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Politics / Re: Leave My Dad Alone - MC Oluomo's Son, King West Tells P'Square by creatorsverse(m): 3:06pm On Mar 19
I will take the talks of any son of any prominent Nigerian including the chairman of agbero seriously when they decide to school in the same Nigeria that their parents made them believe they are fighting the good fight for... Until then any son of any prominent Nigerian schooling abroad is a big time coward and should have no seat in the council of Nigerian men in Nigeria.

Your parents will spoil the country and send you abroad and you will have the guts to involve yourself in the matters affecting the country

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Health / Re: My Sister, Debbie, Died In LUTH Due To Lack Of Bed Space - Man Cries Out by creatorsverse(m): 2:27pm On Mar 16
This is more than painful... The last place my father would go for medical care is that LUTH..
Politics / Re: Sanwo-olu Kicks-off Reconstruction Of Burnt Akere Motor Parts Market by creatorsverse(m): 10:05am On Mar 16
If sanwo olu can reduce the number of agberos in Lagos road, he has my vote... Lagos wasn't like this during the time of tinubu and fashola even ambode sef.. but it's as if the sanwo olu time just empowered them fully. Normally there are agberos in Lagos then but the ppl were not complaining, now the ppl are complaining that they are too much


Politics / Re: Nigerians Share Their Experiences With The Agberos In Onitsha by creatorsverse(m): 11:22am On Mar 13
You ppl complaining about agbero in Onitsha, you are complaining about one particular area in Anambra but in Lagos it's everywhere mention an LGA in Lagos that you won't see agbero and I'll do give away of 100k
Politics / Re: Emefiele Denies Plotting Against Tinubu by creatorsverse(m): 8:42am On Mar 13
So what was he doing in the APC primary elections He was advertising CBN policy abi. ...

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Politics / Re: LASTMA Officials Beg Lagosians For Forgiveness Ahead Of Governorship by creatorsverse(m): 5:48pm On Mar 12
All this are normal election strategies to show that he is also campaigning.. but the rigging plan has been set, the after election violence has been set. There is a planning scenario Incase somethings goes south

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Family / Re: Is This Not Enough Reason To Divorce Him? by creatorsverse(m): 12:43am On Mar 12
He still gambles. I don't need to go all that far to know.

Then you have to talk to him. Firstly my dear talk to him about stopping it, if he wants to stop it, but always finds himself doing it, then you have 50% of conquering that spirit... Only then can I give you my contact... And advice you on what to do.. I'm doing it for free
Business / Re: Share Your Cash Scarcity Experience by creatorsverse(m): 9:17pm On Mar 11
Bank way no dey work with cashless policy

I don trek from festac to igando with money in my account o, I can't do transfer.. the next day I open 5 different account with 5 different banks with all their mobile app

UBA owner will die of hypertension

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Family / Re: Is This Not Enough Reason To Divorce Him? by creatorsverse(m): 9:11pm On Mar 11
What would you advice in a situation where a husband loses his job due to gambling and decided not to make any effort in search of another job or business or any legal means of making even little money.

He just wakes up in the morning, have his bath, put on the AC and go back to sleep. Only expecting any little thing the wife can cook to eat? He wouldn't pay any bills, provide anything but very humble helping out with house cleaning and washing.

Knowing that the situation is not funny on the wife and two children.

The wife must struggle to make food available no matter how little for the children, because she can't watch the children go hungry.
In a situation like this, when men goes out looking for means of making food available for their children and family, he is comfortable not having anything to offer all the time.
Is this the character of a father and husband that loves?

Is this not enough reason to divorce him?

Listen carefully my sister your husband is battling serious depression...I'm telling you this as a former gambler... There are things you need to look out for first... You have to check if he's still gambling or the gambling spirit is still in him... What you will have to do first is to trust him with a little cash of say 50-100k tell him you are giving it to him to buy new clothes and new shoes.... If he buys the new clothes and shoes, check the actually value if it's up to 80% or more of the money you gave to him, if it is then you're safe all he needs is just encouragement that it is never too late to start over again.. but if he doesn't buy the clothes and shoes you asked him to buy, then you really need to find a way to contact me I can help him pull through the gambling problem... Its never an easy task.. I know what I've lost to gambling but finally recovering all thanks to God

Note: the money you will give to him mustn't be for clothes and shoes but just look for what he really needs and give him the money to get them... You have to act fast before he starts selling the property he has at home and elsewhere

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Politics / Re: My First 100 Days As Governor of Lagos - GRV by creatorsverse(m): 10:45am On Mar 11
My First 100 Days
As Governor of Lagos

I have a vision for a new Lagos
Here is my action plan for the first 100 Days in office.

