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Autos / Re: Toyota Avalon 2014 XLE Clean Used...4.85m by chuckjonesbaba(m): 12:33am On Sep 21, 2020
Op change your title to 'Alon X 2014 for sale'

Autos / Re: 09 9ja Used Ford Edge Urgently Needed For Payment Tomorrow Morning by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:19am On Jul 16, 2020
A neatly 9ja used Ford Edge 2009 model urgently needed for payment tomorrow morning within Ikeja Lagos.
Only direct link should call/WhatsApp

No pictures, no information on condition of vehicle.
Travel / Re: What I Saw While Trying To Renew My Nigerian Passport by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:50pm On Jul 05, 2020
Na to kukuma remain for your country... No be by force to travel out.

Please check my signature for your high quality tiles.

Truly spoken by someone who has tried to leave the country and have been denied... trust me if you see way you must Jakpa!!! Naija don caste..
Programming / Re: Lets Copy China In online Hacking & Spying To Develop Our Technology. (Picture) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:02pm On Apr 30, 2020
There is a school of thought that says that, If you can not buy or build a technology, You had better steal the Knowledge of how the technology was made from those that have successfully built theirs so that you replicate it for yourself, no developed country is willing to release info on how it built some of its mega technological infrastructures and military hard and softwares, and is a well known fact that no country in the world can really develop without technology. be it engineering, agriculture, medicine industrial development, communication, military etc all requires technology.

Countries like the United states and China have been embroiled in a long term faceoff about how China has stole and still stealing from USA via cyber hacking, cyber attack and cyber espionage of many US assets such as, trade secretes, intellectual properties, technological innovations etc. and are remodeling it to suit china's purpose.

There have been many reports about how China is alleged to have begun a widespread effort to acquire U.S. military technology and classified information about the trade secrets of U.S companies. The Chinese government has been accused of stealing trade secrets and technology, often from companies in the United States, to help support its long-term military and commercial development. China has been accused of using a number of methods to obtain U.S. technology (using U.S. law to avoid prosecution), including espionage , exploitation of commercial entities and a network of scientific, academic and business contacts.

In addition to traditional espionage, China partners civilian Chinese companies with American businesses to acquire technology and economic data and uses cyber spying to penetrate the computer networks of U.S. businesses and government agencies; an example is the December 2009 Operation Aurora where U.S. law enforcement officials identified China as the most active foreign power involved in the illegal acquisition of American technology that China wants.

On May 19, 2014, the United States Department of Justice announced that a Federal grand jury had indicted five People's Liberation Army officers for stealing confidential business information and intellectual property from U.S. commercial firms and planting malware on their computers.

Some scholars believe that what china is doing via cyber espionage although very illegal, is what has kept china economy going, it has made Chinese economy to be the second largest economy in the world and has allowed china to take 70% of its 1.4billion population out of poverty within a short period and China also have a future plan of defeating poverty completely by the year 2025.

It is believed that the Chinese government is in full support of this cyber hacking and spying and the country demonstrate this by recruiting and allowing young and exceptionally brilliant university graduates from its various institutions to work as internet spies and online hackers for China.

Nigeria with is economic problems and massive youth unemployment can learn one or two things from what china is doing....

Some of the technologies reported to have been stolen by china includes.

1. Automobile designs and Manufacturing

1.a) Porsche Cayman and SozhouEagle Carrie

1.b) Cadillac Escalade and Victory S10

1.c.) Royce Royce and Geely GE

1.d) Lamborghini and Diablo VT

CC... moderators

The EFCC and the Nigerian government instead of rehabilitation of all these youths involved in Yahoo Yahoo will discourage research and interests involving the benefits of the cyber technology.

In Nigeria now youths are scared of walking around with a laptop or owning a computer at home.. how can we catch up to India and China who were our contemporaries just decades ago.. its SAD man SAD for a few ignorant buffoons to determine the fate of the world's most populous black nation.
Car Talk / Re: COVID-19: How Innoson Is Manufacturing Ambulances (Photos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:27pm On Apr 17, 2020
Is that all...

Igbos and chest beating.

You are a big STUPID FOOL!!!!!!
Family / Re: She Is Single And Living On Rented Apartment, Away From Family ! Is It Good? by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:11pm On Mar 08, 2020
In my own perspective it all boils down to proper upbringing. Before a lady ever thinks of being independent, she must have being raised by parents , guardian or something. At that point when adulthood sets in, she must have been well acquainted with the good, bad and ugly of the society as well as whom to walk with and who not to. So if due to job, travel e.t.c they need to move then so be it. But in case the lady is the type that displays unruly behaviors, she should merely be checked upon from time to time.
But as time goes on the parents sef go tire to dey monitor
A friend once told me, no matter how rich or poor someone is, the one that has refused to imbibe moral instructions does it willingly. Aren't there girls that still commit fornication even while under the same roof with their parents? My suggestion is to invest in proper upbringing of the child when they grow up, either they are with the parents or na the fruits of good upbringing will show.

