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Crime / Re: Lady Brutally Stabs Her Friend Over An Instagram Comment by Chiprince007(m): 11:24am On Mar 20
Na wa oooooo
Crime / Re: Lagos: Police Repel Attack On Station, Arrest Three by Chiprince007(m): 11:07am On Mar 19
Na wa ooooo
NYSC / Re: Godspower Asuquo: Corper Celebrates With Mother At The Market After Passing Out by Chiprince007(m): 10:07am On Mar 15
Wait oooo.. Congrats to him oo

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Romance / Re: Share your views - Relationship advice by Chiprince007(m): 3:15pm On Mar 14
Na stupidity ooo
Crime / Re: 14-year-old Girl Sexually Harassed By Her Father Got Rescued (see Photos) by Chiprince007(m): 3:14pm On Mar 14
Na wa oooo. Why are the numbers of peadophiles increasing na
Politics / Re: Elrufai Involved In A Ghastly Motor Accident by Chiprince007(m): 3:11pm On Mar 14
Habeg make the man join I'm driver na


Politics / Re: Dino Melaye, Remi Tinubu, Others Receives Certificate Of Return - Pho by Chiprince007(m): 2:58pm On Mar 14
Daddy Dino ooo
Madam thiefnibu abeg do and go
Religion / Re: I Am A Muslim.why Should I Consider Becoming A Christian? by Chiprince007(m): 1:26pm On Mar 14


Why do you say that?
Politics / Re: Return My Cars Or Face Police Arrest – Uche Nwosu Warns Supporters by Chiprince007(m): 12:33pm On Mar 14
Hehehehe. Down with the okoro-hausas


Crime / Re: Soldier’s Wife Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Her Maid’s Teeth And Inflicting by Chiprince007(m): 12:29pm On Mar 14
Finally finally. We did not say "don't beat your child or guardian" but been this brutal calls for questions
Family / Re: Lady Blasted For Teaching Nigerian Women How To Lock Cheating Husbands In Bottle by Chiprince007(m): 12:23pm On Mar 14

lolzzz womanizer spotted
Oga calm down na.. Don't jump into conclusion fast. I'm just imagining how the husband would be like a toy. The marriage would not be really interesting


Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo Makes Forbes Highest Paid NBA Players 2018 List by Chiprince007(m): 12:21pm On Mar 14
After one old man will open his mouth and say Nigerian youths are lazy

Finally after a long while FTC

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Nairaland / General / Re: REVEALED! LASG Agency Failed To Demolished Collapsed Building Due To Bribery by Chiprince007(m): 12:16pm On Mar 14
Ahhhhh..when will this nation be delivered from bribery and corruption
Family / Re: Lady Blasted For Teaching Nigerian Women How To Lock Cheating Husbands In Bottle by Chiprince007(m): 12:13pm On Mar 14
Well ladies do this at your own risk


Religion / Re: Pastor Tries To Heal A Mad Woman On The Road (Photos) by Chiprince007(m): 8:16am On Mar 12






Did you ever hear the Lord Jesus Christ or any of His Apostles having a running battle with a demoniac?


"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity". MATTHEW 7:22-23


Oga what is doing your head. Why are you saying something you do not know.. I pity you oooo
Religion / Re: Desiring To Go To Heaven Is A Sin! by Chiprince007(m): 11:31am On Mar 10
Wow... All I'll say is that you're right but your truth is not balanced.. To start, I would say we would go to heaven, but it would be temporary. Its not a permanent location. We would be there for a while.Yes we would inherit the earth but not this one why because it would be destroyed and a new earth would be created
Business / Re: Breaking: CBN Restricts Sale Of Forex To Importers Of Textiles by Chiprince007(m): 2:15pm On Mar 05
You'll see a hike in price of textiles now. Haba naija use head now. Developed your textile industry enough to meet the demands at home before making laws that would discourage Importation
Crime / Re: Pastor And His Secretary Kidnapped During Vigil In Plateau State by Chiprince007(m): 2:09pm On Mar 05
When the country's leadership is not doing well, the citizens would resort to crime.
But in other developments, I hope thats its not politically/religiously motivated kidnapping and i sure hope they don't kill them


Romance / Re: Video "Maid Caught Molesting 5-year-old Boy In Zimbabwe" by Chiprince007(m): 2:06pm On Mar 05
Na wa ooooo.. What's this world turning into na
Literature / Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Chiprince007(m): 5:12pm On Feb 28
I'm loving this
Literature / Re: The Hole In The Wall by Chiprince007(m): 4:13pm On Feb 28
Ogha souloho wetin na
Abeg give us update na

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Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 2:40pm On Feb 23

Lol .
Mr Chiprince wants to run faster than Usain Bolt.
Why ?
You are scared to see your Trinity scam demystified & exposed as false, from your own copy of the Bible.

** Simple task to help you....
Get different Bible translations,the ones with Concordance,References or Marginal Notes, open to 1john5:7 & 1 Timothy 3:16, come back here & report what you find .

*** I made it easier for you by giving you links to access different Bible translations of those verses online,but you dey here dey give flimsy & clumsy excuses.
**- Your 'holy spirit' wey no fit teach you how to explain John10:34-36 & John 20:17,30,31, naim you dey recommend to another person, to do what ?

God's holy spirit has revealed the truth about Trinity to me, rather you should ask God to open your heart & your eyes to the truth.
Well sir I have no words to say to you again. If you don't see it, and don't believe it no problem. It does not change who I am.
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 2:12am On Feb 23

I'm not here to brag about Hebrew/ Greek, if it helps us to unearth the truth , all well & good.

