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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Nigeria Will Fulfil Climate Commitments by collinsVP: 12:10pm On Nov 14, 2021

Just look at what a Nigerian graduate wrote!!!! So you are not aware we produce oil that cause carbon emissions. Go and ask those in South south and other parts of Nig what they are suffering. This is why Buhari insults youths, abeg you no worth my precious time. Follow international organizations like UN, WFP, FAO UNDP, UNICEF and WHO to get updated on causes and effects of climate change.
Make good use of internet so you don't sound unintelligible.

You will be smarter with humility.

The day the western world discontinues the production of machines that use our oil, carbon emission will stop in Nigeria.

If Nigeria has no where to sell her oil, production will cease. If machines bought from western world require clean energy to function, there will be no need for our oil.

Clean energy is the future.

So, technically, Nigeria's carbon emission is a direct function of western activity.

Now you know why i said Nigeria should not talk about climate change. She will have no option than to stop carbon emission when the chips are down.

Happy Sunday
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Nigeria Will Fulfil Climate Commitments by collinsVP: 8:19pm On Nov 13, 2021

Climate change is affecting food production and accessibility. We need to join hands by reducing carbon emissions through generating sets and vehicles. The change is the cause of drought, carbon pollution, floods and others.
Learn to be current with world affairs.

Funny! So, if industrialized nation talk about carbon emissions, Nigeria will talk too. Mtchewww.

Once Europe, America and China stop the production of machines that use unclean energy, Nigeria will be fine.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Reply To A Man Who Admired Her Beauty (Photo) by collinsVP: 8:06pm On Nov 13, 2021
Unbalanced love mentality: Fall in love and fall in like a fool. Now, having been fooled, show 'street-sense' and still show it like a fool.

If not for psychological problem, tell me why a pretty woman like Tonto with all her expensive vital statistics enhancements would still be TOO EAGER to show she is 'comfortable' by spending her money on a NEW lover even when the man is LOADED and READY to lead the way like a man and treat her like a BABE she is.

The problem with Tonto is her egotistic mindset rather than her heart. She doesn't fall in love with a free mind like a 'young maiden' willing to be pampered. No, she falls in love with sugar mummy mentality and when some men notice this trait, they exploit it. Under this ego problem, is also her twisted tendency to focus more on sexual acts instead of total spectrum of romance. She should learn ENJOY love rather than ACT love .

Wow! wow! wow! You just solved a puzzle. You are gifted.
Education / Re: Federal University Of Dutse SUG President Steps Out In Style (Pix) by collinsVP: 2:50pm On Nov 11, 2021

Since most parts of the country are politically enlightened, resorting to the bygone Tripod-type regionalism is simply Dead on Arrival. When looked critically, there are more than just three "regions" in the country--an offshoot of colonial demarcations.

On a more realistic note---I can easily foresee 5 or 6 concrete regions. Allow each state in the Federation the freedom to choose which adjacent region they want to belong to through the voices and votes of their people.

Or worst yet....since NASS is dragging their feet on the referendum issue....realistically you do not have to wait for the corrupt central government to mandate a referendum either. The people or the State House of Assemblies in each state of each region can collectively move to set a date for their own grass-roots driven Referendum for a secession. Places like Quebec in French Canada do it when they feel like quitting but their majority always choose to remain within Canada. The objectivity or transparency of same happening in Nigeria is a big question mark.

So the safer bet is strongly PUSH for a regionalism with the gradual devolution of powers from the center. Then each region can choose to use their resources to mess up themselves as they wish!

I agree. Stay safe.
Education / Re: Federal University Of Dutse SUG President Steps Out In Style (Pix) by collinsVP: 11:30am On Nov 11, 2021

Exactly my sad feeling too. Nigeria needs an overhaul in her values system. Division won't bring any magical development as some agitators are fantasizing.

Exactly. Then again, one might be persuaded to support secession considering the Fulani factor. The only remedy i can think of is regionalism.

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Education / Re: Federal University Of Dutse SUG President Steps Out In Style (Pix) by collinsVP: 10:54am On Nov 11, 2021
Nigeria has ruined the thinking of majority Nigerians both old and young...
What can save this country, even division isn't guaranteed to make things better
Because we'd probably replicate Nigeria in whatever new community created...

Really gloomy

It is not probable. It will replicate. It has been my greatest fear.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Cry Out Over High Cost Of Cooking Gas by collinsVP: 10:32am On Oct 31, 2021
Soooo saaaad

People who earn 6 figures couldn't buy gas.

I was shocked to see myself buying 2kg gas in my large cylinder. Something I usually buy without cutting a sweat.

It will never be well with whoever hoist Insensitive leaders on the masses. If I can feel the pain, I wonder wat common people pass tru.

Mind u, I earn over 200k, but I cant afford gas . Its a shame. One wil struggle to buy food and cant cook it.

