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Travel / Re: How Many States Have You Visited in Nigeria And Which State Did You Enjoy Most? by Bnladan(m): 9:47pm On Oct 06, 2023

What about the women, cuz i dey find where to flex like this?
I prefer to remain silent. Call my lawyer grin
Travel / Re: How Many States Have You Visited in Nigeria And Which State Did You Enjoy Most? by Bnladan(m): 9:15pm On Oct 06, 2023
Visited all but Bayelsa and Akwa-ibom. Cross river is my favorite. It has a touch of Abuja wia I live and it's a home of sea food(my favorite)
Politics / Re: Victor Ijioma: Gunmen Kill Imo Traditional Ruler, Set Corpse Ablaze by Bnladan(m): 10:29am On May 27, 2023
The Fulani rule in Imo through uzodinma is going on. The forth becoming the first is yielding it's dividends
Mad ppl! Continue denying the fact u are killing yourselves. It will all consume you hypocrites. I bet u did ur Christmas in d west or any other part of the country coz u couldn't go to ur village. I say dis prayer and I want you to say amen; "O God! if it is d Fulani day are killing ppl in d east may u destroy Dem (d fulanis). And if it is d Igbos killing Igbos may it continue for d next fifty years. Say amen if you are sure it is d fulanis

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi’s Eid Message To Nigerian Muslims. by Bnladan(m): 2:04pm On Apr 23, 2023
Thank you daddy grin
Romance / Re: Viral Video Of A Groom Performing "Tai Chi" At His Wedding Ceremony (pix/vid) by Bnladan(m): 12:44am On Apr 15, 2023
It is not Tai Chi but Karate.

He is performing a Karate Kata called Empi (The Flying Swallow) which is the 14th Kata and usually performed at the First Dan Black Belt Stage. However, some schools teach Katas earlier than usual.

He is a Karateka. Though with sloppy waza (technique). The videos show the Kata and the breakdown of its application (Bunkai).

I also do not think this demonstration is necessary on his wedding day. But hey it is his day. He should enjoy anything that makes him happy or makes the day special.


Hyeong Ahul
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Attends Catholic Cathedraticum Mass In Nnewi, Anambra State (Pics) by Bnladan(m): 5:56pm On Apr 06, 2023
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Northern Nigeria by Bnladan(m): 6:18am On Feb 26, 2023

Why are you guys so phycophant? Tinubu choosing Shetimma was it on competence or for political calculations?? Your Muslim Muslim tickets was it about patriotism or competence? Can't you see your are a joke and daft or purely stupiddd
You see this is just an accusation u are making. Have I ever mentioned it dat I support Tinubu? How sure are you I didn't vote for Obi? My problem here is the religious tune given to this matter. What on earth is "liberal Muslim"?
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Northern Nigeria by Bnladan(m): 6:15am On Feb 26, 2023
Yourself along with the 6 ediots that liked your comment are d.aft if that's how low your comprehension level is. Oh, and your Mu-Mu tickets is what? Since you want to go to the aspect?
You know dats how we identify empty heads . When they have nothing to offer in a discussion, they resort to insults. Like I said earlier, u need deliverance. May God deliver u from ur hate, parochial sentiment and above all mental sickness. I really wish you well

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Northern Nigeria by Bnladan(m): 10:08pm On Feb 25, 2023
grin grin And no official source link? And you really believe LP won't get a single vote in a LG? Are you saying there ain't any igbos, liberal Muslims or Christians in Yobe State?grin grin grin You no say na fake result you type o grin grin
LP even got votes in Ahmed lawan PU but you no add am for the LG result. Evidence is on FP o
Just listen to urself "liberal Muslim". Are u kidding me? So u want to bring religion in to dis? And whoever decided to vote against Obi is wat? So all dis isn't about competence? It wasn't about patriotism. At this juncture, I can happily call u a tribalistic religious jingoist. May God deliver u

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Politics / Re: Ex-Police Commissioner Under Peter Obi, AIG Hassan (Rtd), Donates Building To LP by Bnladan(m): 11:24am On Nov 30, 2022


NB: The ex police officer truely knows Obi has the capacity to deliver.
He is Hosea not Hassan and we all know y he is supporting him
Crime / Re: I Helped Officer To Urinate In The Toilet and He attempted To Rape Me - Woman by Bnladan(m): 5:10pm On Oct 10, 2022
Princess u again!
Autos / Re: Very Clean Honda Civic Irobot Coupe With Duty For Sale Going For #1.4m by Bnladan(m): 3:38am On Sep 18, 2022
A Ina kake a kd mu hadu?

