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Politics / Re: INEC Announces Automatic Employment For Corpers by Billy0naire(m): 3:24pm On Jun 17, 2019
Another attempt to quiet the NYSC members who manned the servers.

APC actually robbed the entire voters of their Choice of President.

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Politics / Re: John Yakubu Yusuf: EFCC Probes Why Convicted Pension Thief Is Not In Jail by Billy0naire(m): 8:00am On Jun 16, 2019
N24 billion and 6 years in jail, and yet his location is called 'unknown'.

EFCC is a bastard son of Buhari.

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 7:54am On Jun 16, 2019

I find this whole noise about yahoo yahoo repugnant simply because we have bigger problems that we're turning a blind eye to. As we speak, kidnappers have taken over all major highways in Nigeria, from North to South. Travelling by road in Nigeria is now potentially an undertaking of death and devastation.

Shebi fraudsters defraud you based on your stupidity, naivety or carelessness. And they only defraud you of what you possess. But kidnappers would rape, maim, torture, kill and render you financially dead. You would pay not only what you have, but also what you have borrowed to meet up the ridiculous ransom demand, without any guarantee that you would come out alive. Even if you come out alive, you may be physically and psychologically scarred for life.

I know people that have had to sell their landed properties and vehicles for peanuts (distress sale) and even borrowed on top of it, just to pay ransom money to kidnappers. Till date, they've not recovered and may never recover. Some are permanently damaged mentally and physiologically due to the trauma of the entire kidnap experience, spending days or weeks in the bush with demons, and being subjected to unimaginable horrors. Yet some inglorious bastards are telling me about yahoo boys doing whatever with a laptop somewhere in the confines of their rooms?

So yes, there is such a thing as a lesser evil and a lesser priority. Evil is constant everywhere in the world, you just have to choose which is lesser and then accept it and live with it. With the menace of kidnapping and violent crime all across Nigeria, it beats me how any sensible person would rather focus on yahoo yahoo and make stupid noise about Nigeria's so-called 'image' abroad. How many Nigerians can even afford to travel abroad? How many Nigerians looking for their daily bread care about any stupid image? We're talking about armed robbery and kidnapping that makes life miserable for millions of Nigerians living in Nigeria, and yet some egotistical bastards are telling me about international image.

Does the government have enough resources to pursue kidnappers and robbers along with yahoo boys all at once? Why not PRIORITIZE for goodness sake? Since EFCC seems very active, why not deploy them to go after the money trail of kidnappers - making it difficult for them to collect and launder ransoms? It's incredible how stupid we are are a country and how we don't know what our priorities are.

We're not serious as a people.

I thought I was a loner in my opinions.

But it is time, Hedonisst, for you guys who have my perspective to also sacrifice your time to come to an anonymous forum of this nature to drum home sensibility into the minds of these seemingly ignorant bastards who think that by condemning yahoo yahoo without offering solutions that they are helping clean the image of Nigeria. Nigeria is irredeemable at this point.

Until the Government provides 247 electricity, Capital financing options, Employment options, Basic Welfare packages and Medical AIds etc, people will scam, rob, kidnap, kill, maim and rape to 'survive'.

The EFCC should go after Yahoo Boys who use their stolen money to buy luxury items from the foreign countries. Until they learn to investment and help the other unemployed people.

Going into homes and hostels of poor students, arresting people with iphones and outrightly scarthing them emotionally with pictures online, condemns them into other violent crimes because they will they have no options in the employment market as their faces are splashed online.

EFCC is further destroying Nigeria and I often wonder whether there is a conspiracy to destroy the future of all of Southern Nigerians and destroy any means of financial inflow to the inhabitants of the fighting Southerners who themselves have short term memory of the nature of the country they were birthed into.

EFCC refuses to jail politicians, but when it comes to the children of the poor, they are very active.

Since Life is not fair, I have personally decided not to be fair. It is wrong to be fair in an unfair system. And I owe no God, Devil Angel or Demon an apology.

If I was a young man growing without options like the ones I see daily, I can not guarantee that I would allow poverty to be my surname than join yahoo yahoo. So for that reason, it is difficult for me to condemn them without offering them assistance on how to grow out of it. I have refused to be a hypocrite.

Not now, not ever.

