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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 7:20am On Oct 15
Na starched body armor de end BH?


Chai your mouth dey pain sha grin grin

From what I saw, na SBS and Naval Police be him guards, so e no fit be only body armor with starch!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 7:04pm On Oct 14
BHT over to una........

Congratulations Nigeria!! I pray the victories continue till we win peace.

Saw and followed Vice Admiral Gambo's convoy for a while today along my daily Waka.

Those guys were........if half our forces are kitted and armed like that BH for don finish tey try!!

I wish I took pic but was on steering


Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Blasts Governor Wike, Calls Him A Tyrant & Bully (Video) by DaddyGoo: 2:21pm On Oct 14
They have fed him and he is singing angry


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 9:06am On Oct 12
New Ezugwu MRAP

Ehennn, that's more like it
Travel / Re: My Experience Traveling By Air For The First Time (update) by DaddyGoo: 7:35am On Oct 05
Congrats, Amen to your prayer.

Please I need any blood tonic or name of herbs to boost my PCV (blood) I have tried ugu, milk and malt, they are not working. Thanks

Try Jobelyn.

It can be gotten at any good pharmacy

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Cried And Begged For A Relationship As A Man? by DaddyGoo: 7:21am On Oct 05
Did that in 2017. A girl worked her way into my heart, had me fall helplessly in love with her,not knowing she was already planning marriage with another guy. This is a girl I never offended to the best of my knowledge.

When I finally got winds of what she was up to, I was completely devastated. I cried, knelt and begged for offences I never committed, but she had it all planned out to punish me for no just cause.

I finally let go, but I placed a curse on her and that curse is taking effect right now in her marriage. Yes, I cursed her because I didn't wrong her in any way and what she did was deliberate. Despite all the love I and my family showed to her and her family, she treated me like though I was her sworn enemy.

With that experience, my heart is now hardened and I'm very sure I'll never stoop that low to any lady ever again in my life.

You just told my story finish, difference is that mine happened as NYSC was ending in 2015 and the witch travelled from my house to collect his ring in Ibadan!

I even carry am to park as per loving bobo embarassed embarassed embarassed

Last month the girl, abi na woman now she don born pikin, still called talking about missing me and all that shite.

Missing me wey turn high level heartkiller after that experience, until meeting my wife made me repent.

Miss those days fire you dia, werey wey dey disguise!

God knows I wounded some good ladies and I feel bad about it now, and still pray for them to forgive a brother.

My man, don't let this girl make you miss a good woman by changing your character for negativity.

I nearly missed my wife because of my own Jezebel.

All in all, shame to bad people, male or female, that can alter others' character by their selfish actions!!


Business / Re: My 5 Years Mistakes In Cryptocurrency by DaddyGoo: 6:59pm On Oct 02
Ole barawo
Health / Re: My 2-Month-Old Niece Got Hit By Hot Boiling Water by DaddyGoo: 11:29am On Sep 27

If they can afford it, most likely.
Can everyone in Europe afford to be flown in a helicopter?

The point is burn victims survive and recover in Nigeria. It is not only by being flown in a helicopter.

Even in the USA where healthcare is paid for, they don't check your status before deploying whatever equipment is needed to save the life.

So, yes, EVERYBODY can afford it, as it is their right!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 5:41pm On Sep 25


NAF fleet recap

12M346-FA signed for.

12 M346-FA awaiting approval, according to the Ministry of Defence man

Could that be the 140 billion in the supplementary budget?
Politics / Re: Agricultural Field Enumerators Accuse FG Of Enslavement by DaddyGoo: 10:09am On Sep 13
Na wa.

And we complain about scamming each other.

If government dey scam people as clearly shown here, why corruption and deceit no go continue nationwide?!

God airpus!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 9:46am On Sep 13

So what was the rationale for taking a Naval base to his home state that is the crux of my query, Buratai took a university to his village despite the insecurity in Borno, AVM Sadique built a NAF hospital in his home state, Ihejirika did something similar, now the current CNS despite the fact that their is a similar training base in Kaduna by the same service, tomorrow Amao and current COAS may toe same path & in your mind we shouldn't ask about the reason behind those choices whether it is strategic or purely emotional. Tomorrow someone will wake up and decide to build a military facility in Niger republic & we all he expected not to ask for explanations; even the US and the UK that have the best navies in the world have their Naval bases in their Continental shelves. Ethiopia used to have a navy but had to shut down that arm of service when Eritrea broke out of the country.
Classical zombiesm is a common strain amongst you govt lackies, at your age you are getting stupider with each passing day, the stupider you get the more emotionally unstable you become.
Intellectual Benjamin Button.

Na this one off me shocked

Nna nwanyo biko, no kill person with mouth shocked cheesy

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Politics / Re: Prison Escape: Gunmen Kill Soldiers On Duty, Set Prisoners Free In Kogi by DaddyGoo: 9:44am On Sep 13
Insecurity everywhere. May God keep us through this madness

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Politics / Re: Nobody Safe In Nigeria – Lamido Says After Meeting Obasanjo by DaddyGoo: 10:26pm On Sep 12
If madrid win this night, make 10 people drop Aza for 10k each.

