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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan During His NYSC Days (Photo) by charlesbailey(m): 7:24pm On Nov 20, 2016
Religion / Re: Air-conditioned Church Built By Tonimas In Neni, Anambra (Photos) by charlesbailey(m): 5:55pm On Oct 30, 2016
30 decades? that's 300 years, bros. how old is the man's generation sef?
jokes apart, i reason with you. nigerians judge what they don't know half about
Why did the OP lay emphasis on 'Air conditioned church'? na the first church wey go get AC for that place be that?
That man ji ife ana akpo ego eji asa aru.

Many folks are so ignorant about this Tonimas. His charitable works have lasted for more than 30 decades. It is not about church alone.

Go and help people and stop complaining about who you don't about. Most you spewing thrash are aka-gum
Education / Re: You Think You Know Maths ? Try This. by charlesbailey(m): 5:09pm On Sep 30, 2016
lol, i can't believe no one got the answer

Question: can you solve this?

Answer: No

the question didn't say you should solve, it asked if you could, since it can't be solved, then the answer is No.

oh stop clapping.
The answer

(5/3) + 5 + 15 =30

That's the answer.

The first box's value is 10. 10 + 5 + 15 is equal to 30.

I haven't broken any of the rules and I haven't changed anything, "WTF rite

" Binomial Coefficients and is in Algebra 2 and pre-Calculus as well as Combinatorics and Discrete math.

Recall they are brackets in the options

Lalaticlala this is the answer

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Phones / Re: The First Person To Buy iPhone 7 by charlesbailey(m): 11:24am On Sep 20, 2016
so sorry, i just saw the message now. but couldn't see your message. i replied though. let's talk
Sir are you on whatsapp? I have sent you an email. Thanks a lot.
Phones / Re: The First Person To Buy iPhone 7 by charlesbailey(m): 6:14pm On Sep 18, 2016
what's the business about? pm me, let's discuss pls.

Person no have money kobo in his pocket, no breakfast on his table this morning and you are showing him the picture of someone who bought a device of almost 240k angry undecided I am looking for a cash not up to half of that amount to start a business but i couldn't get it. That money can change my life forever cry cry cry
Phones / Re: Tecno L8 Plus Or Wiko Slide 2 by charlesbailey(m): 8:35pm On Jun 21, 2016
bro, i've bought three wiko slide 2 in two months, dem don sabi me for the place sef. it's a nice phone but the battery will be ok if you reduce the brightness and put it on 2g when playing your games, plus i have chargers everywher, room, office, shop. so i don't even know if the battery is good or bad. but the screen is HD mad. and it plays games well. although i'm not a game person, the people i bought it for use it for games. i can't say anything about tecno, don't know about it.
Sports / Re: Muhammad Ali Stopping A Man From Suicide (Throwback) by charlesbailey(m): 11:48am On Jun 10, 2016
don't blame her, when lil kesh sef will be calling himself 'Keshi a.k.a i nooooo well' nko

Alli the great.
whatt! Those girls need to be sued mehnnn! How can a normal human being with sense say Mohammed Ali is a Footballer and Keshi a musician
Politics / Re: APC's Promise Of Providing 3,000,000 Jobs In A Year: I Just Want To Remind PMB by charlesbailey(m): 7:58am On May 30, 2016
abunu tii tooyo
APC wrote that, not buhari
Celebrities / Re: Seyi Law Poses On A N45million Bed by charlesbailey(m): 10:22am On May 28, 2016
to me, having a million naira doesn't make you a millionaire. beibg able to spend in the denomination of million ia what makes you a millionaire but the whole definition seems twisted nowadays.

meanwhile, 45M bed. things that freak some people sha. apparently, you're paying for intrisic value for that amount. na me go com use my money buy person name 'roberto cavalli'? cuz that bed doesn't worth more 2M to me. the rest na d name wey d bed dey answer.