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Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 11:47pm On Jun 15, 2019
grin grin grin
Shining your teeth is not an apology for being silly in your utterances. Always be guided.
Family / Re: My Wife's Sister Is About To Crash My Marriage, Please Help by Billy0naire(m): 11:35pm On Jun 15, 2019
I really need help and strategies to handle this matter. My wife sister came three weeks ago to live with us. She is 22 yrs. My problems now is her dressing mode which my wife is not careful about.

This lady always wear see-through singlets and night gowns. She has big breasts and always displaying them. I don't know how I will tell my wife to talk her sister to cover herself. She may feel bad that I'm attracted to her sister.

During the sallah holiday, I was with her alone because my wife don't holiday in her place of work, I have to leave the house and stay in the accommodation given to me in my place of work.

This morning, I carried my undies to wash, she crossed me and told me to give it to her to wash, the towel she tied because she was going to bathroom before was removing and showing her full breasts and she never worry about that.

Our marriage is just one year and I never cheated on my wife and she trusted me but her sister is really giving me emotional trauma. Can you imagine, yester night, my wife went to a programme, I was with her. So I called her around 8 pm that we should pray and go to bed. This lady came with a see-through night gown with a push up bra that put all breasts outside. Even her pant color was visible. I tried to control myself....

Even this morning, she came for prayer with the same gown and my wife did not caution her.....
How can I handle this matter?

Allow the 22 yrs old to dress the way she wants. It is now your responsibility to control yourself. Stoping finding excuse for your rage of libido.
Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 11:07pm On Jun 15, 2019

Any evidence to refute this ?

Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 11:06pm On Jun 15, 2019
Go help your self. Stop taking that weed. It isn't good for you sir

What is weed son? Why not log out and get some meditation time?

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Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 11:00pm On Jun 15, 2019
if Richard Dawkins and others have tried to do it and people didn’t get enlightened. Then I do not think people would listen to message

What natural selection observed is that no one influences the selection process. Nature does that perfectly

Evolution doesn’t have anything to do with how life came into existence. You are talking about abiogenesis. Neither did Big Bang claim to be the first cause.

Now evolution isn’t an assumption. Do you assume that the sun produces heat ? No. Evolution is a fact!

Evolution is a fact of course.

Big Bang is not true.

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Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 10:58pm On Jun 15, 2019
Your utterances are more stupid as they come. Only deluded idiot will think been able to sew or fasten grammar together even if it is incoherent is something inteligent.

You intrinsic and locution reek.

Seems we need a psychiatrist here. Is there something I can do to help you get better?

I will be here, should you need assistance.
Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 10:55pm On Jun 15, 2019

Lol..He's got a point tho.Same line of thought I'm currently researching.

I researched these stuff for almost 30yrs daily and actively, so when I say most people will not get it, I really mean it. Because they have no resources in time and finances to focus on the research.

I am not trying to make a point, because there is no point to be made in this forum, I do not seek to make a point here, as there is no one I can possibly argue with here.

I am just stating the facts based on what I have seen, experienced and continue to experience. This is a simulated multiplayer reality within a larger conscious system, which must also be simulated. A world within a larger and more advanced world. And one can move from one simulation to another, taking different bodies for specific experiences.
Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 10:39pm On Jun 15, 2019
Guy, quit smoking, it is not good for your health. Friendly advice .

That does not sound daft enough, say something more daft than that, son.

It might interest you to know that some characters in this reality are computer generated to keep the system engaging. I have suspected this all along, cos for such people, they will never 'get it'.
Religion / Re: Intelligent Designer Refuted by Billy0naire(m): 10:29pm On Jun 15, 2019
All the arguments seem to spring from the analytical faculties of the mindset while totally ignoring the intuitive aspects of the human system where true answers lie.

Every designed system has a designer. Nothing exists without a Cause. And the Source of the Cause is always 'Conscious Entities'. So, I think the meat of your arguments is not realizing that you are arguing about a singular conscious entity when you have millions if not billions engaging in multiplayer reality experience from outside of it. Are you all really in this world or you are operating the avatar from a different location virtually?

Since I do not like an argument for argument's sake, it is better to say, that I have been, on that spot before, it is tough to escape that egoic phase except and until 'experience' happens. And experience happened to me.

And that is why I always ask: Have you tried stepping outside of your bodies to see the Nature of Reality outside of the so-called Physical Reality?

