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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Immigration Service Recruiting For 2013/2014 - How True? by binkabir(m): 11:38am On Sep 19, 2013
lwise: @Tolukemi
Thanks,Ive done that but each time I save and try to edit,Abia state university always appear.


Hi Tolukemi when u load the page to edit the reason why its showing Abia state university is because the content of the page has not fully loaded, please wait for a while all the content will show what you selected.
no need to reapply.
Politics / The Madness Of Western Civilization by binkabir(m): 11:11am On Mar 18, 2012
It turns out that the propagandist behind the KONY 2012 campaign is a raving lunatic. But what about the propagandists behind the OSAMA 2001 campaign that brainwashed the planet into thinking that Osama Bin Laden did the 9/11 attacks? Aren’t they also raving lunatics like Jason Russell of the KONY 2012 fraud?

Anyone who has seriously studied the psychopathy of the state terrorists and totalitarian propagandists who did the 9/11 attacks knows that they are total nutcases. They are capable of orchestrating mass murder on a large scale, all the while presenting a straight face to the public as if they’re not completely insane war criminals.

In the immediate hours and days after the September 11 attacks, propagandist chiefs Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, all appeared on television to put out their twisted narrative that Islamic extremists were responsible for the tragedy, without providing any evidence for their assertions.

The videos that are linked above are of Wolfowitz on PBS, Netanyahu on NBC, and Barak on BBC. Every interview is worth watching. If you are interested in human psychology, history, cultural anthropology, sociology, and media studies, then you will find greater value in this archival footage.

Wolfowitz shared a brief glimpse into his totalitarian vision for America in his interview with PBS’s Margaret Warner. He talked about fighting a “broad and sustained campaign,” and said the American people were willing to suffer huge casualties because there was a “different mood” in the country after 9/11. Speaking on the attacks he said: “It’s massive. And I think that focuses the mind. It makes you think in a different way. It makes you think anew.” (5:26 – 5:33). This type of language is rooted not in objective observations of reality, but motivated by radical political beliefs about what kind of society America should be.

Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Perle, Netanyahu, Barak, and the other criminal 9/11 conspirators were all determined to transform American and Western public thinking after the 9/11 attacks in a radical and subversive way. And the Western media, which is dominated by state intelligence agencies, was fully on board with the secret totalitarian agenda to brainwash the global public and turn 9/11 into a global myth to awaken the god of war.

II. Ghosts of the CIA: The Mystifying Propaganda Power of Images of Osama Bin Laden And Joseph Kony

Ghosts of the CIA like Osama Bin Laden and Joseph Kony are used to scare Americans into supporting, and, in fact, demanding U.S. military action in resource-rich countries such as Afghanistan and Uganda.

CIA trained terrorists are compared with Adolf Hitler, but the propaganda falls apart because there is no sense of proportion and balance. Comparing Hitler with Kony and Bin Laden is like comparing the Sun of Evil in the 20th century with its distant shadows in the 21st century. Hitler was a Flood of Death during storm season, while Bin Laden was a light drizzle of blood on a sunny day. And he didn’t even commit the crime. Shadow elements in the CIA and Mossad did.

Cartoon characters like Osama and Kony are easy to hate because the media and government say they are the bad guys, but there are bigger monsters to slay in this world. Most experts believe that Osama Bin Laden died shortly after the false flag September 11 attacks in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan due to a kidney disease, not on May 1st, 2011, in Pakistan.

News of Bin Laden’s original death in late 2001/early 2002 was suppressed in the global media because it would’ve dampened public enthusiasm for the war in Afghanistan and for the war on terror more generally.

III. It’s A Mad, Mad World, Just Ask Obama

President Obama has politically exploited the lie that he killed Bin Laden at almost every political opportunity. On Wednesday, March 14, Steve Watson reported in an article called, “Obama Plays Bin Laden Card In Re-election Effort”:

“The Obama 2012 campaign has launched it’s reelection campaign by drawing on the mythical version of events played out last year following the supposed assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

The campaign will release a 17 minute video later this week, narrated by hollywood actor Tom Hanks, as an opening salvo in the struggle to win a second term for the president.”