0763133243 Access
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 11:51am On Sep 11
Please guys any info on this aircraft, I have search the entire Nigerian air force but active and none active helicopters through the help of Google but still can't find anything on this aircraft

We ordered (or planned to order) 7 airframes.

Even Boeing was afraid of US Government not approving the sale.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 3:40pm On Sep 10

Abu Kaka.

I know say you know the spelling o Josco.

Let me write like you.

My Intel in brono say NA have aktack BH in Bagga an Gudumblali. He be like say NAF don use Tucano ooooo. He say Ran have been take back an 23 BH die + 2 commanda of BH. Direct from my SF friend.

grin angry angry

Precision gunwork cheesy wink

Can't wait to see videos!!!

Please who knows Commodore Gabkwet should help us and beg him to show this worldwide, from Instagram to NTA. And everywhere in between.

Let these suckers know that the Federal Government is THE paramount ruler and owner of Nigeria!

After clearance by appropriate mechanisms of course cool


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 3:37pm On Sep 10

Thank you. You came late to the class sha.

...and it's a bag. It holds life.

You're welcome.....I'm all caught up on class now! grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 11:39am On Sep 10
What's in this bag? #PMBinIMO

If you watch the video, the DSS Agents are on "DefCon 1" mode.

Roving eyes and itchy fingers.

Not a bag.

A man portable bulletproof shield.

Something like this

Politics / Re: MACBAN: Cows Will Cost ₦2 Million Each If Lagos Anti-Open Passes Grazing Law by DaddyGoo: 8:40am On Sep 09
Then eat your cow oga, we no chop again

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 10:28am On Sep 08

Good analysis,... What about a wanderer who in good faith finds himself around bandit camp and eventually gets rounded up.
It is in lieu of these category of persons that profiling after arrest must be done to avoid unnecessary massacre...
Thus a popular legal saying
" The law would set free 100 criminals than to punish an innocent soul"
Though the above not militarily suitable however just be taken in to consideration.
Hence once those captured are found guilty, they should be handed the death penalty...

Bolton Wanderers!!

Notice I said IN the camp.

Anyone caught on the perimeter should be profiled before any action, of course.

Within the camp and not obviously captive, na only Allah suppose fit save you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 9:50am On Sep 08

Tell your neighbours and village people you got these bottles from a BEAURIFUL POST ON NAIRALAND

Chai, this for go well with the bushmeat my wife just came back with from village!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 8:57am On Sep 08

That wan concern you.
Innocent person?low life criminal? Wrong place at wrong time? Justice?fault of shutting down communication network?

Haba! Even VOLTRON didn't defend the universe this well.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 8:53am On Sep 08

Jury judge Executioner. It amazing how u guys are willing to kill even those who surrendered... Mind u not all those captured may be bandits. Some may actually be low life criminals or innocents just at the wrong place at the wrong time. And this is more likely having regard to shut down of neteork communication accross the state. So it necessary for the sake of justice does unfortunate group of persons are given chance to protest their conviction...
If it happened to ESN camps am sure some pple will come claiming some go buy bread and we're rounded up as IPOB[
Overall the military are atleast reasonable.

Sir with due respect you are wrong.

If one is caught in an active bandit/herdsmen / IPOB/Igboho camp that is stocked with arms and ammunition, one cannot deny knowledge of happenings there, either as an abductee, supplier, collaborator or abductor.

Of these four groups, the only obvious Innocents are the abductees.

If a person sells coca cola to an obviously armed group living in the bush at N5000 a pack, or supplies fuel at N600/litre and doesn't say anything, even to the community leader, that one na bandit, dole!

Where the problem usually comes from is when the agency leading/running operations start picking random people to boost arrest numbers. That will always be wrong.

Beyond the issue of wrong arrests, the actual bandits/terrorists/fighters deserve no less than 3 units of 7.62 special.

2 to chest, 1 to head.



Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 8:19am On Sep 08

People wey their lack of discretion don't give up location of black sites

Okay sir.........just saying as we know enemies also visit this thread.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 8:17am On Sep 08
The kind of psychological torture I for give them en grin

For example I go open one live grenade in their presence and throw. It'd explode. Then I'd take a dummy one, call one of them and give and then remove the pin and tell them if he removes his hand they all die. Dem no go see sleep for days grin

cheesy cheesy cheesy

This man you bad Sha shocked grin grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 8:15am On Sep 08
The bandits that are caught are begging for mercy grin

FG should PLEASE not waste any of our taxes feeding and locking up these human hyenas.

I'm sure many volunteers exist across our armed services, including paramilitary and NPF, that will be willing to send them to their "72 virgins".