This world is a Virtual Reality, a very immersive one. It is hosted and rendered from Cosmic Mainframe Computer and our bodies are just avatars being played by our 'Conscious Aspect' (HIgher Self). We are not in our body per sae, our experiences are just feedback loop of the decisions and actions of the Conscious Aspect that exist outside the limited spectrum of the Reality we experience now. The real you, does not look exactly like the you that physically is here.

Well, it is hard for intellectual logical and analytical mind to understand fully, and it is also tough for an intuitive but sleeping avatar to figure this out. The right brain transceives intuitively and the left brain, logically/intellectually, but when both hemisphere syncs, then you stand a greater chance of experiencing the nature of this world from outside of it.

This is NOT the real world, this is a Reality that is hosted and rendered for our experience and there are many other Realities outside this one.

You do not need a God for this world to function the way it does, because the rulesets are computed and the system runs actively and is maintained from outside this reality.

The Universe does not need 'God' as Religions portray to function the way it does, but it needs Consciousness, Conscious Entities, a Computer and a Deep Mind Database of probabilistic possibilities of choices for free will. If there is a God, it is unknowable at this level, because this is just a Simulation within a larger and more advanced Simulation.

I have had an experience of the computer hosting this reality and saw the real me playing this Avatar. New Age people call that other self, the Higher Self. I have no language for it, but I know that is the real me. It is a beautiful world out there where this one is hosted on the other larger consciousness system.

I have seen that world. And this one looks like a bad copy compared to the other Reality that this is computed from.

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 9:52pm On Jun 15, 2019

Nobody plans to be duped stop being too high on intelligence. You not any smarter than the person duped. The real stupid people are the yahoo boys for not being able to use their reasoning to make legitimate income.

Let's end this good night

Good night.

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 9:37pm On Jun 15, 2019

Sigh... Did you actually write this epistle in response to an exercise in sarcasm?.. Where in that post did you see me wholly support fraud?.. I merely pointed out what is already obvious to the blind.

You also went on to contradict yourself severally by positing that the issue in question is not limited to this country alone: A point I subliminally acknowledged.

Who are the "WE" that must provide amenities to the fraudsters? The same suffering masses, who are equally victims of the same system as the fraudsters?

It is tiring to read such blame games, as if living is not a choice in itself. In case you don't know, there are youths in worse straits than these internet criminals that still chose to pursue honest, albeit humble, hustles... There are countries with worse economic woes than Nigeria, yet with extremely fewer cases of internet fraud...

I don't want to go back and forth with you, but using a failed system as a cover for immorality is beyond lame! Even during the oil boom and wealthy era of this Nation, other forms of crime still continued to rise...

This nation's leadership has failed, but it would shock you that most of the youths you are excusing supported, voted, and brought in the politicians into power... There is a dearth of good leadership in Nigeria, but what is worse is that there is, has always been, a dearth of morality and decency among the citizens... Immorality and Greed among Nigerians predates the era of slave trade.

As earlier stated. I have nothing against Yahoo Yahoo, especially since their interest does not conflict with mine. grin

People who are catfished are largely participatory preys who want to reap money in boxes from plane crash victims.

I think one of the reasons we are still able to sleep at night is because there is cybercrime if not, many deadly crimes like kidnapping, robbery, etc would have been more rampant daily.

It is a lesser vice and should be encouraged, sorry discouraged. grin

If the Government does not do something about our population, and providing amenities and infrastructures and social security benefit, it is better to legalize the lesser vices including cannabis farming so the marlians can have lesser crime options.


Just joking.... grin
Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 9:28pm On Jun 15, 2019

Am not a yahoo boy friend. I can't be one and advocating against them at the same time.

And try and be positive about your country..we get its bad but there are people honestly trying to spread the right orientation. Take the right side. We will get there.

Look on the bright side. For yrs we never thought it would be possible to have democracy without military interruption.but it has been so now for the past 16yrs and counting. We will perfect it. Sometimes it only takes one man to revolutionize a system and bring the right conciouseness.

I do not take sides, just as I am not religious. And I also do not take party-side in Politics. I always stay in the middle, so I can balance my views. There will always be Yahoo Yahoo and other crimes like robbery, and kidnapping until the country has a leadership that knows how to tackle problems from the root and not jail, blame and provide nothing but manufactures poverty.

I have nothing against yahoo yahoo, it is a lesser vice. As long as I am not stupid enough to be duped, those who are stupid will continue to be duped, whether I support them or talk against the crime.