I believe but where is d receipt? ds bed can cos night mares cos u are sleeping on wat can make 45 people a millionaire.
Education / Re: Michael Arowosegbe Is LASU Best Graduating Student by charlesbailey(m): 10:50am On May 26, 2016
bros, if u no go school or u no graduate, no dey loud am. no b native b dat, na academic gown.

congrats to him n my broda. make dat boy com home com explain y e no b d best graduating student

But y he cum knot tie with native na...where dat lens sef
Religion / Re: Joshua Iginla Celebrates His Birthday, Gives Out 16 Suvs, 16 Cars & Millions by charlesbailey(m): 9:51am On May 24, 2016
lol, adupe. shebi eyin na wapa? got my pm?

OK kosi wahala
Shebi e wa pa?
Religion / Re: Joshua Iginla Celebrates His Birthday, Gives Out 16 Suvs, 16 Cars & Millions by charlesbailey(m): 12:02am On May 24, 2016
omo yoruba lawa. don't understand the igbo language.
day was smooth, hope yours was same. sent you a pm.

Nwanne nsogbu adiro o?

Hope the day was smooth?
Religion / Re: Joshua Iginla Celebrates His Birthday, Gives Out 16 Suvs, 16 Cars & Millions by charlesbailey(m): 4:25pm On May 23, 2016
it apparently was a joke. guess the belittling switched sides, nobody really knows nobody. stay safer.

Thanks for the last paragraph.

@the first paragraph u need not have written that. Those words "sign u" relayed a not too good message. You might not have meant any bad but those words were belittling especially in this kind of setting where nobody knows nobody.

But it's OK.. Most people pass their messages how they seem fit. Stay safe smiley
Religion / Re: Joshua Iginla Celebrates His Birthday, Gives Out 16 Suvs, 16 Cars & Millions by charlesbailey(m): 12:04pm On May 23, 2016
if not that i have a gf and i don't have strength for the stress of two, i for sign u. this is the kind of prayer i say every morning. this kind forces God's hand because only one who is sure of the kindness of his heart will confidently say it. i hope God answers your prayers

meanwhile, this is a good gesture from the pastor, giving back to the givers.

Chaii gzuz leeeeee! Baba God please bless my destiny and if I refuse to do what I ought to do for people around then please take it a away.

And the church sayyyyyyyyy cry?
Business / Re: Adewunmi The Blackmailer by charlesbailey(m): 12:53pm On May 19, 2016
*climbs back on podium*

as i was saying

LL cool Jay

Problem: a possible scam is you asking that the OP delivers the product to osogbo or wherever before you pay and you also giving excuses so that you won't pay. e.g switch off ur fones and or break communications totally. complain bitterly about the product and claim broken or whatever just to not pay or pay half or worse, this scenario will ensure continued communication with the OP after she(he) had been scammed, then possibly a request for another product which of course may result into same story with a more aggressive approach from LL cool Jay and accompanied with threats and regrets of doing business with her which of course will result in either no payment or half payment, and of course secures continued discussion with the OP who by then should be desperate to prove her products are real and effective, who then might send another batch since LL cool Jay seems like a 'serious client' but fate has just been cruel and she just has to make sacrifice and send another batch to win over this client for life, hence she sends the third batch. and on and on and on, this depends on the mumunity of the OP.

Solution: we may never know if truly LL cool jay meant to buy the products.

Problem: LL cool jay was too quick to insinuate scam even when the discussion about to sell and buy was still unripe and undecided, the tactic is to spring up an emotionally influenced decision on the OP on how she receives her payment. since LL cool jay had shown signs of doubts, she could try to convince him by shifting all risks on herself and sending without payment. which of course would have been a perfect scam, but OP na lagos gal(boy), she no even sneeze. then when they got to the payment part, he mentioned the issue of scam again but that didn't bother the OP and she stuck to her guns of payment before delivery which brought about coming to lagos to get the goods himself. strike!!! that format did not work out.