Ur salary is paid as if they are doing you a favor. Such untold wickedness. Man inhumanity to fellow man.

And u wil see these so call leaders lavishing Money carelessly. If God/Allah is there, these people will suffer for the pain they cause ordinary citizens.

Except they changed immediately. Most likely, the president is not even aware because they are not feeding the right information

Him no de read? Newspaper allowances na for what?
He is simply cruel.
Politics / Re: Buhari Escapes Air Crash As Presidential Jet Develops Fault - Sahara Reporters by collinsVP: 8:33pm On Oct 28, 2021
Village people sef don useless finish..... Due to acute poverty and hunger dem don powerless finish, ordinary jet mtchewww grin

No use laff kill me abeg. U funny mehn!

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Celebrities / Re: Maria: Kelvin's Brother Dares Cubana Chief Priest, Threatens To Expose Him (Pix) by collinsVP: 5:22pm On Oct 26, 2021
Atleast, I have learnt that the plural of Wife is “Wifes” from the daft fellow.

He omitted apostrophe. He meant Chief priest's wife's s story.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Heavy Explosion Outside Kabul Airport, Casualties Unclear - Pentagon by collinsVP: 3:32pm On Aug 26, 2021
What a cruelty!!!


Education / Re: Killings Of Innocent Unijos Students.. by collinsVP: 8:10pm On Aug 22, 2021
Cursed country


Politics / Re: Ikama Kato Remanded For Insulting Buhari, Boss Mustspha On Facebook by collinsVP: 7:37am On Aug 02, 2021
Asslicking everywhere.
The last time I checked, words do not kill like Buhari's actions and in actions do.

Critics of this government are handled like they were national emergency grin

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Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari Flew To Dubai To Spend Good Time With Ramon Abbas - FBI by collinsVP: 2:05pm On Jul 29, 2021

I did not see Abbas kyari's name nah

Open your mind not eyes only. You will see.
Politics / Re: The Amount Paid To Agberos In Lagos Daily & Annually by collinsVP: 10:46am On Jul 23, 2021
So, when are you guys doing an analysis of the amount paid to Agberos in Enugu, Abia, Rivers, Anambra, Kano, Abuja etc? Abi NURTW only exist in Lagos?

Analysis like this would make a lot of sense if it was done all over the country or at least in some selected states so that we can do a comparative analysis. So, why single out Lagos state?

Btw, NURTW is a trade Union. Trade Unions and professional bodies charge their members huge sums annually. As a member of ICAN, I pay 30k to the institute as annual subscription. I still pay for conference, AGM and faculty due without complaining. So, are members of NURTW complaining? Who forced them to be members of the union?

Oga!!! They complain bitterly . Enter any keke, bus and the likes and strike a conversation on this topic with the driver. You will end up feeling bad.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 15k Salary Job....life After Graduation Is Hell by collinsVP: 5:16pm On Apr 20, 2021

easy bro... was in a worse situation than you...

lived in my parents house till 35yrs, wasn't able to graduate, spent more than 12 yrs. Had to leave the Uni. Wasn't earning a dime

Had to look out for a way to make money... started with betting (actually studied it), lost a lot of money and I quit

then did ponzi schemes, made good money
Did crypto trading, made some money

Finally settled down with FX trading. I blew so many accounts but I was determined that that was what I wanted to do

Had to 'lock myself up' for 2yrs straight learning

The 3rd yr, that's when everything changed

Bro, suicide is never an option. Ive never shared my story publicly, but I felt led to tell you.

You also can have d great future you dreamed of

What an experience bro. I'm about your age. Had somewhat similar experience.
Left an uncle's house at 35. A lot of sad incidents happened in between.

Please, does it actually take 2years to learn FX proper. Or was yours, a case of not having an expert to show you how is done as a beginner .
Politics / Re: Delta State Government Ban The Use Of Fireworks During Festive Season by collinsVP: 11:49pm On Dec 14, 2020
Yeye talk.
Nonsense sad
Politics / Re: TCN: Nigeria Requires ₦1 Trillion For Efficient Electricity Transmission by collinsVP: 6:10am On Nov 26, 2020
It's never about funding, it's has been about electricity generation, distribution and transmission models.
First. They should go get blue print from countries in Africa that have gotten it right before quoting the money they intend to embezzle.

No sincerity of purpose in nigeria from time immemorial.
Celebrities / Re: Davido & Friends At The Beach Celebrating His 28th Birthday & Partying Together by collinsVP: 10:57am On Nov 22, 2020

Don't say that....we are not in a competition in this fuckkking world..continue your huzzle..don't give up...Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up
Let me tell you a secret niggarrrr..we all are pretending to have it...especially celebrities...they don't have it the way they pretend to..I can bet balls davido don't even have up to 2 billion in his account....forget all those 30billion rubbish
you want to live a happy life! tie it to your own goal, not to people

You are a complete man. You see beyond the surface. You have wisdom too.

