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Phones / Re: BoICT: Itel Wins Most Outstanding Mobile Phone Brand Of 2024 by CastroTbb(m): 7:38am On Jun 01
Got to know ńa same company get itel, tecno, infinix calcare, oraimo and boomplay. Oh boy, na premium cash out be that ó. Congratulations to them tho.

I get L-shape chair +a sitter for sale at Monatan, Ibadan. Check signature for contact.

You forgot to add PalmPay.
Na still dem get PalmPay.
Music/Radio / Re: Share Your Music Player History For 2023 by CastroTbb(m): 9:52pm On Jan 01

Ykb 🥂

Vigilante Bop 🔥
Dog eat Dog 🔥

You be Pitakwa person?

Nope. Originally from Benue State but currently in Lagos.

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Music/Radio / Re: Share Your Music Player History For 2023 by CastroTbb(m): 7:47am On Dec 16, 2023
According to Spotify, I'm in the top 0.5% of Erigga's fan. Listened to 10 genres, and most people with my music taste are domiciled in Abuja.

I'm changing to Jeriq next year shaa. I like that #HoodBoy for no particular reason. And I think he is the next big thing in Nigerian hip-hop


Crime / Re: I Think I Might Have A Case Of Money Laundering by CastroTbb(m): 3:47pm On Oct 03, 2023
Your business is one described as "Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions." When you encounter something like this, quick file "Suspicious Transaction Report" with the "Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering" aka SCUML.

Thank me later.

I have suspicion that someone wants to use my account to launder money. A lady visited my shop demanding to purchase goods worth millions of naira she was so much in a hurry or desperate for someone who intends to perform such transactions. She was accompanied by a man she claimed to be her sick husband, two kids, and another young man. She claimed she needed to perform the transaction as soon as possible so she could travel down to a neighboring state for her husband's treatment.

There was no much negotiations as it seemed she was the one begging for the goods to be sold to her. After confirmation she said I should bring my POS machine so she could make a transfer, I already had suspicions on her so I told her i didn't have one and besides who would want to perform transactions worth millions of naira with a POS machine mode of payment. I suggested that she heads to the bank or make a transfer from her mobile app, which she shrugged off immediately like it was not even an option.

The young man with her insisted I get a POS vendor so that the transaction can be made which I declined and told them that there were many around the vicinity that they can go get one if they wish to. The young man left and returned a few minutes later with one, when they arrived the woman suddenly said she was scared and needed to invite the person who referred her to our place. She called this person and he arrived shortly, he was someone known to us in the past but not well known. She then requested that I get another POS vendor, which I suggested that they should get back the previous vendor they invited earlier. The young man went back again and returned with the vendor. The woman gave the vendor a debit card, which the vendor tried pulling the whole money at once, but it didn't go.(exceeded limit) The POS vendor then proceeded to split the money and it was successful. So she was only able to make part payment for the goods.

They were about to leave when I reminded them that I was supposed to issue a receipt for the part payment deposited into my account. Which I did later, and they left. Fast forward to the evening same day, she called me claiming that her husband's health was demanding much, and she wouldn't be in need of what she purchased earlier that I would have to refund her immediately.

What rose my suspicions on them are:

1. The acclaimed husband of hers, whom she claimed had stroke as at when they visited the shop, I saw him earlier when they alighted from a Keke napep which dropped them across the road and he was walking very fine but when they began to approach my shop he began to limp like he couldn't walk properly and the woman held his hand for assistance (they didn't know that I had seen him earlier walking properly without any form of aid) when they were at the shop, the acclaimed husband who had stroke sat and crossed his legs, is that even possible for someone suffering from a stroke?

2. Why would they insist on only POS mode of payment (for a transaction worth millions)

3. Why would a woman whose acclaimed husband is sick with stroke decide to perform such a transaction (her pirioty should be making sure her husband is taken care of medically)

4. I know you must be wondering what it is she bought, but I will not be disclosing such for privacy reasons (Hint: it is a single item)

5. She was incoherent when I asked for the name and address that would be added to the receipt (it seemed like she was guessing the name and address)

What are your thoughts? Should I refund the money immediately, if I will, what are the measures to be taken to ensure I am on a safe side
Career / Re: Not Your Regular Doctor... The Story Of The Human & Animal Doctor by CastroTbb(m): 6:35pm On Sep 05, 2023
Abeg who's this particular guy, you see his photo on every advert online.
I think it's an AI generated picture because, how can multiple brands be using the guy assuming he's real concurrently when you aren't even that big of a celeb

