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Politics / Re: 4 Victims Of Kaduna Mosque Attack Left Behind 61 Orphans, Widows by Bukasint(f): 6:29am On Sep 04, 2023
Crime / Re: Police Searching For Man Seen On CCTV Footage Stealing Manholes In Lagos (Video) by Bukasint(f): 9:23am On Jul 07, 2023
Why not womanholes? I only know a guy who stole womanholes and not manholes.
Religion / Re: If You End Up In Hell Fire, Who Would You Blame? by Bukasint(f): 9:20am On Apr 02, 2023
I will blame me with big dicks because big dicks run me crazy


Celebrities / Re: Blessing CEO Remanded In Prison Till May 30 Over Alleged Cyber-Bullying & Libel by Bukasint(f): 11:05am On Apr 01, 2023
I remember her voice. Bimbo has always wanted to DIE!!!

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Travel / Re: Lagos State Asks For Blood Donation For Victims Of Train/Bus Accident by Bukasint(f): 4:28pm On Mar 09, 2023
NYSC / Re: My Nysc Experiences by Bukasint(f): 7:23pm On Mar 30, 2022
Hello more story. What happened and how it ended..

We finally drive of the highway and took a single lane route to the right. As we drove on the houses became fewer and less impressive. I told myself, 'this can't be anywhere like where I was going. This must be some of the village settlements along the route I saw on the map'. It seemed my prayers got answered for a while; we soon drove into what looked like a small town settlement with electricity and quite a few nice houses. I smiled and turned to the next passenger, 'ebele owu Ohoba? '. "No", he replied with surprise written all over his sun dried face. 'corper, you understand igbo? My face turned green with the sudden realisation that I had betrayed my what I promised would be my secret throughout my stay here- that I spoke and understood Igbo fairly well despite my riverine origin. 'yea, a little', I replied quickly and turned my face away to avoid an interrogation. The poor man must have caught the message and faced his own business wondering why Amadioha allowed him come across this unhappy soul today.
We soon came across another small town like the first and this time I didn't get my hopes high to avoid another disappointment, and just as I feared our journey continued even further.
We soon took a left turn and sped into what looked like an new road with thick forest vegetation on both sides dotted with a few block houses that seemed so old you could have sworn the British colonials built them. Soon the vegetation faded into cassava farms and bordered by oil palms. 'At least I was posted to an oil producing local government area quite literally'. After what looked like eternity the farms finally disappeared giving way to a few old buildings, mostly dilapidated and small mud huts. What ever this villagers here were, it wasn't far from a band of primitive farmers lost in the civilisation, completely oblivious of the concept modern architecture in its entirety. On the good side anyone staying here wouldn't have to buy garri or palm oil judging from the luscious farms we just passed. Gradually, more houses came into view, but their style was all the same: colonial, backward and unattractive. The bus finally came to a stop at what looked like the end of the road. 'No way!', I screamed in my mind. "This can't be the Ohoba " maybe I entered the wrong bus, or maybe the driver was going to turn around after dropping passengers meant for this medieval village.
The passenger with whom I had the ill conversation with earlier on turned to me, 'this is Ohoba.
Do you have the address of your employer?. I can get you a bike to take you there'. He seemed to be doing all he could to help a bemused stranger find his destination, but in my ungrateful eyes I saw him as the devil, smiling at my despair, claiming to be helpful whilst with every word he meant to say, ' I gotcha! Welcome to the deepest reaches of hell, I'll be your guide through this Dante's Inferno. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay'. I managed a pretentious smile as I passed the address to him. I wondered if he could read. Well, if he couldn't I wouldn't surprised in the least. As part of my one year of service to my country, I have been commissioned to liberate the youths of this village, including him, from the cold grips of illiteracy and jungle ignorance. I would stop at nothing until they become liberated from the evil fangs of medieval illiteracy. He soon found a bike for me and gave instructions to the bike man to drop me at the school on the note I scribed to him. However pleased I was with my unfortunate posting, I had no reason to blame this man. He was Afterall helping me! The least I could do was say thanks for without his help maybe I would have carried my loads on my head like some village house boy; no doubt an impression that would stick firmly in the mind of the locals.
The bike took a path through what looked like an abandoned compound and into a small open yard where a few children where playing in the sand; no doubt their afternoon routine after school everyday. We passed a few homes then corned into a a forest path away from the main village. My heart sunk into my stomach! 'Gosh! Was I getting kidnapped? Or was my employer running a school for spirit children in this forest?
'Oga, No vex', I tapped the bike man. 'the school dey inside bush?'
'we don almost reach already. E no far', he snorted.
My face reddened with anger. What did I do to deserve this wickedness? Why would NYSC send people to places like this? Why would NYSC send me to a place like this? Or was there a grand plot by someone at the top against me? Why would all this shit keep happening to me? He finally made a right cut into a path with thick bush on either side like a sort of wall ending in front of rusty, rickety gate which looked like it was made out of condemned kitchen scrap.
'we don almost reach already. E no far', he snorted.
My face reddened with anger. What did I do to deserve this wickedness? Why would NYSC send people to places like this? Why would NYSC send me to a place like this? Or was there a grand plot by someone at the top against me? Why would all this shit keep happening to me? He finally made a right cut into a path with thick bush on either side like a sort of wall ending in front of rusty, rickety gate which looked like it was made out of condemned kitchen scrap.
'na the school be this', he said with a triumphant smile. I could see the sneer on his face (so my confused mind made think) no doubt satisfied with bringing yet another victim to whoever it was that set him on this morbid commission.
Sure enough I looked at the rusty signboard and to confirm my fears. It was it. My place of primary assignment. This was as bad you could ever get. Well, my only recourse was to play crazy and wish the employer would find my disposition annoying. I had to get that rejection letter whether he liked it or not.

