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Family / Re: I Found Mycoten Vagina Cream In My Wife's Wardrobe by carinmom(f): 1:34pm On Jan 30
From looking for duvet,u enter ur wife bag as if na there d duvet dey,u should thank her for trying to use the cream to be clean for u.from the way u sound I think u don't really show her care and love. After checking it out online an found out it could be she was having scratches,u should have showed her more care by dropping some cash for her to go for better checkup if she was scared she could have some infections,or buy her more toiletries on your way back home. But no.u went nagging asking her if she was cheating on u,u will kill her and bla bla bla.if na who wey no go loose am for u? Men u guys could be so annoying sometimes. House owner

This Op needs serious flogging, haba ordinary mycoten fa. Hmmm

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Crime / Re: Wife Set Herself On Fire In Kano After Husband Married A Second Wife by carinmom(f): 10:33pm On Jan 29
Why do they behave like they never knew taking another wife is an Islamic man's right?
Agreed it's his right but there are conditions attached to it. He must be doing OK financially and must treat them fairly, if he can't then it is even a sin for him to marry more than one. But these men are not trying seriously.


Crime / Re: Wife Set Herself On Fire In Kano After Husband Married A Second Wife by carinmom(f): 10:28pm On Jan 29
Na real wah ooo! If no be say the wife kill the husband, e go be say she set herself on fire!
Na wah for these northerners ooo! Upon say na part of their religion since time, e still dey cause problem.
Them suppose don dey used to it by now abi? undecided

The issue here is that, in Islam a man can marry up to 4 wives if he has the means to support all of them and the condition is that he must treat them fairly, but if he knows that he can't be fair and just to all of them then it is forbidden for him to marry more than one wife. But the problem is that our northern men are overdoing it, they see it as permission to keep wives even if they lack the financial strength and that is where the problem is.


Career / Re: How Does one Handle Evil And Diabolism In Work Environments? by carinmom(f): 5:23pm On Jan 28
Juju works with jinns.

Allah controls jinns

Don't fear them...... Nobody can hurt you except with your creation permission
NYSC / Re: Corper Azeez Shittu Olalekan Missing In Jigawa After Their Bus Was Robbed by carinmom(f): 5:25am On Jan 19

We got a call this evening. Sadly, it was from the abductors. He spoke with us, but sounded really terrified.

Yes exactly the report I got that almost 100 people have been kidnapped, I'm so sorry about your bro, it's really sad. Just co-operate with them and give them whatever they demand although you can ask for discount because at first they will quote millions for you. If you don't understand Hausa get someone that does, make sure you travel to KD to facilitate his release. Pls co-operate with them o, so that your bro will regain his freedom.
NYSC / Re: Corper Azeez Shittu Olalekan Missing In Jigawa After Their Bus Was Robbed by carinmom(f): 10:23pm On Jan 18

Pls is there any way I can contact this neighbor of yours?

Have you heard anything about your brother yet? I guess he was in that luxurious bus, the sad truth is that most of the passengers have been abducted, I just pray that your brother is not among.

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NYSC / Re: Corper Azeez Shittu Olalekan Missing In Jigawa After Their Bus Was Robbed by carinmom(f): 3:05pm On Jan 18

The heading didn’t say robbery in jigawa sir. I only explained he was coming from jigawa and board a bus from Kano to Lagos on Tuesday and they were attacked on Tuesday night around 11:30pm. It was reported as a robbery incident and some people were abducted too. We haven’t gotten any calls from either him or the captors.

OH so sorry about what happened, it's rather sad and unfortunate. I pray he is found soon. Many people were abducted that night, my neighbor was involved too, he is injured and now receiving treatment in the hospital.

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Career / Re: Minimum Wage: How Much Was Added To Your Salary In December 2019? by carinmom(f): 6:28am On Jan 05

Which institution and when were you paid?

I had even wanted to ask o, because universities, polytechnics and colleges of education have not received a dime.


