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Career / Re: Is There Any Advantage Of Having A HSE Certificate? by BTCog: 6:48pm On Jul 28
Hello Naira landers,

I looked up the cost of enrollment for HSE 1-3. It's almost around 400K. Considering the economy, is it wise to spend that kind of money on training?

How lucrative is having a HSE certificate in the job market?

Which jobs are readily available for HSE holders?

Please, don't waste your money. There are several HSE courses organised free by NGOs and churches. Meanwhile, if there's a 99% assurance given to you by an employer that if you have the certificate you get the job, then you can go for it. Preferably, you can rather use the money to learn a skill. It is easier for someone in the field already to switch to HSE by doing some of the trainings on part time. HSE job is not ideal for a complete starter without experience.


Politics / Re: Kenya Denies Arrest & Deportation Of Nnamdi Kanu by BTCog: 9:11am On Jul 02
Every country is denying for the fear of Igbo recking their country

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Politics / Re: Google Deletes Adamu Garba’s "App" From PlayStore by BTCog: 7:27pm On Jun 14
I will ban Google in Nigeria- Buhari

Google has to register its business with CAC or we will ban them like their cousin tweeter.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Explosion Cripples Iran Oil Refinery Hours After Fire Sinks Its Largest Warship by BTCog: 12:55am On Jun 04
Leave Israel alone but Iran won't hear. They will keep sponsoring Hesbolla. In the same vain, Fulani leave Biafra alone but you won't hear still
Politics / Re: Umahi Sacks Over 1000 Board Members, Aides by BTCog: 7:04pm On May 29
Fake news...... Ebonyi doesn't have 64 local government

Ebonyi has 13 LGAs recognized by the Federal Government but it also operates 64 development centres with appointed administrators. About 23 LGA's were created by Dr Sam Egwu but the Federal Govt refused to recognize them, the state then operated them as development centres. The LGA allocations from the Federal Government are shared amongst the development centres. Every autonomous community in the state has a development center.
Politics / Re: AIB Recovers Black Box Of Crashed Jet, Begins Probe by BTCog: 12:02am On May 23
What for? Is this not the one the result will be coming out in 5yrs time?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Karim Benzema Called-Up By France Squad For Euro's Competition by BTCog: 2:22pm On May 18
Good for him. He would have been the France, all time highest goal scorer by now, if he had been with the national team since 2015

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Travel / Re: Deplorable Nature Of Roads In Oyigbo Rivers State by BTCog: 3:09pm On May 16
Same with Etche roads
Religion / Re: Catholic Church Suspends Father Mbaka Over Row With Buhari, Followers On Rampage by BTCog: 8:44am On May 06
I am not a catholic but I love Mbaka. I don't see any justification for his suspension. Should everybody keep quiet until Buhari and his cohorts kill everybody. Let them also recommend discipline to the American priest that criticized Joe Bidden and vowed not to serve him communion. The Catholic church risk losing Mbaka. I see no offence he has committed. Why do priests preach against sin? Are the sins of the people in Government now approved in Heaven? This is hypocrisy at its peak.

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Food / Re: See How I prepared my stew as a single guy. by BTCog: 7:38am On May 04
just look at the legs of a millionaire....

Beloved, it's not by their legs. It's by the fatness of the bank accounts and the size of their business. Fear Igbo millionaires oo. Many of them are very silent


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Releases Pix Of Armoured Tanks, Operation Vehicles Captured From Army by BTCog: 11:06pm On Apr 28
It seems the military released the armory to the people they bought them for since they (the military) seem not to know hoe to use them.

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Romance / Re: Fooled My Girlfriend Of 4 Years To Thinking She Was Going Out With Another Guy by BTCog: 6:32pm On Apr 17
This is my submission. Though the temptation was high for her but in all the conversation, she still loves you. She didn't prove a saint but she is still a good girl.

If a girl gives 1/10th of their temptation you are likely going to fall ten times. I don't support immorality but you have been with her for 4 years without a commitment outside sex and that doesn't mean that she could still not leave you.

She didn't deny you. She promoted you in the conversations. However, ladies can learn not to allow any man rush them this way. Most of such end in tears. If you really love her, she wants a commitment from you.
Phones / Re: TECNO Spark 7p (N60,900) Vs Infinix Hot 10 (N63,400) Which Should U Buy?(photos) by BTCog: 11:16am On Apr 16
Nothing will make me go for any infinix product again. I have used two infinix products and my present infinix 8i is just another mistake. Even from the OP's description, video and photos it is obvious that Tecno is better.
Crime / Re: Two Arrested In Rivers With Substandard Ponmo From Madagascar by BTCog: 5:08pm On Apr 13
The last time they buried imported chickens, people exhumed it in the night, even while we were going to work at Onne in the morning people were still busy carrying their loot. I know people living around Eleme/Onne are already on the watch out for the burial as usual.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Gets New Dress Code by BTCog: 4:31pm On Apr 11
Politics / Re: Check Out Road Projects By Governor Yahaya Bello In Kogi by BTCog: 11:10am On Apr 04
It's he just woke up
Events / Re: How Much Do I Need To Have A Modest, Cost Effective Wedding? by BTCog: 4:36pm On Mar 11
Hi My People,

How are y'all doing? I believe everyone's doing just fine.