'where the employer house dey', I asked the bike man.
'we just pass am as we dey come',
Can you take me there '
I climbed the bike and we turned around made for 100 yards and stopped in front of an old, ugly excuse of a house. There was a bike parked outside. 'I was going to be employed by an okada rider', my stupid mind thought.
I tapped softly at the door. I feared if I tapped with more power the door would give way. It was an old, rottening ( or made of rottening wood) held to the weak remains of the door frame by a single hinge. Maybe no one lived here. I tapped again and turned to leave when I heard baritone voice from the inside. I didn't hear the voice clearly but I assumed it said 'who is it' so I replied I was a new corper posted to his school and just arrived. I heard the voice again from inside followed by heavy footsteps that sounded like they made pot holes in the floor with each thud. A shadow appeared in the doorway; a black huge man with a tummy that made you wonder what he ate for food. My guess was he is cannibal who swallows his meal whole. Well, I wasn't going to be his next meal. I took a few steps away from the door. To safety.
Introduced myself briefly, handed him my letter of posting and waited. He read through the letter slowly, with his fingers tracing each word, like a blind man reading blind people literature. After what seemed like a while he looked up.
'but I've got too many corpers already, why do NYSC keep sending me more? ' My heart leapt for joy. This neanderthal might be a human eater but at least we agree on thing.
'do you mind if I see your result'
was he going to conduct an interview or what? I thought he and I were on the same page moments ago?
I fumbled through my file for the result and handed it over to him. He went through it with the usual odd habit.
I think I'll take you'
Was he dreaming? I didn't want to be taken. I thought my countenance made that clear. I had to figure a way to handle this before he got his hopes unnecessarily high.
'I know you're disappointed from your look. This village is a nice place and in sure you'll enjoy it. We have a few problems with power but besides the he have many strong points. We're a very quiet, peaceful community, with no history of corper harassment. And they are many corpers here already. Five in my school and three in a primary school not far from here.

I felt a sudden rush of excitement in my belly. If they were corpers here already it might not be a bad idea afterall. I kicked out the idea immediately. I don't care if an entire platoon was posted here. It didn't change the fact that here was an village left behind by civilisation, ravaged by dilapidation, and plagued by ignorance, at least that was I how I perceived it.
He handed over a small slip of paper to me. A quick glance at it confirm my deepest fear- an acceptance. Well, what could I do but accept my unfortunate plight.
I thanked him and left in a hurry wondering if this was a dream- a night mare I wished would never come back again.
But even then, there was no denying the obvious - I was stuck in the middle of Dante's Inferno and for the next 8 months I had to endure my most unfortunate dilemma.

Travel / Re: Masters Abroad by Bukasint(f): 11:29am On Mar 25, 2022

Good evening Doc

Please, I'd like to get some information about postgraduate studies in the US.

1. Did you take GRE or IELTS or Both
2. Are you doing a direct PhD. Is it possible?
I read where you said you applied to 20+ schools, how do I go about that and what are their requirements.