Politics / Re: Only 5 States Paying N30,000 Minimum Wage – NLC by carinmom(f): 1:15pm On Dec 13, 2019

Probably States that have signed to pay N30,000.

Nooo, Kaduna State has started paying since October I think. Mai Rusau is doing a good job in his state.

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Education / Re: IPPIS: Unregistered Lecturers May Forfeit December Salary by carinmom(f): 1:57pm On Nov 27, 2019

The University system is different from the Civil service. It's a global practice that lecturers engage in visiting, fellowships, adjunctships and sabbaticals in other Universities and they are expected to be paid in both places obviously. Without adjunctships and sabbaticals from lecturers of Government Universities, many private and some state Universities save for few would not be able to cope with manpower needs in terms of lecturers. With IPPIS, they can only be paid once at their host University, thereby putting an end to visiting lecturership which will be the natural end of many private Universities. Is that what the government wants? This is just one of the reasons. ASUU is not rejecting being enrolled into IPPIS but that the government should do the right thing by factoring all these into the IPPIS platform first but the FG is adamant.
FG's attitude on this is rather unfortunate.
Education / Re: IPPIS: Unregistered Lecturers May Forfeit December Salary by carinmom(f): 1:39pm On Nov 27, 2019

1. It will erode University Autonomy.
2. The issue if visitation by lecturers (which is legitimate) will be affected.
3. The payment of casual University staff will be affected.
4. It will open avenue for reckless charges from worker's salaries
5. The jssue if retirement age will cause problems because it is supposed to be 70 years for academic staff, while on IPPIS it is pegged at 60years for federal employees.
6. More corruption is likely as workers having issues especially of payment will be at the merc8 of corrupt people before their issues are attended to.
Abd many other issues.
Thanks for this brilliant submission, there are many ignoramuses here on Nairaland. My fears about this IPPIS have been confirmed.

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Family / Re: A Friend Is Dying In Delta State Due To Domestic Voilence- PLEASE READ by carinmom(f): 4:06pm On Nov 25, 2019
Why blame only the horseband? She that sat there until dey killed her nko?
Exactly what I said too, it was her dad that insisted that she should be patient with the useless man because he was against divorce. But that was foolish of him sha.
Family / Re: A Friend Is Dying In Delta State Due To Domestic Voilence- PLEASE READ by carinmom(f): 12:23pm On Nov 25, 2019
A friend is currently admitted in the hospital due to terrible injuries inflicted on her by her huaband in Agbor Delta state. This young lady has no one in her family to defend or fight for her.
She has 3 little kids and her 1 year son is currently in the hospital with her because he was also injured by the man too.
Do you any domestic Voilence agency in Delta state? Please help this lady before she dies.

Im thinking of getting the police to arrest this man but cant even archive thus from my location right now and there's no one available to help.���

This is really unfortunate, some men are worse than animals. A similar case happened in my neighborhood last month, the lady lost her life due to domestic violence. Before losing her life she first lost her pregnancy as a result of beating and now the lady lost her life just because she was sick and was unable to cook for the useless husband.

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Crime / Re: Police Rescue 259 From Ibadan House Of Horror (Photos) by carinmom(f): 4:20pm On Nov 05, 2019

Hypocrisy of the highest level

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Kindness To Children by carinmom(f): 9:37am On Oct 25, 2019
Jazakallah khayran

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Education / Re: My Experience Teaching In Zaria by carinmom(f): 10:24pm On Oct 23, 2019

It is clear you haven't lived in the North. I currently live in Zaria. They will lynch you for urinating close to their prayer ground. For the 4 years I have lived here, I have watched 3 thieves beaten to death, two thieves hands caught off based on sharia judgment, and I have seen a child rapist walk free. You think you know this people, then you are joking.
. You are a LIER and a hypocrite. Where precisely did it happen in Zaria, I repeat you are a lier ,

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Crime / Re: Adamawa Teacher, Pregnant 12-Year-Old Schoolgirl Are Lovers No Rape-NUT Chairman by carinmom(f): 11:17am On Sep 19, 2019
Sentiments apart this is not rape as in forcefully having carnal knowledge of someone. Yes, because of the the age we can call it statutory rape but again, can we?