Barack Obama is clearly a mad politician and a psychological basket case. But Obama is only the tip of the psycho iceberg. Top Western and Israeli political leaders are psychopathic. Harrison Koehli wrote about the personality traits of psychopaths in his article on March 17, 2010, called, “Ponerology 101: The Psychopath’s Mask of Sanity,” saying:

“Until the publication of Hervey Cleckley’s landmark book The Mask of Sanity in 1941 (along with its subsequent editions), there wasn’t much agreement on what exactly psychopathy is. The term had come to describe individuals whose emotional life and social behavior were abnormal, but whose intellectual capacities were undisturbed. In contrast to psychotics whose grip on reality is clearly disturbed, as in paranoid schizophrenia, psychopaths are completely sane. They have a firm grip on reality, can carry on a conversation, and often appear more normal than normal. But at the same time, while talking to you about the weather or the economy, they may be deciding the best way to con you out of your life savings or perhaps get you to a secluded location where they can rape or murder you.

However, while psychopaths may be intellectually aware that their actions grossly violate the limits of normal human behavior, they lack the emotional engagement with others that normally acts as an inhibitor of anti-social acts, like calculated aggression, intentional intimidation, pathological lying and emotional manipulation. In the course of his (or her, as probably one in four psychopaths is female) development, the psychopath’s inability to feel and thus identify with the emotions of others blocks the development of a “moral sense” that allows normal individuals to care for others and treat them like thinking and feeling beings. Psychopaths just don’t care. To them people are things, objects. When they’re no longer useful they can be discarded or destroyed without a second thought.”

It is not just lying politicians like Obama, Netanyahu, Clinton, Blair, and Bush who exhibit the traits of psychopathy. Most Goldman Sachs and Wall Street executives are probably psychopaths, too. And even top news executives and anchors at Fox News, CNN, and other state propaganda stations are probably suffering from some type of clinical brain damage. Does anyone think that 24/7 blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are sane? These people are totally nuts.

After 9/11, America and Western civilization took a nosedive into crazy land. Power possessed demons like Netanyahu, Barak, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Obama took over the planet. As Silver Surfer pointed out in this tweet, “this planet is a fucking #madHouse!!”

Crazy demons like Obama and Netanyahu who answer to their master the Great Satan desire war, chaos, and total destruction. They are agents of the power of Darkness and Hell.

American scholar and theologian Roland Mushat Frye wrote in his book, “God, Man, And Satan”:

“So, on his journey towards the seduction of man, Satan courts Chaos, Milton’s brilliant personification of anarchy and disorder, with the promise that he will “reduce” the created cosmos “to her original darkness and your sway” (II, 983-84). His power cannot enable him ever to destroy creation, but his perversions of it are precisely in the direction of atomism and anarchy, the reduction of harmony, the extension of discord and decay.” (“God, Man, And Satan: Patterns of Christian Thought and Life in Paradise Lost, Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Great Theologians.” Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. 1960. Pg.27-28).

If the Great Satan has his way, Iran will be bombed back to the stone age. Both Obama and Netanyahu are preparing to woo their mind controlled flocks to accept an illegal war against Iran based on false pretenses. Philip Weiss wrote on March 15 that, “Israel will attack Iran– and Obama gave tacit approval.”

The only counter-attack that global civil society has against a catastrophic world war is public education and massive de-brainwashing of America, Israel, and the West. The truth is a powerful force for good. And it is the most powerful force that we have in the global battle against endless war and totalitarianism.

During the middle of World War II, the White Rose group wrote six leaflets to wake up the people of Germany and inspire them to overthrow their totalitarian state. What they wrote applies to us today. In their first leaflet, they wrote:

“If everyone waits until the other man makes a start, the messengers of avenging Nemesis will come steadily closer; then even the last victim will have been cast senselessly into the maw of the insatiable demon. Therefore every individual, conscious of his responsibility as a member of Christian and Western civilization, must defend himself as best he can at this late hour, he must work against the scourges of mankind, against fascism and any similar system of totalitarianism.”