Increase Minimum Wage to N60,000 on Day 1 in Office, the salary of Civil Servants will be increased by 100% to N60,000 monthly. The target is to reach N100,000 as soon as possible. This will cover everybody including street sweepers.

Moral suasion to persuade the Organised Private Sector to follow Govt's lead by stopping casualisation and also increase their minimum wage to a living wage. Banks, telcos, oil companies, multinationals, large national corporates, etc will be incentivised with PAYE tax credits to stop casualisation and index their minimum wage to their capacity to pay rather than current market wage rates which are suppressed by high unemployment. A first step for a Lagos where every worker has health care, pensions and similar benefits.

Cancel Alpha Beta's Contract which costs the State N5bn monthly.

Use the savings from the cancellation of Alpha Beta contract to set up a grand Loan Scheme for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Ensure at least 10,000 beneficiaries in the first 100 Days. We expect the scheme to benefit up to 1m beneficiaries in 4 years.

Establish a portal for publishing costs of all government projects and compare them to World Bank standards to eliminate waste and corruption.

Issue a 10-year order for 10,000 vehicles to an auto manufacturer that commits to building an auto assembly in Lagos with a credible plan to achieve 50% value added within 5 years.

Pull down all toll gates in the Lekki Ajah axis and Ikoyi link bridge.

Build a monument in memory of our slain sons and daughters at the old Lekki Toll Gate.

Advertise for the employment of 10,000 teachers with outstanding grades (First Class and Second Upper or Upper Credit) to start a process of repositioning teaching as a middle-class career.

Execute a Memorandum of Understanding with all Road Transport Unions for the implementation of a rehabilitation and retraining program, and take Agberos off our roads.

Invite bids for the design and construction of 100 km of rail across Lagos.

Host an education summit with all stakeholders to get buy-in into GRV's plan for partnerships to upscale public schools to the standards of the best private school.

Host a health summit with all stakeholders to get buy-in for partnerships to upscale services at Primary Health Centres to best-in-class, laying the foundation for an effective referral system.

A summit for various artisan associations such as bricklayers, plumbers, mechanics, welders, carpenters, tailors and other technicians with the objective of creating a process for their certification and access to small-scale loans.

Working with my Party, the Labour Party, appoint first-class caretaker Chairmen for each Local Govt,
each appointee being skilled enough to be a potential Governor.

Set a date for Local Government elections.

Issue Guidelines to open up the BRT routes to all investors who meet the minimum standards. Create a program for widespread investment in public transport by all willing Lagosians and investors.

Issue Guidelines for markets to operate autonomously and appoint their own Iyalojas and Babalojas.

Release Guidelines for a new waste management system for separating waste to paper, plastic and organic from homes; a first step towards a world class system for turning waste into biogas and fertilizer.

Emergency rehabilitation of buildings and facilities in 100 primary and secondary schools pending comprehensive reconstruction.

Enumeration of all apartments that have been vacant for more than 180 days, and commencement of a program to ensure occupancy by 31st Dec. At least 100 such apartments are to be occupied in the first 100 days.

The commencement of the rehabilitation of 100 inner roads spread across all Local Governments in Lagos.

I am determined to set Lagos on course to become First World in 30 years.
Hold me accountable after the first 100 Days.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour
Labour Party Candidate for Governor of Lagos State

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All of this and there is no security of lives and property in your plan?? You think APC will handover Lagos to you in a platter of gold?? There will be a serious war in the upcoming days if you win, one I do not wish to be part of

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Politics / Re: Ask Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV) Any Question About His Lagos Governorship Bid by creatorsverse(m): 8:37pm On Mar 08
My question is very simple

When you become governor, I didn't say if o I said when because you definitely going to be.

How will you cope with the ruling APC? What are the policy that you would bring that will protect lagosians against the federal ?.. 1978 land use act section 1 sub 1a and I quote all lands belongs to the military governor of the state.

Ok let's say you can't divulge the policy here but do you have one ?. Because with the way the tribal and ethnic war that has been whispering of late, will you protect all Nigerians equal and fair ?

The chairman of LASPG mc oluomo, will you retain him as chairman ? Because as you can see he control alot of this thugs .

Will you gurantee the safety of lives and property of lagosians? How well do intend to tackle insecurity?


Politics / What I Expect Nigerians To Do by creatorsverse(m): 8:36pm On Feb 27
If I have money, I won't wait for my presidential candidate to carry inec to court. I'd start it myself I'd carry my ward collation officer to court if the presiding officer is guilty, the corp member will be in court also.