The parents are supposed to be in the know. It's left for the court decide if is statutory rape or its allowed under their culture or religion or both. At least we know that somehow consent was given by the parents and the girl (though technically illegal).

Is it not in Nigeria that a senator claimed it is allowed under sharia law?!

We should not twist the point the NUT chairman was making. Some are already doing that.

Why are you guys bringing in shari'a into this matter, is Nathan the teacher a Muslim, both the teacher and the student are Christians, so why bring in shari'a law into crime perpetrated by Christians just because it happened in Adamawa, is Adamawa a state populated by Muslims alone, are there not Christians?

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Education / Re: Man Puts Sugarcane Hawkers In School In Zaria (Photos) by carinmom(f): 10:15pm On Sep 16, 2019
And den U posed for pictures with dem ryt? If U have to do a good deed as such, leave out d cameras... Dis is no longer a gud deed
He be politician na, he is the member representing Zaria constituency in Kaduna State House of Assembly. The one that was kidnapped few weeks ago.
Health / Re: What Your Breath May Say About Your Health by carinmom(f): 1:13pm On Aug 31, 2019
Too much problems for our health.....
but how can we the notherners survive the nonstop kidnapping happening daily in our land...??
The thing tire me ooo, it's like the North has been taken over by kidnappers, no one is safe wallahi cry

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Politics / Re: FG Reacts To Killing Of Nigerian Pastor By Chinese Government by carinmom(f): 7:04am On Aug 15, 2019
This is sad, it reminds how every Ramadan Nairaland Christians would be kissing the Chinese feets for oppressing Muslims and depriving them of practice of their religion today we see that an anti-religious state will not follow their fantasy of destroying only Islam but will follow suit on any religion.

RIP pastor
Don't mind the hypocrites, I can remember how they were rejoicing when Muslims were deprived of practicing their religion, but just look at the hypocritical bigots now.


Politics / Re: I Don't Entertain Unexpected Visitors - Hadiza Isma'l El-Rifai, El-Rufai's Wife by carinmom(f): 6:38am On Aug 15, 2019

So it is not only our Yoruba friends, neighbors, colleagues, staff and customers that love this food they specially call ABULA
A food they made us fall in love with also?!
Even other non-yorubas love it?!

Wow........we must go get some plates for all of us @MANNABBQGRILLS at WHITE HOUSE, Yaba
OR AMALA SHITTA, Surulere this weekend o.
Been a while.

ABULA of life....

Who else can relate please!?
Hahahah, quote me anywhere I'm Hausa and it's one of my favorite dishes.
Food / Re: Check Out These Cuisine Wonders by carinmom(f): 5:44pm On Jul 26, 2019
Nice tips, thanks for sharing

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Crime / Re: "I Don't Want To Be Killed" - Grace, Abducted Action Against Hunger Aid Worker by carinmom(f): 2:06pm On Jul 25, 2019
I hate it when I hear something like I am a Christian so your abductors are muslims .Nigerians need to stop all this nonsense CAN can not help you it is the duty of the Nigeria government to protect it. Citizens stop all this trash.iswap is in war with Nigeria not Christians .it our battle not yours alone Nigeria is our fathers land not CAN or ISON.
In Nigeria I trust.
God bless you for this comment, I had the same thing in mind, why would she be appealing to CAN ? And they didn't abduct her because she was a Christian else they would not have abducted the others since she was the only Christian among them.
Health / Re: Which Swallow Would You Recommend For A Diabetic by carinmom(f): 9:54pm On Jun 10, 2019

We Have Asked Doctors But They Either Tell Us To Eat Wheat Or Eat Eba In Small Quantity, Anytime He Tries The Eba His Blood Sugar Skyrockets.