Lol, I thought the exact same thing yesterday. The guy seems to be everywhere, more like all those "Lorem Ipsum" texts
Nairaland / General / Re: Can You Drink This Liquor ,the Name Has "Gay" On It by CastroTbb(m): 5:42pm On Sep 02, 2022

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Religion / Re: Pastor Claims Angels Were Caught On Camera by CastroTbb(m): 11:55pm On Jun 21, 2022
Religion / Pastor Claims Angels Were Caught On Camera by CastroTbb(m): 11:51pm On Jun 21, 2022
Angels caught live on camera during the just concluded family Intervention Night.

We are in the days of Divine Manifestation don't be left out! God is real and He is ever available to give you a change of story.

To God alone be all the glory for His strange acts in our lives and midst.


Health / Re: Natural Birth Or C-Section For Twins? by CastroTbb(m): 4:19pm On Feb 21, 2022
Instagram still available 1k naira

Let's deal
Business To Business / Re: Swap or sell your Faulty Laptop for cash Here by CastroTbb(m): 11:50am On Dec 26, 2021
Please send me a WhatsApp message let's relate.
Business / Re: Crypto Ban: FCMB Begins Treating Customers Aged 18-30 As Fraud Suspects by CastroTbb(m): 6:35am On Nov 10, 2021
Very true. I went to one of their branches few days ago to deposit USD. No be small thing I see that day o.
Phones / Re: Screenshot Your Home Page And Lockscreen by CastroTbb(m): 11:48am On Sep 19, 2021
Gionee s11

Crime / Re: I Need Your Old Fiverr Accounts by CastroTbb(m): 1:59pm On Mar 15, 2021
I have a 2018 account.
Religion / Re: My Father Has A Bat In His Wardrobe: Should I Be Worried? by CastroTbb(m): 7:52am On Jan 24, 2021
Very Strange Experience With My Father. Should I Be Worried?

Hello guys.. the background behind this story is lenghty so to spare you the trouble ill jump straight to the point. My father though he has his flaws is a very religious and i dare say principled man in some aspects.n He never misses church service. Went to bible school. At one point he was even a house fellowship leader. He prays and fast often.

So on this day i was standing in the doorway to my dads room. He wanted to send me on an erand ''i think'', so he opened his wardrope to get to get the money. Immediately he opened his wardrop i saw a BAT...yes BAT hanging upside down right there in his wardrope. In shock i jumped and shouted

''daddy see bat see bat !!!''.

Guess what he did. He simply smiled and gently closed his wardrope. I have never been this confused. I saw a bat hanging upside down in his wardrop and all he did was smile and gently closed the door. I don't know what to make of it. I have already concluded, there is no way on earth this is from God. Up until this time i have never seen a bat up close in real time. The closest ive been was watch them on television. Contemplate how scared and confused i am now. I picked up an excuse and ran out of the house to go stay with my relative..its been a week since i left and im still too scared to go back.

What do you folks make of this? How can a man who prays and fast and attends bible school have a BAT in his wardrope. WTF !!

Theres a part two and this one is about my mother.

Congratulations to your dad on his "FAMILIAR"
Phones / Re: Chinese Court Finds Gionee Guilty Of Planting Malware On Mobile Phone by CastroTbb(m): 4:53pm On Dec 08, 2020

Use good phones, you no go ear, abi shey me self dey use good phone ni
Time to sue xender too
They need to explain why the require your GPS to connect, (2) why they download the updated version of thier app without you knowing, only for them to ask you to install it, (3) Why they send unknown apps to someone phone along with other files you're sending.

I thought I was the only one that noticed these.
Business To Business / Re: Swap or sell your Faulty Laptop for cash Here by CastroTbb(m): 12:10pm On Nov 25, 2020
Still offering the service
I'm in Benue. How do we relate?
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For October 16 2020 In Nigeria - (3,479 Tested) by CastroTbb(m): 6:58am On Oct 17, 2020
NCDC reported 85 cases in Lagos while Channels TV reported 181 cases in a Leki school

Na who we go hear?