All the money collected to rig the election will be spent in the court including their savings

I swear if I have money I'll fill the entire national stadium with lawyers suing the ward collation officer, the LGA collation officer, the returning officer also won't be left aside

We'll use the IReV as evidence against what's on ground... So that by the time I'm done with them, none of them will ever work with inec again
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Writes Open Letter To President Buhari by creatorsverse(m): 8:02pm On Feb 27
Politics / Re: Atiku Defeats Tinubu, Obi In Akwa Ibom by creatorsverse(m): 5:44pm On Feb 27
Na court go end this matter

Inec brought the rules, and they can't follow their own rules... Are you sure that inec is not being blackmailed

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wins Muchalla Ward( Mubi North LGA) Adamawa State by creatorsverse(m): 12:47pm On Feb 26
Alas freedom is coming


Politics / Re: Why INEC Server Not Uploading Presidential Election Results? by creatorsverse(m): 7:46pm On Feb 25
It's a shameful act
Politics / Re: Dozy Mmobuosi Calls For Peaceful Election,urges Nigerians To Come Vote Massively by creatorsverse(m): 10:04pm On Feb 24
I'm scared of tomorrow Biko I've prayed and fasted, I pray the poor and illiterate ones amongst us don't sell their vote for cheap cash... Im voting for someone that has a sound mental health and is competent...
I'm also voting for someone that will manage what's left of our little resources.. becos once Nigeria no longer have resources to give to the outside country, we become a dumping ground country, we'll beg to relevant on the international affair


Business / Re: The Reality Of Scarcity Of Naira Notes: How Are You Coping? by creatorsverse(m): 8:56pm On Feb 20
It is no longer funny o, it keeps getting worse everyday by day.. I can't even go out to look for money....

The solution to this crisis and election is very simple.. we should have the three presidential candidate as rulers of the country, all three of them should rule simultaneously and help build the already destroyed nation... The reason for this is simple, if one person becomes the president, the power of aso rock will corrupt the person, if it is two person that becomes the president, the country will divide we've experienced it before (Biafra civil War)
But if it is three, three will balance the scale...three from the major tribes will balance the scale but come 25th of this month, I will cast my vote on.................


Politics / Re: Why I Am Running To Be Nigeria's President - Bola Ahmed Tinubu by creatorsverse(m): 9:19pm On Feb 15
Can you even run? When they call ppl that are running you will come out abi ?

You are running to bring agbero to the whole of Nigeria since Lagos no do you abi? Try am for Hausa land.. you will create job for the youth, na agbero be the job shebi

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Insists He Brought Buhari To Power And Will Succeed Him by creatorsverse(m): 9:31pm On Feb 03
When tinubu say he will provide jobs for the youth, I do believe him if you dont believe ask the agberos in Lagos



Education / Re: How I Handled A Cultist That Slapped My Girlfriend by creatorsverse(m): 9:40pm On Jan 30
Good morning guys, an incident happened over the weekend which I would love to share with you guys so you can help judge the case because some of my friends are insisting I handled it wrongly.

A couple of my military friends, a navy officer and a soldier came into town last week and proposed to take my girlfriend out so we proceeded to her to pick her up from school. On our way we stopped by a fueling station to get fuel so I gave them a location to go wait for me while I take a bike to pick her up since the queue was a bit much. On our way out of school we came across two guys on the walk way, they exchanged glances and asked each other "what", one of the guys happened to be her coursemate that she already told me about sometime ago.

According to her, the guy used to be an errand boy for a notorious cult guy that used to ask her out during her first year, so the said guy was the one always coming to deliver messages to her. she didn't want to get involved with cultists so she would normally leave the guy hanging around without giving him a response to the messages. After the guy asking her out left the school the guy somehow started nursing a grudge against her.

While we stood at the school gate waiting for a bike the guy showed up again, this time with five guys with him and accosted my babe. He demanded to know why she talked to him rudely, before she could say jack he landed a jaw shattering slap on her cheek that nearly sent her sprawling to the ground. I was embarrassed but had to apply wisdom because the area wasn't my territory coupled with the fact that I was obviously out numbered. I held the guy's hand when he proceeded to slap her again and asked him why he would embarrass me by hitting a lady that was with me. Meanwhile my girlfriend was behind my back hurling insults at the guy saying stuff like he had the gut to hit her because he has started moving with cultists and other stuff I don't recall.

While I was trying to placate the situation, I noticed more guys closing in on us and knew I would be in danger if I didn't leave the place. I somehow managed to get a bike and took her away. My military friends were furious when they heard what happened insisted we go back to the school. I told them to die the matter because even if they are military guys we were still out numbered and we might get seriously injured before their backup comes.

They insisted on going back to the school, we went and as expected didn't meet any of the guys. They made a report to the school security and promised to come back the next day. On our way back they kept making calls and arranging a squad that would pick up the guy the next day while I kept trying to make them see reasons why it was going to be a bad move.

