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Phones / Re: What's The Best Affordable Powerbank For NYSC Camp? by chiefobdk(m): 2:57pm On May 21

You won’t regret using the Oraimo power bank.

Na me go tell u. I sell it
Phones / Re: What's The Best Affordable Powerbank For NYSC Camp? by chiefobdk(m): 6:38am On May 21

Please do they sell them on Aliexpress?
I sell them
Phones / Re: What's The Best Affordable Powerbank For NYSC Camp? by chiefobdk(m): 8:19pm On May 20
Buy ORAIMO 30,000mAh. Just charge it while going to the camp, it will last till the last day of your service.
thr is no oraimo 30000mah
Phones / Re: What's The Best Affordable Powerbank For NYSC Camp? by chiefobdk(m): 8:15pm On May 20

You will need 2 power banks.

I use 3.

Are you living in Kaduna or Abuja where light is 24hrs, this one you don't have power bank before now ? Digital marketing without steady power.

Buy oraimo 27000mah u will charge a 4000mah battery 7 times...
Phones / Re: What's The Best Affordable Powerbank For NYSC Camp? by chiefobdk(m): 8:12pm On May 20
I bought three today for my friends going to camp.

11k each.

I have oraimo 27000mah
Politics / Re: Airman Killed By Mob In Oshodi. Many Stranded As Soldiers ‘Take Over’ by chiefobdk(m): 3:43pm On May 20

Politics / Re: Airman Killed By Mob In Oshodi. Many Stranded As Soldiers ‘Take Over’ by chiefobdk(m): 3:38pm On May 20
You can't kill a security personnel then expect to go sleep and be snoring.

If a security personnel commits, get hold of him and report to the security authority.

The hoodlums that lynched him would have all disappeared from there. Now, some innocent children and aged men and women will suffer the consequences.

Some of these hoodlums know the soldiers will come.

U didn't mention IPOB... Wow
Politics / Re: Airman Killed By Mob In Oshodi. Many Stranded As Soldiers ‘Take Over’ by chiefobdk(m): 3:36pm On May 20



Adadike ngeneukwenu helinues..

Whr are all of u zombies masturbating wey no let person here word gor south east...

Chief Vulture zombie come tellvis about darling daddy
Politics / Re: Is Nnamdi Kanu Prepared For War? by chiefobdk(m): 7:24pm On May 19
Yoruba muslim conhead unity beggars up there.. Are you guys NNAMDI KANU spokesperson

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Politics / Re: "Israel Killed My Friend, Her Husband, Five Sons & 3 Year Old Daughter In Gaza" by chiefobdk(m): 7:18pm On May 19
Miko Peled wrote:

From #Gaza now: “I lost my friend at the start of this brutal aggression, She was killed along with her husband and her five son and three year old daughter..” #GenocideinGaza


Miko Peled is a Jew and a son of an Israeli General.

Where are the Christian Worshippers of the genocidal Israeli savages in Nigeria? The bloodthirsty killers that you are worshipping erased a whole family from existence.

Do the Bible sanctioned the murderous slaughter of a man, his wife, 5 sons and three year old daughter? Does the Bible sanctioned this?



Kill them all terrorists
Politics / Re: Dangote's Grandfather Happened To Be First Nigerian To Used Bank. by chiefobdk(m): 7:17pm On May 19

When Buhari grand parents were using camels as means of transportation, your grandparents were still living in a thick forest like monkeys afraid to show their faces on the open land.
Just thank the British that came and lured you out, if not who would have known difference between igbos and chimpanzees. One European explorer/missionary confessed in one of his write up that he assumed igbos were evolved type of chimpanzees who learned how to use sound language probably from itinerary hunters from north when he first had contact with them.
So stop calling Buhari's name, he is not responsible for the miserable environment in which your father grew up in. It's nature that made him naturally to be ahead you.
Igbos have to learn how to respect their masters, otherwise they will continue to wallow in painful envy.

91 years later the north is still a bush while Igbo land has gone far ahead

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Autos / Re: The Motorcycle I Saw Today! ENGINEERS HELP!! by chiefobdk(m): 7:10pm On May 19
So I saw this motorcycle today grin grin
I was like what the heck shocked How did this man manage to do this I had to snap it live to post grin grin
Engineers please come and explain how he did this oo
Simple he just used the generator fuel tank na.. Come Nnewi
Politics / Re: Shooting In Owerri As Soldiers And Unknown Gunmen Clash (Video) by chiefobdk(m): 9:54am On May 19
People are truly living in fear honestly . Today, I witness broad day light robbery in onitsha for the first time in my life.
Those outside igboland cheering ugm should come back home and see how your brothers and sisters are suffering.
Soldiers truly blocked Amawbia to Nise road in Awka
As for me, posterity will be kind to me coz I warned my people but they did not listen
Moving out of South east soon on a more permanent basis

They have been robbing onitsha for a very long time.. They even rob here in lagos. Even in traffic...