We must take these words to heart as America and the West descend further into madness and apocalyptic chaos. All it takes to expose and expel the demons of war out of America, Israel, and the West is excavating the truth and making their crimes against humanity public. They are only safe in the shadows.
Politics / Re: Kano Bomb Blast In Pictures by binkabir(m): 7:45am On Jan 21, 2012
it all started on 1st October 2010 and GEJ simply said "WE HAVE TO LEAVE WITH THESE MENACE OF BOMB BLAST ROCKING OVER OUR HEADS" embarassed embarassed

we have 2 types of HB. the one sponsor by FG and the CABALs  
and that of late Yusuf Mohammad.  lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Now you wait for how the word "WE CONDEMN THIS BOMB BLAST" flying like UFO all over the media.
still it will not stop and next bomb to BLAST. it is a pity angry angry
Webmasters / Re: Are You A Webmaster, Web Designer, Internet Marketer, Web Developer. You Must Read This by binkabir(m): 12:13pm On Jan 20, 2012

U still havent said the programming language nor the front and backend skills you said you have.

i have some knowledge in the following.
scripting : php, python.
db: mysql
javascript FW: jquery,dojo.
version control: git.
frameworks: yiiframework,zend.
Webmasters / Re: Are You A Webmaster, Web Designer, Internet Marketer, Web Developer. You Must Read This by binkabir(m): 10:55am On Jan 20, 2012

In nigeria, collab is an abomination to some, why to others its just what is need.
you are right. i have interest but you should have specified the area of programming interest (someone may have interest but his idea or knowledge are not needed immediately, )

frontend guys : html5, css 3, jquery, dojo, mootools, prototype
backend guys: asp, php, jsp mysql, mangoDB .

this will give everyone a clear picture on what his/her effort in the collaboration will mean.
Webmasters / Re: .net offline but is back by binkabir(m): 8:01am On Jan 18, 2012
i have a VPS server that i can create a custom account 4 you. (including 2 dedicated IP)
if you are interested buzz me on yahoo.
Webmasters / Re: .net offline but is back by binkabir(m): 5:30pm On Jan 17, 2012
VPS is a very good option to start with.
Webmasters / Re: 2 Whiz Web Developer Wanted For 3 Months Contract Job. by binkabir(m): 10:31am On Jan 12, 2012
@dhtml. now you know a man can not make a forest. grin grin complicated job a pain sticking
and that is why i always wish to have a group of good developer that we can be developing "IN THE CLOUD (cloud developing)".

i know it will take some time to win the confidence of guys but that is the only way developers can be recognized in this part of the world.
I am really and fully ready to start, what about you?
Webmasters / Re: .net Is Being Take Over By Aliens - Non-nigerians by binkabir(m): 4:38pm On Jan 11, 2012
;d ;d ;d ;d ;d ;d
Webmasters / Re: 2 Whiz Web Developer Wanted For 3 Months Contract Job. by binkabir(m): 2:11pm On Jan 11, 2012
@ HTTPHP. thank your God that d last developer did not complete the job.
customising application is really not a good concept if you hope to have a your app in a good condition in terms of maintenance, performance and productivity.
and that is why he is hiding (because their is a link to how one can twinkle the algorithm of the app).

best is to use a framework e.g yiiframework, fuelphp, cakephp or any of your choice.
they all have a lot of pre built components and modules that can make it easy to build up.

i think you should prioritize the application into stages/segments based on importance and complexity, the most complex should come last.
find the web developer to start for the least putting in mind that the application will expand as the developing continue.
Webmasters / Re: 2 Whiz Web Developer Wanted For 3 Months Contract Job. by binkabir(m): 10:56am On Jan 11, 2012
@ HTTPHP, one question please. ARE YOU A DEVELOPER?
if yes, then the best way to do it is to have the project divided into modules then you can hand over to different developer(s) which each module
should have an API interface that will be communicating with the rest modules app API.
this can take some time to get right but that is how projects like LINUX, WINDOWs operation system are developed.
through any of the distribution version control engines (e.g SVN, git).

if you are not a developer then the situation is more complex, because u cannot find out if the person u hire is a copy and paste developer or a talented and awesome developer.
if at end you find a person that suit the project u can send me a mail so that we have a very simple online test to be sure that you are going in the rite direction and the rite person is the pilot.
Webmasters / Re: 2 Whiz Web Developer Wanted For 3 Months Contract Job. by binkabir(m): 8:14am On Jan 11, 2012
i see,
Dual Core:

Its annoying really, it happens every time. Its either pride, laziness or a wrong mindset.

to the poster: Jobs like this can hardly be finished in 3 month to perfection (including testing and debugging and quality assurance test).
if you're sure of that is what you are looking for, then build either a framework or looking for dedicated programmer will be best for you. because i believe the job
is a continues thing (in terms of maintenance )
Politics / Re: Attempts To Set Church Ablaze In Bayelsa By Man Dressed In Turban by binkabir(m): 4:08am On Dec 30, 2011

Why was his name withheld? That story is not factual!

