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Romance / Re: Tough Relationship Issues, Can You Answer? [images] by BronzeMajik(f): 6:16pm On Apr 05

And the first shocked ?
I respect my mom a lot, I expect him to do same...
Romance / Re: Tough Relationship Issues, Can You Answer? [images] by BronzeMajik(f): 12:46pm On Apr 05
Second scenario, I'm siding with my dad.. I Will not be caught asking who wronged who..
I'd apologize to my boo later on

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Romance / Re: Ladies, When Your Man Is Angry, How Do You Calm Him Down? by BronzeMajik(f): 10:51pm On Apr 01
It depends on why he's angry...
Romance / Re: Will You Love To Marry Someone That Has Your Character? by BronzeMajik(f): 2:33pm On Mar 15
Never, never, never, I can give wahala, I don't want that for myself...
Romance / Re: This Is The Current Situation About The Pregnant Girl. by BronzeMajik(f): 3:40pm On Mar 05
Is the pregnant lady sick? Please be careful the kind of drugs you get her as it could pose a risk to the little one.
That being said binging on noodles at this time won't do her any good... Leafy greens, fruits and all round balanced diet....
May God bless you abundantly for what you're doing for her.. keep up the good work


Nairaland / General / Re: What Were The Silly Things You Believed As A Kid by BronzeMajik(f): 4:42pm On Mar 03
That Nigeria would get better.. how wrong I was.
Fashion / Re: HELP !!! HELP !!! WHO KNOWS THE FAMILY OF THIS NAIRALANDER CALLED VICTORIAN ??? by BronzeMajik(f): 7:38am On Feb 25
I never had a one on one chat with her but ...... oh God why?
I pray she finds peace wherever she is now.
Romance / Re: I Can't Be Happy If I Can't Watch A Woman I Love Grow Fat by BronzeMajik(f): 8:26am On Dec 14, 2020
[quote author=swiswiioo post=97041676] you're okay.. I see nothing wrong with you... You could be referred to as a feeder

n. a male who is sexually attracted to fat women and feels a compulsive need to feed women to make them fatter.

Just be straight from the get go about what you want, you'll be shocked..
Romance / Re: Help! I Am In Love With A Married Man! by BronzeMajik(f): 9:37am On Dec 13, 2020
leave now.. rip off the band-aid.
the longer you stay the more difficult it's gonna get to leave. this is all the advice you're gonna get.


Romance / Re: What Happened When My Girlfriend Chose “shiloh” Over Me by BronzeMajik(f): 9:06am On Nov 21, 2020

A little bit grin

I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Thanks for the compliment.
a little bit is just okay wink.
Please update your blog More often..I'm hooked.


Romance / Re: What Happened When My Girlfriend Chose “shiloh” Over Me by BronzeMajik(f): 7:20pm On Nov 20, 2020
beautifully written.. I love the way you write.. quick question are you really wayward?

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Romance / Re: What Are The Things That Make You Intentionally Not Pick Your Calls. Be Sincere by BronzeMajik(f): 11:31am On Nov 13, 2020
mostly because I don't have the strength to pretend I'm interested in whatever the person is saying..

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Romance / Re: When Did You Decide That The Relationship Was Over? by BronzeMajik(f): 2:50pm On Nov 12, 2020

I sometimes chip it in when we're playing. Nothing works, it's not as if she doesn't see it herself. Her sense of reasoning is illogical. Someone that I was trying to save from all these scam investment and she replied me with I'm making her sad.

I get that no one likes it when it becomes nagging. But she always does it and is always aware of what she does. She just doesn't care because she's selfish.

I have tried getting her from all angles. Telling her I'm not happy, scolding her, laughing at it, chipping it in conversations, getting distant, silent treatment etc. Just name it all. The truth is when you love someone, you'd want to bend the rules to please that person.

I can't stand it anymore, it's irritating to me. She knows it's bad. She's very arrogant and rude. You're talking with sense right now, she doesn't talk with sense at all. At least common sense should tell her that her actions is creating mess.