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 10:15pm On Sep 07
The coordination between these present set of service Chiefs is highly commendable and encouraging, something that was almost lacking during the reign of their predecessors (Buratai them) they've all tucked in their ego to work together with the CDS leading the charge; with the exception of the Naval Chief all of them where once theatre commanders so they know where the shoe pinches.
As I'm typing sweet sounds of Jet engines propulsion just dey do Dorime over the skies of Kaduna; for three days now I've noticed an increase in night sorties, nothing is as terrifying as fire like brimestones raining over those forests in the night you gotta feel for those bandits them dey run helter skelter in the dark ISR just dey dish out coordinates to their Rotocraft/Jet engine wing men for proper straffing, to add salt to injuries NAF SFs and NA SFs will now do tag team on sweeping operations. Honestly, the reports I'm getting dey totori me the operation is so well coordinated that we haven't lost even one personnel. Some of our gallant NPF for KD don begin wear SF kaya grin but once e knack 11pm them don close their stations carry tire barricade everywhere prolly for security reasons.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 10:08pm On Sep 07

It's at okokomaiko....I actually knew this place since I was in primary school , there's another one just after trade fair, heading towards badagry.

Chai, we all for help DSS keep these sites black na
Celebrities / Re: Iyanya Appointed As Governor Ayade's SSA On Tourism And Entertainment by DaddyGoo: 12:37pm On Sep 02
By Obio Monday

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has appointed music icon, Iyanya Mbuk, popularly known as Iyanya, as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Tourism and Entertainment.

The Kukere crooner joins the likes of Nollywood actress, Shan George, Ubi Franklin, BBNaija ex-housemate, Gedoni to be appointed into the governor's cabinet.

A statement signed by Mr. Christian Ita, Senior Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to the governor, on Wednesday said Mr. Mbuk's appointment and that of 26 others takes immediate effect.

See list containing all the 27 new appointees

Source: https://www.grassrootreportersng.com/2021/09/governor-ayade-appoints-musician-iyanya.html?m=1

They can't even spell September smh.....

Very Illiterate Politicians
Politics / Re: Kunle Olawunmi Wanted By Defence Intelligence Agency Over Channels TV Interview by DaddyGoo: 4:51pm On Aug 28
... I talk am say this REGIME must go after the retired Commodore.

For those who don't know, a Commodore is the equivalent of a Brigadier General.

The man has access to high level info and is ready to squeal as Naija dey turnoneown!

May God help us


Politics / Re: Grazing Reserves: Garba Shehu Criticises Ortom, Calls Governor Serial Defector by DaddyGoo: 8:53am On Aug 26
Lives are being wasted everyday, we are talking of hundreds and thousands of lives of Nigerians since 2015 and all the PRESIDENCY with the like of known terrorists like Buhari, their grand patron, Patamni or whatever his name is, Shehu, Lier Mohammed not the dead pedophilic prophet Muhammad but our own very big nose Lier could keep spewing is about politics and how Ottom defects from one party to another instead of getting to the root of the situation or treating the Fulani Bandits in the language they will understand like in other parts of Nigeria. Well, Benue is the state where the COWARD past military general Gowon who committed so many genocides in Nigeria is from. So I'm enjoying every minute of it and I wish them what they did to my tribe back then. So I'm with the Fulani on wiping the whole of Benue if need be.

On behalf of Benue state and her indigenes, including myself, I REJECT General Yakubu Gowon.

We hereby direct you to return him to Plateau, his state of origin!
Politics / Re: Wike Pledges N5m Monthly FFS For Fire Trucks Maintenance by DaddyGoo: 1:36pm On Aug 13
5m every month? To maintain what exactly?


That is a Mecerdes Benz (Rosanbuar)
Fire Tender. Price tag depends on the capacity and capability of the Fire Tender.
N60m - N112m

Maintenance cost

1. Servicing every 6 months -
Engine oil - 35 litres = 30k
Oil filter/ Water separator/ Fuel Filter = N20k
ATF - 6k

Total - 56k

2. Other Technical faults that can gulp up N1.7m at a go is the FR- Module, however FR-module can last for 6 - 15years without issues.

I can confidently tell you that the maintenance cost of this new brand Vehicles will not go beyond 500k within the first 1 - 2 years of proper usage.

The N5m every month is for what?
5m × 12months = N60m.
In 24 months = N120m enough to buy extra 2 or 1 more fire tender.
Lol.... Corruption will eventually kill this country.

Note - If this vehicle is not a refurbished vehicle, then with proper operation by competent people this vehicle is expected to go 2 - 4 years without any major fault.

Because a new Mecerdes Actros vehicle is not beans.

Also Note: it is an emergency Vehicle it does not ply on the road everyday only when the need arise.

I do constructive criticism, counter me with facts, don't quote mean without facts else thunder will fire you idiot in advance!

If you are docile and have no brain to think avoid my post.

You're correct on all but one thing sir, na MAN TGM dem use as the base vehicle not Mercedes Benz Actros.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by DaddyGoo: 9:26pm On Jul 20
in this world of Google na him you dey boast of these Useles knowledge. There is weakness within you.

And the Google world was built, and is being continually developed by illiterates like yourself ba?

Uncle strong man, aka no weakness or brain, remember the pen is ALWAYS mightier than the sword.

All wars are started and ended with pen strokes.

The bullets come before or after!

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