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Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by Bnladan(m): 7:10am On Sep 17, 2022
you dey crase o. these abakaliki wey dey pictures below ?
Na ur drunkard father dey crase idiot. U children of nowadays don't have respect. Do u have to insult anybody before you make ur point?
Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by Bnladan(m): 6:10am On Sep 16, 2022
South- Abakaliki
North - Birnin kebbi
Travel / Re: Maria Uchenna Raphael: Truck Crushes Taekwondo Athlete To Death In Nasarawa by Bnladan(m): 3:37pm On Aug 29, 2022
OMG! I met dis lady during "Kebbi open" in 2019. What a sad exit. Rip
Crime / Re: 16 Nigerians On Interpol’s Wanted List by Bnladan(m): 5:23pm On Aug 19, 2022
Edo ,Yoruba, Niger delta ,igbo ,Hausa ... the hustle don finally pass Biafrans .. Nigerians don break monopoly.. kudos to Buhari and Apc..

Nigerians sef
No Hausa on that list. "Bouhari Salif" is from Zinder Niger republic not Niger state. Zinder is a state in Niger republic

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Politics / Re: Members Of New Security Outfit Demonstrate How They’ll Handle Bandits In Benue by Bnladan(m): 10:21am On Aug 12, 2022
I'm laughing in idoma grin. So na Taekwondo moves una wan use on AK wielding criminals.

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Politics / Re: 20 States Tinubu Is Certain To Win Come 2023 - Jumper524 by Bnladan(m): 8:38pm On Jul 31, 2022
15 states are certain while the rest 5 is still skeptical for now.

All Northwestern states.
All southwest states.
4 northeast states.
3 Northcentral states.

Northwestern states. [/b]I was skeptical about this but the reality is that the Buhari support base are all clamouring for Tinubu. The Northwestern governors coupled with Buhari are all rooting for Tinubu. With elrufai as campaign DG, there's absolutely nothing the 419 tambuwal can do for Tinubu in this region.


Tinubu is expected to win all northwest state and also getting block votes from kano and Katsina. He might likely struggle with Atiku in sokoto but is expected to still win.

South-West: don't even go there. There's nothing any political opposition can do about this region. They should count it out of there equation.
Verdict: Tinubu to monopolize this region.

Northcentral: Tinubu is expected to win 3 states from this region, however only 1 state is certain which is kwara state. But he's most likely to win kogi and Niger.

Verdict: Tinubu to win kwara and kogi while also dragging Niger with Atiku.

Northeast: Bauchi, Borno, Gombe and Yobe should go to tinubu no doubt about it. However Atiku would likely pull an upset in 2 of the four states. Bauchi and gombe most likely.

Verdict: Tinubu to clinch at least 3 states from this region.

Many people online who are less informed about grassroot politics would ask how I expect Tinubu to dominate Northern regions when the likes of Kwankwaso and Atiku who are from there and are contesting the ballots.
Well like I said, they are less informed about grassroot politics until they do research themselves and see kwankwasiya cult followers all praising the jagaban or go to zaria to see northerners all praising the jagaban.
Majority of northerners calls tinubu jagaban for reason best known to them but the fact remains that the love is massive for the jagaban.

Anticipate the 2 million match for jagaban in Kano state. Then una go believe the weight.
You are a fool if u think the north west still support Buhari. You are even more of a fool thinking that Tinubu will win a single state in the northwest. We won't make much noise, 2023 is near. E go shock all of una
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sky-High Diesel Prices Squeeze Truckers, Farmers, Consumers In The US by Bnladan(m): 7:02am On Jul 26, 2022
Na wa oo
Politics / Re: Why We Visited Peoples Gazette's Office – Police by Bnladan(m): 5:51am On Jul 23, 2022
I think defamation of character is a purely civil matter, why not allow the courts decide
Actually defamation of character can be criminal in nature
Politics / Re: Muslim Faithfuls Worship With Christians At ECWA Church In Abuja by Bnladan(m): 12:44pm On Jul 18, 2022
PHOTO NEWS: Muslim faithful worship with Christians at ECWA Church on Lemu Road, Kaduna, on Sunday, as part of efforts at promoting inter-faith coexistence in Kaduna State.