When she does this thing, it leaves the person feeling like a worthless human being. She lacks a teachable spirit. Someone that will say that's the way she is and I should accept her that way. I should just continue taking whatever she throws at me. You don't really understand.

When she complains and I listen, there's no problem. But when I complain, there is a problem and I'm turning it against her right? Nah... No one does that. It just pained me that I should have just dropped her a long time ago.
I've been reading your complaints about this girl.. for God's sake cant you leave the relationship? Will you die if you do? God.. I've been traumatized just reading all you've written.. she's going to keep sucking you in till you lose yourself.. she's going to spit you out when she's done.. you can't help her stop trying leave now while you still can don't say you weren't warned..
Romance / Re: Anything Wrong In Me (a Female) Deciding Not To Have A Partner? by BronzeMajik(f): 7:17am On Nov 12, 2020

I can see you know everything
thanks sir.. enjoy your day
Romance / Re: Anything Wrong In Me (a Female) Deciding Not To Have A Partner? by BronzeMajik(f): 6:58am On Nov 12, 2020

Don't come here and spit what you don't know
I can see you don't know anything Mr Charles..
Romance / Re: Anything Wrong In Me (a Female) Deciding Not To Have A Partner? by BronzeMajik(f): 6:26pm On Nov 10, 2020
Do whatever makes you happy.. marriage is not as Rosy as it seems.
Rules are man made and would be broken by same men.

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Romance / Re: How Many Men Have U Had Sex With (ladies Only) by BronzeMajik(f): 10:59am On Oct 19, 2020
2 long term relationships
2 flings
Making it 4

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Romance / Re: 95 More Days Till Christmas- Make A Christmas Wish by BronzeMajik(f): 6:02pm On Sep 23, 2020
I wish my business sales would go off the roof, till I'm unable to meet up with demands...
I wish my business to blow out of proportion cry
I wish to expand before December..
I wish my application gets granted..

Do I get more wishes?
Romance / Re: Was I Wrong??. by BronzeMajik(f): 11:12am On Aug 31, 2020

Thanks to technology and social decadence.

Most sex i have nowadays, are only based on physical attraction, thank God for the looks at least i dont sweat or promise heaven and earth to a girl to get laid.

Gracias senorita.

lol.. there's no hope the single ones out there..
Romance / Re: Was I Wrong??. by BronzeMajik(f): 9:57am On Aug 31, 2020

To be honest, my perception about relationship has changed so i dont know what to say.

I dont give my heart away and i can also invest in my wife not gf to avoid this kind of situation like yours.
Does it really worth it? Dying because of someone who never knew u existed before, all in the name of love. Wake up mi lady and wise up!!!

thanks so much for your advice, relationships these days is something else, people no longer know what they want..
it's all water under the bridge now.. I'm wiser.

have a great day ahead ciao...
Religion / Re: After The Rapture : A Letter To Those Left Behind by BronzeMajik(f): 9:14am On Aug 31, 2020
if only anyone would really get raptured..
you'all church goers ain't leaving this earth. I haven't seen anyone worthy of rapture yet including daddy g.o's.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria will never be better until.... by BronzeMajik(f): 11:14am On Aug 30, 2020
Thanks for this piece modestgal...
I've thought about this over and over again, Will
Nigeria ever get better... It seems we've sold our senses out just for the cheap illusion called safety, we're scared to speak scared to demand our rights scared to stand up for ourselves.. don't you ever Dare think a Nigerian would stand up to fight for freedom, we're enslaved in this country..
The leaders are liars the police are a little less than thugs let's not mention the army, because those ones see poor civilians as their enemies..
Where do we start from...
Truly we have to do something and very fast..

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Hacking The Female Mind. by BronzeMajik(f): 11:05am On Aug 30, 2020
No matter how wise a bird becomes,even if a bird refuses to perch the hunter also will learn how to shoot the bird in midair.