Solution: no one will ever know unless we see LL cool jay.

problem: LL cool jay , like someone said, is not a scammer but an opportunist and a budding blackmailer. we all have blackmailing potentials in us, it only takes one successful blackmail to turn it into a full blown choice of career, possibly.

LL cool jay really wanted to buy the products, but he sensed scam when he saw the dark fingers, the more is the fact that she couldn't produce a picture of a finished product although i saw the part where she said she only sent a picture of the bottle to show the size. LL cool jay felt he had caught a scammer and decided to make use of this opportunity monetarily. he asked for recharge card in exchange for his silence. but OP calls his bluff and comes to post about him on nairaland before he could.

solution: no way to justify this except we contact mtn to know the source of that sms. that singular act, if proven by mtn that it came from LL cool jay, could send him to jail as there are a lot of charges against you already even if you were really a potential buyer.

in summary, this is why i don't do online purchases
with no physical address readily available and i don't have the patience to wait for things. please think deeply in future before you do or say anything. i don't have a conclusion on what happened. only the OP, LL cool Jay and mtn can tell.

*drops mic amidst standing ovation*
i'm not a scammer, i'm just someone that sees a scam a mile away before it happens, doesn't mean i can't get scammed. thank you
brother,I didn't ask for any bribe from her.I didn't know how she came about that.She just went extra mile to get something to cling on as a reason to tarnish my image knowing fully well I have bursted her act.these are all the lady job post on nairaland. https://www.nairaland.com/tjakes
Business / Re: Adewunmi The Blackmailer by charlesbailey(m): 12:25pm On May 19, 2016
*wears my father's academic gown*
*mounts podium*
*clears throat three times*
*taps mic*

The OP

Problem 1 : has anyone asked if truly the OP is a female? in marketing, ladies sell more than men, hence it's possible the OP is real but male but posing to be female in order to sell more.

Solution: OP should stand beside the product and get a picture taken.

Problem: asking for a trustworthy transport line. for those who know little or nothing of the scam world, you need a budding alibi in every untraceable scam. such that nobody would be able to pin the blame on you and you can even still be in conversation with the victim after he has been scammed.

if LL cool Jay ,abi wetin b him name, had paid, a possibility is sending this picture the OP just uploaded to him before claiming the goods is on the way. then the budding alibi (trustworthy transport line) comes into play when the delivery is supposed to be taken by the victim whereby the victim will not be able to locate the transport line.

the OP had asked if LL cool jay knew a trustworthy transport line, trust me, the answer most likely would be NO. then the OP goes to a park and gives it to a random driver, gets a random number and sends to LL cool Jay and he in turn waits for the delivery.

but of course when the driver gets to the park and LL cool Jay goes to meet, but he won't find him. there are a million excuses. switched off fones, driver vexed and left, driver returns to lagos and fixes another date(ds format is fr beginners) e.t.c

Solution: let someone in Lagos buy the products from the OP since she claimed POD within lagos.

Problem: OP recieves sms from LL ccol jay requesting for mtn recharge card. you can save a particular phone number with that phone number as the name on your fone and put anoda number(which d sim is with u) as d phone number and send a txt from d sim dats with u to ur own line. summary, LL cool jay's number is 34, OP can save a phone number 12 (which is her own sim) with a name 34 (which is LL cool Jay's number) on her fone and also save LL cool Jay's phone number as second line on that same contact. then send a message from phone number 12 to her own fone. then the message appears to be from LL cool jay.

but if the OP could do this or even think this, then her place is not in this level of scam.

i wonder why LL cool jay would send an sms to request for credit when their conversations was based extensively on whatsapp. why waste 4 naira to ask for recharge card when you can ask thru whatsapp except of course LL cool Jay wanted it to stand out as a distinctive message with a clear intent and so sent sms as it wasn't their way of conversation. this usually works. if you want to ask someone for something and you both always talk in whatsapp, send him/her a text, the request will look more important.

Solution: i don't know.