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Education / Re: Reactions Of Students To The News Of School Resumption .share Yours by CastroTbb(m): 1:05pm On Oct 02, 2020
The way you saved your contacts tho’

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Education / Who Knows About St. George Christian University by CastroTbb(m): 12:42am On Aug 08, 2020
Hello guys. I really need your help here. Due to boredom and frustration, I’ve been looking up foreign schools and their scholarship applications/policies. Last month, I came across St. George Christian University and applied. I went through the whole process and just this evening, I received a mail that I have been chosen as one of the 10 beneficiaries of this year's SGC University scholarship award. (This covers for tuition and books for the entire program of study). Out of curiosity, I wanted checking their social media handles to see if there are other prospective students I could connect with. I however discovered that aside the university website, they do not have any other online presence. No social media handles, no Wikipedia page. Nothing. Is this normal or should I consider it a red flag?
Webmasters / Is The Year 2038 Problem The New Y2K Bug? by CastroTbb(m): 3:00pm On Jul 14, 2020
Hello guys. I just came across this article. Although it’s about 5 years old, I think it’s an interesting read.

Reports proclaim that the Year 2038 problem is going to cause computerised doom: here’s what you need to know

Not yet been terrified by the Year 2038 problem? Somehow you must have missed reports claiming it poses a threat, as exposed by Gangnam style (yes, you read that correctly), to our computerised future.

In fact, it is claimed, Y2038 is so bad it could be worse than Y2k. Well that’s absolutely true. Just like Y2K, if left unchecked, Y2038 could cause major issues for any computer systems. But just like Y2k, any prediction of planes falling out of the sky and the banking system melting down are likely to be a long long way from coming true.

So should you worry? No. But here’s what you need to know …

What is Y2038?
The year 2038 problem is caused by 32-bit processors and the limitations of the 32-bit systems they power. The processor is the central component that drives all computers and computing devices. It crunches the numbers and performs calculations that allow programs to run.

Essentially, when the year 2038 strikes 03:14:07 UTC on 19 March, computers still using 32-bit systems to store and process the date and time won’t be able to cope with the date and time change. Like the Y2K bug, the computers won’t be able to tell the difference between the year 2038 and 1970 – the year after which all current computer systems measure time.

What does 32-bit mean?
Processors come in many difference sizes and capabilities designed for different applications, but most of them operate and crunch numbers in a similar manner.

The first desktop computer processors were 16-bit and ran 16-bit software, which meant they could store and access values up to 216 or 65,536 distinct values within 64KB of memory. Other notable 16-bit systems include the 1990’s gaming consoles the Super Nintendo and Sega MegaDrive, which took over from 1980’s 8-bit systems.

Later, 32-bit processors were developed that ran 32-bit software and increased the number of values a system could handle 232 different values or 4,294,967,295 different numbers within 4GB of memory. The systems stored dates and times in 32-bit chunks. In reality that large number of different values is halved for time keeping and other data storage applications as they range from -2,147,483,648 through 2,147,483,647 leaving only 2,147,483,647 positive values from zero.

Modern processors that power almost every computer bought today, and are starting to make their way into smartphones and tablets too, are based on a 64-bit system and 64-bit software. They also have a maximum number of different values they can address but at 264 or 18 quintillion values within 16 Exabytes of memory, the ceiling is considerably higher at a date that is over twenty times greater than the estimated age of the universe or 292bn years from now.

What’s the problem with 32-bit systems?
The basic problem is about a computer’s capacity to count the time in seconds past a certain date. As computers measure time in seconds from 1 January 1970, 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 is equal to 2,147,483,647 seconds after 1 January 1970. As 32-bit date and time systems can only count up to 2,147,483,647 separate positive values the system cannot continue counting the seconds past that time.

To continue to count the seconds the values will start to be stored in negative counting up from -2,147,483,647 to zero. But most systems will not be able to cope with this change and will likely fail.

A similar issue happened with YouTube, where the number of views of Psy’s Gangnam Style passed 2bn and broke the 2,147,483,647 limit of the 32-bit counter Google supposedly used.

What will happen?
How computer systems will fail is unknown. Some may continue to work fine just with the date wrong. Others that rely on precise date and time may simply stop working.

The biggest issue, like the Y2K bug, is that computer systems that control crucial infrastructure stop working all at the same time. Planes crashing out of the sky was the common scaremongering example from the Y2K.