If u like make dem rob u everyday.....
Politics / Re: Southern Nigeria Is Far More Populated Than The North! by chiefobdk(m): 9:48am On May 19

My questions are based on two factors

1. Religion
2. Landmass

Would really appreciate if you can discuss on those 2

Keep religion out of this argument.. Christianity is not upto 150 years in Nigeria so does not really affect Igbo land population in anyway... Most of our grandparents are polygamous...

What landmass are u talking about... As small as lagos state is
Could contain 20 million people yet it has not been built up.. Lots of empty land around epe gbagada badagry...

Now imagine Igbo land

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Politics / Re: Southern Nigeria Is Far More Populated Than The North! by chiefobdk(m): 9:28am On May 19
There is something I have been questioning personally regarding SE population..

If majority of them are Christians which means they mostly practiced monogamy, why is there population almost the same with SW population that has almost 50/50 Christians and Muslims..

Someone should clear my ignorant

The Igbos have really huge population density..

Igbos are the most populated tribe in NIGERIA..

They are always the second largest tribe anywhere in Nigeria yet they have such huge population in Igboland...
Even outside Nigeria they're so huge. And visible


Politics / Re: Southern Nigeria Is Far More Populated Than The North! by chiefobdk(m): 9:25am On May 19
At time's it baffle's me when some north politicians fume's about them being the majority tribe,as in how? Minus hausa,what is the population of kanuri? Fulani? Nupe? Gbagyi? Gade? Angas? All this tribe's are minority by every standard.
Now let's move to the south.the two most populous tribe's after the hausa are there,the fourth most populated tribe is there ijaw,the fifth is there ibibio, the sixth is there bini. So tell how will a region with only one majority tribe be populouse than a regoin with the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th & 6th? The south remain's the dominant region..

You dont even need all this analysis..
There is no where in the world whr the desert region is more populated than the rain forest...

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Politics / Re: SHOCKING! See What Northern Leaders Are Secretly Planning (must Read) by chiefobdk(m): 7:46am On May 17

When an elder talks, indomie generation should listen wisely before reacting unwisely
The south talks too much.
The north act too much.
The south says it wants break up
The north has gone far with breaking up.
The whole game is that while the south thinks it can use break up to threaten the north, the north is even ahead with the break up.
It is matter of time on who will first break the yolk of the egg open.

The north has gone far with what exactly.... A rail line to Niger. And a refinery in the north... Funny.. The north will be hit hard wit d break up of nigeria...

The refinery they build they will still have to import crude.... Nothing I repeat nothing is in the north.. They re so disadvantaged. The solid minerals they can boast of they re not even ready nọ infrastructure nothing...

Na people wey no kno demographics of Nigeria una go dey threaten
Religion / Re: EXCLUSIVE: Why We Transferred Father Mbaka — Catholic Church (2016) by chiefobdk(m): 11:04pm On May 16
Does it make any difference?

You dig out old news to deceive.. Instead of admitting you want to be a fast guy.. It makes a lot of difference.

You trying to deceive re not better than he is...
Politics / Re: Niger Delta "Igbo" Cant Give Biafra Direct Sea Access Because Of These Tribes by chiefobdk(m): 5:02pm On May 16
Yorofulani muslims on rampage....

Worry about ur people in Benin Republic IDP CAMPS

Fulani are scrambling for ur land..

But na Igbo matter u dey for coneheads..

Igbo hate is the uniting factor in Nigeria.. Now the fulani is taking up the hate position nothing else to unite the country everyone now want out...

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Politics / Re: Three Dead, Police Station Razed In Delta by chiefobdk(m): 4:51pm On May 16
Adadike And the rest coneheads wit d dead meat seller will not like this

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Travel / Re: Babawande Afolabi Launches Green Africa Airline, Acquires New Airplanes (Photos) by chiefobdk(m): 4:40pm On May 16
Silent achiever.
No noise, No gra gra, No Chest beating.
Just starting his business line without any iota of noise.

Our kinda youth,
The kinda leaders of today/tomorrow.
All the best in your venture Baba.
This is only the beginning and make sure you learn from the Master(s) in the game and work hand in hand with them, so you can all move forward.
(Cos many birds are flying in the air, with no feathers touching each other and with no beef or hatred amongst them.
That is to say, we all can grow together.)
Allen Ifechukwu Onyema comes to mind cool

Not the ones that are still at home eating momsie's akpu and oha soup or amala and ewedu soup shouting "Buhari ooo, Buhari ooo Buhari ooo" from morning till night even after graduating from the university since 2003 with no job.
Y'all better wake up and do something positive with your lives and stop depending on any government.
(Quote this post if you are one of those youths, let Nairalanders know you today!)

Golden Advice from the elders. cool

God bless you too Chief Larry.

Thanks sir.
Truth is not bitter, just that people are bitter to the truth.
But we will keep saying the truth on a daily basis.
Have a blessed Week ahead.