So you see,there is no "safe" place for the birds smiley

Badddd girl! wink

quote author=BronzeMajik post=77195740]we're all learning, since the hunter has learnt to shoot without missing the bird has also learnt to fly without perching.
good morning everyone.
this is hilarious lol
Politics / Re: How We Killed Uwaila, Suspect Confesses - Full Video by BronzeMajik(f): 6:57am On Aug 30, 2020
Nigerian Police! Who una wan deceive? Do you people have conscience at all?

Let everyone watch the video clip and read between the lines.
If the police could investigate the landlady's accounts and found nothing whatsoever linking her to all the allegations, why parading her?
Obviously they want to rope her in the case. Why? you may ask. The real kingpin fears that that landlady may talk. She may say what? That the late Uwaila may have been involved with the kingpin.
The main guy that made the confession obviously was involved. He sounds like he trying to cover up his sponsor hence the reason his trying to rope his landlady. Why didn't the police investigate his accounts? Oh...the police wouldn't want us to know that part.
The other guy's mom was just picked for no reason.
What I'm sensing here is that Uwa may have been pregnant for someone. Pregnant for someone who's reputation may have been at stake. To cover it up, uwa had to be taken care of so some boys were hired to do the job and paid some money. That is the only sensible reason to have murdered uwa.

Its just my wild imagination though.

I admire people who make good use of their thinking faculties .... you're right on track, nothing wild about your imagination... Isn't it annoying how these shitty people think they can just cook us this half baked arrest story and expect us to gulp it down Nigerians are gullible, The real perpetrator is still out there, these ones are the scape goats set-up to die for The sins of a VIP...
It's a cover up.
Something is wrong with Nigeria...


Romance / Re: 8 Type Of Ladies Guys Should Run Away From by BronzeMajik(f): 2:35pm On Aug 05, 2020

I think this one is important now.
Romance / Re: 8 Type Of Ladies Guys Should Run Away From by BronzeMajik(f): 12:00pm On Aug 05, 2020
How about types of guys a lady should run away from?

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Romance / Re: Anambra Wants To Marry Edo by BronzeMajik(f): 5:07pm On Apr 21, 2020
.. God in his Mercy will never let me experience had I known . I will definitely seek alternative
before you accept the biased opinion of strangers here, bear in mind that this is Life there's no guarantee for anything... relationship... business.... marriage, happiness and marital success has got nothing to do with tribe, race and skin color, know your partner make up your mind and take the leap, no two individuals are the same... and stop listening to stories on here.

Stop The tribalism, most ibos here cannot bear the thought of you marrying out of the ibo tribe, hence the rooster and bull stories they're throwing around.. if you can work with this lady...if she listens to you..if she cares about you... and if she values what you have, don't be silly please marry her already and make your family see reasons with you.. if you're not willing to make it work.. it wouldn't.
This is a public forum no one knows this lady better than you do... No one can pretend for that long, the answer you seek is within.

Sorry for the epistle, I pray you Man up and choose for yourself.
Romance / Re: Christmas Give Away. by BronzeMajik(f): 9:55am On Dec 24, 2019
I need the money because I want to get the feelings of how money given by a lady seems like... I have been doing the opposite for long.. Lemme really know what it feels like.
Ikenna Collins Onyejegbu
not a good enough reason

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Religion / Re: Your Opinion Is Needed. by BronzeMajik(f): 6:57am On Dec 19, 2019
So sad i jumped on this thread almost a year it was created my little contribution= M.R.N.I.G.E.R.(Digestion equally means death) speaking from a project manager's view, let take LIFE as a project cos a project is simply defined as anything that has a definite start must surely have an end.
you liken life to some kinda project?
Romance / Re: Christmas Give Away. by BronzeMajik(f): 9:20pm On Dec 18, 2019
Access bank boss
you haven't given any reason as to why you need The money.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by BronzeMajik(f): 2:15pm On Dec 18, 2019
[quote author=Khalidase83 you can edit now.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland/General Section Chatroom by BronzeMajik(f): 1:48pm On Dec 18, 2019
Ok.we could chat on WhatsApp if u don't mind.
drop your number I'll chat you up.

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