I am real. I have no time to save Nigeria. Nigeria is not salvageable. There are too many illiterates in leadership positions.

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 7:14pm On Jun 15, 2019

For an educated person you quite daft . Whats with the showoff. You make this...this is beneath your worth. Who is talking about you. And What descriptive analysis have you made aside spray painting your commnents with fancy words

We get our country is bad. But we talking way forward. If you not a progressive mind. Then your education and you is of no use.

Nigeria will not work. Stop wasting your time. Until your leaders stop tribalism, nepotism and religoous poisoning of the minds of the teeming youth.

Again, you can not stop cybercrime with hatred and arrests. How do I even know that you are not a yahoo boy?

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 7:11pm On Jun 15, 2019

So, why not create grand intelligent and more sophisticated scams to fleece the politicians, thereby recovering part of your stolen commonwealth?.. Why steal from the same struggling and suffering masses or individuals?.. What then makes you different from the system you feel hard done by?..

Robin Hood was a criminal that was adored by the common folks cos he stole from their leaders, and invested in them... Same for Jesse James and company.

If yahoo criminals were intelligent enough to focus their skills on the insanely and filthy rich, they would have received more widespread sympathy... So, you have no case whatsoever. undecided


These kids will not cease to amaze me. I got kidnapped and robbed at gun point by young boys who are not smart enough to go into Yahoo Yahoo. And those who can Yahoo Yahoo are actually Armed Robbers and Kidnappers with options.

I am not saying all Yahoo Yahoo boys are potential armed robbers and kidnappers, but what I am saying is, that Yahoo Yahoo is a product of a failed system. And you morons have failed to see the connection between Poverty, Lack of Employment and Lack of Capital as the major cause of cybercrime.

Those politicians you mentioned are not different from the Yahoo Boys, and the Pastors are also not different from Yahoo Boys. It is just that the Field of Operation is Offline.

Until you seemingly intelligent people of Nigeria focus on the root of the causes and not the effects of the problems, you will not defeat this menace.

You can not stop cybercrime with arrests and convictions. It has never worked on any planet and trust me, cybercrime is not just a global problem, it happens in other Virtual Reality matrix of different universes.

We must provide the young people with basic amenities, capital and hope.

Supporting yahoo yahoo is wrong, until you are kidnapped at gun point, you will be forced to inform them to go to a lesser evil since evil is what the government manufactures with their nepotistic political equations that destroy the teeming youths.
Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 6:59pm On Jun 15, 2019

Learn to take responsibility for your life and be the change you wish to see. Everyone possess a sense of rightouseness. It's what gives us justification and push. Why we do what we do. Even a terrorist to this end believes in the rightouseness of his acts. So where do we draw a line.

Thou shall not kill..though shall not steal. If you cross thsee lines. There are no justifications.

If you can read, then why can't you engage your brain in the descriptive analysis of my writings instead of spewing morality lessons to someone who is holier than you.

I have repeated countless times here on this forum of the ignorant that if Yahoo Yahoo is capable of generating money worth buying a private jet with, I would have joined the hustle and I am not afraid of sounding controversial. I have built many 9 figures annual revenue companies so I have no need for such monies that Yahoo Yahoo brings. A million dollars or two is really not money, and I hardly hear that they make upwards from $50m. That is the type of money that can even move my dicck grin

So, engage your brain wisely here on this forum and inform the goddamn government if you are one of their a,ss-lickers to provide basic things like 247 electricity non-stop and even the kids I have in my Start Up and Incubation Centers - amazing young people with raw talents would have been the next big things in the world, but most of them are hanging around exploring alternative options due to chronic nepotisms spiced with religiously political leadership failure ina country now known as zoo by Nnamdi Crazy Kanu. grin

By the way, what do you mean by justification? Does it even occur to you that the person you are addressing is above all laws? That I can do what ever I fuccking want in a world designed by wicked Gods Jehovah and Allah according to the lies of the holy books. I am not holy, and I do not pretend to be. And let me even shock you further. I do not aspire to be holy. It boring to be holy. But as for Yahoo Yahoo, it is a waste of time, cos there is more that can be done with the internet like researching and designs and searcing for the next big pusssy to put my dicck in, than telling people about Plane crash stories and black money in boxes.

Have fun boy, you are taking life too seriously and becoming a judge. Life is just a Virtual Reality Game. So have fun and stop judging.