Credit: Isaiah Benjamin
Confused Muslim u mean?! I will never for any reason pretend and worship with people of other faiths. I respect every religion but my religion forbids me from dat.
Politics / Re: APC's Muslim-Muslim Ticket Has Shot Peter Obi's Popularity In The North by Bnladan(m): 9:22am On Jul 16, 2022
Who is this Obi please? The only Obi we know is the one in primary school textbooks.
Crime / Re: Drunk Soldier Shot 2 Colleagues, One Dead, One Severe Wounded (photo by Bnladan(m): 5:23pm On Jul 14, 2022
That's Nemesis.
You are an animal! May the bad u wish others befall u
Religion / Re: Ondo Underground Church: MURIC Asks IGP To Transfer Case To Abuja by Bnladan(m): 10:55am On Jul 03, 2022
If a Muslim Taliban fanatic urges police to move swiftly this case to ABUJA without investigation, that means he was the one who set the Pastor up.

Take note, they are not after the Pastor but after the CHURCH.

There are some very shady things I observed as a detective.

1. Where there families that reported their children were missing?

2. Does that church have a program slatted for today?

3. Why are they bidding name of the church?

4. Why are they bidding name of the pastor?

5. Why are the police covering up everything to avoid people getting clearer details of the said incident?

To me, all I see is that Terrorists in that state is trying to destroy Churches there to plant Islam.

All I think is that those Children were having rehearsal for a program they have in church, possibly today.

Christians should insist on an open investigation into the matter.

That's why you need PETER OBI as the President of Nigeria.

Those who don't know that this election is between the two forces are too naive.

Live and let live.
Hypocrites. If really dis is how Peter Obi's supporters think, then we are safe to say his supporters are mad people.

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Religion / Re: Ondo Underground Church: MURIC Asks IGP To Transfer Case To Abuja by Bnladan(m): 10:52am On Jul 03, 2022
This Muric is making a Fool of nigerian government
Keep quiet there hypocrites! Ur comment would have been different had it been those kids where found in a mosque. Hypocrites everywhere. Shame on u and those people who hide under d guise of religion to perpetrate crimes. U don't have to force anyone to join a religion, preach to them.


Politics / Re: Northern Muslims Criticise Peter Obi Branded Praying Mats by Bnladan(m): 10:55am On Jun 30, 2022

Please look carefully on the mat and see that PO poster was gummed to the right bottom of a prayer mat by a mischievous anti - Obi idiot .

I am in a Tinubu supporters Telegram group, observing their blackmail chats. I can swear that this is from Tinubu supporters to make Muslims hate Peter Obi.im getting all evidence, I will expose them soon.
I don't have enough evidence to think otherwise. But my point is, whoever made these, it's still wrong. People are hungry, make branded rice bags and share. It's a good way of campaigning

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Politics / Re: Northern Muslims Criticise Peter Obi Branded Praying Mats by Bnladan(m): 10:52am On Jun 30, 2022

The donators/designers are Muslims themselves.
Whoever they are, it's wrong and unislamic. There are other ways to campaign targeting the Muslim populace. It's public knowledge that there is hunger in the land. Make a branded package of rice or other foodstuffs and share to people (Muslims and Christians alike).
Politics / Re: Northern Muslims Criticise Peter Obi Branded Praying Mats by Bnladan(m): 10:26am On Jun 30, 2022
I went through their most of the accounts and I found out that most of them are APC members. Real Muslims don't have any problem with that.

Tinubu urchins are doing the most.
Bro, it's not acceptable in Islam. The donator/campaigner should have seeked for expert opinion before making such kinda mats.
Politics / Re: Ekiti State Governorship Candidates Casting Their Votes (Pictures) by Bnladan(m): 8:55pm On Jun 18, 2022
May d best man win
Politics / Re: Aftermath Of Owo Church Attack: 70% Of Our People Have Left – Sarkin Hausawa by Bnladan(m): 8:50pm On Jun 18, 2022
Good riddance. The remaining 30% should also leave. You guys are agents of destruction and sorrow
Tribal bigot.
Politics / Re: How Northern Governors Dumped Amaechi For Tinubu by Bnladan(m): 6:03am On Jun 11, 2022
They dumped him because he’s a Christian nothing more.

Same thing they did to Osinbajo, even as a serving VP. He been a Christian and a RCCG pastor meant he had Zero Chance in APC.

I guess Ahmed Lawal is a Christian too
Politics / Re: Can You Imagine The North Have The Guts To Dump Tinubu by Bnladan(m): 9:30pm On Jun 06, 2022

I can't believe north can be ungrateful like this. After West gave you our bloc votes now you're saying this

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