If you did something positive with your life will you be an online miscreant licking butt of a failed president.. Smh


Politics / Re: Wike: We Have Arrested Killers Of Security Agents In Rivers by chiefobdk(m): 10:41am On May 16
He is a YoruFulani Christian
He is yorofulani Muslim wit conehead

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Politics / Re: Wike: We Have Arrested Killers Of Security Agents In Rivers by chiefobdk(m): 10:39am On May 16
I told one of my excited UGM supporters who's my neighbour that their secrecy won't be sustain in that their clime.
Reason being that their people there can easily sell out with a morsel of bread.
You can easily gather Intel in the SE/SS than in the north cus of willing informants who are ready to cash out.

Coming from someone.. Who have never been to the east... Analysing people better than u will ever be.... Lol

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Politics / Re: Wike: We Have Arrested Killers Of Security Agents In Rivers by chiefobdk(m): 10:35am On May 16
I like the way wike is dealing with terrorist ESN/UGM and ipob pigs in Rivers state.

Wike should keep it up, Nigerians from other states are strongly behind him.


IPOB dont deal with u so much... Na dem u dey see everywhere..
Even wen u cum in 2 seconds its IPOB..


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Sports / Re: With This Picture From Ndidi & Iheanacho, I Hope Supleme Lea Is Not A Chelse Fan by chiefobdk(m): 9:12pm On May 15
Nnamdi Kanu. The name that strike fear and pains into dirty minds of yorofulani


Politics / Re: Army Sends Reinforcement Troops From Borno To South-East - Sahara Reporters by chiefobdk(m): 4:19pm On May 15
What these terrorists truly deserve are battle-hardened, blood-faced and no-mercy soldiers, like the ones currently being moved down to the SE/SS from war-torn NE.

The tank battalion should give the terrorists and Ibo supporters the Boko Haram treatment. Make dem give the motherfuckers proper pounding from 'em mad tanks.

Farewell Ala Igbo

Does it mean d soldiers who have been dyin by the aid of UGM re not battle ready....

Anything threat to Igbo land will be snuffed.
Na den u go kno difference between person fighting for passion and under paid owed under armed Nigerian gunmen
Politics / Re: Army Sends Reinforcement Troops From Borno To South-East - Sahara Reporters by chiefobdk(m): 4:17pm On May 15
About 300 Bush meat for the saints
Politics / Re: What Was Nnamdi Kanu Job Before Ipob Activism by chiefobdk(m): 3:51pm On May 15
Nnamdi Kanu is a pain in d butt of yoruba Muslims.. The ones wit conehead... He is a pain in d. Butt of yorofulani
Politics / Re: The Original Bola Tinubu(graphics) by chiefobdk(m): 8:41am On May 15

At least you admit he is a King of something. Do Igbos have any eminent Kings of anything at all they can present to Nigerians as formidable in comparison to their peers?

The answer to that should make sensible Igbos go home ands cry instead of coming here to attempt shading Tinubu daily. Your political, cultural, religious and traditional leaders are a huge joke.

Reality is that you are a people with dwindling political, cultural and socio-economic status yet you only wish to remain obsessed with others rather than strengthening, developing and promoting your own people of potentials.

It is antics like that of the OP, and yours, that has gotten Igbos where they are today.

Until any Yoruba muslim or descendant of bobo chicago can achieve half wat Okonjo Iweala an Igbo ever achieved...


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by chiefobdk(m): 8:13am On May 15
Anambra can generate tens of billions of naira annually from levies on trucks passing through Anambra state. The position of Anambra as the gateway to the east should be leveraged upon to generate IGR as oil revenues dry up. What should be worked out however is the mode of collection. Though many of those truck drivers are stubborn and will like to speed away when flagged down but a system to track them through their plate numbers can be developed to arrest and prosecute them for tax evasion.

See mentality...

Tufiakwa. Why do you guys always want to choose easy way...
Who told you tax is only source of IGR... SMH
Business / Re: Comparing The Nigerian Naira And The Benin Republic Cefa by chiefobdk(m): 9:56pm On May 14

This is so beautiful. I have never really had anyone make me appreciate Nigeria like this.
But truth be told sha, our Naira is getting more useless everyday.

Have you seen how expensive food has become recently?

God forbid...

You re so gullible... Cant even think
Politics / Re: Sultan of sokoto is the head of Hausa/Fulani Moslems Not us by chiefobdk(m): 4:58pm On May 13

Foolish post..
Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep, him sef no go sleep.
The more you guys keep celebrating atrocities commited against Muslims and Muslim countries by Israel, US, France etc, the more the world will not know peace. US invasion of Iraq is the genesis of all our troubles but you foolish lot refused to address the root cause and decided to demonised the oppressed instead of the oppressors.
Before you open your stinking mouth, tell me where WMD found in Iraq is kept.
Mumu people! The world is silent about the atrocities committed in Burma, Uighurs Muslim in China etc if those Muslims turn back and fight back, you lots will be crying foul.
No body can oppress Muslims worldwide. Bookmark this post, the fall of Israel is near and if you doubt me, watch and see.

But Israel is giving it to Palestinians back to back.. And making them squirt...

Israel get una mumu button....


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