*picks up bottle water and drinks*
*looks for LL cool jay*

i'm coming.

Trying to promote products before 100% packaging doesn't equate scam, that's impatience. I didn't promise that products are ready for delivery that night, not even the following day. I said Thursday. I didnt ask him for money, I didn't send him my account number. I told him the moment he called to make enquiries about the product that the finished products are not ready yet, if he didn't believe my story he should have just moved on without asking for pictures, he just wanted something as evidence so he could label me a scammer, thereby blackmailing me in the process .


Politics / Re: France Returns Artifact Exported From Nigeria Illegally. See Photo by charlesbailey(m): 6:28pm On May 18, 2016
e b like say God wan help me punish ds france. na artifact dey worry us?
Science/Technology / Re: See Baby Crocodile Caught In Lekki Today - Put Up For Sale For N20,000 by charlesbailey(m): 6:05pm On May 18, 2016
Celebrities / Re: “i’m Not In Competition With Olamide’ – Phyno Speaks In New Interview by charlesbailey(m): 11:33am On May 18, 2016
bros, u just said pure, FANTASTICALLY UNADULTERATED NONSENSE, even phyno go dey laff u.

the only artist i know of that has more hit tracks than Olamide is Micheal Jackson. i can't count how many of his songs people know off hand, there is no basis of comparison between the two. i can count phyno's hit tracks on one hand.

you people like allowing favoritism cloud your opinions and judgement. that's why our mumu president was slow to respond to the fulani herdsmen's attacks but almost immediately reacted to the Niger deltans avengers.

The united states thrives on diversity of its people, Nigeria catwalks because of same.


Olamide brought Phyno to limelight ke? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Egbon, shey your head correct so?

Don't get it wrong, yeah he may have hit singles here and there, but in terms of quality, Phyno outclasses Olamide all day. Even their method of delivery sef shows.

I have virtually all of Olamides albums and I must say that only Rapsodi and YBNL are worth the trouble.

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Crime / Re: Igbo And Yoruba Traders Clash At Ladipo Market by charlesbailey(m): 11:19am On May 18, 2016

two weeks ago, an igbo boy ran away with my money, but i didn't take against the igbo tribe, he is the fool, not the igbo tribe. everyone is responsible for his/her actions. if you choose to let stereotypes affect your reasoning, then you are the fool.
i don't recognise tribe, i recognise people by their actions.
and the church says amen.
Who fight don help


Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari At A Store Opening In Abuja by charlesbailey(m): 10:47am On May 18, 2016
u r rite except for that last part. she's old enough to make her choices.

personally, i feel this girl's beauty is over rated and the whole fuss about her earlier was just because of the camera angle of that picture. even wen i was in d north, i neva 'ate' bone. bony, slim gals look like 'save our soul' models to me, like say dem need food.

I think buhari needs to caution this particular girl, like her excesses are just getting to much. Girl always come across as a lover of luxurious things. I don't care about what anybody think but this girl has to lay low for the time being. Nigerians are facing a really hard time and all these unnecessary silly pictures are sending some wrong messages to the masses. Some of us might not like the former president but one think we will agree with is that he don't allow his kids take snapshots at any given opportunity.

And why is she not always in hijab or something that will cover her upper part of the body well?


Religion / Re: Escaped Ghana Robber: TB Joshua Intervenes (photos) by charlesbailey(m): 2:36pm On May 17, 2016
bros, you said rubbish because you're brainwashed. Jesus is Lord, not one of the Lords. ur own illiteracy na garri ijebu, e don swell pass ur target.
your own illiteracy don enter another level.since you don't know the meaning of Lord.
Celebrities / Re: MayD Spends N12M On Mercedes Benz Car (photos) by charlesbailey(m): 10:12am On May 17, 2016
i'm impressed a lady can say this, when some ladies bill deir boyfriends pass anything. do you sow for men?
[i][/i][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font] I really don't understand this music industry sha... one album wonder and them go buy G-wagon. All these peeps never start dey confess. Anyway, good luck to him. Make I mind my tailoring business with my torokobo change. It keeps me happy atm