You asked for it.

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Celebrities / Re: Falz: Cyber-Crime Is Giving Nigerians A Horrible Image In The Int'l Community by Billy0naire(m): 4:45pm On Jun 15, 2019
Cybercrime is the new type of crime and no one can stop it, only education on the part of those who are duped and providing means of livelihood to the youth is the way to manage the situation.

As long as there is a hungry people out there who has gotten advanced knowledge on how to cheat the system, then they will fuccking do it than die of hunger suicide.

I do not care about who the hypocrites are, but we must stop blaming the cybercriminals alone and blame the politicians who have destroyed the hope of the teeming youth.

I started believing that cybercrime is a lesser vice when I was robbed at gun point and kidnapped into a 'middle-of-no-where' and I had to beg for my life.

So, I have quit condemning cyber criminals for now, because the words that came from the mouths of those young men who kidnapped me clearly made me realize that we are wasting our time condemning the victims, and I dare say that the youths are the victims of the system that do not even provide them with electricity to explore their talents.

All these celebrities are just plainly put, stupid. If they channel their efforts into fighting the politicians as much as they are criticizing the cybercriminals, then may be they would have provided these young bright minds with options to design concepts and processes that will lead to a greater engagement with the trends in the world.

In my recent trip to Shenzhen, China. I have so far concluded that Nigeria is a curse on our young people. What I mean in essence is, that, in fact it is a crime against a Soul, to be birthed in Nigeria.

That is my final input on this thread, whoever disagrees with this position will receive my full-blown wrath, cos I am tired of blaming the victims.

Our young yahoo yahoo boys and girls are victims of a destroyed system that has given them no foundation to build on.

It is stupid to be stupid.

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Music/Radio / Re: VIDEO: Teni – Power Rangers by Billy0naire(m): 7:19pm On Jun 14, 2019
This is not noise, it is worse.

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Politics / Re: Non-inclusion Of Igbo Man In First Six National Position Worrisome– Agbakoba by Billy0naire(m): 8:48am On Jun 14, 2019
The Igbo tribe of Nigeria have been doing very well without political support. I have no doubts that the sky is their limit. But no one is talking about my small tribe of less than 5m people.

Since Nigeria is now a Tribal State, can they tell us when all the tribes will have their own share of the Presidency?

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Politics / Re: See How Nigerians Reacted As INEC Denies Owning Electronic Server For Elections by Billy0naire(m): 8:19am On Jun 14, 2019
That election needs to be nullified and a new election scheduled.

If we allow that sham of election to remain a determinant of a dispensation, then we have finally surrendered our rights to vote to just anyone who can waste your time under rain and sun while they stuff-up ballot boxes at INEC HQ with pre-thumped ballot sheet. Even those ballot boxes will have identical thump-prints.

The black man is a strange human species.
Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Stunning In New Photos by Billy0naire(m): 12:49am On Jun 14, 2019
Scares the Jehovah in you? What are you saying?

Metaphorically speaking, son.
Religion / Re: As Above So Below by Billy0naire(m): 12:45am On Jun 14, 2019

Kindly elaborate further on what you mean by sound current. Sound cannot be propagated through space because it is a mechanical wave. It does not affect the electromagnetic spectrum of "space". I'm sure you already know this.
Could you also kindly recommend a website where I can keep up to date with BIO NEWS.
Also, concerning your statement of space being a field of different energy forms, I rally don't grab.
Shouldn't these energy forms interact?

If you have an empty bottle and you cap that empty bottle without putting anything in it. Is the bottle really empty?

Expand that analogy to the entire atmosphere, and space between you and your computer, is that space really empty?

And if you say it is 'Air' that fills the space in the bottle and also 'Air' that fills the space between you and your computer, then does it really mean that 'air' is nothing? What is the nature of that thing you call 'Air' and what dynamics in the 'air' conduct sound? Because sound is energy and the fact that you hear a sound transported via Air, means there is a carrier for that energy called sound.

What is the pressure, the temperature and the momentum of that medium called air. If you alter the temperature of that 'air', will it affect the speed at which sound is coveyed.

Sound current is the charged fluid that transports several energy forms in space from a point to another and is connected to every other space in the Universe, In essence, there is really no vaccum.

To understand the nature of our reality, we need to study the nature of waves, particles, the causation of vibration and the voltage present in the 'air'.