Firstly they can't possibly apprehend all the cultists in the school so arresting the guy will simply make the girl a moving target for the rest of the members and I wasn't willing to take that risk for someone that has just a couple of months to graduate. We might go and display power in the school and go back home while the girl will be all alone in the school without any form of protection, its not like they are going to assign a personal bodyguard to her. What if matters go south and a life or even lives get lost, it would be embarrassing to hear that it was all because of a girl that will move on to the next guy in a matter of weeks if anything happens to me. I was finally able to convince them and make them stand down.

The following day I brokered a peace meeting between my girlfriend and the guy through the cult guy's cousin that was also her friend though I didn't show up at the location. I even asked her to apologize to the guy for insulting him just to massage his ego so the matter could die down. My girlfriend recorded everything while the guy kept threatening her that she wasn't going to graduate for insulting him because she was with a guy. He went on to say that I was the target of the attack because they thought I would react to the assault on her and maybe fight back. They were even laughing at her that she's dating a coward that couldn't defend her in an attack, I just smiled.

My girlfriend was upset that she had to apologize to someone that hit her, but I told her that sometimes we have to choose our fights wisely. You don't go into a fight with someone that doesn't have anything to lose. Some of my friends feel I am a coward but I still feel I handled it the best way. What do you guys think??.....sorry for the epistle or any errors.

Oboy talk true, you no love that girl for real... You no go fit do sacrifice for the girl, your love no dey for here side...because how your babe no go do anything, person go just come wire am slap for your front, if you fit stand make Dem slap your girl and you no do anything con still tell her to apologize den you fit stand and watch Dem tear her clothes and naked her in public...

You get guys for both navy and army on standby, you still tell your babe to apologize to person way slap you... Lemme tell you, cultist are scared of ordinary police talkless of army and navy....

If I were to be in your shoes, for like one week, army and navy go dey raid that school just for fun and money after that one week, if dem see your girl, den go dey call her mama

Na guys like you dey train insecurity

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Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (LP Lagos Governorship Candidate) Engagement Thread by creatorsverse(m): 7:38pm On Jan 26
No need to ask questions... I'm just thumb printing LP in all my elections... When he wins, we'll ask the questions


Crime / Re: Rivers Police Raid Baby Factories, Rescue Pregnant Teenagers And Women by creatorsverse(m): 8:50pm On Jan 10
Give them to wike to set an example
Celebrities / Re: Angel Smith BBNaija Talks About Committing Suicide by creatorsverse(m): 10:13pm On Jan 06
Make she jump na who dey hold her.....
Person go just Siddon for house way AC dey blow 24/7 dey update say she wan jump off a bridge... Make she enter sun small her head go correct

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Politics / Re: Adeyanju: If A Stadium Is Too Big For Your Rally, Use Wedding Reception Venue by creatorsverse(m): 10:10pm On Jan 06
No word for overripe embellishment February will decide it all

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Crime / Re: Son Kidnaps Father, Collects N2.5m Ransom In Oyo (Photo) by creatorsverse(m): 10:07pm On Jan 06
If I'm the father, I'll fake one illness of kidney disease that need urgent transplant due to the kidnapping and demand 8m the boy will surely raise 3.5m

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Politics / Re: If Politician Invites You For Thuggery, Ask Him To Recruit His Child - Tambuwal by creatorsverse(m): 7:06pm On Jan 04
Hypocrisy at the government level....
The same ppl that buy votes are saying No to thuggery

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Celebrities / Re: Comedian Basketmouth Announces End Of Marriage To His Wife, Elsie by creatorsverse(m): 1:35pm On Dec 22, 2022
Once women start to make money, dey no longer endure

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Crime / Re: Suspected Cultists Behead Youth Leader In Akwa Ibom (Photo) by creatorsverse(m): 10:59am On Dec 22, 2022
Youth leader way don marry suppose to dey for married men list and suppose to dry hang out with married men... Ppl way con kill am be yooth


Politics / Re: INEC Official Admits ‘Seeming Over-Voting’ In Osun Poll by creatorsverse(m): 10:57am On Dec 22, 2022
Medicine after death... Rubbish

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Politics / Re: Videos From Peter Obi's Rally In Owerri, Imo State by creatorsverse(m): 5:57pm On Dec 06, 2022
I cant start to talk about my love for this man. Without being sentimental and tribalistic, if obi were to be a Fulani man, tinubu an Igbo man and atiku a Yoruba man, I'd pick the obi who is a Fulani man... I mean I voted for yaradua wholeheartedly and I'm sure obi will do more than yaradua....

Obi and yaradua are the only two governors that has left savings for their successors

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Politics / Re: Customs Detains Owombo Segun John For Exposing Booming Petrol Smuggling Business by creatorsverse(m): 8:42pm On Nov 11, 2022
There is no bad news that is new or shocking again in nigeria

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