[size=18pt] Wisdom King that is the name of the Christian Boko Haram member. visit http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/sss-arrests-alleged-bomber-in-bayelsa/106021/ [/size]
Politics / Re: Christmas Day Massacre: 10,000 Protest In Kaduna by binkabir(m): 6:14pm On Dec 29, 2011
i support that.
Politics / Re: Attempts To Set Church Ablaze In Bayelsa By Man Dressed In Turban by binkabir(m): 5:14pm On Dec 29, 2011

I see we have radical Islamist on Nairaland as well.

They are trying to confuse Christians with fake news, but we do not believe you! angry angry angry

i can also see that we have radical christians on Nairaland as well
they are trying to confuse Muslims with fake news. and now we BELIEVE that BOKO HARAM are 50% muslims and christians.
very soon a true confession will be out "THAT THE FINANCIAL OFFICER OR TREASURER OF BH IS A CHRISTIAN".
Politics / Re: Attempts To Set Church Ablaze In Bayelsa By Man Dressed In Turban by binkabir(m): 4:28pm On Dec 29, 2011

Pathetic to see people insulting dailytrust and not taking It seriously after the same story is in thisday and sun
If it was a muslim this thread would have been at 10 pages

[size=16pt]Boko Haram exist no doubt about that and heavily assisted by yet another  evil thinking christians and war muggers . (all in the name to tarnish Islam and muslims in the face of the world)
unfortunately this thread it not interesting for all these funny persons that rejoice when the muslims are insulted.  [/size]
Webmasters / Re: Is .net A Site Or A Blog by binkabir(m): 9:42pm On Dec 27, 2011
i simply call it a web blog. grin
Web Market / Re: Trudigits Webhosting - Online Payment Methods - Instant Setup by binkabir(m): 12:10pm On Dec 06, 2011

Nice one bro. Am glad that you are patronizing our very own (Eyowo). To hell with paypal. tongue

how my people have used eyowo successfully now?
Webmasters / What Experience Did You Have With Eyowo by binkabir(m): 8:15am On Dec 06, 2011
im thinking of having another payment gateway for the sake of redundancy. please what is you take/ experiences with eyowo. www.eyowo.com.
your comments are welcome, thanks.
Religion / Re: I Am Tired Of Going To Church by binkabir(m): 11:08pm On Nov 11, 2011
grin angry sad grin grin grin
Webmasters / Re: Why? Nigeria Developers! by binkabir(m): 7:55am On Nov 02, 2011
developers in nigeria are.
1. greedy
2. dont truth each other.
3. some are cut and paste. (code copiers).

once i met a developer here in Abuja, so i was try to introduce d concept of "cloud developing". the first thing that came out of his mouth was "what is the sharing formulea". i was really pissed up. lipsrsealed

if the developers in Nigeria will not make the government recognize them, then who will do that for them. sad sad
Webmasters / Re: Zend Framework Tutorial by binkabir(m): 7:39am On Nov 02, 2011
@ poster, for single developer FW, i recommend cakePHP,proPHP, Yii or symfony
mostly zend is best for "dedicated servers" when u get it running on shared hosting, i bet u, you will regret it. (its dam very slow)
zend is a fw for group of developers. but if that is your take. please take you time to learn it.
Webmasters / Re: Web Hosting Made Cheap by binkabir(m): 8:12am On Nov 01, 2011
i have had some terrible experience with first nairahost then utiware and now web4africa. and my final resolution i will never go for cheap hosting. they suck and dump you into problems.
Webmasters / Re: Web Hosting Made Cheap by binkabir(m): 8:08am On Nov 01, 2011
@ poster, the problem is not the hosting. it is the support and maintenance issue. and crisis recovery period that is the most in aspect that a hosting company should boost of.
Webmasters / Re: Eyowo: The Payment Gateway You've Been Waiting For! by binkabir(m): 2:33pm On Oct 30, 2011
im interested in this . but first i have some unclear issues.
1. the 1% off any transaction is quit high.
2. how reliable is this new gateway? (is this a clearing house like interswitch or just a level one model on other clearing house).
Webmasters / Re: Project# Building A Very Fast Dynamic Site Maker(php) by binkabir(m): 9:35am On Oct 27, 2011