Please I wanna know, considering the rising cost of things in Nigeria, how much do I need to have a Modest Wedding?

I mean, i don't even have a million naira o.

I need your honest views.


Kindly help me take this to the promised land.

1.Hire a good wedding gown@ not more than ₦20k
2. Sew a quality shirt & suit at Aba @ ₦15k or less.
3. Plastic souvenirs only, not more that 200 pieces
4. Use your church hall to host the reception.
5. Don't hire any bus to bring in-laws or villagers to the venue.
6. Use only the people who can pay for their cloths as best man and bridal train.
7. Do not hire hotel for any guest. Rather find a nearby hotel to lodge for the wedding night while your guests who couldn't travel back sleep in your house. Anybody that feels too comfortable will extend his stay.
8. One and half bags of rice only; One bag only should be cooked for the guests while half bag for people that will sleep over.
9. Do not hire any vehicle for the wedding. Liaise with friends and church members for support.
10. Do not hire any live band. Use your church band/choir.
11. The same cake quality that people pay ₦200k to get, you can get same at ₦20k; all na packaging.
12. Organize a committee of friends who shall not just help in organizing the day but should also be able to contribute reasonable amount in support.
13. Do not rely on your invitation cards. Make use of your social media.

With the things I have listed above, you already have idea of other areas you will cut off.

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Politics / Re: Don’t Touch Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu Warns FG by BTCog: 1:43pm On Feb 27

That's stupidity. Wisdom is keeping silence and watch things behind the scenes. That way you benefit more without getting involved.

Igboho had dissociated himself from Kanu , Yorubas and Igboho never asked for Kanu help.

Why is Kanu always eager to stay in the news? Why all this desire to seek attention? A leader accumulate and evoke awe through calculated silence, such that whenever he speaks, people listen.

Kanu is like a radio without battery. Always getting himself and Ndiigbo involved in issues we have no link with.

Just stop reading any News from Kanu if you can stand it. You don't like him, yet any news about him whether fake or real you will still rush to read.
Politics / Re: Atiku Appeals To Buhari: Don’t Shut Down Cryptocurrency Business by BTCog: 4:15pm On Feb 06
Atiku is just chasing clout... CBN took the best decision.

Unregulated Crypto currency is a lazy investment that tilts more on outflow of FX rather than inflow.. it is death sentence to import dominated countries.

E.g- I buy bitcoin with N10m that would be domiciled in source Nation(not Nigeria).. if it rises in 1 year by maybe 10%, I may have gained 1m as an individual, but I have starved my country economy of recycling my 10m if it was domiciled in a Nigerian bank or invested into the society which could have produced more than 10% while creating jobs.. note as an import dominated nation, the chance of loosing that 1m as another escaped forex is 95% on foreign goods while 5% I may spend on local food.

The Nigerian greed for small margins has blinded a lot of people, imagine Crypto currency trading far beyond your indigenous Stock exchange and some feel it's okay

With all the mentions and insults, if we put this same energy into investing in Nigeria, would we be complaining of unemployment?... someone actually said he has over 1,000btc in his wallet, that's about $35m or N16.450bn just waiting to flip currency and make small margin rather than real investment that creates jobs for the economy, but we are quick to say no jobs.

Do not speak of what you do not understand. Do you know how many Nigerians are involved in forex business via crypto. You think crypto business is all about buying Bitcoin and wait for it to rise. Nigerian currency is on daily decline. Do you know that with ₦500k stored in Bitcoin, you can be cashing out over 50k monthly without doing any trade. Do you know that the same way USD is traded other currencies in forex, so also you trade Bitcoin, tron, USDT, etc. How many jobs is the government providing that they should kill the ones that the unemployed have provided for themselves. About 50% of online businesses today are done via cryptocurrency.

They should also be ready to welcome the number of high class robbers they will be introducing to the streets.


Business / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies by BTCog: 3:42pm On Feb 06
Do they want to replace Bitcoin with cowcoin?
Phones / Re: How New Whatsapp Policy Threatens Security Of Nigerians And Other Alternatives by BTCog: 1:00pm On Jan 13
I have nothing to hide. Let them go ahead.
Politics / Re: Francis Osagie Erhabor Resigns From Police Force Over Non-Promotion by BTCog: 8:01pm On Jan 02
Let's raise money for the retirement of this noble man
Crime / Re: Another Woman Accuses Alaska Obi Of Rape; Says She's Willing To Testify In Court by BTCog: 7:04pm On Dec 19, 2020
In the olden times, it was only "pregnancy" that announced openly that people had sex in the secret but today but after sex in the secret they will use social media "town cryers" to announce it in the public. Wao, how time changes.
Politics / Re: Ali Odefa Becomes PDP National Vice Chairman (south East) by BTCog: 10:42am On Dec 07, 2020
Ali = Igbo Muslim
Hausa/Fulani are gradually taking over SE lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Let the Islamization begins.