Very well written. You are one of the wisest people I have come across on Nairaland. Thank you so much.

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Family / Re: She Is Single And Living On Rented Apartment, Away From Family ! Is It Good? by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:08pm On Mar 08, 2020
There s no such thing as adulthood for girls. Ideally a lady ought to be with her family until she s married. There are dangers of living alone away from family. A sane society should frown at that. It is rare to find a sensible lady living alone, single.

my thoughts!

A sane society will look at your comments like something coming out of medieval times... Women are human beings and should equally be independent. She is no one's property and this is the 21st century for crying out loud.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Congratulates Okonjo-Iweala On Her New South African Appointment by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:06pm On Mar 08, 2020

The same economy she couldn't manage for many years in Nigeria here despite Nigeria foreign earning was at highest during her time? Hypocrite

Okay I agree with you. That time and now which one is better? Lol
Autos / Re: Grab PEUGEOT 307 2006 For 650k by chuckjonesbaba(m): 8:40pm On Feb 26, 2020
Grams filou cool blue
2006 1.6 110
Factory Ac
Clean interior
Manual Drive
Alloy rims
Buy & Drive to any destination

What are the underlying faults?
Health / Re: The Woman I Saved On Christmas Day (Graphic Photos And Videos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:50am On Jan 01, 2020
Please what is the name of the first hospital that made mockery of you? Please write out the police station. We need to start from somewhere. Thanks for doing this, your labor of love will not go in vain.

Yes oo........
Culture / Re: Yoruba Dad Teaching His Biracial Kids Yoruba Language (Video) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:45am On Jan 01, 2020
He's a great dad, unlike some that are embarrassed to speak their language to their kids.

You are RIGHT
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Criticizes Ambode For Abandoning Lagos Rail Project by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:44am On Jan 01, 2020
Obasanjo is irrelevant

History will say otherwise.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Criticizes Ambode For Abandoning Lagos Rail Project by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:43am On Jan 01, 2020

Seriously has to be commoted..

Science/Technology / Re: World's Oldest Black Rhinoceros Dies Aged 57 by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:40am On Jan 01, 2020
...send the body to one guy from Ibadan who lives in this forum.....he can eat anything called meat....

I won't mention his name but keep on the watch, he'll comment soon grin grin

Celebrities / Re: Rudeboy's "Reason With Me" Records 40m YouTube Views, 2019 Highest In Continent by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:34am On Jan 01, 2020
Well i watched the video like 80 times and i never liked it. How strange could that be??



Celebrities / Re: Rudeboy's "Reason With Me" Records 40m YouTube Views, 2019 Highest In Continent by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:34am On Jan 01, 2020
Next time he should add nudity so it can reach 80 million

My man! Lol!

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Romance / Re: Kung Fu Wedding Photoshoot Of Kenyan Couple That Got People Talking by chuckjonesbaba(m): 8:38pm On Nov 03, 2019
Kenya, land of the weird

Politics / Re: Enugu Govt Awards Contracts For Projects Worth Over N3.2 Billion by chuckjonesbaba(m): 8:36pm On Nov 03, 2019

Shut Up there
Sullivan connected opi from Abakpa
Opened Up Enugu... Beautifying everywhere

It will cost you nothing to say the truth
This dunce does nothing aside attending parties and eating free food...
It might interest you to know that his house is just a stone throw from mine... So shusss it

042 for life. Dont mind that nincompoop. Sullivan did a lot for Enugu. No other city in the EAST can compare, compete and contrast
Health / Re: FG To Revive 10,000 Primary Healthcare Centres by chuckjonesbaba(m): 8:28pm On Nov 03, 2019
i am sure they intend to use it as vetinery centers for ...what animal again oooo
itx ftc girl again!!!
lemme use this opportunity to ask a question
when you were 19years your cousin kind of...
sucked you.now u are older and u know itx wrong but he wants more
how do u discourage him??

Education / Re: Photos Of Kids In Public Schools In Different Countries Eating Lunch by chuckjonesbaba(m): 8:25pm On Nov 03, 2019
Photos of kids in different public schools, different countries, eating launch.

This is so heartbreaking, government of a state/country treating leaders of tomorrow like animals.