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Religion / Re: Should I Pay My Tithe Or Pay My Brother's School Fees? by charlesbailey(m): 12:17pm On May 10, 2016
you just said pure, unadulterated nonsense. i think people like you should be shit in the head, heart, stomach nd legs. there is nothibg like tithe payment in the bible, it only happened once and it was for a reason but you cheating snugs turned it into an extorting ritual. i am a christian and i don't pay tithe. offering, yes, if i have, tithe, over my living body.

oh, and the OP should be shot alongside for asking such retarded question.
joke not with tithe.... To me i will advice you to pay your tithe first. Now checkout the blessings that follows in payment of tight: The windows of Heaven will be
opened to you.
''Bring ye all the tithes into the
storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now
herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I
will not open you the windows of
heaven, and pour you out a blessing,
that there shall not be room enough
to receive it.'' (KJV)
God promised to pour His blessing to
you, by opening the windows of
Heaven. When your heaven remains
open you will struggle less. little
effort will yield bountiful harvest.
Opportunities will be staring at you
even you are not there the
opportunity will still be waiting for

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Culture / Re: Wuraola Otiti Before She Became Ooni Of Ife’s Queen by charlesbailey(m): 9:01pm On Apr 29, 2016
*taps him on the shoulder* bros sorry, na the next junction u dey go, u don miss road come here.

but the king no get better taste sha, i hate unhappy faces around me. she no fine, she no dey smile, just yellow like fever. agba oshere ninu ishe ishenbaye olosho.

Total transformation!!! It is only money and power that will make a young and fairly pretty lady like her to marry an old traditional ruler.....

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Science/Technology / Re: How my inverter is saving me in this poor power supply and no-fuel situation by charlesbailey(m): 8:58am On Apr 29, 2016
ok, thanks a lot.

It would power them, check the Watt rating on each of the devices and add up.

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Celebrities / Re: How I Started With My ‘accent’ – Folarin ‘falz’ Falana (MUST READ) by charlesbailey(m): 1:51pm On Apr 28, 2016
i thought i was the only that felt this way about the jenifa character. it's stale and should have ended with the movie back then. falz's accent is just out of blues. very creative and beautiful. i saw just one scene and moved on to my foreign movies and a few nigerian stand outs. shout out to kunle afoloyan. i still listen to figurine's soundtrack frequently and watch it after october 1.
people are hypocritical these days, once you're against their opinion, you're a hater. everyone's deluded with self righteousness. radarada of the highest order.
. Big up pal, at first i was trying to play along with funke's accent in season one, but her frequent grammatical blunder in the subsequent episodes made the TV series steroetypical to me. But some nairalanders rain all sort of insult on me, just because i shared by own opinion about the TV series.
Science/Technology / Re: How my inverter is saving me in this poor power supply and no-fuel situation by charlesbailey(m): 9:20am On Apr 28, 2016
please i need a honest reply, can a 1.5kva power 2 lcd tvs, 2 desktop computers and fan with 2 energy saving bulbs?
Autos / Re: Registered Hummer Bus 09 ,013 by charlesbailey(m): 12:22pm On Apr 27, 2016
how much
Nairaland / General / Re: Graduate Drowns At Gombe International Hotel (pics) by charlesbailey(m): 6:55pm On Apr 25, 2016
you are stupid.
His Death can be traced to Buhari and NYSC's inconsistency and incompetence. if you understand click like if you dont click share. RIP dude
Phones / Re: Wiko Slide 2 Review and Thoughts by charlesbailey(m): 10:55am On Apr 24, 2016
ok, but don't say it in the office that it's not yours sha and you'll need a referee.
I will get across to you soon. I dey UI - BODIJA - OJOO area but no shop yet o. I will look for someone's shop to squat in for now.

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