I have more questions and clarifications but I'd be glad if you can answer the above. Thanks, I appreciate.


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Romance / Re: Know This Any Time You See A Man Bragging That He Has Slept With A Certain Lady by Bukasint(f): 11:34am On Mar 19, 2022
I have noticed this about fellow guys, and I'm sure some of us have had similar experiences.

Most times when a guy is close to girl and his friends probably knows that they are close.. If he attempts to sleep with the girl and she refused. They normal go about bragging that they have slept with her just to massage their ego and some might even claim that they stopped talking to her after sleeping with her... While the real truth is that the girl stopped talking to them when they attempted to cross the boundary and she got upset.

The Truth is that no real man sleeps with a woman and talks about it, except the girl is a runs girl...

No real man does. Anytime you see a man doing this, just know that he tried but didn't succeed...

You must be a Joker!!! These days men will fuvvvk you and tell their friends. Most guys are kiss and tell. A man will brag about it just to prove a point. That's why as a young lady try and bill a man so much even if it means for him to steal before he gets under your pants otherwise you will be used and dumped like tissue paper.
Celebrities / Re: Zinoleesky and Mohbad Arrested By NDLEA At Their Residence (Video) by Bukasint(f): 4:59am On Feb 24, 2022
When will they parade Abba kyari in this format. I don't want to see these guys like this tomorrow. What is good for the goose is good for the gander...

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Celebrities / Re: I Feel Pity For My Boyfriend's Wife – Bobrisky by Bukasint(f): 9:26am On Feb 07, 2022
Believing this immbecile at your own risk... everything about him is lies upon lies...

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Health / Re: Doctor Removes Ovaries Of Teenager During Appendix Surgery In Benue by Bukasint(f): 9:26am On Feb 04, 2022
Was that a fake doctor? Many of them prowl around everywhere. Someone has to take up this case and follow it up to the logical conclusion.

I pity your life... they are the ones that even kill often because they hardly study or know the latest guildlines. If you don't know...know it now
Romance / Re: Are Female Doctors Also Promiscuous? by Bukasint(f): 4:34pm On Jan 19, 2022
Yes I am female doctor and I like MTN everywhere you go...

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Can A Biochemistry Graduate Become A MLS Professional? by Bukasint(f): 1:37pm On Dec 25, 2021

Like I said, some nurses are clinically sound than some physicians.
Go kii urself over it.
The point is that all profession requires certain training.

Lol... Your ignorance doesn't exclude stupidity Sha....

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Can A Biochemistry Graduate Become A MLS Professional? by Bukasint(f): 1:02pm On Dec 25, 2021

All I see is a bittered doctor trying to cause a fight.
Biochemistry is different from Medlab.
1)One is under faculty of natural science while one is in faculty of medical sciences .
2) Biochemistry is 4yrs course while medlab is 5yrs.
3) medlab have knowledge of Anatomy, biochemistry and physiology which biochemistry graduates lack.
Most nurses are clinically sound than physicians and it still won't make them to cut corners to start practicing as a physician.

Are you okay? A nurse clinically sound more than some physician? Asin for this December you just dey vomit this nonsense..No make fore burn you oOoOO pls

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Fashion / Re: Hisbah To Grill Shatu Garko's Parents Over Illegal Participation In Miss Nigeria by Bukasint(f): 3:37pm On Dec 22, 2021
You all can come here to vomit and sound like the true sons and daughters of slave drivers who did not only empty your virtues but carted away your brains in chains across the oceans and buried same in their farmlands.

It is a good thing that this religion you love to hate stands for everything dignifying to humanity. What does your religion stand for?. Is it not pathetic to know that you propagate everything that satisfies your lust and desires. Is it not unfortunate to know that homosexual and lesbianism is your stock in trade. Is it not a shame to know that you take pride in nudity and all that encourages promiscuity.

Islam is everything your fake faith is not. Of what use is a religion that stands for everything and nothing in particular?

Are you okay? You need urgent psychiatric evaluation.


Celebrities / Re: Isoko Boys Are Good In Bed - OAP Moet Abebe (video) by Bukasint(f): 6:53pm On Dec 12, 2021
She is saying the truth..the isoko boy way I meet for Asaba nearly swept me off my feet..I was still going back for more and had multiple orgasms. They Sabi knack wella...they are the male version of Calabar Ladies. Another set of guys way no Sabi anything na Yoruba boy's but them too dey get big GBOLA way them no fit use.....