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Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Little Teni The Entertainer by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:57pm On Nov 03, 2019
If Wizkid had fvcked her at dis age he wud have enjoyed her more than wat he did now.
A reliable source told me dat her pvci tastes water water
NB: abeg don't abuse me, it's alcohol speaking grin

Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Little Teni The Entertainer by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:56pm On Nov 03, 2019

This picture brings memory, who remember those times during Xmas and Easter wen our parent ll buy glasses and wristwatch for us

Good old days

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Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photo Of Little Teni The Entertainer by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:55pm On Nov 03, 2019
Throwback before she became an elephant

She looks older than her sister sha

Politics / Re: Obono-Obla: Osinbajo’s Office Persecuting Me For Being Loyal To Buhari by chuckjonesbaba(m): 4:45pm On Nov 03, 2019
We all know Osibanjo is a dictator...

Someone that Intimidated the press to silence.

The most painful part is that he is a lawyer and above all a senior Redeem pastor.


All Our Nigerian politicians are all the same.
Celebrities / Re: Mompha Arrested By INTERPOL In Abuja - Kemi Olunloyo Says by chuckjonesbaba(m): 7:23pm On Oct 21, 2019
I don't know why criminals have to always show off... Dem take am swear for dem? And as their bragging and show off loud Na so their disgrace and humiliation dey also loud.. Na even Interpol catch meaning dey've been on his trail for quite sometime now.. Not like Nigerian Police and EFCC who will first publish ur allegations in d papers and make all d media noise before dey arrest and den start investigations

See how criminality has frustrated both Ur present and ur future..

Na y ur very existence is uselessly useless.. U are obviously inconsequential to ur bloodline and family tree

Science/Technology / Re: Escaped Kano Lion Eats Ostrich As Zookeepers Mull Killing Animal (video) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:40pm On Oct 21, 2019
Do you blame the lion?
There's hunger in the land and I'm sure he isn't fed properly.
I swear these past few days will be his happiest moment in his life.. He will be feeling like the real king of the jungle, enough goats and ostriches to feast on, if they finish then the useless zookeepers that don't have tranquilizers will be next in line. He will rather die than go back to that cage grin
I'm just imagining him shooking off the 1.5ml tranquilizer shot like; una too mumu for this country o grin

My thoughts exactly!
That lion is hungry.

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Celebrities / Re: Tracy & Treasure Daniels Celebrate Their Birthday (Photos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:34pm On Oct 21, 2019
Why Dem resemble shemales for xvideos

Nigerian women and make up ooo

Celebrities / Re: Tracy & Treasure Daniels Celebrate Their Birthday (Photos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 1:32pm On Oct 21, 2019
Why is threesomee coming to my mind.

Romance / Re: Adamawa Man Marries Anambra Woman (Photos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:50am On Oct 20, 2019
Incomplete story.....the full version will soon be unveiled.

God will BLESS their union and riddle them with BULLETS OF HAPPINESS AND JOY.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: Pastor David Wilson Deserves Headies Award by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:40am On Oct 20, 2019

All I can say is shame on any man who can't taste the goodness of the Lord in a woman till she and the entire world testifies just like Pastor Wilson did.

Instead of most men to use their tongue for something edifying, they'd either use it in rolling up Rizla or in gossiping with Mama Bintu.

Men must never forget that the power of life and death is in our tongue.
Let our tongues only bring pleasure to women.

My guy!!!
Crime / Re: Kastina Police Rescue 99 Cows, 128 Sheep, 1 Donkey From Bandits by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:34am On Oct 20, 2019
North grin

I will refrain myself not to cry more than the bereaved. The northerners on this forum will avoid this thread like a plague ,if you talk too much now they will say its blasphemy. Make una kwontinu cheesy.One thing is sure nothing will take me and any member of my family to the north,lol

Travel / Re: Qatar Is So Hot, Now Installs AC Outdoor And 2022 World Cup Stadium(Photos) by chuckjonesbaba(m): 10:26am On Oct 20, 2019

@bolded. So typical... Like I care where dem born you or ur papa. Dat someone no fit be you.. else, you no go dey yarn dust. Pesin wey nvr reach another man's mansion no suppose dey brag say na him own big pass.

Na una own largos, na we own Lagos grin

Typical Chest beating Okoro FOOLS! grin.

This is what we are busy doing BASHING EACH OTHER TRIBES while our heartless pompous politicians put a wool over our eyes with Propaganda from MURIC AND THE WEAK CHRISTIAN LEADERS. Let the pictures of Qatar and Dubai be lessons for our youth. It is time for us to think inward about Nigeria.

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