What is the component of Air, is it just 'Air' or is there something within the mix that has capability to transform what we think of nature of reality?

The answer is Yes. Until now Science could only track the 'components' of air by using specific tests designed to confirm the presence of certain gases, but there are other component of 'air' that is not physical in nature, of which the 'instruments' of qualitative and quantitative analysis can not detect. That 'unknown' aspect of air is magneto-electric in nature and using macroscopic coherency of microscopic phenomena, one can decode that what we call Air is simply fluid with energy spectrum outside the UV-RIGBOV-IR extending to other spectra. Ofcourse our physical eyes can only see things within our allocated spectrum of light.

But how can you see beyond the physical spectrum of light and what instrument can be used to scientifically dictate this? Using Consciousness Technologies, one can deduce that the presence of orgone energy, the life force that pulsates all things and activate life in every living thing. It is the Life force that supports life and existence, and beyond orgone energy are other components of air which when understood can literally help us communicate to others across to other persons across continents, cos we are all neted individuated units of consciousness who do not really need telephones to communicate. This medium can be perceived using Extra Senses, so since we are all aware of Extra Sensory Perceptions, I think the greatest thing we can do is explore these extra senses and utilize that component of ourselves to see beyond the spectrum allocated to the 5 physical senses, because beyond the physical, can only be perceived with the extra senses.

Sound current is the fluid that transports sounds, but it is not just sound that it transports, it transports data, information database in 1s and 0s and when you collapse the wave to particulate matter with your imagination and visualization, you can create your designs, your expectations and materialize those dreams and all these are transported using that field, a Unified field that connects all things in the Universe.

So call Space a Unified Field. It is not an empty field, it is teaming with activities and life, and it is the Consciousness Database where all our thoughts and dreams are always present, and we can access them at will.


Religion / Re: As Above So Below by Billy0naire(m): 11:56pm On Jun 13, 2019

Man is intelligent and can achieve a lot of great things - within the limit the Creator has placed him, because he cannot go beyond it - if he puts his mind to fruitful use.

What is fertilization? The life of the flesh is in the blood? How long do you, billyonaire, think you will survive without even a drop of blood in your body?

Man is the creator in disguise. Tuned down to a mere spirit in a lump of meat ignorant of what he is. So there is no limit to what man can achieve.

Invariable man does not live in the body, but is piloted outside of the reality he calls life.
Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Stunning In New Photos by Billy0naire(m): 11:53pm On Jun 13, 2019

You wrote a great text and then spoilt it with the verb "scary" it's not her making that she is like this, bad governance and poor regulation of our aviation sector caused this. So we should all salute this lady's determination to succeed against all odds.

Why are we conservative with truth? Does she not look scary? Does being scary take away her courage and bravery? Are we going to aspire to be politically correct all the time even when truth stares us in the face.

I admire her bravery and courage. She challenges me with such bravery, but heck, she is scary and I am proud of how she has turned her life around.

Not her fault.
Family / Re: Does Money Change People? by Billy0naire(m): 10:53pm On Jun 13, 2019
What money can not buy, more money can buy it.

Money does not change people. Money makes the person what he is supposed to be.

In essence, life without money is a fake life. The true nature of the individual can only be known in an abundance of money.

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Celebrities / Re: Kizz Daniel, Reekado Banks, Zlatan, Victor AD Shutdown Abuja With Mega Show by Billy0naire(m): 10:39pm On Jun 13, 2019

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Celebrities / Re: Kechi Okwuchi Stunning In New Photos by Billy0naire(m): 10:35pm On Jun 13, 2019
The courage and confidence to advertise your weakness as strength scares the Jehovah in me, and I think we all have something to learn about the courage of this scary lady.

May her days be long.


Politics / Re: Atiku, PDP Asking Us For Server That We Don’t Have, INEC Tells by Billy0naire(m): 9:33pm On Jun 13, 2019
From all indications, INEC is a department in APC.

And I am sure when PDP wins the next Election, INEC will also become a Department in PDP.

The Cabal is so determined that they are prepared to destroy democratic institutions to implement a covet conquest vision.

Those who think this is about INEC and APC should think deeper. INEC and APC, as well as CBN and NNPC are just vehicles needed by the Cabal to implement their Game Plan. We all know that Buhari stood no chance in that election.

I can not be deceived. I am fully prepared, I just hope the masses are.

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