"Ali" in their dialect means land. Ali Odefa is no moslem. He attends RCCG. He is the son of the late Chief Obasi Odefa, a former commissioner for Works and Housing in the old Abia state, one of the few Igbo literate families that have rejected anything English name. All his siblings within and outside the country bear no English name. His elder brother who is the Deputy Speaker Ebonyi House of Assembly migrated to APC with the Governor but he refused to join them.

I know him to his roots. He has a deadly heart that can withstand anybody. He was the key brain behind Umahi's first victory against Elechi. He fights to finish. That was why the first position Umahi gave him was his chief security officer. Umahi fears him. The only luck Umahi has is that Chief Ali Odefa has a very good wife who has helped to shape Ali to be a responsible human being. Otherwise, it would just have been a total war in the State. That woman is an angel and he doesn't play with her.

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Investment / Re: MBA Forex Changes Maturity by BTCog: 12:23am On Dec 05, 2020
If truly they have increased there maturity period that is a clear indication that it is a ponzi scheme.
Please how is it a ponzi scheme when I make 90% of my investment in 6 months, 180% in 1 yr and yet the capital is still mine. Please explain more to me. In 7 months I get back all my investment and yet the ROI os still coming.

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Politics / Re: Buhari's N66 Million Aso Rock Rent, N45 Million Sewerage Charges Raise Eyebrows by BTCog: 10:45am On Dec 01, 2020
Politics / Re: 'I Will Marry You Over And Over' - Patience Jonathan To Goodluck Jonathan by BTCog: 4:37pm On Nov 22, 2020
In my two decades of living in this world as a Nigerian, I have known only four Nigerian First ladies.

Late Stella Obasanjo was a pretty face and a very beautiful woman physically. I don't know much about her contribution to government but I remember my mum loved her (of course pretty women admire each other). Towards the end of 2005 , 5 years old me watched her funeral service on TV and looked at my mum cry. Her funeral and "Joy Joy Joy" music video by Destined Kids are the only TV scenes I can recall from that year. I think Stella failed as a first lady and feminist to teach young women to be comfortable in their skins and not alter their bodies to keep a womanizer attached. She's my second best first lady.

Turai Yaradua was first lady around the time I just started secondary school. I remember things like the 7-point agenda of her husband who was short-lived (Good people leave fast). Turai was a power broker, a one-woman cabal and later married her academically sound daughters with huge industrial potentials as 3rd and 4th wives to men older than the Late Yaradua. Not a good role model to young African girls at an epoch in human civilization where girls are breaking records in various industries. She ranks 4th and last according to my judgement.

Aisha Buhari is a very pretty woman, one of the prettiest first ladies in the world without cosmetic enhancements. However, her points dropped as she is also the only first lady who engaged in brutal physical fights and destruction of properties at the government house. It is unethical for the wife of the president to be caught fighting , throwing harmful objects and breaking house appliances on camera. She is not a good role model for young women and young marriages in a period where humanity is United in the fight against domestic violence. She ranks third based on my assessment.

Dame Patience Jonathan ranks first and is on top because she continued her job as a permanent secretary despite her husband's affluence which makes her an inspiration to young women and families where both wife and husband must be breadwinners. She was real, was confident in her physicality and sympathized with victims of humanitarian crises. Her famous "THERE IS GOD O" exclamation is gold and reminds listeners of what a mother should be and what a mother's love is.

Sad thing is that she married a clueless man who neglected his own people. Kudos to President Buhari for working hard to restore NIGERIA's place in the league of Sane climes.
The best First Lady I met is Maryam Babangida. Her "better life for rural women" still speaks till date. Her exploits have Nigeria a great recognition in Belgian women international conference


Politics / Re: Umahi To IGP: Remove Us From Anambra. I Don’t Know Who Smuggled Us To Awka by BTCog: 6:45pm On Aug 15, 2020
An average Anambrarian hates an Ebonyian with passion . We are okay staying where we are please


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: I Am Opposed To General Buhari But Sowore Lied by BTCog: 10:39pm On Aug 03, 2020
The only thing I noticed is that Reno is bent on having Sowore buried for his past misbehaviour
Celebrities / Re: Angela Okorie Marries Desmond 'Chuchu' In A Beach Wedding (Pictures) by BTCog: 10:35pm On Jul 30, 2020
I used to think that Angela was very tall or does it mean that her man is long?

Politics / Re: NNPC Averts $125 Million Fraud Targeted At FG by BTCog: 10:30pm On Jul 30, 2020
Damage Control.

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Politics / Re: Zulum To Army: If You Can’t Secure Baga, We’ll Mobilise Hunters To Do The Job by BTCog: 10:19pm On Jul 30, 2020

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