Its sad that your constant use of "weed" "pussy" and other street words will sway some people that might benefit from your posts from reading them grin


Politics / Re: Lekki Shootings: CCTV Reveals Soldiers Arrived In Seven Trucks by collinsVP: 2:41pm On Nov 21, 2020
Nigerian Army is a disgrace to military all over the world. They day you decide to join Nigerian Army as my friend or relative is the day I disown own and cut all my ties with you

Same as Nigeria judiciary.
Politics / Re: WTO DG: Why Okonjo-Iweala May Not Win - Kayode Ogundamisi by collinsVP: 11:38am On Oct 10, 2020
There are so many low IQ people on Nairaland that just rush to comment rubbish without knowing they are being used by some powerful political elements working behind the scenes to promote tribalism, use divide-and-rule tactics to maintain the political status quo in this country. Check the tweet, it was a quote, and the author's name was included. So he was quoting another person, who obviously is a book writer.

For your mind now your comprehension is second to none grin

You couldn't comprehend a glaring attempt to demarket NOI.

Na only him sabi wetin de inside book to quote.
Call a spade, a spade brother.


Politics / Re: How Bola Tinubu Used Oyetola, Others As Fronts For Alpha Beta - Sahara Reporters by collinsVP: 7:58pm On Oct 08, 2020
You came with an idea (idea without capital = poverty), someone financed the project and today you are wealthy and renowned enough to drag him down.

He stole 10% of the state tax which is criminal but he ensured the 90% remainder is put to good use and that is why Lagos keeps developing everyday. SS and SE governors that don’t steal 10% of the state tax, we don’t see any development cause they steal 90% of the income not even tax.

N/B: I’m from SS but let’s say the truth: Tinubu has helped his people and I wish we had someone like him in SS.

People that share your line of thinking weakens my optimism and make me somewhat cynical

Lagos is once the capital of Nigeria. It once enjoyed federal presence 100%.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool vs Arsenal - 3- 1 On 28th September 2020 by collinsVP: 8:41pm On Sep 28, 2020
Arsenal struggling to breathe grin
Crime / Re: 3 Yahoo Boys Chased To Death In Osogbo, Another Injured by collinsVP: 8:17pm On Sep 15, 2020
I wish they could go after the ones in politics. Nonsense country


Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Buys New Helicopter For Rural Evangelism by collinsVP: 2:59pm On Sep 03, 2020

Topic said Adeboye not RCCG. His property isn't automatically the property of the church. And the property of the church isn't automatically his.

Is RCCG a legal entity?
I'm curious!
Religion / Re: Dubai Yahoo Boy Who Wants To Marry A Prostitute Meets TB Joshua (Video) by collinsVP: 12:53pm On Aug 25, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr

Mumu them

Na arrangeee

U too get sense.
Crime / Re: Man Beats Baby & Mother Because The Child Cries And Disturbs His Sleep (Video) by collinsVP: 6:01pm On Jun 04, 2020
Many wouldn't watch the video but jump into conclusions.

The guy is completely wrong for beating the woman and a 10 months old baby. FACT.

but if you look at it from another perspective, this guy is a guy with a good heart but his anger and frustration might have been the cause of his actions. And he might also have spanked the baby because he is used to seeing the mother do same to her baby too. Feeding and sheltering someone else's wife and child in his financial situation needs to be commended. But according to him, the woman keeps doing the opposite of his kindness and he keeps thinking why he has to be going through all that for another person's wife and child. I wouldn't entirely blame the guy, I will blame the father of the child for not being man enough to take care of his child and wife.
This man is an Okada rider and he is trying his best to help. You won't understand his situation until you accommodate someone who doesn't keep to rules and turn to a fish bone in the neck for you.

His only fault here is spanking a 10 months old and beating the lady. This issue can be settled amicably..

Sports / Re: Paderborn 1-6 Dortmund: Sancho Scores Hat-trick And Pays Tribute To George Floyd by collinsVP: 3:39pm On Jun 01, 2020
Visit my signature if you're into football betting

Make we talk nah
Celebrities / Re: Davido Vs Burna Boy: Cubana Chief Priest Replies Burna Boy by collinsVP: 9:27am On May 23, 2020

I saw your post earlier. I followed it and registered on the dating site Bit Mistress. I have logged in. I see people from different countries. Please I need your assistance.

People from which country do you think is best to contact?

How do I go about it? I am asking because I am new to this whole dating thing. Circumstances have pushed me into it.

Did you pay to register. How much? If yes.
Health / Re: Ebonyi State Records Index Case Of Covid-19 by collinsVP: 11:56pm On Apr 26, 2020
The community spread is rapid. Nigeria under-reportes the cases we have. No thanks to limited testing.

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