** U can see different translations of 1 John5:7& draw your conclusion. For instance,
https://www.bibleref.com/1-John/ 5/1-John-5-7.html.

*** https://biblehub.com/1_timothy/3-16.htm
Pls scroll down to the Greek lexicon & discover the actual rendition of 1timothy3:16.

*** Any Bible translation of Philippians 2:6-7 which is not in agreement with Jesus words at John 14:28 , is at best , spurious & questionable.

**** "Jesus did not refer to himself as the son of God" ,( your statement) . Pls explain John 10:34-36, 20:17,30,31.

## the Pharisees lied that Jesus was making himself equal to God(John 10:33,Jesus replied them in v34-36) but John5:18 says "he was even calling God his own Father", but the Pharisees misinterpreted that to mean "he was making himself equal to God".

**** Matt16:13-17, Jesus said God revealed to Simon Peter that he(Jesus) is the son of the Living God.

* Matt3:16,17 @ Jesus baptism, God's voice from heaven affirmed that Jesus is his beloved son.
Or what else?
If everything you're saying is gotten from what someone put on his site then I have nothing more to say to you. Please if you check your words well, you're just pilling up stuffs to say that the bible is very incorrect. Please sir be careful with your words. PLEASE if you don't understand , ask the Holy Spirit teach you. Don't Darken counsel without knowledge. You're saying that a lot of things both in the gospel and epistles are wrong.
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 2:33pm On Feb 22

Tnks for d enlightenment.All dis translation done corrupt our religion.
Hmmm. I'm shocked that you still don't believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity.
I won't say anymore , but I hope you did not start this thread so as to look for more proofs( which does not really show) on the doctrine of the Trinity
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 2:17pm On Feb 22

1 John 5:7 & 1 tim3:16 KJV are 419 additions into the holy scriptures.
Go & do your research on it, bro.

**Exo3:14" I shall be what/who I shall be" is the authentic statement, NOT "I am"
"I am" in Greek 'ego eimi" simply meaning ' I exist' (John 8:58) IS NOT equivalent to " Ehyel asher Ehyel (Hebrew -" I shall be what/ who I shall be"wink .

## The word(Jesus) became flesh but not his Father & God (John20:17,30,31) whom Jesus called "the only true God" ( John 17:3, I don't need to explain the implications of Jeus statement to your satanic doctrine).
John 5:36-38,43. 6:46 (Exodus 33:20,23) are unpalatable truths that rubbished the Trinity scam
1 cor11:3.
. wow Bravo Bravo. You're trying to show us your knowledge of Greek and Hebrew,hmmmm its well. I dont want to tell you where I come from because we study Greek and Hebrew in the interpretation of the scripture. Anyway,I'm not here to argue but to show light.
First of all, you saying that 1 John 5:17 and 1 Tim 3:16 are 419 additions to the bible is preposterous and heretic. Why because its part of the cannon of the bible.if you say they are 419 additions, give me your proof from the "Scriptures". In the mouth of two or three witnesses, the truth is established. So I'll be more than willing to share other witnesses of the trinity in the Bible.
You don't expect the meaning and pronunciation of one word in one language to be the exact same meaning of that word in another language.
Philippians 2:6-7[b] " Who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no repute and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men"[/b]. If you look through the Scripture, Jesus did not refer to himself as the son of God, neither did he acknowledge to the Pharisee when they asked him why because he did not want to equate himself to God. But when he asked his disciples who he was, peter replied and said thou art Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus replied saying, flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you (Matthew 16:15-17) and he also acknowledged that God was his father.(John 5:19)
But mind you WORDS are vehicles by which we express our thought and intents of our heart.
So when we say Jesus is the word, he's the expression of Gods thought and the intent of him towards us as mankind.
"And Jesus [/b]when he was baptized went up straightway out of the water and lo the heavens were opened unto him and the [b]Spirit of the God[/b]descending like a dove and lighting upon him and lo a voice from heaven [b] This is my beloved son, in whom I'm well pleased =>.
This is my second proof.
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 10:42am On Feb 22

Well said
Thank you very much sir. I hope you're enlightened and you can now tell others too who do not yet see this.
Jesus Loves you
Religion / Apologetics- The Defence Of The Gospel by Chiprince007(m): 10:38am On Feb 22
I've been drawn to a post which hit FP "THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM" and I would lime to give an answer to them and all the comments and questions there. But I may not have all the time to answer each one. So I'm calling on all the believers who can defend the gospel accurately from scriptures to come here so we can defend the faith which we stand on. God bless you. So please let's come together and indicate so that by Sunday, we would be able to give an answer.
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 10:30am On Feb 22
So as God told Job, I'll also tell you sir. Please don't darken counsel without Knowledge
Religion / Re: Christians Get In:the Belief In The Holy Trinity Is Fake !! by Chiprince007(m): 10:29am On Feb 22
OK. I came to religion page because I wanted to make some statements concerning the post on FP " Difference between Christianity and Islam". But I would answer your question about the Holy trinity. 1John 5:7 " For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and The Holy Ghost: and these three are one". If you read the book of John 1:1-4 it showcases Jesus as the word. So we can say that The Father( God the Father), The Word( God the Son-Jesus) and The Holy Ghost. So please I can show you also from the old testament but I don want to go there. God bless you. The Trinity is real
Literature / Re: Penance by Chiprince007(m): 5:22pm On Feb 21
Great. I love this
More ink to your pen
Literature / Re: Teacher Chuks by Chiprince007(m): 6:38pm On Feb 19
Great concept , great storyline
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appeals For Calm Over Polls Shift by Chiprince007(m): 12:25pm On Feb 18
If dem like make them shift am again all I know is Buhari don go

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