I do that as well binkabir. So whether i am using drupal, joomla or whatever. I find a way to import my usual gadgets - such as php5mailer and my own personal library. Na all join na.

unfortunately i HATE with passion   JOOMLA, DRUPAL,wordpress and all these cms .
if i most use cms then fork-cms is my option ,
i love to see my code work for me and that is why i only framework even for informational websites.

php5mailer is not really very flexible can u look at the mail class inside spoon-library.com its very perfect.
Webmasters / Re: . by binkabir(m): 10:16pm On Oct 26, 2011
na wa ho.
web4africa have been down since yesterday, even their website is down angry angry
Webmasters / Re: Project# Building A Very Fast Dynamic Site Maker(php) by binkabir(m): 9:30pm On Oct 26, 2011

Belive me dhtml. I must be honest with you though we have not met facially. But i must say i take you like a role model on this programming issues. Today i was discouraged but with your statement you just encouraged me. Now i am on the side of converting this framework of a thing to a cms. I have my reasons. I noticed that since i started this framework of a tin i have been tryin to code in other to suit all conditions but realise its not achievable thats y i support your statement that no framework can settle all probs. Sha let the work go on

well well well.
i think every developer using FW is facing this basic problem, i first thought of building my FW but time was one problem. i finally concluded on one thing.
that is working very well for me now. "i simply created some basic helper classes/components that i use with my fav FW". i minimize the usage of components in the FW that are not perfect for the job or something i extend the FW component to suit me.
Webmasters / Re: ..... by binkabir(m): 9:08pm On Oct 26, 2011
pc guru:

What nothing wrong with Xampp i use Xampp and Zend Server, i like Xamp comes with loads of extensions i can't use WAMP for some reason i don't like it.

well because i dont like xampp doesnt mean that xampp is not good(its all about opinion), i simply dont like heavy applications on my dev computer.
secondly i dont need most of the extension in xampp for development because of host server issues.
of recent i prefer zwamp (cos of apc extension and the lite nature of it without any installation ).
Webmasters / Re: ..... by binkabir(m): 8:20pm On Oct 26, 2011

@ binkabir,

rogger ($php =='novice'){
     //installed of local server
       xampp already exist on my laptop.
}else {
  //lets kick start the tutorial cos my development environment is ready
  permission granted to start a new post for this tutorials

I already have the xampp localhost server installed on my system.

to open the new post with. please select one of the topics below.

1. introduction to procedural  php programming (1st century ways of thinking in the programming world)
2. introduction to functions and classes.
3. introduction to classes part 2 (OOP, abstract, interface,exceptions).
4. using SPL (special php library eg iterators.
5. introduction to MVC structure.

Webmasters / Re: ..... by binkabir(m): 8:14pm On Oct 26, 2011

Bit of advice. I think you should use wamp instead. Belive me xampp has no much feature also her configuration are hard core onlike wamp so easy you downloads add on and twist things like you have a vps. You can easily update your php version, databases(mysql, sqlbuddy(manager dou))etc with ease. You can modify apache settings with ease also configurations are up to standard though it does not output headers error. With ob-start() u can get around. And last i checked xampp dont throw error on undefined variables. I stand to b corrected.
i thought i was the only one that hate xampp.
xampp really sucks,
Webmasters / Re: ..... by binkabir(m): 9:23pm On Oct 25, 2011

@ binkabir, wow! those are like some spirit words to me lol, am just a beginner to php, no grade yet, i love to start from the A  to the Z of php.
If any other programming language could be added to it i would be most grateful.


okey, so how what is your level in html, css 

if ($php =='novice'){
     //install of local server
        please download xampp or wamp to start with.
}else {
  //lets kick off the tutorial if your development environment is ready
  permit me to start a new post for your tutorials

@webmpro did you understand this code?

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