So I Thought Maybe Any Experience Person Here Might Help Out.

Let him try Acca, excellent for diabetics
Politics / Re: Saraki Donates Severance Allowance To Leah Sharibu’s Family, Others by carinmom(f): 8:03am On Jun 10, 2019

You sound like an illiterate and foolish talking about Islam that way.

You were caught by kidnappers or robbers who said you should denounced your christian faith and accept Hinduism and get freed immediately, else you will be killed .Will you accept Hinduism and be freed while in your mind,that's not what u meant? Or you will still deny their Hinduism and get killed?

Don't waste your time on them, they will never see wisdom in what you are saying, they will prefer to get killed out of foolishness.

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Politics / Re: Hauwa Suntai Danba & Ahmed Jarman: Pre-Wedding Photos Of Ex-Taraba Governor Wife by carinmom(f): 6:15pm On Jun 09, 2019
Hauwa Suntai was a Muslim from Borno state before marrying her late husband. These pics are definitely her pre-wedding pics and the fiance is Turai Yaradua's cousin. She has now reverted to Islam.
Islam for Muslims / Re: People Eating In Public During Ramadan Will Be Arrested - Sharia Police by carinmom(f): 11:23am On May 05, 2019

Illiterate...must you force anybody to fast whether Muslim dominated state or not? Why can't you people prove to the world for once that your religion is peaceful. Why must every thing be forceful and violent. Why must you always act like animals.

I think you have misunderstood the OP. Yes fasting in the month of Ramadan is compulsory as it is the 4th pillar of Islam. But there are some categories of people that are exempted such as women during menstruation, pregnant and nursing mothers who fear that their babies will suffer, those who are sick and so on. And if I understand what is in the OP, they are arresting those Muslims who eat in public. Islam or Sharia law applies to Muslims alone.

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Education / Re: Dan Yakubu: Alamajiri Who Turned Economics Graduate. Photos by carinmom(f): 3:50pm On Apr 27, 2019
The northern elders will not like this, he's going to compete with their children schooling in Europe and America, they cannot use him politically because he has a mind of his own now

One of the reasons they fought seriously against Johnathan

Not necessarily, you see most of the thugs that are used by politicians in the north are not these almajirais roaming the northern streets but rather young men living with their parents but were unable to attend schools or have dropped out of school due to poverty. A large number of them turn to drug abuse and many of them become yan daba. Most of the yan daba in my neighborhood are not the almajirais.
Health / Re: Shocking Facts You Probably Never Knew About Autism by carinmom(f): 12:16pm On Apr 25, 2019
it was a bad experience tho. Anyway thank you and God bless
I know, because i have an autistic nephew. Ameen bro
Health / Re: Shocking Facts You Probably Never Knew About Autism by carinmom(f): 11:17am On Apr 25, 2019
I escaped autism! Alhamdulillah
Masha'allah, i'm happy for you.


Crime / Re: How I Was Kidnapped On The Kaduna Expressway by carinmom(f): 11:16am On Apr 25, 2019
And let's say a miracle happens and all this suggestions are applied, what of the criminals that due to greed will not leave the bad trade?
I know its impossible to have a crime free society but don't you think that by applying some of these suggestions, about 70% of our security challenges will be fixed?
Crime / Re: How I Was Kidnapped On The Kaduna Expressway by carinmom(f): 10:09am On Apr 25, 2019
What do you think is permanent solution to all this.

Poverty should first be eradicated particularly in the north.A substantial number of our youths are school dropouts and are into drugs,what do you expect when our leaders of Northern extraction show indifference to the plight of the youths, they only remember them during electioneering when they use them for thuggery.

Almajiranci should also be outlawed in the north, these almajirais are everywhere and are a nuisance to the society, their parents send them for almajiranci because of poverty.
Infrastructure should be revamped which would in turn leads to job creation.
A professor once told us that the security challenges being faced in the Noth were purely economic problems and nothing religious, among them was the drying of lake chad in Borno state.

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