secure re-election, however, he will need to stay on the offensive into the summer and beyond in order to maintain the momentum. So, even if the curve of coronavirus infections flattens in the next few months, the US president will likely double down on his inflammatory language, incitement and his America First doctrine as the only way forward for the country.

He will continue to ride the nationalistic wave, by advocating for closed borders and travel bans, reminding everyone it was he, against the advice of most, who shut down travel from China before the coronavirus outbreak became a pandemic, and only he could be trusted with containing China's economic and military power.

Will his strategy work, or will Americans insist on assigning responsibility for their misfortunes?

Easy come, easy go?
Since President Harry Truman popularised the phrase, "the buck stops here", meaning, it is the president who is responsible for his decisions, Americans have not taken kindly to leaders who have tried to "pass the buck".

When the nation emerges from the tragedy of the pandemic amid distressing human loss and an economy in ruins, it will seek to blame someone for the devastation. The performance of the Trump administration will be the first to be dissected.

The mainstream liberal media will readily investigate, scrutinise and ultimately provide enough dirt on the president for some of it to actually stick before the November elections.

Already last week, a New York Times investigation revealed that 430,000 travelled into the US from China including from Wuhan, after Beijing made the coronavirus outbreak public, including 40,000 who arrived in the country after the ban was enforced.

If this trend continues, the much-feted spike in the president's approval ratings could easily transform into a downward jolt.

But since Trump has successfully discredited and demonised the mainstream media, especially among his supporters, calling it "the enemy of the people", it is not clear whether Americans will blame the president for the ill-preparedness, incoherence and mismanagement of the crisis, or accept his justifications and his buck-passing to China, Obama, WHO or whoever else he blames for their misery.

The word "historic" has been overused in analyses of almost every US election in the past two decades, but the vote scheduled for November 3 is indeed slated to go down as a momentous event in US history.

How Americans vote on that day will not only determine the future of their democracy, but it will also indicate if indeed the coronavirus pandemic will prove to be that turning point that many predict it to be … for America and for the world.

More on the post-America post-coronavirus world in my next column.



From Start to Finish, TOTAL THRASH!

Let Me Ask you, what is that Trump has not Done that he should do?

You guys are still not tired of carrying fake and useless news upandan
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Lady, Omohtee Left Battling For Life After Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong. by bedspread: 8:26am On Apr 11, 2020
Body that will become dust here...

Vanity upon Vanities


Politics / Re: INNOSON Now Produces Fighter Jet Parts For Nigerian Airforce by bedspread: 5:40pm On Apr 10, 2020
Travel / Re: The United States had nothing to do with the relief materials nigerians in china by bedspread: 6:24am On Apr 10, 2020
Kudos to whoever made that happen

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Health / Re: Breaking News:42yrs Old Woman Give Birth To 11babies by bedspread: 8:28pm On Apr 09, 2020
Very old News
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Details Of Nigeria, Chad Defence Meeting Finally Emerge by bedspread: 8:26pm On Apr 09, 2020
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chadian Army Says 52 Troops, 1000 Jihadists Killed In Offensive by bedspread: 5:48pm On Apr 09, 2020
Politics / Re: Nigeria, Chad Agree To Sustain Tempo Over Boko Haram’s Defeat by bedspread: 5:40pm On Apr 09, 2020
I thought they said the Chad onslaught was Fake News...

My Honest Advice is that Whatever is being agreed between Nigeria and Chad, The Chad Army should Lead.... we don't need to Continue Decieving ourselves..

Nigerian Government against Boko is a Pure waste of time and Resources! There are direct and indirect Sympathizers and Supporters of Bokoharam in The Nigeria Corridor of Power! Federal, State and local


Foreign Affairs / Re: Chad Army Says 52 Troops, 1,000 Jihadists Killed In Offensive by bedspread: 5:38pm On Apr 09, 2020

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Health / Re: 107 Year Old Woman Survives Coronavirus In Holland by bedspread: 1:18pm On Apr 09, 2020

Sports / Re: Sadio Mane Funded Hospital Is Set To Be Opened In 6-Months Time. by bedspread: 5:39pm On Apr 08, 2020
Good One Mane!!

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Politics / Re: Clem Agba: Fire Didn’t Destroy Any Record At AGF’s Office by bedspread: 4:54pm On Apr 08, 2020
That's Great to hear but let's not later hear that Maybe this or that happened

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of The Presidential Race by bedspread: 4:53pm On Apr 08, 2020
Much better, he was an alt left candidate, he wouldn't have appealed to moderates, it's up to Biden now to finish off the orange buffoon, after damaging America chances of fighting the virus, I expect a few conservatives to stand behind Biden, add blacks and latino votes and we are ready.
Health / Corona Virus; Ventilators Are Now Available At MAINGEAR LIV ( Video) by bedspread: 4:09pm On Apr 08, 2020
Specially Designed IN Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic..

Nations and Government can Make orders

Politics / Victorious Chadian Soldiers Returning From Engaging Bokoharam (video) by bedspread: 3:58pm On Apr 08, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Trevor Noah Get Death Threats For Interviewing Bill Gates by bedspread: 4:55am On Apr 08, 2020
The Other day Fareed zakria of Cnn sent out a tweet on carrying Nigeria along in the Vaccine or whatever..

Now Trevor is being used..

Africa or Nigeria does not need their so called rfid's/Vaccines..

When they come to Africa, watch out! Nigeria will be their Target! The Reason being that Nigeria seems to be Spiritually Alert about these things!

These things are More Spiritual than physical!

Be very Careful! All that Gliters is Not Gold
Celebrities / Re: Student Spends $3,000 To Transform Into A Real-life Mermaid by bedspread: 4:47am On Apr 08, 2020
Forget all these! It's not just ordinary!

They are beginning to Manifest themselves physically...

There is no Joke or fun about it!!
Religion / Re: Hulk Hogan: 'maybe We Don't Need A Vaccine' In Coronavirus Fight by bedspread: 4:45am On Apr 08, 2020
Indeed the First will be Last and the last will be First!

Who would have believed such Raw Truth and insight will come from Hulk Horgan?


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