Is it really going to happen?
The simple answer is no, not if the computer systems are upgraded in time. The problem is likely to rear its head before the year 2038 for any system that counts years in to the future.

A calendar system that counts and stores appointments for 20 years into the future will start seeing issues in 2018, for instance.

However, almost all modern processors in desktop computers are now made and sold as 64-bit systems running 64-bit software. Microsoft’s Windows has offered a 64-bit version since Windows XP Professional 64-bit released in 2005.

Apple’s OS X desktop software has been exclusively 64-bit since the release of Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” in 2011.

Many Unix systems that are used to power web servers and other backend hardware may still use 32-bit date systems, but most should be replaceable over time.

The computers that have the potential to cause the biggest issues are those embedded systems that cannot be upgraded. They are used in many transportation systems and other long-living devices, equipment such as stability control systems in cars or other isolated computer-based systems.

Not all embedded systems rely on precise dates, however, and so will be unaffected often just tracking the difference between times, not absolute dates.

Those embedded systems that are effected are likely to have to be completely replaced as the software can’t simply be upgraded.

What’s going to be done?
The reality of Y2038 being a problem is that many 32-bit systems will naturally wear out or be replaced in the next 23 years. Those systems that might not will need changing ahead of time.

Infrastructure is likely to be the biggest headache to fix – devices in power stations for instance – but planning the change far enough in advance should remove most big problems.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/dec/17/is-the-year-2038-problem-the-new-y2k-bug
Education / Re: Professor Kokunre Agbontaen-Eghafona Appointed As Pope Adviser by CastroTbb(m): 8:38pm On Jul 12, 2020

I bought an MTN SIM, registered it with my correct details,recharged it ,activated it and started using it since last two weeks.
The problem started when different people started calling me, people I dnt even know and never had their numbers.This particular lady will call me and start speaking Hausa from the beginning to the end.from my life little knowledge of Hausa,I can understand her calling me BARAWO (thief) .this lady in particular has frustrated me with calls that I am now confuse with life.
The other issue is,when I try to save numbers on the Sim,it bounces back(does not save),even though the Sim card has just two numbers are n it.
Finally,I called my Uncle working with NNPC yesterday with the number and I was shocked at what he said.He said from his true caller,it is not my name that displayed.I tried calling another friend that uses true caller just to realize that it wasn't my name that appeared.
Because of all these,I seriously need legal practitioners to look into this and tell me if to Sue or not.this is my WhatsApp number-08120572518

You should know that network providers “recycle” SIM cards. The import of this is that if a particular SIM card is detected not to be used for a long period of time, it is deactivated and sold to another person as a new one.
I guess you can connect the dots now.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Benue SSG, COS, 32 Others Test Positive by CastroTbb(m): 3:36pm On Jul 04, 2020
A disease

Health / Re: COVID-19: Benue SSG, COS, 32 Others Test Positive by CastroTbb(m): 3:34pm On Jul 04, 2020
Football fans are very funny set of human beings. You will see an idiot looking for food to eat saying “na we sign am for €3500”


Crime / Black Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing Is Nigerian by CastroTbb(m): 3:21pm On Jun 29, 2020
One of the black police officers at the scene of the killing of George Floyd by a white officer in Minneapolis in May has a Nigerian father, the New York Times reports.
Alex Kueng joined the police largely because he believed diversity could force change in a Police Department long accused of racism.
Mr Kueng, who faces charges of aiding and abetting in Mr Floyd’s death, is out on bail, hounded at the supermarket by strangers and denounced by some family members.

Long before Mr Kueng was arrested, he had wrestled with the issue of police abuse of black people, joining the force in part to help protect people close to him from police aggression. He argued that diversity could force change in a Police Department long accused of racism.

New York Times reported that he had seen one sibling arrested and treated poorly, in his view, by sheriff’s deputies. He had found himself defending his decision to join the police force, saying he thought it was the best way to fix a broken system.

He had clashed with friends over whether public demonstrations could make things better.

“He said, ‘Don’t you think that that needs to be done from the inside?’” his mother, Joni Kueng, recalled him saying after he watched protesters block a highway years ago. “That’s part of the reason why he wanted to become a police officer — and a black police officer on top of it — is to bridge that gap in the community, change the narrative between the officers and the black community.”

As hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against the police after Mr Floyd’s killing on May 25, Mr Kueng became part of a national debate over police violence toward black people, a symbol of the very sort of policing he had long said he wanted to stop.