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Romance / Re: Black Men's Penis Still Remains The Best In The World by Bukasint(f): 10:34am On Dec 09, 2021
then why should we take you serious now an not assume ur catching cruise

Hey kilode...
Travel / Re: Helicopter Carrying India's Chief Of Defence Staff, Gen Bipin Rawat Crashes by Bukasint(f): 9:54am On Dec 09, 2021

Hope not for the fatal accident ..

Godforbid...not at all
Romance / Re: Who Are Those Marrying The Female Doctors? by Bukasint(f): 7:41pm On Dec 08, 2021
Lol.....na big gbola u dey find.....u wan dey use needle and thread after sex ni

Travel / Re: Helicopter Carrying India's Chief Of Defence Staff, Gen Bipin Rawat Crashes by Bukasint(f): 10:28am On Dec 08, 2021
I am so happy...thank you Jesus
Romance / Re: Who Are Those Marrying The Female Doctors? by Bukasint(f): 9:27am On Dec 08, 2021
marry me if u don repent

With ur small GBOLA
Romance / Re: Who Are Those Marrying The Female Doctors? by Bukasint(f): 9:27am On Dec 08, 2021

Hope say ur Womb and co genitals still dey intact cool


Romance / Re: Who Are Those Marrying The Female Doctors? by Bukasint(f): 10:10pm On Dec 07, 2021
These guys are indirectly talking to me...who will marry me like this after all my sexual escapades as a Doctor....


Sports / Re: Ballon D’or: Be Sincere To Yourself, Not Empty Words – Lewandowski Slams Messi by Bukasint(f): 8:38am On Dec 07, 2021
They should all Bleep off...what's the headache in Messi winning!!!! Was it Messi that bribed his way through.abeg make we hear word you guys are seriously annoying. Pls both Lewa and Leo should focus on making more money.

Abeg leave Messi alone he has won it he has won and he has moved on....

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Education / Re: Share Your Secondary School Experience With Bullies by Bukasint(f): 8:38pm On Dec 04, 2021
I was only bullying big GBOLA way come my way....I dey build and demolish them for school and when sometimes white comes out I will be pleased....


Health / Re: Help! My Wife Has Been Bleeding For Over Two Months After Family Planning by Bukasint(f): 1:12pm On Nov 17, 2021
Hello guys... I will make this as short as possible. My wife and I decided to do family planning. We opted for the 3 months injection option. She took the first one over three months ago. Like a week after taking the injection she started her menstrual cycle. Since then it has refused to stop. She went back to the hospital and she was told to exercise patience.

Please medical doctors in the house and ladies who have experienced this in the past, what can she do to stop the bleeding. Thanks...


IUDC is the best, As a Doctor I usually advice women to use it and save themselves the headache and trauma of recurrent vagina bleeding, that was what I used during my undergraduate days for runs....

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Romance / Re: I Am Falling In Love With My Course Mate Really Don't Know What To Do About It by Bukasint(f): 8:50am On Nov 08, 2021
Am a 24 years medical student in my fourth year of the university I meet her when we where in our second year I never knew she was even in our class until our second year at first we where only saying hello to each other than some school stuff brought us together in our third year ever since we became close as friends and now I am realizing that I really like her and I want more than just being normal friends with her.

I feel it wouldn't be right because we are in the same department same level in school I keep on trying to let the feeling go but everyday I keep on seeing her and my feelings for her keep on increasing.

I really need advice on what to do I don't know what to do about the emotions I feel towards her.

Don't fail your Pharmacology and Pathology. I know how a guy in my class failed because of his love for me and I used him to the extent he repeated the class. I moved on and he is still in final year now.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Governorship Election 2021: Live Updates And Monitoring by Bukasint(f): 3:29pm On Nov 07, 2021

What is the margin?

1 million
Properties / Re: Ikoyi Building Collapse: Number Of Survivors Now 15, 42 Dead ― Sanwo-olu by Bukasint(f): 10:03pm On Nov 06, 2021
Thank You Jesus

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Politics / Re: Early Pictures From Anambra State Governorship Election by Bukasint(f): 10:03am On Nov 06, 2021
Lol...old people as usual

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Politics / Re: Doyin Okupe Shines At The PDP National Convention by Bukasint(f): 7:35pm On Nov 02, 2021
That's all you could remember...

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