Derek Chauvin, the officer who placed his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, has been most widely associated with the case. He faces charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter; Mr Kueng and two other former officers were charged with aiding and abetting the killing.

At 26, Mr Kueng was the youngest and least experienced officer at the scene, on only his third shift as a full officer. The arrest of Mr Kueng, whose mother is white and whose father was from Nigeria, has brought anguish to his friends and family.

“It’s a gut punch,” Ms Kueng said. “Here you are, you’ve raised this child, you know who he is inside and out. We’re such a racially diverse family. To be wrapped up in a racially motivated incident like this is just unfathomable.”

Two of Mr Kueng’s siblings, Taylor and Radiance, both of whom are African-American, called for the arrests of all four officers, including their brother. They joined protests in Minneapolis.

Source: http://saharareporters.com/2020/06/29/black-officer-involved-george-floyd-killing-nigerian

Crime / Iran Issues Arrest Warrant For Trump, Asks Interpol To Help by CastroTbb(m): 2:48pm On Jun 29, 2020
Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad.

Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said on Monday that Trump, along with more than 30 others Iran accuses of involvement in the January 3 attack that killed General Qassem Soleimani, face "murder and terrorism charges", the semi-official ISNA news agency reported.

Alqasimehr did not identify anyone else sought other than Trump, but stressed Iran would continue to pursue his prosecution even after his presidency ends.

Interpol, based in Lyon, France, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Alqasimehr was also quoted as saying Iran had requested a "red notice" be put out for Trump and the others, the highest-level notice issued by Interpol, requesting that seeks the location and arrest of the individual named

Under a red notice, local authorities make the arrests on behalf of the country that requested it. The notices cannot force countries to arrest or extradite suspects, but can put government leaders on the spot and limit suspects' travel.

After receiving a request, Interpol meets by committee and discusses whether or not to share the information with its member states. Interpol has no requirement for making any of the notices public, though some do get published on its website.

It is unlikely Interpol would grant Iran's request as its guideline for notices forbids it from "undertaking any intervention or activities of a political" nature.

The US killed General Soleimani, who oversaw the Revolutionary Guard Corps's expeditionary Quds Force, and others in the January attack near Baghdad International Airport.

The assassination came after months of incidents raising tensions between the two countries and ultimately saw Iran retaliate with a ballistic missile strike targeting American troops in Iraq.

Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/iran-issues-arrest-warrant-trump-asks-interpol-200629104710662.html
Politics / Re: PDP Confirms Agboola Ajayi's Defection by CastroTbb(m): 8:13pm On Jun 21, 2020

Baba how e dey be. You neva reply me o. A real niggarrr does not stand another real niggarrr down.
Phones / Re: Why You Should Stop Using MTN Midnight Data by CastroTbb(m): 2:08pm On Jun 17, 2020

Its 1.2 for me. I subscribe 5 times to make it up to 1.2! It's so good abeg. I download movies with it and my main balance still dey kampe.

It’s 1.2GB if you do it five times.
I dey flex this thing wella especially on 4G.
Phones / Re: Why You Should Stop Using MTN Midnight Data by CastroTbb(m): 1:36pm On Jun 17, 2020

Can you tell me more about the airtel night plan.I mean how do I migrate there.Thanks

dail *312# and thank me later. N25 for 250mb
That’s N100 for 1GB

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Phones / Re: Why You Should Stop Using MTN Midnight Data by CastroTbb(m): 1:34pm On Jun 17, 2020
It’s even more annoying that you can’t buy more than 500mb. Like wtf am I supposed to do with 500mb??
Politics / Re: Obaseki Appoints Stewart Efe As New Communication Commissioner (Photo) by CastroTbb(m): 5:07pm On Jun 04, 2020

I dey on top internet dey huzzle 24/7
The only time i dey get up na to go drink alcohol or smoke.

Guy mek we relate.
Literature / Re: Who Knows The Title Of This Book? by CastroTbb(m): 7:53am On Apr 12, 2020

End of days by Sylvia Browne. I saw it in a whatsapp group
Thank you
Literature / Re: Who Knows The Title Of This Book? by CastroTbb(m): 5:21pm On Mar 31, 2020
Eyes of Darkness

End of Days

Which one I wan believe now�‍♂️

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